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"Glittery" Example Sentences

1. Fluffy white snow and glittery icicles almost seem tailor made for weddings, don't they?
2. Add into the mix that pre-teen girls are highly attracted to jewelry with the Playboy logo, jewelry which is, after all, ensconced with glittery charms and bedecked with rhinestones, and the pairing starts sounding off alarm bells.
3. Those with bold fashion flair will love this glittery sunglass number.
4. They can be distinguished by their glittery appearance.
5. glittery effect.
6. glittery glamor.
7. glittery face paint.
8. glittery dress.
9. The royal family was dressed in rich brocades, fancy purple, red, green, glittery fabrics.
10. Flounce of flouncing around, a cat-fight over a patron and his glittery trinket - oooh!
11. glittery stars, PVC trees, tinsel and billions of baubles.
12. glittery picture of your favorite Bratz characters.
13. I have a recurring dream of having some nice pink, glittery high heeled sandals!
14. Many versions of this book are appropriate for toddlers, and you can find ones with unique features, such as glow-in-the-dark pages and glittery details.
15. Lustres are a bit grainier, often glittery.
16. In 1994, Chanel introduced the incendiary nail color "Vamp" that had the cosmetic world wrapped up in deep brown shades for years until glittery and metallic colors resurfaced by the new millennium.
17. In addition, there is mascara, eye pencil, powder, concealer and glittery shades of nail polish.
18. Play with glittery eyeliners (depending on skin tone), in silver, gold, turquoise or purple.
19. Two options are available with glittery eye pencils; they can be fully drawn across the eye (both top and bottom), or added solely to the inner corner of the eyes.
20. Note the word light - it is, indeed, a fairly modest sparkle, not glittery or unbecoming in the least.
21. While glittery shadow is pretty in the jar, using it will overwhelm the soft eye look that you are trying to create for bride eye makeup.
22. At night, experiment with glittery bronze and gold shadows.
23. Instead, place these color(s) along the inner part of your eye (the part closest to your nose) to get that ethereal, glittery look.
24. If you opt for false lashes adorned with small gemstones, you can still swipe metallic eye shadow across your lids, but leave the glittery lipstick behind.
25. You'll also want to look for pastel vellum, patterned paper with glittery accents, shimmery ribbons, and metallic colored eyelets to give your pages an elegant and sophisticated look.
26. Hang stars made from glittery cardstock from your ceiling to give your New Year's Eve party a festive look.
27. If a bright and busy layout best defines your evening, be sure and use plenty of glittery textured paper and shiny accessories to create your pages.
28. Satins, glittery tulle, and similar type fabric can always be found on the clearance rack at this time.
29. Third are the actual straps of the gown that also come equipped with glittery rhinestones.
30. You could also choose to use a glittery maple leaf centered in a tuft of gold or bronze organza.
31. Theme: While a castle, carriage, or glittery invitation design is an obvious princess motif, it won't be appropriate for every fairy tale wedding.
32. If that's not to your taste, another good option is simple white or silver ballet flats or pumps, possibly with a glittery or shiny satin finish.
33. The Hannah Montana clothing line includes trademark sparkly and glittery accents.
34. carries everything you need to outfit your Hannah Montana wannabe, including a full line of ultra-glam T-shirts featuring glittery accents.
35. Add bright glittery craft paint to seams in colors like fuchsia, purple, or lime green.
36. Expedition ships are vastly different than the mainstream, glittery cruise ships most passengers are familiar with.
37. There are many benefits to a small ship cruise: France, in particular, is a nation that is best explored from the intimate deck of a small ship rather than the glittery façade of a modern megaliner.
38. Get your shine on by wearing this racer back tank embellished with glittery stones, sequins and beads.
39. That is, they are at once both bold and flashy in a glittery sort of way.
40. The glittery, sin-filled Las Vegas serves as a great backdrop for your missions.
41. Short Hair Styles for Prom: Even short hair can look great with the right prom hair ideas, and fun options include glittery hair accessories, flirty spikes, and colored tips.
42. Here, you'll be able to find a slingshot style in shiny gold, one in red and still yet another called "Jewel"; it's a very glittery style.
43. The 80s were about creativity and fun, but without the glittery excess of the 70s.
44. Glittery ornaments in silver, gold, red, or green look especially pretty with this type of Christmas centerpiece.
45. Consider adding dangling crystals or other glittery accents to the bottoms of hanging candle holders for extra wedding sparkle.
46. With a range of available designs, these glittery items can even be perfect gifts, wedding favors, or centerpieces.
47. Amazon carries a variety of mermaid costumes for young girls, including one with shell and starfish accents, dark pink netting and glittery embellishments on the arms, waist and fins.
48. The site has an enormous selection of provocative mermaid costumes featuring fitted tops, sequin skirts with ruffled organza fins and glittery starfish headpieces.
49. Regular folks tried their best to emulate their favorite stars' glittery outfits and voluminous hairstyles, and in the process ignited a generation of reckless abandon.
50. In fact, in many cases you can don a simple outfit and embellish with glittery accessories and still be the belle of the costume ball.
51. For example, if you want to show up to a St. Patrick's Day party as a sexy leprechaun, consider donning your favorite micro mini and a pair of shamrock printed stockings with glittery green stilettos accented with shamrock stickers.
52. Accessorize with green and white striped socks and a glittery shamrock deely bopper.
53. Micro Pave Rings: These rings use the smallest stones to create a glittery surface where the sparkle is more visible than the stones themselves.
54. A diamond solitaire scalloped setting is a delicate, fun design that can showcase the brilliance and uniqueness of a diamond without additional accent stones or glittery embellishments.
55. Typically, small, round diamonds are used in this setting for a very glittery effect.
56. Child shoe manufacturers have cleverly designed everything from glittery sandals to miniature Nikes, capitalizing on the "cute factor."
57. Glittery uppers are the dominant features of these Monroe sandals from Amanda.
58. Not only do these glass slipper look-alikes feature glittery uppers, they're also adorned with rhinestones, silver trim and heart-shaped jewels on the toes.
59. Check out the Disney Store when shopping for the perfect pair of glittery jellies for the youngest princesses.
60. Others add megawatt glam with outrageous shades like turquoise or fuchsia, or go all out with glittery, notice-me-now stunners.
61. Wrapped in a yellow gold case, it comes with loads of features such as a stainless steel strap buckle, glittery white dial with neat black Roman numerals and diamond bezel.
62. Jazz up a navy knit dress with sheer orange pantyhose or slip on a glittery pair to make that black dress ensemble just a little less basic.
63. Even if you aren't devoted to the films' glittery vampires and those who love them, you might enjoy the Twilight movie soundtracks in their own right.
64. A movie premiere party should include lots of stars, spotlights, and glittery accents.
65. Add streamers, napkins, balloons, and candles in basic colors, or opt for more star-studded supplies such as glittery confetti or movie and music decorations without a specific theme.
66. For young girls, choose strands of green beads, green nail polish and a glittery green party hat so they can dress up for the occasion.
67. If you've ever taken a close look at certain types of nail art designs, you've probably noticed some interesting details - shiny bits and pieces, perhaps something glittery, maybe an unusual texture.
68. No matter how it is described, this glittery coat is adored by all who try it.
69. This clear, iridescent glittery top coat can be worn as color alone or over another nail polish.
70. Instead of basic pink with white tips, use Sheer Enchantment to give your manicure an unexpected glittery twist.
71. Satisfaction: Satisfaction features a variety of glittery, animated graphics.
72. Other social networking sites offer much more flexibility, with customizable backgrounds, the addition of videos and music, and even things like glittery fonts and animated images.
73. Today's Brownies are hip in a cool new uniform, with some great additions, including glittery T-shirts!
74. There is also glittery Brownie T-shirt, and a Brownie hooded sweatshirt in pink.
75. This style of jewelry box accommodates all those jewels and glittery baubles.
76. He also favors star-shaped, glittery shades.
77. In the picture, Kiara Advani is seen sporting a golden shimmer saree with smokey with a glittery green clutch. Kiara looks stunning as she donned smokey eyes makeup and nude lip shade while she ...
78. The first image shows Chrissy sitting on the floor as Luna gently brushes her entire face with glittery silver powder. In the next slides, we see that Chrissy also got some lipstick to go with her ...
79. These gorgeous, glittery hot tumblers typically cost around $14.95, but Starbucks is dropping the price down to $9.95 ahead of the holiday season. They're available for purchase in both the US and ...
80. Actress Sunny Leone makes a killer style statement in a glittery little black number in her latest social media post. In the Instagram picture, Sunny matches her LBD with a bright blue jacket. She ...
81. However, the Joséphine Cosmetics’ Eye Dazzle, soon won me over. I tried the glittery rose-gold shade, Leona, which turns into a lighter blush hue on the lids, so fI opted for a neutral smokey look.
82. (L.E. Baskow) Mariena Mercer Boarini’s Electrapop lollipops shimmer in their translucent wrapping — glittery blue powder shining through rainbow-tinted foil, wrapped with a silver tie.
83. The Winter Soiree set from Mask and Hound, festive and glittery, equally appropriate for a winter walk in the park or socially distanced small social gatherings. Photo by Nichelle Kelly Little did ...
84. The rendition, produced by David Thomas Jones, adds a disco touch to the 1977 classic, which features the actress and singer crooning over glittery synths, “Just one look at you/And I know it ...
85. This simple wash of loose shimmer is the easiest way to wear glitter. If you have a neutral glittery highlighter, that too can be applied here. All you need to do is prime the eyelids so that they ...
86. The 'Malang' actress took her Instagram stories to share a short video of herself to give her fans a glimpse from her glittery makeup look. Disha opted for natural filled-in brows with similar ...
87. PETER Andre admitted his confusion over the new lockdown rules while wearing a glittery face mask on the way to work today. The Mysterious Girl singer, 47, took to Instagram to share his ...
88. You can now get glittery gin baubles – and they look like an absolute treat. The popular M&S Snow Globe Clementine Gin Liqueur has been transformed into cute tree baubles and merry Christmas ...
89. The 62-Inch Porch Decor Mermaid can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s made with a coated metal frame, which is built to last, and covered in a glittery mesh fabric to stand out even more. The 118 cool ...
90. FORMER Dancing With The Stars contestant Grainne Gallanagh has wowed fans with her stunning outfit. The model nurse posed in a glittery black suit as fans described her as “unreal”.
91. glittery sentence examples. glittery. Fluffy white snow and glittery icicles almost seem tailor made for weddings, don't they? 2. 0. Add into the mix that pre-teen girls are highly attracted to jewelry with the Playboy logo, jewelry which is, after all, ensconced with glittery charms and bedecked with rhinestones, and the pairing starts
92. Examples of glittery in a sentence: 1. Play-acting all the time, all dressed up in purple satin trousers and a green satin jacket all glittery with gold braid! 2. There wasn't nothin' glittery about it, nothin' to make you think of the far away.
93. Examples of how to use the word glittery in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
94. Example sentences for: glittery How can you use “glittery” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: It's common knowledge that many big box office stars often borrow glittery gems for special occasions from the likes of Harry Winston, etc.. Grammar may not be glamorous in any glittery Hollywood sense, but grammar can be very interesting, even
95. Synonyms: 1.Feedback 2. Wikipedia: 1. Now go on get one of your most glittery frocks on and give those kids the performance of your life: 2. He used to sneak into glittery society events and take pictures of himself with all the leading celebs: 3. Then a white stone which had glittery lumps on it but that wasn't smooth enough: 4. The sand took the glittery morning light and threw it back into
96. glittery in a sentence - Use "glittery" in a sentence 1. -- Do add gold, silver or other glittery accessories. 2. We were all dolled up, glittery, cute little kids, click for more sentences of glittery
97. Not everything that is apparently glittery is precious; something that looks to be perfect but not in real; Example Sentences. My grandmother advised me to be careful about making new friends because all that glitters is not gold. After being cheated by many handsome guys, she finally realised that all that glitters is not gold.
98. glittery definition: 1. producing a lot of small flashes of reflected light: 2. producing a lot of small flashes of…. Learn more.
99. glittery definition: having glitter; glittering Add into the mix that pre-teen girls are highly attracted to jewelry with the Playboy logo, jewelry which is, after all, ensconced with glittery charms and bedecked with rhinestones, and the pairing starts sounding off alarm bells.; For example, if you want to show up to a St. Patrick's Day party as a sexy leprechaun, consider donning your
100. glittery definition: Something that is glittery shines with a lot of very small points of light. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
101. glittery recovery of the city's downtown has not made up for high costs, political problems, and continued decay in outlying neighborhoods.’ ‘The inability of community projects to find funding feels like a glittery, agonizing assault.’
102. glittery definition, glittering; sparkling. See more. Think you know your presidents? Take this quiz and see if you can match the style, wit, and ideology of these memorable lines to the right POTUS.
103. Definition Pronunciation Synonyms Examples Rhymes Plural. How to use glittering in a sentence? volume_up adjective bugle beads all aglitter; glinting eyes; glinting water; his glittering eyes were cold and malevolent; shop window full of glittering Christmas trees; glittery costume jewelry; scintillant mica; the scintillating stars; a dress
104. Another word for glittery. Find more ways to say glittery, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
105. Sentence examples for evoking admiration from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 9 ) Over her glittery and turbulent life, Ludwig is the first sentence search engine that helps you write better English by giving you contextualized examples taken from reliable sources.
106. Examples of glittery in a Sentence; 문장 glittery. 2003, Ashaki Boelter, Distant Lover: All-4-Love Series 1 of 3[1], page 1 : "Out of sight!" praised a suave and youthful mack daddy, boogying under the glittery flashing lights. "I can dig all your moves, foxy momma!
107. glittery adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (sparkly) brillant adj adjectif: modifie un nom. Il est généralement placé après le nom et s'accorde avec le nom (ex : un ballon bleu, une balle bleue). En général, seule la forme au masculin singulier est donnée.
108. Featuring a glittery brocade material and T-bar strap for extra support. Doté d'un matériel de brocart scintillant et sangle Tee-bar pour un soutien supplémentaire. Electronic detectors (using glittery plastic-based ionizing media or gases such as Micromegas), unlike chemical emulsions, allow real-time data analysis.

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