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[ˌprōˌdəkˈtivədē, ˌprädəkˈtivədē]



efficiency, production, productiveness, output, yield, capacity, fruitfulness, fertility, productiveness, fecundity,

"Productivity" Example Sentences

1. Measures are being taken by the zemstvos to increase the very low productivity of the forests.
2. We still have a thousandfold increase in productivity before us.
3. Liber was originally an old Italian god of the productivity of nature, especially of the vine.
4. And if your productivity fell, then your salary would fall as well.
5. If you have almost no productivity, amplifying it won't really help all that much.
6. All it takes is so much wealth that it is self-sustaining—that the productivity of that wealth can support everyone.
7. If you already have a large amount of productivity, technology will amplify it.
8. Some become so wealthy, in fact, they can live off the interest (the productivity) of their assets, not just their own labor.
9. The minute we do, the people doing those jobs should become operators of the new machines—and get big raises because their productivity just shot way up.
10. Later still Hjort showed that the study of the variability in the productivity of a fishery is always a complex matter - far more so than was formerly supposed.
11. Schelling conceives of the gradual self-evolution of nature in a succession of higher and higher forms as brought about by a limitation of her infinite productivity, showing itself in a series of points of arrest.
12. Not only so, but a similar variation was traced in the productivity of the great Lofoten (Lofoden) cod-fisheries.
13. Of animals, the cow and the pig are her favourites, the latter owing to its productivity and the cathartic properties of its blood.
14. Agriculture.-The number of farms in Utah (not including those of less than 3 acres and of small productivity) in 1880 was 945 2; in 1890, 10,517; and in 1900, 19,007: their average size in 1880 was 69.4 acres; in 1890, 125.9 acres; and in 1900, 216.6 acres.
15. But if each of ten people specialized on just one-tenth of the task, they could together make 48,000, an increase in per-person productivity from one pin a day to 4,800 pins per day.
16. Over the course of history, the division of labor has increased human productivity immensely.
17. Others again cite the old-established power and productivity of Crete; the immense advantage it derived from insularity, natural fertility and geographical relation to the wider area of east Mediterranean civilizations; and the absence of evidence elsewhere for the gradual growth of a culture powerful enough to dominate the Aegean.
18. P. 633.) To her oriental attributes the following may be added: the sparrow and hare (productivity), the wry-neck (as a love-charm, of which Aphrodite was considered the inventor), the swan and dolphin (as a marine divinity), the tortoise (explained by Plutarch as a symbol of domesticity, but connected by Gruppe with the marine deity), the rose, the poppy, and the lime tree.
19. (The same year the ratio of wealth productivity was as 66 to 37.) Massachusetts stands " foremost in the Union in the universality of its provision for secondary education."
20. For the years1862-1868inclusive, the average annual production was over $i i,000,000; in the second period of great productivity (1873-1878), after the opening (by John W.
21. The usual figure of the Ephesian Artemis, which was said in the first instance to have fallen from heaven, is in the form of a female with many breasts, the symbol of productivity or a token of her function as the all-nourishing mother.
22. They offer, however, great difficulties, especially on account of their continually varying productivity and temperature of fusion.
23. During her stay all animal and vegetable productivity ceases, to begin again with her return to earth - a clear indication of the conception of her as a goddess of fertility.
24. - Within historic times the climate, and with it the productivity of the country, cannot have greatly changed; at most the precipitation may have been greater, the area under wood having been more extensive.
25. The idea that systematic efforts should be made to improve the breed of mankind by checking the birth-rate of the unfit and furthering the productivity of the fit was first put forward by him in 1865; he mooted it again in 1884, using the term "eugenics" for the first time in Human Faculty, and in 1904 he endowed a research fellowship in the university of London for the promotion of knowledge of that subject, which was defined as "the study of agencies under social control that may improve or impair the racial qualities of future generations, either physically or mentally."
26. With it also moisture is a great factor in its productivity.
27. In this connexion may be mentioned the idea of a divinity, half male, half female, uniting in itself the active and passive functions of creation, a symbol of luxuriant growth and productivity.
28. Yet, India has far to go in improving the lives and productivity of its subsistence farmers.
29. Classical economists advocated free trade to increase domestic productivity and employment at stable or growing real wages.
30. Since we ' ve had the gas burner our productivity has gone through the roof we seriously needed that.
31. Gender gape also plays a role in meeting other key objectives, including boosting productivity and closing the gender pay gap.
32. AMT sampling covers almost the entire gradient of oceanic productivity from oligotrophic ocean gyres to seasonally high productive high latitude and equatorial upwelling waters.
33. Additionally, Apple's MobileMe customers can create free websites using iWeb, which is part of their annual iLife suite of productivity applications.
34. It was a paradigm of economic productivity and well-being.
35. Gross international happiness is a new concept in economic thinking aimed at replacing the western paradigm of economic productivity and well-being.
36. They are a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality.
37. Smoking leads to reduced productivity due to smoking breaks, or increased absenteeism due to ill health.
38. Reduced absenteeism, increased staff retention, improved productivity.
39. Experiments in the Southern Ocean show that productivity, and subsequent CO 2 drawdown, are enhanced by iron additions.
40. Aeronautics industry is one of the UK's leading manufacturing sectors and has achieved continual technological advance and productivity improvement.
41. Cost to your company: Lower productivity, higher costs, customer attrition, lost opportunities.
42. We suggest that you always suspend them over the work bench using a balancer, which also improves productivity.
43. Applicants should have a strong record of productivity and a background of research excellence in molecular biology, cell biology or cellular biophysics.
44. The new blast furnaces were technically superior and increased productivity.
45. Boosting productivity is the only way to improve competitiveness without cutting wages.
46. The trade union bureaucracy, including the 'left' bureaucrats supported by the Communist Party, were heavily implicated in productivity deals.
47. Downsizeample productivity in manufacturing in this country has mainly arisen from downsizing the workforce whilst output has remained static.
48. In the event of unplanned downtime, the enterprise can return to full productivity quickly.
49. Employeecentrate on solutions that improve employe productivity and maximize the overall efficiency of the organization.
50. EMU's potential effects... 5.60 emu's potential effects... 5.60 EMU membership could affect all these drivers of productivity, either directly or indirectly.
51. Enhancecognize that enhancing productivity is a continuing challenge to firms.
52. Not only does this enhance safety and reduce any possible eyestrain, it significantly increases productivity.
53. This implies that the food web structure and primary productivity are uncoupled in the oligotrophic gyres.
54. Greater productivity of algae means more herbivores can survive (eg.
55. Heterogeneous with respect to their marginal productivity of labor.
56. The productivity improvement forecast for the end of September was 3.25% .
57. Improvements in productivity and efficiency.
58. It highlights the inability of the research to measure the impact of poor basic skills on industry or regional productivity.
59. The reason is simple: financial and productivity benefits do not outweigh organizational inertia.
60. Intensive farming is ' waste nothing, productivity is everything ' .
61. Labourly Business Information covering finances, quality of service and labor productivity indicators are reported to the MC by company officers.
62. But planting forage legumes instead has the potential to give a major boost to productivity.
63. There are costs from lost productivity - 50 million working days lost productivity - 50 million working days lost due to tobacco related illness.
64. These will be used for benchmarking the productivity performance of urban metros.
65. The Alchemy Task manager helps you manage multiple Alchemy workstations in a production environment, allowing your staff to maximize productivity.
66. That is not flexibility, but severe overwork and appalling productivity.
67. Childcare also plays a role in meeting other key objectives, including boosting productivity and closing the gender pay gap.
68. Pertinent to note that productivity levels, measured by value added per person employed, differ substantially between sectors.
69. Assess the impact of staff interactions on productivity in a specified piggery.
70. Japan sought to educate its colonial subjects for the purpose of improving productivity and not for cultivating a highly educated populace.
71. Ribald tales only HURT my productivity, my beta-testing experience has vastly IMPROVED it.
72. Scavengee control Diseases are the major limiting factor for improving productivity in scavenging systems.
73. Self-starter with high level of productivity and sense of ownership, with the ability to learn quickly and apply knowledge to new situations.
74. This information will help smallholders decide if they can justify the cost of treatment against potential cattle and productivity losses to disease.
75. Special handlingries, inventory checks and special goods handling can be speeded up, providing better service to customers and increasing productivity.
76. Even on the basis of half a business cycle there is no statistical evidence of a UK productivity spurt.
77. So why not supercharge your productivity with three screens.
78. The existing 2 per cent trend rate of UK productivity advance is in fact quite tolerable.
79. Transact customer servicing activities in line with published procedures and agreed standards of accuracy and productivity.
80. Not a month went by without a new productivity ultimatum.
81. Upwelling nutrient-rich water from greater depths which drives plankton growth, increasing productivity in the surface waters.
82. Vibrant office atmosphere has had a positive benefit on staff productivity.
83. Wasteful in terms of our productivity.
84. To hear about the importance of a healthy workplace in improving productivity.
85. Despite the Chancellor's much stated policy aim to raise UK productivity, 2005 looks like ground zero.
86. The size structure appeared to be more closely related to the productivity of the area, with high zooplankton biomass associated with larger zooplankton.
87. From 1848 date the first poetical efforts of Arnaldo Marquez, who is distinguished for his correct diction and rich imagination, as is Nicolas Corpancho for his dramas and a volume of poems entitled Brisas, Adolfo Garcia for a beautiful sonnet to Bolivar, which was published at Havre in 1870, in his one volume of poems, and Clemente Althaus for his productivity and style.
88. Machines—which still need you as an operator, as far as we can see—magnify your productivity.
89. Humanity augmented with technology will lead to ever-increasing productivity.
90. So, how many thousands of times more will this increase our productivity?
91. But let's say only 10 percent of industries will experience this thousandfold increase in productivity.
92. On balance, this will be a hundredfold increase in productivity.
93. But whereas the soiled pages of boobies and ribald tales only HURT my productivity, my beta-testing experience has vastly IMPROVED it.
94. Disease control Diseases are the major limiting factor for improving productivity in scavenging systems.
95. Self-starter with high level of productivity and sense of ownership, with the ability to learn quickly and apply knowledge to new situations.
96. Customer enquiries, inventory checks and special goods handling can be speeded up, providing better service to customers and increasing productivity.
97. To transact customer servicing activities in line with published procedures and agreed standards of accuracy and productivity.
98. The OMZ is created by the monsoon upwelling nutrient-rich water from greater depths which drives plankton growth, increasing productivity in the surface waters.
99. The creation of a vibrant office atmosphere has had a positive benefit on staff productivity.
100. Failing to recognize your best time can actually be wasteful in terms of our productivity.
101. Productivity growth - what the Chancellor himself called the " the fundamental yardstick of economic performance " - has slumped.
102. Despite the Chancellor 's much stated policy aim to raise UK productivity, 2005 looks like ground zero.
103. Most of the communication in this office has become redundant; it is not contributing to productivity.
104. The ergonomics of our new office space help to facilitate productivity and a better work ethic.
105. The Eee PC started the netbook revolution and is made for consumers to do the basics like surf the Internet, check e-mail and do light productivity.
106. Use these gift cards as incentive gifts for employees and you may find an increase in productivity and morale.
107. Invest in some new seating for your office; your productivity levels will thank you.
108. Some homeowners, however, are willing to accept decreased productivity if the area in which they live has a high cost of energy.
109. While desertification can be natural, rapid desertification is likely a result of human activity that has changed the biological productivity of an area.
110. If not, experiment, and you will quickly find out, based on your productivity.
111. Second, if everybody had the opportunity to log on to Facebook or check their personal e-mail throughout the day, the time wasted doing so would lower productivity in the workforce or keep students from paying attention at school.
112. Experiencing high levels of anxiety will lower your productivity levels at work and make you feel unhappy in life.
113. Find what works for you and you will soon notice how much better you feel and your productivity increase.
114. Controlling stress at work will not only help your mental and physical health, but also the productivity of those around you.
115. With the increasing complexity of modern life, the pressure to be constantly multitasking, prioritizing, and increasing productivity can increase stress to unbearable levels.
116. When these obligations aren't met, other coworkers are left to explain to the boss why the report isn't finished on time and why productivity is down this month.
117. Moreover, including physical activity into your workday will improve your focus and concentration, ward of mid-day sleepiness, and increase your productivity.
118. Unfortunately, chronic stress can lead to poor work performance and reduced productivity, which may worsen financial difficulties.
119. When stress levels get too high, however, employee performance can suffer and productivity decreases.
120. Different coworkers may cause distractions and lower your productivity, or they may have personalities you find abrasive.
121. These problems are difficult as they decrease productivity and contribute to feelings of apathy in the company.
122. Their work production and productivity levels decline and their overall physical and mental health suffers.
123. Most companies want motivated workers who will keep costs down while still being high in productivity.
124. Time management is using your time to accomplish given tasks in an efficient and effective way using tools and skills to maximize your productivity.
125. Little things like setting goals, writing to-do lists and scheduling your day can make a big difference in your overall productivity, but if you aren't aware of your own pitfalls, getting on track may be difficult.
126. How can you help these employees get their stress under control, which will hopefully result in increased productivity?
127. Learning to use efficient and effective time management makes the most of your time resulting in increased productivity, reduced stress and more free time.
128. Effective time management means utilizing your time management skills to get more value from your time as you increase your productivity.
129. They help you make the most of your day by increasing your productivity while decreasing the amount of time you spend on the tasks at hand.
130. However, once you learn how to utilize your time correctly by effectively maximizing your productivity, you will feel as if you have more hours available to you each day.
131. For maximum productivity, schedule your time to work on those items at the time of the day when you are at your best.
132. SAD can result in reduced productivity in all aspects of life; work, relationships, emotional, etc. SAD can also result in serious consequences when left untreated such as poor to violent behavior towards others and suicide.
133. A smoker will need to leave his or her work area to smoke, which means lower productivity on the job as well as the possibility of having to go outside in inclement weather to do so.
134. Even a few hours of uninterrupted study time can incite a huge boost in productivity for a task that might otherwise have taken days to complete.
135. Beautiful for its classic black sheen as well as its productivity and adaptability properties.
136. Not only does this increase productivity, it reduces weeds, keeps the soil more moist, and shades roots.
137. Companies benefit from being involved in this program through fewer health and safety incidents that lower productivity in the workplace.
138. The morale and productivity of fellow employees is also often affected when a workplace injury occurs.
139. The physical and psychological effects of the job can lead to increased time off from work, high turnover and lower productivity.
140. Anti-snoring devices can reduce frequent or loud snoring, thereby improving sleep, increasing productivity, and decreasing the risk of negative health effects.
141. In addition to interfering with restful sleep and lowering daily productivity, habitual snoring may contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.
142. In fact, people who are deprived of REM sleep, which is the precursor to dreaming, will have many problems, including getting sick more often, having reduced memory and productivity, and other signs of serious sleep disorders.
143. A person might not end up with not only cardiovascular problems, but also emotional and productivity problems.
144. The phones increase productivity on the road while keep you organized.
145. There are mobile games, media players, productivity applications, tip calculators, and other fun things.
146. The apps available for Windows Mobile 6.5 are quite varied, ranging from productivity apps to mobile games to tip calculators.
147. These apps allow you to find reference information, play games, communicate with other people, learn new things, increase your productivity and find music and entertainment sources.
148. It's a worthwhile investment to keep your productivity high.
149. Keyboard Support: Connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the iPhone for ultimate productivity on the go.
150. You can download productivity apps like PDF readers and contact managers, games like Flood-It and Bejeweled 2, and communication apps like AOL Instant Messenger and Skype.
151. Since you have your Android smartphone with you everywhere you go, it can also be one of the best tools for productivity too.
152. Productivity apps are one thing, but you want to have some fun too.
153. Sertraline appears to significantly improve productivity, social activities, and relationships compared.
154. The American Diabetes Association reports that in 2002, diabetes cost Americans an estimated $132 billion in direct medical costs and indirect expenses such as lost productivity and disability payments.
155. With proper treatment, the life expectancy of the bipolar patient will increase by nearly seven years and work productivity increases by 10 years.
156. Allergy is the single largest reason for school absence and is a major source of lost productivity in the workplace.
157. Productivity means getting more accomplished with less time and effort.
158. The workers involved in the telecommuting pilot project were pleased to save the expense of commuting to and from work one day per week, and productivity and morale increased.
159. When employees don't know what is expected of them or lack the training necessary to do their job properly, productivity decreases.
160. Poorly trained employees are also more likely to sustain injuries on the job, which increases the costs of doing business as well as affecting productivity.
161. Green Point Mortgage also offers many different resources on their website to help brokers and lenders boost their productivity.
162. Their hydra fast tank suit is a great example of style combined with productivity.
163. With less productivity, your coworkers might become suspicious or you could even get fired.
164. While writing forums can be a great resource in your career, you need to make sure that they don't stop your motivation or kill your productivity.
165. It is not customary for a Virgo, who is primarily concerned with productivity and exactitude, to spend great amounts of time mulling over the nature of such conflicts.
166. Instead, bonding occurs during activities and productivity.
167. The website also offers a discounted version of the Office Professional suite for home and office users who may later need access to other productivity applications.
168. If you're falling asleep at your desk, this routine will wake you up and increase your productivity for the rest of the day.
169. Yoga sessions in the corporate world can increase productivity as health, self-esteem and morale improves.
170. The toolbars offer neat tools that add to productivity.
171. by Citrix Systems Inc. Santa Barbara, CA, is an affordable Web conferencing tool that delivers on the promise of smooth operation and ease of use while boosting productivity and cutting meeting travel costs.
172. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 has many new and improved features that can add to your productivity without subtracting from your bottom line.
173. Today company owners want to squeeze as much productivity out of their employees and themselves as they can, while keeping wary eyes on costs, cutting wherever possible.
174. While airlines struggle with the rising costs of fuels, hotels have increased business amenities designed to make increased productivity a pleasure.
175. No matter if you operate a small office home office as a sole proprietor, or a own a small business with 100 employees on a network, spyware can negatively impact your productivity, and a loss of productivity means a loss of money.
176. Every business develops time wasting methods that creep into daily productivity.
177. The leading productivity suite is Microsoft Office(R).
178. Productivity: Keep involved in productive work to feel good about you.
179. The motivation and site operatives of your business can make a huge difference in the productivity of your employees.
180. Designed to help employees who need special attention in certain health and financial areas, these programs contribute to increasing employee retention and productivity.
181. EAPs were created to provide confidential, easy-to-access programs to help maintain well-being, health and employee productivity.
182. Company's who take advantage of these programs also see an increase in employee productivity, reduction in attrition, fewer grievances filed, and less disciplinary problems.
183. Substance Abuse is common among the work force, and it's effects on productivity influence employees in numerous ways.
184. The Employee Assistance Report, 2001, reported if 5 percent of employees used EAPs, the potential monetary savings would be 3.45 percent of payroll for absenteeism and improved productivity.
185. One of the strongest reasons to utilize employee assistance programs is the increase in productivity among your employees.
186. Because office organization promotes productivity.
187. Employee gifts make potent tools to help improve productivity, reduce employee turnover, and encourage teamwork.
188. It's important to realize that activity and productivity are not the same thing at all.
189. Are you responsible for increased productivity or inventory reductions?
190. My experience has included handling employee terminations and aiding in improving company productivity.
191. If used effectively, such a system can improve productivity and sales.
192. CRM tools are powerful resources for increasing employee productivity.
193. Each year approximately $71 billion are spent on medical costs, loss of productivity, and loss of life, according to the US Department of Agriculature.
194. Injuries and illnesses occurred frequently in these camps and affected employee productivity.
195. The lost productivity will no longer happen, and the overall health of employees will rise.
196. These factors can translate directly to increased productivity, reduced turnover, and decreased issues with time lost from work.
197. Instant messaging programs are likely blocked to prevent distractions and increase productivity.
198. While some companies seem to want to cut down on the use of social media in the workplace, HP has embraced the trend and turned it into a force of productivity for its employees.
199. The number of farms in South Carolina was 93,864 in 1880, 115,008 in 1890 and 154,166 in 1900 - the number for the two last named years not including farms of less than 3 acres and of relatively small productivity.
200. The guiding motto of intensive farming is ' waste nothing, productivity is everything ' .
201. In some cases, productivity gains had allowed contracts to be delivered at the same quality of service while maintaining the price.
202. The productivity gap averages around 5% in Taiwan while the corresponding figure for Korea exceeds 10% .
203. Allowing for these and for potential public sector productivity growth gives a picture similar to cash incomes.
204. The goal of any time management system is to promote productivity while managing time spent on any aspect of a project.
205. U.S. productivity rose at a 7.3% rate in the second quarter as the number of hours worked fell by nearly half, the biggest dropoff since the government started tracking the data.
206. As a leader, and someone who's all about productivity , I have a confession to make. I've been guilty of exchanging the terms and actions involved with productivity and efficiency. While that may seem ...
207. The productivity of U.S. workers rose at a 7.3% annual rate in the second quarter, the Labor Department said Friday.
208. U.S. worker productivity increased at its fastest pace in 11 years in the second quarter as hours plunged amid the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to an acceleration in labor costs.
209. Friday is its first estimate of second-quarter productivity and follows the first quarter’s 0.3% decline. Labor costs rose again in the second quarter after rising at a 9.8% rate in the January-March ...
210. U.S. labor productivity rose at a higher-than-expected 7.3% rate in the second quarter of the year as the number of hours worked plunged by nearly half, according to a government report released ...
211. productivity in the U.S. rose in the second quarter by the most in 11 years as hours worked slumped more than output during the economic shutdown to contain the coronavirus. Nonfarm business employee ...
212. The future of employee productivity is already here. The transition toward allowing workers to do their jobs remotely just fast-forwarded several years with the current novel coronavirus health ...
213. In recent months, as office doors slammed shut and the mass exodus of workers began, employers and employees alike feared that the distractions of home would act as a drag on productivity.
214. Not useful advice, at least. That’s perhaps the biggest takeaway from my recent interview with bestselling author and productivity expert Charles Duhigg, host of Slate’s How To! podcast ...
215. Sales leaders have long struggled to determine how to get more of their reps to consistently make quota Small improvements in average rep and manager productivity can significantly boost the ...
216. Why did productivity growth slow in the 1970s, briefly surge in the late 1990s, and slow back down again after the early 2000s? Looking to the future, what effects will artificial intelligence ...
217. productivity sentence examples. productivity. Measures are being taken by the zemstvos to increase the very low productivity of the forests. 138. 68. We still have a thousandfold increase in productivity before us. 115. 72. Liber was originally an old Italian god of the productivity of nature, especially of the vine. 53. 27.
218. Examples of worker productivity in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: It was one of the greatest levels of worker productivity before the 19th…
219. 233+16 sentence examples: 1. A comfortable working environment will increase productivity. 2. We need to increase productivity. 3. The strike took a heavy toll in lost productivity. 4. New machinery has enhanced the company's productivity and competi
220. Examples of productivity in a sentence. Because the machines keep malfunctioning, the company’s production productivity has gone way down. 🔊 Coffee always seems to increase my productivity and helps me make it through the day. 🔊 Studies have shown that worker productivity increases when employees feel appreciated. 🔊
221. productivity is a general term in linguistics for the limitless ability to use language to say new things. Here's a definition and some examples.
222. Examples of labour productivity in a sentence, how to use it. 18 examples: The increase in agricultural capital raises agricultural labour productivity…
223. The ultimate way to confirm your productivity level is to see it written on the page (or post-it note, or Google Doc…). The ultimate productivity tracking tool is the review. Hopefully, by now you will have started carrying out regular reviews — a daily, weekly or monthly review. The review will allow you to confirm and analyze your
224. Sentence Examples Ever since then, they have been saying it was a self-financing productivity deal. Rising sales will help to offset the squeeze on profit margins as productivity slows and costs pick up.
225. Sentence examples for productivity revolution from inspiring English sources. 20. exact 10. related RELATED productivity transformation. productivity innovation. performance revolution. growth revolution. productivity breakthrough. production revolution. productivity reform
226. productivity definition: productivity is the rate at which goods are produced. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
227. 11 Examples of productivity Improvement posted by John Spacey, January 05, 2018. productivity improvement is the process of achieving more output from an hour of work. The following are the common types of productivity improvement. Capital
228. Translations of the phrase THE productivity from english to italian and examples of the use of "THE PRODUCTIVITY" in a sentence with their translations: The productivity factors taken into account cover
229. 30 people chose this as the best definition of productivity: The quality of being prod See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
230. productivity definition is - the quality or state of being productive. How to use productivity in a sentence.
231. Translations of the word productivity from english to spanish and examples of the use of "PRODUCTIVITY" in a sentence with their translations: This process raises productivity and industrial competitiveness.
232. 233+16 sentence examples: 1. In this scenario, capital flows tend towards areas with high technology and high productivity. 2. The result: a 42 percent increase in productivity and a 70 percent decrease in errors or deviations. 3. Managers are assess
233. 8 Examples of productivity Metrics posted by John Spacey, March 27, 2017. productivity metrics are ways to measure how much is produced for an input such as an hour of work. They are commonly used to manage and improve performance. The following are common examples of productivity metrics.
234. This measure of productivity can be used to measure the productivity of one worker or many, as well as the productivity of a machine, a department, the whole firm, or even a nation. Total productivity is used when measuring productivity for all inputs combined, such as labor, machines, and capital.
235. English words and Examples of Usage use "productivity" in a sentence The workers can get a productivity bonus if they surpass the minimum production level. A panel of experts from the labor and business world are working together to improve working conditions and productivity in the region.
236. Use “productivity” in a sentence | “productivity” sentence examples. یادگیری لغت productivity در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت productivity.
237. Primary productivity in a sentence - Use "primary productivity" in a sentence 1. This can cause an increase in primary productivity, resulting in algal blooms. 2. The phosphate would have supported greater primary productivity in the surface oceans. click for more sentences of primary productivity
238. productivity is the term used to describe how efficiently workers accomplish tasks assigned to them. All companies are looking for productive employees since they are very useful in every business area. On this page, you will find the list of performance review phrases on productivity that might help you to conduct an effective employee appraisal.
239. productivity quotes from YourDictionary: They say productivity is the key to confidence, and confidence … to productivity. And they’re happy walking back and forth between these two rooms, each the excuse for the other.
240. Search for jobs related to productivity example sentence or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 15m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs.
241. How to use productivity in a sentence. Example sentences with the word productivity. productivity example sentences. efforts should be made to improve the breed of mankind by checking the birth-rate of the unfit and furthering the productivity of the fit was first put forward by him in 1865; 2. Examples of productivity in a sentence.
242. Most people chose this as the best definition of productivity-software: Any application people us See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
243. By Ken Lloyd . If your employees have differing levels of productivity and timeliness, you’ll need to know how to phrase your employee appraisals. In order for the written feedback on your evaluations to have a long-lasting impact, you need to focus on the individual performance factors that determine the quality and quantity of your employees’ work.
244. 7 productivity Metrics Examples & KPIs To Boost Your .. Also, look closer by evaluating OT in combination with other employee productivity KPI examples such as workload, you can see, and therefore work to prevent, the mistakes that inevitably happen in an overworked team. Another common symptom of an overworked team is a higher rate of absenteeism.
245. productivity used in sentence example & words in English. Examples of productivity in a sen. Because the machines keep malfunctioning, the company’s production productivity has gone way down. . Coffee always seems to increase my productivity and helps me make it through the day. .
246. The higher productivity factor would yield a higher savings for consumers. The Labor Department announces productivity and costs for the first quarter. The reason they are making money is because of our productivity, productivity is growing, which means workers are becoming more efficient. It's difficult to see productivity in a sentence .
247. Synonyms for productivity at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for productivity.
248. productivity definition, the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services: The productivity of the group's effort surprised everyone. See more.
249. ADVERTISEMENTS: After reading this essay you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of productivity 2. Importance of productivity 3. Factors 4. Measures to Increase productivity 5. Measurement 6. Main Contributors to productivity Improvement 7. Management Tools 8. Techniques to Improve productivity 9. Benefits from Increased productivity. Essay on the Meaning of Productivity: ‘Productivity’ is
250. Sentence examples for target productivity from inspiring English sources. 10. exact 50. similar 10. related RELATED target workload. target profitability. goal productivity. target production. target performance. target growth. objective productivity. target output. identify productivity
251. productivity in the workplace relates to how efficiently your workers accomplish your company's goals and produce goods or services for customers. Examples might include the speed at which your workers produce a product at a factory, handle technical support calls for a tech firm or serve customers at a restaurant.
252. productivity Software Examples. productivity software is a tool such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Kid Pix, publisher, and many more. These programs enhance a teacher’s lesson plan and allow the teacher to take their students beyond textbooks and boring lectures. For example, Excel is a productivity tool that can be very helpful in teaching
253. ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is an essay on the ‘productivity in an Organization’ for class 11 and 12. Find paragraphs, long and short essays on the ‘productivity in an Organization’ especially written for school and management students. Essay on productivity Essay Contents: Essay on the Definitions of productivity Essay on the Importance of productivity Essay on the […]
254. 11 Examples of productivity Improvement posted by John Spacey , January 05, 2018 productivity improvement is the process of achieving more output from an hour of work . The Paradox of Workplace productivity - . At its most basic, productivity is the amount of value produced divided by the amount of cost (or time) required to do so.
255. Employee productivity is a major concern for employers and lower productivity cannot be blamed on the employee entirely. A lot of it has to do with the environment at the work place, and the work conditions along with a series of factors that define the work culture.
256. Productivity: A measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system, etc., in converting inputs into useful outputs. productivity is computed by dividing average output per period by the total costs incurred or resources (capital, energy, material, personnel) consumed in that period. productivity is a critical determinant of cost
257. Extra Examples. Few employers measure employee productivity. It cost the company $25 million in reduced productivity. Organizations today just can't afford to lose productivity. productivity is growing at a very healthy rate. The strike took a heavy toll in lost productivity. Wage increases outpaced growth in productivity.
258. Examples. Economists always forget that a job with no corresponding increase in productivity is a net loss, it is simply another squirrel hauling walnuts. The Saddest Sentence I've Read Today, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty.
259. This will help to increase their productivity, as they will have a clear focus and clear goals. 7. Practice Positive Reinforcement. You will get proven strategies, real-life examples, ready-to-go templates, checklists and worksheets to help guide you along and save you time.
260. In linguistics, productivity is the degree to which native speakers use a particular grammatical process, especially in word formation.It compares grammatical processes that are in frequent use to less frequently used ones that tend towards lexicalization.Generally the test of productivity concerns identifying which grammatical forms would be used in the coining of new words: these will tend
261. Used in a sentence (Often productivity is used as an abbreviation for "labor productivity" which is the value of production divided by the hours of labor to create that production) She is relentless in her drive to increase company productivity. Search for other examples by interest .
262. The need to ensure and enhance employee productivity is a reality no business can ignore. If you run a business you'll want to lean away from doing the mundane and routine when you can.
263. Workforce productivity: The total amount of goods and services workers produce in a certain period. Personal productivity: The relevant output of an individual in a certain period. You do not control the former but you have 100% control over the latter. Hence, if a person, manager, CEO, leader, wants to improve collective productivity; one must

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