Roguer example sentences

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scoundrel, villain, reprobate, rascal, wretch, picaro, rat, bastard, SOB, dog,

"Roguer" Example Sentences

1. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it was @roguer who gave me the glass... It perfectly illustrates the action of the cider on my brain... This 500 mL (why aren't we all using the same system? lol) ...
2. Scotland hill running international Hamish Battle has been building his endurance base by working as a tattie roguer on a local farm. It’s an arduous job which involves walking between 10 and 15 ...
3. As a little kid, my brain rewired when I first heard Eruption. Thanks to a nice LIF box from @Roguer, I am at this very moment finishing up my first ever Lunch from Maine Beer Co. It lives up to it's ...
4. roguer in a sentence - Use "roguer" in a sentence 1. For example, in a study by roguer and Yzerbyt ( 1999 ) participants watched a video showing students who were randomly instructed to find arguments either for or against euthanasia. click for more sentences of roguer: 6. 11 sentence examples: 1. The little wretches were all bedraggledfrom
5. 11 sentence examples: 1. The little wretches were all bedraggledfrom some roguery. 2. He had seen no jest in ambiguities and roguery, as the Casterbridges tosspots had done. 3. Tommy Jones amidst all his roguery, and really loved Blifil. 4. There is
6. Define roguer. roguer synonyms, roguer pronunciation, roguer translation, English dictionary definition of roguer. n a person who acts like a rogue personnel from a section of the country is to act as Guards to the Fulani occupation euphemistically called Ruga or Roguer! These two examples of extreme full blown dictatorship are being
7. 1. Use proroguer in a sentence, proroguer meaning?, proroguer definition, how to use proroguer in a sentence, use proroguer in a sentence with examples: 2. Pro·rogue (prō-rōg′) tr.v. pro·rogued, pro·rogu·ing, pro·rogues 1. To discontinue a session of (a parliament, for example). 2.

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