Cargoe example sentences





freight, load, haul, consignment, delivery, shipment, contents, baggage, burden, goods,

"Cargoe" Example Sentences

1. Chapter 2 “The Number of Women Doeth Much Disparayes the Whole Cargoe”: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and West African Gender Roles Chapter 2 “The Number of Women Doeth Much Disparayes the Whole ...
2. 10. It possesses a tobacco factory, candle-works and brick-kilns, and is an important river port, vessels discharging here their cargoes of corn, wine, wool, cattle, flour and tallow, to be conveyed by land to Odessa and to Yassy in Rumania. 9. 8.
3. cargoe definition: Noun (plural cargoes) 1. Obsolete spelling of cargo.
4. Sentence Examples Larger vessels had to anchor offshore and have cargoes and passengers shipped via lighters to and from land. The Clyde puffers were the fleets of 66-foot-long floating lorries that once carried general cargoes to the islands.

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