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"Downloading" Example Sentences

1. Bother downloading these photographs!
2. As an alternative to downloading the demo, you may request a demo CD from ORBiT.
3. So we can set about downloading and installing psyco ---a just-in-time native code compiler for Python.
4. There was just one room I lacked the dexterity to get through, and had to cheat by downloading one of Stella's savegames.
5. Dates covered: 1785-1985 EndNote downloading options: Downloading to endnote downloading options: Downloading to EndNote not possible - what is EndNote?
6. Even requesting employees to avoid certain websites and refrain from downloading applications cannot be a completely foolproof solution.
7. Format for downloading.
8. You can try using a screen magnifier yourself by downloading the Zoomtext screen magnifier for a free 30 day trial.
9. After downloading the picture to your computer, use the paint tool to give him a green Mohawk and a nose ring.
10. You might wanna check out their official home page, their myspace page or begin by downloading a few tracks to have a nibble.
11. By the way, downloading pornography onto your computer at work is a quick way of collecting your P45.
12. For example, someone facing charges of child rape could have previous convictions for downloading child pornography from the internet revealed to the jury.
13. These are made available for downloading as LaTeX files or compressed postscript.
14. PDF files are fully printable documents and are used for downloading and printing large documents from the site.
15. Webmail Users Delete the email without downloading the attachment purge your trash folder All Users We recommend protecting your PC and data from viruses.
16. Recharge station, you wouldn't need to keep the card in the ps2 console while uploading & downloading ps2 data.
17. Recommend downloading Virtual Moon Atlas.
18. Please bear in mind if downloading from the internet that the map is usually for A4 size and is no good for a book.
19. Spy ware on my computer from downloading the Thomson Photo Editor?
20. Stipulate maximum periods for downloading data.
21. Back to start Could I get a virus or spy ware on my computer from downloading the Thomson Photo Editor?
22. Webmail Users Delete the email without downloading the attachment Purge your trash folder All Users We recommend protecting your PC and data from viruses.
23. With this recharge station, you would n't need to keep the card in the ps2 console while uploading & downloading ps2 data.
24. If you would like to see a simulation of libration that really brings it to life then I recommend downloading Virtual Moon Atlas.
25. By downloading a small, self-executing program, end users can receive true hands-on assistance from your help-desk or sales staff.
26. Further amendment planned later in the year that will stipulate maximum periods for downloading data.
27. A: Steam has problems downloading custom wad files which some maps use.
28. You can also help to spread the word about subtitled cinema by downloading a poster or ordering free packs of awareness cards.
29. You can choose a cover that is ready-made, have one custom made for you, or learn how to make your own cover by downloading a tutorial.
30. Before buying a game on Xbox, consider downloading the demo (if available) through the Xbox Marketplace.
31. Dial-up is an Internet option in general, but with the kind of usage most consumers want to access--streaming movies or music, gaming, downloading, heavy or long-term website surfing--dial-up isn't a practical choice.
32. Audio books are presented electronically, either by online streaming or by downloading to a mobile device.
33. At Free, a huge variety of books are available for listening to, or for downloading to an MP3 player.
34. Downloading a program like this from a malicious website can result in your computer receiving a virus.
35. Individuals can begin the process of getting an initial 90 day fraud alert or an active duty alert by downloading a form from the website.
36. Once you click on the site, you will find that they want you to pay for downloading the kit.
37. Simply follow the steps for downloading, and you'll be off and running with this great, 3D kitchen design program.
38. More than just a for-pay music downloading service, iTunes also offers the ability to listen to scores of radio stations from every conceivable style of music at no charge.
39. Lime Wire: Lime Wire still offers peer-to-peer downloads, but is probably far more useful as a torrent downloading client.
40. Instead of downloading a torrent, you can search the Internet for the music you want using your favorite search engines.
41. You should be wary of downloading music that you do not own, as this is a civil infraction for which people have been sued in open court.
42. When playing games online, be cautious about downloading any files.
43. If you do decide that you feel secure in downloading a file from a site, don't open it without first running a virus scan.
44. Tioti requires only a free registration for discovering, downloading, streaming and sharing television shows.
45. While it's unlikely that you're going to get in trouble for watching illegal videos on your website, that becomes less certain if you're downloading the videos, especially if you are then sharing them.
46. Animal Palace offers many animated fantasy creatures that you can adopt by clicking and downloading.
47. No downloading or intensive computer specifications are needed.
48. These are not playable on your computer, but must be played through your Wii after downloading via the Internet Channel.
49. Now there's nothing stopping you from downloading one of these old, wonderful classic novels, curling up under the warm glow of a lamp, and diving into an old classic that you never got around to reading before.
50. The free online version (before you download) lets you try round one and the bonus round as many times as you'd like before downloading the 60 minute full trial that's right for your browser.
51. If the site is still blocked after changing the settings, try downloading another web browser like Firefox or Chrome.
52. The only items you should be downloading are Flash, Shockwave and Java because your computer needs them to run the online, browser-specific games.
53. If you would like a puppy on your desktop, but you'd rather not waste time caring for it, playing with it and feeding it, then downloading the puppy screensaver from this site would be your perfect solution.
54. If you have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, a Blackberry, an Android phone or a Kindle, then you can have access to the expansive Merriam Webster's Dictionary by downloading the applications.
55. Watching programming directly on the network's website not only allows you to watch the show whenever you want, it also saves you time spend downloading or money spent on DVDs.
56. You should be aware of what buyers are actually downloading.
57. There is no downloading required, nor is there anything to install.
58. However, this site is only for downloading Mac versions of GIMP.
59. Downloading Adobe free trials requires you to have an Adobe account, which is free of charge.
60. If you don't want or need Chrome, use the advanced set-up options to opt out of downloading it.
61. If you love to use flowers on your scrapbooking projects, consider downloading a few free floral dingbat fonts.
62. Ink for inkjet printers is often so costly that downloading free patterns does not result in any real savings when compared to buying kits at stores, especially if you have a knack for finding them on sale.
63. The site also offers instructions for using pdf files if you are unfamiliar with downloading and opening files.
64. DigiFree offers both basic gray scrapbook templates and quick page templates for downloading.
65. Shabby Princess is a digital scrapbooking blog and shop that has an extensive collection of free computer scrapbooking kits available for downloading.
66. You can get this application by downloading it to your iPhone library and syncing it with your iPhone.
67. Players also have the option of downloading games to their computer or mobile telephones.
68. You should also ask before downloading any programs onto your home computer.
69. Read the user licensing agreement carefully before downloading celebrity wallpapers or screensavers to your computer.
70. You can always make your own screen savers instead of downloading some that others have created.
71. There are also sites devoted exclusively to photos of celebrities, although there are fees involved for downloading.
72. Video sharing is especially popular with high-speed Internet access widely available on college campuses, so downloading large files is no concern.
73. Downloading college textbooks is more than just an environmentally-conscious way to achieve education.
74. While downloading your college textbooks may offer a lot of benefits, there are some drawbacks as well.
75. The benefits of downloading college textbooks far outweigh the cons, but it does require a new mindset and updated learning skills from traditional texts.
76. Going to college means college books whether you are downloading them, buying them or borrowing them.
77. The music is available for downloading and printing at just under $5.00 per song.
78. You'll find a wide selection of untreated, non-hybrid seeds for fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables, a catalog available for downloading, and helpful tips for creating a garden that does not interbreed.
79. Even if they are not interested in surfing the Internet, many do enjoy being able to master basic tasks like sending e-mail, downloading family photos and participating in age-related forums.
80. NOTE: LoveToKnow doesn't condone the downloading of illegal ROMs.
81. Storage is important if you plan on storing music on your system or downloading game demos, extra content or movies.
82. However, this opens up the possibility of downloading pirated games, which is an illegal activity and not recommended.
83. Forums are the most popular areas where modders introduce new Sims 3 mods, so it's always a good idea to spend time at such forums if you are into downloading these game tweaks.
84. Less of a code than a task, you can unlock the compact sub-machine gun by downloading the demo from Xbox Live Marketplace or the Playstation Store and play it until you reach rank 4.
85. Some will continue to argue that the downloading of pirated games is not illegal, but the distribution of illegal materials is illegal.
86. You don't have to worry about your kids downloading malicious malware, spyware and viruses because absolutely no downloads are required to enjoy your time at
87. Operating systems have to be configured; peripherals require installation often including downloading new firmware and drivers.
88. This site also offers membership passes that allow unlimited downloading of a wide selection games.
89. Offers a large selection of games available for downloading and purchasing . Games are available for Windows and Mac users.
90. Spin Top Another great site for downloading Little Shop of Treasures and other fun titles.
91. Downloading video games is the quickest way to get your gaming fix.
92. - This article makes several recommendations by various authors on specific mods you should consider downloading.
93. If you accidentally get on a malicious website, your browser settings and security programs should block the bad content and prevent it from downloading anything.
94. If you are dubious about downloading ROMs from any sites that offer PlayStation ROMs, then considering joining a site that lets you pay a one-time fee to download unlimited ROMs.
95. While they may not have all the games the other sites may have, you can be sure you are downloading from reputable servers.
96. Other online video games allow you to play without downloading anything; generally these games are a little smaller and are able to easily transmit everything you need in realtime over the web.
97. The program is not easy to use and requires a 12-step process along with downloading 8 freeware programs.
98. Downloading a video game is more convenient than having to go to a store.
99. There, you gain access to all sorts of content and interactivity, including the PlayStation Store.So, what does this have to do with downloading games to the PSP for free?
100. While LoveToKnow doesn't condone the method of downloading copyrighted games to use with your Nintendo 64 emulator, many companies have released game code so that the games are compatible with emulators.
101. Other uses for the wireless feature includes downloading game demos at Nintendo kiosks and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo's free online service allowing wireless Multiplayer across the world.
102. Although currently the Virtual Console is limited to just downloading retro video games, when combined with Wii Shop, the service has almost unlimited potential.
103. Offers a large selection of links to free point and click games that do not require the hassle of downloading.
104. Downloading games can take any length of time, depending on the size of the game, but once it's been downloaded, it'll start up in a flash.
105. While downloading games, Gametap will keep you entertained by playing little videos for you.
106. Gametap does this very well, and will play a little confirmation sound when the game is done downloading.
107. A great number of PC cheats involve the downloading of a special accessory program, built by gamers, that alters the characteristics of the game files, or of your savegames, that are stored on your PC's hard drive.
108. While the PS3 Internet browser is capable of downloading certain files, it will not be able to save all files to the on-board hard drive.
109. However, the downloading of ROMs off the internet is a different issue altogether.
110. Popular games from the 1980's (and later) are available for downloading to the Wii system to play.
111. NOTE: LTK doesn't not condone the use of downloading licensed games unless you own the original.
112. Gamers will be drooling over the new Playstation 3 with its use of the new "Cell" processor, which can handle a workload of intense graphics, downloading video/music clips or just surfing the web.
113. The graphics will impress you, the controls will sucker you in, and you might just find yourself downloading the music since it's so catchy.
114. Note that LoveToKnow does not condone the use of downloading illegal ROMs that have not been sanctioned for emulation.
115. After downloading and installing a Sega Genesis emulator, you need ROMs to actually use it.
116. Before you go ahead and start downloading them, however, you should check the resolution of your current display so that you can find an image that suits that size.
117. Some do not display properly however, so be sure to check out the preview before downloading.
118. VGMix - The second popular site for video game music, VGMix features a large collection (maybe even larger than OC Remix) of songs free for downloading.
119. After downloading the latest version of MPT, follow these steps.
120. Read their terms of use before downloading their themes, but generally speaking, they are free for personal (but not commercial) use.
121. This usually involves downloading applications and maps.
122. This works out cheaper than downloading from the Internet on your phone.
123. Be sure to check that the application is compatible with your particular version of Symbian before downloading or buying.
124. With the OTA option, which most sites highly recommend over downloading it to your desktop, you will receive instructions on your phone for download once it has been transmitted.
125. Beware of downloading from your peers on music download sites.
126. By and large, the general consensus says that the emulators themselves are perfectly legal, but the downloading of video game ROMs may not be as legal.
127. Note that downloading new songs will require an Internet plan on your BlackBerry device.
128. As always, when you are downloading programs and applications from third-party websites (like, you should exercise extreme caution.
129. As you may already know, the App Store grants you the ability to browse for different applications for your iPhone right from the handset itself, purchasing and downloading content over a cellular connection.
130. Be sure to verify that any games you consider downloading are designed to work on your platform, as not all BlackBerry games will work on a Curve.
131. More intrusive than anything, any music, photos and documents can be taken by downloading them over a network whether it's a cell phone network or a wireless one.
132. Loading mobile web pages and downloading content from the Internet is significantly faster than before.
133. These can arise from loading the WAP page and from downloading the ringtone file itself.
134. To find your way around town in the most efficient way, you can consider downloading Bing for Mobile, which is based on the same Bing search engine that you can use on your computer.
135. While the player is discontinued, it is readily available for downloading.
136. If you plan to be downloading other Droid phone apps, you should probably add this one to your phone as well.
137. With dTunes, you are able to grab and run torrent files right from your iPhone, downloading new content on the fly.
138. Get the most out of your Blackberry phone by downloading and installing these useful and entertaining applications!
139. Get started downloading your Palm Centro applications today!
140. If you want to get the most of your new cell phone, you'll want to look into downloading some apps for HTC Droid Incredible.
141. From customizing the home screen to downloading new wallpapers, the world is your oyster.
142. For example, you can mimic the look and feel of the Apple iPhone by downloading, installing, and activating the iFonz theme for Windows Mobile 6.
143. Downloading a free line dance step sheet can help you execute some impressive moves on the dance floor of your favorite country western bar or club.
144. It is always a good idea to have a current version of an anti-virus program when downloading files from the Internet.
145. When downloading, you will have the option to rename the file.
146. Other reasons to have one include using them for research projects and for downloading free worksheets and printables found on school websites.
147. Begin downloading the fact files, fun sheets, murals, cut-outs and lesson plans for each theme.
148. offers a variety of documents for downloading, including several forms of employment applications that may be downloadable into Microsoft Word.
149. When downloading these applications, keep in mind your state's specific requirements regarding employment and full disclosure.
150. provides several spreadsheets for downloading.
151. There are a great many other options for downloading bikini desktop wallpapers.
152. After downloading the template, you just add your clipart or photos and edit the squares on the board to include things that are relevant to the game you are making and then print out.
153. You also have the option of downloading the full version of the game for a nominal fee.
154. You may also find these other sites helpful for downloading or general listening.
155. The site is easy to navigate and you can listen to a preview of the song before you commit to downloading the file.
156. If you're looking to make masks as part of a craft project with children, you will do well to start downloading templates from Free Fun Fings.
157. Also, some of the recommendations will lead you to sites that trick you into downloading spyware and other programs that will mess up your computer or invade your privacy.
158. Clicking and downloading the PDF will give you four ideas to begin with, from the simple idea of a touch on the cheek to an evening of making your lover's wishes come true.
159. If you need help downloading the coupons, check out these helpful tips.
160. These are either available on a website or through downloading the program to your hard drive.
161. Download-a-Dinosaur: Kids love dinosaurs, and nothing is more fun than downloading and decorating your own T-Rex or Spinosaurus.
162. Before you begin downloading any game, make sure your computer has enough space to handle the download.
163. NOAA's National Severe Storms Laboratory offers weather-related coloring books for downloading and printing.
164. Kids Turn Central has a longer list of sites designed to give children activities to do either online or through downloading coloring sheets and activities.
165. If you're downloading flicks that have yet to make it to DVD and are still being shown at the multiplex, you're probably breaking the law.
166. The truth is that the illegal downloading of movies is more detrimental to the motion picture industry than many may imagine.
167. Whether that is the case or not may remain to be seen, but it doesn't change the fact that illegal downloading is still a crime.
168. Those caught illegally downloading movies stand to face a prison term and a stiff fine.
169. And if you're illegally downloading The Dukes of Hazard, you're not a criminal; you're a moron.
170. Although DVD Sales and rentals (as well as illegal downloading) have hurt the movie industry a bit, we keep coming back for more - lured by the promise of new movies.
171. Sites like India Station offer literally hundreds of photos of Bollywood babes - everyone from Aishwarya Rai to Urmilla - available for the viewing and downloading pleasure of Bollywood fans.
172. You won't find the modern day Titanic or Lord of the Rings for free online, not without downloading it illegally.
173. Much like free online music, looking for free movies can be confusing as downloading copyrighted material could lead to legal trouble.
174. Anyone downloading copyrighted movies illegally can be sued for fines ranging from $30,000 to $150,000 per download.
175. With the looming threat of a lawsuit and/or incarceration, many people are wary about downloading movies.
176. In the case of downloading free movies, you may find yourself in deep trouble if you violate copyright laws.
177. When you download free movies online, make sure that you are downloading from a legal source.
178. Streaming and downloading movies has never been easier, and the selection of legally provided films available has never been more diverse.
179. Movie downloads can be watched an unlimited number of times on up to three electronic devices; downloading a movie costs $9.99 to $19.95.
180. There are many sites where films have been properly licensed for downloading.
181. Mostly, all you need to spend is time, both in searching for a desired title and then in downloading.
182. Sometimes when the site is busy, the stream and downloading sequences take a little extra time.
183. Streaming doesn't take up any memory on your computer; downloading does, usually right around 500-600 megabytes.
184. If you are an aspiring screenplay or script writer, downloading free movie scripts and reading through them is a great way to get a grasp of the writing techniques of various successful screenwriters.
185. Fans of movies who want convenience on the go are always looking for movie trailers available for downloading just like movies.
186. There are many places where you can find movie trailers available for downloading.
187. You can use the videos in many ways, downloading to your PC, watching online, watching through Tivo, or transferring to a portable device.
188. However, there will almost never be a charge for downloading a movie trailer.
189. Some of the trailers are available for watching without downloading.
190. If it's your first time downloading a trailer from the HD-Trailers site, be sure to scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to save the file to your computer.
191. Downloading movies is a quick and easy way to find something to watch if you are on the go.
192. However, there is a different risk with downloading an online Ouija board.
193. If you need help downloading the printable quiz, check out these helpful tips.
194. Do you have high-speed Internet access for downloading music?
195. If you plan on downloading a lot of music, do the necessary research to make sure your player and service are compatible.
196. Avoid the temptations of text messaging, downloading ring tones, and other extras that heavily pad a phone bill.
197. Although it can be fun to search for free screensavers for your computer, it's important to take a few security precautions before downloading the screensaver of your choice.
198. A donation is requested, but not required, before downloading yWriter4.
199. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of use before downloading it, as some websites may contain trojans or malware.
200. Use caution when obtaining computer freebies, especially if downloading them from the Internet.
201. Beware downloading episodes of Grey's Anatomy from any unlicensed site.
202. Downloading ripped copies of episodes from unknown sites is illegal and can lead to viruses and spyware being implanted on your computer.
203. If you choose to watch Grey's Anatomy online, only watch the episodes on the site without downloading anything to your computer.
204. Always use caution and a virus checker before downloading anything from an unknown site.
205. Check and see if the images are coming from another site or if there are any marks that imply ownership other than the website where you're downloading.
206. If you believe your computer has been affected by spyware, consider downloading a free anti-spyware program.
207. These will scan and remove unwanted programs on your computer and prevent programs from downloading in the future.
208. If you need to protect your computer against viruses, consider downloading a free program that combines virus and spyware protection.
209. Before downloading any free office forms, be sure to read any user agreements posted on the website.
210. When downloading tax forms and other forms which may have legal implications, the company providing the forms will usually make no claim as to the legal accuracy of the form.
211. If you need help downloading the printable resume, check out these helpful tips.
212. If there are any tax code changes that happen late in the year, this location is critical to check prior to downloading any forms.
213. Verify the company's authenticity before purchasing or downloading from them.
214. Most states will offer tax returns online for easy downloading.
215. Many forms are available here for easy downloading and printing.
216. Pennsylvania Department of Revenue: Tax forms for the state of Pennsylvania are available at the state's website for downloading and easy use.
217. Before you start downloading or printing documents, however, take some time to think about which type of resume format will best suit your skills and needs.
218. Use caution when downloading templates from unfamiliar sites, as it's possible to get malware or viruses from sites that lure you with the promise of a free template.
219. Downloading a household chores checklist is one way to help organize your chores not only by room, but by day of the week.
220. Sites that offer on-line downloading of instructions, instructional videos, and access to technical support might be a better choice then picking up a bargain system at the local discount warehouse.
221. Often, there is information enclosed about how to get free patterns by downloading them from the manufacturer's website.
222. Before downloading patterns, however, it's important to note that they can be quite large.
223. Downloading is a process where the pattern you choose is sent to your computer via the internet.
224. If you cannot afford to hire a personal trainer, consider viewing helpful online video weightlifting demonstrations or downloading illustrated books featuring weightlifting exercises.
225. If you don't want to commit to buying a DVD series, consider downloading workouts online.
226. The offerings are similar to those of Zap French, but this site is for downloading the sound files so that you can listen and learn anywhere you can use an mp3 player.
227. Be sure to back up any critical files before downloading shareware too just in case a virus manages to sneak onto your computer.
228. Start by downloading one of the attached fill-in inventory forms.
229. If you are ready to create a record of the items in your home, start by downloading the attached printable blank home inventory form.
230. Remember, before downloading any forms from a website, consult your computer's virus protection to be sure that site is legitimate.
231. Docstoc offers a variety of medical release forms for downloading and printing.
232. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.
233. If you need help downloading either pattern, check out these helpful tips.
234. Although P2P programs themselves aren't unlawful, downloading and sharing copywritten music is.
235. LoveToKnow does not condone the use of P2P programs for the illegal downloading or distribution of copywritten material.
236. Also learn more about Downloading Legal Music.
237. With broadband internet connections rapidly becoming the norm, buying and downloading music files is increasingly popular.
238. Although Soulseek and other P2P programs are not illegal, downloading and sharing copywritten material is.
239. Learn more about Downloading Legal Music.
240. If you fail to share, you might find other users blocking you from downloading their catalog.
241. If you're good at sharing, you might find yourself with special downloading privileges, letting you jump to the front of the line for popular downloads.
242. The chat rooms are another place to gain downloading privileges - do something nice for someone, and they can grant you some of their privileges.
243. When you are downloading from people, make sure they haven't made this mistake either, or else you too will end up with their entire music collection.
244. Aside from sharing your music, another way to get downloading privileges is to make a donation to Soulseek.
245. Jammie Thomas, the plantiff in question, was ordered to pay several hundred thousand dollars for downloading 28 songs.
246. Music sales have declined over the past several years, but many studies have concluded that illegal downloading is not to blame.
247. Downloading music videos is the wave of the future.
248. Downloading music videos is generally available on all the MP3 downloading sites, from iTunes to Kazaa.
249. Remember, when you're downloading from peer-to-peer sites like Kazaa, you are downloading videos from strangers - careful out there.
250. Remember to use caution when downloading videos using peer-to-peer networks.
251. For a few songs or for many, downloading music from the iTunes store is a great way to go.
252. No. You aren't downloading anything to your computer.
253. Like its contemporary, Kazaa, the site is free to all users for uploading and downloading music and videos.
254. The interface is very simple, so downloading should be a breeze for most users with high-speed modems.
255. Before you begin downloading files, you must first go to LimeWire's Web site and download the program.
256. Downloading is fairly quick and from there, you will run the program's Installation Wizard, which walks you through very carefully.
257. Transferring a group is quicker than downloading each individually, but it is recommended that you not download anything that has been rated low.
258. Although WinMX and other P2P programs are not illegal, downloading and sharing copywritten material is.
259. At WinMX, more people were downloading than uploading and before long, there were even lines for people to wait in.
260. Anyone swapping files on any P2P network needs to be cautious, consider the source of the files they are downloading, and make sure their virus protection system is always updated.
261. Remember: downloading and sharing copywritten material is illegal!
262. Soulseek does have some very specific rules of etiquette for its users, so make sure you read all the information on the site before downloading the program.
263. P2P networks are associated with some risks - you might find the file you are downloading is not what it claims to be, or you might find you are downloading infected files.
264. However, sharing copyrighted files, whether you are uploading or downloading them, it may be illegal.
265. Hence, they do not lend themselves to emailing or downloading, which of course is what many people want to do with their music these days.
266. Plus, while your tracks are downloading, your iPod nano will be charging.
267. However, more than one video on a profile page, in addition to many pictures can lead to slow downloading time.
268. It is best to inspect these sites for legitimacy before using a code and especially before downloading anything.
269. The other music delivery format is downloading.
270. Other downloads "expire" a certain number of days after they're transferred or when you stop subscribing to a specific downloading service.
271. By only downloading music through proper channels, you can avoid fines and lawsuits.
272. They offer the option of downloading individual songs or entire albums at a reduced price.
273. If you're interested in downloading music, keep your eye out for such promotions, but remember - it's not a good deal if you weren't going to buy the product in the first place.
274. If your connection drops or you have a problem with the downloading program, you may have to start the process all over again, taking even more time.
275. Before downloading any music file, pay attention to its format.
276. Think twice before downloading music on a computer away from home.
277. Downloading music at work is usually frowned upon if not downright forbidden.
278. Some colleges and universities have enlisted similar limits to preserve bandwidth and to avoid the potential legal problems of students downloading music illegally on campus computers.
279. In the late 90s, when downloading music first became a possibility, there was a certain sense the Internet was a free-for-all.
280. also has plenty of Lil Wayne on offer for your downloading pleasure.
281. Some sites require you to sign up for a free membership before downloading any tracks.
282. In 2009, a Minnesota woman was ordered to pay a fine of over $200,000 for downloading 24 songs using a P2P network.
283. In a nutshell, downloading copyrighted material and trading copyrighted material without permission is illegal.
284. To read more about legal music downloading, click here.
285. Because it has so many users, it has tons and tons of files available for downloading.
286. Limewire Pro offers users a faster downloading experience than the basic version of Limewire.
287. Frostwire is a beta network which the developers claim offers the same downloading speed of Limewire Pro.
288. Many downloading site specialize in Top 40 or chart music, and instrumental songs rarely become chart topping hits.
289. If you have the inside track on a great site for downloading free instrumental music, we sure would like to know.
290. If you see a song you want, or a website you want to visit, just click on a link, and get to downloading!
291. Real Rhapsody is a membership based MP3 downloading service.
292. Just keep in mind that you are paying rent for all of those songs, not actually downloading them to keep.
293. It's all there, but be sure that you're aware of all the legal issues involved with downloading music online before you proceed.
294. When downloading free music, for example, you may visit several web destinations to see what has recently been released.
295. Much the dismay of P2P music downloading fans everywhere, Windows Vista and Limewire did not take to each other very well, halting the download capabilities of Windows Vista users.
296. The good news is that you can use the Vista Limewire exception to make these two systems work in perfect harmony - so you can get back to the downloading.
297. At the MTV2 site, you must provide your first name, last name, and email address before downloading a track.
298. Downloading music online is surprisingly easy to do, and best of all, it means that you can directly send these hot tracks over to your favorite MP3 player or burn it onto a CD for listening in your car.
299. We here at LoveToKnow do not condone the illegal downloading of any content and we encourage you to only download legal music.
300. This downloading network offers one of the best search services and selection of songs among its competitors, and millions of users turn to the Morpheus music network every day to get their music fix.
301. Morpheus music is a P2P (peer to peer) downloading network, meaning that people using the network share files directly from one user's computer to another's.
302. Aside from the P2P music downloading service, Morpehus also has a live chat function for users to swap tales of great music and downloading success (or warning about files that should be avoided).
303. The program also lets you keep a close eye on your firewall while downloading to keep your computer safer.
304. The legality of P2P downloading networks is a burning question facing the music community - among fans, labels, and musicians alike.
305. Most people looking for Ashley Tisdale MP3 songs on the Internet will be interested in downloading free music from Headstrong.
306. I need not remind you about the importance of downloading music legally!
307. For a fee, 360Share promises users no download limits, tools for burning CDs and a huge number of available songs on "the largest downloading network on the planet."
308. When you use a P2P program, you connect directly to other users when downloading content.
309. Both plans include unlimited streaming and downloading to your computer.
310. The truly free downloading services are getting fewer and farther between, and so in most instances, getting free music online means relying upon a P2P network.
311. In this way, users are downloading and uploading segments of the same file at the same time.
312. They took on the Napster name to market their own music service, but instead of setting up a peer-to-peer network where people actively share their MP3 music, Napster became a pay service for downloading legal music.
313. The primary Napster service is subscription-based, offering unlimited listening and downloading for $9.95 a month.
314. Once a top P2P music downloading site, iMesh now offers copyrighted music to customers on a subscription basis, with the free music and videos all being in the form of non copyright controlled material.
315. Of course, once you become a popular P2P downloading service, you put yourself directly in the crosshairs of the RIAA, and soon iMesh found itself on the end of one of those nasty trade infringement lawsuits.
316. The RIAA received a payment of over $4 million from iMesh, as well as an agreement from iMesh to work with them to create a pay music downloading service.
317. Organized Filing System - Some other downloading programs send your songs to one folder, and finding the song you want when you want to hear it can be a challenge if you have a lot of files.
318. By downloading these nature sounds from the Internet, you get the instant gratification of getting in touch with the natural world, all without leaving the comfort of your PC.
319. Free music downloads, though, are not often legal downloads so be sure to do some research before downloading music for your children to listen to.
320. If signing up for memberships and taking surveys are your thing, you can try the Free Music Library online or you can explore other avenues of downloading free sheet music.
321. Visiting a few to see what they have to offer is always a good idea before purchasing and/or downloading anything to your computer.
322. You are constantly uploading the portions you have received thus far while downloading the pieces that are still "missing."
323. In this way, you should only look into downloading legal music.
324. If you're interested in downloading the songs currently topping the charts, the main page of each category page includes a list of the top MP3 songs and top MP3 albums.
325. Downloading the Amazon MP3 Downloader to your computer will make future song purchases easier, and you are required to use the program to download full albums.
326. Chart music is always easier to find online than more obscure music, and because of the popularity of the band, Fall Out Boy MP3 downloads can be found on just about any music downloading site you come across.
327. The sites listed above are all either fee based downloading sites or they are sites that offer free music through a deal with a record label.
328. The question comes in when you use P2P music downloading sites.
329. The law is still unclear here, but at the very least, you should proceed with caution when using one of these free downloading sites.
330. Many people think that downloading legal music by buying it through sources like iTunes is the only way that you can buy most mainstream songs.
331. Before you start downloading your free karaoke music, there are a few things to keep in mind.
332. Even though you should always be taking virus protection precautions, be sure your protection is up to date and your pop up blocker is on before you start downloading.
333. After downloading, give your play list a test run before you start inviting friends over to join you.
334. Downloading karaoke songs for free is a great way to start your collection and have a stockpile of fun songs to sing alone or with friends.
335. E-Z Track - E-Z Track is one of the most popular and easiest to use legal music downloading sites on the net.
336. Music is another source for downloading songs from As Cruel As Schoolchildren and The Papercut Chronicles.
337. Don't forget to check out LoveToKnow's articles about downloading gospel MP3s, Christian metal downloads, and free Christian music downloads, too.
338. Skillet's latest release, Comatose, is much sought after when it comes to listening and downloading MP3's.
339. What are some of the hottest Plumb MP3 files people are listening to and downloading?
340. Quickly becoming one of the most popular places to purchaseMP3s, Amazon offers 92 Plumb tracks for downloading.
341. As always, exercise caution when downloading free music - some free music files could contain viruses and some may be illegal copies of copyright controlled music.
342. - No need to take chances downloading music from some site you're not sure about when Amazon has all of the Keith Urban downloads you need.
343. Hannah Montana 2.0 - OK, this site isn't strictly an MP3 downloading site, but fans will love it anyway.
344. And kids, make sure you get help from an adult before you start downloading your favorite songs!
345. Amazon - Amazon has a new digital downloading service that puts both free and fee based options at your fingertips, and they have the entire Britney Spears catalog ready to download.
346. Because downloading music can be such a tricky business, sometimes it is best to go with a site you know you can trust.
347. Despite the musical success, however, the band is equally as well known for championing the causes of digital downloading, internet neutrality and keeping P2P networks legal.
348. Official sales figures have not been released, but the band's Thom Yorke claims that the profits far exceeded the downloading profits from all of their other albums combined.
349. Some of them are free downloading sites and some of them have downloads for a fee.
350. As always, be cautious about downloading and make sure your virus protection and firewall are up to date.
351. - Amazon has moved full force into the downloading market, and you can get every Weezer album with a click of the mouse.
352. The fans obviously responded to The All American Rejects singles like Dirty Little Secret, Move Aong and It Ends Tonight, by buying up CD's and downloading them onto MP3 players in droves.
353. This means, that even though you think you are downloading songs legally, you still may be violating The Digital Millennium Copyrights Act.
354. Share your downloading tips by leaving a comment.
355. Downloading music from the Chili Peppers is a great way to make sure your collection is complete and a cheaper way of amassing their huge catalog without buying each CD individually.
356. - Amazon is quickly becoming the MP3 downloading service to beat.
357. Their selection is top notch, the downloading speed is incredibly fast, and you know you're getting safe files from a trusted source.
358. Imeem - Imeem actually is a site for streaming rather than downloading, but it's a safe, reliable place to check out music, and you can follow links from there to good download spots.
359. New Music Now - This blog is a good place for finding new, free music as soon as it is released, all ready for your downloading pleasure.
360. - provides safe and easy one click downloading for an affordable price, and they have all of the Soulja Boy you could ever want.
361. Upon its release, it broke the then world music downloading record, selling over 55,000 units in 30 minutes.
362. - In the wild west world that is MP3 downloading sites, shines brightly as a comforting beacon of safe, virus free downloads.
363. Anytime you use a music downloading site, you should be sure that your anti-virus protection and firewall are both up to date and active.
364. Downloading American Idol songs can be a little tricky.
365. You always run a higher risk of downloading virus infected files on these networks than other downloading services as well.
366. One of the nice things about downloading American Idol performance songs is that most vendors keep a running chart of most popular or fastest rising singles.
367. Bee MP3 - Bee MP3 offers one click downloading of your favorite Demi tracks.
368. Amazon - You can always feel confident about downloading music from, and one simple step is all it takes to get the songs you want.
369. Amazon - Worried about the safety of the files you're downloading?
370. Amazon - The dicey part about downloading tracks sometimes is finding a site you can be confident in.
371. - Amazon downloads aren't free, but you can rest assured the files you are downloading are safe and virus free.
372. Imeem - If you're a little nervous about downloading tracks from sites you don't know and you just want to listen to the song, check out iMeem.
373. Disney is extremely vigilant about keeping their songs off of free downloading sites, but there are still places you can download this track.
374. Visit our article about downloading Star Wars MP3s here.
375. Torrentz - Like downloading torrent files?
376. Try downloading a few tracks from bands you already enjoy, and then venture out to those you haven't yet heard.
377. If you're looking for easy downloading and a reliable source, iTunes could be the best choice for you.
378. Also consider downloading Glee - The Music, The Christmas Album, The Rocky Horror Glee Show, The Power Of Madonna and other specials.
379. Fines, and even jail time can result in illegal MP3 downloading.
380. The iTunes store,,, and are all reliable, legal forms of downloading a Taylor Swift MP3, or even the whole album!
381. However, they come with the security of knowing that the file you are downloading is clean and virus free.
382. Remember to exercise caution when downloading music.
383. Whether you're listening to them on a physical CD or downloading the album from iTunes, movie soundtracks are often the best part of the movie!
384. When you are downloading music, you should be careful to avoid any illegal forms of files, as they can give your computer many different types of viruses, and they can get you into serious legal trouble.
385. To those who spend more time away from the computer than on it and find themselves in this situation, downloading becomes necessary in order to enjoy their favorite tracks.
386. If you want to download a song parody, then you should be wary of illegal or unofficial downloading websites and programs.
387. If you use an iPod, then iTunes is probably the best program for you to use when downloading music.
388. Using illegal downloading sites and programs can get you in trouble with the law, and it can also give your computer a nasty virus.
389. Also, music downloading websites such as,, and allow you to download many different songs without having to buy a whole album.
390. Be careful of illegal downloading sites, however, as they can give your computer a virus or get you into trouble with the law.
391. When downloading music, always be sure to follow all laws concerning MP3 file downloads.
392. When you are downloading music online for the first time, you might not be sure what steps you should take.
393. While it might be tempting to use an illegal music download site, it is always better to use a legal form of downloading music, since getting caught illegally downloading music carries severe punishments.
394. Downloading music from the Internet has always been a gray area but many legal sites do offer free entire song downloads.
395. However, downloading music illegally can have some stiff penalties so always be careful of where you get your tunes.
396. Since the infamous site Napster first appeared online, there has been a fierce debate about downloading music online.
397. If you are caught downloading music illegally, the penalties can result in some very heavy fines.
398. Always make sure that the site you are downloading from is a reputable one.
399. A fast connection speed such as broadband is essential for downloading tunes.
400. The web has hundreds of sites for downloading the best tunes to relax or rock out to.
401. Downloading songs by Weird Al, or buying his albums, is usually easy.
402. Downloading a Hey There Delilah MP3 is simple and easy.
403. Downloading MP3 files is simple and easy.
404. When you download MP3 files, make sure that you are downloading them legally.
405. Illegal downloading can also get you into legal trouble if you are caught.
406. Large fines and even jail time can result from being caught downloading music this way.
407. Downloading is sometimes easier than going to a store, such as Hot Topic or Target, when you want to buy music.
408. Illegally downloading music not only is dishonest and cheats the artists, but it can also spell legal trouble for anyone caught doing it.
409. If you want to learn more about the history of gospel music and find out where you can download gospel tunes, visit LoveToKnow's gospel music downloading guide.
410. If this is the case, be sure there are no strings attached before downloading your free tracks!
411. Keep reading to find some of the places you can head to right now to get downloading!
412. Keep supporting music rather than downloading illegally and putting yourself at risk!
413. If you do not want to buy the whole Taylor Swift album, then downloading music is a good option for you.
414. Downloading music, no matter what time of year it is, is something that most music fans tend to do, since it is easier than going out and buying CDs.
415. Downloading music is a great way to find new music, especially if you want to get your selected music quickly and without having to leave home.
416. What is the best music downloading site?
417. If you're new to music downloading, this is a question you're sure to ask yourself as you're confronting the sheer number of sites out there interested in your downloading dollars.
418. Finding your downloading match depends on the kind of music you like, how you plan to listen to your music and several other factors.
419. Some people would tell you that the best music downloading sites are free, P2P networking sites, but for these purposes, they're discounted.
420. This list only includes legal, paid downloading sites.
421. If you're not quite sure what you're after, the site can suggest some new tunes for you based on your past downloading habits.
422. In November 2010, this once indie-only downloading site added major label Universal to their roster, so their selection expanded dramatically.
423. If there is a challenger to iTunes' music downloading marketplace dominance, it is Amazon.
424. Looking for even more options to answer the question "What is the best music downloading site?"
425. You can listen to AOL Radio on their website or on your iPhone by downloading their app.
426. Another benefit of downloading an invitation is the ability to choose the specific invitation paper, which can further customize the correspondence for any level of formality.
427. Free Printable Stationary has over 270 stationery designs that are free for downloading and printing at home.
428. Downloading songs and performing karaoke.
429. Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions at sites like these before downloading images - some of them may be copyrighted, or not intended for use outside the site itself.
430. But not the same old common stuff everyone's downloading - you want to make your own.
431. If possible, view a full size image before downloading to ensure the picture is the quality you desire.
432. Viruses: Before downloading anything from a website, check the reputability of the site to ensure here are no hidden viruses or other damaging programs in the download.
433. Depending on the artist and their terms of use, wallpapers may or may not be used on social networking websites, personal websites, or blogs - be sure to read all terms and conditions before downloading wallpapers.
434. This ship type was created so the Cylons would have a way to regenerate as they move further and further from their home world, because the downloading range is limited.
435. If you figure you'll need a number of fairy names, then consider downloading a program that gives you a fairy name.
436. In some cases it's as easy as downloading the sound files directly to the device, just as you would a ringtone.
437. Unfortunately, this resource isn't free, but the 6 and 12 month rates for downloading unlimited files are very reasonable.
438. The first thing you want to do before downloading any artwork is verify that the person offering the free fairy art has the right to do so.
439. Be cautious about downloading any files, either to acquire your new layout, or through a promotion in one of the site's ads.
440. You also have the option of uploading, downloading, or sharing your favorite podcasts - free of charge.
441. Before downloading any smileys check that they are compatible with the application with which they are to be used.
442. Many websites offer a step by step guide to downloading and using their smileys and emoticons.
443. If there are problems when downloading smileys check the website's FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages or use the 'contact us' function if available.
444. Chat: After downloading the instant messenger feature, click on regional to find chat rooms in your vicinity.
445. Through their own accord or by downloading what others have created, users can change from the cookie-cutter style of a MySpace profile and design one to have this traditional Christmas theme.
446. This makes it the most often used application for downloading podcasts.
447. Sometimes, computer users are coerced into downloading bad programs out of fear.
448. A vast number of hilarious Myspace graphics are available for free downloading, but before you overload your page, consider some basic rules of etiquette.
449. Instead of actually downloading the game to your computer, it lives on the Facebook servers so that you don't need to install anything on your computer.
450. You can also access by downloading a small application to your mobile device.
451. has a small list of free resources for users including a web building program, a security suite for websites, and a downloading tool.
452. Open Source Web Design is an online resource for downloading free web design templates created using various open source applications.
453. Downloading: Many of the free only allow you to share codes and links, and not necessarily allow you to download the image from their site to your's.
454. After downloading the CoffeeHTML2008.exe file, run it and complete the setup utility.
455. Whether it's purchasing stock, buying and downloading music, or businesses-to-businesses transactions, all of these activities fall under the umbrella of eCommerce.
456. If you decide to do this, you may want to back up your data. The post How to fix games not downloading on PS5 appeared first on Gamepur. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories Please give an ...
457. If you are an Android smartphone owner then you might have experienced the downloading do not turn off target issue. This can usually happen to Samsung Galaxy and Note devices after you reboot the ...
458. How many people have your information? And how do you find out? Here are the details on downloading your data. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Reddit, Amazon, Apple, Google… social media ...
459. The Alangulam All Women Police have arrested a youth for allegedly downloading and circulating child porn on social media. Police said the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC ...
460. Your PS5 download history is an important system area, as it shows you all the games and apps that are currently downloading to your console, along with their sizes ...
461. In this case, young children are particularly at risk because they may think they are innocently downloading a Minecraft accessory, but not understand or may not pay attention to the details of ...
462. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for accessing and downloading child pornography. On Nov. 16, Alexander Balding, 25, was sentenced in federal ...
463. A healthy lifestyle is now within reach by just downloading apps in our smartphones. Because of technology, people can now easily maintain a workout routine and a balanced diet even at home. With the ...
464. A number of PS5 users have reported a rather nasty bug that prevents them from downloading games, with the only solution seemingly being to perform a factory restart. This follows reports about ...
465. Google Photos: Everything you need to know about exporting or downloading your data offline For users looking to avoid paying for the service or switching their files to another service, Google ...
466. So, what’s the problem? Well, it seems that the PS5 potentially has a pretty huge glitch in downloading games. While not confirmed to be a problem for all users, it seems that for many ...
467. In this troubleshooting article, we’ll provide the solutions that you can try if your Galaxy S10 Play Store app is not downloading updates or apps. If Google Play Store is not downloading ...
468. COLUMBUS, Ohio — An issue with downloading up-to-date voter files has forced Franklin County voters to be checked in with a backup paper system Tuesday. According to Aaron Sellers, Public ...
469. A 22-year-old civil services aspirant has been arrested for allegedly downloading paid videos of a private coaching centre and selling them on discounted rates on online platforms, police said on ...
470. MATTOON Ill. (WAND) - A Mattoon man admitted to downloading child pornography after authorities served a search warrant, police said. Officers said the warrant was served at the home of 46-year ...
471. downloading sentence examples. bother downloading these photographs! 3. 0. As an alternative to downloading the demo, you may request a demo CD from ORBiT. 3. 0. So we can set about downloading and installing psyco ---a just-in-time native code compiler for Python. 1. 0.
472. Examples of downloading in a sentence: 1. Be sure to check the copyright laws for your country before downloading or redistributing this or any other Project Gutenberg eBook. 2. Music is a repeated experience good in a way that movies simply are not, and that social fact profoundly affects the likelihood of downloading as opposed to rental.
473. Learn the definition of downloading and how to use it in a sentence. This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. Easily browse through english vocabulary, listen the sentences or copy them.
474. 1. Use downloadin in a sentence, downloadin meaning?, downloadin definition, how to use downloadin in a sentence, use downloadin in a sentence with examples The word above "Downloading" is the correct spelling for the word.It is very easy to misspell a word like Downloading, therefore you can use TellSpell as a spell checker.
475. 2245727 I downloaded it. CK 1 1093182 Tom often downloads movies. CK 1 2359481 I haven't downloaded the files yet. CK 1 1661211 I am downloading books. Amastan 1201478 I'll need to download it. Guybrush88 1661170 Tom is downloading games. Amastan 1096521 Could you download a file for me? CK 2362154 I just downloaded a lot of files. CK 3308289 I'm downloading the pictures now.
476. Sentence Examples. It is much faster at downloading than uploading, but the download speed is not enough for TV quality video. It's simple enough to snap a picture with a digital camera, download it to a PC, then e-mail it off to a news outlet.
477. English words and Examples of Usage use "downloading" in a sentence Nowadays, a lot of people pirate software by downloading it from other computer users over the Internet. What is the proper procedure for downloading a file from the Internet? Nowadays, a lot of people pirate software by downloading it from other computer users over the Internet.
478. downloading is useful if you want the entire file for offline use, like if you plan to watch movies, edit documents, view photos, listen to music, etc., without an internet connection. The entire file is saved on your device since you downloaded it, but to use it, you have to wait for the whole download to finish.
479. downloading in a sentence: Since those downloads cost the produceer $0, but give all the downloaders utility, the downloading is a net social benefit.; 3. 3. Examples of how to use “downloader” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs.
480. Translations of the word downloading from Danish to english and examples of the use of "DOWNLOADING" in a sentence with their translations: Dette sker ofte gennem downloading programmer bundtet med skadelig software.
481. Translations of the word downloading from english to french and examples of the use of "DOWNLOADING" in a sentence with their translations: downloading the parrot audio suite application.
482. What does downloading mean? Information and translations of downloading in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login . Examples of downloading in a Sentence. Gerzof Richard: Companies looking to stay competitive in their market space, win new business and attract employees need to embrace video, they need to
483. downloading is the transmission of a file from one computer system to another, usually smaller computer system. From the Internet user's point-of-view, to download a file is to request it from another computer (or from a Web page on another computer) and to receive it.
484. How to Prevent Illegal downloading & Sharing. Most Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software (see examples below) has file-sharing features that are turned on by default making any song or movie files on your computer available to others for download.
485. Thank you for downloading Sentence Counter Software from our software library. The download was scanned for viruses by our system. We also recommend you to check the files before installation. The download is provided as is, with no modifications or changes made on our side. The license type of the downloaded software is trial.

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