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"Reprints" Example Sentences

1. 1906); there are also reprints of Lucinde, and F.
2. The number of modern reprints has been very considerable.
3. There are many popular reprints of The Gentle Shepherd.
4. Harrison-Ainsworth in his novel Crichton (new ed., 1892) reprints and translates some documents relating to Crichton, as well as some of his poems.
5. Other reprints have since been issued, but they are vastly inferior both in execution and value.
6. Equally interesting with these Ptolemaic supplements are collections like that of Anton Lafreri, which contains reprints of 142 maps of all parts of the world originally published between 1556 and 1572 (Geografica tavole moderne, Rome, n.d.), or that of J.
7. Camocio, published at Venice in 1576, which contains 88 reprints.
8. There are many later reprints, including some of William I-Iamilton of Gilbertfield's modern Scots version of 1722.
9. See also South Africa Handbooks, useful reprints from the paper South Africa (London, N.D.
10. He reprints and discusses the Independ- celebrated Judicia Civitatis Lundoniae of King ./ thelence of London.
11. The Archivio storico, consisting of reprints of documents with historical dissertations, dates from 1842, and was founded by Vieusseux and Gino Capponi.
12. But the reprints and editions of Crusoe have been innumerable; it has been often translated; and the eulogy pronounced on it by Rousseau gave it special currency in France, where imitations (or rather adaptations) have also been common.
13. Dialogorum de Trinitate libri duo (Hagenau, 1532); two reprints of 1 and 2, to pass for originals; No.
14. Works (beside the above): - Edition with notes of Paley's Moral Philosophy (1852); Education as a Science (1879); Dissertations on leading philosophical topics (1903, mainly reprints of papers in Mind); he collaborated with J.
15. Reprints of Florio are also numerous.
16. In four reprints, 1519, 1522, 1527, 1 535, Erasmus gradually weeded out many of the typographical errors of his first edition, but the text remained essentially such as he had first printed it.
17. Several reprints of the book have been issued since the author's death; and in 1671 a French translation by J.
18. .," which contains reprints of Napier's Descriptio of 1614, Kepler's writings on logarithms (1624-1625), &c. In 1889 a translation of Napier's Constructio of 1619 was published by Walter Rae Macdonald.
19. In 1531 the Book of Jonah appeared with an important and highly interesting prologue, the only copy known of which is in the British Museum.6 Meanwhile the demand for New Testaments, for reading or for the flames, steadily increased, and the printers found it to their advantage to issue the Worms edition of the New Testament in not less than three surreptitious reprints before 1534.
20. The first edition of Massillon's complete works was published by his nephew, also an Oratorian (Paris, 1745-1748), and upon this, in the absence of MSS., succeeding reprints were based.
21. Grosart's reprint (1872) in the Fuller Worthies Library, was published by Mr Charles Edmonds in his Isham Reprints (1895).
22. Frojus (Louvain, 1568), and the Cologne reprints (1572, 1587).
23. Arber (English Reprints, 1869), by J.
24. Reprints were made by Hearne (Oxford, 1716), by Lewis (1729, 1731), who added an appendix of documents, and by Singer (1817, 1822) and for the King's Library (1902).
25. Before his time four Italian towns had won the honours of Greek publications: Milan, with the grammar of Lascaris, Aesop, Theocritus, a Greek Psalter, and Isocrates, between 1476 and 1493; Venice, with the Erotemata of Chrysoloras in 1484; Vicenza, with reprints of Lascaris's grammar and the Erotemata, in 1488 and 1490; Florence, with Alopa's Homer, in 1488.
26. Omission has been made of Aldo's reprints, in order that the attention of the reader might be concentrated on his labours in editing Greek classics from MSS.
27. Molesworth reprints the Latin, not from the first edition of 1655, but from the modified edition of 1668 - modified, in the mathematical chapters, in general (not exact) keeping with the English edition of 1656.
28. The propositions on the circle, forty-six in number (shattered by Wallis in 1662), were omitted by Hobbes when he republished the Dialogues in 1668, in the collected edition of his Latin works from which Molesworth reprints.
29. The minor works must chiefly be sought in Bossut or reprints of him.
30. His purely journalistic activity was from the first of a varied description, ranging from sparkling " leaders " for the Daily News to miscellaneous articles for the Morning Post, and for many years he was literary editor of Longman's Magazine; no critic was in more request, whether for occasional articles and introductions to new editions or as editor of dainty reprints.
31. Heft (Munster, 1903), reprints Processus legationis in Angliam.
32. He edited many reprints and collections of sermons and lectures, and wrote: Political Economy (1840), The Principles of Science applied to the Domestic and Mechanic Arts (1841), Handbook for Readers and Students (1843), and Religious Philosophy (1870).
33. The Parkman Society Papers (Milwaukee, 1895-1899) provide a collection of good articles on special topics of Wisconsin history, and the Original Narratives and Reprints published by the Wisconsin History Commission (created by an act of 1905) deal with Wisconsin in the Civil War.
34. Fleay has suggested that the more famous anonymous tragedy of Nero (printed 1624, reprints in A.
35. This hardcover edition reprints the tales of Blackhawk, a young military aviator, that were originally published in the 1940s.
36. Containing reprints of Green's criticism of Hume, Spencer, Lewes; vol.
37. Many are transcripts of works or portions of works already published and, therefore, require no notice.2 The works hitherto printed (neglecting reprints) are the following: - (I) Speculum Alchimiae (1541) - translated into English (1597); French, A Poisson (1890); (2) De Mirabili Potestate Artis et Naturae (1542) - English translation (1659); (3) Libellus de Retardandis Senectutis Accidentibus (1590) - translated as the "Cure of Old Age," by Richard Brown (London, 1683); (4) Sanioris Medicinae Magistri D.
38. The works of Lelewel have separate mention (see Lelewel); but here may be specified the labours of Narbutt, Dzieje starozytne arodu litewskiego (" Early History of the Lithuanian People"), published at Vilna in nine volumes, and the valuable Monumenta Poloniae historica, edited at Lemberg by Bielowski, of which several volumes have appeared, containing reprints of most of the early chroniclers.
39. The snow reprints it, as it were, in clear white type alto-relievo.
40. Reprints cost about $80 for hard cover and $60 for soft cover.
41. Many magazines have websites that offer unique content only available online, as well as reprints of articles and features found in their printed publications.
42. Included on this website are reprints of old manuals and catalogs, information on different machines with restoration information and a forum.
43. To allow consumers to view all of the vitamins included in this product, Nature's Way reprints the product label on their website.
44. Most of the articles are reprints of content that first appeared in the magazine.
45. Originals, reissues and reprints can be found in abundance at Movie Posters, a site that will also purchase posters, inserts and movie stills from customers' existing collections.
46. This site also offers movie poster gift certificates, monthly specials (although these are primarily reprints and not originals), and assistance in conducting searches for specific, hard to find titles.
47. Reprints of the Aragorn advance poster are still available.
48. Hard copy reprints are available in color or black & white, single page or multi-page reprints and can be customized with text highlighting, legal disclaimers and/or your corporate logo.
49. To photocopy or forward electronic copies of articles, be sure to purchase copyright permission: Permission to make paper or digital reprints To make copies—paper or digital—of any article in Stanford ...
50. reprints are high-quality, article reproductions designed to highlight and showcase your organization's feature in Modern Healthcare. reprints are printed on 80 lb glossy, 8.5 x 11 paper and can ...
51. Were you or your company featured in an article or listing in Tire Business? If so, let our reprints help you create professionally designed reproductions of your favorable press coverage. Contact ...
52. Research Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: RSSS), a pioneer in providing cloud-based workflow solutions for R&D; driven organizations, and its wholly owned subsidiary reprints Desk, today announced it has ...
53. Environment + Energy Leader article reprints make excellent marketing collateral to use on your website, as office wall candy to tout your success and as trade show marketing material. As well, they ...
54. Now you can give those honors a long-lasting place in your home or make them a gift to your special member of the Class of 2020 by ordering broadsheet color reprints of the All-Senior teams ...
55. reprints Sentence Examples. 1906); there are also reprints of Lucinde, and F. 0. 0. The number of modern reprints has been very considerable. 0. 0. There are many popular reprints of The Gentle Shepherd. 0. 0. Harrison-Ainsworth in his novel Crichton (new ed., 1892) reprints and translates some documents relating to Crichton, as well as some of
56. reprints definition: Noun 1. plural form of reprintVerb 2. third-person singular simple present indicative form of reprint
57. High quality example sentences with “reprints of ads” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
58. How can I put and write and define variorum reprints in a sentence and how is the word variorum reprints used in a sentence and examples? 用variorum reprints造句, 用variorum reprints造句, 用variorum reprints造句, variorum reprints meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by .
59. reprints 문장 EN. 뜻 재 인쇄 Examples of reprints in a Sentence; 문장 reprint. 문장 reprinted. But once we are willing to allow one kind of pseudo-scholarship a foothold, the main rationale for closing the gates to others must logically come from judging the motivation behind them
60. 1. 1. Use reprintverb in a sentence, reprintverb meaning?, reprintverb definition, how to use reprintverb in a sentence, use reprintverb in a sentence with examples · reprinted (past participle) · reprinting (present participle) - print again or in a different form. NOUN. reprints (plural noun) - an act of printing more copies of a work : 10. 2. 1. 1.
61. Electabuzz in a sentence - Use "electabuzz" in a sentence 1. The cards featured likenesses of Electabuzz, Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Dragonite, and were dispensed in random order for each week it was in that particular theater. 2. It included reverse holographic reprints of Hitmonchan and Electabuzz from the Base Set, Rocket's Hitmonchan and Rocket's Mewtwo from Gym Challenge, and Professor Elm from

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