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"Relatives" Example Sentences

1. His natural diffidence, and opposition on the part of his relatives, Patrick resolved to return to Gaul in order to prepare himself for his mission.
2. How many of the snakes relatives lurked in the grass?
3. Some relatives and dear old friends were with me through the day.
4. We get lots of his relatives too—the whole Smith family.
5. A larger and more brightly coloured species, C. spinoides, inhabits the Himalayas, but the siskin has many other relatives belonging to the New World, and in them serious modifications of structure, especially in the form of the bill, occur.
6. But I don't know any of those relatives except Martha.
7. From about the age of eighteen he dropped his baptismal names of Lewis Balfour and called himself Robert Louis, but was mostly known to his relatives and intimate friends as "Louis."
8. They weren't relatives at all, but members of Romas's army.
9. There's always a scene when relatives view what the victim left behind.
10. Cannibalism seems also to have sometimes been in the nature of a funeral observance, in honour of the deceased, of whom the relatives reverently ate portions.
11. I keep asking him to get the plane tickets so we could leave but he wants to talk to some distant relatives who don't want to talk to him.
12. At the funeral of men there is much mourning, the female relatives cutting or tearing their hair off and plastering their faces with clay, but for women no public ceremonies took place.
13. Relatives from Delaware and Alabama are about to visit.
14. Gabe had never heard of Logan Myers and didn't know what connection he might have, considering he had no living relatives or friends, aside from Rhyn and Katie.
15. As an only child growing up with aging parents and no relatives, life had often been lonely.
16. The marriage of young people was usually arranged between the relatives, the bridegroom's father providing the bride-price, which with other presents the suitor ceremonially presented to the bride's father.
17. This arrangement pleased King of neither of the relatives of the emperor; but his will Naples, now was law on the continent.
18. My relatives have been dead for many years.
19. After the revolution of 1830 he founded the Pantheon litteraire, in which he published a Choix d'ouvrages mystiques (1843), a Choix de monuments primitifs de l'eglise chretienne (1837), a Choix des historiens grecs (1837), a collection of Chroniques etrangeres relatives aux expeditions francaises pendant XIII' siècle (1840), and, most important of all, a Choix de chroniques et memoires sur l'histoire de France (1836-1841).
20. Louis University (subject to the life income of certain surviving relatives) for the erection and support of a hospital and for the advancement of medicine and surgery.
21. Do they have relatives close?
22. Do you suppose any of these relatives Howie is trying to reach will be as candid about his early years as Reverend Humphries?
23. In some districts there is a fixed price of blood; at Argyrokastro, for instance, the compensation paid by the homicide to the relatives of his victim is 1200 piastres (about £10), at Khimara 2000 piastres; once the debt has been acquitted amicable relations are restored.
24. There it was agreed that France should supply 200,000 men and Piedmont 100,000 for the expulsion of the Austrians from Italy, that Piedmont should be expanded into a kingdom of North Italy, that central Italy should form a separate kingdom, on the throne of which the emperor contemplated placing one of his own relatives, and Naples another, possibly under Lucien Murat; the pope, while retaining only the Patrimony of St Peter (the Roman province), would be president of the Italian confederation.
25. While leaving intact the general houses of the various confraternities (except that of the Jesuits), the bill abolished the Religious corporate personality of religious orders, handed over Bill, their schools and hospitals to civil administrators, placed their churches at the disposal of the secular clergy, and provided pensions for nuns and monks, those who had families being sent to reside with their relatives, and those who by reason of age or bereavement had no home but their monasteries being allowed to end their days in religious houses specially set apart for the purpose.
26. There are no close relatives so she's going to handle the arrangements.
27. The den was crowded with relatives – Morino's and Senor Medena's.
28. Against the advice of his relatives and friends he adopted L.
29. If more people knew this, and the friends and relatives of deaf children learned the manual alphabet at once the deaf all over the world would be happier and better educated.
30. Gamal), the name of the single-humped Arabian Camelus dromedaries, but also applied to the two-humped central Asian C. bactrianus and to the extinct relatives of both.
31. Women accompany their male relatives to the battlefield for the purpose of tending the wounded and carrying away the dead.
32. The young lady's relatives ultimately became reconciled to the match, and procured him an appointment as attache to the British legation at Turin.
33. Some of these relatives lead almost insensibly to the greenfinch (ut supra) and its allies, others to the goldfinch (ut supra), the redpolls and so on.
34. Official receptions are held on it, and private visits paid; friends congratulate one another, and presents are given; new clothes are put on, and the graves of relatives are visited.
35. But it was not long before his unbridled passion for endowing his relatives at the expense of the church and of his neighbours became manifest.
36. Even when the slave had killed his master, the relatives of the house could not themselves inflict punishment; they were obliged to hand him over to the magistrate to be dealt with by legal process.
37. William refused, however, in 1806, in which year by the death of his father he became prince of Orange, to separate his interests from those of his Prussian relatives, and fought bravely at Jena.
38. Having become despots, the popes sought to establish their relatives in principalities.
39. Do you have relatives I could contact for you?
40. If he's dead set on questioning relatives, he can do it by phone.
41. He returned home by Mont Cenis, observing the avalanches,2 instead of, as his relatives hoped, securing a post in the French army in Piedmont.
42. Marcel's Reproductions de cartes et de globes relatives a la decouverte de l'Amerique du XVI' au X VIII siecle (Paris, 1893) and E.
43. One has so many relatives in Moscow!
44. Do you always visit the relatives of accident victims on your personal time?
45. His relatives very properly opposed his course, but they nevertheless did all in their power to smooth his way, and continued to treat him kindly.
46. Some of the nearest relatives had not yet left.
47. In two weeks, they'd be relatives... kind of.
48. Do you think the woman and the girl were people from your past; relatives?
49. Each of us nervously cut ties with our past by giving notice, making moving plans and advising our few friends and relatives.
50. Some friends or relatives.
51. Many of them were Morino's relatives.
52. ELEPHANT, the designation of the two existing representatives of the Proboscidea, a sub-order of ungulate mammals, and also extended to include their more immediate extinct relatives.
53. His pecuniary affairs were embarrassed, partly from the liberality with which he had endowed his few surviving relatives.
54. - The third and last sub-order of marsupials is the Diprotodontia, which is exclusively Australasian and includes the wombats, koala, cuscuses, kangaroos and their relatives.
55. In his speech Cicero briefly dismisses the charge of assassination, the main question being the distribution of the provinces, which was the real cause of the quarrels between DeIotarus and his relatives.
56. It was, however, at Rochester, where Kate and her sister Margaret (1836-1893)(1836-1893) went to live with a married sister (Mrs Fish) that modern spiritualism assumed its present form, and that communication was, as it was believed, established with lost relatives and deceased eminent men.
57. Later followed the appearance of lights; quasi-human voices; musical sounds, produced, it is said, without instruments; the "materialization" or presence in material form of what seemed to be human hands and faces, and ultimately of complete figures, alleged to be not those of any person present, and sometimes claimed by witnesses as deceased relatives; "psychography," or "direct writing and drawing," asserted to be done without human intervention; "spirit-photography," or the appearance on photographic plates of human and other forms when no counterpart was visible before the camera to any but specially endowed seers; 3 unfastening of cords and bonds; elongation of the medium's body; handling of red-hot coals; and the apparent passage of solids through solids without disintegration.
58. He was the son of John Henry, a welleducated Scotsman, among whose relatives was the historian William Robertson, and who served in Virginia as county surveyor, colonel and judge of a county court.
59. After several years of rivalry and much fighting between the two relatives, Turlough resigned the headship of the clan in favour of Hugh, who was inaugurated O'Neill in 1593.
60. An unworthy nephew, Carlo Caraffa, was made cardinal, and other relatives were invested with the duchies of Paliano and Montebello.
61. Storehouses of food were established at various centres and a system of food-drafts was devised whereby relatives and friends could send relief where it was needed.
62. But in these states the prince, his relatives and some of his ministers or officials only are Mahrattas; the mass of the people belong to other sections of the Hindu race.
63. It consisted, in addition to the king, his sons and other relatives, of the bishops and later some abbots, of some under-kings and the ealdormen of the shires or provinces, and of a number of ministri, or king's thegns.
64. With the frequent remarriages of the heiresses of the kingdom, relationships grew confused and family quarrels frequent; and when Sibylla carried the crown to Guy de Lusignan, a newcomer disliked by all the relatives of the crown, she sealed the fate of the kingdom.
65. Others poured libations on the tombs of deceased relatives.
66. In April 1907 he returned to his native Lorraine, to Ceffonds by Montier-en-Der, and to his relatives there.
67. He also killed most of his other relatives, and persecuted the Christians.
68. Pocock, "Ancestors and Relatives of the Dog," in The Kennel Encyclopaedia (London, 1907).
69. Finding his relatives unsympathetic, and falling into heated controversy with the Presbyterian clergy, he made no long stay, but returned to Paris, where he remained for seven years, becoming professor in several colleges successively.
70. Three of William's guardians were murdered; and for some time he was kept in strict concealment by his relatives, who feared that he might experience the same fate.
71. This proposal, which commended itself to Albert, had already been discussed by some of his relatives; but it was necessary to proceed cautiously, and he assured Pope Adrian VI.
72. He was conveyed to Newgate gaol, where by the kindness of Lord Clare he was visited by two of his relatives, and where he died of his wound on the 4th of June 1798.
73. According to ancient authorities, the writer was very outspoken in his denunciations, and his relatives considered it necessary to strike out the most offensive passages of the work before it was widely circulated (Quintilian, Instit.
74. And sent his relatives Ippolito and Alessandro, both minors and bastards, to Florence under the tutorship of Cardinal Silvio Passerini.
75. Arminius hurried home, but only to find all his relatives slain.
76. Murder can be expiated by the payment of diya or bloodmoney, if the kinsmen of the murdered man consent; they may, however, claim the life of the murderer, and long and troublesome blood feuds often ensue, involving the relatives of both sides for generations.
77. At first she influenced Jahangir for good, but surrounding herself with her relatives she aroused the jealousy of the imperial princes; and Jahangir died in 1627 in the midst of a rebellion headed by his son, Khurram or Shah Jahan, and his greatest general, Mahabat Khan.
78. 534), who like his son and successor Theodebert, was illegitimate; both had to fight for their inheritance with relatives.
79. His policy was to crush all tendencies to independence in Germany, and this led him to grant the stem-duchies to his relatives, and afterwards to ally himself with the church.
80. The 10th of August uprooted his party, his paper and his friends, and the management of relatives who kept him out of the way in Normandy alone saved him from the massacre of September.
81. Those who have not succeeded return in order to be cared for by friends and relatives, or simply from home-sickness.
82. These two grandsons of Judas thereafter " lived until the time of Trajan," ruling the churches " because they had (thus) been witnesses (martyrs) and were also relatives of the Lord."
83. They took vows of celibacy, but they frequently gave refuge in Malta to relatives driven to seek asylum from feudal wars and disturbances in their own lands.
84. To secure his throne he put to death almost all his relatives, but he suppressed the rebellions also.
85. Of his fortune (estimated at $5,000,000) approximately $4,000,000 was bequeathed for the establishment and maintenance of "a free public library and reading-room in the City of New York"; but, as the will was successfully contested by relatives, only about $2,000,000 of the bequest was applied to its original purpose; in 1895 the Tilden Trust was combined with the Astor and Lenox libraries to form the New York Public Library.
86. Through his father's relatives in South Carolina, McGillivray received a good education, but at the age of seventeen, after a short experience as a merchant in Savannah and Pensacola, he returned to the Muscogee Indians, who elected him chief.
87. With regard to the jurisdiction of the council in cases of homicide, the procedure, so far as it may be gathered from the orators and other sources, was as follows: - accusations were brought by relatives within the circle of brothers' and sisters' children, supported by the wider kin and the phratry (Demosth.
88. Period he had been practically excluded from all real share in the government by ambitious relatives.
89. Angasi and its relatives.
90. Some 200,000 pilgrims from the Shiite portions of Islam are said to journey annually to Kerbela, many of them carrying the bones of their relatives to be buried in its sacred soil, or bringing their sick and aged to die there in the odour of sanctity.
91. In 32 he was summoned by Tiberius to Capreae, and by skilful flattery managed to escape the fate of his relatives.
92. A crime was generally suspected, and the princes de Rohan, who were relatives of the deceased, disputed the will.
93. His numerous works included the following: - on artillery (with which arm he was most intimately connected throughout his military career), Quelques idees relatives a l'usage de l'artillerie dans l'attaque et.
94. The loneliness of a queen who had no husband or children and no relatives to mention must at all times have been oppressive; it grew desolating in old age after the deaths of Leicester, Walsingham, Burghley and Essex, and Elizabeth died, the last of her race, on the 24th of March 1603.
95. His career was soon after interrupted by the triumphant return of Sulla (82 B.C.), who ordered him to divorce his wife, and on his refusal deprived him of his property and priesthood and was induced to spare his life only by the intercession of his aristocratic relatives and the college of vestal virgins.
96. Respect for them is due to two main reasons: (a) the kinsmen of the dead desire to preserve the goodwill of their dead relatives; (b) they wish at the same time to secure that their kinsmen are not molested and caused to undergo unnecessary suffering.
97. In many parts of Africa the serpent is looked upon as the incarnation of deceased relatives; among the Amazulu, as among the Betsileo of Madagascar, certain species are assigned as the abode of certain classes; the Masai, on the other hand, regard each species as the habitat of a particular family of the tribe.
98. The tablet over Schomberg's grave contains what Macaulay called a "furious libel," though it only states that the duke's relatives refused the expense of the tablet.
99. Before her relatives could be brought to countenance his pretensions, Kepler was obliged to undertake a journey to Wurttemberg to obtain documentary evidence of the somewhat obscure nobility of his family, and it was thus not until the 27th of April 1597 that the marriage was celebrated.
100. He was not a statesman, for he left no constitution or code to the East; his empire was divided among his relatives on his death.
101. Miracles occur at their shrines, and the surviving relatives who guard them wax rich off the offerings brought.
102. Swine is a name properly applicable to the domesticated pig, but also includes its wild relatives.
103. We know nothing of his father's family, but several of his mother's relatives held important posts under Mithradates V.
104. Hodson thereupon took out a body of his sowars, attacked the village, and shot Bisharat Ali and several of his relatives.
105. His body was subsequently removed by his relatives.
106. relatives au regne de Francois II," edited by Louis Paris (1841), both in the Collection de documents inedits sur l'histoire de France; notice of Francis, duke of Guise, in the Nouvelle Collection des memoires pour servir a l'histoire de France, edited by J.
107. The typical rats and mice, together with their nearest relatives, constitute the sub-family Murinae, which is represented by more than three hundred species, distributed over the whole of the Old World except Madagascar.
108. Americanus) and its immediate relatives.
109. It may be mentioned, however, that the distribution of these later Tertiary types accords very closely with that of their existing relatives; the families of South American hystricoids being represented by a number of extinct genera in the formations of Argentina and Brazil.
110. The superiority in physique of the nobles to the common people may have been due in part to a system of massage, the lomi-lomi; it is certainly contrary to the belief in the bad effects of inbreeding - among the upper classes marriage was almost entirely between near relatives.
111. The great feudatories did not even respect the lives of the royal family, for Andrew was recalled from a futile attempt to reconquer Galicia (which really lay beyond the Hungarian sphere of influence), through the murder of his first wife Gertrude of Meran (September 24, 1213), by rebellious nobles jealous of the influence of her relatives.
112. Besides the works already mentioned, de Gerando left many others, of which we may indicate the following: - Considerations sur diverses methodes d'observation des peoples sauvages (Paris, 1801); Eloge de Dumarsais, - discours qui a remporte le prix propose par la seconde classe de l'Institut National (Paris, 1805); Le Visiteur de pauvre (Paris, 1820); Instituts du droit administratif (4 vols., Paris, 1830); Cours normal des instituteurs primaires ou directions relatives a l'education physique, morale, et intellectuelle dans les ecoles primaires (Paris, 1832); De l'education des sourds-muets (2 vols., Paris, 1832); De la bienfaisance publique (4 vols., 1838).
113. And James, duke of York, she was forbidden to receive her relatives.
114. If a man suffered injury it was to his relatives and his lord, rather than to any public official, that he applied first for protection and redress.
115. If he was slain, a fixed sum (wergild), varying according to his station, had to be paid to his relatives, while a further but smaller sum (manbot) was due to his lord.
116. In only two things could they take the initiative, helpfulness and mercy; the deserving poor and the destitute were to receive instant relief; but no member could give anything to his relatives without consulting the heads of the society.
117. When homicide took place vengeance was regarded as a sacred duty incumbent on the relatives, and sometimes at least the lord also, of the slain man; but, as in the case of any other injury, compensation could be made by a fixed payment.
118. Yet this explanation is open to question owing to the very early date at which the regulation appears, and to the fact that in the case of widows the sum specified had to be paid to relatives of the widow herself on the female side, and by preference to those of a younger generation.
119. HYRACOIDEA, a suborder of ungulate mammals represented at the present day only by the Syrian hyrax (Procavia syriaca), the "coney" of the Bible, and its numerous African relatives, all of which may be included in the single genus Procavia (or Hyrax), and consequently in the family Procaviidae.
120. By his purchase of Avignon, and the creation of numerous French cardinals, the pope consolidated the close connexion of the Roman Church with France: but the interests of that Church suffered severely through the riches and patronage which Clement lavished on his relatives, and through the princely luxury of his court.
121. His memory would be stainless but for the deep shadow cast on it by the advancement which he conferred upon his relatives.
122. To his own relatives, however, Pius IV.
123. A last attempt to live at Geneva, made at the request of relatives there, satisfied him that the theological atmosphere was uncongenial, and in 1684 he finally settled at Amsterdam, first as a moderately successful preacher, until ecclesiastical jealousy shut him out from that career, and afterwards as professor of philosophy, belles-lettres and Hebrew in the Remonstrant seminary.
124. In default of relatives, (3) some person present at the death, or the occupier of the house in which, to his knowledge, the death took place.
125. About 1790 he seems to have thought of taking up law or medicine, but his projects met with no encouragement from his relatives and he remained at Kendal till, in the spring of 1793, he moved to Manchester, where he spent the rest of his life.
126. But of these last there is no reason to deem the toucans close relatives, and according to W.
127. The system of human sacrifices, practised among the Ashanti until the closing years of the 19th century, was founded on a sentiment of piety towards parents and other connexions - the chiefs believing that the rank of their dead relatives in the future world would be measured by the number of attendants sent after them.
128. In 530 Cerdic and Cynric are said to have conquered the Isle of Wight, which they gave to two of their relatives, Stuf and Wihtgar.
129. Far behind Medinet Habu are the Tombs of the Queens, where royal relatives of the XXth Dynasty are buried; and immediately behind the lofty cliffs of Deir el Bahri, but accessible only by a very circuitous route from Kurna, are the tombs of the kings (from Tethmosis I.
130. In bearing and gait the birds show some resemblance to their distant relatives the Ratitae, and A.
131. Otto gave up the practice of retaining the duchies either in his own hands or in those of relatives.
132. In conformity with the decrees of the council of Trent, he cleared the cathedral of its gorgeous tombs, rich ornaments, banners, arms, sparing not even the monuments of his own relatives.
133. Behind come the women relatives and the hired wailers.
134. Following the order of the lunar year, the next festival is that of the Return of the Pilgrims, which is the occasion of great rejoicing, many having friends or relatives in the caravan.
135. The innermost chamber was the chapel proper: on its western side was sculptured an imitation door for the dead man to pass through, when he wished to participate in the offerings brought by pious relatives.
136. (Cassel, 1889); C. Sauvageau, " Observations relatives a la sexualite des Phaeosporees," Journal de botanique (vol.
137. There was a special ordeal through which a bride passed to prove her virginity, and a proof of her immorality brought disgrace upon all her relatives.
138. The visits are generally made in the night, and are often greatly dreaded, especially when there may be any supposed reason for spite on the part of the dead towards living relatives.
139. In 1759 he leased the Ivy House pottery in Burslem from some relatives, and like a sensible man he continued to make only such pottery as was being made at the period by his fellow - manufacturers.
140. The excitement and pressure of the crowds was at this time almost overwhelming, and the relatives of Jesus endeavoured to restrain Him; " for they said, He is mad."
141. Their relatives refused to aid them, and they applied to Luther.
142. It was acquired before 1644 by relatives of the earl of Lonsdale, who secured the prosperity of the town by working the coal-mines.
143. The sensation produced by the tragedy of the expedition was profound and a large fund was subscribed for the benefit of the relatives of the dead explorers and for the promotion of polar research.
144. Abdalaziz did his best to imitate his grandfather Omar in all things, and especially in maintaining the simple manner of life of the early Moslems. He was, however, born in the midst of wealth; thus frugality became asceticism, and in so far as he demanded the same rigour from his relatives, he grew unjust and caused uneasiness and discontent.
145. As he could not or would not tell, he together with all his brothers and some other relatives were seized and transported to Irak, where Abdallah and his brother Ali were beheaded and the others imprisoned.
146. The father of thebride waits upon near relatives and distinguished personages,.
147. Here a number of relatives and friends are collected at the door to receive the bridegroom with due honour.
148. Eight days afterwards a wedding feast is given by the newlymarried couple, to which only near relatives and particular friends are invited.
149. After life is extinct a funeral sermon is delivered by the priest, in which the deceased is made the subject of an exhortation to his relatives and friends to live pure, holy and righteous lives, so that they may hope to meet again in paradise.
150. On the third day after death an assemblage of the relatives and friends of the 'deceased takes place at his late residence, and thence proceed to the Atish-bahram, or "firetemple."
151. The relatives and friends then hand the priest a list of the contributions and charities which have been subscribed in memory of the deceased, which concludes the ceremony of "rising from mourning," or "the resurrection of the dead."
152. Their relatives and friends are invited to dinner, and they spend the rest of the day in feasting and rejoicing; alms are given to the poor, and new suits of clothes are presented to servants and dependants.
153. His tender affection for his relatives abundantly appears from his correspondence, along with his profound attachment to the great ideas of the Revolution and his noble love of country.
154. He died on the 28th of December 1874, while on a visit to relatives in New York City.
155. 2 --and the relatives became rich through the unhappy accident (Hartland, 86 seq.).
156. But as it was deemed inadvisable to allow him to visit the Punjab, he remained for some time as a guest at the residency at Aden, and was allowed to receive some of his relatives to witness his abjuration of Christianity, which actually took place within the residency itself.
157. Passing over his own relatives, he raised, on the advice of Sophia, the general Tiberius (q.v.) to be Caesar in December 574 and withdrew for his remaining years into retirement.
158. Having slain his uncle (or other relatives) he fled for refuge to Argos, where Adrastus received him hospitably and purified him from the guilt of blood.
159. This noteworthy result suggests the possibility that what the poem tells of Hygelac's near relatives, and of the events of his reign and that of his successor, is based on historic fact.
160. On such matters as the compensation in cases of homicide, it is evident that there were no rules, but merely a feeling, created by use and wont, that the relatives of the slain man should be willing to accept payment.
161. Credo) - is the duty and privilege of the eldest son of the deceased, or, failing him, of the nearest relative who thereby establishes his right as next of kin in respect of inheritance; and those other relatives who have the right to take part in the ceremony are called sapinda, i.e.
162. But even such a difficulty Hermann explains away: the little children were brothers, sisters or more distant relatives of the 1 1,000.
163. He died as simply as he had lived; his last words were only business directions, affectionate remembrances to relatives, and repeated apologies to the physicians and attendants.
164. With his relatives he had little intercourse, and even Lord George Cavendish, whom he made his principal heir, he saw only for a few minutes once a year.
165. The expressions yr hwn, y neb, " the one," are mistaken for relatives by the old grammarians; the true relative follows: yr hwn a =" the one who."
166. 2 Upon her death she left a small part of her estate to her other relatives and her servants, about $4,631,000 to Charles J.
167. A nephew of Mrs Stewart in 1887 sued to break the will on the ground that Hilton had unduly influenced her; the case was compromised out of court in 1890 and Mrs Stewart's relatives received more of her estate than they would have got under the terms of the testament.
168. Principal governorships were conferred upon the shahs sons, brothers, uncles and other near relatives, but now many of them are held by men who have little if any connection with the royal family.
169. That he changed the system of blinding his relatives from passing a hot metal over the open eye to an extraction of the whole pupil is indicative of gross brutality.
170. Taking the title of Adil Shah, or the just king, he commenced his reign by putting to death the two princes Ri~a Kuli and Nasr Ullah, as well as all relatives whom he considered his competitors, with the exception of Shah Rukh, son of Ri~a Kuli, whom he spared in case a lineal descendant of Nadir should at any time be required.
171. Somewhat later Ibrahim Khalil of Shusha, repenting of his Russophilism, determined to deliver up the Muscovite garrison at that place, but his plans were betrayed, and he and his relatives put to death.
172. Subsequently he was opposed by a pagan king called Morken, whose relatives after his death succeeded in forcing the saint to retire from Strathclyde.
173. He was the best friend of his innumerable poor relatives, and the Maecenas of all the struggling authors of his day.
174. His most important extant works are: in prose, Gratiarum Actio, an address of thanks to Gratian for his elevation to the consulship; Periochae, summaries of the books of the Iliad and Odyssey; and one or two epistolae; in verse, Epigrammata, including several free translations from the Greek Anthology; Ephemeris, the occupations of a day; Parentalia and Commemoratio Professorum Burdigalensium, on deceased relatives and literary friends; Epitaphia, chiefly on the Trojan heroes; Caesares, memorial verses on the Roman emperors from Julius Caesar to Elagabalus; Ordo Nobilium Urbium, short poems on famous cities; Ludus Septem Sapientum, speeches delivered by the Seven Sages of Greece; Idyllia, of which the best-known are the Mosella, a descriptive poem on the Moselle, and the infamous Cento Nuptialis.
175. If the delator lost his case or refused to carry it through, he was liable to the same penalties as the accused; he was exposed to the risk of vengeance at the hands of the proscribed in the event of their return, or of their relatives; while emperors like Tiberius would have no scruples about banishing or putting out of the way those of his creatures for whom he had no further use, and who might have proved dangerous to himself.
176. His manners were very winning and courtly, and in the circle of his immediate relatives he is said to have always been lovable and beloved.
177. He entered the faculty of advocates in 1800, and attached himself, not to the party of his relatives, who could have afforded him most valuable patronage, but to the Whig or Liberal party, and that at a time when it.
178. Subsequently he published Memoires du roi Joseph (1853-1855), and, as a sequel, Histoire des negotiations diplomatiques relatives aux 'mites de Morfontaine, de Luneville et d'Amiens, together with the unpublished correspondence of the emperor Napoleon I.
179. When a man is convicted of murder, he is handed over to the relatives of the deceased, who may either put him to death or accept a ransom.
180. When the murdered person has no relatives, the priests take upon themselves the office of avengers.
181. Edward heaped favours on his new relatives; his father-in-law was made treasurer, and great marriages were found for his wife's sisters and brothers.
182. Baron de Parana, on the other hand, says, "I have many relatives and friends who have large establishments for the rearing of mules, where they obtain from 400 to l000 mules in a year.
183. Practically, when a stranger receives the estate of a deceased man, the proper way of viewing the tax would appear to be that it is a share of property claimed by the state against a stranger who has no right in the matter except that which the state gives him, so that it is hardly a tax at all, as the word is usually understood; but when the estate is received by the near relatives of the deceased who were subsisting upon it even before his death, it is undoubtedly felt as a tax by them, and operates as a tax.
184. C. Canclaux, but he was killed, and the Vendean army broke up. Numerous relatives of Cathelineau also perished in the war of La Vendee.
185. Bergeron, " Observations relatives a la structure de la haute vallee de la Jalomita (Roumanie) et des Carpathes roumaines, " Bull.
186. Notwithstanding the opposition of his relatives, he entered the order of the Servi di Maria, a minor Augustinian congregation of Florentine origin, at the age of thirteen.
187. Its nearest relatives appear to be the serows of the outer Himalaya and the Malay countries, which are in many respects intermediate between goats and antelopes, but it is not improbably also related to the musk-ox.
188. To obtain Castro for his relatives the Barberini, resulted in a war between that pope and Odoardo.
189. Jacob accordingly fled to his mother's relatives, and on his return, many years later, peace was restored between them (xxxii.
190. The German Schaf), a name originally bestowed in all probability on the familiar domesticated ruminant (Ovis aries), but now extended to include its immediate wild relatives.
191. It soon became apparent to Newton's relatives that they were making a great mistake in attempting to turn him into a farmer, and he was therefore sent back again to school at Grantham.
192. (3) Both these explanations are forced, and it is more probable that by a make-believe common in all religions, and not unknown in the earliest church, the sins of dead relatives, about whose salvation their survivors were anxious, were transferred into living persons, who assumed for the nonce their names and were baptized in their behalf, so in vicarious wise rendering it possible for the sins of the dead to be washed away.
193. The correlation of the ideas of infinite and finite does not necessarily imply their correality, as Cousin supposes; on the contrary, it is a presumption that finite is simply positive and infinite negative of the same - that the finite and infinite are simply contradictory relatives.
194. There was also sufficient comprehension of the differences between the main classes of Echinoderms - the sea-urchins or Echinoidea, the starfish or Asteroidea, the brittle-stars and their allies known as Ophiuroidea, the worm-like Holothurians, the feather-stars and sea-lilies called Crinoidea, with their extinct relatives the sac-like Cystidea, the bud-formed Blastoidea, and the flattened Edrioasteroideawhile within the larger of these classes, such as Echinoidea and Crinoidea, fair working classifications had been established.
195. Though himself pious, of blameless morality, hospitable to a fault, and so exempt from avarice, says his secretary Conti, that he could not endure the sight of money, it was Sixtus's misfortune to have had no natural outlet for strong affections except unworthy relatives; and his great vices were nepotism, ambition and extravagance.
196. It was but natural, therefore, that he should invite his continental relatives and the friends of his youth to share in his late-coming prosperity.
197. Des Roches was driven from office after two years (1234), and his friends and relatives fell with him.
198. Even more numerous and no less expensive to the realm were the Provenal and Savoyard relatives of Henrys queen, Eleanor of Provence.
199. It numbered among its leaders the good archbishop, Edmund of Abingdon, and Robert Grosseteste, the active and learned bishop of Lincoln; it was not infrequently aided by the kings brother Richard, earl of Cornwall, who did not share Henrys blind admiration for his foreign relatives.
200. Henry found that he had practically no supporters save his unpopular foreign relatives and favorites, and yielded perforce.
201. He then began to recall his foreign friends and relatives, and to assemble mercenaries.
202. She had no near relatives, and more than a dozen ScOttish or Anglo-Scottish nobles, distantly related, to the royal line, put in a claim to the crown, or at least to a part of the royal heritage.
203. His pride was hurt, but for two years more there was no open breach between him and his master, though their estrangement grew more and more marked when Edward continued to heap titles and estates on his wifes numerous relatives, and to conclude for them marriage alliances with all the great Yorkist families B h who were not of the Neville connection.
204. His first experiment in treason was Rising of the so-called rising of Robin of Redesdale, which Robin of was ostensibly an armed protest by the gentry and Redes- commons of Yorkshire against the maladministration dale, of the realm by the kings favoriteshis wifes relatives, and the courtiers whom he had lately promoted to high rank and office.
205. Orders for the execution of the queens relatives, who had been in prison since the beginning of May.
206. Apparently he dabbled in treason; it is at any rate certain that in 1501 King Henry executed some, and imprisoned others, of his relatives and retainers.
207. According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle he was eighty years old at his death, but the energy of his administration and the evidence with regard to the ages of his children and relatives render it almost impossible.
208. Their relatives were subjected to various pains and penalties.
209. The constitutional party in the legislature desired a toleration of the nonjuring clergy, the repeal of the laws against the relatives of the émigrés, and some merciful discrimination toward the émigrés themselves.
210. The political disabilities imposed upon the relatives of émigrés were repealed.
211. The law against the relatives of émigrés was reenacted, and military tribunals were established to condemn émigrés who should return to France.
212. A short distance south-west of the mansion-house and between it and the wharf is a plain brick tomb, which was built by Washington's direction on a site chosen by himself, and contains the remains of Washington and Mrs Washington (removed to this tomb from the old family vault in 1831), and of about thirty relatives - members of the Washington, Blackburn, Corbin, Bushrod, Lewis and Custis families.
213. After Bodin's death the civil wars between his sons and relatives materially weakened the first Serb kingdom.
214. Tisserand, Traite de mecanique celeste, tome iii., Exposé de l'ensemble des theories relatives au mouvement de la lune (Paris, 1894); E.
215. Unlike their Papuan relatives, the islanders are unskilled in carving and pottery, but are clever farmers and fishermen, constructing ingenious fishing weirs.
216. The Fijian's chief table luxury was human flesh, euphemistically called by him "long pig," and to satisfy his appetite he would sacrifice even friends and relatives.
217. Affection and a firm belief in a future state, in which the exact condition of the dying is continued, are the Fijians' own explanations of the custom, once universal, of killing sick or aged relatives.
218. But it does not appear that he got the money; and, after some more fruitless proceedings against Onetor, the brother-in-law of Aphobus, the matter was dropped, - not, however, before his relatives had managed to throw a public burden (the equipment of a ship of war) on their late ward, whereby his resources were yet further straitened.
219. They are affectionate and firm in their friendships, kind to their children and their aged and infirm relatives, very respectful to old age, most courteous and polite and very hospitable to strangers.
220. That the journey of Jacob-Israel from his Aramaean relatives into Palestine hints at some pre-Mosaic immigration is possible, but has not been either proved or disproved.
221. Instead of blaming ~ him for the murder of the lesser kings of the Franks, his relatives, by which he had accomplished the union of the Frankish tribes, they saw in.
222. Business misfortunes having caused his father's bankruptcy, and his mother dying in 1768, young, Hamilton was thrown upon the care of maternal relatives at St Croix, where, in his twelfth year, he entered the countinghouse of Nicholas Cruger.
223. The former type is exemplified by the toads and the lower Ecaudata, whilst the latter is characteristic of the true frogs (Ranidae), although when quite young these batrachians present a condition similar to that which persists throughout life in their lower relatives.
224. All the existing members of the family, such as the domesticated horse (Equus caballus) and its wild or half-wild relatives, the asses and the zebras, are included in the typical genus.
225. Try as they might, they were unable to find relatives closer than third cousins who lived in Colorado.
226. We get lots of his relatives too—the whole Smith family.
227. While spending the day with Cynthia Byrne was of itself a pleasant contemplation, accompanying relatives to identify corpses, especially those that had been under water for a week, was, in Dean's estimation, right up there with root canals and swift kicks in the you-know-whats.
228. The den was crowded with relatives – Morino's and Senor Medena's.
229. The administrators in question are accused of trying to illegally acquire the cattle, either in their own names or in the names of relatives.
230. I would be interested to hear from possible relatives in the UK, US, or anywhere else.
231. With less than a 50/50 chance of success, relatives of the late Doreen Ellis have had to stop legal action against Cape.
232. Rule-based evolutionary models may also provide new insights into " in-group altruism, " or self-sacrifice for the welfare of close cultural relatives.
233. Baby-sitting for children of friends, neighbors or relatives.
234. Barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, " Relatives of yours?
235. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, " Relatives of yours?
236. Bereaved relatives may also be involved.
237. Known Relatives: Jack Dark, father and professional bounty hunter.
238. Brain-dead donors may not be given by bereaved relatives.
239. Breedanimals that have been bred in captivity for many generations have more transparent skin than their wild relatives?
240. Bridesmaids for the bride and her female friends and relatives.
241. Quite a number have witnessed brutality or relatives being killed.
242. The relatives of the murdered caliph fled to Mecca with vows of vengeance.
243. Relatives of mutation carriers were genotyped in order to study the segregation of mutant alleles with obesity.
244. Clinic attendance with husbands and older female relatives.
245. Close relatives of patients to visit 24 hours a day.
246. However, little research has been done on relatives of individuals with emotional disorders, despite developments in the area of emotional contagion.
247. Cross-pollination between genetically-engineered crops and non-engineered varieties or wild relatives could create a range of problems.
248. Customize greetings for all your friends, relatives or co-workers.
249. Richard sailed to England but was too diffident to visit his father's relatives.
250. Distressed relatives at a funeral speak out about a person they believe to be responsible.
251. Elderly relatives who may have memories of the person you are trying to find.
252. Patients with two first degree relatives any age are at significantly elevated risk.
253. She was in for a week receiving enemas and her relatives were unable to visit due to the poor transport.
254. Flightless insect, the snow fly, is a crane fly whose summer relatives resemble giant mosquitoes.
255. I will be back to shop again and I have told friends and relatives about the great choice on offer on your website.
256. Evidence for GM oilseed rape suggests that gene flow to wild relatives is very rare and that hybrids do not establish in the wild.
257. Famous Football Relatives My father's maternal grandfather was Fred Beardsley.
258. Its built-in address book let you customize greetings for all your friends, relatives or co-workers.
259. Hanger-onour relatives, friends, guests and other hangers-on have all told me how much they enjoyed your music.
260. Headman's relatives, are the nobility.
261. Even people like me who have relatives there appreciate the hospitality.
262. The choices are between getting into punishing debt; buying a hovel; living with relatives or renting for the forseeable future.
263. This may be particularly important for female relatives on the maternal side of a family where a male baby has an X-linked immunodeficiency.
264. However, if there are no relatives available there is a list of other qualified informants for the registration.
265. So the relatives took nothing and the pecuniary legatees took the proceeds of the shares as part of the residuary estate.
266. Like the pill woodlice, the pill millipede is rather more tolerant of dry conditions than it's relatives.
267. If a body remains missing, relatives may not even receive anything.
268. Mourning rituals are carried out by the relatives.
269. At the very least the definition should be expanded to include nephews and nieces and more distant blood relatives.
270. COMMENTS Mangoes, native to India, are a member of the cashew family (other relatives include the pistachios and poison ivy ).
271. Prisoners in British jails in Ireland or England or were their relatives.
272. We can help you with looking after the affairs of relatives who are unable to manage their own affairs, including receiverships.
273. We do not have a relatives room but do have recliners to use as well.
274. At the same time, one can sympathize with the lay public and bereaved relatives, in confusing these activities with freak shows.
275. A council spokesman said: " We would never wish to upset grieving relatives and we will look into this case.
276. Ultimately, the responsibility for restoration of unsafe memorials lies with surviving relatives.
277. Contains documents concerning the history of immigration through Ellis Island and genealogy information for those wishing to trace relatives and ancestors.
278. Talk to elderly relatives who may have memories of the person you are trying to find.
279. Visiting We allow close relatives of patients to visit 24 hours a day.
280. Do animals that have been bred in captivity for many generations have more transparent skin than their wild relatives?
281. Estimates are presented for women with and without first-degree relatives with breast cancer and the sensitivity of the results to various assumptions investigated.
282. relatives of victims is generally simpler.
283. Relinquish in favor of you providing that there are no objections from other surviving relatives.
284. This includes sea spiders over 30 cm across and isopods, the relatives of woodlice, over 13 cm long.
285. Relatives and friends who once shunned him, hugged and kissed him.
286. Son-in-lawspan>have any sons-in-law, sons, daughters, or any other relatives?
287. Sorrowing relatives and especially to her husband and widowed mother.
288. Stratifytratified by age, the risk was largely confined to relatives over the age of 60.
289. There is additional information about caffeine which is also generally true for its relatives theobromine and theophylline.
290. The Sky News channel had a ticker running along the bottom of the screen giving details of people who wanted to contact relatives.
291. The body of one prisoner was delivered to his relatives last year, with a curious red tidemark around the middle of his torso.
292. When her relatives arrived for the funeral they were anxious to unearth the treasure but Mama Tembo refused to disclose the site.
293. Being raised on Okinawa by relatives and neighbors, Luna was able to develop an innocent, yet uninhibited, personality.
294. Value Judgements by employers, relatives and neighbors?
295. Weedy relatives have benefited from the acquisition of crop genes.
296. No blame attaches to the Roman general, Marcellus, since he had given orders to his men to spare the house and person of the sage; and in the midst of his triumph he lamented the death of so illustrious a person, directed an honourable burial to be given him, and befriended his surviving relatives.
297. It is incumbent on the relatives and friends of a deceased person to provide Christian burial for him; failing relatives and friends, the duty devolves upon the parish.
298. Julius II., his bitterest enemy and powerful successor, continued Alexanders policy, but no longer in the interest of his own relatives.
299. Charles Albert felt a certain interest in Liberal ideas and was always surrounded by young nobles of Carbonarist and anti-Austrian tendencies, and was therefore regarded with suspicion by his royal relatives, Metter nich, too, had an instinctive dislike for him, and proposed to exclude him from the succession by marrying one of the kings daughters to Francis of Modena, and getting the Salic law abolished so that the succession would pass to the duke and Austria would thus dominate Piedmont.
300. And her daughter Mary in 1558 strengthened her position, and in 1559 she relinquished her conciliatory tactics to submit to the dictation of her relatives, the Guises, by falling more into line with their religious policy.
301. After the revolution of 1830 he founded the Pantheon litteraire, in which he published a Choix d'ouvrages mystiques (1843), a Choix de monuments primitifs de l'eglise chretienne (1837), a Choix des historiens grecs (1837), a collection of Chroniques etrangeres relatives aux expeditions francaises pendant XIII' siècle (1840), and, most important of all, a Choix de chroniques et memoires sur l'histoire de France (1836-1841).
302. His grandparents, a large circle of near relatives and Mlle Catherine Pictet (d.
303. But the natural desire to be buried near one's relatives caused new tombs to be cut in the walls, above and around and behind the original tombs, the walls being thus completely honeycombed with loculi, sometimes as many as seventy, utterly regardless of the paintings originally depicted on the walls.
304. It is said that reverence and love for their departed relatives was a marked feature in the character of the aborigines, and that the Spaniards made use of this as a bait to trap the unhappy natives.
305. For his conduct in signing the advertisement soliciting subscriptions for the relief of the relatives of the Americans " murdered by the king's troops at Lexington and Concord," he was tried at the Guildhall on the 4th of July 1777, before Lord Mansfield, found guilty, and committed to the King's Bench prison in St George's Fields, from which he only emerged after a year's durance, and after a loss in fines and costs amounting to X1 200.
306. RHINOCEROS, the designation for such perissodactyle (odd-toed) ungulate mammals as carry one or more horns on the head, and their extinct relatives (see Perissodactyla).
307. His influence over these ladies alarmed their relatives and excited the suspicions of the regular priesthood and of the populace, but while Pope Damasus lived Jerome remained secure.
308. SWINE, a name properly applicable to the domesticated pig (Sus scrofa), but also including its wild relatives.
309. But he is chiefly remembered for his "Essai d'une maniere de determiner les masses relatives des molecules elementaires des corps, et les proportions selon lesquelles elles entrent dans les combinaisons" (Journ.
310. Opposite to the abbey church (see below) stands the town hall (1879-1882), which originated in a bequest by George Aitken Clark (1823-1873), and was completed by his relatives, the thread manufacturers of Anchor Mills.
311. Finally, all this is already embedded in a setting determined by the romance of Clement and his lost relatives, "recognition" of whom forms the denouement of the story.
312. His demands were not small; for, with an ambition mingled, as his letters show, with strong family affection, he aimed at placing all his relatives in positions of affluence and dignity; and many a rich benefice and important public office was appropriated by him to that purpose.
313. The strongest belief of the natives was in the power of the ghosts of the dead, so that they carried the bones of relatives to secure themselves from harm, and they fancied the forest swarming with malignant demons.
314. The contitutional party in the legislature desired a toleration of the nonjuring clergy, the repeal of the laws against the relatives of the émigrés, and some merciful discrimination toward the emigres themselves.
315. The political disabilities imposed upon the relatives of émigrés were repealed.
316. The law against the relatives of émigrés was reenacted, and military tribunals were established to condemn émigrés who should return to France.
317. Thus he rewarded the patriotism of the Danish ladies who sacrificed all their jewels to pay the heavy ransom exacted from him by his captors, the Jomsborg pirates, by enacting a law whereby women were henceforth to inherit landed property in the same way as their male relatives.
318. Tisserand, Traite de mecanique celeste, tome iii., Exposé de l'ensemble des theories relatives au mouvement de la lune (Paris, 1894); E.
319. During the Great Depression in the United States, many unemployed Americans simply left the city and went back to farm life, sometimes living with relatives.
320. The next two letters mention her visit in January to her relatives in Memphis, Tennessee.
321. Natasha did not care for society in general, but prized the more the society of her relatives--Countess Mary, and her brother, her mother, and Sonya.
322. We can help you with looking after the affairs of relatives who are unable to manage their own affairs, including Receiverships.
323. A council spokesman said: We would never wish to upset grieving relatives and we will look into this case.
324. The reaction of the relatives of victims is generally simpler.
325. Yes, the next of kin can relinquish in favor of you providing that there are no objections from other surviving relatives.
326. My father 's family came from Massachusetts and I 'm curious about any relatives I may have roaming the globe.
327. The samples should be taken from known affected dogs / bitches and their unaffected siblings, parents or close relatives.
328. Do you have any sons-in-law, sons, daughters, or any other relatives?
329. Our sympathies are quickened and go out to her sorrowing relatives and especially to her husband and widowed mother.
330. When stratified by age, the risk was largely confined to relatives over the age of 60.
331. Is one 's bankruptcy cause for negative value judgements by employers, relatives and neighbors?
332. Very little is thus known about whether weedy relatives have benefited from the acquisition of crop genes.
333. Ask your friends and relatives who they use.
334. This is great advice because your friends or relatives are probably like you in many ways.
335. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. are adopting the children of relatives.
336. Sibling birth announcements have become a popular choice in introducing the newest member of the family to relatives, friends, and co-workers.
337. Ask relatives and friends about the childcare centers they use.
338. Leave the numbers of neighbors and relatives who live nearby.
339. Even though you may receive lots of books for your baby from friends and relatives, you'll still find that you'll want to keep adding to your child's own personal library.
340. That doesn't rule out friends and relatives who can actually help you, though.
341. Friends and relatives will want to shower you and your baby with lots of presents to share in your excitement.
342. Several friends or relatives may decide to go in together to purchase one, eliminating one a major item on your list of baby supplies.
343. This makes gift buying easier for friends and relatives.
344. Some stores even offer online gift registries, so selection is easier for both the new mom and her friends and relatives.
345. Friends and relatives can recommend facilities and people they have found helpful.
346. Because so many people learn that finding childcare is so daunting, or they have looked and not found the right fit, they may turn to friends and relatives for their baby's care.
347. Although of course you wouldn't want to copy someone else's nursery, you may find yourself inspired after looking at babies' rooms in the homes of friends, neighbors, and relatives.
348. Also, if you're choosing a family name, you'll want to take time to find a name that doesn't hurt relatives' feelings.
349. Ask for recommendations from your pediatrician, friends, relatives, etc. Sites like Epinions will often post testimonies from other consumers just like you.
350. You've gotten lots of gifts from all of your friends and relatives, and some of those gifts may include a baby bouncer.
351. Well-meaning relatives and friends usually rise to the occasion by showering the new family with all sorts of baby gifts.
352. Be sure to send a picture or two with the toy to the relatives who sent the gift.
353. In fact, you may know friends and relatives who dressed their little sweeties in pajamas for their Christmas card photos and other occasions.
354. Find out from the mom if there are any other friends or relatives who have mentioned throwing a baby shower.
355. Others depend on relatives or friends who are more experienced in caring for a baby to teach them about diapering their child.
356. Well-meaning friends and relatives can help with both of these tasks by hosting baby showers for the parents-to-be.
357. Friends and relatives can easily see what was purchased and what is still available, making gift buying a breeze.
358. One way of familiarizing a toddler with computer technology without requiring any actual technical skills is to set up Skype or video chat and help him interact with faraway relatives or even a sibling in another room.
359. For example, grandparents who are not present at the birth should be contacted by phone as should other relatives and close friends.
360. For distant relatives and very casual acquaintances, a simple heartfelt card may be sufficient instead of a more elaborate gift.
361. Family Members: It is hoped that you know what your immediate family members would like for Christmas, but what about relatives you rarely see?
362. Pass along the list to grandparents and other relatives who aren't sure what gifts to buy for the holidays.
363. Teachers are often better judges of reading level than parents or relatives, so if you aren't sure how advanced your child is, you might consider talking it over with his or her teacher.
364. This can be beneficial to people who have friends and relatives who live overseas, and it can also benefit people who own small businesses and need to frequently make international calls.
365. You can also ask colleagues, relatives and friends, or others you'd trust for recommendations.
366. Your bank or other financial institutions may be able to recommend firms, or you can ask trusted friends or relatives.
367. The cards make great gifts for teens, college students or relatives.
368. This can be an excellent way for the grandparents to give money to help pay the teen's college expenses or for other relatives and friends to provide a little extra spending money to the teen.
369. While relatives and friends may be the best way to get a referral, remember that you are ultimately responsible for your choice.
370. This list includes their age, the cities they lived in and the names of any relatives.
371. Many families are extended, or relatives live so far away that visits are rare; for these reasons, many stories and tales remain unshared.
372. Ask the older kids to do some online research about the family history or write to long-lost relatives to fill in the branches of the tree.
373. Other big family traditions are an annual family vacation or reunion to stay in contact with out-of-town relatives.
374. Usually it is held in the bride's home with all of her female friends and relatives.
375. Layer in the remaining family members by height, around the first two relatives.
376. Ask your kids to pick recipes that especially interest them or have your other relatives help with decorating and giving out treats as gifts.
377. The phone rings and the relatives are coming for dinner.
378. Save Christmas cards and holiday newsletters from far-away relatives to make a pocket page or mini album.
379. FAMILY: Preserve favorite family photos or make a book showcasing the resemblances between relatives.
380. You can easily share your digital books with far-flung friends and relatives by posting them on your blog, personal website, or Facebook profile, which is not so easy with traditional books.
381. This allows you to catch up with relatives and loved ones, even if you don't see them often.
382. For older photos, try passing around a scan of the image to all of your relatives to see if anyone can provide information about the story behind the picture.
383. All About Me: If you have elderly relatives nearby, consider conducting a short family history interview to gather information for your project.
384. Sayings about laughter, memories, and people who will never be forgotten suit several family occasions and special relatives.
385. You also have the option of creating both types of memory books about your child's kindergarten experience: a traditional album for your family and friends, and a digital one to share with relatives that live far away.
386. Wait until the holidays are over, and do not feel bad about avoiding uncomfortable situations (and stressful relatives) when necessary.
387. You do not have to spend every moment of the holiday season shopping, decorating, or spending time with relatives.
388. This is a personal family choice and no one can make that decision except you and the other authoritative relatives in your son's life.
389. This tactic may ultimately work against them, however, since many relatives and family friends may become offended at not receiving an announcement or may even decide against sending any type of graduation gift without an announcement.
390. Parents and relatives in these situations only want what is best for the teenage mom and at times teenagers take offense at honest and practical advice that is given.
391. If any of your older siblings or relatives (or perhaps even yourself) have been bridesmaids in a wedding, they'll have a great fancy dress.
392. Do you know any relatives who have their own business?
393. Your friends and relatives will thank you in return.
394. Sometimes relatives or close family friends may want to get the graduate a real gift instead of just money or a gift card.
395. Ask older female relatives if they have any dresses you might like for the big event.
396. If this is not possible, however, there's nothing wrong with other relatives, the parents of the bride, or even the happy couple themselves doing the honors.
397. Borrowing from friends or relatives is another option.
398. While you may anticipate receiving quite a bit of money from friends and relatives as your wedding nears, don't count money that you don't have.
399. The groom would gather together several of his closest friends to aid him in the procurement of his lady, even if this meant battling her relatives!
400. You might also discuss florist choices with some friends or relatives who have recently wed.
401. Speak with recently married friends or relatives for recommendations.
402. A childhood favorite is a big hit with friends and relatives.
403. To find good customer service, ask newly married friends and relatives where they purchased their dresses.
404. Another way to incorporate a money tree into a wedding shower is by going in with several friends or relatives and actually making the tree, with attached and filled envelopes, your gift.
405. Consider using framed wedding portraits of your relatives throughout your reception area as a simple decorative element.
406. Plenty of weddings readings can be done outside of the ceremony by friends and relatives who you would like to include in the festivities.
407. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and special relatives should write a meaningful note inside a card given to the bride and groom.
408. Close friends and relatives, which often include bridal party members, should also write their sincerest wishes down for the newlyweds.
409. If you have elderly relatives, or a friend or family member who is wheelchair bound, make sure there is some way for them to get across the sand and into a front row spot for your vow exchange.
410. Consider asking aunts, grandmas, or other relatives known for their culinary skills to give you a hand in the kitchen.
411. It's appropriate to send announcements to people who are not invited to the wedding, such as very distant relatives or casual acquaintances.
412. Make the words big enough for elderly relatives to read, and always print text in a dark ink color.
413. Making candy yourself, or with friends and relatives, is a wonderful way to show off your favorite recipes, family traditions, and your cooking skills.
414. Hire a few caterers to tend to the bar or ask willing friends or relatives to take shifts throughout the night.
415. To purchase a gift over your budget, consider pooling your money with other guests, such as co-workers or relatives, in order to buy a big item but without anyone needing to spend more than 100 dollars.
416. Additional corsages may also be included for grandmothers or other female relatives or close friends, or they may be available for an additional charge.
417. Find a planner by asking around the area or having those who live in Seattle get recommendations from their friends and relatives.
418. Commonly, German couples marry in the state office with a handful of friends and relatives as witnesses.
419. Grandparents, relatives, teachers, and close neighbors or friends can help provide good examples to underage youth.
420. Spouses, siblings, other relatives, friends, employers, and co-workers of alcoholics may also attend meetings.
421. Families Anonymous is a group meeting for friends and relatives of people with alcohol or drug related problems.
422. If your parents or close relatives suffer from depression or alcoholism, you are much more likely to develop a problem in your own life.
423. Over the next several years, she was repeatedly sexually abused by various male relatives and was shuffled back and forth between her parents.
424. The family moved from one trailer to another, occasionally staying with relatives or living in their car when finances were tight.
425. Check the list to see if any of these celebs share your own birthday, or that of friends and relatives.
426. Brody Jenner is more famous for his relatives and past girlfriends than for anything he's done with his own career.
427. It can be fun to see which celebs have the same birthday as your own, or those of friends and relatives.
428. Most women were expected to make their children's clothes, or at least band together with helpful relatives.
429. Consider whether this is a short-term investment or if the top will be passed down to younger siblings and relatives.
430. Bizrate is perfect for parents or relatives who know exactly what they're looking for in a pair of white pants for girls.
431. Your friends and relatives will have just a much fun picking out a baby towel, clothing, or personalized shoes as you will have receiving the items and putting them to good use!
432. This flannel pajama checklist should help you avoid poor-quality pajamas purchased for your family, relatives and friends.
433. Sleepovers with friends and relatives are more fun when kids wear their Wubbzy pajamas, and a cranky toddler just might settle down for a long, cozy nap when she is wearing her special children's pajamas.
434. Special occasion items such as flower girl dresses, christening gowns and Easter dresses are popular for mothers, grandmothers and other relatives to make for children in the family.
435. There are even scholarships for students who have relatives in the military or parents employed by a particular corporation.
436. Don't be afraid to ask for help from relatives or friends who may have more experience.
437. While this isn't extremely common, if you're the only child, grandchild, nephew, or niece, you may have relatives who will help out.
438. Talk to your parents and relatives to determine if their employers or civic organizations offer scholarships for students.
439. Either way you'll have a story to tell your friends and relatives who sat home watching TV on New Year's Eve.
440. Ask to see the parents of the puppies and also as many other puppy relatives as possible.
441. Relatives of pinks include Carnations and Sweet Williams.
442. There are so many places to get information on do-it-yourself projects: magazines, websites, home improvement store employees, well-meaning neighbors, and know-it-all relatives.
443. This is a day when you may meet a lot of new people and see a lot of old friends and relatives who you might not have seen recently.
444. For plus size nursing mothers, this may include warnings from well-meaning friends and relatives to stay away from underwire nursing bras.
445. It may be relatives, friends, or charitable organizations.
446. On top of this, these caregivers spend an average 20 additional hours weekly spent taking care of elderly relatives.
447. Another option is to solicit the opinions of friends and relatives.
448. A will can prevent misunderstandings about your wishes and head off arguments among your children and other relatives.
449. Cameras in each resident's room allow those with access to check in on their relatives to make sure they are okay.
450. The best way to spot abuse in elderly care homes is with your own eyes, so it's important to visit elderly loved ones and relatives frequently.
451. Yet there are times when finding gifts for elderly grandparents, friends or relatives feels like an almost impossible task.
452. Sometimes it seems that finding the right birthday gift for older grandparents, elderly relatives and friends is almost impossible.
453. Many people find themselves wondering what the perfect gift is for their older friends and relatives.
454. Ask around and see who your friends and relatives recommend.
455. This allows a sedentary elder to shop from home, as well as to communicate with friends and relatives.
456. They are mentioned only because those with any of these conditions may have problems with snoring, and relatives or caregivers may not associate the chronic snoring with the condition itself.
457. Relatives said he sacrificed everything to play the game, losing a job, and ignoring family and friends.
458. Snickers from older relatives could be heard when video game topics were brushed upon.
459. These gatherings allow the bereaved to express their sorrow, remember those they have lost, and receive and offer support from a community of friends and relatives.
460. Family therapy can help relatives of the mentally retarded develop coping skills.
461. Parents were abusers in 77 percent of the confirmed cases; other relatives in 11 percent.
462. The specific type is sometimes determined by developing a thorough family history and by examining the patient and several close relatives.
463. Social development: Interpersonal abilities, emotional needs, and how the child relates to friends, relatives, and other adults.
464. Once the new baby is home, it is normal for an older child to feel hurt and resentful at seeing the attention lavished on the newcomer by parents, other relatives, and family friends.
465. When friends or relatives visit to see the new baby, parents can make the older child feel better by cuddling him or giving him special attention, including a small present to offset the gifts received by the baby.
466. Relatives of schizophrenics also have a higher incidence of other milder psychological disorders with some of the same symptoms as schizophrenia, such as suspicion, communication problems, and eccentric behavior.
467. Because the disfigurement of their skin, though often temporary, is sometimes quite pronounced, children will turn inward, avoiding contact with friends or relatives.
468. The extended family field includes the immediate family and the network of grandparents and other relatives of the family.
469. Extended family field-A person's family of origin plus grandparents, in-laws, and other relatives.
470. If the mother is a fraternal twin herself, has fraternal twin siblings, or fraternal twin relatives on her side of the family, she is more likely to give birth to fraternal twins.
471. They may be placed in the care of relatives other than the family members involved in the neglect or abuse (kin placement), non-relatives, therapeutic or treatment foster care, or in an institution or group home.
472. If a government agency decides a child must be removed from the home, the child may be placed with relatives or with a family friend.
473. Illness or loss of a job may be devastating to a poor family with no savings and no relatives who can afford to assist them.
474. Half of all children in foster care live with nonrelative foster caregivers; about one-fourth live with relatives, and this number is growing.
475. States have responded by licensing responsible adults who were not married (even divorced men and women) and reaching out to seniors and children's relatives.
476. Caseworkers placed almost 140,000 more in the care of relatives, without court intervention.
477. They also are more apt to get children to talk to them about their problems, and the presence of relatives can help ease the trauma of separation from parents.
478. The remaining 11 percent live with step-families, adoptive parents, foster homes, or with other relatives.
479. His or her relatives do not have a higher risk of developing retinoblastoma or having children who develop retinoblastoma.
480. If a patient with unilateral or bilateral retinoblastoma has a relative or relatives with retinoblastoma, it can be assumed that they have an inherited form of retinoblastoma.
481. Chromosome testing would be recommended for the blood relatives of the parent with the abnormality.
482. More distant blood relatives of the parent with the identified RB1 gene change/deletion may also be at risk for developing retinoblastoma.
483. Siblings and other relatives could undergo DNA testing to see if they have inherited the RB1 gene change/deletion.
484. Siblings and other relatives would, therefore, not be at increased risk for developing retinoblastoma.
485. When a pattern is detected, at-risk relatives can be tested to establish whether they have inherited an RB1 gene change/deletion.
486. Any relatives who are found through DNA testing to have inherited an RB1 gene change/deletion should undergo the same surveillance procedures as siblings.
487. Parents were the abusers in 77 percent of the confirmed cases, other relatives in 11 percent.
488. Because celiac disease has a hereditary influence or genetic component, close relatives (especially first-degree relatives, such as children, siblings, and parents) have a higher risk of being affected with the condition.
489. Some experts advocate not just evaluating patients with symptoms, but using these blood studies as a screening test for high-risk individuals, such as those with relatives (especially first-degree relatives) known to have the disorder.
490. Prospective parents with first-degree relatives (parents, siblings, or other children) who have been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy should consider including counseling in their family planning process.
491. Meanwhile, parents can help keep their children away from crowds and avoid contact with other children or relatives with bacterial or virus infections.
492. In 1990, provisions for children under the age of five were split almost equally between in-home care by parents or other relatives and out-of-home care by nonrelatives.
493. The study found that the type of care (relatives versus nonrelatives) was not significant.
494. If the family is coping with the care of elderly relatives as well as children, interpersonal stress is intensified.
495. While in the hospital and immediately after the birth, they may withdraw from their older children to care for the newborn, leaving day-to-day care taking of the other children to friends, relatives, or hired caregivers.
496. Avoiding crowds and staying away from other children or relatives who have active infections is another important way to avoid challenges to the immune system.
497. Many go to homes of friends or relatives who encourage them to return.
498. They should check with friends and relatives to try to locate the child and enlist their help in thinking about where the child might be.
499. Evidence of a genetic predisposition for shyness is found in parents and grandparents of shy infants who report childhood shyness more often than relatives of children who are not shy.
500. Since almost all adoptions by related applicants are independent, it is likely that most independent adoptions were by relatives.
501. NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- relatives of people who died in New York’s nursing homes gathered Sunday to call for an investigation and an apology from Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his handling of the pandemic in ...
502. The infected relatives did not practice social distancing or wear masks, which may serve as reminder for other families as the holidays approach ...
503. relatives of an expectant couple dressed up in giant inflatable baby outfits and boxed to reveal the gender of the fetus at a party in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 10. Rose Safar, who is pregnant ...
504. A 13-year-old girl with COVID-19 infected 11 relatives during a three-week family gathering this summer – an outbreak that shows adolescents can spread the virus even with mild symptoms, federal ...
505. CHRIS Watts was ordered by a judge to pay for the funeral of the family he slaughtered – and therapy for grieving relatives. The killer dad smothered his two young daughters twice after they woke ...
506. A 13-year-old girl exposed to COVID-19 during a large outbreak later spread the infection to 11 relatives during a 3-week family gathering.
507. A single 13-year-old girl with mild coronavirus symptoms infected 11 relatives across four states during a three-week gathering this summer, according to a new report.
508. How to use relatives in a sentence. Example sentences with the word relatives. relatives example sentences.
509. Americans often use sentence relatives when they are expressing a feeling or a value judgment. For example, a speaker may be talking about an idea. For example, a speaker may be talking about an idea.
510. In non-wh relatives the anaphoric element is covert, a gap; this class is then subdivided into that relatives and bare relatives depending on the presence or absence of that." Sentence Relative Clauses "Sentence relative clauses refer back to the whole clause or sentence, not just to one noun.
511. The subject of family and relatives is always appropriate since they are close to us and something is always happening in their lives: someone is getting married, another is moving to another city, still another is looking for a new job.Perhaps someone bought a new car, and someone else has new children or grandchildren.. In most countries, the nuclear family is a central part of life, and
512. This sentence either means that a knife-wielding burglar threatened a student or the student a burglar threatened was holding a knife. Visiting relatives can be boring. This sentence either means that the act of visiting one's relatives can lead to boredom or that visiting relatives can sometimes make for less than scintillating company.
513. The Relative Pronouns are who, which, that, what, as and but also used as relatives. Relative Pronoun examples. The book which you gave me is lost; I want the boy that did it; I know the man who came; This is the cat which I saw; The baby who is was crying is not quite; Small pass the examination, which pleased everybody; It was raining heavily
514. Relative definition: Your relatives are the members of your family. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
515. Another word for relatives. Find more ways to say relatives, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
516. A relative is a person who is part of your family. Parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, nieces and nephews — they're all relatives.
517. Relative clauses - les propositions relatives Normally a relative clause must directly follow its antecedent, i.e. the word or group of words which it qualifies. When this is the case, it is customary to use a simple relative pronoun, in function of the syntax of the sentence.
518. Relative noun . ADJ. close, near The succession passed to the nearest surviving relative.| distant | blood, family If you die without a will, only a husband, wife, children and blood relatives are entitled to inherit your property.| immediate The deceased's immediate relatives, her mother and father, will inherit her estate.| living, surviving | elderly, old | young | female, male | poor

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