Refunds example sentences

"Refunds" Example Sentences

1. Revenues for state purposes are derived from special taxes collected from the liquor traffic, corporations, transfers of decedents' estates, transfers of shares of stock, recording tax on mortgages, sales of products of state institutions, fees of public officers including fines and penalties, interest on deposits of state funds, refunds from department examinations and revenue from investments of trust funds, the most important of which are the common school fund and the United States deposit fund.
2. No refunds can be processed if returning goods for this reason until the item has been evaluated and deemed defective by the manufacturer.
3. The fact that Franchise include people who have received refunds and been sent a season ticket was the subject of much derision.
4. Floodgates for hundreds of millions of pounds-worth of refunds.
5. Mislay or mislaid tickets will not be replaced nor will refunds be made in respect of them.
6. No second or subsequent permits will be issued 2. Car parking refunds will not be given without a valid permit.
7. CSA made some small lump sum refunds to him but failed to consider refunding larger overpayments to him in the same way.
8. Growth Company Investor does not offer pro-rata refunds on subscriptions outside any trial period.
9. For postgraduates, pro rata refunds will be calculated on the number of completed months of attendance.
10. refunds for cancelations will have a 10% booking fee deducted.
11. Regrets that no refunds can be given once the registration form has been returned.
12. Retained from refunds.
13. IBAS has saved it's members in excess of £ 21 million in refunds, write-offs and negotiated write-down of debt.
14. Refunds for cancelations will have a 10% booking fee deducted.
15. WHSmith regrets that no refunds can be given once the registration form has been returned.
16. For larger variations this 2% will still be absorbed for increases but not retained from refunds.
17. IBAS has saved it 's members in excess of £ 21 million in refunds, write-offs and negotiated write-down of debt.
18. Our aim is to devise tax credits, refunds, and abatements in order to benefit these non-profit organizations.
19. Consumer Contact-This section will list the numbers and/or Web sites that can used to contact the company about the product, refunds, and/or remedies.
20. Before you buy your Amtrak ticket, read the restrictions regarding refunds and exchanges.
21. Check to see if the merchant offers guarantees or refunds if something goes wrong.
22. They then go into the store and find the item or items on the receipt and bring them to the returns desk for refunds.
23. There, you will likely find additional details regarding refunds on affected products.
24. Most retailers do not offer refunds on them.
25. State or federal income tax refunds can with withheld for support payments.
26. Factoring in the fact that most states offer multiple financial incentives in the form of tax rebates or refunds, making the choice to convert your home to solar power a very simple decision.
27. Many consumers have complained that they were unaware of this at the time of sign up, or that they had trouble canceling their account and getting refunds for the unwanted shipments.
28. Nordstrom informed its customers that they might have purchased items trimmed with real fur and offered refunds.
29. Most of these companies will not allow refunds or exchanges for misspellings and other mistakes if the customer verified it as correct when initially making the order through the website.
30. Make sure you get exactly what you want, since there are no refunds on wedding gowns and alterations cost additional money.
31. Cash refunds are available for up to 45 days after purchase.
32. If you buy a jewelry box online, make sure the merchant has a return policy and allows refunds just in case the item isn't as described or arrives damaged.
33. Fashion Bug offers refunds within the first 90 days of purchase.
34. Note too that refunds and exchanges are not available here, as all sales are final.
35. However, as with Coastal Contacts, there are no exchanges or refunds, and all sclera purchases will need prescription verification.
36. There are no refunds or rainchecks offered for misused tickets, and savvy visitors will opt for a ticket that can give them the fun experience they are hoping to have.
37. Refunds are given on defective merchandise.
38. The refunds are given in the same method as payment was made.
39. Military personnel files have become more available, and a program to confiscate federal tax refunds has contributed to keeping the issue in the spotlight.
40. If you open a line, you have three days to cancel in writing and receive refunds of any fees you paid to open the account.
41. There are no refunds or exchanges, however, the tickets are valid for six months.
42. There have been many stories of trips being canceled last minute with little to no refunds to the participants.
43. When buying from a garage sale, make sure you inspect the furniture carefully before purchase, as there are usually no refunds given.
44. Gap Kids' return policy is similar to most, requiring a receipt to issue refunds or exchanges for items returned within ninety days of purchase.
45. Without a receipt, store refunds over $5 are issued as a merchandise certificate for the current selling price.
46. Refunds: Not all student airfares are refundable if the trip needs to be cancelled.
47. Each company has specific policies for refunds and replacements of certificates.
48. Discounts on FPU are offered throughout the year, but there are no refunds available if you are not satisfied with the program.
49. Full refunds are available for up to 365 days from the purchase date and return shipping is free.
50. Often, outlet retailers will have stricter rules about refunds and exchanges than traditional department stores.
51. Refunds typically range from $2 to $250.
52. They also provide customer service to handle upgrades, refunds, notifications of delays and last minute changes you make including cancellations, rescheduling due to illness or sudden changes in plans.
53. When necessary, customer refunds should be paid when services or products are not delivered as per agreement.
54. A New Mexico Ford dealer pointed out, "People have debt, and they're not using tax refunds to buy new or used cars.
55. Check sizing information carefully, and always check return policies for the possibility of exchange or return in case they don't fit as advertised (many stores refuse refunds on opened packages of hose or other lingerie).
56. Some items are exempt from any refunds or exchanges and are considered final sales, including costumes, thongs, and hosiery.
57. Thus far, over 14 billion dollars in tax refunds have been processed with Turbo Tax, and program improvements include more tax and program help than ever as well as an increased focus on self-employment issues.
58. Refunds are issued to taxpayers who amend their returns and, because of that, previously overpaid.
59. In March of 2011, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that it had $1.1 billion dollars of unclaimed federal tax refunds owed from 2007.
60. Unclaimed federal tax refunds are dollars the IRS owes to a taxpayer, but which it cannot pay because the taxpayer did not file a return for the year.
61. The reason why so many refunds are unclaimed is because many taxpayers do not believe they earn enough income to meet the federal tax requirements.
62. Unclaimed refunds sit in a non-interest bearing bank account until they are paid.
63. There is no master list of unclaimed federal tax refunds.
64. It is only available for federal tax refunds.
65. In most states, the Department of Assessments and Taxation or Department of Revenue collects returns and remits refunds.
66. These departments operate websites similar to the IRS site, and provide information about the filing, processing and date of payment of refunds.
67. The company says the refunds will be in the original form of payment, rather than a credit for future flights as it had been previously offering ...
68. WestJet says it will begin providing refunds to all its passengers whose flights were cancelled due to the pandemic.
69. WestJet has become the first national carrier in Canada to voluntarily provide refunds to original form of payment for guests with flights cancelled by WestJet and Swoop, from any time period, as a ...
70. Students who no longer need to be in Galway due to Covid-19 and the switch to online learning must be provided with refunds by Galway landlords and student accommodation providers.
71. Tax Collector of San Diego County October 19, 2020 (San Diego) - There’s just one week left to claim $450,324 in county refunds, the San Diego Co ...
72. North Dakota's Game and Fish Department is offering license refunds to more than 9,000 deer hunters due to an outbreak of disease in western North Dakota.
73. Tax Collector Dan McAllister reminded local residents on Monday there is just one week remaining to reclaim more than $450,000 in tax refunds before the money enters the county’s general fund.
74. Announcement marks a return to WestJet's pre-COVID-19 refunds CALGARY, AB, Oct. 21, 2020 /CNW/ - The WestJet Group of Companies today announced it will begin providing refunds to original form of ...
75. refunds sentence examples. These departments operate websites similar to the IRS site, and provide information about the filing, processing and date of payment of refunds. 1. 0.
76. No refunds in a sentence - Use "no refunds" in a sentence 1. "No, no refund, " she added. 2. 2. How to use refunds in a sentence. 8. Examples of refund in a sentence: 1. A refund of nine cents in stamps is enclosed. 2. Neither would he let Michael refund him any of the amount. 3. 4. Tax refunds in a sentence - Use
77. refunds can also help you hone your niche . . . One of the beautiful benefits of people asking for refunds is that you start to see who is a fit for you and who isn’t. Your sense of who your ideal client is comes into clearer relief. Your sense of what you want to do and how becomes more focused.
78. Although returns and refunds are disadvantageous for businesses, returns are bound to occur in businesses that sell products. The Reverse Logistics Executive Council conducted a survey involving the reasons for product returns. The 65 consumer electronics companies that completed the survey indicated the primary
79. The U.S. federal government doesn't mandate refunds or these disclaimers. However, individual states that you may operate in likely have their own laws for returns and refunds. For example, any retailers in California that wish to have a "no full refund" policy in place must clearly display this policy to shoppers. If the policy isn't displayed
80. Refunds. Any Tax refund (including any credit in lieu thereof and any interest received in respect thereof) received by Purchaser or the Company, in each case that relate to Taxes of the Company attributable to any Pre-Closing Tax Period or Pre-Closing Straddle Period, shall be for the account of Seller (but only to the extent the relevant Taxes were paid by Seller or were paid by the Company
81. Refund in a sentence - Use "refund" in a sentence 1. When I called, they told me I had a refund. 2. refunds for games as each 10-game segment is cancelled. click for more sentences of refund
82. In those first few examples, there's a material item to return. With digital purchases, especially anything that involves a subscription, the process of returns and refunds is less clear. While Return and Refund Policies on products are not required in the U.S., many companies enact them in order to assure consumer confidence .
83. refunds definition: Noun 1. plural form of refundVerb 2. third-person singular simple present indicative form of refund
84. The correct use of collocations of “refunds” is an essential part of improving your English level and boosting your IELTS score. Using collocations + “refunds” sentence examples correctly allows you to write and speak more like a native speaker and they are also one of the things that examiners look out for when marking your tests.
85. Offering refunds is a great business strategy, as it gives more options to the customers buying a certain product knowing that there's a safety net, being able to get their money back. Unfortunately, there are plenty of those who want to abuse this system, which leads to many problems for the business owners.
86. The examples are okay, but we can do better. Steam’s refund page, which is specifically for requesting refunds for computer games on Steam. Interesting fact: There are ~720 monthly Google searches for “how to get a refund”, and 12,000+ for “how to get a refund on steam.”
87. How can I put and write and define no refunds in a sentence and how is the word no refunds used in a sentence and examples? 用no refunds造句, 用no refunds造句, 用no refunds造句, no refunds meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by .
88. Translations of the phrase WHEN refunds from english to finnish and examples of the use of "WHEN REFUNDS" in a sentence with their translations: Questions have arisen about when refunds or reductions in future contributions
89. Translations of the phrase THE AMOUNT OF PENDING refunds from english to spanish and examples of the use of "THE AMOUNT OF PENDING REFUNDS" in a sentence with their translations: the board in terms of the amount of pending refunds .
90. Examples of refunds in a Sentence; 문장 refund. Didn't you know that the IRS will refund any excess payroll taxes that you paid if you use the 45(B) general business credit? They filed for a refund under their warranty. If the camera is faulty, you can return it to the store where you bought it for a refund.
91. While there isn't a law requiring ecommerce stores to have a Return Policy, you may need one if you wish to enforce your terms and parameters of returns and refunds.. For example, in the state of New York, if a retailer does not provide a Return & Refund Policy, the retailer will be required to accept returns and give refunds for all merchandise returned within 30 days of purchase.
92. Expertly handle accounts, payments, and refunds. Track metrics and predict future trends. Assist accountants with quarterly and year-end closings. Strong mathematical skill with ability to manage complex systems and large amounts of data. Document Management Draft invoices, reports, and vendor payments. Type letters and manage correspondence.
93. Define refunds. means amounts refunded by Licensee to customers for any reason, including for product returns, damaged products, canceled orders or otherwise relating to Endorsed Products.
94. Examples of Indulge in a sentence. If Al does not indulge in his coffee every morning, he finds it hard to concentrate at work. 🔊 John and I always indulge in a luxury cruise after we receive our tax refunds. 🔊 Because Jane’s parents indulge her every whim, she believes she can have anything she wants. 🔊

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