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"Banzai" Example Sentences

1. He is based in London. Kevin Riegelsberger. (Shiftboard Photo) — Former Avalara President and COO Kevin Riegelsberger joined the board of Banzai, a Seattle-based event marketing automation provider, ...
2. America has now deployed its first female stealth fighter pilot into combat, the Air Force announced. Capt. Emily Thompson, call sign “Banzai,” made headlines after she became the first female ...
3. banzai Energy Drink is a proven product already in 34 states as a bag-in-box concentrate. banzai is similiar in that we have pursued the classic energy drink color, fragrance, and taste profile ...
4. Banzai, a leading provider of SaaS marketing automation for events, today announced the addition of Kevin Riegelsberger as an independent director effective July 16, 2020. Kevin is a 40 year software ...
5. Veteran CRO to Spearhead Customer Success, Sales, Marketing for Event Marketing Automation Leader Banzai, a leading SaaS marketing automation provider, today announced that it has named Kurt J.
6. banzai Reach for Partners helps companies like Adobe, Facebook, and ServiceNow generate more partner leads through webinars and events Banzai, a leading SaaS marketing automation provider, today ...
7. Disclaimer | Commerce Policy | Made In NYC | Stock quotes by banzai Tick History Time Bid Ask Notice GO IN-DEPTH ON banzai STOCK ...
8. Unibet Poker is guaranteeing the top prize pool multiplier of its HexaPro banzai tournaments will be hit every day until July 24! HexaPro are Unibet Poker’s take on jackpot sit & go tournaments ...
9. Buckaroo banzai is a rock-star/brain-surgeon/comic-book-hero/samurai who along with his group, the Hong Kong Cavaliers, must stop evil creatures from the 8th ...
10. banzai sentence examples. banzai. Families that don't have time for a water park getaway can still splash into summer fun with a Six Flags banzai Falls water slide - right in the backyard! 0. 0. banzai is a well known manufacturer of home inflatable water slides. 0. 0.
11. Sentence with the word banzai. At Grand Rounds one morning, he showed us slide after slide of his success stories, post-op patients in what he called the banzai position: arms raised high, standing on one leg.. Now from Guadalcanal and out to the jungle islands and so on, the Japanese military doctrine was destruction of the enemy at the water's edge, and the tactic they used was what we call
12. banzai definition: used as a Japanese greeting, cheer, and battle cryOrigin of banzaiJapanese from Sino-Japanese ban, ten thousand + sai, year, age
13. banzai definition is - a Japanese cheer or war cry. Recent Examples on the Web Leave the banzai racing to Daron Rahlves (who’s damned good at it). — Al Saracevic, San Francisco Chronicle, "Women’s hockey champions won these Olympics," 24 Feb. 2018 Here, the Marines got their first grim taste of jungle fighting and the fury of mass banzai charges until the Leathernecks were relieved by
14. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "banzai "We cried banzai at the news that he won the gold medal. But mostly critics admit to enjoying the "guilty pleasures, including banzai bikini footage" (Mike Clark, USA Today ) and "babelicious lesbians" (Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly ).
15. / examples. buckaroo in a sentence - 12. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "dr Buckaroo banzai, perhaps you can explain yourself" "maybe that's what Buckaroo was talking about" "the local hangout in town is called the Buckaroo club" "This looks like a buckaroo heel"
16. banzai definition, (used as a Japanese patriotic cry or joyous shout.) See more.
17. Synonyms for banzai at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for banzai.
18. banzai definition: a patriotic cheer , battle cry , or salutation | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
19. Translations in context of "banzai" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: I'm doing some sweet banzai moves.
20. The banzai charge is considered to be one method of gyokusai (玉砕, "shattered jewel"; honorable suicide), a suicide attack, or suicide before being captured by the enemy such as seppuku. [citation needed] The origin of the term is a classical Chinese phrase in the 7th-century Book of Northern Qi, which states "丈夫玉碎恥甎全", "A true man would [rather] be the shattered jewel
21. ‘Some 500 supporters greeted Lee on his arrival by waving Taiwan's national flag and the ‘Hinomaru,’ or Japanese flag, while carrying welcome banners and chanting ‘Banzai, banzai!’’ More example sentences
22. Careers at banzai We’re inventing the future of B2B events. Come join us! Connecting Professionals to New Ideas and Each-Other. Banzai’s mission is to help professionals fulfill their potential. We connect professionals to ideas and each-other through educational B2B events world-wide. We are a fast-growing, profitable company headquartered
23. The full phrase is "Tennōheika Banzai" generally translating to "Long live His Majesty the Emperor." I personally would only use "banzai" when referencing that type of attack (or a greeting by the Emperor of Japan which is the secondary definition). "Her attitude toward the book was pure bonzai" is a strange sentence.
24. banzai attack definition: nounA desperate attack by Japanese troops in World War II. Also called banzai charge .
25. Examples of in a sentence The city reopened the banzai Rock Skate Park Wednesday on Oahu's North Shore after it had been closed for nearly a year 0 rating rating ratings
26. Examples of banzai in a Sentence No examples for this word. 관련 링크: en banzais
27. banzai is a Japanese word almost same meaning with English word "Long live the king!!". Direct translation is "10000 years!". Thus, it can be applied not only to emperors but to anybody anything. The word was invented about a hundred years ago in the period of Meiji emperor era, the era when Japan opened to the world and rapidly modernized and defeated China and Russia at wars.
28. Examples. He'd roll up to a stop sign, ask me, "Anything big coming?" and before I could answer or even look for the semi that would kill us he'd shout, "BANZAI!" and floor it. Lance Mannion: He'd roll up to a stop sign, ask me, "Anything big coming?"
29. banzai Sushi is naturally a very low source of saturated fat. With a shelf life of over 6 months, experience the convenience of serving high quality premium sushi at any time of the day. We built banzai Sushi on the promise of getting healthier foods into our schools. We support legislation that puts healthy food alternatives in school
30. L ⭐ Qué es banzai banzai es una palabra de origen japonés, en realidad, banzai, gramaticalmente hablando, es una interjección. La palabra se compone de las partículas de la prohibición y sale. Mientras que esto significa años, el primero significa diez mil. Así, el significado de Banzai, literalmente, es " diez mil años ". La interjección banzai se usa como una forma de saludo y
31. banzai Sushi is the only all-natural fresh-frozen sushi manufacturer in North America. Premium quality sushi tastes just like your favorite local sushi bar. Perfect as a quick snack or a healthy lunch. Just thaw and eat! Sushi just got a whole lot cooler. banzai Sushi is the only all-natural fresh-frozen sushi manufacturer in North America.
32. Download Citation | BANZAI: Computer Assisted Sentence Production Practice with Intelligent Feedback | The paper presents BANZAI, a new web-based Japanese language software package, developed by
33. Contextual translation of "banzai" into English. Human translations with examples: banzai, like "banzai".
34. Contextual translation of "banzai" into English. Human translations with examples: barbarous.
35. O banzai Challenge tem a duração estimada de 100 minutos e a banzai Bomb pode variar de 60 a 80 minutos dependendo da opção escolhida. No entanto deves sempre contar com o tempo de briefing e debriefing em cada atividade que pode chegar a 20 min. Assim não chegarás atrasado/a ao restaurante 😉
36. banzai definition: a patriotic cheer , battle cry , or salutation | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
37. Banzai!", et deux des miens se sont sacrifiés pour le pays. "Banzai" zeiden ze, en twee van mij gaven zich zelf voor hun land. On nous dit de crier "banzai"' en piquant sur notre cible. Ze zeggen dat we 'Banzai' moeten roepen als we ons in ons doelwit boren. Tiens donc, banzai.
38. Examples of banzais in a Sentence No examples for this word. Other Vocabulary 닮은 단어들 (Look-Alike Words) en banzai
39. About banzai. banzai is the easiest solution for field marketing teams to discover and market professional events. Banzai’s event marketing platform automates and simplifies event outreach, while driving more registrations and more engaged attendees.
40. banzai features three financial literacy courses: banzai Junior, for elementary-age students, banzai Teen, for junior and senior high schools and banzai Plus, a new, advanced course for high school-age students. banzai is supplemental, however, it's designed to teach your students about finance using experience-based learning techniques to make
41. Slovo banzai má více významů: . banzai (pokřik) Útok banzaj – způsob pěchotního útoku Japonců za druhé světové války; banzai – město v Číně; banzai (Lví král) – mluvící hyena, záporná fiktivní postava ve filmu Lví král a Lví král 3: Hakuna Matata Operace Banzaj – francouzská filmová komedie (režie Claude Zidi, 1983, originální název Banzaï)
42. banzai is een Japanse uitroep. De term is afkomstig van de oorspronkelijke Chinese wens wansui (萬歲; wat letterlijk 10.000 jaar betekent). In China werd de term in eerste instantie gebruikt om iemand een lang leven te wensen. Vanaf de Tang dynastie werd de term exclusief gebruikt jegens de Chinese keizer.
43. 45.4 Insert after the third sentence: "However, banzai may not be declared against an enemy group that is blocked at the time the banzai is declared." EXAMPLE: BLACK RED A[3] A[0] B[0] B[0] The Japanese player is the red troops. Japanese group A may not declare banzai versus Enemy group B, because direct movement by Japanese group A
44. Parole giapponesi banzai Significato In giapponese, esclamazione di gioia; in Occidente, grido di guerra. Etimologia voce giapponese che significa "diecimila anni" - composta di ban (万) diecimila e zai (歳) anni. In kanji si scrive 万歳. Sottintende l'augurio di vivere diecimila anni, e deriva dall'omologo cinese: wànsuì
45. The effect of the banzai attack is that the Japanese player is awarded an additional +1 Hit-bonus to the units conducting the banzai attack (even militia units and units in partial supply receive this special +1 Hit-bonus), but after he rolls the dice and resolves any hits inflicted on the Allies, all units that conducted the banzai attack are eliminated, unless the Allies are completely

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