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"Fadedly" Example Sentences

1. fadedly definition: Adverb (comparative more fadedly, superlative most fadedly) 1. In a faded manner.Origin faded +‎ -ly
2. fadedly definition: in a faded manner | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
3. fadedly 문장 EN. Examples of fadedly in a Sentence; 문장 fadedly. A dull room fadedly furnished. — Dickens. Other Vocabulary 닮은 단어들 (Look-Alike Words) en jadedly;
4. fadedly definition is - in the manner of one that has faded. How to use fadedly in a sentence.
5. In a faded manner. 1852 March – 1853 September , Charles Dickens, chapter 51, in Bleak House, London: Bradbury and Evans, […], published 1853, OCLC 999756093: a dull room fadedly furnished
6. Examples of dull in a Sentence; इसके उदाहरण dull. The film was cinematically interesting, but the story was dull. A dull room fadedly furnished. — Dickens. It was a grindingly dull lecture.
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