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"Overhead" Example Sentences

1. Instead of stars overhead, there were ships.
2. The sun overhead was blinding, the air light but hot.
3. The dark sky stretched far overhead, no sign of morning yet visible.
4. She stood and reached overhead to feel for a ceiling.
5. Trees flew overhead and the sparkling clouds drifted down from the sky.
6. "Light, off!" she commanded the annoying overhead lights.
7. The desert around him was quiet and the sky overhead clear.
8. Light poured in from a large window, and a fan overhead made the curtains flutter.
9. Her gray eyes were almost the color of the moon overhead, her pale features obscured by curls that danced in an ocean breeze.
10. In her own words, they were "good boards overhead, good boards all around, and a good window"--of two whole squares originally, only the cat had passed out that way lately.
11. A Red Tailed Hawk soared overhead, banking off to the left and then right, searching for a rabbit or squirrel bold enough to show itself.
12. The sun was directly overhead when the twine was stretched as far as she could go.
13. She retreated to her room and turned up the lantern overhead to hide the light of her micro.
14. While she was out doing chores, she had seen several flocks of geese flying overhead, traveling south in chevron flight.
15. Of underground mains in the city and many miles of overhead wires in its outskirts and suburbs.
16. The type of this class is the overhead traveller.
17. My days were not days of the week, bearing the stamp of any heathen deity, nor were they minced into hours and fretted by the ticking of a clock; for I lived like the Puri Indians, of whom it is said that "for yesterday, today, and tomorrow they have only one word, and they express the variety of meaning by pointing backward for yesterday forward for tomorrow, and overhead for the passing day."
18. Overhead she finally saw something she recognized... grapes.
19. The brilliant suns were overhead, their heat heavy in the still day.
20. 15 shows an overhead traveller worked by hand, and fig.
21. The branches of the trees slithered overhead while brush and bramble scampered out of his way.
22. She peeked into a sparkling kitchen with a dishwasher and range - and an overhead oven.
23. Hooke, in 1674, published his observations of y Draconis, a star of the second magnitude which passes practically overhead in the latitude of London, and whose observations are therefore singularly free from the complex corrections due to astronomical refraction, and concluded that this star was 23" more northerly in July than in October.
24. Someone had figured out how to turn off the overhead lights that blinded her earlier.
25. Liz plopped a straw hat with a red, white, and blue band on Dean's head just as three jets in close formation screamed overhead, buzzing the town in a deafening roar.
26. The trees overhead rustled, and Toby yanked away, staring.  Katie saw shadows but nothing else.  Even so, she doubted these were the freaky underworld birds.
27. The door was closed but lopsided in its frame while half the lights overhead were burnt out.
28. The snakelike branches overhead were creepier when she could see them in daylight, and the few birds and insects she saw made her shudder.  The sense of being followed didn't leave even in the full light of day.
29. Thunder cracked overhead, and Toby looked up.  Ully ran into him as the angel stopped, and they both stared at the sky.  He thought he saw something in the sky, but the trees blocked it.
30. The anode is formed of a bundle of carbon rods suspended from overhead so as to be capable of vertical adjustment.
31. She walked for half an hour, until rain began to trickle through the jungle overhead.  Andre didn't reappear.
32. He'd left her there.  She cursed herself for insisting on resting and paused, looking up at the cloudy sky visible through the overhead canopy.
33. Thunder cracked overhead.  Rhyn had ignored the rain, accustomed to being miserable.  Hell was either broiling or freezing, and the Alps were just as cold.  The underworld's chilled rain didn't compare.
34. This method of working is very suitable for electric dock-side cranes of capacities up to about 5 or 7 tons, and for overhead travellers where the height of lift is moderate.
35. In the south they are rare, on account partly of the mountainous character of the country, and partly of the scarcity of traffic. All the important towns of Italy are provided with internal electric tramways, mostly with overhead wires.
36. ZENITH (from the Arabic), the point directly overhead; its direction is defined by that of the plumb-line.
37. At last the sleigh bore to the right, drew up at an entrance, and Rostov saw overhead the old familiar cornice with a bit of plaster broken off, the porch, and the post by the side of the pavement.
38. Fluorescent lighting overhead morphed to an expansive blue sky and brilliant sunlight that made him squint.
39. She sat on a thick log.  He disappeared into the shadows of the jungle, and she pulled her knees to her chest, listening.  He was silent while the branches overhead hissed and rasped against one another and the cries of distant birds drifted to her.
40. The only difference was the electricity powering lights in the heavy iron and wood chandeliers overhead and the intercom system installed into the walls beside each entrance.
41. It was dark.  The dual moons of the underworld were high overhead, another sign she hadn't slept more than an hour or two.  The trees overhead hissed as the branches moved like snakes in a soft breeze.  Gabriel held out a hand and pulled her up, silent despite his size and small armory of weapons.
42. Lost in the food fantasy, she didn't see Gabriel disappear into the jungle.  Katie blinked and looked around, still uneasy with the snakelike branches that moved of their own volition overhead.  She didn't know what kind of creatures followed or what other critters would live in the Immortal jungle, but she wanted nothing to do with such a weird place.
43. The glass is taken from the furnace in large iron ladles, which are carried upon slings running on overhead rails; from the ladle the glass is thrown upon the cast-iron bed of a rolling-table, and is rolled into sheet by an iron roller, the process being similar to that employed in making plate-glass, but on a smaller scale.
44. By means of a travelling crane the casing is placed within an iron drum, to which it is secured, and is then brought under an overhead vacuum pan, from which the cells are filled with massecuite.
45. Now if the temperature is higher overhead than at the surface, the velocity overhead is greater.
46. At times, as if to allow them a respite, a quarter of an hour passed during which the cannon balls and shells all flew overhead, but sometimes several men were torn from the regiment in a minute and the slain were continually being dragged away and the wounded carried off.
47. She pulled, and he ran.  Katie felt the ground shake beneath them as the demons pursued.  Several flew overhead and dropped directly in their path.  She stopped and shoved Toby behind her, drawing the knife Gabe had given her.  Before long, they were surrounded.
48. For overhead travellers in workshops, and for most of the cranes which fall into our second class, electricity as a motive power has already displaced nearly every other method.
49. Sometimes, especially in the case of overhead travelling cranes for very heavy loads, the chain is a special pitch chain, formed of flat links pinned together, and the barrel is reduced to a wheel provided with teeth, or " sprockets," which engage in the links.
50. In large towns telephone distribution by means of open wires is practically impossible, and the employment of cables either laid in the ground or suspended from poles or other overhead supports is necessary.
51. The United Telephone Company asked parliament for rights of way in streets but was refused, and its only right to place overhead wires was obtained by private wayleaves.
52. In the Langen mono-rail the cars are hung from a single overhead rail; a line on this system works between Barmen and Elberfeld, about 9 m., the cars for a portion of the distance being suspended over the river Wupper.
53. Some idea of the business efficiency of the C.R.B., as it was familiarly called, may be gained from the fact that although almost $1,000,000,000 was expended on food and transportation, only about one-half of one per cent was required for overhead expenses.
54. Since the mineral occurs in definite veins, a more satisfactory and economical method of working would be that adopted in metalliferous mines, with a vertical shaft, cross-cuts, and levels running along the strike of the vein: the mica could then be extracted by overhead stopping, and the waste material used for filling up the worked-out excavations.
55. The endless rope system overhead is substantially similar to the endless chain.
56. Overhead railways are virtually continuous bridge constructions, and much attention has been given to a study of the special conditions appertaining to that case.
57. Obviate this, the frames have, in a few instances, been suspended from an overhead foot-bridge.
58. Up the curtains, and then lifting the hinged frames to a horizontal position under the overhead bridge by means of chains worked by a winch on the bridge.
59. Whilst in the British service sky searching up to right overhead was arranged for, German periscopes as a whole are limited to 20° above the horizontal.
60. When severe frost prevails the lights or cloches are rarely taken off except to gather mature specimens; and no water is given directly overhead to the plants for fear of chilling them and checking growth.
61. Sometimes the sky seemed to be rising high, high overhead, and then it seemed to sink so low that one could touch it with one's hand.
62. Should not every apartment in which man dwells be lofty enough to create some obscurity overhead, where flickering shadows may play at evening about the rafters?
63. A long corridor features two rows of dark wood tables, one row against each wall, and warm yellow lighting created by modest overhead chandeliers.
64. The wasps came by thousands to my lodge in October, as to winter quarters, and settled on my windows within and on the walls overhead, sometimes deterring visitors from entering.
65. The sun was directly overhead.
66. The teacher may use the overhead projector or paper on a board to show examples.
67. Soaring overhead.
68. Soared overhead.
69. Leaves were inoculated by overhead shaking of naturally infected plants having abundant sporulation.
70. Novice athletes who may not have squatted before should not attempt the overhead squat with a barbell.
71. The noise was left to two pairs of Mal lards takign flight and then flying overhead squawking madly.
72. Greater clarity over intellectual property - many respondents commented that negotiations over intellectual property and overhead costs could be a major sticking point.
73. The hotel has three dining options: a country-style dining room, an outdoor garden patio with sparkly lights hanging overhead, and a rustic cellar for private parties.
74. When she opened her eyes the sun was directly overhead.
75. Light glowed through the hazy window overhead.
76. They shook the ground, and battleships raced overhead.
77. Good Friday was exactly that - warm and sunny with only a few marshmallow clouds drifting overhead.
78. Helicopters thumped in the distance while military patrols roared overhead.
79. Her body shook off the chill by the first mile marker and by the second, the moon was directly overhead.
80. The distant roar didn't register until the jets were overhead.
81. Suddenly, she fell, just as quickly landing in a field with waist-high grass and a bright yellow sun overhead.
82. The dry desert heat gave way to cool sea breeze, and a massive apple tree protected her from the sun overhead.
83. She shuddered, glancing anxiously at the canopy of branches overhead.
84. Moon and stars were bright overhead.
85. The oldest and best known is the " two pipe " system, others being the " one pipe " or " simple circuit," and the " drop " or " overhead."
86. In storms the boulders could be heard striking each other overhead.
87. Endless rope system overhead.
88. The use of aircraft for anti-submarine work led to the demand for a periscope which could be used for looking overhead.
89. They drive electric generators, and the current so produced is taken at a pressure of 22,000 volts on overhead wires a distance of 35 m.
90. At several stations in Greenland auroral curtains have been observed when passing right overhead to narrow to a thin luminous streak, exactly as a vertical sheet of light would seem to do to one passing underneath it.
91. An auroral curtain travelling with considerable velocity would approach from the south, pass right overhead and retire to the north.
92. Some of the first overhead electric trolleys used in the United States were used here in 1885.
93. The metal or stone hammer with a long handle was unknown till Greek or Roman times; but, for beating out metal, hemispherical stones (5) were held in the hand, and swung at arms length overhead.
94. Resumed in 1827, the excavations at Herculaneum were shortly after suspended, nor were the new attempts made in 1866 with the money bestowed by King Victor Emmanuel attended with success, being impeded by the many dangers arising from the houses built overhead.
95. The street railways, underground trolley in the urban district and overhead trolley in the suburbs, connect at several points with interurban railways in Maryland and Virginia.
96. By these electric current was generated and transmitted to towns and factories around, being sent overhead as far as Buffalo, a distance of 18 m.
97. From this point the long sheet is carried overhead to the left-hand side of the machine, where it is cut longitudinally and divided, and then associated with the other web similarly printed by the other half of the press.
98. The independent system of motors is generally adopted, because it is found more economical and better for driving purposes, besides dispensing with the overhead shafting and belting, always unsightly, and dangerous to the workpeople.
99. Gangways are left between adjoining rows of tanks, and an overhead travelling-crane facilitates the removal of the electrodes.
100. By preference the condor feeds on carrion, but it does not hesitate to attack sheep, goats and deer, and for this reason it is hunted down by the shepherds, who, it is said, train their dogs to look up and bark at the condors as they fly overhead.
101. Apart, change direction eight times in 105 yds., while the distance from the sandy path to the ledge overhead is but 5 ft.
102. Internal communication is also provided for by an excellent system of electric tram-lines, by an overhead electric railway running from the Zoologischer Garten to the Schlesische Tor with a branch to the Potsdam railway station, and by an underground railway laid at a shallow depth under the Leipzigerstrasse.
103. High overhead, like a gigantic awning, was the slightly concavo-convex main aeroplane, tilted towards the front at an imperceptible angle, and stretched taut.
104. An overhead electric tramway connects with Walsall, 31 m.
105. In the first two cases a scoop, filled with coal from an overhead hopper carried by the travelling machine, is made to enter the retort and is turned over; the operation is then repeated, but this time the scoop is turned over in the opposite direction, the coal thus assuming such a position that as much of its under surface as possible is exposed to the heated side of the retort.
106. The nave is thus covered completely by a domical canopy, which, in its ascent, swells larger and larger, mounts higher and higher, as though a miniature heaven rose overhead.
107. Wires are frequently stretched across a room overhead, probably with the idea that they will prevent the voice from reaching the roof and being reflected there, but there is no reason to suppose that they are efficient.
108. Knowing Alexandria and Syene to be situated 5000 stadia apart on the same meridian, he found the sun to be 7° 12' south of the zenith at the northern extremity of this arc when it was vertically overhead at the southern extremity, and he hence inferred a value of 252,000 stadia for the entire circumference of the globe.
109. The two distinct rainy seasons of the equatorial zone, where the sun is vertical at half-yearly intervals, become gradually merged into one in the direction of the tropics, where the sun is overhead but once.
110. Overhead hay-racks are unnatural and are liable to drop seeds into a horse's eye.
111. In some machines used in the United States the cold air is not discharged into the rooms but is worked in a closed cycle, the rooms being cooled by means of overhead pipes through which the cold expanded air passes on its way back to the compressor.
112. The moulds are frequently arranged in frames, so that by means of an overhead crane one complete row is lifted at a time.
113. The brunet flipped the overhead lights on, and Gabriel flipped them off.
114. She waited for more to his explanation.  He said nothing but followed a trail she couldn't see.  A startled bird with three wings darted with a squawk from a tree overhead.
115. Then again, she didn't know what Gabe's destination had been.  Katie looked behind her, wondering what she was missing.  Her eyes went to the slithering tree branches overhead.  She couldn't survive on her own in the underworld.  That much had been made clear to her by Gabe.  And escaping a demon on her own didn't seem like a smart option.
116. The night was long and cold.  Deidre slept, and Katie drifted between a fitful doze and her thoughts.  Dawn crept across the jungle, peering first from the tangled branches overhead then inching through the trees.  As soon as she could see well enough, Katie crawled to Deidre's feet.  The woman continued to sleep, and Katie looked her over.  She looked like any other college student in cargo pants and a light sweater.  Deidre's long, flaxen hair was in a messy braid, and her skin was pale.
117. A portal had opened overhead, back towards what Gabe had called the Lake of Souls.  Demons fell from the sky, some changing into their winged forms while others simply fell.  It was too far for them to survive if they fell, and he estimated half of them were likely dead on impact.
118. Rhyn scampered down the tree and fell far enough to knock his breath out.  Demons flew overhead, unable to see through the canopy.  He froze, watching them circle then leave, and stood, catching his breath.  Fear penetrated him, colder than the rain.  Katie was vulnerable.  Gabe was vulnerable.
119. Katie bit back the words she wanted to say.  Toby was too small to protect anyone, and she couldn't help feeling panic stir again at the thought that now he – and Deidre – were now as vulnerable as she was to the demons.  The thought of Rhyn being close made her body warm from the inside out.  Maybe, if she could find him …the cry of a demon overhead drew her attention.
120. As fast as Kris ran, he couldn't catch her.  He grew more baffled when she seemed to pull ahead of him without any sign of the exhaustion she'd showed when they stopped.  Desperation could motivate, and so could fear for her sister.  He pushed himself harder to catch her.  Thunder boomed overhead.  Forms he assumed were demons swooped above the canopy, casting shadows.  He caught glimpses of fur and wings through leaves and ran until his chest was heaving.  Hannah remained ahead of him, though he realized he was beginning to gain on her.  He had to reach her before the demons did and swept her away, as they had Kiki.
121. The unit would, of course, have required suitable ancillary drives--from overhead line shafting for example––to accomplish this.
122. They also made light murals using an overhead projector, collected objects and colored acetate.
123. Must I be licensed to write the words on to overhead acetates?
124. Airport lounge tho: Saddam has been captured; CNN is playing softly on an overhead TV.
125. Answers given on a flip chart or overhead projector.
126. Tourist Board 4 star rated hotels Accommodation offering superior comfort and quality; all bedrooms with en-suite bath, fitted overhead shower and WC.
127. The door should be hung on three 100 mm steel butt hinges and be fitted with an overhead hydraulic self-closing device of approved specification.
128. The poles for supporting the overhead communication cable are clearly visible in several of the following pictures of the track.
129. Two parallel vertical valves per cylinder are driven directly by a single overhead camshaft.
130. This engine was the first in a Fiesta to feature an overhead camshaft instead of the usual overhead valve format.
131. Then there was a move to a flexible timing belt rather than chain drive for the overhead camshaft.
132. Longitudinal 60° V twin engine with 4 valves per cylinder and double overhead camshaft, driven by a mixed chain and gear system.
133. Carry-on bag must fit under your seat or in the overhead bin.
134. The overhead catenary is being revamped, with new wires going in around the depot building at the left hand side of the layout.
135. Some of you may recall we have an overhead catwalk that goes from room to room throughout the house.
136. Dark glass chandeliers, also replicas of the originals, sparkle overhead.
137. Circleduty corporal there confirmed that there were three enemy aircraft circling overhead.
138. Cirrus overhead.
139. Clearings in the jungle, there was no overhead cover.
140. Some doors incorporated overhead door closers with the mechanism concealed within the jamb at the top of the door leaf.
141. Four Star - As three star plus bedrooms offering superior comfort and quality, with en suite bath, fitted overhead shower and WC.
142. It is a designated nature reserve and we watched condors flying overhead.
143. As we emerged from the museum two magnificent Andean condors circled overhead.
144. Bullfinches remain conspicuous, with some birds calling high overhead.
145. Star Trac is an overhead conveyor with each carrier having its own drive.
146. Cooing pigeons, flying overhead at dawn, Stirring my sleep.
147. Crankshaft pulley, the oil pump sprouts from the block, a necessity to keep the overhead valve gear from seizing up.
148. The proposed authentication system is based on symmetric cryptography to minimize the encryption/decryption overhead.
149. The six larger powerboats are stowed in overhead type gravity davits.
150. Digitized TV image is sent directly into the memory of your PC's VGA card without creating overhead for the CPU.
151. Dirigible airship over Beachy Head and aeroplanes regularly passed overhead.
152. Triumph dolomite four-door saloon launched, featuring a single overhead camshaft 1854cc engine jointly developed with Saab.
153. Electrifye was electrified at 1,500 v DC overhead, a system not in general use elsewhere in Britain.
154. Many aircraft were shot down by german flak as they passed overhead.
155. Flight deck overhead panel.
156. Flitter through trees overhead, and finally a break in the dense canopy can be seen when " Esquire!
157. Flophouse overhead, and I remember wine dripping down through the ceiling onto the microphone and sparking.
158. Flume tank of still water from an overhead reservoir.
159. Flying overhead could crash into my office.
160. A flock of Scarlet Macaws was screaming by overhead while we working some nasty little flycatcher.
161. The large trees formed a perfect avenue overhead, and so thick was the overhanging foliage that the brilliant sunlight was almost obscured.
162. The archway overhead is the pedestrian footbridge at the library's main entrance from George IV Bridge.
163. Fresh breeze easterly breeze the heavy passage of hirundines overhead included many hundreds of Sand Martins.
164. If a warm front passed overhead when you were standing outside, then you would feel the air cooling down.
165. The last signs before the exit are on a full overhead gantry.
166. Gantryable speed limits will be applied widely over the network without the need for overhead gantries.
167. Goldfinches overhead.
168. On arrival in Crewe there was word coming through of major rail disruptions with overhead lines down and the wind causing untold grief.
169. Overhead there will be a constant procession of Eurasian griffons, and other raptors could include Honey Buzzard, Hobby or Peregrine Falcon.
170. Each session contains support material, including a brief bibliography, overhead transparencies and photocopiable handouts 26 key point overhead transparencies plus photocopiable handouts.
171. Hawks were again noted hawking overhead by those arriving a fraction early.
172. Hiding in the corner providing print spooling services without a large maintenance overhead?
173. High-tension overhead power lines, which transgressed the site, have been rerouted.
174. High-tension overhead distribution lines at a potential of several hundred thousand volts.
175. Two of the flats on the ground floor have an overhead electric hoist.
176. Directly overhead was a circular hole in the dome.
177. Hovering overhead.
178. However, smaller overhead street distribution networks can have more localized adverse impact, especially in Conservation Areas.
179. Overhead conditions aside, theres some nice skiing to be had, particularly for improving intermediates.
180. Red kites seem to be circling overhead every day.
181. Lammergeier vultures are ever circling overhead on the look-out for any kill.
182. A few lapwings wheeled overhead but the large flocks were over the grazing fields to the east.
183. Lattice girders swung over the stern to form a continuation of the engine room overhead rails.
184. Some people are obsessed with putting more in their overhead lockers than anyone else on plane.
185. Looms overhead and the commentator is making encouraging noises.
186. Eyebolts and lifting lugs anchored or welded on overhead ceiling structures; 2 ).
187. Cruise holiday Mediterranean spanned overhead apparently stock exchanges carry.
188. Overhead, Ravens may soar by while Swifts, Sand Martins and other early autumn migrants are already heading south.
189. And all about was mine, I said, The little sparrows overhead, The little minnows too.
190. Three times ' planes flew overhead, but always at a very great height, and they did not molest the ship.
191. In other words, all was quiet at the bottom of the torrent moss world, despite the storm of rushing water overhead.
192. Observation sun deck for enjoying the sun or watching the native birds flying overhead.
193. It circled round, and then came sweeping overhead with its strong wings outspread ' (p. 125 ).
194. Up to three adults were again seen regularly, often soaring high overhead for extended periods of time.
195. They had about 20 cars, a few riot vans, sniffer dogs and a Police helicopter hovering overhead.
196. A jet flying overhead could crash into my office.
197. Also the use of a reliable protocol such as TCP incurs an overhead as the system must wait for an acknowledgment of each packet.
198. But then the finish and no mistake, a huge clock giving the time looms overhead and the commentator is making encouraging noises.
199. There is a slight improvement in the locality of memory references, reducing the cache penalty overhead by about 3% .
200. Public health is a long term investment, not an administrative overhead.
201. This holds to a lesser extent on the client side, with a minimal overhead involved in decompressing a few pages at a time.
202. However, sockets imply a lot of unnecessary overhead for an SMP.
203. Developing a diversity of task-oriented authoring tools to reduce the cognitive overhead for authoring hypertexts could change the face of the Web.
204. This is part of an effort to spend as little as possible on bureaucratic overhead.
205. Low overhead on our end means low prices on your end!
206. overhead projector or paper on a board to show examples.
207. overhead camshaft.
208. overhead transparency in plenary.
209. overhead lockers.
210. overhead gantries.
211. overhead cranes and each crane has two ten ton hoists and one five ton hoist.
212. The sky overhead was a velvety black, sprinkled with diamond bright stars.
213. The day kept overcast here with the WNW'ly wind keeping orographic cloud overhead.
214. The room price of £ 200 per day + VAT includes an overhead projector, screen and flip chart.
215. We will not necessarily have an overhead projector available so please do not bring a presentation on acetates unless you warn us in advance.
216. We can also hire out a TV and video, overhead projector and screen, or laptop and data projector, by prior arrangement.
217. overhead projectors in each meeting room and an LCD video projector to a large wall mounted screen in the main lounge.
218. It was decided to add phototherapy as a number of overhead warmers include phototherapy.
219. A trickle of Gray and Yellow Wagtails overhead and a female pintail were the only sightings of any note.
220. The Fisheries patrol boat was in the area and their spotter plane flew overhead.
221. Tue 20th Aug - Enemy aircraft overhead during afternoon playtime.
222. Look out for the majestic buzzard soaring overhead, and the pale yellow primrose underfoot.
223. Above the crankshaft pulley, the oil pump sprouts from the block, a necessity to keep the overhead valve gear from seizing up.
224. Three very pretty purple shells with persistent comet trails exploded overhead (video clip 1 below ).
225. Much of the land is fragmented, polluted and divided by waterways, overhead pylons, roads and railways.
226. Overhead, the striking roof structure is exposed, expressing the oak rafters, posts, collars and braces.
227. There is the additional hazard of the electrified third rail on the Merseyrail Electrics network and of overhead power lines.
228. Some fm radio receivers may receive unwanted signals from non-broadcast commercial or other transmitters, including aircraft overhead.
229. Trains clatter overhead on the top tier, while on the lower level barely controlled chaos reigns.
230. It's an experience we'll never forget, watching scuds fly overhead.
231. Thousands of seabirds circle overhead, and if we are lucky we may also spot sea eagles.
232. Kneeling up, I swung onto the leading goose of the smaller skein as it passed overhead.
233. Flights of Pygmy Cormorants skim the water, Collared Pratincoles nest on the lake shore and oriental skylarks sing overhead.
234. The camera then pans upward to an overhead opening in the tunnel, and through it, could be seen several tall skyscrapers.
235. Color printers are also useful for preparing overhead projector slides and charts, and color graphics can make a boring document much more attractive.
236. Overhead Cranes These are only found in fairly specialized warehousing operations such as metal stockholders.
237. Following stunning, the animal was shackled and hoisted onto an overhead rail - the slaughter line - which ran through the slaughter hall.
238. The latter includes traction substations and the 1500 V DC overhead contact line.
239. Children taking part in the hour long safety session will learn about the hazards of playing near substations, underground cables and overhead lines.
240. Not to mention overhead powerlines, power substations, mobile towers etc... These Cancer Councils are corrupt.
241. On the morning of our visit the lofty summit was attended by its own small cloud, hovering reverently overhead.
242. We also have a private observation sun deck for enjoying the sun or watching the native birds flying overhead.
243. Swooped overhead, firing its guns.
244. Two overhead camshafts operate (via bucket tappets) two 38mm intake and two 33mm outlet valves per cylinder.
245. But soon after it ends, a loud thump is heard overhead; the sound of a falling body.
246. Timing belt rather than chain drive for the overhead camshaft.
247. Torrent moss world, despite the storm of rushing water overhead.
248. Towered overhead.
249. Collect these ideas on an overhead transparency in plenary.
250. A slide is defined as a 35mm transparency or overhead projection slide.
251. Transparencyke multiple copies, overhead projector transparencies or even enlarge them to make your own big book!
252. Overhead a steady trickle of Swallows plus the odd House Martin.
253. Trickle of visible migrants included 3 White Wagtails passing overhead at the Bill.
254. On sections of the route new underpasses are resulting in new overhead for the trolleys.
255. However, John saw nothing unusual about the aircraft until it had passed overhead and he caught a glimpse of the underside.
256. Only where overhead feeder lines occur, are electric fields likely to exceed a few volts per meter.
257. Electricity Overhead lines carry 25,000 volts AC, conductor rails carry 750 volts DC.
258. Also overhead we had an Egyptian vulture, a Montagu's Harrier and several Marsh Harriers.
259. Warm front passed overhead when you were standing outside, then you would feel the air cooling down.
260. Whirlpool bathroom with overhead shower.
261. Electric trains with overhead wires came in the early 1920s.
262. Five passengers were slightly hurt when a train caught fire near Utrecht - probably as a result of wind damage to the overhead wiring.
263. A visit in the evening might be rewarded by seeing woodcock ' roding ' overhead and hearing the song of the mysterious nightjar.
264. In actuality each one is a curved meridian running from pole to pole, crossing the zenith or overhead position of its planet.
265. In the " drop " or " overhead " system (fig.
266. Into the square axial hole fits the square end of a hooked iron bar which projects several yards beyond the mouth of the furnace; by means of this bar a workman moves the fireclay cylinder about in the glass with a steady circular sweep. Although the weight of the iron bar is carried by a support, such as an overhead chain or a swivel roller, this operation is very laborious and trying, more especially during the earlier stages when the heat radiated from the open mouth of the crucible is intense.
267. The frames hang vertically from the bottom of the overhead bridge, and rest against a sill at the bottom when the weir is in operation, the openings between the frames being closed below the water-level by rolling-up curtains or sliding panels, which are lowered or raised by a travelling winch carried by a small foot-bridge formed by hinged brackets at the p ack of the frames, and situated a little above the highest floodlevel.
268. Whilst in the British service sky searching up to right overhead was arranged for, German periscopes as a whole are limited to 20° above the horizontal.
269. Knowing Alexandria and Syene to be situated 5000 stadia apart on the same meridian, he found the sun to be 7° 12' south of the zenith at the northern extremity of this arc when it was vertically overhead at the southern extremity, and he hence inferred a value of 252,000 stadia for the entire circumference of the globe.
270. Let the dead past bury its dead, Act, act in the living present, Heart within and God overhead.
271. He heard female voices overhead.
272. Three very pretty purple shells with persistent comet trails exploded overhead (video clip 1 below).
273. Some FM radio receivers may receive unwanted signals from non-broadcast commercial or other transmitters, including aircraft overhead.
274. It 's an experience we'll never forget, watching scuds fly overhead.
275. The unit would, of course, have required suitable ancillary drives - from overhead line shafting for example - to accomplish this.
276. Flights of Pygmy Cormorants skim the water, Collared Pratincoles nest on the lake shore and Oriental Skylarks sing overhead.
277. No overhead projector or slide projectors will be available.
278. They are followed by the sound of jet planes soaring overhead.
279. At the same time three Black Stork soared overhead.
280. Overhead a squadron of bombers were just returning to their base on the Cap Bon Peninsular.
281. Following stunning, the animal was shackled and hoisted onto an overhead rail - the slaughter line - which ran through the slaughter hall.
282. On one occasion, around lunchtime, people in the village heard airplane gunfire and a German plane swooped overhead, firing its guns.
283. Overhead can be seen three sets of cast iron tentering gear, one set per pair of millstones.
284. Soon I was splashing through marshland where huge bulrushes towered overhead.
285. The trickle of visible migrants included 3 White Wagtails passing overhead at the Bill.
286. En suite with bath and overhead shower, large 6 ' double bed (can be unzipped to provide two single beds).
287. The system was powered by overhead transmission of 3500 volts dc with power taken from the public electric service.
288. Also overhead we had an Egyptian Vulture, a Montagu 's Harrier and several Marsh Harriers.
289. The master bedroom lies off the dining hall with an en-suite whirlpool bathroom with overhead shower.
290. The annoying drone emitting from that overhead light is a sure sign that the fixture needs to be replaced.
291. If you have good cash flow, share buybacks help you keep ownership simple and corporate overhead low.
292. Even if your nursery has a good overhead light, you'll want to think about accent lighting.
293. While many umbrella strollers may fit in the overhead compartment, you may need to have the airline staff tag your stroller for you, so that you can pick it up as soon as your plane lands.
294. The cost structure is similar as the prices are determined by their overhead.
295. As it is a home business, there are startup costs and overhead, including insurance, supplies and advertising.
296. Their items are affordable and since they only maintain an online store, their overhead is low.
297. This is because large online retailers do not have the brick-and-mortar overhead of a traditional store.
298. You can enjoy lower prices by ordering directly from the manufacturer or an online-only store with lower overhead costs.
299. The Internet offers the best way for wholesalers to sell to the public because of low overhead, which can translate into better prices the more you buy, free shipping, and special offers.
300. Because online stores' overhead is lower, you may be surprised by the deals you can get.
301. In most cases it is much less expensive because your brokerage doesn't have to pay as much overhead.
302. These beds are circular in shape, with soft walls that stand about six to twelve inches high with an open top.Modified cuddlers look a bit like an igloo, with a side opening and a roof overhead.
303. Try floating bookshelves and overhead bookshelves.
304. From a building standpoint, they're elevated beds on poles with enough overhead clearance under the bed to provide ease of use without risking a concussion.
305. Overhead lights in ceiling fans add an updated look in bedrooms and living rooms.
306. You may opt for overhead lighting instead of lamps, especially if your children are small.
307. Recessed ceiling lights and even overhead lights suspended over the table will give enough light for most activities.
308. If your teen's bedroom does not have an overhead light, a floor lamp is a good choice for general lighting.
309. Wrought iron furniture is also commonly seen in this decorating style, such as baker's racks and overhead hanging pot holders.
310. Add a dramatic overhead fixture - Lighting is a relatively inexpensive way to change the look of a room.
311. Think of walk-in showers with plenty of elbow room and plenty of shower jets coming from all sides as well as an overhead, waterfall style shower head.
312. Layering light fixtures, such as installing overhead and task lighting, will help you achieve the best possible quality of light with the most utility.
313. Overhead Storage- Hanging pots and pans, or even adding overhead cabinetry can add additional storage in a crowded kitchen.
314. In addition to overhead lights, task lighting is also important.
315. In addition to overhead lighting, consider installing sconces to flank the vanity mirror, or multi-bulb theatrical strips.
316. In modern spaces, track lighting is an excellent alternative to traditional overhead lighting.
317. They can provide general overhead lighting for an entire room as well as specified illumination for designated areas.
318. Not only does it provide overhead illumination, the heads can be positioned so that they're aimed at a mirror, or other area where more light is desired.
319. He then sandwiched his bed in the center with storage overhead.
320. For general lighting think about something practical like track lighting, or something attractive like a chandelier or pretty overhead light.
321. When it comes to overhead lighting, consider a chandelier.
322. Most living rooms contain an overhead lighting source, whether in the form of a single fixture at the center of the room, a light attachment to a fan, or recessed ceiling lighting.
323. However, overhead lighting can be harsh for some tasks, such as watching television or conversing with friends, so create options to alter the room's ambiance.
324. Some catalog only companies offer lower prices because they don't have the overhead of running a brick and mortar location.
325. Overhead lights as well as wall sconces are a great idea.
326. Most kitchens don't have the space for table or floor lamps so overhead lighting - and even wall sconces - are best.
327. These can include overhead fixtures, pot lights, or track lighting; chandeliers and hanging fixtures; wall sconces; table lamps; and floor lamps.
328. Ideally, the room should combine natural light with two or three sources of artificial light: overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.
329. Most offices are lit by unflattering overhead fluorescent light fixtures.
330. While you aren't restricted to using the same finish on your table lamps as your overhead light fixtures, if you're going for a more formal look, this is just one way to create a feeling of uniformity.
331. One of the best ways to light a room without harsh lights from overhead fixtures is to use recessed lighting.
332. Let in some light - Light colors and even illumination from an overhead fixture or nearby window gives your kitchen an instant facelift.
333. Overhead lighting: Spend some time selecting the right overhead light for your laundry room.
334. Recessed lighting: To give you lighting in addition to any overhead fixtures, install several recessed lights on a dimmer switch.
335. After the floor plan, the next step in the kitchen design process is to think about how the design of the kitchen not only from overhead but as a three-dimensional space.
336. It gives the option of switching from the initial overhead view to a 3-D angled view that gives you a better understanding of how the kitchen will look.
337. Copper cookware will also add rustic charm, especially when displayed in overhead pot racks.
338. Perfume online retailers advertise the low overhead that leads to the low pricing.
339. An overhead bathroom or bedroom light does little to fully illuminate the intricate features of the face, and can cause poor makeup application.
340. Online banks also tend to offer higher interest rates, taking advantage of their lower overhead costs.
341. With lower overhead and no need for tellers, services like Wells Fargo Online Banking can offer more products and services than your standard brick-and-mortar banks.
342. The Little White Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas Strip provides a Tunnel of Vows complete with cherubs overhead.
343. Having a wedding without the whirr of helicopters flying overhead or paparazzi hiding in the bushes is proving to be quite the challenge for couples who are in the public eye.
344. In addition to the lighting for each table, overhead lighting is also needed.
345. Mays was interviewed after the flight, and claimed that he was struck in the head by items from the overhead compartments.
346. Many retail stores charge a tremendously high overhead, and still with others, you are actually paying for the name itself.
347. Transforming life experience into credits can save you in overhead for obtaining the degree.
348. Shots taken from overhead sometimes make your dog seem out of proportion.
349. The pay scale for this job varies between $8.00 and $25.00 per hour depending on experience level, ability, location and overhead expenses if you are self-employed.
350. The best plan is to raise small banks of peat, and plant them on the top, taking care that they do not want for water both at the roots and overhead.
351. In addition to the drawings, there are overhead layouts and plant reference lists.
352. Overhead expanse lighting, instead of a singular fixture stuck in the middle of the ceiling.
353. Once your opening is the right size and you have your woodwork installed, simply attach the overhead track, mount the wheels on the tops of the doors, slide the doors onto the track and position the guide at the bottom.
354. Generally they will have vertical wood planks and forged iron hinges.Carriage house doors can be manufactured as overhead doors or they can swing out from side hinges as the original carriage house doors did.
355. These are the overhead doors that roll upward on a track.
356. Underlayment is used to absorb minor imperfections in the sub-floor, to deaden the noise when walking on the floor and reduce overhead sound in rooms below.
357. They are also good for first floor ceilings when there is a bathroom overhead.
358. While you're at it, make sure that the box is securely fastened to the overhead joist or beam.
359. Because of this fact, overhead drywall work requires a few more tools and one or two extra helpers.
360. Another important purpose of attic insulation is to protect your home from heat extremes in the summer, when hot summer days can make your air conditioner work overtime if you don't have some protection from the relentless sun overhead.
361. Overhead garage storage is a great way to maximize space on your property.
362. Overhead storage solutions allow you to keep your seasonal or outsized belongings safe and nearby while still getting them up and out of the way.
363. Shelving or cabinets can be affixed to the studs in your ceiling and walls to hold overhead storage components in place.
364. Although modular, professionally fabricated overhead garage storage options are the easiest to install, but they can be pricey.
365. If space is at a premium in your garage, consider using an overhead system.
366. Large metal brackets mount to the ceiling, and a shelf made of stainless steel keeps chests, boxes and large items up overhead and out of the way.
367. Combine overhead systems and hooks for tight fits, or build in cabinets and workbenches for larger spaces.
368. If you're planning to do overhead presses, lift heavy weights off the floor or the like, it's wise to give your lower back a little extra protection.
369. You can find a good supplier online and save money since most online suppliers don't have a brick and mortar building and subsequent overhead.
370. Organic farms tend to be smaller, making overhead costs higher.
371. More Options – Because the company's overhead is lower, this may result in a wider selection of products.
372. Lastly, many of the online stores can offer better prices for their plus size shoppers because they pay less overhead.
373. With a catalog-especially an online version-there is not huge overhead cost, so the garments are priced lower.
374. When trying on leather jackets, be sure to flex your arms forward and raise them overhead to make sure the jacket does not bind or constrict the arm movements.
375. This type of business has low overhead but offers unlimited earning potential for those who are willing to commit to working hard to build a successful enterprise.
376. If you just want to find the least expensive pair, you'll look outside of traditional chains and to eyewear retailers whose only presence is online-no real overhead costs will allow them to charge less for their products.
377. Riders fly overhead a giant projector screen, making for an exhilarating ride for visitors of all ages.
378. It featured the same overhead view and real-time strategy game play as Warcraft but in a science fiction setting.
379. Going into this mode pauses the game and gives you an overhead shot of the action, allowing you to scout out terrain and find possible flanking routes.
380. You choose from huge Great Swords that swoop overhead, spears that reach out directly in front of you, axes, and even guns.
381. Instead, these online stores have the ability to offer better deals, thanks to his reduced overhead.
382. The new system is also considerably smaller in every dimension, looking more like a square from overhead than the landscape-oriented rectangle of the past.
383. Regular retail stores have a lot of overhead.
384. The game will let you know when you should use an overhead view by showing a small white eye at the bottom of the screen.
385. It was a side-scrolling fighting game with an overhead sewer map that allowed players to switch between the ninja heroes and their unique abilities.
386. Think of it as a first person shooter but with an overhead view.
387. Make sure to switch to the overhead view to line up your shot, then back to the 3-D to see where you want to hit the ball.
388. At the same time, having a video game home based business means that you don't have to worry about as many overhead costs.
389. Winery overhead accounts for some of the price of the bottle as well.
390. Other stemware racks suspended from the ceiling overhead that stash wine glasses out of the way from all but the NBA's tallest stringbeans.
391. Fair market value: the price that you and a buyer would agree upon without there being a store, overhead, pressure from another bidder and so forth.
392. Play some six-ball billiards with a simple overhead view of the table.
393. If you're in the middle of a large group of swing dancers, it may be difficult to remember that "LF FW RF WS HOH TwL" is what you meant to mean "Left foot forward, right foot weight shift, hands overhead twirl left."
394. Overhead beams - These can create disharmony in your marriage as well as disease since they symbolically slice through the body.
395. Don't forget to clean the overhead lights.
396. Avoid using harsh overhead lights, instead opt for soft table and floor lamps.
397. Now, stand in each room that is directly beneath the attic and envision what is overhead.
398. If you don't get children's current events, you can also use an overhead sheet.
399. In many cases, business who are looking to control overhead costs and streamline their operations are turning to telecommuting as a viable opportunity for staffing many positions.
400. Features include a bat cave, an overhead tropical fish aquarium, and hundreds of free-flying birds.
401. These chairs come with their own overhead screen to keep you in the shade.
402. UV rays are always a concern, so it's good to know that this lounger also has it's own overhead sun screen.
403. Tinted lenses are sufficient for use at indoor pools, and can help improve your visibility by cutting glare on the water caused by overhead lighting.
404. Most petite clothing boutiques are small, one-owner businesses operating on tighter overhead and capital than larger chain stores.
405. The grants fund experiments and laboratory overhead and often cover salaries of scientists and investigators.
406. Bake sales, car washes and jog-a-thons are still good, reliable fundraising options that can supply a troop with the money they need without any (or very little) overhead costs.
407. It can be the difference between being a charity that gets things done and one that ends up stuck in the land of legal overhead.
408. Blow up a simple design and use an overhead projector to trace it onto a large piece of plywood.
409. It can be harder for someone to feel attractive with glaring overhead fluorescence.
410. A few factors complicate the act of coming up with a definitive list of gluten-free fast food including staff turnover, overhead, and food preparation areas.
411. Internet-only stores have lower overhead than physical stores, and are therefore able to lower the retail cost of items they sell because it simply costs less to store their products in a warehouse.
412. Because the overhead bin space on airplanes is limited, you'll need to make sure the size of the suitcase is small enough to accomodate the airline's specifications.
413. Many styles are made for carry-on regulations, meaning that they are the perfect size to fit into an overhead compartment on an airplane.
414. Purchase a duffle bag that will fit in the overhead bins on most airplanes and you'll be able to carry it right on board the plane with you.
415. Practice bringing the chute to the ground, and then take it high overhead.
416. Shooting in a room that has many overhead lights (such as a family room or playroom) will flood your video with some much-needed light.
417. As you set the glass down, you notice a few seagulls winging their way overhead.
418. The center overhead Taylor change course to west but later change back to east.
419. Like any other business, a dealer needs to cover as much of his overhead before closing the doors, so he will be trying to get rid of his merchandise.
420. Airlines have been affected by the recent economic difficulties, making them eager to fill the seats on their planes to cover overhead costs.
421. A pixie child napping in a crescent moon with a star mobile hanging overhead would make a cute design.
422. Every evening, on the hour, from dusk until midnight, the canopy comes alive with synchronized lights and music - all overhead.
423. Not only does this mean that the clock can be seen on even the darkest of mornings, but it also means that the time can be read in the middle of the night without having to switch the bedside or overhead light on.
424. Depending on the environment, inexpensive mats may be a necessary purchase to keep overhead low.
425. Overhead includes first and last months' rent and security deposits, and electric, gas and telephone deposits.
426. The Escape business opportunity requires certain monetary amounts of purchases to qualify to make money but does require additional expenses or overhead.
427. If you're reaching for the preferred goal of a 70 percent profit margin that means you shouldn't be spending more than 30 percent of your gross profit on overhead and marketing.
428. The answer to increasing your business profitability in this case is to cut expenses by reducing overhead.
429. Running a service based business means you will eliminate or at least minimize overhead you would otherwise incur with inventory.
430. To tell if it is, look at your headlights or turn on your inside overhead light.
431. Unlike most of the other games, the view is from behind the dashboard rather than overhead, however the controls can be a bit touchy and avoiding some of the obstacles is near impossible.
432. Step 1: Copy your megaphone image onto an overhead film.
433. Step 3: Put the overhead image into an overhead projector and voila!
434. Too many people make the mistake of using permanent ink or pens designed for use with overhead projectors rather then markers designed specifically for use on dry erase surfaces.
435. Grasp the barbell overhead, directly over the chest.
436. Lunge Crossovers: The medicine ball is held overhead while the person assumes a lunge position.
437. For example, you can simultaneously perform a lunge and a biceps curl or a squat with an overhead press.
438. Inhale and reach the medicine ball or weight overhead, as shown in the photo.
439. You can check out this short video created by an Australian duo that illustrates good kettlebell form during simple moves like overhead windmills and double arm swings.
440. This triceps workout is called overhead weight extensions or overhead press.
441. When you lift your leg, bend your lifted knee and extend your straight, opposite arm overhead.
442. Move the hoop from side to side and overhead to work the arms and core at once.
443. Raise your arm overhead to the left and then down to the right in one smooth move.
444. Hanging knee raises require an overhead chin-up bar in order to do this exercise.
445. This can also be useful in allowing guests to mark the cards with dry-erase or overhead markers, eliminating the need for traditional markers.
446. Gothic Full Moon: A gothic castle looms overhead while a rather large werewolf sits howling at the moon.
447. With little or no overhead, a person can reach millions of readers or users in a matter of minutes.
448. Web developers who create web pages full-time often have very little overhead.
449. Out of his profits, the retailer has to pay all the costs involved in running the shop, that is, his overheads.
450. We shall assume that the other variable overheads £l0,000- relevant.
451. In each of the years the estimated production volume was 45,000 units and the estimated fixed overheads was £67,500.
452. What costs and overheads should be included in the work in progress and the finished goods?
453. Centralised management will often be cheaper, in terms of managerial overheads.
454. Furthermore, computational overheads occur during support counting of candidate itemsets.
455. Compilation overheads: there is no detectable difference in the size of the heap needed for compilation between the two profilers.
456. The second is that of the overheads involved in collecting the extra data.
457. There is mainly local coupling between grid points, and as a result relatively low communication overheads, consisting primarily of end swaps between the adjacent processors.
458. All three techniques are used to improve parallelism by increasing locality and maximal parallelism, and reducing the communication and synchronisation overheads.
459. The above theoretical results ignore overheads in moving processes and maintaining global information on runnable processes and/or idle processors.
460. Student time should be costed at 15 per hour to include overheads.
461. Should all overheads be allocated on the basis of factory space?
462. The expenses not included in the trading account are called overheads.
463. However, it is undesirable to issue too-small tasks because of the additional communication overheads and management overheads that are incurred.
464. The reasons for this can be seen in the measurements of messaging overheads for the different methods.
465. However, the overheads and storage costs may be sufficient to argue for the former method.
466. A complete analysis of the overheads would be instructive, but it is clear that they are considerable.
467. Thread granularity: it is important to spark only those expressions where the cost of evaluation greatly exceeds the thread creation overheads.
468. The difference in the total heap usage is not shown as in each case these overheads were negligible.
469. The run-time overheads should not be unacceptably high and the extra heap needed for execution should not be unacceptably large.
470. Business issues (the need to meet rising overheads and to maintain financial security) were referred to by about 40 per cent.
471. We now look at ways of reducing these overheads, first by focusing on eliminating -conversion, then on substitution propagation.
472. To maximize parallelism, whilst minimizing overheads, accessing and updating the table space must be carefully controlled.
473. There could be several possible causes of this performance degradation, including page faults, memory leaks, overheads of lazy evaluation, and garbage collection.
474. How can the difference in run-time overheads found in the testing of the costcentre-stack profiler be explained?
475. Parents' expenses for fuel, vehicles, telephones or other overheads sometimes continued to be paid through the farm or business accounts.
476. A hybrid option provides maximum flexibility but imposes significant mass overheads.
477. Previous profiling literature has shown that earlier attempts at similar cost collection methods were abandoned because of the extremely high overheads.
478. We would like to be able to demonstrate that the overheads of lexical profiling are in linear proportion to the costs of unprofiled execution.
479. In this application the payoff in terms of keystrokes saved may be so large that the overheads can be tolerated.
480. Composition merges two agents into one and can be useful when communication overheads between the two agents are too high.
481. Uprated by 40% to take overheads into account.
482. All centers were provided with a fixed management allowance to cover general overheads (use of hospital facilities).
483. The answer is that the run-time overheads are dependent on the structure and style of the program.
484. The overheads of the scheme are discussed and the benefits of this new system are considered.
485. The success of the cost-centre-stack method of recording results relies on the fact that the overheads are low enough to make such a system practical.
486. Run-time difference: this is where the most overheads are anticipated, as most of the profiler changes are to the run-time system.
487. In order to avoid the overheads of initiating concurrent evaluation from outweighing the gains, it is necessary to be selective and avoid initiating trivial tasks.
488. However, the design permits access to certain status fields without locking, thereby further reducing overheads due to locking.
489. Experimental results indicate that the overheads of our technique are acceptable in practice for many applications.
490. The dominant cost item of the quitline was salaries including social overheads.
491. A step-down method was used to add overheads to those per diem unit room costs (9).
492. The major advantage of stack-splitting is that scheduling on bottom-most can still be used without incurring huge communication overheads.
493. Step-down methodology was used to add overheads to these unit costs (14).
494. The benefits gained from the overheads make them worthwhile.
495. However, with the availability of highperformance low-cost computer systems, these overheads may not affect the system real-time performance as a whole.
496. The unit costs were primarily based on local accounts data and included staff, capital allowances, overheads and associated expenditure using 1995-6 prices.
497. The outcome of such a strategy is that computationally small expressions are reduced locally without incurring communication overheads, while the reduction of computation-intensive expressions is not duplicated.
498. Such constant overheads can be absorbed into the size of the blocks, and we end up with a problem where only block lengths and rotational delays matter.
499. We use program transformation, execution-driven simulation and analytical modelling to expose the maximum potential parallelism, the minimum communication and synchronisation overheads, and to control the overall space requirement.
500. All staff costs included salary information obtained from the finance departments, as well as national insurance costs, superannuation costs, other employer on-costs, and revenue and capital overheads.
501. An emphasis on compliance with regulations is likely to increase the overheads of these companies and will result in more mergers and ultimately fewer and larger cash plans.
502. Even when the run-time overheads are 384% (parser), this only means an extra 59 seconds of execution time, which accounts for just 4.4% of a single compilation of that program.
503. Since it is possible to de-select cost centres during the post-processing phase, the only reason for reducing the number of cost centres at compile-time is to decrease the profiling overheads.
504. Both these implementations were able to reduce parallel overheads, and consequently their performance continued to improve even when the number of processors was increased to ten or more.
505. Costs of nursing and doctors' time, input from other staff (secretaries, porters), use of consumables and overheads (administration, cleaning, heating, etc.), and capital costs were allocated per bed-day.
506. Our benchmarks show that closed reduction performs better than all standard weak strategies, and its low overheads make it more efficient than optimal reduction in many cases.
507. Instead of opening a late-night restaurant in a permanent building, he cut overheads and avoided taxes by wheeling his kitchen around town and serving customers on the pavement.
508. We wish to demonstrate that with reasonable per processor allocations of work we can continue to make parallel overheads a small fraction of the overall run-time.
509. Note that although the modified system has no direct overheads due to absence of reference count manipulations, it can suffer from cache degradation since memory is never reclaimed.
510. As they also argue, this approach is inefficient, since it has inherent overheads due to its non-determinism, and limited in being unable to provide facilities for error reporting and recovery.
511. Estimates of the cost per consultation were then derived using an average length of consultation and included an allowance for salary overheads, holiday entitlements, and capital overheads.
512. Overheads are paid proportionately to the permissible direct labour costs involved.
513. One can alter the profit on any of the divisions by allocating to a division more of the overheads of the company.
514. I have here a tale of administrative overheads.
515. By having one operating organization instead of two, you certainly achieve a reduction in fixed overheads.
516. Day after day some are forced to close their doors because they cannot meet their overheads.
517. I am talking not about savings through modernisation or through cutting overheads, but about cuts to front-line services.
518. The overheads of industry are increased enormously by the high level of tax necessary to maintain the non-trading, non-productive part of the country's economy.
519. Expensive labour costs are too high a proportion of our manufacturing costs and industry's overheads.
520. The aircraft companies cover their overheads on that.
521. In tendering, are overheads going to be properly made out?
522. We should try to persuade more charitable bodies to take a lead in finding new ways of sharing overheads.
523. I understand that the overheads alone are likely to be in the region of £2·5 million.
524. Separate analyses and separate statistics would be needed, and a great deal of cost would result, as well as additional overheads for no benefit.
525. They are, of course, all parts of the overheads.
526. However, when one gets down to that sort of detail and considers the estimates, of course, such overheads are not there.
527. One can in theory see many advantages—a possible reduction in overheads.
528. We hear a good deal about controls and about increasing production, but controls add to overheads and costs of distribution.
529. I would be greatly surprised if it did not lead to some economies on overheads.
530. Surely it is unfair to compare the overheads to deal with 150,000 men, with the demobilisation after the end of the war?
531. The ideal areas for spending less would be council publicity, members' allowances for too many committees and working parties, and general office overheads.
532. I should emphasise that these figures take no account of the considerable overheads incurred in the university departments.
533. The civil service bid is required to assess all in-house costs including accommodation and what are called hidden overheads.
534. I think that everyone understands that there must be larger units, because, the larger the unit, the easier it is to cut down on overheads.
535. The cost of collection represents principally the cost of staff and the relevant overheads.
536. On average the cost of one civil servant, including overheads, is over £10,000 a year at current pay rates.
537. When that profit has been achieved there will then be a margin for overheads and the like.
538. The possibility of reducing the cost anti especially the overheads of the station is, however, constantly under review.
539. They have to be near well populated areas, otherwise with the overheads involved they are not worthwhile.
540. Obviously, if a firm has one or two vehicles, it has certain overheads to meet.
541. The national overheads of this country are top-heavy.
542. The organisation as a whole is working at well below capacity: overheads are high and greater efficiency could be achieved.
543. Lower overheads and mass production are things which we might have in this country.
544. We believe that it is a burden, and that staff and overheads should be treated as general expenses for overheads.
545. The overheads created by this poll tax amount to a considerable sum in respect of the other three or four days in the week.
546. They bear a fixed share of overheads, but they do not sustain growth, expansion, risk-taking and investment.
547. We called attention to the proportion of overheads to income.
548. The public should see what the purchase costs of the goods have been, the overheads, the storage costs, distribution costs and so on.
549. Veteran forward Fabio Quagliarella scored on his return from injury and substitute Federico Bonazzoli scored with an overhead kick to ...
550. Contract public defenders in Indiana who earn median pay make only about $5.16 per hour after covering overhead expenses, according to a June study by the Indiana Public Defender Commission.
551. An overhead sign at the Streator McDonalds was damaged Monday morning by a vehicle pulling a boat. At 5:04 a.m. Monday, Streator police said the vehicle took out the sign while using the drive-thru ...
552. Dan from Aurora writes, “What’s driving you crazy? Hey, traffic guy, you’re old pal Dan here. I’ve noticed on the ramp from southbound I-225 to northbound I-25 four overhead signals. They are covered ...
553. The SPX is dealing with a number of issues that have locked an overhead resistance in place. The China 50 weekly index is overbought and is likely to normalise of the coming weeks. This will likley ...
554. By differentiating to win business in a hypercompetitive market and grow organically without increasing overhead, we managed to thrive even in these challenging times. By incorporating the following ...
555. This morning, trains operating between Cape Town and Retreat were suspended following damage to overhead power supply systems as a result of severe weather conditions.
556. Businesses across California are always looking to cut down on overhead costs and to minimize their environmental impact. The LED lighting revolution is the easiest switch for most California ...
557. overhead sentence examples. overhead. Instead of stars overhead, there were ships. 235. 88. The sun overhead was blinding, the air light but hot. 157. 77. The dark sky stretched far overhead, no sign of morning yet visible. 82. 35. She stood and reached overhead to feel for a ceiling. 72. 30.
558. Examples of overhead in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Out of his profits, the retailer has to pay all the costs involved in running…
559. 233+21 sentence examples: 1. Two hawks were hover ing overhead. 2. A flock of wild geese flew overhead. 3. A great congregation of birds flew overhead. 4. There was a helicopter hovering overhead. 5. That city has decided to do away with overhead wir
560. Examples of how to use the word overhead in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
561. Sentence Examples Such overhead logging methods were paired with cable yarding systems that dragged the logs to their loading sites. The data suggested a significant increase in oxygen demand when comparing the overhead exercise relative to the chest exercise.
562. Overhead-projector sentence examples. overhead-projector. answers given on a flip chart or overhead projector. 0. 0. The teacher may use the overhead projector or paper on a board to show examples. 0. 0. We will not necessarily have an overhead projector available so please do not bring a presentation on acetates unless you warn us in advance
563. English words and Examples of Usage use "overhead" in a sentence One of the most common accidents which occur aboard airliners is when a laptop computer falls on someone's head from an overhead storage bin. Just put your knapsack in the overhead bin once you get on the bus. There were a lot of people on the plane, and the overhead luggage bins
564. Examples of overhead Costs. overhead costs are important in determining how much a company must charge for its products or services in order to generate a profit. The most common overhead costs that any business incur include: 1. Rent. Rent is the cost that a business pays for using its business premises.
565. overhead definition: The definition of overhead is relating to the operating costs of a business. (adjective) An example of overhead used as an adjective is the phrase "overhead projections," which means how much money a company thinks it will use in an
566. overhead definition is - above one's head : aloft. How to use overhead in a sentence.
567. Examples of fixed overhead costs are depreciation and rent. Less frequently, overhead varies directly with the sales level, or varies somewhat as the activity level changes. The other type of expense is direct costs , which are those costs required to create products and services, such as direct materials and direct labor .
568. overhead cost are those cost that is not related directly on the production activity and are therefore considered as indirect costs that have to be paid even if there is no production; and examples include rent payable, utilities payable, insurance payable, salaries payable to office staff, office supplies, etc.
569. overhead definition: 1. above your head, usually in the sky: 2. relating to the overheads of a business: 3. a…. Learn more.
570. overhead definition: You use overhead to indicate that something is above you or above the place that you are | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
571. Overheads definition: The overheads of a business are its regular and essential expenses, such as salaries , | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
572. Example. James is an accountant in a manufacturing company. He wants to prepare an overhead budget for the first nine months to determine what percentage of the total costs corresponds to each overhead expense.In doing so, he will get an idea of areas that are inefficient or cause waste.
573. overhead expenses include expenses such as accounting, advertising, depreciation, insurance, interest, legal, rent, repairs, office supplies, taxes, information and communications, utilities, research and development, customer relations and service, and travel. These overhead expenses are listed on the company's income statement.
574. Use “overhead” in a sentence | “overhead” sentence examples یادگیری لغت overhead در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت overhead اساتید زبان همیشه شاهد اعتراضات زبان‌آموزان هستند که در حفظ لغات ناکام‌اند و معمولاً جملات
575. overhead in a sentence - Use "overhead" in a sentence 1. "But I can't hit overhead and serve. 2. The overhead lights are encased in shells of old computer monitors. click for more sentences of overhead: 10. English words and Examples of Usage use "overhead" in a sentence So was the whirling sound of the police helicopter buzzing overhead.
576. Suppose that, over some period of time, the accrued wages for indirect labor, accumulated depreciation, accounts payable and utilities are equal to $500,000. That factory overhead needs to be
577. How to use overhead in a sentence. The overhead list of example sentences with overhead. overhead in a sentence - 27 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "Should one develop overhead take shelter until it dissipates" "Others are postponing capital expenses or cutting overhead" "These networks have low overhead and low variable
578. Definition and high quality example sentences with “overhead” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
579. A potter’s clay and potting wheel are not overhead costs because they are directly related to the products made. The rent for the facility where the potter creates is an overhead cost because the potter pays rent whether she’s creating products or not. overhead Cost Examples. A company’s overhead costs depend on the nature of the business.
580. Administrative overhead is those costs not involved in the development or production of goods or services. This is essentially all overhead that is not included in manufacturing overhead.Examples of administrative overhead costs are the costs of: Front office and sales salaries, wages, and commissions. Office supplies
581. Overhead: The ongoing administrative expenses of a business which cannot be attributed to any specific business activity, but are still necessary for the business to function. Examples include rent, utilities, and insurance.
582. These are examples of programmed fixed overhead. 2. Variable overhead. Variable overhead is a portion of indirect cost, which varies directly with change in the volume of production. If varies in total but remains constant in per unit, power, fuel, transport expenses, lubricants, tools and spares and the like are the examples of variable
583. Subsistence sentence examples:s 'lawful earnings, savings, houses and other means of Subsistence; whales migrate twice a year through the area and are crucial to the Subsistence economy of the inupiat people.3.a Subsistence farmer may have overheads, but he needs few transaction is on the margin: 11. Reduce in a sentence.
584. overhead meaning and example sentences with overhead. Top definition is 'Located or originating from above.'. overhead definitions - meaning & example sentences - 10. Lists. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. adjectives nouns adverbs
585. High quality example sentences with “a couple of overhead” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
586. 1. Instead of stars overhead, there were ships.: 2. The sun overhead was blinding, the air light but hot.: 3. The dark sky stretched far overhead, no sign of morning yet visible.: 4. She stood and reached overhead to feel for a ceiling.: 5. Trees flew overhead and the sparkling clouds drifted down from the sky.: 6. "Light, off!" she commanded the annoying overhead lights.
587. Synonyms for overhead at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for overhead.
588. Overhead-transparency definition: Noun (plural overhead transparencies) 1. A transparency for use with an overhead projector.
589. In business, overhead or overhead expense refers to an ongoing expense of operating a business. overheads are the expenditure which cannot be conveniently traced to or identified with any particular cost unit, unlike operating expenses such as raw material and labor. Therefore, overheads cannot be immediately associated with the products or services being offered, thus do not directly generate
590. The company considers now per-unit overhead costs by dividing the total overhead activity pool cost, for each product by the numbers of product units produced and sold (Exhibit 5, line 1). For product model A, the total overhead activity pool cost of $870,000 divided by 900,000 units gives a per-unit overhead cost of $0.97.
591. overhead Rate: In managerial accounting , a cost added on to the direct costs of production in order to more accurately assess the profitability of each product. overhead costs are all costs that
592. Definition: Applied overhead is the amount of indirect costs that can’t be specifically matched to the production of a product but must be assigned to a cost object. In other words, it’s the amount of costs incurred by the company during in a production process that can’t be directly traced back to a specific product or service, but should be included in the cost of goods manufactured
593. While overhead costs are not directly linked to profit generation, they are still necessary as they provide critical support for the profit-making activities. The overhead costs depend on the nature of the business. For example, a retailer’s overhead costs will be widely different from a freelancer. Some examples of overhead costs are: Rent
594. A helicopter buzzed overhead, barking out instructions over a radio. It's difficult to see overheads in a sentence . But should you ask that an overhead fan be turned on? "You don't have the overhead," The camera, which did not move, shot from overhead. There is even room overhead for a backcast in most spots.
595. Arms overhead in a sentence - Use "arms overhead" in a sentence 1. This time, Fisk did a full-fledged leap into the air, both arms overhead. 2. The hardest are elongated upper body lifts with arms overhead, clasped close to head. click for more sentences of arms overhead
596. Principales traductions: Anglais: Français: overhead adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down." (above people's heads) au-dessus de nos têtes loc adv locution adverbiale: groupe de mots qui servent d'adverbe.Toujours invariable ! Ex : "avec souplesse" en haut loc adv locution adverbiale: groupe de mots

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