Brice Gray

LWF’s connection with Brice goes back almost to its beginning. As assistant pastor and youth pastor, Brice demonstrated his many gifts and talents: pastor, leader, teacher, organizer, musician, and exhorter, to name a few. He was the organizer and overseer of numerous home groups and served as youth pastor for many of our now grown children. Brice started his own church about 13 years ago called Branches that consisted solely of home groups.

Today, Brice is the pastor of Heart People, which still meets in homes. God has given Brice the assignment to deliver the gospel with an emphasis on the heart, hence the name of his ministry. He has a gift of revealing the love of Jesus and inspiring people to live from their heart, where all of us meet God, and as Brice puts it, abandon our story for His story.

Heart People exists to reach people where they live and work. They have conducted outreaches in the form of informal gathering places at eating places such as Skyline to reach workers as well as other customers. Heart People refurbishes the grounds of a nearby trailer park on Sundays to establish relationships with the residents that opens doors to share the gospel. The Heart People band is currently preparing to minister in other church and non-church venues.

Brice is on a mission to transform hurting individuals into a community of believers who reach a dying world through the love of Jesus. While Heart People is different from most churches, at the core it’s dedicated to being a part of the church Jesus came to build.

Pastor’s note:

We have known Brice for a long time. He, his wife Jan, and their two teenage boys Brennan and Zach, live in Landen. Brennan is a part of our Sunday youth group. Brice’s knowledge of the Word is profound. He truly inspires with his “heart message” which is really the heart of the gospel. Brice and his church are reaching people in this area we might never reach ourselves. For this reason, Heart People merits our prayers and financial support.