A Room With A View

Living Word is a place of refuge for those who have decided that they not only need GOD but that following HIM is the only way to live.

We come from different walks of life, and many different colors and cultures, to grow together. 

Our vision is captured by a simple phrase which reminds us of how much our GOD wants victory for every area of our lives; Live well, Love deep, Grow strong!

We are regular people who love to feed on scripture, share the love of Jesus Christ, and experience the power of the Spirit. For 33 years, Living Word Fellowship has demonstrated excellence in three areas: Teaching of God’s WORD, Intimacy in WORSHIP, + Ministry to CHILDREN. Pastor Stephen Peele and his wife Tara have a passion for the Lord and for encouraging others in the things of God.

What’s Important?

Teaching the Word of God is the heart of this ministry. This is reflected in our practical Sunday messages and classes. We believe God wants us to go deeper in scripture, to be nourished on meat, not just milk.

We value worship through anointed music and praise. We not only experience this in church on Sundays, but also make it a priority to worship the Lord in every area of our daily lives.

We seek the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit. We encourage the exercise and development of spiritual gifts in the lives of believers.

Another distinguishing mark of this ministry is family. First, we believe that as born-again believers and members of the kingdom of God, we are all part of the same family. Second, we believe that God created us in His image regardless of nationality, race, language, tribe, or nation. The ethnic diversity of our congregation is a testimony to that truth.



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