There are any number of ministries and messages you might hear in a given week and that is all good. The challenge is when you eat from so many tables, you might not get the nutrition you need. That is why we generally know that growing with one ministry is a better way to mature your faith. The reasons are many but here are two: 

You get a consistent perspective on scripture

You can ask questions and get answers

The local church will be the best place to grow a family spiritually as well, so we welcome you to ours and encourage you to really engage in the growth process.

To get a taste of it we have provided the following links to what we believe and how we minister the Word of God. 


Each week you get to hear from the Pastor and the main teachers within the ministry what GOD has shared with them.

It is a chance no only to understand scripture but to hear more about how we experience and apply the Word of God. The Living BLOG goes deep into a particular portion of scripture to give you some practical ways to understand and then apply it. Hearing the word without doing anything about it, put us at a real disadvantage as Christians. 


Living Video

At the end of the day, nothing replaces the experience of hearing the main Pastors in any church. It may not make you come for the first time, but it should be why you stay. But we do not want you to come to our church blind, we want you to know what you are stepping into. Our video ministry provides a first-hand look at what our church experience is like, so you are more comfortable when you come. As a member you will also be able to review the messages and catch any you might miss. In a fast paced world, a video ministry is critical.

Living Study

One of the strengths of our church is that we teach the scriptures. It is one thing to talk about the world, and another to provide a deep understanding of the Bible. We lean on the Bible and so we also provide tools and study methods so you can too. Over the years we have put together study notes on a number of topics and we want that to bless you.