Randy Sperger

Randy and Bobbi Sperger are used by God to recruit, train, and send several hundred Latin American missionaries to some of the most difficult places in the world. Over the last 30 years, the Spergers have founded more than ten mission organizations in Latin America, planted churches, started mission bases elsewhere, and translated the Bible for over 50 unreached people groups worldwide. They think outside of the box and to use innovative evangelistic, training, discipling, church planting, and culture transforming methods to finish the task.

Pastor’s Note:

Randy is the brother of one of our own members, Sherri Mullen. His gripping message and testimony during his visit to LWF in the spring of 2013 stirred our church and inspired us to participate in missions work. Randi spoke about missionaries from Latin America he raised, who now minister to Muslims in dangerous places, including the Middle East and Afghanistan. Let’s participate in this ministry with our prayers and finances.  The war against terror (Satan’s kingdom) cannot be fought more effectively. It is ministries like this that change hearts and serve as a channel of God’s love in the world’s darkest places.