Precis example sentences


[prāˈsē, ˈprāsē]




summary, synopsis, abstract, outline, summarization, summation, abridgment, digest, condensation, abbreviation,

"Precis" Example Sentences

1. The military and historical works comprise precis of the wars of Julius Caesar, Turenne and Frederick the Great.
2. A specimen of another butterfly (Precis sesamus) which mimics the Acraea was then offered in the same manner.
3. Thoulet, Instruments et operations d'oceanographie pratique (Paris, 1908); Precis d'analyse des fonds sous-marins actuels et anciens (Paris, 1907); T.
4. During the Reign of Terror he was imprisoned at St Lazare; there he began his Precis de l'histoire universelle, afterwards published in nine volumes.
5. C. Hazlitt, The Livery Companies of the City of London (1892), contains a precis of the Royal Commission; P. H.
6. The Annales des travaux publics (1843), the Bulletin de l'industrie (1842), the Journal des beaux-arts (1858), and the Catholic Precis historiques (1852), the Protestant Chretien belge (1850), are other examples.
7. His Precis of the subject, published in the last-mentioned year, is a sound and careful book, far better than anything that had appeared before it, and written in a sober yet interesting style.
8. In 1825 he graduated in medicine, and soon after he published with Ulisse Trelat a Precis elementaire d'hygiene.
9. Aulard's Histoire politique de la Revolution Francaise (Paris, 1901) is a most valuable precis of political history, based on deep knowledge and lucidly set forth, although not free from bias.
10. Hertzberg, in Ersch and Gruber's Allgemeine Encyklopcidie, and an anonymous monograph, Precis historique de la maison imperiale des Comnenes (Amsterdam, 1784); and, for the history of the period, the works referred to under Later Roman Empire.
11. The Cathars of the middle ages discarded water baptism altogether as being a Jewish rite, but retained the laying on of hands with the traditio precis as sufficient initiation.
12. British War Office, Précis of information concerning Zululand (1894) and Precis.
13. The Lord's Prayer was communicated with similar solemnity in the West (traditio precis).
14. British War Office, Précis of information concerning Zululand (1894) and Precis.
15. Part One describes what the precis is and how it can be used in language teaching and testing. It includes theoretical background, practical step-by-step instructions for writing a precis, general ...
16. Randomized evaluation of therapeutic decompressive craniectomy in severe traumatic brain injury with mass lesions (PRECIS).
17. precis Digital looked into the research to see how marketers can apply it for a full-funnel strategy across the four distinct phases. Plus, we'll walk you through how short-termism can kill ...
18. In addition to her academic work, Alshamary has written numerous op-eds for various U.S. and Iraq-based outlets, including 1001 Iraqi Thoughts, MIT CIS’s precis Magazine, PRI’s The World ...
19. Get the Newsletter According to one precis of the document, the policy argues that the return of great power competition calls for a new strategic to Asia, in order to safeguard the region’s ...
20. In his precis of indo, Esquire food and drinks editor Jeff Gordinier wrote, “Indo is not a sushi restaurant per se, yet electrifying bites of nigiri land in front of you during the course of a meal ...
21. What is in the index too much? Sometimes, there are whole plots and counterplots in an index - in a biography the subject's name will often provide a neat precis of the entire book, with page ...
22. Some way has to be found out.” Written by the artist Ram Kumar, who died in 2018, these words are a beguiling precis of the challenges posed by abstract painting. Kumar, like many of his peers ...
23. With its 15 essays (eight previously unpublished, the remaining published in various journals over the course of 30 years), this is a precis of a brilliant career. Reflecting such works as Crazy ...
24. A precis of the Pundit’s own book of his journeys. Interwoven are Bhattacharya’s own journeys in the region and his encounters with people who have lived and worked in the hills. Sikkim and ...
25. precis sentence examples. precis. The military and historical works comprise precis of the wars of Julius Caesar, Turenne and Frederick the Great. 19. 10. A specimen of another butterfly (precis sesamus) which mimics the Acraea was then offered in the same manner. 10. 8.
26. 25 sentence examples: 1. precis this chapter in two pages. 2. precis writers and stenographers are in a similar position. 3. By writing a precis you boil a passage down to its essentials, and the meaning should then be crystal clear! 4. Precis, howev
27. Precise sentence examples. precise. That's why he has so many precise numbers. 408. 192. So much is certain, though the precise incidents of the interview are variously told. 167. 92. I doubted that, as Feynman was precise in his usage of words. 144. 109.
28. Sentence Examples The hero's journey, however, need not be anywhere as simplistic as in the brief precis above. To precis the plot is even more distorting than usual since Churchill works in non-linear fashion.
29. The precis meaning pertains to a summary of any writing piece, be it a book, an article, or a novel. What is typical for this unusual type of assignment is the outline of the main points and arguments presented in the given text. 34. A precis is a text rundown which needs to mirror the key points of the first text of the creator, its tone
30. precis writing examples. Posted by Manjusha Filed in Language Comprehension. Summarize the given passage. We all know what we mean by a "good" man. The ideally good man does not drink or smoke, avoids bad language, converses in the presence of men only exactly as he would if there were ladies present, attends church regularly and holds the correct opinion on all subjects.
31. Examples of Critical precis Format precis essay example needs to be in front of you. Here is an example of how a precis of a long, expressive sentence can look this way: Original: The account the witness gave of the incident moved everyone who heard it to laughter. Précis: The witness's story was absurd.
32. precis example. Do you need a free precis example? Use our templates and examples to write your own one! These samples have already been written according to the grammar rules and with the observance of the correct structure and formatting so that you can just rewrite them. Also, ready-made examples will help you understand how to write a precis.
33. While a rhetorical precis follows a specific format, different scholars have varied opinions of what they consider the correct precis writing format. Some require that you adhere to a four-sentence setup where each aspect of the precis falls within a single sentence.
34. A precis writing is supposed to convey the summary of the passage in concern with the use of minimal words. It should in a whole, communicate all the important points of the passage in a much simpler and easier way. The motive of precis writing is to introduce the reader with the idea of the passage by disseminating the information in a short form.
35. precis is written in a writer's own words and mood. A writer shouldn't simply copy original sentences - he or she needs to compress and paraphrase them in his precis. Each sentence of your précis should be unique - it is your writing work. precis should be logically ordered, with all parts of it being connected to each other.
36. Specific precis writing examples “Yair Amichai-Hamburger, Galit Wainapel and Shaul Fox, in their article “On the Internet No One Knows I’m an Introvert: Extroversion, Neuroticism, and Internet Interaction” (2004), argue that neurotic and introverted people locate their real self on the internet, while non-neurotic and extroverted people
37. A précis is highly structured with a four-sentence paragraph comprising the analysis and summary. Each of these sentences has specific information. A precis writer uses brief quotations to effectively convey the tone and sense of style of the author. They also include bibliographic reference terminally.
38. The above examples show how you can omit unnecessary details and express the main idea only of a given passage in its precis. Points to remember. While writing a precis, keep the following points in mind: A precis should not be longer than one-third of the original passage. A few words less or more than one-third of the original passage are
39. A precis format includes the thesis that the original author supports, methods he used, results and conclusion. 1.2 precis Qualities. A precis is a critical piece of writing, make sure that yours has the following qualities. It should be well-written so the reader can easily understand what you are trying to convey. Use clear and simple language.
40. Different Types of Rhetorical precis Templates and Examples. Four sentence Rhetorical Précis Format / Template. Rhetorical precis Four Sentence. 1 file(s) 48 KB. Download. Turkeys in the kitchen Rhetorical precis Template. 1 file(s) 5 MB. Download.
41. precis Examples precis Example 1. Is money important? All healthy-minded people consider money as a secondary object in their life. These people enjoy the feeling of winning in life more than earning money. A soldier always thinks about fighting well in the battle. The main objective of a priest is to preach.
42. Most people chose this as the best definition of precis: Précis is defined as to c See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
43. A precis (A French word (pronounced pressee) connected with the English word Precise) is a summary, and precis-writing means summarizing. Precis-writing is an exercise in compression. A precis is the gist or main theme of a passage expressed in as few words as possible. It should be lucid, succinct, and full (i.e. including all essential points
44. Give your precis a title for precis writing examples. tures of a Good precis A good Precis: is marked by clarity, brevity and precision. is not just lifting of the sentences from the original. It should be written in the precis writer's own words. is a miniature version of the original passage. must have a logical order and be well-knit and
45. Follow a precis Format and Structure. A rhetorical précis is not an argumentative or expository essay, but its structure looks the same. As well as any college essay, a precis consists of three parts: Introduction. This is a single sentence including the following information: the author’s name; the title of the original piece
46. Features of a Good precis. is marked by clarity, brevity and precision. is not just lifting of the sentences from the original. It should be written in the precis writer's own words. is a miniature version of the original passage. must have a logical order and be well-knit and well connected. must have coherence.
47. A rhetorical precis analyzes both the content (the what) and the delivery (the how) of a unit of spoken or written discourse. It is a highly structured four-sentence paragraph blending summary and analysis. Each of the four sentences requires specific information; students are expected to use brief quotations (to convey a sense of the author
48. 2) Brevity - Avoid unnecessary words and sentence that don't' help the precis to convey the message. Try to make long sentences shorter. Try to make long sentences shorter. Example :-
49. Translations of the word precis from finnish to english and examples of the use of "PRECIS" in a sentence with their translations: Mainostoimisto precis oy:n videotuotannon tilanne nyt ja
50. How to Write a precis. A précis is a summary of a written work, such as an article, book, or other text. You'll objectively explain the original text's main argument, support, and structure, without doing a critical analysis. Although it
51. precis is being written in an author’s own mood and words. An author shouldn’t copy actual sentences – he or she requires to compress and paraphrase them in his precis. Every sentence of your précis must be authentic – it is your writing work. precis must be coherently ordered, with all sections of it being linked to each other.
52. And examples the writer uses to make his/her abstract ideas concrete, you do not have to include these in your precis!) 5. Here is a central rule: Do not copy a single sentence from the article! You may use key words and phrases only when you are expressing ideas which are technically precise or when you feel comfortable using the writer's
53. Translations of the word precis from dutch to english and examples of the use of "PRECIS" in a sentence with their translations: precis archesia is een vlinder uit
54. A precis is a summary. precis writing is an exercise in compression. A precis is the gist of a passage expressed in as few words as possible. A precis should give all essential points so that anyone reading it will be able to understand the idea expressed in the original passage.
55. In one sentence, you would need to mention the name of the author, the title of the article and even the date. You would need to add a verb such as argue, assert, refute, etc. In one sentence, you need to give the explanation of how the precis writer of the work has supported and developed claim that he is making.
56. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more… From some book of her own Miss Derwent , the English mistress , had given the form a lengthy paragraph for precis work.
57. A rhetorical precis is a specific type of summary of a piece of writing, which follows a standardized format and is used as a rhetorical “abstract.” Four sentences which contain specific pieces of information make up the precis. An opening sentence should include the name, title, and date of the
58. It's just a single sentence to mention the name of the author, the genre of the text, the date of its writing, and its topic. There's no need to go into lengthy reasoning but it's crucial to remain within one sentence. Explanation; It deals with the rhetorical precis examples where you should explain how the writer supports his/her argument.
59. This is the handout I given my sophomore English students when we begin writing literary and rhetorical precis, both of which I use to prepare them for AP Literature and AP Language classes. The handout goes over the requirements for each precis, offers students sentence-by-sentence examples, and i

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