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"Memorial" Example Sentences

1. What a way to start a Memorial Day weekend.
2. They're going to hold a memorial service for Byrne at the Catholic Church.
3. Opposite the barracks is the memorial to the officers and men of the Royal Artillery who fell in the Crimean War, a bronze figure of Victory cast out of cannon captured in the Crimea.
4. People at the memorial service had contradictory stories and when Howie pressed them, no one seemed to have any real facts.
5. Her mother was to arrive the next day and stay through the memorial service on the following Wednesday.
6. So why was he at the Byrne memorial service?
7. Other prominent structures are the U.S. government and the judiciary buildings, the latter connected with the capitol by a stone terrace, the city hall, the county court house, the union station, the board of trade, the soldiers' memorial hall (with a seating capacity of about 4500), and several office buildings.
8. Nevertheless the Memorial is of great interest - e.g.
9. Nothing was said until we settled on a bench near the circular band stand, beneath the obligatory memorial statue.
10. Many of these marbles contain memorial inscriptions relating to the English residents (voluntary and involuntary) of Algiers from the time of John Tipton, British consul in 1580.
11. "I guess we'll be having the Memorial Service on Tuesday after all," she said.
12. Dohm to publish in 1781 his epoch-making work, On the Civil Amelioration of the Condition of the Jews, a memorial which played a great part in the triumph of tolerance.
13. A memorial in Church Square commemorates the Franklin expedition to the discovery of the North-West Passage, and in particular Captain Francis Crozier, who was born at Banbridge in 1796 and served on the expedition.
14. This aunt I never met... or maybe I did but don't know it... she thinks I'm like practically a priest and she wants me to do all this stuff at the memorial service, for our side of the family!
15. The memorial stands by the river above the church, and above again lie the Bancroft or Bank croft gardens where, in.
16. His blue mood following the memorial service dissipated with the passing days and he remained in fair spirits.
17. "Memorial service," Dean corrected him.
18. But the most remarkable memorial of the middle ages that exists in all this district is the monastery of Sumelas, which is situated about 25 m.
19. Just south of the city is Kemper Hall, a Protestant Episcopal school for girls, under the charge of the Sisters of St Mary, opened in 1870 as a memorial to Jackson Kemper (1789-1870), the first missionary bishop (1835-1859), and the first bishop of Wisconsin (1854-1870) of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
20. Things are a little hectic around here planning for the memorial service next week.
21. Memorial Hall was built in memory of the soldiers from Lee who died during the Civil War.
22. Of course you have read about the "Gordon Memorial College," which the English people are to erect at Khartoum.
23. They're holding a memorial service for Jeffrey Byrne next week.
24. She asked if I thought Martha would fly out for the funeral or memorial service.
25. But the open space where is now a memorial fountain was the Rother market, and Rother Street preserves its name.
26. That was a nice touch sending old Arthur to the memorial service to repre­sent the firm.
27. Agnes (Catholic), Euclid Avenue Temple (Jewish), and the Amasa Stone memorial chapel of Adelbert College.
28. In 1869 the Old and New Schools in the North combined on the basis of the common standards; to commemorate the union a memorial fund was raised which amounted in 1871 to $7,607,492.
29. The city's charitable institutions include the Memorial (1903), Virginia Sheltering Arms (1889) and St Luke's hospitals, the Retreat for the Sick (1877), the Eye, Nose, Ear and Throat Infirmary (1880), the Confederate Soldiers' Home (1884), supported jointly by the state and the city, a Home for Needy Confederate Women (1900), the City Almshouse and Hospital, and several orphanages and homes for the aged.
30. Evidence of the intense interest taken by American visitors in Stratford is seen in the memorial fountain and clock-tower presented in 1887, and in a window in the church illustrating scenes from the Incarnation and containing figures from English and American history.
31. Stanton, and a beautiful memorial arch (with sculpture by H.
32. The Royal Society awarded him the Copley medal in 5892, and selected him as Croonian lecturer in the following year, his subject being the position of pathology among the biological sciences; and in 1898 he delivered the second Huxley memorial lecture at Charing Cross Hospital.
33. The churches of Dethic, Wirksworth and Chesterfield are typical of the Perpendicular period; that of Wirksworth contains noteworthy memorial chapels, monuments and brasses, and that of Chesterfield is celebrated for its crooked spire.
34. Four years afterwards he made his first appearance as an author with an elegy called Fame's Memorial, or the Earl of Devonshire deceased, and dedicated to the widow of the earl (Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy, "coronized," to use Ford's expression, by King James in 1603 for his services in Ireland) - a lady who would have been no unfitting heroine for one of his own tragedies of lawless passion, the famous Penelope, formerly Lady Rich.
35. The principal modern monument to the poet's memory in Stratford is the Shakespeare Memorial, a semi-Gothic building of brick, stone and timber, erected in 1877 to contain a theatre, picture gallery and library.
36. And lxxix.; Memorial, or Brief for Cagliostro in the Cause of Card.
37. The Executive Mansion of the Confederate States of America, built in 1819, purchased by the city in 1862, and leased to the Confederate government and occupied by President Jefferson Davis in 1862-65, was acquired in 1890 by the Confederate Memorial Library Society, and is now a Confederate Museum with a room for each state of the Confederacy and a general library in the " Solid South " room; it has valuable historical papers, collected by the Southern Historical Society, and the society has published a Calendar of Confederate Papers (1908).
38. Fabian was martyred during the persecution under the emperor Decius, his death taking place on the 10th of January 250, and was buried in the catacomb of Calixtus, where a memorial has been found.
39. Among public buildings, the Stephenson memorial hall (1879), containing a free library, art and science class-rooms, a theatre and the rooms of the Chesterfield Institute, commemorates George Stephenson, the engineer, who resided at Tapton House, close to Chesterfield, in his later life; he died here in 1848, and was buried in Trinity church.
40. The commutation fund thus formed is a permanent memorial of a generous and disinterested act on the part of her ministry.
41. On a lower level as regards credibility stands the Memorial de SainteHelene, compiled by Las Cases from Napoleon's conversations with the obvious aim of creating a Napoleonic legend.
42. There are numerous modern churches and chapels, many of them very handsome; and the former parish church of St Nicholas remains, a Decorated structure containing a Norman font and a memorial to the great duke of Wellington.
43. The early history of the territory comprised within the district of Dharwar has been to a certain extent reconstructed from the inscription slabs and memorial stones which abound there.
44. A permanent memorial of it remains in the famous Order of the Golden Fleece, which was instituted by the duke at Bruges in 1430 on the occasion of his marriage with Isabel of Portugal, a descendant of John of Gaunt, and was so named from the English wool, the raw material used in the Flemish looms, for which Bruges was the chief mart.
45. In it are the Scoville Memorial Library (about 8000 volumes in 1910); the Hotchkiss preparatory school (opened in 1892, for boys); the Salisbury School (Protestant Episcopal, for boys), removed to Salisbury from Staten Island in 1901 and formerly St Austin's school; the Taconic School (1896, for girls); and the Connecticut School for Imbeciles (established as a private institution in 1858).
46. De Las Cases, Memorial de Ste Helene (4 vols., London and Paris, 1823); Lady Malcolm, A Diary of St Helena (London, 1899); W.
47. French's best-known work is "Death Staying the Hand of the Sculptor," a memorial for the tomb of the sculptor Martin Milmore, in the Forest Hills cemetery, Boston; this received a medal of honour at Paris, in 1900.
48. The remaining 200 victims, who had escaped the bullets of the siege and survived the butchery of the river bank, were massacred afterwards and cast down the famous well of Cawnpore, which is now marked by a memorial and surrounded by gardens.
49. Cynthia's mother was due on Sunday and would stay through the memorial service on Tuesday.
50. 64 (memorial of G.
51. In the principal streets are memorial stones with inscriptions in honour of Charles V., surmounted by an old crucifix with a mosaic cross.
52. Improve your knowledge and help make the Fepow Story an everlasting memorial to their memory.
53. This stirring memorial is dedicated to Marine Corps personnel who have perished since the Corps was formed in 1775.
54. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is located on the National Mall in Washington DC, not far from the Lincoln Memorial.
55. It consists of three parts, the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall, the Three Soldiers statue, and the Vietnam Women's Memorial.
56. The three-part memorial honors those men and women who served honorably during the Vietnam conflict, which involved United States troops between 1957 and 1975, especially those individuals who lost their lives during the war.
57. The Memorial is administered and maintained by the U.S. National park Service and draws over three million visitors annually.
58. The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial was first conceived in 1978, three years after the Vietnam conflict ended, and was created using over $8.4 million in private donations.
59. The controversy, however, has died down and most Americans have come to admire the Memorial.
60. Constructed of two polished, black granite walls, the striking memorial is 246 feet 9 inches long and is inscribed with the names of those servicemen and women who died during the Vietnam conflict.
61. Tilden, "Mendeleeff Memorial Lecture," Jour.
62. The Wall is sunken, with the top of the memorial flush with the ground and designed so that onlookers are reflected on the surface of the memorial, combining the present and the past.
63. The designer of the Vietnam Memorial , Maya Ying Lin, won a public competition soliciting designs for the landmark.
64. The simple memorial is an elegant, somber, and awe-inspiring tribute to this tumultuous time in American history.
65. The Three Soldiers Statue, located a short distance away from the Wall, was added in 1984 as a more traditional component to the Vietnam Memorial.
66. The last portion of the Vietnam Memorial to be added, the Vietnam Women's Memorial commemorates the over 265,000 women who served in Vietnam, most of them nurses.
67. Unveiled a fine memorial arch commemorating Royal Engineers who fell in the South African War.
68. The memorial is crowned by the figure of an angel in white marble, and on the wall of the well itself is the following inscription: Sacred to the perpetual Memory of a great company of Christian people, chiefly Women and Children, who near this spot were cruelly murdered by the followers of the rebel Nana Dhundu Pant, of Bithur, and cast, the dying with the dead, into the well below, on the xvth day of July, Mdccclvii.
69. The Yarn Market, a picturesque octagonal building with deep sloping roof, in the main street, dates from c. 1600, and is a memorial of Dunster's former important manufacture of cloth.
70. The impression made by him in parliament is in some danger of being forgotten, because he was not instrumental in carrying any great measure that might serve as an abiding memorial.
71. The argument of Otis on the writs of assistance Americans, including Charles Francis Adams and Edward Everett, and also various descendants of Cotton, united to restore the southwest chapel of St Botolph's church, and to erect in it a memorial tablet to Cotton's memory.
72. - See the annual City Documents; also Justin Winsor (ed.) The Memorial History of Boston, including Suffolk County.
73. Safford memorial library (1882), and is the seat of St Joseph's Loretto Academy (Roman Catholic, 186 4).
74. At Peekskill are the Peekskill military academy (1833, nonsectarian); St Mary's school, Mount St Gabriel (Protestant Episcopal), a school for girls established by the sisterhood of St Mary; the Field memorial library; St Joseph's home (Roman Catholic); the Peekskill hospital, and several sanatoria.
75. Bishop Memorial Training School for nurses, the Berkshire Home for aged women, the Berkshire Athenaeum, containing the public library, the Crane Art Museum and a Young Men's Christian Association.
76. Of St Joseph; in the city are the Ensworth, St Joseph and Woodson hospitals, a Memorial Home for needy old people and the Home for Little Wanderers.
77. A Centenary Memorial of the P.M.
78. The city has a Memorial Hall, erected in honour of the soldiers and sailors of Winnebago county, and in charge of the Grand Army of the Republic; a soldiers' memorial fountain; a Carnegie library, containing 51,340 volumes in 1909; and the Velie Museum of natural history.
79. Oberlin is primarily an educational centre, the seat of Oberlin College, named in honour of Jean Frederic Oberlin, and open to both sexes; it embraces a college of arts and sciences, an academy, a Theological Seminary (Congregational), which has a Slavic department for the training of clergy for Slavic immigrants, and a conservatory of music. In 1909 it had twenty buildings, and a Memorial Arch of Indiana buff limestone, dedicated in 1903, in honour of Congregational missionaries, many of them Oberlin graduates, killed in China in 1900.
80. In the large market place is the statue of the Prussian king Frederick William I., erected in 1824, and there is a war memorial on the Friedrich Wilhelm Platz.
81. The account of the death and cremation of the Buddha, preserved in the Buddhist canon, states that one-eighth portion of the ashes was presented to the Sakiya clan, and that they built a thupa, or memorial mound, over it.'
82. Both were afterwards removed to the memorial chapel at Farnborough in Hampshire.
83. The house was the residence not only of Napoleon III., but of the empress Eugenie and of the prince imperial, who is commemorated by a memorial cross on Chislehurst Common.
84. From the surplus of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition was constructed in 1914 the Jefferson Memorial costing 8485,000 and devoted to the collections of the Missouri Historical Society.
85. West of the city) is a memorial erected by the United Confederate Veterans.
86. The city's principal charitable institutions are the Grady Memorial hospital (opened in 1892), supported by the city and named in honour of Henry W.
87. The event was commemorated by the erection of the altar "Yahwehnissi" ("Yahweh my banner" or "memorial"), and rendered even more memorable by the utterance, "Yahweh hath sworn: Yahweh will have war with Amalek from generation to generation" (Ex.
88. The memorial address on J.
89. Baxter Memorial Library, a Memorial Hall, the County _ Court House, the City Hall, and the City Hospital.
90. A memorial was presented to him by the Quakers in England stating the persecutions which their fellow-members had undergone in New England.
91. Wide, and in which there are six crypts for the burial of members of Lincoln's family, and a memorial hall, a museum of Lincolniana.
92. Is Trevecca, where Howel Harris, one of the founders of Welsh Methodism, was born in 1713, and where in 1752 he established a communistic religious "family" of about a hundred persons; their representatives in 1842 handed over the property to the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist connexion, who in that year opened there a theological college, and in 1874 added to it a Harris memorial chapel.
93. As a memorial of this you shall eat unleavened bread seven days, on the 14th day at eve until the 21st day at eve; when children shall ask what this service means, you shall say that it is the Passover of the Lord.
94. About half a mile from the town is the Albert Memorial Middle Class College, opened in 1865, and capable of accommodating 300 boys.
95. In the Public Square is a soldiers' and sailors' monument consisting of a granite shaft rising from a memorial room to a height of 125 ft., and surmounted with a figure of Liberty; in the same park, also, is a bronze statue of Moses Cleaveland, the founder of the city.
96. On a commanding site in Lake View Cemetery is the Garfield Memorial (finished in 1890) in the form of a tower (165 ft.
97. It is the seat of Blinn Memorial College (German Methodist Episcopal), opened as "Mission Institute" in 1883, and renamed in 1889 in honour of the Rev. Christian Blinn, of New York, a liberal benefactor; of Brenham Evangelical Lutheran College, and of a German-American institute (1898).
98. On the bank question he was at first at variance with the president; in January 1832 he presented in the Senate a memorial from the bank's president, Nicholas Biddle, and its managers, praying for a recharter, and subsequently he was chairman of a committee which reported a bill re-chartering the institution for a fifteen-year period.
99. Auburn has a city hall, the large Burtis Auditorium, the Auburn hospital, two orphan asylums, and the Seymour library in the Case Memorial building.
100. A Memorial of Hume was published by his son Joseph Burnley Hume (London, 1855).
101. Among the principal public buildings are the Whittemore Memorial Public Library (1892), a fine high school and the large Salem school (part of the public school system), all given to the borough by John Howard Whittemore of Naugatuck, who in addition endowed the library and the high school.
102. The old church at St Mary Church, north of Torquay, was rebuilt in Early Decorated style; and in 1871 a tower was erected as a memorial to Dr Phillpotts, bishop of Exeter, who with his wife is buried in the churchyard.
103. The regent Moray, the marquess of Montrose, and Napier of Merchiston were buried within its walls and are commemorated by monuments, and among the memorial tablets is one to R.
104. At the west end of George Street, in the centre of Charlotte Square, stands the Albert Memorial, an equestrian statue of the prince consort, with groups at each of the four angles of the base.
105. It contains some good pictures by Pacchia and other works of art, but is chiefly visited for its historic interest and as a striking memorial of the characteristic piety of the Sienese.
106. This meeting is recorded by the memorial column still to be seen outside the Camollia gate.
107. At the same time the settlers, who numbered about 50, sent a memorial to the governor calling attention to the fact that they were acknowledged rulers over a large tract of territory south of the Tugela, and asking that this territory should be proclaimed a British colony under the name of Victoria and that a governor and council be appointed.
108. The Siralomenek Both Jdnos veszedelmen (Elegy upon John Both), written by a certain " Gregor," as the initial letters of the verses show, and during the reign of the above-mentioned monarch; and the Emlekdal Mdtyds kindly haldldra (Memorial Song on the Death of King Matthias, 1490).
109. This memorial is built principally of Milford (Mass.) granite, with a bronze statue of the president, and with sarcophagi containing the bodies of the president and Mrs McKinley, and has a total height, from the first step of the approaches to its top, of 163 ft.
110. A memorial lecture by P. T.
111. The discontinued Harveian Institution for young men was named after William Harvey, discoverer of the circulation of the blood, a native of Folkestone (1578), who is also commemorated by a tercentenary memorial on the Lees.
112. Its public institutions include the MorrissonReeves (public) Library (1864), one of the largest (39,000 volumes in 1909) and oldest in the state, an art gallery, the Reid Memorial Hospital, a Home for Friendless Women, the Margaret Smith Home for Aged Women (1888), the Wernle Orphans' Home (1879; Evangelical Lutheran), and the Eastern Indiana Hospital for the Insane (1890).
113. In the following year he exhibited at the Royal Academy " Professor Sharpley," in marble, for the memorial in University College; and " Mrs Mordant," a relief - a form of art to which he has since devoted much attention.
114. Turning to the ideal, in works entirely modern in motive and treatment, Hamo Thornycroft produced " The Mower " (1884) and " A Sower " (1886); the " Stanley Memorial " in the old church at Holyhead partakes of the same character.
115. Among the sculptor's principal statues are " The Bishop of Carlisle " (1895; Carlisle Cathedral), " General Charles Gordon " (Trafalgar Square, London), " Oliver Cromwell " (Westminster), " Dean Colet " (a bronze group - early Italianate in feeling - outside St Paul's School, Hammersmith), " King Alfred " (a colossal memorial for Winchester), the " Gladstone Monument " (in the Strand, London) and " Dr Mandell Creighton, Bishop of London " (bronze, erected in St Paul's Cathedral).
116. Mr Thornycroft's other memorials, such as the " Queen Victoria Memorial " (Karachi), the " War Memorial " (at Durban) and the " Armstrong Memorial " (at Newcastle), are well known, and his portrait statuary and medallions are numerous.
117. The public buildings include a town hall, library, cottage hospital, mechanics' institute and memorial hall.
118. See a memorial lecture by J.
119. One of the best known of these representations is that carved on the memorial stone placed by Tethmosis (Thothmes) IV.
120. The church of St Mary-le-Bow, in Cheapside, is built upon a Norman crypt, and that of St Olave's, Hart Street, which was Pepys's church and contains a modern memorial to him, is of the 15th century.
121. The Royal Courts of Justice or Law Courts stand adjacent to the Inns of Court, facing the Strand at the point where a memorial marks the site of Old Temple Bar (1672), at the entrance to the City, removed in 1878 and later re-erected at Theobald's Park, near Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.
122. The front of the palace forms the background to the public memorial to Queen Victoria, at the head of the Mall.
123. The Guards Memorial, Waterloo Place, commemorates the foot guards who died in the Crifnea.
124. The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens, was erected (1872) by " Queen Victoria and her People to the memory of Albert, Prince Consort," from the designs of Sir Gilbert Scott, with a statue of the Prince (1876) by John Henry Foley beneath a huge ornate Gothic canopy.
125. At the eastern end of the Strand a memorial with statue by Hamo Thorneycroft of William Ewart Gladstone was unveiled in 1905.
126. 1892); and Wesley's Chapel, City Road, in the graveyard of which is the tomb of John Wesley; his house, which adjoins the chapel, being open as a memorial museum.
127. As late as the year 1650 the Carpenters' Company drew up a memorial in which they " gave their reasons that tymber buildings were more commodious for this citie than brick buildings were."
128. The hospitals and charitable institutions include St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, the Lathrop Memorial (for children of working mothers), Albany City Hospital, the Homeopathic Hospital, St Peter's Hospital, the Albany City Orphan Asylum and the House of the Good Shepherd.
129. A memorial of its trading long remained in Asia in the shape of the weight-measure called in cuneiform records the maneh " of Carchemish."
130. Kohler (Kohut Memorial Volume, 18 97, pp. 264-338) has given good grounds for regarding the whole work, with the exception of some interpolations, as "one of the most remarkable productions of the pre-Christian era, explicable only when viewed in the light of Hasidean practice."
131. The inn was purchased in 1901 by the Daughters of the American Revolution, who restored it and made it a Putnam Memorial.
132. In the city is the Speers Memorial hospital.
133. The Scoville Memorial Library (1896) of the College had 23,000 volumes in 1909.
134. Of special interest is the fact that Walafrid, in his exposition of the Mass, shows no trace of any belief in the doctrine of transubstantiation as taught by his famous contemporary Radbertus (q.v.); according to him, Christ gave to his disciples the sacraments of his Body and Blood in the substance of bread and wine, and taught them to celebrate them as a memorial of his Passion.
135. Among Peruvian naturalists since the advent of the republic, the most distinguished have been Mariano Eduardo Rivero, the geologist, mineralogist and archaeologist, and his friend and colleague Nicolas de: Pierola, authors of Memorial de ciencias naturales.
136. Adjoining the Maria Mitchell homestead is a memorial astronomical observatory and library, containing the collections of Miss Mitchell and of her brother, Professor Henry Mitchell (1830-1902), a distinguished hydrographer.
137. As a memorial of his work the Duff Hall was erected in the centre of the educational buildings of Calcutta; and a fund of Li 13000 was raised for his disposal, the capital of which was afterwards to be used for invalided missionaries of his own church.
138. Among other missionary labours of his later years, he helped the Free Church mission on Lake Nyassa, travelled to Syria to inspect a mission at Lebanon, and assisted Lady Aberdeen and Lord Polwarth to establish the Gordon Memorial Mission in Natal.
139. As a memorial of the miraculous interference, the Byzantines erected an altar to Torch-bearing Hecate, and stamped a crescent on their coins, a device which is retained by the Turks to this day.
140. Of memorial monuments the largest and most elaborate in Frankfort is that erected in 1858 in honour of the early German printers.
141. To this combination of modellers in European style and metal-workers of such force as Suzuki and Okazaki, Japan owes various memorial bronzes and effigies which are gradually finding a place in her parks, her museums, her shrines or her private houses.
142. Among the more prominent buildings are the court-house - the portion first erected being designed after the Parthenon - the Steele high school, St Mary's college, Notre Dame academy, the Memorial Building, the Arcade Building, Reibold Building, the Algonquin Hotel, the post office, the public library (containing about 75,000 volumes), the Young Men's Christian Association building and several churches.
143. Queen Victoria gave two memorial windows to Crathie church as a testimony of her admiration for his work.
144. In Westminster Abbey a public memorial to Wolfe was unveiled on the 4th of October 1773.
145. The Roman Catholic Cathedral at Westminster is his joint memorial with his predecessor, Cardinal Wiseman.
146. It is a memorial of the intellectual power and enthusiasm of John Knox.
147. Public monuments are few, but include a statue of Queen Victoria (1903) and a South African War memorial (1905) in front of the city hall; the Albert Memorial (1870), in the form of a clock-tower, in Queen Street; a monument to the same prince in High Street; and a statue in Wellington Place to Dr Henry Cooke, a prominent Presbyterian minister who died in 1868.
148. Most of the older churches are classical in design, and the most notable are St George's, in High Street, and the Memorial church of Dr Cooke in May Street.
149. For example, he proposed a Confederate memorial on Stone Mt.
150. Other works include the Sheridan monument in Washington; " Mares of Diomedes " and " Ruskin " in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; statue of Lincoln, Newark, N.J.; statue of Henry Ward Beecher, Brooklyn; the Wyatt Memorial, Raleigh, N.C.; " The Flyer " at the university of Virginia; gargoyles for a Princeton dormitory; " Wonderment of Motherhood " and " Conception."
151. A memorial was erected to his memory at Komarom in 1896.
152. The word has been also used of memorial services held in honour of a deceased person in churches other than the Roman.
153. A Biographical Memorial, by his widow, was published in 1904.
154. The city is the seat of the Bordentown Military Institute (with the Woodward memorial library), of the state manual training and industrial school for coloured youth, of the St Joseph's convent and mother-house of the Sisters of Mercy, and of St Joseph's academy for girls.
155. In Fayetteville there are a National cemetery with 1236 soldiers' graves (782 "unknown") and a Confederate cemetery with 725 graves and a memorial monument.
156. The principal buildings and institutions are the town hall and municipal buildings, the Princess Alice Memorial and other hospitals, a free library and, among many high-class schools, Eastbourne College for boys, founded in 1867.
157. In Queen Victoria Street, which runs along the west side of the gardens, are the Cape University buildings (begun in 1906), the law courts, City club and Huguenot memorial hall.
158. There is a statue in the parks of Dr Isaac Watts, the theologian (1674-1748), a native of the town, in whose memory the Watts Memorial Hall was erected in 1875.
159. Winsor's Narrative and Critical History of America and in his Memorial History of Boston.
160. This township produced manufactured goods in 1900 to the value of $3,990,731, jewelry valued at $2,785,567; it maintains the Richards memorial library.
161. Wordsworth's tomb, and also that of Coleridge, are in the churchyard of the ancient church of St Oswald, which contains a memorial to Wordsworth with an inscription by John Keble.
162. To afford a home for the centralized activities of the Union, the Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, London, was built on the site of the Fleet prison - soil consecrated by sacrifice for conscience under Elizabeth - and opened in 1875.
163. That city possesses a permanent memorial to his name in Hofmann House, the home of the German Chemical Society (of which he was the founder), which was formally opened in 1900, appropriately enough with an account of that great triumph of German chemical enterprise, the industrial manufacture of synthetical indigo.
164. See Memorial Lectures delivered before the Chemical Society, 18 931900 (London, 1901).
165. The church of All Saints is mainly Perpendicular, and contains some fine woodwork, mostly of the 17th century, and some good memorial tombs.
166. In the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral a memorial has rightly been placed to him as a statesman, not merely of Canada, but of the empire.
167. In unveiling that memorial Lord Rosebery fitly epitomized the meaning of his life and work when he said: "We recognize only this, that Sir John Macdonald had grasped the central idea that the British Empire is the greatest secular agency for good now known to mankind; that that was the secret of his success; and that he determined to die under it, and strove that Canada should live under it."
168. His work shows many signs of haste, but he more than compensates for this by the way in which he thus preserves a singularly interesting memorial of the and century.
169. Ingersoll (Chicago, 1873); and there is a Memorial of Horace Greeley (New York, 1873).
170. See Memorial of Bishop Hobart, containing a Memoir (New York, 1831); John McVickar, The Early Life and Professional Years of Bishop Hobart (New York, 1834), and The Closing Years of Bishop Hobart (New York, 1836).
171. In the park is the fine Colombo Museum, founded by Sir William Gregory l; and near the neighbouring Campbell Park are the handsome buildings of a number of institutions, such as Wesley College, and the General, Victoria Memorial Eye and other hospitals.
172. Parlin memorial library (1878), the Shute memorial library (1898), the Whidden memorial hospital and Woodlawn cemetery (176 acres).
173. And the fine church erected by him at Maria-Zell is a lasting memorial of his victories.
174. The country threw itself into the celebration with unchecked enthusiasm; large sums of money were everywhere subscribed; in every city, town and village something was done both in the way of rejoicing and in the way of establishing some permanent memorial of the event.
175. Thupa; Sanskrit, stupa), that is, memorial mounds, standing on the level top of a small sandstone hill about 300 ft.
176. The principal public buildings in the old town of Stoke are the town hall, with assembly rooms, law library and art gallery, the market hall, the Minton memorial building, containing a school of art and science; the free library and museum, and the North Staffordshire infirmary, founded in 1815 at Etruria, and removed to its present site in 1868.
177. See Memorial of Benjamin Helm Bristow, largely prepared by David Willcox (Cambridge, Mass., privately printed, 1897); Whiskey Frauds, 44th Cong., 1st Sess., Mis.
178. The headquarters of the London societies and of the "Union" are at Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, E.C.
179. Morris, Memorial History of Staten Island (2 vols., New York, 1808-1900); R.
180. Perhaps the memorial that attracts the greatest amount of public interest in Brussels is that to the Belgians who were killed during the fighting with the Dutch in September 1830.
181. But his most striking ministerial act was a memorial written in 1805, but otherwise undated, which aimed at transforming the whole map of Europe.
182. A monument to Joubert at Bourg was razed by order of Louis XVIII., but another memorial was afterwards erected at Pont de Vaux.
183. The principal buildings of the city are the Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital, the Federal Building and the Niagara Falls Power Co.
184. Bushnell Park, named in honour of Horace Bushnell, contains the Corning Memorial Fountain, erected in 1899 and designed by J.
185. Near the Capitol, at the approach of the memorial bridge across the Park river, is the Soldiers' and Sailors' memorial arch, designed by George Keller and erected by the city in 1885 in memory of the Hartford soldiers and sailors who served in the American Civil War.
186. Trumbull, Memorial History of Hartford County (Boston, 1886).
187. There is a memorial to her in the church, which also contains a fine monument of Phillippe de Croy, chamberlain and comrade in arms of the emperor Charles V.
188. The name Jotunheim (giants' home) is a modern memorial of the mountain-dwelling giants of Norse fable; the alternative name Jotun Fjelde was the first bestowed on the region, when it was explored in 1820 by the geologist Balthasar Matthias Keilhau (1797-1858).
189. The taking of life and " moon-shining," however, have become less and less frequent among them, and Berea College, at Berea, the Lincoln Memorial University, and other schools in Kentucky and adjoining states have done much to educate them and bring them more in harmony with the outside community.
190. He was buried, according to his own wish, at Lexington, where a statue and a memorial hall commemorate his connexion with the place; and on the spot where he was mortally wounded stands a plain granite pillar.
191. Among the principal public buildings are the United States Government building, the County Court House, the City Hall, the Albright Memorial building, housing the public library (55, 800 vols.
192. Smith (Memorial) Manual Training School (5905), a part of the public school system.
193. Among the public buildings and institutions are the city hall, the Federal building, the county court house, a state armoury, the Flower Memorial Library (erected as a memorial to Roswell P. Flower, governor of New York in 1892-1895, by his daughter, Mrs J.
194. The tower of the Kutubia is a memorial of the constructive genius of the early Moors; both it and the similar Hasan tower at Rabat are after the type of the contemporary Giralda at Seville, and if tradition may be trusted, all three were designed by the same architect, Jabir.
195. The Spanish ambassador in Paris declared in 1570 that he had been for two years engaged in collecting contributions from English churches for the assistance of the Huguenots in France; and he drew up a memorial depicting the dangers of Mary Stuart's presence in England and of the project for her marriage with Norfolk.
196. Joanna Baillie, the poetess,, was born in the manse, and a memorial has been erected in her honour.
197. The Cartwright memorial hall, principally the gift of Lord Masham, opened in 1904 and containing an art gallery and museum, commemorates Dr Edmund Cartwright (1743-1823) as the inventor of the power-loom and the combingmachine.
198. In this square are the oldest buildings of the foundation, dating in part from the close of the 17th century, and the modern Graduates' Memorial buildings (1904).
199. 3 In 1901, a boulder memorial was erected to the younger Mayhew on the West Tisbury road, between the village of that name and Edgartown, marking the spot where the missionary bade farewell to several hundred Indians.
200. Edward C. Pickering carried on his study of stellar spectra with the funds of the Henry Draper Memorial at Harvard, endowed by his widow (née Mary Anna Palmer) .
201. Sidney has a public library, and a monumental building, a memorial, erected in 1875, to the soldiers in the American Civil War, and now devoted to various public uses.
202. Cath.), and the Baptist Memorial sanitarium.
203. Among the public buildings and institutions are the Marine Museum, the Public Library (founded in 1854 by Josiah Little and containing about 45,000 volumes), the old Tracy mansion (built in 1771 or 1772), which forms part of the Public Library building, the Anna Jacques and Homoeopathic hospitals, homes for aged women and men, a Home for Destitute Children, Old South Church, in which is the tomb of George Whitefield, and the Young Men's Christian Association building, which is a memorial to George Henry Corliss (1817-1888), the inventor, erected by his widow, a native of Newburyport.
204. C. French, and a memorial to the soldiers and sailors of the Civil W'e'ar - a bronze statue, "The Volunteer" - by Mrs Theo (Ruggles) Kitson.
205. There are seventeen buildings, among which the Holden observatory, the John Crouse memorial college (of fine arts), the hall of languages, the Lyman Smith college of applied science, the Lyman hall of natural history, the Bowne hall of chemistry, and the Carnegie library, are the most notable.
206. The greater part of the gardens, however, with the Albert Memorial, erected by Queen Victoria in memory of Albert, prince consort, the Albert Hall, opposite to it, one of the principal concert-halls in London, and the Imperial Institute to the south, are actually within the city of Westminster, though commonly connected with Kensington.
207. It contains the Albert Memorial Hall and the barracks for the sovereign's bodyguard, used when the king is in residence at Balmoral.
208. For a defence of Oakes Ames, see Oakes Ames, A Memorial Volume (Cambridge, Mass., 1884).
209. Ruins are also seen of a Franciscan foundation attributed to the 13th century; it was a celebrated seat of learning and an extant memorial of the work of its monks is the Book of Ballymote (c. 1391) in the possession of the Royal Irish Academy, a miscellaneous collection in prose and verse of historical, genealogical and romantic writings.
210. High was erected in 1861 as a memorial to the signers for Georgia of the Declaration of Independence; beneath it are buried Lyman Hall (1726-1790) and George Walton (1740-1804).
211. The fort, built in 1736, was first named Fort Augusta, and in 1780, at the time of the British occupation, was enlarged and renamed Fort Cornwallis; its site is now marked by a Memorial Cross, erected by the Colonial Dames of Georgia in the churchyard of St Paul's.
212. During the Civil War Augusta was the seat of extensive military factories, the tall chimney of the Confederate powder mills still standing as a memorial.
213. The only other monument - a South African War memorial - is outside and almost opposite Peel Park.
214. The Mary Hitchcock memorial hospital, a cottage hospital of 36 beds, was erected in 1890-1893 by Hiram Hitchcock in memory of his wife.
215. In the Lee Memorial chapel, on the campus, General Robert E.
216. It possesses a town hall, a grammar school (1576), and a Martyr's Memorial HallThe most noteworthy building, however, is the parish church, restored in 1863, which contains a curious old fresco and several interesting brasses, and has a Norman tower.
217. On the same occasion the viceroy opened the Victoria College, founded to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee; and the Memorial Hospital, built in memory of the 'maharaja's father.
218. Within the plaza are a monument to the soldiers who fell in New Mexico during the Civil War and the Indian wars, a stone marking the spot where the first American flag was raised by General Kearny in 1846, and a bronze drinking fountain erected as a memorial to John Baptist Lamy (1814-1888), the first Roman Catholic bishop (1853) and archbishop (1815) of Santa Fe.
219. The inscriptions which have come down to us are engraved partly on memorial stones, which are not uncommon in the north of England, and partly on various metal objects, ranging from swords to brooches.
220. Coins with Runic legends were issued at least until the middle of the 8th century, and some of the memorial stones date probably even from the 9th.
221. A lofty column was raised to his memory on a hill near Butleigh, Somersetshire, and in Butleigh Church is another memorial, with an inscription written by Southey.
222. Though many of the spectacular triumphs of the cross in Asia and Africa proved to be evanescent, nevertheless South America stands the impressive memorial of the greatest forward movement in the history of the papacy: a solidly Roman continent.
223. In the pre-revolutionary controversies he identified himself with the American Whigs; in 1773 he prepared for Salem a paper entitled State of the Rights of the Colonists; in 1 775 he drafted a memorial protesting against the Boston Port Bill; and in 1776 he was a representative from Salem in the general court of Massachusetts.
224. His reverent attachment to Faraday is beautifully manifested in his memorial volume called Faraday as a Discoverer (1868).
225. His mind was cultivated; he was a discriminating patron of literature, and Westminster Abbey is an abiding memorial of his artistic taste.
226. Among modern public buildings the principal are St Ninian's Episcopal Cathedral, in the Early Middle Pointed style, an important example (completed 1890) of the work of William Butterfield (1814-1900); the municipal buildings (1881); the city-hall; the Marshall Memorial Hall (1823), housing the public library and the museum of the Perth Literary and Antiquarian Society; the Perthshire natural history museum; the Sandeman public library (1898), founded by a bequest of Professor Sandeman of Owens College, Manchester.
227. Her efforts greatly endeared her to those among whom she worked, and after her death a memorial window was erected in the parish church, and a marble portrait statue by F.
228. The city has a soldiers' memorial hall, erected by popular subscription, and a Carnegie library.
229. Noteworthy public buildings are the County Court-house, the Public Library (about 85,000 volumes in 1910), the Soldiers' Memorial Building, the Toledo Club and the Toledo Museum of Art (1901).
230. In 12 19 as a memorial of a victory over the Esthonians, won by the appearance in the sky of a red banner bearing a white cross.
231. High, a town-hall, corn exchange, public libraries, assembly rooms, fever hospital, sheriff court buildings, people's club and institute, high school (1894) - on the site of the ancient burgh school (1582) - the Beveridge hall and free library, and the Adam Smith memorial hall.
232. Among the principal buildings and institutions are the Congregational Church, organized in 1660; the Norwich Free Academy (1856) and its Slater Memorial Hall, in which are the Peck Library and an Art Museum, and the Converse Art Annex and Art Collection; the Otis Public Library (1848); the William W.
233. The modern buildings of Allahabad include Government House, the High Court, the Mayo memorial and town hall, the Muir central college, the Thornhill and Mayne memorial library and museum, the Naini central jail, and the Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals.
234. The township has the well-equipped Pequot and Fairfield memorial libraries (the former in the village of Southport, the latter in the village of Fairfield), the Fairfield fresh air home (which cares for between one and two hundred poor children of New York during each summer season), and the Gould home for self-supporting women.
235. There are several seaside sanitoriums and hospitals, including the Atlantic City hospital, the Mercer Memorial home, and the Children's Seashore home.
236. The Thomas Coats Memorial Church, belonging to the Baptist body, erected by the Coats family from designs by H.
237. From it some pretty gardens and promenades (Kaiserin Augusta Anlagen) stretch along the bank of the Rhine, and in them is a memorial to the poet Max von Schenkendorf.
238. The principal buildings in Mauch Chunk are the county court house, a county gaol, a Young Men's Christian Association building, and the Dimmick Memorial Library (1890).
239. Probably every king that included Thebes in his realm, except the Assyrians and the Persians, left his memorial there in chapels erected or sculptures added.
240. Japp, in the Kekule memorial lecture he delivered before the London Chemical Society on the 15th of December 1897, declared that three-fourths of modern organic chemistry is directly or indirectly the product of Kekule's benzene theory, and that without its guidance and inspiration the industries of the coal-tar colours and artificial therapeutic agents in their present form and extension would have been inconceivable.
241. Among the principal buildings are the state capitol, the state library, the city hall, the county court-house, the post-office, the Fowler public library, the state hospital, the state prison, the Centennial home for the aged, the Margaret Pillsbury memorial hospital, the Rolfe and Rumford asylum for orphan girls, founded by the countess Rumford, and several fine churches, including the Christian Science church built by Mrs Eddy.
242. There are a soldiers' memorial arch, a statue of Daniel Webster by Thomas Ball, and statues of John P. Hale, John Stark, and Commodore George H.
243. Hay was an excellent public speaker; some of his best addresses are In Praise of Omar; On the Unveiling of the Bust of Sir Walter Scott in Westminster Abbey, May 21, 1897; and a memorial address in honour of President McKinley.
244. Contrary to his last wishes a memorial was erected to him in Milan cathedral, as well as a statue 70 ft.
245. After a term of mission work at Leith, he was appointed parish minister of Kelso in 1837, and at the Disruption of 1843 became minister of the newly formed Free Church, where he remained till 1866, when he went to the Chalmers memorial church, Edinburgh.
246. See Horatius Bonar, D.D., a Memorial (1889).
247. A library of twelve hundred volumes was presented to Bright as a memorial of the struggle.
248. Here also are the state normal and model schools (1855), the state library, housed in the capitol, the state school for deaf mutes, the state home for girls, one of the two state hospitals for the insane (opened in 1848), the state arsenal - the building being the old state prison - the state prison (1836), St Francis hospital (1874), Mercer hospital (1892), the William McKinley memorial hospital (1887), the city hospital, two children's day nurseries, the Friends' home, the Union industrial home (for destitute children), the Florence Crittenton home (1895), the indigent widows' and single women's home (1854), the Har Sinai charity society, the home for friendless children, and the society of St Vincent de Paul.
249. The governor of the state sent a special message of grief to the legislature on his death, eulogies were delivered in the two houses, and a public memorial service was held, at which Dr O.
250. A similar feeling of pride at the completion of a great career is expressed in the memorial lines which he composed to be placed under his bust after death,- "Let no one weep for me, or celebrate my funeral with mourning; for I still live, as I pass to and fro through the mouths of men."
251. Could we assume that there is in the adult man reflex machinery which is of higher order than the merely spinal, which employs much more complex motor mechanisms than they, and is connected with a much wider range of sense organs; and could we assume that this reflex machinery, although usually associated in its action with memorial and volitional processes, may in certain circumstances be sundered from these latter and unattendant on them - may in fact continue in work when the higher processes are at a standstill - then we might imagine a condition resembling that of the somnambulistic and cataleptic states of hypnotism.
252. The presentation of the memorial provoked an outburst of indignation.
253. Originating in the common sentiment of humanity, which desires by some visible memorial to honour and perpetuate the memory of the dead, it was practised alike by peoples of high and of low development, and continued through all the stages of culture that preceded the introduction of Christianity.
254. This canvas is now in the Lee Memorial Chapel of Washington and Lee University.
255. The town has a Roman Catholic church, several schools and a memorial of the War of 1870-71.
256. Africa after the Boer War; and returned once more in 191 2 to unveil the Rhodes memorial on Table Mountain.
257. Spanning the Wepowaug river near a gorge and not far from its mouth is a granite bridge and tower, built, as a memorial to the first settlers, in 1889, in connexion with the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the founding of the town.
258. The rules of grammar are read out in the memorial verses of the Ajrumiya, and the teacher adds an exposition, generally read from a printed commentary.
259. Of a synod that was held at Armagh as early as 448, there is an interesting memorial in the Book of Armagh, an Irish MS. dating about A.D.
260. It has the Morrill Memorial Library (12,000 volumes in 1909).
261. The principal charitable institutions are the municipal Tuberculosis Sanatorium; the city hospital; the Union Benevolent Association, which maintains a home and hospital for the indigent, together with a training school for nurses; Saint John's orphan asylum (under the superintendence of the Dominican Sisters); Saint Mary's hospital (in charge of the Sisters of Mercy); Butterworth hospital (with a training school for nurses); the Woman's Home and Hospital, maintained largely by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union; the Aldrich Memorial Deaconess' Home; the D.
262. Blodgett Memorial Children's Home, and the Michigan Masonic Home.
263. Dunkirk is attractively situated high above the lake, and has several parks, including Point Gratiot and Washington; in the city are the Dunkirk free library, the Brooks Memorial hospital (1891), and St Mary's academy.
264. In Oneonta are a state normal school (1889), a state armoury, and the Aurelia Fox Memorial Hospital.
265. The pilgrimage to Palestine received a powerful impetus from the erection of the memorial churches on the holy sites, under Constantine the Great, as described by Eusebius in his biography of the emperor (iii.
266. They are memorial sentences or verses intended to be learnt by heart.
267. On elevated ground near the harbour are the remains of a Roman fort guarding the entrance to the Tyne, where numerous coins, portions of an altar, and several sculptured memorial stones have been dug up, and testify to its occupation for a considerable period.
268. To the south, have been erected memorial cairns to Queen Victoria, the prince consort, Princess Alice and other members of the royal family of Great Britain.
269. In that year the General Medical Council communicated to the Board of Education a memorial on the subject from the Headmasters' Conference.
270. The memorial was further communicated to various professional bodies concerned.
271. Wright memorial hospital, and a city hall.
272. The stone - one of a row of five memorial tablets - stood within the enclosure of a dilapidated temple.
273. It is a residential suburb of Newark and New York, is the seat of a German theological school (Presbyterian, 1869) and has the Jarvie Memorial library (1902).
274. Among the public institutions are the State School for Feeble-minded Children, a cottage hospital and the Laconia Public Library, lodged in the Gale Memorial Library building (1903).
275. Key-Aberg, De diplomatiska fOrbindelserna mellan Sverige och Storbrittannien under Gustaf I V.'s Krig emot Napoleon (Upsala, 1890); Colonel Gustafsson, La Journee du treize mars, &c. (St Gall, 1835); Memorial des Obersten Gustafsson (Leipzig, 1829).
276. At last they made up their minds, and presented a memorial to the emperor (19th of February 1521) in which they reminded him that no imperial edict could be published against Luther without their sanction, and proposed that he should be invited to Worms under a safe-conduct and be there examined.
277. All these splendid structures, fronting one of the main streets in succession, form, even without the abbey church, a remarkable memorial of the wealth of the foundation.
278. Stevens's designs certainly directly raised the standard of production in several metal-working firms by whom he was employed; whilst in the Wellington Memorial in St Paul's Cathedral, and in Dorchester House, his work is seen unfettered by commercial considerations.
279. The charming bronze statuettes of Onslow Ford, the most representative of which are in the Tate Gallery; the work of George Frampton, as seen in the Mitchell Memorial; and the beautiful bas-reliefs of W.
280. See also Reynaud, Life of Merlin de Thionville; Ney, Memoirs; Dumas, Souvenirs; Las Casas, Memorial de Ste Helene; J.
281. Beginning at the Punta fortress - where a park was laid out in 1899 in the place of an ugly quarter, with a memorial to the students judicially murdered by the Spanish volunteers in 1871 - and running along the line of the former city walls, past the Parque Central, through the Parque de Isabel II.
282. A memorial lecture delivered by Professor H.
283. He was also, though he deplored the conduct of the militants, a decided supporter of woman suffrage; and he took an active interest in, and lent a helping hand to, many social movements, the Working Men's College, Toynbee Hall, the Hampstead Garden Suburb, Children's Country Holidays, the Shakespeare National Memorial, as well as to a number of miscellaneous church societies.
284. The Rig-Veda forms the great literary memorial of the early Aryan settlements in the Punjab.
285. Tradition states that Asoka set up 64,000 memorial columns; and the thirty-five inscriptions extant in our own day show how widely these royal sermons were spread over India.
286. The drama closed with a bombastic proclamation from Lord Ellenborough, who had caused the gates from the tomb of Mahmud of Ghazni to be carried back as a memorial of " Somnath revenged."
287. St Swithin's church contains, among numerous ancient memorials, one of the iron memorial slabs (1507) peculiar to certain churches of Sussex, and recalling the period when iron was extensively worked in the district.
288. In 1904 the chapel of St Nicholas in the castle was reopened and reconsecrated, having been rebuilt as a national memorial of Charles I.
289. Again, since sense is the origin of memory and experience, memorial and experiential judgments are categorical and existential judgments, which so far as they report sensory judgments are always true.
290. Finally, since sense, memory and experience are the origin of inference, primary inference is categorical and existential, starting from sensory, memorial and experiential judgments as premises, and proceeding to inferential judgments as conclusions, which are categorical and existential, and are true, so far as they depend on sense, memory and experience.
291. Conception is, however, a condition of a memorial judgment: in order to remember being hot, we require an idea of hot.
292. Memory, however, is not that idea, but involves a judgment that there previously existed the hot now represented by the idea, which is about the sensible thing beyond the conceived idea; and the cause of this memorial judgment is past sense and present memory.
293. So sense, memory and experience, the sum of sense and memory, though requiring conception, are the causes of the experiential judgment that there exist and have existed many similar, sensible things, and these sensory, memorial and experiential judgments about the existence of past and present sensible things beyond conceived ideas become the particular premises of primary inference.
294. The real order is sensation and sensory judgment, conception, memory and memorial judgment, experience and experiential judgment, inference, inferential judgment, inferential conception.
295. To remember, we must have a present idea; but we must also have a belief that the thing, of which the idea is a representation, was (or was not) determined; and this belief is the memorial judgment.
296. These are conclusions which primarily are inferred from sensory and memorial judgments; and so far as inference starts from sense of something sensible in the present, and from memory after sense of something sensible in the past, and concludes similar things, inferential judgments are indirect beliefs in being and in existence beyond ideas.
297. So far as it depends on memory, an inferential judgment presupposes memorial ideas in its data; and so far as it infers universal classes and laws, it produces general ideas.
298. Two things are certain about inferential judgment: one, that when inference is based on sense and memory, inferential judgment starts from a combination of sensory and memorial judgment, both of which are beliefs that things exist; the other, that in consequence inferential judgment is a belief that smiliar things exist.
299. There are indeed differences between primary judgments, in that the sensory is a belief in present, the memorial in past, and the inferential in present, past and future existence.
300. The principal buildings of the university are Packer Hall (1869), largely taken up by the department of civil engineering, the chemical and metallurgical laboratory, the physical and electrical engineering laboratory, the steam engineering laboratory, Williams Hall for mechanical engineering, &c., Saucon Hall for the English department, Christmas Hall, with drawing-rooms and the offices of the Y.M.C.A., the Sayre astronomical observatory, the Packer Memorial Church, the university library (1897), dormitories (1907) given by Andrew Carnegie, Drown Memorial Hall, a students' club, the college commons, and a gymnasium.
301. In the plaza at the northern entrance to Prospect Park is a soldiers' and sailors' memorial arch (80 ft.
302. Among the public buildings and institutions are the Cambria free library (containing about 14,000 volumes in 1908), the city hall, a fine high school, and the Conemaugh Valley memorial hospital.
303. Without Stevenson, Sterne would probably have been a more decorous parish priest, but he would probably never have written Tristram Shandy or left any other memorial of his singular genius.
304. The city has a number of good statues, chief among which are copies of the Farnese Hercules (Victoria Square) and of Canova's Venus (North Terrace), statues of Queen Victoria and Robert Burns, Sir Thomas Elder's statue at the university, and a memorial (1905) over the grave of Colonel Light, founder of the colony, in Light Square.
305. McKinley's funeral took place at Canton, Ohio, on the 1 9 th of September, the occasion being remarkable for the public manifestations of mourning, not only in the United States, but in Great Britain and other countries; in Canton a memorial tomb has been erected.
306. The wish expressed by the Whigs, that a member of the electoral family should be invited to England, had already aroused the queen's indignation in 1708; and now, in 1714, a writ of summons for the electoral prince as duke of Cambridge having been obtained, Anne forbade the Hanoverian envoy, Baron Schutz, her presence, and declared all who supported the project her enemies; while to a memorial on the same subject from the electress Sophia and her grandson in May, Anne replied in an angry letter, which is said to have caused the death of the electress on the 8th of June, requesting them not to trouble the peace of her realm or diminish her authority.
307. A Dutch translation appeared in 1594, and in 1598 he published his Relaciones, including the Memorial del hecho de su causa, drawn up in 1590, and many of his letters.
308. Wide bisecting the park from the Capitol to the Monument, with a group of official and scientific buildings fronting the mall on either side, with a group of municipal buildings between the mall and Pennsylvania Avenue, and with a Lincoln memorial on the bank of the Potomac. Potomac Park (740 acres), a portion of which is embraced in this design, has already been reclaimed from the Potomac river.
309. Corcoran in 1872, organized as the Columbian University in 1873, organized under its present name 4 in 1904), and comprises Columbian College of Arts 3 A Lincoln memorial is to be erected on the Mall W.
310. 4 The name was changed when the offer of the George Washington Memorial Association to build a $500,000 memorial building was accepted.
311. The learned societies of Washington are to a large degree more national than local in their character; among them are: the Washington Academy of Sciences (1898), a "federal head" of most of the societies mentioned below; the Anthropological Society (founded 1879; incorporated 1887), which has published Transactions (1879 sqq., with the co-operation of the Smithsonian Institution) and The American Anthropologist (1888-1898; since 1898 published by the American Anthropological Association); the National Geographic Society (1888), which since 1903 has occupied the Hubbard Memorial Building, which sent scientific expeditions to Alaska, Mont Pelee and La Souffriere, and which publishes the National Geographic Magazine (1888 sqq.), National Geographic Monographs (1895) and various special maps; the Philosophical Society of Washington (1871; incorporated 1901), devoted especially to mathematical and physical sciences; the Biological Society (1880), which publishes Proceedings (1880 sqq.); the Botanical Society of Washington (1901); the Geological Society of Washington (1893): the Entomological Society of Washington (1884), which publishes Proceedings (1884 sqq.); the Chemical Society (1884); the Records of the Past Exploration Society (1901), which publishes Records of the Past (1902 sqq.); the Southern History Association (1896), which issues Publications (1897 sqq.); the Society for Philosophical Inquiry (1893), which publishes Memoirs (1893 sqq.); the Society of American Foresters (1900), which publishes Proceedings (1905 sqq.); and the Cosmos Club.
312. He addressed the Garfield Memorial Meeting at Exeter Hall, London, on the 24th of September 1881.
313. See Michael Augustine Corrigan: A Memorial, with biographical sketch by John A.
314. A Prussian national memorial was unveiled here in the presence of the emperor William II.
315. The church consists of a clerestoried nave and choir, with a western tower; the eastward extension of the choir, the construction of the retrochoir and other works were undertaken in 1900 and consecrated in 1905 as a memorial to Dr Walsham How, the first bishop. During restoration of the spire (the height of which is 247 ft.) in 1905, records of previous work upon it were discovered in a sealed receptacle in the weather-vane.
316. The quarter-centenary of the birth of Calvin occurring at the time of the Church assemblies of 1909 brought the Church of Scotland and the United Free Church assembly together for a memorial service in St Giles's; and a committee on union, consisting of 105 representatives from each assembly, was appointed.
317. Navigation could be carried on, or the lake-dwellings themselves be erected, without the use of ropes and cords; and the erection of memorial stones (menhirs, dolmens), at whichever era, and to whatever people these monuments may belong, would be altogether impracticable without the use of strong ropes."
318. 9 a a memorial cross was erected in the cathedral close of St Asaph in order to perpetuate the names and national services of the eight leading Welsh translators of the Scriptures: - Bishops Davies, Morgan and Parry; William Salesbury; Thomas Huet; Dr Davies of Mallwyd; Archdeacon Edmund Prys (1541-1624), author of a popular Welsh metrical version of the Psalter; and Gabriel Goodman, dean of Westminster (1528-1601), a native of Ruthin, who greatly assisted Bishop Morgan in his task.
319. In 1842, when the Quintuple Treaty was negotiated by representatives of England, France, Prussia, Russia and Austria for the suppression of the slave trade by the exercise of the right of search, Cass attacked it in a pamphlet entitled" An Examination of the Questions now in Discussion between the American and British Government Concerning the Right of Search," and presented to the French government a formal memorial which was probably instrumental in preventing the ratification of the treaty by France.
320. Land for the Spinoza Memorial Committee formed in Holland to celebrate the bicentenary of the philosopher's death appeared in 1882 and was reissued in three volumes in 1895.
321. It was settled by the Swedes about 1645, was called Upland and was the seat of the Swedish courts until 1682, when William Penn, soon after his landing at a spot in the town now marked by a memorial stone, gave it its present name.
322. Government offices and private villas are on either side of the palace, and beyond, on the east, are the Sudan Club, the military hospital, and the Gordon Memorial College.
323. Among them are the Mabel Tainter Memorial Library, the Dunn County School of Agriculture, the Dunn County Normal Training School, the Stout Institute for the training of teachers of domestic science &c., institutions in which public school children receive physical training.
324. He died on the 13th (1st) of February 1856 at Warsaw, where in 1869 a memorial was erected to him.
325. It has a fine memorial of the war of 1870-71.
326. The Cary Library in this village, with 25,000 volumes (1908), was founded in 1868, and was housed in the Town Hall from 1871 until 1906, when it was removed to the Cary Memorial Library building.
327. Noteworthy public buildings are St Aidan's College, a large brick building in Tudor style, for the use of Anglican students in theology; the market hall (1845); town hall, a free library with branches, borough hospital, built at the cost of Sir John Laird; and many schools both public and private, including the industrial schools built as a memorial to Albert, prince consort, at the cost of Sir W.
328. On his return from a delicate mission to Copenhagen, he presented to the empress "a memorial on political affairs" which comprised the first plan of a partition of Turkey between Russia and Austria.
329. He complained of this "diminution of his dignity" to the empress in a private memorial in the course of 1793.
330. Though Eck claimed the victory in argument, the only result was to strengthen the Swiss in their memorial view of the Lord's Supper, and so to diverge them further from Luther.
331. The Uitlanders once more petitioned, over 34,000 persons signing a memorial to the Raad for the extension of the franchise.
332. Karl Wilhelms (1815-1873), the composer of "Die Wacht am Rhein," was born here, and there is a memorial of him in the market-place.
333. His most important extant works are: in prose, Gratiarum Actio, an address of thanks to Gratian for his elevation to the consulship; Periochae, summaries of the books of the Iliad and Odyssey; and one or two epistolae; in verse, Epigrammata, including several free translations from the Greek Anthology; Ephemeris, the occupations of a day; Parentalia and Commemoratio Professorum Burdigalensium, on deceased relatives and literary friends; Epitaphia, chiefly on the Trojan heroes; Caesares, memorial verses on the Roman emperors from Julius Caesar to Elagabalus; Ordo Nobilium Urbium, short poems on famous cities; Ludus Septem Sapientum, speeches delivered by the Seven Sages of Greece; Idyllia, of which the best-known are the Mosella, a descriptive poem on the Moselle, and the infamous Cento Nuptialis.
334. In Kay Park (484 acres), purchased from the duke of Portland for 90co, stands the Burns Memorial, consisting of two storeys and a tower, and containing a museum in which have been placed many important MSS.
335. See Aus den Papieren des Grafen Aurel Dessewffy (Pest, 1843); Memorial Wreath to Count Aurel Dessewffy (Hung.), (Budapest, 1857); Collected Works of Count Dessewffy, with a Biography (Hung.), (Budapest, 1887).
336. The historian Barros tried his youthful pen in a romance of chivalry, the Chronica do Imperador Clarimundo, while in another branch, and a popular one in Portugal, the Arthurian cycle, the dramatist Ferreira de Vasconcellos wrote Sagramor or Memorial das proesas da segunda Tavola Redonda.
337. The Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library (1882) contained 30,000 volumes in 1910, housed in a building erected in 1903 by Mr Crawford Fairbanks in memory of his mother.
338. The city has a public library (26,000 volumes in 1908), the Nathan Littauer memorial hospital, a state armoury and a fine government building.
339. In Golden Gate Park is a museum owned by the city with exhibits of a wide range, including history, ethnology, natural history, the fine arts, &c. Very fine mineral exhibits by the State Mining Bureau, and California Agricultural and Pacific Coast commercial displays by the CaliforniaDevelopment Board, are housed in the Ferry Building, and there is a Memorial Museum in Golden Gate Park.
340. These dates are given in the following memorial distich with a frank indifference to quantity and metre "Vult Crux, Lucia, Cinis, Charismata dia Quod det vota pia quarta sequens feria."
341. The public buildings include the Burgh Hall, the academy (with a graceful steeple), the county buildings, the Denny Memorial, a Literary and a Mechanics' institute, Masonic hall, two cottage hospitals, a fever hospital, a public library and the combination poorhouse.
342. A memorial of the "compact," of polished Acton granite, 6 ft.
343. High, with two bronze tablets, was erected before the town-hall by the Old Colony Commission, and on High Pole Hill on the 10th of August 1 9 07 the cornerstone of a second memorial (completed in 1909, dedicated Aug.
344. In 1847 he founded the journal La Patria, and addressed to the grand duke a memorial suggesting remedies for the difficulties of the state.
345. The Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Building is occupied by the public library, which faces a monument to Nathan Hale on Main Street.
346. This was published in 1900 at the Phanar press, erected as a memorial to Theodore of Tarsus, archbishop of Canterbury, by Greek and English churchmen, which was set up by the patriarch Constantine V.
347. At its nearest point on the right of the British position, where the Mutiny Memorial now stands, the Ridge is only 1200 yds.
348. The Mutiny Memorial, which was erected by the army before Delhi, is a rather poor specimen of a Gothic spire in red sandstone, while the memorial tablets are of inferior marble.
349. The memorial stands 14 m.
350. 40), "that the record and memorial of these matters bath been depraved and corrupted by these funeral orations of praises,.
351. Among the city's attractive features are Idlewilde Park and a beautiful auditorium, built as a memorial to the soldiers and sailors of the Civil War.
352. Later, the names of Turner, Rossetti, Whistler, Leigh Hunt, Carlyle (whose house in Cheyne Row is preserved as a public memorial), Count D'Orsay, and Isambard Brunel, are intimately connected with Chelsea.
353. In the northeastern corner of the Maidan the Indian memorial to Queen Victoria, consisting of a marble hall, with a statue and historical relics, was opened by the prince of Wales in January 1906.
354. The Handley library (1910), a memorial to John Handley, a part of whose estate was bequeathed to establish industrial schools for the poor of Winchester, and an auditorium are owned by the municipality.
355. There is a fine statue of Queen Victoria by Hamo Thornycroft, R.A., in the public gardens, and a memorial to Vasco da Gama at the Point.
356. Fox Bourne (London, 1903); and King Leopold's Africa (London, 1904); Red Rubber (London, 1906); and A Memorial on Native Rights in the Land .
357. 1870 (Boston, 1871); Jonathan Edwards, a Retrospect, Being the Addresses Delivered in Connecticut with the Unveiling of a Memorial were great, brilliant and versatile men.
358. Of modern erections, the concert hall, the law courts and a memorial fountain to the cartographer Gerhard Kremer (Mercator) are worthy of mention.
359. An account of Raoult's life and work was given by Professor van't Hoff in a memorial lecture delivered before the London Chemical Society on the 26th of March 1902.
360. On the south side of Dean's Yard is the Church House, a memorial of Queen Victoria's Jubilee (1887), consisting of a spacious hall of brick and stone, with offices for numerous Church societies.
361. Its chief buildings are a fine town-hall with lofty clock-tower and spire (1889), containing the municipal offices, free library, &c.; the exchange, county court, Dorman memorial museum and Roman Catholic cathedral.
362. Its criticisms on public affairs soon led to its suppression by the governor, and a memorial from the colonists to the king petitioning for a free press was the result.
363. 14 1913, in answer to a memorial from the bulk of the Unionist M.P.'sa memorial which wished for a reassurance as to food duties, but strongly deprecated a change of leadership - Mr. Law announced that he and Lord Lansdowne were willing to agree that food duties should not be imposed without the approval of the electorate at a subsequent general election; and to remain leaders in deference to their followers' appeal, in spite of the party's disregard of their advice.
364. Franklin has a public library (housed in the Ray memorial building and containing 7700 volumes in 1910) and is the seat of Dean Academy (Universalist; founded in 1865), a secondary school for boys and girls.
365. It is built on an eminence (1150 ft.), and has two public parks, a substantial court-house, a soldiers' and sailors' memorial building, a public library, a hospital and many fine residences.
366. In the city are the Wells Memorial Hospital, St Peter's General Hospital, a Carnegie library, a Federal building and a Soldiers' Monument.
367. The Buccleuch memorial hall, commemorating the 5th duke of Buccleuch, contains the Science and Art Institute and a museum rich in exhibits illustrating Border history.
368. Among the principal buildings are the county court house, a masonic temple, an Elks' home and a soldiers' and sailors' memorial building.
369. " Randolph of Roanoke " is one of the most pathetic and most elevated of memorial tributes.
370. (1896); and a memorial of the 1870-71 war.
371. Near the city is the Judge Miner's Home and Hospital (Roman Catholic), a memorial to John Judge, a successful Utah miner.
372. The principal public buildings include the Turner memorial hospital, the Longmore hall, and the Institute.
373. High, in front of which is a monument to John Home, the author of Douglas; the district asylum to the north of the burgh; the western district hospital; the Tenterfield home for children; the free library and the Knox Memorial Institute.
374. At Columbia, also, are the Parker Memorial hospital, the Teachers College high school, the University Military Academy, the Columbia Business College, Christian College (Disciples) for women, established in 1851, its charter being the first granted by Missouri for the collegiate education of Protestant women; the Bible College of the Disciples of Christ in Missouri; and Stephens College (under Baptist control) for women, established in 1856.
375. In 1899 a school of medicine was established, in connexion with which the Eleanor Taylor Bell memorial hospital was erected in 1905.
376. In 1895 he founded for the education of the "mountain whites" the Lincoln Memorial University at Cumberland Gap, Tenn.
377. (1892); and Peptographia Dublinensis, Memorial Discourses preached in the Chapel of Trinity College, Dublin, 1895-1902; Edmund Burke, by G.
378. A memorial tablet, with an inscription by Archbishop Benson, is placed in the Cathedral at Truro; and Mr Passmore Edwards erected a public institute in his honour at Launceston, near his birthplace.
379. Sheldon Memorial Auditorium, in connexion with which is a School of Music, a Y.M.C.A.
380. There are monuments to the two former in the town, while the resting-place of the latter in the cemetery is marked by a less pretentious memorial.
381. The church of SS Mary and John the Baptist has rude Norman portions; and the poet William Shenstone, buried in 1763 in the churchyard, has a memorial in the church.
382. Among its chief features are the Virgin Martyrs' Memorial, representing in white marble a guardian angel and the figures of Margaret M`Lauchlan and Margaret Wilson, who were drowned by the rising tide in Wigtown Bay for their fidelity to the Covenant (1685);(1685); the large pyramid to the memory of the Covenanters, and the Ladies' Rock, from which ladies viewed the jousts in the Valley.
383. Another rich Norman doorway was exposed in the south wall in 1903, when masons were cutting a site for the memorial to the soldiers who had fallen in the South African War.
384. The Lord's Supper is a simple memorial.
385. He summed up their doctrines under eleven heads: they condemn the having and using images in the churches, the going on pilgrimages to the memorial or "mynde places" of the saints, the holding of landed possessions by the clergy, the various ranks of the hierarchy, the framing of ecclesiastical laws and ordinances by papal and episcopal authority, the institution of religious orders, the costliness of ecclesiastical decorations, the ceremonies of the mass and the sacraments, the taking of oaths and the maintaining that war and capital punishment are lawful.
386. A public library was opened in 1871, and in 1882 it was housed in the Crane Memorial Hall, designed by H.
387. He was commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic from 1868 to 1871, and in this position successfully urged the observance of Memorial or Decoration Day, an idea which probably originated with him.
388. The village has a memorial hall, housing the public library, and in the township there is an excellent hospital, the gift of Eben.
389. A memorial of the duchess is included in Goethe's works under the title Zum Andenken der Fit), stin Anna-Amalia.
390. The frequent intermarriages which mingled the best families of either race are sufficient proof of the close communion of Northmen and Celts in the 9th and 10th centuries, while there are in the poems themselves traces of Celtic mythology, language and manners.1 When one turns to the early poetry of the Scandinavian continent, preserved in the rune-staves on the memorial stones of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, in the didactic Havamal, the Great Volsung Lay (i.e.
391. Johnston (ed.), Memorial History of Louisville (Chicago, 1896); and L.
392. Shortly afterwards he delivered one of his most eloquent addresses at the memorial services for President Harrison in Faneuil Hall, Boston.
393. Among other buildings are: Christ Church (Protestant Episcopal) St Michael's Cathedral (Roman Catholic), the South Congregational Church, the Memorial Church, and the Church of the Sacred Heart; the Art Museum (1894-1896), which contains the George Walter Vincent Smith art collection and an art library; the Horace Smith Hall of Sculpture; the Museum of Natural History (1898), organized in 1859; a group of municipal buildings, with a tower 270 ft.
394. Among the hospitals are the Mercy Hospital (1896, under the Sisters of Divine Providence), the Wesson Memorial (formerly Hampden Homeopathic) Hospital (1900), the Wesson Maternity Hospital (1906), and the Springfield Hospital (1883).
395. In 1666 he alienated the Scottish bishops by a bold memorial (printed in vol.
396. Legates were despatched to Constantinople; the memorial of the schismatic patriarchs was condemned; and union was resumed with the Holy See.
397. The state of Maine erected in 1907 a granite memorial to the soldiers from Maine who camped here, and in 1910 Massachusetts appropriated $5000 for a memorial to her troops.
398. The more extensive Zang (Zenj) empire, of which the name Zanzibar (Zanguebar) is a lasting memorial, extending along the sea-board from Somaliland to the Zambezi, was also extinct.
399. Liber, Rashi (1906), published as a memorial of Rashi on the 800th anniversary of his death.
400. Immediately north of Poughkeepsie is the Hudson River State Hospital for the Insane (1871); in the city are the Vassar Brothers' Hospital (1878), with which a nurses' training school is connected; the Vassar Brothers' Home (1881) for aged and infirm men; the Poughkeepsie Orphan House and Home for the Friendless (1847); the Old Ladies' Home (1870); the Pringle Memorial Home (1899), for aged and indigent men, and the Adriance Memorial Library (45,000 volumes in 1909).
401. In 1851 the Royal Academy of History of Madrid began the publication of its Memorial histrica espanol, a collection of documents, &c. See also Dionisio Hidalgo, Diccionario general de bibliografia espanola, 7 vols.
402. Dumas was a prolific writer, and his numerous books, essays, memorial addresses, &c., show him to have been gifted with a clear and graceful style.
403. It is the seat of the New York State School for the Blind, and of St Joseph's Academy (Roman Catholic), and has'a historical museum, housed in the Old Holland Land Office (1804), containing a large collection of relics of the early days of New York, and a memorial library erected in 1889 in memory of a son by Mary E.
404. Followed in the footseps of James, and lent such patronage to the breeding of a better kind of horse that a memorial was presented to him, asking that some measures might be taken to prevent the old stamp of horse " fit for the defence of the country" from dying out.
405. 1631), whose fine memorial brass is in St Mary's church, has become one of the minor modern institutions of the English public school type.
406. Grosseteste's famous memorial to the pope is printed in the appendix to E.
407. He was buried in the cathedral without any memorial at his own desire.
408. The motto that he adopted for use with the arms emblazoned for him as cardinal - Co p ad cor loquitur, and that which he directed to be engraved on his memorial tablet at Edgbaston - Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem - together seem to disclose as much as can be disclosed of the secret of a life which, both to contemporaries and to later students, has been one of almost fascinating interest, at once devout and inquiring, affectionate and yet sternly self-restrained.
409. 56); in 118, according to a memorial stone discovered near Thessalonica (W.
410. The State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home (1887), with grounds covering 222 acres, is in Quincy; one of its fifty-five buildings (Lippincott Memorial Hall) was erected by the veterans of the institution in memory of Charles E.
411. Other institutions of higher learning, not under the control of the state, are: the University of Nashville (non-sect., 1785); Washington and Tusculum College (non-sect., 1794), at Greenville; Maryville College (Presbyterian, 1819), at Maryville; Cumberland University (Presbyterian, 1842), at Lebanon; Burritt College (non-sect., 1848), at Spencer; Hiwassee College (non-sect., 1849), at Sweetwater; Bethel College (Presbyterian 1850), at McKenzie; Carson and Newman College (Baptist, 1851), at Jefferson City; Walden University (Methodist, 1866), at Nashville; Fisk University (Congregational, 1866), at Nashville; University of Chattanooga (Methodist, 1867), at Chattanooga; University of the South (Protestant Episcopal, 1868), at Sewanee; King College (Presbyterian, 1869), at Bristol; Christian Brothers College (Roman Catholic, 1871), at Memphis; Knoxville College (United Presbyterian, 1875), at Knoxville; Milligan College (Christian, 1882), at Milligan; South-western Presbyterian College (1885), at Clarkville; and Lincoln Memorial University (non-sect., 1895), at Cumberland Gap.
412. Later in the year another convention, to which the proposed constitution had been referred, adopted instead the constitution of North Carolina with a few trifling changes, and William Cocke was chosen to present to Congress a memorial requesting recognition as a state.
413. Building, a memorial building, housing historical relics of the state, and Grace Church Cathedral (Protestant Episcopal).
414. A full funeral mass was not scheduled—only an informal memorial service.
415. Riley's comments were simple but moving and made Dean won­der if he were the eulogized party, who would speak so kindly of him—or, for that matter, even attend the memorial.
416. A call to Leland Anderson on Memorial day secured his superior's approval to move up his vacation from July—when he'd planned to bike in Iowa and since canceled—to June.
417. Airmanrecovery operation was based on Braemar where there is now a memorial to airmen killed in the hills.
418. Airmany Proposals for a Memorial In 1949 there was a proposal to erect a monument to the American airmen.
419. A completely alphabetical listing - names, rank, service, date of death and cemetery or memorial.
420. Marg, E.: Prentice Memorial Lecture: Is the animal model for stimulus deprivation amblyopia in children valid or useful?
421. St Mary's Graveyard, Renaissance Enclosure Renaissance memorial complete with Corinthian columns and trumpeting angels.
422. Free Watery Workshop For Children At The Royal Albert Memorial Museum Still Time To get animated Still Time To Snap To It!
423. Their public commemoration in the new memorial in the national memorial arboretum is very fitting.
424. Activities included architectural modeling, psychological testing, map making, a photographic portraiture project, and a memorial plaque sculpture project.
425. Barthol Chapel war memorial A simple small stone tablet on a pediment of darker granite ashlar.
426. Jasenovac was, in its own way, as important a memorial to capitalist barbarism as Auschwitz.
427. Click on the thumbnail to see the memorial bench at Phil's old primary school.
428. Who took the decision to detonate a bomb at the War Memorial in Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday?
429. The wooden bookstand in Clewer's Lady Chapel is a memorial to her and bears a brass plaque to that effect.
430. Benefaction boards to either side of the door, and two restoration brasses of 1877 and 1913, and a 20thC memorial brass.
431. Bronc riders in the world make an appearance at the Deke Latham Memorial PRCA Rodeo.
432. Recently, I caught wind of a charity group planning to erect a new memorial cairn on the summit.
433. The site is marked by a memorial cairn on the west side of the road.
434. The Bill Stuart memorial cairn stands a few yards further on.
435. There, a memorial slab in the floor has a cross in the middle and an inscription carved around the outside.
436. They then rejoin the main cavalcade and proceed up Scott Street heading toward the War Memorial, where only the Braw Lad remains mounted.
437. In London there is a large memorial called the cenotaph in Whitehall, and each Remembrance Sunday a big ceremony is held there.
438. On Holocaust Memorial Day itself there will be a non-religious ceremony at the Holywell Music Room.
439. Cod caught on these beaches come from The Memorial.
440. During the memorial scene Naomi Watts snorts coke in the bathroom.
441. Commemorated on any memorial in the town.
442. Commemorated here by a memorial slab on the chancel floor.
443. Commemorated by a magnificent memorial at Rotherfield Grays church.
444. How do I apply for an infant memorial commemorative plaque?
445. Reg Woods awaiting commencement of the 1996 memorial service, in memory of his lost shipmates.
446. Many covenanters were hanged for their beliefs on the spot outside The Last Drop pub, now marked by a memorial.
447. Either side of the memorial are two wooden crosses.
448. Dedication of a memorial plaque in the deceased's synagogue.
449. We were less pleased to see the desecration of a memorial to Graham Palmer, a pioneer of the restoration of the Montgomery canal.
450. Both memorial types are richly deserving of all the attention they receive.
451. Detachments from the regiment were present at the ceremony to unveil the memorial.
452. Dexter arm, holding a fleur-de-lis is portrayed at the top of the memorial.
453. Our memorial had been built to a very dignified design.
454. Dignitaryries assembled under the great arch of the memorial to the dead in Thiepval.
455. Dignitaryning ceremony on the steps of Pickering War Memorial Hall was performed by Mrs Arthur Kitching, with various civic dignitaries in attendance.
456. Does anyone have photo of the memorial erected in their memory?
457. Erected as a permanent memorial to the use of the various Brighton buildings for the Indian wounded.
458. This Saturday, I have been asked to deliver the eulogy at his memorial service at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.
459. Same Tone Let us rejoice, O ye faithful, for the annual memorial of Botolph is come again.
460. Banff Strike Wing Memorial Mosquito from Banff attacking shipping in Norwegian fiord, Spring 1945 Gp.
461. Fitting memorial to Haringey's incompetence.
462. The area in the vast flatland of the Gusev Crater where Spirit landed this weekend will be called the Columbia Memorial Station.
463. At the back of the church is the octagonal font surmounted by a memorial canopy given by Flintshire Cricket Club.
464. Genocide memorial at Murambi.
465. Glider landing marker closest to the Bridge, with memorial to Major Howard.
466. These unique Books of Remembrance, written on cream goatskin parchment and bound in deep blue goatskin parchment and bound in deep blue goatskin leather, lie in the Memorial Cabinet.
467. Guardsmanonel of the Regiment and 40 welsh Guardsmen will line the path to the new Merchant Navy Falklands Memorial.
468. He was an important figure in church life, yet we can find no headstone or memorial to him.
469. Our natural burial grounds do not have traditional headstones, instead graves can be planted with a tree to create a natural memorial.
470. You will not be able to claim money for the cost of a private burial space in the cemetery or a memorial headstone.
471. This is a great aid to finding a memorial without too much heartache.
472. There is a memorial in the churchyard to the Northumbrian lifeboat heroine, Grace Darling.
473. There has also been significant involvement in a trans-Atlantic prostate cancer histopathology project, jointly with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute.
474. Holocaust memorial institution, tracing its history back to 1933.
475. The prize carries an honorarium together with a memorial scroll.
476. September 3 rd 1919 There was a rather hurried meeting called at Cavendish to discuss the proposed war memorial.
477. The public hustings will take place at the Wesley Memorial Church hall, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford.
478. Inaugurated last July as a memorial to Harry.
479. MEMORIAL PLAQUES: The Conrad Eden plaque on the Cathedral wall next to the organ loft door is virtually indecipherable.
480. Inscribed memorial stone was erected on his grave at Kendal Cemetery.
481. Inscribed on a black granite plaque, which provides an attractive memorial.
482. Inscribed on the memorial.
483. You are now able to purchase a memorial bench, suitably inscribed, which would be placed either at the Club House or Farm.
484. King's Stanley Church memorial inscriptions, taken in 1879.
485. A memorial removed for the purpose of a further interment shall be transported from the Cemetery grounds.
486. Joseph sternberg memorial in all kinds.
487. It is traditional for the children to light a memorial candle, visit their parent's grave and recite the kaddish.
488. Lasting memorial to our daughter.
489. Hinds Groome's own memorial is a splendid little reredos, showing the Last Supper.
490. Layhe legendary TV producer was laid to rest at the Hillside Memorial Park in west Los Angeles.
491. Legendary TV producer was laid to rest at the Hillside Memorial Park in west Los Angeles.
492. Lithographs commissioned by the Canadian War Memorial Fund.
493. Any tree planted will be a living memorial of great longevity.
494. Marble memorial tablet of 1918 to the east of the window.
495. Your memorial mason should be able to offer you further advice.
496. memorial erected in their memory?
497. The Astronomer Royal, Sir Frank Dyson, unveiled the memorial, slightly later than planned, in February 1927.
498. Char's Fund will be the means by which we will build a lasting memorial to our daughter.
499. He died at the age of 28 and his name is on the St Michael's WW1 memorial.
500. The immense pressure on space necessitated, and the turnover of families facilitated some re-use of graves and removal of memorials in both cities.
501. In addition, the rites performed at war memorials enhanced the republican aura of the monuments.
502. Three memorials was brought out hastily to forestall pirate editions.
503. Civic memorials were erected to provide sites that could mediate personal grief, to console and to provide a sense of community.
504. The ship's movements were reported to the throne in memorials from the governors and governors-general of the coastal provinces.
505. I was not a slave with those pictured memorials of the past.
506. Until today, at each end of a term of the year, offices inside and outside the capital must present memorials on population registers, city temples, revenues from taxes, and granaries.
507. Monuments, memorials, museums, street names : how have these most visible forms of history been marked by understandings of public participation, geography, visuality, profitability and social progress ?
508. The modern memorials are deteriorating.
509. The cemeteries and memorials in the former war zone did not merely represent a cluster of the respective national memories, but were sites of cultural conflict and exchange.
510. The six modern memorials (2005).
511. There are memorials on which there are lists of names of hundreds of people who died in colliery catastrophes.
512. There is no national planning policy guidance expressly relating to the location of war memorials in general.
513. Provision for the preservation or recording of memorials to the dead is contained in existing legislation concerning the development of burial grounds.
514. Memorials have been received on this subject, and the matter is still under consideration.
515. The subject of war memorials is one which must be approached with discretion.
516. The memorials of the fallen may be accompanied by marks of mourning or gratitude or honour, and different nations express these sentiments in different ways.
517. I have received memorials to the effect mentioned from a number of branches of the union.
518. Does that mean that the names of all the fallen and the memorials will be spared?
519. I think the matter of the erection of further public memorials must rest with the local authorities concerned.
520. There are no memorials in this place to the people who fought for democracy.
521. The signatures attached to the two memorials were 277.
522. The association has already been informed to this effect, and the various points raised by them in their memorials have been dealt with in reply.
523. I have had before me a number of memorials and received a deputation from the officers interested.
524. In accordance with the long established custom for the erection of memorials, we would expect funds to be raised by public subscription.
525. Of course, that does not mean that additional memorials should not be erected if people want them or if there is a further need.
526. Certain local authorities can spend money on war memorials and other authorities cannot.
527. I have photographs of the cemeteries, with the suggested memorials, with me.
528. Many older cemeteries contain tombstones and memorials that have become unstable.
529. The removal or change of site of war memorials is essentially a matter for the local planning authority concerned.
530. All over the country in the 1920s, war memorials were erected by public subscription.
531. I am concerned with the memorials for all men and women who served in the war and whose memorials are erected in public places.
532. I know that in these days there is often a feeling that memorials should have some material form for the benefit of some object.
533. I regard that as fundamental to all this discussion about memorials.
534. I am not condemning the war memorials of the last war; most of them were artistically inoffensive, and they gave great pleasure to the citizens.
535. What is the value of war memorials erected in that spirit?
536. One of the memorials which is eyed for removal is that statue.
537. Any memorials that may be submitted to him through the recognised channels will be duly considered.
538. Interest in the condition and preservation of war memorials has also increased to new heights.
539. Clause 8 abolishes the need to make certain applications to the county council connected with war memorials, open spaces and loans.
540. Should a scheme to move the memorials be developed, funded from other sources, we would be delighted to assist in identifying an alternative site.
541. After both world wars, memorials have often been raised overseas by regiments or formations such as divisions in recognition of their fallen comrades.
542. In the second declaration the matter of war graves, cemeteries and memorials is regularised.
543. Perhaps it is a little uncharitable to say it, but they may not be uninfluenced by the very human thought of erecting memorials to themselves.
544. I do not regard these factories as barren memorials of my report.
545. In the vast majority of eases to-which this refers, the memorials are on public thoroughfares, and in places of public resort.
546. They look after public property, war memorials, recreation grounds and graveyards.
547. They would have to look at particular memorials and the like, and draw those memorials to the attention of the zone commander.
548. Can we use our action as regards war memorials to effect the same purpose?
549. I have always taken a great interest in war memorials.
550. The legislation even states that memorials shall be broken or defaced before being otherwise disposed of.
551. Why should she not come forward and help to rebuild the world as one of the best memorials and justification of our enormous sacrifice?
552. If we apply irony to war memorials, the dead and that sort of thing, we get into the area of cheap irony.
553. There is a practice of placing flags upon war memorials.
554. I cannot myself feel that the general and collective aspect of these war memorials should be ignored.
555. I would ask also that where the propellers of aeroplanes have been used as grave memorials they might be allowed to remain as suitable memorials.
556. Therefore, as far as that is concerned, the matter was decided on the memorials before us.
557. Will he try to persuade local authorities to add the names of the honoured dead to local memorials?
558. The importation of worked memorials is not, in fact, permitted.
559. The estimated cost of both memorials is £10,170 each.
560. Provision for the preservation or recording of memorials to the dead is contained in existing legislation concerning the development of disused burial grounds.
561. I hope therefore that people in the localities will be able to look after their own memorials.
562. Existing police memorials will remain as they are, and the colour of the uniform will not change.
563. There are two, for example, that detract from the sites of war memorials.
564. They are to be found in the smallest villages and in the largest cities—memorials of all kinds, industrial, ecclesiastical, regimental and parochial.
565. They have been able to make their views known in that way, and have also received the replies of conference to those memorials.
566. Scant information emerged, instructions to submit memorials were hindered and few memorials were discussed at the 1975 conference.
567. Memorials may also be supported, cordoned off or repaired.
568. More to the point, how is a council expected to test other memorials for safety, if they do not fit that description?
569. If the cemetery were to be closed now, time should elapse before any removal of memorials or disinterment took place.
570. There are no plans to include ex-officers in these memorials.
571. If you want to cover all war memorials that is another matter and again this is not the way to do it.
572. As well as physical memorials, the commission uses new technology to preserve our collective debt of thanks.
573. He had two beautiful memorials on his property.
574. When it is a public figure who has died and there are concerns in relation to proper and appropriate memorials, even more time is needed.
575. I agree with my noble friend that it is not just memorials that are vandalised; many other things are too.
576. Does my noble friend agree that there is a general problem with vandalism, some of which is not directed specifically at these memorials?
577. There is, however, evidence that the damage done to these memorials is not as great as had been feared.
578. On these occasions of memorials, questions of great controversy are always raised.
579. If we have a rebate for war memorials, why cannot we have one for furniture for the schools?
580. Municipal cemeteries are regulated to ensure uniform provision of the grant of burial rights and consistent arrangements for the maintenance of graves and memorials.
581. Equally, the commission has given an absolute assurance that the high standards at cemeteries and memorials around the world will be maintained.
582. One has only to look at the war memorials to understand what they have given.
583. Many of us have been gathering around cenotaphs and war memorials.
584. I recognise that for older memorials the loss of contact with the owners is a real difficulty for the burial authorities.
585. Coterminous with this increase in public access to history was a debate concerning the politics of public memorials.
586. Agnes would become chief among the "memorials" to her sister and her enduring love.
587. Crucially, man does not necessarily engineer the changing effect of memorials, it is a process controlled by time.
588. Instead, they generally contained public proclamations and decrees, memorials to battles and records of laws.
589. Wills, memorials (a petition to government, detailing a complaint), petitions, and lawsuits give order to both his own and to public life.
590. Accounts of worship services appear both in gazetteers and in memorials and imperial edicts.
591. Ultimately, this essay firstly attempts to identify whether the assertion of all war memorials eventually leading to the glorification of war is necessarily true.
592. The same complete picture cannot be given of the history of the grave site memorials.
593. Generally appended to memorials they presented in columns numerically what the text they were associated with described verbally and in more general terms.
594. The expanded 'avenue of opinion' did encourage a multiplicity of voices and led to an influx of petitions and memorials.
595. In many cases there were mid- to late nineteenth-century pieces, usually obelisks, that had fallen over or were tilting and endangering other memorials.
596. Like those memorials, the plainness of its language and the straightforwardness of its rhythms gain in directness what they lose in depth.
597. There are also family tombs, memorials to urban dynasties, lined up in all their posthumous dignity.
598. Consequently, it is inevitable that memorials will eventually exalt war.
599. Behind the eulogies that accompanied the memorial's construction lie two other impulses.
600. Spc. Vanessa Guillén will be laid to rest this Saturday, Aug. 15 following a public memorial service to be held today. 14.
601. A county on Maryland's Eastern Shore has voted to keep a memorial honoring Confederate soldiers, sparking a protest outside the meeting as activists said officials had used the coronavirus pandemic as ...
602. So, this evocative and moving new memorial to the thousands of enslaved people who helped build and then served the university that Thomas Jefferson designed can make private conv ...
603. The family of a slain Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen has scheduled a memorial for her more than three months after she was killed by a fellow solider at the Texas base ...
604. A memorial to soldiers in the "forgotten army" of World War Two has been given listed status. The Chindit memorial in Victoria Embankment Gardens in Westminster will be given Grade II listing to mark ...
605. An artist in Los Angeles is memorializing each of the thousands of people who have died from COVID-19 in the United States with a delicate origami crane ...
606. The memorial service for Nelson Mandela features tributes by some of the anti-apartheid icon's family members and foreign leaders, including President Obama, Cuban President Raul Castro, and the U.N.
607. White Elm Café & Bakery — which is located at 14079 memorial Drive at the intersection of North Kirkwood Road and opened on Aug. 11 — features cuisine that is inspired by the French countryside and ...
608. Radio stations nationwide to broadcast Breonna Taylor memorial, unemployment numbers are expected to fluctuate and more news to start your Thursday.
609. 273+14 sentence examples: 1. This statue is a memorial to a great statesman. 2. The war memorial was erected in 1950. 3. The memorial to those who had died in the war unveiled in 1948. 4. The statue is a lasting memorial to those who died in the war.
610. memorial sentence examples. memorial. What a way to start a memorial Day weekend. 229. 91. They're going to hold a memorial service for Byrne at the Catholic Church. 211. 89. Opposite the barracks is the memorial to the officers and men of the Royal Artillery who fell in the Crimean War, a bronze figure of Victory cast out of cannon captured in
611. How to use memorial in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word memorial? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. If planning permission were granted, then there is the age-old chestnut of any memorial being vandalised or messed upon by pigeons.
612. Examples of memorial in a sentence. A flower-covered memorial was placed near the attack site to honor the victims who were gunned down last Sunday. 🔊 Grandmother’s memorial service was held at her home church, with over 500 people showing up to the funeral to pay their respects. 🔊 A memorial Day parade is set to honor the brave men and
613. Examples of fitting memorial in a sentence, how to use it. 14 examples: The editors of the volume organized the conference, which finds a fitting…
614. Examples of memorial in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: The immense pressure on space necessitated, and the turnover of families…
615. Memorial-day sentence examples. memorial-day. What a way to start a memorial Day weekend. 0. 0. A call to Leland Anderson on memorial day secured his superior's approval to move up his vacation from July—when he'd planned to bike in Iowa and since canceled—to June. 0. 0.
616. Translations of the phrase A memorial from english to finnish and examples of the use of "A MEMORIAL" in a sentence with their translations: It's a memorial for CJ tonight.
617. memorial park definition is - cemetery. How to use memorial park in a sentence.
618. Translations of the phrase LA memorial from italian to english and examples of the use of "LA MEMORIAL" in a sentence with their translations: parcheggiato tra la sesta e la memorial .
619. memorial definition: A memorial is a structure built in order to remind people of a famous person or event. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
620. How to use memorial in a sentence. The memorial list of example sentences with memorial. Log in. memorial / examples. memorial in a sentence - 13 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "memorial service: farewell party for someone who already left" Robert Byrne "memorial services are the cocktail parties of the geriatric set" Harold
621. memorial definition: The definition of memorial is relating to something in honor of an event or a person who has passed away. (adjective) An example of memorial used as an adjective is in the phrase "memorial service," which means a service in honor of
622. 273+14 sentence examples: 1. We visited the Lincoln memorial. 2. The Government allocated money for the memorial. 3. Attending the memorial service was a moving experience . 4. In place of our advertised programme, we will have live coverage of the s
623. memorial definition is - serving to preserve remembrance : commemorative. How to use memorial in a sentence.
624. 12+ Best memorial Service Program Examples & Templates [Download Now] The primary function of a memorial program template is to help you prepare an outline for an upcoming memorial service. Designed to make your work easier and save you time, these templates will enable you to get your program ready in minutes.
625. How to use memorial service in a sentence. The memorial service list of example sentences with memorial service. memorial service / examples. memorial service in a sentence - 12. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "A memorial service in the dead man's honor" "A memorial service in the dead man's honour" "I'm surprised there was no
626. Examples of how to use the word memorial in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
627. memorial definition: A memorial is a structure built in order to remind people of a famous person or event. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Examples of 'memorial' in a sentence memorial. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
628. 1. address in a memorial 2. be or provide a memorial to a person or an event Familiarity information: memorialize used as a verb is rare. 23. Eulogize in a sentence - Use "eulogize" in a sentence 1. Eulogized as " a simple gentleman to all," 2. So it was a time to memorialize, eulogize and vent. click for more sentences of eulogize: 24.
629. memorial Lights, memorial Picture Frames and Keepsake Boxes along with your loved one's name. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal. We will miss you and love you always. To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.
630. Sometimes, a long, drawn-out memorial service isn’t needed, but you want to say something about the deceased. Here’s a structure for a short, but meaningful service that covers the “Four Rs” of a good memorial service: Recognize the death, Remember the person, Reaffirm beliefs and Release the spirit. Feel free to add readings and play music that reflects the spirit of the person who
631. memorial Quote Articles. There are many occasions when memorial quotes are needed. When you lose a family member or friend that has had a piece of your heart, it may be hard to think of just the right words to express sorrow. If a bereavement has happened to someone you love, you may be searching for the right words to try for a measure of comfort.
632. memorial Day Sentence Sequencing. by Leanne Guenther. I made these cards for memorial Day but you can save most of them to use on Flag Day, the Fourth of July and Veteran's Day. Sentence Sequencing: What is it? An activity/game that allows children to practice combining nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc to make a sentence.
633. A memorial service is less like a variety show and more like a musical composition or a woven fabric. Each part, from beginning to end, is a part of the whole and contributes to the rhythm and
634. memorial Inscriptions and Remembrance Poems. It can be so difficult to find the words to use on a memorial plaque, so we have listed below a selection of inscriptions and remembrance poems which our customers have used on their memorials. We hope these inscriptions, will help you to put your thoughts and feelings, into the words for your plaque.
635. Examples of memorialize in a sentence On Veteran’s Day, citizens will memorialize the soldiers from our country who died fighting by attending parades. To memorialize your deceased pet, owners can now get their ashes placed in an urn with a picture of their pet on the front of it.
636. Since memorial programs come in the form of brochure examples, one must take note of certain things. One would be the picture of the deceased, as well as his or her name, date of birth, date of death, and the time and place of their memorial.
637. We understand, at memorial Benches UK, that putting together words or phrases, to engrave into your memorial bench or onto your plaque, can sometimes be difficult. Below are some examples that you may wish to use in whole or in part when designing your personal message.
638. A memorial tribute is a speech given at a funeral or memorial service, usually by someone who was close to the person who died. It may include a brief life history, personal memories, anecdotes, interests or hobbies and favorite quotations. Preparation is important, especially because of the emotions involved in the moment.
639. This video examines #memorial as a #noun. Here, 8 nouns, which have meanings similar to that of memorial in standard English, are introduced through sentence examples. These #synonyms help you to
640. memorial Day was created to honor the soldiers of America, but now it is known for honoring the memorial Day parade or sales event. Times and traditions have changed drastically, and so have the people of America. In conclusion even though we live in a free country our freedom is still not free. What memorial Day means to me.
641. memorial - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: memorial n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (commemorative monument) memorial nm nombre masculino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente masculino, que lleva los artículos el o un en singular, y los o unos en plural. Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.
642. Sentence Examples Both these monuments burst into sculpture at the top, and arguably sculpture is the most expressive and dramatic way to memorialize the dead. A house of ill repute once stood here, and the bedposts are intended to memorialize its occupants.
643. memorial Idea: Create a Memory Table and Memory Boards Examples: Think about your loved ones hobbies and passions. Gather some of the key things that were important to your loved one. At the entrance to the service, have the items displayed on a large table.
644. Commemorate definition: The definition of commemorate means to have a ceremony or build a monument to honor a person or an event. (verb) Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an example of to commemorate. Visiting the National September 11 Memorial
645. The Funeral Speech. The funeral or memorial speech is an integral part of most funeral and memorial services. Funeral speeches include formal eulogies or tributes as well as informal reflections, remembrances and comments.
646. This sample memorial service program uses the bifold Grey Classic Cross Funeral Program Template. This classic design is perfect for a religious memorial service. This program features an order of service, obituary poem and acknowledgment. This design features a removable clipart cross, which makes it fitting for a secular or nonreligious service.
647. Extra Examples. The memorial stands on the village green. The president today unveiled a memorial to those who died in the disaster. a makeshift memorial marked by posters and flowers; This ruin became a memorial for the victims of the bombing.
648. Here are a few quick tips for writing and printing the perfect memorial funeral folder. If you follow these simple suggestions, we hope to make the process much easier. The samples below will also help. — Keep it simple. Use photos and memorial poems, verses and sayings found here: memorial poems and verses.
649. Synonyms for memorial at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for memorial.
650. English words and Examples of Usage use "memorial" in a sentence The cloudy weather mirrored the solemnity of the memorial service. The governor dedicated the memorial to the soldiers who died in the war. Academic English Words List and Example Sentences
651. A memorial contribution letter is a type of formal business letter, which means it should contain the address of the charity to which the donation will be made, a salutation, body text, and a formal signature block. The salutation may be written “To whom it may concern” if the charity did not specify a person to whom to direct the donation.
652. memorial services are celebrations of life, at time to honor the loved one who has passed, and to affirm the bonds of community, memory and hope that sustain us in sorrow. memorial services bring healing most powerfully when they call to mind the full reality of the person who has died, treasuring the person’s gifts and honestly acknowledging
653. Here is the best collection of sentimental memorial quotes for a sister that reflect on her love, life and legacy. Each one would be a beautiful addition to an epitaph. Headstone Quotes for Sister: Example 1. This memorial quote would be especially appropriate if your sister suffered an illness or debilitating condition prior to her passing.
654. Memorialize definition, to commemorate. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979

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