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"Range" Example Sentences

1. Get yourself to the range and learn to shoot.
2. The trio was out of camera range a few steps later.
3. In the King William range is the painted hall.
4. You're out of range up here.
5. At any single station potential gradient has a wide range of values.
6. The atmospheric temperature should range from 60° to 65° till the mushrooms appear, when it may drop a few degrees, but not lower than 55°.
7. If I had paid more attention to her and spent a little less time out on the range, she might be alive today.
8. We can build these machines to do an incomprehensibly large range of tasks.
9. He was within range to hear her thoughts; all he heard was the girl's.
10. As national income increases in a given country, the size of government as a portion of gross national product (GNP) rises and the range of services people expect the government to offer rises.
11. Gerry stayed outside his mindreading range up the beach, his movement stilled as he watched.
12. He didn't sense the Original Other until within range of his mind manipulation power.
13. Apparently he spent a lot of time on the back of a horse, riding his range in all kinds of weather - a fact that prompted more than one comment by townsfolk that he had wasted a good college education.
14. His face was pale and drawn as he shoved the range back into place.
15. Inasmuch as the state has a range of over 4000 ft.
16. Their flowers range from white to rose-coloured, yellow and blue.
17. "Ugh. The hussars will get it hot!" said Nesvitski; "they are within grapeshot range now."
18. Ludovicianus, which last extends its range into Canada.
19. The remedy proposed by Descartes is (while not neglecting our duties to others, ourselves and God) to let doubt range unchecked through the whole fabric of our customary convictions.
20. At the very least, history can clearly show the range of outcomes that are likely.
21. MONT BLANC, the culminating point (15,782 ft.) of the mountain range of the same name, which forms part of the Pennine Alps, and is divided unequally between France, Italy and Switzerland.
22. I think the range of problems that technology can solve is confined to technological problems.
23. The final ten cover a range of topics that don't fit neatly elsewhere.
24. Grasso no longer hid the knife he carried in his right hand as they moved nearly out of range to a dark, windowless van.
25. By declaring a pretty broad range of things worth killing and dying for, we say that each of those is more precious to us than human life.
26. That range between the smallest pea plant and the largest is the full spectrum of what that plant can be.
27. The lowland elevations in this part of the state range from 300 to 400 ft.
28. Princip seized the opportunity and fired into the open car at a range of five feet, killing them both.
29. The squadron crossed the bridge and drew out of range of fire without having lost a single man.
30. He moved within range of the girl's room, intent on raiding her mind for information.
31. So again, in the case of the Paris curves, the absolute value of the diurnal range in summer was much greater for the Eiffel Tower than for the Bureau Central, but the mean voltage was 2150 at the former station and only 134 at the latter.
32. She peeked into a sparkling kitchen with a dishwasher and range - and an overhead oven.
33. To sing this, Elisabeth would have had to be classically trained, and she would need to sing the highest end of her range if she was indeed a mezzo-soprano.
34. Although the route was relatively flat by Colorado standards, Dean learned that a body unaccustomed to elevation in the 7,000­foot range needed more oxygen to fuel its muscles.
35. The shortest road across this range passes along the eastern side of the mountains, and the most difficult part is the celebrated Scironian rocks, the mythic home of the robber Sciron.
36. When we look at this record of the choices of people, we see a wide range of behaviors.
37. It consists of, first, a strip of mainland along the Bay of Bengal, extending from the An pass, across the main range, to the Ma-i River, and, secondly, the large islands of Ramree and Cheduba, with many others to the south, lying off the coast of Sandoway.
38. Will they get there and fire the bridge or will the French get within grapeshot range and wipe them out?
39. He was described as chasing the British squadron all round the lake, but his encounters did not go beyond artillery duels at long range, and he allowed his enemy to continue in existence long after he might have been destroyed.
40. The Thysanoptera are probably world-wide in their range, but they have hardly been studied outside Europe and North America.
41. This work is in its design apologetic, and is meant to bring within the range of Christian thought all that is of value in Mahommedan science.
42. Vegetarians can choose from a wide range of options.
43. These restaurants are popular for good reason-the menu offers a wide range of options sure to appeal to fondue lovers and to make converts out of those who have yet to be introduced to fondue.
44. To them the words of Miloradovich seem very interesting, and so do their surmises and the rewards this or that general received; but the question of those fifty thousand men who were left in hospitals and in graves does not even interest them, for it does not come within the range of their investigation.
45. If we have a large range of examples, if our observation is constantly directed to seeking the correlation of cause and effect in people's actions, their actions appear to us more under compulsion and less free the more correctly we connect the effects with the causes.
46. The third line gives the range of the regular diurnal inequality, the next four lines the amplitudes of the first four Fourier waves into which the regular diurnal inequality has been analysed.
47. Range after range of mountains began with a mixture of sharp green that gradually faded until the last range was wrapped in the haze of distance.
48. She saw a full range of eye colors, though she noticed with some interest that blue or green eyes were unnaturally clear-- unlike her Mediterranean, green-blue-grey gaze.
49. Beyond a nearby mountain range, lights and explosions lit up both the sky and the air between earth and sky.
50. The valley appeared as vast as the sky, both stretching until they met a second range of mountains in the distance.
51. In the Queen Anne range is the Royal Naval Museum, containing models, relics of Nelson and of Franklin, and other objects.
52. The range of Mount Geraneia extends across the country from east to west, forming a barrier between continental Greece and the Peloponnesus.
53. Cannon and musketry, mingling together, thundered on the right and in the center, while the capotes of Lannes' sharpshooters were already seen crossing the milldam and forming up within twice the range of a musket shot.
54. The pizza toppings range from old favorites like pepperoni to exotic options like asparagus.
55. The restaurant's extensive margarita selection includes a range of tequilas and a "very secret" homemade sour mix.
56. The range of subject matter on YouTube is as incomprehensibly large as the range in quality.
57. Over the sill at average water-level, the tidal range at Malta being but slight; and opening into French creek a dry dock of more modern construction, known as No.
58. Hamilton, "the measurement of a number of tails of the [European] wild cat and of the domestic cat gives a range between 11 in.
59. The marshals and generals, who were nearer to the field of battle but, like Napoleon, did not take part in the actual fighting and only occasionally went within musket range, made their own arrangements without asking Napoleon and issued orders where and in what direction to fire and where cavalry should gallop and infantry should run.
60. It will be noticed that the difference between the greatest and least hourly values is, in all but three winter months, actually larger than the mean value of the potential gradient for the day; it bears to the range of the regular diurnal inequality a ratio varying from 2.0 in May to 3.6 in November.
61. I And I_ Both Show A Considerable Range Of Values, Even At The Same Place During The Same Season Of The Year.
62. Columbus also boasts a wide range of world-class steak houses.
63. Colorado boasts a range of outdoor activities, ranging from skiing and snowshoeing to rafting, hiking, climbing and biking.
64. A putting green, driving range and nine-hole golf course are popular as well.
65. Pennsylvania offers visitors a wide range of outdoor activities.
66. Known to many as a hangout for locals, the restaurant offers a full menu, with a range of choices from fajitas to fish and chips.
67. The restaurant's menu choices range from the typical (mostly fried) appetizers, burgers and salads to a full-entree menu that includes steaks, seafood and pasta.
68. The menu was designed to accommodate fine dining as well as family dining, offering a range of appetizers and entrees.
69. There is an array of dessert items, like mango cheesecake, tempura banana and a range of ice cream flavors, from green tea to red bean to ginger.
70. Above sea-level, at the foot of the Beshtau, Mashuk and three other outliers of the Caucasus range, which protect it on the north.
71. For power and range of imagination, for freshness and vividness of conception, for truth and originality of presentation, few Roman poets can compare with him when he is at his best.
72. Its geographical range was formerly very extensive, and included Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Poland, Transylvania, Galicia, the Caucasus as far as the Caspian, southern Russia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Rumania, Bulgaria, Servia, and portions of central and northern Asia.
73. I know of those whose serene and wise speculations on this theme would soon reveal the limits of his mind's range and hospitality.
74. An apartment sized gas range stood beside a small refrigerator that looked like something out of the 50's.
75. During this three-year period, conveniently named by the Chinese "The Three Years of Natural Disasters," no one really knows how many people died; estimates range from fifteen million to a high of more than forty-five million.
76. They went through an entire range of movements, from attacking to defending in motions that resembled a dance.
77. I figured he was already up there, out of range.
78. The battle waged just past the next range.
79. What's your price range?
80. She did not agree with the commander's orders to kill anyone who stepped within range.
81. Alex had the foresight to have the builders install a gas range.
82. She flinched and moved away from the window to put the pot over a fire on the range.
83. They'd be unable to sense her, until she was within striking range.
84. That God is love and that the purpose of His love is the moral organization of humanity in the "Kingdom of God" - this idea, with its immense range of application-.-is applied in Ritschl's initial datum.
85. The Eternity of the Son - is passed over as beyond the range of his method.
86. It is true that our best authority, Arrian, fails to substantiate the traditional view satisfactorily; on the other hand those who maintain it urge that Arrian's interests were mainly military, and that the other authorities, if inferior in trustworthiness, are completer in range of vision.
87. They are all inhabitants of the open plains or the forests of the tropical and temperate parts of South America, with the exception of a few species which range as far north as Texas.
88. The great Shar range, extending in a south-westerly direction from the neighbourhood of Prishtina to that of Dibra, is continued towards the S.
89. The highland region of northern Albania is divided into two portions by the lower course of the Drin; the mountains of the northern portion, the Bieska Malziis, extend in a confused and broken series of ridges from Scutari to the valleys of the Ibar and White Drin; they comprise the rocky group of the Prokletia, or Accursed Mountains, with their numerous ramifications, including Mount Velechik, inhabited by the Kastrat and Shkrel tribes, Bukovik by the Hot, Golesh by the Klement, Skulsen (7533 ft.), Baba Vrkh (about 7306 ft.), Maranay near Scutari, and the Bastrik range to the east.
90. Southern Albania, again, is almost wholly mountainous, with the exception of the plains of Iannina and Arta; the most noteworthy feature is the rugged range of the Tchika, or Khimara mountains, which skirt the sea-coast from south-west to northeast, terminating in the lofty promontory of Glossa (ancient Acroceraunia).
91. Those heated by the fire of the kitchen range, and those heated separately or independently.
92. - The great extent of Argentina in latitude - about 33° - and its range in altitude from sea-level westward to the permanently snow-covered peaks of the Andes, give it a highly diversified climate,, which is further modified by prevailing winds and mountain barriers..
93. Within French territory; the highest elevation therein, the Vignemale, in the centre of the range, reaches 10,820 ft.
94. In the southern and most elevated portion of the range there are several summits exceeding 5500 ft.
95. The greatest number of Jews is to be found at Paris, Lyons and Bordeaux, while the departments of the centre and of the south along the range of the Cvennes, where Calvinism flourishes, are the principal Protestant localities, Nimes being the most important centre.
96. Here another entrenched camp was made and from it the Moselle line (qv.) of forts darrit continues the barrier to Belfort (q.v.), another large entrenched camp, beyond which a series of fortifications at Montbliard and the Lomont range carries the line of defence to the Swiss border, which in turn is protected by works at Pontarlier and elsewhere.
97. Where the Green Mountain range is unbroken, in the S.
98. Guests can choose from a wide range of appetizers, including fried calamari, bruschetta and mini meatballs.
99. Prices range from moderate to high, there is a children's menu and the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day.
100. Besides the Conseil superiezr the minister is advised on a very wide range of naval topics (including pay, quarters and recruiting) by the Comite consultatif de la Marine.
101. The resulting compound, nickel carbonyl, which was described to the Chemical Society in 1890, is both formed and decomposed within a very moderate range of temperature, and on this fact he based a successful process for the extraction of nickel from its ores.
102. CARACAS, the principal city and the capital of the United States of Venezuela, situated at the western extremity of an elevated valley of the Venezuelan Coast Range known as the plain of Chacao, 62 m.
103. Possessing an immense range of knowledge, he has filled up lacunae in nearly every part of physics, by experiment, by calculation, and by clear accurate thought.
104. The island is diversified in its surface, and is traversed from north to south by an elevated mountain range, the highest point of which is called Atairo (anc. Atabyris or Atabyrium) (4560 ft.).
105. In Victoria the greatest elevation is reached in the peaks of Mount Bogong (6508 ft.) and Mount Feathertop (6303 ft.), both of which lie north of the Dividing Range; in the main range Mount Hotham (6100 ft.) and Mount Cobberas (6025 ft.) are the highest summits.
106. The range is here called the Muniong, but farther north it receives the name of Monaro Range; the latter has a much reduced altitude, its average being only about 2000 feet.
107. The Dividing Range decreases north of the Blue Mountains, until as a mere ridge it divides the waters of the coastal rivers from those flowing to the Darling.
108. The mass widens out once more in the Liverpool Range, where the highest peak, Mount Oxley, reaches 4500 ft., and farther north, in the New England Range, Ben Lomond reaches an elevation of 5000 ft.
109. Near the Queensland border, Mount Lindsay, in the Macpherson Range, rises to a height of 5500 ft.
110. The Southern Ocean system of the Victorian Dividing Range hardly attains to the dignity of high mountains.
111. An eastern system in South Australia touches at a few points a height of 3000 ft.; and the Stirling Range, belonging to the south-western system of South Australia, reaches to 2340 ft.
112. On the west the Darling Range faces the Indian Ocean, and extends from Point D'Entrecasteaux to the Murchison river.
113. This is Mount Wingen, situated in a spur of the Liverpool Range and close to the town of Scone.
114. Taking the Lachlan as one type of Australian river, we find it takes its rise amongst the precipitous and almost unexplored valleys of the Great Dividing Range.
115. From the Dividing Range, where the river ceases to act as a denuding agent, and the area of deposition begins, at a level of 250 ft.
116. Silurian rocks are well developed in western Tasmania, and the Silurian sea must have washed the south-western corner of the continent, if the rocks of the Stirling Range be rightly identified as of this age.
117. The Upper Devonian was a period of marine retreat; the crustal disturbances of the Lower Devonian were renewed and great quartz-pebble beaches were formed on the rising shore lines, producing the West Coast Range conglomerates of Tasmania, and the similar rocks to the south-east of Mansfield in Victoria.
118. The coal-seams must have been formed in wellwatered, lowland forests, at the foot of a high mountain range, built up by the Devonian earth movements.
119. The temperature, however, has a daily range less than that of other countries under the same isothermal lines.
120. Summer and mean winter temperatures may be set down as averaging not more than 20°, a range smaller than is found in most other parts of the world.
121. The range is thus 16.9° Fahr.
122. At Naples, where the mean temperature for the year is about the same as at Sydney, the summer temperature reaches a mean of 74.4°, and the mean of winter is 47.6°, with a range 26.8°.
123. Behind the luxuriant jungles of the sub-tropical coast, once over the main range, we find the purely Australian flora with its apparent sameness and sombre dulness.
124. The range in species is very limited, no one being common to eastern and western Australia.
125. Practically the whole of the territory between the 145° meridian and the Great Dividing Range, as well as extensive tracts in the south and west, are a natural sheep pasture with climatic conditions and indigenous vegetation pre - eminently adapted for the growth of wool of the highest quality.
126. From Sydney and about a like distance to the south and shut in to the west by the Blue Mountain range, forming a narrow strip not more than 50 m.
127. Deep, which baffled every effort to reach the interior until in 1813, when a summer of severe drought had made it of vital importance to find new pastures, three of the colonists, Messrs Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth, more fortunate than their predecessors in exploration, after crossing the Nepean river at Emu Plains and ascending the Dividing Range, were able to reach a position enabling them to obtain a view of the grassy valley of the Fish river, which lies on the farther side of the Dividing Range.
128. Oxley now turned aside - led by Mr Evans's report of the country eastward - crossed the Arbuthnot range, and traversing the Liverpool Plains, and ascending the Peel and Cockburn rivers to the Blue Mountains, gained sight of the open sea, which he reached at Port Macquarie.
129. In 1827 and the two following years, Cunningham prosecuted instructive explorations on both sides of the Liverpool range, between the upper waters of the Hunter and those of the Peel and other tributaries of the Brisbane north of New South Wales.
130. He started in March 1860, passing Lake Torrens and Lake Eyre, beyond which he found a pleasant, fertile country till he crossed the Macdonnell range of mountains, just under the line of the tropic of Capricorn.
131. They got on in spite of great difficulties, past the McKinlay range of mountains, S.
132. He passed the Reynolds range and Lake Amadeus in that direction, but was compelled to turn south, where he found a tract of well-watered grassy land.
133. Hann, with Messrs Warner, Tate and Taylor, in 1873, related to the country north of the Kirchner range, watered by the Lynd, the Mitchell, the Walsh and the Palmer rivers, on the east side of the Gulf of Carpentaria.
134. Major Warburton had virtually raced across from the Macdonnell range in South Australia to the headwaters of the Oakover river on the northwest coast, without allowing himself sufficient time to note the characteristics of the country.
135. The legislative powers of the parliament have a wide range, many matters being transferred to it from the colonial parliaments.
136. PAGHMAN, a small district of Afghanistan to the west of Kabul, lying under the Paghman branch of the Hindu Kush range.
137. A range of granite mountains forms a backbone which divides the peninsula into two unequal portions, the larger of which lies to the east and the smaller to the west of the chain.
138. The descent from the summits of the range into the plain is somewhat less abrupt on the western than it is on the eastern side, and between the foot of the mountains and the Strait of Malacca the largest known alluvial deposits of tin are situated.
139. The highest known peak in the main range is that of Gunong Korbu, 7217 ft.
140. The highest mountain is believed to be Gunong Tahan, which forms part of an isolated range on the eastern side, between Pahang and Kelantan, and is estimated at about 8000 ft.
141. These rocks form the greater part of the central range, and they are often - especially the granite - decomposed and rotten to a considerable depth.
142. Among the industrial establishments of the city are stove and range factories, flour mills, rolling mills, distilleries, breweries, shoe factories, copper refining works, nail and tack factories, glass works and agricultural implement factories.
143. Extremes range from 106 ft.
144. For two-thirds the length of the state the range is only slightly broken, but farther N.
145. West of the Green Mountains the Taconic Mountains form a nearly parallel (but distinct) range, extending from New York and Massachusetts N.
146. It lies on the slope of a low range of hills which borders the valley of the Thames on the south.
147. The Kabul (ancient Kophes), which is the most important (although not the largest) river in Afghanistan, rises at the foot of the Unai pass leading over the Sanglakh range, an offshoot of the Hindu Kush towards Bamian and Afghan Turkestan.
148. The surface of the vilayet is generally mountainous, except in the central valley of the Maritza, and along the banks of its tributaries, the Tunja, Arda, Ergene, &c. On the west, the great Rhodope range and its outlying ridges extend as far as the Maritza, and attain an altitude of more than 7000 f t.
149. Beginning in the south-east corner of the Gold Coast colony this range, composed of quartzites and schists, extends beyond the borders of Togoland into upper Dahomey.
150. Its general elevation is between 2000 and 2500 ft.; on the north-west side of the range the country is table-land some boo to moo ft.
151. Baumann Spitze (3215 ft.) is an isolated peak in 6° 50' N., o° 46' E., east of the main range.
152. South and east of the range the country, apart from that watered by the coast streams, drains to the Mono river.
153. In the first the load can be lifted vertically, and then moved round a central pivot, so as to be deposited at any convenient point within the range.
154. A very short range of lift.
155. The first method is in general use for steam cranes; it allows for a far greater range of power in the brake, but is not automatic, as is the second.
156. This drawback can be corrected to a slight extent by furnishing the hydraulic crane with more than one cylinder, and thus compounding it, but the arrangement does not give the same economical range of load "as in an electric crane.
157. The most striking physical feature is the Aravalli range of mountains, which intersects the country almost from end to end in a line running from south-west to north-east.
158. Mount Abu is at the south-western extremity of the range, and the north-eastern end may be said to terminate near Khetri in the Shaikhawati district of Jaipur, although a series of broken ridges is continued in the direction of Delhi.
159. About three-fifths of Rajputana lies north-west of the range, leaving twofifths on the east and south.
160. The country to the east and south-east of the Aravallis affords a striking contrast to the sandy plains on the north-west of the range, and is blessed with fertile lands, hill-ranges and long stretches of forest, where fuel and fodder are abundant.
161. Copper and lead are found in several parts of the Aravalli range and of the minor ridges in Alwar and Shaikhawati, and iron ores abound in several states.
162. It forms, like Giglio and Monte Cristo, part of a sunken mountain range extending towards Corsica and Sardinia.
163. This is the highest point in the northern Apennines, and belongs to a group of summits of nearly equal altitude; the range which is continued thence between Tuscany and what are now known as the Emilian provinces presents a continuous ridge from the mountains at the head of the Val di Mugello (due north of Florence) to the point where they are traversed by the celebrated Furlo Pass.
164. The highest point in this part of the range is the Monte Falterona, above the sources of the Arno, which attains 5410 ft.
165. In this part of the range almost all the highest points of the Apennines are found.
166. Besides the lofty central masses enumerated there are two other lofty peaks, outliers from the main range, and separated from it by valleys of considerable extent.
167. Nor do the highest summits form a continuous ridge of great altitude for any considerable distance; they are rather a series of groups separated by tracts of very inferior elevation forming natural passes across the range, and broken in some places (as is the case in almost all limestone countries) by the waters from the upland valleys turning suddenly at right angles, and breaking through the mountain ranges which bound them.
168. Thus the Gran Sasso and the Maiella are separated by the deep valley of the Aterno, while the Tronto breaks through the range between Monte Vettore and the Pizzo di Sevo.
169. The northern part of Tuscany is indeed occupied to a considerable extent by the underfalls and offshoots of the Apennines, which, besides the slopes and spurs of the main range that constitutes its northern frontier towards the plain of the Po, throw off several outlying ranges or groups.
170. The central range here approaches much nearer to the sea, and hence, with few exceptions, the rivers that flow from it have short courses and are of comparatively little importance.
171. The range is, however, continued through the province now called Calabria, to the southern extremity or toe of Italy, but presents in this part a very much altered character, the broken limestone range which is the true continuation of the chain as far as the neighbourhood of Nicastro and Catanzaro, and keeps close to the west coast, being flanked on the east by a great mass of granitic mountains, rising to about 6000 ft., and covered with vast forests, from which it derives the name of La Sila.
172. While the rugged and mountainous district of Calabria, extending nearly due south for a distance of more than 150 m., thus derives its character and configuration almost wholly from the range of the Apennines, the long spur-like promontory which projects towards the east to Brindisi and Otranto is merely a continuation of the low tract of Apulia, with a dry calcareous soil of Tertiary origin.
173. From the Gulf of Salerno, so that it is frequently (though erroneously) described as traversing the whole range of the Apennines.
174. But it is when we reach the central range of the Apennines that we find the coldest districts of Italy.
175. In Sardinia it covers the mountain slopes to a considerable height, and in Sicily covers the sides of the Madonie range, reaching a level above 3000 ft.
176. Not only did commune range itself against commune under the two rival flags, but party rose up against party within the city walls.
177. The hills rise, especially on the east coast, to a considerable elevation: the chief heights being in the North Andaman, Saddle Peak (2400 ft.); in the Middle Andaman, Mount Diavolo behind Cuthbert Bay (1678 ft.); in the South Andaman, Koiob (1505 ft.), Mount Harriet (1193 ft.) and the Cholunga range (1063 ft.); and in Rutland Island, Ford's Peak (1422 ft.).
178. ==Geology== The Andaman Islands, in conjunction with the other groups mentioned above, form part of a lofty range of submarine mountains, 700 m.
179. Long, running from Cape Negrais in the Arakan Yoma range of Burma, to Achin Head in Sumatra.
180. Lucretius thus recognizes the whole range of existence to which the doctrine of evolution may be applied.
181. Naturalists who deal specially with museum collections have been compelled, it is true, for other reasons to attach an increasing importance to what is called the type specimen, but they find that this insistence on the individual, although invaluable from the point of view of recording species, is unsatisfactory from the point of view of scientific zoology; and propositions for the amelioration of this condition of affairs range from a refusal of Linnaean nomenclature in such cases, to the institution of a division between master species for such species as have been properly revised by the comparative morphologist, and provisional species for such species as have been provisionally registered by those working at collections.
182. When an organ is stated to be variable, the biometricist demands statistics to show the range of the variations and the mode of their distribution.
183. M.) is a thickly wooded mountainous region, shut off from the Persian plateau by the Talysh range (7000-8000 ft.
184. Experience with epidemics, dearly bought in the past, has shown that one fruitful cause is the laying open to the inroads of some Fungus or insect, hitherto leading a quiet endemic life in the fields and forests, large tracts of its special food, along which it may range rampant without check to its dispersal, nutrition and reproduction.
185. Seeds are carried in soil adhering to their feet and plumage, and aquatic plants have in consequence for the most part an exceptionally wide range.
186. Amongst broadleaved trees Juglans has a similar Holarctic range, descending to the West Indies; so has Aesculus, were it not lacking in Europe; it becomes tropical in South America and Malaya.
187. Assuming that in its circumpolar origin the North Temperate flora was fairly homogeneous, it would meet in its centrifugal extension with a wide range of local conditions; these would favor the preservation of numerous species in some genera, their greater or less elimination in others.
188. As in the IndoMalayan sub-region, epiphytic orchids are probably most numerous in point of species, but the genera and even sub-tribes are far more restricted in their range than in the Old World; 4 sub-tribes with 74 genera of Vandeae are confined to South America, though varying in range of climate and altitude.
189. This place may either be a point, as in a volcanic cone, or a line, as in a mountain range or ridge of hills.
190. Into types has usually had regard rather to geological structure than to external form, so that some geologists would even apply the name of a mountain range to a region not distinguished by relief from the rest of the country if it bear geological evidence of having once been a true range.
191. Thus, for example, in a mountain range at right angles to a prevailing sea-wind, it is the land forms which determine that one side of the range shall be richly watered and deeply dissected by a complete system of valleys, while the other side is dry, indefinite in its valley systems, and sends none of its scanty drainage to the sea.
192. Next in importance comes a mountain range, but here there is often difficulty as to the definition of the actual crest-line, and mountain ranges being broad regions, it may happen that a small independent state, like Switzerland or Andorra, occupies the mountain valleys between two or more great countries.
193. Flowing through the narrow valley between the Cordillera and coast range, it has only short tributaries, the principal ones being the Truando, Sucio and Murri.
194. The monuments discovered there, although only those in hard stone have survived, are more important than at any other site in the Delta except Tanis and cover a wider range, commencing with Khufu (Cheops) and continuing to the thirtieth dynasty.
195. Of families we find twenty-three, or maybe more, absolutely restricted thereto, besides at least eight which, being peculiar to the New World, extend their range into the Nearctic region, but are there so feebly developed that their origin may be safely ascribed to the southern portion of America.
196. Then the tyrants (Tyrannidae), with more than seventy genera (ten of which range into the northern region), and over 300 species.
197. Of other families which, however, extend their range more or less far into the Australian realm, may be mentioned Otididae, the bustards; Meropidae or bee-eaters; Muscicapidae or flycatchers; Sturnidae or starlings.
198. The most easterly of these chains, that forming the Pays de Gex in the extreme north-east of the department, contains the Cret de la Neige (6653 ft.) and other of the highest summits in the whole range.
199. Eveleth is served by the Duluth, Missabe & Northern and the Duluth & Iron Range railways.
200. It lies in the midst of the great red and brown hematite iron-ore deposits of the Mesabi Range - the richest in the Lake Superior district - and the mining and shipping of this ore are its principal industries.
201. The mountain forms the northern end of a range of hills which terminates southward in the Cape of Good Hope.
202. The western side of Table Mountain faces the Atlantic, and is flanked by the hills known as The Twelve Apostles; to the south Hout's Bay Nek connects it with the remainder of the range; on the east the mountain overlooks the Cape Flats.
203. In the north, where the province borders Semipalatinsk, it includes the western parts of the Tarbagatai range, the summits of which (10,000 ft.) do not reach the limit of perpetual snow.
204. Laoag is on an extensive coast plain, behind which is a picturesque range.
205. The upper Euphrates consists of two arms, which, rising on the Armenian plateau, and flowing west in long shallow valleys parallel to Mount Taurus, eventually unite and force their way southward through that range to the level of Mesopotamia.
206. The boundaries separating it from Rio Grande do Sul, a province of Brazil, are Lake Mirim, the rivers Chuy, Jaguarao and Quarahy, and a cuchilla or low range of hills called Santa Ana.
207. Coast of the Black Sea from Novorossiysk to the vicinity of Pitsunda, between the sea and the crest of the main range of the Caucasus.
208. It is penetrated by numerous spurs of this range, which strike the sea abruptly at right angles to the coast, and in many cases plunge down into it sheer.
209. The greater portion, however, of the numerous bands which visit the British Islands in autumn and winter doubtless come from the Continent - perhaps even from far to the eastward, since its range stretches across Asia to Japan, in which country it is as favourite a cage-bird as with us.
210. Between the western bend of the Cavalla river and the coast there is a somewhat broken mountain range with altitudes of from 2000 to 5000 ft.
211. The Pa range to the west of the St Paul's river may reach in places to 3000 ft.
212. As regards invertebrates, very few species or genera are peculiar to Liberia so far as is yet known, though there are probably one or two butterflies of local range.
213. Alembert's association with Diderot in the preparation of the Dictionnaire Encyclopedique led him to take a somewhat wider range than that to which he had previously confined himself.
214. Some families are very restricted in their range.
215. Preferable to Lameere's system, because founded on a wider range of adult characters and taking the larval stages into account, is that of H.
216. By the Yaila Mountains, the summits of which range between 4000 and 5000 ft.
217. It is only on the Black Sea coast that the absolute range of temperature does not exceed 108°, while in the remainder of Russia it reaches 126° to 144°, the oscillations being between - 22° and - 31°, occasionally going down as low as - 54°, and rising as high as 86° to 104°, or even 109°.
218. This junction has been effected not across the main Caucasus range, but at its E.
219. Moreover, it was of little practical importance even within its narrow range, for it does not appear to have been generally enforced.
220. In the United States a committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers, appointed to consider the question of rail manufacture in consequence of an increase in the number of rail-failures, issued an interim report in 1907 in which it suggested a range of carbon from 0-55 to 0-65% for the heaviest sections of Bessemer steel flange rails, with a phosphorus maximum of 0.085%; while the specifications of the American Society for Testing Materials, current at the same period, put the carbon limits at o 45 to 0-55%, and the phosphorus limit at o io.
221. For rails of basic open-hearth steel, which is rapidly ousting Bessemer steel, the Civil Engineers' specifications allowed from o 65 to 0-75% of carbon with 0-05% of phosphorus, while the specifications of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association provided for a range of 0.75 to 0-85% of carbon, with a maximum of 0.03% of phosphorus.
222. British railways also undertake the collection and delivery of freight, in addition to transporting it, and thus an extensive range of vans and wagons, whether drawn by horses or mechanically propelled, must be provided in connexion with an important station.
223. Compound working permits of a greater range of expansion than is possible with a simple engine, and incidentally there is less range of pressure per cylinder, so that the pressures and temperatures per cylinder have not such a wide range of variation.
224. It is a safe, steady-running and trustworthy engine, with excellent distribution of weight, and it is susceptible of a wide range of adaptability in power requirements.
225. Such trains, therefore, range in weight from 600 to 1800 tons or even more, and the journey speeds from terminus to terminus, including stops, vary from 15 to 30 m.
226. This body pursued the subject with more or less diligence, and in 1884 laid down the principle that the automatic coupler should be one acting in a vertical plane - that is, the engaging faces should be free to move up and down within a considerable range, in order to provide for the differences in the height of cars.
227. The investigation of Carpenter on unconscious cerebration and of Faraday on unconscious muscular action showed early in the movement that it was not necessary to look outside the medium's own personality for the explanation of even intelligent communications unconsciously conveyed through table-tilting, automatic writing and trance-speaking - provided the matter communicated was not beyond the range of the medium's own knowledge or powers.
228. Home, which have left him convinced of the genuineness of the wide range of physical phenomena which occurred through Home's mediumship.'
229. The mountain chains, which from their peculiar geologic character are known as of the "Basin Range type" (not exactly conterminous in distribution with the Basin), are echeloned in short ranges running from N.
230. This is the Basin Range type of mountain.
231. The northern portion is hilly, and is crossed by a rugged range, the Wickham Heights, running east and west, and rising in some places to a height of nearly 2000 ft.
232. West Falkland is more hilly near the east island; the principal mountain range, the Hornby Hills, runs north and south parallel with Falkland Sound.
233. Excluding some varieties of domestic dogs, wolves are the largest members of the genus, and have a wide geographical range, extending over nearly the whole of Europe and Asia, and North America from Greenland to Mexico, but are not found in South America or Africa, where they are replaced by other members of the family.
234. In northern countries the fur is longer and thicker, and the animal generally larger and more powerful than in the southern portion of its range.
235. With an exceptional range of information thus afforded him, he wrote the opening of his history in July 1849; but, finding himself still unsettled in his work, he decided in the spring of the following year to carry out a long projected visit to England.
236. But, while Robertson was in some measure the initiator of a movement, Prescott came to his task when the range of information was incomparably wider and when progress in sociologic theory had thrown innumerable convergent lights upon the progress of events.
237. A great gun was fired to different points of the compass and all the country within its range, including the town of Cuddalore, passed into the possession of the English.
238. NEVADA (a Spanish word meaning " snow-clad " or " snowy land," originally applied to a snow-capped mountain range on the Pacific slope), one of the far western states of the American Union, lying between 35° and 42° N.
239. An unnamed range of highlands, with an E.
240. This range is very broken and ill-defined, with peaks often reaching altitudes of from goon to 12,000 ft., and with numerous spurs diverging N.
241. The highest point within the state is Wheeler Peak, near the centre of the eastern boundary, with an elevation of 13,058 ft.; the lowest points are along the Colorado river, where the altitudes range from 700 to Boo ft.
242. The Sierra Nevada range, which forms the western rim of the Basin, sends into the state a single lofty spur, the Washoe Mountains.
243. At the foot of this range there is, relatively speaking, a depression, with an altitude of about 3850 feet.
244. The mountains also increase in height and importance as far as the East Humboldt range, a lofty mass about 60 m.
245. This range is the water-parting for nearly all the westward-flowing streams of the state, and is by far the steepest and most rugged within Nevada, a number of its peaks attaining a height of 11,000 or 12,000 ft.
246. Of the California boundary lies a third important range, the Humboldt Mountains, whose highest point (Star Peak) is 9925 ft.
247. Two other streams, the Carson and the Walker rivers, receive their waters from the eastern slope of this range and empty into lakes bearing their names.
248. In the Washoe Mountains, as in the rest of the Sierra Nevada range, there is a heavy growth of conifers, extending down to the very valleys; but in many places these mountains have been almost deforested to provide timbers for the mines.
249. As the lofty range of mountains on the W.
250. The annual range of temperature is about 124°; the highest temperature ever recorded being 119°, and the lowest -42°.
251. It is situated in the valley of the Aar, on the right bank of that river, and at the southern foot of the range of the Jura.
252. To a geographical distribution of the widest extent, Diptera add a range of habits of the most diversified nature; they are both animal and vegetable feeders, an enormous number of species acting, especially in the larval state, as scavengers in consuming putrescent or decomposing matter of both kinds.
253. The Triglav is the dividing range between the Alps and the Karst Mountains, and its huge mass also forms the barrier between three races: the German, the Slavonic and the Italian.
254. Since the initial and final temperatures, which alone determine the variation in the thermal effect, are in almost all cases within the ordinary laboratory range of a few degrees, this influence may in general be neglected without serious error.
255. But on the death of Alcimus Bacchides retired and Jonathan with his followers settled down beyond the range of the Syrian garrisons.
256. In the western portion rises the massive range of the White Mountains (Aspra Vouna), directly overhanging the southern coast with spurs projecting towards the W.
257. Psiloriti and the Kophino range, about 37 m.
258. Respectively of the Kophino range; the Platanos, which flows northwards from the White Mountains into the Bay of Canea; and the Mylopotamo (ancient Qaxes) flowing northwards from Psiloriti to the sea E.
259. - Near the village of Psychro on the Lassithi range, answering to the western Dicte, opens a large cave, identified with the legendary birthplace of the Cretan Zeus.
260. By the Sierra Alta, a range of moderate elevation traversing the whole peninsula from Catoche Point S.
261. Border of North Carolina's Appalachian Mountain Region, which includes the high Unaka Mountain Range, segments of which are known by such local names as Iron Mountains, Bald Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains.
262. - one of these, the Grandfather, rises 5964 ft.; and about thirty peaks in the Unakas and in the several cross ranges exceed 6000 ft., the highest being Mount Mitchell or Mitchell Dome (6711 ft.), of the Black Mountains, a short cross range extending N.
263. The workers of these ants range over the country in large armies, killing and carrying off all the insects and spiders that they find and sometimes attacking 'vertebrates.
264. Thence the boundary passes in the one direction through the Mediterranean, and down the Red Sea to the southern point of Arabia, at the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, in 45° E.; and in the other through the Black Sea, and along the range of Caucasus, following approximately 4 0° N.
265. To General the west of Kashgar the central depression is limited by physio- the meridional range of Sarikol and the great elevation graphs* of the Pamir, of which the Sarikol is the eastern face.
266. The level of this depression (once a vast inland sea) between the mountains which enclose the sources of the Hwang-ho and the Sarikol range probably never exceeds 2000 ft.
267. range, and occupies an area about 2000 m.
268. A mountain range such as this, attaining altitudes at which vegetable life ceases, and the support of animal life is extremely difficult, constitutes an almost impassable barrier against the spread of all forms of living creatures.
269. The southern and south-western face follows the coast closely up the Persian Gulf from the mouth of the Indus, and is formed farther west by the mountain scarp, which, rising in many points to 10,000 ft., flanks the Tigris and the Mesopotamian plains, and extends along Kurdistan and Armenia nearly to the 40th meridian; beyond which it turns along the Taurus range, and the north - eastern angle of the Mediterranean.
270. The north-eastern portion of this range is of great altitude, and separates the headwaters of the Oxus, which run off to the Aral Sea, from those of the Indus and its Kabul tributary, which, uniting below Peshawar, are thence discharged southward into the Arabian Sea.
271. The western part of the range, which received the name of Paropamisus Mons from the ancients, diminishes in height west of the 65th meridian and constitutes the northern face of the Afghan and Persian plateau, rising abruptly from the plains of the Turkoman desert, which lies between the Oxus and the Caspian.
272. Along the south coast of the Caspian this line of elevation is prolonged as the Elburz range(not to be confused with the Elburz of the Caucasus), and has its culminating point in Demavend, which rises to 19,400 ft.
273. Below the north-east declivity of this range lies Georgia, on the other side of which province rises the Caucasus, the boundary of Asia and Europe between the Caspian and Black Seas, the highest points of which reach an elevation of nearly 19,000 ft.
274. West of Ararat high hills extend along the Black Sea, between which and the Taurus range lies the plateau of Asia Minor, reaching to the Aegean Sea; the mountains along the Black Sea, on which are the Olympus and Ida of the ancients, rise to 6000 or 7000 ft.; the Taurus is more lofty, reaching 8000 and 10,000 ft.; both ranges decline in altitude as they approach the Mediterranean.
275. range, continuing in the same direction, divides the waters of the river Lena, which flows through Siberia into the Arctic Sea, from those of the river Amur, which falls into the North Pacific; the basin of this river, with its affluents, constitutes Manchuria.
276. From the north of Manchuria the Khingan range stretches southward to the Chinese frontier near Peking, east of which the drainage falls into the Amur and the Yellow Sea, while to the west is an almost rainless region, the inclination of which is towards the central area of the continent, Mongolia.
277. From the western end of the Yablonoi range, on the 115th meridian, a mountainous belt extends along a somewhat irregular line to the extremity of Pamir, known under various names Mongolia.
278. In altitude; along the foot of this range are the principal cultivated districts of central Asia, and here too are situated the few towns which have sprung up in this barren and thinly peopled region.
279. The central area bounded on the north and north-west by the Yablonoi Mountains and their western extension in the Tian-shan, on the south by the northern face of the Tibetan plateau, and on the east by the Khingan range before alluded to, forms the great desert of central Asia, known as the Gobi.
280. In the southern half of the range are the chief mining districts of Russia.
281. Formosa, which is situated under the northern tropic, near the coast of China, is traversed by a high range of mountains, reaching nearly 13,000 ft.
282. 2 35 51.997 With these three independent values, all falling within a range of os.25, it is improbable that the mean value has an error as large as os.10.
283. In 1876 he visited the Lop Nor and discovered the Altyn Tagh range.
284. On the western edge of the Kashgar plains, the political boundary between Russia and China is defined by the meridional range of Sarikol.
285. This range (known to the ancients as Taurus and in medieval times as Bolor) like many others of the Chinese .
286. Most important great natural mountain divisions of the boundary world, consists of two parallel chains, of which the western is the water-divide of the Pamirs, and the eastern (which has been known as the Kashgar or Kandar range) is split at intervals by lateral gorges to allow of the passage of the main drainage from the eastern Pamir slopes.
287. Between the Russian Pamirs and Chinese Turkestan the rugged line of the Sarikol range intervenes, the actual dividing line being still indefinite.
288. Marked by the Sayan range to the west of Irkutsk.
289. Where the Oxus river takes its great bend to the north from Ishkashim, the breadth of the Afghan territory intervening between that river and the main water-divide of the Hindu Kush is not more than 10 or 12 m.; and east of the Pamir extension of Afghanistan, where the Beyik Pass crosses the Sarikol range and drops into the Taghdumbash Pamir, there is but the narrow width of the Karachukar valley between the Sarikol and the Murtagh.
290. In the extreme north, in the Verkhoyansk range and in the mountains of the Taimyr peninsula, there are indications of another zone of folding of Mesozoic or later date, but our information concerning these ranges is very scanty.
291. The Triassic deposits of the Verkhoyansk Range show that this land did not extend to the Bering Sea; while the marine Mesozoic deposits of Japan on the east, the western Tian-shan on the west and Tibet on the south give us some idea of its limits in other directions.
292. At Singapore the range is less than 5°; and at Batavia in Java, and Galle in Ceylon, it is about the same.
293. In the year) being recorded on the Khasi range about 100 m.
294. The Polynemidae, which range from the Atlantic through the Indian Ocean to the Pacific, supply animals from which isinglass is prepared; one of them, the mango-fish, esteemed a great delicacy, inhabits the seas from the Bay of Bengal to Siam.
295. Ashland has an excellent harbour, has large iron-ore and coal docks, and is the principal port for the shipment of iron ore from the rich Gogebec Range, the annual ore shipment approximating 3,500,000 tons, valued at $12,000,000, and it has also an extensive export trade in lumber.
296. Pomerania is one of the flattest parts of Germany, although east of the Oder it '.s traversed by a range of low hills, and there are also a few isolated eminences to the west.
297. They range from a millimetre or so (smaller species of Aeolosoma) to 6 ft.
298. The range of the Western Ghats enabled the Mahrattas to rise against their Mahommedan conquerors, to reassert their Hindu nationality against the whole power of the Mogul Empire, and to establish in its place an empire of their own.
299. Thus Raghoji Bhonsla established himself in the tracts lying underneath the southern base of the Satpura range (namely, Nagpur and Berar), overran Orissa and entered Bengal.
300. From this last branches off the highest range in the entire series, namely, the Zangezur, which soars up to 10,000 ft.
301. The principal water-divide in this highland region is, however, the range of Egri-dagh (Ararat), which j ust south of 40° S.
302. The greatest recorded range of temperature is at Erivan (altitude 3230 ft.), namely, of 64° between a January average of 14.9° and an August average of 78.8° F.
303. At Sukhumkaleh, on the Black Sea, the corresponding range is only 27.3°, between a January average of 48.8° and an August average of 76.1°.
304. The principal approach to Caucasia from Russia by rail is the line that runs from Rostov-on-Don to Vladikavkaz at the foot of the central Caucasus range.
305. To the ancient Greeks Caucasia, and the mighty range which dominates it, were a region of mystery and romance.
306. The most elevated tracts are on the west, where the surface rises towards the culminating range of hills, and on the south, where it rises to the elevated tableland of Mysore.
307. The elevation of the land as a whole proceeds gradually from south to north, the highest points being found in the north-west, as the Peak, in which neighbourhood several points exceed a height of 2000 ft., while Axe Edge, south of Buxton, and many other points throughout the district, range from 1500 ft.
308. The principal structural feature is the broad anticline, its axis running north and south, which has brought up the Carboniferous Limestone; this uplifted region is the southern extremity of the Pennine Range.
309. As the distance between his rows appeared much greater than was necessary for the range of the roots of the plants, he begins by showing that these roots extend much farther than is commonly believed, and then proceeds to inquire into the nature of their food.
310. In the British Isles wheat is, as a rule, sown in the autumn on a heavier soil, and has four or five months in which to distribute its roots, and so it gets possession of a wide range of soil and subsoil before barley is sown in the spring.
311. The field experiments on leguminous plants at Rothamsted have shown that land which is, so to speak, exhausted so far as the growth of one leguminous crop is concerned, may still grow very luxuriant crops of another plant of the same natural order, but of different habits of growth, and especially of different character and range of roots.
312. It is the leguminous fodder crops-especially clover, which has a much more extended period of growth, and much wider range of collection within the soil and subsoil, than any of the other crops of the rotation-that yield in their produce the largest amount of nitrogen per acre.
313. But the reprinted papers give no just idea of the immense range of Mill's energy at this time.
314. But the net result of the development of the doctrine of rent is that all problems in which this factor appears, and they embrace the whole range of economic theory, must apparently be treated on their merits.
315. SODEN, a town and spa of Germany, in the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau, pleasantly situated in the valley of the Sulzbach under the southern slope of the Taunus range, io m.
316. It is clear that, if we start from the condition of full eversion of the tube and watch the process of introversion, we shall find that the pleurecbolic variety is introverted by the apex of the tube sinking inwards; it may be called acrembolic, whilst conversely the acrecbolic tubes are pleurembolic. Further, it is obvious enough that the process either of introversion or of eversion of the tube may be arrested at any point, by the development of fibres connecting the wall of the introverted tube with the wall of the body, or with an axial structure such as the oesophagus; on the other hand, the range of movement of the tubular introvert may be unlimited or complete.
317. The acrembolic proboscis or frontal introvert of the Nemertine worms has a complete range.
318. So too the acrembolic eye-tentacle of the snail has a complete range of movement, and also the pleurembolic proboscis of the Rhabdocoel prostoma.
319. The introverted rostrum of the Pectinibranch Gastropods presents in contrast to these a limited range of FIG.
320. The introvert is not a simple one with complete range both in eversion and introversion, but is arrested in introversion by the fibrous bands at c, and similarly in eversion by the fibrous bands at b.
321. The memoirs (which may be accepted as mainly Napoleon's, though Montholon undoubtedly touched them up) range over most of the events of his life from Toulon to Marengo.
322. A wide range in space was proved by the identification of the Inselsteine and the Ialysus vases with the new style, and a wide range in time by collation of the earlier Theraean and Hissarlik discoveries.
323. Geographical Distribution The class Hexapoda has a world-wide range, and so have most of its component orders.
324. Many insects, however, can readily extend their range, and a careful study of their distribution leads us to discriminate between faunas rather than definitely to map regions.
325. Oriental types range far northwards into China and Japan.
326. " Wallace's line " dividing the Indo-Malayan and Austro-Malayan sub-regions is frequently transgressed in the range of Malayan insects.
327. The Australian fauna is rich in characteristic and peculiar genera, and New Zealand, while possessing some remarkable insects of its own, lacks entirely several families with an almost world-wide range - for example, the Notodontidae, Lasiocampidae, and other families of Lepidoptera.
328. In this scheme birds are arranged according to what the author considered to be their natural method and sequence; but the result exhibits some unions as ill-assorted as can well be met with in the whole range of tentative arrangements of the class, together with some very unjustifiable divorces.
329. SAMANA RANGE, a mountain ridge in Kohat district of the N.W.
330. After the Miranzai Expedition of 1891 this range was occupied by British troops and eleven posts were established along its crest, the two chief posts being Fort Lockhart and Fort Gulistan.
331. A range of low hills intervenes between Felanitx and the Mediterranean; upon one summit, the Puig de San Sebastian, stands a Moorish castle with a remarkable series of subterranean vaults.
332. The springs, which number ten, are saline, and range in temperature from 82.4° to 86° F.
333. It is situated on the summit of the Great Dividing Range, and is the centre of the rich pastoral and agricultural district of Darling Downs.
334. The range of the genus extends from the southern bank of the Bramaputra in Assam to southern China, the Malay Peninsula, Java, Sumatra and Borneo.
335. The main water-parting is formed by a range of hills which are composed chiefly of drift and extend W.S.W.
336. Part of the state, the highest recorded range of extremes is from 104° to - 38° or 142°; at Wauseon, Fulton county, near the N.W.
337. Corner, it is from 104° to - 32° or 136°; while at Toledo on the lake shore the range is only from 99° to - 16° or 115° F.
338. There is, however, a well defined watershed extending from the hills east of Stefanie to the Harrar range.
339. Between this central barrier and the northern frontier range of Cnemis (3000 ft.) is the narrow but fertile valley of the Cephissus, along which most of the Phocian townships were scattered.
340. Under the southern slope of Parnassus were situated the two small plains of Crisa and Anticyra, separated by Mt Cirphis, an offshoot from the main range.
341. Now frequency of movement, average daily price variation, and range of price movements are matters of fundamental importance to the public. Hence for practical purposes we require several kinds of measurement of price movements, and it is impossible to weigh exactly the one against the other in respect of importance.
342. The difference between the highest and lowest price, we may observe, is a very imperfect indication of the range of movement (though, taken in conjunction with the standard deviation, it is the best at our disposal), because either of the extreme prices might be accidental and quite out of relation to all others.
343. In one day, for instance, when the net drop was 33 points and the range of variation 59 points (namely, 8.45 to 7.86), 150 price fluctuations were recorded.
344. Would become more sensitive, but, other things being equal, the range of movement ought to diminish, and ultimately the average daily movement also, though at first the latter might not fall appreciably if, indeed, it did not rise, owing to the increased frequency of movement.
345. Expressed both absolutely and as percentages of the price averaged from the 1st of October to the 31st of July, the range of movement, standard deviation, and mean weekly movement calculated between the times mentioned above (October 1st to July 31st), after diminishing significantly for some years after the later 'sixties, have risen appreciably on the whole of late years.
346. Of these the Sungari, which is the largest, rises on the northern slopes of the Chang pai Shan range, and runs in a north-westerly direction to its junction with the Nonni, from which point it turns north-east until it empties itself into the Amur.
347. The Mutan-kiang takes its rise, like the Sungari, on the northern slopes of the Chang pai Shan range, and not far from the sources of that river.
348. Kirin, the capital of the province, occupies a magnificent position, being surrounded on the north, west and south by a semicircular range of mountains with the broad stream of the Sungari flowing across the front.
349. The specific gravity of crude petroleum appears to range from 771 to 1.06, and the flash point from below o° to 370°F.
350. Wells in Pennsylvania now range in depth from 300 ft.
351. Lines are of 600 to Boo h.p., while those on the small-diameter local lines range from 25 to 30 h.p.
352. Various arrangements have been proposed and patented for the continuous distillation of petroleum, in which crude oil is supplied to a range of stills as fast as the distillates pass off.
353. Petroleum spirit is tested for specific gravity, range of boilingpoints, and results of fractional distillation.
354. The folds are approximately parallel to those of the Taurus, and geologically these mountains may be said to belong to that range.'
355. The mammals of Syria are rather sharply to be distinguished into those which range only north of Mt Carmel, and those which pass that limit.
356. The name Coelesyria (n KmXrt /vpia), no doubt, was applied originally to the valley (" hollow ") between Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon, but was afterwards extended to the district stretching eastwards from the latter range.
357. By a range of low hills extending from the Caledon above Wepener to the Orange river, and south of the Orange by the Telle or Tees river to its source in the Drakensberg.
358. From Mont aux Sources, table-shaped, and called by the Basutos Potong (Antelope), a second range of mountains, the Maluti, runs S.W.
359. The Caledon runs north of the Maluti, the Senku south of that range.
360. The upper part of the Maluti range consists of flows of melaphyres and diabases belonging to the volcanic beds.
361. Each of these balances is made to cover a certain range of reading.
362. Kelvin ampere balances are made in two types - (i) a variable weight type suitable for obtaining the ampere value of any current within their range; and (2) a fixed weight type intended to indicate when a current which can be varied at pleasure has a certain fixed value.
363. Numerous varieties of soaps are made; the purposes to which they are applied are varied; the materials employed embrace a considerable range of oils, fats and other bodies; and the processes adopted undergo many modifications.
364. Below that datum, giving an extreme recorded range slightly over 6 ft.
365. The range from the same point of view presents a singularly uniform outline, having the appearance of an unbroken wall; in reality, however, it is traversed by a number of deep ravines (wadis), of which the most important are the Yabis, the Ajlun, the Rajib, the Zerka (Jabbok), the Hesban, and the Zerka Ma`in.
366. The .great mass of the Gilead range is formed of Jura limestone, the base slopes being sandstone partly covered by white marls.
367. He found the elevation giving the greatest range to be 45°, but failed to demonstrate the correctness of his intuition.
368. In the next place comes the evidence derived from the whole range of ancient literature and specially from descriptions of the city or its different localities.
369. It is pleasantly situated at the foot of a lofty range of hills, which here dip down to the river, at the junction of the main lines of railway from Bremen and Hanover to Hamburg, which are carried to the latter city over two grand bridges crossing the southern and the northern arms of the Elbe.
370. In extreme width; on the east coast there is a rich plain called Giran, and there are also some fertile valleys in the neighbourhood of Karenko and Pinan, extending up the longitudinal valleys of the rivers Karenko and Pinan, between which and the east coast the Taito range intervenes; but the rest of the island is mountainous and covered with virgin forest.
371. In the north is Getsurobi-zan (4101 ft.); and on either side of Setzu-zan, with which they form a range running due east and west across the island, are Jusampunzan (4698 ft.) and Kali-zan (7027 ft.).
372. A range of mountains, varying in height from 2000 ft.
373. Sophia: they have courts in front with a range of arcades round, and the centre portion forms the prayer chamber, the side aisles serving as passages.
374. The Central Provinces are divided into two parts by the Satpura range of hills (q.v.), which runs south of the Nerbudda river from east to west; so that, speaking generally, it consists of districts north of the Satpuras, districts on the Satpura Provinces.
375. Towards the river, though rich in parts, this tract of country is generally wild and desolate, but nearer the base of the hill range there is a large natural basin of fertile land which is highly cultivated.
376. Berar consists mainly of the valley lying between the Satpura range of mountains in the north and the Ajanta range in the south.
377. The Gawilgarh hills, a range belonging to the Satpura mountains, form the northern border.
378. In addition to the Melghat mountain tract which walls it in on the north, Berar is divided into two sections, the Payanghat or lowland country, bounded on the north by the Gawilgarh hills, and on the south by the outer scarps of the Ajanta range, and the Balaghat or upland country above the Ajanta ridge, sloping down southwards beyond the ghats or passes which lead up to it.
379. To the south of the Nerbudda the Satpura range stretches across the province, containing the greater part of five districts, its crystalline and sandstone rocks rising in places through the superficial stratum of trap, and with large areas of shallow stony land still covered to a great extent with forest interspersed by black-soil valleys of great fertility.
380. In the article Thermodynamics it is shown that the amount of heat required to raise a given weight of a gas through a certain range of temperature is different according as the gas is maintained at constant pressure, the volume in creasing, or at constant volume, the pressure increasing.
381. Trans., 1900, p. 233) investigated nickel and cobalt over a wide range of temperature (from -182.5° to loo°); his results are: It is evident that the atomic heats of these intimately associated elements approach nearer and nearer as we descend in temperature, approximating to the value 4.
382. P. Dale; the more simple formula (n - i)/d, which remained constant for gases and vapours, but exhibited slight discrepancies when liquids were examined over a wide range of temperature, being adopted.
383. This progress has perhaps no parallel in any art, and certainly none in music, for even Beethoven's progress was purely an increase in range and power.
384. Apart from the gain in tragic force resulting from Wagner's masterly development of the character of Brangaene, the raw material of the story was already suggestive of that astounding combination of the contrasted themes of love and death, the musical execution of which involves a harmonic range almost as far beyond that of its own day as the ordinary harmonic range of the 19th century is beyond that of the 16th.
385. A splendid range separates this dale from Wasdale and its tributary Mosedale, including Great Gable (2949 ft.), Pillar (2927), with the precipitous Pillar Rock on the Ennerdale flank and Steeple (2746).
386. Wasdale Head, between Gable and the Scafell range, is peculiarly grand, with dark grey screes and black crags frowning above its narrow bottom.
387. Its east shore consists of a great range of screes.
388. East of Wasdale lies the range of Scafell (q.v.), its chief points being Scafell (3162 ft.), Scafell Pike (3210), Lingmell (2649) and Great End (2984), while the line is continued over Esk Hause Pass (2490) along a fine line of heights (Bow Fell, 2960; Crinkle Crags, 2816), to embrace the head of Eskdale.
389. The hills in the locality range from the adjacent Gallow Hill (832 ft.) to Hartfell (2651 ft.); about 5 m.
390. The Vindhya chain of hills takes its origin in a low range not exceeding 50o ft.
391. The territory consists of a fertile tract of low hills, rising towards the south-west into the northern extremity of the Hardt range, but at no point reaching a height of more than 1050 ft.
392. For the most part the country is flat, the only mountains being a low range which, rising in the west, runs south-east in an irregular line towards the Chilka lake and forms a water-parting between the district and the valley of the Mahanadi.
393. Out of Europe the same extension of range has been going on.
394. Papen, on his hypsographical map of Central Europe (1857) introduced a perplexing range of colours.
395. The order of procedure at the early field trials was similar to what it is to-day, only the awards were given in accordance with a scale of points as follows: nose, 40; pace and range, 30; temperament, 10; staunchness before, 10; behind, 10.
396. The whole region is characterized by a remarkable degree of physical uniformity, and may be broadly described as a vast plateau of an average elevation of 3000 ft., bounded westwards by the Ethiopian and Galla highlands and northwards by an inner and an outer coast range, skirting the south side of the Gulf of Aden in its entire length from the Harrar uplands to Cape Guardafui.
397. On the summit of the Golis range the cedars form forests.
398. They increase in elevation landwards, culminating in the inner and loftier Golis range, about 95 00 ft.
399. 241, 1899), and later, with considerable fullness, in his edition of the Greek text of the Testaments (1908), brought to light a number of facts that put the question of a Hebrew original beyond the range of doubt.
400. By the line of peaks of the Rocky Mountains range, which runs northwesterly, and divides it from British Columbia.
401. Through these Rocky Mountains the explorers and furtraders, by ascending the streams running down the eastern declivities of the mountains, and crossing by short portages to the streams of the western slope, have succeeded in discovering passes by which the mountain chain can be crossed, the range rarely exceeding 60 m.
402. Its southern range is gradually contracting, and it appears that it is no longer met with west of the Mackenzie river, though formerly abundant as far as Eschscholtz Bay.
403. It covered a wide range, and he made careful notes and abstracts of it.
404. A large class of examples run to 10 in., others to 8 in., while the smaller sizes range from 4 to 6 in.
405. At one time hope, at another despondency, now assured confidence, now doubt and despair, here a firm faith in the speedy coming of the kingdom of .heaven, there the thought of taking refuge by flight - such is the range of the emotions.
406. By using the term instinctive in both its strict and its wider significance, Wasmann includes under it the whole range of animal behaviour.
407. Natural selection which, under a uniform and constant environment, leads to the survival of relatively fixed and definite modes of response, under an environment presenting a wider range of varying possibilities leads to the survival of plastic accommodation through intelligence.
408. Southward its range is more limited than that of the dolphin, as, though common on the Atlantic coasts of France, it is not known to enter the Mediterranean.
409. Where the marsh is open and grassy, flooded only at high tides or in rainy seasons, and the ground firm enough to bear cattle, it is used as range.
410. The range of temperature is not sufficient to give the variety of annual wild flowers of more northern climates; nevertheless flowers cover the bottom lands and uplands in great profusion.
411. Finally, Pinar del Rio is dominated by a prominent mountain range and by outlying piedmont hills and mesas.
412. The mountain range is capriciously broken at points, especially near Bejucal.
413. The western portions of the range rise abruptly from the ocean, forming a bold and beautiful coast.
414. The spurs of the central range are a highly intricate complex, covered with dense forests of superb woods.
415. The general character of this northern marginal system is much the same as that of the southern, save that the range is much less continuous.
416. The range near Baracoa is extremely wild and broken.
417. For different months, and with a range between the means of the coldest and warmest months of 10 (70° to 80°); temperatures below 50° or above 90° being rare.
418. More than four-fifths of the total area sown to cane in the island is in the three provinces of Santa Clara, Matanzas and Oriente (formerly Santiago), the former two representing two-thirds of the area and three-fourths of the crop. The majority of the sugar estates are of an area less than 3000 acres, and the most common area is between 1500 and 2000 acres; but the extremes range from a very small size to 60,000 acres.
419. It is formed by the junction of three streams, all having their source in the mountain range N.E.
420. The highest hill in the whole range of the islands (in Cat Island) is only 400 ft.
421. There are numerous high valleys shut in among the mountains of this range; the most noteworthy being the plain of Livno, which lies parallel to the Dalmatian border, at a height of 500 ft.
422. In 1893 the bones of a cave-bear (Ursus spelaeus) were taken from a cavern of the Bjelasnica range, in Herzegovina, a discovery without parallel in the Balkan Peninsula.
423. (1808-1839) was bitterly resented in Bosnia, where Turkish prestige had already been weakened range east of Mostar, rose against the Turks.
424. Among the Christians, especially the Armenians, the Greeks of Smyrna and the Syrians of Beirut, it has long embraced a considerable range of subjects, such as classical Greek, Armenian and Syriac, as well as modern French, Italian and English, modern history, geography and medicine.
425. In January 1902 the German group holding the Anatolian railway concession was granted a further concession for extending that railway from Konia, then its terminus, through the Taurus range and by way of the Euphrates, Nisibin, Mosul, the Tigris, Bagdad, Kerbela and Nejef to Basra, thus establishing railway communication between the Bosporus and the Persian Gulf.
426. In the second section the Taurus range is reached, after which the construction becomes much more difficult and costly.
427. The Zahran district lies four days west of Besha on the crest of the main range: the principal place is Makhwa, a large town and market, from which grain is exported in considerable quantities to Mecca.
428. The main range, that known as the Great Atlas, occupies a central position in the system, and is by far the longest and loftiest chain.
429. With the exception of the Dra'a, the streams rising on the side of the range facing the Sahara do not reach the sea, but form marshes or lagoons at one season, and at another are lost in the dry soil of the desert.
430. The central section nowhere presents any passes accessible to caravans, but south-westward two gaps in the range afford communication between the Tansif t and Sias basins, those respectively of Gindafi and Bibawan.
431. Besides huge masses of old schists and sandstones, the range contains extensive limestone, marble, diorite, basalt and porphyry formations, while granite prevails on its southern slopes.
432. From the north this range, which is only partly explored, presents a somewhat regular series of snowy crests.
433. The Anti-Atlas or Jebel Saghru, also known as the Lesser Atlas, running parallel to and south of the central range, is one of the least elevated chains in the system, having a mean altitude of not more than 5000 ft., although some peaks and even passes exceed 6000 ft.
434. In its central parts; and (5) the Mountains of Ghaiata, north of the Middle Atlas, not a continuous range, but a series of broken mountain masses from 3000 to 3500 ft.
435. The lesser range, nearer the sea, known to the French as the Maritime Atlas, calls for little detailed notice.
436. The Jurjura range, extending through Kabylia from Algiers to Bougie, contains the peaks of Lalla Kedija (7542 ft.), the culminating point of the maritime chains, and Babor (6447 ft.).
437. The southern or main range of the Eastern division is known by the French as the Saharan Atlas.
438. This range sends a branch northward which joins the Mejerda range of the Maritime Atlas, and another branch runs south by Gafsa to the Gulf of Gabes.
439. But in general the Maritime range was well known to the Romans.
440. Such were parts of the first and middle ranges, crossed once; three routes over the Great Atlas, which was, moreover, followed along both flanks for nearly its whole length; and six journeys across the Anti-Atlas, with a general survey of the foot of this range and several passages over the Jebel Bani.
441. Then came Joseph Thomson, who explored some of the central parts, and made the highest ascent yet achieved, that of Mount Likimt, 13,150 ft., but broke little new ground, and failed to cross the main range (1888); and Walter B.
442. The daily range of temperature is therefore very considerable, sometimes amounting to 40°.
443. Such a range is elsewhere found only in deserts, but the surface of the inland ice may be considered to be an elevated desert of snow.'
444. The trees must be got to start growth very C - ---- - gradually, and at first the house should be merely kept closed at a temperature of about 45°, but the heat should gradually increase to 50° at night by the time the trees are in flower, and to 60° when the fruit is set, after which the house should be kept moist by sprinkling the walls and paths, or by placing water troughs on the return pipes, and the temperature should range from 65° by day to 70° or more with sun heat.
445. Although the iron ranges in the north-east had been explored about 1860 and were known to contain a great wealth of ore, it was not until 1884 that mining was actually begun on the Vermilion Range.
446. Eight years later (1892) the much richer Mesabi Range, the most productive iron range in the world, was opened up; it soon surpassed the Vermilion in its output, and by 1902 the product was nearly ten times greater.
447. The quality of ore in the two ranges differs somewhat, that mined from the Vermilion Range being a hard specular or red haematite, while that taken from the Mesabi Range, largely red haematite, is much softer and in many localities quite finely comminuted.
448. The Act of 1872 provided for five or more colleges or departments: a college of science, literature and the arts, which offers (for the degree of Bachelor of Arts) a four-years course, is entirely elective (except that a certain number of " long courses " must be selected) after the first year, and in which the only restriction is upon the range of subjects from which the student's choice may be made; a college of agriculture (including military tactics), which is now a " department," including a college and a school of agriculture, a short course for farmers, a dairy school, the Crookston school of agriculture, a main experiment station at St Anthony Park, between Minneapolis and St Paul, and sub-stations 1 m.
449. It includes a portion of the valley of the Hoosac river, extending to the Hoosac Range on the E., and on the W.
450. This is but natural; for, though the progress of knowledge has not disproved the existence of devils, it has greatly limited the supposed range of their activities.
451. About the time of the maxima there must be a longer tidal range (that is, a greater rise and fall than the average); the difference between neap tides and spring tides will also be increased, and as results of these conditions there must be great tidal floods breaking over lowlying coasts and producing extensive denudation.
452. And 45° E., is known as the Talish range and has several peaks 9000 to 10,000 ft.
453. At the point west of Resht, where the direction of the principal range changes to one of N.W.
454. To N.E., has a length of about 290 m., and ends some distance beyond Bujnurd in northern Khorasan, where it joins the Ala Dagh range, which has a direction to the S.E., and, continuing with various appellations to northern Afghanistan, unites with the Paropamisus.
455. North of it, draining the southern slopes of a high snowy range.
456. To Sadya, with a branch to the Buri Dihing river at the foot of the Patkoi range.
457. The business houses are mostly of brick or stone, and range from two to six storeys in height.
458. In such salts as potassium chloride the ions seem to be simple throughout" a wide range of concentration since the transport numbers for the same series of concentrations as those used above run Potassium chloride 0.5 1 5, 0.515, 0.514, 0.513, 0.509, 0.508, 0.507, 0.507, 0.506.
459. (2) As the concentration of the solutions increases, the ionization as measured electrically and the dissociation as measured osmotically might decrease more or less together, though, since the thermodynamic theory only holds when the solution is so dilute that the dissolved particles are beyond each other's sphere of action, there is much doubt whether this second relation is valid through any appreciable range of concentration.
460. Deep at mean low water, from Dover to the mouth of the river; the mean range of tides is 6.8 ft.
461. These were written in their author's chosen vein of light satire, and Dryden praised them as highly effective within their own range.
462. Its range extends from England to Japan.
463. The south-eastern shores are hilly and wooded, and behind them rises a range of picturesque hills.
464. From Factory Island, and at the mercy of long range artillery planted thereon.
465. By a line running from the sources of the river Ural to the Tarbagatai range (thus separating the steppes of the Irtysh basin from those of the Aral and Balkash basins), thence along the Chinese frontier as far as the S.E.
466. The Yablonoi range and its south-western continuation the Kentei are border-ridges of the upper terrace.
467. The Alai range of the Pamir, continued by the Kokshaltau range and the Khan-tengri group of the Tian-shan, and the Sailughem range of the Altai, which is continued in the unnamed border-range of West Sayan (between the Bei-kem and the Us), belong to this category.
468. The border-ridges of the Alai Mountains, the Khantengri group, the Sailughem range and the West Sayan contain the highest peaks of their respective regions.
469. The peaks of the Sailughem range reach 9000 to 11,000 ft.
470. 4 The lower terrace is obviously continued in the Tarim basin of East Turkestan; but in the present state of our knowledge we cannot determine whether the further continuations of the borderridge of the higher terrace (Yablonoi, Kentei) must be looked for in the Great Altai or in some other range situated farther south.
471. The resemblance is further sustained by a broad belt of elevated plains, 'ranging from 1200 to 1700 ft., which s The upper Bukhtarma valley in the Sailughem range of the Altai system appears to belong to the same type.
472. Ejections of basaltic lava have been observed on the southern slope vo of this range, extending over wide areas on the plateau itself, over a stretch of more than 600 m.
473. It has been discovered also in the ` Bureya range, and in its north-east continuation in the Amgun region.
474. The more important iron-works of the Urals are situated on the Siberian slope of the range.
475. In the depression between the Bureya range and the coast ranges it suffers greatly from the heavy July and August rains, and from inundations, while on the lower Amur the agriculturists barely maintain themselves by growing cereals in clearances on the slopes of the hills, so that the settlements on the lower Amur and Usuri continually require help from government to save them from famine.
476. When the rivers are frozen communication is maintained by sledges on the Amur; but in spring and autumn the only continuous route down the Shilka and the Amur, to its mouth, is on horseback along a mountain path (very difficult across the Bureya range).
477. It rises in the glaciers of the Tbdi range, and has cut out a deep bed which forms the Grossthal that comprises the greater portion of the canton of Glarus.
478. These cilia pass on any diatoms and -_„ other minute organism which come within their range of action to the -_-„ capacious oval mouth, which appears as a mere 10 --- deepening of the gutter in the middle line.
479. Above sea-level), has a wide range of temperature.
480. The principal public buildings are the town hall, the Cambridge Hall (used for concerts, &c.), and an extensive range of markets.
481. Of the Eifel range, at the junction of railways from Cologne and Bonn and 10 m.
482. Cebenna or Gehenna), a mountain range of southern France, forming the southern and eastern fringe of the central plateau and part of the watershed between the Atlantic and Mediterranean basins.
483. The northern division of the range, which nowhere exceeds 3320 ft.
484. The central Cevennes, comprising the volcanic chain of Vivarais, incline south-east and extend as far as the Lozere group. The northern portion of this chain forms the Boutieres range.
485. Farther south it includes the Gerbier des Joncs (5089 ft.), the Mont de Mezenc (5755 ft.), the culminating point of the entire range, and the Tanargue group. South of the Mont Lozere, where the Pic Finiels reaches 55 8 4 ft., lies that portion of the range"to which the name Cevennes is most strictly applied.
486. Under various local names (the Garrigues, the mountains of Espinouse and Lacaune) and with numerous offshoots the range extends south-east and then east to the Montagne Noire, which runs parallel to the Canal du Midi and comes to an end some 25 m.
487. When a hysteresis curve is to be obtained, the procedure is as follows: The current is first adjusted by means of R to such a strength as will fit it to produce the greatest + and - values of the magnetizing force which it is intended to apply in the course of the cycle; then it is reversed several times, and when the range of the galvanometer throws has become constant, half the extent of an excursion indicates the induction corresponding to the extreme value of H, and gives the point a in the curve fig.
488. Trans., 1893, 184, 1017) have in this manner examined how nearly and within what range a formula of the type W =nB E may be taken to represent the facts.
489. Shimizu 3 indicate that Steinmetz's formula holds for nickel and annealed cobalt up to B =3000, for cast cobalt and tungsten steel up to B =8000, and for Swedish iron up to B =18,000, the range being in all cases extended at the temperature of liquid air.
490. The loss for any induction B within the range for which Steinmetz's law holds may be converted into that for the standard induction 2500 by dividing it by B 6 /2500'.
491. The advantages of portability, very considerable range (from H =I upwards), and fair accuracy are claimed for the instrument.
492. While therefore the initial susceptibility of nickel is less than that of iron and steel, the range of magnetic force within which it is approximately constant is about one hundred times greater.
493. Honda and Shimizu have made similar experiments at the temperature of liquid air, employing a much wider range of magnetizing forces (up to about 700 C.G.S.) and testing a greater variety of metals.
494. The range of + B within which Steinmetz's formula is applicable becomes notably increased at low temperature.
495. Steinmetz's formula applies only for very weak inductions when the alloys are at the ordinary temperature, but at the temperature of liquid air it becomes applicable through a wide range of inductions.
496. For H =11,500 the temperature of minimum resistance was about 50°; for much lower or higher values of H the actual minimum did not occur within the range of temperature dealt with.
497. The rearrangement is completed within a comparatively small range of magnetizing force, a rapid increase of the resultant moment being thus brought about.
498. Its headstreams are in the highest part of the Drakensberg range, the principal source, the Senku, rising, at an elevation of more than 10,000 ft., on the south face of the Mont aux.
499. U.S. stocks traded in a narrow range Wednesday as investors assessed prospects for a fresh stimulus bill and the health of major American businesses through their quarterly reports.
500. range Media Partners has made two new hires in motion picture literature and a promotion in business development and TV lit. Payne Cowley joins range as a manager in the literary department under ...
501. A fire in Utah accidentally started by police has burned nearly 3,500 acres. The range Fire, which sparked near Utah's Provo Canyon, has incinerated 3,450 acres, with 10 percent contained, according ...
502. range Media Partners has made two new hires in motion picture literature and a promotion in business affairs and TV lit. The motion picture hires come from the London office of WME. Payne Cowley, ...
503. The Love Island star, 24, celebrated her milestone pregnancy by launching a maternity range with InTheStyle, set for release on November 1.
504. Over 20,000 Land Rover range Rover Sport SUVs are being recalled because a piece of the rear spoiler is at risk of detaching while the vehicle is in motion. Consumer Reports has the details of the ...
505. The company, backed by Vista Equity Partners, priced at the high end of its IPO range, collecting roughly $550 million.
506. range sentence examples. range. Get yourself to the range and learn to shoot. 510. 223. The trio was out of camera range a few steps later. 207. 130. In the King William range is the painted hall. 111. 91. You're out of range up here. 107. 72. At any single station potential gradient has a wide range of values. 53. 48.
507. 194+54 sentence examples: 1. There is a full range of activities for children. 2. She cooked her meals on a gas range. 3. The price range is from 4. The college offers a wide range of sporting activities. 5. We stock a wide range of perfumes. 6. Wha
508. 2733646 Tom has a wide range of interests. CK 1 3147920 They're just out of my price range.CK 1 263015 We discussed a wide range of topics. CK 1 1690495 It's only effective at close range.Spamster 2958844 You can find him at the rifle range. sharptoothed 2959215 Prices range from one to five dollars. sharptoothed 68357 What's the name of the mountain range?
509. How to use range in a sentence. The range list of example sentences with range. Log in. range / examples. range in a sentence - 26 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "Ignorance gives one a large range of probabilities" George Eliot "range rover saved me from injury" Eartha Kitt "550 off-licences carry the basic range"
510. range has a slightly different meaning in the two cases.. The first case is about a range of values, from one limit/extreme to another.. The second, which I would express using "range among juniors, seniors, and graduates" is about an enumeration: any of the indicated values is a candidate.In the second case, the enumeration could be understood as exhaustive (only juniors, seniors, and
511. Examples of mountain range in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: A mountain range divides the population into western and eastern sides. - On…
512. Examples of date range in a sentence, how to use it. 33 examples: Most evidence points to the period immediately after the first arrival of…
513. Range-of-motion sentence examples. Effect of duration of passive stretch on hip abduction range of motion. 0. 0. BOTOX ® is not likely to be effective in improving range of motion at a joint affected by a fixed contracture. 0. 0. Early range of motion training after ligament reconstruction of the ankle joint. 0. 0.
514. range of a function – this is the set of output values generated by the function (based on the input values from the domain set). In the example above, the range of \(f\left( x \right)\) is set B. Let’s take another example. Let X be the set {\( - 1\) , 0, 1, 2}, while \(g\left( x \right)\) be a function defined as \(g\left( x \right) = {x
515. In this article, we will learn how to use Python’s range() function with the help of different examples. The built-in function range() generates the integer numbers between the given start integer to the stop integer, i.e.,It returns a range object. Using for loop, we can iterate over a sequence of numbers produced by the range() function. Let’s understand how to use a range() function of
516. 12. The survey covers a wide range of industry sectors. 13. We sell a wide range of cosmetics at a very reasonable price. 14. A wide range of colours and patterns are available. 15. We stocked a wide range of inexpensive wines. 16. Students will gain competence in a wide range of skills. 17. Coffee is sold under a wide range of trade names.
517. Sentence Structure. This page about sentence structure will focus on the differences between simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences and compound-complex sentences. You must know how to correctly write these sentence types for IELTS as the examiner will be looking for them when they grade you for your 'grammatical range'.
518. range definition is - a series of things in a line : row. How to use range in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of range.
519. How to use range from in a sentence. The range from list of example sentences with range from. Lists. synonyms. similar meaning. antonyms. opposite meaning. definitions. meaning & examples. examples. in a sentence "They range from reserved and courtly to warm and expressive" "Enemies running the range from thoughtful to downright idiotic"
520. Product range definition: collectively, the products manufactured or sold by a company | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
521. And a high range shows the opposite. Here is the formula for calculating the range: range = max. value – min. value. Let’s see the next of our descriptive statistics examples. Example 7: If we use the math results from Example 6: Group of students A: 56, 58, 60, 62, 64 Group of students B: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80. we easily can calculate the range:
522. Sentence Starters - Sentence Types - range of Clause Structures - Examples KS2. 4.6 5 customer reviews. Author: Created by sjwalkley. Preview. Created: May 24, 2016 | Updated: Nov 8, 2018. These example sentences are high-level models for grammatical structures and adverbials, also provides a huge range of clause structures and sentence starters.
523. Cascade range 1 A river rising in the Cascade range of southwest Washington and flowing about 209 km (30 mi) west and south to the Columbia River. 2 A river rising in the Cascade range of west-central Oregon and flowing about 402 km (250 mi) generally north to the Columbia River near The Dalles .
524. High quality example sentences with “a great range” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
525. The range() function returns a sequence of numbers, starting from 0 by default, and increments by 1 (by default), and stops before a specified number. Syntax range (start, stop, step )
526. High quality example sentences with “out of your range” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
527. A sentence’s “structure” is the way its words are arranged. In English, we have four main sentence structures: the simple sentence, the compound sentence, the complex sentence, and the compound-complex sentence.Each uses a specific combination of independent and dependent clauses to help make sure that our sentences are strong, informational, and most importantly, that they make sense!
528. Arrange definition is - to put into a proper order or into a correct or suitable sequence, relationship, or adjustment. How to use arrange in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of arrange.
529. Translations of the phrase MIDPOINT OF THE range from english to spanish and examples of the use of "MIDPOINT OF THE RANGE" in a sentence with their translations: report takes into consideration the midpoint of the range .
530. Another word for range. Find more ways to say range, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
531. Translations of the phrase range OF STAKEHOLDERS from english to czech and examples of the use of "range OF STAKEHOLDERS" in a sentence with their translations: institutions and of a wide range of stakeholders including social partners and civil
532. A range is the most common and easily understandable measure of dispersion. It is the difference between two extreme observations of the data set. If X max and X min are the two extreme observations then. range = X max – X min. Merits of range. It is the simplest of the measure of dispersion;
533. range definition, the extent to which or the limits between which variation is possible: the range of steel prices; a wide range of styles. See more.

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