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sumptuous, luxurious, luxuriant, lush, gorgeous, costly, opulent, grand, elaborate, splendid,

"Lavish" Example Sentences

1. Then again, maybe she would enjoy a more lavish lifestyle.
2. Never would she have guessed such a lavish home existed in these rustic mountains.
3. The treasury was exhausted by lavish expenditure on gladiatorial and wild beast combats and on the soldiery, and the property of the wealthy was confiscated.
4. By his luxurious habits and his lavish expenditure on public buildings he piled up a great accumulation of debt, which was partly discharged by the estates of the land in return for important concessions.
5. Carmen was more than satisfied with their home and what she called a lavish budget.
6. This big handsome galoot comes along and opens his lavish home to you.
7. This indicates that the custom of taking out these organs and wrapping them separately was already in vogue in the most lavish form of burial.
8. He was at all times addicted to lavish hospitality, and according to the testimony of contemporaries was too fond of burgundy.
9. Maybe Alex was no pretty boy, but he was certainly accustomed to more lavish surroundings.
10. The parliamentary recess had been effectually employed by the government in securing by lavish corruption a majority in favour of their policy.
11. He was a polished businessman who would be as disappointed in her rustic lifestyle as she would be with his lavish way of living.
12. Gregory's principal fault as a man of business was that he was inclined to be too lavish of his revenues.
13. Their chief men, he adds, were specially lavish through their desire of good report.
14. Having treated with, and received lavish promises from, both parties, he appears to have hoped for the dignity for himself; but when the election came he turned to the winning side and voted for Charles.
15. Instead of studying the general welfare, they wrung from exhausted states the largest possible revenue to support a lavish and ridiculous expenditure.
16. Under these rulers the rich kingdom was heavily taxed to supply the sinews of war and to support every kind of lavish expenditure.
17. Revenues were not realized adequate to its lavish undertakings, and loans were used to meet current expenses.
18. He celebrated his triumphs to the full with gorgeous fetes in his palace, especially with lavish theatrical representations.
19. Lavish expenditure followed and the government was soon anticipating its revenues by obtaining advances from guano consignees, usually on unfavourable terms, and then floating loans.
20. He was besieged for dedications, and as every dedication meant a present proportioned to the circumstances of the dedicatee, there was a natural temptation to be lavish of them.
21. The Poles had sought, by lavish promises, to draw them into their ranks; their reply was to rise in support of the Austrian government.
22. The caprices of Romaica, and the lavish extravagance of Motamid in his efforts to please her, form the subject of many stories.
23. The dining room was directly off the kitchen, which was also lavish.
24. The French feudal romance, Li Romans d'Alexandre, was written in the 12th century by [[hero, making him especially the type of lavish generosity.
25. A consolidation was effected in 1793, but the lavish issue of assignats destroyed whatever advantage might have accrued, and the debt was again dealt with by a law of the pth of Vendmiaire year VI: (27th of September 1797), the annual interest paid yearly to creditors then amounting to 40,216000 francs (~i,6oo,ooo).
26. His policy of living at peace with England and of arranging marriages between the members of the royal families of the two countries did not commend itself to the turbulent section of his nobles; his artistic tastes and lavish expenditure added to the discontent, and a rebellion broke out.
27. A similar series of works was projected and begun about the same time as that of Le Vaillant by Audebert and Vieillot, though the former, who was by profession a painter and illustrated the work, was already dead more than a year before the appearance of the two volumes, bearing date 2802, and entitled Oiseaux dores ou a reflets metalliques, the effect of the plates in which he sought to heighten by the lavish use of gilding.
28. After a cordial reception by their commander Omer or Omar Pasha, Ali was imprisoned; he was shortly afterwards assassinated, lest his lavish bribery of Turkish officials should restore him to favour, and bring disgrace on his captor (March 1851).
29. Unfortunately the fruits of his diligence and foresight were dissipated by the follies of his two immediate successors, Emerich (1196-1204) and Andrew II., who weakened the Ar royal power in attempting to win support by lavish grants of the crown domains on the already over-influential magnates, a policy from which dates the supremacy of the semi-savage Magyar oligarchs, that insolent and self-seeking class which would obey no superior and trampled ruthlessly on every inferior.
30. Scores of towns, too, owe their origin and enlargement to the care of the Angevin princes, who were lavish of privileges and charters, and saw to it that the high-roads were clear of robbers.
31. The reign of !Ethelred, which witnessed the greatest national humiliation and the greatest crime in English history, is also marked by the most lavish expressions of religious feeling and the most frequent appeals to morality.
32. John was forced to withdraw to Burgundy (August 1413), and the university of Paris and John Gerson once more censured Petit's propositions, which, but for the lavish bribes of money and wines offered by John to the prelates, would have been solemnly condemned at the council of Constance.
33. Edwy, to judge from the disproportionately large numbers of charters issued during his reign, seems to have been weakly lavish in the granting of privileges, and soon the chief men of Mercia and Northumbria were disgusted by his partiality for Wessex.
34. The viceroy of Egypt, Ismail Pasha, followed his suzerain's example in this respect, and was lavish in his bribes to his imperial overlord to obtain the extension of his own privileges and the establishment in Egypt of succession from father to son; these concessions were granted to him by the firmans of the 27th of May 1866 and the 8th of June 1867, in the latter of which the viceroy is addressed for the first time as " khedive."
35. The Buddhist style was probably even more ancient than the Chinese, for the scheme of coloring distinctive of the Buddhist picture was almost certainly of Indian origin; brilliant fi ddhi and decorative, and heightened by a lavish use of S~ t.
36. And lavish gifts from English suitors.
37. However, it does provide the lavish style some retirees desire.
38. These women spend their time getting plastic surgery and regular Botox treatments, shopping, dining out, and holding lavish parties.
39. Many of them aren't prepared for the financial hit they will take as a result of their lavish new homes.
40. These deputies succeeded in 795 and 796 in taking possession of the vast treasures of the Avars, which were distributed by the king with lavish generosity to churches, courtiers and friends.
41. He admonished the pope, appointed the bishops, watched over the morals and work of the clergy, and took an active part in the deliberations of church synods; he founded bishoprics and monasteries, was lavish in his gifts to ecclesiastical foundations, and chose bishops and abbots for administrative work.
42. That's not enough for most people to live a lavish lifestyle.
43. Fans of the show will be thrilled to visit places only mentioned in the series and new comers will be amazed at the diverse and lavish universe Whedon has created.
44. Had he inherited the fortune, and if not, what did he do in the woods that would support such a lavish lifestyle?
45. The rest of the movie is a lavish recitation of Max's search for revenge.
46. While other founder members, including Hubert Parson, became lavish spenders on an opulent lifestyle, Sum remained the epitome of normality.
47. If you want to stay within the United States, you can find lavish options in Florida, California, Arizona and other warm-weather states that offer a variety of options for people who enjoy playing golf and/or swimming year round.
48. Whether you opt for a lavish lifestyle abroad or close to home, find a reputable broker to help you learn what's available and what prices are reasonable in the region at that moment.
49. For example, the Mikado M3602, 2100 are prescription glasses that boast a B titanium frame, but because of its lavish, gold coloring, looks incredibly sophisticated and elegant.
50. These often outrageously styled glasses go hand in hand with everything else that Cavalli does; pushing the envelope of what is hip by adding risqué touches and lavish embellishments is what Cavalli has always done best.
51. Each park also offers a selection of rides and other attractions, including motion simulators, children's play areas, and lavish gardens, as well as arcades, souvenir shops, and a variety of dining options.
52. The hotel has more than 280 family-sized suites with a rustic theme, ranging from general suites to more lavish and heavily themed accommodations such as the Majestic Bear, loft, and whirlpool fireplace suites.
53. You have 80 days to gather up 300,000 gold coins, and if you achieve this goal, you will be granted entrance back to the lavish life.
54. In 1909, after indulging in the typical lavish high life not uncommon in Napa Valley, Chase, low on fortune, sold Stags' Leap.
55. If past breath holding spells have earned children lavish attention or enabled them to get their own way, the children may intentionally cause the spells to trigger an episode.
56. Some intensive treatments, such as lavish extensions, may be significantly more expensive and price quotes are only given after a thorough consultation with an experienced stylist.
57. Rather than invest in expensive lavish hair products and styling tools, you can improve the health and quality of your hair by understanding your hair's unique needs and your own personal desires.
58. When you look at the history of medieval hairstyles, braids, adornments and lavish updos were the norm.
59. In January 2006, People magazine published a photograph of Nicole sporting a lavish 3.5 carat diamond ring during a Boston shopping trip with Keith.
60. Heidi's line of clothing is appropriately named Lavish with sophisticated designs that certainly turn heads.
61. These suites may contain one or more of the following: lavish glass chandeliers, pianos, dining rooms, living rooms, and sleeping areas that will amaze even the most seasoned of travelers.
62. While lavish sundresses are easy to find, it may prove more difficult to dramatize those basic shorts-and-tops combos.
63. They were bathed in lavish colors, inspired by decades past and adorned with all manner of wild embellishments.
64. From lavish animal prints to sultry minks in neutral tones, there were plenty of looks to love on the runway.
65. Company culture: While some companies encourage lavish holiday celebrations, others take a more understated approach.
66. While Korean Christmas dinner is not as lavish of an affair as it is in the U.S., many Koreans use it as an opportunity to feast and visit with family.
67. The faithful celebrate the end of this fast by eating a feast complete with lavish dishes and rich desserts.
68. Beaudry designer rings are elegant and lavish, expressing not only romance and love but also the pure beauty and art of gemstones and fine metals.
69. This can range from a quiet dinner with a few of their closest friends to a lavish party with an extensive guest list.
70. When facing a long engagement the couple may decide to have a party and to celebrate their engagement in lavish style.
71. Victorian(1837-1901):Lavish, Celtic inspired, figural.
72. Solomon Brothers: The Solomon Brothers site has a variety of Everlon pieces that range from lavish to simply elegant styles.
73. Yet, the bezel setting also works for more lavish designs with accessory stones in the mounting.
74. Zales: Zales has a variety of lavish bezel set rings available.
75. The higher the family's social standing, the more lavish the ring.
76. Most importantly, they bear one of the most Internationally lavish and celebrated brand names to date.
77. The addition of embroidery adds a touch of lavish sophistication to an evening bag.
78. Just don't be too lavish or you'll offend his practical nature.
79. He's all heart, and he just gave it to you on a silver platter with a rose, a poem, a glass of champagne and many other equally elegant and lavish gifts.
80. He doesn't mind spending money on a lavish meal as long as you're grateful and show your appreciation for such artistry in food.
81. He'll move mountains to see that his children have what they need and, in many cases, will lavish them with material gifts.
82. This sun sign will lavish you with adoration and love as long as you reciprocate the same kind of intensity that he bestows.
83. Prior to that, everyone-including the recipients-knew who had won before they ever sat down to enjoy a lavish dinner.
84. You've probably seen enough major films to know that special effects can easily run the gamut from lame and hokey to lavish and over-the-top.
85. These elements married to create a lavish and quite elaborate piece of art.
86. Lavish: A shoe this special deserves its time in the spotlight.
87. Lavish befits a princess with its white satin upper and delicate white flower embellishment along the ankle.
88. Thoughtfully designed with intricate details, lavish materials and in silhouettes that are classic enough to be worn more than once, the shoes are part of the designer's more affordably priced Vera Wang Lavender label.
89. With designer bridal dresses running high into the thousands of dollars, not just any bridal shoe can match such lavish gowns.
90. He eventually conceded to fate, however, and the couple were married in a lavish ceremony before relocating to Chicago.
91. When they fell in love, they allowed themselves a more lavish ceremony.
92. Fairy tale weddings, lavish weddings, multiple weddings and weddings from hell are soap staples.
93. In 2009, Erica's daughter Bianca wed her lover Reese in a lavish ceremony.
94. Multiple fan websites have cropped up devoted to the actors, the character and the lavish fashions of the show itself.
95. Centuries later, wealthy families built their homes atop the hill with lavish gardens and magnificent views.
96. Eventually rich Romans built lavish houses in the narrow streets of Trastevere and the poor were relocated.
97. The lavish Fifth Avenue shopping district and Central Park are within feet of the hotel.
98. At dinner, the restaurant kicks into high gear by serving lavish French fare.
99. Today, you can get away from it all by taking lavish African safaris, opulent shopping sprees and high-flying adventures.
100. From silicone straps to an array of rose gold and faux tortoise cases, the watches listed below satisfy the desire for lavish luxury and flirty fun, but perhaps their greatest attraction is the durability and style built into each model.
101. These promises are often accompanied by a website filled with photos of luxury cars, people living lavish lifestyles, and fabricated testimonials from people telling how they were able to get rich fast.
102. These quilts include randomly shaped pieces of brightly colored fabrics decorated with lavish embroidery.
103. Forget about all those lavish layouts in glossy magazines.
104. This lavish setup accompanying the band's signature style leads many fans to believe The White Stripes will "save rock and roll".
105. It combines a ceremony with lavish, theatrical performances.
106. Planners for celebrity events and lavish weddings are often in high demand, and their personal connections are able to create flawless fantasy events.
107. Something that feels lavish or luxurious works well for this type of theme.
108. Platinum Weddings features stories of lavish and very expensive weddings complete with price lists of what items and services cost for such an event.
109. There are single men who want to start a meaningful relationship, gorgeous women who aren't afraid to don a bikini, lavish dates and heartbreaking eliminations.
110. While there are camera crews and staff on hand, it's hardly the lavish Hollywood lifestyle that many of them have grown accustomed to.
111. He earned $350,000,000 selling his first IT company, and a further $225,000,000 with his second.He lives a lavish lifestyle complete with cars, lavish homes, and elaborate vacations.
112. During the first season of the show, Giudice gained a reputation for lavish spending and over the top fashion, but her real defining moment came during the final episode of the first season.
113. Perhaps best remembered in the first season for the ridiculously lavish birthday party she threw for her four year old daughter, Taylor is affectionately dubbed "Fish Lips" as a result of her allegedly surgically enhanced lips.
114. A disastrous economy led to Todd Bruce losing the contracting company that had provided the blended family of nine with a lavish lifestyle.
115. Connolly's expertise is in lavish, large weddings where no expense or luxury is spared.
116. The admirable points are visual - TPM is one of the most visually stunning of the Star Wars movies, from the beautiful Naboo, to the underwater city, to the Queen of Naboo's lavish kimono-style wardrobe.
117. While The Road Warrior isn't much for dialog, it set the standard for lavish chases of bizarre vehicles.
118. In a great sermon on the 10th of April (Easter week) 1588, he stoutly vindicated the Protestantism of the Church of England against the Romanists, and, oddly enough, adduced "Mr Calvin" as a new writer, with lavish praise and affection.
119. Lavish expenditure during the progress of the council of Constance reduced Rudolph to poverty, and on the death in 1422 of his brother Albert III., who succeeded him in 1419, this branch of the Ascanian family became extinct.
120. By a lavish expenditure of money, and by his promptness in entering the country, he secured his election and coronation in September 1697, and his principal rival F.
121. The causes of their subsequent estrangement are obscure, but it was possibly due to the empress's lavish expenditure in charity and church building, which endeared her to ecclesiastics but was a serious drain on the imperial finances.
122. The embarrassed financial condition in which Gregory left the States of the Church makes it doubtful how far his lavish expenditure in architectural and engineering works, and his magnificent patronage of learning in the hands of Mai, Mezzofanti, Gaetano, Moroni and others, were for the real benefit of his subjects.
123. He made skilful use of Leopold's difficulties; and in 1692, in return for lavish promises of assistance to the Empire and the Habsburgs, the emperor granted him the rank and title of elector of Brunswick-Luneburg with the office of standardbearer in the Holy Roman Empire.
124. Then in 1395 he went to take up the government of his duchy; thanks chiefly to his lavish expenditure his administration was not unsuccessful, but the Gascons had from the first objected to government except by the crown, and secured his recall within less than a year.
125. The great majority of the people were excluded as Roman Catholics from the franchise; two-thirds of the members of the House of Commons were returned by small boroughs at the absolute disposal of single patrons, whose support was bought by a lavish distribution of peerages and pensions.
126. In the legislature, like the other representatives of that county, who were called the "Long Nine," because of their stature, he worked for internal improvements, for which lavish appropriations were made, and for the division of Sangamon county and the choice of Springfield as the state capital, instead of Vandalia.
127. With the conversion of the Saxons the whole German race became nominally C~iristian; and their ruler was lavish in granting lands and privileges to prelates, and untiring in founding bishoprics, monasteries and schools.
128. At the diet of Spires in 1544 Charles purchased military assistance from the Protestants by making lavish promises to them.
129. The Mission archeologique fran4aise au Caire, established as a school by the French government in 1881, was re-organized in 1901 on a lavish scale under the title Institut francais darchologie orientale du Caire, and domiciled with printing-press and library in a fine building near the museum.
130. In proportion as the prosperity of the land increased, and the advance of civilization afforded the technical means, so did these primitive burials give place to a more lavish funereal equipment.
131. The disgrace that fell in consequence on his superior, Ali escaped by the use of lavish bribes at Constantinople.
132. Chroniclers lavish on him the titles of "archipirata," "vir flagitiosissimus et nequissimus," and poets made him an associate of the devil.
133. I increase your pensions with 100 dirhems; make now your preparations, for I am the lavish shedder of blood 2 and the avenger of blood."
134. In Italy, where titles of nobility give no precedence at court, that of duke (duca) has lost nearly all even of its social significance owing to lavish creations by the popes and minor sovereigns, and to the fact that the title often passes by purchase with a particular estate.
135. In 1824 the Real del Monte mines were sold to an English company and became the centre of a remarkable mining speculation - the company ruining itself with lavish expenditures and discontinuing work in 1848.
136. The more modern of the two was built by two brothers, rich merchants, between the years 1197 and 1247, and for delicacy of carving and minute beauty of detail stands almost unrivalled, even in this land of patient and lavish labour.
137. Still more energetic on the other side, the Russian minister, Ivan Osterman, became the treasurer as well as the counsellor of the Caps, and scattered the largesse of the Russian empress with a lavish hand; and so lost to all feeling of patriotism were the Caps that they openly threatened all who ventured to vote against them with the Muscovite vengeance, and fixed Norrkoping, instead of Stockholm, as the place of meeting for the Riksdag as being more accessible to the Russian fleet.
138. Roman emperors vied with wealthy natives in lavish gifts, one Vibius Salutaris among the latter presenting a quantity of gold and silver images to be carried annually in procession.
139. Were renewed, and extended on so lavish a scale that the Braganza estates alone comprised about a third of the whole kingdom.
140. The agents of the " New Christians " in Rome long contrived, by lavish bribery and with the support of many enlightened Portuguese, to delay the preliminary negotiations; but in 1536 the Holy Office was established in Lisbon, where the first auto-da fe was held in 1540, and in 1560 its operations were extended to India.
141. The Americans were hospitably received; the immigrants, even Protestant clergymen, enjoyed by official goodwill complete religious toleration; and after about 1796 lavish land grants to Americans were made by the authorities, who wished to strengthen the colony against anticipated attacks by the British, from Canada.
142. The Bondsmen were more lavish than their opponents in their promises to the natives and even invited a Kaffir journalist (who declined) to stand for a seat in the Assembly.
143. The lavish amount does not seem as high when you consider how long it will last.Plus size clothing manufacturers realize that curvy women often need quality clothing, too.
144. Many seniors would love to experience lavish retirement living, but it takes planning and research.
145. If you are interested in a lavish lifestyle after you retire, it is important that you define what that means to you.
146. When it comes to lavish retirement living, some seniors settle for being able to kick back and relax while someone else takes care of maintenance issues and lawn care.
147. If you find yourself among the seniors experiencing dwindling retirement funds due to the current economic climate, you have a couple of choices if you plan on a lavish lifestyle in retirement.
148. Your first choice is to retire later and keep saving and investing for now, or you can retire but enjoy your lavish retirement overseas where your money goes a little further.
149. The finish is long and the rich fruit is quite lavish.
150. All this lavish condemnation rests on a complete misconception of the case.
151. The lavish grants of Stephen had made an end of the old authority which the Conqueror and Henry 1.
152. Those members who stood out were, indeed, bought by a lavish distribution of money and coronets; but the advantages to Ireland which might reasonably be expected from the Union were many and obvious; and if all the promises held out by the promoters of the measure have even now not been realized, the fault is not theirs.
153. His large schemes and lavish expenditure alarmed however the parsimonious directors of the West India company, but John Maurice refused to retain his post unless he was given a free hand, and he returned to Europe in July 1644.
154. In 1780 he was elected to the House of Commons for his native town, his success being due to his personal popularity and his lavish expenditure.
155. At work, he combined a certain easy good-nature ~ which inspired confidence, and though stingy in spending money on himself, he could be lavish in buying men either dangerous or likely to be useful.
156. Grouped together on the council of affairs, they managed to control the policy of the common council, with its too mixed and too independent membership. They successfully strove to separate the grandeur and superexcellence of the king from the rest of the nation; to isolate the nobility amid the seductions of a court lavish in promises of favor and high office; and to win over the bourgeoisie by the buying and selling and afterwards by the hereditary transmission of offices.
157. Effected by a lavish use of fraud cowed it only for a time.
158. Cursor treated his soldiers with such harshness that they allowed themselves to be defeated; but after he had regained their good-will by more lenient treatment and lavish promises of booty, they fought with enthusiasm and gained a complete victory.
159. In August 1220 Frederick set out for Italy, and was crowned emperor at Rome on the 22nd of November 1220; after which he repeated the undertaking he had entered into at Aix la Chapelle in 1215 to go on crusade, and made lavish promises to the Church.
160. The Catholic bond of marriage has become stronger than the primitive Teutonic bond of kinship. Mistress now of the inexhaustible hoard of the Nibelungs, Kriemhild sought to win a following by lavish largesses; but this Hagen frustrated by seizing the treasure, with the consent of the kings, and sinking it in the Rhine, all taking an oath never to reveal its hidingplace, without the consent of the others, so long as they should live (Avent.
161. While other founder members, including Hubert Parson, became lavish spenders on an opulent lifestyle, some remained the epitome of normality.
162. The terrace is an ideal place for a lavish buffet breakfast or a pre-dinner aperitif.
163. No butler opened the door to her, no lavish banquets were given in her honor.
164. The stunning actress was cosying up to Jamie at the lavish bash.
165. Visitors can view the apartments, halls and terraces of the harem, and see the lavish royal bedchamber and Imperial Hall.
166. After the formalities players and guests were treated to a lavish buffet and the 2003 championships were open for business.
167. You are free to use the outside caterers of your choice, whether they bring in drinks, snacks or a lavish buffet supper.
168. She rallied hundreds of donors and helped organize a lavish ceremony.
169. The christening of Princess Elizabeth Princess Elizabeth was given a lavish christening but her father, King Henry did not attend.
170. Circulated in manuscript, it was reproduced on their return by Smith & Elder in a lavish facsimile edition.
171. With royal coffers at his disposal, Robert Vertue could ornament with a lavish hand.
172. Lavish gardens add bright tropical colors to the scene, a visual tapestry of rare beauty.
173. Cosseted, lavish environment of comfort and serenity.
174. The theater and the lavish costumes, surroundings and plays were the new form of entertainment and contributed to the decline of jousting.
175. Devout followers of Hinduism whose faith is embodied in their lavish temples.
176. He will also appear in the title role of Pepys, a lavish costume drama for the BBC.
177. Do lavish attention on the person, as the more earnest the attention given the more likely you will end up together.
178. The palace is richly embellished throughout with lavish stone carvings.
179. Solomon's Lavish Empire: For years critics considered the Bible's lavish descriptions of Solomon's empire to be greatly embellished.
180. Have, for example, all your business ventures borne lavish fruit too?
181. O, flowery be the paths they press; And ruddiest human fruitage bless Them with a lavish loveliness!
182. Pacha is always ultra glam and tonight was no different with lavish décor and dancers flamboyantly dressed in bondage style outfits.
183. You'll be enchanted by the magical beauty of these islands and captivated by the lavish hospitality of the Polynesians.
184. The Southern heart is too impulsive; Southern hospitality is too lavish with the stranger.
185. lavish a little love on mine.
186. lavish banquets were given in her honor.
187. lavish lifestyle for at least 4 years through drugs trafficking.
188. lavish palace.
189. lavish bash.
190. lavish costumes worn for Carnival.
191. M any rivals thought John James had been too lavish in fitting out a new shop.
192. Hindu weddings are often lavish affairs, the bride has had her skin rubbed with turmeric powder, this gives it a glowing quality.
193. It bestowed the honor of a very lavish triumph.
194. Finally he was so lavish with money as he became a frequent, valuable customer of geisha houses.
195. Budget details Food - £ 45 per week for a single person is a sensible but not lavish budget.
196. In fact, an estate in the Russian countryside in 1904 was quite lavish.
197. They had been living a lavish lifestyle over a four year period principally funded from the proceeds of illegal drugs trafficking.
198. Go to the lavish bar at the Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park and drink martinis.
199. In later years even great architect Inigo Jones was employed to produce lavish sets accompanied by various mechanical devices for the Jacobean masques.
200. In the late 1750s the baroque style evolved into a rococo characterized by rich surface ornamentation in a lavish use of decorative motifs.
201. This all seems pretty pointless to me, just like a lavish menu system really.
202. Case Study A lavish wedding for 200 guests was held at a 16th century priory.
203. Churches became more profuse in decoration, better lit and more lavish in their proportions.
204. Quick-fire dialog, a pinch of cinéma verité, and a smattering of lavish camera work.
205. The wealth amassed at this time allowed the inhabitants to build lavish temples, most of which have withstood the ravages of time.
206. This he carried out with aplomb, traveling with a great retinue, his lavish style made an impression on the French.
207. Across the nation, shop windows are bedecked in seasonal finery, from a few subtle snowflakes to lavish animatronic displays.
208. Often squalid and slackly administered with lavish dietaries Kent's mixed workhouses did little to reduce the rates.
209. An hotel famous for its lavish style in an equally stylish location.
210. Each piece is not only a lavish work of art but also a powerful talisman and a source of positive energies.
211. Withstandlth amassed at this time allowed the inhabitants to build lavish temples, most of which have withstood the ravages of time.
212. In 74, by a lavish use of bribes, Verres secured the city praetorship, and, as a creature of Sulla, abused his authority to further the political ends of his party.
213. The whole peninsula may be described as one vast forest, intersected in every direction by countless streams and rivers which together form the most lavish water-system in the world.
214. In 93 he was elected praetor 'after a lavish squandering of money, and he delighted the populace with an exhibition of a hundred lions from Africa.
215. In the hands of the crown; and the personal example of lavish ostentation and loose morals which the cardinal-archbishop exhibited cannot have been without influence on the king, who grew to maturity under Wolsey's guidance.
216. All departmental expenses were to be submitted for the approval of the comptrollergeneral, a number of sinecures were suppressed, the holders of them being compensated, and the abuse of the" acquits au comptant "was attacked, while Turgot appealed personally to the king against the lavish giving of places and pensions.
217. The emperor Hadrian was the most lavish of all the benefactors of Athens.
218. These devotees lavish large sums in indiscriminate charity, and it is the hope of sharing in such pious distributions that brings together the concourse of religious mendicants from all quarters of the country.
219. 1420), another minister of Mahommed the Conqueror, Ottoman prose found its first exponent of ability; he left a religious treatise entitled Tazarru`at (Supplications), which, notwithstanding a too lavish employment of the resources of Persian rhetoric, is as remarkable for its clear and lucid style as for the beauty of many of the thoughts it contains.
220. As a race the Polynesians are somewhat apathetic. An enervating climate and lavish natural resources incline them to lead easy lives.
221. He created their formal logic and contributed much that was of value to their psychology and epistemology; but in the main his work was to new-label and new-arrange in every department, and to lavish most care and attention on the least important parts - the logical terminology and the refutation of fallacies, or, as his opponents declared, the excogitation of fallacies which even he could not refute.
222. Add a large tablespoon of witty quick-fire dialog, a pinch of cinéma verité, and a smattering of lavish camera work.
223. Often squalid and slackly administered with lavish dietaries Kent 's mixed workhouses did little to reduce the rates.
224. The Mexican authorities even gave them a lavish reception at a swanky hotel.
225. Fedora Reviews John Lloyd Davies 's lavish verismo staging, in Bob Bailey 's elegant period design.
226. The Visa Black Card has an annual fee of only $495 (as of 2010); however, the services and amenities are not as lavish as those provided to Centurion cardholders.
227. Buy plush pillows and comforters, lavish throws and sheets.
228. Another color palette influenced by the lavish Victorian era, these rich, dark colors will add a classy, royal feel to your home.
229. Lavish Layers Champagne Gown: If you like to make an entrance, this light beige gown looks like something straight off a Paris fashion runway.
230. If you would like a lavish affair, plan to pull out all of the stops with the dress.
231. While they can be as simple as tea light candles arranged in a group of three or as lavish as a crystal wedding tree, they are necessary for taking a plain table and turning it into one fit for a wedding reception.
232. Bright colors and lavish decorations are hallmarks of an Indian wedding.
233. There is a huge range of wedding planning guide books available, from books about planning a wedding on a shoestring to books about planning lavish affairs.
234. Whether you opt for a stark, neutral invite or a more lavish style, you'll find it here.
235. Often, the guest list dictates budget and decisions, so paring down the list provides not only a more intimate wedding, but one that allows for a few lavish indulgences, too.
236. Though large, lavish weddings are often depicted as the norm in film and television programs, many couples opt to have small ceremonies.
237. Weddings, especially lavish affairs, can be intimidating and expensive.
238. Organic towels are often considered a lavish item because many people still view organics as exotic and pricey.
239. The show quickly became a favorite among young viewers, who loved Nick and Jessica's crazy antics and lavish lifestyle.
240. So, it's only natural that celebrities tend to choose large and lavish rings with unusual details.
241. From the sprawling property lines to the lavish interior décor, these houses all look perfect inside and out.
242. The family has also been criticized for using their kids to make money and for accepting donations and handouts to pay for everything from diapers and groceries to lavish vacations.
243. The Simple Life took Hilton and Richie, who were well-known for their lavish spending on clothing, nightclubs and luxuries and placed them far from their comfort zones.
244. This event is a lavish and formal affair, with celebrities donning their best designer duds and walking the red carpet.
245. The 2000 Academy Award nominees included blockbuster films and celebrated actors, directors, and screenwriters who were all honored in traditional style at the lavish ceremony, held on March 25, 2001.
246. While a lavish lifestyle certainly took a toll on M.C.
247. One of the events tourists in Hawaii can enjoy is a lavish meal aboard the Star Honolulu sunset dinner cruise.
248. The company's most lavish sunset cruise features a seven-course French inspired menu served at your own private table which includes unobstructed views of the Hawaiian sunset.
249. Days at sea: Carnival cruise ships feature a host of lavish onboard amenities and accommodations.
250. The company offers a variety of all- inclusive getaways taking passengers to lavish resorts around the world.
251. Lavish designs may incorporate smaller accessory stones or two-toned metal.
252. No public explanation has been offered for lavishing special benefits on these four favoured provinces rather than neighbouring and equally underdeveloped provinces.
253. All these themes appear to justify the vast amounts of attention lavished on her.
254. He showed a marked interest in what was then generally known as the novum opus, lavishing privileges and favours upon it.
255. Being free from family responsibilities, he came to regard his flock as his children and lavished his love and care upon them instead.
256. Details of background, opinions, foibles, are lavished on him as on nobody else.
257. Despite all the attention lavished upon the equilibrium double layer, no generally valid theory has been produced.
258. Could he not take heart from the love his family lavished on him and recover his old self?
259. Overall, then, the poet has lavished considerable labour on this passage, adorning the gift-giving ceremony with both litotes and direct commentary.
260. If he were to prove recalcitrant, while at the same time lavishing funds on his own residence, he might well be accused of selfishness or of unseemly luxury.
261. Once again most of the architectural attention is lavished on the link block, with a big circular reception desk and an answering semi-circular waiting bay projecting into the garden.
262. He was the most outstanding in his lavish adornment and offerings.
263. Why then lavish such attention on a missing two and a quarter minutes when all historical narratives omit days, months, years, even centuries?
264. Their research has been biased towards royal ceremonies and the most lavish religious festivals.
265. Staging by professional actor-managers became lavish as scenery, costumes, and musical style were coordinated for spectacular effects.
266. The praise which is by custom lavished upon the opener and seconder is therefore never insincere and practically never undeserved.
267. Then it lavishes waves of creative talent on that idea.
268. The rich have had tax cuts lavished on them, and the poor have been cruelly robbed.
269. Much praise has been lavished to-night on the miners.
270. They get some of the protection that was formerly lavished only on their smart and fashionable compatriots.
271. As for the rest, allow me to put a damper on the barrage of praise that the majority of my colleagues have lavished on you.
272. Now, a brilliant season, if it means anything, means that money is to be lavished about to a greater degree than ever before.
273. I think if money were lavished now upon research, it would be money well spent.
274. As everybody knows, there has been a library of literature lavished on us by the two television associations with almost identical names.
275. A great deal of praise has been lavished on the cross-benchers.
276. We have lavished resources, playing fields, buildings, all sorts of specialist equipment on those whom we identified as being the "grammar type".
277. He is lavishing enormous care on the building.
278. The council has lavished money on expensive and complex newbuild schemes, without devoting proper attention to ensuring that they are adequately supervised.
279. I can appreciate that there are those who feel that by lavishing more and more money on a service it will be improved immensely.
280. There should be some kind of disincentive for the vast amounts of packaging materials which are lavished on so many products nowadays.
281. Upon his death, the press rightly lavished much praise upon him.
282. Money is being lavished on luxuries to a perfectly appalling extent.
283. We have had encomiums lavished, and quite rightly, on the work of most, if not the majority of local war pensions committees.
284. When we consider the effort that has been lavished, wisely.
285. With the election safely over, funding for public services stood still and billions of pounds were lavished on the income tax cuts of 1988.
286. I could suggest economies in directions where money is lavished and where disablement might well be a consequence of that extravagance.
287. Why has he gone back on the praise which he lavished on it during the election campaign?
288. Dual carriageways have been lavished on other counties.
289. Does he suggest that potentially hundreds of millions and billions of pounds are lavished in that way?
290. The problem of drug addiction is equally difficult and requires much more expertise than has yet been lavished upon it.
291. We created student services for health, sport, careers, and lavished funds on the student unions, and all students of course got grants.
292. I think we have too frequently lavished nearly the whole of our commiseration upon the offenders during the term of their imprisonment.
293. An enormous amount of ingenuity, effort and initiative has been lavished on homes in a desire to make improvements.
294. Indeed, it forms the basis of much of the praise that has been lavished on that institution.
295. As has rightly been explained, they have lavished a great deal of subsidy on their film industry, with the consent of the taxpayer.
296. Not nearly so much care and attention will be lavished on the horse bound for the meat man.
297. In addition, precious unrepeatable resources are lavished on such armaments.
298. Pancras site, which has had £511 million lavished on it.
299. The bulk of the voters believed the promises which were lavished upon them.
300. Where is that new capital that is to be lavished upon the mines to come from?
301. There is much more labour and material lavished on the present-day house.
302. They established vast organisations, superbly run, to give our fighting men a brief rest from their labours, and they lavished upon them kindness and hospitality.
303. There is widespread resentment that money should continue to be lavished in support of destruction.
304. The ingenuity that can be lavished on them is quite considerable.
305. I read in my newspapers of large amounts of money being lavished in all directions.
306. When money is being spent, there ought to be an evaluation of the projects upon which it is being lavished.
307. I have been enormously impressed by the great care that is lavished on the ponies by those who have to attend them and drive them in the mines.
308. We are not talking about lavishing resources on all the 6.8 million carers, who include large numbers of carers who might more appropriately be termed informal helpers.
309. Then there is lavished on them all possible skill and human anxiety; they are given a good environment of fresh air, good food, plenty of milk, nourishment and medicine.
310. She lavishes love upon the child.
311. On a smaller scale, that breaks down almost as important a binary line as that between universities and polytechnics, on which much more attention has been lavished.
312. I do not believe that that is obviously or intrinsically a wrong decision, a silly decision, or any of the epithets that have been lavished upon it.
313. Our defence forces apparently are in a state of dilapidation, in spite of the vast expenditure that has been lavished upon them in the last 10 years.
314. We have lavished money on local authorities.
315. One need only visit a council estate to see the way in which people who have invested in their own future have lavished time and money on their accommodation.
316. Praise was lavished on various government agencies.
317. As individuals, these consumers constructed rich domestic interiors that boasted impressive print collections, lavish wardrobes and surprisingly comprehensive libraries.
318. Despite all the pampering lavished upon him, and torn by the family feud, he grew up lonely and withdrawn.
319. She lavishes him with attention and presumably makes love to him.
320. Over the course of time she uncovers the fact that her husband is a rake and a libertine, lavishing his wealth on gambling and mistresses.
321. After the group finished, the two members introduced themselves and lavished praise on the group.
322. Upon these burses much ornamentation is lavished, and this has been the case since medieval times, as many existing examples survive to show.
323. As usual, the theatre has lavished a lot of wealth and talent on this hokum.
324. They lavished her with jewelries and expensive clothes.
325. The woman doted on the turtle and lavished care on it.
326. They provide a different perspective than the many newspaper reports of the time describing lavish dinners for tenants on rent day.
327. She testified that he paid $15,000 to her attorneys and lavished gifts on her during their brief engagement in 1959.
328. From the minute of her birth, expensive gifts were lavished upon her.
329. At this time, she was lavished with expensive gifts by admirers, and had a number of celebrity friends.
330. Only later does the musical material shed itself of any vocal connotations, becoming the warp and weft of a lavish orchestral score.
331. She lavished gold and silver on the monastery.
332. She also expresses gratefulness for him lavishing her with affection.
333. On his officers, he lavished largesse amounting to no less than one thousand or five hundred rupees in each case.
334. Money was lavished upon the decor and inventory, and the extra expenditure did not escape the ire of its critics.
335. Many gifts such as expensive clothing and an automobile to drive may be lavished upon him.
336. Where does fast and frugal cognition stop and where does slow and lavish cognition such as reasoning or problem solving begin?
337. Voters often resented the lack of lavish expenditure at election time.
338. The attentions of the most skilful physicians were lavished upon him, and his life was saved for the stroke of justice.
339. They were drawn up in considerable detail and proposed a lavish budget.
340. The original buildings took some time to finish; only the original gateway was lavished upon from the beginning.
341. Urban notables celebrated their success by building large and lavish town houses that bore witness to their standing.
342. He lavished vast sums on them and lauded them with every honour.
343. He is seated on a throne, expensive perfumes are lavished upon the chamber, and the ladies sing and dance for his pleasure.
344. We knew enough about family psychology to know that all those presents they lavished upon her were no substitute for presence.
345. A strongly technical approach is balanced by many real-world examples, with illustrative materials that are lavish and clear.
346. On this masterpiece of fascinating and magnificent eloquence, it is impossible to be lavish of praise.
347. The sensitivity she possesses and the loving care she lavishes on the most minute details of the music is nothing short of phenomenal.
348. Where this was the case, some sought to produce lavish and detailed plans that were comparable to those which commissioned planning consultants were producing.
349. Boardman also lavished production values on these annuals allowing more full-color painted artwork, more four-color comic stories, and more original material.
350. Many of them became sufficiently wealthy that they adopted the lifestyle of aristocrats, lavishing vast sums on great houses and splendid churches.
351. A lavish wedding at a $50 million mansion in Los Angeles is causing an uproar after local news helicopters captured the groom being hoisted off his feet by his buddies. There was barely a mask in ...
352. The Secret Garden is lavishly adapted for the fourth time on the big screen. Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic children's novel gets a twenty-first century visual effects makeover from the steady hand ...
353. New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking to disband the National Rifle Association over allegations that high-ranking executives diverted millions of dollars for lavish personal lifestyles.
354. lavish sentence examples. lavish. Then again, maybe she would enjoy a more lavish lifestyle. 389. 429. Never would she have guessed such a lavish home existed in these rustic mountains. 165. 83. The treasury was exhausted by lavish expenditure on gladiatorial and wild beast combats and on the soldiery, and the property of the wealthy was
355. Definition of lavish. luxurious or elegant. Examples of lavish in a sentence. Every room in the five-star hotel was filled with lavish furnishings. 🔊 Because I have lavish tastes, I work hard to earn a salary that allows me to buy fine things. 🔊 The lavish buffet items include filet mignon, shrimp cocktails, and five types of European
356. Examples of lavish in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: No public explanation has been offered for lavishing special benefits on these…
357. Examples of lavish parties in a sentence, how to use it. 14 examples: The defendant was found not guilty, but it is strange that the jurors should…
358. Sentence Examples Geneva had wanted a lavish one, filled with gifts and smiles, dance and music, and food that tasted of ambrosia. The lavish event was then rounded off nicely with quiet Tequila and Jagermeister nightcaps and jovial banter amongst the attendees.
359. Use "lavish" in a sentence. Her family is quite rich, so she was able to have a lavish wedding, followed by a huge reception. The ballet company is putting on a lavish production of Swan Lake to celebrate its tenth anniversary. We won a weekend in the lavish bridal suite of the most expensive hotel in the city.
360. lavish definition: The definition of lavish is very generous or abundant. (adjective) An example of lavish is a party that has an excess of food and drink.
361. lavish definition: If you describe something as lavish , you mean that it is very elaborate and impressive | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
362. 164+10 sentence examples: 1. He that regards not a penny, will lavish a pound. 2. They lived a very lavish lifestyle . 3. The film featured lavish costumes and spectacular sets. 4. He staged the most lavish productions of Mozart. 5. The evening was a
363. How to use lavished in a sentence. Example sentences with the word lavished. lavished example sentences.
364. Translations of the word lavish from english to finnish and examples of the use of "LAVISH" in a sentence with their translations: So she plans this lavish suicide.
365. English words and Examples of Usage use "lavish" in a sentence In some Chinese mythology, Hell Bank Notes are sent by living relatives to dead ancestors as a tribute to the king Yanluo for a shorter stay or to escape punishment, or for the ancestors to use themselves in spending on lavish items in the afterlife.
366. 164+10 sentence examples: 1. Do they always entertain on such a lavish scale? 2. He was always lavish in his praise of my efforts. 3. In Bali a cremation is a festive occasion, lavish and expensive. 4. The lavish party is still talked about today. 5.
367. Examples of lavish in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: No public explanation has been offered for lavishing special benefits on these four favoured provinces rather than neighbouring and equally underdeveloped provinces. - All these themes appear to justify the vast amounts of attention lavished on her.
368. lavish used in sentence example & words in English. Examples of lavish in a sen. Every room in the five-star hotel was filled with lavish furnishings. . Because I have lavish tastes, I work hard to earn a salary that allows me to buy fine things. . The lavish buffet items include filet mignon, shrimp cocktails, and five types of
369. English words and Examples of Usage use "lavish" in a sentence He was suspended after wasting church money on his lavish residence. There’s more at stake than just the size of their trailer and other lavish perks. Most of the biggest and most lavish ones where constructed in the 17th century.
370. 1. Then again, maybe she would enjoy a more lavish lifestyle.: 2. Never would she have guessed such a lavish home existed in these rustic mountains.: 3. The treasury was exhausted by lavish expenditure on gladiatorial and wild beast combats and on the soldiery, and the property of the wealthy was confiscated.: 4. By his luxurious habits and his lavish expenditure on public buildings he piled
371. Sentence examples. English; Espanol; Italiano; Deutsche; Portuguese; Francais; Russkiy; Use "lavish" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. lavish in a sentence. Lavish; But it is not a lavish office. This certainly was a lavish home. Loken shrugged at the lavish room.
372. lavish definition is - expending or bestowing profusely : prodigal. How to use lavish in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of lavish.
373. Translations of the phrase A lavish FUNERAL from english to italian and examples of the use of "A lavish FUNERAL" in a sentence with their translations: I do not want a lavish funeral .
374. Definition and high quality example sentences with “lavish” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts several options are on the table
375. How to use lavish in a sentence. The lavish list of example sentences with lavish. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "A liar is always lavish of oaths" Pierre Corneille "Of course the costumes and sets are lush and lavish" "There are some who fear that lavish praise equates flattery" "A lavish five-course banquet"
376. Synonyms for lavish at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for lavish.
377. Sentence examples with the word lavish. Definition of lavish. Examples of lavish in a sentence *** As consumers, they lavish money in their free time, buying DVDs, furniture and homemade food. *** However, even in a country as extravagant as North Korea, it would be strange to organize a lavish meeting of the main party hackers without any reason.
378. lavish definition, expended, bestowed, or occurring in profusion: lavish spending. See more.
379. lavish definition: If you describe something as lavish , you mean that it is very elaborate and impressive | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Examples of 'lavish' in a sentence lavish. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
380. High quality example sentences with “lavish pension” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts several options are on the table. Translate
381. Sentence Examples for lavish. Every room in the five-star hotel was filled with lavish furnishings. How to use lavish in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of lavish.
382. Examples of lavish in a sentence. Every room in the five-star hotel was filled with lavish furnishings. 🔊 Because I have lavish tastes, I work hard to earn a salary that allows me to buy fine things. 🔊 The lavish buffet items include filet mignon, shrimp cocktails, and five types of European
383. Examples of lavished in a sentence: 1. Money has been lavished on this building. 2. We lavished everything on her. 3. Volumes of eulogiums have been lavished upon her!
384. The event was considered one of the most lavish of the season.; Ingleby had undoubtedly been the most lavish of entertainers.; The most lavish of federal subsidies rewards Republican real estate, treating the wide open spaces generously.; Most lavish of all in its indictment of government, however, is " The Rock ."; The most lavish of the five costumes was a pink taffeta cape and coat
385. Sentence Examples He was a godfather to a dozen kids, and lavished them all with expensive gifts. With his own lips he proclaimed the rewards to be lavished upon the restorers of the dynasty.
386. Characterized by or produced with extravagance and profusion: a lavish buffet. See Synonyms at profuse. 2. Immoderate in giving or bestowing; unstinting: The critics were lavish with their praise. 3. Expending or bestowing profusely . 4. Expended or produced in abundance. 5. Marked by profusion or excess.
387. This video examines #lavish as an #adjective. Here, 11 adjectives, which have meanings similar to that of lavish in standard English, are introduced through sentence examples. These #synonyms help
388. Ordos is known for its lavish government projects, including the new Ordos City, a large city with abundant infrastructure, seldom used by residents and frequently described as a "ghost city". With volumes such as these, backed by lavish Soviet and Chinese aid, and thorough organization, PAVN persevered until final victory.
389. Meaning and examples for 'lavish' in Spanish-English dictionary. √ 100% FREE. √ Over 1,500,000 translations. √ Fast and Easy to use.
390. This video examines #lavish as an #adjective with the meaning of "sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious." 10 adjectives, which have meanings similar to that of lavish in standard English are
391. Definition of lavish (verb): give someone a lot of something. Definition and synonyms of lavish from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of lavish.View American English definition of lavish.. Change your default dictionary to American English.
392. lavish in a sentence - Use "lavish" in a sentence 1. The lavish parties and unbridled corporate sponsorships now are only memories. 2. But his own gifts to friends were frequent and often lavish. click for more sentences of lavish
393. 1. He borrows money right and left and lavishes it upon beggars. 🔊 How to use lavishes in a Sentence? 1. 27. Sentence Examples for lavish. Every room in the five-star hotel was filled with lavish furnishings. How to use lavish in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of lavish. 28. Use lavish in a sentence. How to use the word : 2.
394. Translate lavish into Spanish. Find words for lavish in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir lavish de Inglés a español.
395. lavish in a sentence. December 3, 2016 . use lavish in a sentence lavish; 1. [adjective] Very costly, generous; We won a weekend in the lavish bridal suite of the most expensive hotel in the city. The lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous are always popular topics for discussion in certain types of magazines. 2
396. lavish means "generous and extravagant" as an adjective and "to give generously" as a verb. If you don't like it when people lavish you with attention, you might appreciate a lavish spread of excellent food instead.

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