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"Lamp" Example Sentences

1. You can still smell the lamp kerosene.
2. Avoiding her eyes, he pulled the covers up to her chin and turned the lamp off.
3. The small lamp in front of the icons was the only light left in the room.
4. Meanwhile downstairs in young Nicholas Bolkonski's bedroom a little lamp was burning as usual.
5. Dean stretched and extinguished the bedside lamp but neither slept.
6. The book was the Gospel, and the white thing with the lamp inside was a human skull with its cavities and teeth.
7. The lamp beside her bed was on and he had a sack in one hand.
8. My prison had only a kerosene lamp for light.
9. She shut off her lamp and turned on her side with her back to him.
10. The electroscope was used in conjunction with an oil lamp or gas flame.
11. Their clothing was old fashioned and there was a kerosene lamp on a table.
12. She lighted a lamp to show me the inside of the roof and the walls, and also that the board floor extended under the bed, warning me not to step into the cellar, a sort of dust hole two feet deep.
13. Jonathan knocked a lamp off the table and it shattered.
14. He folded the newspaper and placed it on the lamp stand.
15. He stumbled over something and exclaimed before she turned on the lamp beside her bed.
16. Martha wants me to have the antiques we searched for together all the cranberry glass, the Hobstar crystal, even the Tiffany lamp she so cherished.
17. Shutting off the reading lamp, he backed out of the room and silently shut the door.
18. The silk cord was fastened to the brass gas lamp that centered the ceiling of the room, the other end tightly knotted about her soft white neck.
19. Projector lamp has cooled sufficiently.
20. She had tied the silk cord to the brass gas lamp at the ceiling in the center of the room, before knotting the other end about her soft white neck.
21. I felt panic when I noticed our kerosene lamp, our only light, was but half full of fluid.
22. A corner table was overturned, a lamp smashed, and a bottle of vodka broken against the wall.
23. I could not in one hundred lifetimes make a working electric lamp, even knowing what I know now.
24. Light snow had begun to fall—tiny crystals hardly visible in the light of the lamp across the street.
25. In it was a green soul, glowing faintly like an emerald under a jeweler's lamp.
26. She reached up and turned on the lamp.
27. The earliest form of testing instrument employed for this purpose was that of Giuseppe Tagliabue of New York, which consists of a glass cup placed in a copper water bath heated by a spirit lamp. The cup is filled with the oil to be tested, a thermometer placed in it and heat applied, the temperatures being noted at which, on passing a lighted splinter of wood over the surface of the oil, a flash occurs, and after further heating, the oil ignites.
28. The remote control with laser pointer now gives you the option of controlling the lamp mode.
29. Concerned as to who put out the light, he feels for the angle poise lamp over the board.
30. The lamp c illuminates the drum-head and also, by reflection, the portions of the position-circle which come under the microscopes d and e.
31. Sofia looked down at the beautiful woman on the bed before jerry-rigging the IV over a lamp to keep it elevated.
32. As he reached for the bedside lamp, he noticed Annie Quincy's notebook where Cynthia had been working on it.
33. Deflections of the suspended needle are indicated by the movement of a narrow beam of light which the mirror reflects from a lamp and focusses upon a graduated cardboard scale placed at a distance of a few feet; the angular deflection of the beam of light is, of course, twice that of the needle.
34. Poise lamp over the board.
35. And once they've gone no amount of pretty cobbles or ornate lamp posts will entice them back.
36. Once, when in a room with a lamp dimly lit before the icon Theodosia was talking of her life, the thought that Theodosia alone had found the true path of life suddenly came to Princess Mary with such force that she resolved to become a pilgrim herself.
37. The room was in black darkness, only a small lamp was burning inside something white.
38. Where was Bordeaux - and the lamp?
39. She settled into the old rocker and snapped on the lamp.
40. Finally, we condensed everything on a small computer thumb drive which we hid in the removable base of a desk lamp.
41. Her eyes settled on a form across the street, so still and dark he would've been a shadow if not for his presence beneath a street lamp.
42. Disoriented, she leaned over to turn on the lamp.
43. It had been on the nightstand, partially hidden by the base of a lamp.
44. Dean glanced down in the light of a passing street lamp.
45. It was, however, found that after the oil so purified had been burned in a lamp, for a short time, the wick became encrusted, and the oil failed to rise properly.
46. This apparatus has an oil-cup consisting of a cylindrical brass or gunmetal vessel, the cover of which is provided with three rectangular holes which may be closed and opened by means of a perforated slide moving in grooves; the movement of the slide causes a small oscillating colzaor rape-oil lamp to be tilted so that the flame (of specified size) is brought just below the surface of the lid.
47. The oil-cup is supported in a bath or heating-vessel, consisting of two flat-bottomed copper cylinders, to contain water, heated by a spirit lamp, and provided with an air-space between the water-vessel and the oil-cup. Thermometers are placed in both oil-cup and waterbath, the temperature of the latter being raised to 130° at the commencement of the test, while the oil is put in at about 60° F.
48. Moreover the chief object of the Petroleum Acts passed in the United Kingdom has hitherto been to regulate storage, and it has always been possible to obtain oils either of higher or lower flash-point, when such are preferred, irrespective of the legal standard, in addition to which it may be asserted that in a properly constructed lamp used with reasonable care the ordinary oil of commerce is a safe illuminant.
49. In length, rests a very light metallic bridge to which a mirror is attached, the mirror reflecting a ray of light from a lamp upon a screen.
50. 99), represents a " fossor " with his lamp in his hand and his pick over his shoulder, and his tools lying about him.
51. Another very excellent method of vulcanizing cut sheet goods consists in placing them in a solution of the polysulphides of calcium at a temperature of 140° C. Rubber employed for the manufacture of cut sheets is often coloured by such pigments as vermilion, oxide of chromium, ultramarine, orpiment, antimony, lamp black, or oxide of zinc, incorporation being effected either by means of the masticator or by a pair of rollers heated internally by steam, and so geared as to move in contrary directions at unequal FIG.
52. The valves are, consequently, essentially symmetrical, which is not the case with the Lamellibranchiata, - so much so, that certain Brachiopod shells were named Lampades, or lamp shells, by some early naturalists; but while such may bear a kind of resemblance to an antique Etruscan lamp, by far the larger number in no way resemble one.
53. In 1905 the borough ranked fifth among the cities of the United States in the manufacture of glass (plateglass, lamp chimneys and bottles), its product (valued at $1,841,308) being 2.3% of that of the whole country.
54. The cardboard scale SS is placed above a wooden screen, having in it a narrow vertical slit which permits a beam of light from the lamp L to reach the mirror of the magnetometer M, whence it is reflected upon the scale.
55. Within it was also the gold lamp of Callimachus, which burnt for a year without refilling, and had a chimney in the form of a palm-tree.
56. The vases of Karl Koepping of Berlin are so fantastic and so fragile that they appear to be creations of the lamp rather than of the furnace.
57. An analysis of the glass of a Cairene mosque lamp shows that it is a soda-lime glass and contains as much as 4% of magnesia.
58. At first, the oil was manufactured principally for combustion in the Read-Holliday lamp and for dissolving rubber, but the development of the coal-tar colour industry occasioned a demand for benzols of definite purity.
59. When a long glass tube open at both ends is filled with soil and one end is dipped in a shallow basin of water, the water is found to move upwards through the soil column just as oil will rise in an ordinary lamp wick.
60. The revenues confiscated were those used for "the finding, maintaining or sustentation of any priest or of any anniversary, or obit, lamp, light or other such things."
61. 30) obtained potassium by the electrolysis of a mixture of potassium and calcium chlorides fused over a lamp. There are here foreshadowed two types of electrolytic furnace-operations: (a) those in which external heating maintains the electrolyte in the fused condition, and (b) those in which a currentdensity is applied sufficiently high to develop the heat necessary to effect this object unaided.
62. If we hold a common reading lens (a magnifying lens) in front of a lamp or some other bright object and at some distance from it, and if we hold a sheet of paper vertically at a suitable distance behind the lens, we see depicted on the paper an image of the lamp. This image is inverted and perverted.
63. TO = lamp.
64. The museum of the Accademia Etrusca, a learned body founded by Ridolfino Venuti in 1726, is situated in the Palazzo Pretorio; it contains some Etruscan objects, among which may be specially noted a magnificent bronze lamp with 16 lights, of remarkably fine workmanship, found in 1740, at the foot of the hill, two votive hands and a few other bronzes, and a little gold jewellery.
65. Thin platinum wire was rendered incandescent by a voltaic current; a small incandescent electric lamp would now be found more satisfactory.
66. The circles for position angle and declination are read by micrometer-microscopes illuminated by the lamp L; the scales are illuminated by the lamp 1.
67. Such, for instance, were those of Spindler and Wrangell in the Black Sea by sinking an electric lamp, those of Paul Regnard by measuring the change of electric resistance in a selenium cell or the chemical action of the light on a mixture of chlorine and hydrogen, by which he found a very rapid diminution in the intensity of light even in the surface layers of water.
68. In this portion of the pit are generally placed the furnaces for ventilation, and the boilers required for working steam engines underground, as well as the stables and lamp cabin.
69. Release of stored-up masses in the coal, which, overpowering the ventilation, produce magazines of explosive material ready for ignition when brought in contact with the flame of a lamp or the blast of a shot.
70. The buildings near the pit bottom, such as the stables and lamp cabin, and even the main roads for some distance, are often in large collieries lighted with gas brought from the surface, or in some cases the gas given off by the coal is used for the same purpose.
71. At night this mark is replaced by a lamp installed in rear sight has a fixed horizontal bar slotted and graduated similarly to the slotted portion of the tangent sight.
72. With a supply pressure of 200 volts a 5 c.p. carbon filament lamp takes only 0.1 ampere; hence unless a meter will begin to register with 1 1 - 6 - ampere it will fail to record the current consumed by a single small incandescent lamp. In a large supply system such failure would mean a serious loss of revenue.
73. The former includes electrodes, lamp carbons, &c. Coke, or some other form of amorphous carbon, is mixed with a little tar, and the required article moulded in a press or by a die.
74. In electrical measurements connected with incandescent electric lamps the potentiometer is of great use, as it enables us to make accurately and nearly simultaneously two measurements, one of the current through the lamp and the other of the potential difference of the terminals.
75. For this purpose a resistance, say, of one ohm is placed in series with the lamp and a resistance of 100,000 ohms placed across the terminals of the lamp; the latter resistance is divided into two parts, one consisting of loon ohms and the other of 99,000 ohms. The potentiometer enables us to measure therefore the current through the lamp by measuring the drop in volts down a resistance in series with it and the potential difference of the terminals of the lamp by measuring the drop in volts down the tooth part of the high resistance of 100,000 ohms connected across the terminals of the lamp.
76. The principle on which the instrument works is as follows: Suppose any circuit, such as an electric motor, lamp or transformer, is receiving electric current; then the power given to that circuit reckoned in watts is measured by the product of the current flowing through the circuit in amperes and the potential difference of the ends of that circuit in volts, multiplied by a certain factor called the power factor in those cases in which the circuit is inductive and the current alternating.
77. Thus if a horizontal slit is illuminated by an arc lamp, and the light - rendered parallel by a collimating lens - is transmitted through the sodium tube and focused on the vertical slit of a spectroscope, the effect of the sodium vapour is to produce its refraction spec trum vertically on the slit.
78. In Shelley's lines, When the lamp is shattered, vv.
79. BLOWPIPE, in the arts and chemistry, a tube for directing a jet of air into a fire or into the flame of a lamp or gas jet, for the purpose of producing a high temperature by accelerating the combustion.
80. 'Gueridon, a small table to hold a lamp or vase, supported by a tall column or a human or mythological figure.
81. Cotton is used too for many miscellaneous purposes, including the manufacture of lamp wicks and even of billiard balls.
82. This charge is heated, like the filaments of a common household electric lamp, by the resistance which it offers to the passage of a current of electricity induced in it by means of the core C and the frame EEE.
83. The record is obtained by the light from a small lamp reflected downwards by a mirror so as to pass through a slit in a small plate attached to the outer end of the boom.
84. The short streak of light thus obtained moves with Mirror, .l 4,Stindd Boom Balance Weight, j/?/?j?jj/ Masonry Column Lamp Br.mide Paper_ On- Need,Le o 0 the movement of the boom over a second slit perpendicular to the first and made in the lid of a box containing clockwork driving a band of bromide paper.
85. The marble, which was exported from the 6th century B.C., and used by Praxiteles and other great Greek sculptors, was obtained by means of subterranean quarries driven horizontally or at a descending angle into the rock, and the marble thus quarried by lamplight got the name of Lychnites, Lychneus (from lychnos, a lamp), or Lygdos (Plin.
86. All thallium compounds volatile or liable to dissociation at the temperature of the flame of a Bunsen lamp impart to such flame an intense green colour.
87. In 1849 he contributed to the Comptes Rendus a description of an electromagnetic regulator for the electric arc lamp, and, in conjunction with H.
88. The lamp near the eye-end illuminates the field or the wires at pleasure, as well as the position circle of the micrometer and the declination circle; a separate lamp illuminates the hour circle.
89. According to Lucian, the earthenware lamp which had belonged to the sage was bought by an antiquarian for 3000 drachmas.
90. It is one of the principal seats of the glass industry in Indiana - plate glass, lamp chimneys, mirrors, &c., being manufactured here - and also has mineral wool factories and paper mills.
91. The priest lights a lamp of incense,.
92. Sanday calls " an unreal and artificial standard, the standard of the r9th century rather than the ist, of Germany rather than Palestine, of the lamp and the study rather than of active life."
93. 12); the Ganesa-caturthi, or 4th day of the light fortnight of Bhadra (August - September), considered the birthday of Ganesa, the god of wisdom; and the Holi, the Indian Saturnalia in the month of Phalguna (February to March) - have nothing of a sectarian tendency about them; others again, which are of a distinctly sectarian character - such as the Krishna janmashtami, the birthday of Krishna on the 8th day of the dark half of Bhadra, or (in the south) of Sravana (July-August), the Durgapuja and the Dipavali, or lamp feast, celebrating Krishna's victory over the demon Narakasura, on the last two days of Asvina (September-October) - are likewise observed and heartily joined in by the whole community irrespective of sect.
94. On other occasions also Vamacharis commonly offer animal sacrifices, usually one or more kids; the head of the victim, which has to be severed by a single stroke, being always placed in front of the image of the goddess as a blood-offering (bali), with an earthen lamp fed with ghee burning above it, whilst the flesh is cooked and served to the guests attending the ceremony, except that of buffaloes, which is given to the low-caste musicians who perform during the service.
95. C. 14 (specially directed to the suppression of chantries) vests in the crown all money paid by corporations and all lands appointed to the finding or maintenance of any priest, or any anniversary or obit or other like thing, or of any light or lamp in any church or chapel maintained within five years before 1547.
96. It had by that time become clear that the most suitable material for an incandescent lamp was carbon contained in a good vacuum, and St G.
97. Edison in the United States, were engaged in struggling with the difficulties of producing a suitable carbon incandescence electric lamp. Edison constructed in 1879 a successful lamp of this type consisting of a vessel wholly of glass containing a carbon filament made by carbonizing paper or some other carbonizable material, the vessel being exhausted and the current led into the filament through platinum wires.
98. Edison, with copious ingenuity, devised electric meters, electric mains, lamp fittings and generators complete for the purpose.
99. The various improvements in electric illuminants, such as the Nernst oxide lamp, the tantalum and osmium incandescent lamps, and improved forms of arc lamp, enclosed, inverted and flame arcs, are described under Lighting: Electric. Between 1890 and 1900, electric traction advanced rapidly in the United States of America but more slowly in England.
100. Every night Hero placed a lamp in the top of the tower where she dwelt by the sea, and Leander, guided by it, swam across the dangerous Hellespont.
101. One stormy night the lamp was blown out and Leander perished.
102. She regularly took her place in the operation-room, to hearten the sufferers by her presence and sympathy, and at night she would make her solitary round of the wards, lamp in hand, stopping here and there to speak a kindly word to some patient.
103. These forests of pinaster, apart from the production of timber in a once treeless district, have a great economic value as a source of turpentine, which is largely obtained from the trees by a process analogous to that employed in its collection from P. sylvestris; the resin is yielded from May to the end of September, the cuts being renewed as the supply fails, until the tree is exhausted; the trunks are then felled and used in the manufacture of charcoal and lamp black; much tar and pitch is also obtained from these pinaster forests.
104. In the Holy of Holies was a " cloud of light " (shekinah), symbolical of the presence of Yahweh, and before it stood the candlestick with six branches, on each of which and on the central stern was a lamp eternally burning; while in the forecourt was an altar on which the sacred fire was never allowed to go out.
105. Similarly the Jewish synagogues have each their eternal lamp; while in the religion of Islam lighted lamps mark things and places specially holy; thus the Ka`ba at Mecca is illuminated by thousands of lamps hanging from the gold and silver rods that connect the columns of the surrounding colonnade.
106. 26, § 6) mentions the golden lamp made by Callimachus which burned night and day in the sanctuary of Athena Polias on the Acropolis, and (vii.
107. The gift, mentioned by Anastasius (in Sylv.), made by Constantine to the Vatican basilica, of a pharum of gold, garnished with Soo dolphins each holding a lamp, to burn before St Peter's tomb, points also to a custom well established before Christianity became the state religion.
108. 431), describes the altar at the eucharist as " crowned with crowded lights," 2 and even mentions the " eternal lamp."3 For their use at baptisms we have, among much other evidence, that of Zeno of Verona for the West, 4 and that of Gregory of Nazianzus for the East.
109. 12) further orders that a burning lamp is to hang at all times before each altar, three in front of the high altar, and five before the reserved Sacrament, as symbols of the eternal Presence.
110. In practice, however, it is usual to have only one lamp lighted before the tabernacle in which the Host is reserved.
111. When, however, the surface is but very slightly greased, a spot can no longer be cleared by the warmth of the finger, or even of a spirit lamp, held underneath.
112. A year later he noticed that spongy platinum in presence of oxygen can bring about the ignition of hydrogen, and utilized this fact to construct his "hydrogen lamp," the prototype of numerous devices for the self-ignition of coal-gas burners.
113. " The smoker assumes a comfortable attitude (lying down of course) at a proper distance from the lamp. He now puts the stem to his lips, and holds the bowl over the lamp. The heat causes the opium to frizzle, and the smoker takes three or four long inhalations, all the time using the dipper to bring every particle of the opium to the orifice as it burns away, but not taking his lips from the end of the stem, or the opium pellet from the lamp till all is finished.
114. A, pipe; b, dipper; c, lamp.
115. A few months after his return, through Germany, to London in 1815, he was induced to take up the question of constructing a miner's safety lamp. Experiments with samples of fire-damp sent from Newcastle soon taught him that "explosive mixtures of mine-damp will not pass through small apertures or tubes"; and in a paper read before the Royal Society on the 9th of November he showed that metallic tubes, being better conductors of heat, were superior to glass ones, and explained that the heat lost by contact with a large cooling surface brought the temperature of the first portions of gas exploded below that required for the firing of the other portions.
116. The dominating ambition of his life was to achieve fame, but though that sometimes betrayed him into petty jealousy, it did not leave him insensible to the claims on his knowledge of the "cause of humanity," to use a phrase often employed by him in connexion with his invention of the miners' lamp. Of the smaller observances of etiquette he was careless, and his frankness of disposition sometimes exposed him to annoyances which he might have avoided by the exercise of ordinary tact.
117. We are told that Simon allegorized the wooden horse and " Helen with the lamp," 2 and applied them to himself and his E7rtvoca.
118. Hough, " Lamp of the Eskimo " (long, and of 'general interest); F.
119. The loss of Agassiz was a blow from which he never entirely recovered; and, when Sumner also left him, he wrote: "Thou hast but taken thy lamp and gone to bed; I stay a little longer, as one stays To cover up the embers that still burn."
120. Light from an arc lamp was so directed that only that part reached the spectroscope which fell upon the flame of the burner at grazing incidence, and was thereby refracted.
121. Any number of bulbs can be attached to the horizontal capillary; in the form illustrated there are four, the last being a hydrogen pipette in which the palladium is heated in a horizontal tube by a spirit lamp. At the end of the horizontal tube there is a three way cock connecting with the air or an aspirator.
122. Yet if on leaving the table we had been severally taken aside and asked which was the cleverest of the party, we should have been obliged to say ` the man in the green velvet trousers.'" This story is a little lamp that throws much light.
123. In 1581, while watching a lamp set swinging in the cathedral of Pisa, he observed that, whatever the range of its oscillations, they were invariably executed in equal times.
124. Hence Connecticut became known as the " Land of Yankee Notions "; and small wares are still manufactured, the patents granted to inventors in one city ranging from bottle-top handles, bread toasters and lamp holders, to head-rests for church pews and scissors-sharpeners.
125. We douse the wagons with lamp oil and light them.
126. Light snow had begun to fall—tiny crystals hardly visible in the light of the lamp across the street.
127. Gladys flitted back and forth, like a moth in a lamp shop, alternating with Dean for the hall phone, apparently conversing with an editor who was expressing interest in the lurid tales of Belfair of Draghow and her sexual mischief about the stars.
128. Acetylene lamp.
129. Advertising hoardings or shop displays on a footway, road sign or lamp column.
130. Anthracite coalfields a slightly different oil cap lamp was to become popular around the turn of the twentieth century.
131. They included a shot of the ghostly apparition, which appears to be checking the cellar with a lamp.
132. We merely replaced the arc lamp we had used until then with another arc lamp three times as strong.
133. Art nouveau lamp standard mounted on the sandstone newel.
134. The surgery was carried out at the slit lamp under strict asepsis with topical Amethocaine 1% .
135. Ballasted lamp.
136. Magnetic ballasts cause the fluorescent lamp to flicker at 100 Hz.
137. Basking lamp enough to provide heat.
138. Basking area can be obtained by lowering or raising the lamp height.
139. The ceiling of the room should be painted black in order to prevent reflection from the lamp (Fig.
140. To stop the room looking bland you can introduce a lamp or rug in a vibrant aqua shade.
141. I played around with the cruise release switches and fabricated some simple brackets (in the style of the existing brake lamp switch one!
142. Also shown were a nice low rear navigation lamp bracket, the post of which was a steel tube THROUGH the diesel tank.
143. Reputed to be the largest lava lamp in the world this big bruiser of a lava lamp stands at over 2ft tall.
144. Dave had a Nife cell; a carbide lamp and some spare carbide while I had a carbide lamp and two water bottles.
145. Carbide lamp alight here can be an art in itself.
146. Here the gleam of the miner's lamp outshines the little coltsfoot that grows tenaciously on the spoil heap.
147. Colza oil lamp with a central resevoir.
148. He saw the cortege in the light of the gas lamp leading the procession.
149. Croft called Taunts in Puttenham, containing an acre, was given for finding a lamp.
150. Desk lamp to prevent eye strain.
151. Respect for life is the highest worship, the bright lamp, the sweet garland and unwavering devotion.
152. Here is a 12 volt / 2 amp lamp dimmer that can be used to dim a standard 25 watt.. .
153. Lighting was originally by oil lamp, very dingy.
154. The heavy duty table clamp allows the lamp to be used with a table easel, on a draughting table or a work bench.
155. Sodium in a sodium lamp a stream of electrons is passed between tungsten electrodes in a tube containing sodium vapor.
156. Eventualityal practice whereby most British colliery lamp rooms held a stock of blank circular checks for such eventualities is well known.
157. Exciter lamp [F] A light in a projector that enables the optical soundtrack to be read.
158. In 1967, an original lamp from the old firehouse was erected outside the Brigade's Danes Castle fire house.
159. Use light fittings only for lighting - never run an electric appliance from a lamp fitting.
160. The Extreme 360 KRILL lamp, is a perfect low intensity flashlight and safety marker.
161. The protein folding dynamics after mixing are measured by intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence excited by a UV lamp.
162. Fog lamp must have an idiot light on the dashboard.
163. The Eurostar train coaches are non-smoking and each relaxing seat has a footrest and reading lamp.
164. This society secured the services of Sir Humphry Davy, who devised the wire gauze safety lamp.
165. My wish: I wish I could find a genie in a magical lamp.
166. At the end of the week, report that someone has released the genie from the lamp.
167. The apprentice genie also comes out of his lamp.
168. Genie in a magical lamp.
169. Genie of the lamp!
170. Ghostly apparition, which appears to be checking the cellar with a lamp.
171. Halide lamp gives a lot of white light at the best ratio of power input to light output.
172. Halogen lamp used in the dental clinic, emitting mainly in the blue part of the spectrum.
173. Harbourut beside the gas lamp on the left was the harbor master 's office.
174. Just two figures hunched over laptops in darkness, arms occasionally reaching through the field of light cast by a carefully positioned lamp.
175. Hurricane lamp to find them, hanging up on a beam.
176. We had a hurricane lamp to find them, hanging up on a beam.
177. By the light of his lamp he saw the ambush and " with dreadful imprecations " called to his companions to bring pistols.
178. It can be powered by a battery supply to drive a small inverter suitable for a single element lamp.
179. Irradiance of the lamp before and after transportation.
180. Will I need to use a heat mat or is a basking lamp enough to provide heat.
181. In it hangs the lamp whose measured swing suggested to Galileo the pendulum.
182. lamp extinguished in my tent: then welcome around the bright joy outside.
183. Above each screw terminal is an led lamp to indicate which terminal (or gear) is active.
184. lamp shades and some even grace the toilets.
185. Lamp dimmers, speed controllers in food processors and washing machines, and energy saving (high-frequency) lamp dimmers, speed controllers in food processors and washing machines, and energy saving (high-frequency) lamps all fall into this category.
186. lamp filaments.
187. The light source was a halogen lamp used in the dental clinic, emitting mainly in the blue part of the spectrum.
188. This paper presents a new method for localization of PRL with a modified slit lamp.
189. He has carried home his miner's lamp to prepare it for the next day's work.
190. In the corner is a paraffin lamp with an elaborate lampshade.
191. A lamp fitted with a paper lampshade will cost less than a lamp fitted with fabric or silk shades.
192. Laser pointer now gives you the option of controlling the lamp mode.
193. Led lamp.
194. How to prevent light pollution for domestic security lights, a 150W lamp is adequate.
195. Signs In order to elicit the signs, patients should be examined using a slit lamp or magnifying loupes.
196. Lumen lamp to produce an image that is more than bright enough for any setting.
197. Lumen rating of a lamp is a measure of the total light output of the lamp.
198. Luminarya, but a lamp made by light luminaries Mathmos nonetheless.
199. The hut beside the gas lamp on the left was the harbor master 's office.
200. Every hour through the night, he went round the whole colliery, carrying with him his lamp an ' his little wooden mell.
201. Mercury arc lamp may be used.
202. Miners lamp which is stamped on its oil reservoir with the initials " ACC " .
203. The spring-set is mounted on a bracket which has an extension to form a mounted on a bracket which has an extension to form a mounting for a lamp fitting, when required.
204. Mystify visitors with this astounding new lamp.
205. Neon lamp (or tube)e lamp Baird used offered a simple means for the electrical modulation of light at the receiver.
206. Obviate the danger of the climber's carbide lamp flame burning through the nylon lifeline.
207. Opal lamp in 1921, followed by the pearl lamp in 1927.
208. Direct ophthalmoscope with XL 3.5 V xenon lamp or HL 2.5 V halogen lamp.
209. Night orienteering with the aid of a head lamp is also a popular form of orienteering.
210. Ornamentation compared with the purpose-designed metal lamp standard.
211. My dad recently gave me his lamp which he had when he was colliery overman at Dawdon Colliery.
212. Some are formed together in one piece, which means when the bulb burns out, the lamp either becomes a paperweight or trash.
213. Paraffin blow lamp, marked with the Governor trade mark.
214. In 1969 the 160W blended lamp was upgraded to the new phosphor, and the 250W and 500W ratings made the change in 1970.
215. Rummaged blindly in the cupboard beneath the old clay sink, knowing that in here somewhere was an oil lamp.
216. Safelight filter is integrated in. the beliows, and the lamphead fitted with a 75 watt opal lamp.
217. Sir Humphry Davy Inventor of the eponymous miners safety lamp.
218. The way he holds it changes during the shots, and the lamp shade changes position.
219. Yes, at last, behind the empty shell of an old valve wireless, she spied the oil lamp.
220. Stubs the cigarette, kisses the photo, gets into bed, clicks off the lamp.
221. The next room is the switchboard room with 5 key and lamp manual switchboards still in place.
222. Symbolizeted the people in the dais to light a lamp - thus symbolizing the beginning of the workshop.
223. Table lamp based on a Pugin design.
224. The blue tack is used to stick the clip to the lamp rim.
225. Tiffany lamp shade on a marble base.
226. Tiffany style lamp shades for these.
227. Tryptophan fluorescence excited by a UV lamp.
228. The Optic System is a 300mm Acrylic lens with a 250 watt tungsten lamp controlled by an electronic flasher.
229. Alison's lamp was also looking dim and a general unease set in.
230. But when you see a 3-metre unicycle chained to a lamp post you have to stop and look.
231. Voltaic battery quite capable of lighting any filament lamp by simply connecting copper to zinc.
232. Saves energy and operating costs: up to 30 %, according to lamp wattage.
233. The light form the lamp in your eyes, you make it feel weightless.
234. This lamp has a 1/2 inch flat wick, otherwise no special features.
235. We filled our lamp with olive oil and used a cotton wick.
236. Before cotton became the substance of choice for lamp wicks, dried folded Mullein leaves were used for this purpose.
237. Wick of a hurricane lamp.
238. The cause of the fire is believed to have started by faulty wiring in a lamp in the corner of the living room.
239. Xenon arc lamp.
240. Xenon lamp or HL 2.5 V halogen lamp.
241. Choice of XL 3.5 v xenon lamp or HL 2.5 V halogen lamp.
242. Yellowy light that is not as bright as a discharge lamp.
243. The addition of sharp points was a step in advance; but the method hardly became a quantitative one until the sharp points were replaced by a flame (fuse, gas, lamp), or by a liquid jet breaking into drops.
244. Exner's gold leaf electroscope in conjunction with an oil lamp or gas flame.
245. The divisions of both drums are conveniently read, simultaneously, by the lens e; at night the lamp which illuminates the webs and the position-circle also illuminates the drum-heads (see on illumination p. 385).
246. The head f is a switch which enables the observer to illuminate lamp a or c at pleasure.
247. When this is the case oscillations set up in the antenna will cause a continuous current to flow through the galvanometer, the lamp acting as a valve to stop all those electric oscillations in one direction and only permit the opposite ones to pass (fig.
248. The callingdrop of the magneto system was displaced by a relay and a small electric incandescent lamp, and whereas in the older system the calling-drop and the answering jack with which it was associated were some distance apart, the calling-lamp and the answering jack of the newer system were placed in juxtaposition.
249. The oil-cup is supported in a bath or heating-vessel, consisting of two flat-bottomed copper cylinders, to contain water, heated by a spirit lamp, and provided with an air-space between the water-vessel and the oil-cup. Thermometers are placed in both oil-cup and waterbath, the temperature of the latter being raised to 130° at the commencement of the test, while the oil is put in at about 60° F.
250. Another very excellent method of vulcanizing cut sheet goods consists in placing them in a solution of the polysulphides of calcium at a temperature of 140° C. Rubber employed for the manufacture of cut sheets is often coloured by such pigments as vermilion, oxide of chromium, ultramarine, orpiment, antimony, lamp black, or oxide of zinc, incorporation being effected either by means of the masticator or by a pair of rollers heated internally by steam, and so geared as to move in contrary directions at unequal FIG.
251. The Talmudic sources say that when the perpetual lamp of the temple was to be relighted only one flask of holy oil sufficient for the day remained, but this miraculously lasted for the eight days (cf.
252. [I believe] in God the Lord of all, that made the heavens and the earth and the seas and all that in them is; [And in our Lord Jesus Christ] [the Son of God,] God, Son of God, King, Son of the King, Light from Light, (Son and Counsellor, and Guide, and Way, and Saviour, and Shepherd, and Gatherer, and Door, and Pearl, and Lamp,) and first-born of all creatures, who came and put on a body from Mary the Virgin (of the seed of the house of David, from the Holy Spirit), and put on our manhood, and suffered, or and was crucified, went down to the place of the dead, or to Sheol, and lived again, and rose the third day, and ascended to the height, or to heaven, and sat on the right hand of His Father, and He is the Judge of the dead and of the living, who sitteth on the throne; [And in the Holy Spirit;] [And I believe] in the coming to life of the dead; [and] in the mystery of Baptism (of the remission of sins).
253. If the flame of a candle or lamp be closely examined, it will be seen to consist of four parts - (a) a deep blue ring at the base, (b) a dark cone in the centre, (c) a luminous portion round this, and (d) an exterior pale blue envelope (see Flame).
254. Light to illuminate the vernier and circle is thrown from the lamp ?i?
255. Brush, in the United States, produced another efficient form of dynamo and electric arc lamp suitable for working in series (see Lighting: Electric), and these inventions of Brush and Jablochkov inaugurated commercial arc lighting.
256. Such curves show differences of steepness according to the temperature (see temp. curve), and to alterations of light (lamp) and darkness.
257. Twisting it round and round he gets a large drop of the fluid to adhere to the dipper; still twisting it round to prevent it falling he brings the drop over the flame of the lamp, and twirling it round and round he roasts it; all this is done with acquired dexterity.
258. If she finds anything in her way, she flings it on the floor, no matter what it is: a glass, a pitcher, or even a lamp.
259. My furniture, part of which I made myself--and the rest cost me nothing of which I have not rendered an account--consisted of a bed, a table, a desk, three chairs, a looking-glass three inches in diameter, a pair of tongs and andirons, a kettle, a skillet, and a frying-pan, a dipper, a wash-bowl, two knives and forks, three plates, one cup, one spoon, a jug for oil, a jug for molasses, and a japanned lamp.
260. Though completely waterlogged and almost as heavy as lead, they not only burned long, but made a very hot fire; nay, I thought that they burned better for the soaking, as if the pitch, being confined by the water, burned longer, as in a lamp.
261. I pumped my fellow-prisoner as dry as I could, for fear I should never see him again; but at length he showed me which was my bed, and left me to blow out the lamp.
262. Pierre went nearer and saw that the lamp stood on a black table on which lay an open book.
263. The lighting performance of fittings that take reflector lamps is determined by the lamp itself rather than the fitting.
264. For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light, and reproofs of instruction are the way of life.
265. Regulate your sleep-wake rhythm with bright light lamp Common fluorescent and incandescent lights do not aid in regulating a body 's biorhythm.
266. In semi-darkness, Beth rummaged blindly in the cupboard beneath the old clay sink, knowing that in here somewhere was an oil lamp.
267. The red safelight filter is integrated in. the beliows, and the lamphead fitted with a 75 watt opal lamp.
268. He also criticized the positioning of lamp stations, between which and the downcast shaft naked lights and unlocked lamps were allowed.
269. Take off your helmet, and hold the lamp away from your eyes, shooting from the hip as it were.
270. She stubs the cigarette, kisses the photo, gets into bed, clicks off the lamp.
271. Switch on RHS lamp intensity Mirrors can be seen here that direct light from two substage lamps in bottom casing.
272. He invited the people in the dais to light a lamp - thus symbolizing the beginning of the workshop.
273. Also we have candlestick designs based on those of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and a classic table lamp based on a Pugin design.
274. Problem is I have n't seen a tiffany lamp shade on a marble base.
275. I would like to make tiffany style lamp shades for these.
276. Alison 's lamp was also looking dim and a general unease set in.
277. I plan to attach the basking lamp and UVB tube onto the table.
278. Any schoolboy today knows that you can make a voltaic battery quite capable of lighting any filament lamp by simply connecting copper to zinc.
279. David Hughes has confirmed that the lamp is on his land, however he does intend to reduce the wattage of the lamps.
280. A match flared, was applied to the wick of a hurricane lamp.
281. It consists of a chamber in which test samples are mounted on a circular carousel which rotates around a xenon arc lamp.
282. Choice of XL 3.5 V xenon lamp or HL 2.5 V halogen lamp.
283. Most generic lights which use filament bulbs which produce a yellowy light that is not as bright as a discharge lamp.
284. Adding a padded seat, colorful pillows, and a new lamp transformed the unused alcove into a cozy reading nook.
285. Top a crib-side lamp with the Pink Rose Swag Lamp Shade from Rosenberry Rooms.
286. For a great accent, choose the Angel Fish Pot Lamp from Rosenberry Rooms.
287. This beautiful bright blue lamp is 31-inches high and would be the perfect choice for a small table next to your rocking chair.
288. For a fun accent, choose the Sea Fishing Pole Floor Lamp from Rosenberry Rooms.
289. A little decoration on the walls, a matching crib set, a mobile, and perhaps a matching lamp are all common items to pull together a nursery theme.
290. Baby Planet: A fun online shop for everything related to babies, this store offers a Bugs Bunny lamp that is perfect for a Looney Tunes nursery, and they also sell the matching mobile.
291. From lamp shade to lightswitch, finding just the right amount of paraphernalia will keep your nursery room fresh and irresistible.
292. There's always at least one room, if not more, in a house that could use a good table lamp.
293. These tips will help you learn how to buy a table lamp that's perfect for your needs.
294. Think about your personal style, but also keep in mind the room that the table lamp will occupy.
295. If you enjoy contemporary styles, then you may want to look for a lamp that features a modern design.
296. There are three major components to every table lamp: the base, the column and the shade.
297. The base and the column are often made of the same material and what this material consists of is one of the most important considerations for your table lamp.
298. Again, the material you choose will depend on how the design of the table lamp fits your overall style.
299. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a particular material for your table lamp is that depending on the material it's made out of, the lamp can be light or heavy.
300. Therefore, when considering a lamp's material, think about how difficult it will be to move or clean as these issues will become more important as time passes.
301. Choosing the ideal shade for your table lamp also provides you with a great many choices.
302. Pick the style and material that appeals to you and that matches the current décor of the room where the lamp will sit.
303. Another important factor to consider when choosing a decorative shade for a table lamp is the width of the lower brim.
304. This light will enhance your ability to read near the table lamp.
305. The last option to consider when learning how to buy a table lamp is deciding upon the kind of on and off switch you prefer.
306. Some table lamps are controlled by pull chains that hang lower than the brim of the table lamp.
307. You can also choose a design with the switch on the base of the table lamp or on its cord.
308. Additionally, there are many table lamps available that turn off and on with a simple touch to the base or the column of the lamp.
309. Choose a Bellacor lamp from categories such as traditional, country cottage, contemporary, Mission and many others.
310. can put the right lamp on your table in no time.
311. Shopping for a table lamp doesn't need to be a chore.
312. A desk lamp is a cool accessory and a convenient gadget at the same time.
313. Read on to learn what makes one lamp better than the other.
314. Consider the décor and styling of the room and the accessories where you plan to keep the lamp.
315. Select a lamp that will blend in with the rooms' style and looks.
316. Try and coordinate the lamp and the room colors.
317. Also, try and coordinate the design or style of the lamp with the rest of the furniture or décor.
318. A highly stylized minimal design steel and glass lamp will definitely look weird when placed in a room with Victorian styled furniture.
319. A desk lamp is usually meant to provide illumination for close activities like studying, reading and table hobbies.
320. Ensure that the light capacity of the lamp is as per intended usage.
321. Also keep in mind that the lamp needs to be accommodated upon the desk and so the size of the lamp should ideally be in some proportion to the desk or table where you plan to place it.
322. Ensure that the base of the bulb is not visible when you view the lamp from some distance.
323. The swivel-head type of lamp will normally have an adjustable front shade portion that usually swivels along the horizontal and the vertical axis and allows you to control the direction of the light source.
324. The adjustable variety is good for reading and also for use by different people as it allows you to control the height of the lamp.
325. Do not assume that the first lamp you pick in the store will work for you.
326. Always insist on a full-refund policy or at least a full-exchange policy if you are not satisfied and have to return or exchange the lamp.
327. It is only when you actually place the lamp in the place intended for it that you will realize whether it works or not!
328. Check on the power rating of the lamp before you buy it.
329. Always buy a lamp with the maximum output power rating for the activity that you plan to use it for.
330. Most of us simply change the bulb for one with a higher power rating when we find the light inadequate for whatever reason - not realizing that it creates resultant heat and damage to the lamp and its parts.
331. If your only option is to put plants somewhere without a lot of natural light, you can buy a lamp with a grow light bulb (or put a grow light in an existing lamp) to help the plants along.
332. In addition, many people like to match their window coverings or other fabrics in the room (such as lamp shades) to the bed linens, so the bedding can be a defining theme for a teen's whole room.
333. It needs to be big enough to handle all of the equipment (computer, printer, scanner, etc.) as well as accessories like a lamp, a place to hold writing materials and so on.
334. Choose bolder colors from the piece and use them as throw pillows, slip covers, candle holders and lamp shades.
335. Swap functional lamp shades for more fun ones.
336. You can incorporate these colors into your rooms through pillows, blankets, throw rugs, lamp shades, plants and flowers, potpourri, and accessories.
337. Rawhide lamp shades, leather, suede or cowhide upholstery and handmade willow baskets provide natural textures to the style that embraces primitive décor.
338. You might see a reproduction Tiffany lamp with modern looking pendant lights hanging nearby, in similar colors or similar shapes.
339. These colors make great choices for accessory items, so look for things like lamp shades, pillows, artwork, and more.
340. If your teen's bedroom does not have an overhead light, a floor lamp is a good choice for general lighting.
341. A desk lamp may also be needed for homework and studying.
342. This means you are alive with Chi and so is your pet, your books and even the lamp on your bedside table.
343. An excellent example of the style is the Gustav Stickley's Number 501 desk lamp.
344. The lamp was originally-built of oak, a wood that is readily-available and stains to a distinctive grain.
345. The construction of the lamp required the fine hand of the lamp maker to steam bend the support pieces to meet at the top.
346. The design allowed the light to be swiveled to focus the illumination in a variety of directions, making the lamp extremely functional as a desk lamp.
347. The simple nature of the lamp's design blends into the room décor and adds much needed light to lighten a dark room or corner.
348. For example, don't expect a desk lamp to provide enough light for use as a bedside lamp.
349. The lamp needs to be close to the item being illuminated.
350. For example, you need to sit next to the lamp to read.
351. You can't place the lamp across the room and expect it to provide enough light to find the nuts in the pudding at the dinner table.
352. The lamp may not be able to safely function with a higher wattage bulb, causing a potential fire hazard.
353. Consider adding a small lamp to one corner of the counter, place a decorative plate and stand next to the lamp, and/or add a bowl of fruit.
354. Just be sure you place the lamp away from the sink to avoid a risk of electrocution.
355. Empty out a walk-in closet, and place a desk with a small lamp inside.
356. Add shelving above the desk for papers, storage, etc. Find a corner of your living area and designate it office space by adding a desk, chair, and lamp.
357. A small lamp with a low wattage bulb is perfect for those late night feedings and diaper changes.
358. If you like early American, then look for a lamp that features wood and brass tones.
359. For a more rustic look, consider purchasing an iron lamp.
360. Sets of three may include a floor lamp that echoes the same design as the smaller lamps.
361. You can make a lamp out of virtually anything.
362. Lowe's offers easy-to-follow instructions for creating your own accent lamp.
363. Stained glass lamp shades lend a sense of drama to any room.
364. "Tiffany lamp" is now used as a catch-all term to describe any kind of lamp with a stained glass lamp shade done in a specific style.
365. At the turn of the 20th century, however, a Tiffany lamp was a quite specific thing.
366. The original lamps have an intricately carved base and equally complex stained glass lamp shade design.
367. In a recent auction, an original Tiffany stained glass lamp shade and base were sold for $8 million.
368. Luckily for those of us without a spare $8 million to spend on a lamp, the Tiffany lamp shades have inspired millions of pretenders that are every bit as beautiful as the originals - although slightly more affordable.
369. If you're a stained glass enthusiast, you can learn to make your own lamp shades much more easily than you might imagine.
370. Most community colleges offer art classes in stained glass techniques that you can take for a very small fee that will teach you the basics you need to churn out your own personalized lamp shade designs.
371. Stained glass is an extremely popular medium, and you may be able to commission a lamp shade in your local area with an artist who can produce a unique piece for you for very little.
372. Dedicated lighting shops often have an extensive selection of stained glass lamp shades in a wide range of prices.
373. Recently, a Tiffany lamp sold for $8 million at an auction.
374. Whether it's a classic shiny brass lamp or an Asian ginger jar lamp, decorative table lamps will add instant elegance and refinement to a traditional, eclectic, or modern room.
375. There is a multitude of available lamp base and lampshade materials to suit any design preference.
376. Wooden lamp bases can be found in numerous profiles such as ornate carved designs or boxy rectangles.
377. Metal lamp bases are often made of nickel, brass, chrome, steel, or wrought iron.
378. Many retailers are offering mix and match lamps and lampshades, so that you can choose your lamp base and lampshade separately for a custom look.
379. The most popular spot for a lamp is usually on a sofa end table.
380. Likewise, a foyer will become more welcoming with the addition of a distinctive lamp atop an entryway table or chest.
381. Whether you choose a traditional floral design or a clean-lined Misson style Tiffany lamp, the colorful glass will infuse the room with charm.
382. A dome-top style lamp with ornamental chain pulls will create a soft, ambient glow.
383. Another adaptable option for a home study desk is the stylish banker's lamp or architect lamp.
384. Accessorize your furniture with accents such as a vase of flowers, a lace tablecloth or a lamp with a vintage shade.
385. You can introduce it in throw pillows, vases, lamp shades and appliances.
386. Lamp Click also has a pretty extensive collection of art deco sconces ideal for bathrooms.
387. If you like to read in your room, for example, get a nightstand table that offers the space for a large enough lamp.
388. You may want a table lamp on your night stand.
389. Simply using a softly colored light bulb in a traditional lamp can generate a Bohemian mood.
390. Transform an old lamp shade by hot gluing a string of beads around the top and bottom rim.
391. Simply add a tall accent table behind the sofa to accommodate a lamp, plant or other decorative items to disguise the back of the sofa.
392. Use paintings, lamp shades and other accessories to contribute to your color scheme.
393. Don't forget decorative lamp shades and tiffany-styled floor lamps.
394. Add a little warmth to your work surface by bringing your own desk lamp from home.
395. If you prefer the modern look, choose a stainless steel drafting table-style swing arm lamp, and if you prefer to be more traditional, opt for a vintage lamp with a Tiffany shade.
396. Not only will a lamp provide light to help you work, but it personalizes your space and makes it feel just a little more home-y.
397. If you really want to go groovy, you must have a lava lamp and oversize beanbag.
398. Deciding which type of floor lamp you should use depends on two things.
399. You obviously must like the look and style of the lamp to be happy with it.
400. Decide what purpose the lamp will serve in your room.
401. You can also move a floor lamp wherever you want it to help change the look of a room or add more light to a dark space.
402. This is much harder to do with other types of lighting like a wall sconce or even a table lamp which needs to sit on top of something.
403. It might seem that modern floor lamps would be expensive and while some of them can be pricey, that doesn't mean you can't find a stylish floor lamp if you're on a budget.
404. What you need to decide is how much you want to spend on a new floor lamp and then do a search for lamps in that price range.
405. If the room appears dark, open the blinds or curtains or turn a lamp on.
406. The function of a table lamp is to provide task lighting and to create soft lighting in your room.
407. You want the table lamp to go with the room décor, so style and finish are just as important as design.
408. You want to pay close attention to the type of shade you select so it goes well with the lamp finish.
409. Instead, place end tables on the outside of each loveseat with a lamp to repeat your theme of symmetry.
410. Add a small table and lamp for reading and you have a nice niche effect.
411. Place two wing-backed chairs on a short wall with an end table and lamp between them, and you have a cozy conversation area.
412. A sofa table can help define a conversation area and offer the design opportunity to light ambiance with a candlestick lamp, a plant and groups of candles.
413. If that bedroom lamp or those throw pillows start to look a bit boring, you'll be able to move them to the family room or den if you've blended your design strategies well.
414. If you have created a separate sitting area for these activities, a tall floor lamp placed behind or beside the chair will work well for task lighting.
415. Accent lighting can be achieved easily with a dimmer switch, a three-way lamp or a few night lights.
416. If you have a floor lamp with multiple lights, you can install colored light bulbs in the extra lights for accent lighting.
417. The founder of the Aladdin trademark, Victor Johnson, was also the original founder of the Mantle Lamp Company of America.
418. Inspired by the book Arabian Nights, which he read as a child, Johnson branded his lamp company Aladdin.
419. The first model of the American-made Aladdin lamp was sold in 1909.
420. However, in 1930, the Mantel Lamp Company of America began to include the ever increasing popular and practical electric lamp in their product line.
421. The mantle in an Aladdin lamp is made from a unique mixture of rare earth oxides.
422. You can also find parchment and cloth lamp shades.
423. There is even an organization known as the National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors.
424. This group sponsors an annual convention of Aladdin lamp collectors which includes an international lamp show and sale.
425. The other group affiliated with the lamp show and helping to organize some of the events is known as the Aladdin Knights.
426. If you're undecided about whether to purchase an electric or mantle lamp, consider which style would benefit you the most during a power outage.
427. As long as you keep some kerosene on hand, you will never be left in the dark with an Aladdin mantle lamp.
428. Once popular in the 50s and 60s, swag lamp styles are back with more choices than ever before.
429. A swag lamp is a type of pendant lamp hung from a chain that stretches across an area by means of two or more hooks in the ceiling.
430. If you have a home office or desk that doesn't have a lot of space, a swag style lamp is a great way of bringing direct light right to the spot you need it.
431. The lamp itself can be plugged into a power cord or outlet behind your desk; the chain stretches to the ceiling where it meets the first hook.
432. From there, the lamp can be stretched and hooked a second time directly above the area you need it to be.
433. The lamp may end up illuminating the end of a table, or the side, rather than sitting directly above the center.
434. Rather than positioning a floor lamp near the corner of a couch or arm chair, use a swag style lamp in a retro or contemporary style living room.
435. Position the lamp above a coffee table, over a conversation area or just behind a favorite arm chair for reading light; the extra interest and design the lamp brings will help complete the living room design.
436. In the end, you'll have a retro flavored lamp that meets your lighting needs with ease.
437. This lightweight metal frame helps give the lamp a decorative element with shape and size, while it holds the shade itself up above the lamp.
438. While what is seen when you look at the lamp is the covering, the frame is there giving it shape below.
439. The result will be a custom and bohemian lamp that will work anywhere in the home.
440. If you covet a particular designer lamp but the price makes it out of your budget, consider copying the design yourself.
441. Allow the frame to dry completely before putting it on the lamp.
442. He decided to apply the same method of joining small pieces of colored glass together to create art in the form of stunningly beautiful lamp shades.
443. One popular style of Southwestern lamp uses Native American pottery as the base for the lamp.
444. The potter builds a clay pot from the base up using coils of clay pinched together to form whatever style of pot, or in this case lamp base, that is going to be made.
445. The shades for this type of lamp are usually made from rawhide, adding to the rustic character of the lamp.
446. Wrought iron lamps are very rustic looking especially when paired with a rawhide or parchment lamp shade.
447. The natural look of rawhide gives the room a warm glow when the lamp is lit.
448. A quality, authentic Southwestern lamp will contain many of the elements found in the deserts and mountains of the American Southwest.
449. Fortunately, you don't have to travel to the American southwest to buy an authentic looking Southwestern themed lamp.
450. Southwestern inspired lamps come in so many beautiful styles, the hard part will be choosing which style of lamp or lamps you want to accent your home.
451. For the evening, a strategically placed floor lamp and maybe a few table lamps can provide soft, warm light.
452. Now there's nothing stopping you from downloading one of these old, wonderful classic novels, curling up under the warm glow of a lamp, and diving into an old classic that you never got around to reading before.
453. Place a plant or a soft lamp on your desk.
454. It is a classy design and comes with many accessories to match the bedding, including curtains, a lamp and wall art.
455. Similar in concept to the table lamp, floor lamps are taller and meant to sit on the floor rather than a table.
456. Best used for: Almost any type of lamp, include a desk, living room, bedside, or reading model.
457. Longer rated life - Traditional incandescent lamps have an average life span of 750-1,000 hours, while a compact fluorescent lamp averages between 8,000-15,000 hours.
458. Fluorescent compact bulbs come in various colors, which affects the start-up of the lamp.
459. Another matter to consider when purchasing your compact fluorescent bulbs is to be sure bulbs to be used in a three-way lamp are designed for this purpose.
460. GE manufacturers a compact 3-way fluorescent lamp.
461. If you choose to use a regular compact fluorescent bulb in your 3-way lamp, it will work on the middle setting but negates the advantage to having a three-way lamp.
462. Floor lamps-Light up an otherwise overlooked corner of your home with a Hampton Bay floor lamp.
463. Vanity lights, wall sconces, and lamp shades-Other Hampton Bay products include vanity lights and wall sconces.
464. Use track lighting in a craft room or office where bright light is needed, but a floor or desk lamp and cord will merely get in the way.
465. The technique of hand forming glass beads is known as lamp or flame working and rods of glass are heated in the flame of a torch until molten and then formed into shapes.
466. The necklace also makes a nice decoration, for instance hang it on the car mirror, drape it over a lamp cover or nail it on the wall.
467. Additionally, you can buy a magnifier that is shaped like a lamp.
468. This magnifier is designed to attach to a lamp and is flexible enough to be adjusted and moved so that you can more easily view your needlework, knitting or any other activity for which your hands are in use.
469. If the proportions are correct, the Snowman will give you an item from the rare snowman set, which consists of: a bed, chair, clock, dresser, fridge, lamp, sofa, table, TV, wall and wardrobe.
470. You can get the following unique pieces from our frosty friend: Snowman, bed, chair, clock, dresser, fridge, lamp, sofa, table, TV, wall, and wardrobe.
471. If you stand beside the lamp, you should be covered fairly well by the wall the lamp is hanging from.
472. Tables, lamp posts -- it's all fair game.
473. For a truly beautiful lighting display, consider an antique library oil lamp.
474. Some were painted with beautiful designs, which were then illuminated when the lamp was lit.
475. Depending on the condition problems, you may be able to restore an oil lamp yourself.
476. If you want the look of an antique lamp without the condition issues that can accompany these lighting items, consider purchasing a reproduction library lamp.
477. If you're looking for a bargain, consider buying a library oil lamp that needs some restoration work.
478. Choose an antique library lamp that is the right size for your space.
479. An oil lamp is any vessel that holds a small amount of oil (or kerosene) at the bottom, has an absorbent wick that sits in it and can be lit producing light or heat.
480. The ones most commonly called an "oil lamp" are about a foot and a half high, have a glass globe at the bottom to hold the oil and a hurricane shade at the top to protect the flame from the wind.
481. If you want to actually use the lamp, it's a good idea to make sure the metal pieces holding the wick in place are still in good working order and not rusted over.
482. An oil lamp is a container, usually glass, in the shape of a large vase with a wide bottom.
483. The bottom half of an oil lamp holds kerosene or oil and has an absorbent wick.
484. Simply turning the lights on with electricity is preferable to lighting up a kerosene lamp, so many of these great pieces were put aside or cast away.
485. The subtle light provided by an oil lamp gives bestows a simple quietness upon those who are in its glow.
486. If you're looking for an antique or vintage oil lamp don't be surprised if you find some that aren't entirely original.
487. If you have vintage lighting you may at some point need antique glass lamp shades to replace those which are missing or broken.
488. Glass lamp shades were created by craftsmen.
489. They then blew the glass and shaped the hot glass into the final lamp shade shape that they were looking for.
490. Glass lamp shades were originally used to protect the flames on oil lamps, gas lamps, and even candles.
491. As lamp design developed so did the design of the shades.
492. The shape of the shade was often determined by the type of fuel used in the lamp.
493. The lamp shades became long and thin which allowed air to circulate in an up and down motion.
494. The type of shade that you get will depend on not only the style of your antique lamp but also on the size of the fitter.
495. The fitter is the part of the shade holder that the glass lamp shade passes through and holds the shade onto the lamp.
496. You may be able to find a suitable antique glass lamp shades at a local antique shop or on the Internet.
497. Glass shades and other antique lamp parts can be found at specialty stores on the Internet.
498. Finding the exact antique glass shade that you are looking for is a satisfying way to end an afternoon of antiquing or to finish a lamp you are restoring.
499. Other ideas include a hallway table, lamp stand or you could use it in a child's bedroom for extra seating or a place to display her favorite stuffed animals.
500. Electricity was fairly new then, and our neighborhood was the last section to be dependent on kerosene lamps.
501. Thus, it became necessary to document and study the monoliths at night, using the battery of an automobile and lamps with low-voltage bulbs.
502. The rows in the plots, as well as the frames holding up the lamps, were oriented north-south.
503. The lighting system would be considered as a whole, including items such as fog lamps, sidelights and indicator lights.
504. From the camera images, we extract horizontal lines and circular features that correspond to the lamps placed in the ceiling.
505. One of the obstructions mentioned in the article were the lamps that hung over certain streetcar tracks.
506. During time-outs and intertrial intervals, the chamber remained illuminated by the ceiling lamps.
507. At nine o'clock these lamps flashed their white light over the square.
508. Many devices use lights and lamps as signals to the user.
509. Damage to pigeon retinae by moderate illumination from fluorescent lamps.
510. However, based on the current experiments, these lamps do not appear to be able to produce smooth and easily interpretable spectra of plants under stress.
511. Firstly the diesel generator broke down, leaving them with no electric light, only oil lamps and candles, and without radio communication.
512. The college also purchased two lamps, candles, and six bushels of coal.
513. There are perhaps two ways to solve the potential thermal issues with tungsten halogen lamps.
514. The linear models from these two lamps were highly correlated to changes in nutrient level, chlorophyll, and leaf area.
515. Second, the intensity of the tungsten halogen lamps could be reduced in order to lower the thermal heating of plant canopies.
516. Thus, all plants were measured under the seven lamps with their canopies aligned to face in the same direction.
517. I began to question my assumption - the basis of years of selfexperimentation - that light from the lamps caused early l awakening.
518. Supplementary lighting (12 h d21) was provided by 400-watt high-pressure sodium lamps.
519. Furthermore, the fluorescent sources had conventional magnetic ballasts and therefore were subject to luminous flicker, whereas incandescent lamps do not flicker.
520. While they were sleeping, after the lamps were extinguished, the raven started dancing and jumping on the iglus and on the cliff.
521. On light-off days the lamps were off (light from a nearby window remained).
522. The carefully graded lighting states are achieved by the lamps available in the home.
523. All these altars had lamps, and ritual objects placed as offerings.
524. One can imagine the chromatic scale like a symmetry in the pitch domain, similar to the lamps in the concert hall.
525. The high explosive is arranged in a layered zigzag pattern, ignited from both sides with triggered flash lamps.
526. Meanwhile, the town's new gas lamps had ceased to operate by midyear.
527. Most color vision devices are tests for diagnosing color vision deficiencies or special lamps for illuminating these tests.
528. The light came from an ordinary fluorescent fixture with four fluorescent lamps covered by a diffuser.
529. The 150-band hyperspectral imager and the tungsten-halogen lamps were positioned at 90x off-nadir and approximately 90 or 120 cm, respectively, from the crop canopies.
530. Once spectral reflectance measurements for all lamps were completed the plants were destructively harvested for biometric data, as discussed above.
531. Thus, the times that plants are imaged with a remote sensing system that utilizes tungsten halogen lamps is limited.
532. The aluminium scaffolding had been previously covered by a black cotton cloth to reduce stray light from the various lamps.
533. Conventional semiconductor annealing methods utilize heat generated by an oven, flash lamps, or by a low power laser.
534. Figure 2 shows an example layout of lamps in diagrammatical form, two with red beams and one with a green beam.
535. However, should there be more than one red beam overlapping at the cursor position, the total influence for the lamps may total 100% or more.
536. The two red lamps each hold different values for the same two parameters that they control.
537. First, all four lamps exhibited increased noise in the regions from 350-400 nm and from 1800-2500 nm.
538. The history of public lighting-discussions of the oils, candles, and gas lamps used prior to the establishment of electricity-is especially important.
539. The reference light and a third beam used for accessory adaptation came from two other tungsten-halide lamps.
540. The light intensity during the day was 250 mmol/m2/s total radiation, provided by fluorescent lamps.
541. Although all the behaviors other than light emitted may play a causal role in the production of light, those behaviors are not the lamp's function.
542. To mimic sunrise, timers turned these lamps on one by one, producing a step-by-step rise in illumination early in the morning.
543. Flies have certainly been caught on occasions round lamps after dark, but this is exceptional.
544. Two different tracers were used to observe flow patterns, using uniform illumination provided by halogen lamps.
545. The red lamps both control the same two parameters.
546. The light model still allows the emulation of a gravitational model by using lamps with 360-degree apertures.
547. The lamps have a variable angle, aperture and extent, so the beam of influence can be directed very precisely within the interpolation space (figure 1).
548. Buddhist families passed by carrying incense sticks and lamps in honour of those of their families who had died during the year.
549. The reflectance spectra from the seven artificial lamps were grouped into three distinct clusters.
550. Second, the thermal heat signatures of tungsten halogen lamps may preclude them from use as a primary light source for plant productivity.
551. The intent was to prevent a utility in concert with a manufacturer of incandescent lamps from monopolizing the sale of lamps.
552. To reduce temperature fluctuations, fluorescent lamps and air ventilation were used.
553. All lamps were run from regulated power supplies.
554. The intensity of these lights was attenuated by inser ting a neutral density filter and by adjusting the lamp's supply voltage.
555. The dark rectangles show the positions of ceiling lamps.
556. In indoor nursery tanks, these reflections were avoided by incorporating external lamps placed with an angle of approximately 45 degrees between the light lamps and the water surface.
557. There were no connections to mains services: light after sunset was provided by oil lamps and candles, heat from burning logs on the stove and water from a neighbouring well.
558. The top coolant not only had to remove the heat from the convecting fluid below, but also was subjected to intense radiative heating from the lamps above.
559. The continuous incandescent light was from unfiltered lamps in a growth chamber which gave an irradiance of about 95 imol m2 s"1 at seed level.
560. Essentially, the electric lights are configured to simulate daylighting, with lamps concealed in the lamellae and skylight and with the main fittings hung close to the ceiling.
561. The initial pulse of output radiation is formed in the master oscillator due to modulation of the laser medium gain coefficient by a magnetic field of the pump lamps.
562. During sunrise, light intensity increases gradually, whereas the lamps in my bedroom produced an intensityversus-time step function with only four levels, darkness and three levels of light.
563. However, the two types of tungsten halogen lamps and the microwave illumination source yielded linear models with the highest residuals and thus the highest predictive capabilities of all lamps tested.
564. The performers, as street clowns and acrobats, climbed the fountains and street lamps; curious passers-by joined the procession; the audience multiplied; walking turned into running and finally into a stampede.
565. Photosensitivity due to the ' sunburn ' ultraviolet content of white fluorescent lamps.
566. Lamps must, however, be suitable for the intended purpose.
567. One such way is by lamping at night with bright lights.
568. We know that land managers are worried about lamping at night when there are nocturnal ramblers on their land.
569. When she came home at night, she had to carry a number of lamps around the house in order that the place could be lighted.
570. The majority of the remainder sleep in tents with raised floorboards, space heaters and hurricane lamps.
571. The engineering technician is the chap who knows how to manipulate it, knows his signal lamps and so on.
572. We are not, however, proposing the compulsory use of these daytime running lamps.
573. Cyclists have already got used to the practice of providing red rear lamps.
574. Each shelter is heated by two oil lamps.
575. The sooner we have daylight lamps the better.
576. Two 40-watt lamps are enough in any bedroom, one a pendant and another at the bedside.
577. I do not think that cyclists should be called on to carry rear lamps.
578. To comply with the law, the lamps should show also, but there are people who will break the law.
579. The index of retail prices for lamps, which stood at 100 in 1924 had receded to 58 by 1938.
580. They also replace fuses and lamps free of charge.
581. The same thing often happened to motor cars before lamps were all electric.
582. Clause 5 contains certain safeguards relating to the placing of seats and lamps on lands belonging to other people.
583. He might well provide several electric lamps and other electric appliances, all of which he has to purchase.
584. The primary consideration was whether these lamps and fittings would suit the tricycles.
585. Along the roadway is a low wall occupying the centre of the frontage bedecked with large lamps at intervals advertising different motor spirits.
586. They need not have the trouble of oil lamps.
587. People will constantly be looking for street lamps.
588. Most of the up-to-date private hospitals, and some of our public hospitals, are now equipped with are lamps for therapeutic treatment.
589. As soon as five o'clock comes, the red lamps go up and that is the lot.
590. I have no doubt that those remaining old lamps will be replaced in due course.
591. Three types of pony lamps have been approved as safe for use in mines and a fourth type is about to be approved.
592. I am not aware of any representations having been made recently regarding the need for greater consumer protection against dangerous or faulty electric lamps.
593. They produce such diverse things as chemicals, aircraft parts, toys, perambulators, hosiery, and electric lamps.
594. They were lit by oil lamps or candles.
595. You can buy small lamps of only 5-watt capacity which are enough in ordinary passages and bathrooms.
596. Restrict lamps to a certain wattage per square yard of flooring or number of persons in the hereditament, whichever is the less.
597. We may be down in the bowels of the earth sweating, with lamps on our heads to enable us to see what we are doing.
598. Up and down the valleys it is a case of new lamps for old, a £600 grant instead of a £3,000 grant.
599. The new lighting will be considerably brighter and the lamps will be electric.
600. Learn more Updated October 2, 2020 We have three new floor-lamp picks: the Lepower Wood Tripod Floor Lamp, the CB2 Trio Floor Lamp, and the Adesso Felix LED Wall Washer, a new type of rod-style ...
601. The County Commission created a Land Acquisition and Management Program, referred to as LAMP, and a lamp advisory board, by ordinance in January of 1999, according to 2019 report from Gail ...
602. Researchers evaluate a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay using dry reagents for the detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). They found the test ...
603. Denver Newsroom, Sep 22, 2020 / 03:01 am MT (CNA).- When Thomas Earnest Bradley wrote and edited The Lamp, a 19th century British Catholic periodical, he did so largely from his cell in debtors ...
604. Ahead, what you need to know about the innovative lights according to the experts. What Is a Sun Lamp—and How Does it Work? As it turns out, a sun lamp is just as much about timing as it is ...
605. A Japanese company that teamed up with Columbia University has developed a first-of-its-kind ultraviolet lamp that can kill the coronavirus without harming people’s health, according to a report.
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608. A Japanese lamp maker has launched an ultraviolet product which it claims can kill coronavirus without harming humans. Ushio, said its "Care 222" UV lamp, which was developed with Columbia ...
609. The Japanese company Ushio says that it will sell the Care 222 UV lamp to medical facilities first for about $2,800 a piece. The company also foresees the lamps being used on buses, trains, elevators, ...
610. While the moon might not provide so strong a brightness in contrast to the sun, the Moon has a way of reintroducing us to tranquility, the concept behind the new desk lamp – Moon Light. The delicate, ...
611. From the 2021 selection, Lamps Plus selected five of the on-trend designer colors, based on current consumer home furnishings aesthetics, for lamp bases and lamp shades. Those Dunn-Edwards colors ...
612. lamp sentence examples. lamp. You can still smell the lamp kerosene. 114. 52. Avoiding her eyes, he pulled the covers up to her chin and turned the lamp off. 36. 31. The small lamp in front of the icons was the only light left in the room. 29. 24. Meanwhile downstairs in young Nicholas Bolkonski's bedroom a little lamp was burning as usual. 21. 23.
613. Examples of lamp in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Electricity was fairly new then, and our neighborhood was the last section to…
614. Lamps sentence examples. The various improvements in electric illuminants, such as the Nernst oxide lamp, the tantalum and osmium incandescent lamps, and improved forms of arc lamp, enclosed, inverted and flame arcs, are described under Lighting: Electric. Between 1890 and 1900, electric traction advanced rapidly in the United States of
615. CM 2640603 Tom turned off the lamp on the nightstand. CK 504659 Loosen the screws and remove the lamp cover. blay_paul 28461 She switched on the lamp because it was dark. Swift 2958397 Tom tuned on the desk lamp and started working. CK 29713 The lamp was suspended from the branch of a tree. CK 910352 A man without patience is like a lamp without
616. How to use lamp in a sentence. The lamp list of example sentences with lamp.
617. Examples and usage of lamp in prose and poetry To better understand the meaning of lamp , certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word lamp " Harry lit a lamp to see his way along the rows of books"
618. Examples of sodium lamp in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: The average life of a tungsten lamp on minor road lighting schemes is about…
619. lamp definition is - any of various devices for producing light or sometimes heat: such as. How to use lamp in a sentence.
620. About the lamp Words for Life ® Language System. The lamp Words for Life language system is a full language program that combines the power of PRC’s Unity language system with Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (lamp ™) principles and strategies.It's available on the full line of Accent ® devices, PRiO ® products and as a standalone app for the iPad.
621. Examples: 1. The lamp on the bedside table is broken from overheating. Which lamp (one)? The one on the bedside table. The prepositional phrase “on the bedside table” acts as an adjective to “the lamp”. 2. The ham sandwiches in the refrigerator are all green with mold. Which ham sandwiches (one)? The one in the refrigerator.
622. High quality example sentences with “take the lamp” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts. several options are on the table.
623. Another word for lamp. Find more ways to say lamp, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
624. Lamppost definition, a post, usually of metal, supporting a lamp that lights a street, park, etc. See more.
625. Gooseneck lamp definition: a desk lamp having a flexible shaft or stem | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
626. Incandescent lamp definition is - light bulb. Illustration of incandescent lamp. incandescent lamp: 1 bulb containing gas, 2 filament, 3 connecting and supporting wires, 4 exhaust tube, 5 screw base, 6 base contact
627. Learn how to use Aladdin's lamp in a sentence and make better sentences with word `Aladdin's Lamp` by reading from 9 Aladdin's lamp sentence examples. It is like Aladdin's lamp. No wait, that's Aladdin's lamp. A good example is Aladdin's lamp on Fremont Street, downtown. Aladdin's lamp resembles only to the tiny teapot on top. It is a wonderful
628. Translations of the phrase LIGHT THE lamp from english to spanish and examples of the use of "LIGHT THE LAMP" in a sentence with their translations: If sahir khan doesn't light the lamp on this golden jubilee.
629. Lamplight definition: light given off by a lamp
630. The delicate discs of authentic mother-of-pearl and the shiny metal plates give the lamp an airy still stylish and glamourous character. 14. Whatever style you choose, make sure to wear your scarlet, crimson, cherry and pillar-box hues with a healthy dose of confidence and remember that there is nothing more glamourous than a lady in red.
631. Translations of the phrase TURN OFF THE lamps from english to czech and examples of the use of "TURN OFF THE lamps" in a sentence with their translations: Turn off the lamps .
632. How to use bedside in a sentence. The bedside list of example sentences with bedside. bedside / examples. bedside in a sentence - 14 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "A bedside lamp" "At sb's bedside" "He was summoned to the bedside of a dying man" "They were at my bedside about apps & extensions feedback examples link
633. Sentence Examples. 0. opaline lamp, flat glass, Painting "naif" from Yugoslavia on the wall, 2 ficus. 0. 4 ficus, 3 phones, dictaphone, six "naif" paintings, rug on the floor. 0-You're so 'naif sometimes. 0.
634. Lampshade definition, a shade, usually translucent or opaque, for shielding the glare of a light source in a lamp or for directing the light to a particular area. See more.
635. Gooseneck definition: any of various mechanical devices shaped like a goose's neck, as an iron joint for pipes or a flexible rod for supporting a desk lamp
636. Examples of Reticent in a sentence. While Barbara likes to discuss her personal life with our co-workers, I am much more reticent. 🔊 Rather than voice her political opinions, Eileen prefers to remain reticent! 🔊 When asked if he broke the lamp, the child was reticent and refused to make eye contact. 🔊
637. lamp light in Chinese : :灯火光;灯光…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.
638. French Translation of “standard lamp” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.
639. lamp post in Chinese : :灯柱…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.
640. Sentence; 1: Shenyang qixin lamp manufacturing Co. ltd. mainly produces street lamp street lamp cap lawn lamp wall lamp lamp-house of electrical appliance and so on. 2: test, analysis and calibration of this system have done with the Hg light and the laser as standard lamp-house. 3
641. No. sentence; 1: The stand cloth, bedspread, pillowcase, blind, and lamp…etc. all want cooperativeness on the pattern style, hue.
642. lamp means the bulb or tube portion of an electric lighting device specifically designed to produce radiant energy, most often in the ultraviolet, visible, and infra-red regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.Examples of common universal waste electric lamps include, but are not limited to, fluorescent, high intensity discharge, neon, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, and metal halide lamps.
643. Ever notice how the rich and powerful seem to be clannish? "clannishness" in a sentence "clannishnesses" in a sentence "clannism" in a sentence "clanny" in a sentence; How can I put and write and define clannish in a sentence and how is the word clannish used in a sentence and examples? 4. The clanny lamp A long-term worker in this field, the
644. lamp Words For Life™ is a full English vocabulary augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) language app that combines the power of the PRC Unity® language system with Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP™) principles and strategies. LAMP™ is a therapeutic approach based on neur…
645. Another word for hurricane lamp. Find more ways to say hurricane lamp, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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