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"Back" Example Sentences

1. Do you have to go back right away?
2. It was a long time back, before they were married.
3. Turning the truck around, he headed back down the drive.
4. Finally she drew back, breathless.
5. Tell me what news I may take back to my poor boy.
6. I make them because I believe I can back them up with convincing proofs and arguments.
7. He hurried back to the pathway, and then ran to his mother.
8. She returned his kiss passionately, and when he pulled his head back, she gazed up at him.
9. Back outside, she headed for the barn.
10. His warm hands slid under her jacket, caressing her back through the thin T-shirt.
11. I'll be back in a little while, sweetheart.
12. He looked through them and then handed them back without comment.
13. Her anxious gaze went from Carmen to Alex and back again.
14. Strong arms slipped around her waist, drawing her back against him.
15. Sometimes the new technology so overwhelms the old that when looking back, we explain the old technology in terms of the new.
16. Alex climbed into the car beside Carmen and placed his arm protectively on the back of the seat behind her neck.
17. The lad jumped awkwardly back into the room, tripping over his spurs.
18. I'm going back home.
19. One of the chairs pushed back from the table, and this was so astonishing and mysterious that Dorothy was almost tempted to run away in fright.
20. Morning brings back the heroic ages.
21. But the truth is that almost all furniture back in the day was cheaply made junk and only a very few high-quality pieces survived.
22. Oh, the delight with which I gathered up the fruit in my pinafore, pressed my face against the smooth cheeks of the apples, still warm from the sun, and skipped back to the house!
23. Dolokhov's back in his white shirt, and his curly head, were lit up from both sides.
24. His warm hands slid around her waist, pulling her back against him.
25. He turned and walked briskly back to the market.
26. The emissaries, who themselves did not know the correct answer, were to bring the replies of the oracles back to the king.
27. Humans require relatively little oxygen, and plants are constantly transforming the carbon dioxide we exhale back into useful oxygen.
28. A trip back to the house to drop off the eggs revealed a house still silent.
29. The Christmas tree could only be seen from the back of the house, but that didn't matter.
30. At last, however, the sea, as if weary of its new toy, threw me back on the shore, and in another instant I was clasped in my teacher's arms.
31. "Never mind; we can't turn back," said Dorothy; "and we don't intend to stay there, anyhow."
32. Mr. Balcom, a promising young architect, designs it on the back of his Vitruvius, with hard pencil and ruler, and the job is let out to Dobson & Sons, stonecutters.
33. Ed merely looked at them and then back at Carmen.
34. "Soon enough," she said, tucking the tickets back into her purse.
35. Zeb drew back with a shiver.
36. Then he handed it back to his wife and said:--
37. If you'll come back to my house, you shall have the best room in it--yes, all the rooms if you wish.
38. He stood on the doorstep and looked back into the house.
39. He reached her and turned, walking beside her as they started back up the hill to the house.
40. I'm going to make myself a sandwich and get back to work.
41. Carmen went back to wrapping her present.
42. "Never mind," said Zeb, "we don't want to get back, anyhow."
43. The shepherd led them gently back to the hut and gave them their usual supper of bread and milk.
44. Then he commanded his army to march back to the city of Antium.
45. He asked her to go back to Houston with him, enticing her with rides on the beach - and love all night.
46. Carmen met his gaze for a moment - long enough to reunite, and then they both turned back to the others.
47. Leaning her back against the wall, hands behind her back, she watched him in the mirror.
48. Our greatest Champion, Overman-Anu, once climbed the spiral stairway and fought nine days with the Gargoyles before he could escape them and come back; but he could never be induced to describe the dreadful creatures, and soon afterward a bear caught him and ate him up.
49. "No," returned Dorothy, stoutly, "it won't do to go back, for then we would never get home.
50. Several stories of empty rooms rewarded their search, but nothing more; so after a time they came back to the platform again.
51. "Well, I'll climb up when I get back, then," said the boy, with a laugh.
52. Soon, with the gun in one hand, he crept back into the cave.
53. He was glad to go back to England to see his home and his friends once more.
54. A contest awhile back called for people to speculate what would be the best device to hook up to the Internet.
55. The breakers would swoop back to gather themselves for a mightier leap, and I clung to the rock, tense, fascinated, as I felt the dash and roar of the rushing sea!
56. He stepped back to surrender Destiny.
57. Señor Medena glanced at Carmen and then back at Alex.
58. We are back to that?
59. "Of course; can't you see?" and again the kitten wandered into the air and back to the edge of the roof.
60. "Now let us go back to the city," suggested the Wizard.
61. After you went up in a balloon, and escaped us, I got back to Kansas by means of a pair of magical silver shoes.
62. Then circle 'round them and come back again.
63. I took down this dwelling the same morning, drawing the nails, and removed it to the pond-side by small cartloads, spreading the boards on the grass there to bleach and warp back again in the sun.
64. Don't go back to the house.
65. A long sigh escaped her lips as she slid back down under the covers.
66. Assured that it had not, she turned back to him.
67. He leaned back, looking perplexed.
68. Grabbing her hands, he pushed her back on the bed and held her down.
69. The shock of what happened gave way to fury as Felipa turned back to them.
70. Finally her sober gaze came back to Carmen.
71. On the way back to the house, Alex offered to take them to the gulf for a family outing.
72. Then he halted, ducked down and began to back up, so that he nearly fell with the buggy onto the others.
73. He got his satchel from the buggy and, opening it, took out two deadly looking revolvers that made the children shrink back in alarm just to look at.
74. "And there is no way to go back," added Zeb, with a low whistle of perplexity.
75. "What brought you back?" was the next question, and Dorothy's eye rested on an antlered head hanging on the wall just over the fireplace, and caught its lips in the act of moving.
76. Zeb also wanted to see his home, and although he did not find anyone morning for him, the sight of Hugson's Ranch in the picture made him long to get back there.
77. They were glad enough to march back without it.
78. Whenever his back was turned, they were sure to begin whispering to one another.
79. But he drove them back with scornful words.
80. Old story-tellers say that he alighted on the back of a large fish, called a dolphin, which had been charmed by his music and was swimming near the ship.
81. He looked back and saw the innkeeper still standing by the door.
82. Take me back, and I will give you no more trouble.
83. The king went back to the room on tiptoe.
84. He might be seen every day with a bag of charcoal on his back, carrying it to some of his customers.
85. Back in the old days (the 1980s), you only had data—say, the Yellow Pages with its list of restaurants.
86. And my system will come back with a single answer, something like, You should go to Tommaso's on Kearny Street.
87. An Englishwoman who saw the process in Turkey in the early 1700s brought it back to England, where it was proven to be effective.
88. The factors that enable us to solve for and eliminate disease are getting better all the time, like wind at our back, pushing us forward.
89. Our battles with diseases go as far back into history as we can see.
90. With all due respect to Nietzsche, we have looked long into the Abyss, but the Abyss has not looked back into us.
91. Who do you think makes more money: the person who hauls bricks on his back or the person who operates the forklift that moves the bricks?
92. These payments, the cynics would argue, bribe the poor to back the system.
93. But the fact remains that Miss Canby's story was read to me once, and that long after I had forgotten it, it came back to me so naturally that I never suspected that it was the child of another mind.
94. It made me feel very sad to leave Boston and I missed all of my friends greatly, but of course I was glad to get back to my lovely home once more.
95. I am sitting on the piazza, and my little white pigeon is perched on the back of my chair, watching me write.
96. An elderly dame, too, dwells in my neighborhood, invisible to most persons, in whose odorous herb garden I love to stroll sometimes, gathering simples and listening to her fables; for she has a genius of unequalled fertility, and her memory runs back farther than mythology, and she can tell me the original of every fable, and on what fact every one is founded, for the incidents occurred when she was young.
97. The skin of a woodchuck was freshly stretched upon the back of the house, a trophy of his last Waterloo; but no warm cap or mittens would he want more.
98. Not seeing any ducks, he hid his boat on the north or back side of an island in the pond, and then concealed himself in the bushes on the south side, to await them.
99. Saying this he again turned round, dropped his hands, took the bottle and lifted it to his lips, threw back his head, and raised his free hand to balance himself.
100. "What marvels!" she exclaimed, but hearing her master's voice she turned back, pulling down her tucked-up skirt.
101. His gaze shifted back to Alex.
102. Without comment, he shifted his attention back to his plate.
103. Later, as they walked back to their room, Jonathan looked up at Carmen.
104. The top of the buggy caught the air like a parachute or an umbrella filled with wind, and held them back so that they floated downward with a gentle motion that was not so very disagreeable to bear.
105. But although the Munchkin was hardly tall enough to come to Zeb's shoulder he was so strong and clever that he laid the boy three times on his back with apparent ease.
106. I see how human ingenuity and new technologies have eliminated previously insoluble problems once we stand back and let free markets do what they do best: direct the allocation of capital to find a solution.
107. He released her and stepped back.
108. Pleasant as it was, they had to go back.
109. She leaned back and looked up at his face.
110. Carmen turned and tipped her head back to look at the face of the man who towered over her.
111. His gaze focused back on her.
112. She pulled her hand back, her face growing warmer.
113. Then he turned back to his father, who was watching him with interest.
114. "I wondered if you were ever going to come back," she said, moving eagerly into step with him.
115. She sighed, leaning back and gazing into his eyes.
116. When the band came back Alondra and Felipa danced Flamenco in duet.
117. She pushed him back, speaking as firmly as she could without talking loud enough for the children to hear.
118. She rubbed a sore spot in her lower back.
119. They crawled into bed and she rolled on her side with her back to him.
120. They didn't know about the science of surrogacy back then - but then, they didn't know about cesarean delivery either.
121. Not that one had anything to do with the other, but the technology of surrogacy would have been inconceivable back then.
122. "Interesting," Carmen said, handing the picture back to her.
123. He paced back and forth across the room, deep in thought.
124. She leaned back in his arms.
125. Again she leaned back so she could see his face.
126. Glancing in the mirror, he straightened his jacket and tucked the tie back down into his vest.
127. "Oh my gosh!" she said, looking back at the photo to read the statistics.
128. She looked back at the picture.
129. The ultra sound photo brought back a vivid memory of Alex watching the screen as the baby moved in her womb.
130. She shoved the photo back into the envelope and closed the lip, willing herself not to think about the previous pregnancy and its tragic end.
131. The cool damp cloth did wonders to get her own face back to normal and she finally regained control.
132. He nodded and then shifted his attention back to Dulce.
133. Señor Medena's attention shifted back and forth between Dulce and Alex, but neither offered any explanation.
134. Señor Medena leaned back in his chair, his attention lost in thought.
135. "Anyway," Carmen continued, dragging her mind back to the original question.
136. "It sounds delightful to me," Alondra said, leaning back on the couch.
137. Alex put the paper down and turned toward her, sliding an arm behind her on the back of the couch.
138. You keep telling me it's in the past - until you can dig it back up and throw it in my face again.
139. Hopefully he would be in a better mood after they got back home.
140. "He will not return before we get back," he said quickly.
141. He says it's only a few miles away and we'll be right back.
142. She flipped the phone shut and put it back in the sheath.
143. A long hallway ran across the back of the upstairs, leading to four bedrooms.
144. His focus came back on her.
145. His fingers closed around her arm and he firmly pulled her back.
146. She gripped his waist as he turned the horse around and headed back toward the hacienda.
147. We were on our way back.
148. Alex placed his hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her back.
149. Dropping her arms, she stepped back and wiped her mouth, staring up at him as though he had initiated the incident.
150. His gaze wandered over her face, coming back to her eyes.
151. Then he turned away and rubbed the back of his neck in that way he did when he knew he was wrong but wasn't sure why.
152. If his family wanted him to come back, they would have to get rid of his current responsibilities.
153. No matter what she said, getting him back meant financial security - a roof over her head and everything that went along with it.
154. She had been the one who pushed him back into it.
155. Are you just getting back?
156. He lay down on his back and pulled the covers up.
157. Even so, everyone was anxious to get back home.
158. At his nod, she leaned back in her seat.
159. Instantly the playful mood was back.
160. With Alex back at work and Jonathan at school, her attention turned to the nursery.
161. Was there room for two car seats and a bumper seat in the back seat of her car?
162. His troubled gaze came back to her face, pacing from her eyes to her lips.
163. He picked up the coffee cup and leaned back in his chair, eyeing her thoughtfully.
164. "I hopped things would be different when we got back home - that we would stop all this bickering," he said crisply.
165. He was right about the coat, but she wasn't about to go back and get it.
166. Destiny glanced up at Carmen from her elevated chair at the table and then her attention swung back to Alex.
167. Thinking back, her parents had done both in front of her.
168. It was neither good nor bad in her mind back then - it simply was.
169. When her attention came back to Alex, he was watching Jonathan.
170. His gaze came back to her, reflective.
171. Finally he arched one brow and turned back to the roast.
172. So you're back to that again.
173. Did she ever regret going back to her husband?
174. He came back from a trip down there one time and was upset because he said Uncle Fabrice treated him like a dunce in front of customers.
175. Katie said he came back one time upset.
176. If he decided to go back to Texas, they would all go together.
177. Well, I do need to freshen up, but I'll be back.
178. She has to talk to father about it and she will call back later this morning to let me know when she will be here.
179. Her fever goes down, but then comes back up again.
180. Destiny woke several times during the night, but went back to sleep when she saw Carmen was there.
181. Once she asked for daddy, but went back to sleep when Carmen told her he was asleep.
182. Destiny woke and ate a few bites before going back to sleep.
183. She threw the covers back and went down the hall to the stairway.
184. It was only two thirty in the afternoon, but she didn't want to go back to sleep.
185. He'll be back later.
186. Yet when they brought her back, she was asleep.
187. After their conversation, she leaned back in the chair to get some rest.
188. Destiny cried harder, clinging to her hands and trying to get back into her arms.
189. Pulling the rail back up, she stood beside the tent, helplessly watching Destiny cry until she coughed herself into another retching fit.
190. Wet auburn curls were plastered around her pale face and the back of her neck.
191. Alex told her to call him back if she didn't give birth in an hour.
192. By the time she got back to the barn, little Adora was already scrambling to her feet.
193. Finally he leaned forward and stood, rubbing the back of his neck.
194. Finally that soft chocolate gaze came back to her.
195. Destiny immediately followed her command, looking back at the skunk.
196. When she was close enough to the house, she ran to the courtyard and slipped in through the back door.
197. Finally he came back to the house and put his gun up.
198. I've got to get back to work.
199. I feel like... sometimes I'm afraid I'm holding you back.
200. The twinkle came back into his eyes.
201. A warm hand caressed its way up her back and around to cradle her breast.
202. He leaned his head back and smiled up at her.
203. She melted into his arms, eagerly returning his warm kisses and welcoming the feel of his fingers as they searched for the zipper on the back of her dress.
204. I'll be right back.
205. Carmen leaned back in his arms and smiled up at him.
206. As she turned to go into the room, she glanced back at him.
207. She pushed back the feeling of shame.
208. When she pulled back, his dark chocolate gaze turned sultry, quickening her pulse.
209. As his fingers traced a warm tingly path to the back of her dress, hers traced his lips.
210. She started to get up so she could lead him to their bedroom, but he tugged her back down to the window seat.
211. Katie leaned back, a triumphant look on her face as if she had made a point.
212. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked away.
213. As soon as she said it she wished she could take it back.
214. Back in Kentucky with his step father.
215. She drug her mind back from that thought.
216. Then he drew back, his gaze running over her face in that familiar confident way.
217. If they presented a united front, Tessa might back up.
218. He shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck.
219. When it came back to her face, a slow smile erased the creases between his brows.
220. He planted a lingering kiss on her lips and drew back.
221. Within a week, they were back at the hacienda.
222. Maybe the last situation was what gave her the courage to speak up when the inheritance tension came back.
223. When it finally came back to her, the frown was still there, but his expression was cognitive.
224. His gaze came back to her.
225. Like two bull Elk, they were each so focused on pushing the other back that they had forgotten anyone else existed.
226. She shrank back into her chair.
227. Alex gently patted her on the back.
228. Carmen stroked his cheek again and Matthew went back for another try.
229. She leaned her head back and looked up at him, wiping the tears from her cheeks.
230. Tears continued to flow as her attention shifted back to Matthew.
231. He leaned back in his chair, observing Alex over the rim.
232. Alex ran a hand through his hair and rubbed the back of his neck.
233. Behind it, sixteen cars were jammed together all the way back to the highway.
234. Even the way she wore her hair, with those braids wrapped around the top of her head like a crown and the long shiny blond curls falling around her shoulders and down her back – she wasn't simply beautiful.
235. He turned back to Lathum.
236. Lisa pulled a curtain back to examine the sky.
237. Leaning her head back, she forced the soft chair into a reclining position.
238. Spots flickered in her eyes as she leaned back.
239. Let's move back and give her some air.
240. Connie returned with a cool damp rag which she placed on Lisa's face and then the back of her neck.
241. Somewhere in the back of her mind Lisa knew it felt good.
242. I can come back.
243. Lisa dropped back to the bed.
244. It won't bring them back.
245. I'm going back to the old place in the mountains.
246. Maybe a vacation would be good right now, but don't go back there.
247. Back into the fuzzy recesses of her mind she crawled – back where it was safe.
248. Maybe when she got back she could replace her old one.
249. If he came back, he wouldn't find her there.
250. Dropping the bag in the back seat, she sank into the driver's seat.
251. For a few moments the car hung there, the back half solidly on the ground, the front hanging precariously over the cliff.
252. Her first instinct was to scramble to the back of the bus and climb out.
253. Snaking her upper torso over the back of the seat, she began to shift her weight toward the back of the car.
254. "I wonder how I can get my car back on the road," she mused, and felt relieved when his attention returned to the car.
255. I'll ride back to the house and get my car and a chain.
256. A grinding noise jerked her attention back to the car.
257. Feeling dizzy, she stepped back and turned to the man hesitantly.
258. Her spirits did a roller coaster as she desperately watched his retreating back, and then comprehended his words.
259. Maneuvering the car around skillfully, he started back up the road.
260. At the door, he opened it and stepped back, motioning for her to enter first.
261. The car slid off the cliff before I got back.
262. It's a long way to drive from Fayetteville, and then they'd have to bring you back in the morning.
263. His moods flipped back and forth so fast it was hard to know how he would respond to anything.
264. "It's going to be a beautiful day," Sarah said as she turned her attention back to her food.
265. She stared at his broad back, testing a hand full of his Jacket gingerly.
266. When they stopped beside a wide shallow creek, he crouched with his back to her.
267. Hop on my back and I'll take you across.
268. She regarded his broad back skeptically, instantly reminded of her father.
269. The windows were all broken and the front end was smashed back to the windshield.
270. She rocked back and fourth, tears coursing down her cheeks unchecked.
271. In fact, he was under no obligation to help her get back, either.
272. His hands gently pulled her head back and before she comprehended his intent, he kissed her lips.
273. We'd better go in the back way or Mom will have my hide.
274. The chances were slim that she would ever come back.
275. Good. Pack your clothes and come back with me.
276. If you need time to take care of things, I can come back and get you.
277. Come on back and help me pack.
278. Take me back to my house.
279. He turned back to the wheel, chuckling.
280. Glancing at the road behind them he pulled back onto the highway.
281. The trip back to his house was uneventful.
282. She felt the hair rising on the back of her neck.
283. It took her mind back to childhood memories of barefoot strolls down dusty lanes.
284. "Like spun gold," he said softly tossing it across her shoulder, where it poised and then bounced down her back.
285. Diablo stood hip-shod, his eyes half-closed as Giddon tossed a saddle blanket over his back and then swung up the saddle.
286. She was putting supper on the table when she glanced out the window and noticed Giddon riding Diablo back into the yard.
287. Be back after a while.
288. She took a quick step back and he dropped his hands.
289. The frigid gaze swung back to her.
290. He had been perfectly content to step back and let her bear the brunt of Giddon's anger, even knowing that he had arrived uninvited.
291. She didn't look back, but his muffled curse chased after her.
292. Walking so fast that it created a breeze that caught the loose hair hanging down her back, she turned her ankle slipping off her sandals.
293. A wisp of blond hair hung over one eye and Lisa brushed it back.
294. His smile was so disarming that she couldn't help smiling back.
295. Lisa drew further back into the brush as the car drove by.
296. Giddon went back into the building and Lisa made her way through the darkening woods to the spot in the drive where she had entered.
297. His long fingers traced her jaw to the hair on the back of her neck.
298. She stepped back and glared at him.
299. It was time to fall back and rebuild another.
300. She glanced back to make sure she wasn't being observed.
301. When the back door closed, she emerged from her room.
302. Back at the house she showered and changed before starting lunch.
303. But then, there was the package, and the money he wanted back.
304. I'll see enough of the city when I go back to college.
305. Her plan was to approach the building from the back parking lot.
306. At any rate, Giddon would be back soon.
307. A sharp pain shot through her ankle and a cry escaped her lips as she dropped back to the ground.
308. Her troubled gaze followed her trail back up the hill and she gasped.
309. Giddon deposited Lisa on the animal's back and, putting a foot in the stirrup, swung up behind her.
310. She felt his breath on the back of her neck and stiffened as one arm slipped around her waist.
311. After having her wiggle her toes and move her ankle this way and that, he finally stepped back and observed her with a frown.
312. His piercing gaze lifted to her face and the hair rose on the back of her neck.
313. He was back almost immediately, carrying an ace bandage.
314. She glanced back at Lisa and smiled mischievously.
315. He leaned back in the chair, tossing his glasses on the table.
316. She glanced back at him sharply and caught her breath.
317. He leaned back in his chair again and stretched his legs out, his piercing gaze sorting through the secrets of her mind.
318. They climbed back on the ATV and crossed the creek.
319. She tucked her suspicions back into a corner of her mind.
320. His hands worked up her back moving gradually as he massaged every inch of the muscles on either side of her spine.
321. Finally his big hands left her waist and moved to her shoulders, working out the stiffness in them, and then on to the back of her neck.
322. They had to get away from here - back to the house where there were other people.
323. The trip back was every bit as exciting.
324. Len glanced at Yancey uncertainly and then shifted his attention back to her.
325. He glanced back at Lisa.
326. If I did, I wouldn't be bringing you back here.
327. She was still smiling when she walked back into the kitchen.
328. He turned and leaned back against the counter, surveying her with obvious distaste.
329. The braids not only held it out of her eyes, but thinned the bottom part down enough that it would lay loose across her shoulders and down her back without frizzing.
330. As they blended in with the rest of the dancers, she glanced back at the table where the man sat.
331. He chuckled softly as he pulled her closer, his hand gently caressing her back.
332. When the music stopped, he cupped one of her elbows and led her back to their table.
333. A cold chill crept up her spine, raising the hair on the back of her neck.
334. The ride back was quiet, but the silence was a comfortable one, only becoming awkward when they reached the door of his house.
335. Her arms stole around his neck and she ran trembling fingers through the soft hair on the back of his head.
336. The smell of coffee brought Yancey back into the room a little later.
337. She put the letter back in the envelope.
338. She took a step back from him.
339. Her own words bounced off the wall and came back as a flash of memory and imagination.
340. At the car, he opened the door and glanced back at her, his expression reflective.
341. She walked slowly back to the kitchen.
342. It always came back to that.
343. She had to get back there and see what was in the building.
344. Enough time to walk back to the building.
345. She brushed the hair back over her shoulders.
346. Maybe she shouldn't go back to the Giddon home.
347. She pulled the car back on the road and continued toward the Giddon place.
348. Still looking back at it, he started for the house.
349. Back in his arms, Tammy leaned forward with her nose on his, looking into his eyes.
350. I miss that and I'm not going to be held back simply because you're afraid to have me wandering around on my own.
351. Yancey stopped beside her and looked back down at the house.
352. He stepped back, a twinkle in his eyes.
353. Instantly the hand dropped and he turned back down the trail, speaking over his shoulder.
354. He never looked directly at her, but the way he held back branches was indication enough that he knew she was there and was thinking of her.
355. He glanced back, his eyes mocking her.
356. She stared at his back.
357. Well, do you want me to come back home?
358. Lisa put the receiver back to her ear.
359. Finally she threw back the covers and rolled out of bed.
360. In her words, "Go now so you can be back before dark."
361. Yancey wasn't back yet when she left, but she didn't need his approval.
362. Soon she would need to come back home to get ready for college.
363. Finally she leaned back sucked her lungs full.
364. Jerking away from him, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.
365. He stepped back and raised his hands.
366. Leaning back, she gazed solemnly up into his eyes.
367. He nodded and leaned back against the porch post.
368. Her attention swung back to Len.
369. Leaning forward she reached up with one hand and cupped the back of his neck.
370. Finally she released him and leaned back to view his reaction.
371. I'll follow you back to the house.
372. Then he pulled back out onto the road.
373. You'll strain your back.
374. Without looking back, she dashed to the house, past a startled Sarah, and then to her room.
375. Cautiously, she crept up to the door and peered around it, jerking her head back instinctively when she spotted Yancey unlocking a door to an inner office.
376. She waited until Yancey came back in, but he only locked the door to the office and left, closing the door to the building.
377. Wiggling through the small opening, she turned and pulled the sash back down.
378. She reached the door and looked back, expecting to find him right behind her, but he wasn't.
379. He was walking down the path, back to the building.
380. She forced herself to walk, not run, back to the house.
381. Lisa put the phone back to her ear, still watching Yancey cautiously.
382. Look, I'm going to go back to the house and pack my things.
383. Yancey didn't get out, but he did wait until she had her car started before he turned his car around and headed back to the house.
384. He glanced at her and then turned his attention back to the can in his hand.
385. Mom will be back soon.
386. Tammy was in the back seat asleep, so she carefully unbuckled her and carried her to the house while Sarah brought in the shopping sacks.
387. She leaped back from the suitcase, paralyzed with fear.
388. He grabbed a handful of her clothes from the suitcase and put them back in the drawer.
389. He calmly picked the clothes up and put them back in the drawer.
390. He stuck his hands in his back pockets and frowned, his gaze searching hers.
391. Yancey glanced that way and then back at her.
392. Her attention shifted back to Yancey.
393. You told her you weren't going to let me go back to college.
394. Howard slapped Len on the back playfully and turned to leave the building.
395. He rubbed the back of his neck.
396. She relaxed her grip on his shirt and allowed him to guide her back to the couch.
397. She leaned back on the couch instead, trying to reassure him with a weak smile.
398. Let's get over to the Git 'N' Go and back.
399. If I wanted someone to organize my life, I would have stayed back in Muskogee with my parents instead of moving here.
400. If you want to wait until I get off work, I'll try to leave a little early so we won't get back so late.
401. Are you running back to check on your parents again?
402. Michael turned around and came back to her.
403. Brandon's blue Neon was already in the parking lot, and he was lounging with his back against it, arms folded across his chest.
404. She threw the covers back and gasped as her feet hit the cold floor.
405. Then you get back up and continue the climb.
406. Brandon rode ahead of her most of the time, dropping back beside her when they emerged from the forest.
407. She glanced back at him.
408. She stretched; realizing her back was getting sore.
409. We'd better go back.
410. At times he seemed on the verge of revealing it to Adrienne, only to draw back into himself and avoid her for days.
411. I told Julia and Rachel that I'd come back if I didn't find you here.
412. We'd better get back to the apartment.
413. Back at the apartment, he paused at the door, key in hand.
414. He grabbed her waist before she could back away, and pulled her into his arms.
415. His warm hands slid under her jacket and explored her back through her T-shirt.
416. She stepped back and let them enter.
417. It has living quarters at the back.
418. Without a word, she dashed back to her room and crammed a change of clothes in a bag, along with her books.
419. Still, the car weaved as he guided it back into the right lane.
420. Just sit back and don't distract me.
421. I know you need to get back for your finals tomorrow.
422. They were silent for a long time on the way back.
423. Adrienne nodded, choking back tears.
424. "I'm moving back home for a while," he answered emotionlessly.
425. His hands gripped her shoulders and pulled her back so that he could see her face.
426. Finally, she turned and sauntered back into the apartment.
427. He's gone back to that farm, and that's where he'll stay.
428. I don't believe Brandon will ever come back here to finish his schooling.
429. No, he'd be back, and he'd finish his schooling.
430. He went back to the ranch that night, saying that he had cattle to take care of.
431. He pulled back and gazed down at her inquisitively.
432. All that aside, Brandon didn't want her back.
433. The envelope had a mind of its own, and it drew her back to the coffee table - demanded that she tear it open and read the answer.
434. Her hair was drawn back severely into a bun and she had black eyes that could render a lie detector machine obsolete.
435. The lint he tucked back into his pocket, and the ring he tossed on the table in front of Adrienne.
436. And personally, I hope you decide to take that back.
437. He picked the ring up and stared at it absently, rolling it back and forth between his thumb and index finger.
438. The stone flipped back and forth, winking at her as it caught the light.
439. I want my best friend back, too.
440. Tucking a wayward strand of curly brown hair back into her bun, she replaced her hat and wrapped the lead lines around the wagon break.
441. He tipped his hat back, fixing her with a bright blue gaze that stunned her vocal cords.
442. He walked back to his horse and untied something from the saddle.
443. She sullenly glanced back at the group of men.
444. When all the wagons were ready, she snapped the whip over the back of the mules.
445. Then they would have to hitch them back up again.
446. Two times she had been back to visit her siblings, both times at Christmas.
447. She dashed them away with the back of her hand.
448. It brought her closer to the time when she could go back to the ranch.
449. She stepped back and waved at Pete, pointing at the dust.
450. She slapped her hat back on to hide the color in her cheeks and scrambled onto her wagon seat.
451. They'd bring her back and beg us to hold her while they ran.
452. She watched Pete's bowlegged figure lurch back to his wagon.
453. Releasing the break, she slapped the lines on the back of the mules and clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth.
454. Throwing back the covers that had protected her from the cold night air, she grabbed one of her boots.
455. It darted back toward her, and she scrambled to get out of its path, tossing sand at it.
456. She lifted her whip and expertly popped it over the back of the lead mule.
457. Bordeaux jumped back as her wagon moved to catch up with the others.
458. She screamed and jumped back before she realized the snakes were dead.
459. What did you do with that scorpion this morning - go back and eat it?
460. His horse snorted and took a step back.
461. You'd better put your hat back on.
462. Bordeaux stepped forward, and before she had time to protest, he swept her up and deposited her on the back of the bay.
463. He gently pulled his arm away and stepped back.
464. He didn't respond and she didn't look back.
465. Four more days and she would go back to the ranch.
466. They would find someone to drive the wagon back across the desert.
467. It was a hot evening and they were well back from the fire.
468. Royce scooted back from the fire and laughed nervously.
469. I was hoping to find someone to take back with me.
470. Fritz, Royce and Davis wandered back to their wagons.
471. She shot back, kicking sand in his direction.
472. He left us kids to fend for ourselves and now he thinks he can come back and pick up where he left off.
473. I hate him and I'm not going back!
474. Go back and let him explain.
475. I'm not going back and you can't make me.
476. She watched his retreating back and knew there would be little sleep for her tonight.
477. She had to go back to get them.
478. She dropped back on the blanket and yanked it over her body.
479. We could get married in Ashley and take the stage back.
480. She packed all the dishes and stashed them in the back of one of the wagons.
481. I'm not going back to see him.
482. Pete walked back to her, signaling to the other men to join them.
483. Anyway, maybe he decided not to come back.
484. Since his back was to the danger, he was unaware when the man gunned the engine and started to drive towards him.
485. She sat back on her heals.
486. She dropped her head back to the blanket.
487. The white sand reflected the hot sun back at them until they were dripping with perspiration.
488. Fritz was slumped on the back of his mule, half-asleep, his stocky frame rolling with the gait of the mule.
489. Let's give the mules a rest while I look over our back trail.
490. He lowered the glasses and rolled over on his back, gazing up into her face.
491. He pushed the hat back on his head and gazed up at her with troubled eyes.
492. He didn't seem concerned that she had refused to go back.
493. After a few hours of limited rest, they were back in the saddle again.
494. She closed the tin and handed it back to him.
495. He chuckled again and glanced back at the others, who were trailing behind.
496. You feel betrayed, but you need to go back and talk to him.
497. About 10 feet back into the cave water oozed from the wall, slowly dripping into a small rock pool.
498. She could hardly wait to get back to Texas.
499. What was there to go back to?
500. Members of both institutions operated in the same electoral context, facing the same voters in the same elections backed by the same political parties.
501. As a result of equilibrium play, the rivals can avoid fighting altogether by backing down or submitting to the other's demands at critical decision points.
502. Therefore, this prediction cannot be backed up and thus should only be treated as an upper limit.
503. The winds then backed to 190x after 1400 hours, but remained light throughout and exhibit the expected behaviour compared to the geostrophic flow above.
504. The diffusion pump is backed by a rotary mechanical pump of double stages.
505. The methodology is advantageous in that it provides an approach backed with theoretical foundations.
506. We need clear descriptions of circuit function and behaviour, backed up by recordings (and videos).
507. He was very sceptical about backing state funding for research in the area.
508. In what follows we hope to go some way in backing up that claim.
509. On the other hand, chapter six deals with the most frequent aetiologies backed by well-reviewed recent findings.
510. In this case, the gold certificates would be fully backed with gold by the monetary authority.
511. In addition, despite early set-backs, it appears that significant progress has been made in the acquisition of needed credit and business management skills.
512. The chamber is pumped by a diffusion pump backed by a rotary pump to a low pressure of around 1024 mbar through the diagnostic port.
513. I discuss below the financial incentives that backed this up.
514. However, he rapidly found himself backed into a corner.
515. At the end of the 1920s, this "mater ialism" had taken clearer shape backed by an empir ical realism about the symbolic constructions involved.
516. The making of differences, especially between front and backs, is one of their raisons d'être.
517. The components of seats had anthropomorphic labels (' feet ' and ' backs '), and a close sense of affinity was inevitable.
518. All inherit specific draw backs and limitations ranging from lack of retrieveability, bulkyness, to limited manoeuvrability and risk of embolisation.
519. If they backed away, they risked playing into the hands of the new offices, which claimed that hiring an actuary was a needless expense.
520. The first was the testimony of the prospective voter himself, often backed by a sworn oath that the information he provided was true.
521. Second, there is always a strong need for a major power to provide backing for peace enforcement operations.
522. Ambiguous language, representing type two, is juridically effective only if shown to be backed by intentions that this language may be interpreted to embody.
523. A mass flight, a human tidal wave, some barefoot and half naked, some on the backs of mules and donkeys.
524. Verbal information should be backed up by written information, giving specific guidance and details of local services, with recommendations for sources of further information.
525. Unable and unwilling to rely on an urban treatment network, voluntary providers turned their backs on the city.
526. The divider, the backs of the mirrors, and the mirror holders were also covered in lightabsorbing paper.
527. Both use a repertoire of technical tricks to achieve this: camera angles, amplification, lighting, editing, backing tapes, and so forth.
528. Theoretically, the proof of the partial integrability backs up the role ascribed to meromorphy.
529. She backs away immediately, however, as if afraid she has been too forward.
530. She then rose, backed away rapidly with joined hands and bowed head toward him, and fled.
531. As a result, he is backed into the corner of saying that theory cannot inform first-order practices.
532. More emphasis is placed on numerical and experimental data, which are presented with clarity and backed up using fundamental mathematics.
533. Professorial staffs in public hospitals have backed resident doctors during the strikes.
534. Their torsos and legs were in varied positions, clearly with their arms tied behind their backs.
535. The authorities soon backed away from these draconian measures, yet throughout the war salons operated under the most severe restrictions.
536. Each of these affirmations and many like them could be backed (and were backed) by examples from recent political history.
537. In other projects, pupils were weaned off backing tracks as their performances and compositions became more secure, with higher attaining pupils usually weaned earlier.
538. Behaviors or postures that are part of a frightened retreat sequence from the infant as in pulling or backing away as the infant approaches b!
539. Such a change in geometry maybe achieved, for example, by backing the haunches ofthevaultnearthe springings with rubble, effectively reducing the angle of embrace.
540. We can say that the enunciator backs such a value.
541. The third group are initiatives backed by bourgeois parties.
542. Due to the dubious constitutionality of this measure, the central government has backed down in recent years.
543. First, there were major names who were backed by their recording companies and had little need for support from official sites of cultural export.
544. The web closes again as the other maids, backed by their overseer, cast the fifth maid out and resume their discourse.
545. Such images are selectively backed - and promoted - by the authority of social institutions.
546. Thus, the format of her action is that of words backed up by physical violence.
547. Initial clinical screening consists of general case-history taking and observation, backed up by oral physical assessment and swallow trials.
548. Without transparent and enforceable property rights - backed by clear contract law - market economies will not function.
549. Each link or single step in the chain of argumentation takes the form of a conclusion backed up by premises at the next level.
550. Under the closedlist system, candidates backed by large organizations and associations were assured of relatively high positions on the party list.
551. A new legal framework, even when backed by considerable consensus, only marks the completion of one phase of institutional change.
552. They comprise the set of social relations ordered by general rules and backed up with a centralized coercive guarantee over a given territory.
553. Politicians and governments everywhere, of course, watch their backs in election years.
554. None of the four main candidates was backed by the government, or was from the then president's party.
555. The synthesizer lead line is in unison with the backing vocal line (in a 'call and response' structure).
556. The actors stand in a circle, backs turned to the centre, eyes closed.
557. Such freedom as probabilism permitted was within the bounds of the ' probable ' (where experience or respected authorities backed an opinion).
558. Moreover, the majority of the economics community had backed the policy it had just abandoned.
559. Here, the goal was virtually to eliminate bank-note risk by requiring that every note be fully backed by high-grade securities.
560. The alternative approach is to ask whether philosophers have deceived themselves or backed themselves unnecessarily into a cul-de-sac.
561. A less obvious effect is the ability of pro-reform elites backed by mass support to pressure non-reform parties to restrain anti-reform policies.
562. Policies, however, often consisted of statements from policy sources or professional bodies without backing from legislation, regulation, or special payment provisions.
563. With their backs to the wall they switched from supporting princes to accommodating politicians.
564. We may notice that in all the cases, there is considerable dorsal backing movement.
565. Tax reductions, cut backs in government expenditure and privatisation of public enterprises have provided the conditions for market rather than state led adjustment.
566. Furthermore, the central government now backs up the guarantee with earmarked grants on a large scale.
567. The phosphor is usually deposited in a layer of 50-100 m thickness on to a plastic ' backing ' plate for rigidity.
568. In addition, its diagnosis is essentially based on the clinical history, backed up by a chronological link to swimming [22].
569. We think that the closure mechanism is the most simple and efficient way to implement call-backs even if some alternatives exist.
570. Money-paying masters were not the only constituency backing labor in the anti-truck movement.
571. If backing down or reneging on a policy promise is costly, then such pronouncements help separate resolved states from the many impostors.
572. All three remain stock still from here on, their backs to the audience as they peer through the shoji.
573. Readers should be cautious about some statements that are not sufficiently backed by the evidence presented in the book.
574. In sum, popular attitudes towards public sector reform are lukewarm, and neither active backing nor opposition to public sector reforms from society should be expected.
575. The military wanted a strong nation, backed by a disciplined labour force and a solid industry.
576. As on previous occasions, the rhetorical attacks were backed up with military displays of strength.
577. Then the measured increase of the scattered signal after this point allows us to estimate the cluster size as a function of backing pressure.
578. When a variable assignment fails, it backs up one level and tries another assignment for the preceding variable.
579. Advocates of sociological jurisprudence backed this as a way to inform the courts of the social and economic circumstances that inspired calls for new legislation.
580. Were they turning their backs on rural occupations as well as rural communities?
581. The currency of this procedure was backed up by a moral economy that rested on trust in science's commitment to general truth and public well-being.
582. In such persuasion, arguments are more convincing if those being persuaded feel that the arguments are backed up by so-called objective analysis.
583. Unless the country backs down and accepts the defeat, the implementation of the legislation in question might be subject to some form of legal proceedings.
584. Despite this clear expansive tendency, there are differences between the actors backing the initiatives concerning the goals they want to realise.
585. Furthermore, the party backed its words with actions, giving parliamentary support to the women-centred social welfare legislation of the reconstruction period.
586. The water enveloped my bare feet and the backs of my legs.
587. Their chests glistened with sweat, their faces glistened with sweat, their backs were bathed in sweat.
588. He backs this up with examples of marketing successes that have deliberately flaunted conventional wisdom of respecting the idiosyncrasies of particular national economies.
589. I'm for the artist speaking to the audience, backing them and letting them do what they want.
590. The absence of rails at the backs of these two platforms suggest that the third face backed directly on to the upper-end wall.
591. They pressed for social welfare programmes backed by both the private and the public sector.
592. In practice this means that we can elude the demands of this type of altruism simply by turning our backs on others.
593. Many online dictionaries are now backed by corpora.
594. I would welcome any carefully formulated hypotheses on other biological functions of dreaming, as long as they are backed up by convincing empirical evidence.
595. The papers were therefore bought through nominees or bank loans backed with party capital.
596. The timing suggests that the depression may have been a watershed period in the transition to credit backed by landed property.
597. Movement involving arms and legs and backs was reported by these men to be difficult.
598. Why, following a revolution, does a government which has effective power backed up with military force, seek to make a constitution?
599. The two-fold test was not backed up by the authorities.
600. Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is back with the team after a 10-day absence due to a positive test for COVID-19.
601. There's one back-to-back on the 76ers' (42-29) bubble schedule, and they complete it Wednesday night against a familiar, formidable foe.After delivering a spirited effort Tuesday versus the surging ...
602. While back-to-backs are no longer common in the NHL postseason, the urgency to finish it this year means each first-round series has one set of them scheduled.
603. Microsoft is back to selling smartphones for the first time since it abandoned its mobile business more than four years ago ...
604. Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh said Wednesday the city is outfitting classrooms with tools to keep students and staff members safe, preparing as many schools as possible to bring students back, at least ...
605. The Portland Timbers received some of the most consistent sets of performances from their players at the MLS is back ...
606. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is back at the NovaCare Complex after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this month. By Dave Zangaro ...
607. back sentence examples. back. Do you have to go back right away? 309. 83. It was a long time back, before they were married. 151. 61. Turning the truck around, he headed back down the drive. 69. 33. Finally she drew back, breathless. 64. 30. Tell me what news I may take back to my poor boy. 38. 26.
608. Get-back sentence examples. Maybe I can get back before dark. 5. 0. I've got to get back to work. 4. 0. Even so, everyone was anxious to get back home. 2. 0. I'm going to make myself a sandwich and get back to work. 1. 0. Then you get back up and continue the climb. 1. 0.
609. Examples of back entrance in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: They found a note stuck on the front entrance which informed them that the door…
610. Service is friendly and laid-back and there’s a lovely garden, with tables for alfresco eating. 10. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
611. Examples of back seat in a sentence, how to use it. 84 examples: Things did not develop quite as planned, however, in that culture quite rapidly…
612. Sentence Examples I ran a piece in the magazine looking at coffee houses coming full circle back to their 18th century roots as business places. Martin had a way of making a very plausible argument for resettling the Karma circle back on it's axis.
613. How to use keep back in a sentence. The keep back list of example sentences with keep back.
614. How to use welcome back in a sentence. The welcome back list of example sentences with welcome back.
615. I took my new phone back to the store because the screen was already broken when I opened the box. You need the receipt if you want to take your goods back. Take faulty goods back to the store where you bought them. If you have finished reading the books then take them back to the library. 3. Take (someone) back = to remind you of another time
616. Back-and-forth definition: The definition of back and forth is going from one place to another and then returning to the first location, often over and over again. (adverb) An example of back and forth is when a person goes to LA, then to San Francisco, then
617. Translations of the phrase THE back from english to italian and examples of the use of "THE BACK" in a sentence with their translations: Come in the back with me.
618. Use back in a sentence | back sentence examples. An elderly dame, too, dwells in my neighborhood, invisible to most persons, in whose odorous herb garden I love to stroll sometimes, gathering simples and listening to her fables; for she has a genius of unequalled fertility, and her memory runs back farther than mythology, and she can tell me
619. Translations of the phrase back WITH MOM from english to italian and examples of the use of "back WITH MOM" in a sentence with their translations: He is back with mom . Italian Danish German Latin Spanish French Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian
620. Examples of answer back in a sentence: 1. The shrill woods answer back againe. 2. And Thakane carried her answer back to Masilo. 3. All that I have asked of thee Comes for answer back to me.
621. Welcome back! We are so happy to have you back at the Sunshine House. We've all missed you, and the residents have been anxious for your return. We were worried about you during your absence, and I speak for everyone here when I say that we are all thankful for your quick recovery. Take whatever time you need to settle in and get back up to speed.
622. Revert definition: Revert is defined as to return to something, someone or a previous way of being. (verb) An example of revert is a sober alcoholic going back to drinking again.
623. For example, if the topic sentence concerns the types of endangered species that live in the ocean, then every sentence after that needs to expound on that subject. Topic sentences also need to relate back to the thesis of the essay. The thesis statement is like a road map that will tell the reader or listener where you are going with this
624. Flashback definition is - a recession of flame to an unwanted position (as into a blowpipe). How to use flashback in a sentence.
625. Getting your ex back is hard. But it's even harder without a plan. If you don't know what you’re doing, you should follow a step-by-step plan that’s been field-tested and proven to work. Relationship Hero has helped hundreds of people get their ex back by following such a plan… Now we are sharing that plan - for FREE (with examples). The
626. Example Sentence(s) It felt like everything was going wrong this morning, and the straw that broke the camel’s back was when I accidentally spilled my cereal on the floor. Note: If you want to see more expressions like this one, we have a list of animal sayings that you can check out.
627. Go back in sentence examples, go back in sentence examples, Japanese Sentence Structure: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide - 80/20 rael jan i. go back in sentence examples. published: 7 02 20. تحميل برنامج يلا
628. back against the wall. Meaning. to be in a tough situation with limited options; to be in trouble and not have many ways out; to not have retreat from a bad situation; Example Sentences. The company has its back against the wall and if the employees do not help out now, it will be bankrupt soon.
629. It appears before the predicate to show what the sentence is about, or what performs the action. Using the examples in this article as a guide, identify the subjects in the following sentences. The teachers are tired. The teachers and the students are tired. His new toy is already broken. The woman in the back of the room asked a
630. High quality example sentences with “can be reallocated back” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts several options are on the table
631. Some examples of interjections in dialog are: “Oh! I didn’t know that!” “Er, that is just aggravating.” “Mmm, that smells so good.” “Holy guano, Batman! The Joker is back in Gotham!” “Hey! I’m over here!” The Uniqueness of the Interjection. Usually, a part of a sentence will be directly connected with another part of the
632. Example Sentence. hand around/round. To pass something to all the people present in a group. Could one of you hand these drinks around, please? hand back. To return something to the same person who gave it out. The officer handed back the form to me for filling it wrongly. hand down. To pass on from older to younger generation.
633. Tie back Sentence Examples. Sep 2nd. Tie back Sentence Examples. In the maximum 20m height of a versatile selection of soldier pile walls are used originally as with. West sonoma county with a design of retaining walls gabion walls wood and crib general info theres an advantage of a post and content and rely on pinterest see more naturally than
634. I always have a ton of potential blog entries on the back burner, but because of time constraints with my work I never have enough time to update it as much as I’d like. Parts 3 and 4 of the Top 100 Chinese words will be posted eventually – it’s just it takes a lot of time to compile them, add *useful* example sentences and explanations
635. High quality example sentences with “few decades back” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts several options are on the table
636. The conventional wisdom about flashbacks goes something like this: use them sparingly, if at all. It’s good advice, because a mishandled flashback can stunt the flow of your narrative, lose a reader’s interest, harm suspension of disbelief, create confusion, or cause any number of other problems. But, don’t be discouraged, flashbacks can work, and they’re worth the risk; a well
637. Some writers replace commas by colons, and after some umming and ahhing put the comma back in. I can do exactly the same with the transitional phrases. Merging two sentences, then deciding to chop it into two, then choosing a different transitional phrase, and then scrapping it again 😉
638. Example Sentence. call back. To return a telephone call. I have already called her ten times and she hasn’t called back. call for. To demand. The students are calling for more books for the library. call in. To telephone someone at a particular place. The manager called in to say he was on the way. To ask for someone’s help or services.
639. The first sentence, however complex, is clear and does a lot of work by clearly situating the reader in the overall structure of the essay . The paragraph refers back to analysis already done, thus emphasising the clear structure of the essay and enhancing the interrelationships of its parts.

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