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"Dreams" Example Sentences

1. Those dreams were the worst.
2. Children were as much a part of her dreams as a husband was.
3. Dreams are like pretending.
4. In my dreams I'm usually in trouble.
5. The dreams got worse, and then I went to Talon's one night.
6. A million dreams unfulfilled.
7. All her dreams had been dashed - all but one.
8. Years of only remembered dreams but now the real act is so much better than fantasying!
9. Dreams are just conglomerations of thoughts and memories.
10. Her erotic dreams were proof that he was becoming more than a friend to her, and that thought was troubling - both from the standpoint of her goals, and the fact that she was setting herself up for rejection.
11. Cade was the man of her dreams, but was Mary the woman of his?
12. I suppose it is different things for different people - dreams or goals.
13. But Julie doesn't know you're sessions are by phone or what causes the terrible dreams, does she?
14. Its cool year-round creek and rolling hills dotted with wild flowers filled her dreams at night – beckoned.
15. Dreams is unfinished business.
16. I never had dreams back in Virginia.
17. Many of the dreams that had delighted my young inexperience became beautifully less and "faded into the light of common day."
18. I have dreams about him where he's sad and alone.
19. Do you ever have dreams about him - I mean torrid ones?
20. The perplexities, irritations and worries that have absorbed us pass like unpleasant dreams, and we wake to see with new eyes and hear with new ears the beauty and harmony of God's real world.
21. They shared a lot of dreams, the way Carmen and Alex did.
22. The man in her dreams often started out as Josh, but always ended up being Alex.
23. Some nights, dreams took her on a stealthy walk down the path, taking advantage of every bush for cover.
24. It's good for dreams and fantasizing.
25. They weren't good dreams, and the ones she showed him weren't the only ones in his head.
26. He watched her sleep, wishing to know her dreams; wondering if he would ever see her face this serene again.
27. She harbored suspicions as a result of Howie's dreams and wanted to know if they were true.
28. "What are your dreams like?" he asked.
29. The latter began to feel that it was in bad taste to speak of his enthusiasms, dreams, and hopes of happiness or goodness, in Prince Andrew's presence.
30. The dreams bombarded him faster now.
31. Isn't it strange how our dreams can change overnight?
32. Horrified, Katie watched the battle from her dreams as it began.
33. "Pleasant dreams," she added.
34. All he could see in his head was kiri sobbing and the dreams she'd made him remember.
35. Freed from worry about losing a job they do not enjoy, encouraged to follow their dreams and passions, I believe most will want to do just that.
36. I also heard the whooping of the ice in the pond, my great bed-fellow in that part of Concord, as if it were restless in its bed and would fain turn over, were troubled with flatulency and had dreams; or I was waked by the cracking of the ground by the frost, as if some one had driven a team against my door, and in the morning would find a crack in the earth a quarter of a mile long and a third of an inch wide.
37. Such a pleasant day and evening should have ended with a restful night and happy dreams, but it didn't.
38. Power beyond your dreams.
39. We're about to make your dreams come true.
40. She awoke in a sweat, the blurred scenes of gore and screams of dying from her dreams fading.
41. All my dreams and longings have come to fruition in a single instant when dearest Joshua held me close and my world was sunshine.
42. He rarely had dreams, and when he did, they were nice dreams of feeding on some beautiful woman.
43. Everybody should have someone to share their dreams with.
44. Still, what was the most amazing of all was that she fulfilled his dreams as well.
45. 'Cause I kept having dreams about the dead guy in the mine.
46. Dreams are fine as long as they're responsible, but acting stupid and doing the smart thing are miles apart!
47. Dreams always relate to something on your mind, don't they?
48. The Deans left her to her dreams, and simmering hatred.
49. It was Martha's turn to be mildly shocked, Only in my dreams.
50. We don't know if Quinn's paraphernalia has anything to do with your dreams.
51. It surprised me to learn Betsy was actively working on Howie's dreams.
52. It wasn't the same place or time as my earlier dreams.
53. In three days we all fulfilled our dreams.
54. Until the attack was defended and defeated, Christmas mornings, autumn leaves, spring flowers and summer picnics were no more than passing dreams.
55. What do you see in your dreams?
56. Fear flew through her as she recalled the disjointed dreams.
57. Darian had quieted as the scenes of his violent demise played through her dreams.
58. Life is too short to spend it with repetition of old dreams that never happened.
59. She turned to face the creature who.d been stalking her in her dreams.
60. To interrupt her dreams.
61. Sometimes nightmares, but never nice dreams.
62. Don't make fun of dreams.
63. It's just that he has dreams.
64. When I do, they're nice dreams.
65. I'm no hero in my dreams.
66. This time, it was Cynthia who visited him in his dreams.
67. He slept, fitfully, though this time he remembered no dreams.
68. Much as she liked Katie, they were miles apart in their opinions and dreams.
69. Gods, but he could smell her sweet scent!  Her large eyes seemed to see right through him.  He feared reaching out, in case she slid through his fingers like smoke.  He'd lost her in life; he wasn't going to risk losing her in his dreams.  He could imagine closing the distance between them, sweeping her up into his arms, and making love to her on the beach.
70. Rhyn was alone on the island sanctuary in his dreams and awoke to the feeling that his magic had slipped even more from its binding.  His body was hot from the inside out despite the cold rain falling in the forest.  The fire had died overnight.  He pushed the waterproof cloak off him.
71. Kris drew a sharp breath, unaware that the deity could enter his dreams.
72. If any dreams disturbed his much-needed slumber, he had no recollection of them when Fred tapped on his door telling him to rise and shine.
73. Just keep talking to me and stop chasing dreams.
74. Gently laying Cynthia on his bed, he tried to revive her but it was obvious she would be in the land of dreams for quite some time.
75. On June 9, Monica Cutler, asleep in the arms of her beloved Harry Turnball, failed to wake from her snug and happy dreams.
76. I guess I've always been a dreamer and one night when I was just taking a piss I tripped over a couple suitcases with all my dreams in 'em. Sometimes there are temptations you just can't pass up.
77. Only in her dreams had she ever considered such a life possible for her.
78. Never in her wildest dreams would she have expected him to react so strongly.
79. I've managed to destroy all of your dreams.
80. She had entrusted him with the fragile framework of her dreams and he had stumbled.
81. We always have to have unfulfilled dreams.
82. She'd had dreams of Damian, Jule and Dusty being picked off one-by-one by the Wathers.
83. Her dreams, however mad, were never wrong.
84. If you loved a man, you shared his dreams.
85. It's good to have hopes and dreams, but we need to live today to its fullest because it's only going to happen once.
86. If I could have foreseen what a stir my writings would make, I think I should have jealously guarded the privacy of this sanctuary where, till then, I perhaps was the only soul who had fed the artist's visions and the poet's dreams. But I had no such anticipation; I never gave it a thought.
87. Yet we learn from Capitolinus that Marcus Aurelius was still worshipped as a household divinity in the time of Diocletian, and was believed to impart revelations in dreams (Vit.
88. He retired to rest with anxious thoughts of his future career, which haunted him through the night in three dreams that left a deep impression on his mind.
89. Deep into the night he would continue his studies, stimulating his senses by occasional cups of wine, and even in his dreams problems would pursue him and work out their solution.
90. And the body, indeed, is subject to the powerful influence of death; but a shadow of vitality is still left alive, and this alone is of divine origin; while our limbs are in activity it sleeps; but, when we sleep, it discloses to the mind in many dreams the future judgment with regard to happiness and misery."
91. Difficulty may be found in carrying out this empiricist programme; but at the outset no one dreams of failure.
92. There is much faith in dreams, and in the utterances of certain "wise men," who practise an embryonic magic and witchcraft.
93. Pregnant hints are given respecting a natural development of language which has its germs in sounds of quadrupeds and birds, of religious ideas out of dreams and waking hallucinations, and of the art of music by help of the suggestion of natural sounds.
94. Amongst his scientific, theological and grammatical works mention may be made of De diis, containing an examination of various cults and ceremonials; treatises on divination and the interpretation of dreams; on the sphere, the winds and animals.
95. His dreams of freeing the Christians from the yoke of the infidel had to be abandoned, and the conquest of the northern shores of the Black Sea was postponed till the reign of Catherine II.
96. Neo-Slav dreams were now replaced by a passionate desire to consolidate the Russian empire on a purely Russian basis.
97. (b) In parts of North America the nagual or manitu animal, of which the Indian dreams during the initiation fast and which is to be his tutelary spirit, is killed with certain rites.
98. But these were dreams which did not hold him long, and he would have been scandalized had he known that his name was subsequently used as the emblem of a political and religious party.
99. Dreams of political freedom gave place to hopes of religious independence, and " Israel " became a church, the foundation of which it sought in the desert of Sinai a thousand years before.
100. It is true that Alexander was subject to dreams and visited shrines in order to assure himself or his followers of victory.
101. It would seem that in his fits of despondency one of the thoughts that marred his dreams of human improvement was the apparently inexorable character of economic laws, condemning thousands of labourers to a cramped and miserable existence, and thousands more to semistarvation.
102. The success at the bridge of Lodi (loth of May) seems first to have inspired in the young general dreams of a grander career than that of a successful general of the Revolution; while his narrow escape at the bridge of Arcola in November strengthened his conviction that he was destined for a great future.
103. It is certain, however, that his whole heart was in the expedition, which appealed to his love of romance and of the gigantic. His words to Joseph Bonaparte shortly before sailing are significant: "Our dreams of a republic were youthful illusions.
104. But, relieved as it may be by reflections of this kind - dreams some may perhaps still call them - the study of ornithology has unquestionably become harder and more serious; and a corresponding change in the style of investigation, followed in the works that remain to be considered, will be immediately perceptible.
105. In 1868 he received the degree of doctor from the university of Tubingen in recognition of a treatise on the psychology of Dreams (Oneirokritikon.
106. On a kingdom thus divided ' Though Europe indulged in dreams of Mongol aid, the eventual results of the extension of the Mongol Empire were prejudicial to the Latin East.
107. Wagner was buried at Wahnfried in the tomb he had himself prepared, on the 18th of February; and a few days afterwards King Ludwig rode to Bayreuth alone, and at dead of night, to pay his last tribute to the master of his world of dreams.
108. Encouraged by dreams, they proceed against Khumbaba, and despatch him near a specially high cedar over which he held guard.
109. But more than this, these wild dreams about the glorious kingdom of Christ began to disturb the organization which the churches had seen fit to introduce.
110. The argument is supported by an analysis of the phenomena of dreams, which are ascribed to direct spiritual influences.
111. The Sienese government conceived hopes of gaining possession of the city of Arezzo, which was first occupied by Durazzo's men, and then by Enguerrand de Coucy for Louis of Anjou; but while the Sienese were nourishing dreams of conquest the French general unexpectedly sold the city to the Florentines, whose negotiations had been conducted with marvellous ability and despatch (1384)..
112. In the Itthon (At Home), by Alois Degre (1877), the tale is made the medium for a satirical attack upon official corruption and Hungarian national vanity; and in the Almok dlmodoja (Dreamer of Dreams), by John Asboth (1878), other national defects are aimed at.
113. All Gerbert's dreams for the advancement of church and empire were cut short by the death of Otto III., on the 4th of February 1002; and this event was followed a year later by the death of the pope himself, which took place on the r 2th of May 1003.
114. The wealth which was pouring into the Boer state coffers exceeded the wildest dreams of President Kruger and his followers.
115. Is remarkable that in more than one passage of his poem Lucretius writes with extraordinary vividness of the impression produced both by dreams and by waking visions.
116. Other passages, where he describes himself as ever engaged, even in his dreams, on his task of inquiry and composition, produce the impression of an unrelieved strain of mind and feeling, which may have ended in some extreme reaction of spirit, or in some failure of intellectual power, that may have led him to commit suicide.
117. In the fourth book he discusses the Epicurean doctrine of the images, which are cast from all bodies, and which act either on the senses or immediately on the mind, in dreams or waking visions, as affording the explanation of the belief in the continued existence of the spirits of the departed.
118. In the next year he published his only completed, though certainly not his most valuable work, the Miscellanies, a collection of stories on ghosts and dreams. He died at Oxford in June 1697, and was buried in the church of St Mary Magdalene.
119. East of Mosul, resulted in the discovery of a small temple dedicated to the god of dreams by Assur-nazir-pal III.
120. Before writing his history of Rome ('Pco,uacKa or `PcoyacKI `Iaropta), Dio Cassius had dedicated to the emperor Severus an account of various dreams and prodigies which had presaged his elevation to the throne (perhaps the Ev6Sia attributed to Dio by Suidas), and had also written a biography of his fellow-countryman Arrian.
121. In 1573 the Turks again retreated on the approach of Don Juan, who had dreams of making himself king of Tunis; but this success was not followed up, and in the next year Sultan Selim II.
122. If there are four chairs, he argued, devoted to the history of philosophy, that is to say, the minute study of all sorts of dreams and aberrations through the ages, surely there ought to be at least one to explain the formation and progress of our real knowledge?
123. He now put the Arthurian legends aside fiat a time, and devoted himself to the composition, in 1862, of "Enoch Arden," which, however, did not appear until 1864, and then in a volume which also contained "Sea Dreams," "Aylmer's Field" and, above all, "The Northern Farmer," the first and finest of Tennyson's remarkable studies in dialect_ In April of this year Garibaldi visited Farringford; in February 1865 Tennyson's mother died at Hampstead in her eighty-fifth year; in the ensuing summer he travelled in Germany.
124. Before his illumination he had been instructed by dreams, and enjoyed extraordinary visions, and heard mysterious conversations.
125. The two latter pictures were marked by the rhythm of line and luxury of colour which are among the most constant attributes of his art, and may be regarded as his first dreams of Oriental beauty, with which he afterwards showed so great a sympathy.
126. If we add to pictures of this class a few Scriptural subjects, a few Oriental dreams, one or two of tender sentiment like "Wedded" (one of the most popular of his pictures, and well known by not only an engraving, but a statuette modelled by an Italian sculptor), a number of studies of very various types of female beauty, "Teresina," "Biondina," "Bianca," "Moretta," &c., and an occasional portrait, we shall nearly exhaust the two classes into which Lord Leighton's work (as a painter) can be divided.
127. This does not mean that visions and significant dreams may not have been of frequent occurrence in Montanistic circles.'
128. Such statues were animated with sense and full of spirit, they foresaw the future, and foretold it by lot, through their priests, in dreams and in other ways.
129. The peroration contains a noble appeal to the Italian liberator of his dreams, and a parallel from Macedonian history, which, read by the light of this century, sounds like a prophecy of Piedmont.
130. Possessed of immense wealth, which he had himself acquired in commerce, and held in high esteem as a judge, an interpreter of dreams and a depositary of the traditions of his race, his early accession to Islamism was a fact of great importance.
131. But Jansen, as he said, did not mean to be a school-pedant all his life; and there were moments when he dreamed political dreams. He looked forward to a time when Belgium should throw off the Spanish yoke and become an independent Catholic republic on the model of Protestant Holland.
132. Near Oropus, on the supposed site of his passing, his sanctuary arose, with healing springs, and an oracle famous for its interpretation of dreams (Pausanias i.
133. Sayce has found graffiti concerning him, and prescriptions exist for consulting Besas in dreams. It has been held that Bes was of non-Egyptian origin, African, as Wiedemann, or Arabian or even Babylonian, as W.
134. To Schroer this derivation seems improbable, and he appears to prefer that from Hebrew Mephiz, destroyer, To Faust himself, somnambulist and medium, Mephistopheles had - according to Kiesewetter - a real existence: he was "the objectivation of the transcendental subject of Faust," an experience familiar in dreams and, more especially, in the visions of mediums and clairvoyants.
135. I do not think that early priests received oracles save in dreams, &c. That magic early invaded religion is possible, but there are many traces of its being a foreign element.
136. That prophecy was generally given in visions, dreams and obscure sentences is true only of an early period.
137. War, declared before England had gained the naval experience and wealth of the next fifteen years, and before Spain had been weakened by the struggle in the Netherlands and the depredations of the sea-rovers, would have been a desperate expedient; and the ideas that any action on Elizabeth's part could have made France Huguenot, or prevented the disruption of the Netherlands, may be dismissed as the idle dreams of Protestant enthusiasts.
138. Among these phenomena are: trance and unconsciousness, sickness, death, clairvoyance, dreams, apparitions of the dead, wraiths, hallucinations, echoes, shadows and reflections.
139. Dreams are sometimes explained by savages as journeys performed by the sleeper, sometimes as visits paid by other persons, by animals or objects to him; hallucinations, possibly more frequent in the lower stages of culture, must have contributed to fortify this interpretation, and the animistic theory in general.
140. But hallucinatory figures, both in dreams and waking life, are not necessarily those of the living; from the reappearance of dead friends or enemies primitive man was inevitably led to the belief that there existed an incorporeal part of man which survived the dissolution of the body.
141. If the phenomena of dreams were, as suggested above, of great importance for the development of animism, the belief, which must originally have been a doctrine of human psychology, cannot have failed to expand speedily into a general philosophy of nature.
142. Not only human beings but animals and objects are seen in dreams; and the conclusion would be that they too have souls; the same conclusion may have been reached by another line of argument; primitive psychology posited a spirit in a man to account, amongst other things, for his actions; a natural explanation of the changes in the external world would be that they are due to the operations and volitions of spirits.
143. 10.7rEpL fvuirvtwv: De insomniis : On dreams.
144. It must be admitted that nearly the whole of his practical experiments to realize his dreams have come to nothing, which is not.
145. From dreams of clerical celibacy he was roused by making acquaintance with the family of John Colt of New Hall, in Essex.
146. The Romanesque churches, still reminiscent of antique models, had preserved all the simplicity of the ancient basilicas with much more than their grandeur; but the taste for religious symbolism which culminated in the 13th century, and the imaginative genius of the northern peoples, transformed them into the marvellous dreams in stone of the " Gothic " period.
147. His dreams of autocracy at home and farreaching dominion abroad were anachronisms in a century of constitutional ideas and national differentiation.
148. (2) There are many instances, recorded by educated witnesses, of dreams, visions, warning voices, &c., giving precise information as to coming events.
149. In some of these cases, where the dream, &c., has been put on record before its "fulfilment" is known, chance is sufficient to explain the coincidence, as in the recorded cases of dreams foretelling the winner of the Derby or the death of a crowned head.
150. She delivered oracles in dreams to those who consulted her about fishery and seafaring.
151. The aim of his inquiries was to promote the happiness of mankind, which could be better accomplished by pointing out the real possibilities of progress than by indulging in vague dreams of perfectibility apart from the actual facts which condition human life.
152. Epicureanism generally was content to affirm that whatever we effectively feel in consciousness is real; in which sense they allow reality to the fancies of the insane, the dreams of a sleeper, and those feelings by which we imagine the existence of beings of perfect blessedness and endless life.
153. That there are gods Epicurus never dreams of denying.
154. The reign of Gallienus (260-268) would suit the tone of its references to the Roman emperor (Waitz, P. 74), and also any polemic against the Neoplatonic philosophy of revelation by visions and dreams which it may contain.
155. The 16th of June had been fatal to the idea of an independent Bohemia, fatal also to Pan-Slav dreams. To the Czechs the most immediate peril now seemed that from the German parliament, and in the interests of their nationality they were willing to join the Austrian government in the struggle against German liberalism.
156. It is true that these all grow out of a common stock, that in some even of their later entries two or more of them use common materials; but the same may be said of several groups of medieval chronicles, which no one dreams of treating as single chronicles.
157. He was one of the founders of the study of " Psychical Research," and his other writings on anthropology include The Book of Dreams and Ghosts (1897), Magic and Religion (1901) and The Secret of the Totem (1905).
158. The Pharisees were occupied with the piecemeal realization of the dreams of their supposed opponents, which gain a vague glory from their being far off.
159. It enjoyed a great reputation for letters and the arts (Cicero pro Archia, 3); but the only names of distinction in these pursuits during the Seleucid period, that have come down to us, are Apollophanes, the Stoic, and one Phoebus, a writer on dreams. The mass of the population seems to have been only superficially Hellenic, and to have spoken Aramaic in non-official life.
160. Anthropology treats of the mind in union with the body - of the natural soul - and discusses the relations of the soul with the planets, the races of mankind, the differences of age, dreams, animal magnetism, insanity and phrenology.
161. There were philosophic and philanthropic elements in his political faith which will always lead some to class him as a visionary and fanatic; but although he certainly indulged at times in dreams at which one may still smile, he was not, properly speaking, a visionary; nor can he with justice be stigmatized as a fanatic. He felt fervently, was not afraid to risk all on the conclusions to which his heart and his mind led him, declared himself with openness and energy; and he spoke and even wrote his conclusions, how ever bold or abstract, without troubling to detail his reasoning or clip his off-hand speculations.
162. But Mir Kasim proved to possess a will of his own, and to cherish dreams of independence.
163. Associated with Pan is a number of Panisci, male and female forest imps, his wives and children, who send evil dreams and apparitions to terrify mankind.
164. Shaw's Golden Dreams (London, 1851); Bayard Taylor's Eldorado (2 vols., New York, 1850); W.
165. 13 In the sanctuary of Aesculapius at Epidaurus women were visited in their dreams by a serpent - the reputed father of the child that was born, and elsewhere Sicyon who had such a progenitor was regarded as the son of the divine healer.14 Similar also was the origin of Augustus in a temple of Apollo, the god who had his tame serpents in the grove on Epirus.
166. The correct perspective places between the summits of modern and ancient times, not a long level stretch of a thousand years, with mankind stationary, spell-bound under the authority of the Church, absorbed in war or monastic dreams, but a downward and then a long upward slope, on both of which the forces which make for civilization may be seen at work.
167. It was the literary expression of the majesty of Charles XI., and of his autocratical dreams for the destiny of Sweden.
168. In the narrations of Herodotus, they interpret dreams and predict the future; and in Greece, from the time of Herodotus and Sophocles (Oed.
169. Like other Utopias, it is an easy-going compromise between dreams and possibilities.
170. Amongst them may be mentioned a history of the dispute with Palamas; biographies of his uncle and early instructor John, metropolitan of Heraclea, and of the martyr Codratus of Antioch; funeral orations for Theodore Metochita, and the two emperors Andronicus; commentaries on the wanderings of Odysseus and on Synesius's treatise on dreams; tracts on orthography and on words of doubtful meaning; a philosophical dialogue called Florentius or Concerning Wisdom; astronomical treatises on the date of Easter and the preparation of the astrolabe; and an extensive correspondence.
171. We find long treatises on the nature of being, idealistic dreams which have as little to do with the Bodhisatship that is concerned with the salvation of the world as with the Arahatship that is concerned with the perfect life.
172. These beings also manifested themselves to man by means of images in dreams, communicated with him, and sometimes gave him an insight into the future.
173. (i.) Crystal-gazing is a world-wide method of divining, which is analogous to dreams, save that the vision is voluntarily initiated, though little, if at all, under the control of the scryer.
174. In other cases the impression is involuntary or less consciously sought, as in dreams, which, however, are sometimes induced, for purposes of divination, by the process known as incubation or temple sleep. Dreams are sometimes regarded as visits to or from gods or the souls of the dead, sometimes as signs to be interpreted symbolically by means of dream-books, which are found not only in Europe but in less cultured countries like Siam.
175. Such were the ideas, the dreams of Confucius.
176. There came a time, however, when Clement and more particularly his following had to acknowledge the vanity of these illusive dreams; and before his death, which took place on the 16th of September 1394, he realized the impossibility of overcoming by brute force an opposition which was founded on the convictions of the greater part of Catholic Europe, and discerned among his adherents the germs of disaffection.
177. It is addressed to Diophantus and conveys a moral, that one should work and not dream, illustrated by the story of an old fisherman who dreams that he has caught a fish of gold and narrates his vision to his mate.
178. Such facts as that dogs " hunt in dreams," make it likely that their minds are not only sensible to actual events, present and past, but can, like our minds, combine revived sensations into ideal scenes in which they are actors, - that is to say, they have the faculty of imagination.
179. Recourse is still had to dreams as a means of detecting, crime.
180. A priest is summoned, and, if his prayers and curses fail, a small boy is drugged, and "whatever person he dreams of is fixed on as the criminal..
181. On constitutional matters he writes with an insight to be attained only by the study of political philosophy, discussing in a masterly fashion the dreams of idealists and the schemes of government proposed by statesmen.
182. But for the master's graver researches and projects he cared little, and was far more interested in the dreams of astrologers and alchemists.
183. Before he was ten his sports were interrupted by fits of remorse and despair; and his sleep was disturbed by dreams of fiends trying to fly away with him.
184. Although his favourite method was by word of mouth, yet signs were sometimes used; thus Calchas interpreted the flight of birds; burning offerings, sacrificial barley, the arrow of the god, dreams and the lot, all played their part in communicating the will of the gods.
185. He was growing old; the in.doinitable energy of his early career was beginning to slacken; his dreams of extended empire were vanishing.
186. He had all the ambitions of his grandfather Henry II.; his dreams were of shattering the newly-formed kingdom of France, the creation of Philip Augustus, and of recovering all the lost lands of his forefathers on the Seine and Loire.
187. Tylor - to the effect that it originated in the desire of the primitive man to bring on at will certain abnormal nervous conditions favourable to the seeing of those visions and the dreaming of those dreams which are supposed to give the soul direct access to the objective realities of the spiritual world.
188. The practice of sleeping (incubatio) in these sanctuaries was very common, it being supposed that the god effected cures or prescribed remedies to the sick in dreams. All who were healed offered sacrifice - especially a cock - and hung up votive tablets, on which were recorded their names, their diseases and the manner in which they had been cured.
189. Early Christian writers find it unnecessary to prove what no one dreams of questioning.
190. Dreams of conquests and extension had long been abandoned, and the pressing question of the time was how to repel the persistent assaults of Persia and the barbarians upon the frontiers of the realm, and so retain the dominion inherited from the valour of the past.
191. It is possible that Sarah Disraeli (the Myra of Endymion), or that "the most severe of critics but a perfect wife," may have had such dreams - hardly that they could have occurred to any mind but a devoted woman's.
192. Within it were found a temple of Amphiaraus, a large altar, and a long colonnade, which may have been the dormitory where the patients slept in hope of obtaining counsel in dreams. There were also baths and a small theatre, and numerous inscriptions relating to the arrangement and observances of the sanctuary and oracle.
193. We observe, again, the value that Plutarch attaches, not merely to the sustainment and consolation of rational religion, but to the supernatural communications vouchsafed by the divinity to certain human beings in dreams, through oracles, or by special warnings, like those of the genius of Socrates.
194. If we may believe Mme Cornu, he already at the age of twelve had dreams of empire.
195. While Death is cruel and merciless, and never lets go his prey once seized, Sleep is gentle and kindly, the bestower of rest and pleasant dreams, the soother of care and sorrow.
196. 59 2) the home of Sleep is placed in a dark grotto in the land of the Cimmerians, where he dwells surrounded by a band of Dreams.
197. Together with "dreams" and the prophetic oracle it formed the recognized channel by which divine communications were given (cf.
198. By reflection on dreams, in which the self, or " spirit," of the savage seems to wander free from the bounds of time and space, to see things remote, and to meet and recognize dead friends or foes; by speculation on the experiences of trance and of phantasms of the dead or living, beheld with waking eyes; by pondering on the phenomena of shadows, of breath, of death and life, the savage evolved the idea of a separable soul or spirit capable of surviving bodily death.
199. Joseph incurs the ill-will of his brethren because of Israel's partiality or because of his significant dreams. He is at Shechem or at Dothan; and when the brothers seek to slay him, Judah proposes that he should be sold to Ishmaelites, or Reuben suggests that he should be cast into a pit, where Midianites find and kidnap him (xxxvii., cf.
200. Cherished dreams of an alliance with the powerful duke of the Franks, as St Remigius before him had thought of uniting with Clovis against the Goths.
201. France had not escaped any of these conflicts; but Philip the Fair was the initiator or the instrument (it is difficult to say which) who was to put an end to both imperial and theocratic dreams, and to the international crusades; who was to remove the political axis from the centre of Europe, mueh to the benefit of the western monarchies, now definitely emancipated from the feudal yoke and firmly organized against both the Church and the barons.
202. Leaving dreams about crusades to the poets, and to a papacy delivered from schism, Charles VII.
203. It now remained to consolidate the later successes attained by the policy of the Valoisthe acquisition of the duchies of Burgundy and Brittany; but instead there was a sudden change and that policy seemed about to be lost in dreams of recapturing the rights of the Angevins ficence.
204. Also cherishing dreams of his own election as emperor 1547).
205. The conception of reason in the world passed from him to Aristotle, to whom it seemed the dawn of sober thought after a night of disordered dreams. From Aristotle it descended to his commentators, and under the influence of Averroes became the engrossing topic of speculation.
206. They are deeply separated by religious differences, and their mutual jealousies, their inordinate vanity, English Miles 0 5 io 20 30 40 50 Railways Capitals of Vilayets &c. C Longitude East 42 of Greenwich their versatility and their cosmopolitan character must always be an obstacle to the realization of the dreams of the nationalists.
207. One of the revolutionary dreams was to make the ancient Daron the centre of a new Armenia.
208. Like the history of the founder of the Achaemenian empire, that of Ardashir has from the beginning been overgrown with legends; like Cyrus he is the son of a shepherd, his future greatness is predicted by dreams and visions, and by the calculations of astronomers he becomes a servant at the court of King Artabanus and then flies to Persia and begins the rebellion; he fights with the great dragon, the enemy of god, &c. A Pahlavi text, which contains this legend, has been translated by Noldeke (Geschichte des Artachshir i Papakan, 1879).
209. Trdume eines Geistersehers, erldutert durch Trdume der Metaphysik, " Dreams of a Ghost-seer (or Clairvoyant), explained by the Dreams of Metaphysic" (Eng.
210. Following on a decided lowering of the pain and touch senses, which may even lead to complete loss of cutaneous sensation, there comes a sleep which is often accompanied by pleasant dreams. There appears to be no evidence in the case of either the lower animals or the human subject that the drug is an aphrodisiac. Excessive indulgence in cannabis indica is very rare, but may lead to general ill-health and occasionally to insanity.
211. One thing he didn't need to know was that she was having dreams about Josh - even if they were actually nightmares.
212. They were a little girl's dreams, so a husband was a secondary road.
213. Its cool year-round creek and rolling hills dotted with wild flowers filled her dreams at night - beckoned.
214. If the dreams are some weird combination of the lab's plant environment or Quinn's equipment, we're out of luck.
215. It was time one of us referred to Howie's dreams with that term.
216. In my mind they're unique dreams conjured up by your mind.
217. Howie was as nervous as the first night of his dreams.
218. These dreams may be fascinating and I admit I'm stumped about their cause but what you're suggesting is plain impossible.
219. The night was a blur in her mind, a combination of strange, fuzzy dreams about blood and tossing and turning from the horrible fever.
220. The resolution of that sticky problem produced a solid, albeit abbreviated, night's sleep, surprisingly unfettered by dreams starring such names as Fitzgerald, Larkin, and Dawkins in imagined roles and sinister locations.
221. "I don.t like it, and you.ll have bad dreams either way," he reasoned.
222. She couldn.t help but think Sasha.s sudden appearance was related to the demons in the forest and her dreams.
223. Dean slept fitfully, once he managed to count sufficient sheep to do so, with dreams and mind games interchanging so rapidly as to blur the borders more than a map of Africa.
224. Effie the realist, Claire, her head in self-made dreams of a pretend ancestor, as make-believe as Gladys Turnbull's creatures from Draghow and Zzz.
225. Katie awaited him in his dreams, looking as she had the day he lost her.  They stood in the spot where he'd fought his friend, Gabriel, and the demon lord, Darkyn.  She wore a sweater that made her light eyes glow.
226. Katie followed her instincts through the dreamscape until she climbed the last rocks and saw Rhyn curled in a ball just on the other side of a small ridge on the Sanctuary.  Her heart leapt, and she hurried to him.  In her last dream, he'd been there one moment then disappeared, just when she reached out for him.  She couldn't help wondering if these dreams were more than dreams.  This wouldn't be the first time she lived out reality in a dream.
227. Fatigue kept most of the thoughts from gaining traction, and they melted away like much of her dreams did.  Gabe stopped at sunset, as darkness settled into the jungle.  Katie watched him set up a small fire.
228. The dreams of his betrayal were followed by the dreams of Tiyan's walls toppling and of her impending death at the hands of a man she knew was Taran.
229. Within moments, she was dozing, accompanied to sleep by dreams of men attacking her in an arena filled with blood.
230. Can you in your wildest dreams imagine the Times being so candid in the same position?
231. Delusive dreams veil off thy face from me.
232. Dreams of happiness were often juxtaposed with dreams of sadness.
233. He prescribes panda toenail unction to be spread on the forehead before sleep to make the dreams more lucid.
234. Lucid dreams do tend to occur in periods of higher cortical arousal.
235. He also relates traditional narratives, including the Dreams of Abundance and the story of the giant armadillo.
236. Attuned character has bad dreams.
237. For the same power that can forge weapons of mass destruction can also confer blessings beyond all our dreams.
238. Something a bit bluesy now with Evil Twin by Eamon Alger's Flying Dreams.
239. Boyhood's dreams.
240. Bristleinly from those slimy, tormented lips above the bristling gray beard came nothing but dreams and disconnected fancies... .
241. Candle snuffer, Can't get enough of your dreams.
242. In a business built on dreams and raw energy, Butch brings detail, stability and an increasingly canny eye for a deal.
243. Cast of characters Gilbert Murray a rather careless veterinary surgeon who has dreams of opening his own animal sanctuary.
244. Caviar dreams use to call me " eddie propane " so I took it and ran with it.
245. Classic tale of a boy who dreams himself to an island of friendly monsters.
246. Trevor Seeley kindly told me that he had dreams about being squished by a giant cobra when he was on anti-malarials.
247. Complexityeas are no longer pipe dreams; they already exist within the bewildering complexities of quantum physics.
248. Something so compulsive that it can embrace your dreams, cut short your thoughts and weave itself into your daily chores.
249. But in the story that he tells, he's not congruous with his dreams.
250. With The Artist's Way you can discover how to unlock your latent creativity and make your dreams a reality.
251. He asked a devotee, " Do you ever have dreams?
252. You are warmly invited to ' Wedding Cake Dreams ' - a performance revealing the bizarre rituals of marriage divination by Jen Walke.
253. There's manilla in your bond paper dreams, a painted sadness on these our Russian dolls.
254. Every child dreams of slaying dragons, hitting the game-winning homerun, rescuing the oppressed and exacting justice on the villain.
255. dreams into reality!
256. However, lucid dreams do tend to occur in periods of higher cortical arousal.
257. Of course, in 1933 no-one ever imagined in their wildest dreams that he might actually try to murder them all.
258. But seeing is believing the paintings of Dali, like vivid dreams, may seem wholly believable to some spectators.
259. And, to be a hero might not mean to conquer impossible dreams which we honestly don't want to reach.
260. She sails the a full schedule fulfill dreams cruise.
261. Hacks me off. _________________ If every child chased dreams of societal reorganization, In place of sweet wrappers and escape.
262. It was her success in beauty contests that made her give up her childhood dreams of becoming a writer.
263. Soccer: Dugy dreams of final spot Soccer: Delight for boss Parky Soccer: MK Dons 1-2 Colchester.. .
264. dreams of musical stardom.
265. Dreamer of dreams.
266. Dreamer in the sense that he had a lot of dreams in his sleep.
267. She is a witch dreamer, she has the ability to walk in dreams and the subconscious and to work magic there.
268. But Emma dreams of escaping the poverty of the east end.
269. The village quickly melted away into wide open plains where in between dreams we spotted pink flamingoes.
270. How then can they be so flippant about shattering peoples lives and dreams?
271. Force-feed ideals, the dreams and visions were replaced with technology and then force-fed to us the siblings of the summer of love.
272. Frightful dreams, but they were only dreams.
273. Fulfill dreams cruise.
274. He even met the girl of his dreams, Linda.
275. But in response to such grandiose dreams the artist does not attempt to produce some alternative and even more grandiose dreams the artist does not attempt to produce some alternative and even more grandiose dream.
276. Dreams are made of Rooney, Rossi and Ronaldo exchanging high-fives in the future as their goals bulge the nets of opposing sides.
277. Robson stars as George Stevenson, a bereaved husband who dreams of sending his wife's ashes into outer space.
278. The addition of a warm air hydrotherapy spa will make this the bath of your dreams!
279. Impossible dreams which we honestly don't want to reach.
280. Inch waist again.. then I can find the woman of my dreams!
281. The jazz infused ' You Can Do It Too ' tells listeners not to be afraid to pursue their dreams.
282. There is no way Joseph could interpret dreams without God giving him the interpret dreams without God giving him the interpretation.
283. Their seemingly irreconcilable dreams threaten to tear them apart... .
284. May we be bold in bringing to fruition the golden dreams of human kinship and justice.
285. Their dreams were dominated by the glorious spectacle of panic-stricken infantrymen flying before the sabers of a troop of mounted lancers.
286. When not sitting in front of his Mac he breeds llamas and dreams of owning a vineyard.
287. Lobotomy patients reported loss of dreams.
288. Madman's dreams!
289. Bobby, in particular, still has dreams of joining the Mafia.
290. All their dreams of their children achieving a status in society that was denied to the parents are now mere memories.
291. As fleet as the bloom of May, Your dreams of a brighter morrow, Your hopes have they passed away?
292. Mutaterapidly mutating backdoor trojan then installs an illegal copy of the Wingate proxy server - the spammers ' dreams come true.
293. Reality and hallucinations merge into a terrifying netherworld where innocence is lost and dreams become nightmares.
294. Newlywed couple in search of the tract home of their dreams.
295. They visit a nightclub where they meet the man of their dreams.
296. Dreams are not physical objects in space, so observational science cannot get a grip on them.
297. Do n't overstep yourself or rely on all your dreams coming true.
298. He also danced the pas de deux from Winter Dreams on the opening night.
299. Phantasysies Dreams and compulsive phantasies or daydreams are another means to connect with the subconscious mind.
300. So do n't poo-poo your dreams and wish they were " higher " or " better " .
301. No our dreams went up in dreams you stupid pothead.
302. Presaged by dreams.
303. Prophetic dreams can be invited by sleeping with Ash leaves under the pillow.
304. Trains, automobiles, airplanes ­ dreams of mobility came true and lured people into becoming frenetic proponents of progress.
305. Also, dreams usually tell a very large amount about the state of a person's psyche, and recurring dreams are particularly telling.
306. Pulsatean>pulsating rhythm of blood, of poppies, of dreams.
307. The piano plays ragtime in another room, switches to a lullaby, shushing all the bad dreams back into the cotton sweet closet.
308. Recollection of dreams during sleeping periods.
309. Recurring dreams about the actor Alan Alder.
310. Reel slots game called Las Vegas Dreams.
311. H Perfect American dreams have gone renegade, Replicants killing the ones they obeyed.
312. Rental apartment to the vacation home of your dreams - you'll find it here.
313. These bad dreams are behind the latest reshuffle, which clearly defines the order of battle Microsoft expects over the next few years.
314. For in his dreams he guides his dead comrades to a tranquil graveyard, a peaceful, drowsy respite from war.
315. Revenant occupation: Unknown Affiliations: Leticia Dreams the Truth Hardin Enemies: Kyra Damon.
316. A pulsating rhythm of blood, of poppies, of dreams.
317. You have to be the source of your own self-worth; the media is always just gonna show ideals, dreams.
318. But in Hannes ' terrible dreams about the past, what is also utterly shocking is the sense of betrayal.
319. The berry induces sleepiness during which the user experiences revelatory dreams.
320. He finds some solace in making a young child's dreams of magic come true by flying her across the night sky.
321. Specious promise of these political phantasmagoria grow outlandish Celtic dreams of an independence liberally financed by foreigners.
322. With early dreams of pop stardom Lily was signed to Warner Bros in 2002 thanks, in no small part, to her father.
323. Luxury staterooms for cab Travel Dreams to the flowed freely for.
324. In a green and distant place on a ghostly black steed, he prances in golden armor, but sees his home in dreams.
325. In the plane of Air, the Weaver may use the raw stuff of Dreams to make substantial, permenant objects.
326. The last poem, LOCAL APATHY, has an endearing quality of slightly subversive collusion with the landscape's secret dreams.
327. To the other side of the chair, on the south facing wall, is a large tableau, possibly of images from dreams.
328. Used as a child's talisman to sleep soundly & protect from bad dreams.
329. Telepathy Of dreams.
330. The frustration of her dreams being continually thwarted throws her further into the depths of despair.
331. But those prophets or those who divine by dreams shall be put to death for having spoken treason against the Lord you God.. .
332. Those who have the most truthful dreams are those who are the most truthful in speech.
333. Utopian dreams.
334. Violent dreams of missing students and bloodthirsty monsters haunt his nights, as Shiraki learns of the legendary vampires that infest the region.
335. In dreams he had experiences which were not veridical.
336. We see ourselves as articulating the visions and the hopes and dreams of the ordinary people of our continent.
337. Visualize when crystal reading are ones we already understand from dreams.
338. I have had dreams quite as vivid and my waking experiences.
339. Dobro, my dreams have become even more vivid now.
340. Does this volte-face represent the end of the dreams spun around the Web?
341. Walkabout street theater where live songs express the inner dreams wrapped in a uniform of authority.
342. Weird dreams at the moment.
343. A truly magical winter wonderland, deep inside the Arctic Circle, this is a place where all your Christmas dreams can come true.
344. (So nearly Jehuda Halevi.) According to Averroes, reason suffices, and faith, with (what he considers) its dreams of immortality and the like, is useful only for the ignorant masses.
345. Among his numerous books are Outdoor Papers (1863); Malbone: an Oldport Romance (1869); Life of Margaret Fuller Ossoli (in "American Men of Letters" series, 1884); A Larger History of the United States of America to the Close of President Jackson's Administration (1885); The Monarch of Dreams (1886); Travellers and Outlaws (1889); The Afternoon Landscape (1889), poems and translations; Life of Francis Higginson (in "Makers of America," 1891); Concerning All of Us (1 g 92); The Procession of the Flowers and Kindred Papers (1897); Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (in "American Men of Letters" series, 1902); John Greenleaf Whittier (in "English Men of Letters" series, 1902); A Reader's History of American Literature (1903), the Lowell Institute lectures for 1903, edited by Henry W.
346. Few things are finer in music or literature than the end of the second act of Die Meistersinger, from the point where Sachs's apprentice begins the riot, to the moment when the watchman, frightened at the silence of the moonlit streets so soon after he has heard all that noise, announces eleven o'clock and bids the folk pray for protection against evil spirits, while the orchestra tells us of the dreams of Walther and Eva and ends by putting poetry even into the pedantic ineptitudes of the malicious Beckmesser.
347. Through a hunter, Eabani and Gilgamesh are brought together, but instead of becoming rivals, they are joined in friendship. Eabani is induced by the snares of a maiden to abandon his life with the animals and to proceed to Erech, where Gilgamesh, who has been told in several dreams of the coming of Eabani, awaits him.
348. A revolt of the Hungarian Protestants, in consequence of the persecuting policy of the house of Habsburg, now led to a renewal of the war between Turkey and Austria, due in part to the overweening ambition of Kuprili's successor, Kara Mustafa, who desired to immortalize his tenure of office by some great exploit, and who cherished dreams of founding for himself a western Moslem Empire.
349. Discuss the psychology, physiology and anatomy of man, the five senses and their organs, sleep, dreams, ecstasy, memory, reason, &c. The remaining four books seem more or less supplementary; the last (xxxii.) is a summary of geography and history down to the year 1250, when the book seems to have been given to the world, perhaps along with the Speculum Historiale and possibly an earlier form of the Speculum Doctrinale.
350. The seeing of the pictures, as far as we have spoken of it, appears to be a thing unusual, but in no way abnormal, any more than dreams or hypnagogic illusions are abnormal.
351. He consults Suetonius on the interpretation of dreams (1.18); he presents another of his correspondents with a batch of ghost-stories (vii.
352. 13), as the bringer of terrible dreams, and is used metaphorically as a synonym for child-birth (Virg.
353. The aim of the war, " limited " in so far that the Japanese never deluded themselves with dreams of attacking Russia at home, was to win such victories as would establish the integrity of Japan herself and place her hegemony in the Far East beyond challenge.
354. Under their influence a new National Assembly met at Troezene in March 1827 and elected as president Count Capo d'Istria, formerly Russian minister for foreign affairs; at the same time a new constitution was promulgated which, when the very life of the insurrection seemed on the point of flickering out, set forth the full ideal of Pan-Hellenic dreams. Anarchy followed; war of Rumeliotes against Moreotes, of chief against chief; rival factions bombarded each other from the two forts at Nauplia over the stricken town, and in derision of the impotent government.
355. Belongs, as Budde has demonstrated, to the older stratum of the narrative (called J) which ' According to Plato (Timaeus, p. 72) the name irpocil17rns ought properly to be confined to the interpreters employed to put an intelligible sense on the dreams, visions, or enigmatic utterances of the frenzied A avris.
356. Amongst the best known of these symbolic impressions are banshees, corpse lights, phantom funeral processions, ominous animals or sounds and symbolic dreams (e.g.
357. But this story seems rather improbable; for Arnobius speaks contemptuously of dreams, and besides, his work bears no traces of having been written in a short time, or of having been revised by a Christian bishop. From internal evidence (bk.
358. If the experiment cannot be regarded as successful, the fault lies in the difficulty of reconciling the artificial conventions of the Greek theatre, the chorus and the oracle - here represented by dreams and superstitions - with the point of view of the poet's own time.
359. He had believed in the prophecies of a 16th-century shoemaker poet, Bandarra, dealing with the coming of a ruler who would inaugurate an epoch of unparalleled prosperity for the church and for Portugal, and in the Quinto Imperio or Clavis Prophetarum he had endeavoured to prove the truth of his dreams from passages of Scripture.
360. In view of the apparent unity of the entire work, the only possible explanation seems to be that the book was written at first all in Hebrew, but for the convenience of the general reader whose vernacular was Aramaic, a translation, possibly from the same pen as the original, was made into king to great political prominence, owing to his extraordinary God given ability to interpret dreams. In both.versions, the heathen astrologers make the first attempt to solve the difficulty, which results in failure, whereupon the pious Israelite, being summoned to the royal presence, in both cases through the friendly intervention of a court official, triumphantly explains the mystery to the king's satisfaction (cf.
361. The "tranquil bay" is Casco Bay, one of the most beautiful in the world, studded with bold, green islands, well fitted to be the Hesperides of a poet's boyish dreams. At the age of fifteen Longfellow entered Bowdoin College at Brunswick, a town situated near the romantic falls of the Androscoggin river, about 25 m.
362. After that I spent many happy hours in my tree of paradise, thinking fair thoughts and dreaming bright dreams.
363. Consider the girls in a factory--never alone, hardly in their dreams.
364. Toward morning all these dreams melted and merged into the chaos and darkness of unconciousness and oblivion which in the opinion of Napoleon's doctor, Larrey, was much more likely to end in death than in convalescence.
365. So they went through their memories, smiling with pleasure: not the sad memories of old age, but poetic, youthful ones--those impressions of one's most distant past in which dreams and realities blend--and they laughed with quiet enjoyment.
366. They were now discussing dreams.
367. But for a long time in his dreams he still saw himself in the conditions of captivity.
368. These results show that zacatechichi administration appears to enhance the number and/or recollection of dreams during sleeping periods.
369. For instance, a client had recurring dreams about the actor Alan Alder.
370. Las Vegas Dreams Slots Game Launched (March 2006) Jackpotjoy have launched a brand new 5 reel slots game called Las Vegas Dreams.
371. Free Teaching Pack Screen Dreams A new teachers ' resource based around the bfi 's Screen Dreams reminiscence project.
372. From a rental apartment to the vacation home of your dreams - you'll find it here.
373. Dan Cody Real Name: Dan Cody Identity/Class: Revenant Occupation: Unknown Affiliations: Leticia Dreams the Truth Hardin Enemies: Kyra Damon.
374. Making dreams come true is what social enterprise is all about.
375. He finds some solace in making a young child 's dreams of magic come true by flying her across the night sky.
376. From the specious promise of these political phantasmagoria grow outlandish Celtic dreams of an independence liberally financed by foreigners.
377. Luxury staterooms for cab Travel Dreams to the flowed freely for.
378. The last poem, LOCAL APATHY, has an endearing quality of slightly subversive collusion with the landscape 's secret dreams.
379. Used as a child 's talisman to sleep soundly & protect from bad dreams.
380. Cheers, People Power REPLY Report this post to a moderator » 1 replies Re: The Telepathy Of dreams.
381. Moreover, he had dreams of the sort that cling to the emerging minds like the dim tentacles of an octopus.
382. It is a tribute to the men whose skills and labor have seen the dreams of the designer translated into reality.
383. But those prophets or those who divine by dreams shall be put to death for having spoken treason against the Lord you God...
384. But if you thought the girls were more than a little unhinged in reality, you should see their dreams...
385. These slogans reflected what seemed then to be mere utopian dreams.
386. The left retreats to pleasant dreams, the right to venting spleen.
387. The blond haired actress represents the woman of Harry 's dreams, beautiful, young, ageless and dressed in virginal white.
388. Often symbols we visualize when crystal reading are ones we already understand from dreams.
389. Does this volte-face represent the end of the dreams spun around the Web?
390. THE HIP HOP COP Innovative musical walkabout street theater where live songs express the inner dreams wrapped in a uniform of authority.
391. I 've been having lots of weird dreams at the moment.
392. My dreams often feel quite vatic in nature.
393. Gia had dreams of being a movie star, but meanwhile she is working a modest job as a waitress.
394. My dreams last night were extrordinarily lucid and cohesive.
395. The young boy dreams of becoming an iconic figure in basketball when he gets older.
396.  He cannot hope to realise his political dreams unless he becomes a better public speaker.
397. Many believe that their dreams are actually vatic visions of their future.
398. Although her dreams of pursuing a career in the music industry felt insurmountable, Ava persevered.
399. Remember, entrepreneurs possess dreams unburdened by reality.
400. No, the original dreams perhaps were not realized, but it's a decent outcome and importantly, much better than most were expecting.
401. The world needs you to pursue your dreams, since that's what keeps the world moving forward.
402. Animal themed nursery items can be found at Kids Bedding Dreams, BabiesRUs, A Baby, and Rosenberry Rooms.
403. Parents often have a few unrealistic dreams about the type of party their child will enjoy.
404. As you shared your memories, your past, and your dreams with your new love, your bond grew stronger.
405. The success rate of single parent adoptions is steadily growing, which is good news for many singles who once thought their dreams of adopting were out of reach.
406. In addition to common concepts such as shapes, sizes, animals, and colors, the Einstein books offer themes on topics such as dreams, rhyming, feelings, poetry, and the rainforest, among others.
407. Adopting a child from Guatemala not only fulfills parents dreams of becoming a mother and father, but also provides a child with a future that often offers better prospects that s/he might have in Guatemala.
408. However, after some simple measurements and a difficult return to reality, chances are your idealistic décor dreams have somehow grown quite larger than your designated room space.
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433. Regardless of which type of digital scrapbooking business you choose, there are several important legal considerations to keep in mind as you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.
434. I have faith, hope, love, facts and dreams that I will incorporate into my children's pages.
435. Dreams Come True is a princess cartridge that features characters from Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Pocahontas.
436. The same format as Dreams Come True is utilized in this cartridge with the main characters being depicted in both head and full body shapes.
437. "If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true."
438. Working together, they both fulfilled their dreams.
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450. The reason I'm asking for help is because this has happened before and can't take being rejected by her; she's the girl of my dreams and every time I see her I want to talk to her but can never think of what to say.
451. Seriously though, when you say that "This has happened before" do you mean that you've been rejected by some previous girl of your dreams?
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455. Nearly everyone has dreams of what they want to accomplish in life.
456. Some dreams are large, while others are small.
457. Hard work will help the most dedicated reach their dreams, no matter how farfetched they may seem.
458. "I hope your dreams take you... to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known."
459. Short or long, sleek or layers of tulle, you'll find the design of your dreams here.
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464. Never give up on your dreams, but be smart and educate yourself about authentic opportunities and scams.
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466. Are you interested in trying to find out more about a teenage model agency to help you pursue your dreams?
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468. "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
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470. Egyptian-themed proms have become more popular with ideas like "Arabian Nights," "Desert Dreams," and "Sahara Nights."
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494. Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' has spiked in sales and streams yet again thanks to a viral TikTok. This is what Stevie Nicks has to say about it.
495. Wiz Khalifa and Nathan Apodaca, the Fleetwood Mac TikTok star, skated together and recreated his viral video with a song other than "Dreams." ...
496. Stevie Nicks is reacting to the newfound popularity of Fleetwood Mac's 1977 song "Dreams," thanks to a viral TikTok video featuring the track.
497. A U.S. Army paratrooper joined a viral TikTok trend mid-practice jump, drinking cranberry juice and singing Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams," and the Army has responded by investigating him. The paratrooper ...
498. Nicks got on the phone earlier this month, just as the “Dreams” phenomenon was starting to take off, to discuss the making of the new concert movie, a new studio single, her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ...
499. Enter: the Kirundo faux-shearling pullover. With an asymmetrical collar, zipper detail, and convenient pockets, this Amazon find is the fuzzy sweater of our dreams. It has nearly 1,500 five-star ...
500. The 152-year conglomerate TATA Group is racing ahead with its e-commerce dreams as the Indian online retail market grows by leaps and bounds. After reports of Tata’s partnership with Walmart to build ...
501. dreams sentence examples. Those dreams were the worst. 77. 38. In my dreams I'm usually in trouble. 50. 19. Children were as much a part of her dreams as a husband was. 46. 28. dreams are like pretending. 43. 23. The dreams got worse, and then I went to Talon's one night. 24. 12. All her dreams had been dashed - all but one. 16. 14.
502. How to use dreams in a sentence. The dreams list of example sentences with dreams. dreams examples - dreams in a sentence - 134. Lists. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. adjectives nouns verbs 0. adjective "aren't dreams always in 3-D
503. 30054 Sweet dreams!CK 1 1474616 Am I dreaming?Chrikaru 1 1907947 Do cats dream?Spamster 1 2939908 I don't dream. learnaspossible 1 2837599 I dream a lot. patgfisher 1 1630 I have a dream. al_ex_an_der 1 2045333 I was dreaming.CK 1 2107494 Tom's dreaming.CK 1 1556970 Was it a dream? brymck 1 2045334 Everyone dreams.CK 1 2045335 I like to dream.CK 1 1887889 I want to dream.
504. How to use sweet dreams in a sentence. The sweet dreams list of example sentences with sweet dreams.
505. dreams are very different from waking life, but it is extremely difficult clearly to define in what the difference consists. When we are dreaming, we are nearly always convinced that we are awake, and in some cases real experiences have been mistaken for dreams. The latter mistake forms the subject of a celebrated Spanish play […]
506. "I have spread my dreams under your feet; / Tread softly because you tread on my dreams" —W. B. Yeats, "Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven" Suggested by niamhmdd. 42. "It frightened him to
507. There is also NON-REM sleep that is a contrast for REM sleep and the types of dreams. These types of dreams are Lucid and Non Lucid dreams, Daydreams, Nightmares and Normal dreams, surely one of your dream or my dream falls to any of these type of dreams. Figure out what are the significant meaning of the usual dream. II. MEANING OF DREAM:
508. High quality example sentences with “many people's dreams” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
509. Topics include lucid dream stories, funny dreams, weird dreams, dramatic dreams, nightmares, etc. 9. Examples of dreami in a sentence Add a sentence Cancel. Thanks for contributing. dreami should be in sentence. You are not logged in.. Please Log in or Register or post as a guest. Submit. Translations of dreami Add a translation Cancel. Thanks
510. dreams play a vital role in John Steinbeck's 1937 classic 'Of Mice and Men.' In his novel, Steinbeck explores what it means to dream, what dreams say about the dreamer, and what happens when a
511. Browse essays about dreams And Reality and find inspiration. Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services. It looks like you've lost connection to our server.
512. Translations of the phrase OF dreams from german to english and examples of the use of "OF DREAMS" in a sentence with their translations: The land of dreams ? English Spanish French Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian Danish
513. dreams can become a reality when we possess a vision that is characterized by the willingness to work hard, a desire for excellence, and a belief in our right and our responsiblity to be equal members of society. Janet Jackson. Work Society Vision Reality. Reality is wrong. dreams are for real.
514. dreams and unreal situations. We can use wish + could to talk about something that we want to do but can’t. For impossible dreams: ‘I wish I could fly like superman!’ For possible dreams: ‘I wish I could ski.’ (This is not impossible, you just need to take lessons) Now choose the best choice to complete each sentence:
515. As you recall, Freud believed that dreams served as a form of wish fulfillment. Since we cannot act on our unconscious desires in our waking life, we can explore these feelings in dreams. However, we tend to do this in hidden, symbolic forms. According to Freud, the mind uses a number of different strategies to censor the latent content of a dream.
516. Translations of the phrase TWO dreams from english to croatian and examples of the use of "TWO DREAMS" in a sentence with their translations: I have two dreams :. Czech German Croatian Italian Dutch French Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Indonesian
517. Here’s my list – and examples of the goals I’ve achieved so far are in bold font. For inspiration, check out the list of goals that I committed to achieving before I die: Travel I will travel to the following places: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Most of us have big dreams for our lives.
518. Give examples of your own hopes and dreams, such as “This year, I hope our classroom will be a place where all of you find enjoyment and get to work at things that really matter to you.” With this guidance, even students this young can turn a vague statement about why people come to school, such as “To do things like write,” into a
519. dreams I have for myself dreams I have for my family dreams I have for my school dreams I have for my country dreams I have the the world. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence, at least three supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. Example: I have a dream for my country.
520. Dreams, therefore, are one way of glimpsing what is hidden from awareness in the unconscious mind. For example, imagine that you have a dream that you are naked in public. The actual storyline of the dream is the manifest content, but Freud would suggest that there is more to the dream than its literal meaning.
521. Your next step, therefore, is to find at least three credible examples of dreams as a way God communicated with people and some expert opinion supporting this contention. It looks as if you have
522. Find English Sentence Examples. Input an English word or phrase. This is a case-sensitive exact word or phrase search. Try these links to search for examples with "dreams'" Tanaka Corpus + Additions by T & perhaps are using more recent data. : =dreams'
523. Beyond my wildest dreams in a sentence - Use "beyond my wildest dreams" in a sentence 1. "It's incredible, " she gushed . ` It's beyond my wildest dreams ." 2. "Now I'm 37 years old, rich beyond my wildest dreams and have been all over the world. click for more sentences of beyond my wildest dreams

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