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"Fungus" Example Sentences

1. Humans are getting cooler. 98.6°F is no longer 'normal'. Meanwhile, the earth is getting warmer. And it's party time for a new, deadly fungus.
2. A new study of insect/fungus co-evolution also tells us something about what we are doing to ourselves and our crops. More than 240 ant species have adapted to farming fungi, feeding nutrients to ...
3. This is a problem that commonly occurs due to the lack of proper disinfection of the house. The fungus that resides mainly in the bathrooms and the kitchen platforms and when individuals work there ...
4. A fungus known as white mold can kill a plant in days. Unless, that is, a virus is around to tame it. By Katherine J. Wu When crops have nightmares, they dream of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum.
5. (CN) — A dangerous fungus, one so deadly to plant life it can kill them in a mere matter of days, could actually hold the secret to giving plants a much needed boost to their health and protect them ...
6. The lowest number of cysts occurred on plants inoculated with the fungus Funneliformis mosseae. These averaged 10 cysts per plant. Soybean plants that were not inoculated with fungi accumulated 75 or ...
7. fungus is the serious problem that is caused in nails, hair and skin.They are found in huge number of people in today’s world due to various deficiencies. It is painful and cause the people embarrass.
8. The fungus infects houseflies and fruit flies, as well as other species. After a fly has picked up the fungus' spores, it behaves as it normally would for a few days, though those days are now ...
9. The shriveled-up Twinkie appeared to be shrink-wrapped in its wrapper, a result of the fungus inside consuming more gases than it produced. The fungus may have stopped growing once it ran out of ...
10. Dear Doctor: I’ve tried all the toenail fungus cures in our drug store, and so far nothing works. Why not? What can I do? I really miss wearing sandals. Dear Reader: You are one of the estimated ...
11. Consequently, it must be reliable under many conditions, even in jungles where fungus appears on equipment almost overnight.AVCAD has already been subjected to hot and dry conditions that ...
12. fungus sentence examples. fungus. Grapes attacked by the fungus; the fruit becomes black, hard and shrivelled. 130. 38. A fungus which may carelessly be mistaken for the mushroom is M. 102. 63. Oranges and pears are seriously damaged by insect and fungus pests. 50. 38.
13. Examples of how to use the word fungus in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
14. Fungi sentence examples. fungi. Each species of green plant may form a mycorhiza with two or three different Fungi, and a single species of fungus may enter into symbiosis with several green plants. 5. 8. the infection of rats and mice with disease bacilli,
15. 212+2 sentence examples: 1. 200,000 specimens of fungus are kept at the Komarov Botanical Institute. 2. A fungus of ugly little houses sprang up. 3. Mushrooms are a type of fungus. 4. He had some kind of fungus between his toes. 5. The lawn was cover
16. How to use fungus in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word fungus? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. This is a different fungus than the one that causes early season damping off problems associated with soybean stand.
17. fungus sentence examples: this test, we can tell growers how much of the fungus they have in their fields even when there are no signs of disease.2.a more radical answer, though, maybe touse a completely different sort of insecticide: a fungus. the researchers blocked the gene that makes mgapt2, they found t
18. 212+2 sentence examples: 1. When first grown, the top of the fungus is coated in a black sticky jelly containing spores. 2. If they had been left there, they would have been ruined by white ants and fungus. 3. Diabetes predisposes the patient to fung
19. fungus in a sentence - Use "fungus" in a sentence 1. A deadly, incurable fungus is killing old friends in Texas. 2. The spread has spread like a jungle fungus and infected everybody. click for more sentences of fungus
20. 27 people chose this as the best definition of fungus: Of, like, or caused by a See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
21. 17 people chose this as the best definition of fungi: fungus or fungi. See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
22. Sentence example with the word 'fungus' fungus adenovirus, bacterium, coccus, ephemeral, green mold, monocot, pathogen, reovirus, spirochete, tumor, yeast Definition n. an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter Last update: January 14, 2016
23. No. sentence; 1: Midwestern farmers have adapted to the added wetness by spraying more pesticides to control fungus, by planting more per acre, and by buying bigger machines to cope with the wetter fields, he says.: 2: This natural compound, produced by the Penicillium fungus, was found to be toxic to bacteria, but safe for use in humans.: 3
24. How to use fungus in a sentence. The fungus list of example sentences with fungus. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "The tissue is open to attack by fungus" "The fungus will decay soft timber" "Moisture condensation can cause fungus and mold infection" "Honey fungus produces a ghostly greenish luminescence"
25. fungus in a sentence simple examples. 7 ways to use fungus in a setence. traffic . OVERVIEW. The web site fungus. presently has a traffic classification of zero (the lower the more users). We have examined zero pages inside the web page fungus. and found fifteen websites referring to fungus..
26. fungus definition: A fungus is a plant that has no flowers, leaves, or green colouring , such as a mushroom | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
27. Fungi Definition. Fungi (singular: fungus) are a kingdom of usually multicellular eukaryotic organisms that are heterotrophs (cannot make their own food) and have important roles in nutrient cycling in an ecosystem.Fungi reproduce both sexually and asexually, and they also have symbiotic associations with plants and bacteria.However, they are also responsible for some diseases in plants and
28. fungus meaning and example sentences with fungus. Top definition is 'Any one of the Fungi, a large and very complex group of thallophytes of low organization, -- the molds, mildews, rusts, smuts, mushrooms, toadstools, puff balls, and the allies of each.'.
29. fungus meaning: 1. any of various types of organisms that get their food from decaying material or other living…. Learn more.
30. 1) What is the white fungus on the roots of the indoor fig tree, surely it is my fault? 2) Point of a white fungus and red dates sugar water chestnut cake. 3) Fungus, mushrooms , white fungus , Hericium erinaceus , who is also a rich Yangba industry. 4) There are lotus seed sweet soup made of white fungus and red dates.
31. fungus definition is - any of a kingdom (Fungi) of saprophytic and parasitic spore-producing eukaryotic typically filamentous organisms formerly classified as plants that lack chlorophyll and include molds, rusts, mildews, smuts, mushrooms, and yeasts.
32. fungus definition: 1. any of various types of organisms that get their food from decaying material or other living…. Learn more.
33. fungus definition: A fungus is a plant that has no flowers, leaves, or green colouring , such as a mushroom | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Examples of 'fungus' in a sentence fungus. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
34. A fungus is a simple organism, or living thing , that is neither a plant nor an animal. When there is more than one fungus they are called fungi. Some familiar fungi are mushrooms, molds, mildews, truffles, and yeasts.
35. Examples of fungus in a Sentence; Beispiele fungi. Color code: green (plant), red (metazoans), black (bacteria and archeae), cyan (protists) and brown (fungi). The left diatom is overgrown by fungi and irregular organic matter, but structures resembling areolaes are visible through the organic cover.
36. The word "fungus" is a Latin word meaning "mushroom". It is estimated that there are at least 1.5 million different species of fungi. The top of a mushroom is called the cap. The small plates under the cap are called gills. The fungus Trichoderma is sometimes used in the process when making stone-washed jeans.
37. Translations of the phrase THE fungus from english to finnish and examples of the use of "THE FUNGUS" in a sentence with their translations: I could not let the fungus escape the lab. Czech German Croatian Italian Dutch French Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Indonesian
38. Translations of the phrase A fungus THAT ATTACKS from english to spanish and examples of the use of "A fungus THAT ATTACKS" in a sentence with their translations: Doctors identified the problem as a fungus that attacks the brain stem destroying brain
39. fungus gnat definition is - any of various small dipteran flies (families Mycetophilidae and Sciaridae) resembling mosquitoes and having larvae that feed on fungi and decaying organic matter. Examples of fungus gnat in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web Two rare fungus gnats were found in Scotland, and two monarch-butterfly activists
40. Examples of Yeast in a sentence. It’s hard to believe that yeast, a common fungus, is used to make something as delicious as pizza dough. 🔊 When yeast converts sugar into alcohol, it produces bubbly champagne and perfectly fermented beer. 🔊 Despite being a one-celled fungus, yeast has many nutritional values like protein, vitamin B, and
41. Use ‘fungus’ in a sentence: Use ‘fungi’ in a sentence: From looking at a name, how do you recognize it is a scientific or Latin name? Mycorrhizae are important in the survival of plants. List/describe the morphological characteristics of endomycorrhizae, the relationship and orientation in plants, and the taxonomic group to which they belong.
42. Fungus, plural fungi, any of about 144,000 known species of organisms of the kingdom Fungi, which includes the yeasts, rusts, smuts, mildews, molds, and mushrooms.There are also many funguslike organisms, including slime molds and oomycetes (water molds), that do not belong to kingdom Fungi but are often called fungi. Many of these funguslike organisms are included in the kingdom Chromista.
43. Fungal infections come in different forms, like ringworm athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, yeast infections, and jock itch. They cause irritation and discomfort, often spread easily, and can be
44. Examples of fungus in a Sentence; 문장 fungi. Here, we investigated the anti-influenza activity of a fungi-derived natural product, aureonitol. Enzymes from aquatic fungi show distinct physiological characteristics, such as high salt tolerance or barophilicity, which are highly prized in industrial applications [42 ].
45. Sentence examples for my omission from inspiring English sources. 1. exact 59. similar 3. related RELATED my weakness. my wayside. my neglect. 1. I also failed to include toenail fungus among the plagues, but I stand by my omission, because there are limits. The New Yorker. 2. Last week after
46. Find English Sentence Examples. Input an English word or phrase. This is a case-sensitive exact word or phrase search. Try these links to search for examples with "fungus" Tanaka Corpus + Additions by T & perhaps are using more recent data. : =fungus;
47. Other examples of aquatic fungi include those living in hydrothermal areas of the ocean. Around 120,000 species of fungi have been described by taxonomists, but the global biodiversity of the fungus kingdom is not fully understood. A 2017 estimate suggests there may be between 2.2 and 3.8 million species.
48. fungus - fungus - Predation: A number of fungi have developed ingenious mechanisms for trapping microorganisms such as amoebas, roundworms (nematodes), and rotifers. After the prey is captured, the fungus uses hyphae to penetrate and quickly destroy the prey. Many of these fungi secrete adhesive substances over the surface of their hyphae, causing a passing animal that touches any portion of
49. How can I put and write and define fungus amongus in a sentence and how is the word fungus amongus used in a sentence and examples? 用fungus amongus造句, 用fungus amongus造句, 用fungus amongus造句, fungus amongus meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by .
50. Examples of facultative parasitism occur among many species of fungi, such as family members of the genus Armillaria. Armillaria species do parasitise living trees, but if the tree dies, whether as a consequence of the fungal infection or not, the fungus continues to eat the wood without further need for parasitic activity; some species even
51. No. sentence; 1: He and Currie both noted that leafcutters are uniquely complex among fungus-growing ants, but evolved just 10 million years ago, or 40 million years after other fungus growers.
52. Champignon definition is - an edible fungus; especially : button mushroom. Recent Examples on the Web One of us had paupiettes de veau with fricassée de légumes (stuffed veal with vegetable fricassee); the other ordered velouté de potiron and risotto aux épinards et champignons (a pumpkin soup with spinach and mushroom risotto).

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