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"Report" Example Sentences

1. Send me a report when you're done.
2. My account for the report is finished and sent off.
3. She apolo­gized that she would once again need his detailed report now that the body remained missing.
4. "Very good!" said Bagration in reply to the officer's report, and began deliberately to examine the whole battlefield extended before him.
5. You'll have to report to court tomorrow morning.
6. Report to the executioner.
7. Only let me report this gentleman's business, and I shall be at your disposal.
8. Are you going to report what we saw to Sheriff Weller?
9. There was no taxi report of a pick-up in the area.
10. We have a hospital report from inner city Cleveland.
11. He'd let her live, knowing she was obligated to report everything to Damian and powerful enough to be dismissive of any threat she might cause.
12. There was far more to learn about Jeffrey Byrne before he could report an informed opinion on the happenings in Norfolk two nights earlier.
13. I have to report for interrogation tomorrow morning.
14. The messenger held out a small thumb drive with what Kris hoped contained a report identifying the two shapeshifter demons.  He left, and Kris plugged the thumb drive into his small PDA.  A single file was on the drive, and he opened it.
15. Will I be reading another report about you smacking someone?
16. The whole moving mass began pressing closer together and a report spread that they were ordered to halt: evidently those in front had halted.
17. In their rear, more than a mile from Mikulino where the forest came right up to the road, six Cossacks were posted to report if any fresh columns of French should show themselves.
18. The Cossack's report, confirmed by horse patrols who were sent out, was the final proof that events had matured.
19. Why wouldn't whoever discovered the bones simply report what they found?
20. Miss Sullivan's second report brings the account down to October 1st, 1888.
21. My … spies report that you can't keep dealers and have no idea what's going on in the underworld.
22. Giddon encouraged her to file a police report, and she refused.
23. Of this report Miss Sullivan wrote in a letter dated October 30, 1887:
24. Mr. Anagnos wrote in the report of the Perkins Institution, dated November 27, 1888: At my urgent request, Helen, accompanied by her mother and her teacher, came to the North in the last week of May, and spent several months with us as our guests....
25. Now, if I was trying to hide my identity, the last thing I would want her to do would be to file a police report while she was living under my roof.
26. There were no media reports, but one intelligence spot report described the carnage.
27. I'm expecting a report on their security later, Jenn replied.
28. The report came last night.
29. The little princess and Mademoiselle Bourienne had already received from Masha, the lady's maid, the necessary report of how handsome the minister's son was, with his rosy cheeks and dark eyebrows, and with what difficulty the father had dragged his legs upstairs while the son had followed him like an eagle, three steps at a time.
30. The first declared that the report that Count Rostopchin had forbidden people to leave Moscow was false; on the contrary he was glad that ladies and tradesmen's wives were leaving the city.
31. I deem it my duty to report to Your Majesty the condition of the various corps I have had occasion to observe during different stages of the last two or three days' march.
32. The sheriff's office was located only a few blocks east of Bird Song, behind the County Court House, where Fred O'Connor would report for jury duty the following Tuesday.
33. Paulette Dawkins, whom Dean thought was dining with her clan, bounded into the kitchen to report a mouse sighting in her room.
34. This letter is published in the Perkins Institution Report (1891), p. 204.
35. The wanders were rather discouraged by this gloomy report, but Dorothy said with a sigh:
36. They feared to spare him lest he should report the matter to the king.
37. This with the extracts from her letters, scattered through the report, is the first valid source of information about Helen Keller.
38. Here begins Miss Sullivan's connected account in the report of 1891:
39. From the bottom of the slope, where the parleys had taken place, came the report of musketry.
40. "I have the honor to report to you the actual truth," said Alpatych.
41. On the right a single deep report of a cannon resounded and died away in the prevailing silence.
42. While listening to the officer's report Konovnitsyn broke the seal and read the dispatch.
43. So they told some young child about their find, assuming he'd report it and get them off the hook.
44. If it weren't for the joy of hearing the usual glowing report, the conference would almost be a waste of time – almost.
45. "We'll report back nightly," Kiki added.
46. During the week before Christmas, Martha had spent an overnight at Bird Song when Janet was forced to report to court in Grand Junction, on some charges she, thankfully, did not detail to the Deans.
47. She returned to her friends who were waiting for a full report, anxious and hopeful.
48. He spoke to Harrigan, who was filling out a report on a daylight burglary.
49. Don't waste any more time on it—just get the report fin­ished.
50. When he replayed his dictated first draft, the report seemed dry but the evidence produced an overwhelming endorsement that there was no logical reason why Jeffrey Byrne might skip.
51. Rita typed the second expanded Byrne report, with only a mildly raised eye­brow after Dean explained more would be added later.
52. He had finished his portion of the Byrne report and the interviews he'd conducted with Byrne's friends and associates.
53. "I hope you didn't spend too much time working on the report of the acci­dent," she said.
54. Dean paid him no attention and called headquarters to report the break-in, asking them to send a doctor as well.
55. The pair finished their burglary report and agreed to try and keep the matter out of the papers in deference to Dean's other police activities.
56. The occasion was the report of Major-General Edwards on the defences of Australia, and Sir Henry addressed the other premiers on the desirability of a federal union for purposes of defence.
57. This report led to the passing of a number of acts which, proving ineffectual, were followed by the Factories and Shops Act of 1896, passed by the ministry of Mr (afterwards Sir Alexander) Peacock.
58. The president has the power to appoint assessors to advise him on technical points; and considerable powers of devolution of authority for the purpose of inquiry and report are conferred upon the court, the main object of which is to secure settlement by conciliatory methods.
59. The main results of these researches, which occupied him from 1854 to 1864, are contained in his Report on the Theory of Numbers, which appeared in the British Association volumes from 1859 to 1865.
60. Modern mathematicians may find on reading this brilliant summary a good many dicta which they will call in question, but, whatever its defects may be, Peacock's report remains a work of permanent value.
61. - For physical description and material on minerals see the Report on the Geology of Vermont: Descriptive, Theoretical, Economical and Scenographical (2 vols., Claremont, N.H., 1861); G.
62. Nelson Dale, The Granites of Vermont (ibid., 1909), an abstract of which appears in the sixth volume of the state Report mentioned above; and Henry M.
63. So fresh instructions were sent for the solution of difficulties that might be encountered, as well as fresh people who were to watch Kutuzov's actions and report upon them.
64. The report methodically listed each person interviewed and what they said about Jeffrey Byrne.
65. He successfully accomplished his journey, but had to report that there was no practicable route for cattle between the two districts.
66. In the report of the committee of the legislative council appointed in 18 2 to prepare a constitution Federa- PP 5 P P tlon.
67. This conference adopted an address to the queen expressing its loyalty and attachment, and submitting certain resolutions which affirmed the desirability of an early union, under the crown, of the Australasian colonies, on principles just to all, and provided that the remoter Australasian colonies should be entitled to admission upon terms to be afterwards agreed upon, and that steps should be taken for the appointment of delegates to a national Australasian convention, to consider and report upon an adequate scheme for a federal convention.
68. This is not a defense of our present age; we will come to our own report card soon enough.
69. In December, 1887, appeared the first report of the Director of the Perkins Institution, which deals with Helen Keller.
70. For this report Miss Sullivan wrote the fullest and largest account she has ever written; and in this report appeared the "Frost King," which is discussed fully in a later chapter.
71. Some said the report that the Emperor was wounded was correct, others that it was not, and explained the false rumor that had spread by the fact that the Emperor's carriage had really galloped from the field of battle with the pale and terrified Ober-Hofmarschal Count Tolstoy, who had ridden out to the battlefield with others in the Emperor's suite.
72. Not at all expecting so loud a report, Pierre shuddered at the sound and then, smiling at his own sensations, stood still.
73. The smoke, rendered denser by the mist, prevented him from seeing anything for an instant, but there was no second report as he had expected.
74. At the same instant they heard a report and Dolokhov's angry cry.
75. Boris, with one leg crossed over the other and stroking his left hand with the slender fingers of his right, listened to Rostov as a general listens to the report of a subordinate, now looking aside and now gazing straight into Rostov's eyes with the same veiled look.
76. Barclay donned his sash and came out to meet and report to his senior officer Bagration.
77. The adjutant bent his head affirmatively and began to report, but the Emperor turned from him, took a couple of steps, stopped, came back, and called Berthier.
78. Mention was made in Kutuzov's report of the Russian losses, among which figured the names of Tuchkov, Bagration, and Kutaysov.
79. "Who gave the report?" inquired Shcherbinin, taking the envelope.
80. Or that a certain group of people who do a seemingly unrelated set of a dozen activities report levels of happiness higher than average?
81. A second great service was the publication in the British Association Reports for 1833 of his "Report on the Recent Progress and Present State of certain branches of Analysis."
82. There followed a call from Groucho, whose name Dean learned was Coleridge, telling of a report that the Boyd pair was sighted in Kansas, stopped for a tail light violation on Sunday afternoon.
83. Now it was open season, as they had no idea of the skeleton's age—provided Jennifer Radisson's report of Josh Mulligan's later death was credible.
84. Finally, after lunch, Dean telephoned Jake Weller, first to report on Martha's wellbeing and in hopes of learning more about Fitzgerald's whereabouts.
85. You can't just stab someone and not report it.
86. Where did Dan last report in?
87. Report back tomorrow morning.
88. You'll report to Elise tomorrow morning.
89. Dean was left standing there, Cynthia Byrne's picture in hand, a report in another.
90. She accepted his report, not without obvious sadness but with business-like decorum and no sign of tears.
91. Dean asked Harrigan to work up his end of the report on the Byrne matter and make a few last minute return phone calls to neighbors, just to dot the I's.
92. Dean tried to be as objective as possible and let the report speak for itself.
93. He didn't add that he'd mailed the report to Cynthia that morn­ing.
94. The report also cited a mid-1950s report that found 85 percent of economic growth was attributed to technological change in the period 1890 to 1950.
95. He'd already finished most of the report, hadn't he?
96. Dean explained Cynthia Byrne's request for as much detail as possible in his report to help her obtain a death certificate.
97. Dean explained he'd promised Cynthia Byrne a report, detailed beyond the usual, in an effort to help her in obtaining a death certificate.
98. He was listening to the general's report-- which consisted chiefly of a criticism of the position at Tsarevo- Zaymishche--as he had listened to Denisov, and seven years previously had listened to the discussion at the Austerlitz council of war.
99. You'll soon receive orders to report to a set of coords with the box.
100. She had nothing material to report.
101. It was midnight, and he'd just finished reading Jenn's latest report.
102. Boss, Iggy at the lab sent me her report.
103. Over dessert, the Bird Song Three received the report.
104. Recommended local hospices attached to report.
105. Sarah heard Jackson come in and jumped out of bed to get a report.
106. Unless his body floats in with a bullet hole in the head or he gets pinched for speeding in Vegas, it's going down as an accident in my report.
107. I've just started writing up my final report.
108. Dr. Blanchard went up to Fred's room while the police followed Dean around the downstairs, filling out their report.
109. Your report really helped.
110. Dean had polished the report, adding more posi­tive detail but not in any way referencing the Scranton connection, if there was one.
111. It was strange reading your report on Jeff—hearing what everyone thought of him.
112. Mom let me read your report.
113. You didn't mention anything about the Whitney Motel in the report.
114. While he knew he should report his suspicion of being bugged, he feared having to answer questions about his clandestine work in the Byrne matter.
115. He didn't even bother to report this latest break-in.
116. You read my report.
117. After all, the last report, if you could call it that, involved a motor home.
118. Haven't you read your own report?
119. "You asked for a daily report," Darian reminded him.
120. The station nearest the portal had called him with the previous evening's activity report early in the morning.
121. "When is the next report expected?" she questioned after a pause.
122. Hilden entered at one point and presented the evening scouting report.
123. He'd get his report and leave.
124. Not that they needed a progress report.
125. They were undoubtedly getting a daily report from Keaton - which was more than she could do.
126. She would have to report the damage, and that meant a trip to town and a call to Scott Muldrow.
127. Journal (1906); Mauch's report in Ausland (1872) is now only of bibliographical interest, while Bent's Ruined Cities of Mashonaland (1892) and R.
128. 8 and 9) and the report of the French Commission, 1859, the rise in pitch began at the Congress of Vienna in 1816, the military bands being the cause.
129. The archbishop opened the conference with an address: deliberation followed; committees were appointed to report on special questions; resolutions were adopted, and an encyclical letter was addressed to the faithful of the Anglican Communion.
130. On the best mode of maintaining union, voluntary boards of arbitration, missionary bishops and missionaries, continental chaplains and the report of a committee on difficulties submitted to the conference.
131. 1 Calvin suggested that men of known worth should be appointed in different quarters of the city to report to the ministers those persons in their district who lived in open sin; that the ministers should then warn such persons not to come to the communion; and that, if their warnings were unheeded, discipline should be enforced.
132. Permanent committees on the "Sabbath and family religion," the "Bible cause" and "evangelistic work" report to the General Assembly annually.
133. Lake Chad is supposed to have been known by report to Ptolemy, and is identified by some writers with the Kura lake of the middle ages.
134. Another report gives the arrivals in 1904 as 125,567 and the departures 38,923.
135. Some specimens of these trinkets he sent back to Spain with a report of his discoveries.
136. The ministry employs inspectors, whose duty it is to visit the different parts of the country and to report on their respective position and wants.
137. The western descent of the mountains appeared to the explorers comparatively easy, and they returned to report their discovery.
138. Oxley now turned aside - led by Mr Evans's report of the country eastward - crossed the Arbuthnot range, and traversing the Liverpool Plains, and ascending the Peel and Cockburn rivers to the Blue Mountains, gained sight of the open sea, which he reached at Port Macquarie.
139. More especially as he was able to give a full report of the country through which he passed.
140. In September 1844 Calhoun, then secretary of state, sent Green to Texas ostensibly as consul at Galveston, but actually, it appears, to report to the administration, then considering the question of the annexation of Texas, concerning the political situation in Texas and Mexico.
141. Eventually a new commission was issued in 1656, and on its report, into which were inserted nineteen of the former depositions, the "servant of God" was beatified in 1661.
142. Scudamore, second secretary to the Post Office, to inquire and report whether the electric telegraph service could be beneficially worked by the Post Office, and whether it would entail any very large expenditure on the.
143. The report of the committee, which is dated January 1897, was presented to parliament in April 1899, and dealt with the practicability of the project, the route, the cost and the revenue.
144. Reports to the Postmaster-General upon proposals for transferring to the Post Of f ice the Telegraphs throughout the United Kingdom (1868); Special Reports from Select Committee on the Electric Telegraphs Bills (1868, 1869); Report by Mr Scudamore on the reorganization of the Telegraph system of the United Kingdom (1871); Journ.
145. Statistical Society (September 1872, March 1881); Report of a Committee appointed by the Treasury to investigate the causes of the increased cost of the Telegraphic Service, &c. (1875); Reports of the Postmaster-General for 1895, &c.; Journ.
146. Assoc. Report), when he drew attention to the considerable distance over which inductive effects occurred between parallel wires forming portions of telephonic and telegraphic circuits.
147. Report Brit.
148. The committee was not unanimous and made no report.
149. The corporation of Glasgow having persisted in its efforts to obtain a licence, the Treasury appointed Sheriff Andrew Jameson (afterwards Lord Ardwall) a special commissioner to hold a local inquiry in Glasgow to report whether the telephone service in that city was adequate and efficient and whether it was expedient to grant the corporation a licence.
150. Reports of Select Committee on Telephone and Telegraph Wires (1885), of Select Committee on Telegraph Bill (1892), of Joint Committee of the House of Lords and the House of Commons on Electric Powers (Protective Clauses) (1893), of Select Committee on Telephone Service (1895), of Select Committee on Telephones (1898), and of Select Committee on Post Office (Telephone) Agreement (1905); Treasury Minutes (1892 and 1899); Annual Reports of the Postmaster-General; Report to the Treasury by Sheriff Andrew Jameson on Glasgow Telephone Enquiry (1897); H.
151. On the 23rd of November the report of the commission was read to the Chamber amid intense excitement.
152. In spite of the gravity of the charges formulated against many prominent men, the report merely deplored and disapproved of their conduct, without proposing penal proceedings.
153. The report, however, sealed the fate of the Giolitti cabinet, and on the 24th of November it resigned amid general execration.
154. After being subjected to persecution for nearly two years, Crispis character was substantially vindicated by the report of a parliamentary commission appointed to inquire into his relations with Favilla.
155. We, from the altered modern point of view, may doubt whether Butler's curious account of the mechanism of moral psychology is a simple report of facts.
156. Two able officers, Colebrooke of the Bengal Engineers, and Blair of the sea service, were sent to survey and report.
157. As bishop Stubbs says (Report of Eccl.
158. (n) Officials, even of bishops and metropolitans, need not be in holy orders, though Bishop Stubbs in his paper in the Report of the Commission on Ecclesiastical Courts seems to say so.
159. They report their opinions to the bishop, who passes final sentence (ib.
160. Joyce, The Sword and the Keys (2nd ed., 1881); Report of Ecclesiastical Courts Commission (1888); P. Fournier, Les Of icialites au moyen age (I 880); S.
161. Taunton, Law of the Church (London, 1906); Report of Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Discipline (1906).
162. In May 1666 Wren submitted his report and designs (in the All Souls collection), for this work; the old cathedral was in a very ruinous state, and Wren proposed to remodel the greater part, as he said, "after a good Roman manner," and not, "to follow the Gothick Rudeness of the old Design."
163. Mackinder in British Association Report (Ipswich), 18 95, p. 73 8, for a summary of German opinion, which has been expressed by many writers in a somewhat voluminous literature.
164. Before the Roman legions were sent into a new region to extend the limits of the empire, it was usual to send out exploring expeditions to report as to the nature of the country.
165. British Association Report (Edinburgh, 1892), p. 699.
166. 6 " Geomorphologie als genetische Wissenschaft," in Report of Sixth International Geog.
167. Report VI.
168. Forel, " La Limnologie, branche de la geographie," Report VI.
169. Voelcker yielded 34.92% tricalcium phosphate, a specimen of the shale 52.15% (Report of Brit.
170. Watson, " Report on the Anatomy of the Spheniscidae," Challenger Reports, 1883.
171. He presented a famous report in the Constituent Assembly on the organization of the army, but is better known by his eloquent speech on the 28th of February 1791, at the Jacobin Club, against Mirabeau, whose relations with the court were beginning to be suspected, and who was a personal enemy of Lameth.
172. Bessel, Pop. Vorlesungen, P. 543; Report Brit.
173. Matthews, "The Prayer of a Navajo Shaman," in American Anthropologist, i.; idem, "The Mountain Chant; a Navajo Ceremony," in Fifth Report of Bureau of American Ethnology; J.
174. In early times irrigating canals distributed the waters over the plain, and made it one of the richest countries of the East, so that historians report three crops of wheat to have been raised in Babylonia annually.
175. Of his astronomical writings during this period the most important are his investigation of the mass of Jupiter, his report to the British Association on the progress of astronomy during the 19th century, and his memoir On an Inequality of Long Period in the Motions of the Earth and Venus.
176. '' One of the sections of his able and instructive report was devoted to "A Comparison of the Progress of Astronomy in England with that in other Countries," very much to the disadvantage of England.
177. Their chief men, he adds, were specially lavish through their desire of good report.
178. Holloway, Indianapolis, a Historical and Statistical Sketch (Indianapolis, 1870); the Indianapolis Board of Trade's Report on the Industries of Indianapolis (1889); Civic Studies of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, 1907 seq.), edited by Arthur W.
179. (ii.) There is the report of the empty grave; historically, not easily waved aside.
180. AItoff, Peuples et langages de la Russie (Paris, 1906), based on the report of the Russian Census Committee of 1897.
181. Their interest for the laity lies ' An ukaz of 1879 gave the governors the right to report secretly on the qualifications of candidates for the office of justice of the peace.
182. On the whole, the best statistical source for this information is the annual computation published by the Archiv fiir Eisenbahnwesen, the official organ of the Prussian Ministry of Public Works; but the figure quoted above utilizes the Board of Trade returns for the United Kingdom and the report of the Interstate Commerce Commission for the United States.
183. United Kingdom, 1908.39,316 £ 33,333 United States, 1908.254,192 10,372 2 1 he figures for the United States are from the report of the Interstate Commerce Commission for the year ended 30th of June 1908, and comprise mileage of first, second, third and fourth tracks, and paid-up capital in the hands of the public only.
184. If the officer appointed by the Board of Trade should, after inspection of the railway, report to the department that in his opinion " the opening of the same would be attended with danger to the public using the same, by reason of the incompleteness of the works or permanent way, or the insufficiency of the establishment for working such railway," it is lawful for the department to direct the company to postpone the opening of the line for any period not exceeding one month at a time, the process being repeated from month to month as often as may be necessary.
185. The department is authorized, on receipt of such report, to direct an inquiry to be made into the cause of any accident so reported, and the inspector appointed to make the inquiry is given power to enter any railway premises for the purposes of his inquiry, and to summon any person engaged upon the railway to attend the inquiry as a witness, and to require the production of all books, papers and documents which he considers important for the purpose.
186. The inspector, after making his investigation, is required to make a report to the Board of Trade as to the causes of the accident and the circumstances attending the same, with any observations on the subject which he deems right, and the Board " shall cause every such report to be made public in such manner as they think expedient."
187. It should be noted that although the inspecting officer may in his report make any recommendations that he may think fit with a view to guarding against any similar accident occurring in the future, no power is given to the Board of Trade, or to any other authority, to compel any railway company to adopt such recommendations.
188. The moral effect of the report, with the criticisms of the company's methods and recommendations appended thereto, is great, and it rarely happens that a company refuses to adopt, or at any rate to test, the recommendations so made.
189. Haney, A Congressional History of Railways (2 vols., Madison, Wis., 1908 and 1910); Elkins Committee Report (1905); F.
190. In the United States a committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers, appointed to consider the question of rail manufacture in consequence of an increase in the number of rail-failures, issued an interim report in 1907 in which it suggested a range of carbon from 0-55 to 0-65% for the heaviest sections of Bessemer steel flange rails, with a phosphorus maximum of 0.085%; while the specifications of the American Society for Testing Materials, current at the same period, put the carbon limits at o 45 to 0-55%, and the phosphorus limit at o io.
191. D According to the Report, for the best results both H and h should be made as great as practicable, and then d= o 21D-l-o 16h, b=2d or o.
192. For further information regarding the standard engine of comparison see the article Steam Engine and also the " Report of the Committee on the Thermal Efficiency of Steam Engines," Proc. Inst.
193. It provided that the powers of the light railway commissioners should continue until determined by parliament, and also provided, inter alia, that in cases where the Board of Trade thought, under section (9) subsection (3) of the original act, that a proposal should be submitted to parliament, the Board of Trade itself might submit the proposals to parliament by bringing in a bill for the confirmation of the light railway order, with a special report upon it.
194. Addison, Report to the Board of Trade (1894) on Light Railways in Belgium.
195. The report, however, would be of greater value if the names of the medium and of the working members of the committee were given - we only know that of Serjeant Cox - and if they had written independent accounts of what they witnessed.
196. (Oxon.)], Spirit Identity and Spirit Teaching; Zbllner, Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen (the part relating to spiritualism has been translated into English under the title Transcendental Physics by C. C. Massey); Report of the Seybert Commission on Spiritualism (Philadelphia, 1887); Professor Th.
197. Iii.; Clarence King and others in the Report of the Fortieth Parallel Survey (U.S. Geol.
198. See Geographical Journal, passim; and Atoll of Funafuti: Borings into a Coral Reef (Report of Coral Reef Committee of Royal Society, London, 1904).
199. At the London International Exhibition of 1851 he had charge of the department of machinery, and wrote a report on the machinery and tools on view at that exhibition.
200. - Clarence King, Report of the Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel (Professional Papers of the Engineer Department, U.S. Army); George M.
201. The cliffs and woods have been so far disfigured by quarries that public feeling was aroused, and in 1904 an "Avon Gorge Committee" was appointed to report to the corporation of Bristol on the possibility of preserving the beauties of the locality.
202. Spec. Report Series, No.
203. The commissioners on criminal law (sixth report) remark that "although the law forbids all denial of the being and providence of God or the Christian religion, it is only when irreligion assumes the form of an insult to God and man that the interference of the criminal law has taken place."
204. A great part of Farr's literary production is to be found in the papers which, from 1839 to 1880, he wrote for each annual report of the registrar-general on the cause of the year's deaths in England.
205. A report that Herod was dead co-operated with their exhortations to send the iconoclasts to their appointed work.
206. Napoleon, after the report of the assembly, established the consistorial system which remained in force, with its central consistory in the capital, until the recent separation of church and state.
207. The Cretans themselves, however, were eager for a change, and, disappointed in the hope of a Genoese occupation, were ready, as is stated in the report of a Venetian commissioner, to exchange the rule of the Venetians for that of the Turks, whom they fondly expected to find more lenient, or at any rate less energetic, masters.
208. Venezelo and his followers, having obtained an amnesty, laid down their arms. A commission appointed by the powers to report on the administrative and financial situation drew up a series of recommendations in January 1906, and a constituent assembly for the revision of the constitution met at Canea in the following June.
209. Owen, "A Biography of Mississippi," in the Annual Report of the American Historical Association, 1 899, i.
210. 633-828 (Washington, 1900); "Report of the Mississippi Historical Commission" in the Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, v.
211. Kunz; Report of the Secretary of Agriculture in Relation to the Forests, Rivers and Mountains of the Southern Appalachian Region (Washington, 1902); Climatology of North Carolina (Raleigh, 1892); and H.
212. An actual mitre or the figure of one was sometimes carried, and sometimes suspended over the tomb " (Report on the Ornaments of the Church, p. 106).
213. The question of the use of the mitre in the Anglican Church is dealt with in the Report of the Sub-Committee of the Convocation of Canterbury on the Ornaments of the Church and its Ministers (1908).
214. Proc. R.G.S., 1887; Henry Lansdell, Through Central Asia (London, 1887); Archibald Colquhoun, Report on Railway Connexion between Burma and China (London, 1887); Major C. Yate, Northern Afghanistan (Edinburgh, 1888); Captain F.
215. This police report at least serves to show the kind of rumour then current.
216. He thoroughly organized the department, and in his able annual report advocated the construction by government aid of a railroad to the Pacific Coast.
217. A report upon them was presented to the St Petersburg academy of sciences by O.
218. Whittaker's Report, 1892, on these MSS., as newly catalogued and reclassified by.
219. In 1639 he accompanied Pedro Texiera in his second exploration of the Amazon, in order to take scientific observations, and draw up a report for the Spanish government.
220. Its report, published in 1882, testified to " the great extent and intensity of the distress which has fallen upon the agricultural community.
221. The report of the commission of 1893 was issued in March 1896.
222. In the majority report it was stated " that, in order to place agricultural lands in their right position as compared with other ratable properties, it is essential that they should be assessed to all local rates in a reduced proportion of their ratable value."
223. The other measure arising out of the report of the royal commission of 1893 was the Agricultural Holdings Act 1900.
224. The practice is for the Board of Agriculture to appoint local estimators, who report in the autumn as to the total production of the crops in the localities respectively assigned to them.
225. It may, however, be noticed that the period 1850-1903 was marked by a steady increase of the cash wages of the farm labourer, as indicated in the following table from the Report on the Earnings of Agricultural Labourers issued by the Board of Trade in 1905.
226. American literature began as far back as 1788, when a report on the Hessian fly was issued by Sir Joseph Banks; in 1817 Say began his writings; while in 1856 Asa Fitch started his report on the " Noxious Insects of New York."
227. On the passing of the act of parliament in 1545 enabling the king to dissolve chantries and colleges, Parker was appointed one of the commissioners for Cambridge, and their report saved its colleges, if there had ever been any intention to destroy them.
228. In 1832 he was elected to the state House of Representatives, where, as chairman of a sub-committee, he submitted a report denying the right of Congress to exercise any control over the states.
229. John Knox accused the queen of undue intimacy with Beton, and a popular report of a similar nature, probably unfounded, was revived in 1543 by Sir Ralph Sadler, the English envoy.
230. (1903); P. Pelseneer, " Report on the Pteropoda," Zool.
231. Lucien now consolidated the work of the soldiery by procuring from the Ancients a decree which named Bonaparte, Sieyes and Ducos as provisional consuls, while a legislative commission was appointed to report on necessary changes in the constitution.
232. On the 30th of January he caused the official French paper, the Moniteur, to publish in extenso a confidential report sent by Colonel Sebastiani describing his so-called commercial mission to the Levant.
233. They accordingly resolved not to give up Malta unless Lord Whitworth, the British ambassador at Paris, "received a satisfactory explanation" relative to the Sebastiani report.
234. Armed with this and the false report of a spy, who charged the wife of Desmoulins with conspiring for the escape of her husband and the ruin of the republic, Fouquier-Tinville by threats and entreaties obtained from the jury a sentence of death.
235. The report of the Dardanelles commission, which was published in March '917, confirmed the view of the public that some of the blame for that mismanaged enterprise rightly attached to Mr. Churchill.
236. This MS., the contents of which are fully catalogued in the Fourth Report (1874) of the Historical MSS.
237. The earliest of these is his report of the argument of James Otis in the superior court of Massachusetts as to the constitutionality of writs of assistance.
238. Jerdon's Birds of India (8vo, 1862-1864; 1 A very useful list of more general scope is given as the Appendix to an address by Mr Sclater to the British Association in 1875 (Report, pt.
239. This report is contained in the Comptes rendus for the following year (iv.
240. It was again put down in 1559, and was finally forbidden to the clergy of the English Church by the unratified canons of 1571 (Report of the sub-committee of Convocation, 1908).
241. Wilgus, "Evolution of Township Government in Ohio," in the Annual Report of the American Historical Association for 18 94, pp. 403-412 (Washington, 1895); D.
242. East of the Rocky Mountains (Washington, 1891), and his Report on the Mound Explorations of the Bureau of Ethnology in the 12th Report (1894) of that Bureau, supplementing his earlier bulletins, Problem of the Ohio Mounds and the Circular, Square and Octagonal Earthworks of Ohio (1889); and W.
243. (1886); "Report of Geological Exploration of Shores of Lake Baikal," in Zapiski of East Siberian Branch of Russ.
244. Lord Cromer in his report on the Sudan for 1906 remarks that: " There seems to be some reason for thinking that the future-or at all events the immediate future-of Sudan agriculture lies more in the direction of cultivating wheat and other cereals than in that of cultivating cotton."
245. Figures are difficult to obtain, but an official report from the Japanese Residency General in 1907 estimated the crop at about 214,000 bales, all being used locally.
246. To these publications were at various times added the annual report, issued in December, the American crop report, issued in September, and the daily advices by cable from America, issued every morning."
247. Arbitrators report on deliveries and award allowances on those of grades above " middling " and deductions of price from those below.
248. But each of the three sections of their army was routed in turn in Asia Minor by the princes of Sivas, Aleppo and Harran, in the middle of I ror; and only a few escaped to report the crushing disaster.
249. These views found a new medium of publicity in 1904 when an independent native I Report by resident-commissioner H.
250. For current information see the annual report on Basutoland (Colonial Office, London).
251. Honorius at first established his court at Milan, but, on the report of the invasion of Italy, fled to Ravenna, where he resided till his death on the 27th of August 423.
252. His early friend and school companion, Adelmann, archdeacon of Liege, wrote to him letters of expostulation on the subject of this report in 1046 and 1048; and a bishop, Hugo of Langres, wrote (about 1049) a refutation of the views which he had himself heard Berengar express in conversation.
253. Fruits normally form the principal crop; the total value for 1907-8 of the fruit crops of the state (including oranges, lemons, limes, grape-fruit, bananas, guavas, pears, peaches, grapes, figs, pecans, &c.) was $6,160,299, according to the report of the State Department of Agriculture.
254. But the unusual severity of the winters of 1887, 1894 and 1899 (the report of the Twelfth Census which gives the figures for this year being therefore misleading) destroyed three-fourths of the orange trees, and caused an increased attention to stockraising, and to various agricultural products.
255. In 1852 Tallahassee established a public school; and in 1860 there were, according to a report of the United States census, 2032 pupils in the public schools of the state, and 4486 in " academies and other schools."
256. Norton's Handbook of Florida (2nd edition, New York, 1892); the volumes of the Twelfth Census of the United States (for 1900) which treat of Agriculture and Manufactures, and the Special Report on Mines and Quarries for 1902.
257. Yet when Conference met at Tunstall in the latter year to celebrate its jubilee it could report 675 ministers and 11,384 local preachers, 132,114 members, 2267 chapels, 167,533 scholars and 30,988 teachers.
258. Sand bars keep filling up the mouths of these channels, necessitating frequent dredging and extension of the breakwaters, work undertaken by the Federal government, which also maintains a most comprehensive and completeystem of aids to navigation, including lighthouses and lightships, fog alarms, gas and other buoys, life-saving, storm signal and weather report stations.
259. 1 Report of Deep Waterways Commission (1896).
260. He appeared personally before successive legislative committees, and in 1846 published a pamphlet, "The Reorganization of the Judiciary," which had its influence in persuading the New York State Constitutional Convention of that year to report in favour of a codification of the laws.
261. On receiving this report confirmed it on the 31st of July 1548 by the breve Pastoralis officii cura.
262. See Charles McCarthy, The Antimasonic Party: A Study of Political Anti-Masonry in the United States, 1827-1840, in the Report of the American Historical Association for 1902 (Washington, 1903); the Autobiography of Thurlow Weed (2 vols., Boston, 1884); A.
263. Davis's Report on the Military Government of Porto Rico.
264. (ibid., 1902); Report on the Census of Porto Rico (Washington, 1900); W.
265. Report, 1903, p. 628, and later papers in the Journ.
266. The question was explicitly suggested by the report that the Egyptian priest in the Oasis had hailed him in the god's name as the son of Ammon.
267. Rev. ii., 188 7, p. 317 seq.; Niese, Historische Zeitschrift, lxxix., 18 97, p. 1, seq.); even the explicit statement in Arrian as to Alexander and the Arabians is given as a mere report; but we have wellauthenticated utterances of Attic orators when the question of the cult of Alexander came up for debate, which seem to prove that an intimation of the king's pleasure had been conveyed to Athens.
268. In March 1791 he was appointed commissioner to report on the national property (biens nationaux) in the town, and in September 1792 was elected a member of the council-general of the department of the Somme.
269. A full report of the trial at Vendome was published in four volumes at Paris in 1797, Debats du proces, &c. (W.
270. Relief maps are frequently objected to on 2 Professor Henrici, Report on Planimeters (64th meeting of the British Association, Oxford, 1894); J.
271. ' See "The Survey in British Africa": the Annual Report of the Colonial Survey Commission.
272. See Sir Joseph Prestwich, Geology (1888); Sir John Evans, Ancient Stone Implements of Great Britain, p. 512; Report on the Cave, Phil.
273. See Victoria County History: Yorkshire; Eighth Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts (1870-1897); Book of Entries of the Pontefract Corporation, 1653-1726 (ed.
274. As the British consular report for 1904 says, "Building.
275. Benson, Report on Prospects of Research in Alexandria (Egypt Expl.Fund Archaeological Report, 1894-1895); Bulletin de la Societe Archiologique d'Alexandrie(1898 foll.); O.
276. In this hopeless state of affairs a false report reached Emmet at one of his depots at nine o'clock in the evening that the military were approaching.
277. In the report of 1835 the borough is said to consist of seventeen parishes and to be unfit for corporate government.
278. Preussischen Akademie for the 9th July 1903; Babu P. Mukherji, Report on a Tour of Exploration of the Antiquities in the Terai (Calcutta, 1903); V.
279. Of the Report for1895-1896of the United States commissioner of education there is a detailed "Bibliography of Horace Mann," containing more than 700 titles.
280. The London Hibernian Society asked him to accompany Dr David Bogue, the Rev. Joseph Hughes, and Samuel Mills to Ireland in August 1807, to report on the state of Protestant religion in the country.
281. Their report is still extant, and among the movements initiated as a result of their visit was the Circulating School system.
282. 4 (report on steam navigation of the United States by T.
283. C. Purdy), and Census of 1890 (report on transportation by T.
284. 2, 1904); for the Civil War and Reconstruction period compare below, also American Historical Association, Annual Report, 1892; (for courts during Civil War); also John R.
285. 16, pp. 243-288 (1895) United States Geological Survey, 22nd Annual Report, 1901, C. W.
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288. See Civil Reports of the American military government, 1899-1902; United States commissioner of education, Report,.
289. See the valuable General Descriptive Report on the Bahama Islands, by Sir G.
290. Carter (governor, 1898-1904), issued in place of the ordinary annual report by the Colonial Office, London, 1902; also, Governor R.
291. Rawson's Report, 1866; Stark's History and Guide to the Bahama Islands (Boston, Mass., 1891); Bahama Islands (Geog.
292. Apart from unimportant modifications, the form of the budget must have remained unchanged until the organic reforms of Selim III., while its complete transformation into European shape dates only from the year 1278 (1862), when Fuad Pasha attached a regular budget to his report on the financial situation of the empire.
293. Seeing the rapid increase of the financial burdens of the state, a commission of experts, British, French and Austrian, was charged, (1860) with setting the affairs in order, and with their assistance Fuad Pasha drew up the budget accompanying his celebrated report to the sultan in 1862.
294. The report drawn up by the commission on the results of its labours was submitted to the Council of Ministers, which then finally drew up a general summary of the definitive budget and submitted it by mazbata (memorandum) for the imperial sanction.
295. As pointed out by Sir Adam Block, the representative of the British and Dutch bondholders, in his report for 1908-1909, the above arrangement would have been prejudicial to the bondholders had the public debt not been " unified " (as described below) since, however, as a result of that unification, the ceded revenues now produced a sum more than sufficient for the service of the debt, it was only the surplus of revenue reverting to the government which was affected.
296. The ceded revenues, exclusive of the " contributive parts " and the excess from commercial treaties, were estimated by Bourke, in his report to the bondholders on the decree of Muharrem, at £I,812,562 (£T1,993,818).
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299. For the Anglican usage see the Report of the Sub-committee of Convocation on the Ornaments of the Church, &c. (London, 1908).
300. He was appointed reporter of the commission charged with the preparation of the law, and his masterly report at once marked him out as one of the coming leaders.
301. Previous to that almost the only special report was the misleading one of Lieut.
302. Greely, Report on the Proceedings of the United States Expedition to Lady Franklin Bay, Grinnell Land, vols.
303. When the Norsemen came to Greenland they found various remains indicating, as the old sagas say, that there had been people of a similar kind as those they met with in Vinland, in America, whom they called Skraeling (the meaning of the word is uncertain, it means possibly weak people); but the sagas do not report that they actually met the natives then.
304. As to the discovery of Greenland by the Norsemen and its early history see Konrad Maurer's excellent paper, " Geschichte der Entdeckung Ostgronlands " in the report of Die zweite 1 Cf.
305. See also a Handbook of Cardiff and District, prepared for the use of the British Association, 1891; Cardiff, an Illustrated Handbook, 1896; the Annual Report of the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce; the Calendar of the University College.
306. Recent papers on coral reefs are published in the Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution, 1917; and F.
307. The falls can only be approached from below, where a monastery has been erected, the resort of countless pilgrims. Their height is estimated at 70 ft., and by Tibetan report the hills around are enveloped in perpetual mist, and the Sangdong (the " lion's face "), over which the waters rush, is demon-haunted and full of mystic import.
308. By the sub-committee of Convocation in their Report (1908) these vestments are wrongly classed as copes, i.e.
309. The Report of the five bishops divides them into three schools: (1) the moralizing school, the oldest, by which - as in the case of St Jerome's treatment of the Jewish vestments - the vestments are explained as typical of the virtues proper to those who wear them; (2) the Christological school, i.e.
310. Westerton (1857), and is admitted in the Report of the five bishops to Convocation on The Ornaments of the Church and its Ministers (1908), which adduces conclusive evidence.
311. This argument is dealt with in the bishop's Report, p. 66.
312. See Report, p. 68.
313. Report of sub-committee of Convocation, pp. 48, 49).
314. Thirty years after the Ridsdale judgment, the ritual confusion in the Church of England was worse than ever, and the old ideal expressed in the Acts of Uniformity had given place to a desire to sanctify with some sort of authority the parochial "uses" which had grown up. In this respect the dominant opinion in the Church, intent on compromise, seems to have been expressed in the Report presented in 1908 to the convocation of the province of Canterbury by the sub-committee of five bishops appointed to investigate the matter, namely, that under the Ornaments Rubric the vestments prescribed in the first Prayer Book of Edward VI.
315. The five bishops in their Report, tracing the various vestments to their origins, conclude that they are meaningless in themselves, and therefore things indifferent.
316. For the vestment question in the Church of England see the Report of the sub-committee of Convocation on The Ornaments of the Church and its Ministers (1908); Hierurgia Anglicana, documents and extracts illustrative of the ceremonial of the Anglican Church after the Reformation, new ed.
317. In this he criticizes the bishops' Report in a sympathetic spirit, but points out how intimately the symbolism of the vestments had become associated with the doctrine of the Sacrifice of the Mass, and how logical was the action of the Reformers in rejecting certain of these vestments.
318. This fiscal policy he pursued during his three Federal premierships (1903-4, 1905-8, 1909-10), and he was also a strong supporter of Australia's cooperation in Imperial defence, being responsible for the acceptance of the measure authorizing Australian naval construction in 1909 and for the invitation to Lord Kitchener to come to Australia to report on the question of defence.
319. As chairman of the judiciary committee, he brought forward a number of measures for the improvement of judicial procedure, and in May 1826 joined with Benton in presenting a report on executive patronage.
320. His report convinced the most incredulous of the reality of the charges.
321. In 1820 he secured the appointment of a committee to report on the expense of collecting the revenue.
322. Assoc. Report, 1890, 145).
323. An excellent summary regarding the magnetic properties of matter, with many tables and references, has been compiled by du Bois (Report to the Congres Int.
324. Dupont, Report on a Visit of Investigation to ...
325. Hutchinson, Report on Trade in Brazil (Washington, 1906); F.
326. The Commons had ordered to be printed, among other papers, a report of the inspectors of prisons on Newgate, which stated that an obscene book, published by Stockdale, was given to the prisoners to read.
327. The report of this commission was then handed over to a committee of cardinals, who pronounced unanimously for the nullity of the orders in question.
328. In 1576 Manuel de Mesquita Perestrello, commanded by King Sebastian to explore the coast of South Africa and report on suitable harbours, -made a rough chart, even then of little use to navigators, which is of value as exhibiting the most that was known of the country by its discoverers before the advent of their Dutch rivals, who established themselves at Cape Town in 1652.
329. The merchants, however, despatched an expedition under Dr Andrew Smith to inquire into the possibilities of the country, and the favourable nature of his report induced a party of Dutch farmers under Piet Uys to go thither also.
330. In August 1907 the report of the Native Affairs' Commission was published.
331. The unrest in Zululand delayed action being taken on the commission's report.
332. For the native inhabitants, besides the works quoted under Kaffirs, valuable information will be found in Native Customs, H.C. 292 (1881), the Report of the Native Affairs' Commission, 1906-1907, Cd.
333. 3889 (1908); the Report of the South African Native Affairs' Commission, 1903-1905, Cd.
334. On July 25 at the London Mansion House Mr. Balfour publicly indorsed the full Yugoslav programme, as formulated by the Serbian minister, Mr. Jovanovic: but the latter's full report to his home Government was answered by a severe snub, and during the winter he too was dismissed for his Yugoslav sentiments.
335. There is no clear evidence as to when the building was begun, some placing it among the temples projected by Pericles, others assigning it to the time after the peace of Nicias in 421 B.C. The work was interrupted by the stress of the Peloponnesian War, but in 409 B.C. a commission was appointed to make a report on the state of the building and to undertake its completion, which was carried out in the following year.
336. The commission was deputed to inquire into and report on certain of the grievances adversely affecting the gold industry.
337. Hutchins, Transvaal Forest Report (Pretoria, 1904); Transvaal Dept.
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339. P. Hillier, Raid and Reform (1898) and South African Studies (1900); Report of the Trial of the (Johannesburg) Reform Prisoners (1896); Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Jameson Raid, Blue-book (165) of 1897; Report of the Select Committee of the Cape Parliament on the Jameson Raid (Cape Town, 1896); Jameson Trial, Transcript from Shorthand Writers' Notes and Copies of Exhibits (2 vols., 1896); E.
340. There appears, however, to be no truth in the report that Bayezid succeeded in bribing the pope to have Jem poisoned.
341. 12; Archer, Report on a Journey in the Mekong Valley; Prince Henri d'Orleans, Around Tonkin and Siam (1894); M`Carthy, Report on a Survey in Siam (1894); Bulletins, Paris Geographical Society: H.
342. See "Report on the Helm Wind Inquiry," by W.
343. And other Armenian writers report the same of the Armenian Paulicians or Thonraki, and add that they smashed up crosses when they could.
344. A committee of the British Association in 1904 issued a valuable report on the subject.
345. He served on the ecclesiastical courts commission of 1881-1883, and wrote the weighty appendices to the report.
346. The scheme, in the main the work of Sieyes, was refused by the Convention, who submitted the whole question to a special commission of six, which under the influence of Robespierre adopted a report by Michel le Peletier de Saint Fargeau shortly before his tragic death.
347. Lombroso, Antropometria di 400 delinquenti (1872); Roberts, Manual of Anthropometry (1878); Ferri, Studi comparati di antropometria (2 vols., 1881-1882); Lombroso, Rughe anomale speciali ai criminali (1890); Bertillon, Instructions signaletiques pour l'identification anthropometrique (1893); Livi, Anthropometria (Milan, D900); Furst, Indextabellen zum anthropometrischen Gebrauch (Jena, 1902); Report of Home Office Committee on the Best Means of Identifying Habitual Criminals (1893-1894).
348. From 1871 to 1890, while another report gives an output valued at $23,000,000 U.S. gold in the fifteen years from 1884 to 1899.
349. Messrs Barnes and Baker were subsequently released, and in due course made their report on the occurrence.
350. Reference may also be made to Arago, "Joseph Fourier," in the Smithsonian Report (1871).
351. Garstin's Report upon the Basin of the Upper Nile (Egypt, No.
352. The report, issued in 1902, showed apprehension to be well founded.
353. This commission issued an interim report in 1888 (the final report did not appear until 1891), which disclosed the inefficiency of the board in certain respects, and also indicated the existence of corruption.
354. Published annually; Returns relating to the London County Council, published annually; the annual report and accounts of the Metropolitan Water Board, and the metropolitan police accounts.
355. The name of the small street is evidently a corruption, and in the valuable Report of the MSS.
356. Of the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's (Ninth Report of the Historical MSS.
357. A corroboration is also to be found in the report of the first census for 1801, where a calculation is made of the probable population of the years 1700 and 1750.
358. Was appointed by the lieut.-governor of Natal in February 1878 to report on the boundary question.
359. Lister, Report on Forestry in Natal and Zululand (Maritzburg, 1902); Zululand Lands Delimitation Commission, 1902-4, Reports (Maritzburg, 1905); A.
360. Tyler, Forty Years among the Zulus (Boston, 1891); British official Military Report on Zululand (1906); W.
361. The British Cabinet thereupon despatched Lord Kitchener to the Aegean to investigate and to report.
362. The following are the chief recent authorities: - Report of the RussoAfghan Boundary Commission (1886); Report of Lockhart's Mission (1886); Report of Asmar Boundary Commission (1895); Report of Pamir Boundary Commission (1896); J.
363. Scott O'Connor, The Silken East (London, 1904); Talbot Kelly, Burma (London, 1905); an exhaustive account of the administration is contained in Dr Alleyne Ireland's The Province of Burma, Report prepared on behalf of the university of Chicago (Boston, U.S.A., 2 vols., 1907).
364. The report of the commission of excise, dealing with glass, published in 1835 is curious and interesting reading.
365. In the report of the Excise Commission a list is given of the glass manufactories which paid the excise duty in 1833.
366. Of Reports of the 12th Census, pp. 9491000, and Special Report of Census of Manufactures (1905), Part III., pp. 8 37-935.
367. See NILE and the authorities there quoted, especially Sir William Garstin's Report upon the Basin of the Upper Nile, Egypt, No.
368. - FOr the history and references to the original memoirs see Report to the British Association, by G.
369. He drafted the report of the committee on education to the general conference in 1828, at which time he declined the bishopric of the Canada conference.
370. The Church of England chaplains report to the chaplain-general, while other chaplains report to the War Office direct.
371. One Aziru of Phoenicia) report movements of the Hittites, who were then pursuing an aggressive policy (about 1400 B.C.).
372. When the newly elected successor to the throne, the highly popular prince Christian Augustus of Augustenburg, died suddenly in Skane in May 181o, the report spread that he had been poisoned, and that Fersen and his sister, the countess Piper, were accessories.
373. He took an active part in one of the last debates of the Legislative Assembly, in which it was decided to publish a Bulletin officiel, a report continued by the next Assembly, and known by the name of the Bulletin de la Convention Nationale.
374. He continued to devote himself to questions concerning the navy and national defence, prepared a report on the English political system and the navy, and caused a decree to be passed for the formation of a committee of general defence, which after many modifications was to become the famous Committee of Public Safety.
375. The British Guiana Planters' Association appointed a sub-committee to report to the West India Commission on the manufacture of sugar, who stated the following: With canes containing 12% fibre the following percentages of sugar are extracted from the canes in the form of juice: Single crushing 76% Double crushing 85% Double crushing with 12% dilution 88% Triple crushing with Io% dilution.
376. He presented the report supporting the decree of the 3rd Ventose of the year III.
377. On the 12th Germinal he was in the tribune, reading a report on the food supplies, when the hall of the Convention was invaded by the rioters, and when they withdrew he quietly continued where he had been interrupted.
378. He was reporter of the committee which drew up the constitution of the year III., and his report shows keen apprehension of a return of the Reign of Terror, and presents reactionary measures as precautions against the re-establishment of "tyranny and anarchy."
379. This report, the proposal that he made (August 27, 1795) to lessen the severity of the revolutionary laws, and the eulogies he received from several Paris sections suspected of disloyalty to the republic, resulted in his being obliged to justify himself (October 1 5, 1 795).
380. Hornell, Ceylon Pearl Oyster Report, London, The Royal Society, part ii.
381. Cultivation under shade was recently tried with satisfactory results; " 166.65 acres cultivated under cheesecloth produced in 1903 10 bales of wrappers and 1.5 bales of fillers of tobacco per acre, the output under the old system having been 4'5 bales of tobacco per acre of which only 10% represented wrappers of good colour " (Diplomatic and Consular Report on Cuba, 1904, No.
382. The following analyses of upper leaves made at the Connecticut state station, and recorded in Report No.
383. Hoffman in the Fourteenth Report (Washington, 1896) of the Bureau of American Ethnology and A.
384. Jenks in the Nineteenth Report (1900).
385. According to native report, the gorillas sleep on these beds, which are of sufficient thickness to raise them a foot or two above the ground, in a sitting posture, with the head inclined forwards on the breast.
386. Arnaud, formerly in the Egyptian service, was the first to visit the southern Jauf and to report on the rock-cut inscriptions and ruins of Marib, though it was not till 1869 that a competent archaeologist, J.
387. Sadlier to congratulate the pasha on the success of the Egyptian arms, and no doubt with the ulterior object of obtaining a first-hand report on the real situation.
388. After a stay in Hail, where he had every opportunity of observing the character of the country and its inhabitants, and the hospitality and patriarchal, if sometimes stern, justice of its chief, he travelled on to Medina and Mecca, and returned thence to Cairo to report to his patron.
389. Each event is related in the words of eye-witnesses or contemporaries transmitted to the final narrator through a chain of intermediate reporters (rawis), each of whom passed on the original report to his successor.
390. Siemens's account of the use of this furnace for experimental purposes in British Association Report for 1882.
391. Pierce, The Freedmen's Bureau (Iowa City, 1904); Report of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction (Washington, 1866); W.
392. The delegates were bound by instructions from their towns and had to report home the decisions of the assembly for acceptance or rejection.
393. At the general election of 1910, however, his party was returned with a sweeping majority, and he was Prime llinister for three years, during which period he tackled the question of imperial defence, adopted Lord Kitchener's report of 1909, passed a measure establishing universal military training, and invited Adml.
394. Henderson to visit Australia and report on its naval needs.
395. The divine chariots and horses that make the round of the world by Yahweh's orders return to the heavenly palace and report that there is still no movement among the nations, no sign of the Messianic crisis.
396. Noteworthy is the affinity between some notions evidently not first framed by the prophet himself and the prologue to Job - the heavenly hosts that wander through the earth and bring back their report to Yahweh's throne, the figure of Satan, the idea that suffering and calamity are evidences of guilt and of accusations presented before God.
397. For a short time he was attached to the Coast Survey, but from 1844 to 1861 he was chiefly engaged in preparing the report of the expedition.
398. Far down in the Sahara, to the south of Tunisia, the Arabs report the existence of a wild ass, apparently identical with that of Nubia.
399. Taxation was heavy, and the revenue very considerable: Don Juan of Austria, in a report to Philip II., states that the land revenue alone under the last Hafsite was 375,935 ducats, but of this a great part went in tribute to the Arabs.
400. In 1836 he communicated to the Association a report on the subject of mineral and thermal waters.
401. He was a member of the committee sent by the House in 1856 to investigate the troubles in Kansas, and drafted the report of the majority.
402. Colquhoun, China in Transformation (London, 1898); Colonial Possessions Report, No.
403. Hornell, "Parasites of the Pearl Oyster," Report on the Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of Manaar, The Royal Society (1904), pt.
404. Hoffmann, "Midewiwin of the Ojibwa," in 7th Report of Bureau of American Ethnology (1891); W.
405. The report confirmed their exemption from military duty.
406. These being too incoherent to serve for a legal report, a false account of the friar's avowals was drawn up and published.
407. (4) Busk, "Report on the Polyzoa," "Challenger" Rep. pt.
408. Jackson, Report on the Geological and Agricultural Survey of Rhode Island (Providence, 1840); N.
409. When Adelaide bore a son, and a report gained currency that Otto intended to make this child his heir, Ludolf rose in revolt and was joined by Conrad of Lorraine and Frederick of Mainz.
410. No one proofed the report before it was distributed, so nobody noticed the repetition of the two paragraphs.
411. Immanuel Kant was struck by them in 1763, but in 1765, after further inquiries, concluded that two of them had "no other foundation than common report (gemeine Sage)."
412. The industrial aspect is treated in a Gartside Report, Some ElectroChemical Centres (Manchester, 1908), by J.
413. The report was favourable to the genuineness of the relics, but latterly doubts have arisen as to whether they can be regarded as earlier than the Neolithic age.
414. -The eighth volume of the Tenth Report of the United States Census (1884) contains a statistical report on the newspaper and periodical press of America by S.
415. A report addressed to Bonaparte by Fievee 1 in the year XI.
416. Abbott, produced in 1861 a valuable Report on the Physics and Hydraulics of the Mississippi River.
417. The city and the lake were named in honour of Lieutenant Albert Miller Lea (1808-1891), a West Point graduate (1831) who, on behalf of the United States government, first surveyed the region and described it in a report published in 1836.
418. The scheme recommended by the Zuider Zee Vereeniging (1886) formed the subject of a report in 1894 by a state commission.
419. The British Foreign Office report, Draining of the Zuiderzee (1901), gives full particulars of the Dutch government's scheme and a retrospect of all former proposals.
420. Report, xv.
421. In late days the Greeks report that KuvES (dogs) were the sacred animals of Anubis while those of Ophois were Aukoc (wolves).
422. C. Roberts-Austen's six Reports (1891 to 2904) to the Alloys Research Committee of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, the last report being concluded by William Gowland; the Cantor Lectures on Alloys delivered at the Society of Arts and the Contribution a l'etude des alliages (2902), published by the Societe d'encouragement pour l'industrie nationale under the direction of the Commission des alliages (2896-2900), should be consulted.
423. For a time, owing partly to a misleading report of his statement, he became "the man in all Scotland most profoundly distrusted."
424. Notwithstanding this permission there have been many agitations on the part of chemical manufacturers to obtain a less restricted use of absolute alcohol, and in 1905 an Industrial Alcohol Committee was appointed to receive evidence and report as to whether any modification of the present law was advisable.
425. 1 See Lord Kelvin, " Report on Electrometers and Electrostatic Measurements," Brit.
426. Assoc. Report for 1867, or Lord Kelvin's Reprint of Papers on Electrostatics and Magnetism, p. 260.
427. According to the Thuggee and Dacoity Report for 1879, the number of registered Punjabi and Hindustani Thugs then still amounted to 344; but all of these had already been registered as such before 1852, and the whole fraternity may now be considered as extinct.
428. 1879); Major Sleeman, Report on the Depredations committed by the Thug Gangs (Calcutta, 1840); J.
429. It must be noticed, however, that Percy independently made the same discovery, and stated his results at the meeting of the British Association (at Swansea) in 1849, but the Report was not published until 1852.
430. These proceedings were never forgotten in Asia Minor, and the report of them spread far and wide.
431. He also acted for a time as chairman of the secret committee of the Commons, and drew up the report on the examination of the Jesuit Coleman, secretary to the duchess of York.
432. The allegations made in Sacheverell's report on the examination of Coleman prompted the country party to demand the exclusion of James, duke of York, from the succession to the throne, the first suggestion of the famous Exclusion Bill being made by Sacheverell on the 4th of November 1678 in a debate- "the greatest that ever was in Parliament," as it was pronounced by contemporaries - raised by Lord Russell with the object of removing the duke from the King's Council.
433. The next summer, however, on Mr. Austen Chamberlain's resignation owing to the Mesopotamia report, he returned to the India Office as Secretary of State and began a tenure of that post which will always be memorable in Indian annals.
434. Ultimately in July 1918 there was published an elaborate report, drawn up and signed by the Viceroy as well as by the Secretary of State, recommending a series of constitutional reforms which should give the Indian peoples a large and real share in their own government.
435. The report was received so cordially in the House of Commons that Mr. Montagu was able to claim at the end of the debate as " a remarkable fact " that all speakers admitted the principle of self-government for India.
436. In India itself opinion was more divided, both among the English and among the Indians; but there was a large moderate section among both which welcomed the proposed reforms. In Dec. 1919 he had the satisfaction of passing the Government of India bill, embodying the recommendations of the report, through Parliament, and on its third reading he described it as a step in the discharge of our trusteeship for India; the ultimate justification of our rule would be in the capacity of the Indian peoples to govern themselves.
437. He sat on two royal commissions, the one on the housing of the working classes (1884), and the other on primary education (1886); and in each case the report showed evident marks of his influence, which his fellow-commissioners recognized as that of a wise and competent social reformer.
438. Their report, issued on the 18th of October, stated that they had " endeavoured to represent the Latin original more exactly in a large number of cases."
439. See Report on Explorations in Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet (Deva Dun, 1889); Tanner, "Our present Knowledge of the Himalayas," R.G.S.
440. He was sent to Congress to report Gates's success against Burgoyne, but his tardiness secured for him a sarcastic reception.
441. Henderson, in The Casket Letters (1889), was the first to publish and use as evidence a document of which the existence was made known in the fifth report of the royal commission on historical manuscripts.
442. Whether that could be, Darnley dictating while still hot from the exciting interchange of words which he meant to report, is a question for psychologists.
443. The reply may be that the Scots versions were regarded as a great secret; that Lennox was a married man; and that though Lennox in June knew about Mary's letters, doubtless from Wood, or from common report (Bishop Jewell in a letter of August 1567 mentions that he had heard of them), yet Wood did not show to him the Scots copies.
444. From the authentic report of his cup-bearer Nehemiah we see that he was a kind, good-natured, but rather weak monarch, and he was undoubtedly much under the baneful influence of his mother Amestris (for whose mischievous character cf.
445. A member of the committee of cardinals appointed to report on the "Nuremberg Recess," he recommended, in opposition to the majority, certain concessions to the Lutherans, notably the marriage of the clergy as in the Greek Church, and communion in both kinds according to the decision of the council of Basel.
446. The battle of Tiirkheim (5th of January 1675) nevertheless resulted in another and this time a decisive victory for the French; a few days after the battle Turenne could report that there was not a soldier of the enemy left in Alsace.
447. Cradock, when the report of German wireless came in, had made a signal to spread 15 m.
448. Carpenter (Knowledge, 1901, and Report, Pearl Oyster Fisheries, Royal Society, 1906).
449. It enabled him to study the Swiss and the Germans in their homes; and the report which he wrote on his return is among his most effective political studies.
450. These notes upon the French race are more scattered than the report on German affairs.
451. He presented a report upon the subject, and in the summer of the same year received orders to attend Francesco Guicciardini, the pope's commissary of war in Lombardy.
452. In Les Mceurs de la phylloxera de la vigne (1877); Dreyfus, Uber Phylloxerinen (1889); Lichtenstein, Histoire du phylloxera; the Rapports annuels a la commission superieure du phylloxera; and the excellent Report on Phylloxera drawn up by the Hon.
453. The canal was completed in 1829; in 1907 a commission appointed by the president to report on a route for a waterway between Chesapeake and Delaware bays selected the route of this canal.
454. The Agricultural Experiment Station, at Newark, publishes in its Annual Report a record of temperature and rainfall.
455. Powell, History of Education in Delaware (Washington, 1893), and a sketch in the Annual Report for 1902 of the United States Commissioner of Education.
456. Of the Report of the Superintendent of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey for 1893 (Washington, 1905) there is " A Historical Account of the Boundary Line between the States of Pennsylvania and Delaware, by W.
457. The last improvement on this instrument is mentioned in the Report of the R.A.S.
458. If Struve had employed a properly proportioned double circular diaphragm, fixed symmetrically with the axis of the telescope in front of the divided lens and turning with the micrometer, it is probable that his report on the instrument would have been still more favourable.
459. 9 3 7-34; Sir John Murray, " Presidential Address to Section E (Geography)," British A ssociation Report (Dover), 1899; M.
460. " Gazelle " in den Jahren 1874 bis 1876 (5 vols., Berlin, 1889-1890); Report of the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S.
461. In Oxford he was allowed to hold a disputation with some learned doctors on the rival merits of the Copernican and so-called Aristotelian systems of the universe, and, according to his own report, had an easy victory.
462. One of these projects, on which an elaborate report had actually to be submitted to the Emperor, was a device for which it was claimed that it had solved the problem of perpetual motion.
463. Whatever impression was made by this report, or by other rumours of the event on which it was founded, was far exceeded, about 1165, by the circulation of a letter purporting to be addressed by Prester John to the emperor Manuel.
464. He recites how he had heard of the monarch's Christian profession, diligence in good works and piety, by manifold narrators and common report, but also more particularly from his (the pope's) physician and confidant (medicus et familiaris noster), Master Philip, who had received information from honourable persons of the monarch's kingdom, with whom he had intercourse in those (Eastern) parts.
465. In 1866 a royal commission was appointed to inquire into the subject, and in its report, issued in 1871, estimated that the TABLE V.
466. A second commission, which was appointed in 1901 and issued its final report in 1905, taking 4000 f t.
467. - The most important new publication on British coal is that of the royal commission on coal supplies appointed in 1901, whose final report was issued in 1905.
468. The Report of the earlier royal commission (1870), however, still remains of great value, and must not be considered to have had its conclusions entirely superseded.
469. Traces of a somewhat similar story have also been met with among the Mongolian Tharus in northern India (Report of the Census of Bengal, 1872, p. 160), and, according to Dr Livingstone, among the Africans of Lake Ngami.
470. Part xxix., Report of the Commissioner for the Year ending June 30, 1903 (Washington, 1905).
471. An attempt was made on his life early in 1 9 04, and he was assassinated on the 28th of July of the same year by a bomb thrown under his carriage as he was on his way to Peterhof to make his report to the tsar; the assassin, Sasonov, was a member of the fighting organization of the socialist revolutionary party.
472. In 1784 he was on the committee which investigated Mesmer, and the report is a document of lasting scientific value.
473. (For the work of the botanic, forestry and scientific department, the government plantations, &c., see the Colonial Report [Miscellaneous], No.
474. Report on Uganda, No.
475. A strong movement was set on foot for the " retention of Uganda," and on the 10th of December Lord Rosebery despatched Sir Gerald Portal to report on the Portal's best means of dealing with the country, and a Mission.
476. His report was set aside by the government, which, without admitting liability, but to close the controversy with France, agreed to pay £10,000 to the French priests, and the foreign office published a categorical reply by Lugard to the accusations made.
477. The geology of British New Guinea is best known from the report of A.
478. Von Rosenberg in the Geelvink Bay districts in1869-1870(report published at The Hague in 1875).
479. Xvi., xvii.; " Geographische Untersuchungen in der Westhalfte von New Guinea," in Report of Sixth International Geographical Congress (London, 1895); J.
480. In 1869 he was again returned, and, devoting himself with exceptional ability to financial questions, was in 1870 appointed to report the budget.
481. The report of the committee of the diet was completed on the 27th of August 1518.
482. See Annual Report of the Board of Health (1896), by S.
483. Abbott; and Sixty-fourth Report of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Massachusetts (1906).
484. Since 1885 a large expenditure has been incurred in the abolition of grade For a summary statement of state labour laws in the United States in 1903 see Bulletin 54 of the United States Bureau of Labor, September 1904; and for a summary of labour laws in force at the end of 1907 see 22nd Annual Report (for 1907) of the U.S. Commissioner of Labor (Washington, 1908).
485. Finally, many private charitable corporations (about 500 in 1905) report to the state board of charity, and town and city almshouses (205 in 1904) are subject to visitation.
486. 2 According to the final report of the U.S. Adjutant-General in 1885, the enlistments were 146,730 men, of whom 13,942 died in $42,605,517.19 in the war; and private contributions of citizens are reckoned in addition at about $9,000,000, exclusive of the aid to families of soldiers, paid then and later by the state.
487. On Population: Census reports, state and Federal, publications of Bureau of Statistics of Labor, Board of Health (1869-; the Annual Report of 1896 contains an exhaustive analysis of vital statistics, 1856-1895); Board of Charity (1878-), &c. On Administration: G.
488. On Taxation: See especially the official " Report of the Commission Appointed to Inquire into the Expediency of Revising and Amending the Laws.
489. Of the Report of the United States Industrial Commission (Wash., 2901); H.
490. The subject received little attention in the United Kingdom, owing to the relatively high cost of home-produced alcohol as compared with that of imported petrol; and the use of alcohol in England for generating mechanical power was neither contemplated nor provided for by the Legislature before 1920, when, as the result of the consideration of the position by the Government, following on a report by a Departmental Committee appointed towards the end of 1918, clauses were inserted in the Finance Act of 1920 legalizing the use of alcohol for power purposes.
491. It was decreed that the Benedictine houses of each ecclesiastical province should henceforth be federated for the purposes of mutual help and the maintenance of discipline, and that for these ends the abbots should every third year meet in a provincial chapter (or synod), in order to pass laws binding on all and to appoint visitors who, in addition to the bishops, should canonically visit the monasteries and report on their condition in spirituals and temporals to the ensuing chapter.
492. Arizona, Museum-Gates Expedition of 1901; Report U.S. National Museum, 1901; Ales.
493. The princes return and report to Balak, who sends them back to put further pressure on Balaam.
494. He therefore halted his command, and, later, made a report to the emperor.
495. Grouchy meantime reported from Fleurus that Prussian masses were coming up from Namur, but Napoleon does not appear to have attached much importance to this report.
496. Orders, however, were sent to Ney, about 8 A.M., to take up his position at Quatre Bras, and if that was impossible he was to report at once and the emperor would co-operate.
497. We estimate the probability of reporting no problem for each dimension independently.
498. Persons with secondary, short secondary, and pre-secondary education achievement reported respectively 2.4%, 4.5%, and 6.0% lower health state scores.
499. The organization committee presented monthly reports to the executive.
500. The average treatment slot was reported as 20 min (ranging from 15 to 60 min).
501. The experiences and views of homeless people interviewed for the study are reported in chapter seven.
502. The state of the art and the main results in the evaluation of these systems are reported.
503. A complete table of all reported rank types is available upon request.
504. Only a slight change was reported in smoking and drinking behaviour.
505. Twenty-six of the 30 who reported sterilization said they had a family physician.
506. Coital frequency of over three times in a week was reported by only one girl, who was in the termination group.
507. The work reported in this paper represents the first part of a two part research project.
508. Many languages have mechanisms for reporting abnormal situations that arise at runtime.
509. Such reports highlight consequences that affect development prospects in general.
510. In multicellular organisms different patterns have been reported.
511. The assessment of workload and team effectiveness is reported elsewhere.
512. Only a few practices reported using the data in a more systematic way and carrying out a regular analysis of them.
513. One way of facilitating such changes was reported to be through the employment of salaried doctors.
514. Problems in recruitment and retention are exacerbated by reports of low morale throughout the profession.
515. A truncated model and the full model are reported.
516. The latter will, however, probably gather more substance from following industry reports than this book.
517. Model diagnostics are reported at the base of each set of regression.
518. Whereas oncologists and primary care physicians overwhelmingly reported having working relationships with hospice, only 57% of cardiologists reported having those contacts.
519. Joint commissioning for mental health services orities was reported to have impeded progress.
520. Most reported doing something to improve or maintain their health.
521. However patient participation activities were reported to be variable, dependent on the motivation and interest of individual general practices.
522. Several of the reports showed how such systems would be invaluable for disabled people.
523. Thus, the passive walker reported here can stand still.
524. Therefore, the geometric conditions reported below are not exhaustive.
525. There are few studies reported on the problem of motion planning in dynamic environments.
526. One such application is reported in the following paragraphs.
527. A number of control schemes for achieving this objective have been reported in the literature.
528. To date, there have been no reports of the biochemical characterization, including any cofactor requirements of this inhibitory protein.
529. The nature of the signal conveyed by a mated female to discourage subsequent matings was not reported in this case.
530. Interestingly, all known tick salivary vasodilators reported to date are lipid derivatives.
531. Of these enzymes, triosephosphate isomerase, phosphoglycerate kinase and phosphoglyceromutase have to our knowledge not been reported previously in the filarial worm.
532. Many of the above studies have reported mixed results in the efficacies of the drugs against these other helminth species.
533. Nineteen studies, including 479 patients are reported at this dose ; cures were seen in 298 (62n2 %) at 14-21 days posttreatment.
534. Two studies in children under 2 years of age are reported.
535. Transient side effects were reported in several studies for brugian filariasis, although all studies reported that these did not affect compliance.
536. After the educational intervention, interns reported greater improvement in the procedural components of the death pronouncement competency than the interpersonal ones.
537. However, some participants reported that cancer had no impact on their life priorities.
538. 46% family members who had been involved in a decision to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment reported experiencing conf lict with providers around the decision.
539. Twenty-four percent of women reported moderate to severe levels of depressive disorder 30% of breast cancer patients and 17% of gynecologic cancer patients!.
540. Early reports of sleepspecific electroencephalographic changes were not confirmed.
541. As a main success factor, all of the farmers reported the intensity of relations between the self-harvesters and the farmers.
542. The other ten reported less frequent irrigation (between 1 and 6 times a month).
543. In 5% of the cases, the source was not reported.
544. More than half of the self-harvesters reported 'trying something new' at their subplots.
545. However, there is also an interesting example where alteration of the secondary-structure connectivity is reported not to affect the folding nucleus.
546. The risk for depression was increased in participants who reported a previous poor pregnancy outcome.
547. High levels of patient satisfaction with overall care in the centre were also reported.
548. Five participants reported the importance of information as a source of control for the patients.
549. About half reported an on-site in-patient unit with an average number of 17 beds (range 1-38).
550. In reporting the findings in this paper all participants are given a pseudonym.
551. Trainees reported having to work hard to promote the role and to build effective working relationships with colleagues.
552. They also reported far less use of hospital services (particularly paediatric outpatients).
553. None of them reported any speech or hearing problems.
554. As reported in all these studies, however, there is a fair amount of variability in speakers' intuitions of syllabification, even when dialect is controlled for.
555. In short, there appear to be two possible ways of generalising beyond the findings reported here.
556. They reported being interested in what was being offered without having any pre-existing intention to take up these offers.
557. Parents' own health risk behaviours were correlated with those reported for their children.
558. A total of 107 species of parasites have been reported in cod, of which only 7 are species specific, and another 17 specific to gadids.
559. The positive sign corresponds to the rotation direction, co-current, of the experiment reported in [5].
560. A rapid review of the evidence base to support school nursing interventions is reported and developments for future research are indicated.
561. Prochlorperazine-induced akathisia in cancer patients has been reported previously.
562. Additionally, peacefully aware patients had the highest overall quality of death as reported by their caretakers in a postmortem evaluation.
563. However, cases of akathisia due to tricyclic antidepressants used as adjuvant analgesic therapy have not previously been reported.
564. Retirement income is reported only at the household level.
565. Other, denotes all other allocations, as reported by the funds.
566. After death, family members reported the actual family involvement in health care decisions near death.
567. Only the significant results are reported in the table.
568. The patients reported that they did not find the use of the assessment sheet a burden, and more than half reported that it was useful.
569. Hypnosis does seem to be a useful option, as patients reported an average of 36% reduction in pain scores after their session.
570. In addition, 5 participants died, 5 participants reported being too ill to participate, and 3 were lost due to relocation or other reasons.
571. The caregivers of the cancer patients reported feelings of confusion and helplessness.
572. Where possible, data from sufficient numbers of separate experiments should be reported to permit assessment of the reproducibility and significance of the results.
573. One thousand and thirty-five patients (22 %) reported that they were pregnant or had recently given birth.
574. Results for this grouping were quite similar to those reported above.
575. Table 3 also reports a test of the significance of the differences between the unadjusted and adjusted values.
576. Thirtyfour studies reported hospitalization data in a form other than days in hospital.
577. The reported information on the form thus might not correspond to the reality of facts.
578. Where reports from different sources conflicted, the longer duration was taken.
579. Two decisions have far-reaching implications for the validity of the results reported in this review.
580. The persistence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder into young adulthood as a function of reporting source and definition of disorder.
581. Lack of feedback to reporting sources hampered improvements in clinical practice.
582. Reliability of the palpation procedure was not reported in any papers with the exception of 1 looking at motion palpation in a mechanical model.
583. Data from this study was only reported to two significant figures.
584. In spite of a diminution in cases closed, however, programs showed remarkable stability in the kinds of cases they reported.
585. None of the reports indicated whether there were smaller effects that were statistically significant.
586. The experiments reported here do not support these findings.
587. In 2001, it reported sales and revenues totaling $20.45 billion.
588. Hence, this potential benefit is not reported at this time.
589. Traditionally, finance organizations have used voluminous paper reports, based primarily on the prior month's activity, to communicate financial information.
590. In reporting significant instances of noncompliance, auditors should place their findings in perspective.
591. Reporting should be at the major category level; individual transactions, unless significant, need not be reported.
592. If allocation is not feasible, the investment shall be reported on the basis of the predominant use of the grant.
593. Reporting will ordinarily include data in nominal dollars on investment for the year being reported upon and the preceding 4 years.
594. Additional years' data also may be reported if such data would provide a better indication of the investment.
595. Currently, outside auditor reports are not required to provide any level of assurance with regard to key internal controls.
596. The report from One Fair Wage found that Black female restaurant workers in Massachusetts make on average $7.79 less per hour ― including tips — than white men in the same positions.
597. The appointments of Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli to the top two leadership roles at the Department of Homeland Security are invalid, the Government Accountability Office found in a new report, ...
598. Michigan on Thursday reported 1,121 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, marking a new daily high in almost three months, per the AP.
599. Philadelphia has stopped sending local children to facilities operated by a nonprofit health organization where at least 41 intellectually disabled children have reported sexual assaults over the past ...
600. July 2020 tied with July 2016 as the second-hottest month ever recorded for the planet Earth, according to a report released Thursday.
601. The report covers detailed competitive outlook including the market share and company profiles of the key participants operating in the global market. Key players profiled in the report include SAP AG ...
602. The global Edge AI market report provides geographic analysis covering regions, such as North America, Europe, ...
603. report sentence examples. report. Send me a report when you're done. 253. 69. My account for the report is finished and sent off. 97. 45. She apolo­gized that she would once again need his detailed report now that the body remained missing. 65. 38 "Very good!"
604. Examples of draft report in a sentence, how to use it. 20 examples: Overall, the draft report is a rather comprehensive introduction to available…
605. Examples of report in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: We estimate the probability of reporting no problem for each dimension…
606. Writing Examples in PDF; Essay Writing Examples; Furthermore, it is essential and utmost practical to learn and practice business writing when it comes to making reports. It is best to start practicing and writing your reports, so in the long run it won’t be overwhelming for you.
607. Translations of the phrase NEXT report from english to italian and examples of the use of "NEXT REPORT" in a sentence with their translations: The next report covering the year 1996 should
608. Translations of the word report from english to italian and examples of the use of "REPORT" in a sentence with their translations: The report may contain recommendations.
609. A well-chosen quote included in your book report's introduction can help you create a thesis statement that has a powerful impact on your readers, as in this example: At its heart, the novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" is a plea for tolerance in an atmosphere of intolerance, and is a statement on social justice.
610. Introductory sentence in the Simple Present → Susan says (that)* Mary work s in an office. Introductory sentence in the Simple Past → Susan said (that)* Mary work ed in an office. 3. Change of persons/pronouns. If there is a pronoun in Direct Speech, it has possibly to be changed in Reported Speech, depending on the siutation.
611. 2 Finally, in the towns every house is provided with a detective policeman in the person of the porter (dvornik), who is charged with the duty of reporting to the police the presence of any suspicious characters or anything else that may interest them .3 In addition to the above there is also a police organization, in direct subordination to the ministry of the interior, of which the principal
612. report definition: report is defined as a collection of information about something or rumors or gossip that is being spread. (noun) An example of report is a paper a student writes about a book. An example of report is a summary of findings provid
613. That’s the conclusion of a new report by the US Sentencing Commission, which found that black men got 19.1 percent longer sentences for the same federal crimes as white men between fiscal years
614. After we report a question, it is no longer a question (and in writing there is no question mark). The word order is like that of a normal statement (subject-verb-object). reported YES/NO questions. We introduce reported YES/NO questions with ask + if:
615. Use “report” in a sentence | “report” sentence examples یادگیری لغت report در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت report اساتید زبان همیشه شاهد اعتراضات زبان‌آموزان هستند که در حفظ لغات ناکام‌اند و معمولاً جملات زیر
616. How to use format of the report in a sentence. The format of the report list of example sentences with format of the report. Log in. format of the report / examples. format of the report in a sentence - 1 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "The format of the report is determined by the CVB" about apps & extensions feedback
617. A purpose statement is a declarative sentence which summarizes the specific topic and goals of a document. It is typically included in the introduction to give the reader an accurate, concrete understanding what the document will cover and what he/she can gain from reading it. "The purpose of this report is to discuss the eating disorders
618. How to use report in a sentence. The report list of example sentences with report. report in a sentence - 34. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "By evil report and good report" Bible "report me and my cause aright" William Shakespeare "We report the news. Fox talks about the news" Jonathan Klein "We seldom report of having
619. In composition and academic writing, a thesis statement (or controlling idea) is a sentence in an essay, report, research paper, or speech that identifies the main idea and/or central purpose of the text. In rhetoric, a claim is similar to a thesis.
620. The rest of the paragraph will explain the topic sentence and give examples and reasons to back up that assertion. in the author's examples. according to the report. the information in the report includes. the report explains. the author of the report argues. Helpful 4. Question:
621. –evaluation report CPS Yorkshire and Humberside: crime sentence uplift examples have been motivated by hostility towards a person’s race, religion, Cases finalised between April and June 2020 Under hate crime legislation the courts must pass increased sentences where prosecutors evidence that offences
622. The study sponsor had no role in the design of the study, the collection, analysis or interpretation of data, THE WRITING OF THE report or the decision to submit the article for publication. You will find more usage examples at our website
623. When we use our own words to report speech, there are one or two things that we sometimes change: pronouns may need to change to reflect a different perspective; tense sometimes has to go back one tense (eg, present becomes past) - this is called backshift
624. Read our examples of informative essays and learn more about choosing a topic and how to write an informative essay to help you get started. Your thesis statement must be one sentence, making it very clear what the reader will be informed about. According to World Travel News Report, four in fifteen tourists will be pickpocketed if they
625. Examples of report in a Sentence. a special report on health. a report from our correspondent in China. She wrote a report of the meeting. He gave a detailed report on the project. She filled out a police report at the scene of the accident. the government's report on crime in 2006. Unconfirmed reports state that over 100 people were hurt.
626. A Pre-Sentence report is prepared by a Youth Justice worker with the purpose of assisting the court in determining the most suitable method of dealing with an offender. 1.2: A Pre-Sentence report can be prepared for the Juvenile Court and other Courts (Magistrates, High Bailiff’s or Court of General Gaol Delivery). 1.3
627. High quality example sentences with “a report will be forthcoming” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts several options are on the table
628. Synonyms for report at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for report.
629. report Card Comments & Phrases—Personality & Attitude Comments. Although there has been some improvement in _____'s attitude toward his schoolwork, it is not consistent. He will need continual guidance from home and school throughout the rest of the year. This report card is a reflection of _____'s attitude in school.
630. Sentence-examples for "Report" in the German-German dictionary
631. Contextual translation of "presentence report" into Spanish. Human translations with examples: yo no, report, informe, informe, informes, informar, denunciar.

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