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"Characterizes" Example Sentences

1. It is these channels which determined the lines of construction; the dwellings followed their windings, and that accounts for the extraordinarily complex network of calles and canals which characterizes modern Venice.
2. It has not the free play which characterizes its activity in Greece and in the philosophy of modern times.
3. The relation between the atomic volumes and the atomic weights of the solid elements exhibits the periodicity which generally characterizes the elements.
4. Ovid expresses the grounds of that esteem when he characterizes him as "Ingenio maximus, arte rudis."
5. But Buffier does not claim for these truths of "common sense" the absolute certainty which characterizes the knowledge we have of our own existence or the logical deductions we make from our thoughts; they possess merely the highest probability, and the man who rejects them is to be considered a fool, though he is not guilty of a contradiction.
6. This latter arrangement characterizes many genera of the family Megascolicidae and one genus (Periscolex) of the Glossoscolicidae.
7. The stronger argument against the ethylenoid linkages demanded by Kekule's formula is provided by the remarkable stability towards oxidizing and reducing agents which characterizes all benzenoid compounds.
8. A similar change, in one direction only, characterizes benzoic acid and salicylic acid.
9. A high molecular weight characterizes these substances, but so far no definite value has been determined by either physical or chemical means; A.
10. M de Remusat characterizes his view on the Eucharist as a specific application of Nominalism.
11. Sericite in the form of scales and films characterizes those portions which have been faulted, squeezed or sheared.
12. The guinea-pig is a singularly inoffensive and defenceless creature, of a restless disposition, and wanting in that intelligence which usually characterizes domestic pets, although said to show some discrimination.
13. Gunther characterizes the chief categories as follows: - (I) Burrowing snakes, which live under ground and but rarely appear on the surface.
14. The vigorous vitality which gives interest to the personality of Catullus, Propertius and Ovid no longer characterizes their successors.
15. (3) The " banket " formation, which characterizes the goldfields of South Africa, consists of a quartzite conglomerate throughout which gold is very finely disseminated.
16. The other attitude, however, is that into which simple-minded Latin peasants actually lapse, as it is also that which characterizes other religions ancient or modern which use pictures or sculptures of gods, demons, men, brutes, or of particular parts and organs of the same.
17. Further, it is probably in the mixture of Greek, Persian and Indian deities which characterizes the pantheon of the Kushan kings that are to be sought many of the features found in Mahayanist Buddhism and Hinduism (as distinguished from the earlier Brahmanism).
18. This prophetic and apocalyptic note, which characterizes Hermas among the Apostolic Fathers (though there are traces of it also in the Didache and in Ignatius, ad Eph.
19. This plan, which was first adopted by St Bruno and his twelve companions at the original institution at Chartreux, near Grenoble, was maintained in all the Carthusian establishments throughout Europe, even after the ascetic severity of the order had been to some extent relaxed, and the primitive simplicity of their buildings had been exchanged for the magnificence of decoration which characterizes such foundations as the Certosas of Pavia and Florence.
20. He describes the Naturalis historia, as a Naturae historia, and characterizes it as a "work that is learned and full of matter, and as varied as nature herself."
21. That this particular feature belongs to carbon compounds is due to a property of carbon which characterizes the whole of organic chemistry, i.e.
22. 4.6 in.), finely built, dark in the south and fair in the north, richly endowed by nature, inclined to deeds of heroism, but perhaps deficient in that energy which characterizes the northern races of Europe, and in that sense of unity which has been the strength of their present rulers.
23. P. 292), and it is pointed out that a casual reference to the Greeks in an Indian work contemporary with Menander characterizes them as " viciously valiant Yonas."
24. And it is not in itself unlikely that the passionate vehemence which characterizes the first group was of short duration.
25. This led to the enrichment of the archivolts and imposts with that peculiar type of conventional foliage which characterizes Mahommedan work, and which in this case was carried out by Coptic craftsmen.
26. When the new cells grow no further, but constitute a palisading round the central cell covering its whole length, the condition is reached which characterizes the species of Polysiphonia, the " siphons " of which may be regarded as one-celled branches.
27. Thus Laminaria digitata, which characterizes the lowest zone, is only occasionally exposed at all, and then only for short periods of time.
28. Throughout the northwestern region uniformity of features characterizes the scenery, betokening even at a distance the general monotony of structure.
29. The Llanos de Urgel, which comprise the greater part of southern Lerida, are extensive plains forming part of the Ebro valley, but redeemed by an elaborate system of canals from the sterility which characterizes so much of that region in Aragon.
30. One general feature characterizes them all, though they differ somewhat in detail.
31. Inquiries conducted with the refinement which characterizes those of Kirchhoff are always instructive, and his book contains very many just observations; but it is impossible to admit his main conclusions.
32. He does, however, lay much stress upon the naturally social character of man; and this points forward to that treatment of morality as a function of the social organism which characterizes modern ethical theory.
33. Legal compendiums and systems of philosophy served their age and gave place to later developments; and the elasticity of interpretation which characterizes it enabled it to outlive Karaites and Kabbalists.
34. These books do not display the apocalyptic style which, partly borrowed from Lamennais, characterizes Michelet's later works, but they contain in miniature almost the whole of his curious ethicopolitico-theological creed - a mixture of sentimentalism, communism, and anti-sacerdotalism, supported by the most eccentric arguments, but urged with a great deal of eloquence.
35. It characterizes, not the real process of evolution, but an ideal which history has not realized.
36. But the researches of anthropologists in recent years have proved that the civilization of man has been gradually developed from an original stone-age culture, such as characterizes modern savage life.
37. Size to those of the foliage- 4 - leaves, and there is no regular alternation of zones sucn as characterizes some species of Cycas.
38. The Cyas type of frond, except as regards the presence of a midrib in each pinna, characterizes the cycads generally, except Bowenia and Stangeria.
39. A point of anatomical interest is the occurrence in the vascular bundles of the cotyledons, scale-leaves, and elsewhere of a few centripetally developed tracheids, which give to the xylem-strands a mesarch structure such as characterizes the foliar bundles of cycads.
40. Robertson Smith (Religion of the Semites, new ed., 1894, pp. 191, 290, 411), who, regarding Adonis as the swine-god, characterizes the Adonia as an annual piacular sacrifice (of swine), "in which the sacrifice has come to be overshadowed by its popular and dramatic accompaniments, to which the Greek celebration, not forming part of the state religion, was limited."
41. 9) these canals became connected in pairs (diplopores) still perpendicular to the surface, and this structure, combined with that of the grooves, characterizes the order - Diploporita.
42. The deliberate looseness which is thus given to his fundamental doctrine characterizes more or less his whole discussion of ethics.
43. This derivative philanthropy characterizes the spirit in which all Christian performance of social duty is to be done; loving devotion to God being the fundamental attitude of mind that is to be maintained throughout the whole of the Christian's life.
44. The grouping CH � OH characterizes the secondary alcohols; isopropyl alcohol is the simplest member of this class.
45. 70; he characterizes them as neither more nor less than Jews pure and simple, but adds that they recognized the new covenant as well as the old, and believed in the resurrection, and in the one God and His Son Jesus Christ.
46. But it is, in fact, due also to the absence of an historical literature at Sparta, to the small part played by written laws, which were, according to tradition, expressly prohibited by an ordinance of Lycurgus, and to the secrecy which always characterizes an oligarchical rule.
47. We also note the same generous inclusion of the household slaves and of the resident alien as well as the fatherless and widow that characterizes the autumnal festival of "Booths."
48. The labiate corolla characterizes the natural order Labiatae.
49. Linolenic acid characterizes all vegetable drying oils; similarly clupanodonic acid characterizes all marine animal oils.
50. Only a single line of passes characterizes the main ridge, and amongst them are the passes of 0111ta (15,026 ft.), Penas Negras (14435 ft.), Pircas Negras (13,615 ft.), La Gallina (16,240 ft.), Tres Quebradas (15535 ft.), and Aguita (15,485 ft.).
51. Natural clays, even when most pure, show a considerable range of composition, and hence cannot be regarded as consisting of a single mineral; clay is a rock, and has that variability which characterizes all rocks.
52. The natural bonhomie that characterizes Venables has faded to a fixed grimace.
53. Or at least on the possessive individualism which characterizes the liberal theories of human rights.
54. The vegetation that characterizes IE is composed of a mixture of fibrin and platelets, containing a large inoculum of bacteria.
55. Possessive individualism which characterizes the liberal theories of human rights.
56. Quaver movement which characterizes Bach's chorales is largely confined to the Bass.
57. So the table of marks characterizes the set of all permutation representations of G.
58. This page includes a conventional geologic map of the region and a map that characterizes the assemblage of stratigraphic units as distinct terranes.
59. Both sexual and asexual reproduction occur, but there is usually no definite succession of the two modes, marking that alternation of sexual generation (gametophyte) and asexual generation (sporophyte) which characterizes the higher groups.
60. A belted arrangement of relief s and soils, resulting from differential erosion on strata of unlike composition and resistance, characterizes almost the entire area of the coastal plain.
61. In point of fact, Schiller's genius lacks that universality which characterizes Goethe's; as a dramatist, a philosopher, an historian, and a lyric poet, he was the exponent of ideas which belong rather to the Europe of the period before the French Revolution than to our time; we look to his high principles of moral conduct, his noble idealism and optimism, rather as the ideal of an age that has passed away than as the expression of the more material ambitions of the modern world.
62. It was a period with him of great mental activity, and is represented by four of his books which stand as admirable witnesses to the Lowell of 1848, namely, the second series of Poems, containing among others "Columbus," "An Indian Summer Reverie," "To the Dandelion," "The Changeling"; A Fable for Critics, in which, after the manner of Leigh Hunt's The Feast of the Poets, he characterizes in witty verse and with good-natured satire American contemporary writers, and in which, the publication being anonymous, he included himself; The Vision of Sir Launfal, a romantic story suggested by the Arthurian legends - one of his most popular poems; and finally The Biglow Papers.
63. The grouping CH � OH characterizes the secondary alcohols; isopropyl alcohol is the simplest member of this class.
64. The typical quaver movement which characterizes Bach 's chorales is largely confined to the Bass.
65. In extremely elderly cats, heart failure or a massive heart attack characterizes one of the fastest means of feline death.
66. Deep, dramatic and rich, it is a woodsy, heady blend that characterizes the charming mystique of the seductive male, and is marketed primarily to young men.
67. Many people enjoy the peaceful environment that characterizes heli skiing slopes.
68. If a song characterizes your union, use it-with or without the accompanying music.
69. "Cool" is always a matter of some subjectivity, but there is a particular style that characterizes a cool bath curtain.
70. The Stokke beds are made in their characteristic round design in order to provide a "nest-like" experience for baby, which characterizes the company's mission of providing a superior product for babies and young children.
71. Loud snoring followed by periods of breathing cessation and silence for 10 or more seconds characterizes sleep apnea and distinguishes it from other causes of snoring.
72. It has a touch of the high alcohol and sweetness that characterizes many of winemaker Helen Turley's wines.
73. Usually a dentist diagnoses and characterizes the various types of periodontal disease.
74. Generally, physiological hyperarousal (excitedness, shortness of breath, the fight or flight response) characterizes anxiety disorders, whereas underarousal (lack of pleasure and feelings of guilt) characterizes depression.
75. The retinal tumor which characterizes retinoblastoma is malignant, meaning that it can metastasize (spread) to other parts of the eye and eventually other parts of the body.
76. This profile characterizes what Thomas and Chess call the easy child.
77. Athens: A nautical-inspired pattern in navy and white swirls accented lightly with silver characterizes this tankini.
78. Amazing Glaze: Glazed nappa leather characterizes these bags, available in a variety of styles from totes to small zip-top bags.
79. First, we need to understand what characterizes healthy and safe eating by identifying what the body needs in order to function properly.
80. In contrast to the rigid fashion of past years, today's Girl Scouts uniforms reflect a more relaxed and versatile style that characterizes comfort, age-appropriateness and variety.
81. Richard Strauss, in his edition of Berlioz's works on Instrumentation, paradoxically characterizes the classical orchestral style as that which was derived from chamber-music. Now it, is true that in Haydn's early days orchestras were small and generally private; and that the styles of orchestral and chamber music were not distinct; but surely nothing is clearer than that the whole history of the rise of classical chamber-music lies in its rapid differentiation from the coarse-grained orchestral style with which it began.
82. What characterizes a tadpole is the conjoined globular head and body, so formed that it is practically impossible to discern the limit between the two, sharply set off from the more or less elongate compressed tail which is the organ of propulsion.
83. The true nature of this relation can be readily observed in other fields (ancient Britain, Greece, Egypt, &c.), where, however, the native documents and sources have not that complexity which characterizes the composite biblical history.
84. Both the signet types and the other objects of art here discovered display the fresh naturalism that characterizes in a special way the first Late Minoan period.
85. Now the second type, the "megaron" arrangement, characterizes peculiarly the palaces discovered in the north of the Aegean area, at Mycenae, Tiryns and Hissarlik, where up to the present no signs of the first type, so characteristic of Crete, have been observed.
86. The specialization of form in the constricted abdomen and in the suctorial " tongue " that characterizes the higher families of the order is correlated with the habit of careful egg-laying and provision of food for the young.
87. Compounds containing the group - CH: O are known as aldehydes (q.v.), while the group >C: O (sometimes termed the carbonyl or keto group) characterizes the ketones (q.v.).
88. A third hydroxyl group may be introduced into the - CH: 0 residue with the formation of the radical - C(OH) :0; this is known as the carboxyl group, and characterizes the organic acids.
89. Substitution of the Benzene Ring.-As a general rule, homologues and mono-derivatives of benzene react more readily with substituting agents than the parent hydrocarbon; for example, phenol is converted into tribromphenol by the action of bromine water, and into the nitrophenols by dilute nitric acid; similar activity characterizes aniline.
90. 1, 33), in which he characterizes the vivid portraiture of his life, character and thoughts, which Lucilius bequeathed to the world, quo fit ut omnis Votiva pateat veluti descripta tabella Vita senis,1 lose much of their force unless senis is to be taken in its ordinary sense - which it cannot be if Lucilius died at the age of forty-six.
91. HIFI takes a percentage of artist’s earnings, which Manning characterizes in the “low single digits” as an administrative fee. It also absorbs any monetary deficit should the projection fall short.
92. characterizes sentence examples. It is these channels which determined the lines of construction; the dwellings followed their windings, and that accounts for the extraordinarily complex network of calles and canals which characterizes modern Venice. 3. 0.
93. Characterize sentence examples. Canon is concerned) of that theory of which examples recur in Judges, Samuel and Kings, and this treatment of history in accordance with religious or ethical doctrines finds its continuation in the didactic aims which characterize the later non-canonical writings characterizes;
94. Examples of characterizes in a sentence: 1. Yet she characterizes their "outcry" as "indelicate". 2. A rich viola-like quality characterizes the Maggini violin. 3. Wilfulness characterizes the childish nature and passion the savage nature.
95. Examples of how to use the word characterize in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available. Sentence examples It‘s ultimate effects what matter the most! A striking feature that characterizes both institutions lies in the conspicuous manner that both Slave and ―Unborn‖ were/are denied citizenship rights
96. 2. 1. How to use characterizes in a sentence. Example sentences with the word characterizes.characterizes example sentences.characterizes Sentence Examples. If a song characterizes your union, use it-with or without the accompanying music. 0. 0 "Cool" is always a matter of : 4. It characterizes all the wars they've ever fought
97. Characterize definition: 1. Something that characterizes another thing is typical of it: 2. to describe something by…. Learn more.
98. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "characterizes "Crombie has therefore our sympathies in the remark with which his summary of the gonidia controversy closes, in which he characterizes it as a “sensational romance of lichenology,” of the “unnatural union between a captive algal damsel and a tyrant fungal master.
99. Definition and high quality example sentences with “characterizes” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
100. Another word for characterizes. Find more ways to say characterizes, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
101. Word forms: characterizes, characterizing, characterized regional note: in BRIT, also use characterise. 1. Examples of 'characterize' in a sentence characterize. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
102. High quality example sentences with “characterizes that” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
103. It characterizes all the wars they've ever fought ." It regularly characterizes political opponents as " counterrevolutionaries ." What characterizes the prose is the vehemently anti-clerical sentiment. It's difficult to see characterizes in a sentence . Stalemate characterizes the war in the Pacific throughout most of 1941.
104. characterizes definition: Verb 1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of characterize
105. characterizes quotes from YourDictionary: What characterizes a member of a minority group isthat he is forced to see himself as both exceptional and insignificant, marvelous and awful, good and evil.
106. Characterize: 1 v be characteristic of “What characterizes a Venetian painting?” Synonyms: characterise Types: individuate give individual character to define determine the nature of Type of: differentiate , distinguish , mark be a distinctive feature, attribute, or trait; sometimes in a very positive sense v describe or portray the character
107. Translations of the phrase THAT characterizes from english to finnish and examples of the use of "THAT CHARACTERIZES" in a sentence with their translations: to a derived soil profile that characterizes the soil body, possibly in
108. Which word best characterizes the young people in this passage? "In Flanders there was once a company Of youngsters wedded to such sin and folly As gaming, dicing, brothels, and taverns, Where, night and day, with harps, lutes, and citherns, They spend their time in dicing and in dancing, Eating and drinking more than they can carry;
109. Examples and Observations of Object Complements . In the first sentence, liar renames the man, so it is the object complement. J. Brinton and Donna M. Brinton The object complement characterizes the object in the same way as the subject complement characterizes the subject: it identifies, describes, or locates the object
110. "If a verb requires a subject complement (SC) to complete the sentence, the verb is a linking verb. The subject complement ([italicized] in the examples that follow) typically identifies or characterizes the person or thing denoted by the subject:

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