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humor, temper, disposition, spirit, tenor, vein, temper, sulk, pet, depression,

"Mood" Example Sentences

1. He'd been in a grumpy mood since he got up.
2. I'm in no mood to watch a cat fight tonight.
3. Instantly the playful mood was back.
4. Hopefully he would be in a better mood after they got back home.
5. Pierre saw that there was a conspiracy against him and that they wanted to reunite him with his wife, and in the mood he then was, this was not even unpleasant to him.
6. He wasn't in a mood to chat.
7. The mood was Victorian, and the music was classic.
8. What was even harder to accept was the fact she actually enjoyed his extreme mood changes.
9. I can only describe the mood of our return trip as pensive.
10. She was in a mood for brooding on the past.
11. Alex was in a good mood and it was a pleasant trip - until Felipa made a comment about Tessa's visit the night before.
12. Napoleon was in that well-known after-dinner mood which, more than any reasoned cause, makes a man contented with himself and disposed to consider everyone his friend.
13. "I'm having a mood," she said.
14. After her life in the country, and in her present serious mood, all this seemed grotesque and amazing to Natasha.
15. Dulce remained in a sour mood, and left the group as soon as possible.
16. We were late for work but in a great mood when we finally arrived.
17. Maybe his mood would improve, anyway.
18. The guests were reluctant to address her, feeling that she was in no mood for their conversation.
19. "Why are you telling me this?" she asked, her upbeat mood fading.
20. With the naive conviction of young men in a merry mood that other men's wives were created for them, Rostov did not leave the lady's side and treated her husband in a friendly and conspiratorial style, as if, without speaking of it, they knew how capitally Nicholas and the lady would get on together.
21. Let Harlequin be taken with a fit of the colic and his trappings will have to serve that mood too.
22. The thin, hollow-cheeked Chekmar, having got everything ready, kept glancing at his master with whom he had lived on the best of terms for thirty years, and understanding the mood he was in expected a pleasant chat.
23. Her mood improved, Deidre returned to her penthouse with newfound resolve to enjoy the last few months of her life.
24. His mood swings weren't unexpected.
25. Did the doc explain your mood swings, too?
26. Cynthia was super pleased to hear her son's voice, but her mood changed abruptly when he blurted out the news.
27. Prince Vasili was not having any supper: he went round the table in a merry mood, sitting down now by one, now by another, of the guests.
28. The departure left husband Joseph in an even surlier mood than usual, and he growled his way through breakfast.
29. But he was not destined to bring his mood safely to his destination.
30. Not in the mood, Sofia.
31. Everyone told her she looked very handsome, and she was in a spirited and energetic mood unusual with her.
32. She loosened her grip on him, sensing he wasn't going to leave, whatever his mood was.
33. She woke with a sob, and then cried until the dark mood retreated.
34. Unwilling to disturb his solitary mood, Jenn leaned back against a pillar and watched.
35. The next morning—Sunday—Cynthia's mood climbed to somewhere between a blue funk and resigned neutrality.
36. It was near ten o'clock the next morning when Martha awoke in a festive mood with the appetite of a hibernating bear.
37. She thought about telling Alex, but he was in no mood to hear about ghosts in the dark.
38. But I was at the same time conscious of a slight insanity in my mood, and seemed to foresee my recovery.
39. This lasted for several minutes; then this mood passed, and Nancy was thrown ruthlessly on the floor and pushed to one side, while a large, pink-cheeked, fuzzy-haired member of the family received the little mother's undivided attention.
40. If only she could conquer these mood shifts.
41. I telephoned Martha LeBlanc with the intent of a quick thank-you for our prior weekend visit but she was in a mood to chat.
42. After the junction with the army of the brilliant admiral and Petersburg hero Wittgenstein, this mood and the gossip of the staff reached their maximum.
43. She hugged herself, wanting to throw her arms around him but knowing he was in as an approachable of a mood as Dustin.
44. No, not his driving, but his mood was.
45. My acquiescence lightened the mood for the remainder of the trip as Betsy and Howie chatted as if future sessions were a faite accompli.
46. He watched the change, irritated by the bizarre mood swings and cryptic ramblings that defined Darian's speech lately.
47. If I happen to be all alone and in an idle mood, I play a game of solitaire, of which I am very fond.
48. A long train whistle sounded several times, adding to the dark mood of the evening.
49. Whether it was Pumpkin's advice or the sunny day, Cynthia's mood lightened as they drove.
50. He thought of her pregnancy and felt sorry for her and for himself, and in a nervously emotional and softened mood he went out of the hut in which he was billeted with Nesvitski and began to walk up and down before it.
51. But then, it was like him not to reveal his thoughts or concerns – unless the mood hit him.
52. My, aren't we in a good mood tonight.
53. Maybe his mood had more to do with feeling unappreciated.
54. His mood too good to be snubbed by a mere public servant.
55. He seemed carefully to cherish within himself the gloomy mood which alone enabled him to endure his position.
56. In spite of the happy group that greeted him, Fred's somber mood didn't mirror theirs.
57. The countess--her prayerful mood dispelled--looked round and frowned.
58. Anna Pavlovna's presentiment was justified, and all that morning a joyously festive mood reigned in the city.
59. But next day no news arrived from the army and the public mood grew anxious.
60. Fred's somber mood dictated restraint.
61. But she felt oppressed by the fact that the mood of everyone around her was so far from what was in her own heart.
62. She lets me kiss her now, and when she is in a particularly gentle mood, she will sit in my lap for a minute or two; but she does not return my caresses.
63. Apparently his mood had been inspired by the telephone call she made to Connie a few nights ago.
64. It was nearing Christmas and while New York was aglow, my wife and I were just the opposite; out of sync with the mood of the city.
65. He didn't look to be in a mood for questions, so she hurried past him to her room, Pierre trailing.
66. The few glasses of wine he had drunk and the conversation with this good-natured man had destroyed the mood of concentrated gloom in which he had spent the last few days and which was essential for the execution of his design.
67. She glanced up at his face, but it gave no clue of his mood.
68. You may want to put on a colored lab coat in a long length to feel more comfortable at work while boosting your mood, because you're taller than average, or simply because you just want to mix things up in your work wardrobe.
69. If you want to dress casually or dress up, you can do whatever your mood desires.
70. When in town, if you find you are in the mood for a delicious steak, there are several delectable options.
71. Whatever the old man said, it elevated Cynthia's mood a few notches on the normalcy meter.
72. Her entire mood was an-about face from the tentativeness she had expressed that morning.
73. Even those playing cards behind the partition soon left their game and came over to the samovar, yielding to the general mood of courting Mary Hendrikhovna.
74. Yancey got up the next morning in a fowl mood and stayed that way for several days.
75. Betsy was in a chipper mood considering all that was going on.
76. Fred's mood remained somber throughout the meal.
77. Bird Song's parlor began filling with guests whose canceled activities put them in a what-do-you-do-next? mood of bewilderment.
78. Dean felt satisfaction that his wife's dark mood had improved, but Martha's departure remained on her mind.
79. He was performing the same function, but meeting him didn't darken Dean's mood appreciably.
80. Sensing his dangerous mood, Katie leaned into Rhyn and gazed up at him.
81. Without a doubt, the fact that the babies were healthy had major influence on his mood.
82. I don't know what he wanted, but he certainly put you in a reflective mood.
83. Darkyn's assertions about her destiny being with him left her in a foul mood.
84. Something as simple as calling her sweetheart or pointing out her many attributes could put her in a romantic mood.
85. A faint smile escaped despite his dark mood.
86. If he didn't like Connor, his mood wouldn't have mattered a bit.
87. Definitely still in the mood for a low IQ.
88. Pierre was in an agreeable after-dinner mood.
89. If you're in the mood for something other than steak, an array of seafood is also available as well.
90. If you're in the mood for more than pasta, try a steak, one of several veal entrees or the special fish of the day.
91. Depending on your mood, palate, and pocketbook, you can select from several local establishments for a terrific seafood meal.
92. If you are in the mood for dessert, try my cookie dough eggroll.
93. If you are in the mood for a sizzling steak after a fun-packed day, you are in luck here.
94. He seemed to shake his dark mood, and Jade relaxed.
95. "I cannot act until I am certain," he said at last, his mood darkening.
96. She rubbed her face, dressed in grey to reflect her mood, and tucked her spare earpiece into her pocket as she did every day.
97. She withdrew the grass from her pocket and held it out as a peace offering, uncertain how to take his mood.
98. "You're hurt," he said, his mood darkening.
99. I'm just in a grouchy mood this morning.
100. Dean nodded his head in agreement, happy Cynthia's mood had mellowed.
101. Something ominous hangs in the winter air, a darkness and trepidation that well matches my mood.
102. The darkening sky matched the mood of Bird Song's guests and inhabitants as they woke to a busy Saturday morning, the main day of the ice festival.
103. He was in no mood to exercise patience.
104. You in the mood for a suggestion?
105. He was in no mood to talk to the pair.
106. There seemed to be improvement in her mother's condition but Cynthia's mood remained subdued.
107. It seems to me, that Edith had a very rapid mood change from flaunting her nakedness in front of Claire to...killing herself, practically minutes later.
108. He was very much in the mood for a fun, air headed bimbo after all the drama today, but that would be near impossible.
109. Jackson seized every opportunity to point out the upsides, and tried his best to lighten her mood.
110. The mood was heavy.
111. I wish you'd get out of this black mood you've been in lately.
112. How could she explain her mood to Katie when she had so little understanding of it herself?
113. She wasn't much in the mood for shopping around anyway.
114. The old spinster is in a bad mood today.
115. Animals seem to sense your mood.
116. Those eyes were warm, reflecting a mood somewhere between sober and light humor.
117. His mood grew worse.
118. "Fine," I responded, not really in a sharing mood.
119. And he felt guilty as hell for his own foul mood and the insignificant rea­sons behind it.
120. While Dean's mood had slowly improved, he still envied their contentment.
121. Dean gritted his teeth to retain his good mood.
122. "Glad to see y'all are still in a happy mood," Hunter said, an exaggerated smile on his face.
123. While Dean wanted the opportunity to speak with her in person after his Norfolk trip, he didn't feel in the best mood to do it after spending half the night and day coping with Vinnie Baratto and his sleazy friends.
124. The unease of the entire situation put him in a foul mood all the way home.
125. Dean's mood was souring by the minute.
126. And it certainly didn't help the mood of the office.
127. His blue mood following the memorial service dissipated with the passing days and he remained in fair spirits.
128. Somehow he wasn't in the mood for Ethel's brand of jokes.
129. This time her mood was much improved.
130. She had not, but sounded in a much cheerier mood, giving Dean a five-minute update on her school progress.
131. When Dean chided her about her improved mood she simply laughed and said love does that to people.
132. He said this with a smugness that didn't improve Dean's mood one iota.
133. Fred, in a particularly kind mood, had not only picked up the gear but set up Dean's tent for him.
134. It didn't need to be cleaned and she was out of the mood.
135. He must have decided she was in a better mood, because he smiled.
136. If he was in the mood for concessions, there was something else she would like to address.
137. Headaches and mood swings – not yet, anyway.
138. She left the room in a depressed mood and started cleaning the house.
139. I'm just not in the mood.
140. I suppose not, but I'm still not in the mood.
141. Thinking a ride might put her in a better mood, she saddled Ed and released Princess and her daughters in the pasture.
142. Maybe that explained her dark mood.
143. As the days passed, her mood did improve.
144. He was sleep deprived and not exactly in the mood.
145. They laughed now, but the overall mood was serious.
146. He felt the mood that descended over her without fully understanding it.
147. The dampened mood was still in her voice.
148. Even the red sun couldn't dampen her mood.
149. "Not in the mood, I see," Xander said.
150. Even the children sensed his mood.
151. I hope Alex gets in a better mood.
152. There was no point talking to him while he was in this mood.
153. Today she was in no mood to enjoy his offbeat brand of humor.
154. She rejoined the party and even danced a few times with Denton, who was perplexed by her sudden change in mood.
155. Obviously you're not in any mood for company.
156. Another text popped up, worsening his mood.
157. Jessi studied him briefly, sensing his mood darken, as it had yesterday when she mentioned dating Gerry.
158. Xander sensed her mood the moment he set foot out of his wing of the condo.
159. She laughed despite her mood.
160. Xander's mood was growing worse.
161. I'm in the mood to take off someone's head.
162. I'm in a mood to kill everything I see.
163. The murder of Kotzebue by Karl Sand, however, shocked him out of his extreme revolutionary views, and from this time he tended, under the influence of the writings of Hamann and Herder, more and more in the direction of conservatism and romanticism, until at last he ended, in a mood almost of pessimism, by attaching himself to the extreme right wing of the forces of reaction.
164. Malay verbs have neither person or number nor mood or tense.
165. Moreover, the Porte was thrown into a suspicious mood by the contrast between the friendly language of the western powers and the active sympathy of the western peoples for the Greeks, who were supported by volunteers and money drawn from all Europe.
166. In August a conference of the four powers assembled at Vienna, but the settlement they proposed, which practically conceded everything demanded by Russia except the claim to the protectorate, though accepted by the tsar, was rejected by the Porte, now fallen into a mood of stubborn resentment at the Russian invasion.
167. The second and third, addressed respectively to a cardinal (Perraud) and a bishop (Le Camus), are polemical or ironical in tone; the others are all written to friends in a warm, expansive mood; the fourth letter especially, appropriated to Mgr Mignot, attains a grand elevation of thought and depth of mystical conviction.
168. The love-sick mood and romantic temperament of the young Irishman found congenial soil in the wild surroundings of unexplored Canadian forests, and the enthusiasm thus engendered for the "natural" life of savagery may have been already fortified by study of Rousseau's writings, for which at a later period Lord Edward expressed his admiration.
169. Exceptional to this general rule, however, is a mood of pessimism which sometimes overtakes youths on the threshold of manhood.
170. It was not in the mood of Japanes officialdom at that time to brook such assaults.
171. Thus far Latin literature, of which the predominant characteristics are dignity, gravity and fervour of feeling, seemed likely to become a mere vehicle of amusement adapted to all classes of the people in their holiday mood.
172. If we ask what that time provided to stir the fancy and move the mood of imaginative reflection, it is in the lyrical poems of Horace that we shall find the most varied and trustworthy answer.
173. (Mystery, paragraph 12, p. 402.) When we add to these and other proofs the strange lists of memoranda in the middle of the pages of the letter, and the breach in internal chronology which was apparently caused by Mary's writing, on her second day, on the clean verso of a page on the other side of which she had written some lines during her first night in Glasgow; when we add the dramatic changes of her mood, and the heart-breaking evidence of a remorse not stifled by lawless love, we seem compelled to believe that she wrote the whole of Letter II.; that none of it is forged.
174. He dwelt upon the illumination of the mind and soul by direct communion with the Creative Spirit; upon the spiritual and poetic monitions of external nature; and upon the benefit to man of a serene mood and a simple way of life.
175. He has many moods and each mood imprints itself in turn on his.
176. But, from the religious and moral point of view, it must be admitted that the ethical " mood " which Neoplatonism endeavoured to create and maintain is the highest and purest ever reached by antiquity.
177. It is not as a philosophy, then, nor as a new religion, that Neoplatonism became a decisive factor in history, but, if one may use the expression, as a " mood."
178. In no humble mood that he now, at the age of sixty-four, turned to complete the fundamental treatise of his philosophical system.
179. In the autumn of 1849 Austria had succeeded, by the help of Russia, in quelling the Hungarian insurrection, and she was then in no ~, ~ mood to let herself be thrust aside by Prussia.
180. However,the suras of this period are not all so wild as these; and those which are conceived in a calmer mood appear to be the oldest.
181. Even the Bible Society, through which the emperor in his later mood of evangelical zeal proposed to bless his people, was conducted on the same ruthless lines.
182. Such was Alexander's mood when the downfall of Napoleon left him the most powerful sovereign in Europe.
183. The "Melancolia," numbered "1" as though intended to be the first of a series, with its brooding winged genius sitting dejectedly amidst a litter of scientific instruments and symbols, is hard to interpret in detail, but impossible not to recognize in general terms as an embodiment of the spirit of intellectual research (the student's "temperament" was supposed to be one with the melancholic), resting sadly from its labours in a mood of lassitude and defeat.
184. The subject roused Carlyle's tenderest mood, and the Life is one of the most perfect in the language.
185. Of the more serious, or " ethical " or " theological " mood which counts for so much in the modern estimate of Scottish literature, there is but little evidence in the popular verse of the middle period.
186. We may gain some impression of the mood in which the pilgrims completed their journey, when we read how Paula, the friend of Jerome, expresses herself on her visit to the church of the Sepulchre: "As oft as we enter its precincts we see the Saviour laid in the shroud, and the angel seated at the feet of the dead!"
187. The epic mood had possessed Morris very strongly, and, in addition to his work upon the sagas, he had actually finished and (in 1875) published a verse translation of the Aeneid, which is interesting rather for its individuality than for any fidelity to the spirit of the original.
188. With such a history of apparent success, it is not to be wondered at that the Transvaal president came to Bloemfontein to meet Sir Alfred Milner in no mood for concession.
189. The verbs usually have no inflexions to express relations of voice, mood, tense, number of person - such distinctions being indicated by particles.
190. In the numberless transitions that, whilst connecting, separate the spell and the prayer we observe as the accompaniment of every mood from extreme imperiousness to extreme humility an abiding will and desire to help the action out.
191. The great fault of his character, as it appears in his writings, is that he too exclusively indulged this mood.
192. He has little, if anything at all, of the high imaginative mood - the mood of reverence and noble admiration - which made Ennius, Lucretius and Virgil the truest poetical representatives of the genius of Rome.
193. Yet he represents another mood of ancient Rome, the mood natural to her before she was humanized by the lessons of Greek art and thought.
194. Odes modernas, written in youth, show " Santo Anthero," as his friends called him, in revolutionary, freethinking and combative mood, and are ordinary enough, but the prose of his essays, e.g.
195. This claim Serbia was in no mood to concede, all the less so since her advance to the Adriatic had been forbidden b y the Great Powers.
196. In one mood he was fain to ape the antique patriot; in another he affected the monastic saint.
197. He was the creature of every passing mood or whim, incapable of cool and steady judgment or of the slightest self-control - an incalculable weathercock, blindly obsequious to every blast of passion.
198. But Arch bishop Winchelsea had returned from exile in a belli gerent mood, and the place of Norfolk and Hereford was taken by an ambitious prince of the royal house, Thomas, earl of Lancaster, the son of the younger brother of Edward I.
199. Both poet and philosopher come before us in it in their most genial mood.
200. Those who settled in Ireland after 1641 were in a very different mood.
201. C is B Conclusion Syllogisms differ in (a) " figure " and (b) " mood."
202. So far as mere form goes, each mood may occur in every figure, though in many cases the conclusion apparently yielded from the premises is invalid.
203. To take a concrete instance of a valid mood: all men are mortal, all Frenchmen are men, therefore all Frenchmen are mortal (the mood Barbara).
204. The progress of events showed him, on the contrary, a France which every day left a little stronger, and he aroused himself from his disbelieving, disillusioned mood.
205. In the second, he was in no mood to be cajoled by his father.
206. But then, it was like him not to reveal his thoughts or concerns – unless the mood hit him.
207. Dinner and a movie did nothing for his sullen mood - except maybe make it worse.
208. "Now you're asking me to give up this job?" she asked in a futile attempt to lighten the mood.
209. Then why the solemn mood yesterday?
210. I get a little tipsy a hundred years ago when I hardly knew him and give away a party screw and now he mopes around with a mood as pleasant as an un-flushed toilet!
211. Howie's mood and disposition were unimproved though Julie was convinced he would come around now that we were together.
212. She wasn't about to contradict the cold executioner when he was in this mood.
213. The weather, as if to accommodate the mood at Bird Song, was gray, slipping to a steady drizzle by midday, with a rerun of March in the temperature department.
214. The next morning—Sunday—Cynthia's mood climbed to somewhere between a blue funk and resigned neutrality.
215. Although Fred's mood was jolly, he didn't join the others for breakfast on this Saturday morning.
216. For a reason that facts, circumstances, and common sense didn't dictate, Dean rose early, in a splendid mood, rushed through dawn's-light chores, and still had hours to kill.
217. I know one thing for sure: the Immortal mood beast that is my mate is the only reason I'm making it through this.
218. "You should go get the Immortal mood beast," the boy advised Hannah.
219. In fact, if she'd stayed away from the beach this weekend altogether and had dinner with her doctor instead of causing her boyfriend to be eaten by a demon, she wouldn't be facing an Immortal mood beast or teaching Immortal children not to feed humans rocks.
220. I'm happy to see you instead of an Immortal mood beast.
221. "Immortal mood beast?" the woman addressed the boy.
222. "Immortal mood beast," Toby muttered under his breath.
223. I don.t like being around Kris when he.s in a mood.
224. It was a good match for her mood.
225. Anderson looked up, irritated at Dean's mood.
226. But Leland Anderson wasn't in a mood for smart talk.
227. He wasn't in the mood to discuss Friday night in the Ocean Shore Motel with any­one.
228. This pulled some of the heat from the Parkside Police Department, and even the Ice Lady seemed to be backing off, improving her editorial chastisement and the mood of Lieutenant Anderson with it.
229. Headaches and mood swings – not yet, anyway.
230. You're in a shitty mood.
231. His mood turned increasingly belligerent as the conversation continued and it became clear that Dr. Whitecoat had no ready-made solutions to offer.
232. He was in a confident mood.
233. His mood at the end of the night contrasted with his mood at the beginning, as he was first reflective and then grew happier.
234. An imperative mood can give permission.
235. There was a melancholy mood by the river.
236. Acetylcholine levels in the brain may affect mood disorders, and supplemental choline can increase acetylcholine levels.
237. The final section returns to the mood of the opening allegro with massive chords and suspensions drawing the work to its powerful conclusion.
238. Allsorts of problems for Sarah with my mood swings.
239. I was terrified for weeks; I probably caused allsorts of problems for Sarah with my mood swings.
240. Barbiturates are capable of producing all levels of CNS mood alteration, from excitation to mild sedation, hypnosis and deep coma.
241. Alternation of mood has been called the hill and valley experience that the mystic has to endure.
242. Ambienceuently, lighting is vital to setting the mood, tone and ambiance of each scene.
243. You will find the mood at home restless, edgy, not always amiable.
244. Edward in an extremely angry mood order an army put together for a campaign to put down Bruce.
245. But the general mood of the Mess members was one of acceptance and we were gradually assimilated into Mess life.
246. Both coaches went home in upbeat mood, keenly aware of the priceless nature of collective character.
247. One such patient arrived in a very belligerent mood, the appointment having been made by his wife.
248. Bipolar (affective) disorderibitory activity of diverse mood stabilizers suggests that bipolar disorder represents a further indication for this therapeutic class.
249. Bored stiff with In the Mood.
250. Bullish mood to continue well into the New Year.
251. Buoyant mood.
252. In a good mood, he would have done his impressions of the Starkers discussing it in their rough west Country burr.
253. His instantly likeable, goofy manner, successfully cajoled the audience into a perfect mood for the rest of the show.
254. Capture the mood of every moment.
255. Amos is a real charmer, there's no denying that, setting up the perfect mood for his fairly straightforward autobiographical story.
256. They would go away chastened, stirred, amused; they would not be in the riotous mood associated with the tavern.
257. The former owners of the Post have moved to Robbie Williams ' favorite restaurant, Mood's, taking their loyal clientele with them.
258. Eve was in a happy - if not slightly clumsy mood.
259. Clunky controls, accompanied by totally uninspiring weapons, put me in a very bad mood.
260. These parallels in mood and imagery reinforce the view of a thematic coherence linking genres as disparate as the tournament and the musical drama.
261. Combative mood.
262. Mood disorders have been associated with abnormalities in fatty acid composition.
263. Your good mood will be highly contagious, others will respond.
264. Contemplative mood.
265. On May 30 1953 Sir Arthur Bryant, in a mellow, reflective mood wrote, " My first coronation was in 1902.
266. Cowardice of the union leaders for the workers ' mood.
267. Defiant mood afterward.
268. If your mood is quite dejected, bomb Iraq.
269. Depressed mood.
270. Despondent mood.
271. The whole thing has a remarkable, primarily devotional unity of mood.
272. Diabetes mellitus patients are generally sad, have frequent mood changes, feelings of anger and low self esteem.
273. The average is nine episodes of mood disturbance over a lifetime.
274. In a complete change of mood, ' Off The Rails ' is an amusing little ditty with a simplistic guitar accompaniment.
275. Dreamy ambiance to the musical backdrop which is highlighted by wonderful, trilling flute interjections that lifts the mood.
276. Dreamy mood to the piece.
277. Ronaldinho gets in the mood by playing bongo drums on the team bus.
278. A musical mood induction task was used to induce temporary mild dysphoria, and the effect of mood induction on self schemas was assessed.
279. Ebullient mood, despite the hernia.
280. Tests on animals have found that ecstasy permanently reduces levels of serotonin, the chemical in the brain partly responsible for mood changes.
281. Ecstatic mood.
282. Elated mood and he does an extraordinary thing.
283. These mood swings may be low, as in depression, or high, as in periods when we might feel very elated.
284. Elevate mood.
285. Trait emotional intelligence: Behavioral validation in two studies of emotion recognition and reactivity to mood induction.
286. Encapsulate a mood or detail.
287. Exercise releases endorphins, which raise your mood state.
288. Doing exercise releases the chemicals endorphins and seratonin, which improve your mood and make you more able to cope with pain.
289. This is a superb " prog epic " with its changes of mood and pace.
290. Epilogueucifixion itself is depicted graphically, alternating apocalyptic outbursts and restrained lament; an extended epilog finally establishes the latter mood.
291. Evoke a holiday mood.
292. I found myself at last pacing the deck under the dawn in a mood of extreme exasperation.
293. Expansive mood.
294. The mood of Britain is wisely and rightly averse from every form of shallow or premature exultation.
295. A major factor is my mood at the time of watching such images.
296. He was hungry, impatient for service, troubled by a persistent cough, but otherwise in typically feisty, talkative mood.
297. Festooned with an array of flags and banners, and the mood was light but determined.
298. They will be introduced to the way in which different accompaniment figurations can effect the mood and character of a song accompaniment.
299. Mood Indigo returns in February January 27th, 2006 The New Year brings forth a new jazz flavor for your musical taste buds.
300. Forgiving mood to fully ' enjoy ' it.
301. Sir Philip Green is in a typically forthright mood.
302. Futurity modulation coincides, in the current meteorology of mood, with the generalized affect of bioterror.
303. Hockney takes a sideways glance at the stories, presenting vivid images capturing the mood or detail rather than the main event.
304. It was said that later that day the young man attended the preaching in a very gleeful mood.
305. Wildor deserved better support than she got from her Palemon, Jonathan Cope in a very glum mood.
306. Glum mood.
307. Grainy in places but this only serves to add to the mood.
308. All this sounds a bit grim, so to lighten the mood the main story is interspersed with other shorter stories.
309. Grumpy mood provides a challenge for the science of happiness.
310. Yet, I go on stage in various guises with the sole intent of creating a mood of goodwill with me at its center.
311. Gurglete a whole different mood with a Flower Bed fountain, which gives the illusion of water gently gurgling up from underground.
312. They argue the drug can cause hallucinations, mood swings even severe aggression or attempted suicide.
313. Also, as we played the sun went down, so the mood of our set had a synergy harnessed by nature Herself!
314. Right ho, I'm off to put that tape together for the sweetest girl while I am in the mood.
315. I really enjoy the humor the author uses to lighten up the mood of the book.
316. One of the serotonergic receptors implicated in mediating certain symptoms of depression such as mood and eating abnormalities, is the 5-HT 2C receptor.
317. The Others on the main stage provided a more animated interlude with lead man Johnny Others in characteristically lunatic mood.
318. Interrogative mood will depend on that of the shock which has occasioned it.
319. His mood swings become intuitive; every plop in the water is a meal.
320. Irritable mood in which I then was the sight of Mdlle.
321. Jangleoft repeated vocal lines have a muffled tone and are buried within the music, while jangling guitar work lifts the mood.
322. Jocular mood so business proceeded slowly.
323. Jovial mood.
324. The mood seems naturally anxious but not grim, almost jovial, with people smiling.
325. A wordless, visual tapestry full of magical images that captures the sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholic mood of present-day Havana.
326. Joyous mood.
327. All appeared to be in a very joyous mood.
328. Jubilant, mood.
329. But Mrs Trudi White, a Hockerton Housing Project resident, said the mood at the development was now jubilant.
330. Judicious combination can inspire nations and revolutions if the message and mood are right.
331. Euphoric mood broken, I rummage through my pack for the little kindling we could afford to carry.
332. They're too similar in mood, both very languid and dreamy.
333. Lighten the mood somewhat.
334. Dance whenever, wherever and however the mood strikes in this incredibly lightweight, form fitting, revolutionary dance studio shoe.
335. Magnanimous mood.
336. Major factor is my mood at the time of watching such images.
337. It sustains a mood of dark malevolence throughout and has some of the most original songs I have ever heard.
338. The water in different mood falls over a rocky ledge, divides round a tiny island, home to a pair of wild mallard.
339. Labor's manifesto, Let Us Face the Future, captured the public mood for change.
340. Medication may help to reduce your feelings of despair and many people take anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication may help to reduce your feelings of despair and many people take anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication to help lift their mood.
341. Meditative mood.
342. The opening segment has a very space rock feel to it, full of swirling synth effects creating a very meditative mood.
343. Misbehavestress symptoms they reported in the children included anxiety, misbehaving, lack of interest in school, difficulty sleeping and mood swings.
344. Misjudged the mood of workers " right from the start of this dispute " .
345. For many misusers, alcohol is integral to the way they manage the sharp swings in mood associated with crack.
346. The underlying fear helps to generate a mood of jealousy (self-pity mode ).
347. mood of optimism and peace.
348. mood of union militancy in the air.
349. Even news that the Bank of England left interest rates on hold did little to lighten the mood.
350. The Spanish Explorer case (£ 54 ), meanwhile, will evoke a holiday mood.
351. To capture the mood of the responses an edited version was produced entitled ' In Da Wood ' .
352. One explanation is that LO has simply misjudged the current mood.
353. To cut to the scene 4 days post release, the prevailing mood at present is one of optimism.
354. Cinematic Points to consider: This clip is dialog free - how does the music convey mood / emotion?
355. Symptoms of depression can include: i) Emotional symptoms: sad, dejected feelings, depressed mood, little pleasure.
356. Get a crew cut Category: Today's thought I left my house today in buoyant mood.
357. There was a somber mood at the annual flower show that year.
358. The upbeat mood of the markets in recent months has been based around brighter economic news from around the world.
359. He found there that his conservative politics were more than a little out of sync with the city's prevailing mood.
360. From panto to storytelling, carols to christmas tales, you're sure to find something to get you in the festive mood.
361. mood swings, some days he was a model patient joking with the nurses.
362. mood stabilizer.
363. mood stabilizers suggests that bipolar disorder represents a further indication for this therapeutic class.
364. mood enhancer.
365. mood disorders.
366. mood disturbance over a lifetime.
367. This mood helped to spark the mutiny at Invergordon.
368. The Lady of Shalott was one of his first successes, capturing a romantic, dreamy mood in a highly naturalistic setting.
369. PFN offer " Sarajevo ", a more passive, calming mood piece which soothes the nerves.
370. The seizure may release a neuropeptide that regulates mood.
371. SAMe appears to raise levels of dopamine, an important neurotransmitter in mood regulation.
372. Ninetyhit Nineties song is more likely to lift the mood of the nation than any other, experts found.
373. This helps prolong the mood lightening effect of any released noradrenaline and serotonin.
374. Noradrenaline in the brain, which both tend to elevate the mood.
375. A sign of a more relaxed mood inside Broadcasting House or Keating's lack of political nous?
376. Mood's, t +41 (0)27 967 8484 has a glass floor and gourmet nouvelle cuisine.
377. Optative mood occurs in the NT, 17 of these are in Acts.
378. Currently, the mood on Capitol Hill seems very partisan, with each party criticizing the other's proposal.
379. We'll meet him at the resurrection Do n't patronize me, I'm not in the mood.
380. Pearlescent finish to the cover which really gets you in the mood for playing positive!
381. Pensive mood, entering Spike Island Lock, West Bank.
382. The general mood of the Chinese petty bourgeoisie changed rapidly from extreme optimism to extreme pessimism.
383. Phenyl ethylamine, a mood enhancer, so a substitute sometimes just doesn't do the trick.
384. Pietist mood prevails despite attempts in the second half of the 20th century to dislodge it.
385. It seems as tho the weather pixie was in a better mood today after the dreadful weather at Wallop.
386. Playful mood responds: " What's the matter?
387. Anyway the problem poser determines the mood of the thread by his/her reaction to the advice given.
388. Predominant mood of the working class of the 1860s, unlike that of the 1840s, was reformist not revolutionary.
389. Premenstrual tension Many women find that their periods affect their mood, especially in the days leading up to menstruation.
390. From this mood of gentle nostalgia there arose a great voluntary movement, the railroad preservationists.
391. Prevailing mood of a particular period in time.
392. Prevailing mood.
393. Although to be honest it's a fairly rancid plot, it is at least familiar and your mood is calm.
394. Receptive mood, with all the physiological benefits that this brings.
395. Reflective mood wrote, " My first Coronation was in 1902.
396. Look out for the Jamaican reggae to Wear brand to get you in the holiday mood.
397. Repetitive task causes people to change their mood.
398. Without wishing to sound repetitive, Pietersen plays another glorious shot, which just about suits the mood of the day for England.
399. Yet for whatever reason, Spasmo sees him in surprisingly restrained mood.
400. Bush calls rove, depending on his mood, ' Boy Genius ' or ' Turd Blossom ' .
401. SUMMER DAYS A light bouncy melody on the soprano saxophone, reflecting the mood of summer.
402. Enkephalins have an analgesic effect and are thought to produce sedation, to affect mood and to stimulate motivation.
403. Six months ago this would have been considered outrageously partisan, even seditious; today, it accurately reflects the public mood.
404. It's a case of never seeming to be in the mood to just go out, looking for things to take pictures of.
405. Emotional self-awareness is the building block of the next fundamental of emotional intelligence: being able to shake off a bad mood.
406. They had made their contribution to the mood of national self-confidence.
407. Moderate exercise is beneficial to the immune system, and can also improve mood and offer an important way of maintaining a healthy self-image.
408. The work opens in a mood of quiet serenity.
409. The announcement of a third melody subtly changes the mood to one of great serenity.
410. A chemical called serotonin plays a role in ' lifting ' the mood.
411. This helps prolong the mood lightening effect of any released serotonin.
412. Serotonin in the brain, which in turn tends to lift the mood.
413. Put simply the more serotonin in the brain the higher a person's mood.
414. SSRIs work by raising the levels of the natural chemical serotonin in the brain, which in turn tends to lift the mood.
415. Our whole honeymoon he was in a bad mood and very short-tempered.
416. Small-town charms to suit any mood.
417. SmileI left the gig in a great mood, skipping on the tube and smiling at strangers.
418. Somber mood.
419. Soprano saxophone, reflecting the mood of summer.
420. mood stabilizers are some of the most costly medications on the market today.
421. Personally, I'm bored stiff with In the Mood.
422. Stylized human forms, my aim is to portray character, mood or movement in the individual piece using a simple scroll.
423. Subdued mood and could only manage an egg.
424. Subjunctive mood is used to express a wish, a command, or a condition contrary to fact.
425. Sulky mood walks away to another spot to try again.
426. He had mood swings, some days he was a model patient joking with the nurses.
427. Talkative mood.
428. Tetchy mood to say it mattered at all.
429. All that said, tho, it would have to be me in a very tetchy mood to say it mattered at all.
430. Each cantata has its own orchestration, and mood, but all reflect joyful celebration - bells, trumpets, timpani and joyful choruses.
431. Ware was in a real Marvin Gaye mood throughout here with, my favorite tune being ' Girl, Girl, Girl.
432. Anything in nature - a bare twig against the sky - can lighten my mood.
433. I like making my images bright and exciting both visually and in their mood, but then also having a darker undertone to them.
434. Should not such a mood, so sweet, so tranquil, so unwonted, have been the harbinger of good?
435. Upbeat mood of the markets in recent months has been based around brighter economic news from around the world.
436. Small, discreet and very powerful multi speed vibrator, in a choice of colors to suit your mood.
437. Village pub, the mood of mockery is exaggerated.
438. Paul pulls a monster wheelie to get us in the mood.
439. Or are you more in the mood for a little wink of an eye, flick of the hair, flirty fun?
440. The impression conveyed was of a rather wistful solitude rather like the mood at the beginning of the recent Narnia movie.
441. Priere), a term used generally for any humble petition, but more technically, in religion, for that mode of addressing a divine or sacred power in which there predominates the mood and intention of reverent entreaty.
442. - in a mood of encyclopaedist enlightenment - summoned it.
443. This speculative mood, in which nature and beauty and earthly satisfaction appear as a vain show, is the counterpart of the former mood of sensuous enjoyment.
444. Throughout the epistle we have a singular combination of the seemingly desultory method of a letter, turning aside at a word and straying wherever the mood of the moment leads, with the firm, forward march of earnest and mature thought.
445. The magnificent portrait in the Louvre of a young man in black, of brooding thoughtfulness and saddened profundity of mood, would alone suffice to place Francia among the very great masters, if it could with confidence be attributed to his hand, but in all probability its real author was Franciabigio; it had erewhile passed under the name of Raphael, of Giorgione, or of Sebastian del Piombo.
446. The more dismal, the more savage, the more hopeless a spot appeared, the more did it please their rigid mood.
447. The verb, which is properly a kind of noun or participle, has no element of person, and denotes the conditions of tense and mood by an external and internal inflexion, or the addition of auxiliary verbs and suffixes when the stem is not susceptible of inflexion, so that instead of saying " I go," a Tibetan says " my going."
448. By the capitulation of Wittenberg the electorate qf Saxony was transferred to Maurice, and in the mood of a conqueror the emperor met the diet at Augsburg in September 1547.
449. This fearful saying unquestionably expressed a frequent mood of Frederick's; and he sometimes acted with great harshness, and seemed to take a malicious pleasure in tormenting his acquaintances.
450. In his later years, however, he fell into a mood of settled melancholy; and, though still accessible to all who chose to approach him with complaints or petitions, he withdrew from all but the most essential social functions, and lived a life of strenuous work and of Spartan simplicity.
451. He spent a happy summer mainly at Gohlis, near Leipzig, his jubilant mood being reflected in the Ode an die Freude; and in September of the same year he followed his new friend Korner to Dresden.
452. Morris now became sole manager and proprietor, although the other members of the old firm continued, in varying degrees, to give him the advantage of their assistance and advice. !; Meanwhile the epic mood had possessed Morris very strongly, and, in addition to his work upon the sagas, he had actually finished and (in 1875) published a verse translation of the Aeneid, which is interesting rather for its individuality than for any fidelity to the spirit of the original.
453. He is closely akin to Glaucus Pontius, the frantic horses of the one probably representing the stormy waves, the other the sea in its calmer mood.
454. And finally, consider how nutrition affects other relative and subjective factors in our lives such as energy level and mood.
455. He had not attended to the train of his thoughts long when he heard some one playing on a flute, and that sound harmonized with his mood.
456. Their squadron remained in reserve and Nicholas Rostov spent that day in a dull and wretched mood.
457. Prince Andrew did not laugh and feared that he would be a damper on the spirits of the company, but no one took any notice of his being out of harmony with the general mood.
458. Danger, cannon balls, and bullets were just what he needed in his angry mood.
459. Pierre drove up to the house of the old prince in a most serious mood.
460. Size: 12 x 10 inches Mood Art Gallery offers a wide ra...
461. Although to be honest it 's a fairly rancid plot, it is at least familiar and your mood is calm.
462. There is nothing like giving to put you into an open, receptive mood, with all the physiological benefits that this brings.
463. Look out for the Jamaican Reggae to Wear brand to get you in the holiday mood.
464. Any tedious or repetitive task causes people to change their mood.
465. Bush calls Rove, depending on his mood, ' Boy Genius ' or ' Turd Blossom '.
466. It 's a case of never seeming to be in the mood to just go out, looking for things to take pictures of.
467. Emotional self-awareness is the building block of the next fundamental of emotional intelligence: being able to shake off a bad mood.
468. Put simply the more serotonin in the brain the higher a person 's mood.
469. On Tuesday Michael Howard captured the mood of a nation longing for something better than this shambles of a government.
470. The dhrupad style is characterized by its somber, dignified and devotional mood, its slow tempo and gradual melodic development.
471. Europe 's youngest capital, Cardiff is a busy city with small-town charms to suit any mood.
472. So I left the gig in a great mood, skipping on the tube and smiling at strangers.
473. The parade caught the mood of their lord and any brevity soon softened down to respectful attendance.
474. My Name is Death returns to a somber mood.
475. January mood: The month often starts with a prolonged spell of harsh weather, bringing bitter ice and snow.
476. Go tho all the levels and get good mood as a reward and a lovely spent time !
477. Mood stabilizers are some of the most costly medications on the market today.
478. With the stylized human forms, my aim is to portray character, mood or movement in the individual piece using a simple scroll.
479. The weather was fair but I was in a subdued mood and could only manage an egg.
480. The subjunctive mood is used to express a wish, a command, or a condition contrary to fact.
481. When I spot him he gets up and almost in a sulky mood walks away to another spot to try again.
482. Unlike Guardsman Weston, they were not in a talkative mood.
483. The mood of rural tranquility is reflected in the delightful country pine furniture.
484. Hampstead were in no mood to be sympathetic, unleashing 34 shots on Purley stopper Paul Terry.
485. At the village pub, the mood of mockery is exaggerated.
486. In private, the mood was very different - a combination of worry and weary resignation.
487. She wasn’t going to let a little rain affect her good mood today.
488. If you're feeling down, feign a quick smile to help boost your mood.
489. I had to feign being busy when he called, because I was not in the mood to talk.
490. When you're feeling down, try going for a walk or listening to some upbeat music to boost your mood.
491. When Lillian is in a fickle mood, it might take her an hour to settle on a decision.
492. Sally gets into the funniest mood when she has too much sugar.
493. His vile mood today has made him an unpleasant person to be around.
494. Don't vex your mother; she's in a foul mood.
495. I wasn't in the mood for Chinese food until I saw the advertisement for the new restaurant next door.
496. Even a small squabble had the ability to crush the sensitive, little girl's happy mood.
497. On top of that, my wine selections had migrated to the bargain bin, and that alone was putting me in a grumpy mood.
498. Pick a time of day when your baby is typically alert, well rested and in a good mood.
499. Play music from the 1950s to set the mood.
500. The four groups were compared with respect to the self-repor ted intensity of their negative moods.
501. Individuals with depressed moods show frontal lobe asymmetry, reflected mainly in low activation of the left hemisphere relative to controls.
502. Dances could be serious or comical, represent passions or moods, depict characters or abstract geometrical patterns.
503. Many of these particular memories were about the functions and abilities of music in creating warmth, partnership, community, getting attention and in-uencing moods.
504. I suspect that such moods and motivations were particularly aroused and fed during ritual performances conducted in front of the stela and the cross.
505. The result is restlessness, discontent, depressive moods, craving for substitute satisfactions.
506. Expression of other moods (and modalities) may lack some of the characteristics associated with the prototypical, without ceasing to be finite.
507. Of course, as with many uses of moods, that in implies a context: it is typically a response of some sort, often indeed an 'echo'.
508. They may also be associated with moods (hortative, etc.) more marked than the question, in not involving a (questioned) assertion.
509. Such an assumption over-simplifies, since to accept it would imply that diatonic, stable tonality inescapably expresses decisive, positive moods.
510. Further research and testing might suggest adding more moods to the basic inventory.
511. To do so, write the names of those moods (if any) in the text field below, one to a line.
512. All of the necessary inflectional morphological phenomena in those languages were covered, include all needed moods.
513. As with aspect, we'll move step by step through the moods.
514. They are not only lively, they are romantic and dramatic and between them their moods can reflect the whole gambit of human behaviour.
515. Look at it this way: in some moods, or in some contexts, one might think that human beings are precious.
516. In bulimic syndromes, binge episodes are thought to be caused by dietary restraint and negative moods.
517. Negative moods were represented as 'sad and not exciting', 'it was very dismal', 'very depressing'.
518. Self-rated moods and hunger in relation to spontaneous eating behavior in bulimics, recovered bulimics, and normals.
519. Integral to the cultural landscape, aperitif advertisements and brand names were employed by novelists and film makers to conjure up contemporary scenes, personalities, and moods.
520. In human interactions, the face provides a dynamic, embodied representation of emotion, sharing feelings and moods from moment to moment.
521. Through facial conversation, an individual can enter into the subjective experience of another, sharing feelings and moods.
522. Alternatively, it may be evoked by contextual cues, by preceding trains of thought, by moods and emotional states or in response to current problems.
523. More generally, expression of marked moods and marked uses of the indicative may lack the stigmata of prototypical finites.
524. We need to examine the role of other moods such as anger\hostility, confusion\bewilderment and fatigue as well as anxiety and depression.
525. Moreover, mixed moods should be inflectional too, like would have been able to go (potential conditional).
526. Given that war moods can alter very quickly, even crude data to test a simplified version of this model would be difficult to get.
527. On the other side, over here with us, that appears as moods, feelings, and will.
528. I cannot explicate the notion of a central affective state in detail here, but moods are paradigmatically central.
529. He becomes peevish, petty, temperamental, cruel, a slave to his moods and passions.
530. The feuds and dissensions among the officer corps affected the troops' moods which usually mirrored the frustrations and anxieties of the people.
531. Friends can sense each other's moods, listen and be flexible.
532. Each of these four moods - and one could define and distinguish more than four - is not an absolute.
533. Such episodes are often triggered by situational cues (sounds, smells, locations, activities), covert thoughts or moods associated with the trauma.
534. Making use in the main of punctuation marks, they reproduce faces and moods.
535. If hopelessness decreases as part of treatment, children's moods might be expected to improve.
536. Identifies degrees of feelings and suffering along a continuum as states or moods inside the person and expressions on the outside.
537. In many languages, in main clauses the subjunctive can, particularly in conjunction with other markers, signal specific moods, such as optative.
538. Thus, apart from the 'narrative ' infinitive, there are finite uses of infinitives that involve non-declarative moods.
539. There were psalms for all moods and occasions.
540. Many among them were too busy enjoying the vocal music in all its finite, but vastly varied, moods and effects.
541. Sadness is one of the most infectious moods.
542. Other moods often identified with mistreatment include guilt, shame and fear.
543. When one is happy, bad moods can still occur in response to negative events.
544. Features filmic collages that include animations and digital effects to match the moods and tempos of the various movements of the suite.
545. Rage, annoyance, bad moods, gluttony, overindulgence, immodesty, greed, hedonism, or insatiability are all instances of failed temperance.
546. Certainly, aspects of tempo and dynamic range, as well as instrumentation, are extremely influential in people's preferences, at least when in specific moods.
547. His treatment of the nigro-striatal-accumbens-, orbitofrontal and amygdala dopamine system corresponds with "moods" and the "go" system.
548. He suggests war moods are similar to epidemics and proposes an epidemiological model.
549. More liable to have moods when she is unusually active, full of ideas and enthusiasm 12.
550. The composer is then left to translate changing moods and combinations of moods into music, as a film music composer would be required to do.
551. In this they differ from the expression of other moods.
552. Declaratives, like other moods, are associated with constructions that are finite ; but other moods are not expressed in subordinate clauses by this finite construction.
553. The subjunctives in (15) are associated with particular, more specific moods, and as such they are necessarily finite.
554. Our study did not report these moods such as feeling high or depressed as prodromal symptoms.
555. They cover severity of pain in terms of intensity, frequency, duration and impact of pain on behaviour and moods.
556. The second type relates to emotional development: we referred earlier to research that is beginning to show how people consciously use music to regulate their moods and emotional states.
557. The effects of the periphery on the centre - defence of provincial interests, sensitivity to social moods, importance of local elites - can be defined as external without being specifically political.
558. In contrast, animal research in this area must rely on objective observations of behavior and without access to comparable information to humans' subjective moods and symptoms.
559. The features that should define a personality or psychopathology category are stable profiles that combine behaviors, beliefs, and moods in order to differentiate one group of individuals from another.
560. Because language is constantly changing, adapting to the circumstances of its use and the moods of its users, every instance of use is unique and different from every other.
561. The prologue is delivered by an artist-dramatist who, as a magician capable of assembling and animating disparate objects and moods, has the universe as his playground.
562. Her tone is a mixture of forthright and aggressive, both moods helping to emphasise her message, which is that rules are there for the good of the language.
563. Evidence for activational effects of hormones on moods and behavior at adolescence.
564. Children with generally happy moods may tend to process emotion information more quickly than their peers and more readily make associations between facial expressions, behaviors, situational events, and emotion labels.
565. Relations between frontal and parietal lobe activity remain to be studied, as do interconnections of cortical and limbic systems implicated in the regulation of moods, including depression.
566. The realm of music, however, is not the world of external, concrete events but the world of the psyche and immaterial things, of affects and moods.
567. Influence of personality attributes and daily moods on bulimic eating patterns.
568. They are less often asked to identify musical moods, to express their emotional states, or to comment on the feelings and images that they experience while listening to music.
569. One possibility is that these females were not as aware of their own moods as their parents and that parents were picking up on early evidence of distress.
570. Links suffering, moods, expressions, and situational variables.
571. Even the moods were carefully arranged.
572. The four moods fit the four components.
573. Furthermore, certain emotional states are independent of the occurrence of rewards or punishments, for instance, many moods and the joys of young animals that underlie rough-and-tumble play.
574. The ones that you haven't already named yourself are provided with text fields where you can type in whatever you want to call these moods in the future.
575. We also need here to maintain a distinction between moods, or prototypical speech acts, and the battery of properties - or 'constructions ' - that realises any of them.
576. Why do people ruminate in dysphoric moods ?
577. Parental moods or attitudes are imprinted on the children particularly then but throughout childhood.
578. Governments, rulers and even expeditionary forces of fighting men in the past have been moved and even inspired by moods and atmospheres.
579. In nearly every way it remains a nineteenth-century anachronism unwilling to face contemporary moods and incapable of meeting them.
580. The people who condemned us in all the moods and tenses gradually gave us a little audience.
581. Unless he was in one of his grander moods, the use of the plural was a trifle curious.
582. I am in one of my rather more magisterial and draconian moods at the moment.
583. He was in one of his "long eared beauty" moods, and it is a pity to be long eared even if the ears are flexible.
584. He must be in the very best of moods.
585. I believe that we require new-attitudes and new moods in relation to the nature of the problem.
586. We have to recognise that moods in the media change enormously.
587. Another aspect that had to be addressed was the child's moods.
588. I think that in some moods we are all reluctant to face the dangers and difficulties of the modern world.
589. Our trade imbalance is being happily financed, but markets are fickle and moods change.
590. If parliamentary democracy is about anything, it is about responding to such moods.
591. Above all workers in this country, they are face to face with nature in her grimmest and starkest moods.
592. Rapid decisions do not always go with the wisest moods.
593. We ought to cater for the people not only in their more serious moods but in their more frivolous moments.
594. All the rifts, or nearly all the rifts, between divergent types and moods and interests are concealed.
595. By gentle massage and use of oils, they can change people's moods and reassure them.
596. In our lugubrious moods we often hear stories of vicious circles.
597. The industrial relations scene is not a static one—it has changing moods as it ebbs and flows.
598. "It's about reeducating how we grind," Jackie Aina says of the inspiration behind her new brand, FORVR mood. The longtime beauty vlogger is launching candles — but that's just the start.
599. If there’s one thing we know about Jackie Aina, it’s that the beauty influencer and activist is for the culture. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her new lifestyle brand FORVR mood offers ...
600. MCH signaling pathway in mood regulation. We identify discrete effects of oxytocin-MCH signaling on depressive behavior and demonstrate that parenting and mating experiences shape these effects. We ...
601. Later, she confirmed her lifestyle company would encompass candles, writing, "4 moods 4 vibes 4 ways to treat yourself." Along with the four scents, which were announced on Aina's Instagram, she ...
602. Cristina planned to open mood House in spring 2020, but due to coronavirus, she’s now aiming for fall. Despite the opening setback, there’s a growing demand for self care options during the pandemic.
603. mood sentence examples. mood. He'd been in a grumpy mood since he got up. 401. 138. I'm in no mood to watch a cat fight tonight. 233. 92. Instantly the playful mood was back. 163. 83. Hopefully he would be in a better mood after they got back home. 124. 51.
604. 192+62 sentence examples: 1. Watch out! Lee's in a belligerent mood. 2. I am not in the mood to argue. 3. He's always in a bad mood . 4. Hauser was in an expansive mood . 5. The government largely misread the mood of the electorate. 6. Everybody was
605. Examples of good mood in a sentence, how to use it. 20 examples: Hope this letter finds you in good mood. - Letters from the participants spoke…
606. There are many mood examples in literature as well as examples of moods that you might experience in everyday life. moods set the overall emotion of a story and are a way to express how a person is feeling at a specific point in time. Without moods, life would be dull and boring. moods convey emotion and feelings and add interest to any story
607. 2. Examples of the Subjunctive mood Example 1 If my mom were to become the President, it would be illegal to throw dirty clothes on the floor. This sentence describes a hypothetical situation using the subjunctive mood. The sentence starts with the clause “if,” which is followed by the subject “my mom.”
608. Verb mood Examples . Let's review. A verb expresses an action or state of being in the sentence.. You already know that a verb's tense refers to when the action occurs.. The mood of a verb refers to manner or attitude in which the action is expressed. Verbs-the actions or states of being they express-can be stated as facts, wishes, possibilities, or commands.
609. The mood is so lovely that the audience never feels fear or worry about the fate of the characters. They have no effect on the direct translation of a sentence, but they are used to alter the mood of the sentence spoken. Throughout her life, Woolf was plagued by periodic mood swings and associated illnesses.
610. mood (or grammatical mood) is the form a verb takes to show how it is to be regarded (e.g., as a fact, a command, a wish, an uncertainty). The three moods in English are the indicative mood, the imperative mood, and the subjunctive mood. In English, only the subjunctive mood creates a verb change (e.g., 'was' can become 'were').
611. Examples of bad mood in a sentence, how to use it. 16 examples: It's when the husband returns home in a bad mood and throws the dinner prepared…
612. Moods sentence examples. She wasn't in the best of moods either. 9. 3. mood rings are hot right now, and all sorts of people are heading to the accessory shops to buy mood rings, slip the rings on and show the world their moods via the changing colors of the rings. 0. 0.
613. What is mood in grammar? It refers to the quality of a verb in a sentence that helps to indicate the writer's intention. There are five different categories: conditional, imperative, indicative, interrogative, and subjunctive. Read on to learn more!
614. mood Examples The following examples of mood are from different types of literature: plays, novels, and poems. In each, we identify how the author builds the mood of the work using a combination of setting, imagery, tone, diction, and plot.
615. 2549068 I'm in a bad mood.CK 1 2548714 I'm in a good mood.CK 1 295082 He is in a bad mood.CK 1 313120 She is in a bad mood.CK 1 2547580 Tom is in a bad mood.CK 1 2493199 Are you in a bad mood? shadyray601 1 2120756 Are you in a bad mood?LanguageExpert 1 2645736 Tom was in a good mood.CK 1 2545952 I'm not in a party mood.CK 1 2545379 I'm in a really bad mood.
616. The most common mood—the indicative mood—is used to refer to what is real, to state facts, to make declarations. For example, the verb in "Leo el libro" (I am reading the book) is in the indicative mood.In contrast, the subjunctive mood is typically used in such a way that the verb's meaning relates to how the speaker feels about it. In the sentence "Espero que esté feliz" (I hope that
617. The imperative mood uses the zero infinitive form, which (with the exception of be) is the same as the second person in the present tense. There are three major moods in English: the indicative mood is used to make factual statements or pose questions, the imperative mood to express a request or command, and the (rarely used) subjunctive mood
618. Examples of mood in a sentence: 1. Suddenly her mood changed. 2. A new mood was upon him. 3. In this mood thou mayst venture it.
619. A conditional mood is the form of a verb which is used to make requests or expression of under what condition something would happen. Sometimes it is connected to a clause which is in the subjunctive mood. Examples of The Conditional mood - Lisa might be able to solve the issue if she comes earlier.
620. The mood in English grammar does not refer to the emotion of the action or anything like that. Instead, the mood of the verbs refers to whether or not something is a fact. The intention of the speaker/writer is understood by the mood of the verbs. In English, there are mainly three kinds of mood:. Indicative mood; Imperative mood
621. Creating mood through Setting. Setting is the physical location in a piece of literature that provides background in which the events of the narrative take place. A particular setting not only provides support to the contents of the story, but also sets the mood of the readers. Let us analyze a few examples of mood developed using a setting:
622. Subjunctive mood The subjunctive mood is the verb form used to explore a hypothetical situation (e.g., If I were you) or to express a wish, a demand, or a suggestion (e.g., I demand he be present). Easy Examples of the Subjunctive mood. If it were me, I'd go. (As this explores a hypothetical situation, was becomes were.) I wish it were real. (As this expresses a wish, was becomes were.)
623. 4. Infinitive Verb mood. It expresses an action or state without reference to any subject. It can be a source of sentence fragments when the writer miserly thinks the infinitive form is a fully functioning verb.
624. Translations of the phrase ABOUT THE mood from english to swedish and examples of the use of "ABOUT THE MOOD" in a sentence with their translations: Engels spoke one time about the mood of the enraged petty-bourgeois.
625. mood is only one of many verb properties, others being tense, aspect, and voice. It is expressed through the sentence’s verbs and grammatical structure. For example, a sentence that lacks a subject and begins with a present-tense verb is likely imperative, and a sentence that begins with if and uses past-tense verbs is likely subjunctive.. Linguists have defined dozens of moods used in
626. In linguistics, grammatical mood (also mode) is a grammatical feature of verbs, used for signaling modality.: p.181; That is, it is the use of verbal inflections that allow speakers to express their attitude toward what they are saying (for example, a statement of fact, of desire, of command, etc.). The term is also used more broadly to describe the syntactic expression of modality – that is
627. Through tone, the attitude and mood of a work are created and presented. Tone word examples are present everywhere in the media and real life. Together, let’s take a look at it, from an ordinary sense and a literary viewpoint.
628. Indicative mood asks a question or expresses a fact or opinion, while imperative mood is used to issue a command. Examples Subjective mood can express a desire or a wish.
629. Indicative, Imperative, and Subjunctive mood. Most verbs we use are in the indicative mood, which indicates a fact or opinion: Examples: He was here. I am hungry. She will bring her books. Some verbs are in the imperative mood, which expresses commands or requests. Though it is not stated, the understood subject of imperative sentences is you
630. Translations of the phrase MY mood from english to italian and examples of the use of "MY MOOD" in a sentence with their translations: Stand up and'more' fit my mood . Italian Danish German Latin Spanish French Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian
631. mood definition: mood is a feeling. (noun) An example of mood is someone who is grumpy.
632. Examples of the subjunctive mood in English Common expressions. These are sometimes termed formulaic subjunctives. be that as it may blessed be! The sentence of the court is that you be imprisoned and kept to hard labor for two years. Mr. Justice Wills, pronouncing sentence on Oscar Wilde (1895-05-25)
633. Examples of the “true” subjunctive: “If I were king,” “God save the Queen!” In most contexts dealing with unreal situations, speakers used a mixed subjunctive . The use of the auxiliaries may , might , should , and would creates a mixed subjunctive in which one verb is in subjunctive and another in indicative mood:
634. A sentence which contains a command, a piece of advice or a request is said to be in the imperative mood. Sentences beginning with let are also in the imperative mood. Examples are given below.
635. The mood of a story can create foreshadowing, and it can fluctuate throughout the plot. mood differs from tone in that the mood of a story is the reader’s relationship with the characters and events; the tone is the author’s attitude toward the characters and events unfolding in the plot. Notable Examples of mood in Literature
636. The imperative mood is for issuing orders and commands. The indicative mood conveys an opinion or a fact, or we can use it to ask questions. What follows is a definition of the subjunctive mood as well as some helpful examples of what subjunctive sentences look like.
637. Writing: Shift in verb tense and mood — Basic example . Writing: Shift in verb tense and mood — Harder example . This is the currently selected item. Verb tense and mood | Quick guide. I think is a very common mistake to make on a question like this is to concern yourself with matching tense across the sentence. So there's a real
638. Tone and mood Watch out! Tone and mood are similar!! Tone is the author’s attitude toward the writing (his characters, the situation) and the readers. A work of writing can have more than one tone. An example of tone could be both serious and humorous.
639. How to use mood in a sentence. The mood list of example sentences with mood. mood / examples. mood in a sentence - 26. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around" Bill Watterson "Any art communicates what you're in the mood to receive" Larry Rivers
640. An indicative mood is a form of the verb that either indicates to a fact or denies a fact. Examples of The Indicative Mood: Aric will attend the program. Alex will not come to the meeting.
641. First, understand this: The word mood has nothing to do with frame of mind, as in happy or sad. It actually refers to mode, which is the attribute of a verb suggesting the speaker's attitude toward the action expressed. The mood of verbs shows how the speaker regards the utterance. The speaker might regard the utterance as a statement: that's
642. In the indicative mood, we would never write “Harrison were,” “I were,” “report were,” “trip be,” or “he submit,” but these verbs are correct in the examples above because each of the sentences is written in the subjunctive mood; that is, in every case, the sentence is describing a situation that is hypothetical or conditional:
643. Other Examples of Verb mood. Indicative. The majority of English statements are in the indicative, which is used to show a fact or a reality. In other words, it “indicates” something. “Penny is wearing a purple dress.” “The are ten cows in the back pasture.” Imperative. Imperative is a command or instruction.
644. mood disorder definition is - any of several psychological disorders (such as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder) characterized by abnormalities of emotional state —called also affective disorder. Examples of mood disorder in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web Postpartum depression, a serious mood disorder, affects and can
645. Infinitive Mood: expresses an action or state without reference to any subject. It can be the source of sentence fragments when the writer mistakenly thinks the infinitive form is a fully-functioning verb.
646. Simply, mood is about internal feelings, while atmosphere exists at a particular spot. Besides, a mood contributes for building up the entire atmosphere of a narrative. Examples of Atmosphere in Literature Example #1: An Unspoken Hunger (By Terry Tempest Williams)

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