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"Remove" Example Sentences

1. She slapped her gloves together to remove some of the mud.
2. I can remove them now.
3. Remove them all and see if it makes a difference.
4. She shook her head to remove the cobwebs of imagination.
5. She cleaned the table and then went out to the porch to remove an empty bird nest from the eve.
6. I was trying to remove that bird's nest.
7. We must remove the queen.
8. Dean could feel the man begin to remove his wallet.
9. She stiffened, resisting an urge to tell him to remove his hand.
10. She'd hoped sleep would remove some of her confusion from her night.
11. He didn't remove his mask and hood, even within the confines of his home.
12. She swallowed to remove the lump in her throat and looked away.
13. We must remove it in my domain in order for my magic to work properly.
14. He started past her, then paused, returning to her side to remove the translator from her ear.
15. Stay on the existing trails and roadways, be courteous to other users and remove all trash and equipment.
16. She shook her head to remove the unbidden thoughts.
17. They're tearing apart our home, trying to find something they think can remove me from my position.
18. Alex replaced the receiver and leaned forward in his chair, rubbing his face as if to remove the conversation.
19. She objected to its miscellaneous fruits and began to remove them, evidently thinking they were all meant for her.
20. I couldn't let that happen nor could I remove them myself since Billy and the boy had seen them.
21. I, uh, made a deal with Darkyn a few days ago for him to remove my brain tumor.
22. You will send me home, and you'll remove Toby, Gabriel, and every other interference you placed in my life, down to the scuff marks in the hallway, which I know
23. If the poor remove rich people's incentives to produce economic gain, the rich, who behave somewhat rationally, will stop producing.
24. At first he did not see anything that disturbed him; for word had gone before him to remove from sight everything that might be displeasing or painful.
25. He'd have no reason to remove her body and dispose of it somewhere else.
26. We had to remove the uterus — but you still have your ovaries.
27. Make a note of the exact settings after you remove all your plants.
28. Deidre had bartered for Darkyn to remove the tumor and to do so without pain.
29. The latter was so well designed, so naturally and beautifully coloured, and so strongly expressive of suffering and agony, that it was found necessary to remove it from the place where it had been exhibited in the chapel of a convent.
30. I found out there's a way for the rebellion to permanently remove me from my position.
31. She scrubbed her skin rosy for nearly an hour and finally abandoned the attempt to remove the guilt.
32. Please, Elizabeth, remove all of your clothing; everything and come to the door with your hands in front of you.
33. Connor assumed his best course would be to remove the IV from Elisabeth's arm, and saw this as his opportunity.
34. It was pleasant to see my whole household effects out on the grass, making a little pile like a gypsy's pack, and my three-legged table, from which I did not remove the books and pen and ink, standing amid the pines and hickories.
35. He hurriedly but vainly tried to get his foot out of the stirrup and did not remove his frightened blue eyes from Rostov's face.
36. But this he was unable to do, for he received tidings that the French had unexpectedly advanced, and had barely time to remove his own family and valuables from his estate.
37. Kill her, remove the soul and revive her?
38. It would remove the obstacle between you and your mate.
39. Should a defect occur with a wrought iron boiler it is usually necessary for the purpose of repair to disconnect and remove the whole apparatus, the heating system of which it forms a part being in the meantime useless.
40. She couldn't bring herself to try, just like she couldn't remove her hand.
41. Her lips parted, but the command to remove his hands never escaped her mouth.
42. She clutched his wrists, the logical side of her brain preparing to remove his hands from her face, the emotional side wishing he would repeat the kiss.
43. Remove him from his comfort zone.
44. Another friend tells her either member of the couple should be able to instantly remove the couple page when the relationship goes sour.
45. By taking this "Absolutely no GMOs" stance they completely remove themselves from the debate and as such have no voice in the discussion about what direction to take GM: what are safe testing practices, what factors will we optimize for, and the whole host of questions that face us on this, the eve of a momentous leap forward.
46. She had decided to let it grow long, even though she feared the weight of it would remove the curls.
47. Is it possible to tweak our genome to remove aging?
48. We will remove them from the planet, the Watcher said.
49. If you remove it, you are making more than one decision.
50. Only his superb strategy and the heroic devotion of his lieutenants - notably the converted Jew, Jan Samuel Chrzanowski, who held the Ottoman army at bay for eleven days behind the walls of Trembowla - enabled the king to remove "the pagan yoke from our shoulders"; and he returned to be crowned at Cracow on the 14th of February 1676.
51. The pope or his legate, however, took no steps to remove abuses or otherwise reform the Scandinavian churches.
52. I was trying to figure out what was there, not to remove it, but to ensure no one else could either.
53. To save you, I need to remove the tumor Wynn caused to expand in your head.
54. Dean started to protest but his wife began carrying the packed ornaments from the room and asked in her sweetest tone if he could remove the now-dried Christmas tree and finish a short list of Bird Song chores she'd drawn up earlier.
55. She drew back, wiping her mouth as if to remove the last few minutes.
56. Dierdirien will arrive soon and can help us remove any king unwilling to accept peace.
57. This was the first year she had tried to remove it with her arm in a sling, though.
58. Please remove your clothing, Elizabeth.
59. Kiera lowered the shirt, glad she'd never convinced herself to remove the band.
60. We would remove them.
61. During his stay at the Northamptonshire village of Holdenby or Holmby - where Sir Thomas Herbert complains the green was not well kept - Charles frequently rode over to Lord Vaux's place at Harrowden, or to Lord Spencer's at Althorp, for a game, and, according to one account, was actually playing on the latter green when Cornet Joyce came to Holmby to remove him to other quarters.
62. He didn't remove it.
63. Owing to the count's customary carelessness nothing was ready for their departure by the twenty-eighth of August and the carts that were to come from their Ryazan and Moscow estates to remove their household belongings did not arrive till the thirtieth.
64. No matter how sorry Alex was for what happened, or how many times he apologized or tried to make up for it, he couldn't remove the hurt.
65. I guess he's always been a part of me... one I've wasted most of my life trying to remove.
66. I mean nothing untoward by my demand but there are weapons at your disposal I haven't had time to remove.
67. Your life in exchange for keeping the tumor I remove.
68. A brander, induced to remove a slave's identification mark, could swear to his ignorance and was free.
69. If, however, one electrode of this cell is connected to the earth and the other to a receiving antenna and electric waves allowed to fall on the antenna, the oscillations passing through the electrolytic cell will remove the polarization and L temporarily decrease the resistance of the cell.
70. This advance did not merely remove the primary batteries from the subscribers' stations; it removed also the magneto-generator, and at the same time it modified considerably the conditions governing the exchange operating.
71. Depretis tardily recognized the need for such agreement, if only to remove the coldness and invincible diffidence which, Afflan.
72. Danby therefore ordered a return from every diocese of the numbers of dissenters, both Romanist and Protestant, in order by a proof of their insignificance to remove the royal scruples.3 In December 1676 he issued a proclamation for the suppression of coffee-houses because of the "defamation of His Majesty's Government" which took place in them, but this was soon withdrawn.
73. He observes with truth that Natural Theology, if you remove from it the idea of subordination to Christianity as (claiming to be) a special revelation, tends to pass into a philosophy of religion.
74. This was intended to remove an old and serious evil, as the sheriffs had earned a very bad reputation by their methods of administering justice.
75. He here observes that " all quite down from us the descent is by easy steps, and a continued series of things, that in each remove differ very little from one another."
76. Nature to Hegel is the idea in the form of hetereity; and finding itself here it has to remove this exteriority in a progressive evolution towards an existence for itself in life and mind.
77. (3) That after the said limitation shall take effect as aforesaid, judges' commissions be made quamdiu se bene gesserint and their salaries ascertained and established; but upon,the address of both houses of parliament it may be lawful to remove them.
78. Manuel was expelled, but he refused to accept this sentence, and force was employed to remove him.
79. The intellectual influence of Greece, manifested in Alexandrian philosophy, tended to remove God still further from the human world of phenomena into that of an inaccessible transcendental abstraction.
80. So arrogant, however, did the masons become, that the prince bade remove the scaffolding, and all, save Manole, perished of hunger.
81. But there was an outstanding feud between him and them; and his first act as ethnarch was to remove the high priest on the ground of his sympathy with the rebels.
82. On learning of this, the Jews repaired to Caesarea and besought Pilate to remove these offensive images.
83. Greece was at the same time summoned to remove its army and fleet from the island, while the Turkish troops were to be concentrated in the fortresses and eventually withdrawn.
84. Although greatly disappointed at the return of the first colony, Raleigh despatched another company, consisting of 121 persons under John White, with instructions to remove the plantation to the shore of Chesapeake Bay.
85. His dismissal along with other officers was the occasion of another paper controversy in which Conway was defended by Horace Walpole, and gave rise to much constitutional dispute as to the right of the king to remove military officers for their conduct in parliament - a right that was tacitly abandoned by the Crown when the Rockingham ministry of 1765 reinstated the officers who had been removed.
86. In 1843 he brought forward a similar measure "to remove doubts respecting the admission of ministers to benefices."
87. In his explanation of the Gospel narratives Paulus sought to remove what other interpreters regarded as miracles from the Bible by distinguishing between the fact related and the author's opinion of it, by seeking a naturalistic exegesis of a narrative, e.g.
88. His Utilitarianism (published in Fraser's in 1861) was a closely-reasoned systematic attempt to answer objections to his ethical theory and remove misconceptions of it.
89. But these conclusions, after all, suggest more difficulties than they remove, for they show that our inquiry, instead of presenting certain well-marked features which can be readily dealt with, has to be split up into a number of highly specialized studies: the investigation of rates of wages, prices and the standard of comfort in different localities, bye-industries, regularity of employment, the organization of particular trades, the economic functions of local authorities, apprenticeship and a host of other subjects.
90. The Mecaptera, with their predominantly longitudinal wing-nervuration, serve as a link between the Neuroptera and the Trichoptera, their retention of small cerci being an archaic character which stamps them as synthetic in type, but does not necessarily remove them from orders which agree with them in most points of structure but which have lost the cerci.
91. Its effect was to remove from Athens for a period of ten years any person who threatened the harmony and tranquillity of the body politic. A similar device existed at various times in Argos, Miletus, Syracuse and Megara, but in these cities it appears to have been introduced under Athenian influence.
92. (I) In respect of fixtures (which may be shortly defined as movables so affixed to the soil as to become part thereof), the tenant may sometimes remove them, e.g.
93. An agricultural tenant may not contract himself out of his statutory right to compensation, but " contracting out " is apparently not prohibited with regard to the right given him by the acts of 1883 and 1900 to remove fixtures which he has erected and for which he is not otherwise entitled to compensation, after reasonable notice to the landlord, unless the latter elects to purchase such fixtures at a valuation.
94. Where a tenant's rent is in arrear, or he fails to remove on the expiry of his lease (Act of Sederunt, 14th of Dec. 1756: Agricultural Holdings Act 1883, s.
95. And filtered, and neutralized with powdered chalk and a little milk of lime; the precipitate of calcium citrate so obtained is decomposed with dilute sulphuric acid, the solution filtered, evaporated to remove calcium sulphate and concentrated, preferably in vacuum pans.
96. Sand-pumps and bailers are also required to remove detritus, water and oil from the bore-hole.
97. In order to separate the distillate into various fractions, and to remove as much of it as possible free from condensed steam, it is now usual to employ condensing appliances of special form with outlets for running off the different fractions.
98. The products obtained by the distillation of petroleum are not in a marketable condition, but require chemical treatment to remove acid and other bodies which impart a dark colour as well as an unpleasant odour to the liquid, and in the case of lamp-oils, reduce the power of rising in the wick by capillary attraction.
99. Ambition and a strong inclination towards a scientific career led him to throw up his business and remove to Berlin, where he entered the university in 1820.
100. Hurrying back to Rome, Hadrian endeavoured to remove the unfavourable impression produced by the whole affair and to gain the goodwill of senate and people.
101. Its most important feature, when compared with the previous constitution of 1868, is its provision for the choice of state officials other than the governor (who was previously chosen by election) by elections instead of by the governor's appointment, but the governor, who serves for four years and is not eligible for the next succeeding term, still appoints the circuit judges, the state' attorneys for each judicial circuit and the county commissioners; he may fill certain vacancies and may suspend, and with the Senate remove officers not liable to impeachment..
102. Thus the operator had to remove from ordinary mercury, earth or an earthy principle or quality, and water or a liquid principle, and to fix it by taking away air or a volatile principle.
103. The first really notable council at St Paul's was that of 1075 under the presidency of Lanfranc; it renewed ancient regulations, forbade simony and permitted three bishops to remove from country places to Salisbury, Chichester and Chester respectively.
104. As this cover fits very well it must have required a quite violent shock to remove it.
105. In 1905 it was decided by the board to reorganize the college and remove it to Cambridge.
106. In 1869 he was one of the consecrating prelates when Temple became bishop of Exeter, and endeavoured to remove the prejudice against his appointment by showing that Temple was not responsible for the views of other writers in the famous Essays and Reviews (1860).
107. Caecilius Metellus Numidicus, who, when censor, endeavoured to remove Saturninus from the senate on the ground of immorality, but his colleague refused to assent.
108. When the empire was overthrown in 1889 and Minas Geraes was reorganized as a republican state, it was decided to remove the capital to a more favourable site and Bello Horizonte was chosen, but Ouro Preto remained the capital until 1898, when the new town (also called Cidade de Minas) became the seat of government.
109. Its approach was announced by the appearance of a certain star, Sirius, and as soon as that star was seen above the horizon the people hastened to remove their flocks to the higher ground and abandoned the lower pastures to the fertilizing influence of the stream.
110. Now if He did not remove them thus and take them upon Himself, no man could endure the sufferings of Israel, due as their punishment for transgressing the law; as it is written (Isa.
111. The president of the Republic, who is elected for four years by an electoral college, and cannot hold office for more than two successive terms, has a cabinet whose members he may appoint and remove freely, their number being determined by law.
112. Janissaries leisure to engage in plots against the sultan, and in order to occupy them and to remove them from the capital advantage was taken of the king of Poland having intervened in the affairs of Transylvania and the principalities to declare war against him.
113. Thus covered by his rearguard Hiller gained space and time to pass his troops over to the north bank of the Danube and remove all boats on the river.
114. The ties which bound him to England were now severed, and his health was broken to such a discouraging degree that he determined to remove to another hemisphere.
115. Coral reefs remove calcium from solution in the sea on a vast scale.
116. Wellington followed, directing the Portuguese to remove all boats from the Mondego and Douro, and to break up roads north of the former river.
117. Distilled water is a very bad conductor, though, even when great care is taken to remove all dissolved bodies, there is evidence to show that some part of the trace of conductivity remaining is due to the water itself.
118. The cakes when completed are, in order to remove them from the mould, slit open with a sharp knife, which is kept wet, and are hung up to dry.
119. Vigorous measures are now taken in many plantations to remove all old wood and to extract stumps of old trees, which in the first instance it was considered unnecessary to remove.
120. Treatment with a warm alkaline solution is afterwards advisable, in order to remove traces of hydrochloric acid generated during the process.
121. To remove tin, arsenic and antimony, the lead has to be brought up to a bright-red heat, when the air has a strongly oxidizing effect.
122. A third addition becomes necessary to remove the rest of the silver, when the lead will assay only o I oz.
123. Powdered galena is dissolved in hot hydrochloric acid, the solution allowed to cool and the deposit of impure lead chloride washed with cold water to remove iron and copper.
124. Throughout these years he declined to remove the sentence of excommunication which he had passed upon Michael, and after his death, when the new patriarch Josephus gave absolution to the emperor, the quarrel was carried on between the "Arsenites" and the "Josephists."
125. In 1861 he was appointed United States consul at Trieste, but ill-health compelled him to resign and remove to Florence, where he died on the nth of July 1865.
126. On the 4th of November 1678 he moved an address to the king to remove the duke of York from his person and councils.
127. He served in the Congress of the Confederation from 1783 to 1786 and was there conspicuous for his vigorous insistence upon the right of the United States to the navigation of the Mississippi River, and for his attempt, in 1785, to secure for the weak Congress the power to regulate commerce, in order to remove one of the great defects in the existing central government.
128. His obvious desire to preserve law and order excited the hostility of John of Giscala, who endeavoured vainly to remove him as a traitor to the national cause by inciting the Galileans to kill him and by persuading the Sanhedrin at Jerusalem to recall him.
129. To extract the metal, the pitchblende is first roasted in order to remove the arsenic and sulphur.
130. But if we remove them we get a continuous body of Levitical Elohim psalms, or rather two collections, the first Korahitic and the second Asaphic, to which there have been added by way of appendix by a non-Elohistic editor a supplementary group of Korahite psalms and one psalm (certainly late) ascribed to David.
131. This agitation was directed with particular virulence against the high commissioner, whose recall, it was asserted, would remove the chief obstacle to peace.
132. The efforts made by the administration to restore the Boers to the land, to develop the material resources of the country, and to remove all barriers to the intellectual and moral development of the people, were soon, however, hampered by severe Economic commercial depression.
133. This operation is no doubt intended to remove the oxygen diffused throughout the metal as oxide, part of it perhaps chemically by reduction of the oxide to metal, the rest by conveying the finely diffused oxide to the surface and causing it to unite there with the oxide scum.
134. Hence priests would remove their ceremonial dress before leaving the sanctuary " that they sanctify not the people with their garments " (Ezek.
135. The action is very rapid, and the product, which rises to the top of the acids, is separated and washed successively with cold and then tepid water, and finally with water made slightly alkaline with sodium carbonate or hydroxide, to remove all adhering or dissolved acids which would otherwise render the product very unstable.
136. In more recent years, however, efforts have been made by Brunetiere and others to remove it.
137. From a party-political point of view the period of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman's premiership was chiefly marked by the continued controversies remaining from the general election of 1906, - tariff reform and free trade, the South African question and the allied Liberal policy for abolishing Chinese labour, the administration of Ireland, and the amendment of the Education Act of 1902 so as to remove its supposed denominational character.
138. 'Where mineral deposits lie near the surface underground mining may be replaced by open excavations, and the reduced cost of mining makes it possible to remove the overlying soil and rock to considerable depths.
139. The apparatus, after having been carefully cleaned and dried, is charged with pure and dry mercury which must next be worked backwards and forwards between A and B to remove all the air-bells.
140. For this reason chemical agents are added to glass mixtures to remove or neutralize accidental colour.
141. A certain proportion of soda ash (carbonate of soda) is also used in some works in sheet-glass mixtures, while " decolorizers " (substances intended to remove or reduce the colour of the glass) are also sometimes added, those most generally used being manganese dioxide and arsenic. Another essential ingredient of all glass mixtures containing sulphate of soda is some form of carbon, which is added either as coke, charcoal or anthracite coal; the carbon so introduced aids the reducing substances contained in the atmosphere of the furnace in bringing about the reduction of the sulphate of soda to a condition in which it combines more readily with the silicic acid of the sand.
142. A few strokes of such a rubber are sufficient to produce a decidedly " polished " appearance, but prolonged rubbing under considerable pressure and the use of a polishing paste of a proper consistency are required in order to remove the last trace of pitting from the surface.
143. The sheet thus rolled is roughly trimmed while hot and soft, so as to remove those portions of glass which have been spoilt by immediate contact with the ladle, and the sheet, still soft, is pushed into the open mouth of an annealing tunnel or " lear," down which it is carried by a system of moving grids.
144. The Sudan government, however, sent engineering parties to remove the sudd blocks and open out a continuous waterway.
145. It is well after the borders are completed to remove the top soil, in which no roots are to be found, every two or three years, and to replace it with a mixture of good loam, rotten manure, lime rubbish and bone meal, to the depth of 6 or 7 in.
146. The vacuum pan is erected at a height which commands the crystallizers, each of which will, as in days gone by in Cuba, hold the contents of the pan, and these in their turn are set high enough to allow the charge to fall into the feeding-trough of the centrifugals, thus obviating the necessity of any labour to remove the raw sugar from the time it leaves the vacuum pan to the time it falls into the centrifugals.
147. Briefly, sugar-refining consists of melting raw or unrefined sugar with water into a syrup of 27° to 28° Beaume, or 1230 specific gravity, passing it through filtering cloth to remove the sand and other matters in mechanical suspension, and then through animal charcoal to remove all traces of colouring matter and lime, thus producing a perfectly clear white syrup, which, cooked in the vacuum pan and crystallized, becomes the refined sugar of commerce.
148. The following table shows the amounts of the chief constituents removed by certain crops in lb per acre: - Plants also remove from the soil silicon, sodium, chlorine, and other elements which are, nevertheless, found to be unessential for the growth and may therefore be neglected here.
149. The next step is to remove the harvested crop to the drying-shed; primed leaves are placed at once in shallow baskets or boxes, and when under cover are strung on string or on wire and hung up on laths in the barn.
150. In practice, however, we never have to deal with pure zinc minerals, but with complex mixtures, which must first of all be subjected to mechanical operations, to remove at least part of the gangue, and if possible also of the heavy metallic impurities.
151. The ore, even if it is not blende, must be roasted or calcined in order to remove all volatile components as completely as possible, because these, if allowed to remain, would carry away a large proportion of the zinc vapour during the distillation.
152. In 1582 he went to Geneva, studied there awhile under Theodore Beza, but had soon, owing to his active advocacy of the Ramist philosophy, to remove to Basel.
153. Instances of its application are found in the separation of orthoand para-nitrophenol, the o-compound distilling and the p- remaining behind; in the separation of aniline from the mixture obtained by reducing nitrobenzene; of the naphthols from the melts produced by fusing the naphthalene monosulphonic acids with potash; and of quinoline from the reaction between aniline, nitrobenzene, glycerin, and sulphuric acid (the product being first steam distilled to remove any aniline, nitrobenzene, or glycerin, then treated with alkali, and again steam distilled when quinoline comes over).
154. Alvaro Gonzales, Pedro Coelho, and Diogo Lopes Pacheco persuaded the king, Alphonso, that his throne was in danger from an alliance between his son and the Castros, and with all the brutality of the age they urged the king to remove the danger by murdering the poor woman.
155. To tie the president's hands Congress had passed the Tenure of Office Act, forbidding the president to remove any cabinet officer without the consent of the Senate; but in August 1867 President Johnson suspended Secretary Stanton and appointed Grant secretary of war ad interim until the pleasure of the Senate should be ascertained.
156. Concave lenses should never be used for work within the far point; but they may be used in all cases to improve distant vision, and in very short-sighted persons to remove the far point so as to enable fine work such as sewing or reading to be done at a convenient distance.
157. Hamilton was the early home of William Dean Howells, whose recollections of it are to be found in his A Boy's Town; his father's anti-slavery sentiments made it necessary for him to sell his printing office, where the son had learned to set type in his teens, and to remove to Dayton.
158. - (Dr Bridges.) The first and greatest aim of the Positive Philosophy is to advance the study of society into the third of the three stages, - to remove social phenomena from the sphere of theological and metaphysical conceptions, and to introduce among them the same scientific observation of their laws which has given us physics, chemistry, physiology.
159. Evidently the idea of the great Yokoya experts, the originators of the style, was to break away from the somewhat formal monotony of ordinary engraving, where each line performs exactly the same function, and to convert the chisel into an artists i It is first boiled in a lye obtained by lixiviating wood ashes; it is next polished with charcoal powder; then immersed in plum vinegar and salt; then washed with weak lye and placed in a, tub of water to remove all traces of alkali, the final step being to digest in a boiling solution of copper sulphate, verdigris and water.
160. In this process cellulose (in the form of sawdust) is made into a stiff paste with a mixture of strong caustic potash and soda solution and heated in flat iron pans to 20o-250 C. The somewhat dark-coloured mass is lixiviated with a small amount of warm water in order to remove excess of alkali, the residual alkaline oxalates converted into insoluble calcium oxalate by boiling with milk of lime, the lime salt separated, and decomposed by means of sulphuric acid.
161. 2, 3); and again when he hung up inscribed shields in Jerusalem, and was ordered by Tiberius to remove them to the other city (Philo ad Gaium 38).
162. In 367 Athens and Thebes sent rival ambassadors to Persia, with the result that Athens was actually ordered to abandon her claim to Amphipolis, and to remove her navy from the high seas.
163. When building a treasure-house for Hyrieus, the brothers fixed one of the stones in the wall so that they could remove it whenever they pleased, and from time to time carried off some of the treasure.
164. If we remove the plate, and FIG.
165. Suppose then we remove the negative point-charge, and let the sphere be supposed to become conductive and be connected to earth.
166. But here Joab had taken the side of Adonijah against Solomon, and was put to death by Benaiah at Solomon's command, and it is possible that the charges are the fruit of a later tradition to remove all possible blame from Solomon (q.v.).
167. The amalgam is first pressed in wetted canvas or buckskin in order to remove excess of mercury.
168. At the same time any lead, calcium, barium and strontium present are precipitated as sulphates; it is therefore advantageous to remove these metals by the preliminary addition of sulphuric acid, which also serves to keep any basic iron salts in solution.
169. The precipitated gold is washed, treated with salt and sulphuric acid to remove iron salts, roughly dried by pressing in cloths or on filter paper, and then melted with salt, borax and nitre in graphite crucibles.
170. It is necessary to remove as completely as possible any lead, tin, bismuth, antimony, arsenic and tellurium, impurities which impair the properties of gold and silver, by an oxidizing fusion, e.g.
171. Pettenkofer, it is impossible to remove all the silver by means of sulphuric acid.
172. The basic nitrate is the salt generally prepared, and, in general outline, the process consists in dissolving the metal in nitric acid, adding water to the solution, boiling the precipitated basic nitrate with an alkali to remove the arsenic and lead, dissolving the residue in nitric acid, and reprecipitating as basic nitrate with water.
173. Looking back even at the short remove of a single generation, it is difficult to appreciate how revolutionary was the conception of the antiquity of man thus inculcated.
174. 16, in which he attempted to calm those of the inhabitants who had been ordered to remove the national flag from their houses.
175. The king and his brother the duke of York (James II.), who were largely interested in the slave-trading Guinea Company, were eager to remove the Dutch ports from the slave coast.
176. I bore is commenced at the dip, and reaches a seam of coal A, at 40 fathoms; at this depth it is considered proper to remove nearer to the outcrop so that lower strata may be bored into at a less depth, and a second bore is commenced.
177. Thick laid bare, over an area of several acres, by stripping off a superficial covering varying from 10 to 30 ft., in order to remove the whole of the coal without loss by pillars.
178. The nature and extent of these operations vary with the character of the coal, which if hard and free from shale partings may be finished by simple screening into large and nut sizes and smaller slack or duff, with a final hand-picking to remove shale and dust from the larger sizes.
179. Long and from 3 to 5 wide, and carried past a line of pickers stationed along one side, who take out and remove the waste as it passes by, leaving the clean coal on the belt.
180. There are three substances which can be relied on more or less to remove this compound, and the gas to be purified may be passed either through acid copper salts, through bleaching powder or through chromic acid.
181. The vessel, however, which contains this mixture has to be of earthenware, porcelain or enamelled iron on account of the free acid present; the gas must be washed after purification to remove traces of hydrochloric acid, and care must be taken to prevent the complete neutralization of the acid by the ammonia present in the gas.
182. The last of these provides that 25% of the voters choosing a municipal officer may, by signing a petition for his recall, force a new election during his term of office and thereby remove him if another candidate receives a greater number of votes.
183. It was his anxiety to remove everything that obscured this central idea which led him to revolt against the ancient Church, and this conception of faith served, when he became leader of the German Protestants, as a touchstone to test the expediency of every innovation.
184. This suspension is then run through a conical mill in order td remove all grit, the cones of the mill fitting so tightly that water cannot pass through unless the mill is running; the speed of the mill when working is about 3000 revolutions per minute.
185. Slow as the Spanish government was to move, and obstinately as it clung to old ways, it was forced to remove restrictions on trade, largely by the discovery that it could not prevent smuggling, which was, in fact, carried on with the connivance of its own corrupt officials.
186. This is neutralized with lime and redistilled in order to remove the acetic acid.
187. The natives in preparing the skins remove both feet and wings, so as to give more prominence to the commercially valuable tuft of plumes.
188. They also remove the skull, and the skin is then dried in a smoky hut.
189. The cutters are so placed as to remove blanks in the manner shown in fig.
190. The governor has the power, also, of filling vacancies in certain state offices and on the benches of the supreme court and county courts, and he may remove or suspend certain county and municipal officers on charges.
191. Critias, however, fearing a renewal of the collapse of 411, disarmed the people and decided to remove Theramenes before he could create a new democratic party.
192. Less in diameter than the rivet and reamed out, so as to remove the ring of material strained by the punch.
193. The cost of maintaining the imperial postal system (vehiculatio) was transferred to the fiscus; from the same source apparently money was found for repairing the public roads and aqueducts; and lastly, the lucrative but unpopular tax of 5% on all legacies or inheritances (vicesima hereditatum), was so readjusted as to remove the grosser abuses connected with it (Pliny, Paneg.
194. The reign of terror which followed the battle of the White Mountain was intended to remove all possibility of a fresh rising in the future.
195. The Social Democratic party endeavoured, indeed, to remove the last remains of the old electoral privilege in town and country; but the urgent motion which they brought in to this effect as early as July 8 1908 broke down, owing to a not unfounded anxiety lest in the Crown territories of mixed populations one nationality should predominate too much over another.
196. Unable to remove his capital to Rome or to Bologna, he began to erect a great palace at Avignon.
197. In 1907 also negotiations were opened with Great Britain, the objects of which were to modify the extra-territorial rights conceded to that power by the treaty of 1855, and to remove various restrictions regarding taxation and general administration, which, though diminished from time to time by agreement, still continued to hamper the government very much.
198. Because of the union of the towns of the New Haven Jurisdiction with Connecticut, in 1664, and the consequent admission of others than church members to civil rights, these Puritans resolved to remove and found a new town, in which, as originally in the New Haven towns, only church members should have a voice in the government.
199. It is rapidly acted on by water, especially if means are taken to remove the layer of calcium hydrate formed on the metal; alcohol acts very slowly.
200. The fluorine, which is liberated as a gas at the anode, is passed through a well cooled platinum vessel, in order to free it from any acid fumes that may be carried over, and finally through two platinum tubes containing sodium fluoride to remove the last traces of hydrofluoric acid; it is then collected in a platinum tube closed with fluor-spar plates.
201. The House had proposed to remove also the duties on coal and on iron ore, but the Senate permitted only a reduction in these.
202. The purport, then, of ablutions is to remove, not dust and dirt, but the - to us imaginary - stains contracted by contact with the dead, with childbirth, with menstruous women, with murder whether wilful or involuntary, with almost any form of bloodshed, with persons of inferior caste, with dead animal refuse, e.g.
203. The nobles who dominated the diet did nothing to remove the most crying evil of the country - the miserable state of the peasants, who had been freed from personal serfdom by Napoleon in 1807, but were being steadily driven from their holdings by the landlords.
204. They are generally obtained during the dry summer months, as at other times their adherence to the stems is so firm as often to cause the uprooting of the plants in the attempt to remove them.
205. Large doses of these salts are used to remove fluid in dropsy.
206. The state board enacts by-laws for the administration of the system; its decision of controversies arising under the school law is final; it may suspend or remove a county superintendent for inefficiency or incompetency; it issues life state certificates, but applicants must have had seven years of experience in teaching, five in Maryland, and must hold a first-class certificate or a college or normal school diploma; and it pensions teachers who have taught successfully for twenty-five years in any of the public or normal schools of the state, who have reached the age of sixty, and who have become physically or mentally incapable of teaching longer, the pension amounting to $200 a year.
207. It is purified by boiling with acids, to remove any mineral matter, and is then ignited for a long time in a current of chlorine in order to remove the last traces of hydrogen.
208. The cadmium sulphate solution is prepared by digesting a saturated solution of cadmium sulphate with cadmium hydroxide to remove free acid, care being taken not to raise the temperature above 70° C., and then by digesting it still further with mercurous sulphate until no more precipitation occurs.
209. Jerome, perceiving the unsatisfactory position of Latin-speaking Christian scholars who studied the Old Testament at a double remove from the original - in Latin versions of the Greek - made a fresh Latin translation direct from the Hebrew text then received among the Jews.
210. His object, therefore, is to discover and remove the various corruptions which have crept into the text, by the usual methods of the textual critic - the collection of material, the grouping of MSS.
211. She alone could have given the Spanish Armada any real chance of success; and as the prospect of invasion loomed larger on the horizon, fiercer grew the popular determination to remove the only possible centre of a domestic rising, without which the external attack was bound to be a failure.
212. The governor may for any reasonable cause remove judges on the address of two-thirds of each house of the legislature.
213. The delay, together with the proposal of John Jay, the Secretary for Foreign Affairs and commissioner to negotiate a commercial treaty with the Spanish envoy, to surrender navigation rights on the lower Mississippi for twenty-five years in order to remove the one obstacle to the negotiations, aroused so much feeling that General James Wilkinson and a few other leaders began to intrigue not only for a separation from Virginia, but also from the United States, and for the formation of a close alliance with the Spanish at New Orleans.
214. These he cannot remove nor select; and he is bound, in certain circumstances, to listen to their advice, although he is It is said that the general of the Jesuits is independent of the pope; and his popular name, "the black pope," has gone to confirm this idea.
215. Each probate court, consisting of a single judge, has jurisdiction within its county of the probate of wills, of the granting of administration, in insolvency proceedings, and in relation to the adoption of children; it may appoint and remove guardians of minors, insane persons and spendthrifts, and, upon application, may change a person's name.
216. It rarely substitutes directly, because the hydriodic acid produced reverses the reaction; this can be avoided by the presence of precipitated mercuric oxide or iodic acid, which react with the hydriodic acid as fast as it is formed, and consequently remove it from the reacting system.
217. After attending school at Northwich, he began to help his widowed mother on the farm, but to escape from that uncongenial occupation he persuaded her in 1811 to remove to Manchester and start a pawnbroking business.
218. The zinc sulphate is added in order to remove the ferrocyanide formed as an insoluble zinc salt: 2K 3 Fe(NC)6+2KI=2K 4 Fe(NC) 6 -0 2.
219. During the mechanical comminution of the till no vegetation was present to remove the minerals essential to plant growth, as is the case in the soils of normally weathered and dissected peneplains, such as the Appalachian piedmont, where the soils, though not exhausted by the primeval forest cover, are by no means ~so rich as the till sheets of the prairies.
220. The university was opened in 1871, when the faculty and students of Genesee College (1850) removed from Lima (New York) to Syracuse - a court-ruling made it impossible for the corporation to remove; in 1872 the Geneva medical college (1835) removed to Syracuse and became a college of the university.
221. The purpose of this bill was disclosed in the statement that "the government of India had decided to settle the question of jurisdiction over European British subjects in such a way as to remove from the code, at once and completely, every judicial disqualification which is based merely on race distinctions," in fact to subject Europeans in certain cases to trial by native magistrates.
222. Finally in 1878, in order to remove all doubts about unoccupied territory, an imperial order in council was passed in response to an address of the Canadian parliament, annexing to the Dominion all British possessions in North America, except Newfoundland.
223. Editors of journals remove the slips of the pens of their contributors; editors of books, nowadays usually in footnotes, the similar lapses of their authors.
224. If there are a number of instances where there is faultiness which is hard to remove, it is probable that the evil lies too deep for emendation.
225. About the same time the House of Commons directed the trustees to remove the prohibition on the sale of rum.
226. Their scepticism and extortion had tired their subjects, and the mullahs gave Yusef a "fetva" authorizing him to remove them in the interest of religion.
227. Stanton and other members of his cabinet and General Grant became hostile to him, the president attempted to remove Stanton without regard to the Tenure of Office Act, and, finally, to get rid of the president, Congress in 1868 (February-May) made an attempt to impeach and remove him, his disregard of the Tenure of Office Act being the principal charge against him.
228. Silks to be finished white are at this point bleached by exposure in a closed chamber to the fumes of sulphurous acid, and at the close of the process the hanks are washed in pure cold water to remove all traces of the acid.
229. In this the silk is boiled from one to two hours, than taken out and put through a hydro-extractor to remove the dirty gummy solution.
230. This in any case would remove the United States' constitutional objection to the establishment of the proposed court.
231. - In order to remove all cause of fear and distrust between the two countries, the governments of Chile and of the Argentine Republic agree not to take possession of the warships which they are having built, or for the present to make any other acquisitions.
232. Such conventions obviously remove occasions for friction and are therefore among the most effective agencies contributing to the preservation of peace among civilized peoples.
233. (I) those which, without having peace for their direct object, promote friendship among men of different races and nationalities; (2) those which directly address themselves to the promoting of friendship and goodwill among peoples; (3) those which regarding peace as the immediate object of their efforts, endeavour to educate democracy in this sense; (4) those which endeavour to remove the causes of international friction by the codification of international law and the promotion of the international regulation of common interests.
234. First among the bodies which try to remove the causes of international friction is the Institute of International Law.
235. This called forth the protest of the representatives of Great Britain, France and the United States, and aroused such opposition on the part of both the foreigners and the better class of natives that the king was obliged, after four days of popular excitement, to remove the obnoxious minister.
236. Borchers also used an externally heated metal vessel as the cathode; it is provided with a supporting collar or flange a little below the top, so that the upper part of the vessel is exposed to the cooling influence of the air, in order that a crust of solidified salt may there be formed, and so prevent the creeping of the electrolyte over the top. The carbon anode passes through the cover of a porcelain cylinder, open at the bottom, and provided with a side-tube at the top to remove the chlorine formed during electrolysis.
237. Soaking the fibre with glycerine, so that the moisture it absorbs does not change so much with the hygrometric state of the air, is of some advantage, but does not entirely remove the difficulty.
238. In 1684 the charters were surrendered, and a new one obtained reserving to the crown power to remove the mayor and alderman, and this one was further modified by James II.
239. The conference of 1797 set itself to remove any ground for distrust among the societies and to enlist their hearty support in all branches of the work.
240. To the Vatican could not fail to remove any doubts in the mind of the pope as to the fact that Germany did not dream of giving him back Rome.
241. At first he went to Jena, but Zinzendorf at once sought to secure him as a fellow labourer, though the count wished to obtain from him a declaration which would remove from the Pietists of Halle all blame with regard to the disruption.
242. Again, starting from 0, by the abstraction of heat we can remove all the liquid and travel along the curve OD of equilibrium between the two solids (salt and ice) and the vapour.
243. Let us Freezing freeze out unit mass of solvent from a solution at its freezing point T - dT and remove the ice, which is assumed to be the ice of the pure solvent.
244. Most writers would place it in the early 13th century, but Gautier would remove it two or three generations further back.
245. Most brilliant outward attractions have now faded for ever, this is only because modern civilization tends so strongly to remove social barriers.
246. Cowles to remove the industry from the hands of chemists, till the time when P. T.
247. After two or three hours the liquid is diluted till its density falls to 1.23, when it is passed through filter-presses to remove the insoluble ferric oxide and silica.
248. Under the influence of the derivation from 130p as, the home of the Hyperboreans was placed in a region beyond the north wind, a paradise like the Elysian plains, inaccessible by land or sea, whither Apollo could remove those mortals who had lived a life of piety.
249. So too "hiding the face" when used of God is regularly paraphrased "remove His Shekinah" (Is.
250. 1567) the queen visited her husband at Glasgow and proposed to remove him to Craigmillar Castle, where he would have the benefit of medicinal baths; but instead of this resort he was conveyed on the last day of the month to the lonely and squalid shelter of the residence which was soon to be made memorable by his murder.
251. The efficiency of drainage, digging, hoeing and like operations is accounted for by the manner in which they promote aeration of the soil, raise its temperature and remove its stagnant water.
252. The colour and markings of a flower often serve to guide the insects to the honey, in the obtaining of which they are compelled either to remove or to deposit pollen.
253. To prevent self-fertilization, or the access of insects, it is advisable to remove the stamens and even the corolla from the flower to be impregnated, as its own pollen or that of a flower of the same species is often found to be " prepotent."
254. They can be successfully planted at either period, but for subjects which are at all difficult to remove the spring months are to be preferred.
255. The bedding plants generally may be potted in this way, the advantage being that at planting-out time there is less risk of disturbing the roots than if there were potsherds to remove.
256. They should be occasionally rolled, and towards autumn they require frequent sweepings to remove worm-casts.
257. Protect broccoli as it becomes fit for use, or remove to a dry shed or cellar; lettuces and endive, which are best planted in frames; and parsley in frames so as to be accessible.
258. Remove part of the coverings of all tender shrubs and plants in the first week, and the remainder at the end of the month.
259. Remove from raspberries and strawberries all suckers and runners that are not wanted.
260. Remove the coverings from all tender plants in the open air.
261. Examine the fruit-room and remove all decayed fruit.
262. Remove the snow that accumulates on cold frames or other glass structures, particularly if the soil which the glass covers was not frozen before the snow fell; it may remain on the sashes longer if the plants are frozen in, since they are dormant, and would not be injured if deprived of light for eight or ten days.
263. The cushions must be connected to earth to remove the negative electricity which accumulates on them.
264. To do this we shall have to exert energy to remove A' against the attraction of A and B' against the attraction of B.
265. The great defect of both these processes, that they could not remove the baneful phosphorus with which all the ores of iron are associated, was remedied in 1878 by S.
266. In the former case there is no later chance to remove sulphur, a minute quantity of which does great harm by leading to the formation of cementite instead of graphite and ferrite, and thus making the cast-iron castings too hard to be cut to exact shape with steel tools; in the latter case the converting or purifying processes, which are essentially oxidizing ones, though they remove the other impurities, carbon, silicon, phosphorus and manganese, are not well adapted to desulphurizing, which needs rather deoxidizing conditions, so as to cause the formation of calcium sulphide, than oxidizing ones.
267. Further, the more sulphur there is to remove, the greater must be the quantity of slag needed to dissolve it as calcium sulphide.
268. The processes for converting cast iron into steel can now remove phosphorus easily, but the removal of sulphur in them is so difficult that it has to be accomplished for the most part in the blast-furnace itself.
269. For the acid variety of this process, which does not remove sulphur, this most harmful element must be held below a limit which is always low, though it varies somewhat with the use to which the steel is to be put.
270. As the essential difference between cast iron on one hand and wrought iron and steel on the other is that the former contains necessarily much more carbon, usually more silicon, and often more phosphorus that are suitable or indeed permissible in the latter two, the chief work of all these conversion processes is to remove the excess of these several foreign elements by oxidizing them to carbonic oxide CO, silica S102, and phosphoric acid P 2 0 5, respectively.
271. But the strong deoxidizing conditions needed in the blast-furnace to remove sulphur tend strongly to deoxidize silica and thus to make the pig iron rich in silicon.
272. In making very low-carbon steel this recarburizing proper is not needed; but in any event a considerable quantity of manganese must be added unless the pig iron initially contains much of that metal, in order to remove from the molten steel the oxygen which it has absorbed from the; blast, lest this make it redshort.
273. Hence in making steel rich in carbon it is not possible, as in the acid Bessemer process, to end the operation as soon as the carbon in the metal has fallen to the point sought, but it is necessary to remove practically all of the carbon, then the phosphorus, and then " recarburize," i.e.
274. It is well to remove this latter element early, so that when the carbon shall have fallen to the proportion which the steel is to contain, the steel shall already be free from phosphorus, and so ready to cast.
275. Next comes the deoxidizing and desulphurizing stage, of which the first step is to throw some strongly deoxidizing substance, such as coke or ferro-silicon, upon the molten metal, in order to remove thus the chief part of the oxygen which it has taken up during the oxidation of the phosphorus in the preceding stage.
276. In short the electric furnaces can be used to improve the molten product of the Bessemer converter and open-hearth furnace, essentially because their atmosphere is free from sulphur and oxygen, and because they can therefore remove sulphur, iron oxide and mechanically suspended slag, more thoroughly than is possible in these older furnaces.
277. Hence the sulphur present is, except in certain rare cases, simply that which the metallurgist has been unable to remove.
278. Generally the skins are placed in an alkali bath, then by hand with a blunt wooden instrument the moisture of the pelt is worked out and it is drawn carefully to and fro over a straight, dull-edged knife to remove any superfluous flesh and unevenness.
279. The numerous editions of the various portions - for, despite Hume's wrath and grumblings, the book was a great literary success - gave him an opportunity of careful revision, which he employed to remove from it all the ' villainous seditious Whig strokes," and " plaguy prejudices of Whiggism " that he could detect.
280. Fluxus, a flowing; this being also the meaning of the English term in medicine, &c.), in metallurgy, a substance introduced in the smelting of ores to promote fluidity, and to remove objectionable impurities in the form of a slag.
281. The king also sought as much as possible to remove from the domain of politics every irritating question, believing that a union of the different parties was most for the advantage of the state.
282. For they have no fear lest any one should remove them from their appointed place" (airb Tov lOpvp vov Toirov).
283. In more modern times there has been the same excavation of shallow pits, and sluicing, sifting and sorting, by hand labour, the only machinery used being chain pumps made of earthen bowls to remove the water from the deeper pits.
284. But the survivors returned to the spot, and by digging down and tunnelling were able to remove all the objects of value, even the marble facing slabs of the large buildings.
285. It has until lately been the practice to remove these to the museum at Naples; but the present tendency is to leave them (and even the movable objects found in the houses) in situ with all due precautions as to their preservation (as in the house of the Vettii, of the Silver Wedding, of the Golden Cupids, &c.), which adds immensely to the interest of the houses; indeed, with the l,eip of judicious restoration, their original condition is in large measure reproduced.'
286. I.) to appear in 1656, take care to remove some of the worst mistakes exposed by Wallis, and, while leaving out all the references to Vindex, now profess to make, in altered form, a series of mere " attempts " at quadrature; but he was far from yielding the ground to the enemy.
287. It takes about 6 weeks to remove entirely the whole of the first and succeeding flushes, going round the estate once a week.
288. But it is forgotten that both the plant and the soil enjoy special powers of selective absorption, which remove and fix the better constituents of the water and leave the less valuable.
289. Even with a river supply fairly constant in level and always abundant, no attempt should be made to force on a larger volume of water than the feeders can properly distribute and the drains adequately remove, or one part of the meadow will be deluged and another stinted.
290. To remove the iron, the precipitate is again dissolved in ammonium carbonate and steam is blown through the liquid, when beryllium oxide is precipitated.
291. This did not seem to remove all danger, and in February 1888 the government introduced an amendment to the imperial Military Law extending the obligation for service from twelve to eighteen years.
292. The estates of Austria were equally discontented and headed an open revolt, the object of which was to remove Ladislaus from Frederick's charge and deprive the latter of the regency.
293. In the autumn of that year Bismarck visited Vienna and arranged with Andrassy a treaty by which Germany bound herself to support Austria against an attack from Russia, Austria-Hungary pledging herself to help Germany against a combined attack of France and Russia; the result of this treaty, of which the tsar was informed, was to remove, at least for the time, the danger of war between Austria-Hungary and Russia.
294. But what were the distinctions and sophisms of the theologians for, if they could not remove such contradictions, and convict their opponents of heresy?
295. Of Egypt to tax foreigners without their consent nor remove the right of Turkey to veto the issue of new loans, but in other respects the financial changes made by it were of a radical character.
296. The washing seems to remove excreta of the muscle's own production, and the period of repose removes them perhaps by diffusion, perhaps by breaking them down into innocuous material.
297. Eichler, attempted to remove this disadvantage which since the time of Jussieu had characterized the French system, and in 1883 grouped the Dicotyledons in two subclasses.
298. He even says that a belief in the soul's immortality would tend to remove moral restraint, and have a prejudicial effect on human life.
299. In a general sense, all Greek temples and altars were inviolable, that is, it was a religious crime to remove by force any person or thing once under the protection of a deity.
300. " Why could not one submit to it," the tsar continued, " the positive rights of nations, assure the privilege of neutrality, insert the obligation of never beginning war until all the resources which the mediation of a third party could offer have been exhausted, having by this means brought to light the respective grievances, and tried to remove them?
301. He used it, in the first instance, to remove " the geographical enemy " from the gates of St Petersburg by wresting Finland from the Swedes (1809); and he hoped by means of it to make the Danube the southern frontier of Russia.
302. His attitude on the new issue undoubtedly affected public opinion, and helped to draw him closer to the great body of the Liberal party, who saw that their identification with the cause of free trade was doing much to remove the public distrust associated with their support of Home Rule.
303. His large practice before the United States Supreme Court caused him to remove to Washington in 1856.
304. Great efforts were made to remove the deep deposit of earth from the surrounding precinct, and the temple now stands in a wide, open space; but on its east front, where the cut face of the slope is 50 ft.
305. For this reason it is used to remove corneal opacities, deafness due to thickening of the membrane, stricture of the oesophagus and hypertrophy of the pylorus, it has also been successful in the treatment of adhesive parametritis.
306. In the Tay, Forth and Clyde, where important harbours are situated, great expense is involved in constantly dredging to remove the sediment continually brought down from the land and carried backwards and forwards by the tides.
307. Serious illness obliged the family to remove to town, and in November 1865 they resettled at 26 Queen Square, Bloomsbury.
308. By some authorities it is considered a good plan to remove the bark in the early spring and fell the tree in the ensuing winter.
309. The supervision should be adequate to remove all temptation to copying.
310. His stay in Leipzig came, however, to an abrupt conclusion; the distractions of student life proved too much for his strength; a sudden haemorrhage supervened, and he lay long ill, first in Leipzig, and, after it was possible to remove him, at home in Frankfort.
311. To remove a madman by force was the one remaining expedient; and this was successfully accomplished by a conspiracy of officers of the western army, headed by Adlersparre, the Anckarsvards, and Adlercreutz, who marched rapidly from Skane to Stockholm.
312. There are moreover many traces of conflicting ideas and ideals, of cruder beliefs and customs, and of attempts to remove or elevate them.
313. On the 26th of August 1629 he joined in the "Cambridge Agreement," by which he, and his associates, pledged themselves to remove to New England, provided the government and patent of the Massachusetts colony should be removed thither.
314. Having approached the Russian ambassador in such a way as to remove the prejudice existing against him in Russia since the incident of 1867, he rendered himself eligible for office; and on the fall of the Tirard cabinet in 1888 he became president of the council and minister of the interior in a radical ministry, which pledged itself to the revision of the constitution, but was forced to combat the proposals of General Boulanger.
315. The gaseous mixture, issuing from the latter, is washed with water in the usual condensing apparatus, to remove the 40 or 50 parts of hydrochloric acid left unchanged, and can then be immediately employed for the manufacture of chlorate of potash.
316. Otho on his accession (69) determined to remove one so universally detested by the people.
317. Full explanations do not remove from some important transactions in his political life an impression of indirectness.
318. When oxidation is complete the crude anthraquinone is separated in filter presses and heated with an excess of commercial oil of vitriol to 120° C., the various impurities present in the crude material being sulphonated and rendered soluble in water, whilst the anthraquinone is unaffected; it is then washed, to remove impurities, and dried.
319. When Hindustan was thus suffering from his misgovernment, he conceived the project of transferring the seat of empire to the Deccan, and compelled the inhabitants of Delhi to remove a distance of 700 m.
320. To remove the head-dress of whatever kind is, in the East, an act of discourtesy; to strike it off is a deep insult.
321. It is also customary to remove them when entering a house.
322. Does not remove), and partly because the Ethiopian dominion in Egypt appears to be still weak and divided.
323. For a very long time no care had been taken to remove the old covering when a new one was put on; and the accumulated weight caused uneasiness respecting the stability of the walls.
324. Mamun was in no haste to remove to Bagdad, but continued to reside at Merv.
325. Colony called Ebenezer, in Erie county, near Buffalo, N.Y.;, in 1855 the colony began to remove to its present home, which it"named from the mountain mentioned in the Song of Solomon,.
326. (2) Politically the villeins were not eliminated from the body of citizens: they had to pay taxes, to serve in great emergencies in the militia, to serve on inquests, &c., and although there was a tendency to place them on a lower footing in all these respects yet the fact of their being lesser members of the commonwealth did not remove the fundamental qualification of citizenship. (3) Even in civil matters villeins were deemed free as regards third persons.
327. It was his belief that such a system of retaliation would remove the possibility of war arising from commercial quarrels.
328. No amount of subtlety will remove the difference between a categorical judgment of existence, e.g.
329. The posts on the Montana trail "were abandoned, and the Indians agreed to remove farther E.
330. But all attempts to remove the accused from the civil prison in Saragossa to that of the Inquisition raised popular tumults, which in the end led to Perez's escape across the Pyrenees, but unfortunately also furnished Philip with a pretext for sending an army into Aragon and suppressing the ancient.
331. The fused mass is then extracted with water to remove potassium chloride, and warmed with hydrochloric acid to remove unaltered chlorate, and finally extracted with water again, when a residue of practically pure perchlorate is obtained.
332. Faithful to the ancient tradition of Contarini and Pole at Trent, these good men persisted in supposing that the Reformation was nothing more than a protest against practical abuses: remove the abuses, and the rest would follow of itself.
333. High-born, wealthy and accomplished, she was resolved to be Nero's wife, and set herself to remove the obstacles which stood in her way.
334. When the powder had become thoroughly liquid, so as to fill all the lines, the plate was allowed to cool, and the whole surface was scraped, so as to remove the superfluous niello, leaving only what had sunk into and filled up the engraved pattern.
335. By the Poor Law Act of 1845 parishes were enabled to remove the care of the poor from the minister and the kirksession, in whom it was formerly vested, and to appoint a parochial board with power to assess the ratepayers.
336. Youthful Hezekiah at his succession or is to be associated with the later widespread attempt to remove the Assyrian yoke.'
337. After his execution it was thought necessary that some account of the facts should be drawn up and circulated, in order to remove the prejudice against the queen's action in the matter.
338. He was undeniably troublesome to the king, and it is no matter for wonder that James resolved to remove him from a position where he could do so much harm.
339. It is advisable immediately to hand-rake it with common hay-rakes, and thus to remove all stones and clods, and to secure a uniform close cover of plants.
340. The weeders, faces to the wind, move slowly on hands and knees, and should remove every vestige of weed in order that the flax plants may receive the full benefit of the land.
341. The extinction of the Welsh Court of Great Sessions in 1830 served to remove the last relic of separate jurisdiction in Wales itself, but in 1881 special legislation was once more inaugurated by the Welsh Sunday Closing Act (46 Victoria), forbidding the sale of spirituous liquors by all inn-keepers on Sundays to any but bona fide travellers throughout Wales and Monmouthshire.
342. It would therefore be desirable for both parties to remove anybody who was cognizant of the double dealing.
343. If Dauger was the "mask," it is just as well to remove a misunderstanding which has misled too many commentators.
344. In 1896 a constitutional amendment to remove the state capital from Jefferson City to Sedalia was defeated by popular vote.
345. It is now wrung out so as to remove as much water as possible, and then hung up on lines prepared on the spot, to dry in the sun."
346. His last literary work was the unfinished Tractatus politicus and the preparation of notes for a new edition of the Tractatus theologicopoliticus, in which he hoped to remove some of the misunderstandings which the book had met with.
347. When open war broke out between Edinburgh Castle, held by Mary's friends, and the town, held for her son, both parties agreed that the reformer, who had already had a stroke of paralysis, should remove to St Andrews.
348. Hence the determination of France to remove him at any cost.
349. STRIP, to remove or tear off the outer covering of anything, hence to rob or plunder; also a narrow long piece of stuff or material, or a mark or division narrow in proportion to its length distinguished from its ground or surroundings by colour or other variation of texture, character, &c.; a stripe; this last word is a variant of "strip," a particular meaning, that of a stroke or lash of a whip, is either due to the original meaning of "strip," to flay, or to the long narrow mark or wheal left by a blow.
350. To separate the tobacco leaf from the stems, to remove the overlying soil from a mineral deposit before opening and working it, to turn a gun-barrel in a lathe, &c. In architecture, a "strippilaster" is a narrow pilaster such as is found in Saxon work and in the Italian Romanesque churches.
351. It is prepared by boiling the needles in a solution of soda to remove the resin, which process loosens the fibre and renders its separation easy; it has some resemblance to coarse wool, and is spun and woven into blankets and garments that are said to be warm and durable; it is also used for stuffing cushions; an essential oil, obtained by a previous distillation of the leaves, has medicinal virtues attributed to it by some German practitioners.
352. It was this, probably, that induced him in 484 to renounce his title of king of Babel, and to remove from its temple the golden statue of Bel-Marduk (Merodach), whose hands the king was bound to clasp on the first day of each year.
353. He proved an energetic and enterprising governor; indeed, his enterprise on more than one occasion brought him into conflict with Gordon, who eventually decided to remove Emin to Suakin.
354. But such rational knowledge as this not only enables us to remove pain at the time, but helps us to prevent its recurrence.
355. They pass more readily through mucous membranes, but almost every one of these is provided not only with a coating of mucus, which obstructs their passage, but with some reflex mechanism which tends to remove them.
356. The irritation of the conjunctiva caused by dust leads to winking of the eyelids, lachrymation and rubbing, which tend to remove it; but after the dust has been removed violent rubbing tends rather to keep up the irritation; and sometimes, if the particle of dust remains under the eyelid and is sharp and angular, the process of rubbing may cause it to injure the conjunctiva much more than if it were left alone.
357. As an example of excessive action we may take sneezing, which is calculated to remove irritants from the nose, but when too powerful may cause the patient to burst a blood-vessel.
358. Thus if a little diphtheritic sputum were coughed into a person's eye, or some blood containing anthrax bacilli were to touch a raw spot upon the hand, the removal of microbes in either case by washing with simple water might be regarded as a means of passive defence, whilst washing them away with an antiseptic lotion might be regarded as active defence, because the antiseptic would tend not only to remove but to destroy the microbes.
359. To remove these salicylic acid dissolved in flexible collodion is now generally employed.
360. Another way of applying cold is to dip an ordinary sheet into cold water, apply it for three or four minutes to the surface of the body, then remove it and replace it by another sheet while the first one is being dipped in water.
361. In very bad cases of heart disease, where the patient is unable to go about, the best plan of treatment usually is to make him stay absolutely quiet in bed and have massage, which aids the circulation, tends to remove waste, and increases the appetite.
362. Its use in soldering depends on the fact that solder only adheres to the surface of an untarnished metal, and consequently a little borax is placed on the surface of the metal and heated by the soldering iron in order to remove any superficial film of oxide.
363. A section of the Dutch population was not however disposed to sacrifice the development of industries and commerce for racial considerations; while sharing the political aspirations of Kruger and Steyn the wiser among them wished for such a measure of reform in the Transvaal as would remove all justification for outside interference.
364. Other forms are ad satisfaciendum; ad faciendum et recipiendum, to remove into a superior court proceedings under which the defendant is in custody: ad testificandum, where a prisoner is required as a witness, issued under an act of 1804 (s.
365. A Chinese critic, quoted by Faria y Sousa, said of them that they were like fishes, " remove them from the water and they straightway die."
366. Another method of removing grease is to immerse and remove strips of paper by which the surface available for the contamination is in effect increased.
367. Granted another charter which contained the arbitrary proviso that the king by order in council might remove any officer or members of the corporation.
368. The fact that he not only did nothing to remove existing difficulties, but remained passive while his colleagues took the fatal step which led directly to separation, is in itself clear proof of his entire incapacity.
369. Rooks are wont to remove the nuts from the tree just before they fall, and to disperse them in various directions.
370. He set little store on the theology of those who in a system of dry and barren notions "pay handsome compliments to the Deity," "remove providence," "explode devotion," and leave but "little of zeal, affection, or warmth in what they call rational religion."
371. Important engineering work was planned not only to afford a more convenient waterway between the upper Spree and the Havel (and thus to the Elbe), but was to remove from the city to its banks and vicinity those factories of which the noxious, gases and other poisonous emanations were regarded as dangerous to the health of the community.
372. The government of Count Taaffe, in recognition of this concession by the Bohemians, consented to remove some of the grossest anomalies connected with the electoral system of Bohemia, which had hitherto been grossly partial to the German minority of the population.
373. The cakes are liable to become mildewed, and require constant turning and occasional rubbing in dry " poppy trash " to remove the mildew, and strengthening in weak places with fresh poppy leaves.
374. It receives application in synthetic organic chemistry by virtue of its power to remove the halogen atoms from alkyl haloids, and so effect the combination of the two alkyl residues.
375. The ore, supposed to have been salt-roasted, is charged loosely into the leaching vat and treated with water (to which sulphuric acid or copper sulphate may have been added), to remove soluble salts, which might later on be precipitated with the silver (base-metal chlorides), or overcharge the solution (sodium chloride and sulphate), or interfere with the solvent power (sodium sulphate).
376. Society may have at one time been matrilinear in the communities that become the historic Hellenes; but of this there is no trace in the worship of Zeus and Hera.18 In fact, the whole of the family morality in Hellas centred in Zeus, whose altar in the courtyard was the bond of the kinsmen; and sins against the family, such as unnatural vice and the exposure of children, are sometimes spoken of as offences against the High God.I" He was also the tutelary deity of the larger organization of the phratria; and the altar of Zeus c Pparpcos was the meetingpoint of the phrateres, when they were assembled to consider the legitimacy of the new applicants for admission into their circle.20 His religion also came to assist the development of certain legal ideas, for instance, the rights of private or family property in land; he guarded the allotments as Zein KAdpcos,2' and the Greek commandment " thou shalt not remove thy neighbour's landmark " was maintained by Zeus " Opcos, the god of boundaries, a more personal power than the Latin Jupiter Terminus.22 His highest political functions were summed up in the title IIoXtfin, a cult-name of legendary antiquity in Athens, and frequent in the Hellenic world.23 His consort in his political life was not Hera, but his daughter Athena Polias.
377. For this reason the admiralty decided against the plan, much to the inventor's annoyance, especially as orders to remove the protectors already fitted were issued in June 1825, immediately after he had announced to the Royal Society the full success of his remedy.
378. This merely federal plan, reported from a Conference attended by the delegates from Connecticut, New York and Delaware, as well as those from New Jersey (and by Luther Martin of Maryland), consisted of nine resolutions; the first was that " the Articles of Confederation ought to be so revised, corrected and enlarged as to render the federal Constitution adequate to the exigencies of government and the preservation of the Union "; and the actual " plan " was for a single legislative body, in which each state should be represented by one member, and which should elect the supreme court and have power to remove the executive (a Council), to lay taxes and import duties, to control commerce, and even, if necessary, to make requisitions for funds from the states.
379. Notwithstanding Petrarch's firm determination to make himself a scholar and a man of letters rather than a lawyer, he so far submitted to his father's wishes as to remove about the year 1323 to Bologna, which was then the headquarters of juristic learning.
380. The enthusiasm with which he was welcomed, not only by the populace, but by the emperor's own praetorians, was so great that the earliest pretext was seized to remove him from the capital.
381. The discovery of the gold-mines on the Rand greatly increased the importance of the port, and renewed efforts were made to remove the bar which obstructed the entrance to the bay.
382. The discovery in 1560 of the "conspiracy of Amboise," a plot of the Huguenots to remove Francis II.
383. These facts tended to remove the mystery from Palaeolithic man, though too little is known of the ruder ancient tribes of Africa to furnish a definition of the state of culture which might have co-existed with the use of Palaeolithic implements.
384. The mayor holds office for three years, has the powers and jurisdiction of a justice of the peace, appoints the heads of departments (public safety, public works, collector of delinquent taxes, assessors, city treasurer, law, charities and correction, and sinking fund commission), and may remove any of the officers he has appointed, by a written order, showing cause, to the select council.
385. Of Utah tribes, whereby they agreed to remove to Uinta Valley, where a reservation had been made for them.
386. It is also obtained when dry ammonia gas is passed into a dilute solution of selenyl chloride in benzene, the precipitate produced being digested with potassium cyanide to remove any selenium (V.
387. The last abstraction which it becomes the duty of philosophy to remove is the abstraction from the knowing subject which is made by all the sciences, including, as we shall see, the science of psychology.
388. On the transfer of the Neapolitan crown to Charles of Bourbon, Giannone lost his Austrian pension and was compelled to remove to Venice.
389. We cannot do this, but of happily the grains in a sand formation differ very widely in diameter, and if, from the interstices between the larger grains in the neighbourhood of an orifice, we can remove the finer grains, the resistance to flow of water is at once enormously reduced.
390. To remove this obstruction the water was pumped out while the plugs kept the orifices closed.
391. Drains ordinarily remove only excess of capillary water, an excess of percolating water in wet weather.
392. No public officer may be impeached, but for sufficient cause the governor may remove a justice of the supreme court or a prosecuting attorney from office, upon a joint resolution of the legislature adopted by a two-thirds vote in each house.
393. Representation for each political party in proportion to its numerical strength, by providing for first and second choice in voting - the system of preferential voting adopted in Idaho in 1909; and the "recall," by which the voters may remove from office after six months' service by a special election any local official.4 Judiciary.
394. A monk watering a dry stick, day after day, for months, or endeavouring to remove a huge rock immensely exceeding his powers.
395. Great responsibility is centred upon him by giving him power to appoint the heads of departments and sub-departments, subject to the approval of the second branchb of the council, and permitting him to remove at pleasure for six months after an appointment; in appointing a board or commission, however, he is required to choose the members from more than one political party.
396. In order to remove the state documents beyond reach of the enemy, Governor Joseph E.
397. Dihydro Anhydride with acetic anhydride Sodium amalgam in faintly alkaline solution Sodium amalgam (hot) .1 Hydrobromide on reduction Remove H Br from 1.3 Dihydro dibromide Cyclo-heptane Group. Cyclo-heptane (suberane), C 7 H 14, obtained by the reduction of suberyl iodide, is a liquid which boils at 117° C. On treatment with bromine in the presence of aluminium bromide it gives chiefly pentabromtoluene.
398. He therefore bought an English edition of Euclid with an index of propositions at the end of it, and, having turned to two or three which he thought likely to remove his difficulties, he found them so selfevident that he put aside Euclid " as a trifling book," and applied himself to the study of Descartes's Geometry.
399. Proportion.-If from any two columns in the table of § 36 we remove the numbers or quantities in any two rows, we get a diagram such as that here shown.
400. The resistance coils themselves are generally wound on brass or copper bobbins, with silk-covered manganin wire, which should first be aged by heating for about ten hours to a temperature of 140° C., to remove the slight tendency to change in resistivity which would otherwise present itself.
401. Sejanus, who also aspired to the supreme power, determined to remove Drusus.
402. They crossed the Channel with astonishing speed; two days after the kings outburst they stood before Becket at Canterbury and threatened him with death unless he should remove the excommunications and submit to his master.
403. John, the new kings only surviving brother, had been declared Lord of Ireland by his father in 1185, but Henry had been forced to remove him for persistent misconduct, and had left him nothing more than a titular sovereignty in the newly conquered island.
404. He had also to swear an obedience to a long string of constitutional limitations of his power, and to promise to remove many practical grievances of administration.
405. They then couibined with the majority of the council and the discontented Catholics to remove the protector from office and imprison him in the Tower (October).
406. Differences, which it proved impossible to remove, between two prominent Whigs Lord Palmerston and Lord Greymade the task impracticable, and after an interval Sir Robert Peel consented to resume power.
407. Remove any portion and the remainder will expand so as to fill the whole space again.
408. Remove any portion and a part of the space will be left unoccupied by liquid.
409. When the gas had to be purified from carbon disulphide as well as from sulphuretted hydrogen, slaked lime was employed for the removal of carbon dioxide and the greater quantity of the sulphur compounds, whilst a catch box or purifier of oxide of iron served to remove the last traces of sulphuretted hydrogen.
410. The contents of the third box, being mostly composed of slaked lime, take up sulphuretted hydrogen forming calcium sulphide, and practically remove the remaining impurities, the outlet gas showing 20 grains of sulphuretted hydrogen and 8 grains of carbon disulphide per Ioo cub.
411. He wished to remove the..
412. Other impurities such as zinc and manganese sulphates are more difficult to remove, and hence to prepare the pure salt it is best to dissolve pure iron wire in dilute sulphuric acid.
413. Gave it its last governing charter, and four years afterwards parliament was held in Stirling on account of the plague in the capital, but the outbreak of the pest in Stirling caused the legislators to remove to Perth.
414. The precipitated sodium chloride is filtered, and the solution of hydroxylamine distilled in order to remove methyl alcohol, and finally fractionated under reduced pressure.
415. At but one remove by birth from southern Europe and the East, he was an Englishman in nothing but his devotion to England and his solicitude for her honour and prosperity.
416. There was a spring dedicated to Mercury between his temple and the Porta Capena; every shopman drew water from this spring on the 15th of May, and sprinkled it with a laurel twig over his head and over his goods, at the same time entreating Mercury to remove from his head and his goods the guilt of all his deceits (Ovid, Fasti, v.
417. There he met the younger Lewis Hallam (1738-1808), a pioneer American theatrical manager and actor, who induced him to remove to the United States, and in 1783 he settled in Philadelphia, where he at once took the oath of allegiance to the United States, was admitted to practise law in 1785, and rapidly attained a prominent position at the bar.
418. To the latter he replies by asserting that, "just as the navigating steersman never looses the helm, so does God never remove his care from the world."
419. He received permission to remove to the Amur region, whence he succeeded in escaping, making his way through Japan and the United States to England in 1861.
420. Early in 1809 some Cherokees in the south-eastern states made known to President Jefferson their desire to remove to hunting grounds W.
421. The provincial of her order now gave her leave to remove and take charge of her sisterhood.
422. It was resolved in 1585 to remove her remains to Avila, where she was born, the sisters at Alva being consoled by permission to retain the mutilated arm.
423. Schleiermacher's doctrine of knowledge accepts the fundamental principle of Kant that knowledge is bounded by experience, but it seeks to remove Kant's scepticism as to knowledge of the Ding an sich, or Sein, as Schleiermacher's term is.
424. The Picts first settled in Leinster; but the main body were forced to remove to Scotland, only a few remaining behind in Meath.
425. In 1106 Anselm crossed to England, with power from the pope to remove the sentence of excommunication from the illegally invested churchmen.
426. In preparing the rice for use it is pounded in a wooden mortar to remove the husk, this work being almost always done by the women.
427. To remove him drove Antonio from one refuge to another, and he finally came to England.
428. Towards the end of the 17th century the publishing trade began to increase very rapidly, partly because the severity of the censorship at Frankfort-on-the-Main caused many booksellers to remove to Leipzig.
429. Sulphuretted hydrogen is passed through the liquid until it is thoroughly saturated, the excess of sulphuretted hydrogen is expelled from the solution by a brisk stream of carbon dioxide, and the precipitate is filtered on a Gooch crucible and washed with water containing a little sulphuretted hydrogen and dried at 100° C.; it is then well washed with small quantities of pure carbon disulphide to remove any free sulphur, again dried and weighed.
430. 14 (not, however, the Septuagint) endeavours to remove the discrepancy.'
431. Whatever future research may bring, it cannot remove the internal peculiarities which combine to show that Genesis preserves, not literal history, but popular traditions of the past.
432. France had not escaped any of these conflicts; but Philip the Fair was the initiator or the instrument (it is difficult to say which) who was to put an end to both imperial and theocratic dreams, and to the international crusades; who was to remove the political axis from the centre of Europe, mueh to the benefit of the western monarchies, now definitely emancipated from the feudal yoke and firmly organized against both the Church and the barons.
433. In order to win back public opinion, tired of internecine quarrels and sickened by the scandalous Aggressive immorality of the generals and of those in power, policy and to remove from Paris an army which after having of the given them a fresh lease of life was now a menace to Directory.
434. With the aid of Scipione de' Ricci, bishop of Pistoia, he even attempted to remove abuses, reform church discipline and purify religious worship; but Ricci's action was condemned by Rome.
435. It simplifies the theory, and gives a possible relation between the constants, but it does not appear to remove the complication above referred to, which seems to be inseparable from any conduction theory.
436. Authority to appoint three inquisitors, whom they were empowered to remove or replace, and who were independcnt of, and superior to, the inquisitorial courts of the bishops.
437. He also gathered that the abnormal conditions forced upon the bees by a ready-built single comb might so turn aside their natural instincts as to render his investigations less trustworthy than if conducted under perfectly natural conditions; so, in order to remove all doubt, he decided to have a series of wooden frames made, measuring 12 in.
438. It may also be claimed for the honey extractor that it does away with the objection entertained by many persons to the use of honey, by enabling the apiarist to remove his produce from the honey-combs in its purest form untainted by crushed brood and untouched by hand.
439. In cases where the disease is odourless the larvae are attacked after the cells are sealed over, and just before they change to pupae, when they become slimy, sputum-like masses, difficult to remove from the cells.
440. At the same time he was not irreconcilable, and he invited Mr Gladstone even then to modify his bill so as to remove the objections made to it.
441. The Darley Arabian did much to remove the prejudice against Eastern blood which had been instilled into the public mind by the duke of Newcastle's denunciation of the Markham Arabian.
442. Doublets, &'c. - To remove the errors which the above lenses showed, particularly when very short focal lengths were in question, lens combinations were adopted.
443. Even in apochromats it is not possible to entirely remove the chromatic difference of magnification, i.e.
444. The remains of the saint were deposited in a rich silver-gilt sarcophagus, which may still be seen, and were afterwards visited by myriads of pilgrims, until the Protestant zeal of Landgrave Philip the Generous caused him to remove the body to some unknown spot in the church.
445. Van der Donck encouraged others to remove to his lands along the Hudson river, and in 1649 he built a saw-mill near the mouth of the Nepperhan Creek, which for many years was called "Saw-Mill river."
446. The notorious fondness of the Athenians for litigation increased his power; and the practice of "sycophancy" (raking up material for false charges; see Sycophant), enabled him to remove those who were likely to endanger his ascendancy.
447. Similar methods are employed in the production of lard oil, edible cotton-seed oil, &c. For refining oils and fats intended for edible purposes only the foregoing methods, which may be summarized by the name of physical methods, can be used; the only' chemicals permissible are alkalis or alkaline earths to remove free fatty acids present.
448. After the treatment with sulphuric acid or caustic soda, the oils must be washed to remove the last traces of chemicals.
449. The causes for divorce are impotency, bigamy, adultery, desertion for two years, conviction of an infamous crime, the attempt of one of the parties to take the life of the other, the husband's cruel and inhuman treatment of his wife, refusal of the wife to remove with her husband into the state without a reasonable cause, pregnancy of the wife at the time of the marriage by another person without the knowledge of the husband, and habitual drunkenness, provided the habit has been contracted subsequent to the marriage.
450. She had blamed him at first for giving them permission to remove her uterus, but it was a life and death decision - one that wasn't easy for him.
451. In the same way, no matter how sorry Alex was for what happened, or how many times he apologized or tried to make up for it, he couldn't remove the hurt.
452. He didn't let go of the nipple, though, and when Carmen tried to remove it, he started suckling in his sleep.
453. "Yes. That night I went to Darkyn for him to remove my tumor," she said.
454. It will take a great deal of power to preserve you, remove the tumor and heal the damage.
455. Only a deity can turn a human immortal, which is what it'll take to keep you alive while we remove the tumor.
456. Shipton continued to chop, as if deciding this and not a direct blow from the ice ax was a far better way to remove this annoying impediment to his foolproof plan.
457. We had to remove the uterus — but you still have your ovaries.
458. It is also intended to remove the anomaly of people doing similar jobs being paid different amounts.
459. It was a travesty of justice to remove them from their home.
460. And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, Ye members of the family, and to make you pure and spotless.
461. Abraded to remove surface scratches.
462. We do not use harsh abrasives to remove marks, but above all we are reliable and experienced.
463. Polish is mildly abrasive and can help to remove stains and water spots.
464. He was admitted to Leeds general infirmary where he underwent surgery to remove a cerebral abscess.
465. Has the operation to remove a pilonidal abscess changed much in the last 32 years?
466. Absorbent granules to remove these spills can be a hazard.
467. Also use this plug-in to apply or remove accidentals to every note within a selected region and remove ties in any selected region.
468. Wash slide thoroughly with water to remove the acetone - do not delay with this step.
469. Advertiserve the right to remove, or to choose not to advertize jobs which we feel do not comply with good employment practice.
470. Remove any infected leaves and destroy badly affected plants.
471. You sniff the air You smile weakly - Jolen unwraps the bowl, peering at it still, blowing harshly to remove the dust.
472. Keep indoor plants, they are natural air conditioners and can remove nearly 90% of pollution indoors in one day.
473. Airdrop loads and parachutes can freeze, and tools may be needed to loosen and remove the items.
474. Hit it hard with a fist at least 100 times to remove any air pockets and make it an oval shape.
475. Removing a mailbox Name alias To remove a mailbox name alias: Select Mail Info in the Mail Info menu.
476. New concrete surfaces must be well washed before use to remove all the excess surface alkali.
477. They can be better than drugs in relieving allergy symptoms as they remove the allergen from the air before you can inhale it.
478. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in 1 tablespoon of the rose water and the finely chopped almonds.
479. The position should be dealt with by an express article applying them in such cases in order to remove any ambiguity.
480. See also biological filtration and ion exchange for methods to remove ammonia from the water.
481. What it would do is remove this rather anomalous exemption ' .
482. Apricots in half and remove the kernels.
483. He is on the whole a much clearer writer than 'āṇamoli and has tended to remove slight archaisms and awkwardnesses.
484. Armrests too high or too long Either remove the armrests too high or too long Either remove the armrests or get a chair with height adjustable armrests.
485. Scientists have modified a plant in the mustard family to remove arsenic from contaminated soils and store it in its leaves for easy disposal.
486. The starting point of the duty is to manage any asbestos in a building, not to remove all asbestos.
487. Aspiration - The use of a miniature vacuum system (called an aspirator) to remove saliva from the mouth whilst performing dental surgery.
488. Assuretest should be correlated to the membrane's ability to remove standard micro-organisms, thereby assuring it's performance prior to use.
489. It may then be necessary to adjust or remove sutures to reduce the astigmatism.
490. You can use the attrib command to remove the read-only attribute from the destination directory.
491. Avocado and prawn open sandwich Peel 1 small avocado and prawn open sandwich Peel 1 small avocado and remove the stone, then cut into slices.
492. Peel the avocados, remove the stones and cut the flesh into thick slices.
493. Avocados in half, remove the stones and scoop out balls of the flesh using a small parisienne cutter.
494. Awning rail, easy to remove.
495. Doctors remove eggs from the woman's body and fertilize them with sperm in the laboratory - hence the term ' test-tube baby ' .
496. If it does, then this modifier is considered an object and the symbol is removed from the list.
497. Every second section was removed, so that a person could enter into its centre in order to play them.
498. The rules that were removed, were simply those with the smallest probability (irrespective of the nonterminals they contained).
499. The first layer to be removed is an acquired political habit.
500. Many of the pages are blank; others were removed and subsequently have been lost.
501. The additive constant may be removed by changing to a moving frame [6].
502. We can then infer that the removed variable functions as a significant mediator between the predictor and criterion variables.
503. Each item consisted of one large figure with a portion of the pattern removed.
504. The sweat bath, the angled wall, and the rear piers were removed or buried.
505. We hypothesize that a burial or an offering may have been removed from this trough.
506. The new type of tenancy removed rent control and substituted market rents with very little security of tenure.
507. The control variables that did not contribute to the explanation of loneliness (p .10) were removed.
508. When she described being removed from a train by the police and pushed to the floor, one could sense the intensity of the personal insult.
509. Participants who had previously seen the solution to the design problems based on the analogous product were removed from the data set.
510. They aimed to fragment the township communities and divorce them from the tacksmen, thus removing the basis of the clan military, social and economic structure.
511. Technical terms are generally explained or removed and layouts include larger fonts, and more visual material than standard books.
512. Variables that were not statistically significant at conventional levels were not removed from the model.
513. The split removed an incentive to behave moderately as there were no longer national politicians but only regional ones.
514. To maintain the orthogonality of the design, that date was removed from the results.
515. Only guts that were removed without damage were used in further analysis.
516. Controlled drugs represent 'the final barrier' and it should be removed.
517. After all, in some countries, if accused of syphilis (or leprosy or the plague), one could be legally removed from society.
518. Three independent branches can be seen: degeneracy has been removed by breaking symmetry through displacement of one of the jets.
519. As the terms are bounded, this inconsistency may be removed in the next order.
520. Although these terms can be removed by a coordinate transformation to obtain the normal form in (38), it is important to consider their asymptotic behaviour.
521. The crossvalidation was performed by removing one spectrum, developing a calibration from the remaining spectra, and then predicting the spectrum that was removed.
522. In cases where superparasitism occurred, these eggs were removed from the experiment.
523. We removed those children in order to have an appropriate variance range.
524. The video then returned to the scene depicting the remaining three located objects and the puppet then removed and relocated one of these objects.
525. Another study found a significant, but not major, reduction in contamination of meat with skin removed [16].
526. If an itemset is infrequent at any level, it will be removed because any addition of items to it will not make it frequent.
527. They were mutually dedicated to reforming institutions and removing privileges that they regarded as impediments to growth and stability.
528. On the modern view, the problem is removed from the realm of right and becomes a problem in the theor y of punishment instead.
529. In four instances, the testa was removed from one end of the seed and the fleshy cotyledons eaten from the centre.
530. At the third, the quality of the parent-child relationship was added and filial obligation removed.
531. People who were steroid injectors were removed, so only ' problematic' injectors remained (usually injectors of opiates and/ or stimulants).
532. Actually, removing the combustibility of zarnikh will increase its capability to interactively mix - (imtizaj) with copper in the fire of alloying.
533. The first is removing its combustibility and the - second is making it white.
534. However, this venue of hyper-abstraction leads to immunity and removes internalization from the empirical discourse.
535. Could it account for language acquisition and the ability to talk about things that are far removed in time and space?
536. Twenty four hours after initial exposure, parasitoids were removed.
537. During the experiment, weeds that emerged were removed.
538. They will only be removed if growers appreciate the significance of compaction and exercise greater patience in organizing their planting schedule.
539. Holes and clipping effects in the image were removed in the rotated image.
540. Cages were then removed and the pads were examined once daily thereafter, at 0900 h, to record numbers of wandering larvae and pupae.
541. After 24 h, adults and clip-cages were removed and areas bounded by the cages were marked with a felt pen.
542. Every morning the moths were removed and the paper and cellophane changed.
543. After 24 h, the females were removed from the arena and the straws were placed inside individual 12 35 mm shell vials plugged with cotton.
544. The former was removed once the pat had been created.
545. In addition, we removed items with negative item- total correlations.
546. Different forms of activity-traces have been preserved in different landscapes; some forms of evidence have been completely removed.
547. In addition, the local (re)presentation of the monument was deconstructed by removing a core element, the 'king's table'.
548. Taken together, throwing away terms of high enough grade and the removal of terms with even l after summation removes a high proportion of commutators.
549. There was a small number of missing values in the data; these were removed by pairwise deletion.
550. Secondly, the number of these edges we need to insert must not exceed the number of edges previously removed.
551. The heart and lungs were removed together with in situ dissection of the heart.
552. The device was retrieved to the right femoral vein where it was removed surgically.
553. To begin with the first, it is not clear that hypothetical consent removes the need for actual consent when actual consent can be sought.
554. Cases with ventricular septal defect which closed spontaneously have been removed from the analysis.
555. In a strict sense, there is nothing passive about removing a surgically implanted feeding tube or extubating a patient undergoing mechanical ventilation.
556. The catheter was removed and the guide-wire was left in the distal vessel.
557. The mediastinal drain is removed on the morning after surgery and the patient is discharged home on the third day.
558. Hearts were removed after perfusion with physiological saline, and transferred to the same solution for dissection.
559. Experiments evaluating the effects of isoproteronol on tissue removed from the heart at surgery demonstrated initial inhibition of contraction with improvements over time.
560. Beetles were removed from the three traps and baits replaced each week for the three-week period following pat placement.
561. Aphids were allowed to reproduce for six days and were removed after this period.
562. We ®rst removed the data from nine participants whose test words had an error rate larger than 30 per cent.
563. Naming latencies departing 3 standard deviations from the participant's mean were also removed.
564. Immediately before slugs were introduced, the drip irrigation system was removed as it could have provided an escape route for the slugs or beetles.
565. Viruses that attach to biofilm are removed from the water phase improving the water quality.
566. After 40 min of incubation at room temperature, the supernatant surface film was removed and postfixed as described above.
567. An additive effect is when predation by two predators is equal to the sum of prey removed by each individual predator alone.
568. We need to show that removing the edges of a random walk does not condition the pairings of the remaining points.
569. In fact, it seems likely that removing any edge from a graph should decrease this average, or at least not increase it.
570. The straightforward thing to say, in both cases, is that removing the life support caused the patient's death.
571. There is, simply put, no intrinsic justification for removing all or part of a healthy organ from a healthy child!
572. Each move consists of a jump by one man over one or more other men, the men jumped over being removed from the board.
573. If removed and rebuilt, no longer would this be our 'truthful' modern intervention into the 'authentic' existing condition.
574. One participant was removed due to a technical failure and four because of their high overall error rates (>20%) in the experimental task.
575. However, it is also clear that the rural-urban fault line will not be removed or redrawn at least within the foreseeable future.
576. The ducted exhaust of 'vitiated air' was removed through grilles near or in the ceiling.
577. Our minimalist design tradition removes the intermediate and smaller scales from built form.
578. If you need a written programme to undertake the intellectual 'decoding', the thing is surely already too far removed.
579. The heart was removed from the chest and the aorta was cannulated with a 23 gauge needle.
580. As function was derived, that information could be presented and the target removed from the main list.
581. Here, we have no disguise that can be removed.
582. They can be simply removed to leave the decoded statement.
583. Rather, opting for the antiseptic third person, he effectively removes himself from his victim.
584. Faceted specimens in which the projecting ridges remain or have been only partly removed are more numerous.
585. In no cases were flakes removed that could not more easily have been produced by normal direct percussion.
586. In one specimen, made from fine-grained quartzite, a single spall has been removed from one side.
587. The unifacial chopper has only two flakes removed from one face.
588. The large intestine of the animal was not removed.
589. There is little leaf litter, so when the trees are removed, the organic content of the remaining soil is low.
590. Refine your formulation for the foreign culture, removing the self-reference criteria which you have identified, and use this assessment to solve the problem.
591. In certain cases, anaerobic conditions may be used to achieve specific clean-up goals, such as removing chlorinated compounds.
592. Metals can be removed by ion exchange or coagulation/flocculation.
593. Even when negotiation fails and children are removed compulsorily there is an assumption that parents will be kept fully informed and only exceptionally denied access.
594. Apple and Google have removed Fortnite from their app stores after the game implemented its own in-app payments. Four market watchers weigh in.
595. The Indians on Friday announced that they have removed two of their starting pitchers, Zach Pleasc and Mike Clevinger, off the team's restricted list. The team also stated they have sent the two ...
596. The New York Giants have removed defensive lineman Leonard Williams from the non-football injury list on Friday. The Giants placed Williams on the NFI list on August 2 with a hamstring issue. He now ...
597. The maker of the popular online game Fortnite is suing tech giants Apple and Google after they removed the game from their app stores. CNET senior producer Dan Patterson joins CBSN to explain the ...
598. An internal US Postal Service document obtained by NBC News reveals plans to remove 671 high-volume mail processing machines from postal facilities across the country. The document, circulated in June ...
599. The Detroit Lions have seen their COVID/Reserve list dwindle with safety Jalen Elliott being removed off the list.
600. A lawmaker on Saturday appealed to the government to remove taxes imposed on gadgets to be used by teachers and students for online classes. Computers, mobile phones, tablets and other communication ...
601. Thousands have signed an online petition to remove a billboard about white pride in Arkansas near the headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan.
602. The Philadelphia Art Commission, which approves the design and location of construction projects and public art on city property, voted Wednesday to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus in ...
603. It's been downtown for more than 220 years. It could be gone by the end of 2020. James Ivery says he has lobbied authorities in Louisville (pronounced Lewis-ville) for decades to remove the open-air ...
604. remove sentence examples. remove. She slapped her gloves together to remove some of the mud. 88. 41. I can remove them now. 86. 42. remove them all and see if it makes a difference. 59. 31. She shook her head to remove the cobwebs of imagination. 53. 28. I was trying to remove that bird's nest. 34. 8.
605. Examples of remove in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: If it does, then this modifier is considered an object and the symbol is…
606. remove definition: 1. to take something or someone away from somewhere, or off something: 2. to make a negative…. Learn more.
607. High quality example sentences with “remove the sentence” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
608. Translations of the phrase TWIST AND remove from english to french and examples of the use of "TWIST AND REMOVE" in a sentence with their translations: Gently twist and remove accessory hose from accessory
609. Translations of the phrase YOU CAN remove from english to french and examples of the use of "YOU CAN REMOVE" in a sentence with their translations: Therefore you can remove unwanted kernel image packages using
610. remove Spaces from String in C++. To remove or delete spaces from the string or sentence, you have to ask to the user to enter a string.. Now start checking for spaces. If space will be found, then start placing the next character from the space to the back until the last character and continue to check for next space to remove all the spaces present in the string as shown here in the
611. How to use possible to remove in a sentence. The possible to remove list of example sentences with possible to remove. Log in. possible to remove / examples. possible to remove in a sentence - 6 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "It is not possible to remove him at this time" "Yes, it is possible to remove back burrs by contouring"
612. That’s it! But stay with me, we still need to remove the redundant spaces within the text… Example 4: How to remove Extra Space Between Text in Python ( Operation) So far, we have used only functions of the strip-family. However, to get rid of duplicate blank characters between the words of our sentence we need to apply the
613. Example 1: remove Trailing & Leading Newlines from String in Python (strip Function) Before we can start with the examples, we have to create an example string in Python : # Create example string my_string = " \n \n \n This is a test string in Python.
614. How to use remove the bullet in a sentence. The remove the bullet list of example sentences with remove the bullet. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "You're going to have to remove the bullet by hand" "I need to remove the bullet and stop the bleeding" "We must remove the bullet before this becomes infected" "I'm going to
615. remove definition: To remove is to take something away, eliminate something or take something off. (verb) When you force someone to leave a room, this is an example of a situation where you remove him from the room. When you take off your shirt, th
616. Sentence examples with the word remove. Examples of remove in a sentence. 1. In spring, remove the plant from the pot and shake the old soil from the roots. 2. If the bending has a ground conductor, loosen the ground terminal and remove only the ground from bending. 3. Figure 4.2-1 Carburetor assembly Loosen and remove the two (long) screws
617. If you want to just remove single words that are proper nouns, you can use nltk and tag your sentence in question, then remove all words with the tags that are proper
618. In the aboe program, we use String's replaceAll() method to remove and replace all whitespaces in the string sentence. We've used regular expression \\s that finds all white space characters (tabs, spaces, new line character, etc.) in the string.
619. Given a sentence containing n words/strings. remove all duplicates words/strings which are similar to each others. Examples: Input : Geeks for Geeks Output : Geeks for Input : Python is great and Java is also great Output : is also Java Python and great
620. A string of multiple prepositions in a single sentence can make the text choppy and implementing only one or two of the above strategies may have yielded an acceptably clear sentence. Shorten or remove unnecessary prepositional phrases. Common examples of prepositional phrases that can be abridged include “in order to,” which is often
621. remove duplicate words from String in Java example shows how to remove duplicate words from String in Java. The example also shows various approaches to do the same. the order of the elements. So if we used HashSet to store the words, we could not guarantee the order of the words in a sentence once we joined them back using the space
622. In this article of sed series, we will see the examples of how to remove or delete characters from a file. The syntax of sed command replacement is: $ sed 's/find/replace/' file This sed command finds the pattern and replaces with another pattern. When the replace is left empty, the pattern/element found gets deleted.
623. Erase definition: transitive verb erased′, eras′ing 1. to rub, scrape, or wipe out (esp. written or engraved letters); efface; expunge 2. to remove (something recorded) from (magnetic tape) 3. to remove any sign of; obliterate, as from th
624. An alternative is to use regular expressions and match these strange white-space characters too. Here are some examples: remove ALL spaces in a string, even between words: import re sentence = (r"\s+", "", sentence, flags=re.UNICODE)
625. It is possible to remove stop words using Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), a suite of libraries and programs for symbolic and statistical natural language processing. Example 7. Stop words removal
626. Removal definition is - the act or process of removing : the fact of being removed. How to use removal in a sentence.
627. remove Spaces from String. To remove/delete spaces from the string or sentence in Java programming, you have to ask to the user to enter the string. Now replace all the spaces from the string using the method replaceAll(). Java Programming Code to remove Spaces from String
628. remove each adverb and ask whether doing so changes the meaning of the sentence. If it does change the meaning, then rewrite the sentence without the adverb. Now compare the original sentences with the adverbs intact to the new sentences that don’t include any adverbs.
629. Synonyms for remove at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for remove.

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