We are on a mission! 

Living Word Fellowship has chosen to support this ministry and several others every month. Each one is led by people we personally know. The amounts LWF sends depend on what you and others give.

Obey God as He leads you in your giving.


Missions We Support


Dr. Lynn Hood is an anointed speaker who helps Pastors and Leaders develop to their full potential and is qualified to offer guidance in the development of vision, mission and purpose for new churches.  Dr. Hood ministers in churches and other venues sharing the Gospel and teaching leadership development, spiritual and motivational gifts in the four corners of the world.

The Father's House
Daryl and Roxann Gunnarson

Daryl and Roxann  Gunnarson founded the Father’s House and the New Oaks Community in Hamilton OH, of which the Father’s House is a part. It consists of a group of families united in heart to love children through foster care and adoption.

Brice Gray

Brice is the pastor of Heart People, which still meets in homes. God has given Brice the assignment to deliver the gospel with an emphasis on the heart, hence the name of his ministry.

Gary and Kathy Hines

Soon after LWF became a part of Faith Covenant Ministries, Gary and Kathy Hines became one of our favorite missionaries. During their several  visits to LWF, they have blessed us through their messages, representing us in Uganda, and being personally supportive of Steve in a number of ways.

Oleg Kunin

Oleg Kunin is a man called to the world. He has relationships with a number of pastors in four continents, visited the US  at least a dozen times (including LWF several times), and recently led two Russian missionary teams to remote, unreached villages in the Himalayan Mountains.

Randy Sperger

Randi and Bobbi Sperger are used by God to recruit, train, and send several hundred Latin American missionaries to some of the most difficult places in the world.