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"Moose" Example Sentences

1. Deer and moose are still found in the state.
2. There are also a few moose and some beavers.
3. The moose and red deer are found in the wooded regions, and the jumping deer and antelope on the prairies.
4. There are some porcupines, red foxes, minks and martens, but the moose, wolf and lynx are practically extinct.
5. Warbler, olive-backed thrush, three-toed woodpecker, spruce grouse, and Canada jay; within this zone in the North-eastern states are a few moose and caribou, but farther north these animals are more characteristic of the Hudsonian zone.
6. These were rapidly reduced in number by the white man, the wild pigeons are extinct, and the moose, caribou, bear, wolf, lynx and beaver have become rare, but, under the protection of laws enacted during the latter part of the 19th century, deer and ruffed grouse are again quite plentiful.
7. The rapid settling of the state drove its native fauna, which comprised buffalo, deer, moose, bear, lynx and wolves, in great numbers into the northern sections, westward into Dakota, or across the Canadian border.
8. Section of the state was originally a favourite hunting-ground of the Indians, for here in abundance were the moose, caribou, deer, wolf, bear, lynx, otter, beaver, fox, sable, mink, musk-rat, porcupine, wood-chuck, ruffed grouse and pigeon.
9. The state has moose, caribou and deer, especially in the northern part.
10. Near the foot of Moose Mountain is the birthplace of Laura D.
11. The treaty of Ghent in 1814 (Article IV.) referred the question of the ownership of the islands in Passamaquoddy bay to a commission which gave Moose, Dudley and Frederick islands to the United States; and the same treaty by Article V.
12. Bears, mountain lions (pumas), wild cats (lynx) and wolves haunt the more remote fastnesses of the mountains; foxes abound; deer are found in many districts and moose in the north.
13. Of these three classes, and of other than purely zoological interest, are mosquitoes, which swarm in summer in the interior in vast numbers; sea fowl, which are remarkably abundant near the Aleutians; moose, and especially caribou, which in the past were very numerous in the interior and of extreme economic importance to the natives.
14. The larger animals of Canada are the musk ox and the caribou of the barren lands, both having their habitat in the far north; the caribou of the woods, found in all the provinces except in Price Edward Island; the moose, with an equally wide range in the wooded country; the Virginia deer, in one or other of its varietal forms, common to all the southern parts; the black-tailed deer or mule deer and allied forms, on the western edge of the plains and in British Columbia; the pronghorn antelope on the plains, and a small remnant of the once plentiful bison found in northern Alberta and Mackenzie, now called " wood buffalo."
15. Northern Ontario is still a valuable fur-bearing and hunting country, moose, caribou, fox, bear, otter, mink and skunk being found in large quantities.
16. The caribou, moose, antelope, mountain sheep, beaver, otter and mink are scarce.
17. The bison, which once ranged the plains in large herds, have been exterminated; the moose and the elk are found only occasionally in the wilder regions; mountain sheep, antelope, black and grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes and lynx (" wild cats ") are also becoming rare.
18. Farther north, in what is now New Ontario, their English rivals, the Hudson's Bay Company, had more or less permanent posts, especially at Fort Albany and Moose Factory.
19. Other animals, more or less common, are the black-tailed deer, the jackrabbit, the badger, the skunk, the beaver, the moose and the weasel.
20. Of the treaty of Ghent (1814), this decision awarding Moose Island, Dudley Island and Frederick Island to the United States and the other islands, including the Island of Grand Manan in the Bay of Fundy, to Great Britain.
21. North of the divide between the St Lawrence system and Hudson Bay there are many large rivers converging on that inland sea, such as Whale river, Big river, East Main, Rupert and Nottaway rivers coming in from Ungava and northern Quebec; Moose and Albany rivers with important tributaries from northern Ontario; and Severn, Nelson and Churchill rivers from the south-west.
22. Section in Moose Mountain, 2326 ft.
23. MOOSE, the North American Indian (Algonquian) name of the North American representative of the European elk.
24. The moose, the elk and the beaver have been placed under the protection of the Forest, Fish and Game Commissioner.
25. Here goes lumber from the Maine woods, which did not go out to sea in the last freshet, risen four dollars on the thousand because of what did go out or was split up; pine, spruce, cedar--first, second, third, and fourth qualities, so lately all of one quality, to wave over the bear, and moose, and caribou.
26. Long, Rangeley and Moosehead Lakes, favourite resorts of fishermen and hunters; Mt Katandin, in the heart of the moose country; and Poland Springs (38 m.
27. EASTPORT, a city and port of entry of Washington county, Maine, U.S.A., co-extensive with Moose Island in Passamaquoddy Bay, about r90 m.
28. In Ontario the Albany, Moose, Missanabi and Abitibbi flow into Hudson Bay, but none of these rivers is navigable except for canoes.
29. The hunter who told me this could remember one Sam Nutting, who used to hunt bears on Fair Haven Ledges, and exchange their skins for rum in Concord village; who told him, even, that he had seen a moose there.
30. We have moose in the back yard but no pets.
31. Guides will also point out moose and elk on the trips, which can take in Old faithful geyser.
32. Div ye keep a bat there, far we micht hae a moose?
33. By the time I walked into camp on my last night, that was still the closest I'd come to seeing moose.
34. moose antlers were often six feet wide.
35. moose hunt in Norway on which everything went right - a rare occasion in the hunting field.
36. moose meat is cooked in several ways from steaming to smoking or pot roasting, and accompanied by sourdough and vegetables.
37. Then I almost banged into 500kg of bull moose, standing at the edge of the campsite.
38. Spouting geysers and wandering moose.
39. They are made of hardened steel, with a double compound curve and the moose bar is a must for those using moose inserts.
40. Joins the Moose river, flowing into James Bay.
41. Some of the more northern American deer, such as the wapiti, reindeer and elk (moose), are closely allied to Old World species; but there is also a group of exclusively American deer (Mazama) - the only one found in Central and South America - the members of which are unlike any living Old World deer; and these must be regarded as having reached the western hemisphere at an earlier date than the wapiti, reindeer and elk (see Deer, Elk, Fallow-Deer, Muntjac, Musk-Deer, Pre David'S Deer, Reindeer, Roebuck, Water-Deer, &c.).
42. Moose was the dominant male puppy in a litter of six.
43. Juice Moose is the healthiest smoothie bar you 're likely to find.
44. Your child will recognize all her favorite TV characters like Dora, Diego, and of course Moose and Zee.
45. Birdwatchers will need a faster focus while someone watching moose foraging in a field won't need much speed.
46. There are five nature scenes available, including a wolf, bear, elk, deer or moose.
47. Images commonly seen in lodge decor include evergreen trees, pinecones and a variety of wildlife, including deer, elk, moose, bears, bison, wolves, eagles, and fish.
48. Try hunting down a pair of moose, elk or deer antlers at a flea market or online mercantile, or hang up a pair of horseshoes over the door for good luck.
49. The shower curtains come in several different plaid patterns and are embellished with designs like bears, moose, and pinecones.
50. By adding Alaska cruise tours onto standard seven-day cruise vacations, travelers can explore the state's interior and come face to face with many natural delights, including wolves, caribou, moose, bears, and more.
51. Most voyages also feature views of polar bears, grizzlies, sea lions and moose.
52. Eddie was actually portrayed by Moose, a Jack Russell Terrier, and though you may not realize it, Moose was eventually phased into retirement and his identical son Enzo took over the role of Eddie.
53. Moose Creek Grizzly II Henley Shirt is done in a long sleeved style and made from a midweight cotton.
54. Moose Harbor Gifts - Find an elegant pewter and natural cork Kokopelli wine stopper at this interesting and unique website.
55. Moose and Zee are still there, as well as the existing shows and educational shorts.
56. A bit less utilitarian looking than the Mountain slippers, Moose slippers are a cute choice for the girly girl on your list who requires a bit of extra warmth.
57. For the ultimate wow, choose from one of the many gift towers full of gourmet foods, indulgent chocolate truffles, luscious fresh fruits, cookies, and Moose Munch popcorn.
58. This American league team is also known as the M's and the team's mascot is Mariner Moose.
59. Many portions of the plain are covered by moors and swamps of large extent, called Moose.
60. Moose >>
61. Wildlife sightings may include bald eagles, beavers, moose, and bears.
62. Moose have a large number of parasites on their coat (called ectoparasites ).
63. Among its virtual worlds are the Land of Oz and a model of Yellowstone National Park, complete with spouting geysers and wandering moose.
64. Or, in the event of being slightly less macho, a succession of the Moose's famously good margaritas.
65. The mammals include moose, wild boar, deer, beavers, wolves, badgers, otters and lynx.
66. Perhaps he is out hunting moose, or whatever it is they do to pass the time in Canada.
67. Foot is made from two pieces of smoked tanned moose hide.
68. I've got a furry moose I can bring along, too.
69. After dinner I went out to find him again, and there was a female moose ten meters away in the other direction.
70. Fossils can be found dating back from when elephants, rhinos and giant moose roamed the land.
71. Posted by: Adrian Sevitz | September 27, 2003 05:16 PM Good idea Gert, Lyle could bring one of his cuddly moose!
72. It's down to our heroes, the animated moose and squirrel, Rocky and Bullwinkle, to save the day.
73. N: Just then, someone rushed into the shop, dragging with him a large moose.
74. moose heads.
75. moose population.
76. If you give a moose a pizza, it can be “extremely dangerous,” a Colorado park ranger warns. It’s unwise to feed wildlife in general, but Jefferson County Open Space ranger Ben Stanley took to Twitter ...
77. Yesterday, a Colorado park ranger stumbled upon an interesting situation, one where visitors were feeding pizza to a moose. If you need a quick reminder, there’s this very important rule in the ...
78. National Lifestyle Content Desk Looking to keep the kids busy this fall? Toy manufactures are gearing up for a season of fun! moose Toys just rolled out ...
79. Park rangers in Jefferson County have a unique warning for visitors: please don’t feed the moose pizza.  “It was kind of one of those situations where I kind of ...
80. A lack of shrubbery in the area for a moose to browse makes this “a very fluky fascinating thing,” a researcher said.
81. The New Hampshire moose population is more stable, particularly in North County, thanks to an early cold snap last winter. The state's moose population is between 3,000 and 4,000, half of the historic ...
82. The Chocolate moose announced on their Instagram account on Aug. 10 that they will cease operations on Aug. 29.
83. A moose was on the loose in the Electric City on Sunday morning, leading police on a tour of downtown Great Falls before finally being subdued and hauled away by state fish and game officers, ...
84. At one point we came across a large moose on the trail. The moose was above us and didn’t move for a while so we decided to pass him on the trail. After I passed him he started downhill ...
85. moose sentence examples. moose. Deer and moose are still found in the state. 144. 45. There are also a few moose and some beavers. 44. 29. The moose and red deer are found in the wooded regions, and the jumping deer and antelope on the prairies. 34. 20.
86. 65 sentence examples: 1. He set off for a nineteen-day moose hunt in Nova Scotia. 2. The bull moose was on the loose. 3. But within one moose generation-7. 4. The moose resumed his leisurely walk toward me, and his grunts. 5. The six-day moose hunt e
87. How to use moose in a sentence Sentence Examples. On the relatively species-rich mainland, wolves hunt deer, but also moose, mountain goats, and smaller mammals. If you do spot a moose or two, remember that they are large, wild creatures with terrible eyesight and a nasty disposition.
88. Examples of how to use the word moose in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
89. Sentence Examples for moose. There are some porcupines, red foxes, minks and martens, but the moose, wolf and lynx are practically extinct. How to use moose in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of moose. 8. No, the word moose is a common noun, a word for any moose of any kind, anywhere. A common noun is capitalized only when
90. 1. Deer and moose are still found in the state.: 2. There are also a few moose and some beavers.: 3. The moose and red deer are found in the wooded regions, and the jumping deer and antelope on the prairies.: 4. There are some porcupines, red foxes, minks and martens, but the moose, wolf and lynx are practically extinct.: 5. Warbler, olive-backed thrush, three-toed woodpecker, spruce grouse
91. Examples of moose in a sentence. To show off their kill, the hunter mounted the head of the moose on his wall. 🔊 A dark moose fought off a bear using his antlers to jab at it until the bear wandered off. 🔊 Noticing the large tracks in the snow, the deer hunters knew they were following a moose and not a deer. 🔊
92. Sentence Examples for moose. There are some porcupines, red foxes, minks and martens, but the moose, wolf and lynx are practically extinct. How to use moose in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of moose.
93. Translations of the word moose from german to english and examples of the use of "MOOSE" in a sentence with their translations: moose , ja, du bist heiß, English Spanish French Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian Danish
94. Translations of the word moose from english to norwegian and examples of the use of "MOOSE" in a sentence with their translations: Lillehammer is reindeer and moose , hello.
95. Examples of mooses in a Sentence; 문장 moose. The tent was unfortunately in the moose's way. We saw a moose at the edge of the woods. [ …] the VIP of the GOP, George W. Bush in full military flight suit, with his ejector harness giving him the worst moose knuckle in presidential history. 10.
96. moose definition is - a ruminant mammal (Alces alces) with humped shoulders, long legs, and broadly palmated antlers that is the largest existing member of the deer family and inhabits forested areas of Canada, the northern U.S., Europe, and Asia.
97. moose definition: A moose is a large type of deer. moose have big flat horns called antlers and are found | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
98. moose definition: noun pl. a deer (Alces alces) of N regions, the male of which has huge spatulate antlers and weighs up to 815 kg (c. 1,800 lb): it is the largest of the deer familyOrigin of moosefrom Eastern Abenaki mos
99. moose definition: 1. a type of large deer with large, flat horns and a long nose that lives in the forests of North…. Learn more.
100. StudyMoose™ is the largest knowledge base in 2020 with thousands of free essays online for college and high school Find essays by subject topics Get fresh essay ideas and an A+ grade with our professional writers. Try FREE now!
101. moose used in sentence example & words in English. March 5, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. Definition of . a big animal belonging to the deer family that has hanging fur from his neck plus large an. Examples of moose in a sen. To show off their kill, the hunter mounted the head of the moose on his wall. .
102. See examples of moose in English. Real sentences showing how to use moose correctly.
103. A moose is a large type of deer. moose have big flat horns called antlers and are found in Northern Europe, Asia, and North America. Some people use moose to refer to the North American variety of this animal, and elk to refer to the European and Asian varieties.
104. Elk definition: The definition of an elk is a moose, or a flexible leather from a calfskin or horsehide. (noun) An example of an elk is the Kansu Red Deer. An example of elk is a material used to make sporting foot gear.
105. High quality example sentences with “according to the moose” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts. several options are on the table
106. High quality example sentences with “moose validation tags” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts. several options are on the table.
107. moose (Meta-analyses Of Observational Studies in Epidemiology) Checklist A reporting checklist for Authors, Editors, and Reviewers of Meta-analyses of Observational Studies. You must report the page number in your manuscript where you consider each of the items listed in this checklist. If you have not included this information,
108. The moose software does a lot, much more than you expect. See Examples Click to expand. Learning how it works, makes it work even better. Here's a recording of the moose speaking a randomly created sentence in the weight loss topic. “Experience shows that people like to do more exercise,
109. Translate moose into Spanish. Find words for moose in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir moose de Inglés a español.
110. Having a moose as Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal) To have a moose as your totem animal means that you are courageous, communal, loving, wise, fast, and awe-inspiring.Endowed with the knowledge of your true self, you know how to maintain a balance between when to be firm and when to be kind.Consequently, people look up to you for wisdom as well as high individualism.
111. moose is NOT meant to be a one-man show, it is meant to evolve within a growing community around the framework. Within the community, key users will support, document, explain and even create new classes for the framework. It is the ambition to grow this framework as a de-facto standard for mission designers to use within the DCS World community.
112. Revision: The moose was running down the lane and into the forest. Discovered the cure for the disease. Revision: The researcher discovered the cure for the disease. Gave many reasons but no logical ones. Revision: Our boss gave many reasons but no logical ones. Sentence Fragments Without a Verb Some sentence fragments have a subject but no verb.
113. Examples 'As I sat before the fire on my fir-twig seat, But the moose is a sweetei (not so much though if they munch on your garden ). Recipe for Beet Soup (Παντζαρόσουπα) Nikkinen believes the moose is a youngster, about a year and a half old. Archive 2007-05-01.

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