Gary and Kathy Hines

Soon after LWF became a part of Faith Covenant Ministries, Gary and Kathy Hines became one of our favorite missionaries. During their several  visits to LWF, they have blessed us through their messages, representing us in Uganda, and being personally supportive of Steve in a number of ways.

Gary and Kathy have a passion for encouraging and equipping pastors, leaders, and their families. Gary was the former National Prayer Director for Promise Keepers. Their experience also includes youth pastor, senior pastors in three churches, day care director, ministry conference speakers, and team leaders of international missions with Faith Covenant Ministries.

Gary has expressed his love for Living Word Fellowship. We “hit it off” with Gary from his first visit to LWF. Ever since then, our relationship with this couple has become special. We appreciate their warmth and genuine love for us as well as their powerful work for the Lord. They are not just another missionary couple – they are our friends.

Pastor’s note:

To us, the best thing about Gary and Kathy Hines is they are REAL. No pretense; just down to earth. God uses people like Gary and Kathy who might not be flashy, but display the fruit of the Spirit and the power of God. Their church planting ministry in Uganda is causing the Kingdom to make a huge comeback where Islam and AIDS have taken a horrible toll. Let’s support Gary and Kathy as they help to build the kingdom of God in Uganda.