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"Halo" Example Sentences

1. The angel Jeffrey's halo may be rusty.
2. The heads are surrounded with a kind of head-dress or halo and one wears a necklace.
3. Ancient authorities have invested Mithradates with a halo of romance.
4. A Brescian friar relates that a halo of light was seen to flash round his head, and the citizens remembered his awful prophecies when in 1512 their town was put to the sack by Gaston de Foix.
5. Her cheeks were streaked with tears, her green eyes showing her torment and her magic like a halo around her.
6. Similarly, the tangential arcs to the halo of 46° are due to refraction through faces inclined at 90°.
7. HALO, a word derived from the Gr.
8. In that world some structure was still being erected and did not fall, something was still stretching out, and the candle with its red halo was still burning, and the same shirtlike sphinx lay near the door; but besides all this something creaked, there was a whiff of fresh air, and a new white sphinx appeared, standing at the door.
9. The most brilliant are situated at the intersections of the inner halo and the parhelic circle; these are known as parhelia (denoted by the letter p in the figures) (from the Gr.
10. When the sun is near the horizon the rays fall upon the principal section of the prisms; the minimum deviation for such rays is 22 °, and consequently the parhelia are not only on the inner halo, but also on the parhelic circle.
11. She married in her seventeenth year a man very much her senior, Nicephore Blavatsky, a Russian official in Caucasia, from whom she was separated after a few months; in later days, when seeking to invest herself with a halo of virginity, she described the marriage as a nominal one.
12. As the sun rises, they pass a little beyond the halo and exhibit flaming tails.
13. At the same time there appear'd a Halo about 22 Degrees 35' distant from the center of the moon.
14. The inner halo I, and the outer halo 0, having radii of about 22° and 46 °, and exhibiting the colours of the spectrum in a confused manner, the only decided tint being the red on the inside.
15. From the parhelia of the inner halo two oblique curves (L) proceed.
16. Similarly, as explained by Henry Cavendish, the halo of 46° is due to refraction by faces inclined at 90°.
17. Empusa Muscae causes the wellknown epidemic in house-flies during the autumn; the dead, affected flies are often found attached to the window surrounded by a white halo of conidia.
18. The Covenanters had a martyrology of their own, and the halo of romance has been cast around their exploits and their sufferings.
19. The founders of the school sought to invest their doctrines with the halo of tradition by ascribing them to Pythagoras and Plato, and there is no reason to accuse them of insincerity.
20. For long after the Vienna Congress of 1814-1815 the " Kaiser " as such exercised a powerful influence over the imaginations of the German people outside the Habsburg dominions; but this was because the title was still surrounded with its ancient halo and the essential change was not at once recognized.
21. AvOi / Xcos, opposite the sun), the luminous ring or halo sometimes seen in Alpine or polar regions surrounding the shadow of the head of an observer cast upon a bank of cloud or mist.
22. A thin halo seen above the new moon was pictured as a cap, and the association between this and the symbol of royalty, which was a conical-shaped cap, led to interpreting the phenomenon as an indication that the ruler would have a successful reign.
23. There he was struck down by fever; and on the 15th of August 1464 death had released him from all his afflictions - a tragic close which has thrown a halo round his memory.
24. The phenomenon of a solar (or lunar) halo as seen from the earth is represented in fig.
25. Apparently the shine is off Mr. Faust's halo.
26. In the circular form it constitutes a natural and even primitive use of the idea of a crown, modified by an equally simple idea of the emanation of light from the head of a superior being, or by the meteorological phenomenon of a halo.
27. Halo >>
28. Less brilliant are the parhelia of the outer halo.
29. As the sun rises, the rays enter the prisms more and more obliquely, and the angle of minimum deviation increases; but since the emergent ray makes the same angle with the refracting edge as the incident ray, it follows that the parhelia will remain on the parhelic circle, while receding from the inner halo.
30. In the halo of his mysterious power he passed through Greece, Italy and Spain.
31. Auburn curls formed a halo around her pale face.
32. Brandon towered over her - the living room light forming a halo around his tall muscular frame.
33. Caleb began to hurry, and in her haste to keep up with the halo in front of him, she stumbled, falling to her knees and rolling to her side in the wet mud.
34. Upper and lower tangent arcs and a faint 22º halo.
35. The bourgeoisie has stripped of its halo every occupation hitherto honored and looked up to with reverent awe.
36. Brown hair lifted in the breeze, to make a dark halo about her head.
37. Circumscribed halo at high sun.
38. Dust clouds surrounding this star, shown by the halo of emission around the central star.
39. And we thought Halo 2's cliff-hanger ending couldn't get any worse!
40. Galactic halo.
41. Changing shape of the circumscribed halo with solar altitude.
42. The answer is to use a glowing halo instead of the emitting halo.
43. I'm now 7 weeks into a 13 week period of wearing a halo brace.
44. The slow exposure, produced a ghostly halo around the fish.
45. A child in the snow surrounded by a halo of gold goes shaking the heavy branches.
46. The very faint circular arc could be a 23 or 22° halo.
47. The gull winged arc always touches the 22º halo at a point directly above the sun.
48. A rather more rare 46° halo was also faintly visible.
49. Stars outside the thick disk ellipse belong to the galactic halo.
50. The image, however, also shows a faint circular halo beneath the arc.
51. Theories of halo nucleus scattering often use an approximation in which the halo nucleus scattering often use an approximation in which the halo is appeared frozen during the collision.
52. halo effect ' from the heroes - they're just pilots too!
53. halo round the head of the Child Jesus.
54. halo display 16 days earlier.
55. halo turn - hand hold and all.
56. Our measurements of the HI in our Galaxy have given us insight into the dark matter halo around our Galaxy.
57. halo of light surrounding his form, the youthful Persian god remains obscure to us.
58. A romantic heroine is often backlit to create a halo effect on her hair.
59. Then it was down to the developers to make matchmaking and stuuf like in Halo 2. Hopefully the 360's live service will be better.
60. The central figure might have a nimbus or halo, indicating that he is a saint, so perhaps the other figures represent demons.
61. Theories of halo nucleus scattering often use an approximation in which the halo is appeared frozen during the collision.
62. Ted Barney # re: Xbox: High Quality Halo 2 Screenshots & Lets sue Microsoft if your Xbox dies(some nut )!
63. Oriented crystals were added to make the 22° halo.
64. Piddle spank 14th March 2002, 13:39 halo on it?
65. We always understand what we encounter within a halo of our own future potentiality.
66. The existence of the dark halo is inferred from its gravitational pull on the visible matter.
67. Refract the light to give the halo effect.
68. Refracted more strongly than blue giving the halo its red inner edge.
69. THat is all there is to say on the matter piddle spank 14th March 2002, 13:39 halo on it?
70. Stumpy figure with a round face and a hat like a black halo.
71. Billy hit the dirty floor of the garage with a soft thud, a pool of blood surrounding his head like a halo.
72. Halo phytes.Plants which grow in very saline soils; e.g., Tr-iglochin iritimum, Salicornia spp., Zygophyllum cornutum, Aster Tnhum, Artemisia maritima.
73. The inner halo I, and the outer halo 0, having radii of about 22° and 46 °, and exhibiting the colours of the spectrum in a confused manner, the only decided tint being the red on the inside.
74. Mariotte explained the inner halo as being due to refraction through a pair of alternate faces, since the minimum deviation of an ice-prism whose refracting angle is 60° is about 22°.
75. Similarly, as explained by Henry Cavendish, the halo of 46° is due to refraction by faces inclined at 90°.
76. When the sun is near the horizon the rays fall upon the principal section of the prisms; the minimum deviation for such rays is 22 °, and consequently the parhelia are not only on the inner halo, but also on the parhelic circle.
77. Similarly, the tangential arcs to the halo of 46° are due to refraction through faces inclined at 90°.
78. 22° and 46°, the radii of coronae vary very considerably; also, halos are coloured red on the inside, whereas coronae are coloured red on the outside '(see' Halo) .
79. While my days at Radcliffe were still in the future, they were encircled with a halo of romance, which they have lost; but in the transition from romantic to actual I have learned many things I should never have known had I not tried the experiment.
80. The clouds contain ice crystals which refract the light to give the halo effect.
81. Red light is refracted more strongly than blue giving the halo its red inner edge.
82. It was a stumpy figure with a round face and a hat like a black halo.
83. HALO SleepSack- The HALO SleepSack will keep your baby warm and secure.
84. With the introduction of the Snuza Halo, however, parents can breathe a little easier.
85. In between running around after her two boys, she is the Product Manager for Snuza Halo Baby Movement Monitors.
86. The Snuza Halo is a portable breathing monitor, specifically designed for babies, that monitors baby's smallest breathing movements.
87. The Snuza Halo is clipped over the waistband of baby's diaper, where it senses baby's belly movements.
88. This includes the Snuza Halo, an Instructional DVD with an Infant First Aid and Healthcare section that tells parents how to perform Rescue Breathing and CPR.
89. Information on how the monitor works, along with product testimonials and instruction video clip, can be found about the Snuza Halo on the product website at Snuza.
90. These growths usually begin developing as small red dots commonly found on the upper torso or head and surrounded by a pale halo.
91. The Xbox 360 from Microsoft is well known for its library of first-person and third-person shooter games like Gears of War, Halo and Call of Duty.
92. The Xbox launched with Halo, which saw tremendous success and continues to do so.
93. Halo 2 was an even bigger hit, and set records for being the highest grossing release in entertainment history.
94. Halo cat rood is manufactured using holistic health care principles.
95. Andi Brown, a cat lover, founded the Halo pet food company.
96. The idea of healthy cat food took hold and that original recipe is now known as Halo's signature product, "Spot's Stew".
97. Halo cat food has a tag line - "Purely for Pets".
98. The Halo pet food company is dedicated to making the lives of furry family members better, thus ensuring they live a long and happy life.
99. If you would like to learn more about this animal friendly company, visit their website: Halo - Purely for Pets.
100. Try Halo's Cloud Nine Herbal Dip, or ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.
101. Around the rim or edge of the mirror, known as diffuse or halo lighting, and are often seen in circular mirrors.
102. Today, games, like the popular Halo or Runescape, invite multiple players to compete with one another in full 3D interactive worlds or even play alone with interactive technology.
103. If you play games like Halo, Call of Duty, or Guitar Hero, you can also connect your Wii, Xbox 360, or Play Station 3 into the Internet and play against other people all across the world.
104. Each seven-inch angel comes with its own tinsel halo.
105. Each breed comes dressed in an angelic robe with wings and halo, and is priced at $35.99.
106. The whole series this month started out with our first guest, Andi Brown, a New York Times bestselling author and the founder of Halo, Purely for Pets.
107. People at the Halo dog food believe in quality food and quality life.
108. Halo has been selling natural dog food for nearly two decades.
109. They say balance, nature and love are the three principles from which Halo, Purely for Pets has evolved.
110. Besides dog food, Halo also carries cat food, pet treats, supplements and herbal grooming supplies.
111. Halo dog food is not only safe for your dog; it has never been recalled, unlike several other dog food brands.
112. Halo products are all made from the finest quality ingredients that are safe for your pets to eat and digest.
113. Halo uses no preservatives, artificial flavors, fillers, or chemicals in their products.
114. At Halo, the list of ingredients looks like something on your own grocery list.
115. The good thing about using high quality ingredients, besides great health for your dog, is that dogs love the taste of Halo foods.
116. Halo guarantees this, or your money back.
117. Halo offers canned and dry dog food, both of which are called Spot's Stew.
118. Halo has a separate dry dog food specially formulated for puppies and available in the same flavors as the dry adult dog food.
119. This kit is great for people wanting to try out Halo dog food on their dogs.
120. When Ellen DeGeneres was looking for a dog food for her dog that was allergic to almost everything, she came across Halo, Purely for Pets.
121. She thought Halo was such a great dog food that she became part owner on the company.
122. For more information or to purchase Halo products, visit Halo Pets.
123. The Halo web site has an area devoted to inspirational, heartwarming stories about pets and people called Halo Cares.
124. This page also tells about many of the generous donations Halo has given to animal shelters and pet owners.
125. Track lighting is typically sold in compliance with one of three standards: Halo (H), Juno (J), or Lightolier (L).
126. Using Halo or one of the other two standards will allow you to pick and choose the components you want, or purchase entire systems that you can change later when your needs change.
127. Whether you're looking for the latest in energy efficient lighting, or just want a recessed light fixture that offers choices in size and installation, Halo recessed lighting can fit the bill.
128. With products ranging from new LED recessed lights to small 3-inch incandescent, Halo has a recessed light that will work in your home.
129. Recessed light fixtures can come in a wide range of sizes and products, all of which can be found through Halo recessed lighting.
130. There are a lot of light fixtures on the market, including numerous brands of recessed lighting, so why choose Halo?
131. Halo is owned by Cooper Lighting, and is a leader in recessed lighting within the industry.
132. Halo lights are at the forefront of recessed light technology, which is why there are as many options available as needed by homeowners.
133. In addition to the many options available to homeowners, Halo is known as the industry leader for the following reasons as well.
134. Halo makes their recessed light installation even easier with templates and kits that allow nearly all of their lights be installed in a variety of circumstances, such as pre-existing ceilings, insulated ceilings or new construction.
135. Halo light fixtures are flexible and easy to install because they are made of quality products.
136. Halo recessed lighting can be found at nearly any home lighting retailer.
137. Target - Find brands like Halo and Kee-Ka as well as Gerber organic bedding at Target.
138. Halo Gold lenses are designed as a black lens surrounded by a gold halo.
139. When it comes to video game rumors that just won't die, one of the most popular is the possibility of Halo 3 for PlayStation 3.
140. Avid Sony fans may love their PS3s, but there is something positively enchanting about the Halo franchise that is irresistable.
141. Despite what all the rumors may lead you to believe, there is no real possibility of Halo 3 for PlayStation 3 in the foreseeable future.
142. While Bungie, the company that developed Halo 3, is no longer a part of the Microsoft company in any way, it does not hold the full rights to the Halo franchise.
143. Since Microsoft is in direct competition with Sony, it is very unlikely that it will be willing to license the Halo franchise for a PlayStation 3 video game.
144. If Microsoft were to sell the full rights to everything related to the Halo franchise to Bungie, then it would be much more possible that a Halo game would appear on the PS3.
145. That is very unlikely to happen, so it is not very likely that a Halo game will ever be offered on the PS3.
146. Even though there is no Halo 3 for PlayStation 3, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a Halo-like experience on Sony's primary home video console.
147. Metal Gear Solid for PS3 and Halo for the Xbox 360 were two special bundles with a special color for the physical system and a special edition of the game.
148. For example, Halo fans must purchase an Xbox 360 while Final Fantasy enthusiasts must get a PS3.
149. Halo was released on the first Xbox to quiet fanfare.
150. Halo redefined multiplayer console gameplay and its sequels immediately became best sellers.
151. With the right qualities like addictive gameplay and proper hype, nearly any game has the chance to be the next Super Mario or Halo.
152. The biggest winner at the show was Halo 2 which took home "Game of the Year", "Best Shooter", "Best Multiplayer Game", and "Best Boss" awards.
153. Some of the most popular video games are FPS games, such as Quake, Halo and Unreal.
154. Either way, you can still fight aliens if you're tired of the alien fighting in Doom or Halo.
155. But, Halo 3 won't be out until spring of 2006.
156. You're able to carry two different weapons at a time, a trend popularized by the original Halo.
157. This is the same service used for playing online with such games as Halo 3 ODST and Gears of War 2.
158. You don't jump on turtle shells like Mario or frag aliens like Halo 3's Master Chief.
159. Microsoft acquired the Halo game, the company and the employees and the right to bring Halo exclusively to the Xbox.
160. So on November 15th, 2001, Bungie let Halo go to the consumers.
161. Forget Goldeneye, Doom, Quake; Halo had won it's place in FPS history…and it had the top spot quickly.
162. So Halo 2 was announced in 2002 by a teaser trailer of Master Chief diving Earthward from a spaceship.
163. After strategic delays, Halo 2 was finally released in 2005.
164. Adding stronger gameplay and AI and more intense battles and environments, Halo 2 kept the series going as if it had never let up steam.
165. Then, when the Expansion pack was released the same year, you got a lot more added to your Halo 2 gameplay experience with more levels, mods, and special features.
166. Maybe I was spoiled on the futuristic shooters of Doom and Halo.
167. It's a Halo setup (then again, what isn't nowadays), so not much getting use to here.
168. The Xbox 360 was originally seen as the system for hardcore gamers, since it focused largely on titles like Halo and Gears of War, but it has since gone on to include more family-friendly fare.
169. Spend a few minutes here and there and get that same feeling of accomplishment as you would by beating a Resident Evil or a Halo!
170. We were first introduced to Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved.
171. It's understandable that the most popular cheat codes for Xbox games will be for first-person shooters like Halo 3, the highly anticipated conclusion to the famed trilogy.
172. The special Halo 3 ending is shown when you finish the game on Legendary mode.
173. If you like Halo, the Xbox is your system.
174. The Xbox is home to Halo and Halo 2, FPS games with remarkably realistic physics.
175. Darkwatch, from High Moon Studios and Capcom, can best be described as Halo in the Old West, with a few Zelda-like boss battles thrown in.
176. So if you like Halo and if you like Zelda games, then you will probably like this game.
177. The multiplayer mode is just as good as Halo, except it just takes place in the Old West.
178. Notice I didn't compare Darkwatch and Halo throughout this review.
179. Because of the subject matter (the Old West) and being overshadowed by other games (Halo, Unreal, Madden), some players may not think about checking this game out.
180. As far as FPS games go, think Halo for the graphics and Resident Evil for the gameplay.
181. The majority of these tournaments tend to focus on the first-person shooter genre, getting gamers to play such titles as Call of Duty and Halo.
182. In the early days of the Xbox, everyone was talking about Project Gotham Racing and Halo and other killer apps.
183. The mountains and trees were nice, even slightly better than Halo, but the actual ground seemed flat.
184. If you're use to Halo, Doom, or the Unreal series, you might find yourself in my position.
185. Half-life 2 uses the same basic configuration as Halo.
186. Any first person shooter who doesn't use the configuration set up for the Xbox by Halo is asking for failure.
187. Halo: Combat Evolved is a sci-fi, shooter and action adventure game where you play a Cyborg Commando with an infamous reputation.
188. Stranded on Halo, you resolve to remove this alien threat and save humanity.
189. Bungie and Microsoft brought you the best-selling Halo and its sequel Halo 2.
190. The core Halo gameplay is intact, but the campaign and multi-player modes are highly enhanced.
191. On its first day of release in November 2004, Halo 2 had $125 million in sales.
192. Halo 2 took more than 3 years to develop, but with sales like that Microsoft is finding it well worth it.
193. Along with the first game in the Halo franchise, sales total more than 11 million units.
194. The presence of this modified content will ban the player from connecting to Xbox Live multiplayer gaming with Halo 2.
195. Halo 2 is the action-packed, sci-fi shooter sequel to Halo: Combat Evolved.
196. If you liked the first Halo, you will have fun playing this game.
197. Is Halo 2 for Xbox the Messiah of videogames?
198. Yes. While sporting a weak storyline and a rather short single player campaign, Halo 2 is still a fine successor to one of the best-selling games ever.
199. If you've played Halo, then you fit right in with the mechanics of Halo 2.
200. They see, they come, and boy do they conquer you if you're not careful.Though the storyline is rather unimpressive, Halo 2 does have a nice little twist early on in the game that makes it interesting.
201. The in-game movies use Halo's game engine and it's distracting because they're choppy and slightly pixilated.
202. Multiplayer is 90% of the reason you play Halo.
203. The level-design is nearly genius, easily beating the first Halo.
204. The king first person shooters, Halo and Halo 2, changed gaming forever with the introduction of realistic physics and awesome gameplay.
205. Now, with the new Xbox 360 on the market, fans are nervously wondering: "What will Halo 3 be like?"
206. The trailer shown at Microsoft's press conference at the E3 Expo is quite intense, and shows off many key elements to Halo 3.
207. According to official statements, Halo 3 will have a new "materials system" that allows for highly detailed graphics.
208. Not much news has trickled past Microsoft about Halo 3, so take these rumors with a grain of salt.
209. More levels than the first two Halo games combined (24!).
210. Notice how Halo 3 is only coming out on 360...leaving all Halo fans with an XBOX helpless.
211. I just think that they should bring Halo 3 out on XBOX as well.
212. When Halo 4 comes out...that would seem reasonable to only have on 360 because it would have been out for awhile.
213. I wonder if this got to Bungie if they would even consider bringing Halo 3 out on XBOX?
214. And Halo 3 might be too much for the Xbox to handle.
215. I've heard that Halo 3 will be playable on the Xbox as long as you get a certain disc.
216. A rumored grenade in Halo 3 features a new opponent motion tracking system that has a ribcage that expands and lights up when in use.
217. It's time to help Master Chief finish the fight and a series of Halo 3 cheats will certainly come in handy.
218. If you're looking for Halo 3 cheats, you've certainly come to right place.
219. We've scoured for some of the best secrets this Halo game has to offer.
220. In order to proudly display your achievements in the online multiplayer portion of Halo 3, you'll want to unlock the highest multiplayer rank possible.
221. There are 41 Halo 3 multiplayer ranks in all.
222. In order to unlock a special ending to the Halo story arc, you need to complete Legendary mode.
223. The following Halo 3 ending article may contain spoilers if you haven't completed the game yet.
224. While some hackers attempted to post Halo 3 endings up on sites like Youtube before the game was out, Microsoft quickly jumped to action by claiming copyright infringement.
225. Apparently when Halo fired, it shook itself to pieces and the portal couldn't withstand it.
226. As the ships hits the planet's horizon, a mysterious glow (in effect, a halo) surrounds the planets and then engulfs the ship.
227. Too lazy to spend your time beating Halo 3?
228. Not the real ending, but in the beginning, when everyone wanted to find out about the Halo 3 ending, this site posted some good hits.
229. Who thinks it should be called Halo 4: Floodmania?
230. Millions of gamers play Halo 3 from Bungie and those millions of gamers need Halo 3 MySpace layouts to compliment their enthusiasm.
231. You can choose to post a lot of multimedia on your MySpace or none at all, relying on the pure beauty of a couple of Halo 3 landscape pictures to impress.
232. Coolchaser lets you create your own Halo 3 MySpace layout.
233. Pick a Halo 3 logo, a background, maybe a screenshot or two, and you're done!
234. Layout Generator is not specific to Halo 3, but if you have some screenshots on your computer and the Halo font from 1001fonts.com, then you are set to create your own basic ''Halo 3' layout for Myspace.
235. Red vs. Blue has some unique and funny videos of ''Halo and its successors.
236. Most of the other sites that contain MySpace layouts with Halo 3 themes are cluttered pages full of ads or just amateur digital artists looking for some feedback.
237. You have the option of using the code for just the background or you can also use the code for the background and a slideshow of screenshots of Halo 3.
238. You can keep it simple or you can make you MySpace ornate with all kinds of Halo 3 multimedia.
239. Soon, you'll be able to have a MySpace layout representing the Halo Movie.
240. There are a total of 47 Halo 3 ODST achievements that you can accumulate through the game.
241. With 1,000 points to get, this new installment in the Halo franchise will keep you busy on your Xbox 360.
242. The ODST in Halo 3 ODST stands for Orbital Drop Shock Trooper.
243. This battle takes place during Halo 2 and unfortunately, you are knocked out.
244. While the Xbox 360 keeps track of your ''Halo 3 ODST achievements, it's sometimes helpful to know what you need to do in order to recognize locations or items that complete an achievement.
245. When you don't kill new and different things, you get this Halo 3 ODST achievement. 20 points.
246. This is the largest of the Halo 3 ODST achievements available.
247. While the main gameplay is certainly engaging on its own, a lot of extra fun can be had by looking for all the Halo 3 skull locations.
248. These hidden Easter eggs are easily overlooked by even the most enthusiastic Halo fans.
249. The developers at Bungie have been having fun with gamers since the release of Halo 2 several years ago.
250. The first Halo game did not have any skulls, but the feature was introduced in the sequel.
251. The hidden skulls in Halo 3 provide minor alterations to the gameplay, so they are certainly worth finding.
252. The Halo 3 skull locations are typically off the beaten path, so you will need to explore areas that you may not otherwise encounter.
253. The Halo 3 skulls won't do much to aid you in winning multiplayer combat sessions like how the weapon cheats might, but they can be a lot of fun to find and use.
254. There are a total of 13 skulls hidden in the Halo 3 campaign mode.
255. Grunt Birthday Skull: Halo 3 is one of the best Xbox 360 games because the developers aren't afraid to have fun.
256. Mythic Skull: Increasing the difficulty, this skull is in Halo stage.
257. It's time the finish the fight with Master Chief, so complete the adventure by grabbing a copy of the Halo 3 soundtrack.
258. The Halo 3 Original Soundtrack is the official musical accompaniment to the Halo 3 video game for the Xbox 360 video game system by Microsoft.
259. As you know, this is the highly anticipated first-person shooter game that follows up on the story started by the first Halo: Combat Evolved and continued by the appropriately titled Halo 2.
260. Just like the first two soundtracks for the first two games, the Halo 3 Soundtrack was also largely produced by Martin O'Donnell, in partnership with Michael Salvatori.
261. The Halo 3 Original Soundtrack is being sold under the Sumthing Else Music Works record label.
262. At the time this article was written, an official track listing for the Halo 3 Original Soundtrack was not yet released.
263. Overall, the "most anticipated soundtrack of the holiday season" derives much of its inspiration from the epic themes in the third game in the storied Halo franchise.
264. The Halo 3 Original Soundtrack is scheduled for release on November 20, 2007.
265. All major retailers of music CDs should have the Halo 3 Original Soundtrack available for sale on November 20, 2007, but you should check with your local store for exact details.
266. For this, you may want to go to Amazon.com where the Halo 3 soundtrack can be pre-ordered today.
267. Three years in the making, Halo 3 is the highly anticipated sequel to Halo 2, the latter of which was the most popular game on Xbox Live for a solid two years before the release of Gears of War in 2006.
268. Developed by Bungie, Halo 3 completes the story arc started by the first Halo video game on the original Xbox.
269. When Halo 3 launched on September 25, 2007, everyone wanted to know how the story ends.
270. In the first 24 hours that the game was available to the public, $170 million worth of Halo 3 flew off the shelves.
271. You'll notice three motifs with Microsoft's advertising strategy for Halo 3.
272. Finish the Fight: This catchphrase reminds players that this is the final entry in the Halo saga and in order to complete the story, you will need to finish the fight.
273. It is featured quite prominently in most print ads, as well as other Halo 3 merchandise and paraphernalia.
274. Bungie has released six Halo 3 desktops for you to consider, two of which are just the logo.
275. Gamers Gallery: You want a big collection with a lot of options, then check out this site which features over 50 Halo 3 themed desktops.
276. Halo Forever: Fan sites are a great place to look for custom video game wallpapers and this Internet destination is no exception.
277. The best part is that most Halo desktops here are available in a variety of screen resolutions, ranging from 1024x768 on the low-end, all the up to 1680x1050 on the high-end.
278. Whether you're looking to finish the single-player campaign or you want to get the upper hand in a multiplayer deathmatch, you may be interested in learning a Halo 3 weapon cheat or two.
279. Halo 3 was easily one of the most highly anticipated games on the Xbox 360.
280. Even though Halo 3 has been out for quite some time, it is still one of the most popular titles played on Xbox Live.
281. Some gamers may have migrated over to Halo 3: ODST, but a good number still play Halo 3 online.
282. As such, when you look for a Halo 3 weapon cheat, you'll find that many of them are still skill-based and may require some practice.
283. If you want to achieve success in a Halo deathmatch, you'll want to master this while on the move.
284. Some of the Halo 3 weapon cheats are specific to just this one game, but it may be possible to duplicate some of their basic strategies in other Bungie games like ODST.
285. The rights to the action-filled outer space world of Halo were sold for $5 million dollars, plus a percentage of ticket sales.
286. The film, which will be based on a combination of the storylines from Halo and Halo 2 is slated for a summer 2007 release.
287. Universal will be handling the production of the Halo movie as well as the U.S. marketing and distribution for the film.
288. Twentieth Century Fox will be doing the international distribution for the Halo movie.
289. The announcement of the movie deal has resurfaced questions about the release date of Halo 3, but Microsoft spokespeople declined to comment and continued to avoid the issue of the much-anticipated Xbox 360 game's release date.
290. The Halo games have been wildly popular with gamers.
291. Halo has sold more than 13 million copies and Halo 2 was an instant success, earning more than $125 million in revenue on its first day on the market.
292. Xbox live numbers show that players have logged more than 387 million hours of Halo 2 gaming time online through the company's multiplayer network.
293. Microsoft gaming has announced that the Halo Triple Pack including Halo, Halo 2, and the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack will be out this fall (probably early October) for a bundled price of $59.99.
294. Halo is released the same day as the Xbox.
295. This teaches you the basics of what makes a game a game, whether it's Tic Tac Toe or Halo 2.
296. Do you want to know "is there an invincibility cheat in Halo on Xbox?"
297. You are probably not the only one, since there are millions of Halo players around the world.
298. Many Halo gamers, from those on the original Xbox to the Halo 2 and Halo 3 players, wonder, "Is there an invincibility cheat in Halo on Xbox?"
299. Legendary mode in Halo requires more skill and quickness than the easier three levels because the enemies are smarter and gang up on you.
300. So is there any way to become invincible in any of the Halo games?
301. This works in all the Halo titles because the overshield is present in all three games.
302. So there are only three answers to the question, "Is there an invincibility cheat in Halo on Xbox?"
303. The cheats in Halo allow you to feel like this for a limited time.
304. Killzone for the PS2 was supposed to be the Halo killer in PlayStation form.
305. While not stealing direct components from Halo (would that really be a bad thing?), this first person shooter features decent graphics and open levels, but also showcases very inadequate gameplay.
306. Sure, rent it, but don't expect Halo or even Unreal Tournament.
307. Halo and Fable'' are classic hits that you can't go wrong with.
308. Remember the Legendary Edition of Halo 3?
309. In the shooter category, the Doom, Quake and Halo games allow people to play online against varying numbers of others, but are not usually considered massive.
310. Both consoles look strong; both have their cash cow exclusives (Halo on the Xbox and Final Fantasy on the PS3).
311. But now we have Halo, even though I go back to my roots with Quake.
312. The game stood out at the time of it's release, but was an underdog since everybody wanted their Halo and Dead or Alive games.
313. You'll also find allusions to Superman, Wild Wild West, Far Cry, Star Wars, and Halo.
314. Over on the Xbox, you have Halo 2 and the highly anticipated Halo 3 for the Xbox 360.
315. A halo indicates a good matchup and a lightning bolt a bad one.
316. While not achieving cloud-like status like Madden or Halo, Soul Calibur has gained a respectable community of gamers with outstanding graphics, deep characters and storylines, and unique modes of play.
317. When you go to write a text message on Xbox Live, if you enter the word "Halo", it gives you a message saying offensive text, cannot be sent.
318. They may not have the media hype as games like Halo or Doom or the new Mario game, but they have a little something that makes them successful through word of mouth.
319. As long as there are video games that skyrocket to success (cough, Halo, cough), there will be Hollywood big-wigs buying up the rights in order to screw things up and disappoint moviegoers.
320. Halo: Combat Evolved is Microsoft's first person shooter baby as well as their flagship series.
321. Aside from being one of the best first-person shooters of our generation, Halo also includes vehicles that control fantastically as well as an extremely fun multi-player mode.
322. Halo 2 is Microsoft's fantastic follow-up the original earth-shattering shooter.
323. Halo 2 is bigger, better, and prettier than the original, which was damn near impossible.
324. Halo 2 contains all the fun of the original, with new weapons and vehicles and of course a whole new storyline.
325. You'll get access to the plasma sword, a weapon used exclusively by the covenant in the first Halo.
326. Darkwatch, Capcom, Xbox/PS2 . I will admit that when you first play this FPS game, it feels like Halo.
327. The graphics are crisp and the controls, although similar in configuration to Halo, run the game perfectly.
328. The never-ending love story between Mario and Princess Peach is one for the ages, as is the war exhibited in the Halo franchise of first-person shooters.
329. It wasn't until games like Halo came along that the Xbox took off and became popular in the U.S. The Xbox is a rather large machine and is usually pitch black with the famous "X" logo blazoned in green over the top.
330. There is no set path that one can take to become a video game designer, but there are a few basic foundational things that you should keep in mind if you aspire to design the next Halo or Guitar Hero.
331. Alternatively, if you are a fan of Halo or Metal Gear Solid, there are many video game desktops readily available for your use as well.
332. Choose from Blood Rayne, Final Fantasy, Halo, Doom, Resident Evil, and all kinds of other popular video game franchises.
333. The Halo font is particularly attractive.
334. Whether you're into classic titles like the original Super Mario Bros. or more recent hits like Halo 3, there is a good assortment of video game renders that are freely available on the internet for you to download.
335. Microsoft can rely on 360 exclusive games like Halo 3 to keep them selling consoles.
336. The Halo trilogy finally concluded with Halo 3, giving the Xbox 360 the number one spot in September.
337. Halo 3 will continue to do well and the PS3 might nab some more sales from those looking for a Blu-Ray player this Christmas.
338. The name "Monty Python" is synonymous with hilarious British comedy and this Halo video game spoof is no exception.
339. If you embark on those multiplayer death matches in games like Halo and Call of Duty, it may be worth your while to read a few video game strategy guides before hurling yourself headlong into the heat of battle.
340. Games like Halo, Counterstrike, and Doom have been cited as "creating" or "training" serial killers for their mass murders.
341. Now take those ideas and fit them into a game like Halo or Final Fantasy 7.
342. The following year, in November, the Xbox released to acclaim, especially with the help of its "killer app," Halo.
343. When they ported Halo, it was easy to update most of the first person shooter games because the technology was very similar.
344. It goes without saying that Halo 3 was one of the greatest games of 2007.
345. Along with this promotion came the Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360.
346. The features and specifications are identical to the Premium package, but the Halo edition comes painted in Spartan green and gold.
347. Big news for Xboxers everywhere who already have invested hundreds of dollars in their existing game libraries - and those libraries tend to include Halo 2, a huge title that only recently made its way into homes.
348. Apparently, the rumor was the Microsoft was waiting to release the Xbox 360 in tandem with Halo 3.
349. Halo, Ghost Recon, Dead or Alive, Gears of War: enough can be said right there.
350. It only runs one commercial game right now and that is Halo.
351. Running Halo on the computer using the Xbox technology is pretty neat.
352. And besides, if you were to emulate a game, wouldn't you want it to be Halo?
353. Microsoft just needs to time the release right, like they did with Halo 3 versus the release of the Wii.
354. Microsoft secured exclusives with the following Xbox games for the system's introduction: Halo, Dead of Alive 3, Fuzion Frenzy, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, NFL Fever 2002 and Project Gotham Racing.
355. Sure, you could get caught up in the latest first person shooter and get all frazzled awaiting Halo 3, but for some excellent time killing action, you can't really go wrong with a game like Zuma.
356. The edges of the sores are still red and look like a painful red halo.
357. God is also thought of as doing supernatural things: having a halo, floating over the world, or performing miracles.
358. In the halo effect, the observer evaluates the child's behavior in a way that confirms his general previous impression of the child.
359. Halo effect-An observer bias in which the observer interprets a child's actions in a way that confirm the observer's preconceived ideas about the child.
360. Afros: An afro or "fro" is a natural hair style where the hair stands out in a halo or puff around the head rather than being confined, straightened or trimmed.
361. If you have long, goddess-length hair, consider creating a braid halo that wraps across the forehead.
362. The Oreck Halo vacuums combine basic vacuuming with deep cleaning and germ removal.
363. For example, the Oreck Halo contains an ultraviolet light that can kill bacteria and viruses-a great addition to the home of an individual prone to sickness.
364. If you are planning on being an angel, for example, you come in looking for a halo and wings.
365. Most infant angel getups are buntings and include gold lace trim, foam wings, and soft fabric elasticized halo headbands.
366. Wear a small golden ribbon around your head for a halo.
367. At Gemesis, you can find rings in classic, halo, side stone and wedding set designs and set in metals such as white or yellow gold.
368. The company has an extensive engagement ring collection that is filled with options such as classic solitaires, three stone designs, split band, twisted band and halo designs set in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold or platinum.
369. Whiteflash: Unique three stone collection including halo, baguette and antique designs.
370. They offer a range of finished rings in unique styles, including split shank diamond rings, bezel settings, halo and boxter settings, and pave setting engagement rings.
371. Depending on the earring style, emerald or Asscher cuts may also be used, and cushion cuts are popular in halo designs.
372. The diamond center stone is encircled by a diamond encrusted boxter (aka halo) in a diamond pave mounting that extends to a diamond pave band.
373. It's ideal to purchase one that is larger than one carat in size unless you plan to surround it with a halo of other gems.
374. This setting is popular for stones with a halo of diamond clusters.
375. After all, the toddler that is playing "Elmo's Deep Sea Adventure" today could very well create the next "Doom", "Eudora", or "Halo" years from now.
376. He is now working on The Lovely Bones, based on Alice Sebold's bestselling novel and scheduled for release in 2007, and Halo, a game-to-film project scheduled for a 2008 release.
377. It could include a halo or a crown of thorns around his head or even be Jesus on the cross.
378. Use halo rays at the top of your tattoo to simulate light and add polish to your piece.
379. Halo rays add an element of completeness to the space where you place the tattoo, and can be added in a number of colors.
380. Halo rays look nice in any color, including grays.
381. Wacoal 65149 Halo Lace Seamless Underwire Bra: At just $38.00, you'll love the dainty and feminine look of this lace stretch, seamless bra.
382. The Halo 2 soundtrack takes each level's music and puts it into standard song form.
383. The Halo trilogy is one of the best selling video games series to date and the music within the game worthy of a Grammy or two.
384. The Halo Theme (the first song) is turned into a Mjolnir mix, with more guitars added for more melody.
385. The third song of the Halo 2 soundtrack, Peril, is a peppy little number with plucky strings and uplifting background accompaniment.
386. As with most of the Halo music, it has lots of orchestration.
387. Sound bytes from the game are used as well as parts of the main Halo theme.
388. The choral part of the Halo theme is inserted as it skips along the beat.
389. Easily the worst song on the Halo 2 Soundtrack is the one performed by Incubus.
390. If you are a Halo fan, you'll want to pick up the Halo 2 soundtrack, which can be purchased at most music stores or downloaded from mp3 sites.
391. Halo Nevus: Sometimes seen in individuals who suffer from vitiligo, a halo nevus is a pink- or brown-toned mole surrounded by very light or white skin.
392. The momentary effect was immense; for some of the halo of the Holy Empire still clung round the head of the house of Habsburg, and Francis Joseph was welcomed to the ancient free city with enthusiasm.
393. Kingdom (io), which emanated from the ninth Sephirah, encircles all the other nine, inasmuch as it is the Shechinah, the divine halo, which encompasses the whole by its all-glorious presence.
394. In physical science, a halo is a luminous circle, surrounding the sun or moon, with various auxiliary phenomena, and formed by the reflection and refraction of light by ice-crystals suspended in the atmosphere.
395. With a halo of romance not justified by fact.
396. Halo phytes.These are plants which grow on saline soils.
397. The indignation of the pope and his advisers was not deep enough to prevent the ratification in 1803 of a somewhat similar concordat for the Italian Republic. In 1804 Pius consented to anoint Napoleon emperor, thus casting over a conquered crown the halo of legitimacy.
398. Luminous arcs (T), tangential to the upper and lower parts of each halo, also occur, and in the case of the inner halo, the arcs may be prolonged to form a quasi-elliptic halo.1 The physical explanation of halos originated with Rene Descartes, who ascribed their formation to the presence of icecrystals in the atmosphere.
399. Mariotte explained the inner halo as being due to refraction through a pair of alternate faces, since the minimum deviation of an ice-prism whose refracting angle is 60° is about 22°.
400. Since the minimum deviation is least for the least refrangible rays, it follows that the red rays will be the least refracted, and the violet the more refracted, and therefore the halo will be coloured red on the inside.
401. The halo diminishes in brightness from the centre outwards, and is probably due to the diffraction of light.
402. We are accustomed to find the legendary and the miraculous gathering, like a halo, around the early history of religious leaders, until the sober truth runs the risk of being altogether neglected for the glittering and edifying falsehood.
403. Galileo's views, although erroneous, since he held comets to be mere atmospheric emanations reflecting sunlight after the evanescent fashion of a halo or a rainbow, were expressed with such triumphant vigour, and embellished with such telling sarcasms, that his opponent did not venture upon a reply.
404. That system involved not merely the movements of the moon, sun and planets, but the observation of their relative position to one another and to all kinds of peculiarities noted at any point in the course of their movements: in the case of the moon, for instance, the exact appearance of the new crescent, its position in the heavens, the conditions at conjunction and opposition, the appearance of the horns, the halo frequently seen with the new moon, which was compared to a "cap," the ring round the full moon, which was called a "stall" (i.e.
405. Halo phytes, or plants which live in saline soils, have xerophytic adaptations.
406. BEATRICE CENCI (1577-1599), a Roman woman, famous for her tragic story; poetic fancy has woven a halo of romance about her, which modern historic research has to a large extent destroyed.
407. (X 2000.) II, Clear zone or halo around kineto- a.fl, p. fl, l .s, nucleus.
408. To many minds the papacy thus came to represent a unifying principle, as opposed to the disruptive tendencies of Liberalism and Nationalism, and the papal monarchy came to be surrounded with a new halo, as in some sort realizing that ideal of a " federation of the world " after which the age was dimly feeling.
409. The impurity of the colours (due partly to the sun's diameter, but still more to oblique refraction) is more marked in halos than in rainbows; in fact, only the red is at all pure, and as a rule, only a mere trace of green or blue is seen, the external portion of each halo being nearly white.
410. The axes will take up any position, and consequently give rise to a continuous series of parhelia which touch externally the inner halo, both above and below, and under certain conditions (such as the requisite altitude of the sun) form two closed elliptical curves; generally, however, only the upper and lower portions are seen.
411. On this premiere episode of Generation Next, we discuss the implications of halo Infinite being delayed into 2021, having to pay extra to upgrade current gen games for new consoles, as well as discuss ...
412. We've seen two trailers, yet somehow most of halo Infinite remains an enigma. Here is everything we know about the next installment of the popular series.
413. New information from Xbox Head Phil Spencer indicates that at one point, Microsoft was considering launching halo Infinite in pieces in order to hit the game's intended 2020 release. Here's what you ...
414. halo Wars 2's next season is here, alongside some new balance changes that are sure to shake up the meta. Here's what you need to know.
415. Before making the call to push the halo Infinite release date back, Spencer discussed the possibility of splitting the game up into several parts with 343’s Bonnie Ross and Xbox Game Studios’ Matt ...
416. Microsoft shocked the world when they announced that halo Infinite would be delayed until 2021, and would not, in fact, be the long-heralded launch title for Xbox Series X. I called this, or at least ...
417. Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X would launch in November and that the console’s flagship launch title, halo Infinite, had been delayed to 2021. Without a single ...
418. halo Infinite has been delayed. The highly anticipated Xbox and PC game was originally set to launch alongside the Xbox Series X during the holiday season this year, but the release date has been ...
419. Microsoft is in a bit of a pickle, to say the least, now that they have to sell an Xbox Series X (and likely, Series S) this fall without the main thing that was supposed to sell it, halo Infinite.
420. halo sentence examples. halo. The angel Jeffrey's halo may be rusty. 36. 15. The heads are surrounded with a kind of head-dress or halo and one wears a necklace. 14. 11. Ancient authorities have invested Mithradates with a halo of romance. 13. 12.
421. Halos sentence examples. Luminous arcs (T), tangential to the upper and lower parts of each halo, also occur, and in the case of the inner halo, the arcs may be prolonged to form a quasi-elliptic halo.1 The physical explanation of halos originated with Rene Descartes,
422. Sentence Examples A hundred years ago, similar mafias existed all across the region, they still have a halo surrounding them as if they are fighters for justice. In the dim halo of yellow light, she could see the dull haze of alcohol in his eyes.
423. 127+1 sentence examples: 1. Smoke wreathed his head like a halo. 2. The sun had a faint halo round it. 3. When there is solar halo , it will rain; when there is lunar halo , it will blow. 4. His head is surrounded by a golden halo. 5. Even without mi
424. 127+1 sentence examples: 1. Occasionally a hot spot would erupt and an orange halo would expand into the night. 2. Then you wear a halo of candyfloss, a glutinous helmet, lighter than air. 3. Hair formed either a halo or a topknot, instead of falling
425. halo definition: The definition of a halo is a ring of light that encircles something bright, or a ring of light over the head of an angel or other spiritual being, or a feeling of glory or reverence that surrounds a person or thing. (noun) An exa
426. Discarding the suspicion of economic motives, which had been as characteristic of the reformers as of medieval theologians, Puritanism in its later phases added a halo of ethical sanctification to the appeal of economic expediency, and offered a moral creed, in which the duties of religion and the calls of business ended their long estrangement
427. halo definition: A halo is a circle of light that is shown in pictures round the head of a holy figure | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
428. English Translation of “halo” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases. Examples of 'halo' in a sentence halo. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
429. Example is a custom made map included in halo 2 for Windows Vista's built-in map editor as an example of what players can do when making their own maps. It isn't technically an actual map, but it is included in the game's map editor files by default. It can be acquired by installing the halo 2 Vista Map Editor.
430. halo in a sentence - Use "halo" in a sentence 1. These objects are called MACHOS, for massive compact halo objects. 2. The current halo around Chernomyrdin's head may not last. click for more sentences of halo
431. halo definition is - a circle of light appearing to surround the sun or moon and resulting from refraction or reflection of light by ice particles in the atmosphere. How to use halo in a sentence.
432. halo effect in a sentence - Use "halo effect" in a sentence 1. Some people with larger than average pupils might get a halo effect. 2. All of this created a halo effect around the early sales numbers. click for more sentences of halo effect
433. halo meaning: 1. a ring of light around the head of a holy person in a religious drawing or painting 2. a bright…. Learn more.
434. Translate halo into English. Find words for halo in English in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir halo de español a Inglés.
435. Synonyms for halo at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for halo.
436. A list of words that start with halo (words with the prefix Halo). We search a large scrabble dictionary for scrabble words starting with halo - we take the letter or word you enter, and generate all words starting with halo.In addition there is a list of Words that end with halo, words that contain halo, and Synonyms of halo.. Search for words that start with a letter or word:
437. halo effect definition is - generalization from the perception of one outstanding personality trait to an overly favorable evaluation of the whole personality. Examples of halo effect in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web The fake meat halo effect has spread to other chains, too.
438. halo meaning and example sentences with halo. Top definition is 'An indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint.'.
439. Meaning and examples for 'halo' in Spanish-English dictionary. √ 100% FREE. √ Over 1,500,000 translations. √ Fast and Easy to use.
440. High quality example sentences with “halo of legitimacy” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
441. Halopriming definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. The treatment of seed with salt in order to improve germination and decrease saline intolerance
442. halo definition, a geometric shape, usually in the form of a disk, circle, ring, or rayed structure, traditionally representing a radiant light around or above the head of a divine or sacred personage, an ancient or medieval monarch, etc. See more.
443. The plural of halo can be either halos or haloes. Unfortunately, there is no clever way of knowing which nouns ending o follow which rules. You have to know. (For example, you have to know that solo becomes solos, but tomatos becomes tomatoes.) Though halos and haloes are both accepted plurals, halos is the more common of the two.
444. Examples of halo in a Sentence; 문장 halo. a bright halo, shining beamily — John Keats. In the early days of LLTV monitoring it was common to observe an apparent elve followed by a sprite, sometimes called a "sprelve." While elves do indeed precede some sprites, the "sprelve" in most cases, was found to represent a "sprite halo."
445. Example is a custom made map included in halo 2 Vista's built-in map editor as an example of what players can do when making their own maps. It isn't technically an actual map, but it is included in the game's map editor files by default. It can be acquired by installing the halo 2 Vista Map Editor. This map features a weapon new to gameplay, but has already been in Halo: First Strike, halo
446. Here are some examples. 2. 9. How to use cumulus in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word cumulus? 2. Create your perfect space with haloverb by Metric halo MH haloverb Create your perfect space Metric halo haloverb is a plug-in that allows you to add ambience
447. The terms and slang used about certain aspects of the halo universe. Terms used in a real-world context should be added to Category:Real world terms and phrases.
448. Inflections of 'halo' (v): (⇒ conjugate) haloes v 3rd person singular halos v 3rd person singular haloing v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." haloed v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." "She laughed." haloed v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used
449. Pronunciation of halo with 3 audio pronunciations, 19 synonyms, 3 meanings, 23 sentences and more for halo. Dictionary Examples of in a sentence "halo 3" creates new opening day record halo should be in sentence
450. Sentence Examples. Overscrupulousness is born of pride and arrogance rather than true holiness. When used for human figures, the halo represents holiness or sanctity, and its iconography is developed to mark important distinctions between the figures represented.
451. halo definition in English dictionary, halo meaning, synonyms, see also 'halo effect',galactic halo',horns and halo effect',halo-'. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary
452. ‘A hundred years ago, similar mafias existed all across the region, they still have a halo surrounding them as if they are fighters for justice.’ ‘That's right, Gary Coleman, broken halo and all.’ ‘She even looked normal-looking (i.e. halo and queenly demeanor left at home) sources say.’
453. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word halo: . See halo used in context: 87 poetry verses, 5 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API
454. The halo appeared only when faith was sufficient.: Der halo erschien nur, wenn der Glaube war ausreichend.: Polymers prepared from 4,4'-bis-(2-(amino (halo) phenoxyphenyl) hexafluoroisopropyl) diphenyl ether.Polymere hergestellt aus 4,4'-bis-(2-(Amino(halo)phenoxyphenyl)hexafluoroisopropyl)diphenylether.She even looks like a angel with a halo.: Sie sieht aus wie ein Engel mit Heiligenschein.
455. Inflections of 'halo' (v): (⇒ conjugate) haloes v 3rd person singular halos v 3rd person singular haloing v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." haloed v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." "She laughed." haloed v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used
456. See examples of halo in English. Real sentences showing how to use halo correctly.
457. How to use halo in a sentence. The halo list of example sentences with halo.
458. halo effect: The transfer of goodwill or positive feelings about one characteristic (such as pleasing appearance) of a product or person to another, possibly unrelated, characteristics (such as performance). Contrasts with devil's horns.
459. Examples: halo lumineux m cavité locale traverse le disque galactique de part en part et est prolongée par deux larges tunnels qui la relient au halo de la galaxie, côté nord et côté sud. . .
460. halo facts: The definition of a halo is a ring of light that encircles something bright, or a ring of light over the head of an angel or other spiritual being, or a feeling of glory or reverence that surrounds a person or thing. (noun) An example

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