The Father’s House

Daryl and Roxann Gunnarson

Daryl and Roxann  Gunnarson founded the Father’s House and the New Oaks Community in Hamilton OH, of which the Father’s House is a part. It consists of a group of families united in heart to love children through foster care and adoption. The New Oaks Community has a two-fold purpose:

  • Provide a community of private residences for those desiring to foster or adopt abandoned or neglected children

  • To serve as a catalyst and resource center, providing information and support for those desiring to foster or adopt needy children

Daryl and Roxann have a long history of service and caring for children. Their desire is that abandoned or neglected children will find a home where they can experience the true love of God, to understand they were born with great purpose, and to be set free to live out their destiny. By planting seeds of unconditional love in their heart, the orphans of our times can become “new oaks” – firmly rooted in family and a contributing part of the community. The Gunnarsons would not only welcome financial support, but volunteers to help in many capacities, including prayer, and rehabilitation of the older houses on the property in Hamilton.

Pastor’s Note:

Daryl and Roxann formerly lived in Loveland and were members of Living Word Fellowship for over ten years. They served in many capacities, which included Daryl’s tenure as an elder. His career with Procter & Gamble included an assignment in Russia. Before moving back and joining LWF, the Gunnarsons started a yearly pastor’s conference, which continued while they were here. Steve Peele, Mike Wyckoff, and other members of LWF (as well as Lynn Hood) joined Daryl on several trips to minister to the Russian pastors and their families. Jesus has imparted to the Gunnarsons a passion for mentoring and His love for children. Daryl and Roxann are near to us personally as well as geographically. Let’s support God’s work through them right here in our area.