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"Bylaw" Example Sentences

1. Such corporate bylaws in the case of municipalities amounted to the very powers of governance itself.
2. Subject to local bylaws, it is open to private builders to adopt any of these plans for houses built under licence.
3. Another 171 authorities have bylaws in various stages of preparation.
4. The country has enough codes of practice, enough lists—lists of bylaws, instructions on walls, and so on, telling people what to do.
5. I do not wish to tie the public builder down as to bylaws under the particular local authority.
6. Take another point in regard to which the bylaws are invariably framed on the same plan.
7. Bylaws as to street trading have been made by six counties, sixty county boroughs forty-one other boroughs, and twenty-three urban districts.
8. I do not believe that it did so by bylaws or even by executions.
9. The railway company's bylaws empower them to give reasonable directions to drivers on railway premises about the placing of their vehicles.
10. There were about 84 bylaws, and that is not counting the other three that were purely by-laws repealing former by-laws.
11. Thus, any agreed bylaws to be made in marine nature reserve will be made by whichever body is responsible for the activity in question.
12. He objected, and tried to discover whether there were any existing bylaws which would enable him to build.
13. They are controlled only through legislation of varying degrees of antiquity and through local bylaws.
14. The amendments are aimed at facilitating the enforcement of the concessionaires bylaws particularly those bearing on safety.
15. We are substituting bylaws for legislation and for the action of the courts in the matter of preventing river pollution.
16. We are proposing in the interim and until the bylaws are made, to extend that to sewage.
17. One thousand and eighty-seven of them have already made bylaws based on the model bylaws and have had them confirmed.
18. I hear the word "bylaws" murmured in my ear, and that might also be a way to do it.
19. The regulations would cover, broadly, the same ground that is now covered by local bylaws.
20. Does that not seem to indicate that you might, in consequence, have an infinite variety of bylaws to meet the infinite variety of conditions?
21. Surely it is reasonable, when there is this power to make certain bylaws, that those bylaws should be discussed with the agricultural executive committee.
22. In three instances last year these communications led to the adoption of an improved code of bylaws.
23. Bylaws on the subject are in force in a number of places.
24. The cost of the application is serious, and objections should be raised before the bylaws are confirmed.
25. We never resist the adoption by local authorities of more stringent bylaws with regard to children than are usual.
26. In regard to occupations other than street trading it raises the age for which bylaws may be made from fourteen to sixteen.
27. They control the building of cottages in the rural areas, and, what is more important, they make the bylaws.
28. Do you think it is because a local authority has the right to make bylaws?
29. The owners of the lake are not able to make bylaws.
30. Most military training areas—they will include target practice areas and so on—will be excluded from the right of access under military bylaws.
31. I believe it is a terrible source of weakness that any local authorities can make any bylaws which they think are convenient to them.
32. They investigate the first floor to see that everything is in accord with the plans and with the bylaws.
33. The main provisions proposed under each set of bylaws are as follows: 1.
34. He has made bylaws prohibiting in the range area underwater activities, including fishing, which could cause damage.
35. Clause 132 gives power to the local authority to make bylaws as to hairdressers' and barbers' premises.
36. Such standards as applied were those operated under local bylaws.
37. I would much rather have some system of perfect model bylaws, if such are possible, to be adopted universally.
38. Many builders, however, manage to get through these bylaws, and many houses are not built properly.
39. The bylaws relating to the construction of the tank, its size and situation ought to be more often enforced by local authorities.
40. In the case of certain salmon rivers, people are bound under the bylaws to report all fish taken.
41. They will certainly go ahead and make the bylaws.
42. Subsection (2) (d) says that the bylaws may contain provisions to prohibit the depositing of rubbish and the leaving of litter.
43. Otherwise, different local authorities will be making different bylaws in the same national park.
44. Obviously, the countryside code and the bylaws would both deal with litter.
45. Quite apart from that, it would subject the local authority to an intolerable burden in enforcing the bylaws.
46. I have confirmed bylaws on this subject made by 20 county councils and 181 borough councils.
47. The river boards will be able to make any bylaws they like.
48. On the other hand, however, it gives the river boards this formidable task of setting up their bylaws and standards.
49. He has gone a long way to protect local authorities who do not observe the bylaws.
50. Today we can say that those model bylaws have been adopted by no fewer than 1,100 local authorities.
51. There is one matter on which he has not touched, and that is in respect of bylaws.
52. They must consult the bylaws for each district in which they operate.
53. Local authorities work according to certain bylaws and regulations, and their sanitary inspectors will not approve of that proposition at all.
54. No counties have as yet actually made such bylaws.
55. You cannot have two bodies making bylaws about the same thing as that will lead to a clash.
56. Similarly, we shall all welcome an increase in the maximum penalty, from £50 to £200, for offences against the bylaws.
57. The amendment may also prevent the introduction of unnecessary bylaws.
58. There is no compensation for the owner who builds his house not in conformity with the bylaws of the local authority.
59. In regard to the fourth part of the question building bylaws should not generally provide an obstacle to the building of such houses.
60. The powers to make regulations and bylaws, and to levy tolls and other market charges, are all subject to certain checks.
61. In fact, there have been no bylaws made; or at any rate no by-laws confirmed.
62. I therefore regret that the bylaws which have just been issued do not include among their excellent recommendations any reference whatever to smoking.
63. I was dealing with areas on which the proposed bylaws are to operate.
64. I agree that that is a reasonable defence, and ultimately no doubt it will be covered by bylaws.
65. A large part of the code would deal with matters already explicitly covered by bylaws.
66. We must certainly find a way of ensuring that these bylaws are properly publicised.
67. We want to have bylaws which will be carried out with good will.
68. The whole of the burden of enforcing all the laws of obscenity in every realm has simply fallen on to these municipal bylaws.
69. Existing bylaws vary, are often inadequate and have far too seldom been properly enforced.
70. There was what one might call a half promise with regard to wardens being authorised to act on access land where there were no bylaws.
71. A number of water authorities have already made such bylaws.
72. In connection with this there is a general provision for orders and bylaws and the constitution of various offences and the rest of it.
73. I am not quite so convinced of the difficulties of dealing with this problem by local bylaws.
74. The second point has reference to the revision of obsolete bylaws.
75. Therefore, the limit of the finality which these words provide for is finality as to the correct department for confirming the bylaws.
76. They are also empowered to make bylaws relating to the deposit and removal of refuse matters, and by-laws of this kind are in force in many districts.
77. One thing is certain: that it is necessary to have bylaws to secure that these slaughterhouses are in a clean and sanitary condition and are properly managed and conducted.
78. I do not see anything in the bylaws which gives me confidence to believe that any special steps are to be taken for keeping pests in control.
79. The old people would be unable to pay the rent of a cottage which would have to be built in accordance with the general existing bylaws.
80. Bylaws vary all over the country.
81. They could make bylaws to safeguard that.
82. Clause 1 enables bylaws to be made.
83. There is no power at the present time for undertakers to make bylaws for the safety of the public, except in the case of local authorities who are undertakers.
84. If that notice is properly given, it will be unnecessary at a later date, having fixed the standard and having made the bylaws, to give a further warning notice.
85. If we are going to start making bylaws for land where the public have no right, it must create an impression among the public that they have rights there.
86. At the community level, bylaws and other regulations are commonly used to manage natural resources.
87. With such a legal-political status also came the self-governing power and authority to pass and enforce bylaws and ordinances.
88. I changed draft bylaws and altered the paperwork, as advised by government legal experts.
89. Moreover, all such bylaws were still subject and subordinate to the more general rules and requirements of state, constitution, and common law.
90. The power to make bylaws was implicit in the act of incorporation.
91. There was no formal planning system at this time although the housing had to adhere to certain bylaws.
92. We use a probit model to analyze the determinants of probability to enact bylaws, since the dependent variable of this model is dichotomous (have enacted or not enacted bylaws).
93. They claimed that they had complied with the bylaw.
94. The bylaw may already have been authoritatively interpreted in a certain way.
95. Provision is made for the new authority to take over the bylaws of the old authorities.
96. The statement also says that no difficulty or complaint has been made as regards the operation of the existing bylaws.
97. Referring to this question of the local authorities, is it still abundantly clear that they can make bylaws only for land belonging to them?
98. There will no doubt be bylaws to prohibit the making of fires.
99. I, personally, appreciate the point that we want some sort of uniform level for bylaws of this kind.
100. Take for example one point—the question of bylaws.
101. Waterloo City Council will consider a request to set the nuisance noise bylaw for this year’s homecoming weekend when it meets on Monday, a member of the council said.
102. Calgary's bylaw has several exemptions, including those with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from wearing a mask.
103. Regional councillors voted unanimously in committee to extend the face covering bylaw to May 2021 to help curb the spread of COVID-19.
104. A new report coming to Hamilton’s board of health Monday proposes the city’s COVID masking bylaw extend to common areas inside condos, hotels and ...
105. A proposed tree preservation bylaw in Gibsons went to public hearing Sept. 14, even though it didn’t have to. Mayor Bill Beamish opened the hearing by saying although a public hearing is not . . .
106. London bylaw officers issued the city’s first fines under its mandatory mask bylaw, to an operator and employee of a restaurant warned earlier about ignoring COVID-19 rules. The restaurant is located ...
107. Calgary city council voted 11-3 on Monday to continue the mandatory mask bylaw, following a recommendation from administration that no changes be made. Read more: City of Calgary report shows ...
108. Niagara Falls city council has extended its interim control bylaw for a year prohibiting cannabis cultivation, production and processing in certain zones. The extension will allow for a study into the ...
109. In a formal request presented to the selectmen Monday night, the Finance Committee asked to place an article on the November annual town meeting warrant that seeks to amend a town bylaw, ...
110. Niagara Regional Council has voted to extend the temporary mask bylaw until April. “It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, and will continue to affect our communities into next year,” ...
111. Composed of the County Superintendent (who is ex officio president) and the District School Trustees of the county-"a body corporate"; shall make necessary bylaw s and regulations, shall have a regular annual meeting between the 1st and 15th of August; shall prepare and file with the Superintendent before July 15th an estimate of the amount of money that will be needed for public school
112. Examples of bylaw in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Such corporate bylaws in the case of municipalities amounted to the very powers…
113. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "bylaw" The government has passed a new bylaw which requires all dog owners to clean up after their petsSan Francisco has enacted a new bylaw which prohibits smoking in all public buildings. The government has passed a new bylaw which requires all dog owners to clean up after their pets.
114. How to use bylaws in a sentence. Example sentences with the word bylaws. bylaws example sentences.
115. 17 sentence examples: 1. The by-law makes it illegal to drink in certain areas. 2. The bylaws forbid playing ball in the public garden. 3. Under the company's bylaws, he can continue as chairman until the age of 70. 4. By-laws are to make it illegal
116. bylaw definition is - a rule adopted by an organization chiefly for the government of its members and the regulation of its affairs. How to use bylaw in a sentence.
117. English words and Examples of Usage use "bylaw" in a sentence Doucette said bylaw amendments will be considered in October 2015. Cats also fall under the Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw in Calgary. The woman was fined $35,000 for contravening the business licence bylaw. City council still needs to approve the change to Calgary's smoking bylaw.
118. Use "bylaw" in a sentence. San Francisco has enacted a new bylaw which prohibits smoking in all public buildings. The government has passed a new bylaw which requires all dog owners to clean up after their pets. According to a recently passed municipal bylaw, any new large commercial buildings that are built here have to include showers and lock-up space for bicycle commuters.
119. Use 'bylaw' in a Sentence. You need to always follow an bylaw that is set forth so that you know your business is not breaking any rules. 19 people found this helpful We had to obey the bylaw, 13. Examples of bylaw in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Such corporate bylaws in the case of municipalities amounted to the very powers… 14.
120. Definition and high quality example sentences with “bylaw” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Does your English sentence make sense? Search Ludwig and find the best examples of use! Sentence examples for bylaw from inspiring English sources. 60 / 389. exact
121. bylaw definition: A bylaw is a law which is made by a local authority and which applies only in their area. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
122. bylaw definition: 1. a law made by local government that only relates to its particular region 2. a rule that governs…. Learn more.
123. The following section of bylaw is taken from the Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The officers of this Board shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Notice that this example says “shall hire” in the first sentence. If you are not intending to hire staff in the immediate future I would advise you
124. bylaw definition: any of a set of rules adopted by an organization or assembly for governing its own meetings or affairsOrigin of bylawMiddle English bi-laue from bi, village ( from Old Norse b?r from b?a, to dwell: see bondage) + laue, law: mea
125. High quality example sentences with “to the bylaw” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
126. The bylaws of a company are the rules and regulations set out to provide a framework for its operations. Use this free bylaws Template for your company!
127. Gather examples of the bylaws of similar organizations for reference. Usually it requires previous notice (for example, telling members at two consecutive meetings that a bylaw amendment will be voted on at the third meeting, or sending out a postcard to all members telling them that a bylaw amendment will be voted on and when) and a two
128. An assertion that the permit procedure was arbitrary has no impact on the arrest of a person in accordance with the sentence imposed for breach of the bylaw. وزَعْم أن إجراء الحصول على التصريح يتسم بالتعسف ليس له تأثير في اعتقال شخص ما بموجب العقوبة المفروضة في
129. How to Write bylaws. Non-profits and other entities or organizations use bylaws as a formal and legally-recognized resource to identify the ways that the organization will work. For this reason, bylaws are extremely important. bylaws are
130. Definition of bylaw: Corporate: See articles of association. Use 'bylaw' in a Sentence. You need to always follow an bylaw that is set forth so that you know your business is not breaking any rules. Show More Examples. You Also Might Like Ravinder Kapur . How to Form an LLC . A small business owner can gain a number of advantages by
131. I can't find any examples of bylaws anywhere on the internet but I know that a lot of them are weird/strange. Can anybody please give me 2 or 2 bylaws? there's a few videos on youtube of massive drinking parties on the tube the night before the bylaw came into effect. 0. reply. mjhmichael18 Badges: 19. Rep:? #8 Report 5 months ago #8
132. Translations of the phrase RELATED bylaws from english to spanish and examples of the use of "RELATED bylaws" in a sentence with their translations: According to the related bylaws all orphan children in orphanages
133. Interim Development Control bylaw - Rural Municipality This is an example of an Interim Development Control (ICD) bylaw that a rural municipality would use. Interim Development Control bylaw - Village or Town This is an example of an Interim Development Control (ICD) bylaw for use by an urban municipality. Planning Consultant Areas
134. bylaw definition: A bylaw is a law which is made by a local authority and which applies only in their area. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Examples of 'bylaw' in a sentence bylaw. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
135. You can do an online search for bylaw examples or contact local business organizations for assistance, such as your district small business administration office. You should review the bylaws from at least two or three corporations to get a sense of what you need to include and how to structure your bylaws.
136. Bylaws definition: Noun 1. plural form of bylaw Rules written by a corporation or non-profit organization that establish the policies the corporation or organization will follow.
137. Bylaws are usually written by the incorporator shortly after filing their articles of incorporation. bylaws can also be created by the board of directors as one of their early official actions. While not every state requires a company to draft bylaws it can be a sound idea.
138. What is the meaning of bylaw? How do you use bylaw in a sentence? What are synonyms for bylaw? What is the definition of bylaw? What is the meaning of bylaw? How do you use bylaw in a sentence? See definitions & examples. These Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In English. Does English Have More Words Than Any Other Language?
139. bylaw definition, a standing rule governing the regulation of a corporation's or society's internal affairs. See more.
140. Define Surrey Zoning bylaw. means Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000, as amended from time to time.
141. See examples of Bylaws in English. Real sentences showing how to use Bylaws correctly.
142. Corporate Bylaws are essentially the "rules" for how a corporation must operate.. Most states require these documents at the beginning of the life of a corporation.Articles of Incorporation are often the very first document filed to begin a new corporate business. The Articles must be filed with the state. Shortly thereafter, however, or around the same time, many corporations put together
143. The bylaw amendment is subject to all the rules for that motion except for the following: The provisions for amendment contained in your bylaws determine the requirements for previous notice and the vote required to adopt a bylaws amendment. But if your bylaws have no provisions for their amendment, the requirement is a two-thirds vote with
144. Translations in context of "bylaw" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: These criteria and guidelines were put into operation in drafting the bylaw amending the Economic and Social Council.
145. Imagine that your club is a country and its bylaws, the constitution. What is written here should define the identity of the club. The way the club handles memberships, meetings, schedules, elections and other issues should be included. The club bylaw would ideally be present in any club functions and could be referred to should issues arise.
146. bylaw The members voted to amend a couple of the union bylaws at last week’s meeting.. ammunition Find someone who thinks there should be a bylaw against smoking in public buildings.. bypass The government has passed a new bylaw which requires all dog owners to clean up after their pets.. There is a new bylaw which prohibits the cutting down of certain kinds of trees without permission.
147. A bylaw is a statement of how the said entity; that is the company or non-charitable organization, is to function within its means. A bylaw can be quite simple for a young organization without much details whereas a more mature organization will require changes or updates to its existing bylaws as issues or aspects are raised by its members or
148. Example 2: No provision of this bylaw may have the effect of excluding from the municipality housing to meet the needs of the population as determined in accordance with 24 V.S.A. § 4382(c). B. Mobile Homes, Modular Housing, Prefabricated 24 V.S.A. § 4412(1)(B) Housing A bylaw may not have the effect of excluding mobile homes, modular housing, or
149. Written notice of the proposed bylaw change shall be mailed or delivered to each member at least five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting. The Board of Health must approve changes in the Bylaws. bylaw changes require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Committee members present.
150. SAMPLE bylaws . The following is an example of bylaws for a typical neighborhood association. Certain clauses and phrases may or may not be applicable to all

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