Otherwise example sentences






or, differently, or, instead, but, alternately,

"Otherwise" Example Sentences

1. The shopping trip was exciting because it was so close to Christmas, but otherwise uneventful.
2. The accent says otherwise, but I was born in New York.
3. Surely you have time off as well, otherwise, how would you have time to come all the way out here.
4. She has the power of ancient healers to return to life that which otherwise wouldn't live.
5. Otherwise, she drew and painted.
6. It had been originally designed as a maid's quarters and it was the last room they rented when Bird Song was otherwise booked.
7. Otherwise, it's just as well we never see each other again.
8. Jade stood before her, blood spattered across his otherwise clean clothes.
9. His bond to Katie tempered what was otherwise a disaster of epic proportions.
10. He recognizes you can't physically stop him; otherwise you would have when you've had the chance.
11. Otherwise, he'd never be able to keep it all straight!
12. The paperwork otherwise had nothing to do with Toby or their accusation that she abandoned her kid on the Metro.
13. Otherwise her expression might have revealed her torrid thoughts.
14. Otherwise, why would he have gone to college?
15. "What will happen otherwise?" asked the Wizard.
16. He's unstoppable otherwise, she explained.
17. Her eyes were bloodshot but otherwise she looked pale lying on the sheets like a limp doll.
18. She could paint anywhere, and her life was otherwise so unfulfilling, Evelyn didn't know how she could stand it.
19. The room was otherwise arranged as if for a wedding with two sets of neatly lined chairs on either side of a long aisle.
20. Otherwise, she appeared healthy.
21. Otherwise, he'll have to live with the idea that it will no longer be in the family after he passes.
22. It puts to rest many questions which he would otherwise be taxed to answer; while the only new question which it puts is the hard but superfluous one, how to spend it.
23. Otherwise, it was difficult to sense true feelings, at least from Julie's standpoint.
24. Yet till this is otherwise we are not civilized, and, if gentlemen and ladies, are not true men and women.
25. The clock blazed 3:30 in his otherwise dark condo.
26. Otherwise, I'll have to carry you down to the car.
27. Otherwise, you start taking each other for granted.
28. She flinched but didn't otherwise move.
29. Then again, maybe she only wanted to believe that because to believe otherwise would be insulting.
30. So the master of words is master of thoughts which the words create, and says things greater than he could otherwise know.
31. His neck colored, but otherwise he gave no indication he knew what she was talking about.
32. Otherwise, he would've killed her after stumbling upon her years ago.
33. The whole troubling business snarled up his mind through the otherwise pleasant afternoon.
34. His eyes glowed darker than night, two black holes in his otherwise indistinguishable face.
35. Otherwise you might take up ice climbing as a sport.
36. "But could it be otherwise?" he thought.
37. The theory was that life in the workhouse had to be worse than life outside the workhouse, otherwise it would be overrun with the poor.
38. Keep at it until I send orders otherwise and change locations daily.
39. She was a no nonsense woman in her thirties, time-worn to a mid-forties look, at best a five-beer take-home from an otherwise empty closing-time bar.
40. Consider just a few of the mechanisms by which the Internet promotes trade that otherwise would not have occurred.
41. Otherwise, they boot me out of the fraternity.
42. Otherwise, you're out one anchor.
43. He hadn't left the house yet, so seemed a bit stir crazy, but otherwise was adjusting without problems.
44. Now, on a regular basis, videos appear which bring to life something that would otherwise be merely an ill-formed image in our minds.
45. Otherwise, what's so different from yesterday?
46. Otherwise we'd be doomed to spinstership.
47. "Yes, he's... about to be married," I said, at a loss to otherwise describe Howie Abbott.
48. Her lip was still mending, but otherwise she didn't look as bad as expected.
49. They early introduce us to and detain us in scenery with which otherwise, at that age, we should have little acquaintance.
50. "Yes, my Sonya could not have done otherwise!" thought Nicholas.
51. Napoleon made ironic remarks during Fabvier's account, as if he had not expected that matters could go otherwise in his absence.
52. Otherwise, it looked the way she left it, except that the air conditioning was off.
53. But Rostov was otherwise engaged; he was shouting "Hurrah!"
54. Was this a possible way to salvage our operation that otherwise was doomed to wreckage?
55. Otherwise, there was no indication of understanding.
56. Rhyn will die-dead otherwise, Gabriel whispered then left her standing by a group of boulders.
57. She was gazing where she knew him to be; but she could not imagine him otherwise than as he had been here.
58. It was most unkind of you to cruelly diagnose him otherwise and accuse him of being a thief.
59. A parking garage, which offers discounted rates for patrons, is located across the street providing a solution for an otherwise busy downtown location.
60. He was instinctively and thoroughly convinced that it was impossible for him to live otherwise than as he did and that he had never in his life done anything base.
61. You may not have made it out otherwise.
62. Otherwise I'd always wonder what it looked like, what kind of place it was and I'd never know.
63. While the last words, "sleeping, just sleeping," said prior to the interruption by Grasso seemed to denote failure, the earlier recorded observations suggest otherwise.
64. He'll make a good warrior, one I can train to kill a couple pain in the asses I can't get rid of otherwise.
65. You gave me the strength to take a step I wouldn't have otherwise.
66. I do not wish you to feel pain otherwise.
67. I'd be lying to you if I told you otherwise.
68. Probably because I never tried very hard to be otherwise.
69. "Stay here," he said, knowing she had no intention of doing otherwise.
70. Fitzgerald has some nerve suggesting otherwise.
71. Maybe the money would give her children opportunities they wouldn't have had otherwise.
72. Somewhere he'd never look otherwise.
73. You're stuck with me otherwise.
74. Her hand dropped, though she didn't acknowledge him otherwise.
75. Rhyn will die-dead otherwise.
76. At first he feared it was a telephone until its uninterrupted sound told him otherwise.
77. A month ago, before the letter announcing his visit, she would have said otherwise.
78. "We're not engaged," she cut him off sharply, "practically or otherwise."
79. Otherwise, I can live with it.
80. Whatever the madman Arnie had in his hand had provoked her gentle spirit into action he would not otherwise think her capable of.
81. "I wouldn't have asked if I thought otherwise," she replied.
82. His faint smile said otherwise.
83. Otherwise, it had looked as if further education was out of the question.
84. In Dean's playing days the high school was still in town, but otherwise, nothing had changed.
85. They were seated two tables away from Dean and appeared to be cele­brating something unusual in an otherwise Spartan life.
86. If they had, why stick around and pretend otherwise?
87. He still hoped she would awake in the morning thinking she had undressed herself and save them both the embarrassment that would otherwise follow.
88. "I don't believe in luck, bum or otherwise," Dean said.
89. To think otherwise would have been intolerable.
90. Otherwise, I'd have caught you.
91. Otherwise she would have to bug someone to take her over to do the chores.
92. Because her hands were otherwise occupied, she left it there.
93. Otherwise Alex would insist it was an infection or something.
94. It's not something I'd ask of you otherwise.
95. They'll see it otherwise.
96. Darian relaxed, pleased to see her genuinely laughing after their otherwise traumatic night.
97. He entered Jenn's mind, aware she couldn't talk to him with the cuff otherwise.
98. I don't think I could've let go of you otherwise.
99. I wouldn't be here otherwise, Guardian.
100. He couldn't believe otherwise, not after all he'd been through to keep her.
101. Caring for the ancient warrior in the catacombs, Jame, all those years taught him compassion otherwise denied him among the dead in those underground passageways.
102. Otherwise, your head will be cleaved in two.
103. Sami grimaced, as if annoyed rather than in pain, but otherwise ignored the arrows jutting from his back.
104. The creature tells me otherwise and cheers me on whenever I take the head of another cursed barbarian.
105. Tiyan will not survive otherwise.
106. I've never heard otherwise, but I've been here for a long time.
107. Sirian appeared gaunt from his stay in the dungeon but otherwise clean and well-dressed.
108. To her, the rifle was a method of defending herself or getting food when there would otherwise be none.
109. With Rob and Aaron otherwise occupied, it left Gerald free to enjoy the evening with Alex, Carmen and the children.
110. At least there would be another person with you in case something happened – and she seems the capable type otherwise.
111. The therapist said I should take it out otherwise, so the joint doesn't freeze.
112. How much had Clara told the man, intentionally or otherwise?
113. The stranger glowed strangely in the otherwise dim lighting.
114. He stared at the flowers, a sign of disorder in his otherwise sterile condo.
115. "It wasn't a boyfriend, jealous or otherwise," she answered.
116. Otherwise, he avoided everything but raw meat.
117. Otherwise, you go numb and spend your eternity that way.
118. The world wouldn't be standing otherwise.
119. Jonny's texts, however, told her otherwise.
120. Her body shook, and she'd be bruised, but she was otherwise fine.
121. The Other's brain told him otherwise, that it wasn't entirely certain what happened.
122. She wouldn't be here otherwise, Eden murmured.
123. Otherwise Berthollet's position would have been a much stronger one, and the atomic theory might have had to wait a long while for acceptance.
124. By the judicious selection of a type of yeast it is possible to improve the bouquet, and from an inferior must obtain a better wine or cider than would otherwise be produced.
125. The pope or his legate, however, took no steps to remove abuses or otherwise reform the Scandinavian churches.
126. The light actually emitted laterally is thus the same as would be caused by forces exactly the opposite of these acting on the medium otherwise free from disturbance, and it only remains to see what the effect of such force would be.
127. The conditions must, of course, be such as to secure that no ions shall escape, otherwise there is an underestimate.
128. By his rigorous imposts he alienated the favour of his subjects, and especially of the clergy, whom he otherwise sought to control firmly.
129. It should always be specially noted whether the fungi to be consumed are in a fresh and wholesome condition, otherwise they act as a poison in precisely the same way as does any other semi-putrid vegetable.
130. A horrible reign of terror ensued, in the course of which the ex-tsaritsa Eudoxia was dragged from her monastery and publicly tried for alleged adultery, while all who had in any way befriended Alexius were impaled, broken on the wheel and otherwise lingeringly done to death.
131. Not otherwise provided for.
132. No act takes effect until ninety days after its passage unless two-thirds of the members of each house specifically order otherwise.
133. If the wife dies intestate the husband has a right to the use of her real estate for life, and to one-third of the personal estate if there is issue; otherwise to the whole.
134. Francis, who had been the early friend of Burke, supplied him with the personal animus against Hastings, and with the knowledge of detail, which he might otherwise have lacked.
135. The chief drawback to type A is that the errors of the screw are liable to change by wear, otherwise the apparatus, as made and used at Potsdam, is, on the whole, a convenient and accurate one.
136. Inscriptions record the boundaries of the territories of various tribes with outlandish names otherwise unknown to us (Corp. Inscr.
137. Otherwise his policy remained that of peace.
138. It is interesting for its connexion with the 15th-century romance of Perceforest, since in it Alexander visits Britain, where he bestows Scotland on Gadifer and England on Betis (otherwise Perceforest).
139. Otherwise we may assume no disturbing alteration has taken place for more than 2000 years in its position and extent.
140. In ordinary language the name is used for any species of Siphonaptera (otherwise known as Aphaniptera), which, though formerly regarded as a suborder of Diptera, are now considered to be a separate order of insects.
141. He was provost of Edinburgh in 1437, and was otherwise distinguished.
142. Ministers and people with few exceptions - the most notable being the Scotch Highlanders who had settled in the valley of the Mohawk in New York and on Cape Fear river in North Carolina - sided with the patriot or Whig party: John Witherspoon was the only clergyman in the Continental Congress of 1776, and was otherwise a prominent leader; John Murray of the Presbytery of the Eastward was an eloquent leader in New England; and in the South the Scotch-Irish were the backbone of the American partisan forces, two of whose leaders, Daniel Morgan and Andrew Pickens, were Presbyterian elders.
143. Besides the Shari, the only important stream entering Lake Chad is the Waube or Yo (otherwise the Komadugu Yobe), which rises near Kano, and flowing eastward enters the lake on its western side 40 m.
144. The following tables, showing the growth of the largest towns in France, are drawn up on the basis of the fourth classification, which is used throughout this work in the articles on French towns, except where otherwise stated.
145. Men who, otherwise suitable, have some slight infirmity are drafted into the non-combatant branches.
146. This circumstance is due to the sea-breezes, which blow with great regularity, and temper what would otherwise be an excessive heat.
147. Australia and Tasmania possess two animals of this order - the echidna, or spiny ant-eater (hairy in Tasmania), and the Platypus anatinus, the duckbilled water mole, otherwise named the Ornithorhynchus paradoxus.
148. Skirting the low shores of this gulf, all the way round its upper half to the Roper, Leichhardt crossed Arnheim Land to the Alligator river, which he descended to the western shore of the peninsula, and arrived at Port Victoria, otherwise Port Essington, after a journey of 3000 m., performed within a year and three months.
149. O i 1, otherwise at Teanum; the pavement of the road between the latter place and Suessa is in places well preserved, especially near Teano, and so is that of a road ascending from Suessa northward towards the crater mentioned.
150. Cromwell, who was as a rule especially scrupulous in protecting non-combatants from violence, justified his severity in this case by the cruelties perpetrated by the Irish in the rebellion of 1641, and as being necessary on military and political grounds in that it "would tend to prevent the effusion of blood for the future, which were the satisfactory grounds of such actions which otherwise cannot but work remorse and regret."
151. It is not therefore larceny to steal a corpse, but any removal of the coffin or grave-cloths is otherwise, such remaining the property of the persons who buried the body.
152. Otherwise, when Beethoven has anything special for the violoncellos to say, he invariably softens and deepens their singularly incisive cantabile tones by doubling them with the violas.
153. Anonymous love-tokens, written or otherwise - on St Valentine's day was fairly general.
154. Otherwise he might marry a freewoman (the children were then free), who might bring him a dower which his master could not touch, and at his death one-half of his property passed to his master as his heir.
155. Otherwise he would be adjudged a thief and die.
156. It remained the wife's for life, descending to her children, if any; otherwise returning to her family, when the husband could deduct the bride-price if it had not been given to her, or return it, if it had.
157. On the east side in like manner the Monte Gargano (3465 ft.), a detached limestone mass which projects in a bold spur-like promontory into the Adriatic, forming the only break in the otherwise uniform coast-line of Italy on that sea, though separated from the great body of the Apennines by a considerable interval of low country, may be considered as merely an outlier from the central mass.
158. Parmesan cheese, otherwise called Lodigiano (from Lodi) or grana, was presented to King Louis XII.
159. A law came into operation in February 1908, according to which a weekly day of rest (with few exceptions)was established on Sunday in every case in which it was possible, and otherwise upon some other day of the week.
160. No candidate can be returned unless he obtains more than half the votes given and more than one-sixth of the total number on the register; otherwise a second ballot must be 1898-1899.19021903.
161. Indian Vedic henotheism (otherwise called kathenotheism); 3 Semitic monolatry, so important as the probable starting-point of religious development in Israel; the Greek use of " Zeus " almost as we say " God " - even the attempt to arrange deities in a monarchical pantheon, all show the tendency, though it so seldom attains a real victory.
162. The universe exists - or, as otherwise stated, the universe is " contingent " - therefore, even without detailed knowledge of different universes, we can affirm that it must be caused, and in its " Great First Cause " we recognize God.'
163. A less sophisticated intuitionalism would rejoin with great force, " These are matters of sight; it could not be otherwise, and you see that it could not !
164. If George Eliot is guilty of a platitude when she says that " consequences are unpitying," then Butler's argument is empty: but not otherwise.
165. The sensory cells are slender epithelial cells, often with a cilium or stiff protoplasmic process, and should perhaps be regarded as the only ectoderm-cells which retain the primitive ciliation of the larval ectoderm, otherwise lost in all Hydrozoa.
166. There is to be no " stay of execution "; the episcopal sentence is to prevail until the provincial synod otherwise decide.
167. If that prelate think the cause should be heard again, he is to appoint judges; if otherwise, the original judgment is to be confirmed.
168. There seems to have been no machinery for assisting the original or appellate jurisdiction of the pope by secular process, - by significavit or otherwise.
169. Recourse to the secular prince by way of appel comme d'abus, or otherwise, became more frequent and met with greater encouragement.
170. But the matter is now determined for all countries which have adopted codes, whether after the pattern of the Code Napoleon or otherwise.
171. Otherwise these three countries are Code countries.
172. Over the members of these orders their superiors have jurisdiction and not the bishop. Otherwise if they live out of their monastery, or even within that enclosure so notoriously offend as to cause scandal.
173. We may conclude that these books are still extant in Burma, where the catalogue was drawn up. Two only of these ten authors are otherwise known.
174. The poplars are almost entirely confined to the north temperate zone, but a few approach or even pass its northern limit, and they are widely distributed within that area; they show, like the willows, a partiality for moist ground and often line the river-sides in otherwise treeless districts.
175. They are accompanied by intercellular channels serving for the conduction of oxygen to, and carbon dioxide from, the living cells in the interior of the wood, which would otherwise be cut off from the means of respiration.
176. An alga infested with a Chytridiumindeed, matters can hardly be otherwise.
177. Frost-cracks, scorching of bark by sun and fire, &c., anc wounds due to plants which entwine, pierce or otherwise materially injure trees, &c., on a large scale.
178. This subject brings the domain of pathology, however, into touch with that of variation, and we are profoundly ignorant as to the complex of external conditions which would decide in any given case how far a variation in form would be prejudicial or otherwise to the continued existence of a species.
179. The question of universal names for vegetation units is bound lay with that of the universality or otherwise of particular O~ mations.
180. It is probable that most, if not all, the metabolic changes which take place in a cell, such as the transformation of starch, proteids, sugar, cellulose; and the decomposition -of numerous other organic substances which would otherwise require a high temperature or powerful reagents is also due to their activity.
181. Just as every crystallizable chemical substance assumes a definite and constant crystalline form which cannot be accounted for otherwise than by regarding it as one of the properties of the substance, so every living organism assumes a characteristic form which is the outcome of the properties of its protoplasm.
182. Otherwise the Californian flora is entirely deficient in the characteristic features of that of eastern North America.
183. The orbito-sphenoids diverge only posteriorly, otherwise they are practically unpaired and form the median interorbital septum, which is very large in correlation with the extraordinary size of the eyeballs.
184. Or so in width, and separating the two fertile but otherwise insignificant islands of Bali and Lombok, makes such a frontier as can hardly be shown to exist elsewhere.
185. Then, of forms which are but weakly represented, we have the otherwise abundant thrushes (Turdidae), and, above all, the woodpeckers (Picidae), of which only very few species, out of 400, just cross the boundary and occur in Lombok, Celebes or the Moluccas, but are unknown elsewhere in the region."
186. Among the more curious forms of other land-birds may be especially mentioned the Megapodiidae, Lipoa and Talegallus, the rail Tribonyx and Pedionomus, which represents the otherwise palaeotropical Turnices in Australia.
187. The Passerine Falculia, with its recently extinguished allies Fregilupus and Necropsar of the Mascarenes; the Coraciine Brachypteracias, Atelornis and Geobiastes, are very abundant, while Heliodilus is an owl belonging to that subfamily which is otherwise represented only by the widely-spread barn owl, Strix flammea.
188. At present this otherwise excellent preparation is not standardized, but the suggestion has been made that it should be standardized to contain o 1% of colchicine.
189. When he cries "Rain, rain," or otherwise makes vivid to himself and his hearers the idea of rain, expecting that the rain will thereby be forced to come, it is as if he had said "Rain, now you must come," or simply "Rain, come!"
190. Any account of the educational system cannot, therefore, be otherwise than historical and provisional [ED.j.
191. The imports of foreign metals in the rough and of coal are steadily increasing, while the exports, never otherwise than insignificant, show no advance.
192. Roughly speaking, Little Russia, otherwise called the Ukraine, may be described as the basin of the Dnieper southward of the 51st parallel of latitude.
193. Otherwise injured when at work on the line or in sidings..
194. Sometimes, however, a sharp incline occurring on an otherwise easy line is not reckoned as the ruling gradient, trains heavier than could be drawn up it by a single engine being helped by an assistant or " bank " engine; sometimes also " momentum " or " velocity " grades, steeper than the ruling gradient, are permitted for short distances in cases where a train can approach at full speed and thus surmount them by the aid of its momentum.
195. Sand, driven between the wheel and the rail by a steam jet, used just at starting, increases the adhesion beyond the normal value and enables a larger pressure to be exerted on the piston than would otherwise be possible.
196. In Italy many railways which otherwise fulfil the conditions of a light railway are constructed with a gauge of 4 ft.
197. Yet, if there is not a mass of scientific evidence, there are a number of witnesses - among them distinguished men of science and others of undoubted intelligence --who have convinced themselves by observation that phenomena occur which cannot be explained by known causes; and this fact must carry weight, even without careful records, when the witnesses are otherwise known to be competent and trustworthy observers.
198. By this definition the term sacrifice is extended to cover the inanimate offering which is consumed by fire, broken or otherwise rendered useless for the purpose of human life.
199. Finally he was taken in procession, stupefied or otherwise rendered incapable of resistance, and put to death by strangulation or pressure.
200. S5) that Elohim as a plural form for the name of the Hebrew deity " can hardly be understood otherwise than as a comprehensive expression for the multitude of gods embraced in the One God of Old Testament religion," in other words that it presupposes an original polytheism.
201. Here came under the protection of the peace of God the tribes and clans which otherwise lived apart from one another and only knew peace and security within their own frontiers."
202. Charles thinks that in this passage the idea of resurrection is of purely Jewish and not of Mazdaan (or Zoroastrian) origin, but it is otherwise with Dan.
203. The knees are of a soft spongy texture and act as breathing organs, supplying the roots with air,, which they would otherwise be unable to obtain when submerged.
204. He has left an amusing acccunt of his employments in the country, where his love of study was at once inflamed by a large and unwonted command of books and checked by the necessary interruptions of his otherwise happy domestic life.
205. At the election of 1904 an amendment was adopted which provides that whenever 10% of the voters of the state, as shown by the votes of the last preceding election, express a wish that any law or resolution of the legislature shall be submitted to the people, the Act or Resolve shall be voted on at the next election of the state or county officers, and if a majority of the voters approve the measure it shall stand; otherwise, it shall become void.
206. The step to magnetic phenomena was comparatively simple; but it was otherwise as regards electromagnetic phenomena, where current electricity is essentially involved.
207. Of 24 protected persons, all escaped but four, and these had to be out at night or otherwise neglected precautions; of 38 unprotected persons, all contracted malaria except two, who had apparently acquired immunity.
208. (1547; repealed 1553, and revived 1558) enacts that persons reviling the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, by contemptuous words or otherwise, shall suffer imprisonment.
209. An act of 1812-1813 excepts from these enactments "persons denying as therein mentioned respecting the Holy Trinity," but otherwise the common and the statute law on the subject remain as stated.
210. Twelve divisions or tribes, of which Judah was one, held together by a traditional sentiment, were traced back to the sons of Jacob (otherwise known as Israel), the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham.
211. A fresh rival immediately appeared, the otherwise unknown Tibni, son of Ginath.
212. It had scarcely been otherwise in Israel.
213. Throughout the Persian supremacy Palestine was necessarily influenced by the course of events in Phoenicia and Egypt (with which intercourse was continual), and some light may thus be indirectly thrown on its otherwise obscure political history.
214. 12),which otherwise is quite ignored, appears to have been used for the times of Darius (i Esdras iv.
215. Asia Minor and the north-western half of Arabia lie outside such a great circle, which otherwise indicates, with fair accuracy, the north-western boundary of Asia.
216. These tend very greatly to arrest the increase of the summer heat over the area where they prevail, and otherwise give it altogether peculiar characteristics.
217. Among the islands of the Malay Archipelago the force of the monsoons is much interrupted, and the position of this region on the equator otherwise modifies the directions of the prevailing winds.
218. They exist in the Brachiopoda (which are probably not unrelated to the Chaetopoda), but otherwise are absolutely distinctive of the Chaetopods.
219. Yet it may be asserted that until the more durable and more reputable connexion with Mme de Nehra these love episodes were the most disgraceful blemishes in a life otherwise of a far higher moral character than has been commonly supposed.
220. Otherwise, as Mommsen says, the Getica is a mera epitome, laxata ea et perversa, historiae Gothicae Cassiodorianae.
221. As a parliamentary burgh Dumfries includes Maxwelltown, on the opposite side of the river, which otherwise belongs to Kirkcudbrightshire.
222. 25) means by the shore and not on the sea, by supplying circumstances omitted by the author, by remembering that the author produces as miracles occurrences which can now be explained otherwise, e.g.
223. Summer and autumn pears should be gathered before they are fully ripe, otherwise they will not in general keep more than a few days.
224. An Act passed in 1770, which relaxed the rigour of strict entails and afforded power to landlords to grant leases and otherwise improve their estates, had a beneficial effect on Scottish agriculture.
225. If, owing to proximity to a town or otherwise, the prospective value were too high, the council might hire such land for the purpose of letting it.
226. Rye, vetches, winter-oats or some other rapidly-growing crop may be sown in autumn and fed off or otherwise disposed of prior to the root-sowing.
227. It is equally true that, when under the influence of special local or other demand - proximity to towns, easy railway or other communication, for example - the products which would otherwise be retained on the farm are exported from it, the import of town or other manures is generally an essential condition of such practice.
228. The following, the quantities stated being those for 1905:-Beef, salted, 142,806 cwt.; beef, otherwise preserved, 598,030 cwt.; preserved mutton, 30,111 cwt.; salted pork, 205,965 cwt.; dead rabbits, 656,078 cwt.; meat, unenumerated, 875,032 cwt.
229. It is compulsory on owners to notify the authorities as to the existence of scab amongst their sheep. By the Diseases of Animals Act (1903) powers to prescribe the dipping of sheep, irrespective of the presence or otherwise of sheep scab, were conferred upon the Board of Agriculture.
230. But the attendance of the crowd can be otherwise explained.
231. On such lands, where otherwise desirable, it may sometimes be planted with profit.
232. When the pericardium is cut open from above in an animal otherwise entire, the anterior face of the kidney is seen forming the posterior wall of the pericardial chamber; on the deep edge of this face, a little to the left of the attachment of the auricle to the floor of the pericardium, is seen a depression; this depression contains the opening from the pericardium into the kidney.
233. It was far otherwise with the Councils.
234. In receiving it the communicant must not touch the host with his finger; otherwise it loses its virtue.
235. Over his son was, indeed, far greater than is commonly supposed, and it accounts for much in Charles XII.'s character which is otherwise inexplicable, for instance his precocious reserve and taciturnity, his dislike of everything French, and his inordinate contempt for purely diplomatic methods.
236. Penrith, otherwise Penreth, Perith, Perath, was founded by the Cambro-Celts, but on a site farther north than the present town.
237. He states that Gould suspected the alliance of these two forms " from external structure and habits alone "; otherwise one might suppose that he had obtained an intimation to that effect on one of his Continental journeys.
238. Among his chief systematic determinations we may mention that he refers the tinamous to the rails, because apparently of their deep " notches," but otherwise takes a view of that group more correct according to modern notions than did most of his contemporaries.
239. Otherwise the scheme would hardly need notice here.
240. Otherwise the " principles " on which it is founded are not clear to the ordinary zoologist.
241. Another class of nocturnal demons are the incubi and succubi, who are said to consort with human beings in their sleep; in the Antilles these were the ghosts of the dead; in New Zealand likewise ancestral deities formed liaisons with females; in the Samoan Islands the inferior gods were regarded as the fathers of children otherwise unaccounted for; the Hindus have rites prescribed by which a companion nymph may be secured.
242. But some things do not at all cohere with what is otherwise known of Albert.
243. Schultens (Vita Sal., Index geogr.) cites Tatmur as a variant of the Arabic name; this might mean " abounding in palms " (from the root tamar); otherwise Tadmor may have been originally an Assyrian name.
244. We must provisionally affirm life and devote ourselves to social evolution, instead of striving after a happiness which is impossible; in so doing we shall find that morality renders life less unhappy than it would otherwise be.
245. When an insect strikes the web the spider loosens his hold of the trap-line, thus enveloping the victim in a tangle of threads which would otherwise not come into contact with it.
246. Otherwise its only variation is between pointed and rounded loops and B).
247. Where a person enters and pays rent under a lease for years, void either by law or by statute, or without any actual lease or agreement, or holds over after the determination of a lease whether for years or otherwise.
248. An agricultural tenant may not contract himself out of his statutory right to compensation, but " contracting out " is apparently not prohibited with regard to the right given him by the acts of 1883 and 1900 to remove fixtures which he has erected and for which he is not otherwise entitled to compensation, after reasonable notice to the landlord, unless the latter elects to purchase such fixtures at a valuation.
249. Where the rent is in grain, or otherwise payable in produce, it is to be satisfied from the produce of the farm, if there be any.
250. Wind is another important factor, as cotton does not do well in localities subject to very high winds; and in exposed situations, otherwise favourable, wind belts have at times to be provided.
251. When the weather is not favourable at the fruiting stage, the otherwise hardy cotton plant displays its great weakness in this way.
252. Other houses of the Brothers of Common Life, otherwise called the "Modern Devotion," were in rapid succession established in the chief cities of the Low Countries and north and central Germany, so that there were in all upwards of forty houses of men; while those of women doubled that figure, the first having been founded by Groot himself at Deventer.
253. When the slow folding of the strata is accompanied by a gradual local descent, a modified or " arrested " anticlinal structure, known as a " terrace " is produced, the upheaving action at that part being sufficient only to arrest the descent which would otherwise occur.
254. To discourage the sinking of wells on land immediately adjoining productive territory, it has been usual to drill along the borders of the land as far as practicable, in order to first obtain the oil which might otherwise be raised by others; and on account of the small area often controlled by the operator, the number of wells drilled has frequently been far in excess of the number which might reasonably be sunk.
255. A flow of oil may often be induced in a well which would otherwise require to be pumped, by preventing the escape of gas which issues with the oil, and causing its pressure to raise the oil.
256. Others are deprived of a part of their more volatile constituents by spontaneous evaporation, or by distillation, in vacuo or otherwise, at the lowest possible temperature.
257. The Venetians, however, maintained their position in Palestine; and their quarters remained, along with those of the Genoese, as privileged commercial franchises in an otherwise feudal state.
258. The king was also bound to insure the horses of his men by a system called the restor: if a vassal lost his horse otherwise than by his own fault, it must be replaced by the treasury (which was termed, as it also was in Norman Sicily, the secretum).'
259. Europe had sinned in the face of God; otherwise Jerusalem would never have fallen; and the idea of a spiritual reform from within, as the necessary corollary and accompaniment of the expedition of Christianity without, breathes in some of the papal letters, just as, during the conciliar movement, the causa reformationis was blended with the causa unionis.
260. His account of the First Crusade itself is poor (he was absent at Edessa during its course), but otherwise he is an excellent authority.
261. - Another large class of ammeters depend for their action upon the fact that an electric current create; an electric field round its conductor, which varies in strength from point to point, but is otherwise proportional to the current.
262. The almost complete destruction of the buildings on the Acropolis and in the lower city, among them many temples and shrines which religious send- the walls of ment might otherwise have preserved, facilitated the Themis- realization of the magnificent architectural designs tocles .
263. The semi-civilized aborigines, who adopted the Chinese language, dress and customs, were called Pe-pa-hwan (Anglice Pepo-hoans), while their wilder brethren bear the name of Chin-hwan or" green savages," otherwise Sheng-fan or " wild savages."
264. The senate declared the proceedings null and void, because thunder had been heard; Saturninus replied that the senate had better remain quiet, otherwise the thunder might be followed by hail.
265. Relationship of this otherwise typically carinate, neotropical family with the Ratitae had already been insisted upon by T.
266. The space a must allow for the inclusion of a copper spiral if the substance contains nitrogen, and a silver spiral if halogens be present, for otherwise nitrogen oxides and the halogens may be condensed in the absorption apparatus; b contains copper oxide; c is a space for the insertion of a porcelain or platinum boat containing a weighed quantity of the substance; d is a copper spiral.
267. The vast myth of the Ring is related in full several times in each of the three main dramas, with ruthless disregard for the otherwise magnificent dramatic effect of the whole; hosts of original dramatic and ethical ideas, with which Wagner's brain was even more fertile than his voluminous prose works would indicate, assert themselves at all points, only to be thwarted by repeated attempts to allegorize the philosophy of Schopenhauer; all efforts to read a consistent scheme, ethical or philosophical, into the result are doomed to failure; but all this matters little, so long as we have Wagner's unfailing later resources in those higher dramatic verities which present to us emotions and actions, human and divine, as things essentially complex and conflicting, inevitable as natural laws, incalculable as natural phenomena.
268. They are an extension of the principle on which gongs and cymbals and all instruments without notes of determinate pitch are employed in otherwise polyphonic music.
269. Otherwise it is celebrated like the " Lesser Festival," but with less ardour.
270. The patient should continue to take about 100 grains a day for at least a fortnight after he is apparently convalescent, otherwise a recrudescence is very probable.
271. Otherwise the only eastern satrapy whose governor was not a Macedonian, was Areia, under Stasanor, a Cypriote Greek.
272. He promised to rule otherwise than his father, who had been very energetic and at the same time tolerant in religion.
273. Had stood that served to render ineffectual others of his encyclicals, in which he dealt earnestly and effectively with matters in which orthodox Protestants had a sympathetic interest with him and might otherwise have lent an ear to his counsels.
274. It was otherwise when a more distinguished victim was selected in the person of George Wishart.
275. Here, overlooking the harbour, is the khedivial yacht club (built 1903) and the palace, also called Ras et-Tin, built by Mehemet Ali, a large but not otherwise noteworthy building.
276. So soon as the point of view is clear - that in the Gathas we have firm historical ground on which Zoroaster and his surroundings may rest, that here we have the beginnings of the Zoroastrian religion - then it becomes impossible to answer otherwise than affirmatively every general question as to the historical character of Zoroaster.
277. Otherwise, not one single name in the entourage of our Vishtaspa can be brought into harmony with historical nomenclature.
278. We learn little otherwise regarding the practices connected with his doctrines.
279. Otherwise, it is not clear why we find him opposing himself to the Egyptian king Necho, since the assumption that he fought as an Assyrian vassal scarcely agrees with the profound reforming policy ascribed to him.
280. Some additional discoveries were described by Marc Antonio Boldetti in his Osservazioni, published in 1720; but, writing in the interests of the Roman Church with an apologetic, not a scientific object, truth was made to bend to polemics, and little addition to our knowledge of the catacombs is to be gained from his otherwise important work.
281. The boy no doubt inherits a capacity for riding a bicycle, otherwise he could never do so.
282. The upper-parts are dark grey or nearly black according to the light in which they are viewed and the state of moisture or otherwise of the skin; the under-parts pure white.
283. Suez is a quarantine station for pilgrims from Mecca; otherwise its importance is due almost entirely to the ships using the canal.
284. Of 33° was organized as the Territory of Orleans, and was given a government less democratic than might otherwise have been the case, because it was intended to prepare gradually for self-government the French and Spanish inhabitants of the territory, who desired immediate statehood.
285. He can annul or suspend the maire's decrees and he has also considerable control over public institutions, charitable and otherwise.
286. These poljes may be described as oases in what is otherwise a desert expanse of mountains.
287. At the time of the Austrian annexation in 1908, the only remaining token of Ottoman suzerainty was that the foreign consuls received their exequatur from Turkey, instead of Austria; otherwise the government of the country was conducted in the name of the Austrian emperor, through the imperial minister of finance at Vienna, who controlled the civil service for the occupied territory.
288. It was far otherwise with the insurrection which broke out at the beginning of April in the Morea.
289. In May 1879 the misgovernment of Ismail Pasha and the resulting financial crisis rendered the deposition of the khedive inevitable; in order to anticipate the action of England and France, who would otherwise have expelled the erring viceroy, the sultan deposed him himself; the succession devolved upon his son Mahommed Tewfik Pasha.
290. Otherwise the revolution was effected almost without bloodshed; for a time the insurgent bands disappeared in Macedonia, and the rival " nationalities " - Greek, Albanian, Turk, Armenian, Servian, Bulgarian and Jew - worked harmoniously together for the furtherance of common constitutional aims. On the 6th of August Kiamil Pasha, an advanced Liberal, became grand vizier, and a new cabinet was formed, including a Greek, Prince Mavrocordato, an Armenian, Noradounghian, and the Sheikh-ul-Islam.
291. It was now again Wellesley's wish to advance and seize Torres Vedras; but Sir Hew Dalrymple, having at this moment assumed command, decided otherwise.
292. Lastly a life by an otherwise unknown Irish writer named Probus occurs in the Basel edition of Bede's works (1563) and was reprinted by Colgan.
293. If an element be present in a compound otherwise than as an ion, it is not interchangeable, and cannot be recognized by the usual tests.
294. (otherwise xxix.), chaps.
295. When heated to above 200 it turns brown and produces caramel, a substance possessing a bitter taste, and used, in its aqueous solution or otherwise, under various trade names, for colouring confectionery, spirits, &c. The specific rotation of the plane of polarized light by glucose solutions is characteristic. The specific rotation of a freshly prepared solution is 105°, but this value gradually diminishes to 52.5°, 24 hours sufficing for the transition in the cold, and a few minutes when the solution is boiled.
296. The inner cylinder is generally placed somewhat excentrically in the outer casing, in order to render the kneading more perfect than would otherwise be the case.
297. Proselytes are still not allowed, in Orthodox circles, to become the wives of reputed descendants of the priestly families, but otherwise marriage with proselytes is altogether equal to marriage between born Jews.
298. Very irregular surfaces may require the use of specially shaped anodes in order that the distance between the electrodes may be fairly uniform, otherwise the portion of the cathode lying nearest to the anode may receive an undue share of the current, and therefore a greater thickness of coat.
299. In West Siberia there exist compact masses of Russians who have lost little of their primitive ethnographical features: but the case is otherwise on the outskirts.
300. As to artistic representations of the goddess, we have first the rude figure which seems to be a copy of the Palladium; secondly, the still rude, but otherwise more interesting, figures of her, as e.g.
301. The ventral valve is usually the larger, and in many genera, such as Terebratula and Rhynchonella, has a prominent beak or umbo, with a circular or otherwise shaped foramen at or near its extremity, partly bounded by one or two plates, termed a deltidium.
302. C. 94); (5) it was simony for any person to purchase the next presentation while the church was vacant; (6) it was simony for a spiritual person to purchase for himself the next presentation, though the church be full; (7) it was simony for any person to purchase the next presentation, or in the case of purchase of an advowson the next presentation by the purchaser would be simoniacal if there was any arrangement for causing a vacancy to be made; (8) it was simony for the purchaser of an advowson while the church was vacant to present on the next presentation; (9) it was simony to exchange otherwise than simpliciter; no compensation in money might be made to the person receiving the less valuable benefice.
303. In the present particular case putting m 10 = 1 2, mot= v and m P4 =o otherwise M10t+M01n+...+Mpot P n 4 +...
304. Ores are smelted raw if the fall of matte (metallic sulphide) does not exceed 5%; otherwise they are subjected to a preliminary oxidizing roast to expel the sulphur, unless they run too high in silver, say 100 oz.
305. In skimming the crust from the surface of the lead some unalloyed lead is also drawn off, and has to be separated by an additional operation (liquation), as, running lower in silver than the crust, it would otherwise reduce its silver content and increase the amount of lead to be cupelled.
306. Electromagnetic system of units will be generally adopted, and, unless otherwise stated, magnetic substances will be assumed to be isotropic, or to have the same physical properties in all directions.
307. If a transverse cut is made through a bar whose magnetization is I and the two ends are placed in contact, it can be shown that this force is 27r I 2 dynes per unit of area (Mascart and Joubert, Electricity and Magnetism, § 322; and if the magnetization of the bar is due to an external field H produced by a magnetizing coil or otherwise, there is an additional force equal to HI.
308. The Westminster, a decided judgment is passed on them, that, they are not " to be any otherwise approved or made use of than other human writings," a milder verdict is expressed regarding them in many other quarters, e.g.
309. How otherwise are we to explain such Hebraisms (or Syriacisms) as Evui pEEC rb g Xacov E ct ro (§ 9), ov elir€v.
310. The earliest prophetic books have a quite different standpoint; otherwise indeed the books of northern prophets and historians could never have been admitted into the Jewish canon.
311. It was sacked by the Hungarians in 902, but otherwise its history is little known, and it is uncertain when it acquired its freedom and its motto Libertas.
312. It is understood, unless otherwise expressed, that the judgment shall be in accordance with the law by which civilized nations have agreed to be bound, whenever such law is applicable.
313. The arbitrators who are to determine this difference are, unless otherwise specially agreed, to be chosen from the general list of members in the following manner: - each party is to name two arbitrators, and these are to' choose a chief arbitrator or umpire (sur-arbitre).
314. The tribunal is to sit at the Hague when practicable, unless the parties otherwise agree.
315. Owing to the almost absolute disappearance of documentary evidence, it is impossible to know otherwise than very imperfectly the inner life of Mithraism.
316. Otherwise the conditions were favourable.
317. Perestrello states that Natal has no ports but otherwise he gives a fairly accurate description of the country - noting particularly the abundance of animals and the density of the population.
318. The matter was urgent; for parliament was to meet on the 28th, and it was important that a new cabinet, acceptable to it, should be appointed before that date, or that the Houses should be prorogued pending such appointment; otherwise the delegations would be postponed and no credits would be voted for the cost of the new Austro-Hungarian " Dreadnoughts " and of the annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
319. If the frequency of each A is independent of the frequency of each B, then the attributes a and b are independent; otherwise they are correlated.
320. It is probable that the algebra of the Egyptians was of a most rudimentary nature, for otherwise we should expect to find traces of it in the works of the Greek geometers, of whom Thales of Miletus (640-546 B.C.) was the first.
321. Certainly, in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Church of England, while rigorously enforcing the episcopal model at home, and even endeavouring to extend it to Presbyterian Scotland, did not regard foreign non-episcopal Churches otherwise than as sister communions.
322. Though otherwise progressive, this law committed the injustice of temporarily disfranchising the nonYugoslav minorities, on the convenient pretext that they could not claim the vote until the expiry of the two years during which the Treaty of Trianon secures their right to choose citizenship in a neighbouring State.
323. At first sight it appears difficult to understand how g PP the complicated series of actions which are definitely exhibited as so-called " instincts " by a variety of animals can have been due to the selection of congenital variations, or can be otherwise explained than by the transmission of habits acquired by the parent as the result of experience, and continuously elaborated and added to in successive generations.
324. The function of a lens in forming an image is to compensate by its variable thickness the differences of phase which would otherwise exist between secondary waves arriving at the focal point from various parts of the aperture.
325. The distance from the centre of one wire or line to the centre of the next, and not otherwise upon the thickness of the wire and the magnitude of the interspace.
326. The alternate Fresnel's zones are blocked out or otherwise modified; in this way the original compensation is upset and a revival of light occurs in unusual directions.
327. However this may be, it would always be possible, with the aid of a grating of given resolving power, to construct artificially from white light mixtures of slightly different wave-length whose resolution or otherwise would discriminate between powers inferior and superior to the given one.3 2 Compare also F.
328. The grating would in any case retain its utility for the reference of new lines to standards otherwise fixed.
329. At the best thickness To the bands are black, and not otherwise.
330. Suppose now that the plate is introduced so as to cover half the aperture and that it retards those pulses which would otherwise arrive first.
331. This simplification was attended by a great saving of light, allowing measures to be taken such as would otherwise have presented great difficulties.
332. JOHN GERSON (1363-1429), otherwise JEAN CHARLIER DE
333. During the siege of the Acropolis in 1827, the roof of the north portico was thrown down and the building was otherwise much damaged.
334. The greatest of Spanish writers, Cervantes, was born at Alcala de Henares, and baptized in the otherwise insignificant church of S.
335. Many of the psalms are doxologies or the like, expressly written for the Temple; others are made up of extracts from older poems in a way perfectly natural in a hymn-book, but otherwise hardly intelligible.
336. Machinery, provisions, largely in the form of tinned and otherwise preserved food, and liquors, clothing, textiles and hardware, chemicals and dynamite, iron and steel work and timber, and jewelry are the chief items in the imports.
337. The Barolong, Bakwena and other Bechuana tribes, through whose lands the " lower road " ran, claimed however to be independent, among them Sechele (otherwise Setyeli), at whose chief kraalKolobeng - Livingstone was then stationed.
338. Kruger telegraphed that " this annexation cannot be regarded by this government otherwise than as directed against this republic. They must therefore regard it as an unfriendly act, against which they hereby protest."
339. The calcination is preferably effected in mechanical roasters, it being especially necessary to agitate the ore continually, otherwise it cakes.
340. That every one who has capacity to understand the law is presumed to know it is a very necessary principle, for otherwise the courts would be continually occupied in endeavouring to solve problems which by their very impracticability would render the administration of justice next to impossible.
341. Such objects might be imitated in other materials and by successive copying lose their identity, or their first meaning might be otherwise forgotten, and they would ultimately exercise a purely decorative function.
342. The right of suffrage is exercised by Venezuelan males over 21 years of age, and all electors are eligible to public office except where the constitution declares otherwise.
343. From ancient writers which would otherwise have been lost.
344. Some workers regard certain appearances in dividing cells found in cancer as evidence of a reversion of the somatic cell to the germcell type (heterotypical), otherwise found only in the process which results in the formation of an embryo.
345. Heidenhain recognizes two classes, first, such substances as peptone, leech extract and crayfish extract; and, secondly, crystalloids such as sugar, salt, &c. Starling sees no reason to believe that members of either class act otherwise than by increasing the pressure in the capillaries or by injuring the endothelial wall.
346. The action is very rapid, and the product, which rises to the top of the acids, is separated and washed successively with cold and then tepid water, and finally with water made slightly alkaline with sodium carbonate or hydroxide, to remove all adhering or dissolved acids which would otherwise render the product very unstable.
347. Of the low terrace above the marsh (the ancient Lysimeleia),' while in the other direction it ran N.N.W., making straight for the western edge of the gorge known as the Portella del Fusco, which was thus included within the fortifications, as it would otherwise have afforded a means of access to the enemy.
348. But otherwise the disappearance of the edifices of ancient Syracuse is most striking.
349. 50) and certain Greek writers who are otherwise very imperfectly known.
350. Sauvages, otherwise F.
351. His own special "leads" were few, owing to the personal reasons given above; his declaration at the Queen's Hall, London, early in 1907, in favour of drastic land reform, served only to encourage a number of extremists; and the Liberal enthusiasm against the House of Lords, violently excited in 1 9 06 by the fate of the Education Bill and Plural Voting Bill, was rather damped than otherwise, when his method of procedure by resolution of the House of Commons was disclosed in 1907.
352. Places were thus founded over a large space which otherwise might have remained unsettled.
353. In London the Saxon stood outside the government for centuries, and the acceptance of the Roman survival explains much that is otherwise unintelligible.
354. - Zululand for provincial purposes is governed by the provincial council of Natal; otherwise it is subject to the Union parliament, to which it returns one member of the House of Assembly.
355. This tendency is overcome by the use of timber supports so disposed as to ensure the breaking of the overhanging roof at a safe distance from the workingface and prevent the interruption of the work that might otherwise result.
356. In this method of mining the different stopes must be kept close together; otherwise there is much added labour in shovelling the broken ore down to the main level.
357. This is the cheapest of the three caving systems, but is applicable only when the deposit lies between walls of very solid rock, as otherwise wall rock is liable to cave with and become mixed with ore, which adds greatly to the expense of handling.
358. In addition to this it is desirable to take advantage of the natural ventilation, that is, to circulate the air in the direction that it goes naturally, as otherwise the resistance to the movement of the air may be greatly increased.
359. But sufficient time must be allowed to elapse before pumping out the water, as otherwise the fire may break out again.
360. In public or government land the minerals as well as surface belong to the state, and not infrequently these rights have been separated by law and granted or otherwise disposed of to different owners.
361. The carving is done in teak wood when it is meant for fixtures, but teak has a coarse grain, and otherwise yamane dogwood, said to be a species of gmelina, is preferred.
362. It is important that the thermal expansion of the two materials which are thus incorporated should be nearly alike, as otherwise warping of the finished sheet is liable to result.
363. It is, however, equally important that the glass as a whole should be flat and remains flat during the process of gradual cooling (annealing), otherwise great thicknesses of glass would have to be ground away at the projecting parts of the sheet.
364. But in the absence of a general demonstration of that principle, his results did not command the confidence which they would otherwise have deserved, and it became desirable to have a theory more certain, and depending solely on the fundamental laws of mechanics.
365. Preserves its original direction, if a principal axis of the body; otherwise the axis describes a cone, right circular if the body has uniaxial symmetry, and a Poinsot cone in the general case.
366. One of these is the so-called " Synchronous History of Assyria and Babylonia," consisting of brief notices, written by an Assyrian, of the occasions on which the kings of the two countries had entered into relation, hostile or otherwise, with one another; a second is the Babylonian Chronicle discovered by Dr Th.
367. These chaplains are classified as follows: - Ecclesiastical, if the foundation has been recognized officially as a benefice; Lay, if this recognition has not been obtained; Mercenary, if the person who has been entrusted with the duty of performing or procuring the desired celebration is a layman (such persons also are sometimes called "Lay Chaplains"); Collative, if it is provided that a bishop shall collate or confer the right to act upon the accepted candidate, who otherwise could not be recognized as an ecclesiastical chaplain.
368. Of Taurus - a fact of some bearing on the problem of the origin and local domicile of the art, since rock-reliefs, at any rate, cannot be otherwise than in situ.
369. 80 and 200, and nearer the earlier date than the later, as it would otherwise be hard to understand how it came to circulate among Christians.
370. Passing northward by Nanking and crossing the Yangtsze-kiang, Odoric embarked on the Great Canal and travelled to Cambalec (otherwise Cambaleth, Cambaluc, &c.) or Peking, where he remained for three years, attached, no doubt, to one of the churches founded by Archbishop John of Monte Corvino, at this time in extreme old age.
371. With the latter system practically as much sugar is obtained from the canes as by diffusion, and the resulting megass furnishes, in a well-appointed factory, sufficient fuel for the crop. With diffusion, however, in addition to the strict scientific control necessary to secure the benefits of the process, fuel - that is, coal or wood - has to be provided for the working off of the crop, since the spent chips or slices from the diffusers are useless for this purpose; although it is true that in some plantations the spent chips have to a certain extent been utilized as fuel by mixing them with a portion of the molasses, which otherwise would have been sold or converted into rum.
372. Thus a maximum of filtering surface with a minimum of liquor in each bag is obtained, and a fa .r greater number of bags are got into a given area that would otherwise be possible, while the danger of bursting the bags by leaving them unsupported is avoided.
373. By this arrangement the work of a refinery can be carried on with about one-half the cisterns otherwise required, because, although it does not reduce the number of bags required per day for a given amount of work, it enables the refiner to use one cistern twice a day with fresh bags, instead of only once as heretofore.
374. Apart from modifications in the details of sugar refining which have come into use in late years, it should be mentioned that loaf sugar made in conical moulds, and sugars made otherwise, to resemble loaf sugar, have practically disappeared from the trade, having been replaced by cube sugar, which is found to be more economical as subject to less waste by grocers and housekeepers, and also less troublesome to buy and sell.
375. Bergne reported on the 27th of July 1907 to Sir Edward Grey that " The permanent session had met in special session on the 25th of July, to consider the suggestion of His Britannic Majesty's government to the effect that, if Great Britain could be relieved from the obligation to enforce the penal provisions of the convention, they would be prepared not to give notice on the 1st of September next of their intention to withdraw on the 1st of September 1908 a notice which they would otherwise feel bound to give at the appointed time "; and he added that " At this meeting, a very general desire was expressed that, in these circumstances, arrangements should, if possible, be made which would permit Great Britain to remain a party to the Sugar Convention."
376. The best of these is the town hall, otherwise known as the basilica, one of the finest works of the Renaissance period, of which Palladio himself said that it might stand comparison with any similar work of antiquity.
377. The disproportionate height and narrowness of the building lend it a certain distinction which otherwise it would have lacked.
378. Too rapid drying of the outer tissue of the leaf leads to the formation of " white veins," which injure leaves required for wrapper purposes, otherwise it is not important.
379. In the climate of Great Britain a late variety is preferable, as securing the young shoots against injury from frost, to which otherwise they are very subject.
380. The alkali must be free from carbonate and an excess of it must be avoided, otherwise the hydrate redissolves.
381. Its mountains are insufficient in elevation and extent to attract their full share of the monsoon rains, which fall so abundantly on the Abyssinian highlands on the other side of the Red Sea; for this reason Arabia has neither lakes nor forests to control the water-supply and prevent its too rapid dissipation, and the rivers are mere torrent beds sweeping down occasionally in heavy floods, but otherwise dry.
382. Of Arabia for the Arabians could only be realized by summoning the great kings of the surrounding nations to recognize Islam; otherwise Abyssinia, Persia and Rome (Byzantium) would continue their former endeavours to influence and control the affairs of the peninsula.
383. The blackbird is of a shy and restless disposition, courting concealment, and rarely seen in flocks, or otherwise than singly or in pairs, and taking flight when startled with a sharp shrill cry.
384. Up to Frankfort it has been deepened and the channel otherwise improved.
385. The palpi vary in form and in the number of their component segments, and the proboscis, though usually straight, may be curved (as in Megarhinus) or otherwise modified in shape.
386. Otherwise, for about seven months of the year they can be crossed on foot or on horseback.
387. Indeed the prime value of the Shepherd is the light it casts on Christianity at Rome in the otherwise obscure period c. I10-140, when it had as yet hardly felt the influences converging on it from other centres of tradition and thought.
388. Most of the writers already noticed worked out the problems connected with the projection of images in the camera obscura more by actual practice than by calculation, but William Molyneux, of Dublin, seems to have been the first to treat them mathematically in his Dioptrica Nova (1692), which was also the first work in English on the subject, and is otherwise an interesting book.
389. The Alexandrians prepared oil of turpentine by distilling pine-resin; Zosimus of Panopolis, a voluminous writer of the 5th century A.D., speaks of the distillation of a "divine water" or "panacea" (probably from the complex mixture of calcium polysulphides, thiosulphate, &c., and free sulphur, which is obtained by boiling sulphur with lime and water) and advises "the efficient luting of the apparatus, for otherwise the valuable properties would be lost."
390. The Samaritans, who otherwise shared the scruples of the Jews about the utterance of the name, seem to have used it in judicial oaths to the scandal of the rabbis.4 The early Christian scholars, who inquired what was the true name of the God of the Old Testament, had therefore no great difficulty in getting the information they sought.
391. When he wrote the latter work he must have left Royaumont, as he speaks of returning from the funeral of Prince Louis (15th January 1260) "ad nostram domum," a phrase which can hardly be explained otherwise than as referring to his own Dominican house, whether at Beauvais or elsewhere.
392. He has also the privilege of corresponding direct with the caliph; but otherwise is regarded as rather opposed to the Osmanli administration, and has no real power.
393. Where, on the other hand, there is no tendency to squinting, care must be taken in selecting spectacles that the distances between the centres of the glasses and the centres of the pupils are quite equal, otherwise squinting, or at any rate great fatigue, of the eyes may be induced.
394. In Caberea, the vibracula are known to move synchronously, but co-ordination of this kind is otherwise unknown in the Polyzoa.
395. The latter characteristic affords an infallible means for the recognition of these insects, since it at once serves to distinguish them from any blood-sucking flies with which they might otherwise be confused.
396. A very important feature of the faade is the portico or porch-way, which covers the principal steps and is generally formed by producing the central portion of the main roof over the steps and supporting such projection upon isolated wooden pillars braced together near the top with horizontal ties, carved, moulded and otherwise fantastically decorated.
397. On passing a current of electricity, of which the volume and pressure are adjusted to the conditions of the electrolyte and electrodes, the anode slowly dissolves, leaving the insoluble impurities in the form of a sponge, if the proportion be considerable, but otherwise as a mud or slime which becomes detached from the anode surface and must be prevented from coming into contact with the cathode.
398. Rotating zinc cathodes were used, with scrapers to prevent the accumulation of a layer of insoluble magnesium compounds, which would otherwise increase the electrical resistance beyond reasonable limits.
399. An account of his journey was published in 1811 by his secretary, Mr Trotter, in an otherwise poor book of reminiscence.
400. In these circumstances his accession could not have the political importance which would otherwise have attached to it, though it was disfigured by a vicious outburst of party passion in which the names of the emperor and the empress were constantly misused.
401. Traces of the great council chamber and various portions of the royal palace are still visible, but otherwise the secular buildings are completely destroyed; and most of the religious edifices are also dilapidated.
402. The Algonkins, however, thought otherwise, and the myth itself suggests a theriomorphic earth-maker.
403. In viewing William's character as a whole one is struck by its entire absence of ostentation, a circumstance which reveals his mind and policy more clearly than would otherwise be the case.
404. Eyes free; with a pair of poison-fangs in the front part of the mouth, carried by the otherwise toothless, much shortened, and vertically erectile maxillaries; ventral scales transversely enlarged: Viperidae.
405. Otherwise these snakes agree with the aglyphous Colubridae.
406. Otherwise the alcohol will for the most part leave the body unused in the urine and the expired air.
407. We may otherwise define it by saying that a line of electric force is a line so drawn in a field of electric force that its direction coincides at every point with the resultant electric force at that point.
408. We may define the term potential difference otherwise by saying that it is the work done in carrying a small conductor charged with one unit of electricity from one point to the other in a direction opposite to that in which it would move under the electric forces if left to itself.
409. The remainder is equivalent to the external work, W, done by the body in expanding or otherwise, which can be utilized for mechanical purposes, and ceases to exist as heat in the body.
410. Otherwise the transformation could not be fully represented on the diagram, and would not be reversible.
411. Experiments by Natanson on CO 2 at 17° C. confirm those of Joule and Thomson, but show a slight increase of the ratio do/dp at higher pressures, which is otherwise rendered probable by the form of the isothermals as determined by Andrews and Amagat.
412. The "auld haunted kirk," though roofless, is otherwise in a fair state of preservation, despite relic-hunters who have removed all the woodwork.
413. The value of the assets of the spiritual work in the United Kingdom increased from £558,992 in 1891 to £1,357,706 in 1909, the liabilities on account of loans upon mortgage and otherwise amounting at the latter date to £662,235.
414. Persons of recognized "imaginativeness," such as novelists and artists, do not seem more or less capable of the hallucinatory experiences than their sober neighbours; while persons not otherwise recognizably "imaginative" (we could quote a singularly accurate historian) are capable of the experiences.
415. - In this process moistened gold ores are treated with chlorine gas, the resulting gold chloride dissolved out with water, and the gold precipitated with ferrous sulphate, charcoal, sulphuretted hydrogen or otherwise.
416. The Church as a whole, however, under pressure of circumstances rather than by a spontaneous impulse, decided otherwise.
417. Now again he maintained with great warmth of conviction that his views were in close accordance with Scripture and the Anglican standards, but the council, without specifying any distinct "heresy" and declining to submit the case to the judgment of competent theologians, ruled otherwise, and he was deprived of his professorships.
418. The publication of the Allgemeine and General-Reformation der ganzen weiten Welt (Cassel, 1614), and the Fama Fraternitatis (Cassel, 1615) by the theologian Johann Valentin Andrea (1586-1654), caused immense excitement throughout Europe, and they not only led to many re-issues, but were followed by numerous pamphlets, favourable and otherwise, whose authors generally knew little, if anything, of the real aims of the original author, and doubtless in not a few cases amused themselves at the expense of the public. It is probable that the first work was circulated in MS. about 1610, for it is said that a reply was written in 1612 (according to Herder), but if so, there was no mention of the cult before that decade.
419. Could hardly do otherwise than ignore Errington's nomination, as he also ignored the nomination of Clifford, bishop of Clifton, and of Grant, bishop of Southwark; and, by what he humorously described as "the Lord's own coup d'etat," he appointed Manning to, the archiepiscopal see.
420. The other, territorially distinct from it for reasons of statecraft, was the Temple of Roma and Augustus, to which the inhabitants of the 64 Gallic cantons in the three Roman provinces of Aquitania, Lugudunensis and Belgica - the so-called Tres Galliae - sent delegates every summer to hold games and otherwise celebrate the worship of the emperor which was supposed to knit the provincials to Rome.
421. Although the limitations of the genus are well marked, and its recognition in consequence easy, it is otherwise with regard to the species.
422. South-west of Barcelona, after forming by its delta a conspicuous projection on the otherwise regular coast line.
423. The commodities otherwise mostly dealt in are opium, tea, rice, oil, raw cotton, fish and silk.
424. Peireskia Aculeata, or Barbadoes gooseberry, the Cactus peireskia of Linnaeus, differs from the rest in having woody stems and leaf-bearing branches, the leaves being somewhat fleshy, but otherwise of the ordinary laminate character.
425. They are frequently, however, of very great use in fixing dates that have been otherwise imperfectly expressed, and consequently form important elements of chronology.
426. It was strenuously contended that the case could not well be otherwise, inasmuch as the art of writing must have been quite unknown in Greece until after the alleged age of the traditional Homer, whose date had been variously estimated at from 1000 to Boo B.C. by less sceptical generations.
427. These had been decapitated and otherwise mutilated, and thrown into the foundations of the new fortress.
428. Young Adams graduated from Harvard College in 1740, and three years later, on attaining the degree of A.M., chose for his thesis, "Whether it be Lawful to resist the Supreme Magistrate, if the Commonwealth cannot otherwise be preserved."
429. His action is liable to be arrested at any time at the will of either party unless otherwise agreed, in which case to arrest it prematurely would be a breach of good faith.
430. (a) Hofmann's is the best if the substance volatilizes at below 310°, and does not react on mercury; otherwise (b) Demuth and Meyer's, Eykman's, Schall's, or other methods may be used.
431. The vapour is circulated through the jacket, and the height of the mercury read by a cathetometer or otherwise.
432. The Pentatomidae (shield bugs), some of which are metallic or otherwise brightly coloured, are easily recognized by the great development of the scutellum, which reaches at least half-way back towards the tip of the abdomen, and in some genera covers the whole of the hind body, and also the wings when these are closed.
433. He entrusted the government to the Jesuits; refused either to summon the Cortes or to marry, although the Portuguese crown would otherwise pass to a foreigner, and devoted himself wholly to hunting, martial exercises and the severest forms of asceticism.
434. In copying engraved plates for printing purposes, copper may be deposited upon the original plate, the surface of which is first rendered slightly dirty, by means of a weak solution of wax in turpentine or otherwise, to prevent adhesion.
435. 4) that Bessel had indicated, by notes in his handbooks, the following points which should be kept in mind in the construction of future heliometers: (I) The segments should move in cylindrical slides; b (2) the screw should be protected from dust; 6 (3) the zero of the position circle should not be so liable to change; 7 (4) the distance of the optical centres of the segments should not change in different position angles or otherwise; 8 (5) the points of the micrometer screws should rest on ivory plates; 9 (6) there should be an apparatus for changing the screen.'° Wilhelm Struve, in describing the Pulkowa heliometer,' 1 made The distances of the optical centres of the segments from the eye-piece are in this method as I; secant of the angle under measurement.
436. But the method is not available if the separation is to be measured by screws; it is found, in that case, that the direction of the final motion of turning of the screw must always be such as to produce motion of the segment against gravity, otherwise the " loss of time " is apt to be variable.
437. P. 150) suggested and used a valuable improvement for producing round images, instead of the elongated images which are otherwise inevitable when the rays pass through a divided lens of which-the optical centres are not in coincidence, viz.
438. A large dowry was stipulated for; and in consideration of this the king promised to forgo all claims that his wife might otherwise possess to the Spanish crown or any part of its territories.
439. Otherwise the chimney is built directly over the mouth of the pit.
440. Coal lying under the sea below low-water mark belongs to the crown, and can only be worked upon payment of royalties, even when it is approached from shafts sunk upon land in private ownership. In the Forest of Dean, which is the property of the crown as a royal forest,there are certain curious rights held by a portion of the inhabitants known as the Free Miners of the Forest, who are entitled to mine for coal and iron ore, under leases, known as gales, granted by the principal agent or gaveller representing the crown, in tracts not otherwise occupied.
441. The plain of Chih-li is formed principally by detritus deposited by the Pei-ho and its tributary the Hun-ho ("muddy river"), otherwise known as the Yungting-ko, and other streams having their sources in mountains of Shan-si and other ranges.
442. The band turns with the fast pulley if µ increase, thereby slightly turning the loose pulley, otherwise at rest, until 0 is adjusted to the new value of µ.
443. But as it is a free act, the ego cannot be determined to it by anything beyond itself; it cannot be aware of its own freedom otherwise than as determined by other free egos.
444. The squirrels of the typical genus Sciurus are unknown in Africa south of the Sahara, but otherwise have a distribution co-extensive with the rest of the family.
445. Otherwise, the wife may control her property as if single, and neither is liable for what are clearly the debts of the other.
446. In 1844, however, the vote was otherwise,.
447. The molecules of gases for which n = o must accordingly be spherical in shape and in internal structure, or at least must behave at collisions as though they were spherical, for they would otherwise be set into rotation by the forces experienced at collisions.
448. And has fourteen stories and seven tiers of windows, but has unfortunately been stripped of its galleries and otherwise damaged.
449. To the south of the Usambara hills, and on the eastern edge of the plateau, are the mountainous regions of Nguru (otherwise Unguru), Useguha and Usagara.
450. Their religion is the worship of spirits, ancestral and otherwise, accompanied by a vague and undefined belief in a Supreme Being, generally regarded as indifferent to the doings of the people.
451. Otherwise agriculture is in the hands of the natives.
452. A few missionaries have established themselves, but otherwise the Dutch have scarcely occupied their possession, which at present merely forms part of the residency of Ternate in the Moluccas.
453. It is not even safe, according to these two fathers, to commit too much to writing; and Clement undertakes not to reveal in writing many secrets known to the initiated among his readers; otherwise the indiscreet eye of the heathen may rest on them, and he will have cast his pearls before swine.
454. More explicable than it would otherwise be.
455. It reviews all the abuses, declares that the German people are the victims of war, devastation and dearth, and that the common man is beginning to comment on the vast amount of wealth that is collected for expeditions against the Turk through indulgences or otherwise, and yet no expedition takes place.
456. It is clear that the doctrinal conclusions of the council of Trent were largely determined by the necessity of condemning Protestant tenets, and that the result of the council was to give the Roman Catholic faith a more precise form than it would otherwise have had.
457. He then received as papal fiefs the vast estates of Matilda, marchioness of Tuscany, thus securing for his daughter and her Welf husband lands which might otherwise have passed to the Hohenstaufen.
458. In spite of these and other anticipations of a fuller idealism, the idea remains as a form imposed from without on a reality otherwise conceived of as independent of it.
459. Oldness, sameness, permanence of principle and direction, these must be, otherwise there is nothing; but newness of embodiment, existence, realization also, otherwise nothing is.
460. A householder with a family may, by recording the proper declaration in a registry of deeds, hold exempt from attachment, levy on execution, and sale for the payment of debts thereafter contracted an estate of homestead, not exceeding $800 in value, in a farm or lot with buildings thereon which he lawfully possesses by lease or otherwise and occupies as his residence.
461. From 1887-1900, out of 290 cases settled, only 107 were formal arbitrations, 124 agreements were effected by the mediation of the Board, Ioo were effected otherwise while proceedings were pending, and in 59 cases the Board interposed when the parties preferred hostilities.
462. Since 1895 indeterminate sentences have been imposed on all convicts sentenced to the state prison otherwise than for life or as habitual criminals; i.e.
463. The Utrechters, under the leadership of Gerard Prouninek, otherwise Deventer, vehemently took the side of Leicester in his quarrel with the estates of Holland, and the English governor-general made the town his headquarters during residence in the Netherlands, and took it under English protection.
464. 2), the chief work of administration, and the right to fine or otherwise punish in cases, not only of violation of laws, but also of immorality (ibid.
465. 394) would explain the otherwise obscure circumstances that, according to Plutarch (Sol.
466. The truth is, without doubt, that the dwellings of the lower classes were still built of reeds and mud, and covered the greater part of the city's area, otherwise it is impossible to understand how a mere handful of Spanish soldiers, without tools and explosives, could so easily have levelled it to the ground.
467. The population is supposed by Russian travellers not to exceed 50,000 or 60,000, but is otherwise estimated at 75,000 to 100,000.
468. It is otherwise called "Yahweh-yir'eh" ("Y.
469. The end of the barrel renders it peculiarly liable to injury, and in some rifles therefore it is provided with guards or ears; these, however, have the disadvantage that more or less of the light that would otherwise light up the sight is intercepted by the guards.
470. His three years' stay in Constantinople was wearisome and otherwise disagreeable; the leisure it forced upon him he devoted in part to literary composition.
471. Moreover, the dragoman is frequently enabled, through the close relations which he necessarily maintains with different classes of Turkish officials, to furnish valuable and confidential information not otherwise obtainable.
472. The value of a tactful and efficient intermediary can hardly be over-estimated, and in the East a personal interview of a few minutes of ten results in the conclusion of some important matter which would otherwise require the exchange of a long and laborious correspondence.
473. The result was the well-known Homiliarium, prepared by Paul Warnef rid, otherwise known as Paulus Diaconus.
474. He is acquainted with the poems of the epic cycle, the Cypria, the Epigoni, &c. He quotes or otherwise shows familiarity with the writings of Hesiod, Olen, Musaeus, Bacis, Lysistratus, Archilochus of Paros, Alcaeus, Sappho, Solon, Aesop, Aristeas of Proconnesus, Simonides of Ceos, Phrynichus, Aeschylus and Pindar.
475. He and his co-signatories confessed that they had lived unchastely, but argued that priests could not be expected to do otherwise, seeing that God had not seen fit to give the gift of continence.
476. To gain the best chance of success he would have to concentrate his whole army almost within gunshot of the centre of the enemies' outposts without attracting their attention; otherwise he would find the allies concentrated and waiting for him.
477. Napoleon was unwell, and consequently was not in the saddle on the 17th as early as he would otherwise have been.
478. The French general, however, hardly drew out far enough from the French right; otherwise the magnificent resolution he displayed and the admirable obstinacy with which his troops fought against ever-increasing odds are worthy of all praise.
479. The order is almost absent from Australia and Polynesia, and has but few representatives in South America; it is otherwise very generally distributed.
480. It was far otherwise in the period of the fall of Judah.
481. In the last case the collar must be made in two or more pieces, as otherwise the coin could not be removed without injury.
482. Far otherwise was it with the church which was formed originally at Gainsborough (?1602), by " professors " trained under zealous Puritan clergy in the district where Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire meet, but which about 1606 reorganized itself for reasons of convenience into two distinct churches, meeting at Gainsborough and in Scrooby Manor House.
483. Finance otherwise absorbed attention; by 1880 the public debt had reached £25,000,000, against which the chief new asset was 1300 m.
484. Ballance at once raised the pay of members from £150 to £240 a year, but otherwise directed his energies to constitutional reforms and social experiments.
485. The place of publication, unless otherwise stated, is London.
486. The circulation of The Daily Tribune was never proportionately great - its advocacy of a protective tariff, prohibitory liquor legislation and other peculiarities, repelling a large support which it might otherwise have commanded in New York.
487. The army could therefore, for the moment, only occupy Korea and try to draw upon itself hostile forces that would otherwise be available to assist Port Arthur when the land attack opened.
488. After the return from the Exile it was impossible to write the history of Israel's fortunes otherwise than in a spirit of religious pragmatism.
489. States which have, by treaty or otherwise, parted with some portion of their sovereignty and formed new political units: what Herbert Spencer calls "compound political heads," or, to use Austin's expression, "composite states."
490. The most important examples of this class consist of federal or composite states which by treaty or otherwise have surrendered certain of their powers, or which have created a new state (Staatenbund).
491. His voluminous writings in philology, natural history, physics and mathematics often accordingly have a good deal of the historical interest which attaches to pioneering work, however imperfectly performed; otherwise they now take rank as curiosities of literature merely.
492. Of the act, must be in writing, unless the submission otherwise provides - are in the arbitrator's discretion, and he has a lien on the award and the submission for his fees, for which - if there is an express or implied promise to pay them - he can also sue (Crampton v.
493. The thermal coefficient of expansion of steel and concrete is nearly the same, otherwise changes of temperature would cause shearing stress at the junction of the two materials.
494. In 1913 the Germans sent in a petition that each nationality should pay the costs of its own educational and cultural institutions, as otherwise one nationality would have to bear the expenses of the other, and vice versa.
495. An improvement was shown only in the position of employees in smelting works, otherwise a deterioration is to be observed everywhere, most markedly in the textile industry.
496. It was otherwise with the control of foodstuffs, which was all-embracing.
497. It is parenthetically explained as payment for building materials, which, however, are otherwise accounted for (v.
498. Otherwise, individual states could have sabotaged national policy by placing restrictions on imports, foreign in origin, that came to them from other states.
499. Informative disclosures in the financial statements are to be regarded as reasonably adequate unless otherwise stated in the report.
500. Her warfarin is well tolerated and otherwise the patient is in good health.
501. A large number of functionalists themselves concede that the laws of nature are contingent and thus could have been otherwise.
502. Their warranting not only protects his body, but gives it material efficacy it would not otherwise have, establishing his authority as a preacher.
503. The degrees of freedom were 54 (n 56) unless otherwise stated.
504. Even the movement in a single direction seems to push the meaning open in ways that must be otherwise shaped and contained.
505. One cannot look to the object to discover its version within it, for looking is already looking-to-the-object; the version passes otherwise.
506. While this encounter appears to be phenomenal and ontological, the rapport with the other, as the diachrony of time (near-repetition), also proceeds otherwise.
507. Responsibility to the other comes about not only 'otherwise than being' but also in a sense 'before' being.
508. The procedure was otherwise identical to that of the first session.
509. The conviction carried by how things are in his fiction can not be separated from the sense that they might be otherwise.
510. The only element specifically defined is that it includes unconsciousness; otherwise, its definition remains vague.
511. If evolution proceeds by a series of small changes, it is hard to see how it could be otherwise.
512. Otherwise, there is no way in which the process of learning can get started.
513. Taken together, however, linguistic and archaeological evidence may complement each other, to finetune a prehistory otherwise weakly outlined (106).
514. The book is otherwise efficiently structured into eight chapters.
515. If = 0, the equation is called homogeneous, otherwise it is called non-homogeneous.
516. In the following, unless otherwise specified, we consider the ordered semantics.
517. Otherwise, i 6 n, which will lead to a contradiction.
518. In the following, we always consider well-formed processes unless we say explicitly otherwise.
519. Uncertainty, linguistic or otherwise, may lead to legal disputes.
520. Otherwise, the modifier is considered an adverbial modifier.
521. The binary operator seq evaluates to its second argument if and only if its first argument converges, otherwise the whole seq expression diverges.
522. Unless otherwise stated, immunoblotting was performed in duplicate.
523. They proposed a canonical formulation to which any 'genuine theory' could be rewritten - otherwise it was not a theory.
524. Otherwise, it is the same as the redex.
525. Otherwise, there is no substitution such that () is consistent.
526. In what sense is this 'theatre', new or otherwise, the 'negation of art'?
527. Like other quotations in the score, the quotation from the book aligns otherwise unaligned episodes and characters.
528. Unless otherwise noted, subsequent references are to this edition.
529. To protect informants and actors engaged in youth politics, they are not identified unless otherwise agreed.
530. Otherwise, there is not much to commend it to an academic audience.
531. History we have to talk otherwise how to interest. 12.
532. Levels of variables are denoted by an uppercase character, whereas detrended variables are denoted by a lowercase character (unless otherwise noted).
533. Otherwise, we take a process, run its first part, take the continuation, and put that at the back of the list.
534. Takes the value of 1 if there was an organizational diagram of the proposed management and delivery structure of the bid, 0 otherwise.
535. When punishment was available, they observed relatively more cooperation in an otherwise inefficient voting environment.
536. The commerce, legal or otherwise, of private individuals was another matter.
537. Otherwise, we will always be poor and have nothing.
538. There is considerable debate in the academic literature over the relevance or otherwise of the size-of-bet in gauging respondents' solutions to these types or risks.
539. Key informants, intentionally or otherwise, had a powerful role in determining who took part, why they took part, and on the dynamics of their involvement.
540. If it is occurring, substitution has obvious implications, political and otherwise, even in a welfare state.
541. They provide uniform frameworks to identify differences and similarities that would otherwise be obscured.
542. Otherwise, they adapt the solution of the retrieved case to the new problem.
543. The intention is that the swearer be committed to speak the truth; otherwise, he or she violates the ntam.
544. Both are lost to the ideological ' construction' of selfhood, exceptional or otherwise.
545. The purpose was otherwise, thus no deliberate selection bias is entailed.
546. Intellectual functioning of inpatients with dissociative identity disorder and dissociative disorder not otherwise specified.
547. The third assumption concerns the cases in which tariff differences between countries might cause problems for intra-regional trade that would not otherwise arise.
548. Otherwise, again, no running, no violence, no standing with back to wall.
549. Otherwise, an additional small factor nr\nn appears in the attractive force due to neutral bombardment.
550. The question of national armaments was too important to do otherwise.
551. All replicas were approximately 1 in. in size but were otherwise similar in colour, shape, and material.
552. Otherwise, one or more agents have reason to reject.
553. If they both show the same side, the first agent wins, otherwise the second agent wins.
554. They would not have come otherwise, he explained, as many had no personal means of transport and their ejidos were not serviced by public transport.
555. A number of studies in this volume suggest otherwise.
556. Unfortunately, some examples are unglossed or otherwise hard to interpret, and the argumentation is sometimes less than totally clear.
557. To that extent it cuts down what otherwise would be the rights of property.
558. Otherwise, they will end up eliminating the appropriate use of grammatical passives of regular transitives as well.
559. All translations are mine, except where indicated otherwise.
560. The overwhelming lack of literature on the subject, however, would lead one to think otherwise.
561. She would not otherwise have entered his home or shared a meal with him.
562. At the same time, social services departments would be able to purchase many services which they might otherwise have to provide themselves.
563. To claim otherwise is to relegate the elaborate structure of conscious experience to a mystical state beyond the bounds of science.
564. Otherwise, the primes' impact was compromised, presumably because time was too short to transform the mapping rule into a corresponding intention.
565. Otherwise, recent research has emphasized detection and analysis of variation in grain yield, not so in quality traits.
566. The object of the side mirror is to light the side of the insect which would otherwise be in shadow.
567. Of these 40 patents, 33 reflect a female inventor rather than an 'administratrix' for a deceased man or otherwise a patentee for a man's invention.
568. In general, lexical insertions and tags are interjected from one language into a sentence that is otherwise entirely in another language.
569. Otherwise, it may constitute a supplement to the outlined theoretical categories of learning strategies.
570. If not otherwise stated, all the analyses should be considered as withinsubject.
571. Otherwise, no probing took place in response to misspellings.
572. Otherwise, the authorship of the manuscript remains as open question.
573. Unless otherwise specified, references simply to sparrows are to this imported variety.
574. To what social and aesthetic ends would such a theory be put in a tradition which otherwise was not oriented towards evolutionary time?
575. Otherwise, this painting simply portrays people: unhappy, bored, disgusted people, perhaps, but just people.
576. If the definition of a sequence is not otherwise restricted we can include leading or trailing zero terms.
577. Otherwise, it has at least one edge, say e, in which it self-intersects.
578. All translations are by the authors unless otherwise noted.
579. Until proven otherwise, we presume that early intervention will improve the prognosis.
580. In conclusion, otherwise unexplained hemoptysis should raise the question of pulmonary venous atresia.
581. All of these lesions, nonetheless, can be found rarely in hearts with otherwise standard complete transposition.
582. Otherwise, cardioactive medications should not interfere with participation in exercise.
583. Subject realization in syntactic development same information as is otherwise conveyed by overt subjects.
584. Let us not forget that any theory (whether cognitive or otherwise) needs to be founded.
585. Marriage was important for women for legal and contractual reasons ; otherwise, it appears to have had little impact upon occupation.
586. Perhaps it was too much to hope that it could have been otherwise.
587. The woman's husband could not sell or otherwise alienate that land without her permission.
588. The genealogical quest in this otherwise well-researched and very interesting book induces a rather too teleological reading of the works studied.
589. Note, first, that should be at least 1/k, since otherwise any -balanced code of length k is, in fact, 0-balanced.
590. To do otherwise is to give patients the sense that their only choice is to agree to what the physician recommends.
591. To suggest otherwise is to uphold a doctrine that supports significant violations of patients' rights.
592. Otherwise, the adjacent node is known to be safe and both agents can move to it.
593. We assume b > 0, otherwise the line consists of a single node.
594. Here, it is in the ex ante interest of all embryos not otherwise created for reproduction to be part of the population of research embryos.
595. Additionally, bureaucratic demands for preprocedure authorization, postprocedure justification, and completion of multiple reimbursement forms occupy significant physician time that otherwise could be spent with patients.
596. Otherwise, if the set of good trees is non-empty then select one of them uniformly at random.
597. 4k 2 (otherwise the sum would be 0).
598. Instead, the narrative must align with the truth: that we just don’t know yet. That anyone who says otherwise is lying, and those lies should not be publicized or given credence.
599. Since arriving at NSU as an otherwise-overlooked high schooler from New York, O’Quinn credits the school with giving him “an opportunity of a lifetime.” It’s why, eight seasons into his ...
600. You'll just be frustrated otherwise. Multimedia Producer Erik Maier: I’ve been excited for "Dirt 5" for what feels like forever. It seemed like a game that was basically made for me. I’m a ...
601. But, until we’re shown otherwise, Smart views Bennett as the quarterback who gives his team the best chance to win. Given what happened with Fields, it’s appropriate to ask if Smart truly want ...
602. Renting out the theaters, though, allows it to at least utilize its assets that might otherwise remain empty. AMC says the response has been overwhelming; it has received more than 110,000 ...
603. “We are well-positioned in the digital sweet spot of an otherwise stagnant advertising and marketing industry and clients are responding very well to our new age/new era, purely ...
604. Disclaimer | Commerce Policy | Made In NYC | Stock quotes by (All dollar amounts are United States dollars unless otherwise stated) VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Galiano ...
605. Well my abs say otherwise babe — Khloé (@khloekardashian) November 2, 2020 A source recently told People that things have been going well between Kardashian and Thompson since reconciling in June.
606. Biggest and best news for the sprawling raw-file Midwest Fishing Report is the perch bite starting on southern Lake Michigan; otherwise it is back to crappies inland and a comedown from the week ...
607. “But the ANC is against corruption in all its manifestations and the law must take its own course but people must still be presumed innocent until proven otherwise,” Magashule said. He gave ...
608. Disclaimer | Commerce Policy | Made In NYC | Stock quotes by All dollar references are in U.S. dollars, unless noted otherwise. BROOKFIELD NEWS, Nov. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE ...
609. Now, 3-D tomosynthesis technology is helping surgeons identify cancerous and pre-cancerous cells that might otherwise be left behind after a tumor is removed. Doctors are using the Kubtec Mozart ...
610. I don't know that anybody sees Bennett, listed as 5-foot-11, playing on Sundays. But, until we're shown otherwise, Smart views Bennett as the quarterback who gives his team the best chance to win.
611. The campaign kicked off last week and has become a home to more than 150 high-school-age players who were otherwise rendered without a HS soccer season. “We didn’t know what was going on with ...
612. The first 25 people in the door will receive a free print; otherwise, posters will sell for $25 to $50. It’s fitting that a portion of the proceeds will benefit the @RedlineArt Colorado COVID ...
613. Barry Anderson: My heart says Scotland can do it. My head is telling me otherwise. Eight games without defeat is a terrific record but, by the law of averages, it suggests a loss is due.
614. And otherwise take your mind off. 3. Listen, you cannot go wrong with a new Jeff Tweedy album. The digital version of Love Is the King is available now. 7. Alexandra Kay's music is a must for me.
615. otherwise sentence examples. otherwise. The shopping trip was exciting because it was so close to Christmas, but otherwise uneventful. 533. 163. The accent says otherwise, but I was born in New York. 195. 90. Surely you have time off as well, otherwise, how would you have time to come all the way out here. 157. 116.
616. Examples of otherwise in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Otherwise, individual states could have sabotaged national policy by placing…
617. 265+29 sentence examples: 1. This theory makes sense of an otherwise inexplicable phenomenon. 2. Walk slowly on the ice,otherwise you'll fall. 3. Stand still there, otherwise I'll shoot. 4. Her heels gave her the height she otherwise lacked. 5. Prote
618. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "otherwise" Otherwise, you could hurt yourselfYou'd better wear a helmet when you go roller-blading. Otherwise, you could hurt yourself. I'm a little busy right now, so I can't come to the party. otherwise I'd come for sure.
619. Make a note of the questions you want to ask. You will invariably forget some of them otherwise.; The decorations for the games have lent a splash of colour to an otherwise drab city.; All of the books had been burned or otherwise destroyed.; I didn't like the ending, but otherwise it was a very good book.; Take approximately 60mg up to four times a day, unless advised otherwise by a doctor.
620. otherwise sentence examples:1.i was feeling really ill, mentally and otherwise.2.i'm lucky that i'm interested in school work, otherwise i'd go photographs are by the author unless otherwise the downgrade,
621. 2245912 I heard otherwise.CK 1 288677 I couldn't do otherwise. mari36 1 2270372 Don't ever think otherwise.CK 1 2290415 I didn't mean to imply otherwise.CK 1 2208722 Tom sat alone in the otherwise empty room. CK 1 2705734 You'd better hurry, otherwise you won't get there before dark. CK 1 1334016 The food wasn't very delicious, but otherwise the party was a success.
622. Sentence Examples One can only hope they are of the toy variety, otherwise her family's apartment must get pretty crowded. The catchy title and cover art attracted many to a tome that otherwise would have been considered way too abstruse to bother with.
623. Examples of an otherwise in a sentence: 1. It is often the one blot on an otherwise noble character. 2. It was the one bright feature of an otherwise dismal day. 3. It was a touch of humor in an otherwise overwhelmingly grim spectacle.
624. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be asking about his whereabouts. Notes. The word otherwise can be used in several different ways. otherwise can be used to introduce the possible outcome of a given situation. The same idea can be expressed using if not or unless. otherwise can also be used as an ordinary adverb. otherwise can mean if not.
625. It is only the punctuation that changes as these examples are changed from one sentence to two. Adverb 'Otherwise' can also be used as an adverb that means 'differently.'
626. 265+29 sentence examples: 1. He is so absurd that he adds a note of humor to an otherwise dry, tedious, prosaic play. 2. Otherwise, while growth will accelerate, body shape may be adversely affected. 3. Drop envy and jealousy, otherwise there is no p
627. Examples of otherwise in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Otherwise, individual states could have sabotaged national policy by placing… All of these lesions, nonetheless, can be found rarely in hearts with otherwise standard complete transposition. otherwise sentence examples - Bing
628. Examples of otherwise in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Otherwise, individual states could have sabotaged national policy by placing restrictions on imports, foreign in origin, that came to them from other states. - Informative disclosures in the financial statements are to be regarded as reasonably adequate unless otherwise stated…
629. Explanation of the English phrase "Otherwise, (sentence).": Use the word "otherwise" to talk about something that's separate from what you previously said. For example, you can describe the consequences of not doing something: You definitely need to put together a will. Otherwise, if you pass away, your family will have to deal with a bunch of complicated legal hassles.
630. Most people chose this as the best definition of otherwise: otherwise is defined as i See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
631. Examples of otherwise be in a sentence: 1. If otherwise, be more careful for the future. 2. They said, it would not otherwise be given to them. 3. They will occupy time that would, otherwise, be ill spent.
632. Pronunciation: ·(sentence adverb) You use otherwise to connect two clauses where the second clause shows the bad thing that would happen if the first clause doesn't happen. You need the proper license. otherwise you can't do business.· (sentence adverb) You use otherwise to connect two clauses where the second clause shows what would have happened if
633. Learn the definition of otherwise and how to use it in a sentence. This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. Easily browse through english vocabulary, listen the sentences or copy them.
634. How to use otherwise in a sentence. The otherwise list of example sentences with otherwise.
635. Sentence examples for advise otherwise from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 20 ) advise instead. advise elsewhere. advise however. advise not. recommend otherwise. advise also. advise then. advise simply. advise so. inform otherwise. advise somehow. advise because. advising otherwise. recommended otherwise.
636. Sentence examples for which otherwise from inspiring English sources. 60 / 975. exact 20. related RELATED which rather. which indeed. which anyway. which instead. which nevertheless. which alternatively. which however. which incidentally. which separately. which moreover. which perhaps. which simply
637. otherwise definition is - something or anything else : something to the contrary. How to use otherwise in a sentence.
638. Or otherwise in a sentence - Use "or otherwise" in a sentence 1. Failed potential _ legitimate or otherwise _ can wear down the soul. 2. Einem warned of extreme caution in handling bulky or otherwise irregular letters. click for more sentences of or otherwise
639. Examples of otherwise in a Sentence; Examples of otherwise. The achievement will transform neuroscience and serve as the starting point for asking questions we could not otherwise have answered, just as having the human genome has made it possible to ask new questions about cellular and molecular systems.; No matter how early I came down, I would find him on the veranda, smoking cigarettes, or
640. English words and Examples of Usage use "otherwise" in a sentence If anyone tells you otherwise, help them get their facts straight. Otherwise, you are not the star, you are just a supporting actor.” It was food to feed her family that she couldn't afford otherwise. Otherwise, it might be difficult for them to enter all the markets.
641. Contrast Connector List; However Nevertheless On the other hand On the contrary Even so Notwithstanding Though otherwise At the same time Alternatively Instead Nonetheless Conversely By contrast In contrast But Yet While Whereas Although Even though Despite / In spite of However It is used to indicate a contrast or contradiction. Examples: That man has much money.
642. Another word for otherwise. Find more ways to say otherwise, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
643. otherwise in a Sentence 🔊 Prev Word Next Word . Definition of otherwise. differently, in another way. Examples of otherwise in a sentence “Please put the cake away otherwise I may eat it all.”
644. otherwise definition, under other circumstances: otherwise they may get broken. See more.
645. otherwise definition: 1. used after an order or suggestion to show what the result will be if you do not follow that…. Learn more.
646. otherwise definition: You use otherwise after stating a situation or fact , in order to say what the result or | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
647. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " He never thought otherwise. (thought, believed, specified, suggested) " She pretended otherwise. (pretended, proved) Used with adjectives: " She was otherwise engaged. (engaged, healthy, unknown) " He is an otherwise intelligent guy. (intelligent, perfect, excellent)
648. It’s also important to remember that a compound sentence must only consist of two or more independent clauses and not a dependent clause, otherwise it would be considered as a complex sentence. Examples of Compound Sentences. Constructing a compound sentence verbally can be a lot easier than in print.
649. Or otherwise definition is - —used to refer to something that is different from something already mentioned. How to use or otherwise in a sentence.
650. Translations of the word otherwise from english to italian and examples of the use of "OTHERWISE" in a sentence with their translations: I could not sleep otherwise .
651. No. Commas are a feature of sentence structure, and there is no word or phrase in English that requires one. For example: Joe was a bright light in an otherwise dull show.
652. Using otherwise English Grammar,Use otherwise in a sentence, otherwise sentence examples, otherwise conjunction, definition of Otherwise, otherwise meaning,
653. Translations of the word otherwise from english to russian and examples of the use of "OTHERWISE" in a sentence with their translations: Unless otherwise stated, all data were provided
654. In otherwise in a sentence - Use "in otherwise" in a sentence 1. The playoffs have brought out the zaniness in otherwise dignified people. 2. But it could prove useful for workers in otherwise quiet offices. click for more sentences of in otherwise
655. Using semicolons with otherwise, however, therefore… You can use the semicolon as a link in sentences that use connector words like otherwise, however and therefore. Technically known as conjunctive adverbs, there are other connector words that can also be used with the semicolon: accordingly, besides, consequently, hence, instead, moreover
656. otherwise still that is then therefore conjunctive adverbs can also appear at the start of a sentence or clause to indicate result, concession, apposition, addition, time, contrast, summary, or reinforcement (295). Note that if students use a comma instead of a semicolon in the examples above, they have created a comma splice.
657. Examples of otherwise. You can substitute otherwise in the previous example: You must fancy her, otherwise you wouldn’t be talking so much about her. otherwise can fit into many places where else won’t fit: Otherwise, the roof will collapse. You’ll have no alternative otherwise. Only a fool would do otherwise.
658. French Translation of “otherwise” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.
659. A minor defect in otherwise perfect matters or objects 例文帳に追加 ほとんど完全な物事にあるわずかな欠点 - EDR日英対訳辞書 a non-skid material that is placed on surfaces where otherwise people might slip 例文帳に追加
660. otherwise - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

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