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embrace, cuddle, squeeze, clasp, clutch, embosom, embrace, clasp, cradle, fold,

"Hug" Example Sentences

1. She gathered it in a hug and smelled deeply of it.
2. The look on his face made her want to hug him and ease his fear.
3. Kelli greeted one of the men with a kiss and a quick hug before going to the woman cutting chunks of meat off the deer.
4. How she would have welcomed a loving hug or kiss from him.
5. Dean gave the girl a hug as she shyly took Franny's outstretched hand.
6. Should she hug them?
7. I think she would like to put her two soft arms around your neck and hug you.
8. He held his arms out to her, waiting for her to hug him.
9. Carmen returned her hug — and then started to cry.
10. A kiss and an eyes-closed hug was all they were allowed, followed by a smiling promise from the state-appointed villain, "We'll be in touch."
11. You have to stay in here, but Mommy will hug you.
12. One arm tightened around her in a light hug, and then he released her, striding away after a screwdriver.
13. Linda flashed her a strained smile that made her feel welcome for the first time in a week before the pretty brunette gave the blond man, Lon, a hug and kiss.
14. She leaned forward to give him a quick hug, gathered her money, and left.
15. She yielded to the warm, strong hug, her frame molding against his.
16. Molly woke me with a rib crushing hug as she pointed to a single star-like dot of light gloriously hanging above us!
17. He gave her a bear hug and turned his attention to Denton.
18. "Give her a hug when you get back," Jule said with a chuckle.
19. I was glad to hug and kiss him.
20. He recalled how soothing her hug had been earlier and itched to feel her soft, warm body in his arms again.
21. She returned his hug with less enthusiasm.
22. The Other returned the hug briefly.
23. Brandon clutched his hands together across from Jessi, as if wanting to hug his sister but unwilling to make such a gesture.
24. Hug, Roman Catholic professor of theology at Freiburg, published (Stuttgart and Tubingen) his Einleitung in die Schriften des N.
25. From 1839 to his death Hug was a regular and important contributor to the Freiburger Zeitschrift fir kathol.
26. JOHANN LEONHARD HUG (1765-1846), German Romarr Catholic theologian, was born at Constance on the 1st of June 1765.
27. The optimist would probably try to hug the cynic.
28. I am going to Memphis to see them soon, and they will hug and kiss me.
29. "You need a hug, too?" she teased.
30. Carmen accepted the hug and stepped back, startled to silence.
31. "Um, not yet," Deidre said, returning the hug awkwardly.
32. Hannah enveloped her in a warm hug that smelled of expensive perfume.
33. Connor entered the room and Sarah ran to him, giving him a hug and peck on the lips.
34. Gabe took the necklace, looking at the two emeralds on the black leather-like cord.  He'd missed his necklace after eons wearing it.  He'd missed his mother and baby brother.  He squeezed them in his hand in the only hug he could give his dead family.
35. He buried her against his body in a bear hug, twisting around the steering wheel.
36. Katie giggled and assisted him so that he could hug his daddy, but kept him in her lap.
37. He gave her a big hug and turned to Cassie with one arm encircling Darcie possessively.
38. When she welcomed them with a hug, she burst into tears.
39. He stood and came around the chair to hug her.
40. Hug (1847); K.
41. He'll never, ever let you down, but he's not the warm, fuzzy type who will hug you when you're down, either.
42. I will hug and kiss little blind girls mr. anagnos will come to see me.
43. She took it, and he pulled her in for a hug that made her sigh.
44. Dean pulled out of the curve, searching ahead for a glimpse of his quarry as he continued to hug the right side of the narrow road­way.
45. Not wanting to get the mess on his shirt, she resisted the urge to hug him.
46. He gave her a hug and took her hand.
47. Carmen sent him off with only a hug and a kiss.
48. She turned and gave him a big hug, wet hands held aloft.
49. Carmen walked around the table and leaned over to hug Mums.
50. Declining calls to Breslau, Tubingen, and thrice to Bonn, Hug continued at Freiburg for upwards of thirty years, taking an occasional literary tour to Munich, Paris or Italy.
51. We who live here much prefer to be invisible; for we can still hug and kiss one another, and are quite safe from the bears.
52. He wrenched Sofi off the ground in a tight bear hug and deposited her on the other side of the gate line.
53. Wrapping his arms around her in a bear hug, he all but dragged her down the hall.
54. After giving Fred a hug he sat next to him on the bunk.
55. "I would hug you in greeting, but I.m down to one of my last sets of clothing," Kris said somewhat ruefully.
56. Donnie turned and ran up to her, gave her a hug and then scampered from the parlor as she entered.
57. Cynthia gave their guest a hug and retreated down the hall to the Dean's quarters while Edith climbed the stairs.
58. All he did was hug her.
59. She responded to Dean's hug, saying she felt better, but was still concerned about her mother.
60. Dean couldn't hear what she said, but the boy gave her a hug and gestured to Martha who had hurried ahead to where Dean remained standing on the porch.
61. He gave her a hug back and then, at Martha's enthusiastic invitation was off to see her new room.
62. Sarah has fangs and has to be careful not to crush me whenever we hug 24/7.
63. Lana squirmed in his bear hug, pushing them closer to the edge.
64. He gave the frail woman a hug and described the reason for his visit.
65. She caught up to him at the door, surprising him with the quiet of her bare feet on the carpet and gave him a hug from behind, burying her head against his back and holding on for a long while.
66. Then why didn't you hug him while I was watching?
67. I'm flattered, but next time; hug him if you want to.
68. Darian watched them hug, until the ache at his core grew too strong.
69. In most cases, plus size Christmas lingerie will hug every curve.
70. Most lace lingerie is designed with a bit of stretch, so it will hug your curves and give tiny glimpses of skin in a beautiful pattern.
71. Whether she is comfortable in a rich yet modest fabric or the sheerest and shortest of filmy threads, her lingerie is as intimate as every curve it is designed to hug.
72. Dean considered pointing out that Annie's reference to their "shared secret" didn't seem to refer to a pastoral hug, but held his tongue.
73. He caressed her arms and leaned into her hug.
74. This time Señor Medena greeted Carmen with a hug.
75. He pulled her into a gentle comforting hug.
76. And what about the hug?
77. Lisa returned the hug.
78. "Thanks," he said, giving Rachel a little hug.
79. He smiled his delight when he saw Adrienne, and smothered her in a hug.
80. Tammy dimpled and clutched Cassie in a hug.
81. No handshake for Julie; she gave each of us a robust hug.
82. I stood up but she did as well and grabbed me in a tight hug.
83. Betsy gave Molly a hug.
84. "We'll talk about it, honey," she said giving the girl a hug.
85. She gave him a hug.
86. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug.
87. She settled again into his hug.
88. "Jilian killed you," he said, wrapping his arms around her in a secure hug.
89. Dean went to cat and girl and gave them both a long hug.
90. Fred O'Connor was off to the post office, but before leaving, he ceremoniously presented Martha with thirty dollars and a smothering hug.
91. He gave her a hug.
92. "I didn't understand any of that," Logan said but returned her hug.
93. Do you want me to make love to you or hug you?
94. She dropped her shirt, startled when Katie flung her arms around her in another tight hug.
95. The assassin took it, and Rhyn gave him a quick hug.
96. He withdrew and kissed her cheeks and forehead, then drew her into a hug.
97. Donnie ran up to his mother and gave her a hug.
98. He gave his wife a hug.
99. Fred returned, was informed of the situation, and gave Cynthia a warm and silent hug.
100. Jackson sat at the piano while Sarah found her usual chair, and grabbed a throw pillow to hug.
101. When they entered the kitchen, Sarah ran to Elisabeth and drew her into a bear hug.
102. "Things went crazy," Brady said and grunted as the large man squeezed him in a bear hug.
103. He got out of the car, put his arms around her shoulders and gave her a hug.
104. His mother alighted and gave him a hug.
105. Dean put an arm around her bare shoulder, giving her a hug.
106. Didn't it make you feel bad to refuse him a hug?
107. She slid her arms around his chest in a friendly hug.
108. His answer was a monotone and a hug.
109. Disregarding his dirty clothing and skin, he snatched her in a bear hug.
110. The trapezette is then a right trapezium, and its area, if m=l, is 2h(uo + ui) or hug.
111. Hug's earliest publication was the first instalment of his Einleitung; in it he argued with much acuteness against J.
112. Scholz, a pupil of Hug, inspected and partially collated nearly a thousand MSS.
113. Hug, Demosthenes als iolitischer Denker (1880; L.
114. Hug and R.
115. This time Señor Medena greeted Carmen with a hug.
116. She stared after him, still perplexed by the hug - a fatherly or brotherly demonstration of fondness?
117. "B!" he exclaimed, giving her a bear hug.
118. The gravity of her features fell away as she tilted her head, smiled then flung her arms around Deidre in a tight hug.
119. After a kiss and a hug, but no further conversation of consequence, Cynthia boarded the plane for the first leg to Denver.
120. She put her arms about his neck in a bear hug and gave him an exuberant big sister kiss on the mouth.
121. Carmen returned her hug — and then started to cry.
122. True links courses hug the sea shore while the mountainous backdrops provide lush parkland courses.
123. Blondeno, there was Lucy, all in black, hair dyed blond, rushing up to hug us.
124. When the time came the biologist, Robert Clark, picked up Mrs chippy and gave him an affectionate hug and stroke.
125. Cold's great bear hug embraces all, forms a particular delectation for my purple nose and yellow fingers.
126. hug the shore as you go out.
127. hug random strangers.
128. We wish you every success in the future and send a big hug from all at the Monday Club.
129. The moment i walked in the door there were children all around me wanting a hug.
130. Peter Mack bounds down the aisle of the Arts Center and envelopes Tony Howard in a manly hug.
131. I think Clare got a massive hug from me when we eventually ended the day and was on dry land yet again.
132. Willow, meeting Xander coming out of the magic shop, gives him a quick hug and says she loves him.
133. Left: Burns gets another bear hug from Hemel's huge no.
134. Can we all have a great big group hug?
135. Manly hug.
136. In Tunisia stroll around an ancient walled medina or perhaps sink your toes into the silky white sands that hug the coastline.
137. Pat on the shoulder or an A-frame hug.
138. A.E.: contemporary Canadian poetics of the traditional classical type seem to hug the narrative style.
139. I wanted to turn to my neighbors and tell them how excited I was, I wanted to hug random strangers.
140. I went over to her for a hug, feeling tearful.
141. Bill's response, because he can obviously read his dog's temperament, is a comforting hug on the chin.
142. She seems to want a hug, although she does not seem tired.
143. Traumatized children who have no parents to hug.
144. Expect complete strangers to hug each other amid tearful scenes.
145. Bill 's response, because he can obviously read his dog 's temperament, is a comforting hug on the chin.
146. The soft toys have been given to the many traumatized children who have no parents to hug.
147. Many of them have such big, sad eyes, and you just want to pick them up, give them a hug, take them home, give them a bath, feed them, and tuck them into bed!
148. I want to love, hug, and enjoy them as much as I can.
149. The leg cuffs should hug the baby's skin without cutting off circulation.
150. "Hug of War" is an endearing short poem that presents a heartwarming image of hugging over tugging.
151. You'll probably be able to find varieties with elastic bands, cotton ties or gripping foam under facings that hug the sofa fabric.
152. It's easier to capture a spontaneous hug or kiss between family members when they are comfortable with their surroundings.
153. A mother's love is like an unending hug, a nurturing shelter that always welcomes.
154. Petites: The Lexie Petite Kaylie Sexy Slim Bootcut with a slim fit and classic cut is made for petite gals who wants a jean to hug their figure and flatter their small frame.
155. Your child is no longer the infant just wanting to rock in your arms or the little boy or girl who just needs a hug to feel better.
156. If you simply get cards for your buddies, or make something to eat, or buy something (small) or just give a hug, there's no need to keep up with the Jones and outspend people just to "look good."
157. A coupon booklet (handmade or purchased) with coupons for love related things such as a coupon good for one kiss or hug.
158. I suddenly shiver and you know too, don't you, we hug, here.
159. In the mix are some short skirts, chiffon, and fits that hug your curves.
160. But instead of getting upset, the woman whose car Richie hit gave her a hug.
161. Dalton then jumped on Bonaduce to hug him - Bonaduce retaliated by throwing Dalton over his back, sending him crashing face first into the stage.
162. To get the look of their sexy and fit legs, you'll need to find a pair of denim jeans that hug you in all the right places.
163. Caldwell accepted his invitation and after she gave him a hug, excitedly said to the camera, "I just got asked out on a date!"
164. Offer calm praise to your dog throughout the cleaning, and make sure you give your baby a big hug, a treat and plenty of praise once you're finished.
165. Give your dog a hug, and he will kiss you back.
166. Stay away from fans that hug the ceiling.
167. Collar: It should hug your neck, not constrict, pull or otherwise harass your dress shirt in any way.
168. Steer clear of jeans that are cut slim or marketed as "skinny" since they will only hug you in all the wrong places.
169. Because of the variety of curvy body types, it is hard to find styles that do not creep up around the thigh area, hug your derrière too tightly or fit uncomfortably around the waist.
170. If the band of your bra fits loosely and does not hug your body it will shift with your movements and will not support you properly.
171. It will hug your curves without sacrificing any of that nautical appeal.
172. The corset will mold and hug your curves to perfection.
173. A bib-front blouse is a great top for apple-shaped ladies who know that the most flattering garments don't hug them around the waist.
174. Clothes from the 1930s and 1940s are particularly flattering because they were cut on the bias, so that they fall well over the body and hug curves.
175. Classic silhouettes: A flared or A-line shape, such as the Alexandra Gathered dress, won't hug your hips if that's a problem area for you.
176. If you like a close-fitting tank style top, you can have it; or you can select a flared top that doesn't hug your stomach area if that's something you want to downplay.
177. Sag Harbor promises "the gentle hug of support" to help flatter your plus size figure.
178. Knits can hug curves, sometimes curves we'd rather not show off.
179. Dana Buchman carries denim made to hug your curves while minimizing problem areas.
180. If you choose the type that hug your curves, make sure they're not too tight - you need to be able to breathe comfortably while wearing them.
181. Hendricks' character Joan tends to wear dresses that elongate her figure and hug at the waist, thus drawing yet more emphasis to her hourglass shape.
182. The wide lace band is designed to hug and slim the midsection, creating the illusion of a slender stomach.
183. Leggings hug the shape of your legs and fit securely around the ankle.
184. You want to find jeans that hug your hips and waist without gapping at the waist or feeling like they're cutting off your circulation at the middle.
185. In blends that contain some spandex, it stretches and moves with the body to hug curves or flow over them effortlessly.
186. They don't hug the body or cling to spots unflatteringly.
187. If it is your bust, choose V-neck tops that hug the bust and skim the waist.
188. If you have a perfect hourglass silhouette, opt for dresses and tunics that hug the waist and create a lengthening effect.
189. Though they may not hug your face as well as goggles or be as likely to stay on no matter what, these wrap around snugly and work to deflect the wind and fight fog.
190. Not only is the frame more substantial, but the arms of the glasses curves in lightly to help hug your face.
191. They claim to hug your face and stay comfortable thanks to the adjustable straps.
192. Peppers Select: This style has a curved fit that will hug the face.
193. When that beaker turns over and liquid splatters, your eyes will be protected because the glasses are designed to hug your face or in the very least, the materials from which they're made will stand up to chemicals and flying debris.
194. To stay on, they "hug" your current frame.
195. Shape: Wrap styles are best because they hug your face tightly and therefore block out more sunlight.
196. They "hug" the bridge and offer the same color and protection of their traditional Cocoons.
197. They are also designed to hug your face, protecting you from as many angles as possible.
198. These frames are slightly curved, but that's perfect for anyone who prefers their frames to gently hug the face rather than "sit" on the face.
199. On the contrary, you can expect large lenses that completely cover the eyes, wide temples that securely hug the face and polycarbonate lenses and steel hinges that provide the ultimate in durability.
200. Wraparound styles work well to block the glare because they hug the face in a way that prevents sunlight from getting in.
201. It was tremendous and with all the features-networked play, hug environments-its seemed improbably this game would see final packaging.
202. Hug and praise the child for doing well.
203. Sometimes the mood makes you want to be even closer, and the arms wrap around each other like a hug, the lead's forearms wrapping around the follow's back.
204. If you are truly at a loss for words, a simple hug may work best.
205. The Hug line features a selection of colorful maternity tops made from stretchy, soft knits.
206. Many people are afraid to buy swimwear online due to sizing considerations and the nagging notion that what looks good on the online catalog model will hug your own figure unattractively.
207. Great attention is paid to the way each suit is cut to hug the body in the most flattering way for each style, whether it's a one piece, or one of the many variations of the two piece.
208. Jammers: These are very similar to spandex cycling shorts, and they hug the body from hips to just above the knees.
209. Minis rely heavily on spandex to hug the body, but some designs employ string ties instead of elastic straps to hold everything together.
210. Maternity swimsuit bottoms are also specifically shaped so that they hug the backside and stay in place when moving around both in and out of the water.
211. Micro bikinis are generally made with Lycra, since the ability of the fabric to hug the body is crucial to keep the suit in place.
212. UV rays, sand and saltwater, chlorine, bromine from hot tubs and tanning oils can also break down elastic hip bands and Lycra/spandex type materials, causing suits to fade and lose their ability to hug the body.
213. Just be sure to pick a bottom that fits snugly and a top that has straps that hug your body well.
214. Another Barbie pet doctor kit is the Hug 'n Heal.
215. Ox is a loveable character that gets his name from the symbols for "hug" and "kiss", making him a great romantic present.
216. You don't have to worry that a tunic will hug your belly if you've indulged in too many desserts, either.
217. Sweater dresses tend to hug a woman's curves no matter what, so be sure to choose the skirt length, sleeve length, and neckline you feel accents your features best.
218. He can hug her goodbye, look at her smile, watch her eyes light up - all the things you can't do from 400 miles away.
219. You can pull out the Uno cards and change the rules so the draw 4 means you have to give your partner a massage, draw 2 requires a hug, and a reverse direction means you pass with a kiss.
220. We hug when we see each other at the beginning and at the end of school but nothing really more than that.
221. You could say, "sometimes I'm not sure how you feel about us, because we only hug at the beginning and end of school.
222. Body language - A hug is a pretty obvious way to show affection, but try some subtler forms.
223. Sometimes it can be as simple as a hug or touching a girl's arm in a conversation.
224. While you don't want to have sex or kiss her, a friendly hug will show that you still care about her even though you don't want to continue the relationship.
225. A loving hug will bring the two of you closer.
226. The Paradiso line was designed to hug the contours of a woman's finger, creating a comfortable fit that also prevents the ring from spinning around.
227. This means they can ring shop at antique stores and at the downtown jeweler.Many women also find crossover rings to hug the finger more comfortably without slipping off than other styles.
228. Don't expect this sign to hug you in public.
229. Pause long enough to give him the loving kiss or reassuring hug.
230. Hug her, kiss her, and tell her you'll see her in the afternoon, then leave.
231. Iids take care of their virtual pets online while they have their stuffed ones to hug.
232. Be it a simple love note in his lunchbox or a long hug and kiss before dropping him off at the sitter, the expression of love is by far the most important skill and trait you can give your child.
233. The shaft is nine-and-a-half inches tall, and the firm rubber soles subtly hug the ground.
234. They come in a rainbow of colors and are designed to hug a child's foot despite being lace-free.Kids also love Sperry's line of slippers.
235. It should not constrict your calf or hug it in such a way that makes walking uncomfortable.
236. Whether you choose a pair with a color-block waist, a pair of fitted capris, or flare-legged pants that hug every curve, shiny polyester yoga pants can make a big splash in your yoga wardrobe.
237. Using one hand to hold the other, hug your knees.
238. Children who find touch or pressure soothing may love a stuffed animal or soft baby doll to hug.
239. Ideas for possible coupons may include one free car wash, breakfast in bed, a big hug, leaf raking, lawn mowing, or one hour of silence.
240. Take your dumbbells in each hand and extend them to the sides of your body as if you were getting ready to give someone a big hug.
241. It should be tight enough to hug the body without falling down, but not so tight that it's cutting into your skin or causing discomfort.
242. Don't wear shirts that will hug too tightly and outline any lace or detailing on the bustiers.
243. Details: If you can find a nightgown with a bit more shape than the traditional long, loose styles, these are instantly more intriguing to look at, as they'll hug your body and show off your shape beneath the fabric.
244. While they might naturally be curvy throughout, the trend was for a smoother silhouette and so girdles were worn to hug in the stomach.
245. A well-designed corset can hug and shape the body without causing the health concerns of yesteryear.
246. Ideally, they hug the body like a second skin, but not all stockings are created equal.
247. Sometimes she feels uneasy about men getting too close, but she said she likes cuddles and hugs.
248. At the end of the meeting, they said goodbye, and they exchanged hugs.
249. Pats another person, hugs them, or looks concerned.
250. Immediately, there is a closure problem because of the density-velocity fluctuation correlation f hug.
251. Then the same spectactor made the woman and the young man next to her hug in reconciliation.
252. The same applies to reciprocals (see abbracciarsi ' to hug (each other) ').
253. For example, one patient described that she could no longer lift her arms so that she could hug family members or close friends.
254. Roberts (1983) showed that a young toddler might be able to correctly enact a transitive sentence containing the verb tickle, but not a similar sentence containing the verb hug.
255. For example, go, eat, play, tickle, open, and fall are almost always produced earlier and\or by more children at a given age than give, drop, pull, hug, and look.
256. The father's presence during the songs inspired the children to communicate with him more in the room, as they hugged and playfully interacted with him, smiling, singing, and listening.
257. When one toddler approaches another, the child must figure out whether the peer intends to hug her, play with her, take away her favorite toy, or something else.
258. It is no good going through life hugging grievances.
259. I remember that we ended by hugging each other.
260. I hope they will not hug him too violently to their bosom!
261. A spontaneous hug can cause excruciating pain, resulting in tension in the relationship.
262. One can have a row and can hug it to one's bosom and make it poison relations throughout the rest of one's life.
263. It is something which has to be hugged, in the interests of national security, close to their chests.
264. Finally, there was the "let's hug each other" arrangement, whereby the parties agree to blame one another and say that that is a bipartisan approach.
265. They had to steal out, hugging the coast in the misty gloom of a long night and a short winter day.
266. People have hugged to themselves the conviction that they were quite safe and need not bother.
267. They laughed together, they argued and there were tears, but there were also hugs.
268. It will not suddenly be a case of multinationals giving the third world a big hug and paying double for the produce.
269. For example, when a goal is scored is it necessary to see quite such an emotional display of hugging as goes on?
270. How to navigate when you should and shouldn’t hug someone — and how not to hold on too long. By A.C. Shilton Alexis Block was worried that the robot she’d built was malfunctioning. She was testing the ...
271. Portland food writer Liz Crain thinks homemade dumplings are the food equivalent of a warm hug, and they are exactly what she craves when she’s feeling under the weather or her head hangs low. And ...
272. It was a hug that would have shocked many, even in a year without social distancing: Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate judiciary committee, ending a contentious week of supreme court ...
273. Sarah Cooper speaks for all of us when she says there’s one aspect of life before quarantine she wouldn’t mind seeing not return: the awkward “hug or a handshake situation.”We’ve all been there. Do ...
274. CNN's Manu Raju explains why a maskless hug between Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) at Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing is receiving ...
275. hug sentence examples. hug. She gathered it in a hug and smelled deeply of it. 119. 41. The look on his face made her want to hug him and ease his fear. 69. 35. Kelli greeted one of the men with a kiss and a quick hug before going to the woman cutting chunks of meat off the deer. 41. 20.
276. Examples of hug in a sentence, how to use it. 23 examples: Sometimes she feels uneasy about men getting too close, but she said she likes…
277. 193+3 sentence examples: 1. A silent hug means a thousand words to the unhappy heart. 2. I just want to hug you so much right now. 3. A hug distance is exactly right for me when thoughts freeze. 4. He gave the children a quick hug, then got into the
278. Sentence Examples One guy attacked me in a big bear hug of excitement, which incidentally, I didn't mind at all. I smiled back and he gave me a hug , almost a bear hug but not as tight as it could have been.
279. 1852504 hug me. CK 1 2203860 hug Tom. CK 1 2111370 They hugged.CK 1 2720237 I hugged her. WestofEden 1 2387441 I need a hug.CK 1 3172312 Can I hug you? CK 1 1844203 Give me a hug.CK 1 317629 He hugged her. CK 1 887217 She hugged him. CK 1 2252596 The two hugged.CK 1 2871763 How about a hug?CK 1 2243021 They all hugged.CK 1 2243158 They hugged Tom. CK 1 1028631 Tom hugged Mary.
280. English words and Examples of Usage use "hug" in a sentence Like a warm supper, a blessing before bed, a hug after a long day. Me did hug her and kiss her up because mi did love her, Smith said. “People were always there to give them a hug, or just be with them.” However, other outlets quickly noted that the queen returned the hug.
281. The word hug sentence English words and Examples of Usage Example sentences with the hug, a sentence example for hug, and how to make hug in sample sentence, how do I use the word hugin a sentence?spell hug in a sentence? spelling of hugw . Follow @englishpedia1. Collocations;
282. 193+3 sentence examples: 1. Or suppose that your husband gave you a cheque for £15,000; wouldn't that be worth a hug? 2. Marge was busy hugging one and all, including Miss Rose, who did not relish a hug. 3. Now he found himself playing Kaa, the dea
283. Examples and usage of hug in prose and poetry To better understand the meaning of hug , certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word hug " He grabbed both harry and ron and pulled them into a bone-breaking hug"
284. Huge sentence examples. huge. His eyes looked huge when he was scared. 588. 171. This is just a really huge place. 587. 115. A tall figure lounged against a huge oak tree beside the trail. 315. 110. Many years ago, before people came to live on the earth, great trees and tall grasses and huge ferns and all the beautiful flowers cover the earth
285. Sentence Examples He seemed content just to spend every waking minute with me, cuddling me to his chest, hugging me and whispering endearments in my ears. A limp haze hung over the broad strath and the river, hugging the edge of the valley, was unusually pensive.
286. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "hug" Jane's mother cried, and hugged her when Jane told her she was getting marriedThe little girl fell asleep in her mother's arms, hugging her teddy bear. Jane's mother cried, and hugged her when Jane told her she was getting married. Merry Christmas!
287. hug definition: 1. to hold someone close to your body with your arms, usually to show that you like, love, or value…. Learn more.
288. hug definition: When you hug someone, you put your arms around them and hold them tightly, for example | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
289. Sentence examples similar to a big hug to you from inspiring English sources. 60. similar 8. related RELATED a big difference to you. a big inspiration to you. a big surprise to you. a big deal to you. a big disappointment to you. a big thing to you. a big hello to you. a big threat to you
290. hug definition: When you hug someone, you put your arms around them and hold them tightly, for example | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Examples of 'hug' in a sentence hug. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
291. 77 people chose this as the best definition of hug: A close, affectionate emb See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
292. High quality example sentences with “a huge hug” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
293. Translations of the word hug from german to english and examples of the use of "HUG" in a sentence with their translations: hug und Roll-Zeit. Czech Croatian Italian English Dutch French Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Indonesian
294. Translations of the word hug from spanish to english and examples of the use of "HUG" in a sentence with their translations: Tienda para niños hug hug , cerca de tokio, japón.
295. hug verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons. Search the definition and the translation in context for “hug”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication. Similar English verbs: jog, flag
296. hug definition is - to press (someone) tightly in one's arms especially as a sign of affection. How to use hug in a sentence.
297. hug quotes from YourDictionary: Cute is when a person's personality shines through their looks. Like in the way they walk, every time you see them you just want to run up and hug them.
298. hug is an API development framework implemented in Python 3.It is a micro-framework (minimalistic web application framework), which means that it contains as little code and integrations as possible to make it fully functional, which in turn provides greater performance, as in its own website indicates we can summarize hug in 4 words “Obvious. Clean.
299. This sentence is original and was not derived from translation. hug me. added by CK, September 19, 2012 at 3:07 PM #1846386. linked by sacredceltic, September 19, 2012 at 4:32 PM #1846388. linked by sacredceltic, September 19, 2012 at 4:32 PM #1846595.
300. Definition of hug_1 verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.
301. hug definition, to clasp tightly in the arms, especially with affection; embrace. See more.
302. Hugs definition: Noun 1. plural form of hugVerb 2. third-person singular simple present indicative form of hug
303. Http:/// An explanation of hug, cuddle, snuggle, nuzzle, stroke and tickle. hug Cuddle Snuggle - hug Cuddle Snuggle Meaning and Examples
304. Examples: The virus cannot live in immunized individuals, nor in nature. I refuse to hug to people I don’t know, nor will I kiss them. John doesn’t like to do his homework. Nor does he check his answers when he does do it. She did not return that night, nor the night after. She could not speak, nor could she understand anything we said. BUT
305. Huge definition, extraordinarily large in bulk, quantity, or extent: a huge ship; a huge portion of ice cream. See more.
306. Another word for hug. Find more ways to say hug, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
307. hug in Chinese : :紧抱…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.
308. Inflections of 'hug' (v): (⇒ conjugate) hugs v 3rd person singular hugging v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." hugged v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." "She laughed." hugged v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used descriptively or to form verbs
309. Definition of hug_2 noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.
310. Translate hug into Spanish. Find words for hug in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir hug de Inglés a español.
311. hug you in Chinese : 抱紧你…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.
312. Inflections of 'hug' (v): (⇒ conjugate) hugs v 3rd person singular hugging v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." hugged v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man." "She laughed." hugged v past p verb, past participle: Verb form used descriptively or to form verbs

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