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"Calculators" Example Sentences

1. Those engaged upon the work were divided into three sections: the first consisted of five or six mathematicians, including Legendre, who were engaged in the purely analytical work, or the calculation of the fundamental numbers; the second section consisted of seven or eight calculators possessing some mathematical knowledge; and the third comprised seventy or eighty ordinary computers.
2. It is important as having been adopted by Regnault (and also by many subsequent calculators) for the expression of his observations on the vapour-pressures of steam and various other substances.
3. He had been in France in 1773, where he had not only the famous vision of Marie Antoinette at Versailles, "glittering like the morning star, full of life, and splendour and joy," but had also supped and discussed with some of the destroyers, the encyclopaedists, "the sophisters, economists and calculators."
4. They didn't have calculators in Victorian schools, but they did have the abacus!
5. calculators on the net.
6. They were starting to make good use of graphic calculators with some classes.
7. Some fancy calculators have a ` ` ^ ' ' key that does the same thing.
8. Class sets of graphical calculators are available on both sites.
9. calculators approved by the Faculty.
10. calculators loans sub prime brokers.
11. calculators in examinations Can I take a dictionary into an exam?
12. These calculators can be used for either primary or secondary single layer helical coils.
13. Consolidation mortgage fast calculators.
14. Calculators that have a QWERTY, AZERTY or similar keypads are not permitted unless their use is expressly authorized by the examiners.
15. Fancy calculators have a ` ` ^ ' ' key that does the same thing.
16. Graphic calculators in developing mathematical modeling skills.
17. Or holiday insurance multi student trip damages caused Cheney Joseph d calculators desk clocks.
18. In this paper we explore the use of graphic calculators in developing mathematical modeling skills.
19. Calculators Calculators may be used, except where specifically precluded by the rubric of the exam paper.
20. Signifyoveable possessions, from calculators to cars, are signified by the 2nd house and its ruler.
21. The calculators use so-called " artificial intelligence " and artificial neural networks to make the predictions.
22. Tracing paper and calculators.
23. Neither is equipment like window typewriters, cash registers or calculators.
24. They are not such poor calculators.
25. All moveable possessions, from calculators to cars, are signified by the 2nd house and its ruler.
26. Resources for this module include: Card, Colors, Mirrors, Tracing paper and calculators.
27. You can find percentile calculators and infant growth percentile charts online which makes tracking their growth easy.
28. The charts and calculators will compare them to the national averages and let you know where your child falls within the infant percentiles of children of the same age and gender.
29. Check out some of the online growth charts and calculators below.
30. You'll also find mortgage calculators, realtors, and tools that assist in learning about neighborhoods, foreclosures and schools.
31. These types of displays have been used for years for smaller screens on electronics such as microwave ovens and calculators.
32. Most are general calculators in terms of the functions that they can perform.
33. Printing calculators are significantly larger than standard calculators and the model may or may not be fully portable.
34. Printing calculators usually have a toggle switch that allows you to either simply view a result on the display, or to view the result as well as print it out.
35. Always check if the rollers and paper rolls are of a standard size that will fit most models of printing calculators or of a specific size that is restricted to one particular model or company.
36. Printing calculators are available at office supplies stores and with manufacturers of electronics goods.
37. has good deals on a wide range of printing calculators.
38. Sharp is a leading manufacturer of electronic products and has a good range of printing calculators.
39. You'll also find state tax profiles, a glossary of tax terms, tax calculators and tax preparation checklists.
40. Business calculators have become essential everyday tools for office use.
41. Business calculators have become so commonplace that most of the basic models should be shopped by price.
42. All business calculators have some sort of LCD or liquid crystal diode displays that sometimes don't work well with different light levels.
43. Nearly all smaller calculators use some form of solar conversion as a power source making batteries optional.
44. Standard office items like files, writing accessories and calculators have separate defined storage spaces.
45. The website Smart has a few calculators and worksheets that enable you to plug in certain variables to determine debt status.
46. The LoveToKnow Mortgage site has a variety of calculators and expert information on managing one of the largest single debts an individual will hold in a lifetime.
47. The process is complex, but calculators can do it for you in seconds.
48. Payoff calculators can also help you to save money by showing you what it would take to pay off your debt sooner.
49. There are several ways to use these calculators in this way.
50. Some of the payoff calculators that are available allow you to make some decisions and factor in the changes for you.
51. Payoff calculators can help you to learn what it will take to pay off your debt by a specific time.
52. While using these calculators is helpful, the only way they show an accurate representation of your payoff is if you stick to the plan.
53. Some calculators allow you to enter the number of months you want to take to pay off your debt.
54. To do this, simply use the calculators to give you an idea of what your options are.
55. Plenty of debt settlement calculators are available online, usually through debt settlement companies.
56. Remember that the amounts proposed by these calculators are only estimates.
57. These calculators provide estimates, not real scores, so don't assume your score is exactly the same as what is estimated.
58. Specialized calculators with the formulas programmed into them can eliminate confusion and do the calculations faster.
59. There is a wide variety of APR calculators online, some focused on all types of debt and others that are product-specific.
60. The following payment calculators can help you to get more detailed information about your debt.
61. Use these calculators to determine how much you can expect to repay and for how long.
62. Using estimation calculators can give you a rough idea of what is reasonable for someone with your income and circumstances within your state.
63. The most important piece of information regarding the use of calculators is to keep in mind that they are only for estimation purposes.
64. Most calculators are not for use if a joint or split custody agreement has been reached.
65. Therefore, a good place to begin looking for calculators is your state's governmental website, or your state's version of the Department of Children's Services.
66. Several websites offer links to estimating calculators.
67. offers links to calculators for each state.
68. offers calculators by state.
69. has calculators for each state.
70. Calculators that focus on child support can be a financial tool when figuring out the total costs of divorce.
71. KoverRoos has equipped all of their U.S. dealers with Custom Cover Calculators, which enable the dealers to provide customers with custom fit covers.
72. While you might be familiar with solar powered devices like solar calculators or even homes that use solar panels on the roof, have you ever wondered how do photovoltaic cells work?
73. Many of the online calculators use Java and Flash so ensure you have both of those already installed on your computer.
74. Calculate for Free has three different scientific calculators to choose from; it all depends on which visual you like better.
75. The two below this one are just calculators with different looks to them.
76. Go to if you want to use a calculator that is based on the Texas Instruments (TI) brand of calculators.
77. Though the actual picture of the unit is small, the layout should be familiar if you use any of the TI calculators.
78. For a large list of calculators for scientific purposes, try Cleave Books.
79. The calculators are arranged by type of calculator.
80. Even though many of the scientific calculators will have the same functions, the look and feel of one may be better than the other.
81. Using free online calculators is convenient if you are already connected to the Internet as you do your school work, if you can't find a calculator handy or there isn't a calculator within easy reach.
82. A website that contains many calculators is Calculate for Free.
83. This site is ad-heavy, but you will find a nice selection of different calculators.
84. Scroll down and you'll find other calculators, such as a more comprehensive scientific and graphing calculator, a way to calculate financial information, a calculator for driving distances and a multitude of conversion options.
85. At Calculator Soup, you can find calculators organized by the type of math you wish to perform.
86. Instead of a scientific calculator where everything is on one screen, you can click on the type of math and an index of calculators expands, allowing you to select the kind you want in more detail.
87. While you're there, you can also practice your Spanish with the free online calculators in that language.
88. While the above two websites give you options for many different calculators, sometimes you just want to quickly get to a free calculator and enter in your numbers without all the ads.
89. Another site giving you a number of calculators is My Calculator.
90. The popular applications are listed first, but if you click more, you can see additional calculators in categories like Standard, Math, Financial, Health and Fun calculators.
91. Besides the calculators you can find on the Internet, you have other options if your Internet is down or you aren't near an online connection.
92. These calculators combine factors such as a skier's height, weight, ability level and terrain preferences to come up with an ideal ski length.
93. This also goes for Palm Pilots, pagers and in some instances, calculators that can store text information.
94. Beyond these subjects, you'll also find helpful tools like conversion calculators and the periodical table common to the subject of chemistry.
95. They offer interactive practice games, online calculators, and articles explaining concepts.
96. Specifically, we're speaking about scientific calculators, or if you're in a really great art class, some new art supplies.
97. FinAid offers one of the most extensive collections of calculators.
98. The site also offers several comparison charts and forms that can be used in conjunction with the calculators, such as the Stafford vs. PLUS Comparison Chart and the Dependency Status Form.
99. Many individual colleges offer their own calculators.
100. In addition, school-specific calculators can provide information on that college or university's scholarships and awards, which a generic calculator can't do.
101. Both parents and students can take advantage of these calculators.
102. College savings calculators can be helpful years in advance.
103. It is important to remember that the numbers provided by financial aid calculators are just estimates.
104. The Board's College Financing Calculators will help you figure out your expected family contribution (EFC), the total price that you'll eventually have to pay, and how much money you may be able to get through loans.
105. The following online calculators make it simple to sit at the computer and get the number of cubic feet of mulch you need.
106. If that's too much math for you, go back to the handy online mulch calculators.
107. Retirement planning calculators give you an idea of how much to save and invest each year.
108. Calculators and guides help you evaluate your retirement savings, estate planning, and life insurance needs.
109. Retirement calculators serve as tools to help identify retirement needs and determine investment strategies.
110. Retirement calculators can help plan for the future.
111. Many online retirement calculators allow users to fill in the blanks when designing individualized retirement goals based on income.
112. Retirement calculators draw financial information into one place to give an overall picture of your current financial health, including existing balances and annual contributions to 401Ks, IRAs, or other tax-deferred accounts.
113. There are many helpful online calculators to use, including CGI-CNN Money, Bloomberg, Principal, and Motley Fool.
114. Simple retirement calculators provide the information you need in order to plan your retirement.
115. Unfortunately, this information is not the kind of that you can input into simple retirement calculators.
116. Simple retirement calculators work with the present day data.
117. The value of your portfolio is the deciding factor with simple calculators.
118. The Military Compensation department at the Office of the Secretary of Defense offers several military retirement calculators.
119. You can use these calculators to estimate your retirement pay when you retire from the military after 20 years.
120. These calculators also use default values for inflation and other factors, which you may edit.
121. Note, though, that calculators are only approximations of reality; your actual retirement pay will be calculated based on personal and systemic factors in force at the time of your retirement.
122. There are a number of retirement calculators online that do the hard work for you, as well as help you know if you need to make some changes in your financial retirement planning.
123. While not all calculators ask the same things, they essentially come up with the same answer.
124. Here are some retirement calculators you can use to determine on your own if your nest egg is going to keep returning money to you for as long as you expect to need it.
125. Also be on the lookout for other business-minded tools such as expense trackers, insurance calculators, project management, invoice creation, PDF readers, spreadsheet editors and more.
126. These range from mobile games to tip calculators, instant messengers to mapping tools.Similarly, the Palm Pre has access to the Pre App Catalog.
127. There are mobile games, media players, productivity applications, tip calculators, and other fun things.
128. The apps available for Windows Mobile 6.5 are quite varied, ranging from productivity apps to mobile games to tip calculators.
129. All the iPhone owners in the audience can turn to the App Store and iTunes to gain access to tip calculators, mobile games, Twitter clients, and all sorts of other apps.
130. It also offers payment calculators, a rent versus buy comparison, and a tool to tell you how much of a mortgage you can afford.
131. To figure out if you're financially ready for your first home mortgage, try using some online calculators that compare the cost of renting with buying.
132. Most of these plans can be applied through the Countrywide Insurance website where you can also use calculators and tools for determining how much insurance you need.
133. Online mortgage calculators allow you to crunch numbers like the pros.
134. Online mortgage calculators make it possible for you to figure out a lot about your own financial picture, whether you are looking for a first mortgage, or considering borrowing against your home equity.
135. There are a variety of online mortgage calculators, depending on which type of information you are researching.
136. Each of these online calculators is designed to handle a specific type of mortgage service.
137. Mortgage Qualification Calculators: Let you investigate how much income you should have to afford specific price ranges.
138. Online mortgage calculators help you get perspective on your financial situation so you can determine your best course of action and give you the flexibility to experiment and determine what you should change.
139. Details about a variety of mortgage calculators, including Online Mortgage Calculators, Canadian Mortgage Calculators, and Interest Only Mortgage Calculators.
140. If you would like to do a little homework before you apply, Allied provides several interactive Online Mortgage Calculators.
141. Remember, as with any Online Mortgage Calculators, these figures are merely estimates.
142. Still, the calculators can give you a clearer picture of your home-buying forecast.
143. Interest only mortgage calculators are valuable tools that can help you decide whether that perfect house is for you, or you if can afford a little more or a little less.
144. With interest only loans your mortgage payment is less than it would be if you were paying interest and principal, and interest only mortgage calculators can help you calculate the difference.
145. Many interest only mortgage calculators will allow you to see what your mortgage payment would be if you were paying principal and what your payment would be if you were paying interest only.
146. Each of these calculators will offer specific financial information based on your input, and using them is easy and hassle-free.
147. Free calculators are convenient and simple to use.
148. Many users work with free mortgage calculators a number of times, adjusting numbers and increasing or decreasing amounts to see the impact on the eventual payments.
149. There are many online calculators that are free and easy to use, and they serve well for a basic estimate and informational purposes.
150. Paid calculators may even compare the rates of different Mortgage Lenders based on their recent offers and deals.
151. Free mortgage calculators are valuable tools for anyone investigating a new mortgage, home equity mortgages, or just curious about refinancing or what their mortgage options may be.
152. However, many online calculators can help you simplify the process into merely plugging basic mortgage details into the correct boxes.
153. The Motley Fool also has good online calculators.
154. Calculators are available that can estimate the closing costs and how much is saved in payments.
155. Refinancing mortgage rate calculators are a bit more sophisticated.
156. Other mortgage rate calculators are designed to do much of the work a lender would do.
157. Mortgage rate calculators can simplify your decision-making process by giving you a general idea of how your finances may be viewed by a lender.
158. While no one can guarantee the interest rate you will qualify for until you have visited a mortgage professional, calculators can at least get you in the right ballpark.
159. Buying a house, whether it's your first or your fortieth, is a time consuming process, but free home mortgage calculators can help ease the strain.
160. Calculators can help, but where can you find one?
161. If you do a search on the Internet, you'll find thousands of links for free home mortgage calculators.
162. The first thing to do is to make sure the calculators are really free.
163. Many of the free online mortgage calculators will not give you the option to see a payment amount for anything but a standard, fixed rate.
164. One thing free home mortgage calculators can't tell you is how much you'll be paying into escrow every month.
165. Some calculators do give you the ability to calculate these items, but you need to have the information to provide before you can get your answers.
166. While free online mortgage calculators may not be perfect, they are a good place to start.
167. With more options than many online calculators, Karl's gives you a chance to input an assortment of variables and see the results based on your information.
168. With most mortgage calculators, a potential home buyer will input the basic data: principal, down payment, interest amount, and length of mortgage.
169. Karl's Mortgage Calculators has several visual aides to help you understand the data you receive.
170. For example, online mortgage calculators are available to help you determine what type of mortgage payments your finances can handle.
171. These calculators can also help you determine whether you should rent or buy and what types of interest rates you may qualify for.
172. Start by checking out one of the many mortgage calculators that are available online.
173. There are many different online mortgage calculators that can help you determine how much mortgage you can afford.
174. These calculators can help you determine exactly how much house you can afford.
175. Canada has become a popular area for real estate investors and homebuyers, and Canada mortgage calculators can help prospective buyers in many ways.
176. If you are thinking about purchasing Canadian real estate, specialized mortgage calculators can help you to determine which type of mortgage is best for you by providing monthly mortgage payment estimates and much more.
177. There are many different mortgage calculators that can be found online, but if you will be purchasing Canadian real estate, it will be in your best interests to use a mortgage calculator specifically designed for mortgages in Canada.
178. Canada calculators are specifically designed for Canada mortgages and can provide you with the best estimates, as well as answers to your mortgage payment questions.
179. Canadian mortgage calculators come in all shapes and sizes.
180. There are several different types of calculators that you can choose from based on the questions you need to answer.
181. These types of mortgage calculators usually use your current financial information, your accommodation needs, your long term plans, and your household income to determine which option is more economical.
182. However, you should keep in mind that the results that come from free mortgage calculators are only estimates and cannot be guaranteed.
183. Some calculators do not account for items such as home insurance, taxes, home depreciation, and debt to income ratio.
184. If you are interested in learning more about Canadian mortgage calculators or mortgage calculators in general, check out some of the related articles shown below.
185. You can also use the Internet to fill out online applications or use online calculators.
186. There you will find basic answers to your home buying questions, as well as information on financing options, rates and costs, calculators, and much more.
187. Mortgage Calculators - Crunch the numbers using rates, amounts, and time.
188. The company's website features calculators, helpful mortgage-related articles, and an online application.
189. Additionally, BofA offers real estate locating services and other resources such as information on how to bid on a home and calculators to estimate monthly mortgage payments.
190. Additional calculators assist potential applicants in deciding whether to purchase points or make a larger down payment.
191. There are numerous calculators online which will estimate a person's ability to pay a mortgage based on income.
192.'s tools and calculators can help you estimate how much you can afford and to help choose Ditech mortgage loans that are right for you.
193. Online adjustable rate mortgage calculators can help you to see the big picture by helping to determine what your adjustable mortgage payments may be.
194. There are various kinds of free mortgage calculators on the web that can assist you in making other calculations based on your income, current mortgage interest rates, and your down payment.
195. Online adjustable rate mortgage calculators can help you understand the worst case situation.
196. Most reverse mortgage calculators will give you the option to input additional information to receive a more accurate estimate from the lender.
197. Free online rent versus buy calculators help prospective home buyers discover the financial difference between renting a property and buying a home, and whether or not it is advantageous to buy or instead keep renting.
198. To really see how much money you may save, use one of the rent versus buy calculators to aid you in logically and realistically seeing what that savings would be.
199. However, be careful which free calculators you use.
200. Real estate companies that provide free calculators may skew the information to get you to purchase a home.
201. Free online rent versus buy calculators help prospective buyers compare the costs and advantages in owning a home over renting.
202. Free online rent versus buy calculators make the perfect tool to compare benefits and considerations of owning versus renting a home.
203. also features a variety of mortgage affordability calculators that can help prospective borrowers analyze the implications of different financing options.
204. Educational resources on the TC Mortgage website include calculators and informational articles.
205. If you would like to calculate a mortgage payment by yourself you can use one of the many mortgage calculators available on the Internet.
206. Some online mortgage calculators will estimate the total cost of your PITI payment by presenting an approximation of tax and insurance charges within the geographical area in which you plan to buy a home.
207. There are many mortgage calculators available online that you can use with no charge.
208. Mortgage calculators that help potential borrowers calculate various scenarios to decide what payment options are most financially advantageous.
209. United Kingdom residents are no different from their counterparts in North America in that they use online mortgage calculators UK to get information about financing or refinancing a home.
210. If you aren't sure if the refinancing of your home is worth it, use one of these free calculators to help you see the difference in the loans.
211. You can use the online mortgage calculators to help you to find this out, or get a quote through RescueMe.
212. It requests the same information needed for the online calculators - in a different format - by using the formulas included in the program.
213. These charts are more useful when combined with mortgage calculators.
214. There are some calculators which will also estimate your insurance and tax based on your area's averages.
215. There are specific calculators created for refinances, balloon mortgage calculations, adjustable rate mortgages and a cash-out refinance.
216. There are calculators which will estimate your tax and insurance for you based on the zip code of the property in question.
217. There are also calculators that will help you decide between points and a down payment to find out which is most financially advantageous for you.
218. There are calculators designed specifically for balloon mortgages, refinancing, ARMs, fixed rate mortgages, and other types of mortgage loans.
219. If you would like to know what your mortgage payment will likely be -but do not want to do the math- mortgage calculators can help you.
220. Most people will find mortgage calculators the best option.
221. Free refinance calculators available online can help you do that.
222. Many websites offer free refinance rates and calculators that are easy to access and quite informative.
223. Mortgage 101 is similar to Calculators 4 Mortgages.
224. In addition to refinance calculators, this website also offers information about the pros and cons of refinance and when you should opt for one, along with some tabs that allow you to do research.
225. Mortgage 101 also offers important information interest rates, a lender directory, and mortgage calculators.
226. Many mortgage calculators available online will estimate the principal and interest portions of your proposed mortgage payment, but will not include the taxes and insurance.
227. There are plenty of mortgage calculators available online which will help you estimate your monthly payment including the taxes and insurance.
228. Spend some time inputting your numbers into online mortgage calculators, to determine the different rates and payments that you may encounter when you start searching for a home.
229. Make use of refinance savings calculators to see how much you can save on monthly payments and interest.
230. There are several sites online that offer such calculators.
231. The calculators on each of these sites allows you to input your data and find out just where you stand.
232. In one of the calculators on you can find out this information.
233. There are many refinancing calculators available for free on the Internet.
234. Be sure to utilize the calculators and prequalification process available through this lender to help you estimate what mortgage amount you qualify for as well as what your monthly mortgage payment is likely to be.
235. Any of these calculators, when you input the right information, can give you a wealth of knowledge about what your mortgage obligation will look like and what mortgage amount you can afford to take on.
236. There are many types of these calculators available on the Internet for free.
237. An all-inclusive list of home mortgage calculators is located on the BankRate website.
238. Fortunately, there are a number of calculators available online for your free personal use that you can use to determine the amount of your monthly mortgage payment.
239. Here is a list of just a few of these available calculators.
240. Similar to the two monthly mortgage calculators already explained, you will have to enter in certain information for this calculator to correctly compute the amount of your mortgage payment.
241. While these are all useful tools, keep in mind that the monthly payment amounts provided by all of the online calculators are only an estimate.
242. These free-to-use calculators require minimal information and no personal data, but they do provide a good estimate of how much you can afford in a home mortgage.
243. Examples of mortgage payment calculators include those available at or
244. You can find interest only mortgage calculators at and
245. These mortgage calculators provide you with a basic estimate of a mortgage.
246. With free calculators, you can compare a variety of offers to learn which one is the most affordable to you monthly or which is the least expensive overall.
247. Conception calculators work in a number of ways, but they have one thing in common: each typically requires you to know the first day of your last period.
248. Online fertility calculators can provide an easy way to determine which times of the month you are most fertile.
249. A pregnancy calculator can also estimate the end date of each trimester; some pregnancy calculators also allow you to estimate your weight gain during pregnancy as well.
250. Calculators that employ this method add 280 days to the first day of your last menstrual period.
251. Most pregnancy and parenting websites like WebMD, BabyCenter, and Parenting have free pregnancy calculators available online.
252. Some women use free online ovulation calculators to help estimate which days they are most fertile.
253. These online calculators are very easy to use and typically only require you to type in the date of the first day of your last menstrual period and your average menstrual cycle length.
254. Some people choose to prepare their budget by hand, but there are many free budget worksheets and online budget calculators that you can use to make the task easier.
255. The website Smart Money has calculators and worksheets that allow you to determine a debt status by plugging in certain variables.
256. Finally, the site offers online calculators, participant statements and highlights, and fund sheets to keep you updated on everything going on with your specific TSP.
257. Also, if you follow HP on Twitter, occasionally you will find links to coupon codes that offer deep discounts on everything from calculators to GPS devices, as well as HP's customizable personal computers.
258. Choose to Save provides online calculators, brochures, tips, and additional resources.
259. Casio produces and markets everything from calculators and keyboards to electronic toys and diital imaging products.
260. The brothers focused on calculators, since at that time the calculators in Japan were entirely mechanical, with no electronic parts.
261. After working for several years, they were able to devise a revolutionary calculator that set the stage for the rise of compact electronic calculators.
262. As well as being time keeping devices, watches can also be stop watches, alarm clocks, data banks and even calculators or GPS systems.
263. Motoring advice: Here you'll find great tools like fuel cost calculators, towing weight calculators, and even a carbon footprint calculator to find out your car's energy footprint.
264. These websites include trade-in calculators for a variety of car brands.
265. Most payment calculators allow you to input this number and see how various sizes of down payments can affect your overall financing choice.
266. Many calculators allow you to input the value of your trade-in to see how this might affect your final car payment.
267. In addition to providing you with an estimate of your monthly car payment, some calculators offer an amortization schedule.
268. You'll find a great selection of payment calculators on the Internet.
269. Used car valuation sites, websites devoted to car buying and selling, and non-profit organizations are also good sources of online payment calculators.
270. Car payment calculators can be very helpful in budgeting for your new or used vehicle.
271. Many lenders offer online calculators as well.
272. With that said, you can calculate the actual fuel consumption of your car using fuel mileage calculators.
273. There are lots of online fuel calculators that you can use to determine the fuel usage of your vehicle.
274. Fuel calculators will help you figure out your car's precise fuel consumption, but you need to collect some information before you can get started with the online calculators.
275. When you plug the numbers into the fuel mileage calculators below, it'll provide you with an MPG that you should also add to your notepad.
276. Now that you've collected all of the necessary information, you're ready to start plugging the data into the calculators to determine your true MPG.
277. The simplest calculation these calculators will perform for you is miles per gallon.
278. In addition to finished patterns, there are also a number of 'sock calculators' available to use online or to download to a computer.
279. If you're enrolled in Weight Watchers as a means to help you lose weight, you're probably doing so with the assistance of Weight Watchers points calculators.
280. Weight Watchers Points Calculators can help you figure out and keep track of how many points you're consuming.
281. They're similar to the pocket calculators you would carry around to keep track of grocery purchases or tip estimates at restaurants.
282. You'll also find points calculators on Ebay, they generally run from $10 to $30.
283. Though they're not as convenient as those that can fit in your purse, Points calculators can be found online as well.
284. Several websites offer lists of point values, and there are a number of sites where calculators are available for download, but these sites are not endorsed by Weight Watchers.
285. If found out, legal action can cause the sites to remove the calculators.
286. Official calculators endorsed by Weight Watchers can be found at Weight Watchers Online.
287. Food scales and Points calculators are other tools of the Weight Watchers trade.
288. In our vast world of computer technology, body fat calculators have followed the progression accordingly.
289. There are many body fat calculators available today.
290. It is fairly easy to use, but not as quick as digital body fat calculators.
291. Step-on Model: Most body fat calculators are a component of the traditional body weight scale that is stepped upon and magically measures body fat percentage with high tech internal programming.
292. Accurate, quick, and easy, these calculators give you results in seconds.
293. Most body fat calculators of this type will cost you between $30.00 - $130.00.
294. Because of the intricate and intense electronic mode of action used for body fat calculators performance, individuals who have any type of internal medical device should avoid.
295. Please check with your medical professional and read the fine print of all electronic body fat calculators before using.
296. Calculators to provide personalized body mass index and exercise target heart rate results, as well as to help users understand how exercising contributes to the calories burned from a meal, snack, or treat.
297. The Army calculator, like other body fat calculators, is motivating as you track your progress.
298. Some websites offer free downloads of calculators but it is important to do a little homework before committing to a certain program.
299. These tools vary from informative articles to hands on, interactive tools such as calorie calculators and BMI calculators.
300. There are also numerous BMI calculators that you can access for free online.
301. Other online calculators work along similar lines.
302. Calorie counters come in the form of books, charts and online calculators.
303. Precision is a key element in the diet and Dr offers many tools for dieters, including calculators.
304. In order to stay on track, try keeping a food journal and using online calorie calculators to monitor your intake.
305. Check labels or use online nutrition calculators to confirm carb counts so you can stay within your restrictions.
306. To calculate your ratio, divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement or you can use one of many online calculators to do the calculation for you.
307. Handy online calculators can help estimate the right amount of calories for you, but before you start any diet, it is best to talk with your healthcare provider.
308. A variety of online calculators can help you determine your daily caloric needs, while tools such as some heart rate monitors and pedometers are designed to tell you how many calories you've burned.
309. Heart rate calculators are available online.
310. Lifting weights or jogging outdoors doesn't have the same precision, but check with any of the free calorie calculators online to get a good estimate for your age, gender, weight and exercise level.
311. The quality calculators can give an estimated amount of calories burned, but it cannot give exact amounts.
312. Another factor that will influence the accuracy of these calculators is metabolism.
313. Many different websites provide these types of calculators free.
314. Using the same information as online exercise calculators, such as weight and height, it customizes the program to each specific person.
315. If you are looking for an accurate estimate, you may want to try using one of the three benefits calculators that can be found on the Social Security Administration's website.
316. These calculators provide estimates of your benefits or survivor's benefits using the information you enter.
317. If you have any problem, questions, or don't feel like using the calculators, you can also contact the Social Security Administration by calling their toll free number: 800-772-1213.
318. Most insurance companies offer insurance calculators on their websites that will allow you to take a look at how much of a car insurance deductible you should consider accepting when purchasing your policy.
319. However, other calculators ask for more detailed information so you can receive the most accurate and competitive quote possible.
320. Many home insurance calculators ask for your contact information so an agent can contact you, but if you search enough you can find some free ones that provide the estimates without that information.
321. When you use these calculators, you're getting a very basic estimation of the cost to insure your house.
322. All of these variables can have a significant effect on the cost of your insurance, so don't completely trust the results which you receive from the online calculators.
323. If you're looking for a rough estimate for how much it will cost to insure your home, make sure to check out the following top online calculators for homeowners insurance.
324. These are online calculators that will give you an estimate; however, you should always contact an agent for more information before signing up for any insurance policy.
325. No matter which site you utilize, most online calculators are very basic and more often than not they're only available as a way for insurance companies to attract new leads.
326. These calculators are useful tools for helping people determine how much of a payout can be received from an annuity.
327. There are different types of calculators available depending on the type of annuity that is purchased.
328. There are a variety of different calculators for annuities available throughout the Internet.
329. For example, there are some calculators that will allow you to get to specific information about your investment agenda, such as the amount you intend to invest, the number of years of the investment and the percentage of the interest.
330. In general, these types of calculators should be very easy to use via the Internet.
331. There are different types of calculators to choose from depending on the type of annuity that you have.
332. Also, there are calculators available that can be used with spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.
333. There are calculators that are specifically for immediate and deferred annuities at Free Annuity Intermediate Annuities and Free Annuity Deferred Annuities.
334. These particular types of calculators can help you to determine the regular payout amount for an immediate annuity or the final payout for both variable and fixed annuities.
335. There are also present and future calculators for annuities at Free Annuity Present Value and Future Annuity Future Value.
336. These particular calculators can help you determine how much money you would need to invest to reach a certain amount or value.
337. There are many web sites that have bra size calculators online to assist you with determining your proper bra size.
338. Keep a supply of pens and calculators on hand.
339. There are many types of calculators available on the market, but listed here are five with LCD screens that display at least eight or more digits. Some can switch off after minutes of inactivity, and ...
341. Generally, graphing calculators offer a wide array of functions. But, the one calculator that can solve all your problems is the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator. This calculator ...
342. Online retirement calculators come in all shapes and sizes. Some programs are extremely simple. They typically provide little in the way of helpful information that you can actually use to plan ...
343. We are very grateful for the Nebo Education Foundation Grant that will help us purchase classroom calculators,” he said. “Scientific calculators are an essential tool for j ...
344. It might not seem like it’s worth the trouble to create nomograms. After all, they are not general-purpose calculators and they don’t provide the precision solutions of today’s digital ...
345. The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry has seized 532 units of fake Casio calculators from a shop on June 30.
346. The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate has developed online calculators to estimate how long the coronavirus will stay on surfaces and in the air depending on weather ...
347. Validated percutaneous coronary intervention risk calculators are now available, which allow the comparison of predicted 30-day mortality with coronary artery bypass graft surgical data ...
348. There are a lot of basic retirement calculators on the Internet, but few of them take into consideration the factors that are truly important. It's not your current income that's the key piece of ...
349. It doesn't work for sheet-metal parts. So to make designers' lives easier, the company provides online calculators for 3D ductwork parts such as cone and square-to-round transitions. Users simply ...
350. calculators sentence examples Those engaged upon the work were divided into three sections: the first consisted of five or six mathematicians, including Legendre, who were engaged in the purely analytical work, or the calculation of the fundamental numbers; the second section consisted of seven or eight calculators possessing some mathematical
351. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "calculate" The children always use their calculators for their math homework, but it would be much better if they figured out the answers in their headsIt's kind of complicated trying to calculate how much tax I have to pay. The children always use their calculators for their math homework, but it would be
352. Use "calculate" in a sentence. It's kind of complicated trying to calculate how much tax I have to pay. The children always use their calculators for their math homework, but it would be much better if they figured out the answers in their heads. The Prime Minister is calculating that a change in Cabinet will help restore his government to its previous level of popularity.
353. calculators quotes from YourDictionary: Probability is a liberal art; it is a child of skepticism, not a tool for people with calculators on their belts to satisfy their desire to produce fancy calculations and certainties.
354. Scientific-calculators definition: Noun 1. plural form of scientific calculator
355. How to use packard in a sentence. The packard list of example sentences with packard. packard / examples. "she worked for hewlett Packard when they were making calculators" "Packard bell studio st media playback drive invades europe" about apps & extensions feedback examples.
356. Other Calculators; Home » Sales and Investments calculators » Simple and Compound Interest Calculator. Simple & Compound Interest Calculator. Our calculator allows the accurate calculation of simple or compound interest accumulated over a period of time. To use our calculator, simply:
357. This web site owner is mathematician Miloš Petrović. I designed this web site and wrote all the lessons, formulas and calculators. If you want to contact me, probably have some question write me using the contact form or email me on [email protected]
358. This free number sequence calculator can determine the terms (as well as the sum of all terms) of an arithmetic, geometric, or Fibonacci sequence. Explore many other math calculators, as well as hundreds of other calculators addressing health, fitness, finance, math, and more.
359. Use ‘tool’ in a sentence | ‘tool’ example sentences . 1- All tools calculators mortgage refinancing tools services.. 2- All tools calculators mortgage refinancing tools services.. 3- The linear score sheet is another interesting tool.. 4- A really advanced performance analysis tool was needed.. 5- The motivational tool business has since expanded.
360. 9- The first part of the test banned the use of calculators. We believe you will easily learn to write and use the word “test ban” in a sentence. You can practice spelling and usage of the word by getting 10 examples of sentences with “test ban”.
361. The examples will always have the youngest child's sentence first: Examples from Sentence 1 . theme: nonsense 1. Through the open door she could see flying frogs, walking fish, talking trees, dancing leaves, mooing grass, fishing dictionaries, laughing chairs, and jumping calculators. 2.
362. He imports calculators, computers and robots . 他进口计算器,电脑和机器人。 The sale of hand-held electronic calculators has increased at a significant rate . 袖珍电子计算器的销售量增加很快。 A contact with a lightning calculator inspired him to study mathematics . 同快速计算器的一次接触,激励他去研究数学。

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