Cashflow example sentences

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[ˈkaSH ˌflō]



funds, assets, money, capital, resources, cash, wealth, reserves, wherewithal, revenue,

"Cashflow" Example Sentences

1. KUALA LUMPUR: The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (Accim) hopes the government will provide relief assistance and tax break to ease businesses' cashflow problem. Also ...
2. And there are some core components to cashflow management worth keeping front of mind in the current environment. Fine tune your forecasting Forecasting customer demand is obviously going to be ...
3. cashflow modelling is the number one mechanism for bringing a client’s financial plan to life, according to three quarters of advice professionals. That’s music to the ear of any providers ...
4. IN FINANCIAL terms, cashflow is akin to the bloodstream of a human being – as much as a healthy bloodstream is key to a person’s vitality, so is a healthy cash flow to a person’s financial ...
5. Source: International Monetary Fund That initial response -- such as furlough programs to protect jobs, and loan guarantees to save cashflow-hit companies -- has left many governments with debt ...
6. You need a good idea, a good team, and loyal customers. cashflow is also important. One thing I keep hearing is how difficult it is for Nigerian businesses to expand overseas. This is partly ...
7. MTN’s black economic empowerment scheme, Zakhele Futhi, has received R15 million funding after its cashflow was impacted by MTN’s decision not to declare a dividend in its financial results ...
8. Arable farmers should start to budget now for a potential cashflow squeeze next spring as the result of lower income from 2020 crop sales. Graham Redman, author of the John Nix Pocketbook for Farm ...
9. Back to Business plans and cashflow Writing your business plan Example of a business plan Example of a cashflow As well as your business plan, a set of financial statements detailing you cashflow is essential. This will provide details of actual cash required by your business on a day-to-day, month
10. High quality example sentences with “short of cashflow” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
11. How to use the cashflow forecast template. Our cashflow template will show you how a cashflow works and should be amended to suit your own business. All figures to be entered are actual cash. This includes bank payments and receipts, cheques, bank transfers, cash payments and receipts – all of these should be included in your opening balance.
12. Examples of Trading cashflow in a sentence. Paragraph (B) of schedule 3 to the Facility Agreement sets out the Net Worth and Trading cashflow covenants to be achieved by the Company. Quarterly requirementsWe hereby confirm that for the immediately preceding three-month period:
13. Der cashflow aus Investitionstätigkeit bildet die durch Investitionen verursachte Ein- und Auszahlungen eines Unternehmens ab. Die Differenz der Ein- und Auszahlung sagt aus, ob die im Geschäftsjahr erfolgten Investitionstätigkeiten positive oder negative Rückflüsse in das Unternehmen ergeben haben.
14. Definition of cashflow in the D dictionary. Meaning of cashflow. What does cashflow mean? Examples of cashflow in a Sentence. Jim Chanos: What has surprised us is just how much cashflow they have had to give up to reduce the debt, people haven't yet begun to focus on the reduced income as a result of that. That is still ahead

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