Intensity example sentences





strength, power, powerfulness, potency, vigor, force, forcefulness, severity, ferocity, vehemence,

"Intensity" Example Sentences

1. It was difficult to see as the intensity of the falling snow was increasing by the hour.
2. From the very beginning there had been an intensity, a seriousness to the falling flakes that spoke of accumulations far in excess of anything the Deans had seen to date.
3. Elisabeth must have noticed his intensity of thought.
4. The number of thunderstorm days is probably a less exact measure of the relative intensity of thunderstorms than statistics as to the number of persons killed annually by lightning per million of the population.
5. His gaze was trained on her with an intensity that made her body warm from the inside out.
6. He wanted her, and nothing had ever made her happier in her life than when she saw the depth of his emotion in his eyes and lived through the consuming intensity with which he made love to her.
7. He watched her with an intensity that made her blood quicken and her nipples harden.
8. She could feel his body heat and felt pinned beneath the intensity of his gaze.
9. His little tongue shook with the intensity of his frustrated wail.
10. She wasn't expecting the intensity of sensations in the human world.
11. Kiera drew a breath as the intensity of his presence left.
12. The calming intensity around him tugged at her, made her want to curl up in his arms.
13. She eyed him and then looked to Damian, who stared at her with an intensity she'd last seen aimed at Claire.
14. Elisabeth noticed the intensity on his face.
15. Under the intensity of his glare, nothing was humorous.
16. The intensity in her gaze faltered and she looked away again.
17. He mimicked her pose, his intensity and nearness making her breathing irregular.
18. Carmen shook with the intensity of the sobs.
19. He pulled her into his body, and the intensity of the strange hunger within her expanded.
20. "Something happened," he said, gazing at her with the intensity that disturbed her.
21. The intensity of her emotion faded as she crested the hill, but it didn't completely disappear.
22. The intensity of the secondary light is no longer to be arrived at by addition of individual intensities, but must be calculated with consideration of the particular phases involved.
23. He and his friend fought hard, with the intensity of men who fought for a purpose other than exercise.
24. He kissed her hard and deep, his intensity making her hunger for him flare even as she tried to suppress it.
25. Alex was watching her with an intensity that indicated deep emotion.
26. She said, with great intensity of feeling, "I love the beautiful truth."
27. Taran's intensity did not waver as he held her gaze.
28. His anger surprised her with its intensity, and she judged from Ully's reaction that seeing the lord and master pissed was not something the good-natured mad scientist wanted anything to do with.
29. I took the book in my hands and tried to feel the letters with an intensity of longing that I can never forget.
30. On account of the smallness of the particles, the forces acting throughout the volume of any individual particle are all of the same intensity and direction, and may be considered as a whole.
31. Darian remained seated, watching her with intensity that made her feel edgy.
32. "He did.  He wanted to make the world safer for me, for our …" Katie's throat tightened.  She cleared it.  "He realized he doesn't have to be in the shadows anymore.  And the way he looked at me that last day…" she drifted off again, this time recalling the intensity of emotion on Rhyn's face the last time she'd seen him in the mortal realm.
33. Kris met his gaze, and the intensity of the exchange left her no doubt as to their relationship.
34. Jenn almost laughed at his sudden intensity, both flattered and terrified to see just how interested in her he was.
35. Deidre felt herself breathless and consumed before the end of their first kiss, yielding to the intensity of his kiss and the firmness of his touch.
36. He rose and approached her, followed by the intensity of a storm cloud.
37. The intensity of his look pinned her to the door behind her.
38. I woke to sunlight and my wife clinging to me with an intensity that hurt.
39. The intensity around him faded, and the air released her.
40. His energy rippled through her, making her gasp at the intensity of the touch that lit her blood on fire.
41. She gasped at the intensity that turned her lower belly into a furnace and swept through her, making her achingly aware of his scent, the heat and smoothness of his skin, the size of his body and the hot mouth pressed against her neck.
42. This short man nodded to Dolgorukov as to an intimate friend and stared at Prince Andrew with cool intensity, walking straight toward him and evidently expecting him to bow or to step out of his way.
43. The familiar warmth, his intensity -- both lit her blood afire, and she couldn't help but imagine what his hot, talented tongue could do to other parts of her body.
44. The intensity of his gaze made her warm on the inside.
45. The warrior before her had an intensity that made her breath catch, and the energy between them made her insides tingle.
46. The sound surprised her after the intensity of their interactions.
47. He appeared furious, the intensity of his power reaching her from the distance.
48. The observed facts as to polarization are thus readily explained, and the general law connecting the intensity of the scattered light with the wave-length follows almost as easily from considerations of dimensions.
49. The frequency and intensity of thunderstorms are unquestionably greater in the Rocky Mountain than in the New England states, but the difference is not so great as the statistics at first sight suggest.
50. Xander met her gaze, the intensity of his look adding to her misery.
51. She leaned into him, yielding as the intensity of the bond between them grew hot and demanding.
52. He studied her, dark depths taking her in with quiet intensity she was not yet accustomed to.
53. When he didn't move, she eased around him, frazzled by his strange intensity and his difficult cat.
54. Whatever resistance she had evaporated in the intensity of his desire for her.
55. If you are outdoors enjoying the wonders of the natural world, you will notice that flavors and textures of food take on a greater intensity.
56. However, dust absorption can reduce the Halpha intensity, particularly near or on the galactic plane.
57. These zero percentage polarization values then result in zero polarized intensity values.
58. Precipitation intensity is leading to widespread global flood damage.
59. Prey abundance, especially loss of old pasture due to high intensity agricultural systems.
60. Pulsation of intensity (?
61. Quaver passages should, in general, rise in intensity and purpose as the notes rise, and die as they fall.
62. IMRT IMRT stands for ' intensity modulated radiotherapy ' .
63. Rainfall intensity figures in mm per hour per square meter for 2 minute storm event.
64. Many new local and catchment rainfall records were established, particularly for high intensity events.
65. Recovery first Thursday, complete four 10-minute intervals at a new intensity - 80% vV02max, with five-minute jog recoveries in between.
66. Reverberant field with intensity measurements made close to the sample surface.
67. The real aircraft had rheostats to adjust the intensity (something not possible in Flight Simulator ).
68. Later in the plot, Optimus is killed by Megatron in the attempt to rescue Sam and the story takes on new intensity.
69. He stopped in front of her and gazed down at her with quiet intensity.
70. He turned her to face him, and she gazed up at him, once again awed by his size, heat, and intensity.
71. People stare at her with varying looks of curiosity and intensity.
72. She retreated a step, regretting drawing his intensity.
73. He met her gaze, and she shifted at his intensity.
74. He had his brother's intensity.
75. The leaders of his armies, his harem with their bruised faces and arms, and his guards stared at her with increasing intensity.
76. Even at the same place thunderstorms vary greatly in intensity and duration.
77. The electric lamp a gives illumination of the webs in a dark field, nearly in the manner described for the Cape transit circle micrometer; the intensity of illumination is regulated by a carbon-resistance controlled by the screw b.
78. In the Andean region, a dry, hot wind from the north or north-west, called the Zonda, blows with great intensity, especially in September - October, and causes much discomfort and suffering.
79. The availability of the energy of magnetization is limited by the coercive force of the magnetized material, in virtue of which any change in the intensity of magnetization is accompanied by the production of heat.
80. Owing to the variable illumination of the selenium thus produced, the resistance of the latter, and therefore the intensity of the current sent through the line to the receiving station by the battery, will be altered accordingly.
81. By means of this " light-relay " the intensity of the light acting at any moment upon the sensitized paper is made proportional to the illumination of the selenium in the transmitter.
82. As the direction and intensity of this induced current are a function of the position of the second coil in its field, and as this position is determined by its mechanical connexion with the recorder coil, it is evident that, by a suitable choice of the electrical elements of the second coil and its alternating field, the indications on the siphon recorder can be magnified to any reasonable extent.
83. The magnetic and electric forces are directed alternately in one direction and the other, and at distances which are called multiples of a wave length the force is in the same direction at the same time, but in the case of damped waves not quite the same intensity.
84. This helix is presented or held near to the antenna, and the length of it shortened until oscillations of the greatest intensity are produced in the helix as indicated by the use of an indicator of fluorescent paper.
85. In both these examples all the three characteristics - pitch, relative intensity, and quality - of sound are reproduced.
86. These suggestions were to some extent an anticipation of the work of Reis; but the conditions to be fulfilled before the sounds given out at the receiving station can be similar in pitch, quality and relative intensity to those produced at the transmitting station are not stated, and do not seem to have been appreciated.
87. Some plants of changing their position in the cell under the stimulus of a variation in the intensity of the light rays which fall upon them.
88. The complicated plot is constructed with greater skill than is usual with this dramatist, and the pathos of particular situations, and of the entire character of Penthea - a woman doomed to hopeless misery, but capable of seeking to obtain for her brother a happiness which his cruelty has condemned her to forego - has an intensity and a depth which are all Ford's own.
89. Ford owes his position among English dramatists to the intensity of his passion, in particular scenes and passages where the character, the author and the reader are alike lost in the situation and in the sentiment evoked by it; and this gift is a supreme dramatic gift.
90. The Chemistry of the Sun (1887) is an elaborate treatise on solar spectroscopy based on the hypothesis of elemental dissociation through the intensity of solar heat.
91. To illustrate the intensity of the pleasure he found alike in the solitude of his study and in the relaxations of genial social intercourse, almost any page taken at random, either from the Life or from the Letters, would suffice.
92. But this was based upon the assumption of a distance-action between electric particles, the intensity of which depended on their relative motion as well as on their position.
93. Its open advocacy of force attracts warlike races, and the intensity of its influence is increased by the fusion of secular and religious power, so that the Moslem Church is a Moslem state characterized by slavery, polygamy, and, subject to the autocracy of the ruler, by the theoretical.
94. Its report, published in 1882, testified to " the great extent and intensity of the distress which has fallen upon the agricultural community.
95. The most famous outcome of his inquiries is the law known as Weber's or Fechner's law which may be expressed as follows:- "In order that the intensity of a sensation may increase in arithmetical progression, the stimulus must increase in geometrical progression."
96. Unfortunately, from the tenable theory that the intensity of a sensation increases by definite additions of stimulus, Fechner was led on to postulate a unit of sensation, so that any sensation s might be regarded as composed of n units.
97. They had torn men loose from the ancestral custom of home to walk in new ways and see new things and hear new thoughts; and some broadening of view, some lessening in the intensity of the old one-sidedness, was the inevitable result.
98. In addition to its brilliance, vermilion is a pigment of great intensity and durability, remaining unaffected by acid fumes.
99. It is remarkable that even a small addition of zinc-white (oxide of zinc) to the reddish varieties especially causes a considerable diminution in the intensity of the colour, while dilution with artificial precipitated sulphate of lime ("annalin") or sulphate of baryta ("blanc fix") acts pretty much as one would expect.
100. Green to brown, in ascending order for the land; blue, indigo and violet for the sea, increasing in intensity with the height or the depth.
101. The light is supposed to descend vertically upon the country represented, and in a true scale of shade the intensity increases with the inclination from o° to 90°; but as such a scale does not sufficiently differentiate the lesser inclinations which are the most important, the author adopted a conventional scale, representing a slope of 45° or more, supposed to be inaccessible, as absolutely black, the level surfaces, which reflect all the light which falls upon them, as perfectly white, and the intervening slopes by a proportion between black and white, as in fig.
102. But it is not so well understood that slavery discharged important offices in the later social evolution - first, by enabling military action to prevail with the degree of intensity and continuity requisite for the system of incorporation by conquest which was its final destination; and, secondly, by forcing the captives, who with their descendants came to form the majority of the population in the conquering community, to an industrial life, in spite of the antipathy to regular and sustained labour which is deeply rooted in human nature.
103. He held this position till 1848, and worked with a remarkable intensity - holding teachers' conventions, delivering numerous lectures and addresses, carrying on an extensive correspondence, introducing numerous reforms, planning and inaugurating the Massachusetts normal school system, founding and editing The Common School Journal (1838), and preparing a series of Annual Reports, which had a wide circulation and are still considered as being "among the best expositions, if, indeed, they are not the very best ones, of the practical benefits of a common school education both to the individual and to the state" (Hinsdale).
104. The naval history of1803-1815includes the culmination and the sequel of the struggle for command of the sea which began in 1793 and reached its maximum intensity on the day of Trafalgar.
105. That a body carrying a positive electric charge should move against the direction of the electric intensity is contrary to all our notions of electric forces, and we are compelled to seek some other explanation.
106. A series of equivalent solutions all containing the same coloured ion have absorption spectra which, when photographed, show identical absorption bands of equal intensity.
107. If, instead of using a single Daniell's cell, we employ some source of electromotive force which can be varied as we please, and gradually raise its intensity, we shall find that, when it exceeds a certain value, about 1.7 volt, a permanent current of considerable strength flows through the solution, and, after the initial period, shows no signs of decrease.
108. With suitable arrangements of iron and coil and a sufficiently strong current, the intensity of the temporary magnetization may be very high, and electromagnets capable of lifting weights of several tons are in daily use in engineering works.
109. In a refined form this method is often employed for measuring the intensity of a magnetic field at a given place, just as the intensity of gravity at different parts of the earth is deduced from observations of the rate at which a pendulum of known length vibrates.
110. The strength or intensity of a magnetic field at any point is measured by the force in dynes which a unit pole will experience when placed at that point, the direction of the field being the direction in which a positive pole is urged.
111. For many experiments the field due to the earth's magnetism is sufficient; this is practically quite uniform throughout considerable spaces, but its total intensity is less than half a unit.
112. The moment, M, M or V, of a uniformly and longitudinally magnetized bar-magnet is the product of its length into the strength of one of its poles; it is the moment of the couple acting on the magnet when placed in a field of unit intensity with its axis perpendicular to the direction of the field.
113. The intensity of magnetization, or, more shortly, the magnetization of a uniformly magnetized body is defined as the magnetic moment per unit of volume, and is denoted by I, I, or „a.
114. This statement, however, is only approximately correct, the distance between the poles depending upon the intensity of the magnetization.
115. In a uniform magnetic field of unit intensity formed in empty space the induction or magnetic flux across an area of I square centimetre normal to the direction of the field is arbitrarily taken as the unit of induction.
116. The intensity (at any point) of the field due to the magnetization may be denoted by H i, that of the external field by Ho, and that of the resultant field by H.
117. It is found that when a piece of ferromagnetic metal, such as, iron, is subjected to a magnetic field of changing intensity, the changes which take place in the induced magnetization of the iron exhibit a tendency to lag behind those which occur in the intensity of the field - a phenomenon to which J.
118. If a bar of hard steel is placed in a strong magnetic field, a certain intensity of magnetization is induced in the bar; but when the strength of the field is afterwards reduced to zero, the magnetization does not entirely disappear.
119. ] or horizontal intensity of the earth's force.
120. - Intensity of magnetization is most directly measured by observing the action which a magnetized body, generally a long straight rod, exerts upon a small magnetic needle placed near it.
121. The angle B is indicated by the position of the spot of light upon the scale, and the horizontal intensity of the earth's field H E is known; thus we can at once determine the value of H P, from which the magnetization I of the body under test may be calculated.
122. He made use of the expression F =Wg=27r12+HI, where W is the weight in grammes per square centimetre of sectional area, and g is the intensity of gravity which was taken as.
123. The fact, which will be referred to later, that the electrical resistance of bismuth is very greatly affected by a magnetic field has been applied in the construction of apparatus for measuring field intensity.
124. If a coil of insulated wire is suspended so that it is in stable equilibrium when its plane is parallel to the direction of a magnetic field, the transmission of a known electric current through the coil will cause it to be deflected through an angle which is a function of the field intensity.
125. The intensity of a field may be measured by the rotation of the plane of polarization of light passing in the direction of the magnetic force through a transparent substance.
126. For the practical measurement of field intensity du Bois has used plates of the densest Jena flint glass.
127. Since Verdet's constant is somewhat uncertain for different batches of glass even of the same quality, each plate should be standardized in a field of known intensity.
128. The field due to a coil can be made as nearly uniform as we please throughout a considerable space; its intensity, when the constants of the coil are known, can be calculated with ease and certainty and may be varied at will'through wide ranges, while the apparatus required is of the simplest character and can be readily constructed to suit special purposes.
129. Mag., 1900, 49, 329) the intensity of the highest field reached in the interior of a coil was 2200 units; this is probably the strongest field produced by a coil which has hitherto been employed in experimental work.
130. The difference of the ballastic throws taken with the two coils measured the intensity of the field in the space around the iron, and it also enabled a correction to be made for the nonferrous space between the iron neck and the centre of the thickness of'the inner coil.
131. The corresponding intensity of the outside field was 24,500, but, owing to the wide angle of the cones used (about X63°), this was probably greater than the value of the magnetic force within the metal.
132. These results are of extreme interest, for they show' that under sufficiently strong magnetizing forces the intensity of magnetization I reaches a maximum value, as required by W.
133. Thus the magnetization which the sample of Swedish iron received in a field of 1490 was not increased (beyond the limits of experimental error) when the intensity of the field was multiplied more than thirteen-fold, though the induction was nearly doubled.
134. For fields of moderate intensity the first term of the expression is the more important, but when the value of H exceeds 12,000 or thereabouts, the second preponderates, and with the highest values that have been actually obtained, HI is several times greater than 21rI 2.
135. On the application of a small magnetizing force to a bar of soft annealed iron, a certain intensity of magnetization is instantly produced; this, however, does not remain constant, but slowly increases for some seconds or even minutes, and may ultimately attain a value nearly twice as great as that observed immediately after the force was applied.'
136. According to Joule's observations, the length of a bar of iron or soft steel was increased by magnetization, the elongation being proportional up to a certain point to the square of the intensity of magnetization; but when the " saturation point " was approached the elongation was less than this law would require, and a stage was finally reached at which further increase of the magnetizing force produced little or no effect upon the length.
137. And, other conditions remaining unchanged, the " sense " of any effect depends upon the nature of the metal under test, and (sometimes) upon the intensity of its magnetization.
138. The effect appeared to be closely connected with the intensity of magnetization, being approximately proportional to I.
139. When the fluids inside a particle were mixed together, the particle was neutral; when they were more or less completely separated, the particle became magnetized to an intensity depending upon the magnetic force applied; the whole body therefore consisted of a number of little spheres having north and south poles, each of which exerted an elementary action at a distance.
140. Edom's hostility to Judah was incessant, but the feud reached its full intensity only after the time of Deuteronomy (xxiii.
141. We have seen that the problem before us is independent of the law of the secondary wave as regards obliquity; but the result of the integration necessarily involves the law of the intensity and phase of a secondary wave as a function of r, the distance from the origin.
142. When the primary wave is plane, the area of the first Fresnel zone is 7rXr, and, since the secondary waves vary as r 1, the intensity is independent of r, as of course it should be.
143. (1); and for the intensity, represented by the square of the amplitude, 1 2 [fJsin f +?2 fC? ?
144. 15, p. 315) to determine the absolute intensity of a secondary wave, may be at once effected by means of the known formula isin 2 u f sin u du = du =7-.
145. U 2 u It will be observed that, while the total intensity is proportional to ab, the intensity at the focal point is proportional to a 2 b 2.
146. At the focal point (E =o, n = o) all the secondary waves agree in phase, and the intensity is easily expressed, whatever be the form of the aperture.
147. In many cases the subject of examination is a luminous line of uniform intensity, the various points of which are to be treated as independent sources of light.
148. If the image of the line be =o, the intensity at any point E, n of the diffraction pattern may be represented by ?2a2t2 S A2f2 the same law as obtains for a luminous point when horizontal directions are alone considered.
149. Analytically expressed ff+ co x I 2 d dn=ff dxdy= A (9) We have seen that Io (the intensity at the focal point) was equal to A 2 /X 2 f2.
150. If A' be the area over which the intensity must be Io in order to give the actual total intensity in accordance with A'102 =ff + 12d4dn, the relation between A and A' is AA' = X 2 f 2 .
151. Writing for brevity k =p, k =q, (1), we have for the general expression (§ 11) of the intensity X2 f 212 = S 2 +C 2..
152. It is thus sufficient to determine the intensity along the axis of p. Putting q = o, we get C = ffcos pxdxdy=2f+Rcos 'px 1/ (R2 - x2)dx, R being the radius of the aperture.
153. Thus in estimating the intensity at a focal point, where, in the absence of aberration, all the secondary waves would have exactly the same phase, we see that an aberration nowhere exceeding 4X can have but little effect.
154. If we put for shortness 7 for the quantity under the last circular function in (I), the expressions (i), (2) may be put under the forms u sin T, v sin (T - a) respectively; and, if I be the intensity, I will be measured by the sum of the squares of the coefficients of sin T and cos T in the expression u sin T +v sin (T - a), so that I =u 2 +v 2 +2uv cos a, which becomes on putting for u, v, and a their values, and putting f =Q .
155. The integrated intensity, I', or 21-14 +2 cos pw, is thus I' =27rh,.
156. The intensity I 2, the quantity with which we are principally concerned, may thus (be expressed I 2 = 3 fcos27rv 2 .dv} 2 2 t 2 These integrals, taken from v =o, are (known as Fresnel's integrals; we will denote them by C and S, so that C = fo cos 27rv 2 .dv, S = fjsinv 2 .dv.
157. The intensity may be expressed by 12= (2+Cv) 2 +(2+Sv) 2 and the maxima and minima occur when dC dS (z+Cv)a`j+(2+Sv)dV=0, whence sin rV 2 +cos27rV 2 =G..
158. The latter is the intensity due to the uninterrupted wave.
159. The quadrupling of the intensity in passing outwards from the edge of the shadow is, however, accompanied by fluctuations giving rise to bright and dark bands.
160. At the point 0 the intensity is one-quarter of that of the entire wave, and after this point is passed, that is, when we have entered the geometrical shadow, the intensity falls off gradually to zero, without fluctuations.
161. The intensity is then, as always, represented by the square of the length of the chord.
162. If the slit be narrow, so that the arc is short, the intensity is constant over a wide range, and does not fall off to an important extent until the discrepancy of the extreme phases reaches about a quarter of a period.
163. But, without entering upon matters of this kind, we may inquire in what manner a primary wave may be resolved into elementary secondary waves, and in particular as to the law of intensity and polarization in a secondary wave as dependent upon its direction of propagation, and upon the character as regards polarization of the primary wave.
164. The intensity of light is, however, more usually expressed in terms of the actual displacement in the plane of the wave.
165. The chief characteristic of the rainfall is its frequent intensity and short duration.
166. It has been suggested that the colour is due to sulphur, but the effect can be produced with a glass mixture containing no sulphur, free or combined, and by increasing the proportion of charcoal the intensity of the colour can be increased until it reaches black opacity.
167. The pressure at any point cf a plane in the interior of a fluid is the intensity of the normal thrust estimated per unit area of the plane.
168. But in some cases in which the current is used for electrolysis and for the production of extremely high temperatures, for which the calorific intensity of ordinary fuel is insufficient, the electric furnace is employed with advantage.
169. The display is apparently an annual one, though with considerable differences in intensity, and the cycle of its more abundant returns has not yet been determined.
170. Shiloh revealed to Grant the intensity of the struggle, and after that battle, appreciating to the full the material and moral factors with which he had to deal, he gradually trained his military character on those lines which alone could conduce to ultimate success.
171. His character, admirable as it is for firmness, for intensity, for inexorable will, for iron devotion to what he thought the service of mankind, yet offers few of those softening qualities that make us love good men and pity bad ones.
172. They often reach distinction and dignity of attitude and gesture, and occasionally, as in the "Hercules and Death," the "Electra" and the "Clytemnestra," a noble intensity of feeling.
173. Exquisite as was already his susceptibility to beauty and his mastership of the rarest poetic material, we cannot doubt that Chenier was preparing for still higher flights of lyric passion and poetic intensity.
174. Under the action of the same or identical electric forces the intensity of this state in various insulators is determined by a quality of them called their dielectric constant, specific inductive capacity or inductivity.
175. In the same manner, if an electrified body carries a positive charge Q electrostatic units and is placed in an electric field at a place where the electric force or electromotive intensity has a value E units, it is urged in the direction of the electric force with a mechanical force equal to QE dynes.
176. The intensity of emigration is measured not by the absolute number of emigrants, but by the number of emigrants to the total population.
177. The very intensity of that phase of modern thought which declaims fervently against all creeds, and would maintain what George Eliot called " the right of the individual to general haziness," is likely to draw all Christian thinkers nearer to one another in sympathy through acceptance of the Apostles' Creed as the common basis of Christian thought.
178. The other heads are badly damaged owing to the fact that the white marble from Doliana, of which they are made, does not resist damp. But they still show in the intensity of their expression the power of expressing passion for which Scopas was famous beyond all other ancient sculptors.
179. Finding that, in spite of his orders, the firing at the front continued increasing in intensity, Steinmetz at length rode to the front himself.
180. The crossing of the narrow defile over the canal between Inchy and Moeuvres was carried out according to programme, thanks in large measure to the intensity of the barrage covering the operation.
181. The name radiometer arose from an idea that the final steady speed of rotation might be utilized as a rough measure of the intensity of the exciting radiation.
182. By thus controlling and partially eliminating the aggregate gas-effect, they succeeded in making a small radiometer, horizontally suspended, into a delicate and reliable measurer of the intensity of the radiation incident on it.
183. These songs, which fired the poet's comrades to deeds of heroism in 1813, bear eloquent testimony to the intensity of the national feeling against Napoleon, but judged as literature they contain more bombast than poetry.
184. The intensity of gravity at the surface of the sea far from land has been measured on several occasions.
185. Such, for instance, were those of Spindler and Wrangell in the Black Sea by sinking an electric lamp, those of Paul Regnard by measuring the change of electric resistance in a selenium cell or the chemical action of the light on a mixture of chlorine and hydrogen, by which he found a very rapid diminution in the intensity of light even in the surface layers of water.
186. Dickson and others leave no doubt, for example, that the variations in the intensity of the Gulf Stream, whether these be measured by the change in the strength of the current or in the heat stored in the water, produce great variations in the character of the weather of northern Europe.
187. In oral exposition the vigour of thought and moral intensity of the man were most of all apparent, while his practical earnestness completely captivated his hearers.
188. What is given by the formulae is accordingly the mean radius of an irregularly shaped solid (or, more probably, of the region in which the field of force surrounding such a solid is above a certain intensity), and the mean has to be taken in different ways in the different phenomena.
189. The fusion into one office of the functions of " elders " and " deacons " (still distinguished in the Savoy Declaration of 1658) was partly at least a symptom of the decay of the church-idea in its original fulness, a decay itself connected with the general decline in spiritual intensity which maiked 18th-century religion, after the overstrain of the preceding age.
190. We may say here that the energy or the intensity of the sound of given wave-length is proportional to the square of the amplitude.
191. Thus Regnault in his classical experiments (described below) found that the velocity of the report of a pistol carried through a pipe diminished with the intensity, and his results have been confirmed by J.
192. It is different, too, for different senses with the same observer, and different even for the same sense when the external stimuli differ in intensity.
193. The sound travelled to and fro in the pipes several times before the signals died away, and he found that the velocity decreased with the intensity, tending to a limit for very feeble sounds, the limit being the same whatever the source.
194. Hence all rays between =0 will be confined in the space between the outer dome and a circle of radius OP cos 0, and the weakening of intensity will be chiefly due to vertical spreading.
195. (19) (18) [[[Intensity Or Loudness]] and B.
196. § 388) thought that if the intensity of response by a given resonator in the ear to its own tone is taken as i, then its response to an equally loud tone a semitone different may be taken as about.
197. Measurements of Intensity of Sound or Loudness.
198. The intensity of the stream of energy passing per second through a square centimetre when a given pure tone is sounded is more definite and can be measured.
199. Wien also used the apparatus to find the decrease of intensity with increase of distance, and found that it was somewhat more rapid than the inverse square law would give.
200. On turning round the upper chest into any intermediate position, the intensity of the sound will increase up to a maximum, which occurs when the air in both chests is being admitted.
201. Suppose the two notes to correspond to 200 and 203 vibrations per second; at some instant of time, the air particles, through which the waves are passing, will be similarly displaced by both, and consequently the joint effect will be a sound of some intensity.
202. This will be followed by an increase of intensity until the lapse of another sixth of a second, when the less rapidly vibrating note will have lost another half-vibration relatively to the other, or one vibration reckoning from the original period of time, and the two component vibrations will again conspire and reproduce a maximum effect.
203. Taking the squares of the amplitude to represent the intensity or loudness of the sound which would be heard by an ear at the point, this is 4a 2 cos t ir(ni - n2)t =2a 2 {1 -cos 27r(n l - n2)t}, a value which ranges between o and 4a 2 with frequency .n1 - n2.
204. There appears to be no doubt that they are produced, and the only question is whether the theory accounts sufficiently for the intensity of the tones actually heard.
205. Mag., 1878, 2, p. 500, or Rayleigh, Sound, § 386) that sounds of considerable intensity when heard by themselves are liable to be completely obliterated by graver sounds of sufficient force goes far to explain this, for the summation tones are of course always accompanied by such graver sounds.
206. The restricted area on which the pressure acts at the lead joints involves greater intensity of stress than has been usual in arched bridges.
207. The intensity of pressure was less than on a similiarly exposed anemometer plate.
208. If A t A, are the cross sections of the tension and compression flanges or chords, and h the distance between their mass centres, then on the assumption that they resist all the direct horizontal forces the total stress on each flange is Ht=H,=M/h and the intensity of stress of tension or compression is f t = M/Ath, f c = M/Ach.
209. If A is the area of the plate web in a vertical section, the intensity of shearing stress is fs = S/A and the intensity on horizontal sections is the same.
210. The cost of the main girders for one span will vary nearly as the square of the span for any given type of girder and intensity of live load.
211. The frame as a whole may be subject to a bending moment, but each member is simply extended or compressed so that the total stress on a given member is the same at all its cross sections, while the intensity of stress is uniform for all the parts of any one cross section.
212. A frame used to support a weight is often called a truss; the stresses on the various members of a truss can be computed for any given load with greater accuracy than the intensity of stress on the various parts of a continuous structure such as a tubular girder, or the rib of an arch.
213. The situation went from bad to worse, and the dispute not only grew in intensity but reached the outer world.
214. If we suppose that the aether differs from ordinary matter in degree but not in kind, we can obtain some idea of its quality from a knowledge of the velocity of radiation and of its possible intensity near the sun, in a manner applied long ago by Lord Kelvin (Trans.
215. The most fundamental experimental confirmation that the theory of the aether has received on the optical side in recent years has been the verification of Maxwell's proposition that radiation exerts mechanical force on a material system, on which it falls, which may be represented in all cases as the resultant of pressures operating along the rays, and of intensity equal at each point of free space to the density of radiant energy.
216. It follows (1) that past and future pleasure have no real existence for us, and (2) that among present pleasures there is no distinction of kind, but only of intensity.
217. Beyond the tropical high-pressure belt, the winds of the North Pacific are under the control of an area of low pressure, which, however, attains neither the size nor the intensity of the " Iceland " depression in the north Atlantic. The result is that north-westerly winds, which in winter are exceedingly dry and cold, blow over the western or Asiatic area; westerly winds prevail in the centre, and south-westerly and southerly winds off the American coast.
218. A narrow strip of cold water runs along the equator, widest to the east and narrowing westward, and separates two areas of maximum which have their greatest intensity in the western part of the ocean, and have their central portions in higher latitudes as depth increases, apparently tending constantly to a position in about latitude 30° to 35° N.
219. High temperature in the depth may be taken to mean descending water, just as high atmospheric pressure means descending air, and hence it would seem that the slow vertical movement of water in the Pacific reproduces to some extent the phenomena of the " doldrums " and " horse latitudes," with this difference, that the centres of maximum intensity lie off the east of the land instead of the west as in the case of the continents.
220. Becoming interested in terrestrial magnetism he made many observations of magnetic intensity and declination in various parts of Sweden, and was charged by the Stockholm Academy of Sciences with the task, not completed till shortly before his death, of working out the magnetic data obtained by the Swedish frigate "Eugenie" on her voyage round the world in 1851-1853.
221. Their real importance was that they embodied an intenser vein of feeling than was expressed in the ordinary feasts and sacrifices, and that the greater intensity was not artificial, but due to a revival of national sentiment.
222. In height; the specific gravity of mercury being now taken as 13.5950, after Volkmann and Marek, and at the normal intensity followed under this pressure.
223. The value of this intensity is equal to that of the force of gravity at the Bureau International, Paris (at the level of the Bureau), divided by 1.000332; a co-efficient which allows for theoretical reduction to the latitude 45° and to the level of the sea.
224. In wintertime, the cyclonic and anticyclonic areas are of increased frequency and intensity; and it is partly for this reason that many meteorologists have been disposed to regard them as chiefly driven by the irregular flow of the westerly winds, rather than as due to convectional instability, which should have a maximum effect in summer.
225. He held his canonry at Westminster in conjunction with the regius professorship. The strain of the joint work was very heavy, and the intensity of the interest and study which he brought to bear upon his share in the labours of the Ecclesiastical Courts Commission, of which he had been appointed a member, added to his burden.
226. When sufficient vitality remains to produce a second generation it shows in increased intensity the feebleness of the preceding.
227. Of definite periodicity, and then also gives us the distribution of intensity along the homogeneous constituents.
228. At present we have still to content ourselves with a much diminished intensity of light when working with gratings, but there is some hope that the efforts to concentrate the light into one spectrum will soon be successful.
229. intensity is zero, and this band is accompanied by a number of fainter images corresponding to the diffraction of a star image in a telescope.
230. Lord Rayleigh, to whom we owe the first general discussion of the theory of the spectroscope, found by observation that if two spectroscopic lines of frequencies n1 and n, are observed in an instrument, they are just seen as two separate lines when the centre of the central diffraction band of one coincides with the first minimum intensity of the other.
231. In that case the image of the double line shows a diminution of intensity along the centre, just sufficient to give a clear impression that we are not dealing with a single line, and the intensity at the minimum is 0.81 of that at the point of maximum illumination.
232. We may say therefore that if the difference between the frequencies n 1 and n, of the two waves is such that in the combined image of the slit the intensity at the minimum between -the two maxima falls to 0.81, the lines are just resolved and n l /(n l n 2) may then be called the resolving power.
233. 2 Basing the investigation on the same criterion of resolution as in the case of narrow slits, we postulate for both narrow and wide slits that two lines are resolved when the intensity of the combined image falls to a value of o 8ro in the centre between the lines, the intensity at the maxima being unity.
234. " With a slit width equal to twice the normal one we lose 6% of resolution, but obtain twice the intensity of light.
235. 3 Although the vibrations in the infra-red have a considerably greater intensity, they are more difficult to register than those in the ultra-violet.
236. The spectra produced under these circumstances have been studied in detail by C. de Watteville.4 Of more frequent use have been electric methods, owing to the greater intensity of the radiations which they yield.
237. The rapid variation in the intensity of the magnetic field causes a brilliant electrodeless discharge which is seen in the form of a ring passing near the inner walls of the bulb when the pressure is properly adjusted.
238. When the molecule is losing energy the intensity of each kind of radiation depends principally on the rapidity with which it can be renewed by molecular impacts.
239. An important experiment by C. Gunther 2 seems however to show that the radiation of metallic salts in a flame has an intensity equal to that belonging to it in virtue of its temperature.
240. We may therefore still take 2Nu/V to be the width of the band if we define its edge to be the frequency at which its intensity has fallen to 22% of the central intensity.
241. The brightest line, for which s=o, is called the " head " of the band; and as s increases the lines diminish in intensity.
242. (f) The relative intensity of lines in the spark taken from metallic poles may be altered by the insertion of greater or smaller capacities, similarly the relative intensities are different in arc and spark spectra.
243. The question could not be settled by experiments made at the same temperature, and if the temperature is altered the question is complicated by the distinction which would probably have to be drawn between the number of collisions and their intensity.
244. When we compare together electric discharges the intensity of which is altered by varying, the capacity, we are unable to form an opinion as to whether the effects observed are due to changes in the density of the luminous material or changes of temperature, but the experiments of Sir William and Lady Huggins 1 with the spectrum of calcium are significant in suggesting that it is really the density which is also the determining factor in cases where different concentrations and different spark discharges produce a change in the relative intensities of different lines.
245. The author, no doubt correctly, remarks that the shift does net indicate a change of frequency but a change of relative intensity, consisting of a great number of fine lines; when the maximum intensity of the distribution of light is altered, the appearance is that of a shift.
246. If the forced vibration is suddenly stopped, the free periods will appear but not necessarily with the same intensity when the period of the original forced vibration is altered.
247. The power may be increased, but with a diminution of intensity, by using a train of prisms. Steinheil made an instrument of four prisms, each of which had, however, to be set in the position of minimum deviation by trial.
248. But what was new was the application of this doctrine to the relations between the stimuli and the socalled " intensity " of sensations.
249. He generalized Weber's law in the form that sensation generally increases in intensity as the stimulus increases by a constant function of the previous stimulus; or increases in an arithmetical progression as the stimulus increases in a geometrical ratio; or increases by addition of the same amount as the stimulus increases by the same multiple; or increases as the logarithm of the stimulus.
250. There are then, at least within the limits of moderate sensations, concomitant variations between stimuli and sensations, not only in " quality," as in the intervals of sounds, which were understood long ago, but also in " intensity "; and the discovery of the latter is the importance of Weber's and Fechner's law.
251. In this he gave equations resulting from the hypothesis that the magnetism of a ship is partly due to the permanent magnetism of hard iron and partly to the transient induced magnetism of soft iron; that the latter is proportional to the intensity of the inducing force, and that the length of the needle is infinitesimally small compared to the distance of the surrounding iron.
252. It is the result of the too great intensity of the light incident upon the retina, and which in normal eyeballs is adequately diminished by the absorptive power of the pigmentary material.
253. He thus covers a wider range than Jovinian, whom he surpasses also in intensity.
254. The intensity of the colour of flowers and the richness of flavour of fruit are, however, deficient where there is feebleness of light.
255. The management of the furnaces is relatively easy, and consists in adapting the volume and intensity of the fires to particular needs.
256. A current of great electromotive force (intensity or voltage) passed through the coil D, induces, by means of the core and frame, a current of enormous quantity (volume or amperage), but very small electromotive force, in the metal in the trough.
257. At this time the intensity of his intellectual activity in the area opened up to him by Locke and Berkeley reduced him to a state of physical exhaustion.
258. Here again, since the intensity of the pressure on A becomes greater as it descends owing to the increased head, the apparent increase of weight of the lift-ram as it rises is automatically balanced; water from the high-pressure system is admitted down the hollow ram B and does the work of lifting the live load.
259. When this occurs, every member of each troop. sounds a bold roar of defiance at the opposite parties; and when one roars, all roar together, and each seems to vie with his comrades in the intensity and power of his voice.
260. Bemont in 1898; it was so named on account of the intensity of the radioactive emanations which it yielded.
261. The concentration of the saline ingredients proceeds with the greatest degree of intensity in the large bays on the east side of the sea, and more especially in that of Kara-boghaz, where it reaches 16.3% (Spindler expedition).
262. Similarly, just because fear, hope and remembrance add to the intensity of consciousness, the Epicurean can hold that bodily pain and pleasure is a less durable and important thing than pain and pleasure of mind.
263. With the popes of his day the feeling revived with fresh intensity; all classes, clerical as well as lay, looked upon resistance to papal pretensions as a necessity imposed by the national honor.
264. All the discontent and suspicion caused by this policy broke out with greater intensity when a fresh ~ attempt was made in 1900 to carry those clauses of the old Umsturz- Vorlage which dealt with offences against public morality.
265. Birkeland (19), who has made a special study of magnetic disturbances in the Arctic, proceeding on the hypothesis that they arise from electric currents in the atmosphere, and who has thence attempted to deduce the position and intensity of these currents, asserts that whilst in the case of many storms the data were insufficient, when it was possible to fix the position of the mean line of flow of the hypothetical current relatively to an auroral arc, he invariably found the directions coincident or nearly so.
266. Estimates of the intensity of the light have been based on various arbitrary scales, such for instance as the size of type which the observer can read at a given distance.
267. In some cases changes of intensity take place round the auroral zenith, simulating the effect that would be produced by a cyclonic rotation of luminous matter.
268. In the case of isolated patches the intensity often waxes and wanes as if a search-light were being thrown on and turned off.
269. The fact that at most places the morning shows a marked decay of auroral frequency and intensity as compared to the evening, the maximum preceding midnight by several hours, is certainly favourable to theories which postulate ionization of the atmosphere by some cause or other emanating from the sun.
270. Austrian feeling strongly supported the monarch in his determination to defend the unity of the army, and the conflict gradually acquired an intensity that appeared to threaten the very existence of the dual system.
271. His chief defects are a somewhat pretentious and at the same time monotonous style, and a want of sympathy and intensity.
272. C. we see that the priestly aristocracy of Jerusalem had, like the well-to-do classes everywhere in Syria, been carried away by the Hellenistic current, its strength being evidenced no less by the intensity of the conservative opposition embodied in the party of the " Pious " (Assideans, Hasidim).
273. It requires an effort for us, under our clouded skies, to realize in some degree the intensity of that impression.
274. In the case of the heart muscle this threshold stimulus evokes a beat as extensive as does the strongest stimulus; that is, the intensity of the stimulus, so long as it is above threshold value, is not a function of the amount of the muscular response.
275. But in the ordinary skeletal muscles the amount of the muscular contraction is for a short range of quantities of stimulus (of above threshold value) proportioned to the intensity of the stimulus and increases with it.
276. Further increase of contraction does not follow further increase of the intensity of the stimulus above that point.
277. The new subjects compared with the old show some falling off in dramatic stress and intensity of expression, but on the other hand a marked gain in largeness of design and clearness of composition.
278. Difference in intensity is not a wholly satisfactory ground of distinction; abnormal physical conditions apart, an image may have an intensity far greater than that of a sense-given impression.
279. In the higher altitudes there are wide variations in the snow-fall and intensity of the cold even on the same mountain.
280. The percentage (27.7) of loss sustained by the British is sufficient evidence of the intensity of the conflict, and provides a convincing answer to certain writers who have represented the battle as chiefly a French affair.
281. When powdered bark is treated with tincture of iodine, little effect is visible in the case of pure cinnamon of good quality, but when cassia is present a deep-blue tint is produced, the intensity of the coloration depending on the proportion of the cassia.
282. Fizeau he carried on a series of investigations on the intensity of the light of the sun, as compared with that of carbon in the electric arc, and of lime in the flame of the oxyhydrogen blowpipe; on the interference of heat rays, and of light rays differing greatly in lengths of path; and on the chromatic polarization of light.
283. Indeed the king's horror of Jacobinism was morbid in its intensity, and drove him to adopt all sorts of reactionary measures and to postpone his coronation for some years, so as to avoid calling together a diet; but the disorder of the finances, caused partly by the continental war and partly by the almost total failure of the crops in 1798 and 1799, compelled him to summon the estates to Norrkoping in March 1800, and on the 3rd of April Gustavus was crowned.
284. Although further attacks were made after this date the fighting never again reached the same intensity.
285. From 1769 to 1887 there were 10 " destructive " and 24 other " extremely severe " shocks according to the Rossi Forel nomenclatural scale of intensity.
286. But the mode of exercise of a power and its intensity are subject to variation, while the power remains essentially the.
287. The collapse of the gold-leaf is observed through an aperture in the case by a miscroscope, and the time taken by the goldleaf to fall over a certain distance is proportional to the ionizing current, that is, to the intensity of the radio-activity of the substance.
288. If the friction be comparatively slight the amplitude is greatest when the imposed period coincides with the free period, being then equal to f/kei, and therefore very great compnred with that due to a slowly varying force of the same average intensity.
289. The intensity of the force in the region for which r = a, nearly must diminish with increasing distance less rapidly than accordin~ to the law of the inverse cube.
290. By its aid, for example, the whole of the properties a elliptical arches, whether square or skew, whether level or sloping in their span, are at once deduced by projection from those of symmetrical circular arches, and the properties of ellipsoidal and ellipticconoidal domes from those of hemispherical and circular-conoidal domes; and the figures of arches fitted to resist the thrust of earth, which is less horizontally than vertically in a certain given ratio, can be deduced by a projection from those of arches fitted to resist the thrust of a liquid, which is of equal intensity, horizontally and vertically.
291. To express this symbolically, let dii represent the area of a portion of a pair of rubbing surfaces at a distance r from the axis of their relative rotation; p the intensity of the normal pressure at du per unit of area; and f the coefficient of friction.
292. Let N be the total pressure sustained by a flat pivot of the radius r; if that pressure be uniformly distributed, which is the case when the rubbing surfaces of the pivot and its step are both true planes, the intensity of the pressure is pN/irr2 (60)
293. The forces underlying the movement may differ from time to time in their respective intensity, and, in highly exceptional cases, may approach equilibrium, their natural tendencies being interrupted by special causes, but the instances of general decline are confined to wild and comparatively small communities brought into contact with alien and more civilized races.
294. The result is that - as compared with beer or spirits - the fermentation at first is relatively slow, but it rapidly increases in intensity and continues until practically the whole of the sugar is converted.
295. He made many measurements of the electric conductivity of different solids and liquids, by comparing the intensity of the electric shock taken through his body and various conductors.
296. Joseph Henry, in the United States, first suggested the construction of what were then called intensity electromagnets, by winding upon a horseshoe-shaped piece of soft iron many superimposed windings of copper wire, insulated by covering it with silk or cotton, and then sending through the coils the current from a voltaic battery.
297. The dependence of the intensity of magnetization on the strength of the current was subsequently investigated (Pogg.
298. The electrical pressure required to force a current of this intensity through the solution, and to overcome a certain opposing electromotive force arising from the more electro-negative impurities of the anode, depends upon the composition of the bath and of the anodes, the distance between the electrodes, and the temperature, but under the usual working conditions averages o-3 volt for every pair of electrodes in series.
299. He showed, both by analysis and by synthesis, that quality depends on the order, number and intensity of the overtones or harmonics that may, and usually do, enter into the structure of a musical tone.
300. But, at the same time, the religious duel had lost in intensity, since, among the Persian Christians, the Nestorian doctrine was now dominant.
301. When the true skin is inflamed various appearances may arise, according to the intensity and extent of the inflammation, and the eruption may be papular, vesicular, pustular, tubercular, bulbous or ulcerative.
302. There can be little doubt that the intensity of inflammation frequently depends very much on the condition of the blood, and that by altering the blood inflammation may be lessened.
303. It varies in intensity, being often of the most agonizing character, or less severe and more of a tingling kind.
304. Enough has already been said as to the relations between the missionaries, the Boer farmers and the Hottentots; this grievance, however, " proved quite secondary to the intensity of feeling with which the colonists saw the steps taken by the government to deprive them of that labour (slave labour) over which they claimed an unquestionable right of property."
305. Once assume that every character and property of a particular thing is determined solely by the tension in it of a current of Pneuma, and (since that which causes currents in the thing cannot be absolutely the same with the thing itself) Pneuma, though present in all things, must be asserted to vary indefinitely in quantity and intensity.
306. In the rational creatures - man and the gods - Pneuma is manifested in a high degree of purity and intensity as an emanation from the world-soul, itself an emanation from the primary substance of purest ether - a spark of the celestial fire, or, more accurately, fiery breath, which is a mean between fire and air, characterized by vital warmth more than by dryness.
307. When the surface is curved, the effect of the surface-tension is to make the pressure on the concave side exceed the pressure on the convex side by T (1 /R I i /R 2), where T is the intensity of the surface-tension and R 1, R2 are the radii of curvature of any two sections normal to the surface and to each other.
308. The upper surface of this column is not level, so that the height of the column cannot be directly measured, but let us assume that h is the mean height of the column, that is to say, the height of a column of equal weight, but with a flat top. Then if r is the radius of the tube at the top of the column, the volume of the suspended column is 717 2 12, and its weight is 7rpgr 2 h, when p is its density and g the intensity of gravity.
309. The intensity of this surface-tension is measured by the stress which it exerts across a line of unit length.
310. This stress is balanced by the pressure p acting over the area of the same great circle: it is therefore equal to 2 p. To determine the intensity of the surface-tension we have to divide this quantity by the length of the line across which it acts, which is in this case the circumference of a great circle 27r.
311. Dividing irr 2 p by this length we obtain zpr as the value of the intensity of the surface-tension, and it is plain from equation 8 that this is equal to T.
312. Hence the numerical value of the intensity of the surface-tension is equal to the numerical value of the surface-energy per unit of surface.
313. Hence the waves will be propagated as if the intensity of gravity had been 4?r2 T f =g +:2 p instead of g.
314. He spent some time in France and Italy; but the disease proved intractable, and he continued subject to attacks of growing intensity at frequent intervals till the close of his life.
315. His style, if occasionally somewhat turgid, was elevated and passionate, and it always bore the impress of that intensity of conviction which is the most powerful instrument a speaker can have to sway the convictions of an audience.
316. A large space around the greatly developed callosities on the buttocks, as well as the upper part of the insides of the thighs, is naked and of a crimson colour, shading off on the sides to lilac or blue, which, depending upon injection of the superficial blood-vessels, varies in intensity according to the condition of the animal - increasing under excitement, fading during sickness, and disappearing after death.
317. He was also the first to demonstrate experimentally the difference of action between what he called a "quantity" magnet excited by a "quantity" battery of a single pair, and an "intensity" magnet with long fine wire coil excited by an "intensity" battery of many elements, having their resistances suitably proportioned.
318. Early in 1831 he arranged a small office-bell to be tapped by the polarized armature of an "intensity" magnet, whose coil was in continuation of a mile of insulated copper wire, suspended about one of the rooms of his academy.
319. Early in 1832 he discovered the induction of a current on itself, in a long helical wire, giving greatly increased intensity of discharge (Sill.
320. In 1834 he continued and extended his researches "On the Influence of a Spiral Conductor in increasing the Intensity of Electricity from a Galvanic Arrangement of a Single Pair," a memoir of which was read before the American Philosophical Society on the 5th of February 1835.
321. In 1835 he combined the short circuit of his monster magnet (of 1834) with the small "intensity" magnet of an experimental telegraph wire, thereby establishing the fact that very powerful mechanical effects could be produced at a great distance by the agency of a very feeble magnet used as a circuit maker and breaker, or as a "trigger" - the precursor of later forms of relay and receiving magnets.
322. Another discussed conduction in curved sheets; a third the distribution of electricity in two influencing spheres; a fourth the deter mination of the constant on which depends the intensity of induced currents; while others were devoted to Ohm's law, the motion of electricity in submarine cables, induced magnetism, &c. In other papers, again, various miscellaneous topics were treated - the thermal conductivity of iron, crystalline reflection and refraction, certain propositions in the thermodynamics of solution and vaporization, &c. An important part of his work was contained in his Vorlesungen fiber mathematische Physik (1876), in which the principles of dynamics, as well as various special problems, were treated in a somewhat novel and original manner.
323. Throughout the whole period of its geological history, volcanic activity has found expression with varying degrees of intensity along what is now the western side of the island, with the exception that in the Mesozoic era this activity was in abeyance.
324. This Arab influence extends, in varying degrees of intensity, over the whole eastern province, that is the region bounded east by Tanganyika, west by the Lualaba, and north by Stanley Falls and the Mangbettu country.
325. He was the first to use the vacuum tube with the capillary part now called a Geissler's tube, by means of which the luminous intensity of feeble electric discharges was raised sufficiently to allow of spectroscopic investigation.
326. In 1733 a revival of religion began in Northampton, and reached such intensity in the winter of 1734 and the following spring as to threaten the business of the town.
327. The intensity of intellectual and manual application which Leonardo threw into the work is proved by the fact that he finished it within four years, in spite of all his other avocations and of those prolonged pauses of concentrated imaginative effort and intense self-critical brooding to which we have direct contemporary witness.
328. At the same time, it is the secret of his wonderful concentration of power: he realizes everything with such intensity that he cannot fail to be impressive.
329. The intensity of the light diminishes merely because the total energy, though unaltered, is distributed over a wider and wider surface as the rays diverge from the source.
330. We may treat it as a superficial effect, especially in the case of bodies which are opaque enough or thick enough to prevent all transmission of light, and we may investigate how much is reflected at the surface and how much is absorbed; or, on the other hand, we may confine our attention to the light which enters the body and inquire into the relation between the decay of intensity and the depth of penetration.
331. The law which governs the rate of decay of light intensity in passing through any medium may be readily obtained.
332. If lo represents the intensity of the light which enters the surface, I l the intensity after passing through i centimetre, I 2 the intensity after passing through 2 centimetres, and so on; then we should expect that whatever fraction of Io is absorbed in the first centimetre, the same fraction of I, will be absorbed in the second.
333. We have then 11=Io(1 j) I =I 1(1j) =Io(1 j)2 1 3 =1 2 (1 - j) =Io(11)3 and so on, so that if I is the intensity after passing through a thickness t in centimetres I = Io(1 We might call j, which is the proportion absorbed in one centimetre, the "coefficient of absorption" of the medium.
334. The method consists in comparing the intensity after transmission through a layer of known thickness of the absorbent with the intensity of light from the same source which has not passed through the medium, k being thus obtained for various thicknesses and found to be constant.
335. The lower gaseous cloaks absorb a large part of the light admitted by the photosphere, and especially at the limb and for the more refrangible rays the loss of intensity is very marked.
336. The name has no reference to the appearance of the body to the eye; when emitting energy, its radiations will he of all wave-lengths, and if intense enough will appeal to the eye as luminous between about wave-lengths 7600 and 4000 tenth-metres; this intensity is a question of temperature, and as it is exquisitely inappropriate to speak of the bulk of the solar radiations as black, the writer will speak instead of amorphous radiations from an ideal radiator.
337. The corresponding intensity at the sun's surface is 4.62 X Io 4 as great, or 6.79 X Io 4 kilowatts per square metre = 7.88 X Io 4 horse-power per square yard - enough to melt a thickness of 13.3 metres (=39.6 ft.) of ice, or to vaporize 1.81 metres (=5.92 ft.) of water per minute.
338. If we assume that the bolograph of solar energy is simply a graph of amorphous radiation from an ideal radiator, so that the con- Temperature stants cl, c 2, of Planck's formula determined terrestrially apply to it, the hyperbola of maximum intensity is XO = 2, 921 X 10 7; and as the sun's maximum intensity occurs for about X =4900, we find the absolute temperature to be 5960° abs.
339. If we calculate from the total energy emitted, and not from the position of maximum intensity, the same result is obtained within a few degrees.
340. The entries in the table on following page express the reduction of intensity for different wave-lengths X, when the slit is set at distances yXradius from the centre of the disk.
341. Xvi.) that, if for the sake of argument the solar atmosphere be taken as homogeneous in temperature and quality, forming a sheet which itself radiates as well as absorbs, the radiation which an unshielded ideal radiator at 6000° would give is represented well, both in sum and in the distribution of intensity with respect to wave-length, by another ideal radiator - now the actual body of ///4, *...
342. Excepting strontium, those which are low upon the list are represented also by lines of small intensity.
343. The features seen differ according to the line used, as the circumstances prevailing at different levels of the chromosphere call out one line or another with greater intensity.
344. The helium formations do not reach the sun's limb, and it is another puzzling detail that the spectrum of the disk shows no absorption line of anything like an intensity to correspond with the emission line of helium in the chromosphere.
345. The lines are broadened (as was already known), the intensity of emission is much increased, but some are weakened and some strengthened, nor is the amount of broadening the same for all lines, nor is it always symmetrical, being sometimes greater on the red side; but besides the effect of unsymmetrical broadening, every line is displaced towards the red; different lines again behave differently, and they may be arranged somewhat roughly in a few groups according to their behaviour; reversals are also effected, and the reversed line does not always correspond with the most intense part of the emission line.
346. The line n shows the factor by which the index of refraction of the transmitted vibration is multiplied, and the curve p the intensity of the absorbed vibration for that wave-length.
347. The drought is increased in intensity by the occasional hot dry wind from the desert region in the north, though this wind is usually followed by violent thunderstorms.
348. If, therefore, instead of regarding only the mean rainfall of several gauges over a series of years, we compare the relative falls in short intervals of time among gauges yielding the same general averages, the discrepancies prove to be very great, and it follows that the maximum possible intensity of discharge from different areas rapidly increases as the size of the watershed decreases.
349. In the next place, it is necessary to confine the pressure, at every point of the masonry, to an intensity which will give a sufficient factor of safety against crushing.
350. One such assumption is that, if the dam is well built, the intensity of vertical pressure will (neglecting local irregularities) vary nearly uniformly from face to face along any horizontal plane.
351. Of the dam, and g its centre of gravity, the centre of pressure upon the base will be vertically under g, that is, at the centre of the base, and the load will be properly represented by the rectangle bfgc, of which the area represents the total load and the uniform depth of its uniform intensity.
352. At this high part of the structure the intensity of pressure will of course be much less than its permissible intensity.
353. Per second per woo acres, is made up of groups of rainfall of very varying intensity, falling upon different portions of that area, so that upon any section of it the intensity of discharge may be much greater.
354. It is in them that the atmosphere of mystery attains a maximum of intensity.
355. The insurrection increased in intensity.
356. Lecky and Creighton are almost as dispassionate as Gardiner, but are more definitely committed to particular points of views, while democratic fervour pervades the fascinating pages of J.R.Green, and an intellectual secularism, which is almost religious in its intensity and idealism, inspired the genius of Maitland.
357. That derives its immense power from other sources; from passion, intensity, imagination, size, truth, cogency of logical reason.
358. They were, moreover, concentrated in individual cases, which exercised Burke's passionate imagination to its profoundest depths, and raised it to such a glow of fiery intensity as has never been rivalled in our history.
359. Then, in the event of a continued drought, fasts of increasing intensity are ordered; and as a last resort the ark is to be brought into the street and sprinkled with ashes, the heads of the Nasi and Ab-beth-din being at the same time similarly sprinkled.'
360. So, with an added Christian intensity, St Paul declares: " If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things are passed away; behold, they are become new.
361. Sativum - p r i nc i pa l are very numerous and of every grade of intensity.
362. Finally in the exposition of Christian Justice the Stoic doctrine of the natural union of all human interests is elevated to the full height and intensity of evangelical philanthropy; the brethren are reminded that the earth was made by God a common possession of all, and are bidden to administer their means for the common benefit; Ambrose, we should observe, is thoroughly aware of the fundamental union of these different virtues in Christianity, though he does Cicero's works are unimportant in the history of ancient ethics, as their philosophical matter was entirely borrowed from Greek treatises now lost; but the influence exercised by them (especially by the De officiis) over medieval and even modern readers was very considerable.
363. In short, More's Platonism appears to be really as hedonistic as Hobbism; only the feeling to which it appeals as ultimate motive is of a kind that only a mind of exceptional moral refinement can habitually feel with the decisive intensity required.
364. This Paley and Bentham (after Locke) interpreted as merely the effect on the will of the pleasures or pains attached to the observance or violation of moral rules, combining with this the doctrine of Hutcheson that " general good " or " happiness " is the final end and standard of these rules; while they eliminated all vagueness from the notion of general happiness by defining it to consist in " excess of pleasure over pain " - pleasures and pains being regarded as " differing in nothing but continuance or intensity."
365. Clinically, dysentery manifests itself with varying degrees of intensity, and it is often impossible without microscopical examination to determine between the amoebic and bacillary forms. In well-marked cases the following are the chief symptoms. The attack is commonly preceded by certain premonitory indications in the form of general illness, loss of appetite, and some amount of diarrhoea, which gradually increases in severity, and is accompanied with griping pains in the abdomen (tormina).
366. Intensity of Moonlight.
367. We may therefore say that the intensity of sunlight is somewhat more than half a million times that of full moonlight.
368. Sincerity and intensity are, indeed, to the modern reader, the most obvious characteristics of Demosthenes.
369. 7, is treated with striking intensity in a passage (xviii.
370. Of less intensity than when only two reals are together.
371. We have the equation (S - a) dt = du, where S is the total inhibendum, and a the intensity actually inhibited after the time t.
372. These relations Herbart finds to be reducible to five, which do not admit of further simplification; and corresponding to them are as many moral ideas (Musterbegriffe), viz.: (I) Internal Freedom, the underlying relation being that of the individual's will to his judgment of it; (2) Perfection, the relation being that of his several volitions to each other in respect of intensity, variety and concentration; (3) Benevolence, the relation being that between his own will and the thought of another's; (4) Right, in case of actual conflict with another; and (5) Retribution or Equity, for intended good or evil done.
373. That this is not a necessary characteristic of light was discovered by Christian Huygens, who found that, whereas a stream of sunlight in traversing a rhomb of spar in any but one direction always gives rise to two streams of equal brightness, each of these emergent streams is divided by a second rhomb into two portions having a relative intensity dependent upon the position with respect to one another of the principal planes of the faces of entry into the rhombs - the planes through the axes of the crystals perpendicular to the refracting surfaces.
374. In intermediate cases the intensities of the two beams are proportional to the squares of the cosines of the angles that the principal plane of the second rhomb makes with the positions in which they have the greatest intensity.
375. Further, if polarized light fall at the polarizing angle on a reflecting surface, the intensity of the reflected stream depends upon the azimuth of the plane of incidence, being proportional to the square of the cosine of the angle between this plane and the plane of the polarization.
376. Hence the total reflected light will be polarized in this plane and will of necessity have a greater intensity than that produced by a single surface.
377. An analytical investigation of the conditions of interference of polarized streams of the most general type leads to the result that there will be no interference only when the two streams are oppositely polarized, and that when the polarizations are identical the interference will be perfect, the fluctuations of intensity being the greatest that the difference of intensity of the streams admits (Sir G.
378. 281), and it may be shown that two polarized streams of a definite character are analytically equivalent to common light provided that they are of equal intensity and oppositely polarized and that there is no common phase relation between the corresponding monochromatic constituents.
379. Common light, circularly polarized and partially circularly polarized light all have the characteristic of giving two streams of equal intensity on passing through a rhomb of Iceland spar, however it may be turned.
380. They may, however, be distinguished by the fact that on previous transmission through a quarter-wave plate this property is retained in the case of common light, while with the two other types the relative intensity of the streams depends upon the orientation of the rhomb, and with circularly polarized light one stream may be made to vanish.
381. Plane polarized light gives in general two streams of unequal intensity when examined with a rhomb, and for certain positions of the crystal there isonly one emergent stream.
382. Elliptically polarized, partially elliptically polarized and partially plane polarized light give with Iceland spar two streams of, in general, unequal intensity, neither of which can be made to vanish.
383. In the former case the retardation of phase varies so little with the period that the intensity is nearly the same for all colours; in the latter case it alters so rapidly that for a small change in the period the intensity passes from a maximum or a minimum, and consequently so many constituents of the light are weakened and these are so close to one another in frequency, that the light presents to the eye the appearance of being white.
384. When light from an extended source is made to converge upon the crystal, the phenomenon of rings and brushes localized at infinity is obtained.The exact calculation of the intensity in this case is very complicated and the resulting expression is too unwieldy to be of any use, but as an approximation the formula for the case of a parallel beam may be employed, the quantities and p therein occurring being regarded as functions of the angle and plane of incidence and consequently as variables.
385. In monochromatic light, then, the interference pattern is characterized by three systems of curves: the curves of constant retardation p = const.; the lines of like polarization = const.; the curves of constant intensity I = const.
386. When p = 2nir and also when 4, = a or a-1-7/2 or Ili = 1 3 or 0+7r/2, that is at points for which the streams within the plate are polarized in planes parallel and perpendicular to the planes of primitive and final polarization, the intensity (called the fundamental intensity) is the same as when the plate is removed.
387. These conditions define two systems of curves called respectively the principal curves of constant retardation and the principal lines of like polarization, these latter lines dividing the field into regions in which the intensity is alternately greater and less than the fundamental intensity.
388. When, however, the planes of polarization and analysation are parallel or crossed, the two pairs of principal lines of like polarization coincide, and the intensity is at all points in the former case not greater than, and in the latter case not less than, it was before the introduction of the plate.
389. To the same degree of accuracy as that employed in obtaining the expression for the intensity, the form of the lines of like polarization is given by the section, parallel to the plate, of a cone, whose generating lines are the directions of propagation of waves that have their planes of polarization parallel and perpendicular to a given plane: the cone is in general of the third degree and passes through the optic axes of the crystal.
390. - Huygens satisfactorily explained the laws of reflection and refraction on the principles of the wave theory, so far as the direction of the waves is concerned, but his explanation gives no account of the intensity and the polarization of the reflected light.
391. At normal incidence the intensity of the reflected light, measured by the square of the amplitude, is { (µ -1) /(µ+ I) } 2 in both cases; but whereas in the former the intensity increases uniformly with i to the value unity for i =90°, in the latter the intensity at first decreases as i increases, until it attains the value zero when i -Fr = 90°, or tan i =,u - the polarizing angle of Brewster - and then increases until it becomes unity at grazing incidence.
392. The expressions for the intensity of the refracted light may be obtained from those relating to the reflected light by the principle of energy.
393. In order to avoid the question of the measurements of the intensity in different media, it is convenient to suppose that the refracted stream emerges into a medium similar to the first by a transition so gradual that no light is lost by reflection.
394. The intensity 0343 (36) G"=SoD(1 - log e 0)+ Re log e p - (c - b)p - A"D+B" (37) J" =s 0 0 - S O D log e O+RD log e p - A"D+B"..
395. The effect is most easily shown by connecting a voltaic cell to a thermopile for a short interval, then quickly (by means of a suitable key, such as a Pohl commutator with the cross connectors removed) disconnecting the pile from the cell and connecting it to a galvanometer, which will indicate a current in the reverse direction through the pile, and approximately proportional to the original current in intensity, provided that the other conditions of the experiment are constant.
396. Becquerel that the intensity of the effect depended on the thermoelectric power of the junction and was independent of its form or dimensions.
397. If C is the intensity of the current through a simple thermocouple, the junctions of which are at temperatures t and 1', a quantity of heat, P X C, is absorbed by the passage of the current per second at the hot junction, t, and a quantity, P X C, is evolved at the cold junction, t'.
398. But while we need not doubt that the decline occurred, we can hardly determine either its date or its intensity without careful examination of the Roman remains of Spain.
399. In the intensity of their struggle with the Reformation they subjected education to a censorship which, in order to exclude all risk of heresy, stifled thought and reduced knowledge to the repetition of safe formulas.
400. It may therefore be regarded as an intensification of this band, possibly produced by the increased intensity of the light when reflected nearly back toward the sun, and therefore toward the earth.
401. Wright, of New Haven, also made careful observations leading to the conclusion that the spectrum differs from sunlight only in intensity.
402. Both at very high and very low pressures the coefficient of friction is affected by the intensity of pressure, and, just as with velocity, it can only be regarded as independent of the intensity and proportional simply to the total load within more or less definite limits.
403. He showed also that the value of the former depended often both upon the intensity of the pressure and upon the length of time during which contact had lasted, both of which facts quite agree with what we should expect from our knowledge of the physical nature, already mentioned, of the causes of friction.
404. The only sources of light are sunlight or the electric arc. The limit at which sub-microscopic particles are made visible is dependent upon the specific intensity of the source of light.
405. A firm will, tireless energy, aggressive courage and bold self-confidence were its leading qualities; the word " intensity " perhaps best sums up his character.
406. In public speaking he often combined a rhetorical effectiveness and emotional intensity that might take the place of imagination, and enabled him, on the coldest theme, to move deeply the feelings of his auditors.
407. - The calorific intensity of fuel is found to be very considerably enhanced, if the combustion be effected with air previously heated to any temperature between that of boiling water and a dull red heat, the same effect being observed both with solid and gaseous fuel.
408. But the pope marked the intensity of his hatred by causing the dummy to be carved and dressed with such lifelike resemblance that he was almost able to persuade himself that his hated enemy was really consumed in the flames.
409. Think of them ... like frequency and intensity, although that's far from the correct terms.
410. Talon fought with fury, his eyes glowing red, while Dusty fought with a calm, controlled intensity.
411. While Dean didn't share his wife's intensity, he was proud of it, and his lack of interest in the names didn't lessen his love of the scene.
412. "Good. I like Gabriel," Fate said, the intensity leaving his features.
413. Well aware afternoon had faded into night, she kept her cup in her lap to keep from fidgeting under his intensity.
414. It is a feeling I've not had nor scarce dreamed could exist in such intensity before you entered my life.
415. "He did.  He wanted to make the world safer for me, for our …" Katie's throat tightened.  She cleared it.  "He realized he doesn't have to be in the shadows anymore.  And the way he looked at me that last day…" she drifted off again, this time recalling the intensity of emotion on Rhyn's face the last time she'd seen him in the mortal realm.
416. Coupled with this tight schedule was a self-imposed training regimen so vigorous he sur­prised himself with its intensity.
417. The volume and intensity of her voice rose with every word.
418. He sometimes almost seemed approachable, though the intensity around him hadn't eased from the moment she set foot in the door.
419. If increasing the length of work intervals and reducing those of recovery intervals is a good idea, what about actual work interval intensity?
420. Physiological adaptations to high intensity training interventions in team sports.
421. All of a sudden there is no fuel to maintain the same level of intensity or to handle adversity.
422. The training intensity is higher than in sport zones 1 and 2, but still mainly aerobic.
423. Amethyst light, virulent in their intensity, traced across the floor to form a circled five-pointed star around him.
424. Until one observes an Aurora of this intensity, it is difficult to appreciate the scale and speed of the constant changes in patterns.
425. The german baritone, Peter Schüler, sang with brooding intensity as he grappled with Owen's darker texts.
426. Blast furnace of an ironworks at Leeds he reported that " the intensity of the fire was peculiarly impressive.
427. Visiting the blast furnace of an ironworks at Leeds he reported that " the intensity of the fire was peculiarly impressive.
428. Breathy whisper, then builds in intensity until he lets it all out in the melodic chorus.
429. Bristle up with the intensity of his emotion.
430. Brooding intensity have made him one of the most popular stars in the world.
431. And yet amidst this hideous visual cacophony, occasional insights can be observed; and these can be of an almost revelatory intensity.
432. Under these conditions, consuming carbohydrates during exercise increases both the time and the intensity the athlete is able to exercise before becoming exhausted.
433. Catchment rainfall records were established, particularly for high intensity events.
434. Ironmongery is of modern and stylish chrome and high intensity white downlights feature in the kitchen and all the bathrooms.
435. Ciliumelieves that the growing intensity of microwave radiations will cause the cilia in the cochlea to resonate.
436. The phosphorus in solution reacts with the molybdate ion to produce a blue coloration whose intensity is directly proportional to the concentration of phosphorus.
437. Combine to produce an image which varies in intensity (tone) in the range direction across the image.
438. Common logarithm of intensity or flux density in arbitrary units.
439. The findings challenge the conventional wisdom that low intensity forms of EI have little effect on performance.
440. Decreases in the intensity of DL.
441. Emotions are not dialectical; their intensity varies but not the nature of the emotions themselves.
442. Two women, totally dissimilar to each other love Vicky with equal intensity.
443. The circle on the left has a brilliant intensity, while the one on the right appears rather dull.
444. Results have been used to perform quantum efficiency and escape intensity analysis for various detector sizes over a wide energy range.
445. It leaves the rest of his life utterly empty, and he vacillates between amorous intensity and general ennui.
446. Drought intensity again declined in some of the affected regions but overall the rainfall deficiency remains exceptional.
447. Extensity of life as its fullest intensity.
448. The growing extensity and intensity of trade has led to the increasing enmeshment of national economies with each other.
449. A joint field trip is being planned for 2007, supported by a NERC grant on Forest Fire Intensity Dynamics.
450. It provides excellent lighting for the purpose by using a high intensity flashlight bulb.
451. The Extreme 360 KRILL lamp, is a perfect low intensity flashlight and safety marker.
452. Fluorochrome intensity is generated from a minimum of five metaphase spreads.
453. Full throttled the Furious is an intense full-throttle action film with awesome high-speed stunts, and full pedal to the metal intensity.
454. Foot geyser jet: This high intensity foot geyser jet explodes like a volcano.
455. In Act Two, Meier enacted the living nightmare of Sieglinde - she is haunted by guilt and terror - with terrific intensity.
456. Haunted by guilt and terror - with terrific intensity.
457. Think about what the intensity histogram must look like at the threshold value.
458. Illuminant intensity at first to make this alignment a little easier, to start with.
459. Illumination intensity of the area being observed.
460. Each of the five tracks appears to be freely improvised with varying degrees of intensity.
461. At other times, this intensity may manifest as jealousy when there is reason to suspect infidelity.
462. intensity of the various partials, shown in the spectral plot above.
463. Now the intensity of abreaction matches the intensity of abreaction matches the intensity of one's idealism.
464. intensity of illumination (see table ).
465. This window shows a simulated TEM diffraction pattern for the wurtzite structure, colour-coded to show the phase of diffracted intensity.
466. An image is created on the CRT surface by varying the electron beam intensity for each pixel.
467. PLAY THE GAME: Small sided soccer can be used to heighten intensity and create some good competition.
468. This light signal is converted to electrons which are subsequently amplified before being used to modulate the intensity of a cathode ray tube display.
469. Candela The candela (cd) is the SI unit of luminous intensity.
470. You should aim to do some moderate intensity physical activity for about 30 minutes on five or more days of the week.
471. The deeper the sense of sin, the greater the emotional intensity.
472. Certainly, in its passionate intensity, this work demonstrates Trotsky's unsurpassed literary gifts.
473. intensity led ring light for forensic photography Narrow band emission in the blue, blue/green and green.
474. intensity aerobic workout will burn more calories than a more gentle, lower intensity workout.
475. intensity modulation.. .
476. RESULTS: Malignant fluorescence positive lesions showed significantly stronger fluorescence intensity than fluorescing lesions with benign histology.
477. In other words, the high- intensity training allowed nerve cells to ' reach out and touch ' an increased number of muscle fibers.
478. The inputs to PD are air temperature, air velocity, and turbulence intensity.
479. Increased grazing intensity is believed to have reduced the frequency of many of the characteristic herbaceous plants and removed them from heavily grazed sites.
480. The authors compare three prototypes, namely pixel intensity, edge pixel, and extended edge.
481. The ` ` intensity Definition ' ' level contains parameters relevant to the calculation of hybridization intensities for the image.
482. Undertake High Intensity Workouts The best way to burn fat is to undertake highly intensive aerobic exercise.
483. This intensity, based on the commander's stated intent, will be maintained throughout the crisis.
484. Where the waves have opposite amplitudes they destructively interfere to give low intensity.
485. I suspect that many beginning to take up microscopy might, understandably, use the substage iris control to reduce light intensity.
486. Laser therapy: a randomized controlled trial of the effects of low intensity laser irradiation on musculoskeletal back pain.
487. The effect of exercise intensity on oxygen uptake kinetics in healthy young women.
488. A high intensity led ring light for forensic photography Narrow band emission in the blue, blue/green and green.
489. An intensity that completely warps normal logic and decision making.
490. Luminous intensity in any direction.
491. Measurements include directional luminous intensity, illuminance of lamps and meters, luminance of sources and meters and total luminous flux.
492. Maser action, where the radiation intensity is very low.
493. An unprecedented adrenaline rush of close quarters combat seamlessly melded with the spine-tingling, shocking intensity of the paranormal unknown.
494. Moderate intensity physical activity for about 30 minutes on five or more days of the week.
495. These maps are assessed for significantly modulated voxels using a Gaussian Mixture Model for the distribution of intensity values.
496. The correct intensity for the pixel is controlled by tilting each mirror on and off (pulse-width modulation ).
497. He uses a wide intensity of colors, alternating between saturated hues and muted, almost monochromatic effects.
498. Noxious stimulation is used by the animal to make it aware of stimuli of an intensity that could or actually do damage body tissues.
499. Some of the joys of ascorbic acid are that it produces a range of color from delicate pastels to vivid colors of striking intensity.
500. Ride cymbal proper starts from 0:25, growing in intensity.
501. The intensities of male - male desire are shown to have marked great literature through the ages.
502. Large negative expression values occur when one or more mismatch primers in a probe set have much higher intensities than their corresponding perfect match primers.
503. The signal intensities of low expressors, indeed, are improved so that more genes turned out to be detectable.
504. Cards showing animated emotion faces of different intensities were used to aid recall.
505. The significance of industry mix will depend on the degree to which sectoral regulatory standards adjust for sectoral differences in emissions intensities and abatement costs.
506. The scale effect entails that in a growing economy emissions tend to increase (at given emission intensities and a given industrial structure).
507. However, intensities are also affected by changing prices of (or taxes on) polluting inputs into the production process.
508. The intensities of intermediate goods are in fixed proportion to output.
509. Given different cultivation practices and intensities, it is possible that large farms do not have the same production function as their smaller counterparts.
510. Declining average material and energy intensities in industrialized countries were thus taken as a sign of declining impacts on the environment.
511. The input intensities in our empirical analyses are measured by man-days of labor input per acre and by fertilizer amount per acre.
512. At intensities equivalent to or higher than the control wavelength, ultra-violet light was more attractive than blue-green.
513. With a high degree of mutualism, the community of artefacts is achieving greater and greater intensities of replication of their members.
514. The last column also provides estimates of the effects of early policies on the peak intensities of the emissions.
515. The image is shown in pseudocolour, warmer colours representing greater intensities of fluorescence.
516. The spectra are in relative units and thus provide a comparison of the intensities of different emission bands.
517. In order to determine the energies and relative intensities of the emitted gamma rays, one has to consider the selection rules.
518. Second, the experimental infection procedures used in many studies result in intensities of infection much higher than those normally observed in nature.
519. Figure 1 shows photoelectron momentum images representative for ionization of molecular hydrogen at 389 nm at various intensities.
520. What occurs is, as it were, a revealing and exteriorising of the inner intensities of the respective sounds.
521. The confocal settings were adjusted in accordance with the relative intensities of the beads, which consist of 6.0 m polystyrene microspheres.
522. The purpose of our analysis is to evaluate the feasibility of experiments directed to nuclear studies at subrelativistic intensities.
523. No other helminth showed differences in abundances and intensities relative to host gender.
524. Seasons with higher mean intensities had wider ecological niches.
525. No other combination of years had significantly different mean intensities.
526. The parasite - host density relationships are mainly related to parasite dissemination across the different host populations, but not to intensities.
527. Figure 2 indicates the expected efficiency of driving a 2 mm crystal at even higher intensities.
528. The effect of changing the relative intensities of the two primary pulses has also been qualitatively investigated.
529. In the second series of simulations all parameters were the same except that energies and intensities were 10 times higher for both pulses.
530. First, there was a strong negative correlation between the intensities of infection of the 2 species across hosts.
531. The expected values were calculated by assuming equal probability of a parasite being lost across intensities.
532. The relative intensities of the multiplets in the calculated fine structure shown on the right are given in the corresponding ellipses.
533. Note that the evaluations on the five criteria correspond to utilities measured with intensities.
534. At lower laser intensities, the regime under consideration is lost.
535. A graphical representation of the directionality of the original image is obtained by plotting the summed pixel intensities between 0° and 180°.
536. Analyzing different experiments, it seems that a grows slightly for smaller proton energies and laser intensities, although these deviations remain small.
537. Such interaction would hamper the analysis although at lower beam intensities they could be negligible.
538. A large number of issues remain open in the study of laser-matter interaction at very high intensities.
539. The computational model is currently being extended to study higher intensities.
540. In the current setting this could be attributable to low infection intensities of both parasites, combined with intra-specimen and day-to-day variation in egg output.
541. Similar spectral intensities were also computed at shorter laser wavelengths of 0.35 mm for the same laser irradiance.
542. The right curve shows the expected fusion neutron yield 0shot for different focal intensities.
543. Referring to figure 1, the equilibrium intensities and prices are quite diverse across regions.
544. Point averages of the streamwise velocity fluctuation intensities are presented in figure 12.
545. The impact of the harmonic excitation on the turbulent intensities may be seen in figure 21.
546. At moderate selection intensities (30-50 % of the population genotyped), selection on the within-family variance was better than any other method.
547. Finally, we simulated a ' peak height ' file that contained the band intensities for each individual and marker.
548. The predicted turbulence intensities are shown in figures 5(b)-5(e).
549. To be blunt about it, lawyers are emotionally erratic and singularly ill-trained to adjudicate the nuances of friendship or the affective intensities between friends.
550. As a result, surfaces that reflect intensities outside of the optimal operating range will produce noisy or even erroneous range measurements.
551. Typically, the receiver electronics operate optimally only in a narrow range of intensities compared to the large dynamic range of intensities that can be observed.
552. The experiments that were carried out by these high intensities, however, did not show specular reflection any more.
553. The same story was repeated, with variations in historical actors and intensities, in 1958 and 1975.
554. They have a dynamic range that is 2 orders of magnitude greater than film for recording intensities.
555. In contrast, estimates of canopy openness with a spherical densiometer showed only a weak relation to light intensities in the understorey.
556. Therefore, none of the simplified, indirect methods are an option when accurate single site light intensities have to be assessed.
557. Less frequently acknowledged, though, is the distribution of extents and intensities within a disturbance type.
558. I expected the population growth rate to be higher in low, trellis-rich f orest a nd in forest with elevated light intensities.
559. Significantly higher intensities of 580- and 650-nm light were required for melatonin suppression.
560. Therefore, comparisons of the fluorescence intensities are valid within each figure but not between figures.
561. Compared to preinjection data, the increase of threshold light intensities was in the range of 0.3-1.2 log units.
562. Windows were drawn around the areas of interest, and the area and sum of the pixel intensities recorded.
563. Perceived immunostain intensities: 1 1 for each isoform.
564. Four produced action potentials at more than three intensities, with one producing action potentials at 14 different intensities.
565. Plot showing the latency of the photocurrent as a relation to increasing light intensities.
566. To determine the linear range of the cell, monochromatic light stimuli of different intensities were applied.
567. Spot intensities were 100 (0.4 cd 0m 2 ; diamonds) and 150 (1.0 cd 0m 2 ; squares) out of a maximum possible brightness of 255.
568. The null-direction component of the stimulus was presented at intensities ranging from 75 to 255.
569. Three different background intensities were evaluated using this protocol 1.8, 2.1 and 2.4 log scotopic cd m 2 !.
570. Four of the cells produced action potentials at fewer than two intensities.
571. Whereas a stationary red disk was clearly visible at all tested intensities of the green surround, the moving red disk was not.
572. In par ticular, there is a discontinuity at low light intensities for all 89 images simulated.
573. The half-saturating intensities calculated for 580- and 650-nm light were significantly higher (4.3 10 8 and 5 10 9 2 quanta 0cm 0s, respectively).
574. Diameters of gray circles in the center figure indicate relative response intensities at each lattice point.
575. Then the line intensities for detailed levels are calculated from the population densities in averaged model.
576. We can also find these correspondences in other characteristics of sound, for example in intensities.
577. The corresponding averaged intensities ratem(t) then uniquely specify the plasmid cyclic state distribution at all times t in the cell cycle.
578. We assume that our observed brake-up of cutoff ionenergies at our highest intensities is connected with the temporal contrast of the laser pulse.
579. Harmonic generation from solidvacuum inter face irradiated at high laser intensities.
580. At high intensities, the plasma density profile is steepened by light pressure to a fraction of a laser wavelength.
581. The present work is aimed to control growth of hydrodynamic instability in laser irradiated target at moderate intensities.
582. At high laser intensities, the relativistic motion starts to operate, causing the electron to be directed forward as well as sideways, and forming laser-plasma channels.
583. Breakdown at the front surface of water put a restriction on available laser intensities and highest pressures attained.
584. Figure 3 shows the trajectories of the critical sur face on the beam axis for several intensities.
585. Occurrence of appreciable attraction between photons at sub-threshold intensities favors grouping of photons and decreases dissipation of statistical fluctuations of density.
586. In other studies, membrane fluctuations were detected from the flickering in the fringe intensities within and just outside the membrane-surface contact region.
587. Unlike the other techniques described above, molecular replacement attempts to computationally position an atomic model using experimental intensities.
588. Mean infection intensities were estimated in a 2 step process for each sampling effort.
589. The faecal egg intensities were calculated by averaging the scores (0-4) of the grade of all faeces collected in each section every month.
590. In presentday heavy ion accelerators, the activation of structural elements is not a serious problem at relatively low intensities.
591. The multiphoton ionization dominates the ionization process at high intensities and for shor t wavelength lasers.
592. At large laser intensities, the fraction of the absorbed energy transferred to fast electrons is, however, very high.
593. Harmonic generation from solid- vacuum inter face irradiated at high laser intensities.
594. Note that in general, the agreement is very good, however, the relative intensities for some spectral lines are not in agreement.
595. Features of plasma produced by excimer laser at low intensities.
596. The posterior cingulate was responsive to variable intensities of sad facial expression in the control subjects.
597. The discrete optimal time-energy control proposed imposes constraints on the discretization scheme by taking as control variables the period sampling and the current intensities.
598. However, egg counts from frozen gut samples cannot be used to estimate worm intensities.
599. Thus, at the level of worm intensities observed in this study, it may be that space was not a limited resource.
600. No direct interaction could be observed in the intensities and prevalences of these helminth species.
601. W But while we've all heard the Raiders coach gush about quarterbacks and get wild-eyed after a bad holding call, only a few have lived that intensity first hand. So, just how much of a football ...
602. In the video embedded above, Michigan defensive tackle Donovan Jeter explains why the Wolverines' 'intensity' on defense helped propel them to a 48-42 victory over Rutgers on Saturday evening. The ...
603. Nebraska's JoJo Domann discusses the team's increased intensity as it prepares for Iowa, among other topics in a Monday news conference.
604. Brown, Simms hilariously detail 'psycho' Gruden's intensity originally appeared on NBC Sports BayareaProgramming note: On the latest episode of NBC Sports' Sports Uncovered podcast, Michelle Tafoya ...
605. High-intensity Sweeteners Market by 2020-2026” research report provides market data for several segments such as technologies, services and applications across many geographical areas. High-intensity ...
606. New research from the University of Bristol suggests that high-intensity physical activity in early life creates stronger bones in adulthood. Bone strength is an important factor in a high-impact ...
607. Our Nation’s Energy Future (ONE Future), a coalition of 32 natural gas companies, announced today its annual reporting of methane intensity numbers. Using uniform, EPA-approved reporting protocols, ...
608. Fresh off a pair of frigate and submarine cruise missile tests, the French navy is readying for high-intensity conflict by adapting its exercises and training programs, according to Vice Adm. Xavier ...
609. The change makes the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low intensity conflict a service secretary-like position responsible for the oversight and advocacy of the military’s ...
610. Endurance exercise is an important treatment for people with Parkinson’s disease, Medicine research has shown. But is high-intensity or ...
611. Five years of high-intensity interval training increased quality of life, improved fitness and might very well have extended the lives of participants in the Generation 100 study. First of all ...
612. High intensity circuit training (HICT) workout you can do at home Shared by Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines on Instagram, this high intensity circuit training workout can get your heart rate up and ...
613. WESTPORT, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--intensity Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing proprietary intratumoral immunotherapy products to kill tumors and increase immune ...
614. This workout can be done with minimal equipment It includes low intensity exercises It can be done on days you feel low on energy It's a Monday which is also marked by the beginning of a new month.
615. Low-intensity treatment has produced excellent outcomes for patients with ALL selected based on a combination of presenting features and an MRD level of less than 0.01% on day 19 of induction therapy.
616. The findings challenge common assumptions about the disagreeableness of high-intensity exercise and also suggest that the best way to decide which workout might entice you is to play the exercise ...
617. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) routines are always tough, but outdoor HIIT running workouts are on another level. "Performing high intensity intervals will require you to dig deep and ...
618. intensity conducted market research to determine if PASCAL benefitted patients and whether removing it from the market wouldcause unnecessary harm. intensity also weighed the relative hardships Abbott ...
619. Low intensity quake hits Nagpur, Seoni Markets & malls open, coaching classes too seek nod to start How Schools Can Impart Quality Teaching By Training Teachers Earthquake of magnitude 3.3 hits ...
620. He is one of the team’s starting guards and nose tackle. The 6-3, 275-pounder brings an intensity to both positions. That intensity personifies the mentality of both the offensive line and the ...
621. One long-standing challenge toward future applicability has been the need to develop methods using low-energy, low-intensity, near-infrared light to power these nanomachines. Here, we describe a ...
622. Projections indicate increased intensity among the strongest storms, for example, and increases in rainfall and storm surge are unavoidable consequences of warmer air holding more moisture and sea ...
623. According to the ISR, the medium-intensity earthquake hit south Gujarat at 3.39 p.m. with its epicentre 36 km east south-east from Bharuch and was also felt in Surat district. The tremor was felt ...
624. Nov 08, 2020 (CDN Newswire via Comtex) -- Global High intensity Laser Therapy Devices Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 available at MarketQ covers ...
625. Under changing illumination in real time, the prepared device can instantaneously provide intensity and hue results. Chemical/bio-sensing by applying the colour-perception device is demonstrated.
626. If you plan to exercise while wearing a mask, you may need to reduce your intensity level until you adjust. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the new coronavirus ...
627. Charles Leclerc has revealed he has upped his intensity in race weekends this year – and is now fully ‘on it’ in every session. That might be, you could construe, because the Ferrari driver ...
628. “It has gone pretty much as expected and now we need to step up our intensity. “There is also the all-important matter of player rotation which is vital for various reasons at a tournament ...
629. Once a hurricane hunter flight finally arrived inside the storm Monday night, lesser winds of high-end Category 4 intensity were found inside the storm. As a result of the lack of aircraft ...
630. Dynamics is unveiling Nanowave Air, a new air filter that sucks in germs — including the coronavirus — and zaps them with high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) light. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based ...
631. Especially when the leap in competition — and intensity — will be a quantum one in those seven days. “We know that it's always a physical game,” Tucker said. “It'll probably be one of ...
632. Actually more a storm. Delivered with a gale-force intensity and passion, with line after line of memorable and uplifting quotes. Definitely what we need right now. Biden’s speech was unifying ...
633. He previously served as the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict and was most recently the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, according ...
634. intensity sentence examples. intensity. It was difficult to see as the intensity of the falling snow was increasing by the hour. 226. 102. From the very beginning there had been an intensity, a seriousness to the falling flakes that spoke of accumulations far in excess of anything the Deans had seen to date. 111. 80.
635. Examples of intensity in a sentence. The stranger stared at her with an intensity that made her uncomfortable and she had to look away. 🔊 The hurricane increased in intensity and climbed to almost 150 mph winds. 🔊 The intensity of the bitter lemon flavor made her close her eyes, pucker her lips, and reach for a glass of water. 🔊
636. 187+9 sentence examples: 1. He is doing research on radiant intensity. 2. She sang with febrile intensity. 3. I was surprised by the intensity of his anxiety. 4. The sun beat down with fierce intensity. 5. The intensity of the hurricane was frighteni
637. Examples of how to use the word intensity in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
638. Sentence Examples Various ochers, a pale Naples yellow and a pale green, all of nearly equal intensity and weight, inflect a predominantly gray field of dots. Mason's low, slightly strangulated voice is perfect for suggesting the thin-lipped intensity of his newly unpeeled anger.
639. Examples of intensity in a sentence: 1. She spoke with an intensity which disturbed him. 2. Her eyes were deep with the intensity of her emotion. 3. Does this color increase in intensity on standing?
640. Examples of increased intensity in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: Our bivariate analyses confirm the increased intensity of caregiving for… 13. 13. ( intensity = great energy, strength, concentration, vehemence) The man on the treadmill worked out with such intensity that we wondered if he was a professional athlete.
641. Intensities sentence examples. The intensity of the secondary light is no longer to be arrived at by addition of individual intensities, but must be calculated with consideration of the particular phases involved. 3. 1.
642. Examples of varying intensity in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: Cone-driven b-waves were evoked by "white" or narrowband full-field stimuli of…
643. Examples of moderate intensity in a sentence, how to use it. 14 examples: In all cases, the reactions were of light or moderate intensity. - The behavior…
644. Sentence examples for intensity of the voice from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 15 ) frequency of the voice. importance of the voice. intensity of the tone. intensity of the reflection. strength of the voice. level of the voice. intensity of the role. intensity of the speech.
645. intensity and emphasis can be expressed, for instance, by functional re-evaluation and transposition of various syntactic structures, by special grammatical idioms — fixed patterns of usage, by idiomatic sentence-patterns.
646. Sentence example with the word 'intensity' intensity abandon, brutality, dedication, faith, fullness, impassionedness, loyalty, muchness, rigor, surge of sound, virulence Definition n. the amount of energy transmitted Last update: June 22, 2015
647. 2 people chose this as the best definition of intensity: The strength of a color, See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
648. Sentence examples similar to intensity of the supervision from inspiring English sources. RELATED (10) intensity of the screening. intensity of the surveillance. importance of the supervision. intensity of the test. degree of the supervision. intensity of the control. intensity of the regulation.
649. Simple Definition with Examples. Adverbs of degree tell us about the intensity of something. Adverbs of Degree are usually placed before the adverbs, adjectives or verbs that they modify. Consider the sentence- ‘The water is too cold’. In the sentence ‘too’ is an Adverb of Intensity, modifying the verb ‘cold’ and stating its intensity.
650. English words and Examples of Usage use "intensity" in a sentence Measurements of the intensity of an earthquake evaluate the severity of ground motion at a specific location. The intensity of the attack was much greater than expected.
651. This type of sentence is considered to be a forceful, more expressive version of a declarative sentence. An exclamatory sentence portrays a feeling of excitement or intensity that the speaker wishes to express. In order for one to properly convey their emotional outburst, an exclamation is added to the end of the sentence instead of a period.
652. 21 sentence examples: 1. Sound intensity measurement allows accurate identification, isolation and ranking of individual sound sources. 2. For sound intensity probe, the design project based on pp algorithm is firstly put forward. 3. As a vector, the
653. Thank you for asking me to answer this question. To understand one important type of adverb i.e. Adverb of Degree Adverbs of degree tell us the intensity, concentration, or even depth of a particular action. Adverbs of degree usually modify verbs.
654. intensity definition is - the quality or state of being intense; especially : extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling. How to use intensity in a sentence.
655. intensity definition: the state or quality of being intense | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
656. Sentence with the word intensity. In the most complicated, as in the most simple instances, the sophism consists in this: _Judging of the utility of labor by its duration and intensity, and not by its results_, which leads to this economic policy, _a reduction of the results of labor, in order to increase its duration and intensity _.. I think the difference in intensity is at least in part
657. An intensifier has no real meaning by itself and can usually be removed from the sentence. Intensifiers are adverbs. The most common intensifiers are "very," "extremely," and "incredibly." The sole purpose of an intensifier is to tell us about the intensity of another word.
658. Translations of the word intensity from english to russian and examples of the use of "INTENSITY" in a sentence with their translations: Prolonged exposure to high intensity noise may cause hearing loss.
659. Exclamatory sentence. When making a sentence in everyday life, you do not always need to report a statement. You may need to create a sentence with high emotional intensity in the face of a sudden event. In such cases, you need to say the sentence with a different intonation. You may also need to set an exclamation point at the end of the sentence.
660. Translations of the phrase THE intensity from english to swedish and examples of the use of "THE INTENSITY" in a sentence with their translations: it's the intensity of the friendship that concerns
661. intensity definition, the quality or condition of being intense. See more.
662. Line Between intensity and Tensity. The ultimate goal of prime intensity is to find the precise line between intensity and tensity (yes, that is actually a word). The closer you can get to that line, the more your body will work for you in achieving Prime Sport. If you cross the line to tensity, your body will no longer be physically capable of
663. Consider the sentence- 'The water is too cold'. In the sentence 'too' is an Adverb of Intensity, modifying the verb 'cold' and stating its intensity. Go through the sentences given below and try finding out the Adverbs of intensity on your Adverbs Examples - S. Examples of adverbs in a sentence with explanations: 1) Joseph ran
664. Another word for intensity. Find more ways to say intensity, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
665. intensity in a sentence - Use "intensity" in a sentence 1. But this brings more of an intensity level than other games. 2. With his intensity somehow renewed, he blasts through the draw. click for more sentences of intensity
666. The following are 15 code examples for showing how to use .SentimentIntensityAnalyzer().These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example.
667. Adverbs for intensity include intencely, intensely, intensionally and intensively. Find more words at !
668. Define intensity. intensity synonyms, intensity pronunciation, intensity translation, English dictionary definition of intensity. n. pl. in·ten·si·ties 1. Exceptionally great concentration, power, or force. 2. Physics The amount or degree of strength of electricity, light, heat, or
669. There are 8 kinds of adverbs. These are the adverb of place, time, intensity, manner, negation, purpose, affirmation, and frequency. These examples of adverbs have different functions to play and rules to live with. Just like one of the most common adverbs- the adverb of frequency.
670. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "intense" Ophelia was intensely studying her math notes when I got homeFirefighters had difficulty approaching the burning building due to the intense heat. Ophelia was intensely studying her math notes when I got home. The intensity of the attack was much greater than expected.
671. Complex Sentence Examples For example “I like popcorn,” is a simple sentence informing us that you like popcorn, but the sentence itself is pretty unemotional. If you write “I LOVE popcorn!” it not only informs us that you love popcorn, but the exclamation point also gives it emotional intensity, regardless of what it says.
672. Ethical issue intensity can be define as perceive relevance or importance of an ethical issue it reflects the ethical sensitivity of the individual or group triggering the ethical decision process.

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