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"Beholderkin" Example Sentences

1. Orbi, the stunted beholderkin that power world-spanning hive ships; Watchers, who patrol beholder hives for invaders; and, of course, Hive Mothers, who rule beholder hives. Use beholderkin in your campaign to ensure your players learn to fear the eyes in the dark, and learn to question what they think they know.
2. The Witness - A beholderkin Character Race. Race. This started out as a silly idea - I wanted to play a literal Beholder as a PC. My first thought was to try and replicate the "monster classes" of 3.5 but that turned out to be a nightmare of balance and game design for a new homebrewer such as myself. My second approach was to design a "lesser
3. beholderkin is a subcategory of aberrant beholders comprising a very large number of beholder-like creatures. As opposed to the Death Tyrant, Elder Orb, Hive Mother and Orbus described later, which are just variants, these are actually different species to true beholders. beholderkin have a very wide range of appearances and abilities. Not all share the xenophobia of true beholders; though
4. beholderkin All adventurers are warned of a beholder’s eye rays, but few are warned of their dreams. A beholder’s intellect is so alien and so keen it warps reality, shaping the world to appease its alien madness. But when a beholder dreams, this intellect wanders, spontaneously creating horrific things from the beholder’s imagination.
5. beholderkin are creatures bred by hive mothers as slaves, creatures willing to accept their role as servants of the beholders, tools to destroy all other beholders. Other hive mothers altered their beholderkin slaves for specialized tasks, or to invade new environments. Description All beholderkin share with the beholders their deadly eye rays. They can aso tilt and pan their body during

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