Factionalist example sentences


[ˈfakSH(ə)nəˌlizəm, ˈfakSH(ə)nlˌizəm]




factional, schismatic, cliquish, clannish, partisan, denominational, doctrinaire, dogmatic, extreme, fanatical,

"Factionalist" Example Sentences

1. “I can say without hesitation, that Songezo, despite his strong views, he was no factionalist. He had a much more nuanced political position than many of us. He was matured politically and ...
2. Nearly every practitioner of that factionalist strategy has exited the race. Mr. Lilla is surely open to apologies. Kamala Harris created the first big viral moment when she tore into Joe Biden ...
3. In the incident referred to as the [August factionalist Incident]. 】 Kim Jong-il was active in the purge of opponents of the Kapsan and the military faction in the sixties, partly to weaken Kim ...
4. By background, O’Neill was closer to Gordon Brown than to Blair, but he was no factionalist and electable Labour owed him a great deal. On leaving the front bench, he became chair of the trade ...
5. His body language and unique style of dialogue delivery as the factionalist Veeraraghava Reddy made the character an instant hit. He won the Nandi award for the best villain role in Jayam Manadera ...
6. Until unity was established, Reuther remained vulnerable to factionalist forces that criticized Reuther’s brand of responsible unionism. Reuther’s right-wing allies within the Association of Catholic ...
7. By background, he was closer to Gordon Brown than to Blair but he was no factionalist; electable Labour owed him a great deal. On leaving the Front Bench, he became chairman of the Trade and ...
8. Nzimande took a swipe at the ANC “which at the moment is faced with very serious factionalist behaviour”. According to Nzimande, it was Sasco that had the potential to stop factionalism and ...
9. factionalist definition is - an advocate of or adherent to factionalism.
10. What is the meaning of factionalist? How do you use factionalist in a sentence? What are synonyms for factionalist? What is the definition of factionalist? What is the meaning of factionalist? How do you use factionalist in a sentence? See definitions & examples. These Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In English. Does English Have
11. factionalist definition in English dictionary, factionalist meaning, synonyms, see also 'factionalism',factional',faction',factualist'. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary

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