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1. The records may have been destroyed.
2. She checked her records and returned.
3. She added, Most old pictures and records went up in smoke when the old building burned.
4. We did some digging in old records at the museum as well.
5. Checking any records on the poor woman is going to be a chore.
6. Anyway, first thing I did was attempt to check records in and out of Canada but getting that stuff is like pulling teeth.
7. I'll check the records to see which Guardians rotated here from Europe from the past year.
8. Maybe the courthouse records, too.
9. I looked up the ownership but the records were nearly fifty years old.
10. There's lots of reasons those records don't pick up a death but it would be nice to see it listed there.
11. Your boy Dan Brennan got me into the Federal exit and entrance records at the Canada border!
12. Real estate records were scoured for any known relative of the now deceased murderer in an attempt to locate family owned property, a difficult chore as mother Grasso wedded three men and lived with countless others.
13. The records I alone can read with my magic are in this hallway, which is a pain in the ass when it comes to searching for things.
14. Based on her medical records, the tumor didn't grow until she hit puberty and didn't interfere with her ability to function before a few years ago, Wynn started.
15. You said so yourself when you checked the old records.
16. We could probably find out for sure if we kept checking enough records.
17. Dean tried to take the card but the manager protested, saying it was part of his records.
18. But you don't need those numbers; I understand you've done your homework searching public records.
19. He bracketed the time for several sessions and kept meticulous records.
20. Normally to spy upon my records.
21. If he, Cynthia, and Fred were tasked with simply finding the identity of the old bones, the chore would be difficult at best and limited to Fred and his cronies researching old records.
22. He soon returned to announce that he was unable to confirm Josh Mulligan's death via the Internet social security death records.
23. I visited dear Tamer and spent most of the day with him and his records.
24. In the center was a table stacked with more of the records.
25. But the old man, finally, with much reluctance, agreed to re-figure the amount stolen when Dean began to ask how fre­quently deposits were made and offered to check bank records.
26. Jenn squatted to find the servants' portion of the records.
27. "He promised to take me to the immortal records when he finds the door to the immortal realm, the ones that will tell me about the Grey God," she read.
28. In fact, he had repeatedly encouraged her to browse his financial records.
29. To the last he believed that the attacking force would at least have spared his house, which contained official records of priceless value, but he was doomed to see his faith falsified.
30. There are even records of an Anaphothrips, when cut off from its normal vegetable foodsupply, becoming cannibalistic and feeding on its own species.
31. Douglas was buried in the church of the Savoy, where a monumental brass (removed from its proper site after the fire in 1864) still records his death and interment.
32. In June 1781 Tarleton raided Charlottesville and the vicinity, nearly captured Thomas Jefferson, and destroyed the public records and some arms and ammunition.
33. As a child she had already believed herself to have visions; these now became more frequent, and her records of these "revelations," which were tanslated into Latin by Matthias, canon of Linkoping, and by her confessor, Peter, prior of Alvastra, obtained a great vogue during the middle ages.
34. Pym Yeatman, Records of the Borough of Chesterfield (Chesterfield and Sheffield, 1884); Thomas Ford, History of Chesterfield (London, 1839).
35. On American Presbyterianism, see Charles Hodge, Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America,1706-1788(2 vols., Philadelphia, 1839-1840); Records of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America from 1706 to 1788 (ibid., 1841); Richard Webster, History of the Presbyterian Church in America (ibid., 1858); E.
36. The development of French coal and lignite mining in the i9th century, together with records of prices, which rose considerably at the end of the period, is set forth in the table below:
37. Other evidence allows us to link together the Kenites, Calebites and Danites in a tradition of some movement into Palestine, evidently quite distinct from the great invasion of Israelite tribes which predominates in the existing records.
38. The older records utilized by the Deuteronomic and later compilers indicate some common tradition which has found expression in these varying forms. Different religious standpoints are represented in the biblical writings, and it is now important to observe that the prophecies of Hosea unmistakably show another attitude to the Israelite priesthood.
39. As most of the records appealed to are from temple archives, it may be expected that the Sabbath days would show an increased number of records.
40. For the text and fuller account of the Volscian inscription, and for other records of the dialect, see R.
41. The extra-Biblical history of Jericho is as disastrous as are the records preserved in the Scriptures.
42. Founders were advertised for, and records show that Andrew Schalch of Douai was selected.
43. Then the army under Alva's son, Don Frederick of Toledo, marched northwards, and the sack of Zutphen and the inhuman butchery of Naarden are among the blackest records of history.
44. Even Foxe records instances in which Bonner failed to persecute.
45. One tablet records that in 1631 two Algerine pirate crews landed in Ireland, sacked Baltimore, and carried off its inhabitants to slavery; another recalls the romantic escape of Ida M'Donnell, daughter of Admiral Ulric, consulgeneral of Denmark, and wife of the British consul.
46. To make matters worse, the pen which records the motion of the plate is often connected with it by an extensive system of chains and levers.
47. One of the earliest monuments records the purchase by a king of a large estate for his son, paying a fair market price and adding a handsome honorarium to the many owners in costly garments, plate, and precious articles of furniture.
48. From the continuous records of slack and strain combined with the weight of the cable it is a simple matter to calculate and plot the depths along the whole route of the cable as actually laid.
49. 12, compiled from the actual records obtained during the laying of the Canso-Fayal section of the Commercial Cable Company's system, shows by the full line the actual strain recorded which secured the even distribution of 8 per cent.
50. - Records of Strain and Depths.
51. - Single-current Relay strument I and records Working.
52. Here is the theatre, which, as an inscription records, was restored by Cn.
53. - At least four periods in the history of the dialect can be distinguished in the records we have left to us, by the help of the successive changes (a) in alphabet and (b) in language, which the Tables exhibit.
54. The position meter just mentioned is common to all the cords on one position and records all completed calls handled at the position.
55. - The records of the telephone industry in Great Britain during the thirty years from 1877 to 1907 form an instructive chapter in the industrial history of the country.
56. Their annals are filled with records of dynastic changes and redistributions of territory, consequent upon treaties signed by foreign powers, in the settlement of quarrels which no wise concerned the people.
57. Annus, year; hence annales, sc. libri, annual records), the name given to a class of writers on Roman history, the period of whose literary activity lasted from the time of the Second Punic War to that of Sulla.
58. For the earlier period their authorities were state and family records - above all, the annales maximi (or annales pontificum), the official chronicle of Rome, in which the notable occurrences of each year from the foundation of the city were set down by the pontifex maximus.
59. The historian observes and records, in different lands and ages, the rise or explicit utterance of belief in one God.
60. Finally, human development, as exhibited in historical and prehistorical records, is regarded as the highest and most complex result of organic and physical evolution.
61. On the Scheldt, near the Place Laurent, is the Geerard-duivelsteen (château of Gerard the Devil), a 13th-century tower formerly belonging to one of the patrician families, now restored and used as the office of the provincial records.
62. 26), Athenagoras (Libellus pro Christianis) and the Acts of Martyrs, were greatly in excess of those recorded in previous reigns, it must not be forgotten that it was only in this period that the Christians began to keep records.
63. His precepts are simply the records of his practice.
64. For Burmese amber, papers by Fritz Noetling and Otto Helm in Records of Geol.
65. According to Suetonius (Augustus, 94) he foretold the greatness of the future emperor on the day of his birth, and Apuleius (Apologia, 42) records.
66. The few records during the middle ages are borne out by what is known of famines and pestilence.
67. For some of these we have no certain information, and regarding others the tales narrated in the early records are so hard to reconcile with present knowledge that they are better fitted to be the battle-ground of scholars championing rival theories than the basis of definite history.
68. The hieroglyphic inscriptions of Egypt and the cuneiform inscriptions of Assyria are rich in records of the movements and achievements of armies, the conquest of towns and the subjugation of peoples; but though many of the recorded sites have been identified, their discovery by wandering armies was isolated from their subsequent history and need not concern us here.
69. The conqueror also intended to open up trade by sea between Europe and India, and the narrative of his general Nearchus records this famous voyage of discovery, the detailed accounts of the chief pilot Onesicritus being lost.
70. The records preserved in each city were examined, topographical information was diligently collected, and the Jesuit fathers checked their triangulation by meridian altitudes of the sun and pole star and by a system of remeasurements.
71. But out of the copies of Norfolk deeds and records collected for Thomas, earl of Arundel, in the early part of the 17th century, it seems clear enough that he sprang from a Norfolk family, several of whose members held lands at Wiggenhall near Lynn.
72. The records of his life and work are noticed in the articles Exodus, Numbers,.
73. The ante-Nicene age yields priceless records of the early struggles of Christianity; from it we have received specimens of the early apologetic and the early polemic of the Church, the first essays of Christian philosophy, Christian correspondence, Christian biblical interpretation: we owe to it.
74. In the porch of its church (14th and 15th centuries) a tablet records the names of some of his companions.
75. It was from a remote period, antedating certainly 3000 B.C., the highway of empire and of commerce between east and west, more specifically between Babylonia or Irak and Syria, and numerous empires, peoples and civilizations have left their records on its shores.
76. We are informed that Fordun's patriotic zeal was roused by the removal or destruction of many national records by Edward III.
77. The historians of the day give us but imperfect records or make unsatisfactory allusions.
78. Geological evidence shows that this gap was once bridged by a continuous isthmus which according to the temple records was breached by a violent storm in 1480.
79. Arneth was an indefatigable worker, and, as director of the archives, his broad-minded willingness to listen to the advice of experts, as well as his own sound sense, did much to promote the more scientific treatment and use of public records in most of the archives of Europe.
80. Army is one of the principal officers in the war department, the head of the bureau for army correspondence, with the charge of the records, recruiting, issue of commissions, &c. Individual American states also have their own adjutant-general, with cognate duties regarding the state militia.
81. Carriers were forbidden to keep any accounts, records or memoranda other than those approved by the Commission.
82. Collisions, on the other hand, are preventable, and derailments nearly so, and the records of deaths and injuries in this class in successive years are therefore justly taken as an index to the efficiency with which the railways are managed.
83. In any comparison between British and American records the first point to be borne in mind is the difference in mileage and traffic. The American railways aggregate approximately ten times the length of the British lines; but in train miles the difference is far less.
84. Yet the best safety devices are made in America, and means of reducing these death records are well known.
85. The French secretary of Public Works, who has furnished these statistics, keeps also similar records of the local or light railways, on which the number of fatal accidents appears to be exceedingly small.
86. The first group consists of experiments selected from the records of a large number made on the boiler of the locomotive belonging to the Purdue University, Indiana, U.S.A.
87. The third group consists of experiments selected from the records of a series of trials made on the London & South-Western railway with an express locomotive.
88. Yet, if there is not a mass of scientific evidence, there are a number of witnesses - among them distinguished men of science and others of undoubted intelligence --who have convinced themselves by observation that phenomena occur which cannot be explained by known causes; and this fact must carry weight, even without careful records, when the witnesses are otherwise known to be competent and trustworthy observers.
89. Of considerable interest again are the experiences of Mr Stainton Moses between 1870 and 1880, of which the best account has been compiled from contemporary records by F.
90. So Basil of Cappadocia (Epistle 93), about the year 350, records that in Egypt the laity, as a rule, celebrated the communion in their own houses, and partook of the sacrament by themselves whenever they chose.
91. He could only use the eye which remained to him for brief and intermittent periods, and as travelling affected his sight prejudicially he could not anticipate any personal research amongst unpublished records and historic scenes.
92. Amidst the vituperations of the adherents of the papacy and the later Elizabethan eulogies, and in the absence of the records on which her sentence was pronounced, Anne Boleyn's guilt remains unproved.
93. Hume (1889); Records of the Reformation, by N.
94. Of Dep. Keeper of Public Records, p. 242; "Romische Dokumente," v., M.
95. But be this as it may, he had no sooner adopted his new creed than he resolved to profess it; " a momentary glow of enthusiasm " had raised him above all temporal considerations, and accordingly, on June 8, 1753, he records that having " privately abjured the heresies" of his childhood before a Catholic priest of the name of Baker, a Jesuit, in London, he announced the same to his father in an elaborate controversial epistle which his spiritual adviser much approved, and which he himself afterwards described to Lord Sheffield as having been " written with all the pomp, the dignity, and self-satisfaction of a martyr."
96. No sooner had he returned home than he began the work of accumulation, and records that, on the receipt of his first quarter's allowance, a large share was appropriated to his literary wants.
97. He now " plunged into the ocean of the Augustan history," and " with pen almost always in hand," pored over all the original records, Greek and Latin, between Trajan and the last of the Western Caesars.
98. A note of Fox, however, on the margin of a copy of The Decline and Fall records a very distinct remembrance of the historian's previous vituperation of the ministry; within a fortnight of the date of his acceptance of office, he is there alleged to have said that " there was no salvation for this country until six heads of the principal persons in administration were laid upon the table."
99. From it have been transferred to the fireproof building of the Registry of Deeds many interesting historical documents, among them the records of the Plymouth colony, the will of Myles Standish, and the original patent.
100. - For the sources of the early history of Plymouth consult (George) Mourt's Relation, or Journal of the Plantation of Plymouth (Boston, 1865, and numerous other editions); William Bradford's History of the Plimouth Plantation (Boston, 1858, and several later editions), the most important source of information concerning Plymouth before 1646; the Plymouth Colony Records (12 vols., Boston, 1855-1861); the Records of the Town of Plymouth (3 vols., Plymouth, 1889-1903); J.
101. One tablet records that the founder was Prince Neagoe Bassarab (1512-1521); another that Prince John Radu completed the work in 1526.
102. We have not the slightest reason to think that the radiation from the sun is measurably weaker now than it was a couple of thousand years ago, yet it can be shown that, if the sun were merely radiating heat as simply a hot body, then it would cool some degrees every year, and must have cooled many thousands of degrees within the time covered by historical records.
103. When zoological records failed, Egypto-Hellenic ingenuity was never at a loss for a fanciful invention distilled from the text itself, but which to succeeding copyists appeared as part of the teaching of the original Physiologus.
104. Towards the close of the 13th century the Egyptian king Merneptah (Mineptah) records a successful campaign in Palestine, and alludes to the defeat of Canaan, Ascalon, Gezer, Yenuam (in Lebanon) and (the people or tribe) Israel.3 Bodies of aliens from the Levantine coast had previously threatened Egypt and Syria, and at the beginning of the 12th century they formed a coalition on land and sea which taxed all the resources of Rameses III.
105. Thus one may note the reshaping of older material to agree with later thought, the building up of past periods from the records of other periods, and a frequent loss of perspective.
106. Surrounded by ancient civilizations where writing had long been known, and enjoying, as excavation has proved, a considerable amount of material culture, Palestine could look back upon a lengthy and stirring history which, however, has rarely left its mark upon our records.
107. The critical investigation of these records is the indispensable prelude to all serious biblical study, and hasty or sweeping deductions from monumental or archaeological evidence, or versions compiled promiscuously from materials of distinct origin, are alike hazardous.
108. This stands in striking contrast to other records of the partial successes of individual groups (Judg.
109. Similarly the thread of the Judaean annals in Kings is also found in 2 Samuel, although the supplementary narratives in Kings are not so rich or varied as the more popular records in the preceding books.
110. Only the Temple records recall the spoliation of the sanctuary of Jerusalem, and traditions of Jeroboam I.
111. In the absence of its native records its relations with Palestine are not always clear, but it may be supposed that amid varying political changes it was able to play a double game.
112. The conflict between Yahweh and Baal and the defeat of the latter are the characteristic notes of the religious history of the period, and they leave their impression upon the records, which are now more abundant.
113. In 842 Shalmaneser records a campaign against Hazael of Damascus; no coalition is mentioned, although a battle was fought at Sanir (Hermon, Deut.
114. The alliances, counter-alliances and far-reaching political combinations which spring up at every advance of the greater powers are often perplexing in the absence of records of the states concerned.
115. For the understanding of these great wars between Syria and Israel (which the traditional chronology spreads over eighty years), for the significance of the crushing defeats and inspiring victories, and for the alternations of despair and hope, a careful study of all the records of relations between Israel and the north is at least instructive, and it is important to remember that, although the present historical outlines are scanty and incomplete, some - if not all - of the analogous descriptions in their present form are certainly later than the second half of the 9th century B.C., the period in which these great events fa11.4 13.
116. All that can be recognized from the biblical records, however, is the period of internal prosperity which Israel and Judah enjoyed under Jeroboam and Uzziah (qq.v.) respectively.
117. Tradition, in fact, is concentrated upon the rise of the Judaean dynasty under David, but there are significant periods before the rise of both Jehoash and Uzziah upon which the historical records maintain a perplexing silence.
118. Israel was once more in league with Damascus and Phoenicia, and the biblical records must be read in the light of political history.
119. The Temple records describe the innovations he introduced on his return.
120. But the destruction of Jerusalem is not quite unique, and somewhat later we meet with indirect evidence for at least one similar disaster upon which the records are silent.
121. Although the records preserve complete silence upon the period now under review, it is necessary to free oneself from the narrow outlook of the later Judaean compilers.
122. It was an age of literary activity which manifested itself, not in contemporary historical records - only a few of which have survived - but rather in the special treatment of previously existing sources.
123. Although Judah was always closely connected with the south, these " southern " features (once clearly more extensive and complete) are found in the Deuteronomic and priestly compilations, and their presence in the historical records can hardly be severed from the prominence of " southern " families in the vicinity of Jerusalem, some time after the fall of Jerusalem.
124. There were catastrophes detrimental to the preservation of older literary records, and vicissitudes which, if they have not left their mark on contemporary history - which is singularly blank - may be traced on the representations of the past.
125. It is the work of rebuilding and reorganization, of social and of religious reforms, which we encounter in the last pages of biblical history, and in the records of Ezra and Nehemiah we stand in Jerusalem in the very centre of epoch-making events.
126. This agrees substantially with the independent records of Nehemiah, and unless we assume two disasters not widely separated in date - viz.
127. In the records of Nehemiah the ruins of the city are extensive (ii.
128. But through the Priestly hands the Old Testament history passed, and their standpoint colours its records.
129. Priesthoods, whose traditions connect them with the south, are subordinated; the ecclesiastical records are re-shaped or re-adjusted; and a picture is presented of hierarchical jealousies and rivalries which (it was thought) were settled once and for all in the days of the exodus from Egypt.
130. They do not give us the records of the age of the Babylonian monarch Khammurabi (perhaps Amraphel, Gen.
131. The principal Philistine tribe is indeed known in the biblical records as the Cherethims or Cretans, and the Minoan name and the cult of the Cretan Zeus were preserved at Gaza to the latest classical days.
132. Thus Bede records that in a certain year (which must have been 645, 647, 648 or 651) Queen Eanfleda, who had received her instruction from a Kentish priest of the Roman obedience, was fasting and keeping Palm Sunday, while her husband, Oswy, king of Northumbria, following the rule of the British church, was celebrating the Easter festival.
133. As for the " Declaration," the original records of the transactions of Mecklenburg county were destroyed by fire in 1800, but it is claimed that a copy of the " Declaration " was made from memory in the same year, and when, in 1819, a controversy had arisen as to where the movement for independence originated, this copy was published, first in the Raleigh Register and North Carolina Gazette and then in many other newspapers.
134. Sikes, The Transition of North Carolina from Colony to Commonwealth (Baltimore, 1898), based on the public records, is accurate, though dull.
135. The chief published sources are The Colonial Records of North Carolina (10 vols., Raleigh, 1886-1890); and The State Records of North Carolina (vols.
136. Petalliah (Travels, p. 17) records that this Daniel's nephew succeeded to the office jointly with a R.
137. Of the Old World which parallels the best records of the New.
138. Since Asiatic records go back much farther than those of Europe, it is natural the Asia should be thought the birthplace of civilization.
139. The earliest Sumerian records seem to be anterior to 4000 B.C. Shortly after that period Babylonia was invaded by Semites, who became the ruling race.
140. Owing to the absence of dated records, the chronology of these invasions has not yet been set beyond dispute, but the most important was that of the Kushans, whose king Kanishka founded a state which comprised northern India and Kashmir.
141. A large part of the Temple records from that time onwards were destroyed under the Restoration, so that exact knowledge of the facts is practically impossible.
142. A comparison of the two records, however, is especially important for its illustration of the later tendency to idealize the figure of David, and the historical critic has to bear in mind the possibility that this tendency had begun long before the Chronicler's time, and that it may be found in the relatively older records preserved in Samuel.
143. In 1317 John de Lilleburn, who was holding the castle of Knaresburgh for Thomas duke of Lancaster against the king, surrendered under conditions to William de Ros of Hamelak, but before leaving the castle managed to destroy all the records of the liberties and privileges of the town which were kept in the castle.
144. 1145, and the hill of Dala is mentioned in the earliest records as the original site of Kano.
145. He was continually being fined for allowing his pigs to stray in the street, selling bad meat, letting his house to doubtful characters for illegal purposes, and generally infringing the by-laws respecting weights and measures (extracts from the Ipswich records, printed in the Athenaeum, 1900, i.
146. About 14 9 0); but his earliest definite appearance in the records is as junior bursar of Magdalen College in 1498-1499, and senior bursar in 1 499150o, an office he was compelled to resign for applying funds to the completion of the great tower without sufficient authority (W.
147. He may have studied at Paris in his youth, but the earliest fact which he records of himself is his admission as a monk at St Albans in the year 1217.
148. Most of these were simple records of patient and laborious analytical operations, and it is perhaps surprising that among all the substances he analysed he only detected two new elements - beryllium (1798) in beryl and chromium (1797) in a red lead ore from Siberia.
149. The Teutonic tribes whose dim origins he records have in the course of centuries attained to world-wide dominion.
150. The records of Delisle's observations at St Petersburg are preserved in manuscript at the Pulkowa observatory.
151. The public records of the state were removed thither in 1777 from Williamsburg, and in May 1779 Richmond was made the capital.
152. The monumental records of Egypt are the source of the earliest information on farming.
153. As the main object of the act is to obtain records of prices, it follows that only in so far as statements of the prices realized, together with the description of the animals involved, are obtained, is the full advantage of the statute secured.
154. This volume records the births in the herds of members of the society, and gives the pedigrees of cows and bulls, besides furnishing lists of prizewinners at the principal shows and butter-test awards, and reports of sales by auction of Jersey cattle.
155. Even in the rural districts, manorial records reveal the existence of a great variety of classes and groups of persons engaged in the performance of economic functions.
156. From the very nature of the records in which we study the town life of the middle ages, it follows that we obtain from them only a onesided view.
157. This is a perfectly simple and straightforward operation, involving nothing more than familiarity with records and industry in going through them.
158. Every volume of records we look through contains a mass of detailed information on the economic life of England in the period we are studying.
159. In modern problems we can watch the economic machine actually at work, cross-examine our witnesses, see that delicate interplay of passions and interests which cannot be set down or described in a document, and acquire a certain sense of touch in relation to the questions at issue which manuscripts and records cannot impart.
160. Several children not born in wedlock have been traced in the records, but none of them became in any way famous.
161. Firdousi's own education eminently qualified him for the gigantic task which he subsequently undertook, for he was profoundly versed in the Arabic language arid 1'itefature and had also studied deeply the Pahlavi or Old Persian, and was conversant with the ancient historical records which existed in that tongue.
162. Firdousi had been always strongly attracted by the ancient Pahlavi records, and had begun at an early age to turn them into Persian epic verse.
163. There is every reason therefore to believe that Firdousi adhered faithfully to these records of antiquity, and that the poem is a perfect storehouse of the genuine traditions of the country.
164. There is also a certain amount of external evidence to be gathered from (I) Monuments and records of other contemporary civilizations, e.g.
165. History of an inferential and summary sort only can be derived from monuments in the absence of written records.
166. A "General Society of Mayflower Descendants" was organized in 1894 by lineal descendants of passengers of the "Mayflower" to "preserve their memory, their records, their history, and all facts relating to them, their ancestors and their posterity."
167. On the first of these visits he made the acquaintance of a fellow bibliophile in Petrarch, who records his impression (Epist.
168. In the eighteenth chapter he records his intention of founding a hall at Oxford, and in connexion with it a library of which his books were to form the nucleus.
169. Fragmentary as the records are, they show that the Exopterygota preceded the Endopterygota in the evolution of the class, and that among the Endopterygota those orders in which the greatest difference exists between imago and larva - the Lepidoptera, Diptera and Hymenoptera - were the latest to take their rise.
170. Though birds make a not unimportant appearance in the earliest written records of the human race, the painter's brush has preserved their counterfeit presentment for a still longer period.
171. They contain the voluminous and invaluable records of the Venetian republic, diplomatic, judicial, commercial, notarial, &c. Under the republic the various departments of state stored their records in various buildings, at the ducal palace, at the Scuola di San Teodoro, at the Camerlenghi.
172. Blake, Chronicles of New Haven Green (New Haven, 1898); Records of the Colony of New Haven 1638-1665 (2 vols., Hartford, 1857-1858), edited by C. H.
173. The poorer grades are employed in the manufacture of soap, candles and phonograph records.
174. When selection is being made for several characters at the same time, and also in hybridization experiments, where it is important to have full records of the characters of individual plants and their progeny, " score cards," such as are used in judging stock, with a scale of points, are used.
175. Recent statistics bearing upon cotton are collected annually in the two publications, Shepperson's Cotton Facts and Jones's Handbook for Daily Cable Records of Cotton Crop Statistics.
176. Further, these records are imitative.
177. Petroleum was collected for use in the most remote ages of which we have any records.
178. The ancient records of China and Japan are said to contain many allusions to the use of natural gas for lighting and heating.
179. In some cases the depths are stated with reference to sea-level, instead of being taken from the surface, thus greatly facilitating the utilization of the records.
180. It is indeed true that to thousands the hope of acquiring spiritual merit must have been a great motive; it is also true, as the records of crusading sermons show, that there was a strong element of "revivalism" in the Crusades, and that thousands were hurried into taking the cross by a gust of that uncontrollable enthusiasm which is excited by revivalist meetings to-day.
181. In regard to both assizes, it, is most important to bear in mind that we possess not laws, but law-books or custumals - records made by lawyers for their fellows of what they conceived to be the law, and supported by legal arguments and citations of cases.
182. Theal, Basutoland Records (Cape Town, 1883); E.
183. We find the records of it in the second volume of Marsden's Select Pleas in the Court of Admiralty, and in Lord Coke's writings: Reports, part xiii.
184. There are no Malay manuscripts extant, no monumental records with inscriptions in Malay, dating from before the spreading of Islam in the archipelago, about the end of the 13th century.
185. - According to the records of the Merchants' Exchange and the Chamber of Commerce, 35 lines of industry in the St.
186. Pickering also records Galen's observations (De Alim.
187. The inscriptional records cease abruptly in the 12th century, and no more is known of the country until the rise of the Gond dynasties from the 14th to the 16th centuries.
188. Many substances were used as pigments: Pliny records white lead, cinnabar, verdigris and red oxide of iron; and the preparation of coloured glasses and enamels testifies to the uses to which these and other substances were put.
189. This mountainous district, having the sea to the west, records an unusually heavy rainfall.
190. 1918; Sudan Notes and Records, II.
191. The 8th tablet records the death of Eabani..
192. He derived his surname from the fact that his ancestors were burgraves or chatelains of the town; his parents, who belonged to illustrious Flemish families, were probably the Jean Chastellain and his wife Marie de Masmines mentioned in the town records in 1425 and 1432.
193. We hear that Heraclea surrendered under compulsion to Hannibal in 212 B.C. and that in the Social war the public records were destroyed by fire.
194. The clerk ascertains what he considers to be the judgment of the assembly, and records it in a minute.
195. The social life of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th is portrayed in Records of a Quaker Family, the Richardsons of Cleveland, by Mrs Boyce, and The Diaries of Edward Pease, the Father of English Railways, edited by Sir A.
196. Emmerich, formerly called Embrika and Emrik, originally a Roman colony, is mentioned in records so early as the 7th century.
197. Thomas Moore, who warmly eulogizes Emmet, with whom he was a student at Trinity College, records that one day when he was playing on the piano the melody "Let Erin remember," Emmet started up exclaiming passionately, "Oh, that I were at the head of 20,000 men marching to that air!"
198. It is not improbable that he was in fact an hereditary chief of the Basques, but no contemporary records exist.
199. In Athens it was doubtless in use for literary as well as for other purposes as early as the 5th century B.C. An inscription relating to the rebuilding of the Erechtheum in 407 B.C. records the purchase of two papyrus rolls, to be used for the fair copy of the rough accounts.
200. See Francis Drake, Eboracum: or the History and Antiquities of the City of York, from its original to the present time (1736); Extracts from the Municipal Records of the City of York during the Reigns of Edward IV., Edward V.
201. Governors were appointed by the lords proprietors, and there are copious records in the state papers of the attempts made to develop the resources of the islands.
202. Its religious importance is attested by the number of its great shrines dating from those times; as for its wealth and size, while, as stated above, few remains of the actual buildings of that period survive, we still have abundant records describing their character, their size and their position.
203. From the records of that period it seems that the present city is identical in the position of its walls and the space occupied by the town proper with Bagdad at the close of the 12th century, the period when this rapid decline had already advanced so far that the western city is described by travellers as almost in ruins, and the eastern half as containing large uninhabited spaces.
204. But the corporation which is mentioned in medieval records is not that of the town of Romford, but of the liberty of Havering.
205. The charters of Cardiff and "Materials for a History of the County Borough from the Earliest Times" were published by order of the corporation in Cardiff Records (5 vols., 1898, sqq.).
206. There is no reason to doubt that most of the records have at least a basis of fact, for the cases are in accord with well-attested phenomena of a similar nature at the present day; but there are others, such as the miraculous mending of a broken vase, which suggest either invention or trickery.
207. Darwin brings together the records of several cases, not only of gradations between peaches and nectarines, but also of intermediate forms between the peach and the almond.
208. Records of these journeys, and of the innocent adventures which they encouraged, were given to the world as An Inland Voyage in 1878, and as Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes in 1879.
209. And similar records might be multiplied almost to any extent.
210. Under Nerva and Trajan the road was repaired; one inscription records expressly the paving with silex (replacing the former gravelling) of the section from Tripontium, 4 m.
211. The few scattered references in contemporary records to the dress of the clergy all point to this as the only recognized rule.
212. An Autobiography was compiled by his widow and his private secretary from his diary, sermons, records and letters (1897-1900).
213. Sittingbourne (Sc dungburna, Sidyngbourn) is mentioned in Saxon documents in 989 and frequently in contemporary records of the 13th and 14th centuries.
214. As a teacher he was one of the first to discriminate between the various strata in rabbinic records; to him was due the revival of interest in the older Midrash and in the Palestinian Talmud, interest in which had been weak for some centuries before his time.
215. The whole body of Welsh laws was published in one volume by Aneurin Owen under the direction of the commissioners on the public records as Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales (London, 1841).
216. (r) Midrashic. Jellinek published in the six parts of his Beth ha-Midrasch (1853-1878) a large number of smaller Midrashi, ancient and medieval homilies and folk-lore records, which have been of much service in the recent revival of interest in Jewish apocalyptic literature.
217. The Mineral Industry, begun in 1892, annually records the progress made in lead smelting.
218. John Hales (1584-1656); Edmund Calamy (1600-1666); the Cambridge Platonist, Benjamin Whichcote (1609-1685); Richard Baxter (1615-1691); the puritan John Owen (1616-1683); the philosophical Ralph Cudworth (1617-1688); Archbishop Leighton (1611-1684) - each of these holds an eminent position in the records of pulpit eloquence, but all were outshone by the gorgeous oratory and art of Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667), who is the most illustrious writer of sermons whom the British race has produced.
219. The first volume (in two parts) is a detailed biography of the great astronomer; the second includes some of his minor writings and correspondence, family records, and historical documents of local interest.
220. See Victoria County History, Yorkshire; Edward Miller, The History and Antiquities of Doncaster (1828-1831); Calendar to the Records of the Borough of Doncaster, published by the Corporation.
221. Parliaments occasionally assembled on the Moot Hill, where the first national council of which we possess records was held (906).
222. It contains, in addition to the ancient national records, adequate accommodation, in fireproof chambers, for all Scottish title-deeds, entails, contracts and mortgages, and for general statistics, including those of births, deaths and marriages.
223. In 1844 he records a solitary protest against the judgment of the House of Lords in R.
224. The records of the Levant (Turkey) Company, which maintained an important agency here till 1825, contain curious information as to the local Dere Beys.
225. As early as the 13th century the vulgar tongue was already well established at Siena, being used in public documents, commercial records and private correspondence.
226. Z Cranmer's works are to be found in Burnet, " Collection of Records " appended to his History of the Reformation (ed.
227. In these volumes he attempted to vindicate his administration, and in so doing he attacked the records of those generals.
228. But it is rather a revived than a new capital; Khalep was a very ancient Syrian and probably "Hittite" city of importance, known from Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian records.
229. The mean temperature at Durban, records taken at 260 ft.
230. Bird, The Annals of Natal, 1 495 to 1845 (2 vols., Maritzburg, 1888), a work of permanent value, consisting of official records, &c.; Shepstone, Historic Sketch of Natal (1864).
231. Count Francis was the principal founder of the Society of the Bohemian Museum, devoted to the collection of documents bearing on Bohemian history, with the object of reawakening national sentiment by the study of the national records.
232. Lambert's most important work, Pyrometrie (Berlin, 1779), is a systematic treatise on heat, containing the records and full discussion of many of his own experiments.
233. According to contemporary records the number of prelates and priests in the three parts of Hungary at the beginning of the 17th century was but 103, all told, and of the great families not above half a dozen still clung to Catholicism.
234. 1874-1876); Diplomatic Records of the Time of King Matthias (Mag.
235. This falls into three main groups: Diplomata (30 vols.); Scriptores (40 vols.); Monumenta Comitialia (records of the Hungarian and Transylvanian diets, 12 vols.
236. With these are associated the Turkish-Hungarian Records (9 vols.), Turkish Historians (2 vols.
237. 1522), was essentially a compilation, more or less critical, of all such records, pictures and relations concerning beasts, birds, reptiles, fishes and monsters as could be gathered together by one reading in the great libraries of Europe, travelling from city to city, and frequenting the company of those who either had themselves passed into distant lands or possessed the letters written and sometimes the specimens brought home by adventurous persons.
238. From Casimir the Great, who captured it in 1340, it received the Magdeburg rights, and for almost two hundred years the public records were kept in German.
239. It is noteworthy that Neckam has no air of imparting a startling novelty: he merely records what had apparently become the regular practice of at least many seamen of the Catholic world.
240. The problem as to the meaning of the name Assur is rendered all the more confusing by the fact that the city and land are also called Assur (as well as A-usar),both by the Khammurabi records' and generally in the later Assyrian literature.
241. records that in the orthodox Armenian Church of the 7th century many held Christ to have been made flesh in, but not of, the Virgin; and Armenian hymns call the Virgin mother church at once Theotokos and heavenly Jerusalem.
242. It is then on the whole probable that the Paulicians who appear in Armenian records as early as 550, and were afterwards= called Thonraki, by the Greeks by the Armenian name Paulikiani, were the remains of a primitive adoptionist Christianity, widely dispersed in the east and already condemned under the name of Pauliani by the council of Nice in 325.
243. He was amiable and even estimable, the chief fault of his character being vanity and an incurable tendency towards theatrical effect, which makes his travels, memoirs and other personal records as well as his historical works radically untrustworthy.
244. By photography and diagrammatic records the clinical work of hospital wards has been brought into some better definition, and teaching made more accurate and more impressive.
245. Other offices are the New Record Office, the repository of State papers and other records, and the Patent Office in Chancery Lane.
246. York was conquered and occupied by the Saxons, and there not only are the results of English settlement clear but all records of Roman government were destroyed.
247. Bede records that the church of St Paul was built by lEthelbert, and from that time to this a cathedral dedicated to St Paul has stood upon the hill looking down on Ludgate.
248. The names of places in London form valuable records of the habitations of different classes of the population.
249. The first great impetus of change in the configuration of London was given by the great fire, and Evelyn records and regrets that the town in his time had grown almost as large again as it was within his own memory.
250. There is only one instance in the city records of a sheriff of Middlesex being mentioned as distinct from the sheriffs, and this was in 1283 when Anketin de Betteville and Walter le Blond are described as sheriffs of London, and Gerin as sheriff of Middlesex.
251. records as immensa communitas or immensa multitudo civium.
252. French Chronicle of London1259-1343(1863); Analytical Index to the Series of Records known as the Remembrancia 1579-1664 (1888); Calendar of Letter-Books [circa 1275-1399] preserved among the Archives of the Corporation of London at the Guildhall, edited by Reginald R.
253. Locks (East London Advertiser, 1902); Philip Norman, London vanished and vanishing (1905); Records of the London Topographical Society; Monographs of the Committee for the Survey of the Memorials of Greater London.
254. Once more he records a saying that shows Christ's sense of the intense painfulness of the work He was sent into the world to do, arising from the divisions which caused (xii.
255. The revenue administration of the province is superintended by a financial commissioner, assisted by two secretaries, and a director of land records and agriculture, with a land records departmental staff.
256. 66) actually records the discovery which effected the conversion of deliquescent silicate of soda into permanent glass.
257. There are few records of glass manufacture in Germany before the beginning of the, 6th century.
258. Owing to theAfashion of Dutch and Flemish painters introducing glass vases and drinking-glasses into their paintings of still life, interiors and scenes of conviviality, Holland and Belgium at the present day possess more accurate records of the products of their ancient glass factories than any other countries.
259. The records of glass-making in England are exceedingly meagre.
260. From this period began the records in England of the great glass-making families of Hennezel, de Thietry, du Thisac and du Houx from Lorraine, and of de Bongar and de Cacqueray from Normandy.
261. It is interesting to note that its author says of the battle of Khalule, which we know from the Assyrian inscriptions to have taken place in 691 or 690 B.C., that he does " not know the year " when it was fought: the records of Assyria had been already lost, even in Babylonia.
262. He seems to have left the defence of his kingdom to others, occupying himself with the more congenial work of excavating the foundation records of the temples and determining the dates of their builders.
263. Schrader, Keilinschriftliche Bibliothek (1889-1900); Records of the Past (new series, 1888-1892); Th.
264. 2 This discovery in itself suggests that all chronological data are not to be treated as of equal value and arranged mechanically like the pieces of a Chinese puzzle; and further, that no more than a provisional acceptance should be accorded any statement of the later native chronologists, until confirmed by contemporary records.
265. - In the early days of the decipherment of the cuneiform inscriptions, the reading of the proper names borne by Babylonians and Assyrians occasioned great difficulties; and though most of these difficulties have been overcome and there is general agreement among scholars as to the principles underlying both the formation and the pronunciation of the thousands of names that we encounter in historical records, business documents, votive inscriptions and literary productions, differences, though mostly of a minor character, still remain.
266. HITTITES, an ancient people, alluded to frequently in the earlier records of Israel, and also, under slightly variant names, in Egyptian records of the XVIIIth, XIXth and XXth Dynasties, and in Assyrian from about 1100 to 700 B.C. They appear also in the Vannic cuneiform texts, and are believed to be the authors of a class of monuments bearing inscriptions in a peculiar pictographic character, and widely distributed over Asia Minor and N.
267. Egyptian Records.
268. From this point (c. 1150 B.C.) - the point at which (roughly) the monarchic history of Israel in Palestine opens - Egyptian records cease to mention Kheta; and as we know from other sources that the latter continued powerful in Carchemish for some centuries to come, we must presume that the rise of the Israelite state interposed an effective political barrier.
269. Carchemish); and in other records of the same monarch, subsequently read, much mention is made of this and of other N.
270. Other Cuneiform Records.
271. A memorial of its trading long remained in Asia in the shape of the weight-measure called in cuneiform records the maneh " of Carchemish."
272. Syrian people loomed so large in ancient records as did the Hittites, and the suggestion began to find acceptance.
273. Syrian monuments, holding these of too late a date (judged by their Assyrian analogies) for the flourishing period of the Kheta-Khatti, as known from Egyptian and Assyrian records.
274. The following considerations, however, may be stated in favour of the ascription of the monuments to the Hittites: (1) The monuments in question are found frequently whereever, from other records, we know the Hittites to have been domiciled at some period, i.e.
275. Syria and Asia Minor known to us from Egyptian and Assyrian records, the Kheta-Khatti alone appear frequently as leading to war peoples from far beyond Taurus.
276. This racial question can hardly be determined till those Hatti records, whether in cuneiform or pictographic script, which are couched in a native tongue, not in Babylonian, are read.
277. The real reference of these stories, however, was forgotten, and it has been reserved to our own generation to rediscover the records of a power and a civilization which once dominated Asia Minor and north Syria and occupied all the continental roads of communication between the East and the West of the ancient world.
278. The Boghaz Keui correspondence ceases to be important with the generation following Hattusil II., and in the Assyrian records, which begin about a couple of centuries later, we find Carchemish the chief Hatti city and N.
279. The inhabitants frequently rebelled and were as often subdued; records of these repeated conquests were set up by the Egyptian kings in the shape of steles and temples; of the latter the temple of Amenhotep (Amenophis) III.
280. Xxii., xxv.; Mélanges d'Assyriologie et d'Egyptologie, ii., iii.; Records of the Past, vi.; T.S.B.A.
281. They claim to rule the Kasu'or Meroitic Ethiopians; and the fifth inscription records an expedition along the Atbara and the Nile to punish the Nuba and Kasu, and a fragment of a Greek inscription from Meroe was recognized by Sayce as commemorating a king of Axum.
282. In 455 the Saxon Chronicle records a battle between Hengest and Horsa and Vortigern at a place called Aegaels threp, in which Horsa was slain.
283. He was nominated a commissioner for disbanding the army, and was appointed keeper of the records in the Tower, a post in which he performed useful services.
284. In 1668 was published his Aurum reginae or Records concerning Queen-gold, the Brief Animadversions on Coke's Institutes in 1669, and the History of King John, Henry III.
285. The date of the Abridgment of the Records of the Tower of London, published 1689, is doubtful, though the preface is dated 1656-1657.
286. records (1832-1839), volumes of correspondence marked Turkey.
287. For a bibliography of its records see M.
288. Very slight differences in climate appear to cause very great differences in the quality of the tobacco, and ordinary meteorological records are of little use in determining the suitability or not of a region for a particular kind of leaf; this essential point must be determined by experiment.
289. It gave rise to the numerous precariae verbo regis, of the Church records, and to the condemnation of Charles Martel in the visions of the clergy to worse difficulties in the future life than he had overcome in this.
290. Thus for instance when any feudal institution (be it Gothic, Norman, or Anglo-Saxon) eludes our deciphering faculty from the imperfect records of its use and operation, then we endeavour conjecturally to amend our knowledge by watching the circumstances in which that institution arose."
291. Inscriptions found there and at Husn Ghurab near Mukalla, were the first records discovered of ancient Arabian civilization in Hadramut.
292. Snow falls on the Harra and on the Tehama range in northern Arabia, and Nolde records a fall of snow which lay on the Nafud on the 1st of February 1893.
293. Here their most collective name was Bugaitae (Bou-yaaaT at), as appears from the Axumite inscription, whence the forms Buja, Beja, which occur in the oldest Arab records, and by which they are still known.
294. It seems probable from the silence of the records that they had already fallen into disuse early in the 13th century.
295. The Watertown Records (4 vols., Watertown and Boston, 1894-1906) have been published by the Historical Society of Watertown (organized in 1888 and incorporated in 1891).
296. In 1003 we find records of a war between Pisa and Lucca, which, according to Muratori, was the first waged between Italian cities in the middle ages.
297. The first historical records show us these people already possessed of a considerable civilization, and speaking two allied languages, Aymara and Quichua.
298. - The general observation that under a constant pressure a pure substance boils at a constant temperature leads to the conclusion that the distillate which comes over while the thermometer records only a small variation is of practically constant composition.
299. Historical records were searched for references to past meteoric displays, and these were tabulated and compared.
300. Historical records supply the following dates of abundant meteoric displays: - These showers occurred at intervals of about one-third of a century, while the day moved along the calendar at the rate of one month in a thousand years.
301. 3), and the much older Israelite historian (E) records the first revelation of the name to Moses (Exod.
302. The brick enclosure wall of the temple is still plainly visible near the little village of Sa el hagar (Sa of stone) on the east bank of the Rosetta branch, but the royal tombs and other monuments of Sais, some of which were described by Herodotus, and its inscribed records, have all gone.
303. These records were called in Cicero's time the Annales Maximi.
304. At Pompeii, for example, among other de- a astation, the temple of Isis was~ shaken into ruins, and, as an ii iscription records, it was rebuilt from the foundations by the d sunificence of a private citizen.
305. The earliest Semitic records give its form as y or more frequently k or The form is found in the earliest inscriptions of Crete, Attica, Naxos and some other of the Ionic islands.
306. Mowry, The Dorr War; or the Constitutional Struggle in Rhode Island (Providence, 1901); Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, 1636-1792 (io vols., Providence, 1856-65); Rhode Island Historical Society, Collections (to vols., to be continued, Providence, 1827-1902); Proceedings and Publications, 23 numbers (Providence, 1872-1902, to be continued).
307. An inscription records that the tower was built by order of Abu Yakub Yusef.
308. A very handsome triumphal arch, now called the Porta de' Borsari, was restored in this year by Gallienus (as the inscription upon it, which has taken the place of an older one, cancelled to make room for it, records), and became one of the city gates.
309. He was selected by the Records Commission to re-edit Rymer's Foedera, a task which after ten years' labour (1808-1818) he had to resign.
310. According to quasi-historical records, the population of the empire in the year A.D.
311. 720 speaks of historiographers having been appointed to collect local records for the first time in 403, from which it is to be inferred that such officials had already existed at the court.
312. Brief mention must also be made of two other kinds of books belonging to this epoch; namely, the Shingakusho (ethical essays) and the .Jilsuroku-mono (true records).
313. He was the boldest and most original of Japanese landscape artists, leaving powerful and poetic records of the scenery of his own land as well as that of China, and trusting more to the sure and sweeping stroke of the brush than to color.
314. Moronobu was a consummate artist, with all the delicacy and calligraphic force of the best of the Tosa masters, whom he undoubtedly strove to emulate in style; and his pictures are not only the most beautiful but also the most trustworthy records of the Fife of his time.
315. History has been eminently careful to preserve the names and records of the men who chiselled sword furniture.
316. Architeclure.From the evidence of ancient records it appears that before the 5th century the Japanese resided in houses of a very rude character.
317. Setting aside, however, the strong improbability that a style of decoration so widely practised and so highly esteemed could have remained unknown during a century and a half to experts working for one of the most puissant chieftains in Japan, we have the evidence of trustworthy traditions and written records that enamelled faience was made by the potters at Tatsumonjithe principal factory of Satsuma-ware in early daysas far back as the year 1676.
318. The first charter, of which a copy only is preserved among the corporation records, is one given in 1262 by John Fitzalan granting the burgesses self-government.
319. - Of the Babylonian and Israelitish cosmogonies we have several more or less complete records.
320. See Samuel Orcutt and Ambrose Beardsley, History of the Old Town of Derby (Springfield, 1880); and the Town Records of Derby from 1655 to 1710 (Derby, 1901).
321. The Gospel of Nicodemus, written by a Christian (possibly as early, Tischendorf thought, as the middle of the 2nd century), repeats the trial in a dull and diluted way; but adds not only alleged evidence of the Resurrection, but the splendid vision of the descensus ad inferos - the whole professing to be recorded in the Acta Pilati or official records of the governor.
322. Lord Chesterfield records the last words heard from him: "God who placed me here will do what He pleases with me hereafter and He knows best what to do."
323. An approach to literature was made in the Annales Maximi, records of private families, funeral orations and inscriptions on busts and tombs such as those of the Scipios in XVI.
324. He had these records at his command; and he had the opportunity of observing the system of training and the treatment of injuries in the gymnasia.
325. The records of the tribute are preserved in the so-called quota lists, which give the names of the cities and the proportion, one-sixtieth, of their several tributes, which was paid to Athena.
326. By way of facts, we have only a large body of unattested anecdotes of supra-normal successes in crystal-gazing, in many lands and ages; and the scanty records of modern amateur investigators, like the present writer.
327. If every other contemporary record of the crusades perished, we should still be able by aid of this to understand and realize what the mental attitude of crusaders, of Teutonic knights, and the rest was, and without this we should lack the earliest, the most undoubtedly genuine, and the most characteristic of all such records.
328. It is picturesquely situated among lakes and trees surrounded by barren hills, and possesses, besides its old walls, many interesting buildings, Hindu and Mahommedan, some of them containing records of a great historical importance.
329. Angilbert, abbot of St Riquier (c. 814), records that it was sung by his school in procession on rogation days.
330. He is now promised as heir one of his own flesh, and a remarkable and solemn passage records how the promise was ratified by a.
331. "It is generally recognized that this chapter holds quite an isolated place in the Pentateuchal history; it is the only passage which presents Abraham in the character of a warrior, and connects him with historical names and political movements, and there are no clear marks by which it can be assigned to any one of the documents of which Genesis is made up. Thus, while one school of interpreters finds in the chapter the earliest fragment of the political history of western Asia, some even holding with Ewald that the narrative is probably based on old Canaanite records, other critics, as Noldeke, regard the whole as unhistorical and comparatively late in origin.
332. Records, pp. 208236; Driver, Genesis, p. xlix., and notes on ch.
333. Kingsbridge (Kyngysbrygge) was formerly included in the manor of Churchstow, the first trace of its separate existence being found in the Hundred Roll of 1276, which records that in the manor of Churchstow there is a new borough, which has a Friday market and a separate assize of bread and ale.
334. The climate is, for the greater part of the year, temperate and healthy; the thermometer records an annual mean of 67° F.
335. This phenomenal congestion of population gives interest to records of its growth; in the 10th century there were 16,767 inhabitants in Malta and 4514 in Gozo; the total population in 1514 was 22,000.
336. An inscription records the restoration of the temple of Proserpine by Cheriston, a freed-man of Augustus and procurator of Malta.
337. The invention of the art of writing afforded the means of substituting precise and permanent records for vague and evanescent tradition; but in the infancy of the world, mankind had learned neither to estimate accurately the duration of time, nor to refer passing events to any fixed epoch.
338. But of these deliberate early records a very small portion only has escaped the ravages of time and barbarism.
339. And a Spanish adventurer destroyed the picture records which were found in the pueblo of Montezuma.
340. The absence or incompleteness of authentic records, however, is not the only source of obscurity and confusion in the chronology of remote ages.
341. For the most important historical records that have come to us in recent decades we have to thank the Orientalist, though the classical explorer has been by no means idle.
342. Monarchs whose very names had been forgotten are restored to history, and the records of their deeds inscribed under their very eyes are before us, - contemporary documents such as neither Greece nor Rome could boast, nor any other nation, with the single exception of Egypt, until strictly modern times.
343. Indeed, approximate accuracy is not attained until we are within sixteen hundred years of our own era; but the sequence of events of a period preceding this by two thousand years is well established, and the recent discoveries of Professor Petrie carry back the record to a period which cannot well be less than five thousand, perhaps not less than six thousand years B.C. Both from Egypt and Mesopotamia, then, the records of the archaeologist have brought us evidence of the existence of a highly developed civilization for a period exceeding by hundreds, perhaps by thousands, of years the term which had hitherto been considered the full period of man's existence.
344. The answer to that question must come, if it come at all, from what we now speak of as prehistoric archaeology; the monuments from Memphis and Nippur and Nineveh, covering a mere ten thousand years or so, are the records of recent history.
345. Ologyand A fair proportion of the workers who have delved so enthusiastically in the fields of Egyptian and Assyrian exploration would never have taken up the work at all but for the hope that their investigations might substantiate the Hebrew records.
346. It would be rash, considering the buried treasures that may yet await the future explorer, to assert that such records as those in question can never come to light.
347. But, considering the fulness of the contemporary Egyptian records of the XIXth dynasty that are already known, it becomes increasingly doubtful whether the Hebrews in Egypt played so important a part in history, when viewed from the Egyptian standpoint, as their own records had seemed to imply.
348. Yet the very eagerness with which the champions of the Hebrew records searched for archaeological proofs of their validity was a tacit confession that even the most unwavering faith was not beyond the reach of external evidence.
349. It does not follow that faith in the Bible record is shaken, although in some quarters there has been a pronounced tendency to regard the history of the Egyptian sojourn as mythical; yet it cannot be denied that Egyptian records, corroborating at least some phases of the Bible story, would have been a most welcome addition to our knowledge.
350. The records of kings whose names hitherto were known to us only through Bible references have been found in the ruins of Nineveh and Babylon, and personages hitherto but shadowy now step forth as clearly into the light of history as an Alexander or a Caesar.
351. From the standpoint of the historian even greater interest attaches to the records of the Assyrian and Babylonian kings when compared with the historical books of the Old Testament.
352. When it became known that the accounts of these invasions formed a part of the records preserved in the Assyrian libraries, historian and theologian alike waited with breathless interest for the exact revelations in store; and this time expectation was not disappointed.
353. The records of Shalmaneser II., Tiglath-Pileser III.
354. Tiglath-Pileser III., a usurper who came to the throne of Assyria in 745 B.C., and whose earlier name of Pul proved a source of confusion to the later Hebrew writers, left records that have served to clear up the puzzling chronology of a considerable period of the history of Samaria.
355. One of the most striking instances of the way in which mistakes of chronology may lead to the perversion of historical records is shown in the Book of Daniel in connexion with the familiar account of the capture of Babylon by Cyrus.
356. Within the past generation records of Cyrus have been brought to light, as well as records of the conquered Babylonian king himself, which show that the Hebrew writers of the later day had a peculiarly befogged impression of a great historical event - their misconception being shared, it may be added, by the Greek historian Herodotus.
357. This king, as appears from his own records, had a son named Belshazzar, who commanded Babylonian armies in outlying provinces, but who never came to the throne.
358. The illuminative witness of written records is in the main denied us here.
359. We have seen that written documents have been preserved in Mesopotamia to which such a date as 4500 B.C. may be ascribed with a good deal of confidence; and that from the third millennium B.C. a flood of contemporary literary records comes to us both from Egypt and Mesopotamia.
360. Historians have found it hard to dispel the idea that civilization in Greece was a very late development, and that the culture of the age of Solon sprang, in fact, suddenly into existence, as it seems to do in the records of the historian.
361. The computation by Olympiads seldom occurs in historical records after the middle of the 5th century of our era.
362. In a small outlying mound de Sarzec discovered the archives of the temple, about 30,000 inscribed clay tablets, containing the business records, and revealing with extraordinary minuteness the administration of an ancient Babylonian temple, the character of its property, the method of farming its lands, herding its flocks, and its commercial and industrial dealings and enterprises; for an ancient Babylonian temple was a great industrial, commercial, agricultural and stock-raising establishment.
363. At this period, also, under its patesis, Ur-bau and Gudea, Lagash had extensive commercial communications with distant realms. According to his own records, Gudea brought cedars from the Amanus and Lebanon mountains in Syria, diorite or dolorite from eastern Arabia, copper and gold from central and southern Arabia and from Sinai, while his armies, presumably under his over-lord, Ur-Gur, were engaged in battles in Elam on the east.
364. The records of Trajan's reign are miserably deficient.
365. The colonial records are preserved with those of New York and Pennsylvania; only one volume of the State Records has been published, and Minutes of the Council of Delaware State, 1776-1792 (Dover, 1886).
366. 12), yet no account seems to be preserved unless the records were used for the history of earlier periods (cf.
367. 3), and the obscure interval of twelve years in his work corresponds very closely to that which now separates the records of Ezra's labours.
368. And Dec. of the object to be observed, the scale divisions to be pointed upon, and thus, in measures of distance, with the aid of the chronograph and printing micrometer, enable the observer to adjust the instrument for observation and obtain a record of his observations without the aid of a hand-lamp or the necessity to make any records in his notebook.
369. While the sailors' logs supply the greater part of the scientific evidence available for the study of the surface phenomena of the ocean, they have been supplemented by the records of numerous scientific expeditions and latterly by publications embodying systematic observations on a permanent basis.
370. The Jewish records are put on a level with the Greek myths, and miracles are laughed at as magical tricks.
371. Lord Haldane, in his book Before the War (1920), records his impression of Tirpitz when he visited Berlin in Feb.
372. Their actual knowledge, however, and their scientific experience were necessarily limited, because in their days the records of human thought were only beginning to accumulate.
373. Wickham Legg, English Coronation Records (London, 1901); The Ancestor, Nos.
374. The lastnamed work attracted little attention at the time, but now enjoys a great reputation as a new departure in the methods of studying the records of Judaism.
375. In the municipal offices interesting ancient regalia and records are kept.
376. The ruff also occasionally visits Iceland, and there are several well-authenticated records of its occurrence on the E.
377. Among the important buildings are the Federal Building, the County Court House, the City Hall, a County Hall of Records, the Public Library with about 110,000 volumes in 1908, the large Auditorium and office buildings and the Woman's Club.
378. The records of printing indicate that religious, social and economic betterment was the subject of an ever-increasing number of pamphlets.
379. Pp. 513 sqq.; Historical Records, iv.
380. But the Greenland colony was obscure, the country was believed to form part of Europe, and the records of the farther explorations were contained in sagas which were only rediscovered by modern scholarship. Throughout the middle ages, legendary tales of mythical lands lying in the western ocean - the Isle of St Brandan, of Brazil and Antilia - had been handed down.
381. The relics found in these places are material records of language, industries, fine arts,.
382. In this connexion Major-General John Gibbon, U.S.A., records that in the American Civil War hunters and others who served in the western regiments habitually knocked off the backsights of the rifles that were issued to them, preferring to do without them.
383. Attleborough was incorporated in 1694, though settled soon after 1661 (records since 1672) as part of Rehoboth.
384. Miss Strickland was a warm partisan on the side of royalty and the church, but she made industrious study of "official records and other public documents," gave copious extracts from them, and drew interesting pictures of manners and customs. While engaged on this work.
385. The history of Berar belongs generally to that of the Deccan, the country falling in turn under the sway of the various dynasties which successively ruled in southern India, the first authentic records showing it to have been part of the Andhra or Satavahana empire.
386. In Rome he met again his former superior, the abbot of Pomposa, who seems to have repented of his conduct, and to have induced Guido to return to Pomposa; and here all authentic records of Guido's life cease.
387. In France and Italy alike they were marked out as special objects of persecution, and the Vaudois church has many records of martyrdom.
388. Efforts to invalidate the census returns by comparison with the registration records of Massachusetts cannot be deemed conclusive, since in the United States, as in Great Britain, the census must be deemed more accurate and less subject to error than registration records.
389. In the regions where census tables and interpretations are derived from registration records kept by the several states or cities they are often made more complete than those in the state or municipal documents.
390. The law has allowed the Federal census office in its discretion to compile and publish the birth statistics of divisions in which they are accurately kept; one Federal report on the statistics of marriages and divorces throughout the country from 1867 to 1886 inclusive was published in 1889, and a second for the succeeding twenty-year period was published in part in 1908; an annual volume gives the statistics of deaths for about half the population of the country, including all the states and cities which have approximately complete records of deaths; Federal agencies like the bureau of labour and the bureau of corporations have been created for the purpose of gathering certain social and industrial statistics, and the bureau of the census has been made a permanent statistical office.
391. The name is spelt in various ways in contemporary records, e.g.
392. At a meeting held in January 1766, in protest against the Stamp Act, it was declared, that "Whereas it appears from ancient Records and other Memorials of Incontestible Validity that our Ancestors with a great Sum Purchased said township, with great Peril possessed and Defended the Same, we are Born free (having never been in bondage to any), an inheritance of Inestimable Value," and a penalty of 20S.
393. Its independent value is small, but it sometimes fills a gap left by the more authoritative records.
394. In this work he for the first time showed the connexion between the internal and external history of France; he was also the first, by a systematic study of the records, to check and correct the traditional account of many episodes in the internal history.
395. (ii.) Records the manifestations of the Light's and Life's glory and power to friend and foe (ii.
396. On the same band a tuning-fork electrically maintained and a seconds clock actuating another style wrote parallel records.
397. On the completion of each revolution of this toothed wheel (which, if the number of its teeth be 100, will comprise loo revolutions of the movable plate), a projecting pin fixed to it catches a tooth of another toothed wheel and turns it round, and with it a corresponding index which thus records the number of turns of the first toothed wheel.
398. On entering Bloemfontein in 1900 the British obtained possession of certain state papers which contained records of negotiations between the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.
399. The evidence contained in these state records so clearly marks the difference between the policy of Mr Kruger and the pacific, commercial policy of President Brand and his followers, that the documents call for careful consideration.
400. The records of the wars in Ireland in the r6th century show that the petty chieftains of that time had their defensive strongholds constructed in the "freshwater lochs" of the country, and there is record evidence of a similar system in the western parts of Scotland.
401. According to the ordinary laws of research, the book, being written at a time long posterior to the events it records, can have only a secondary value, although that is no reason why here and there valuable material should not have been preserved.
402. But the general picture which it gives of life under the old monarchy cannot have the same value for us as the records of the book of Kings.
403. Baptisteries, we find from the records of early councils, were first built and used to correct the evils arising from the practice of private baptism.
404. ERIDU, one of the oldest religious centres of the Sumerians, described in the ancient Babylonian records as the "city of the deep."
405. Originally "on the shore of the sea," as the old records aver, it is now about 120 m.
406. The two clock motions may be geared to a single counting mechanism which records the difference in the rates of going of the two clocks.
407. So far as positive records go, Aries was always the first sign.
408. The full force of the monsoon is, however, broken by the western frontier hills; and while the rainfall at Mergui is over 180, and at Moulmein 240 in., that of Bangkok seldom exceeds 54, and Chiengmai records an average of about 42 in.
409. This is corroborated by Javan records, which describe a" Cambodian "invasion about 1340; but Cambodia was itself invaded about this time by the Siamese, who took Angkor and held it for a time, carrying off 90,000 captives.
410. Malay and Chinese records also furnish material for the early history of individual islands, but the known history of the archipelago as a whole begins in the i 6th century.
411. For later history see John Crawfurd, History of the Indian Archipelago (Edinburgh, 1820), which quotes from native as well as European records, and Twentieth-Century Impressions of Netherlands India (ed.
412. In 1917 he was appointed officer in charge of the Canadian war records, and in 1918 entered the Government as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in succession to Lord Cawley and director of the Ministry of Information in succession to Sir Edward Carson, but resigned in Oct.
413. But the earliest forms of Hebrew priesthocd are not Canaanite in character; the priest, as he appears in the older records of the time of the Judges, Eli at Shiloh, Jonathan in the private temple of Micah and at Dan, is much liker the sadin than the kahin.
414. Other records left by contemporaries are those of Munster, D.
415. Among recent publications are: Rambaud's La Russie epique (Paris, 1876); Avenarius, Kniga o Kievskikh Bogatuiryakh (St Petersburg, 1876), dealing with the early Kiev heroes; Zakrevski, Opisanie Kieva (1868); the materials issued by the commission for the investigation of the ancient records of the city; Taranovskiy, Gorod Kiev (Kiev, 1881); De Baye, Kiev, la mere des villes cusses (Paris, 1896) Goetz, Das Kiewer Hohlenkloster als Kulturzentrum des Vormongolischen Russlands (Passau, 1904).
416. In its efforts to break into the gaol and court-house the mob was confronted by the militia, and bloodshed and loss of life resulted; during the rioting the courthouse was fired by the mob and practically destroyed, and many valuable records were burned.
417. Schell in Records of the Past, new series, iv.
418. Abbot Gilles li Muisis, for instance, records how, at the Jubilee of 1300, all the Papal Penitentiaries were in doubt about it, and appealed to the Pope.
419. Abu Salih records (12th century) that the patriarch used always to send letters twice a year to the kings of Abyssinia and Nubia, till Al Hakim stopped the practice.
420. 6, nearly full size; it records the maximum pressure by the compression of a copper cylinder in its interior; it may be placed in the powder-chamber, or fastened in the base of the shot.
421. In Sir Andrew Noble's researches a number of plugs were inserted in the side of the experimental gun, reaching to the bore and carrying crusher-gauges, and also chronographic appliances which registered the passage of the shot in the same manner as the electric screens in Bashforth's experiments; thence the velocity and energy of the shot was inferred, to serve as an independent control of the crusher-gauge records (figs.
422. - The United States government's Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (70 vols., most of which are divided into two or three "parts," and atlas, 1880-1900) include every important official document of either side that it was possible to obtain in the course of many years' work.
423. A similar but less voluminous work is the Records of the Union and Confederate Navies (1894-); The Rebellion Record (1862-1868), edited by F.
424. Moore, a contemporary collection, has been superseded to a great extent by the official records, but is still valuable as a collection of unofficial documents of all kinds.
425. In 1555 Salah Rais, pasha of Algiers, set men to work to pull it down, but the records say that the attempt was given up because big black wasps came from under the stones and stung them to death.
426. records, which set before us the successive stages in the history of revelation.
427. The origin of each of these records forms a, distinct critical problem, and for the discussion of these questions.
428. He carried criticism beyond literary analysis and literary appreciation to the task of determining the worth of the documents as records, the validity of the evidence.
429. Pp. 432-437; or in Breasted's Ancient Records of Egypt (Chicago, 1906), iii.
430. Abarbanel (Abrabanel), records that the conjunction of these particular planets in this particular constellation was to be a sign of Messiah's coming.
431. St Luke himself may have understood literally, like so many of his readers in ancient times, the reference which he records to the " acceptable year of the Lord " (iv.
432. There is a collection of records relating to Beverley, Libertates Ecclesiae S.
433. 18,23), and it is far from certain that the later records of the ark (which was too heavy to be borne by one), like those of the ephod, are valid for earlier times.
434. 7, &c.), and the Midrash of Iddo and other related works, it is clear that the Book of Chronicles (q.v.) marks a very noteworthy advance upon the records in the (canonical) Book of Kings (q.v.).
435. Xxix 22 seems to indicate that older tradition was fuller than the present records in Genesis, and supplies another example of the link connecting the Old Testament with Rabbinical thought.
436. The remains are extensive and well preserved, though the identifications of the existing buildings with those mentioned by Spartianus who records that Hadrian gave to them the names of various well-known edifices at Athens and elsewhere, cannot in most cases be treated as certain.
437. Thomas is the last of the Baliols mentioned in the Scottish records.
438. Surtees, The History of Durham (London, 1816-1840); Documents and Records illustrating the History of Scotland, edited by F.
439. In the meantime Chalmers applied himself with great diligence and assiduity to the investigation of the history and establishment of the English colonies in North America; and enjoying free access to the state papers and other documents preserved among what were then termed the plantation records, he became possessed of much important information.
440. The Hebrews had a less narrow conception of the spiritual than we are apt to read into their records.
441. Allibone records 84 titles of his books and published addresses.
442. 8 See Richard Cannon, Historical Records of the regiment (London, 2848), p. 3.
443. (34) Records of the Past, vols.
444. The archaeologist George Oliver of Exeter was, according to Foley's Records of the English Province, the last of the secular priests of England who vowed obedience to the Society before its suppression.
445. In these confused records of human imagination gone mad, we possess a veritable herbarium of all possible Gnostic ideas, which were once active and now rest peacefully side by side.
446. From the records made at the time of the Spanish conquest, and from the antiquities found in the abandoned cities of prehistoric Mexico.
447. According to the official records, there were registered in September 1906, 23,191 mining properties, of which very nearly five-sixths were described as producing s:'ver, either by itself or in combination with other metals: The properties were classed as 1572 gold, 5461 silver, 970 copper, 383 iron, 151 mercury, 94 lead, 86 sulphur, 52 antimony, 49 zinc, 40 tin, 21 opals, 9 manganese, 6 " sal gema," 5 tourmalines, i bismuth and i turquoise - the remainder being various combinations of these minerals.
448. Although such speculations have fallen out of date, they induced the collection of native traditions and invaluable records of races, languages and customs, which otherwise would have been lost for ever.
449. The documents written by natives in later times thus more or less represent real records of the past, but the task of separating myth from history is of the utmost difficulty.
450. After this comes the creation of the four men and their wives who are the ancestors of the Quiches, and the tradition records the migrations of the nation to Tulan, otherwise called the Seven Caves, and thence across the sea, whose waters were divided for their passage.
451. Nevertheless, part of the later Maya records may be genuine - for instance, when they relate .the war about three centuries before the Spanish conquest, when the king of Chichen-Itza destroyed the great city of Mayapan.
452. Turning now to the native chronicles of the Mexican nations, these are records going back to the 12th or 13th century, with some vague but not worthless recollections of national events from times some centuries earlier.
453. The principal palace of Mexico consisted of hundreds of rooms ranged round three open squares, of such extent that one of the companions of Cortes records having four times wandered about till he was tired, without seeing the whole.
454. The laws and records of suits were set down in picture-writings, of which some are still to be seen; sentence of death was recorded by drawing a line with an arrow across the portrait of the condemned, and the chronicles describe the barbaric solemnity with which the king passed sentence sitting on a golden and jewelled throne in the divine tribunal, with one hand on an ornamented skull and the golden arrow in the other.
455. This is one of the very few records that remain of their undertaking.4 " (1) The ordinary Bible read in the Church, commonly called the Bishops' Bible,' to be followed, and as little altered as the truth of the original will permit.
456. Deane; New Hampshire Provincial Papers; documents and records relating to the province from the earliest period of its settlement (Concord, 1867-1873); J.
457. Lincoln, Naval Records of the American Revolution (Washington, 1906); and Edward Field, Esek Hopkins, Commander-in-chief of the Continental Navy during the American Revolution (Providence, R.I., 1898).
458. He brought in inference to supply the place of discredited tradition, and showed the possibility of writing history in the absence of original records.
459. Westphalia, "the western plain" (in early records Westfalahi), was originally the name of the western province of the early duchy of Saxony, including the western portion of the modern province and extending north to the borders of Friesland.
460. Waltheof probably built the castle, under the shelter of which the town grew up. Although it never received any royal charter, the earliest records relating to Cockermouth mention it as a borough.
461. It appears certain that they were brought to France, only much later, as a present to Mme de Pompadour, although the de Goncourts, the historians of the mistresses of Louis XV., have failed to trace any records of this event.
462. The earliest records of Reus date from about the middle of the 13th century.
463. King, Records of the Reign of Tukulti-Ninib I.
464. P. 131), c. 1300 B.C., records his restoration of the temple of Ishtar of Nineveh, which had been built by SamsiHadad (Shamshi-Adad) and restored once before by Assuruballit.
465. Sennacherib records that several of his royal ancestors had been buried in Nineveh and they presumably had resided there.
466. His work, which places him among the first and best of German annalists, consists of four books or parts, and is compiled partly from written records and partly from oral information, the latter mainly gathered from experience or at the courts of Adalbert and Sweyn Estrithson.
467. 1685) he expounded a system based on the records of nearly 300 eclipses.
468. The abundant records by the Mississippi River Commission and the United States Weather Bureau (by which accurate and extremely useful predictions of floods in the lower river course are made, on the basis of the observed rise in the tributaries) demonstrate a num~ bar of interesting features, of which the chief are as follows: the fall of the river is significantly steepened and its velocity isaccelerated down stream from the point of highest rise; conversely, the fall and the velocity are both diminished up stream from the same point.
469. Local Government: The sources are the state constitutions, state laws and town and county reports and records.
470. See Manchester Town Records (2 vols., Salem, 1889-1891), and D.
471. The work of the live-stock branch is directed towards the improvement of the stock-raising industry, and is carried on through the agencies of expert teachers and stock judges, the systematic distribution of pure-bred breeding stock, the yearly testing of pure-bred dairy herds, the supervision of the accuracy of the registration of pure-bred animals and the nationalization of live-stock records.
472. 77, as an inscription at the north end records.
473. N.B.-A trifling quantity of Californian and Australian wheat was imported in the period in question, but the Board of Trade records do not distinguish the quantities, therefore they cannot be given.
474. One of the inscriptions preserved in the old cathedral records the erection of four silver statues, of Antoninus Pius, his wife Faustina and their two sons.
475. A scribe again who scrupulously records the presence of a lacuna or illegibility in what he is copying, inspires us with confidence in the rest of his work.
476. From 1621, when it was first chartered, it steadily increased, though it suffered greatly in the Danish wars of the last half of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries, and from several extensive conflagrations (the last in 1813), which have destroyed important records of its history.
477. The MS. records of the Portmote or Court Leet, 1597-1669, were edited by J.
478. The legislature of 190o-1901 established a department of archives and history whose aim is to preserve documents and historical records.
479. In 33 B.C. Augustus during his Dalmatian wars built a wall and towers there, as an inscription records; in a medieval copy of it the emperor Frederick III.
480. The Confederate Records of the State of Georgia were published at Atlanta in 1909.
481. Except for the years1154-1173and the reign of Richard he records few facts which cannot be found elsewhere; and in matters of detail he is prone to inaccuracy.
482. His interest in philosophy led him to take a prominent share in the foundation of a society for discussing the new doctrines, and is further shown by his Common Place Book, one of the most valuable autobiographical records in existence, which throws much light on the growth of his ideas, and enables us to understand the significance of his early writings.
483. The records of the town meetings and selectmen, 1761-1818, have been published by E.
484. Careful criticism of the narratives 3 has resulted in the separation of later accretions from the earliest records, and the tracing of the elaboration of older traditions under the influence of developing religious and social institutions.
485. In the absence of external evidence the study of the Exodus of the Israelites must be based upon the Israelite records, and divergent or contradictory views must be carefully noticed.
486. Southwell (1866); and a life in Henry Foley's Records of the English Province of the Society of Jesus.
487. 2 See the interesting letter of Lord Castlereagh to Lord Liverpool preserved in the Foreign Office Records (Congress; Paris; Viscount Castlereagh, July 7-20, 1815), dated July 8, 1815.
488. The chronicler who records his death prays that "God may be merciful to him, for he was a very great king."
489. Its rooms form a museum of engravings and other records of Raphael's works, together with a picture of the Madonna by his father, Giovanni Santi, formerly thought to be by Raphael himself.
490. The facades are frequently adorned with carvings and inscriptions, one of which records the legend of the capture of a siren in 1403, who lived for some time among the people of Edam, but escaped again to the sea.
491. - The silk industry originated in China; and according to native records it has existed there from a very remote period.
492. For the period preceding British rule the records have not been so well preserved, but there is ample evidence to show that famine was just as frequent in its incidence and infinitely more deadly in its effects under the native rulers of India.
493. In a narrower sense each of the records of the life and teaching of Christ preserved in the writings of the four " evangelists " is described as a Gospel.
494. 1-4) that the work of writing was undertaken in these circumstances and under the influence of this feeling, and that various records had already in consequence been made.
495. But do our Gospels, or any of them, in the form in which we actually have them, belong to the number of those earliest records ?
496. For adjudicators from Guinness World Records, it takes some record-setting nerves to judge a world-record attempt as successful. Guinness may get a thousand applications every week to break a world ...
497. Wisconsin on Tuesday broke one-day state records in COVID-19 deaths and cases as state officials told residents to stay home, wear a mask, and implored them to cancel travel and social gatherings.
498. The confidential records of thousands of psychotherapy patients in Finland have been hacked and some are now facing the threat of blackmail.
499. records sentence examples. The records may have been destroyed. 31. 10. She checked her records and returned. 9. 3. She added, Most old pictures and records went up in smoke when the old building burned. 7. 2. We did some digging in old records at the museum as well. 7. 5.
500. 2241132 We keep records.CK 1 2648561 Did you record it? CK 1 3264682 That's a new record.CK 1 2835769 Tom broke the record.CK 1 3023762 Tom has got a record.CK 1 2360308 I've seen your record.CK 1 2238782 Tom stopped recording.CK 1 288108 He has broken the record.CK 1 2828348 I broke the world record. marcelostockle 1 257218 I lent the record to Ken. . CK 1 2392556 I recorded the intervi
501. Examples of personnel records in a sentence, how to use it. 16 examples: There is no statutory requirement on employers to maintain personnel records…
502. The Diamondbacks' bullpen E.R.A. of 7.26 is the worst since 1952 and, for our records (which are complete since 1952 and also include 1920 to 1939) is exceeded only by the 1930 Baker Bowl Phillies, who had 383 relief innings with an E.R.A. of 8.15.
503. Sentence the records Sentence the records based on the information gathered from research and sampling. The relevant retention period and disposal trigger can be applied to the batch or box of records as applicable. If you are no longer responsible for the records, you will need to contact the agency that now has responsibility for the records.
504. Public records play an important role in democratic governance. In this lesson, you'll learn the definition of public records. You'll also learn why they are important and examine some examples to
505. Examples of Performative Sentences in Presidential records William Underwood A performative verb has a performative use in a performative sentence if the form of the verb is first person (singular or plural), present tense, indicative, and active corpus of 120 Presidential records. Examples were found for 111 of these verbs.
506. Find English Sentence Examples. Input an English word or phrase. This is a case-sensitive exact word or phrase search. Try these links to search for examples with "medical records" Tanaka Corpus + Additions by T & perhaps are using more recent data. : =medical records;
507. Common DNS Resource records with examples. By Jithin on August 22nd, 2016. DNS resource records are contents of the DNS zone file. The zone file contains mappings between domain names and IP addresses in the form of text records. There are many types of the resource records. In this article, we are going to see DNS Resource records in detail.
508. High quality example sentences with “pulling up records” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts. several options are on the table.
509. 2. Examine your sales records to identify trends. 3. Record and evaluate sales records and sales targets. 4. Once I started breaking sales records, I broke Elvis Presley’s record, I broke the Beatles’ record – once I started doing that, overnight they called me a freak, a homosexual, a child molester… 5.
510. Note: Be careful when updating records in a table! Notice the WHERE clause in the UPDATE statement. The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated. If you omit the WHERE clause, all records in the table will be updated!
511. records Manager Resume Examples records Managers work in a variety of organizations where they are responsible for managing information in an accurate and secure manner. Typical sample resumes for this position describe duties such as preparing reports, developing and maintaining record management systems, ensuring easy access to records, and
512. Note: Be careful when deleting records in a table! Notice the WHERE clause in the DELETE statement. The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) should be deleted. If you omit the WHERE clause, all records in the table will be deleted!
513. Administered all records management program components. Performed all work in accordance with records management work practices and procedures. Managed inventory of all archived records and updated same on a regular basis. Cleaned out obsolete records in coordination with appropriate work teams. Ensured adherence to all record protection audits.
514. Correct account records can help an organization make future decisions with apt financial provisions. Recommended Articles. This has been a guide to Accounting Transaction Examples. Here we discuss the most common basic accounting transaction along with practical examples and record book-keeping.
515. Accounting records: Ledgers that are used in recording and maintaining financial data such as receipts, sales, and purchases.
516. Translations of the phrase KING records from english to spanish and examples of the use of "KING RECORDS" in a sentence with their translations: King records , universal, are big companies.
517. Flynn, an employee of the SEC's enforcement division for 13 years, began a new job in January 2010 helping to manage the disposition of records for the division. ( open , save , copy )
518. Browse Official records from Your Local Courthouse. Search Cases by State & Name. 1) Enter Any Name 2) Get Public Court records by Docket 3) County Court records by Name Court Sentence Examples Court Sentences Youtube Federal Court Sentencing Court Case Sentencing Sentencing Definition In Court.
519. Some of the following examples assume the existence of a hypothetical Salary field in an Employees table. Note that this field does not actually exist in the Northwind database Employees table. This example creates a dynaset-type Recordset based on an SQL statement that selects the LastName and FirstName fields of all records in the Employees
520. These will complete the accounting records and will simplify the process of tracking the finances of a business. Furthermore, when an internal auditor will perform an audit of the company’s financial statements , it is easier for the auditor to trace or vouch for the related receipts of the recorded transaction.
521. Most book lovers would agree that coming across a very long sentence in a novel can sometimes require multiple reads to comprehend. The world of literature is full of examples of sprawling monologues and multi-line descriptions, but it was American writer William Faulkner who was featured in the 1983 Guinness Book of World records for his lengthy passage from his 1936 book, Absalom, Absalom!
522. Florida criminal records are official documents pertaining to the criminal activity of persons within the jurisdiction of the state of Florida. These records typically include details of all misdemeanor and felony offenses of the subject along with arrest data. Indictment history and their conviction information.
523. The comptroller's office objected to the previous staff classification and arrangement because records of full-time hours were not kept, Reynolds said. ( open , save , copy )
524. This is part of the on-going 15 Examples series, where 15 detailed examples w determine count of and print the list of words having uppercase letters when the input sentence is given in command line. I want the output as group by count.I mean number of records with TAN101,number of records with TAN102,number of records with TAN103 .
525. Medical records Clerk Resume Examples. Medical records Clerks create and maintain medical records, gather patient data, assign new record numbers, and maintain master patient index, among many other clerical tasks. They need to assure quality results by following hospital standards for each activity they perform.
526. Many police records are closed for privacy reasons. When records are closed it is from the time of the record's creation for 75 years for adults or 99 years for children - see section 9 of the Public records Act 1973 for more information. Historic police records be found at the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV).
527. If you are sentencing records in a controlled digital system such as records management software, a sentence may be applied automatically according to the type of records that are likely to be contained in it. This process is automated rather than manual and may help the public office save resources as manual labour is not required to

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