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"Readings" Example Sentences

1. This evening they are going to entertain their friends with readings from your poems and music.
2. The microscope or viewing telescope is fitted with a spider-line micrometer having two screws at right angles to each other, by means of which readings can be made first on one reseau-line, then on the star, and finally on the opposite reseau-line in both co-ordinates.
3. After some readings and a hymn, the priest moved to the pulpit.
4. And before 1725, readings, both public and private, were given from Cartesian texts in some of the Parisian colleges.
5. The difference between the two readings of S is then twice the distance between A and B.
6. The same firm is also constructing a micrometer in which the readings of the head are printed on a band of paper instead of being read off at the time of observation.
7. This form of micrometer is of course capable of giving results of high precision, but the drawback is that the process involves a minimum of six pointings and the entering of six screw-head readings in order to measure the two co-ordinates of the star.
8. The micrometer readings for coincidence of the movable webs with the webs of the fixed square shall be exactly 0 000R and io-000R.
9. Clerselier (the friend of Descartes and his literary executor), his son-in-law Rohault (who achieved that relationship through his Cartesianism), and others, opened their houses for readings to which the intellectual world.
10. She published also a small volume of religious poems, and towards the end of her career gave some public readings from her writings.
11. 4, &c.) and the anonymous blessings commonly called Shemoneh 'Esreh (the Eighteen), together with certain Psalms. (Readings from the Law and the Prophets [Haphtarah] also formed part of the service.) To this framework were fitted, from time to time, various prayers, and, for festivals especially, numerous hymns.
12. From 1879 to 1888 he was engaged on difficult experimental investigations, which began with an inquiry into the corrections required, owing to the great pressures to which the instruments had been subjected, in the readings of the thermometers employed by the "Challenger" expedition for observing deep-sea temperatures, and which were extended to include the compressibility of water, glass and mercury.
13. In this case there is said to be hysteresis in the readings.
14. A very large amount of local detailed observation in the various sea-areas must be the next important work to be undertaken: this means currentobservations b y direct readings of metres, by the employment of drift-bottles and numerous determinations of temperature and salinity at all seasons.
15. Various currents are then passed through the magnetizing coil, the galvanometer readings and the simultaneous magnetometer deflections being noted.
16. The deflection is indicated by a pointer upon a graduated scale, the readings being interpreted by comparison with two standard specimens supplied with the instrument.
17. Unfortunately the effects of magnetization upon the specific resistance of bismuth vary enormously with changes of temperature; it is therefore necessary to take two readings of the resistance, one when the spiral is in the magnetic field, the other when it is outside.
18. Inside the torsion-head is a commutator for automatically reversing the current, so that readings may be taken on each side of zero, and the arrangement is such that when the torsion-head is exactly at zero the current is interrupted.
19. The Greek text of Josephus' works has been edited with full collection of different readings by B.
20. He was largely instrumental in the inauguration of the House of Laymen in the province of Canterbury (1886); he made diligent inquiries as to the internal order of the sisterhoods of which he was visitor; from 1884 onwards he gave regular Bible readings for ladies in Lambeth Palace chapel.
21. It is highest in the central zone, the mean of the maximum readings in such districts as Magwe, Myingyan, Kyaukse, Mandalay and Shwebo in the month of May being close on 100° F., while in the littoral and sub-montane districts it is nearly ten degrees less.
22. The mean of the minimum readings in December in the central zone districts is a few degrees under 60° F.
23. In all mercurial thermometers there is a slight depression of the ice-point after exposure to high temperatures; it is also not uncommon to find that the readings of two thermometers between the iceand boiling-points fail to agree at any intermediate temperature, although the iceand boiling-points of both have been determined together with perfect accuracy, and the intervening spaces have been equally divided.
24. Until, therefore, through parallel passages or through explanatory lists prepared by the Babylonian and Assyrian scribes in large numbers as an aid for the study of the language, 5 the exact phonetic reading of these divine names was determined, scholars remained in doubt or had recourse to conjectural or provisional readings.
25. Aramaic endorsements on business documents repeating in Aramaic transliteration the names of parties mentioned in the texts have also been of service in fixing the phonetic readings of names.
26. Fortunately, in the case of a large number of names occurring on business documents as the interested parties or as scribes or as witnesses - and it is through these documents that we obtain the majority of the Babylonian-Assyrian proper names - we have variant readings, the same name being written phonetically in whole or part in one instance and ideographically in another.
27. In historical texts also variant readings occur in considerable number.
28. Chamberlain, the necessity of committing to memory two syllabaries, one of which has many variant forms, and at least two or three thousand Chinese ideographs, in forms standard and cursive ideographs, too, most of which are susceptible of three or four different readings according to circuinstance,add, further, that all these kinds of written symbols are apt to be encountered pell mell on the same page, and the task of mastering Japanese becomes almost Herculean.
29. The practice of accompanying these readings with a translation into Aramaic is, further, so generally recognized by the 2nd century A.D.
30. From it we learn that the Meturgeman, who was distinct from the reader, translated each verse of the Law into Aramaic as soon as it had been read in Hebrew: in the readings from " the Prophets " three verses might be read at a time.
31. Jerome's mind was evidently full of anxiety about his translation of the Old Testament, for we find him in his letters recording the conversations he had with learned men about disputed readings and doubtful renderings; the blind Didymus of Alexandria, whom he heard interpreting Hosea, appears to have been most useful.
32. The differences of the readings of the screw, when converted into arc, afford the means of measuring the variations of the sun's apparent diameter.
33. Elkin found that the chief drawbacks to speed and convenience in working this heliometer were: (I) The loss of time involved in entering the corresponding readings of the micrometer pointings on two scales.
34. In observations of position angle one of the two tablets 81 can be used to record the readings.
35. The reading of the positioncircle of the finder is then the reading to which the position-circle of the heliometer should be set, and from the readings of the micrometerscrew he finds, by a convenient table, the proper settings of the heliometer scales in distance.
36. When the scales and position-circle of the heliometer have been set to these readings, the comet and the selected comparison-star appear together in the field of view.
37. From this rule, however, he deviated in the case of the Apocalypse, where, owing to the corrupt state of the text, he felt himself at liberty to introduce certain readings on manuscript authority.
38. In the lower margin of the page he inserted a selection of various readings, the relative importance of which he denoted by the first five letters of the Greek alphabet in the following manner: - a was employed to denote the reading which in his judgment was the true one, although he did not venture to place it in the text; 1 3, a reading better than that in the text; y, one equal to the textual reading; S and e, readings inferior to those in the text.
39. The second part of the critical apparatus was devoted to a consideration of the various readings, and here Bengel adopted the plan of stating the evidence both against and in favour of a particular reading, thus placing before the reader the materials for forming a judgment.
40. Like Brian Walton and John Mill before him, he had to encounter the opposition of those who believed that the certainty of the word of God was endangered by the importance attached to the various readings.
41. The first edition of 1580, with the various readings of two others which appeared during the author's lifetime, was reprinted by MM.
42. The average temperature is 90° in the hot season, and falls to 60° or 61° in the cold season, the maximum and minimum readings being 104° and 56°.
43. In Intermittent Registering Meters some form of ampere-meter or watt-meter registers the current or power passing into the house; and a clock motion electrically driven is made to take readings of the ampere-meter or watt-meter at definite intervals - say, every five minutes - and to add up these readings upon a set of registered dials.
44. Per Board-ofTrade unit, with interest and depreciation at 6%, may amount to £10 per customer; and (3) the annual working costs for repairs and also the wages of the staff of meter men, who take the required monthly or quarterly readings.
45. Many even of these readings merely relate to variations of spelling, pronunciation or grammatical forms; others substitute a more decent expression for the coarser phrase of the text, but in some instances the suggested reading really affects the sense of the passage.
46. Our estimate of the value of these variant readings, moreover, is considerably heightened when we consider that the MSS.
47. 3 As Field (Hexapla, p. 87) has shown, this discovery is confirmed by the marginal readings of the SyroHexapla.
48. In the view of many authorities this version was first produced at Carthage, but recent writers are inclined to regard Antioch as its birthplace, a view which is supported by the remarkable agreement of its readings with the Lucianic recension and with the early Syriac MSS.
49. It has further preserved the critical signs employed by Origen as well as many readings from the other Greek versions; hence it forms our chief authority for reconstructing the Hexapla.
50. As they stand at present they are undoubtedly two, and can be distinguished both by the readings which they imply in the underlying Greek, and by the renderings which they have adopted.
51. But these were not successful, and in the 13th century, instead of revisions, attempts were made to fix the text by providing correctoria, or lists of correct readings, which were the equivalent of critical editions; of these the chief are the Parisian, the Dominican (prepared under Hugo de S.
52. The marginal readings are therefore valuable evidence for the Old Alexandrian text.
53. The first to begin this work was Brian Walton, bishop of Chester, who published in 1657 in the 5th and 6th volumes of his " polyglot " Bible the text of Stephanus (1550) with the readings of fifteen new MSS.
54. It gives the text of Stephanus (1550) with collations of 78 MSS., besides those of Stephanus, the readings of the Old Latin, so far as was then known, the Vulgate and Peshito, together with full and valuable prolegomena.
55. The eighth edition, which for the first time contained the readings of ti, has not yet been equalled, and together with the Prolegomena, supplied by C. R.
56. Read Os ok p ?WV, a clumsy sentence which is clearly made up out of two earlier readings, auTOY ?
57. It is impossible, in face of the fact that the evidence of the oldest witnesses of all sorts is constantly opposed to the longer readings, to doubt that WH were right in arguing that these phenomena prove that the later text was made up by a process of revision and conflation of the earlier forms. Influenced by the use of the later text by Chrysostom, WH called it the Syrian or Antiochene text, and refer to the revision which produced it as the Syrian revision.
58. Bousset has argued that the readings in the Pauline epistles found in H° H and a few minuscules represent the text used by Pamphilus, and on the whole this view seems to be highly probable.
59. It is difficult to see how texts, geographically so wide apart as the Old Latin and Old Syriac would seem to be, are likely to agree in error, but it is certainly true that some readings found in both texts seem to have little probability.
60. A more probable suggestion is Burkitt's, who thinks that many readings in our present Old Syriac MSS.
61. It is clearly a revision of the second stage, as WH saw, but we can now add that it was not merely a literary revision but was influenced by the tendency to revive readings which are found in the first stage but rejected in the second.
62. (i.) Readings (a) v.
63. (Rabbi) Ishmael, is a useful source for old Haggadah (especially on the narrative portions of Exodus), and is interesting for its variant readings of the Canonical Massoretic text.
64. The wattmeter can therefore be calibrated so as to give direct readings of the power reckoned in watts, taken up in the circuit; hence its name, wattmeter.
65. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the wattmeter readings, assuming the wattmeter to have been calibrated with continuous currents, may be either too high or too low when alternating currents are being used.
66. Yet his first courses of lectures in that department were readings and expositions of the Old and New Testament; and to this, as also to hermeneutics, he always attached special importance, believing that for theology a sound exegesis was the one indispensable requisite.
67. The Old Testament revisers were therefore spared much of the labour of deciding between different readings, which formed one of the most important duties of the New Testament company.
68. These two scholars were members of the committee which prepared the Revised Version, and on the question of various readings they appear to have exercised a predominating influence.
69. The method of determining readings and renderings by vote was not favourable to the consistency and literary character of the Version.
70. Familiarity has mitigated the harshness of the revisers' renderings; scholarship, on the whole, has confirmed their readings.
71. It is therefore always necessary to check the readings of such an instrument in situ.
72. The readings of X which can be deduced from considering the agreements in B, C, D will be of higher antiquity and of greater external aut l ority than any of the readings in B, C, D taken singly.
73. And similarly for the readings of Y and those of E, F, G.
74. Nor shall we stop here: but we shall further compare the readings of X and Y with each other and with those of A, and thus deduce the readings of a still more remote ancestor which we may call Z.
75. In the following stemma M and N are "mixed" or "conflated" MSS., being formed by the blending of readings from the "pure" or "unmixed" codices A, B and D, E respectively.
76. A common strain, shown by their agreement in peculiar corruptions or in probable readings when these latter would have been hard to discover by conjecture.
77. From which it has been compounded has perished and its readings are thus otherwise irrecoverable.
78. These readings may be cited by the name of the MS., or if still greater brevity is required as the readings of inferior MSS.
79. In the latter case what we have are not "collations," for the art of collation was not understood till the 10th century, but selections or "excerpts" of readings which we have reason to fear are often imperfect and erroneous.
80. Further, it must not be assumed that all readings which are cited as being "ex uetustis codicibus" are necessarily from older or better MSS.
81. Another question with which the textual critic of modern authors must be prepared to deal is the relative importance of different editions, each of which may have a prima facie claim to be considered authentic. Thus Shakespearean criticism must decide between the evidence of the first folio and the quartos: the critic of Shelley's poems must consider what weight is to be attached to the readings in the posthumous edition by Mrs Shelley, and in unpublished transcripts of various poems. Where there is great or complicated divergence between the editions, as in the case of Marlowe's Faustus, the production of a resultant text which may be relied upon to represent the ultimate intention of the author is well-nigh impossible.
82. Here the manuscripts have "Scythicis" - "deo ut noceat," of which deo is rejected by every one in favour of the Pompeian reading, but Scythicis and noceat are retained on the ground that they are in themselves better than the Pompeian readings, which may be simply due to lapse of memory.
83. Careful and continuous regard to the various kinds of errors and defaults that are found in transcription will enable us to judge whether a reading which it is suggested stood in the archetype of our text is likely to have been corrupted to the reading, or readings, which stand in the extant manuscripts or editions.
84. Maxims of criticism to which we may here refer are that "harder readings are better than easier" and that "the shorter reading is generally the truer."
85. This is where two alternative readings, neither of which, can have come from the other, have equal external support and equal intrinsic merit.
86. And as the need of making a text compels some sort of decision in every case, the "doubtful" readings of the tradition, some of which on the evidence would be doubtfully accepted and others doubtfully rejected, will all appear with the accepteds in the text.
87. Special consideration will be paid to "doubtful" readings, which will be distinguished in his work as "doubtfully accepted" or "doubtfully rejected."
88. On the one hand, it is apt to take refuge in an uncritical acceptance of the traditional readings, and, on the other hand, to produce a crop of hesitant and mutually destructive conjectures which a reader naturally resents as a needless waste of his time.
89. In the Metaphysics (A 7, 1072 b 16), in discussing the occupation of God, he says " his pleasure is activity," or " his activity is pleasure," according to a difference of readings which makes no difference to the identification of pleasure and activity (b pyELa).
90. The reading gives the volume of proof spirit equivalent to the volume of liquor; u A thus the readings 80° and 120° mean that 100 volumes of the test liquors contain the same amount of absolute alcohol as 80 and 120 volumes of proof spirit respectively.
91. The slider is also provided with scales, marked respectively Dicas and Clarke, which serve to show the readings which would have been obtained had the instruments of those makers been employed.
92. The merit of Sikes's system lies not so much in the hydrometer as in the complete system of tables by which the readings of the instrument are at once converted into percentage of proof-spirit.
93. It is also provided with a thermometer and slide rule, to reduce the readings to the standard temperature of 55° F.
94. Solovev, Public Readings on Peter the Great (Rus.) (St Petersburg, 1903); Documents relating to the Great Northern War (Rus.) (St Petersburg, 1892, &c.).
95. In this work he first brought before English students a careful collation of the readings of the chief MSS.
96. The mean of all the readings of the verniers gives the reading on the azimuth circle corresponding to the magnetic meridian.
97. Hence if the readings of the verniers on the azimuth circle are made when the transit is observed we can deduce the reading corresponding to the geographical meridian.
98. From the mirror magnet and to the east of the latter, and the whole instrument is turned till the centre division of the scale B coincides with the cross-wire of the telescope, when the readings of the verniers on the azimuth circle are noted.
99. The difference between the two sets of readings gives twice the angle which the magnetic axis of the mirror magnet makes with the magnetic meridian.
100. Half the difference between the two readings gives 1 Annals of Electricity, 18 39, 3, p. 288.
101. 28 and parallels; other readings, Gadarenes, Gergesenes) must be looked for in another quarter - on the E.
102. The lowest readings in the cold season average about 56° F.
103. readings) from the prophetic books had been made afterwards and was in existence in our Lord's time, as may be gathered from such passages as St Luke iv.
104. There are marginal readings which show that two different recensions existed once in Hebrew.
105. The Hebrew text, as we have it, has a history of progressive corruption behind it, and its readings can often be emended from the Septuagint, e.g.
106. The Hebrew marginal readings occasionally seem to be translations from the Greek or Syriac, e.g.
107. More frequently, however, strange readings of the Greek and Syriac are to be explained as, corruptions of our present Hebrew.
108. The work of restoring true Hebrew readings may proceed with more confidence now that we have considerable portions of the Hebrew text to serve as a model.
109. 3 were obtained from the readings of a number of platinum thermometers buried in undisturbed soil in horizontal positions at M`Gill College, Montreal.
110. The amplitudes and phases of the temperature waves at different points are observed by taking readings of the thermometers at regular intervals.
111. The difference of the temperature gradients D/l at the ends of the section was simultaneously obtained from the difference D of the readings of a pair of couples at either end connected in opposition.
112. In the library, he expunged or obelized doubtful verses, transposed or altered lines, and introduced new readings.
113. The lists vary greatly in different versions, but the above seems the most reasonable selection of readings to be made.
114. So much for abrogated readings; the case is somewhat different when we come to the abrogation of laws and directions to the Moslems, which often occurs in the Koran.
115. Some of the divergent readings of both these texts have been preserved as well as a considerable number of other ancient variants.
116. Most of them are decidedly inferior to the received readings, but some are quite as good, and a few deserve preference.
117. This variety of possible readings was at first very great, and many readers seem to have actually made it their object to Later History of discover pronunciations which were new, provided they H Text.
118. For the restoration of the text, however, scripts the works of ancient scholars on its readings and modes of writing are more important than the manuscripts; which, however elegantly they may be written and ornamented, proceed from irresponsible copyists.
119. The mistaken readings of the old inscriptions by the priests at Abydos (Table of Abydos), when attempting to record the names of the kings of the 1st Dynasty on the walls of the temple of Seti I., are now admitted on all sides; and no palaeographer, whether his field be Greek, Latin, Arabic, Persian or any other class of MSS., will be surprised to hear that the Egyptian papyri and inscriptions abound in corruptions and mistakes.
120. Thus in the pyramidal texts we find 1/2pr, become, written in one copy of a text, in another ~ Such variant spellings are very important for fixing the readings of word-signs.
121. But the statement "I am the Lord thy God" is either no precept at all, or only enjoins by implication what is expressly commanded in the 1 A Hebrew fragment probably of the 2nd century A.D., in the University Library, Cambridge, containing the Decalogue with several variant readings; see S.
122. 542): "If you will diligently attend, you will recognize that missae are not celebrated when the divine readings are recited in the church, but when gifts are offered and the Body and Blood of the Lord are consecrated."
123. Faithfully translated from corrected Texts of the Originals, with various Readings, explanatory Notes and critical Remarks, appeared in 1792, and was the signal for a storm of hostility on the part of both Catholics and Protestants.
124. Where he differed from it he placed the Elzevir reading on the inner margin along with other readings he thought worthy of special consideration (these last, however, being printed in smaller type).
125. To all the readings on this margin he attached special marks indicating the precise degree of probability in his opinion attaching to each.
126. A reading supported by only one recension he considered as having only one witness in its favour; those readings which were supported by all the three recensions, or even by two of them, especially if these two were the Alexandrian and the Western, he unhesitatingly accepted as genuine.
127. Lectionum collectiones (Halle, 1785, 1 793), and his Commentarius criticus in textum Graecum N.T., which extends to the end of Mark, and discusses the more important various readings with great care and thoroughness (Jena, 1794 ff.).
128. This circle to measure the polar distance of any star seen in the telescope, and these readings will also be true (apart from the effects of atmospheric refraction) if we rotate the instrument through any angle on the axis A A.
129. The readings of the levels k and 1 and the reading of the micrometer-drum are then entered, and the observation of the northern star is complete.
130. Suppose now, for the moment, that the readings of the levels k and l are identical in both observations, we have then, in the difference between the micrometer readings north and south, a measure of the difference of the two zenith distances expressed in terms of the micrometer screw; and, if the "` value of one revolution of the micrometer screw" is known in seconds of arc we have for the resulting latitude FIG.
131. - Zenith Telescope (by Warner & SwaseY) 4 - 2{(n -)+(Sn+ss)I, where - t 5 is the difference of the micrometer readings converted into arc - it being assumed that increased micrometer readings correspond with increased zenith distance of the star.
132. If between the north and south observation there is a change in the level readings of the levels k and 1, this indicates a change in the zenith distance of the axis of the telescope.
133. The reason why two levels are employed is that sometimes crystals are formed by the decomposition of the glass which cause the bubble to stick at different points and so give false readings.
134. Also it is impossible to make levels that are in every respect perfect, nor even to determine these errors for different lengths of bubble and at different readings with the highest precision.
135. This journey was made in the lowest temperature ever experienced in the Antarctic: many days had readings below - 60° F.
136. Since Hand Regulation Is Necessarily Discontinuous, The Speed And The Temperature Were Constantly Varying, So That It Was Useless To Take Readings Nearer Than The Tenth Of A Degree.
137. 8538 A), in which he continually ascribes different readings to these MSS., the alteration corresponding with a change in his own conjecture.
138. It is, therefore, obvious that he invented the readings in order to strengthen his own corrections.
139. These often agree with CZ against M, and the readings of CZZ are generally superior.
140. It is therefore safest to rely on the texts collected by Mommsen, cumbered though they are by the various readings given to him by various authorities.
141. The effects of temperature being so marked on the readings of the horizontal and vertical force magnetographs, it is usual to place the instruments either in an underground room or in a room which, by means of double walls and similar devices, is protected as much as possible from temperature changes.
142. The process, however, of sifting out the readings of all our present witnesses - MSS., versions, Fathers - has not yet gone far enough to yield any sure or final result as to the history of this text, so as to show what in its extant forms is primary, secondary, and so on.
143. The nature of the readings themselves, and the distribution of the witness for them, alike point to a process involving several stages and several originating centres of diffusion.
144. 6° in January and 64° in July), and the extreme thermometric readings - 40° and 104° Fahr.
145. Thus we find that Didymus, writing in the time of Cicero, does not quote the readings of Aristarchus as we should quote a textus receptus.
146. Indeed, the object of his work seems to have been to determine what those readings were.
147. Again, he was sensible of the paramount value of manuscript authority, and appears to have introduced no readings from mere conjecture.
148. We thus find V in terms of the constant and the difference of the two screw readings.
149. Let the screw readings in the two cases be d and d'.
150. Assuming the electrometer to obey the above-mentioned theoretical law, the first reading is proportional to v 1 -v 2) and the second to v, - v 2 The difference of the readings is then proportional to (0, - v2) (v, - v3).
151. But this last expression is proportional to the instantaneous power taken up in the inductive circuit, and hence the difference of the two readings of the electrometer is proportional to the mean power taken up in the circuit (Phil.
152. Blondlot and P. Curie afterwards suggested that a single electrometer could be constructed with two pairs of quadrants and a duplicate needle on one stem, so as to make two readings simultaneously and produce a deflection proportional at once to the power being taken up in the inductive circuit.
153. Covering a great stretch of time and space, they do for the worshipper in the field of church history what the Scripture readings do in that of biblical history.
154. Dupin, and Jean Le Clerc (Clericus), of the orientalists John Lightfoot, John Spencer and Humphrey Prideaux, of John Mill, the collator of New Testament readings, and John Fell, furnished new materials for controversy; and the scope of Spinoza's Tractatus theologico-politicus had naturally been much more fully apprehended than ever his Ethica could be.
155. And observations on seventy MSS., with an extract of mistakes and various readings"; the second defends the claims of the Samaritan Pentateuch, assails the correctness of the printed copies of the Chaldee paraphrase, gives an account of Hebrew MSS.
156. The text finally followed in printing was that of Van der Hooght - unpointed however, the points having been disregarded in collation - and the various readings were printed at the foot of the page.
157. But he was hardly treated as a whole before Sir Walter Besant's book on the subject in the "Foreign Classics for English Readers" (1879), which the author followed up with Readings from Rabelais (1883).
158. Robinson, Readings in European History, vol.
159. A record of the constantly fluctuating so-called " night readings " in a large town is most interesting and instructive.
160. Hwomely Rhymes contained some of his best-known pieces, and in the year of its publication he first began to give readings from his works.
161. Not only is this manuscript nearly free from interpolations, but it is the sole voucher for many excellent readings.
162. Moreover, P in its turn shows elsewhere definite indications of different periods and standpoints, and the fluid state of the book at a late age is shown by the presence of Deuteronomic elements in Joshua xx., not found in the Septuagint, and by the numerous and often striking readings which the latter recension presents.
163. The scheme at first was no more than a series of evening meetings in a hall (the Oratory), at which there were prayers, hymns, readings from Scripture, from the fathers, and from the Martyrology, followed by a lecture, or by discussion of some religious question proposed for consideration.
164. The parallel portions in Chronicles also sometimes preserve better readings, but must be used with caution as they may represent other recensions or the result of rewriting and reshaping.
165. It is necessary to note that von Soden is able to place D in this group because he regards it as owing many of its most remarkable readings to contamination with the Latin version.
166. In 1892 at his instigation the first English Conference of Jewish Preachers was held, and some reforms were then and at other times introduced, such as the introduction of Bible Readings in English, the admission of women as choristers and the inclusion of the express consent of the bride as well as the bridegroom at the marriage ceremony.
167. What if the demons were choosing which souls they wanted, based on the compass readings?
168. The moral ambivalence of the rogue narrative encouraged divergent political readings.
169. You may want to add in some speech games or a love poem which you will find in our Love Poems and Readings section.
170. We have recently been experimenting with heat meters, to see whether the possibility of charging via their readings is viable.
171. Admixture of Alexandrian readings.
172. Its text is Western, with a large admixture of Alexandrian readings.
173. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is used to assess blood pressure readings over a period of time, typically 24 hours.
174. Entrance antiphons aren't much use as a source of inspiration as they work on a one-year cycle while the readings work on three.
175. Readings were corrected for energy, temperature and stand-off of the electron applicator from the patient surface.
176. Backlight feature, which allows readings to be seen in all applications.
177. Barometer readings to forecast the weather the actual reading is less important than the overall trend.
178. The format will be similar to that of previous years - congregational singing of the favorite carols, readings and carols from the choir.
179. At psychic reading we offer psychic tarot readings online or by post as well as a number of other card systems and pure clairvoyance.
180. Clairvoyant readings by phone and email.
181. Clinometer readings were taken between the cairns both ways.
182. Codexh have suffered here and there from variant readings in the early codices known to us but neither has in any way been corrupted.
183. To think that cognitive science is somehow essentially concerned with intelligent behavior is like thinking that physics is essentially a science of meter readings.
184. Colorimeter readings may be unreliable.
185. ACCURATE READINGS The electronic compass has a bubble level for accurate readings.
186. Contextualize the individual readings.
187. I evaluate three available readings of the say-show distinction which fail to meet this challenge.
188. Modern China: readings Egyptology E. 1. Middle Egyptian specified texts.
189. Extremes of temperature achieved between the readings.
190. The week-long festival provides an extensive program of readings from June 11 to 15.
191. Gage readings.
192. You would need considerable experience to determine the correct refrigerant charge by using the pressure gage readings.
193. Another negative aspect is that when the testers took the measurement they gave the goniometer to the model to record their readings.
194. Hydrometer readings are not really accurate enough for more than a general guide.
195. An air hygrometer nearly always indicates readings higher than the real values.
196. Nobody else seems to have reported the incident of the Air Force men taking readings.
197. Inclinometer readings stored to memory.
198. Include more of your favorite music, love poems and readings to make your wedding truly unique.
199. In 1996, 1,768 adult informants with three valid blood pressure readings were taking one or more of these medications.
200. Lectionary readings assigned to the Sunday.
201. Libretto readings, opera extracts given in full score with musicians and singers, followed by an open discussion.
202. Liturgy preparation Where can I find the Sunday Readings?
203. Even the suggested readings appear a little lopsided with more learning resources for pop music than any of the other media studied.
204. Additional Readings in the Stuart court masque Lindley, David, ed.
205. Mediumistic readings, tarot readings and more.
206. Thursday 1st December Award-winning novelist, Anthony Horowitz, will give two readings to LS and Removes pupils.
207. Nuanced, more satisfying understanding in your readings.
208. There is a dialysis fluid mode that produces flame photometer equivalent readings.
209. Pinion gear which rotates a pointer for direct pressure readings.
210. Factory Plays Readings of work by rarely performed international playwrights.
211. Psychic Fife - Fife psychic Fife - Fife Psychic medium & Clairvoyant Psychics and psychic readings, come and find a psychic in the psychic directory.
212. Members also enjoy play readings on a regular basis.
213. Also, during these meetings, the advisor suggested readings for literature review.
214. We offer spiritual council, healing, esoteric studies, free psychic readings, diverse information and much more.
215. AD: I attach a great deal of significance to poetry readings for several reasons.
216. Reported the incident of the Air Force men taking readings.
217. Resistivity meter readings: a table that is 8 entries wide by 14 entries deep.
218. The difference from the original readings proved a gradual increase in the ground resistivity.
219. Rune readings with various design projects including most recently website construction.
220. Scavenger area Readings were taken in the whole of the scavenger area Readings were taken in the whole of the scavenger Area.
221. I wouldn't be surprised if all this unnecessary activity did n't screw-up the readings in some way.
222. His readings also state that Houston will also become a Major seaport.
223. Seems to have reported the incident of the Air Force men taking readings.
224. She accepted that the readings should have alerted her to consider something more serious in the baby's condition, including sepsis.
225. Readings of this text are commonly cited by the abbreviation T.R. or the Greek letter sigma (= st ).
226. Signifier of complex cultural identities that challenge received readings of ' the other ' .
227. Where else can you experience live underwater concerts every full moon, poetry readings, or whale song mixed with bach sonatas under water?
228. Speedometer readings should be taken throughout, preferably related to readily identifiable points passed.
229. Price: £ 20.00 Measuring blood pressure Consists of 16 shots of blood pressure readings on a standard sphygmomanometer.
230. Typical contents include syllabi, readings, homework, and lecture notes.
231. Love Readings & psychic Love Reports from Silvermoon love readings & reports using psychic tarot and clairvoyance, from Cliff and Lily, .. .
232. Very accurate tarot, tarot readings, especially on love, job and career.
233. Thermometer readings will not be the same as embryo temperatures when cooling or heating occurs.
234. This is achieved by theoretical investigation, with readings in cognitive neuropsychology, practice of the relevant research methods, and a research-based thesis.
235. An Instructions leaflet contains a treatise on how to give readings.
236. The results produced a series of low readings around the location of the know tumulus.
237. Being up to my neck in cold water whilst trying to get readings from a temperamental compass and clinometer sounded deeply unpleasant.
238. Variant readings of the Qur'an.
239. The red dot aiming system, visible only through the bright, clear viewfinder, offers a very accurate point for taking readings.
240. Wine cellar readings.
241. It is thus difficult to form even a rough estimate of the mean value at any place unless hourly readings exist, extending over the whole or the greater part of a year.
242. For this purpose it is only necessary to direct the telescope to some distant object, bisect that object with the movable wire, and read the number of revolutions and parts of a revolution of the screw; now reverse the micrometer box 180° and repeat the observation; the mean of the two readings will be the point required.
243. The reading (2) is then the required co-ordinate in x and that of (3) is the required co-ordinate in y; or, if the plate is reversed, 180°, these readings have to be subtracted from 10.0008.
244. All this is true, but three readings instead of one for each pointing, much more figure-work in computation (especially if corrections have to be applied to the scale readings to reduce them to exact normal screw readings), are factors which involve a far greater expenditure of time than making a few additional turns of a screw in the process of measurement.
245. It is obvious that these two conditions can be produced at the will of the observer by simply turning the screw S, and that the difference of the readings of the screw-head, which are required to reproduce the two conditions in question, gives a measure of the displacement of the stellar lines relative to the solar lines.
246. Stephanus (1550), but the notes, besides embodying all previously existing collections of various readings, add a vast number derived from his own examination of many new MSS, and Oriental versions (the latter unfortunately he used only in the Latin translations).
247. Mill's various readings, numbering about thirty thousand, were attacked by Daniel Whitby (1638-1726) in his Examen as destroying the validity of the text; Antony Collins also argued in the same sense though with a different object.
248. In 1710 Kuster reprinted Mill's Testament at Amsterdam with the readings of twelve additional MSS.
249. Every bill is first examined by a committee, a member of which is chosen to report on it to the chamber, after which it must go through two readings (dilibrations), before it is presented to the other chamber.
250. A good ammeter should comply with the following qualifications: - (i) its readings should be the same for the same current whether reached by increasing from a lower current or decreasing from a higher current; (2) if used for alternating currents its indications should not vary with the frequency within the range of frequency for which it is likely to be used; (3) it should not be disturbed by external magnetic fields; (4) the scale divisions should, if possible, be equal in length and there should be no dead part in the scale.
251. It is highest in the central zone, the mean of the maximum readings in such districts as Magwe, Myingyan, Kyaukse, Mandalay and Shwebo in the month of May being close on 100° F., while in the littoral and sub-montane districts it is nearly ten degrees less.
252. The mean of the minimum readings in December in the central zone districts is a few degrees under 60° F.
253. He had completed it in 1634; but owing to the fierce opposition with which he had to contend, he was only able to print it at Paris in 1650, by aid of a son, who had turned Catholic. The various readings in the Old Testament text and the differences between the ancient versions and the Massoretic text convinced him that the idea of the integrity of the Hebrew text, as commonly held by Protestants, was untenable.
254. Apart from the effects of varying precipitation and evaporation the atmosphere affects sea-level also by its varying pressure, the difference in level of the sea-surface from this cause between two given points being thirteen times as great as the difference between the corresponding readings of the mercurial barometer.
255. The average temperature is 90° in the hot season, and falls to 60° or 61° in the cold season, the maximum and minimum readings being 104° and 56°.
256. Fresh collations of MSS., and especially fresh discoveries and investigations into the text of the versions and Fathers, have given much new information which entirely changed the character of the evidence for many readings, and rendered a new edition necessary (see Soden, H.
257. Bousset has argued that the readings in the Pauline epistles found in H° H and a few minuscules represent the text used by Pamphilus, and on the whole this view seems to be highly probable.
258. 1 d-p2T,T„' Hence an electrodynamic wattmeter, applied to measure the electrical power taken up in a circuit when employing alternating currents, gives absolutely correct readings only in two cases - (i.) when the potential circuit of the wattmeter and the power-absorbing circuit have negligible inductances, and (ii.) when the same two circuits have equal time-constants.
259. It not unfrequently happens that good or instructive readings are found in manuscripts which are in general of small trustworthiness (see below), and whose relations to the general tradition it is not worth while to investigate.
260. Again, it has often happened that readings which have been discovered by conjecture, and as such received into a text, have afterwards been found to have the support of MSS.
261. The reading gives the volume of proof spirit equivalent to the volume of liquor; u A thus the readings 80° and 120° mean that 100 volumes of the test liquors contain the same amount of absolute alcohol as 80 and 120 volumes of proof spirit respectively.
262. It is also provided with a thermometer and slide rule, to reduce the readings to the standard temperature of 55° F.
263. The lowest readings in the cold season average about 56° F.
264. Now, if a graduated circle B B is attached to the declination axis, together with the necessary verniers or microscopes V V for reading it (see Transit Circle), so arranged that when the telescope is turned on the declination axis till its optical axis is parallel to A A the vernier reads 0° and when at right angles to A A 90°, then we can employ the readings of 2 Herschel, Phil.
265. This journey was made in the lowest temperature ever experienced in the Antarctic: many days had readings below - 60° F.
266. 6° in January and 64° in July), and the extreme thermometric readings - 40° and 104° Fahr.
267. Or early climatologists who made their own daily observations of precipitation and barometric pressure, interpreting as well as collecting readings.
268. More data will come online, from satellite images to sensor readings.
269. Now follows a list of the resistivity meter readings: a table that is 8 entries wide by 14 entries deep.
270. Here she 's been combining her rune readings with various design projects including most recently website construction.
271. Psychic Consultation Readings, Tarot, runes crystals, crystal ball, Egyptian tablets, Druid Animal cards, Druid tree stave.
272. Scavenger area Readings were taken in the whole of the scavenger Area.
273. I would n't be surprised if all this unnecessary activity did n't screw-up the readings in some way.
274. Worship consists of readings from scriptures of all religions.
275. She accepted that the readings should have alerted her to consider something more serious in the baby 's condition, including sepsis.
276. Readings of this text are commonly cited by the abbreviation T.R. or the Greek letter sigma (= st).
277. The body can also be a signifier of complex cultural identities that challenge received readings of ' the other '.
278. Wedding readings can add to the solemnity of an occasion, or provide a welcome moment of light relief.
279. Speedometer readings should be taken throughout, preferably related to readily identifiable points passed.
280. CO readings should peak, drop, then stabilize within 5 minutes.
281. Love Readings & Psychic Love Reports from Silvermoon love readings & reports using psychic tarot and clairvoyance, from Cliff and Lily, ...
282. Remember that incubator thermometer readings will not be the same as embryo temperatures when cooling or heating occurs.
283. He applies the same argument to some of the recorded variant readings of the Qur'an.
284. We have recently been experimenting with heat meters, to see wether the possibility of charging via their readings is viable.
285. Works with up to three extra remote Temperature/Humidity sensors i.e. for greenhouse; wine cellar readings.
286. Young children 's readings of wordless picture books: What 's ' self ' got to do with it?
287. Within four seconds, steam pressure and power readings went off the scale; the zirconium fuel assemblies and the channels containing them disintegrated.
288. Nearly all readings in science and history classes are nonfiction.
289. You'll need a basal thermometer to get the most accurate readings and you must have had a minimum of three to four hours of sleep.
290. Depth Sounders - Gives precise ocean depth readings to assist with fishing ventures.
291. Electronic Compass- Used to get accurate printout readings of your ship's heading.
292. Gas purchases are tracked with odometer readings and identification numbers, meaning you can track not only the amount of fuel purchased but the fuel efficiency of a given vehicle.
293. Scientists measure global temperature by taking readings from thousands of thermometers all around the world, and then combine these readings with average sea surface temperatures to provide a monthly global average temperature measurement.
294. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is diagnosed by a doctor when, after several blood pressure readings, the patient's typical resting blood pressure rate is greater than 140/90.
295. If doctors suspect high blood pressure, they may request that patients return for follow up visits or monitor their blood pressure at home using a home blood pressure monitor and fax or call their readings into the office.
296. If the readings remain in the elevated ranges, a physician will diagnose hypertension and recommend medication or lifestyle changes.
297. Checking your blood pressure at home with a blood pressure cuff and keeping a log of your blood pressure readings is also useful.
298. Taking readings at home also helps you monitor whether or not herbs, vitamins or supplements are helping to lower your blood pressure.
299. Services include Tarot card readings, astrology, aura readings and help finding your soul mate.
300. Special offers include some readings free of charge.
301. Insightful Psychics provides services such as Tarot, psychic and astrological readings, as well as weekly horoscopes.
302. Psychic Chat Online offers free six-minute readings to new members.The site even offers pet psychics for those who are having trouble communicating with their four-legged friends.
303. Mystic Insights has an extensive roster of professional psychics and provides low-cost readings for first-time customers.
304. Christians may meditate on a scripture readings, while others may repeat the name of a sacred deity, or something like the Om mantra practiced in Eastern religions.
305. Everyone is welcome to the chapel but if you are a newcomer and are not used to attending long silent sitting meditations, it is recommended that you attend the Readings Service which is held at 11:00 on Sunday mornings.
306. Review your notes and assigned readings every day.
307. Studying the Bible and other spritual readings together can help create a supportive environment for personal growth.
308. Many Christian youth groups hold events like small parties and poetry readings to help network.
309. Religious readings can also be added, if this is what the couple desires.
310. Will he allow you to write your own vows and allow others to speak or do readings?
311. Wedding Ministers has a collection of traditional, non-traditional and personalized wedding vows, as well as thoughts for other readings.
312. Plenty of weddings readings can be done outside of the ceremony by friends and relatives who you would like to include in the festivities.
313. The weddings readings are usually chosen by the couple and range from religious readings to quotations from love songs and more.
314. Ceremony readings are usually done towards the beginning of the service.
315. At secular ceremonies, readings can be passages from marriage poems or authors who wrote extensively about love, romance or marriage.
316. Make your rehearsal dinner special by asking people to do a few readings at the rehearsal dinner.
317. Special weddings readings can be done at different portions of the wedding reception.
318. Make it appropriate: Readings dealing with sexual innuendos, mature themes or containing profanity will not go over well at most weddings.
319. Weddings readings can play a small or large role in your wedding celebration.
320. You may have several people chosen to do readings at various times throughout the day or just one reading at the ceremony.
321. A wedding program is a listing of ceremony events - prayers, readings, etc. - for guests to follow along with during the wedding, particularly if they are not familiar with the couple's church, culture, or religious preferences.
322. Include ring blessings, communion, Bible readings, and other spiritual elements during the wedding ceremony.
323. Kids can also choose to do special wedding readings, too.
324. This includes the readings, songs, and rituals.
325. There is usually a wedding processional with music, followed by readings, a message from the presiding official and an exchange of vows.
326. Wedding ceremony readings, musical selections and prayers are also common in many wedding ceremonies within the Jewish faith.
327. These programs are structured around message boards and chat rooms where students can discuss readings and problem sets with their professors, all outside of the classroom.
328. Lectures, class discussions, tests, readings, and other material in MTI's programs is delivered via the internet, and professors can be reached via e-mail or phone.
329. The pre-labor drop usually goes down to 99 degrees F, and remains there for two consecutive readings taken 12 hours apart.
330. Activities are also abundant and include book readings, cooking classes, birdwatching, wine tastings, and shopping.
331. Readings of prose or poetry - Some memory impaired residents may enjoy these activities.
332. The official readings are presented to the doctor who requested them.
333. There are infrared night vision goggles that help people to see in the dark through the use of heat readings.
334. That way you can get true readings directly from the board because sometimes the feet aren't as accurate.
335. These gauges are ideal for gift giving and will display temperature and humidity readings.
336. Diagnosis of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, however, may require a healthcare worker to review the child's medical history, document symptoms, and obtain blood pressure and temperature readings.
337. To obtain more accurate readings, a blood sample can be drawn one to one-and-a-half hours after sleep (hGH levels increase during sleep), or strenuous exercise can be performed for 30 minutes before blood is drawn.
338. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland released clinical guidelines for blood pressure in 2003, lowering the standard normal readings for adults to less than 120 over less than 80.
339. A diagnosis of hypertension is made only when a person has at least three separate high blood pressure readings performed one to several weeks apart.
340. The physical exam may include several blood pressure readings at different times and in different positions.
341. The parent or caregiver checks the child's blood pressure at different times of the day and records the readings.
342. Diagnosis of CF is made based on two or more sweat tests with abnormal chloride readings.
343. Readings falling between these numbers are borderline and require additional testing.
344. Some other conditions such as malfunction of the adrenal gland or kidney failure can produce abnormal chloride readings.
345. They advise patients to monitor their basal (resting) body temperature for below-normal readings that could indicate the presence of hypothyroidism.
346. Depending on the traditions of the deceased's synagogue, Torah readings and other prayers often take place during the taharah.
347. Compass school relies upon accurate compass readings, so this new electronic compass reduces the chance of human error in determining the exact degrees for the facing direction of your home.
348. Rubicon Marketing Group was part of the beta test group and quickly became Fortune Compass believers, after implementing the compass readings which resulted in a record for contracting new business.
349. A form of divination providing inspiration and answers from the world's oldest oracle, free I Ching readings are based on ancient Chinese wisdom.
350. Some of the websites offer free I Ching readings, others provide a reading for a nominal fee.
351. The following websites are a sampling of those that provide free readings from the ancient oracle.
352. Facade offers free readings as well as many other forms of divination including tarot, runes and numerology.
353. Register for free at for I Ching readings.
354. This fun website also provides free readings by astrology, numerology, and tarot.
355. Although the readings are free, you do have the option of delving deeper into the divination for a fee.
356. Free I Ching readings are a fun way to explore the possibilities of certain situations.
357. I Ching readings are an ancient Chinese divination practice.
358. The Chinese have employed I Ching in feng shui readings.
359. This is a marker that your situation is in a state of transition and indicates two readings are hidden within the hexagram.
360. Whichever method you choose to use for I Ching readings, this ancient form of divination can assist you in your feng shui efforts.
361. The Internet provides many opportunities for you to receive free I Ching readings based on the ancient Chinese method of divination.
362. There are many websites offering I Ching readings for free.
363. The following websites are a sampling of those offering I Ching readings for free.
364. I Fate will send the results of the readings to your email and to a friend's email.
365. Online Clarity gives seekers I Ching readings for free with the choice of a Hilary Barrett translation or a Legge translation.
366. Free I Ching readings are a useful tool in the practice of feng shui.
367. Doing the test early in the morning, using the first urine of the day, will result in the most accurate readings.
368. The accuracy of these readings was approximately 99% in clinical tests and 98.4% with consumer usage.
369. They should try tracking BBT readings on an ovulation chart or purchase an OPK in order to determine when they are ovulating.
370. Record your daily temperature readings in spreadsheet or plot them on graph paper.
371. After you chart these numbers for a month or more, you should begin to see a pattern in the readings.
372. There are many other informative readings available at LoveToKnow on this beautiful national landmark.
373. Cardiovascular benefits of consuming more omega-3's include lowered blood pressure and improved ratio of the so-called "good" HDL cholesterol to "bad" LDL cholesterol, while simultaneously lowering overall blood cholesterol readings.
374. It self regulates and has three different heat settings as well as a digital indicator that gives room temperature readings.
375. Encouraging the wonder and imagination of children through poetry readings enhances their creativity.
376. One of the most famous Christmas prayer festivals is the series of readings, prayers and songs called Lessons and Carols.
377. She typically gives readings to callers who are lucky enough to get through to her.
378. Kim also has her own website, where you can get free astrology readings and purchase in-depth readings.
379. In the daily readings section, the Love Psychic discusses some of the more significant planetary movements for the current month.
380. If you enjoy the free monthly readings, you might consider purchasing a more detailed daily reading.
381. The readings are done over e-mail or by phone, depending on which reading you buy.
382. Psychic Readings are for those who are serious about knowing the future and want the most detailed reading.
383. For 30 minutes, Kim will go over your tarot readings and give you an interpretation.
384. Initial public readings are frequently unpaid gigs but can lead to paid performances and build a fan base.
385. There are a number of websites that offer free automated readings in a wide variety of ways.
386. has a lot of different options for tarot card readings.
387. Check out celebrity readings from Adam Sandler to Bill Gates to P.
388. There are a lot of options available for free automated tarot card readings.
389. The best thing to do is try out free readings at several websites until you find one you really like.
390. The most accurate and personal readings come directly from face to face sessions with a professional Chinese astrologer, but finding one isn't always easy.
391. Experts agree that the best tarot card readings are a result of letting the cards speak in their own way and not adhering strictly to literal definitions.
392. If you use the various sources available online, you can educate yourself to the extent that you are ready to try real-life readings.
393. Learn to use your intuition to adapt the meanings and give readings that are accurate and personal to the recipient.
394. Have a couple of readings done for you by several professionals.
395. Of course, you're not likely to receive this valuable training for free, but it will be well worth the time and money you spend once you can do your own readings.
396. You may even branch out to doing readings for others and making a little money for your efforts.
397. offers two kinds of free readings.
398. The site offers a full range of astrological predictions and advice, from daily readings to numerology and even tarot.
399. MSN free daily horoscopes is a collection of various readings and guides, covering everything from careers to romance.
400. In the Chinese astrology section, you are given the option of readings for this week and this month based on your own Chinese zodiac sign.
401. Weekly readings specify which days of the current week are good or bad for things like career decisions, meetings, and romance.
402. Since the MSN site has a variety of readings and horoscopes to choose from, you can get a mix of horoscopes and forecasts that can be tailored to suit your needs.
403. These spreads are usually for general readings, and are often the type of spread recommended for those new to the tarot.
404. These spreads are also popular because they seem to offer accurate readings.
405. The Celtic Cross spread is used quite frequently in tarot readings.
406. There are many unique spreads that you may wish to try out for your readings.
407. There are so many layouts for so many types of readings, it would be impossible to list them all here.
408. These messages, called "Sunbursts", are given to supplement the weekly readings Rob posts on his web site.
409. There are hundreds of different spreads used for different types of readings.
410. A tarot reader may wish to perform a cleansing ritual between readings and before the first use of a new deck.
411. These practices are to help clear the energy from previous readings or to remove the influences of others who may have handled the cards.
412. Rockie's website is primarily devoted to offering various astrology readings such as Rockie's general forecast, weekly sign readings, and customized forecasts.
413. In her weekly sign readings, Rockie offers a similar segment as the general forecast, except this forecast is tailored to specific astrological signs.
414. What make her weekly sign readings so unique are their fun as well as informational elements.
415. While the general forecast and weekly sign readings are free on her website, or available at the media outlets that publishes her Rockie horoscope column, Rockie also sells a variety of personalized horoscopes to her website visitors.
416. Anyone can benefit from her general forecast or the weekly sign readings, if only to enhance your awareness regarding the forces that can influence your everyday life.
417. Readings for "yesterday" and "tomorrow" are also available here.
418. Consulting free tarot readings is a fun way to divine the future!
419. Free tarot card readings are great for a variety of reasons.
420. This is important because many tarot readings can be rather costly, particularly if you want to ask more than one question!
421. All in all, you'll love this site because it's very thorough, and in the world of "free" readings, that's a rare thing indeed!
422. There's even a section of face and body readings.
423. It's better to look at these readings the way you would a quiz or a fun slideshow.
424. The first thing you need to know about the Llewellyn website is that if you type "free tarot reading Llewellyn" into the website's search box, it no longer directs you to straight to "free" tarot readings.
425. Finding free readings is still possible, but you have to look a little harder to find them.
426. To find those free tarot readings, look at the bar on the very top portion of the page.
427. This takes you to the "free tarot readings" page where you are free to choose the deck you want used as well as the spread.
428. While it's true that these readings are computer generated, and therefore lack the warmth of having a person do the reading, it's a lot of fun that may still prove insightful.
429. Free real love tarot readings can tell you a lot about your romantic potential and your romantic compatibility.
430. There are two basic kinds of free real love tarot readings.
431. There are love tarot readings that are completed by people via an instant messaging system or on the phone.
432. There are also tarot love readings that can be conducted with an automated tarot computer program.
433. Either one of these options can work well for real love readings.
434. One card readings help you gain clarity and are good for limited questions, for example, "How does he feel about me?"
435. This spread is used for a variety of different card readings, but it can also be used for love readings.
436. Choose a spread that speaks to you because when it comes to tarot readings, your own intuition is the best guide.
437. There are several different locations online where you can find free real love tarot readings.
438. There are several online psychic sites that offer free readings or free minutes.
439. There are also do it yourself tarot readings that allow you to interpret the cards for yourself.
440. You may be like many people and have avoided participating in free readings because you worry your email address will be harvested and you'll receive spam.
441. If you are looking for free tarot readings, you have several different options online and in your local community.
442. Free tarot readings can help you get insight into a variety of different problems in your life and they are appropriate if you want to try out a reader to see if they are accurate.
443. Here are a few resources for you to use to find free tarot readings.
444. There are three basic types of readings that you need to know about if you are looking for free tarot readings.
445. The most user friendly form of tarot readings are do it yourself tarot programs.
446. These types of readings have the benefit of being able to be used over and over again.
447. These readings are normally limited to five to ten minutes, and sometimes even less than that!
448. Finally, you can also find free tarot readings from psychics and readers in your area.
449. Some people claim that face to face readings are the best because the reader can feel your energy and give a more accurate reading.
450. If you're looking for free tarot readings, you'll be able to find them in several different places.
451. The following sites offer free tarot readings that you conduct yourself with interpretation help from the site.
452. specializes in deep readings based on the interpretations by famous tarot readers.
453. has several tarot readings to choose from.
454. FreeTarot, just as the name implies, is a completely free resource for tarot readings.
455. You can also get free readings from live readers through several different sites.
456. Use the yellow pages to find tarot readers in your area and call to see if they have free readings.
457. You can also find local readers giving free readings at psychic fairs and other local events.
458. Interested parties may find themselves consulting free compatibility readings or charts of compatible signs to figure out if they match well with their partners.
459. With all the different types of romance readings out there, it can be difficult for readers to know which horoscopes provide the most accurate information.
460. If you are looking through compatibility readings, remember that more goes into assessing the compatibility of a match than just the star sign characteristics of two people.
461. With the exception of your email address, this information is crucial to getting the most accurate romance readings possible.
462. Indeed, is a great resource for both general horoscope information and for readings.
463. For those interested, the website also features many love related readings for a small fee.
464. Another solid site for readings is
465. There are numerous sources on the Internet to provide you with romance readings.
466. There are numerous readings for couples and even more for those looking for a love calculator but very few readings or horoscopes that show compatibility between Zodiac signs based on how they react to love and romance.
467. NCBuy features multiple astrology readings for love and romance such as karmic love life, love meter readings and romantic compatibility readings.
468. Free Horoscopes Astrology provides similar readings to help someone figure out if they are compatible with someone based on their ideas of love.
469. offers a great resource for romantic readings and lessons.
470. The demand for free romance astrology readings is as intense as ever.
471. However, questions linger about where to look for good free romance readings, how often you need to check your relationships against the stars, and whether free advice is really even free.
472. Use the information you gather from free romance astrology readings to serve as only that, and do not become dependent on them.
473. Something with the depth of Susan Miller's free horoscope reading is not the norm in terms of free astrological readings on any level.
474. Or, are they merely brokering the site and letting someone whose background is unknown create simple, generic readings?
475. The accuracy of each month's readings may surprise you!
476. For anyone looking for a light approach to romance horoscope readings, this is a place to check out.
477. IThe readings are general, but good enough for someone looking for a quick take on relationship potential between two signs.
478. In the end, it is possible to find free romance readings on the web.
479. Free palm readings can offer beginners an excellent opportunity to explore the world of palmistry while developing a relationship with their new chiromancy counselor.
480. This is why you won't find much in the way of free palm readings by running an online search.
481. Divination includes all sorts of fields such as Tarot cards, palm readings, crystal balls, tea leaves, runes, numerology and astrology.
482. Sometimes, although rarely, a legitimate psychic will offer free readings as a way to attract and build a business practice.
483. You must decide for yourself how you wish to conduct your readings and then trust in the method you select.
484. Traditional tarot cards typically come in a box to help keep the cards safe and protect them against damage, and this is a very good thing if you conduct readings at home.
485. Accessing printable tarot cards offers a great way for you to perform tarot readings no matter where you may happen to be.
486. Exploring some sample tarot spreads is a great way for you to become more comfortable with conducting readings for yourself.
487. Learning some sample tarot spreads is a fun way to conduct readings and the best part is that many of these spreads are easy to do.
488. Hence, it is always an interesting project for devout astrology believers to compare their personality readings throughout the gamut of astrological schemes.
489. If you are ready to delve into the world of psychic phenomena, why not check out sites that offer clairvoyants free advice, including ESP tests, tarot readings and more?
490. You can choose from a variety of readings, including tarot cards, astrology, clairvoyant, rune and more.
491. advertises that their clairvoyants are top online advisors who specialize in psychic readings, tarot cards, dream analysis, astrology and even relationship advice.
492. Free clairvoyant readings abound on the Internet.
493. You can find free psychic readings and even free mini psychic readings online.
494. Clairvoyant readings range from specific readings requested for finding solutions for vexing problems to readings intended to guide important choices.
495. Psychics also provide past-life readings, in which participants receive information on past lives and how they affect the present.
496. Psychics even provide readings for pets.
497. Free readings include the same elements as paid readings with the exception that many free readings are far shorter than the average fully paid session.
498. If you’re just getting your feet wet with online psychic readings, you’ll love Psychic Source because they have a free tool you can use to match you with the perfect reader fo ...
499. Tale of two PMI readings for Europe as Manufacturing stays in expansion territory while most services readings contracted (exception UK which is still expanding) - Major EU PMI Manufacturing: Beats: ...
500. In what would have been the autumn “shoulder season” at American Players Theatre, the Spring Green classical repertory company is releasing another series of play readings, this time focusing on more ...
501. Kerala State Electricity Board will implement a software to enable the consumers in Covid-19 containment zones to take meter readings and upload the details on the board website to facilitate online ...
502. The Open Mouth Reading Series invites poetry lovers from all walks of life to attend a series of virtual readings and workshops on Oct. 30-31.
503. Ghost thermostat readings aren't supernatural, but they can suck the life out of your energy budget. Here is what they are and how to avoid them. The post What Are Thermostat Ghost Readings? appeared ...
504. readings sentence examples. This evening they are going to entertain their friends with readings from your poems and music. 3. 1. The microscope or viewing telescope is fitted with a spider-line micrometer having two screws at right angles to each other,
505. 1. The readings of X which can be deduced from considering the agreements in B, C, D will be of higher antiquity and of greater external aut l ority than any of the readings in B, C, D taken singly. 0 And similarly for the readings of Y and those of E, F, G.: 2. Cold readings in a sentence - Use "cold readings" in a sentence 1. He also runs public classes in Applied Cold Reading in London.
506. Definition and high quality example sentences with “readings” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
507. High quality example sentences with “readings of” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
508. Chapter 15: Readings: Examples of Essays 15.1 Introduction to Sample Essays 15.2 Narrative Essay 15.3 Illustration Essay 15.4 Descriptive Essay 15.5 Classification Essay 15.6 Process Analysis Essay 15.7 Definition Essay 15.8 Compare-and-Contrast Essay 15.9 Cause-and-Effect Essay 15.10 Persuasive Essay
509. The third edition of Writing Talk: Sentences and Paragraphs with Readings, like its predecessors, takes as its starting point the assumption that grammar for the native speaker is a built-in skill, not an added-on one, and that the best sense for grammar in the native speaker is the ear.
510. How to use readings in a sentence. The readings list of example sentences with readings. Log in. readings / examples. readings in a sentence - 19 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "The readings we measure therefore reflect upper torso movement" "These literal readings all pose the same, irresolvable problem"
511. Sentencing Guidelines: Fair Or Unfair, Further readings. If a defendant is convicted in a criminal prosecution, the event that follows the verdict is called sentencing. A sentence is the penalty ordered by the court. Generally, the primary goals of sentencing are punishment, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. In some states
512. Sentence Skills With Readings, 5th Edition by John Langan (9780078036293) Preview the textbook, purchase or get a FREE instructor-only desk copy.
513. Translations of the phrase MANY readings from english to spanish and examples of the use of "MANY READINGS" in a sentence with their translations: i have been in so many readings that went way worse than
514. Translations of the phrase MEMORY readings from english to spanish and examples of the use of "MEMORY READINGS" in a sentence with their translations: Better not to make memory readings because in many cases they
515. How can I put and write and define cold readings in a sentence and how is the word cold readings used in a sentence and examples? 用cold readings造句, 用cold readings造句, 用cold readings造句, cold readings meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by .
516. Definition of readings in English Dictionary; Noun BF reading PRE ré-. plural of reading.. More Examples. Used in the Middle of Sentence. He was bound up in his reading all weekend that he forgot to do the chores.; Damien Broderick, Reading by Starlight (1994) p. 114. If this last, embracing the alien, seems an advance on previous xenophobias, it is largely illusory.
517. readings 문장 EN. 뜻 읽기, 판독 . Examples of readings in a Sentence; 문장 reading. He was bound up in his reading all weekend that he forgot to do the chores. I will throw down the gauntlet to other flash authors (or anyone else)
518. Description. From the author of the highly successful paragraph to essay level text, Resources for Writers with Readings, 2/e, comes the companion text for the sentence to paragraph level course, Sentence Resources for Writers, with Readings, a textbook designed to fully meet the needs of the developing college writer and the developmental writing educator.
519. readings in English (2012-2013) Saturday, October 6, 2012. Topic Sentences and Controlling Ideas Every topic sentence will have a topic and a controlling idea. The controlling idea shows the direction the paragraph will take. Here are some examples: Topic Sentence: There are many reasons why pollution in ABC Town is the worst in the world.
520. Examples of Loss of a Pet readings. Rainbow Bridge . Author unknown. Source: Abigail Van Buren, Arizona Republic, February 20, 1994. There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass.

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