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settle, solve, fix, rectify, reconcile, answer, explain, fathom, unravel, disentangle,

"Resolve" Example Sentences

1. We are going to focus on resolving the issue.
2. If so, disputes over end-of-life treatments could be resolved without requiring hospitals to go to court.
3. Archaeologists, even modern-world archaeologists, are a long way from resolving such questions.
4. Similarly, the need to include buildings of different kinds and shapes for plant and services added problems that were never resolved.
5. Discrepancies in the transcription were resolved by consensus.
6. The question as to why governments do not eradicate all misdemeanors by imposing draconian penalties is yet to be resolved.
7. Her depression resolved after a year, and she was entered into a special school for children with emotional disturbance.
8. Where expert views are not resolved, assumptions, uncertainties, and risks should be clearly presented.
9. Disputes over the amount of compensation, cash or trade liberalization, can be resolved if necessary through arbitration.
10. Analytically speaking, there is a host of problems that demand to be resolved prior to starting up.
11. Children with good executive function skills are diligent, well organized, disciplined in completing tasks, and strategic in their approach to resolving problems.
12. Exact agreement was 83%; disagreements were resolved by conferencing.
13. Transcripts that were difficult to score were reviewed by both coders and resolved by conference.
14. Disagreements were resolved in favor of the primary coder.
15. Ventilation was required for four days after the operation, after which the pulmonary edema had resolved.
16. Within one week, the child clinically improved; pulmonary function were normal after 6 weeks and radiographic abnormalities resolved.
17. Disagreements were resolved by a third naive rater.
18. Rational choice theory implicitly assumes that conflicts of desires can always be resolved in this sense.
19. Do you think the problem is pret ty much resolved?
20. Believing in these worlds resolves moral dilemmas that undermine social cooperation.
21. Can we deduce from it that inherently ambiguous stimuli always get resolved one way or the other?
22. Until these discrepancies are resolved, it is difficult to evaluate the reliability of the findings using this perceptual learning paradigm.
23. The use of the notion of "intrinsic reinforcement," which has never been resolved satisfactorily, is one concern.
24. If the ventricular dilatation appears to be stable or resolving, less frequent follow up is appropriate.
25. 617 scientific analysis of the arguments, and of how the controversy evolved and was eventually resolved.
26. Quadrature detection is used for resolving the sign of the velocity.
27. We study in 3 (label-preserving) right resolving maps without the degree 1 restriction.
28. Secondary biliary cirrhosis resolved upon the relief of such obstruction.
29. The structural basis for receptor specificity has not yet been adequately resolved.
30. Issues such as the regulation of transgene expression also need to be resolved.
31. Confined placental mosaicism is usually resolved by long term culture of a placental biopsy33 or by subsequent amniocentesis.
32. Diagnostics show that the numerical representation of the flow field is sufficiently well resolved.
33. A question mark (?) indicates that the pedigree is not fully resolved.
34. Again, this can only be resolved by a more detailed study.
35. Then is left resolving in the following sense.
36. Disagreements were resolved by the more experienced coder reviewing the videotape.
37. Additionally, a dyad will only be classified as coercively attached if the attachment figure engages in the struggle which cannot be resolved.
38. Further echocardiography 8 months later suggested that the thrombus had resolved.
39. By extending the type hierarchy, say by including massing5, additional resolved feature structures become possible.
40. In addition, some fundamental questions would have to be resolved.
41. Thus, each test was coded at least twice, and all discrepancies were resolved.
42. Tofte shows how most of these problems can be resolved.
43. Between 1 ; 5 and 1 ; 6, the majority of the reduced forms were resolved, or partially resolved.
44. Inter-rater reliability was 90.5% and disagreements were resolved by discussion.
45. Correct form - doing and saying 'the right thing' - proved critical to resolving more substantive diplomatic and security issues.
46. Therefore, conflicts due to redundancy competition are resolved.
47. There are at least two ways in which this problem can be resolved.
48. Such a philosophically sanctioned inquiry for chemistry meant, however, that it resolved mixt bodies into the three spagyric principles.
49. How, if at all, are the dilemmas of that society resolved, as evidenced by the text?
50. The models investigated here generally feature complex dynamics; outside of special cases, many questions cannot be resolved analytically.
51. Once this is constructed, resolving the search induced by the goal specification, the constructed premise will provide an antecedent for a following pronominal.
52. One of the difficulties of these simulations resides in the disparity of scales, in time and in space, which must be resolved.
53. The insurgents were equally resolved to defend both.
54. Through experimentation with the individual income processes, we were able to identify some economic environments in which these puzzles could be resolved.
55. First, money only partially resolves the limited communication problem by facilitating the consumption for some agents (movers) that would otherwise be impossible.
56. Certainly, market-based approaches to resolving agrifood system issues have both promise and pitfalls, as we have seen with the organic label43,44.
57. The weakness resolves on successful treatment of the endocrine disorder.
58. The conformational problem is therefore likely to remain incompletely resolved for the foreseeable future.
59. Stent insertion resolved jaundice and sepsis in all cases and all patients were discharged from hospital.
60. During initial contact, client/counsellor issues should be recognized and resolved.
61. However, not all patients progress as quickly and, as the inflammation resolves, the arterial wall becomes thickened and tender with the pulse still present.
62. Each trial was evaluated independently by two individuals, and differences were resolved by either consensus or the independent evaluation of a third party.
63. To inform research priority setting, a measure of the societal value of resolving a particular research question is required.
64. Decisions about quality criteria and data extraction were made by one reviewer and checked by a second, with any differences in opinion resolved through discussion.
65. If this one problem is solved, it is expected that most other issues can be resolved.
66. Specific mechanisms associated with desiccation sensitivity of recalcitrant seeds are still not resolved.
67. The optimization allows for more general goals than strictly necessary to be resolved.
68. The problems of scarcity, in terms of urban space and resource, were not resolved even after economic reform.
69. The two designs could not be resolved, so three more schemes were proposed and altered several times.
70. However, opinion differs over the extent to which early modern courts generated social conflict or resolved it through promoting consensus.
71. Conflicts are resolved by appeal to higher-level principles such as authority or recency.
72. Consequently, the formation of the set of generating rules amounts to resolving positive and negative dependencies among rules.
73. In the reported experimental trials, the environment was altered to cause this type of ambiguity, and a method of resolving it is demonstrated.
74. In the "fourteen opinions" the problem was resolved.
75. Thus, we proposed the compensation technique instead of resampling for resolving the depletion problem.
76. The problem was resolved by measuring the distance of the vegetation front relative to the bay mouth instead of the land/water boundary.
77. Any differences of opinion were resolved by discussion.
78. Differences between the researchers were resolved through discussion.
79. A number of other issues also must be resolved.
80. Most musicians believed that it had resolved the harmonic problems of musical theory in the best possible way.
81. A great majority of the disagreements were subsequently resolved through discussion.
82. All these cases, however, were resolved by eliciting confessions from the suspects after confronting them with the evidence.
83. However, both the problem of fixation and that of the influence of the light-darkness contrast were now resolved.
84. In effect, there is no tension resolved by this result.
85. Puzzles and unsolved identities are resolved, blame is assigned, and peace is reestablished.
86. The auditor may also choose to report total problems reported and resolved or break them out by level of priority.
87. Challenges encountered and resolved are part of the day-to-day operation and are generally routine in nature.
88. The arousal is never resolved; it can only, in this context, lead to increased arousal.
89. Such experiences have led to a lack of confidence in the possibility of resolving problems.
90. A similar case in 1988 was resolved differently.
91. In the second patient, symptoms resolved when acetaminophen with codeine was discontinued.
92. Ideally two individuals should independently abstract the results from every study and differences resolved by consensus.
93. Injuries to nerve or tissue cause an immediate sensation of pain, or acute pain, which resolves with the resolution of the injury.
94. The intercellular bridge is severed or resolved, resulting in separation of the two daughter cells.
95. Since 9/11, those issues have not been resolved.
96. The ambiguities in their identity were not resolved, but seen in a different perspective.
97. How such choices are resolved may have a considerable effect on the efficiency of the method.
98. Disputes were increasingly resolved by arbitration and legal decision.
99. Most people believe that there is no rational way of resolving moral disagreements.
100. In resolving business issues, they were sometimes able to identify more efficient technical opportunities.
101. Azeri President Ilham Aliyev said in address to the nation that Azerbaijan wanted to resolve the conflict over its breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region by political and military means.
102. The deal resolves an issue that has weighed on CEO David Solomon since he took over from Lloyd Blankfein two years ago.
103. Russia said on Wednesday it hoped to resolve its differences with the United States on extending a key nuclear arms control treaty, amid signs that the gap between the two sides is narrowing. ...
104. San Diego-based Guild Mortgage Company has agreed to pay nearly $25 million to resolve allegations that it knowingly approved ineligible loans that later defaulted, resulting in mortgage insurance ...
105. The City of Birmingham will resolve parking tickets people recently obtained while voting absentee at the Jefferson County Courthouse.
106. How to use resolve in a sentence. Example sentences with the word resolve. resolve example sentences.
107. 168+11 sentence examples: 1. Be patient and the situation may resolve itself. 2. How can we resolve this apparent contradiction? 3. Our team made a stern resolve to win. 4. Both sides met in order to try to resolve their differences. 5. We must find
108. Examples of resolve in a sentence, how to use it. 99 examples: We are going to focus on resolving the issue. - If so, disputes over…
109. Examples of resolve in a sentence. The air conditioning unit will not work until the maintenance man can resolve the problem. 🔊 During the heated court case, the judge often had to resolve verbal disputes between the opposing attorneys. 🔊 The mechanic estimates it will take him an hour to resolve the issue preventing the car from starting
110. resolve sentence examples: would never resort to the law courts to resolve her marital did not shake his resolve.3.i can help resolve conflicts that drain come determined to be happy, with the kind of grim resolve with which one determines not to make a fuss at the dentist's . is
111. 2663445 We've resolved the problem. CK 1 1093775 Tom had trouble resolving the situation. CK 1 408327 The problem resolved itself. Liface 306091 They resolved to work harder. CM 257684 I resolved I would do my best. CM 2663231 Many problems resolve themselves. CK 294668 He resolved to turn over a new leaf. CM 44126 It is impossible to resolve the conflict. CM 1689310 Why is it necessary to
112. How to use resolve in a sentence. The resolve list of example sentences with resolve.
113. English words and Examples of Usage use "resolve" in a sentence Before Galileo's time, scholars tried to resolve questions of science by referring to authority. A committee has been formed of workers and management to try to resolve issues between them before they become a serious problem.
114. Sentence Examples And we fulfill our new role with a steely inner resolve regardless of what others may think. Very few of us have that firm resolve in ourselves to do what we are really passionate about.
115. resolve in a sentence simple examples. 7 ways to use resolve in a setence. traffic . OVERVIEW. The web site resolve. presently has a traffic classification of zero (the lower the more users). We have examined zero pages inside the web page resolve. and found ten websites referring to resolve..
116. Examples of how to use the word 'resolve' in a sentence. How to connect 'resolve' with other words to make correct English sentences.resolve (v): to solve or end a problem or difficultyUse 'resolve' in a sentenceBack to “3000 Most Common Words in English”
117. Examples of how to use the word resolve in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
118. Use “resolve” in a sentence | “resolve” sentence examples یادگیری لغت resolve در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت resolve اساتید زبان همیشه شاهد اعتراضات زبان‌آموزان هستند که در حفظ لغات ناکام‌اند و معمولاً جملات
119. resolve meaning: 1. to solve or end a problem or difficulty: 2. to make a decision formally or with determination…. Learn more.
120. Sentences for resolve. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use resolve in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for resolve. This is your final resolve! (4) One cannot resolve upon them in a hurry. (4) She will be glad of our resolve, I am sure. (10)
121. Problem-solving skills help you determine why an issue is happening and how to resolve that issue. It's one of the key skills that employers seek in job applicants. Problem-solving starts with identifying the issue, coming up with solutions, implementing those solutions, and evaluating their effectiveness.
122. resolve definition is - to deal with successfully : clear up. How to use resolve in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of resolve.
123. Translations of the phrase TO resolve IT from english to czech and examples of the use of "TO resolve IT" in a sentence with their translations: will think of a way to resolve it yourselves.
124. To resolve is to settle or make a decision about something — often formal. A college's board of directors might resolve to recruit more minority students. As a noun, resolve refers to a strong determination to do something.
125. resolve definition, to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something): I have resolved that I shall live to the full. See more.
126. Thank you for your understand [Mr X / Ms X], we are doing everything we can for resolve your problem quickly. Concluding the Service Call. The manner in which a service call is finally closed is very important as this will be the final interaction between the client and the service agent.
127. Translations of the phrase TO resolve TAX PROBLEMS from english to spanish and examples of the use of "TO resolve TAX PROBLEMS" in a sentence with their translations: to keep straight when trying to resolve tax problems .
128. 16. Resolve: Conflicts arising is also considered as a problem as it will hinder the work process. Issues that arise are to be resolved immediately to see the deadline is not hampered with. Know how to resolve by listening, communicating and using appropriate language. Bringing about amicable solution to any conflict brings in respect for you.
129. Resolute definition, firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion: Her parents wanted her to marry, but she was focused on her education and remained resolute. See more.
130. This video examines #resolve as a #verb. Here, 8 verbs, which have meanings similar to that of resolve in standard English, are introduced through sentence examples. These #synonyms help you to
131. Resolute definition is - marked by firm determination : resolved. How to use resolute in a sentence. resolve to Define resolute Synonym Discussion of resolute.
132. Python resolve - 7 examples found. These are the top rated real world Python examples of cortopy.resolve extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples.
133. Find English Sentence Examples. Input an English word or phrase. This is a case-sensitive exact word or phrase search. Try these links to search for examples with "resolve" Tanaka Corpus + Additions by T & perhaps are using more recent data. : =resolve;
134. Another word for resolve. Find more ways to say resolve, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
135. He fails to resolve problems in a timely manner. He lacks communication at work and is reluctant to support or offer assistance to those that need it. He has difficulties in understanding the strategy of the company or narrating a conceptual ideal to managers. He demonstrate a management-by-crisis style, which means a responsive style.
136. This video examines #resolve as a #verb. Here, 5 verbs, which have meanings similar to that of resolve in standard English, are introduced through sentence examples. These #synonyms help you to

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