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rearmost, rear, hindmost, aftermost, endmost, final, ultimate, remotest, furthest, utmost,

"Last" Example Sentences

1. Toward what place was the eagle flying when you last saw it?
2. I hope not the way they did the last time.
3. Their last name is Anderson.
4. These happy days did not last long.
5. At last the day came for the ship to sail.
6. Our last halt was under a wild cherry tree a short distance from the house.
7. Katie sighed and threw the last potato in the pan.
8. "She killed three of my lambs last night," said the one whose name was David Brown.
9. At last he saw something in the darkness that looked like two balls of fire.
10. He gave Allen a last threatening look and stalked off to the house.
11. When you last went to the dentist.
12. Well, have you at last decided on anything?
13. Is he thinking of his last and narrow house?
14. At last the happiest of happy moments arrived.
15. It was probably the last thing he expected to hear, and yet, he knew it was true.
16. "This may be the last great day," he said.
17. After one last look around to see if she was being watched, she started into the woods.
18. On the other hand, hadn't she put that idea into his head last night?
19. I told Morino last night that I would look at them before we left.
20. You're always the last one to get anything new.
21. In the last thirty years there has not been a single smallpox death or even a single infection.
22. I tried flour also; but have at last found a mixture of rye and Indian meal most convenient and agreeable.
23. It has led us up those last few steps to the mountain pass; and beyond there is a different country.
24. Military heroes of the last several centuries, such as the aforementioned Lafayette and Hamilton and Travis, were not bloodthirsty.
25. The report came last night.
26. I also have an offer to work at the law office where I worked last summer.
27. At last, he could hold out no longer.
28. All kinds of artists have come and gone in the last four centuries, popular in their time but forgotten now.
29. The lanterns were beginning to grow dim, and the Wizard poured the remaining oil from one into the other, so that the one light would last longer.
30. "This," said the man, taking up a box and handling it gently, "contains twelve dozen rustles--enough to last any lady a year.
31. Last week I visited a beautiful art store.
32. At last, cold, hungry and weary, we reached our pier.
33. He had not finished the last verse before the young people began to get ready to dance in the large hall, and the sound of the feet and the coughing of the musicians were heard from the gallery.
34. Everyone probably knew about the incident with Dulce last night.
35. He had nearly finished this last task when a low growling was suddenly heard and the horse began to jump around and kick viciously with his heels.
36. At last James Hogg said, "It's of no use; all we can do is to go home and tell the master that we have lost his whole flock."
37. Do you remember what a happy time we had last Christmas?
38. It is the man who rose to go out, and two young princes contended for the honor of giving him his shoes but at last agreed that each should offer him one.
39. I was in the North, enjoying the last beautiful days of the summer of 1896, when I heard the news of my father's death.
40. Last Monday Simpson shot a pretty crane.
41. She wandered around the house with a foreboding that this was the last time she would see it.
42. At last, a tangible lead.
43. I had made my homeward journey, talking constantly to Miss Sullivan, not for the sake of talking, but determined to improve to the last minute.
44. My brother Simpson gave it to me last Sunday.
45. At last he saw a ray of light far ahead of him.
46. At last I fell asleep with a new doll and a white bear in my arms.
47. Yet he was arrested last week for selling drugs to kids like little Nicholas over there?
48. After last night, she had decided to keep things professional between them.
49. It would not be the first time, or the last, that ignorance in the world exacted a high price.
50. Who do you think makes more money: the one person who operates the cotton gin we discussed in the last chapter or one of the fifty people he replaced?
51. At last, however, the sea, as if weary of its new toy, threw me back on the shore, and in another instant I was clasped in my teacher's arms.
52. We came to Boston last Thursday, and Mr. Anagnos was delighted to see me, and he hugged and kissed me.
53. The last act affected us most deeply, and we all wept, wondering how the executioner could have the heart to tear the King from his loving wife's arms.
54. But at last his army was beaten; his men were scattered; and Tamerlane fled alone from the field of battle.
55. Frictionless coatings that never wear out in machines that last for centuries.
56. In the 1968 book The Lessons of History, Will and Ariel Durant calculated that, "In the last 3,421 years of recorded history only 268 have seen no war."
57. It comes over me that in the last two or three pages of this chapter I have used figures which will turn the laugh against me.
58. This is the first opportunity I have had to write to you since we came here last Monday.
59. Their telephone conversation last night concluded with the decision that Connie would pick her up at the end of the drive today at 11:30 am.
60. The morning had been fine, but it was growing warm and sultry when at last we turned our faces homeward.
61. TO MR. JOHN HITZ 12 Newbury Street, Boston, February 3, 1899. ...I had an exceedingly interesting experience last Monday.
62. TO MISS MILDRED KELLER 138 Brattle Street, Cambridge, November 26, 1899. ...At last we are settled for the winter, and our work is going smoothly.
63. Felipa said nothing as she wrapped the last present.
64. She was cleaning the coffee pot and Alex was reclining in a chair at the table, enjoying the last cup of coffee.
65. Last Saturday our kind teachers planned a delightful trip to Bedloe's Island to see Bartholdi's great statue of Liberty enlightening the world....
66. Surely we shall all find at last the ideals we are seeking....
67. We left the city last Thursday night, and arrived in Brewster Friday afternoon.
68. I also saw poor Niobe with her youngest child clinging close to her while she implored the cruel goddess not to kill her last darling.
69. I'll ride with the last ambulance.
70. Then, think about how far we have come in the last fifty years.
71. On the last day, the great army which Coriolanus had led from Antium was drawn up in battle array.
72. "This is the last great day!" cried others; and they knelt down and waited.
73. This makes sense, so she spends her last $2000 in savings to buy ads.
74. Certainly, you don't want the whole world to know where you were last night.
75. The system will weigh heavily the choices of people with Italian last names, and people who own restaurants—all these different factors, millions and millions of factors, all from the passively recorded life experiences of a billion people.
76. Taken together, those findings suggest that almost all economic growth in the last 120-plus years was from technology.
77. So my little heart leaped high with eager excitement when I knew that my wish was at last to be realized.
78. Last year, my second year at Radcliffe, I studied English composition, the Bible as English composition, the governments of America and Europe, the Odes of Horace, and Latin comedy.
79. My dear Mr. Hale: The beautiful shells came last night.
80. Did I tell you in my last letter that I had a new dress, a real party dress with low neck and short sleeves and quite a train?
81. Helen has learned to tell the time at last, and her father is going to give her a watch for Christmas.
82. We got home last night.
83. A little later, when the rush and heat of achievement relax, we can begin to expect the appearance of grand men to celebrate in glorious poetry and prose the deeds and triumphs of the last few centuries.
84. No face which we can give to a matter will stead us so well at last as the truth.
85. Thanks for last night.
86. I've received too much sympathy in the last few weeks.
87. She stepped through the last of the brush.
88. When he removed his hat the last piglet had disappeared entirely.
89. That meant that their world--the real world--was not very far away, and that the succession of perilous adventures they had encountered had at last brought them near the earth's surface, which meant home to them.
90. Our friends were greatly surprised to see us, as they had not expected us before the last of this month.
91. He died last Saturday at my home in Tuscumbia, and I was not there.
92. We dined with the Rogers last Friday, and oh, they were so kind to us!
93. Perhaps I shall take up these studies later; but I've said goodbye to Mathematics forever, and I assure you, I was delighted to see the last of those horrid goblins!
94. You weren't very receptive last time.
95. Last October I heard of an unusually bright little girl in Texas.
96. This last consideration moved him.
97. That last evening was so delightful that the boy will never forget it as long as he lives.
98. And so the matter was at last settled.
99. She hung the last garment and changed into jeans and tennis shoes before leaving the house.
100. Range after range of mountains began with a mixture of sharp green that gradually faded until the last range was wrapped in the haze of distance.
101. The messengers went on until they came at last to the island of Rhodes.
102. Teacher's eyes have been hurting her so that she could not write to any one, and I have been trying to fulfil a promise which I made last summer.
103. "I dreamed last night..."--"You were not expecting us?..."
104. As 'twas growing dark last night Fell the snow so soft and light...
105. The season opens in summer and lasts until fall, when the brilliant fall foliage brings one last round of visitors.
106. Shucking the last of her underclothes, she reached for her nightgown.
107. Or maybe he was thinking about their conversation last night.
108. Would this coolness last forever?
109. The last time he made a business trip to Columbia, he had said they needed the money.
110. Because of last night?
111. As April slipped into May and the last threat of frost passed, she began planting them in the garden.
112. Maybe the last situation was what gave her the courage to speak up when the inheritance tension came back.
113. Alex was sitting in their room the last night they were at the hacienda.
114. In those last moments when it was too late, she had decided to go with them.
115. That was the last thing she remembered until she opened her eyes again and found all three of them hanging over her.
116. For a moment she hesitated, remembering their last discussion.
117. For the last time, Howard isn't interested in me.
118. As the garage door lifted, sunlight reflected off the polish she and her siblings had applied that last day of their lives.
119. Pushing the thought from her mind, she focused on Allen's visit last night.
120. Right now it was like being the last person on earth.
121. In fact, she had spent the last two weeks wallowing in self-pity.
122. Had her family known the same terror in their last moments of life?
123. The agonizing memories ruptured to the surface at last, forcing a long overdue reaction.
124. The last word ended on the upturn, as if it were a question, not a statement.
125. It was the last thing he would want.
126. When Eureka's captor had thrown the kitten after the others the last Gargoyle silently disappeared, leaving our friends to breathe freely once more.
127. But I am glad to meet a last a Real Horse.
128. "But justice prevailed at the last," said Ozma, "for here is my pet, and Eureka is once more free."
129. At last, far in the East, he came to a land of which he had never heard.
130. At last, having become quite rich, he decided to go home.
131. At last they were allowed to go before him and state their business.
132. From this period came some of humanity's greatest masterpieces, including St. Peter's Basilica, Da Vinci's Last Supper, Michelangelo's Pieta, and hundreds of other instantly recognizable artistic treasures.
133. Shrunk and cold, As if her veins were sapless and old, And she rose up decrepitly For a last dim look at earth and sea.
134. We had a glorious thunder-tempest last night, and it's much cooler to-day.
135. Think, also, of the ladies of the land weaving toilet cushions against the last day, not to betray too green an interest in their fates!
136. It is true, I never assisted the sun materially in his rising, but, doubt not, it was of the last importance only to be present at it.
137. The last were not England's best men and women; only, perhaps, her best philanthropists.
138. "I hope this will prove the last drop that will make the glass run over," Anna Pavlovna continued.
139. How priceless are those last moments!
140. So it came about that at the council at Malo-Yaroslavets, when the generals pretending to confer together expressed various opinions, all mouths were closed by the opinion uttered by the simple-minded soldier Mouton who, speaking last, said what they all felt: that the one thing needful was to get away as quickly as possible; and no one, not even Napoleon, could say anything against that truth which they all recognized.
141. Many have died these last days on the road or at the bivouacs.
142. Will this be your last baby?
143. Jonathan put the last fork beside a plate and smiled up at her.
144. Was it something I said last night?
145. At last she got up, gave me the mug, and led me out of the door to the pump-house.
146. At last she rang.
147. As I sit by the window writing to you, it is so lovely to have the soft, cool breezes fan my cheek and to feel that the hard work of last year is over!
148. Pray, for what do we move ever but to get rid of our furniture, our exuviæ: at last to go from this world to another newly furnished, and leave this to be burned?
149. At last he came up to Morio.
150. Last summer I spent in one of the loveliest nooks of one of the most charming villages in New England.
151. The big question was, would her confidence last?
152. Right now she'd like to kiss those smooth lips - and she might if she didn't know where they'd been last.
153. What were you thinking about that made you cry – last night?
154. He thought she was crying about last night.
155. He's going to take me to where we left my car last night.
156. He had spoken earlier of last night.
157. Today would probably be the last time she would see her.
158. I think you made it clear last night.
159. I've kept my identity hidden for five years now, but I knew deep down inside that it couldn't last forever.
160. What they had witnessed in the last hour required the silence of personal reflection.
161. Now, if I was trying to hide my identity, the last thing I would want her to do would be to file a police report while she was living under my roof.
162. She finished the last of the food on her plate and carried it to the sink.
163. The last thing I want to be is your daddy.
164. You went last weekend.
165. He hadn't been his usual jocular self for the last three weeks, and now this spontaneous trip to see his parents - and inviting her along?
166. You might have said something in my defense last night, instead of sitting there like a lump on a log.
167. In the last few weeks she had allowed herself to be distracted.
168. She felt responsible for the fact that Brandon didn't have that last day with his father.
169. Mrs. Marsh had found one last reserve of uncontrollable sobs.
170. It seems like years since I saw you last.
171. She had the job she had planned for the last three years.
172. Last time we talked, you sounded like you never wanted to see me again.
173. That last statement strangled the life out of the discussion.
174. Davis gulped the last of his coffee and turned the cup up side down on a rock so it would drain.
175. At forty he was still an attractive man, but a romantic relationship with him was the last thing on her mind.
176. Her age must have been mentioned at least a half-dozen times in the last six trips.
177. She had to decline the last trip because it coincided with her monthly cycle - and this trip was cutting the time close.
178. Being first in line one day meant being last in line the next.
179. She grabbed a bowl and dipped out the last of the oatmeal.
180. The job couldn't last much longer, anyway.
181. Each trip was more boring than the last.
182. I hope you guys enjoyed supper, because this is going to be my last trip.
183. It might be the last trip for all of us.
184. Where I've lived for the last two years, thanks to him.
185. I couldn't help but hear you two last night.
186. She was angry last night and her voice had been too loud.
187. She shouldn't have blamed him last night.
188. I'm sorry about last night.
189. This is the last water hole for a long time.
190. The last thing she wanted was rivalry among the men.
191. What a wicked thought to have about the man who had risked his life to protect her - not once, but a number of times in the last few days - and with so little to gain.
192. When the last horse had been gone for a few minutes, he stood.
193. This might be the last time we see each other.
194. He was probably washing some of the dust off his insides last night and overdid it.
195. I hope you find this trip a little more comfortable than the last.
196. Her last impression of Darcie was a smiling face.
197. A lot had happened in the last few months.
198. He gulped the last of his coffee and stood.
199. She led him to the back room where her things were piled and then resumed her last hour of work at the diner.
200. Last night she had noticed a few clothes in a hamper in the laundry room.
201. As she glanced into the last bedroom, she noticed it had a patio door.
202. She shoved the book back into its place and gave the shelf a last swipe, curbing her tongue as she dismounted the chair.
203. As he strode across the room she chanced a last remark.
204. I replaced the bull last year to prevent inbreeding, but I've been pleased with the offspring.
205. It could only have been in the last few weeks since the weather had turned warm.
206. As they packed the last of the items into the back of his truck, he glanced up at her.
207. Cade answered the door and ushered his sister into the family room where Cynthia was doing some last minute dusting.
208. I'm not sure who started that story, but it floated around here for my last two years of high school.
209. And Cade had become more solemn in the last few weeks, as if he sensed her dilemma and felt uncomfortable as well.
210. The few supplies she had would barely last the night, especially since the flow was unusually heavy.
211. Russ said you were sick last night.
212. So Cade had visited Mary last night.
213. The man she made love to last night or the recluse - Cade?
214. The last thing she wanted was a reluctant husband.
215. A hawk made a wide swing across the grassland and then suddenly dived, jerking up at the last second, its great wings straining as it pumped back into the air with added weight.
216. She was setting the last bowl on the table when he returned.
217. Over supper they talked of the expected foal, the ranch, and everything but why they hadn't talked much for the last four days.
218. This was the last time.
219. Last night she could have sworn he loved her.
220. The last thing I want is a half-dozen little brats running around here tearing things up.
221. She supplied bitterly as she rinsed the last dish and put it into the rack.
222. Betsy and I met last fall while jogging in Central Park.
223. Count out the money and don't cheat like the last time.
224. "I'm so embarrassed," Betsy said at last.
225. "He was upset last night," I admitted reluctantly.
226. I went to sleep last night, almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.
227. Tesla was messing around with this stuff at the turn of the last century.
228. Frankly, I'm petrified what I experienced last night might somehow lead to more of the same; people poking sticks at my psyche.
229. Those were the last words spoken as I turned out the light.
230. I've travelled many miles since my last and I'm becoming impatient for company.
231. I don't remember the last three numbers but the first two were forty-five.
232. A last minute invitation was given to Howie.
233. Betsy located the families Howie saw in our last session.
234. Timothy Burton, age five, was last seen at one PM this afternoon in the back yard of his home in Warwick, Rhode Island.
235. It does not appear Rudman is responsible for Amy Lou Lewis, who remains missing from her Cranston, Rhode Island home since last week.
236. Howie was unable to remain sleeping long enough for any success on his last attempt.
237. Martha burst into tears and we tried one last time.
238. Our last session on the day ended on a sad note that was very distressing to Howie.
239. "I remember the kidnapping from last week," Betsy said as she brushed past me, dropping her nightgown as she entered the bathroom.
240. It was the last time we heard from Daniel Brennan for more than a week.
241. Can you run a background check on her now that we have a last name?
242. The system drops the last two digits of the number so it's never even received at the call center.
243. Back in September, last year.
244. I enjoyed it last September until I became bored; I even had a little friend, as I recall.
245. It began with the Rhode Island boy who disappeared last September.
246. We had an intruder last night.
247. I was culpable in contributing openly to the memory of Miss Washington and I was listed in some press accounts as the well-known grandfather of Eric when he was kidnapped last fall.
248. I ended the conversation wondering if it was the last time I'd speak to Daniel Brennan, a stand-up guy.
249. He was really screwed up last spring.
250. I had a dream last night, after we talked, and I ran my mouth off.
251. I know it won't last forever but as long as we can, we have to do everything in our power to keep it alive.
252. It took us two hours to come ten miles from the airport and Julie had to direct him the last mile and she just got here herself.
253. These latest grabs started up last fall so I'm looking at prison releases of sex offenders and going over them one by one.
254. By the way, someone tried to break into my apartment last night.
255. "It was a last grasp try to hold the five of us together; for the children," I added.
256. There was a big blow up last evening... something about Annie, the daughter that died.
257. After he spent years in prison, he was released last summer, in California.
258. As soon as I said it, I remembered the last name; Bryce.
259. The events of the last few days coupled with the dread of the unknown future were taking their toll.
260. He was forty one, last July.
261. Last night we ran a session on the little boy Betsy texted us about.
262. No. She addressed it to us and said she hates to do it but it's time to stop what we've all been working on for the last nine months.
263. I only first heard about Howie was when I met him last September.
264. No. It's just after last night, I'm still on edge.
265. Can you do this one last favor for me?
266. Our next to last stop was Wheelock Park in Keene.
267. She introduced herself and her husband as Sadie and Sid, with no last names.
268. I thanked him and drove the last few miles to my house, more sedately than earlier.
269. Everything is still just sitting there from the last time we used it.
270. The last point sealed the deal against further discussion.
271. It was the last description of Howie Abbott I expected to hear.
272. I figured whoever did kill Annie; it wasn't his first, or his last.
273. Someone check the local papers for sales offerings the last week.
274. The FBI can fill you in better when they get here but this guy's been off the grid since he was released from prison last summer.
275. One of us discovered this ability last fall, quite by accident.
276. Back last fall he knew I didn't want to go there.
277. My stomach knotted with the knowledge this might be our last chance.
278. I asked, thrilled that al last there was news.
279. They proved unnecessary as a patrol car caught up with me and escorted me the last mile.
280. I almost dreaded returning to the motel where awaited what I saw as the last thread of hope.
281. I cringed at the thought of who might have spent their last nights on earth on that pallet.
282. While the last words, "sleeping, just sleeping," said prior to the interruption by Grasso seemed to denote failure, the earlier recorded observations suggest otherwise.
283. She'd kept the flowers around Jonny's bed as fresh as the day they arrived last week.
284. I wish you'd told me he died when you left last year.
285. "I don't know," he said at last and flung himself into a chair, planting his hands against his forehead.
286. He couldn't remember when he'd last had a full five hours of his own, and he knew he wasn't likely to get another break for a while.
287. She wondered how many more there would be and doubted she'd last more than another day or two if he kept draining her blood.
288. Was he really worth her attention on what may be the last day of her life?
289. Her eyes snapped closed, her last vision that of the most striking man she'd ever seen.
290. "If I didn't love you, you'd be dead, kiri," he spoke at long last, his low, even voice terrifying Bianca.
291. He didn't move away, and she looked up at last.
292. Our dad died last year, and I moved-- " "Age."
293. He's had problems with college since our dad died last year.
294. He wolfed down the sandwich Bianca made him, unable to remember the last time he'd eaten breakfast.
295. She pulled the last of the cookies from the oven and set them on top to cool.
296. He reminded her of Jonny when her brother had learned of his father's death last summer.
297. "My sister," he said at last.
298. My dad died last year.
299. His last words were whispered, his face red.
300. He'd changed since she last saw him.
301. I feel like I had a meltdown last night.
302. Yet he couldn't shake the memory of her body against his, the way she'd looked at him last night.
303. He wanted to lose himself in her warmth and liveliness on his last night.
304. He expected these days to be his last, but he'd give the order to decimate the entire state if it meant humanity as a whole survived.
305. The last was a thought he never expected to have.
306. Breathless, Dusty closed his eyes and leaned against the punching bag, unable to shake his first memories of Damian or his last memories of his sister, Trinka.
307. I thought it was strange, since Jimmy's the last person who would veer off course from your orders because you let him blow up whatever he wants and he doesn't wanna lose that.
308. His sister's warning came an hour after he last remembered looking at the clock.
309. He replaced his weapons and washed his face, feeling very much like this was to be his last day alive.
310. Dusty released her, strapped in the last weapon, and looked around.
311. He studied her, feeling as though he was seeing her for the first time and the last.
312. "There's a man on the corner with a sign saying the world is going to end, but the sign's dated last year," Jule said.
313. The last will require some discussion with Damian.
314. Last night he said he was stuck in Ireland.
315. Jonny's penance for betraying his sister would last an eternity.
316. The two types of beings had last brought their war to the mortal realm during the time of the Schism, when they'd almost destroyed the universe.
317. At last, she forced herself to lie down and tried not to think of the man named Jule, whose soul still lingered.
318. She didn't know what to say to her father after last night.
319. Last night upset me, she said truthfully.
320. He couldn't remember the last time he'd found any woman so intriguing.
321. "I don't know the extent of the Others' subversion," Jonny admitted at last.
322. She'll have a protector to keep him from killing her, but anyone else you'd send wouldn't last the week.
323. How is it I'm always the last to know what's going on?
324. "You won't last beyond my first punch," came the scoff.
325. "You hit me," he managed at last.
326. "You called me beautiful last night," she breathed.
327. You wouldn't last past our first kiss.
328. "You want me to kill Jule," he repeated at long last.
329. "I'll do my best," she said at last.
330. "It seemed right," she said at last.
331. She looked up at last, her eyes glimmering with tears.
332. I didn't know until last night, she went on.
333. The number of beings capable of killing one was less than five, and the last thing they needed was an Original Being showing up to complicate matters.
334. Her body ached to feel whole again, as she had last night in his arms.
335. "It wasn't the last time," he said with a small smile.
336. "That doesn't bode well for either of you," Dusty said at last.
337. "Did you make him do this, or was it really his choice?" she asked at last.
338. I want the Other, the vamp said at last.
339. "You are certain?" he said at last.
340. Something had happened last night while she slept.
341. She steadied her breathing, swearing to herself that these would be the last to die at her father's hands.
342. Instead, she prepared for the day as if it were her last.
343. Happy to meet you at last, Yully.
344. It'll be the last, Watcher.
345. "So be it," he said at last.
346. The last time y'all fought, you nearly destroyed the universe.
347. Her last hope for understanding what was wrong with her was someone she innately knew she didn't want to meet.
348. Damian grimaced, recalling the last time he'd seen the beautiful woman, his slain brother's wife.
349. She couldn't remember the last time she felt halfway decent.
350. He put on his hood last and tucked its edges into his sweater.
351. His visitor wore a T-shirt and had hair the color of last night's sunset.
352. He thought he remembered seeing her naked before, maybe when she arrived last night.
353. But he was so handsome, and she so amazed he wanted to go out with her, that she ignored the instincts warning her it would never last.
354. "I'm not angry at you," he said at last, taking a step back.
355. "Jule's gonna be pissed we didn't invite him," Dusty said at last and pulled off his gloves, tossing them.
356. "It all turned out well, I guess," he said at last.
357. Damian hadn't returned the night before after their last interaction.
358. "Han said you were out doing battle last night," she said, noticing the shredded T-shirt on the floor.
359. "Did you win your battle last night?" she asked as unease swept through her again.
360. Claire was as beautiful as the last time he'd seen her.
361. "I see you remember the last time we met," she said, desire clouding her gaze.
362. That's the last thing I need.
363. The last thing I need is to complicate things more.
364. "You're better off than when I saw you last," he said at last and turned to Damian.
365. None of that shit you gave me last year.
366. "He's sleeping," she said at last.
367. She walked in on me and Claire last night.
368. We had three in the last class, more than we've seen in a few hundred years.
369. The last time he went to the surface, it had rained huge raindrops.
370. He'd had a dream last night, something he never remembered in the morning, except for this time.
371. She eyed him and then looked to Damian, who stared at her with an intensity she'd last seen aimed at Claire.
372. "I thought so," he said at last.
373. "Tonight, I've given you the last shred of me that was human!" she shouted.
374. She is … was the last of my family.
375. It's one of the last weekends before Christmas.
376. "I see a man who just lost the last connection to someone he loved to his soul," she whispered.
377. He typed in the last number.
378. She looked healthier and happier than during their last two encounters, and Linda had let it slip that she and Rainy were talking again.
379. As he pulled on the last of his clothes and crossed to his armory, a small, black velvet box nestled between two daggers drew his attention.
380. "He's one of the last to arrive," she said and closed her eyes.
381. When was the last time you ate?
382. At last, she stopped speaking and lay, exhausted.
383. "Claire's … blood," he said at last.
384. Sofia watched the last of the blood swirl down the drain.
385. The same instincts that warned her against the last deal with him told her she'd never win any bet with the devil I'll give you the terms first this time.
386. She wiped the last of the toothpaste from her mouth and glanced down.
387. If his touch was hard to resist last night, it was crippling today.
388. She fell into his trance last night; she needed to keep her head clear to deal with him this time.
389. You did that last night, no matter what you choose to remember.
390. He was different than the last deity she'd slept with.
391. You are the last person who deserves to be here.
392. I loved you in this life and the last.
393. She'd seen how hungry he was last night.
394. The last time I did it, I robbed him of a few prisoners he didn't want to lose.
395. Another thought occurred to her as she thought about Katie, the half-demon's mate she met when last at the fortress.
396. There were no advantages with Darkyn and she was the last person on the planet who would try to seduce anyone, especially a demon.
397. Deidre moved towards it, recalling the last time she'd crossed through it.
398. He was yielding now, as he'd been last night.
399. Deidre tipped the vial to tap the last of the liquid out and glanced up at Wynn.
400. "Instead of making my last days happy, you decided to make me miserable in the hopes you could find a solution," she said.
401. "You know what you're asking me to do?" she said at last.
402. "I might need some time for that," Deidre responded at last.
403. The truth of his words made her last meager attempt at resistance melt.
404. She was the last to lose hope, and it was being forced to see how out of place she was in Gabriel's equation that finally broke her resolve.
405. Last time, the death dealer wasn't interested in her.
406. Renting your room is the last thought on our minds!
407. "Remember last winter?" she sniffed.
408. I wanted the dream to last.
409. I owe you some bucks from selling them dishes we bought at last week's moving sale.
410. I thought last night you said we were going to be honest.
411. The last of Bird Song's unfed guests arrived with a yawn.
412. He knew Cynthia wanted to update him on her talk with Martha, but both realized time was short as they planned to take Martha to dinner for her last night under Bird Song's wing.
413. Caleb—Dean couldn't recall his last name—and his family had been guests in Ouray early in June.
414. All four Dawkinses joined the showing, which grew to include a widow from Texas, an Illinois couple with a sixyear-old and a handholding pair of seventy-something's with different last names.
415. He turned on some music with weak intentions of continuing his sheriff reading but instead just sat there, finishing the last of the merlot.
416. Both remembered the last time they'd watched a guest meet with a stranger and the no-end-to trouble that followed.
417. Never mind there were only three hundred die-hard fans with nothing else to do in attendance for the end of the year outing of a last place team.
418. The last item on Dean's list of pleasurable activities was punching one if you want this and two if you want that buttons, then sitting on hold while listening to elevator music from some bureaucratic office.
419. We burned our bridges trying to get custody of Martha last winter.
420. The next-to-last thing Dean wanted was to have to look out for the safety of his stepfather—the last was going himself.
421. Dean figured Fred was making a last ditch effort for a dispensation from his public duty.
422. I wouldn't do it if we were the first but unfortunately, we won't be the last, either.
423. Let's just go back to the last marking.
424. I've been visiting the San Juans every summer now for the last twenty years.
425. When at last they arrived at the trail's end, Westlake parked, placed a rock behind his wheel, and held out his polka-dot umbrella.
426. To escape the smiling innkeeper role, he plodded barefoot out back to the small patio, fired up the barbeque, popped the cap on the first of the last three Fat Tire Ales and stretched out on Cynthia's chaise.
427. What should have been unfinished was the pie you had for last night's supper and all those Fat Tire Ales.
428. "You haven't seen Ginger, have you?" he asked as he sat in a chair next to the chaise and eyed Dean's last ale.
429. Dean hadn't even managed a last name for bitch-Jennifer, much less the details of Dawkins v. Dawkins.
430. It took five trips by the time the auction was finished and the last of the purchased junk was dumped at Bird Song.
431. His back was aching by the time he hauled the last chest to the patio behind the inn where the raiders could divvy the spoils.
432. It's Paul and Paulette who are bunking separately, at least last night.
433. I saw a sign back in Kansas last month.
434. I watched it last summer and that was enough.
435. Alice was a geranium Cynthia had lovingly rescued from certain death by frost last September when the rest of the couple's first-year garden succumbed to the advancing seasons.
436. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Josh, last name unknown, contact Miss Edith Plotke on 6th Street.
437. 'Reward for information leading to Josh, last name unknown, worked around Ouray this past year as a miner, foreman, or manager.
438. I couldn't find nothing on Josh without a last name, but Ed Plotke was in the phone book for six years between 1956 and 1962.
439. Cynthia was standing at her bureau for a last minute comb of her hair.
440. He smiled hesitantly, as if caught with the last piece of pie.
441. When Dean didn't introduce himself, Faust gave Jennifer what he meant as an "old boy" pat on her arm and added, "Checking out the property one last time?"
442. We based the age on when the ownership of the mine changed hands and when it was last worked.
443. The Lucky Pup has apparently been sealed up for the last forty years until someone—kids, we think—broke into the mine this spring.
444. Two hours remained before the last of the day's celebrations— the Jeep flare parade down the mountain, followed by a massive fireworks display—so after finishing supper, the Deans began playing catch up with Bird Song's chores.
445. The town was choked with visitors, some already staking out their spots with folding chairs to view the later festivities—the last hurrah of the holiday.
446. His eyes searched toward the spot where he'd last seen the white vehicle speeding downward.
447. He stumbled the last few steps onto the road and into a glare of lights and buzz of activity.
448. She poured the last of the liquor into her glass.
449. A woman at the last house up the road heard the crash.
450. The weapon hadn't been cleaned since it was last fired, but all six chambers contained bullets.
451. Fitzgerald listed a college degree, birth in Ouray, and nineteen years in law enforcement, the last eleven in administrative duty.
452. There was a serious accident last night and the sheriff's deputy was unable to raise help when she called from the mountains.
453. Billy Langstrom died last night with alcohol in his car.
454. Last night she risked her life climbing down a precipitous cliff in total darkness in an effort to save Billy Langstrom.
455. . .I took Mr. Dean's statement last night.
456. Claudia called for order as Fred's friends chatted with a pair of women in the last row, no doubt bringing the new arrivals up to speed.
457. We have time for one last question—directed to Mr. Dean.
458. Dean hadn't detailed the last evening's happenings to the pair.
459. I did a stupid thing last night.
460. While Dean had been at odds with the man since their first confrontation last January, it was Fitzgerald's venomous comments at the debate that led Dean to now believe him capable of almost anything.
461. "We have rippled floors," Dean said, just to get the last word in.
462. I don't know, but his gun has been fired since it was last cleaned.
463. He was plotting the rest of his hike last night.
464. Do you have a last name?
465. Charlie asked, mentioning the area's last major mining operation.
466. The last name is one of the things I'd like to know.
467. Do you know Josh's last name?
468. I'm gonna dig further on Monday but just the last name's a mighty strong coincidence, isn't it?
469. "Someone from the state picked Martha up last Saturday," Dean said tersely.
470. If something even more untoward than what the scene implied had actually occurred last evening, Dean would find himself squeezed between the proverbial rock and a hard place.
471. It was an abridged version, excluding any mention of last night's session at Lydia's apartment but detailing the missing bones and Dean's suspicion concerning Billy Langstrom's death.
472. That list has to be a lot smaller than who disappeared sometime between 1890 and last month.
473. Most queries were answered in monosyllables except the last, which Dean put off by explaining they'd discuss the bones at length in the morning.
474. There was a question of jurisdictions and when Weller volunteered that Martha was safe and comfortable at Bird Song where she'd spent the last six months, no one seemed to protest.
475. "Sorry about the quick exit last time," he said with no more concern than if he'd eaten the last breakfast roll—which he usually did.
476. You were the last person to talk to him.
477. The answers fell into place, one after another like a child's wooden puzzle, and even absent the last lingering block, the finished the picture was finally clear.
478. I remembered the flash light in the Jeep, from the last time.
479. Martha suggested an appropriate burial for the tiny remains she dubbed "Pinkie" and services were conducted in the back garden, next to Mrs. Lincoln's last winter mouse-victim.
480. "Very well," she said at last.
481. It will last for eternity.
482. Every second of your life will be worse than the last.
483. But you're not exactly the same woman I saw here last night.
484. "I am me," she said at last.
485. You didn't seem to mind me holding you for hours last night on the beach.
486. Last night you were ready to trust me.
487. The woman Gabriel touched today wasn't the one he touched last night.
488. The mating bond present last night formed anew the moment he healed her from the demon attack.
489. What did you do, Gabriel? she demanded at last, the fire flaring in her eyes once more.
490. You melted for me last night, he reminded her.
491. "Wynn is in Hell," she said at last.
492. The urge almost seemed stronger with her today than when he left her last night.
493. Disliking the thought, he did what he should've done last night.
494. Deidre struggled to recall what happened, when human-Deidre had last seen Andre.
495. When we were on the beach last, you challenged me to win you over.
496. Dropping the last few feet to the ground, she regained her balance.
497. "Sometimes, you have to let go of shit that happened in the past," Rhyn said at last.
498. It was a far cry from the woman who ran away screaming from the soul she accidentally touched last week or the goddess who would've commanded him rather than risk getting her hands dirty.
499. His one-night stand last week made him appreciate what it was to have a lover who was as infatuated by his body as he was hers.
500. Emails purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden were circulating in Ukraine last year at the same time that Rudy Giuliani was searching for dirt on Joe Biden.
501. Romelu Lukaku scored twice, including a last-gasp equaliser, to rescue a 2-2 draw for Inter Milan in their Champions League opener against Borussia Moenchengladbach on Wednesday.
502. Disney’s first trailer for Raya and the last Dragon has dropped. The trailer gives viewers the first big look at Raya (pronounced Ri-ya), part warrior, part princess who sets out on a quest to find ...
503. WASHINGTON — Any Americans still on the fence — and who haven't been among the hordes of early voters — will have one final chance to hear from President Donald Trump and Joe Biden in their last ...
504. During the entirety of last winter, just 0.6 inches of snow coated the Washington region, the third least amount on record. During the upcoming winter, it’s not going out on a limb to predict we will ...
505. New jobless claims likely remained stubbornly high again last week as hundreds of thousands of more Americans were put out of work during the ongoing pandemic. The U.S. Department of Labor is set to ...
506. The first official trailer for “Raya and the last Dragon” is here, and it gives an action-packed look at Disney’s latest animated adventure. Released on Wednesday morning, the ...
507. last sentence examples. last. Toward what place was the eagle flying when you last saw it? 125. 52. I hope not the way they did the last time. 121. 52. Their last name is Anderson. 105. 25. These happy days did not last long. 80. 29. At last the day came for the ship to sail. 49. 49.
508. How to use last in a sentence. The last list of example sentences with last.
509. last in a sentence. Flowers do not last long, but in their short stay they bring forth mirth and joy to the lives of human beings. We can make an idea last longer by getting it printed and getting copies of it. The last act of the play is about to begin. last year I went to see the Baisakhi fair with my friends.
510. 300+31 sentence examples: 1. They that live longest must die at last. 2. Long looked for comes at last. 3. The snail slides up the tower at last though the swallow mounteth it sooner. 4. He managed to squeeze through the crowd at last. 5. At last I w
511. The last sentence of your paper may feel like the hardest one to write, but it doesn’t have to be. You can write a great conclusion that makes your reader think by choosing an appropriate and thought-provoking way to end your paper. Then, revise your sentence to make sure it fits with the rest of your paper.
512. Sample last Sentences of Essays. First paragraph: ” Death of the Right Fielder,” by Stuart Dybek, is a short story about a group of kids who venture into the right field of their local baseball pitch to find the body of a missing player. The story uses the sport and its unpopular position to frame a social critique, crafting a surreal and bleak tone that conveys themes of death and
513. At-last sentence examples "I'll do my best," she said at last. 12. 1 "It seemed right," she said at last. 7. 2 "That's why everyone reacts funny to me," she managed at last. 4. 3 "I don't know," he said at last and flung himself into a chair, planting his hands against his forehead. 4. 4.
514. Many people write the last sentence of the letter in such a way that they can cover all the important points of the communication. On the other hand, some people make use of the last sentence in such a way that it can provide them an opportunity to give some instructions. Many times, call of action is also given in the closing sentence of a letter.
515. 125+6 sentence examples: 1. Redfern stunned the crowd with a last-minute goal. 2. A last-minute touchdown clinched the game for the Saints. 3. A last-minute blunder cost them the match. 4. There are always a few last-minute hitches at the dress rehea
516. Ending with aplomb, gratitude, and relevance is a great way to stick the landing on your cover letter, and the words and phrases you choose do make a difference.Your cover letter closing paragraph sets a tone for communication with a potential employer and may be the last thing they read from you before considering your resume.
517. Examples of how to use “last words” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs
518. The last sentence must give the final push to the letter’s recipient, so make sure that you come across as self-assured in the last sentence of your letter and the recipient gets a positive image of you. In addition, it’s always wise to stick to a standard or oft-used closing sentence when writing the letter, where you mention that you’d
519. 2111603 Love lasts.CK 1 2236751 Tom is last.CK 1 2248278 I'm the last.CK 1 2111468 That'll last.CK 1 313778 She came last.CK 1 3171745 Tom came last.CK 1 2257559 Tom will last.CK 1 2240708 We're the last.CK 1 2248952 It wouldn't last.CK 1 2248986 It'll never last.CK 1 37189 Tom arrived last.CK 1 2648658 Tom was the last.CK 1 3312593 We met last year.
520. English words and Examples of Usage use "at last" in a sentence Her wish was realized at last. The boy grew taller and taller, till at last he exceeded his father in height. The ship was afloat at last. They attained their purpose at last. The Labor Party's vote increased at last year's election. in two days hence, the King will be married, and
521. Examples of last in a sentence: 1. I dreamt of him last night. 2. It was the last time she should feed him. 3. The last of the rearguard reached camp about midnight.
522. How to use at last in a sentence Sentence Examples. It was tracked down at last and turned out to be a female, who on the last morning paid a visit to the flowering bushes beneath the balcony. The past few months have just been go, go, go and at last I'm getting the chance to kick back and relax.
523. The last Sentence. The final sentence is your last chance to send off the reader with your message. Captive readers have had to read your whole essay, like it or not, while non-captive readers have chosen to take the whole journey with you. Reward both kinds of readers with a sendoff that is well constructed and leaves a good impression.
524. Check out our closing paragraph examples, good ending sentences, and samples of great cover letter endings. Tools. Resume Builder Create a resume in 5 minutes. Get the job you want. At the last paragraph, her mouth drops open. She leans forward as she starts to read your resume. Clearly, you know how to end a cover letter.
525. "Last" She came last. Tom arrived last. I moved last month. I retired last year. I bought it last week. It frosted last night. It was hot last night. This is the last game. She was born last year. I slept well last night. It was her turn at last. Were you out last night? He came back last August. He missed the last train. What happened last night? Did you go out last night? I cooked supper
526. Finally, at last, lastly or in the end? - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary
527. Sentence Examples It was getting towards the end of the day and I was yacking to a cocky on the last call . Long past last call , the two finally wander off out the door, only to have a third wheel catch up to them outside the club.
528. Examples of lastly in a sentence: 1. And lastly he attended a supper and made a speech. 2. On the willow branches they lay grass and lastly clay. 3. He was afterward prior of Masinglo, and lastly of Dinai.
529. High quality example sentences with “the last sentence” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
530. The last straw. Meaning | Synonyms. to be the last in a sequence of unpleasant things; to be the last tolerable thing after which something cannot be accepted; Example Sentences. The last straw in their relationship was when he physically abused her. She walked out after that. I am not going to wait for the last straw like you always do. I will
531. Find our useful writing tips on how to end a personal statement. This document can be written for a university, school, or any other place you want to apply to. It is important to create this document very carefully to make people notice your paper, and the last part plays a great role.
532. Conclude by linking the last paragraph to the first, perhaps by reiterating a word or phrase you used at the beginning. Conclude with a sentence composed mainly of one-syllable words. Simple language can help create an effect of understated drama.
533. Expository Essay Conclusion Examples Topic #5: Explain how to write an essay conclusion. Essay conclusions are pretty simple once you know the framework. It all boils down to three main parts: a transition from the last body paragraph, a summary of the thesis statement and main points of the essay, and a closing statement that wraps everything up.
534. But there is an idea behind it: last sentences are often as important or more important than the text they conclude: Just a last sentence can make you think and be a new start for new thoughts. - “And it shall be well with us both in this life and in the pilgrimage of a thousand years which we have been describing.”
535. last definition: You use last in expressions such as last Friday , last night , and last year to refer , | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
536. At last in a sentence - Use "at last" in a sentence 1. At last check 114 such children were available for permanent homes. 2. At last he had written a novel on his own terms. click for more sentences of at last
537. The last sentence of the paragraph was replaced [] by "In response to a question from the Chair on C-14 emissions from the waste management site, AECB staff indicated that monitoring undertaken by OPG will continue to track C-14 releases and results will be made publicly available.
538. The last part of the lesson shows examples of how you can start the first sentence and closing a letter or email. There is a example of what a formal letter should look like. Opening and closing letters and emails
539. English words and Examples of Usage use "in the last year " in a sentence There have been an alarming number of bankruptcies in this state in the last year, due to our declining economy. We're planning on renegotiating the mortgage on our house now that interest rates have come down considerably in the last year.
540. The closing paragraph of your cover letter must be one of the strongest elements because it is the last impression you leave in the reader’s mind. Here are five phrases to include in the final paragraph of your cover letter that will help you seal the deal for your next interview. Examples for How to End a Cover Letter 1.
541. The Secretariat pointed out that in the last sentence of this paragraph, as in the first [] sentence, the term "packer" should be used instead of "consignor", as according to the assignment of obligations in Chapter 1.4, inspection of the leakproofness of the closures and equipment was more the responsibility of the packer.
542. At last at long last definition: If you say that something has happened at last or at long last you mean it has happened | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
543. Translations in context of "the last sentence" in English-French from Reverso Context: the last sentence of paragraph
544. I don't know of a fixed rule to settle this matter but, for the sound of them, I would go with the first three examples, and I would discard the last three as wrongly worded. (some people claim exceptions are allowed when it's a very long sentence and all other choices are even worse). – Peter Shor May 18 '12 at 14:12.
545. High quality example sentences with “my last holiday” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English

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