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"Complete" Example Sentences

1. It's a nice house, a keen house, complete with a front porch and swing.
2. Was she a complete fool?
3. Lana needed to complete her mission, even if she wasn't sure how to do it.
4. Nobody wanted this to happen, but don't let his death be a complete loss.
5. The victory is complete and Russia will not forget you!
6. He has devised a complete explanation.
7. A complete Digital Echo of your life.
8. He twirled her around the floor singing the entire song to her, complete with howls.
9. He doesn't have complete control of his muscles yet.
10. I was sent to train him, and I will complete my mission.
11. I understand you have friends doing your chores, and your hospital bill has already been paid through tomorrow, so stop worrying and complete your convalescence.
12. My deal with Darkyn is complete, and I get Gabriel.
13. A blacksmith in Gravette was making the wheels, but the rest of the buggy was complete, right down to the leather seats.
14. Just so I'll know I'm not making a complete fool of myself.
15. Up until now, he had given her the impression he was a complete hermit.
16. GENTLEMEN--The bearer, Miss Helen Keller, accompanied by Miss Sullivan, is desirous of making a complete inspection of the Exposition in all Departments.
17. Son, you are not complete without her.
18. As May gave way to June, the lengthening daylight hours gave her more time to be with Jonathan and Destiny and still complete taking care of the animals before darkness.
19. "So it's like a question, but the complete opposite," he replied.
20. With the proceeds of a recent stock sale, Fred O'Connor had invested in a complete computer system and was off and running.
21. It took another hour to complete the ordeal..
22. The Oracle listed the complete terms, but Gabriel was only able to see the portion concerning his domain.
23. You're in complete control of how much I hurt you.
24. The blond deity with multi-hued eyes and a quick smile was dressed for a dressage event, complete with helmet and crop.
25. Bennigsen seems to have obtained a complete victory over Buonaparte at Eylau.
26. It would take a lot of money to complete, but Alex had money.
27. "Why could that not be as well?" she sometimes asked herself in complete bewilderment.
28. Not yet enough to complete the work.
29. He assumed Cynthia Byrne was a few minutes late, but when he descended the stairs, there she sat, opposite Fred O'Connor, who was decked out in an elegant blue pinstripe suit complete with pocket handkerchief and bow tie.
30. And again and again in the complete darkness Tushin's guns moved forward, surrounded by the humming infantry as by a frame.
31. From a scientific standpoint it is unfortunate that it was impossible to keep such a complete record of Helen Keller's development.
32. He gave me complete clearance.
33. Paul was a quiet guy, the complete opposite of Saundra.
34. We only need you, dear Mr. Hitz, to complete our happiness.
35. The troops are in complete disorder...
36. The bombshell blonde always threw good dinner parties with fun themes; this theme had been Disco Night, complete with lava lamps, disco ball, tacky '70s music that still jammed out the open windows, and costumes for those who chose to wear them.
37. He had a brilliant position in society thanks to his intimacy with Countess Bezukhova, a brilliant position in the service thanks to the patronage of an important personage whose complete confidence he enjoyed, and he was beginning to make plans for marrying one of the richest heiresses in Petersburg, plans which might very easily be realized.
38. At least he was ragging on her to his family and not complete strangers.
39. The battle of Borodino was not fought on a chosen and entrenched position with forces only slightly weaker than those of the enemy, but, as a result of the loss of the Shevardino Redoubt, the Russians fought the battle of Borodino on an open and almost unentrenched position, with forces only half as numerous as the French; that is to say, under conditions in which it was not merely unthinkable to fight for ten hours and secure an indecisive result, but unthinkable to keep an army even from complete disintegration and flight.
40. She felt his arms around her and leaned into him, surprised at how natural it felt to be held against a complete stranger who made her want to flee for the hills and strip naked at the same time.
41. Had she been a complete bore lately?
42. Her success has been complete, for in trying to be like other people she has come most fully to be herself.
43. The tower stood complete in every part.
44. If I had known how to name them, I should then have signed off in detail from all the societies which I never signed on to; but I did not know where to find a complete list.
45. You know Prince Andrew gave you complete freedom--if it is really so; but I don't believe it!
46. He flicked a fingernail against his thumb in response, commanding her complete attention.
47. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been so honest or embarrassed, and in front of a complete stranger!
48. If only she hadn't slept with a complete stranger two nights ago.
49. She'd lost complete control of her life overnight!
50. Dean related the complete happenings to Fred but when he began to describe the scuffle, he remembered the gun.
51. In 2005, rice became the first crop plant whose complete genome had been compiled.
52. Her good friend, Mr. William Wade, had a complete braille copy made for her from the magazine proofs.
53. I got the milk to show her that she had used the correct word; but I did not let her drink it until she had, with my assistance, made a complete sentence, as "Give Helen some milk to drink."
54. The last words were read out in the midst of complete silence.
55. An army has suffered defeat, and at once a people loses its rights in proportion to the severity of the reverse, and if its army suffers a complete defeat the nation is quite subjugated.
56. But pure and complete sorrow is as impossible as pure and complete joy.
57. But besides this, even if, admitting the remaining minimum of freedom to equal zero, we assumed in some given case--as for instance in that of a dying man, an unborn babe, or an idiot--complete absence of freedom, by so doing we should destroy the very conception of man in the case we are examining, for as soon as there is no freedom there is also no man.
58. Howie too, dressed for the occasion, even donning a tweed jacket complete with elbow patches.
59. The real celebration of Fred's release from jail didn't begin until the pair returned to Bird Song where Cynthia had baked a fresh apple pie, complete with vanilla ice cream, tagged on to the end of a healthy lunch.
60. She was distraught about something, though he couldn't fathom what might distress her if the news of his sisters' impending babes and complete loss of honor did not.
61. All persons under the age of eighteen must complete and mail a consent of minors use of the ice park in the box below.
62. It's fine to skimp on manners when it's just the two of us, but we don't have to look like complete rednecks in front of our guests.
63. True, single words do suggest and express ideas; the child may say simply "mamma" when he means "Where is mamma?" but he learns the expression of the ideas that relate to mamma--he learns language--by hearing complete sentences.
64. I had complete faith that what my parents did was right, whatever it was.
65. A joyous feeling of freedom--that complete inalienable freedom natural to man which he had first experienced at the first halt outside Moscow-- filled Pierre's soul during his convalescence.
66. And this very absence of an aim gave him the complete, joyous sense of freedom which constituted his happiness at this time.
67. (3) However much the difficulty of understanding the causes may be increased, we never reach a conception of complete freedom, that is, an absence of cause.
68. Inside, the shed was a complete mess.
69. The officer evidently had complete control of his face, and while Kutuzov was turning managed to make a grimace and then assume a most serious, deferential, and innocent expression.
70. Under guise of a present for the pilgrims, Princess Mary prepared a pilgrim's complete costume for herself: a coarse smock, bast shoes, a rough coat, and a black kerchief.
71. They walked a short distance to an open atrium in the center of the house, complete with a small oasis rising up from white stone and curved benches.
72. Kiera had suspected Romas to be independently wealthy by his complete lack of concern for being anywhere but with Evelyn for the last three months.
73. After introductions and the necessary sign-in paper work was complete it was decided to assign Ms. Turnbull a second floor room.
74. The old man was dressed in jeans and a western shirt complete with a string tie, turquoise clasp and a Nero Wolfe paperback in his back pocket.
75. In 1628, the first complete explanation that blood flows through the body in arteries was published.
76. Alex came complete with deep pockets... every woman's dream, but he was conservative when it came to spending.
77. Whatever the cause, the complete restatement of economic theory, which some heroic persons demand, is clearly impossible, except on conditions not likely to be realized in the immediate future.
78. Pair your sandwich with soda, chips and cookies for a complete meal.
79. But I will consider your obligation to me complete, on one condition.
80. It was true, if not complete in its information.
81. Would it have been easier on you if you heard it from either a complete stranger or someone you can't quite figure out?
82. This letter is to the editor of the Boston Herald, enclosing a complete list of the subscribers.
83. In this way she is able to get the meaning of those half sentences which we complete unconsciously from the tone of the voice or the twinkle of the eye.
84. Some ladies, with faces betraying complete forgetfulness of all the rules of decorum, pushed forward to the detriment of their toilets.
85. With your deal with Darkyn complete, you'll live a very long life.
86. She'd just made a complete fool of herself and Evelyn … how would she react if someone were as terrified of kittens on earth?
87. Katie glanced up at Carmen, her attention still not complete.
88. The bonds are complete.
89. My deal with Zamon is complete.
90. Deidre was evasive about what happened though she, too, was insistent that the terms were complete.
91. She leaned over it, unable to wait for him to complete it.
92. I did, and it's complete.
93. The purposes for which I created you are complete.
94. He was pleased to see it was nearly complete.
95. The transformation is complete?
96. She was no longer a complete woman.
97. I know, she said, not allowing him to complete the sentence.
98. Loss of independence, complete surrender, placing her fate in another's hands.
99. Jenn felt the last of his barriers fall as her own did in the face of their unspoken promise of complete surrender between lifemates.
100. His intention - -to complete the mating ceremony - -exploded into her thoughts.
101. How weak had she become to lose complete control?
102. Rissa stared at him, unnerved by his complete lack of empathy.
103. If not for Sirian's treachery, if not for her complete ignorance…
104. Alex didn't have to go to the clinic, but he wanted to complete some paperwork at home so he declined the buggy ride.
105. Her western ensemble was complete with boots and a black Stetson hat.
106. Like Alex, he was most comfortable when he was in complete control.
107. He was a complete stranger.
108. In fact, her trust in him had been so complete that she had allowed him to make nearly every important decision in her life - until now.
109. Here she was, thinking about a complete stranger as a companion.
110. Men use that excuse as a means of retaining complete control.
111. He peeked into her mind to make sure he had her complete attention.
112. I can't cover up a complete disappearance.
113. Maybe because some complete stranger built like Conan is interrogating me about his décor.
114. Who asks a question like that of a complete stranger?
115. It swallowed her senses, but she wasn't about to lose complete control to someone like Xander.
116. The cover was partially complete, with a few areas marked along one side and the bottom as being reserved for additional stories.
117. Trusting complete strangers to take care of people I care about isn't exactly something I want to do, Jessi said with some effort.
118. "I'm supposed to make Xander miserable, drop off my cousins to a compound filled with complete strangers who have magical powers, and wait for things to blow up this weekend," Jessi summarized.
119. Xander can take him, but he shouldn't, because Jonny won't be alone when Xander faces him, and Xander can't face the creatures with Jonny without help, which he refuses to ask for, because he's a complete ass.
120. After all, complete strangers showed up at their apartment and used magic to take them to some place halfway across the country.
121. He was in control – complete control – even when destroying the world.
122. To the former he owes his appreciation of exact investigation and a complete knowledge of the aims of science, to the latter an equal admiration for the great circle of ideas which had been diffused by the teaching of Fichte, Schelling and Hegel.
123. Appended to this volume is a complete list of Lotze's writings, compiled by Professor Rehnisch of Gottingen.
124. Much in this direction is said by Lotze in various passages of his writings; anything complete, however, on the subject is wanting.
125. Was published at Cologne in 1650; a more complete edition in 8 vols.
126. The classic term "camelopard," probably introduced when these animals were brought from North Africa to the Roman amphitheatre, has fallen into complete disuse.
127. Among other characteristics of these animals may be noticed the great length of the neck and limbs, the complete absence of lateral toes and the long and tufted tail.
128. "White" elephants are partial or complete albinos, and are far from uncommon in Burma and Siam.
129. In February 1532 he protested against all acts concerning the church passed by the parliament which met in 1529, but this did not prevent the important proceedings which secured the complete submission of the church to the state later in the same year.
130. His complete works were published in Hungarian at Budapest in 1880-1895.
131. He made great contributions to the knowledge of Saadia, and planned a complete edition of Saadia's works in Arabic and French.
132. LEthelstan, however, won a complete victory over them at a place called Brunanburh, probably Burnswark in Dumfriesshire.
133. The retreat of the British force gave Chauncey time to complete this vessel, the "General Pike," which was so far superior to anything under Yeo's command that she was said to be equal in effective strength to the whole of the British flotilla.
134. Articles written in common soon led to a complete literary partnership, and 1831 there appeared in the Revue de Paris a joint novel entitled Prima Donna and signed Jules Sand.
135. Of Vladimir Karenin's (pseudonym of Mme Komarova) George Sand, the most complete life, the first two volumes (1899-1901) carry the life down to 1839.
136. On the other hand, that the direction of complete polarization should be independent of the refracting power of the matter composing the cloud has been considered mysterious.
137. In the first place, there is necessarily a complete symmetry round the direction of the force.
138. In other directions the polarization becomes less and less complete as we approach the vertical.
139. In the early stages of the precipitation the polarization is complete in a perpendicular direction, and incomplete in oblique directions.
140. This is the moment to examine whether there is a more complete polarization in a direction somewhat oblique; and it is found that with 0 positive there is, in fact, a direction of more complete polarization, while with 0 negative the polarization is more imperfect than in the perpendicular direction itself.
141. In the first place, with a given size of particles, the direction of complete polarization indicated by (23) is a function of the colour of the light, the value of 0 being 3 or 4 times as large for the violet as for the red end of the spectrum.
142. So long as the particles are all very small in comparison with the wave-length, there is complete polarization in the perpendicular direction; but when the size is such that obliquity sets in, the degree of obliquity will vary with the size of the particles, and the polarization will be complete only on the very unlikely condition that the size is the same for them all.
143. There is a complete edition in modern notation by T.
144. A more complete remedy was introduced by the Judicature Act 1873, which consolidated the courts of law and equity, and ordered that law and equity should be administered concurrently according to the rules contained in the 26th section of the act.
145. Complete bibliographical information is given by E.
146. When equatorial mountings for telescopes became more general, no filar micrometer was considered complete which was not fitted with a position circle.'
147. The apparatus has been used with complete success at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, and at Melbourne, Sydney and Cordoba.
148. The remedy proposed by Repsold for this proved fault is to cause the whole slide to tilt instead of the microscope only; this should prove a complete remedy.
149. Nach., 3377, for an illustrated account of the original Repsolds instrument and to the History and Description of the Cape Observatory for a complete description of the most modern form of its application to the Cape transit circle, with and without clockwork.
150. Complex spectra of stars of the solar type this is by no means the case; for, as Dr Hartmann remarks, " in the first place the lines in these spectra are so numerous that their complete measurement and reduction would require many days, and in the second place a rigorous reduction of such material has hitherto not been at all possible because the wave-lengths of the lines are not known with sufficient accuracy.
151. Feudalism was abolished in 1836, and in 1848 complete political union with Piedmont was granted, the viceregal government being suppressed, and the island being divided into three divisions of which Cagliari, Sassari and Nuoro were the capitals.
152. Leaving the service after the war, he studied jurisprudence at Heidelberg, Göttingen and Jena, and in 1819 went for a while to Geneva to complete his studies.
153. In 1815 he was commissioned by government to complete the translation of Strabo which had been begun by Laporte-Dutheil, and in March 1816 he was one of those who were admitted to the Academy of Inscriptions by royal ordinance, having previously contributed a Memoire, " On the Metrical System of the Egyptians," which had been crowned.
154. Dr Ginsburg had one predecessor in the field, the learned Jacob ben Chajim, who in 1524-1525 published the second Rabbinic Bible, containing what has ever since been known as the Massorah; but neither were the materials available nor was criticism sufficiently advanced for a complete edition.
155. In one direction the tabby shows a tendency to melanism which culminates in complete blackness, while in the other direction there is an equally marked tendency to albinism; grey cats, which may be regarded as tabbies whose stri p es have disappeared, forming the connecting link between the tabby and the white cat.
156. The chief of his other contributions to optics was the explanation of the rainbow - an explanation far from complete, since the unequal refrangibility of the rays of light was yet undiscovered - but a decided advance upon his predecessors, notably on the De radiis visas et lucis (1611) of Marc-Antonio de Dominis, archbishop of Spalato.
157. One hypothesis supplants the various principles of life; the rule of absolute mechanism is as complete in the animal as in the cosmos.
158. A complete French edition of the collected works was begun in the Romance Library (1907 foll.).
159. So complete is the watershed that no streams pass through these ranges, and there is hardly any communication in this direction between the interior of Asia Minor and the coast.
160. The category Austria-Hungary should be fairly well complete, although it's likely there are places missing that aren't in any category.
161. The latter was a great magician, able, by operating upon waxen figures of the armies and ships of his enemies, to obtain complete power over their real actions.
162. Fleas are oviparous, and undergo a very complete metamorphosis.
163. The last complete edition of Flechier's works is by J.
164. Notwithstanding their complete subjection, women are treated with a certain respect, and are often employed as intermediaries in the settlement of feuds; a woman may traverse a hostile district without fear of injury, and her bessa will protect the traveller or the stranger.
165. In a type built with vertical sections each division is complete in itself, and is not directly connected with the next section, but communicates with flow and return drums. A defective section may thus be left in position and stopped off by means of plugs from the drums until it is convenient to fit a new one in its place.
166. Although there is no direct evidence of the fact, there can be no doubt that he left St Andrews to complete his education abroad, and that he probably studied at the university of Paris, and visited Italy and Germany.
167. It has been asserted (by Sir Thomas Urquhart) that the piece of artillery was actually tried upon a plain in Scotland with complete success, a number of sheep and cattle being destroyed.
168. Macdonald at Edinburgh in 1889, and that there is appended to this edition a complete catalogue of all Napier's writings, and their various editions and translations, English and foreign, all the works being carefully collated, and references being added to the various public libraries in which they are to be found.
169. These examples show that Napier was in possession of all the conventions and attributes that enable the decimal point to complete so symmetrically our system of notation, viz.
170. Napier thus had complete command over decimal fractions and the use of the decimal point.
171. Macdonald's translation of the Canonis Constructio (1889) is complete and valuable.
172. Schemes for the collection of funds and the complete restoration of the church were immediately set on foot, the architect being Mr Oldrid Scott.
173. A more complete edition was published at Basel in 1580 by Nicholas Cisner.
174. Aventinus, who has been called the "Bavarian Herodotus," wrote other books of minor importance, and a complete edition of his works was published at Munich (188'- 1886).
175. In connexion with the Greek professorship Jowett had undertaken a work on Plato which grew into a complete translation of the Dialogues, with introductory essays.
176. Even, therefore, where people desired the Reformation there were powerful influences opposed to the setting up of church government and to the exercise of church discipline after the manner of the apostolic Church; and one ceases to wonder at the absence of complete Presbyterianism in the countries which were forward to embrace and adopt the Reformation.
177. The following list is fairly complete: - Switzerland.
178. The result came to be that many small lines were begun by companies that had not the means to complete them, and again the state had to come to the rescue.
179. She was helpless, and the violence of her grief and anger soon changed to passive resistance, and than to a complete forbearance and complaisance which gained the king's regard and favour.
180. In 1901 Professor Furtwangler began a more systematic excavation of the site, and the new discoveries he then made, together with a fresh and complete study of the figures and fragments in Munich, have led to a rearrangement of the whole, which, if not certain in all details, may be regarded as approaching finality.
181. Pouch complete, generally opening backwards.
182. Lowed by two slender toes, Complete skeletons disinterred by which in the living animal are Dr E.
183. According to some writers, this devastation was even more complete than after the siege by Titus.
184. The genealogies in their complete form pay little heed to Moses, although Aaron and Moses could typify the priesthood and other Levites generally (i Chron.
185. complete observance of Sunday rest was not generally possible to the early Christians before Christendom obtained civil recognition.'
186. On the other hand, complete indentity of regulations and observance in Babylonia and Israel at one period need not show more than development on the same lines.
187. " No endless duration is our goal, but complete repose in the perfect satisfaction which the will finds when it has reached the significance, the influence, and the value at which it is aiming " (p. 83).
188. The error was discovered, after eighteen years, by the explorations of Mr Babbage and Major Warburton in 1858, while Mr Stuart, about the same time, gained a more complete knowledge of the same district.
189. The results of the election came as a complete surprise to the majority of the community.
190. At the time of his death he was engaged upon a memoir on the Theta and Omega Functions, which he left nearly complete.
191. Artabanus took refuge with his vassal, the king Izates of Adiabene; and Izates by negotiations and the promise of a complete pardon induced the Parthians to restore Artabanus once more to the throne (Jos.
192. Charles devoted the rest of his life to the gigantic task of rehabilitating Sweden by means of a reduktion, or recovery of alienated crown lands, a process which involved the examination of every title deed in the kingdom, and resulted in the complete readjustment of the finances.
193. During the last few years of his life Boole was constantly engaged in extending his researches with the object of producing a second edition of his Differential Equations much more complete than the first edition; and part of his last vacation was spent in the libraries of the Royal Society and the British Museum.
194. But Philip's preparations were now complete, and Alva set out from Italy at the head of a force of some io,000 veteran troops, Spaniards and Italians, afterwards increased by a body of Germans, with which, after marching through Burgundy, Lorraine and Luxemburg, he reached the Netherlands (August 8), and made his entry into Brussels a fortnight later.
195. This triumph was however far more than counterbalanced by the complete defeat of the army, led by Count Louis of Nassau, at Mookerheide near Nijmwegen (14th March).
196. By it the northern provinces bound themselves together " as if they were one province " to maintain their rights and liberties " with life-blood and goods " against foreign tyranny, and to grant complete freedom of worship and of religious opinion throughout the confederacy.
197. He showed that the heat motion of particles, which is too small to be perceptible when these particles are large, and which cannot be observed in molecules since these themselves are too small, must be perceptible when the particles are just large enough to be visible and gave complete equations which enable the masses themselves to be deduced from the motions of these particles.
198. Here also he wrote Lucinde (1799), an unfinished romance, which is interesting as an attempt to transfer to practical ethics the Romantic demand for complete individual freedom, and Alarcos, a tragedy (1802) in which, without much success, he combined romantic and classical elements.
199. The contention brought to a crisis the struggle between the moderate Presbyterians and the Scots on the one side, who decided to maintain the monarchy and fought for an accommodation and to establish Presbyterianism in England, and on the other the republicans who would be satisfied with nothing less than the complete overthrow of the king, and the Independents who regarded the establishment of Presbyterianism as an evil almost as great as that of the Church of England.
200. Irish in a league against the supporters of the parliament, and only a few scattered forts held out for the Commonwealth, while the young king was every day expected to land and complete the conquest of the island.
201. But Leslie descended the hill to complete his triumph, and Cromwell immediately observed the disadvantages of his antagonist's new position, cramped by the hill behind and separated from his left wing.
202. He was out-voted by his council on the question of commutation of tithes, and his enlightened zeal for reforming the "wicked and abominable" sentences of the criminal law met with complete failure.
203. Complete toleration in fact was only extended to Protestant nonconformists, who composed the Cromwellian established church, and who now meted out to their antagonists the same treatment which they themselves were later to receive under the Clarendon Code of Charles II.
204. It was some time before he realized the spirit of cavalry tactics, of which he was later so complete a master.
205. To complete this account of Captain.
206. The mean depth over this ridge is about 250 fathoms, and the maximum depth nowhere reaches 500 fathoms. The main basin of the Atlantic is thus cut off from the Arctic basin, with which the area north of the ridge has complete deep-water communication.
207. In addition to these complete commentaries, we have fragments of some others (of that on Isaiah, for example), principally met with in catenae.
208. The chief uncertainty is as to whether he knew Justin's Syntagma, and also as to whether he had access to the Philosophumena of Hippolytus in their complete form.
209. The first edition of his united or so-called "Complete" works was published at Toulouse in 1637.
210. A complete life, founded on the lately discovered process of 1626 and the new letters, was being prepared by the author of the present article at the time of his death.
211. When the trumpets take it up they make a remarkable change at its iith bar, for no other reason than that one of the notes, though perfectly within their scale, and, indeed, already produced by them in the very same bar, is so harmonized as to suggest the freedom of an instrument with a complete scale.
212. The accuracy and the paraphernalia are equally exemplified in all Wagner's additions and alterations of the classical orchestral scheme, for these all consist in completing the families of instruments so that each timbre can be presented pure in complete harmony.
213. (The mechanical improvements by which horns and trumpets acquired a complete scale have revolutionized the nature of those instruments; and Wagner's orchestration, more than that of any other composer, has profited by this.
214. Though possessing a complete copulatory apparatus and producing large quantities of spermatozoa, they have lost their sexual instinct and play no part in the economy of the species.
215. This migration is usually accompanied by a more or less complete metamorphosis.
216. (I) In the former class the eggs are extruded with the faeces, and the young become fully formed within the egg, and when accidentally swallowed by their host are liberated by the solvent action of the gastric juice and complete their development.
217. The Code recognizes complete private ownership in land, but apparently extends the right to hold land to votaries, merchants (and resident aliens?).
218. Ohms. The Leclanche is of the ordinary type, and each cell has an electromotive force of I 64 volts and a resistance of 3 to 5 ohms (according to the size of the complete cell, of which there are three sizes in use).
219. 17 and a thickness of insulating material which formerly would have been considered quite insufficient is now very generally adopted with complete success.
220. To each group is connected a set of apparatus; hence during a complete revolution of the arms a pair of instruments (at station A and station B) will be in communication four times, and the intervals during which any particular set of instruments at the two stations are not in connexion with each other become much smaller than in the case of fig.
221. An axle carrying four cams is normally at rest, but it is thrown into gear with the mechanism when the armature rises, makes one complete revolution, and comes to rest ready for the next signal.
222. The Atlantic Telegraph Company was reconstituted as the AngloAmerican Telegraph Company with a capital of f600,000 and sufficient cable was ordered not only to lay a line across the ocean but also to complete the 1865 cable.
223. - Wireless Telegraphy The early attempts to achieve electric telegraphy involved the use of a complete metallic circuit, but K.
224. Heaviside in 1887 succeeded in communicating by telephonic speech between the surface of the earth and the subterranean galleries of the Broomhill collieries, 350 feet deep, by laying above and below ground two complete metallic circuits, each about 24 m.
225. ' For a more complete account of the nature of an electric wave the reader is referred to Hertz's Electric Waves, and to the article Electric Wave.
226. See Victoria County History, Devonshire; The Teignmouth Guide and Complete Handbook to the Town and Neighbourhood (Teignmouth, 1875).
227. (Boston, 1904), or to the earlier and admirably complete Oskischumbrische Grammatik of R.
228. The first period is represented, not by any complete table, but by the old unmodernised forms of Tables III.
229. After the withdrawal of the restriction against the companies erecting trunk wires it became evident that the development of the telephone services throughout the country would be facilitated by complete intercommunication and uniformity of systems, and that economies could be effected by concentration of management.
230. Large as this progress was it would have been much greater if the Telephone Company had been granted adequate powers to put wires underground and thus instal a complete metallic circuit in place of the single wire, earthreturn, circuit which it was constrained to employ.
231. Its southern extremity, Calabria, forms a complete peninsula, being united to the mass of Lucania or the Basilicata by an isthmus isthmus 35 m.
232. Unfortunately several of these fertile tracts suffer severely from malaria (q.v.), and especially the great plain adjoining the Gulf of Tarentum, which in the early ages of history was surrounded by a girdle of Greek cities—some of which attained to almost unexampled prosperity—has for centuries past been given up to almost complete desolation.
233. Accurate statistics with regard to the area occupied in different forms of cultivation are difficult to obtain, both on account of their varied and piecemeal character and from the lack of a complete cadastral survey.
234. A complete survey was ordered by the law of the 1st of March 1886,but many years must elapse before its completion.
235. Notwithstanding the construction of new prisons and the transformation of old ones, the number of cells for solitary confinement is still insufficient for a complete application of the penal system established by the code of 1890, and the moral effect of the association of the prisoners is not good, though the system of solitary confinement as practised in Italy is little better.
236. Law Desiderius, the last Lombard king, in 774, and when he received the circlet of the empire from Leo Ill, at Rome ~fl 800, he did but complete and ratify the compact offered to his grandfather, Charles Martel, by Gregory III.
237. The victory was complete.
238. The complete disregard shown by Napoleon for one of the chief conditions of the treaty of Lunville (February 1801)that stipulating for the independence of the Ligurian and Cisalpine Republicsbecame more and more apparent every year.
239. This meant a complete rupture; on the 5th of February 1849 a constituent assembly was summoned, and on.
240. The instance of Great Britain Napoleon withdrew his qu ted squadron, that the blockade could be made complete.
241. When this result was announced to the king by a deputation from Venice he said: This is the finest day of my life; Italy is made, but it is not complete.
242. As a precaution against an eventual French attempt to restore the temporal power, orders were hurriedly given to complete the defences of Rome, but in other respects the Italian government maintained its subservient attitude.
243. The Chamber, though convinced of the danger of this reform, the perils of which were incisively demonstrated by Sella, voted by an overwhelming majority for an immediate reduction of the impost by onefourth, and its complete abolition within four years.
244. Unfortunately, the new survey was made largely optional, so that provinces which had reasor to hope for a diminution of land tax under a revised assessment hastened to complete their survey, while others, in which the average of the land tax was below a normal assessment, neglected to comply with the provisions of the scheme.
245. He made various reforms which were badly wanted in army administration, but on the whole the experiment of a civilian War Lord was not a complete success, and in April 1909 Senator Casana retired and was succeeded by General Spingardi, an appointment which received general approval.
246. There are many genera and species of leeches, the exact definitions of which are still in need of a more complete survey.
247. In June 1675 he signed the paper of advice drawn up by the bishops for the king, urging the rigid enforcement of the laws against the Roman Catholics, their complete banishment from the court, and the suppression of conventicles, 2 and a bill introduced by him imposing special taxes on recusants and subjecting Roman Catholic priests to imprisonment for life was only thrown out as too lenient because it secured offenders from the charge of treason.
248. Cranmer was therefore enabled without let or hindrance to complete the preparation of the church formularies, on which he had been for some time engaged.
249. Northumberland's recantation had done much to discredit the Reformation, Cranmer's, it was hoped, would complete the work.
250. The Brahman priest (brahma) being thus the recognized head of the sacerdotal order (brahma), which itself is the visible embodiment of sacred writ and the devotional spirit pervading it (brahma), the complete realization of theocratic aspirations required but a single step, which was indeed taken in the theosophic speculations of the later Vedic poets and the authors of the Brahmanas (q.v.), viz.
251. It is only in the institutes of Manu, where we find the system of castes propounded in its complete development, that Brahma has his definite place assigned to him in the cosmogony.
252. It will thus be seen that the term brahmanam applies not only to complete treatises of an exegetic nature, but also to single comments on particular texts or rites of which such a work would be made up.
253. An even more complete and minutely detailed view of the sacrificial system is no doubt obtained from the ceremonial manuals, the Kalpa-sutras; but it is just by the speculative discussions of the Brahmanasthe mystic significance and symbolical colouring with which they invest single rites - that we gain a real insight into the nature and gradual development of this truly stupendous system of ritual worship.
254. A complete system of signalling by night and day on the Morse system is worked by the police.
255. The reduction of the tentacles in all these forms may be correlated with their mode of life, and especially with living in a constant current of water, which brings foodparticles always from one direction and renders a complete whorl or circle of tentacles unnecessary.
256. Discharge complete.
257. When the bud is nearly complete, the body-wall of the parent immediately below it becomes perforated, placing the coelenteric cavity of the parent in secondary communication with that of the bud (H), doubtless for the better nutrition of the latter.
258. To complete our survey of life-cycles in the Hydromedusae it is necessary to add a few words about the position of Hydra and its allies.
259. 56); when complete it is an open cup, in which the hydranth develops and can be protruded from the opening for the capture of food, or is withdrawn into it for protection.
260. Bonnet affirms that, before fecundation, the hen's egg contains an excessively minute but complete chick; and that fecundation and incubation simply cause this germ to absorb nutritious matters, which are deposited in the interstices of the elementary structures of which the miniature chick, or germ, is made up.
261. His list of such forms is much more complete than that given by Childers in the introduction to his Dictionary of the Pali Language.
262. The careful and complete collection, by Franke, of the philological evidence at present available, has raised this hypothesis into a practical certainty.
263. The inscriptions are at present scattered through a number of learned periodicals; a complete list of all those that can be approximately dated between the 3rd century B.C. and the 2nd century A.D.
264. Professor Takakusu has shown the possibility of several complete books belonging to it being still extant in Chinese translations,' and we may yet hope to recover original fragments in central Asia, Tibet, or Nepal.
265. During the reign of Antoninus Pius (138 to 161), the concord between him and Aurelius was complete; Capitolinus (c. 7) says "nec praeter duas noctes per tot annos mansit diversis vicibus."
266. A sudden storm gave abundance of rain, while hail and thunder confounded their enemies, and enabled the Romans to gain an easy and complete victory.
267. Ayala's rupture with the Moderates was now complete, and in 1857, through the interest of O'Donnell, he was elected as Liberal deputy for Badajoz.
268. A complete edition of his dramatic works, edited by his friend and rival Tamayo y Baus, has been published in seven volumes (Madrid, 1881 - 1885).
269. In Caulerpa the imitation of a higher plant by the differentiation of fixing, supporting and assimilating organs (root, stem and leaf) from different branches of the single cell is strikingly complete.
270. In higher forms the conducting strands of the leaves are continued downwards into the stem, and eventually come into connection with the central hydrom cylinder, forming a complete cylindrical investment apparently distinct from the latter, and exhibiting a differentiation into hydrom, leptom and amylom which almost completely parallels that found among the true vascular plants.
271. Sometimes a complete internal vascular cylinder, having the same structure as the primary one, and concentric with it, occurs in the pith, and others may appear, internal to the first (Matonia, Saccoloma).
272. All the metaxylems join at the nodes into a complete ring of xylem.
273. The difficulty is solved by the provision of a complete system of minute intercellular spaces which form a continuous series of delicate canals between the cells, extending throughout the whole substance of the plant.
274. These forces however fail to furnish a complete explanation of the ascent of the current, and others have been thought to supplement them, which have more or less weight.
275. Its very prompt appearance, as soon as the apparatus became active, led to the opinion formerly held, that the work of the latter was complete only when the starch was formed.
276. The normal green plant is seen thus to be in possession of a complete machinery for the manufacture of its own food.
277. Very complete examination, however, has now been made of many instances, and the name mycorhila has been given to the symbiotic union.
278. It should be remembered that a single complete defoliation of a herbaceous annual may so incapacitate the assimilation that no stores are available for seeds, tubers, &c., for another year, or at most so little that feeble plants only come up. In the case of a tree matters run somewhat differently; most large trees in full foliage have far more assimilatory surface than is immediately necessary, and if the injury is confined to a single year it may be a small event in the life of the tree, but if repeated the cambium, bud-stores and fruiting may all suffer.
279. complete sexual differenti- C, Fusion of the germ nuclei in the ation the egg-cell is quies- egg-cell.
280. Such cell-fusions may be partial or complete.
281. Cases of complete fusion occur in the formation of laticiferous vessels, and in the spiral, annular and reticulate vessels of the xylem.
282. When two organs can be traced along the same line of descent to one primitive form, that is when they are found to be mono phyletic, their homology is complete; when, however, they are traceable to two primitive forms, though these forms belong to the same morphological series, they are polyphyletic and therefore only incompletely homologous.
283. Evolution means the gradual development of highly organized from lowly organized forms; that is, of forms in which the physiological division of labor is more complete, from those in which it is less complete; of forms possessing a variety of organs, from forms possessing but few.
284. The cause of such agreement is, according to Grisebach, shrouded in the deepest obscurity, but it finds its obvious and complete explanation in the descent from a common ancestor which he would unhesitatingly reject.
285. Beyond the limits of his personal travels Herodotus applied the characteristically Greek theory of symmetry to complete, in the unknown, outlines The ides of lands and rivers analogous to those which had been of symexplored.
286. (Leipzig, 1900), which is in every way the most complete treatise on the principles of geography.
287. Under the heading of Polar Regions, and only the names of Martin Frobisher (1576), John Davis (1585), Henry Hudson (1607) and William Baffin (1616) need be mentioned here in order to preserve the complete conspectus of the history of discovery.
288. Two English missions sent by Warren Hastings to Tibet, one led by George Bogle in 1774, and the other by Captain Turner in 1783, complete Tibetan exploration in the 18th century.
289. In 1764 Byron himself was sent on a voyage of discovery round the world, which led immediately after his return to the despatch of another to complete his work, under the command of Captain Samuel Wallis.
290. Wagner's year-book, Geographische Jahrbuch, published at Gotha, is the best systematic record of the progress of geography in all departments; and Haack's Geografihen Kalender, also published annually at Gotha, gives complete lists of the geographical societies and geographers of the world.
291. Thus, for example, in a mountain range at right angles to a prevailing sea-wind, it is the land forms which determine that one side of the range shall be richly watered and deeply dissected by a complete system of valleys, while the other side is dry, indefinite in its valley systems, and sends none of its scanty drainage to the sea.
292. Each of these divisions is the home of a special fauna, many species of which are confined to it alone; in the Australian region, indeed, practically the whole fauna is peculiar and distinctive, suggesting a prolonged period of complete biological isolation.
293. The forms of government of colonies present a series of transitional types from the autocratic administration of a governor appointed by the home government to complete democratic selfgovernment.
294. They often used to visit him at Avila, where in 1498, still in office as inquisitor-general, he held his last general assembly to complete his life's work.
295. Besides the university library, there is the Ohio state library occupying a room in the capitol and containing in 1908 126,000 volumes, including a "travelling library" of about 36,000 volumes, from which various organizations in different parts of the state may borrow books; the law library of the supreme court of Ohio, containing complete sets of English, Scottish, Irish, Canadian, United States and state reports, statutes and digests; the public school library of about 68,000 volumes, and the public library (of about 55,000), which is housed in a marble and granite building completed in 1906.
296. In 1836 Wakefield published the first volume of an edition of Adam Smith, which he did not complete.
297. In 1846 Wakefield, exhausted with labour, was struck down by apoplexy, and spent more than a year in complete retirement, writing during his gradual recovery his Art of Colonization.
298. One general feature of the adult bird's skull is the almost complete disappearance of the sutures between the bones of the cranium proper, whilst another is the great movability of the whole palatal and other suspensorial apparatus.
299. In cockatoos, continued forwards to the lacrymal bone, so as to form a complete infraorbital bridge.
300. (I) Cervical vertebrae, or those between the skull and the first vertebra which is connected with the sternum by a pair of complete ribs.
301. The most anterior part of the ilium often overlaps one or more short lumbar ribs and fuses with them, or even a long, complete thoracic rib.
302. Only in the ostrich this element is almost typically complete, although soon fused at either end with the coracoid.
303. Remnants of a heron-like bird, Proherodius, of a gull-like creature, Halcyornis, a raptorial Lithornis; and a supposed Passerine from Glarus in Switzerland, called Protornis = Osteornis, complete the list.
304. Lari.-Aquatic, vomer complete.
305. C., Complete Peerage; J.
306. Large doses also depress the nervous system, weakening the anterior horns of grey matter in the spinal cord so as ultimately to cause complete paralysis, and also causing a partial insensibility of the cutaneous nerves of touch and pain.
307. This list is far from complete; the principal collections of the anteNicene fathers include not a few minor and anonymous writers, and the fragments of many others whose works as a whole have perished.
308. Of this we may perhaps roughly' distinguish a higher and a lower type, according as there is either complete confidence in the divine benevolence and justice, or a disposition to suppose a certain arbitrariness or at any rate conditionality to attach to the granting of requests.
309. Neither is altogether complete.
310. Complete edition by J.
311. Below this point the back country on the Syrian side has always been a complete desert.
312. In the first, the Periplus of the Outer Sea, in two books, in which he proposed to give a complete description of the coasts of the eastern and western oceans, his chief authority is Ptolemy; the distances from one point to another are given in stades, with the object of rendering the work easier for the ordinary student.
313. The complete Ouvres de l'Hiipital were published for the first time by P. J.
314. A complete list of Airy's printed papers, numbering no less than 518, will be found in his Autobiography, edited in 1896 by his son, Wilfrid Airy, B.
315. The tapir, fox, deer, wild cat, wild dog, carpincho or water hog and a few small rodents nearly complete the list of quadrupeds.
316. If the outer races become worn, the complete cage and bearings are reversed; the strain of the line is then transferred to what had previously been the inner with practically unworn balls and races.
317. A very complete account of this equation and its various transformations was given by J.
318. A complete list of localities for sulphur would include all the volcanic regions of the world.
319. Sulphuretted hydrogen, H 2 S, a compound first examined by C. Scheele, may be obtained by heating sulphur in a current of hydrogen, combination taking place between 200° C. and 358° C., and being complete at the latter temperature, dissociation taking place above this temperature (M.
320. Indianapolis is governed under a form of government adopted originally in a special charter of 1891 and in 1905 incorporated in the new state municipal code, which was based upon it, It provides for a mayor elected every four years, a single legislative chamber, a common council, and various administrative departments - of public safety, public health, &c. The guiding principle of the charter, which is generally accepted as a model of its kind, is that of the complete separation of powers and the absolute placing of responsibility.
321. There again his proficiency, especially in physical science, was marked, and he was one of the young Russians chosen to complete their education in foreign countries.
322. The work of Boetius is in five books and is a very complete exposition of the subject.
323. The most important fragment published by Hilgenfeld (p. 207), part of the 13th book of the Exegetica, in the Acta Archelai et Manetis c. 55, only became known in its complete form later, and was published by L.
324. As regards growth after hatching, all beetles undergo a "complete" metamorphosis, the wing-rudiments developing beneath the cuticle throughout the larval stages, and a resting pupal stage intervening between the last larval instal1 and the imago.
325. The Coleoptera can be traced back farther in time than any other order of insects with complete transformations, if the structures that have been described from the Carboniferous rocks of Germany are really elytra.
326. Complete works, edited by Luke Wadding (13 vols., Lyons, 1639) and at Paris (26 vols., 1891-1895).
327. Naturally he selects fire, according to him the most complete embodiment of the process of Becoming, as the principle of empirical existence, out of which all things, including even the soul, grow by way of a quasi condensation, and into which all things must in course of time be again resolved.
328. It was only then, too, that a reform was started in secondary education, with the object of revising the so-called " classical " system favoured in the lyceums since the 'seventies, the complete failure of which has been demonstrated after nearly thirty years of experiment.
329. In central Russia the species become still more numerous, and, though the local floras are not yet complete, they number 850 to 1050 species in the separate governments, and about 1600 in the best explored parts of the S.W.
330. These include the prohibition of alcoholic drink, of fleshly sins and of marriage, and the inculcation of faith in the Holy Ghost and complete surrender to his influence.
331. The " royal seal " is complete self-castration; partial mutilation is known as the " second purity."
332. The complete suppression of these small moribund states and the creation of the autocratic tsardom of Muscovy were the work of Ivan III., surnamed the Great, his son Basil and his grandson Ivan IV., commonly known as Ivan the Terrible, whose united reigns cover a period of 122 years (1462-1584).
333. Within a few months of her accession, having heard that the publication of the famous French Encyclopedie was in danger of being stopped by the French government on account of its irreligious spirit, she proposed to Diderot that he should complete his great work in Russia under her protection.
334. Even now the work of spoliation was not complete.
335. In short, complete Russification of all non-Russian populations and institutions was the chief aim of the government in home affairs.
336. Subsequently, by obtaining from the Tsungli-Yaman a long lease of Port Arthur and Talienwan and a concession to unite those ports with the Trans-Siberian by a branch line, she tightened her hold on that portion of the Chinese empire and prepared to complete the work of aggression by so-called " spontaneous infiltration."
337. In 1909 the number of exiles for political reasons from Russia was reckoned at 180,000; but the third Duma, purged and packed by an ingenious franchise system, was in its third year passing measures of beneficent legislation, in complete harmony with the government.
338. The organs of government seemed paralysed by the repudiation of the principle on which their authority was based, and the empire to be in danger of falling into complete anarchy.
339. The inspections made by the officers of the Board of Trade under this act are very complete: the permanent way, bridges, viaducts, tunnels and other works are carefully examined; all iron or steel girders are tested; stations, including platforms, stairways, waiting-rooms, &c., are inspected; and the signalling and " interlocking " are thoroughly overhauled.
340. A reasonable period was afforded them, according to circumstances, to comply with these requirements, and at the present time the work is practically complete.
341. The section requiring annual reports, while it led to the creation of a Bureau of Statistics, did not give the Commission power to compel complete or satisfactory answers to its requests for information.
342. They had been given power to require complete annual reports from carriers, with a consequent great increase in public knowledge concerning railway operation and practice.
343. Two lines may be drawn from this point, one to each of the two rails, in a plane normal to the rails, and the ends of these lines, where they meet the rails, may be joined to complete a triangle, which may conveniently be regarded as a rigid frame resting on the rails.
344. A complete account of Webb's engines will be found in a paper, " The Compound Principle applied to Locomotives," by E.
345. It is not possible to do anything better with two-cylinder locomotives unless bobweights be added, but with four-cylinder four-crank engines complete balance is possible both in the vertical and in the horizontal directions.
346. Independent unit complete in itself.
347. Holland, Hungary and Switzerland were all early in the field; and Belgium has succeeded, through the instrumentality of the semi-official Societe Nationale de Chemins de Fer Vicinaux, started in 1885, in developing one of the most complete systems of rural railway transport in the world.
348. Later followed the appearance of lights; quasi-human voices; musical sounds, produced, it is said, without instruments; the "materialization" or presence in material form of what seemed to be human hands and faces, and ultimately of complete figures, alleged to be not those of any person present, and sometimes claimed by witnesses as deceased relatives; "psychography," or "direct writing and drawing," asserted to be done without human intervention; "spirit-photography," or the appearance on photographic plates of human and other forms when no counterpart was visible before the camera to any but specially endowed seers; 3 unfastening of cords and bonds; elongation of the medium's body; handling of red-hot coals; and the apparent passage of solids through solids without disintegration.
349. A complete bibliography is in A.
350. When he reveals his face, then will they be put to shame and the victory will be complete."
351. 4 For a very complete exposition of the operation of valves in the horn, and of the mathematical proportions to be observed in construction, see Victor Mahillon's "Le Cor," also the article by Gottfried Weber in Caecilia (1835), to which reference was made above.
352. The most complete monograph is that by Archbishop E.
353. A new edition of the complete translation, prefaced by a letter on Gibbon's life and character, from the pen of Suard, and annotated by Guizot, appeared in 1812 (and again in 1828).
354. The cathedral, originally erected in the 12th century, was reconstructed in the 15th and 16th; the façade shows traces of both periods, the Renaissance work being complete only in the lower portion.
355. C(okayne), Complete Peerage, sub "Gloucester."
356. Having made the grand tour he returned to Ireland; and being employed by the parliament in a mission to the duke of Ormonde, now reduced to the last extremities, he succeeded in concluding a treaty with him on the 19th of June 1647, thus securing the country from complete subjection to the rebels.
357. It was the author's original intention to complete this work in four volumes, but as the first volume was keenly attacked in Germany as well as in France, Fustel was forced in self-defence to recast the book entirely.
358. (?) and viii., and the satellite of Neptune.); while, to make the argument complete, the planets, so far as they can be observed, rotate on their axes in the same manner.
359. Thus we get a complete scientific demonstration of the causation of malaria in three stages: (1) the discovery of the parasite by Laveran; (2) its life-history in the human host and connexion with the fever demonstrated by the Italian observers; (3) its life-history in the alternate host, and the identification of the latter with a particular species of mosquito by Ross and Manson.
360. Mosquitoes go through four phases: (1) ovum, (2) larva, (3) nympha, (4) complete insect.
361. Lord Auckland had the double mortification of seeing his policy a complete failure and of being superseded before his errors could be rectified.
362. Owen Roe professed to be acting in the interest of Charles I.; but his real aim was the complete independence of Ireland, while the AngloNorman Catholics represented by the council desired to secure religious liberty and an Irish constitution under the crown of England.
363. The central core, which consists of several steep pyramids, is that of a very denuded old volcano, which when its crater was complete may have reached 2000 ft.
364. Metamorphosis in Diptera is complete; the larvae are utterly different from the perfect insects in appearance, and, although varying greatly in outward form, are usually footless grubs; those of the Muscidae are generally known as maggots.
365. The third part of John's history, which is a detailed account of the ecclesiastical events which happened in 571-585, as well as of some earlier occurrences, survives in a fairly complete state in Add.
366. The foreign policy of this period brought about the complete isolation of Austria, and the ingratitude towards Russia, as shown during the period of the Crimean War, which has become proverbial, caused a permanent estrangement between the two great Eastern empires and the imperial families.
367. Borlase's letters to Pope, St Aubyn and others, with answers, fill several volumes of MS. There are also MS. notes on Cornwall, and a complete unpublished treatise Concerning the Creation and Deluge.
368. From this was developed a complete system of Carbonarism, the peculiar principles of which were introduced from Italy by two of Bazard's friends.
369. Tribes, chiefly of pastoral habits, settled down among others who were so nearly of their own type that a complete amalgamation could be effected, and this without any marked modification of the general characteristics of the earlier inhabitants.
370. (" International Theological Library," Edinburgh, 1903) is in many respects the most serviceable and complete study; a modern and more critical " Ewald " is a desideratum.
371. The most complete is that of Ed.
372. Nevertheless, it implies that religion passed into a new stage through the influence of Moses, and to this we find a relatively less complete analogy in the specific north Israelite traditions of the age of Jehu.
373. Whatever recollection they preserved of their origin and of the circumstances of their entry would be retold from a new standpoint; the ethnological traditions would gain a new meaning; the assimilation would in time become complete.
374. Although the records preserve complete silence upon the period now under review, it is necessary to free oneself from the narrow outlook of the later Judaean compilers.
375. 15); and Zerubbabel is the one to take in hand and complete the great undertaking (Zech.
376. Although Judah was always closely connected with the south, these " southern " features (once clearly more extensive and complete) are found in the Deuteronomic and priestly compilations, and their presence in the historical records can hardly be severed from the prominence of " southern " families in the vicinity of Jerusalem, some time after the fall of Jerusalem.
377. The Graf-Wellhausen hypothesis, that the hierarchical law in its complete form in the Pentateuch stands at the close and not at the beginning of biblical history, that this mature Judaism was the fruit of the 5th century B.C. and not a divinely appointed institution at the exodus (nearly ten centuries previously), has won the recognition of almost all Old Testament scholars.
378. The Graf-Wellhausen hypothesis (§ 4) does not pretend to be complete in all its details and it is independent of its application to the historical criticism of the Old Testament.
379. Hence, in the absence of more complete external evidence one is obliged to recognize the limitations of Old Testament historical criticism, even though this recognition means that positive reconstructions are more precarious than negative conclusions.
380. Such hints as these indicate the impossibility of recovering a complete picture of the Jews during the sovereignty of the Greeks, which the Talmudists regard as the dark age, best left in oblivion.
381. The rulers, who desired peace, and upon whom Florus had laid the duty of restoring peace, asked him for troops; but the civil war ended in their complete discomfiture.
382. Religion under the Christian emperors became a significant source of discrimination in legal status, and non-conformity might reach so far as to produce complete loss of rights.
383. The Jews were not, indeed, granted complete citizenship, and their residence and public worship in Vienna and other Austrian cities were circumscribed and even penalized.
384. In Norway there is a small Jewish settlement (especially in Christiania) who are engaged in industrial pursuits and enjoy complete liberty.
385. After the Declaration of Independence, Jews are found all over America, where they have long enjoyed complete emancipation, and have enormously increased in numbers, owing particularly to immigration from Russia.
386. A complete edition of his Poems appeared in London in 1731 and in Dublin in 1733.
387. Another group of islands consists of elevated masses of submarine volcanic deposits, upon some of which coral-reef limestone forms a more or less complete covering; such are Tonumeia and the Nomuka group (Mango, Tonua, Nomuka-iki).
388. According to the census taken in 1881, the complete publication of which was interdicted by the Turkish authorities, the population of the island was 279,165, or 35.78 to the square kilometre.
389. The chamber exercises a complete financial control, and no taxes can be imposed without its consent.
390. Complete scenes of worship in which libations are poured before the Sacred Axes are, moreover, given on a fine painted sarcophagus found at Hagia Triada.
391. The drainage system here, including a water-closet, is of the most complete and modern kind.
392. But besides these three, there were many other independent cities, which, though they generally followed the lead of one or other of these more powerful rivals, enjoyed complete autonomy, and were able to shift at will from one alliance to another.
393. For some time after his arrival complete tranquillity prevailed in the island, but the Moslem population, reduced to great distress by the prolonged insurrection, emigrated in large numbers.
394. This defeat rendered the adherents of James in Ireland incapable of further efforts, and was speedily followed by the complete submission of the country.
395. His complete version of the Bible (1530), on the basis of Jerome, took the same place as his version of the New Testament.
396. So complete became the breach between them that in 1773 the royal government had nearly ceased to operate, and in 1774 the governor was deserted by his hitherto subservient council.
397. Philo's ethical ideal is renunciation, contemplation, complete surrender to the divine influence.
398. (Porphyry tells us that Plotinus was unwilling to name his parents or his birthplace, and seemed ashamed of being in the body.) Beyond the uaOap ra, or virtues which purify from sin, lies the further stage of complete identification with God (ovrc w aµaprias Eivac; aXAa 0E6v Elm).
399. With this opposition to the Church they combine a complete antinomianism, through the identification of all their desires with the impulses of the divine Spirit.
400. Gichtel (1638-1710), the first editor of his complete works, became the founder of a sect called the Angel-Brethren.
401. Their labour often results in the complete defoliation of the tree.
402. The victory was, however, by no means complete.
403. The mountain mass, moreover, is not less important in causing a complete separation between the atmospheric conditions on its opposite flanks, by reason of the extent to which it penetrates that stratum of the atmosphere which is in contact with the earth's surface and is effective in determining climate.
404. This great mass of mountain, constituting as it does a complete natural line of division across a large part of the continent, will form a convenient basis from which to work, in proceeding, as will now be done, to give a general view of the principal countries contained in Asia.
405. Farther south, in the Chinese provinces of Shansi and Shensi, the geological succession is similar in some respects to that of the Siberian Palaeozoic plateau, but the sequence is more complete.
406. Marine Tertiary beds occur in Burma; in the Himalayas and in south Tibet there is a nearly complete series of marine deposits from the Carboniferous to the Eocene; in Afghanistan the Mesozoic beds are in part marine and in part fluviatile.
407. The Indian flora contains a more general and complete illustration of almost all the chief natural families of all parts of the world than any other country.
408. The cinchona has recently been introduced with complete success; and the mahogany of America reaches a large size, and gives promise of being grown for use as timber.
409. Very little is known of the plants of the interior of northern China, but it seems probable that a complete botanical connexion is established between it and the temperate region of the Himalaya.
410. In'the birds, the Ethiopian type is shown by the prevalence of larks and' ",stone-chats, and by the complete absence of the many peculiar genera of the Indian region.
411. There is complete present, and probably previous long-existing, geographical continuity in the area over - which they are found.
412. Invasions and more or less complete conquests can be ascribed to these tribes without counting minor movements.
413. The collapse of the political power of the Arabs was singularly complete.
414. The glory of this victory was increased by the complete subjugation of Edom in a war conducted by Joab with characteristic severity (2 Sam.
415. The surprise was complete, and David was compelled to evacuate Jerusalem, where he might have been crushed before he had time to rally his faithful subjects.
416. After seventeen years of active teaching, he retired in order to complete his philosophical system.
417. The complete edition of the works by Sir William Hamilton, published in two volumes with notes and supplementary dissertations by the editor (6th ed.
418. Another edition of his Poetical Works (1899) has a preface and bibliography by Alfred Wallis, and a complete edition of his poems by C. E.
419. On the 18th of the same month he presented a paper to the Academy, containing a far more complete exposition of that and kindred phenomena.
420. In 1757 he was associated with Sir John Mordaunt in command of an abortive expedition against Rochfort, the complete failure of which brought Conway into discredit and involved him in a pamphlet controversy.
421. On the other hand, in certain Polychaeta the bundles of setae are so extensive that they nearly form a complete circle surrounding the body; and in the Oligochaet genus Perichaeta (=Pheretima), and some allies, there is actually a complete circle of setae in each segment broken only by minute gaps, one dorsal, the other ventral.
422. The more complete replacements, such as the nephridia of the genital segment of Tubifex by a subsequently formed genital duct, may be compared with the succession of the nesonephros to the pronephros in vertebrates, and of the metanephros to the mesonephros in the higher vertebrates..
423. One set lies in front of the diaphragm, which is the most anterior and complete septum, the rest having disappeared or being much less developed.
424. The peristomium has no setae, and the setae generally are hair-like or uncinate, often forming almost complete rings.
425. In the prose Lancelot his education is complete, he knows his name and parentage, though for some unexplained reason he keeps both secret, and he goes with a fitting escort and equipment to Arthur's court to demand knighthood.
426. Curtis, Life of Daniel Webster (2 vols., New York, 1870) is the most complete biography, but it is written wholly from an admirer's point of view.
427. Although bitterly opposed by the partisans of scholastic routine, Genovesi found influential patrons, amongst them Bartolomeo Intieri, a Florentine, who in 1754 founded the first Italian or European chair of political economy (commerce and mechanics), on condition that Genovesi should be the first professor, and that it should never be held by an ecclesiastic. The fruit of Genovesi's professorial labours was the Lezioni di Commercio, the first complete and systematic work in Italian on economics.
428. The doctrine once established remained an inherent part of the Babylonian-Assyrian religion and led to the more or less complete disassociation of the three gods constituting the triad from their original local limitations.
429. In 1649 he published the complete edition of his Apology for authorized and set forms of Liturgy against the Pretence of the Spirit, as well as his Great Exemplar.
430. This was given in the most complete degree by Pasteur.
431. If the pericentre is fixed, this is an actual revolution; but if it moves the anomalistic revolution is greater or less than a complete circumference.
432. In addition he demanded the complete freedom of commerce and industry.'
433. Turgot's only choice, however, was between "tinkering" at the existing system in detail and a complete revolution, and his attack on privilege, which might have been carried through by a popular minister and a strong king, was bound to form part of any effective scheme of reform.
434. The body he regards as forming part of the substance of the soul, which through this union is more perfect and complete.
435. Gsell, Essai sur le reg g e de l'empereur Domitien (1894), very complete in every respect; H.
436. A complete translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses (he had published six books with the Heroic Epistles some years previously) followed in 1697.
437. The act of 1869 was at that time the most complete measure that had ever been passed for dealing with diseases of animals.
438. Because in physical science there is all but complete agreement in opinion.
439. But it is doubtful whether the most complete investigation would ever enable us to include all the elements of the standard of life in a money estimate.
440. No one knows what proportion of the industrial population was included in the organized gilds, or how complete was the control exercised by these bodies over their members.
441. Thus the productive power of England was unrivalled, and her manufactures and business men, under a regime rapidly approximating to complete freedom of trade, could reap the full advantages to be derived from the possession of great national resources and production by machinery.
442. Suppose we have selected one of the numerous subsidiary problems suggested by the general inquiry, and obtained such full and complete information about one particular industry that we of a can tabulate the wages of the workers for a long series of years.
443. But at this stage in historical investigation it is generally the want of evidence of a sufficiently complete and continuous character, rather than difficulties of method, which forces us to leave the problem unsolved.
444. A complete restatement could only be undertaken by a group of men, trained in much the same conditions, accustomed to think and work together, each one engaged on a special department, but all acting under the control of one master-mind.
445. In the campaign of 1304, when Edward renewed his attempt on Scotland and reduced Stirling, Bruce supported the English king, who in one of his letters to him says, "If you complete that which you have begun, we shall hold the war ended by your deed and all the land of Scotland gained."
446. Abu '1 Kasim Mansur (or Hasan), who took the nom de plume of Firdousi, author of the epic poem the Shahnama, or "Book of Kings," a complete history of Persia in nearly 60,000 verses, was born at Shadab, a suburb of Tus, about the year 329 of the Hegira (941 A.D.), or earlier.
447. Ethe, Oxford, 1902; complete metrical translation by Schlechta-Wssehrd, Vienna, 1889).
448. The only complete translation is Il Libro dei Rei, by I.
449. The Scottish parliament agreed to the marriage of the young queen with the dauphin of France, and, on the plea of securing her safety from English designs, she set sail from Dumbarton in August 1548 to complete her education at the French court.
450. When the shell is sinistral the asymmetry of the organs is usually reversed, and there is a complete situs inversus viscerum, the direction of the spiral of the shell corresponding to the position of the organs of the body.
451. C, Complete semi-rotation (the limit).
452. Neither the rotation of the shell as a whole nor its helicoid spiral coiling is the immediate cause of the torsion of the body in the individual, for the direction of the torsion is indicated in the segmentation of the ovum, in which there is a complete A B From Lankester's Treatise on Zoology.
453. Patella, pallial branchiae forming a complete circle, no epipodial tentacles, British.
454. It is clear that, if we start from the condition of full eversion of the tube and watch the process of introversion, we shall find that the pleurecbolic variety is introverted by the apex of the tube sinking inwards; it may be called acrembolic, whilst conversely the acrecbolic tubes are pleurembolic. Further, it is obvious enough that the process either of introversion or of eversion of the tube may be arrested at any point, by the development of fibres connecting the wall of the introverted tube with the wall of the body, or with an axial structure such as the oesophagus; on the other hand, the range of movement of the tubular introvert may be unlimited or complete.
455. The acrembolic proboscis or frontal introvert of the Nemertine worms has a complete range.
456. So too the acrembolic eye-tentacle of the snail has a complete range of movement, and also the pleurembolic proboscis of the Rhabdocoel prostoma.
457. The introvert is not a simple one with complete range both in eversion and introversion, but is arrested in introversion by the fibrous bands at c, and similarly in eversion by the fibrous bands at b.
458. G, The acrecbolic snout of a proboscidiferous Gastropod, arrested short of complete eversion by the fibrous band b.
459. K, Complete eversion of H.
460. To complete the account of the relations of the organ: the right anterior corner can be seen superficially in the wall of the mantlechamber above the gill.
461. But the link that connects him with churchly realism, as well as with the NeoPlatonic mysticism, is the conviction that complete and certain knowledge rests wholly on divine revelation, i.e.
462. 118, &c. There is no complete critical edition of Origen's works..
463. Of monographs, the best and most complete is Redepenning, Origenes, eine Darstellung seines Lebens and seiner Lehre (2 vols., 1841, 1846).
464. He encouraged Hans Svaning to complete Saxo's history of Denmark, and Anders Vedel to translate Saxo into Danish.
465. It was a complete failure, and for a time his prospects were overclouded.
466. Finally, it should be noted that, amid the failure of the national aims which the Directory and Bonaparte set forth, his own desires received a startlingly complete fulfilment.
467. Returning to the period of the Consulate, we notice the founding of an institution which also had its complete development during the Empire, namely, the Legion of Honour (19th of May 1802).
468. The settlement which he thereby imposed was in many ways excellent; but it was dearly purchased by the complete ascendancy of Bonaparte in all important affairs, and by the claim for the services of a considerable contingent of Swiss troops which he thereafter rigorously enforced.
469. The senate, as usual, took the lead in suggesting some such change in the constitution; and it besought Napoleon "to complete his work by rendering it, like his glory, immortal."
470. As usually happened in this strife of the land power and the sea power, Napoleon's continental policy attained an almost complete success, while the naval and oriental schemes which he had more nearly at heart utterly miscarried.
471. According to outward appearance nothing was wanting to complete the emperor's triumph.
472. Evidently then the Spanish dockyards and warships (when vigorously organized) were to count for much in the schemes for assuring complete supremacy in the Mediterranean and the ultimate overthrow of the British and Turkish empires, which he then had closely at heart.
473. In the case of King Louis, family quarrels embittered the relations between the two brothers; but it is clear from Napoleon's letters of November - December 1809 that he had even then resolved to annex Holland in order to gain complete control of its customs and of its naval resources.
474. Napoleon, though he never again worked as he had done, soon freed himself from complete dependence on Marie Louise; and he never allowed her to intrude into political affairs, for which, indeed, she had not the least aptitude.
475. P. Migne, Patrologia Graeca, clx.; for a complete list see Fabricius, Bibliotheca Graeca (ed.
476. He announced a complete reorganization of the navy, which was to be grouped in four fleets, three being for home defence, based on home ports (the third being the Atlantic fleet previously based on Gibraltar), and the fourth, based on Gibraltar, to operate either in home waters or in the Mediterranean.
477. The Mandaean places of worship, being designed only for the priests and their assistants (the worshippers remaining in the forecourt), are excessively small, and very simply furnished; two windows, a door that opens towards the south so that those who enter have their faces turned towards the pole star, a few boards in the corner, and a gabled roof complete the whole structure; there is neither altar nor decoration of any kind.
478. A complete bibliography is given in U.
479. But examples are not wanting of a more or less complete resting habit during the latest nymphal instar.
480. The wingless forms in question are always allied to winged forms, and there is every reason to believe that they have been really derived from winged forms. There are also insects (fleas, &c.) in which metamorphosis of a " complete " character exists, though the insects never develop wings.
481. The court of Vienna had treated the Silesian Protestants with tyrannical severity, in direct contravention of the treaty of Osnabruck, of which Sweden was one of the guarantors; and Charles demanded summary and complete restitution so dictatorially that the emperor prepared for war.
482. Farel, returning, achieved in a couple of years a complete supremacy for his followers.
483. The church of St Andrew is of unknown foundation, but the list of vicars is complete from 1223.
484. 2 This is, of course, no complete list of German ornithologists.
485. As to the third or posterior series, when it is complete the three constituent pieces are developed almost simultaneously; but its median piece is said often to originate in two, which soon unite, especially when the side-pieces are wanting.
486. These the author reserved for a second treatise which he was destined never to complete.
487. This thereat German comparative anato- Johannes great p mist did in two communications to the Academy of Sciences of Berlin, one on the 26th June 1845 and the other on the 14th May 1846, which, having been first briefly published in the Academy's Monatsbericht, were afterwards printed in full, and illustrated by numerous figures, in its Abhandlungen, though in this latter and complete form they did not appear in public until 1847.
488. The furcula is complete and strong, the feet very passerine in appearance.
489. This Tentamen, containing his complete method of classifying birds in general, naturally received much attention, the more so perhaps, since, with its appendices, it was nearly the last labour of its respected author, whose industrious life came to an end in the course of the following year.
490. Was conferred on him at Doctors' Commons in 1691, and the Royal Society made him, in 1696, a grant to enable him to complete his philosophical inventions.
491. But with the decline of Venice the trade of the port fell off; the mouth of the Lido entrance became gradually silted up owing to the joint action of the tide and the current, and for many years complete stagnation characterized the port.
492. Altogether the gallery contains twenty rooms, one being assigned to the complete cycle of the "History of Saint Ursula," by Carpaccio; another to Giambellino and to the Celliniani; and a whole wall of a third being occupied by the famous Veronese, "11 Convito in casa di Levi."
493. There is a tradition that Venice was founded by "consuls from Padua"; and Padua claimed complete control of the course of the Brenta down to its mouth at Malamocco.
494. The fall of Tyre marks a great advance in development of Venetian trade; the republic had now passed beyond the Adriatic, and had taken an important step towards that complete command of the Levant which she established after the Fourth Crusade.
495. The first Genoese war began and ended in 1258 by the complete defeat of Genoa.
496. The victory of Agnadello (1510) gave the allies the complete command of Venetian territory down to the shores of the lagoon.
497. Here he continued his labours in experimental science and also in the composition of complete treatises.
498. The anatomy of the eye is next described; this is done well and evidently at first hand, though the functions of the parts are not given with complete accuracy.
499. All questionnaires were read aloud, completed by the researcher and related to the preceding 7 days.
500. The first interview was completed by 2199 subjects, 58 % of those eligible to participate.
501. They completed telephone screening (n>3500) and diagnostic interviews (n=608), and provided informed consent to enter the protocol (n=156).
502. Eligible subjects provided informed consent, completed the questionnaires, and provided a buccal smear for the genetic analysis.
503. All 32 patients completed the full 5-week course of treatment.
504. The intervention was fully completed by 24 carers (42 %) and partially completed by 10 others.
505. We continued recruitment until our target of 105 completed interviews was met.
506. All except for three had completed secondary education.
507. Respondent age, gender and education level completed at the time of the interview were included in all models as demographic control variables.
508. The total number of fully completed returned questionnaires from index siblings is 22 087.
509. One subject had some difficulty completing the task because of the poor quality of the synthetic speech.
510. Therefore, prescribed words such as set, selected or completed can be appropriately uttered only when the action to which they refer has indeed been completed.
511. Since there are no -abstractions in e, we have completed all the possible cases and the statement is proved.
512. Two different pairs of maps were used, as par ticipants completed the task twice.
513. All participants completed a contextualised wr itten task involving the manipulation of infor mation structure.
514. Results of the end of semester exam - completed three months following data collection - were analyzed.
515. All pair work was audiotaped and all completed texts collected.
516. Students completed questionnaires at the end of each session and also at the end of the course.
517. In general, completed trace semantics and trace semantics are incomparable.
518. A performer always adds musical aspects to the composition and completes the work.
519. Since completing this manuscript, we have investigated the space of sonic variability in more formalised experimental settings.
520. Designs for the latter were agreed to in 1809 and the monument was due to be completed in 1814.
521. The historical aspect of the "why" needs to be completed, however, by the consideration of the contemporary dimension of the problem.
522. All of the students completed questionnaires which focussed on their attitudes toward, and understanding of, plagiarism.
523. All these developmental processes occur sometime during childhood and are largely completed by puber ty.
524. Therefore, participants were required not to move onto the next page before completing the previous task.
525. A total of 23 teachers completed the teacher questionnaires.
526. There is also no indication which projects have been constructed or completed.
527. The completed artifacts include a variety of forms, including bone tubes, disks, adornos, blanks, and perforators.
528. The questionnaire was completed in the classroom in the presence of the researcher and member of the teaching staff.
529. Consequently, in this latter year, just over 15,000 individuals completed a full individual interview.
530. The participants first completed the kanji pretest and the vocabulary strategy questionnaire.
531. An average of 94% (range of 73 - 100%) of the instructional steps for each lesson were completed.
532. Rules on this level serve two functions: they describe constraints between codes and are used for completing par tially specified orders.
533. One activated experience is selected for the memory construction by completing the par tial design experience used initially as a cue.
534. A standard form was completed for each field.
535. In summary, the lack of completed examples is a small detail.
536. They completed telephone screening (n>3500), diagnostic interviews (n=608) and provided informed consent to enter the protocol (n=156).
537. Lifetime disorders not present in the 12month were only assessed for mood, psychotic and selected other disorders once the 12-month assessment was completed.
538. At baseline and follow-up interviews, the participants completed the following four selfratings.
539. Participants completed the various measures in a booklet format that was sent to them through the post.
540. Testing typically took place within one session and all tasks were completed as part of a larger battery of tests.
541. Participants completed study measures during their regular diabetes clinic visit or at home (returning it by mail).
542. Two hundred patients completed the 12-month assessment and 164 the 24-month assessment.
543. Table 1 provides demographic information for the full sample as well as those who completed the follow-up interview and those who did not.
544. In the first follow-up, an average of 20 months after baseline, a total of 1228 interviews were completed (response rate=88 %).
545. After the second full mailout, another 81 questionnaires were returned to produce a total return of 310 completed questionnaires (total response rate of 51 %).
546. Only 45 (36 %) of the patients completed the full alprazolam taper.
547. Participants were then assigned in a randomized blocked manner to either the rumination or distraction condition and completed the 8-minute period of response induction.
548. Once assigned, 79 % agreed to take part and provided 198 completed in-depth interviews.
549. Given the large number of missing values,3 this left us with only 137 respondents (57% of the completed interviews).
550. The average time for completing the short form of the interview was 25 minutes and for the long form 2.5 hours.
551. The cycle is completed when the metacercariae are consumed by waterfowl.
552. When bloodmeal digestion is completed the sandflies feed on sugar meals and the parasites migrate forwards.
553. In both insect and acrine hosts the sporulation is completed in the haemocoel.
554. Fifty-five of the 140 patients (39%) who took part in the combination phase completed 7 years of follow-up.
555. Seven out of ten patients completed this open-label active trial, but the results were not used in the analysis of primary outcome data.
556. Thirty patients who had completed 2-week trials were included in the final analysis.
557. Thirty patients completed the study and three dropped out.
558. The rate of completing the study was high.
559. After a cycle of two triads, the experimenter moved on to the next triad, continuing until the child had completed the full set of sentences.
560. Laboratory results confirming rotavirus or bacterial infection may be returned to the ward after the discharge diagnosis data have been completed.
561. The context can also be generalized, as activities are completed.
562. Deontologists disagree about whether deontological maxims are aimed at motivation s, deliberations, intentions, attempted actions, or completed actions.
563. In (33b), for example, when the novel is completed, the writing event is accomplished.
564. The entire session was completed within 50 minutes.
565. Each student had successfully completed all previous levels of instruction.
566. The other half completed a form production test.
567. All participants completed the recall task before the 10-minute time limit.
568. The processing group completed the activity with nouns; the verbs were already written on their worksheet.
569. In addition, a two-page postal questionnaire was sent to all 58 interviewees, and 38 were completed (66 % response).
570. Once the engagements had been made, they all left ; the fiancees will join them once the paperwork has been completed.
571. Follow-up questionnaires were sent to the same proprietors one year later, of which 43 (41 per cent) were successfully completed and returned.
572. The prospective participants made a decline-accept decision and then (perhaps) completed the trial.
573. The second is the eye-mind hypothesis, which stipulates that the eyes remain fixated on a word until the processing on that word has been completed.
574. In the best of these cases, the artifact had been carried to the location as a rough roughout, which was then completed.
575. As reported in that study, there was strong evidence that the actual stimulus selection took place after response selection and execution was completed.
576. After completing determination of gaseous metabolism, the catheters were removed and the heifer was fed the diet.
577. As a final stage, the designer tries to add the completed code to the code database.
578. The conceptual design of the technical system was augmented using a new component, a capacitor, and according to the algorithm chaining can be completed.
579. A completed system would include a monitoring mode, a repair mode, and a process history mode.
580. Each participant completed 20 practice and 120 test trials.
581. Participants were allowed to ask questions after completing the practice block.
582. All children completed the criterion task and none was excluded from the study.
583. All participants completed an informed consent form that explained the purpose of the study and the extent of their participation.
584. The completed surveys were collected at each site by the collaborator, who also tracked the total number of surveys that had been distributed.
585. At that time, only 21 percent of the engineering drawings had been completed, and it was still unknown whether the design would meet the requirements.
586. In addition, compliance testing of the control technology is also completed in this phase.
587. The program completed 3,070 initial engineering drawings at its critical design review in 1995, about 26 percent of the eventual drawings needed.
588. The consequence is that the period can be completed in an individual well in advance of its reaching its end socially.
589. Although the field work for this study was completed before these books appeared, the writing up has been done with these studies in mind.
590. Currently, the patient is on warfarin, 2.5 mg daily, while completing a 6-mo warfarin regimen.
591. Evaluation of metabolic homeostasis, lipid profile, and kidney and myocardial function must be completed before surgery.
592. Further, effective performance and risk management systems must be established, and work must be completed on threat and vulnerability assessments.
593. When this is completed, the flutes are carved with at least two stages of roughing with a point and finishing with a wide round-headed chisel.
594. The carving is essentially completed before it is moved from the quarry area.
595. Preparations were completed to cash it after the election.
596. The "dialogue" that results from such activity is in fact aesthetic because its elements are completed aesthetically.
597. A third complex was under construction in 1225, and completed in 1260, consisting of common rooms, outbuildings, refectory, dormitory, cloister, kitchen, bakehouse and stables.
598. The self-administered questionnaire (which was completed between the first and the second interview) included a dietary inventory and some mental health and attitudinal scales.
599. Although the current human reference genome is the most accurate and complete vertebrate genome ever produced, there are still gaps in the DNA sequence, even after two decades of improvements. Now, ...
600. Closed Vessel Testing has been completed for Vogtle Unit 3 at Georgia Power's nuclear expansion project near Waynesboro, Ga., marking continued progress with critical testing. The completion of this ...
601. Barca had until July 15 to complete the signing worth a total €4.5m and sources have told ESPN that they have done so. Sao Paulo will retain 30% of the 19-year-old's future sale. The operation will ...
602. The Knicks are continuing to work through the process of the search for a head coach and have completed second interviews with all candidates. On MSG Network last month, Knicks president Leon Rose des ...
603. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is forming a team capable of winning the Premier League, according to Dwight Yorke, who says Manchester United's "transformation" back into an elite force is almost complete.
604. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and TÜV SÜD Announce Publication of Industry First complete Safety Guidelines ...
605. Sixty U.S. Marines from Marine Attack Squadron 214 completed their Corporals Course while deployed to Prince Sultan Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
606. If a sentence is lacking a subject, verb, or object, it may be classified as a sentence fragment. Finally, examples of complete sentences need to start with a capital letter and end with some form of punctuation. So, at the end of a complete sentence, we'll need a period, question mark, exclamation mark, or even a semi-colon.
607. complete Sentence. Learning how to construct a complete sentence is a necessary skill that one needs to possess. But in order to understand how complete sentences work, we need to understand what sentences actually are. Sentences work as a framework for individuals to properly express their thoughts and feelings in the form of words.
608. Definition of a complete Sentence. A complete sentence contains a subject and a predicate. First, let me clarify some of these terms. A subject is the main noun or pronoun that the sentence is
609. Complex sentences are fascinating components of the English language. When used properly, they can add depth to our writing. Complex sentences contain an independent clause and at least one dependent clause.. An independent clause has the ability to stand alone as a sentence. It always makes a complete thought.
610. A sentence that gives a complete thought can be seen as a complete sentence. For example, “Come.” can be a complete sentence even though it has only one word, ‘come’, which is a verb. In this case, this would be an imperative sentence. However, i
611. A complete sentence must have two essential parts: a subject and a verb. A subject is a noun (a person, place, thing, or idea) that tells us what the sentence is about. A subject tells us 'who' or
612. A complete sentence must be comprised of at least one complete clause. item ; Ranked just under the sentence in grammatical hierarchy, a clause represents the main idea of the sentence. A complete clause contains a noun or subject, a verb or predicate, and must represent a complete thought.
613. Examples of complete in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: All questionnaires were read aloud, completed by the researcher and related to…
614. complete sentence examples. complete. It's a nice house, a keen house, complete with a front porch and swing. 459. 107. Was she a complete fool? 287. 102. Lana needed to complete her mission, even if she wasn't sure how to do it. 145. 51. Nobody wanted this to happen, but don't let his death be a complete loss. 115. 60.
615. Simple Sentence Examples. Simple Sentence. A simple sentence is one independent clause that has a subject and a verb and expresses a complete thought. Notice that there are some important requirements for a simple sentence: 1. Must have a subject and a verb. 2. Must express a complete thought.
616. A complete sentence has three characteristics: First, it begins with a capital letter. In addition, it includes an end mark—either a period [. ], question mark [? ], or exclamation point [! ]. Most importantly, the complete sentence must contain at least one main clause. Each main clause contains an independent subject and verb and expresses
617. Examples of complete in a sentence: 1. Then all was darkness again more complete than ever. 2. There was complete delusion in the scene. 3. Helen smiled with complete self-possession.
618. Sentence structure is incredibly important to the way we communicate. The ability to effectively combine a complete sentence or independent clause with a dependent clause comes to native English speakers with time and experience. To easily form a complex sentence is vital to basic business communications and human interactions. Whether you’re new to learning about […]
619. A complete sentence is the opposite of that moment in a television show. You have gotten to the end, and you do know what’s happening. In other words, a complete sentence must express a complete thought. complete sentence examples and context. Check out these complete sentences. Notice how they express complete thoughts:
620. I saw the dog. (subject I, predicate saw the dog) The boy threw the ball. (subject boy, verb threw, direct object ball). (These simple rhymes are also all made of complete sentences.) Little Miss
621. A sentence refers to a word, clause, or a group of clauses or words that express a complete idea. Sentences are vital in writing since they help you express your thoughts. It is, therefore, very crucial to write sentences that are complete and which follow grammar rules.. complete sentences typically contain a verb, can stand alone and still make sense, and they also clearly express a complete
622. A sentence cannot be complete (independent) unless it has both a subject and a predicate; otherwise, a group of words is just a phrase or a clause. For example, a complete sentence could be, "Go!" It has both a subject ("you", understood, is the subject, as the sentence is in the imperative voice) and a verb ("go").
623. "[I]n the complex sentence John left when his sister arrived, the clause when his sister arrived is a dependent clause because it is preceded by the word when, which is a subordinating conjunction.Dependent clauses are not complete sentences; they cannot stand alone as a complete sentence. For example, *When his sister arrived cannot stand alone. . Dependent clauses must be attached to
624. In this way, the predicate is complete, a complete predicate. To identify a complete predicate in a sentence, ask yourself what the subject does or is. Remember that a complete predicate includes the verb or verb phrase plus all the words that accompany it. complete Predicate Examples: Verbs in complete Predicates
625. Sentence Examples The complete process of ATP generation is called cellular respiration, and consists of three main stages. Recent election losses have led to open rebellion among some party members, who are calling for a complete change of leadership.
626. Incomplete sentence examples. Thus the complete metaphysical idealism of Fichte's Wissenschaftslehre formed out of the incomplete metaphysical idealism of Kant's Kritik, is the theor y on its epistemological side that the Ego posits the non-Ego as a thing in itself,
627. Preposition Sentences Examples; Imperative Sentence Examples; What is a Compound Sentence? A compound sentence is typically composed of at least two independent clauses that are linked by a comma (,), a semicolon (;), a dash (—) or a conjunction.These independent clauses refer to a type of clause that consists of a subject and a verb and conveys a complete thought.
628. A complex sentence is a sentence that has an independent clause and a dependent clause. This is different from a simple sentence that has one independent clause. What makes a sentence complex is the dependent clause.. The difference between an independent and a dependent clause is whether or not the words express a complete thought.. Independent Clause: I said to go to the store.
629. In English, complex sentences are one of the four known sentence structures. When a sentence contains one independent clause and is joined by one or more dependent or subordinate clauses, it is called a complex sentence. A dependent or subordinate clause is one which cannot convey the complete thought without the help of an independent clause.
630. What does complete subject mean? A complete subject is all of the words that tell whom or what a sentence discusses. The complete subject is who or what is “doing” the verb, including any modifiers. complete Subject Examples: The mangy old dog limped down the alley. In this sentence, the “dog” is “doing” the verb, “limped.”
631. To avoid being a sentence fragments, every complete sentence must have, at a minimum, a subject and an object. The sentence must also express a complete thought.
632. Examples of complete halt in a sentence, how to use it. 20 examples: It also brings the rhythmic activity of the accompaniment to a complete halt…
633. A sentence fragment is a string of words that does not form a complete sentence; there is a necessary component of a complete sentence missing. This missing component may be a subject (usually a noun) or a predicate (verb or verb phrase) and/or when the sentence does not express a complete idea.
634. The sentence now contains two independent clauses, as “I like to eat candy” and “I don’t like to eat popcorn” could both form complete sentences. The example has now become a compound sentence, i.e. one that contains two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction (but).
635. Spamster 1435633 complete the sentence. enteka 1723769 He is a complete idiot. belgavox 286426 His work is now complete. CK 2267347 Is this tea set complete? _undertoad 2940574 I can't complete with you. astyng 32533 It was a complete failure. CK 2029982 It was a complete success. Spamster 1474092 The research is completed?
636. An independent clause is a clause that can exist as a sentence on its own. It has a subject and a predicate and makes sense as a complete sentence. As mentioned, the independent clause shares the main information of a complex sentence. The dog ate popcorn. The dog ran quickly. He ate popcorn. He went to the county fair.
637. complete sentence checker is a wonderful online tool. We have it to get all the sentences in your writing checked out before you hand them in. Our complete sentence checker is designed to understand context, different spellings, and sentence structure, and it will do much more to make sure that your sentence is flawless.
638. With our selection of complete sentences games, students will build confidence in their abilities to read, comprehend, and construct complete sentences. For beginner readers, start with a simple but engaging story game that strengthens your students' reading comprehension with complete sentences, using sight words and descriptive pictures to match.
639. A complete sentence is not merely a group of words with a capital letter at the beginning and a period or question mark at the end. A complete sentence has three components:• a subject (the actor in the sentence)• a predicate (the verb or action), and• a complete thought (it can stand alone and make sense—its independent). 3. Sentence
640. Sentence fragments are a common mistake. A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. It could be a prepositional phrase. Or it could be a dependent clause. An English sentence must have a subject and a verb of its own. Study the sentences given below. Mike took out his pen. He started writing.
641. The simple past (also called past simple, past indefinite or preterite) is a verb tense which is used to show that a completed action took place at a specific time in the past. The simple past is also frequently used to talk about past habits and generalizations.
642. Definition of complete. to finish; to conclude; to reach the end. Examples of complete in a sentence. The investigation into the store robbery is complete once the criminal confessed.
643. To be a complete sentence it must: Start with a capital letter and end with either a period, exclamation point, or a question mark. Express a complete thought. Contain both a subject and a verb. If it does not contain all of the above then our “is this a complete sentence checker” will highlight your sentence for correction.
644. Writing complete sentences isn't hard, really. But it helps to know what to look for. Words from the Muck logo by Zaira Carcamo. Follow on Instagram: ins
645. Begin by explaining that complete sentences can be short or long, but they must have two basic parts, a subject and a predicate. The subject tells who or what the sentence is about, and the predicate is the action part of the sentence, or the part that tells what the subject is doing. If it’s missing one of those parts, it’s a fragment.
646. Typical associates Clauses. In non-functional linguistics, a simple complete sentence consists of a single clause. In functional linguistics, a sentence is typically associated with a clause and a clause can be either a clause simplex or a clause complex.A clause is a clause simplex if it represents a single process going on through time and it is a clause complex if it represents a logical

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