Oleg Kunin

Oleg Kunin is a man called to the world. He has relationships with a number of pastors in four continents, visited the US  at least a dozen times (including LWF several times), and recently led two Russian missionary teams to remote, unreached villages in the Himalayan Mountains. As pastor of one of the leading churches in the city where LWF has participated in mission trips, Oleg played a big part in opening doors for us to minister. His activities in Russia include co-working with orphanages, Christian business seminars, a drug rehab center, church planting, and overseeing other pastors. He has been an effective messenger of the gospel in word and action, both in Russia and around the world.  

Oleg accepted the Lord as a university student. Within a few years he was the worship leader in his local church founded by an American missionary. When it was time to hand the church over to a Russian national, Oleg was God’s clear choice. Tula Christian Center became a leading church in the region with dozens of cell groups, a feeding program for the homeless at the city dump, and a variety of effective outreach programs. After handing over the role of senior pastor to one of his former cell leaders, Oleg became a regional presbyter of Global Strategy Christian Association (GSCA) providing continuous counseling for pastors as well as conducting regular pastor’s meetings, seminars, and conferences.

Oleg presently lives in Tula, Russia with his wife Marina, and his children Timothy, Jane, and Olga. Offerings designated to Oleg will be used to complete the construction of a church in a Himalayan village, expand his ability to meet the spiritual needs of the pastors he oversees, and provide opportunities to minister in churches overseas.  

Pastor’s Note:

God has blessed us with a close relationship with Oleg. He is an asset in a country that desperately needs the gospel. Helping Oleg with our prayers and finances is the best way to grow the kingdom in a variety of ways. Through Oleg, we can reach many people in many places.