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disarrange, tousle, dishevel, rumple, tumble, riffle, disorder, tangle, muss, smooth,

"Ruffles" Example Sentences

1. Workers comp insurance make their cases even dust ruffles.
2. His beautiful clothes were soaked with water, and his fine white collar and ruffles were soiled and dripping.
3. Delicate pinks, soft greens, sweet lavenders, and pale yellows bring to mind sweet baby girls in lace and ruffles.
4. Fair Verona - This lingerie line is designed with woman in mind, offering flirty, sexy pieces with lots of lace, ruffles and sensual style.
5. Ruffles and pom-poms will look out of place in an ultra-modern room, just as a plain knife edge might look a little bland in an over-the-top room.
6. You can choose light colors, floral designs, lace and ruffles, or you can opt for drama with deep colors and jewel tones.
7. If your dress is very feminine, has ruffles or lace, or is a floral or other pretty print, a romantic makeup look can work for you.
8. Ruffled Tops - These are very lightweight and are edged in ruffles.
9. You can buy ribbon, sequins, beads on a string, buttons, appliqués or ruffles, all for very little money, as you can do a basic stitch.
10. Ball gown prom dresses are popular amongst girls who appreciate the ruffles and fullness that create this fairytale silhouette.
11. The short prom dresses are form fitting, and often feature ruffles or bows.
12. Jessica McClintock's long formal gowns are available with lace overlays and sheer ruffles adorning the long dresses from this designer.
13. The ball gowns are a combination of ruffles, lace, gathered skits, and tea-length formalwear.
14. Renaissance prom dresses are usually characterized by ruffles, flowing patterns, and an overall classic look.
15. This means that instead of ruffles and taffeta, urban prom dresses have open backs, bright colors, and sometimes plunging necklines (although most fathers wouldn't be too happy about that type of dress.
16. Bows, ruffles, and layers are also popular with masquerade design prom dresses.
17. A medieval prom dress is usually very traditional looking, with flowing ruffles and classical color choices.
18. If you think ruffles are too sweet and little girl for your taste, think again.
19. You'll find their gowns have tons of satin, ruffles and chiffon.
20. Simple lace and hemline ruffles are perfect for an American Western wedding, while a wedding at a historical garden in Europe may necessitate a Victorian wedding dress.
21. Try to find styles without too many ruffles or embellishments as these types of dresses can't be cut down or worn again for other dressy occasions.
22. Oscar de la Renta also inspires cakes with spring bridal designs, with plenty of ruffles and bows to spare.
23. These dresses have classic, versatile shapes that lend themselves to ever-changing trends, like asymmetrical cuts, cascading ruffles, and belted waistlines.
24. Dust ruffles are designed to conceal a visible box spring.
25. Stretchy and easy to affix to the bed, dust ruffles feature elasticized waists that easily slip right beneath the mattress and over the box spring.
26. In addition to hiding a box spring, dust ruffles also keep it (and any visible floor space) clean and dust-free.
27. Dust ruffles are typically available in three drop lengths to accommodate different box spring sizes: 15, 18 and 21 inches.
28. Since dust ruffles are so readily available, it isn't difficult to find one that fits your bed like a dream.
29. If you have a four-poster bed, a thick box spring, or you just can't find a bed skirt to match that funky comforter, a dust ruffle custom-made is a great alternative to store-bought dust ruffles.
30. Dust ruffles and bed skirts are bedding accessories that hang around the perimeter of a bed, like a skirt.
31. Though many bedding manufacturers use the terms dust ruffles and bed skirts interchangeably, there is a difference between the two types.
32. Some dust ruffles are held in place with Velcro.
33. Pre-made dust ruffles usually have a 14-, 18- or sometimes a 21-inch drop and are made to wrap around the standard bed frame sizes, which are twin, full, queen, and king.
34. If you have a thick box spring or a tall bed, you may find that standard dust ruffles are too short.
35. Some specialty bedding stores sell dust ruffles with longer drop lengths for standard frame sizes.
36. If you can't find a pre-made dust ruffle to match your bedding ensemble or if you find that standard ruffles are too short, a dust ruffle made to your specifications may be the solution to your problem.
37. If you aren't up for the task, there are several custom bedding stores online that take orders for specially made dust ruffles.
38. designs dust ruffles according to your exact specifications.
39. From curtains printed with the periodic table of elements to curtains topped with trendy ruffles.
40. What most distinguished a younger girl's dress from her older sister's were ruffles.
41. This is the age when masses of layers, ruffles and frills look the most adorable.
42. Design elements focus less on ruffles and frills and more on bright patterns and fun styles like sailor collars.
43. Angelwears also mixes it up with an inventory of white socks with colored ruffles, so you can coordinate your little girl's socks to her outfit perfectly.
44. Much of the ruffles and fluff have faded away over the years, however little girls still look beautiful in their springtime duds.
45. The dresses also feature unique embellishments, such as ruffles on the chest, sequins, rhinestones and lace-edged bottoms.
46. Expect lots of pink, ruffles, frills and other details that make dressing little girls so much fun.
47. With roses and rosettes placed onto dresses, and no shortage of ruffles anywhere, these dresses are feminine and fancy.
48. You'll find features such as ruffles and adornments like lady bugs, strawberries and rainbows.
49. They feature very feminine detailing like bows, ruffles, braid and smocks.
50. Baby girls lace ruffles socks are one of the cutest accessories with which to adorn your infant.
51. There are many reasons why the world of baby girl fashion rings heavily of lace and ruffles.
52. Lace socks with ruffles are the piece de resistance of a baby girl's dressy attire.
53. However, not all types of baby girls lace ruffles socks have to be gaudy.
54. Made of flame-resistant polyester, the gown has cap sleeves with ruffle trim and matching ruffles at the bottom.
55. The top has abbreviated cap sleeves with ruffles and the matching shorts are a brighter pink with more paw prints.
56. Both the sleeves and bottom hems have ruffles.
57. The shirt is edged with two ruffles featuring the paisley print and a zebra print, giving it a skirt-like effect.
58. The matching black pants are jersey and finished in the same paisley and zebra ruffles.
59. It buttons up the back and has a black sash and ruffles.
60. The matching black pants have ruffles on the hems.
61. Christmas Tree: Dubbed a favorite, this pink Christmas outfit features a pink top with ruffles covered in Christmas trees.
62. Lastly, pair skinny jeans with a well-cut cardigan and matching ballet flats for a dressed-up look that's not all lace and ruffles, one of the newest fashion trends for girls.
63. Ruffles and bows are endearing on a baby, but the likelihood of that dress surviving a party bound infant without a stain-fest is regrettably low.
64. Fancy doesn't mean a surplus of ruffles and bows, which can be gaudy in excess.
65. These ruffles are tasteful and the crystal designs cleanly arranged so that each piece is completely transcendent.
66. Satiny ribbons and tiered ruffles are common adornments on birthday-appropriate dresses.
67. Labels such as Biscotti, Baby CZ, D&G and Chloe manufacture adorable, high quality designs, none of which are particularly over-the-top when it comes to fashion, but include just enough pink and ruffles to make an adorable ensemble.
68. They run the gamut in prices and some are definitely more money than you would usually spend for such things, but they come with embellishments such as ruffles.
69. It's always nice to add some ruffles; they add a touch of femininity to any outfit.
70. The most common look for them is to have a single ruffle as a contiguous part of the legging at the ankle, but ruffles can also be sewn as trim in a different fabric and in several layers - or even run all the way up to the knee or thigh.
71. You can find leggings with ruffles at a number of sources.
72. If you have something specific in mind and it isn't in stores, you don't have to be very handy with a needle and thread to add some ruffles to a plain pair of leggings.
73. The leggings themselves are plain and the ruffles include such options as black and white polka dots; zebra stripes, leopard print, pink and black dots; red and white stripes and plain ruffled edges.
74. These are red leggings with red, green and white ruffles up the ankle.
75. However, you can add ruffles to leggings easily with just a bit of patience.
76. If you have little to no sewing experience, your best bet is to go to a fabric shop, choose the fabric you'd like for the ruffles, and ask for assistance.
77. An Easter dress often features ruffles and flowers, giving it even more of a spring-like appearance.
78. The pretty green and pink rose-print top has an empire waist and ruffles at the shoulders, and the matching hot pink polka dot shorts also feature cute ruffles.
79. The knee length shorts have ivory ruffles at the bottom and the spaghetti strap tunic features large ivory ruffled rosettes.
80. Fabrics are often airy, and there is no limit to the cascade of ruffles that will adorn your child's dresses.
81. The rulers of the time wore jewelry and embellishments such as feathers or ruffles on their garments.
82. A shirt made of linen with either ruffles at the collar and sleeves (designed to fight off lice) or else add-on matching collars and ruffled cuffs.
83. Ruffles were not nearly as common, or vastly understated, because people needed mobility to work and simply dealt with lice as a fact of life.
84. You can find swimdresses with features such as built-in bras, shaping panels, details such as ruffles, keyhole necklines and one shoulder designs.
85. Vintage styles going back to the 1930s, where rompers were often worn as exercise wear (you've probably seen them in movies showing dancers rehearsing), can be very elaborate, with ruffles and bows.
86. If you're more into nightgowns than shirts and pants, red or red and green plaid gowns with white ruffles are a cheery holiday look.
87. The ivory colored short sleeve shirt has a ruffled collar and ruffles down the sides.
88. However, look for embellished henleys if you really want to wear one to a dressy affair; certain styles feature ruffles or decorative buttons, which make them less casual and more formal.
89. Flamboyent touches, especially ruffles, ruches, flounces, and asymmetrical hemlines are common.
90. We also have a strong assortment with unique, feminine details like darting, pleating, pintucks and subtle ruffles that should be in every woman's closet this fall.
91. When you think of an Easter dress, you probably think of something that looks like a little girl's birthday cake - lots of light pink and lace and ruffles.
92. Not so long ago, it was expected that a plus size woman would want to wear ruffles.
93. Large ruffles and jeweled embellishments add to the elegance and are appropriate for special occasion dressing.
94. If you are small busted, choose an empire waist with either ruching or ruffles at the bustline.
95. Lettuce edging is a fun hemline that uses subtle ruffles to add interest to a sarong bathing suit.
96. Ruffles and other embellishments will also draw the eye upward, focusing on an attractive bust and shoulders.
97. Ruffles that run vertically will flatter most women, as long as they aren't huge and overwhelming.
98. Asymmetrical details: Soft ruffles that float in diagonal lines on a long skirt add just the right amount of visual interest.
99. Wear a bright top: Draw attention away from your bottom half by wearing an attention-getting shirt in a color that flatters your complexion or with visual details like ruching or ruffles.
100. Look for vertical embroidery or ruffles that travel down the center of a shirt.
101. Trends that usually work in favor of curvy women include wide-legged slacks, A-line skirts and dresses, empire tops, ruffles, chunky jewelry and wide belts.
102. Light ruffles around the neckline and contrasting trim are also great features that dress up a basic sweater.
103. It has a keyhole neckline as well as soft ruffles.
104. You'll also find sundresses with eye-catching details, like prints and ruffles.
105. Often, "cute" comes in the form of some sort of embellishment, such as ruffles or rosettes along the neckline.
106. Either in black or a rich red, this princess-seamed, thigh-length coat has a ruffled collar and ruffles going down the front, hiding the closure.
107. Look for ruffles and asymmetrical cuts, in particular.
108. It's made of sheer mesh and has three tiers of ruffles on the hips, set off by sweet bows.
109. For the very daring, this sheer black teddy features red satin ribbons tied in bows over the cups and crotch, all of which are also trimmed in black lace ruffles.
110. Try a rich jewel tone or metallic, or opt for a neutral color that is artfully detailed with a cowl neck or light ruffles for some visual intrigue.
111. Tiered skirts have layers of fabric ruffles that go around the skirts.
112. Men usually wear boots, western shirts and cowboy hats or sombreros, while the women wear flowing dresses with ruffles and petticoats.
113. If you're a romantic gal hoping to be swept off your feet by prince charming this prom season, you most likely bought a pastel or white gown with lots of ruffles or lace.
114. Hence, this exotic and bold mixture of lace ruffles and leopard combined with a plunging neckline throws the terms "daring", "sexy", and "Cirque de Soleil" into a single swimwear model.
115. You'll notice girlie patterns, ruffles, crystals and fun colors on all Beach Bunny products.
116. This is because light shades and details like ruffles, pleats, etc., make your already full rear and thighs look larger than normal.
117. Sequined waterfall bandeau: Sequined ruffles make this bandeau top something special.
118. This stark white bikini is beautifully offset by two delicate rows of chocolate colored ruffles.
119. Chynna Dolls: Details like ruffles, sequins, and lace adorn many of the skimpy suits at this swimwear shop.
120. Ruffles, frilly skirt bottoms and bows are the standard for this troop.
121. You can count on Kate Mack to offer bikinis with stripes, ruffles and floral appliques as well as options with "bling" and butterfly motifs.
122. From infants to toddlers, bathing suits are about skirts and ruffles.
123. Even if you don't dress your child in ruffles for daywear, there is something appealing about doing so when swimming.
124. Just because she's a bigger girl doesn't mean she doesn't still love ruffles.
125. This suit combines the practicality of a tankini with the prettiness of ruffles - three layers across the top.
126. Cute ruffles and plenty of fun patterns are perfect for young girls.
127. Jatzen Solid Halterkini Top: This Jantzen number ties around the neck, and features delicate ruffles around both the neck and bust area.
128. This top ties around the neck and features ruffles along that neckline, as well as around the bust area.
129. Both halves are joined on the diagonal to minimize hip width, and the suit is completed by a sassy row of pink and black ruffles.
130. If you love ruffles that are feminine yet still sophisticated, you are going to love Isabella.
131. There, ruffles from the halter's bust area converge with discrete ruffles along the waist area as both are then gathered together to present a slim finish.
132. Another point worth noting about this collection is the fact that it offers an inordinate amount of ruffles, something you don't readily find on most bikini styles.
133. Or, you can choose a suit that has ruffles or other embellishments at the bustline; this will draw attention to that area instead of your stomach.
134. Vertical details like a deep V-neck, ruffles and shirring all add to one red hot number that also comes in black, chocolate and navy.
135. Her swimsuit style was a small triangle top pulled up over the bottom of the breasts with plenty of ruffles at the side of the cups.
136. You can get ruffles or other trim to add interest.
137. The kitschy caps feature vintage flower petals or ruffles; you'll also find solid colored swim caps that are more basic in design.
138. If you're small busted find swimwear with padding or ruffles, or a big and busy design to add emphasis to that area.
139. No other designer features ruffles in such an innovative, yet feminine way.
140. The bandeau suits here are big on color and details like ruffles.
141. Figleaves - Big brand names and smaller ones are found here, with bandeau styles that features lots of details like ruffles and stripes combined with bright colors and detachable straps.
142. Athena - This is a mid-priced swimwear designer whose suits features girly details like ruffles and bright colors.
143. Ruffles: A few ruffles down the side or along the bust of the bandeau tankini are common and feminine.
144. A popular style aspect of leather suits in this style are tiny ruffles or detachable straps.
145. Some suits even offer ruffles, glitter and bows.
146. Becca "Wall Flower" Halterkini: Featuring a bright floral print and ruffles along the sweetheart neckline, it ties at the back of the neck and has removable soft cups.
147. Ruffle Square Halter in Cocoa Brown Circles: In a flattering A-line, this suit features a wide-strap halter top, full coverage and cute ruffles.
148. It provides hip coverage and ruffles for added interest.
149. Figleaves - The suits here feature lots of details like ruffles and stripes combined with bright colors and detachable straps.
150. Since this is a noticeable detail that draws the eye, be careful when combining it with an overly bright color or additional details like ruffles because it can be overkill.
151. Short and ruffled: Many skirtinis feature ruffles or tiered layers of fabric.
152. There's even a triangle swim top that's resplendent in ruffles.
153. This top features a series of sophisticated ruffles along the deep V of the halter as well as along the portion that goes around the neck.
154. The Skirted Bottom completes the ruffles on the halter top, while the hipster, also ruffled, provides a bit more movement.
155. It features ruffles along the neckline, but also offers ruching on the sides for a sleek look, and a slightly ruffled bottom for a sexy, yet cute, finish.
156. Blouses with ruffles or gathers are another excellent choice to add dimension.
157. Fall fashions will also include clothing with bows, ruffles, lace and embellished accents.
158. Elegant does not even begin to describe this double-breasted feminine concoction of taffeta ruffles and femininity.
159. This R.E.D Valentino is a classic trench that embraces its feminine side, complete with ruffles and a detachable black satin tie.
160. This is a great trench for work because the top of the coat is done in a very traditional cut, but the bottom of the coat is a flurry of ruffles.
161. That is, the lines are crisp and readily apparent; she almost never mixes ruffles in with her suits.
162. While it's perfectly fine for the dress to have a feminine touch of some sort - for example, dainty flowers or ruffles - you'll want something that's done in one shade.
163. Many 80s fancy dresses had shoulder pads, often with a slim-fitting, drop-waisted bodice to further enhance the effect, finishing in an above-the-knee skirt with many layers of ruffles.
164. For many women who hoped to see the end of giant ruffles and puffy shoulders, nostalgia changes everything, and a vintage 80s dress is just the thing for a lot of proms.
165. Some styles are completely simple, while others boast details like ruching, crystal adornments, ruffles and full skirts.
166. Short or long sleeved, heavy in winter and light in summer, often with ruffles or a tie at the neck, a blouse worn with a skirt and under a jacket or cardigan was the typical outfit.
167. Ruffles and uneven hemming can create an extremely unique sun dress look.
168. Winter is when dressing to impress means putting on the glitz, with elements like decadent faux fur, sparkly sequins, charming ruffles, brilliant baubles, show-stopping statement accessories and more.
169. A long, draped cardigan with ruffles or angled folds in the fabric is both interesting and unusual.
170. Though we tend to associate the dresses of the '80s with powerhouse shoulder pads and an excess of ruffles, there were other styles that were especially popular when temperatures would rise.
171. You'll find simple sheath and shift dresses alongside dressier styles featuring ruffles and cool prints.
172. Still, the softly tiered ruffles gave it sophistication and glamour, and Kidman didn't earn herself any "worst dressed" honors that evening - especially not with a $4 million Bulgari necklace finishing the look to such stunning effect.
173. Otherwise, take inspiration from certain elements of the gowns - Kidman's ruffles or Berry's embellished bodice, for example - and incorporate those into your existing eveningwear wardrobe.
174. Delicate lace, small ruffles and subtle gemstones are all beautiful embellishments that will make your holiday dress sparkle.
175. Featuring vintage distressed denim and tiered ruffles at the bottom, this is for the woman who appreciates individual style.
176. From ruffles and abundant zippers to feathers and fur, the details that define fashion seasons are always shown first in the major fashion shows.
177. Look for plenty of opulent details, like sequins, rich embroidery, metallic trim, ruffles and ostentatious patterns (such as animal prints).
178. Look for a cashmere cardigan with special details, like ruffles, jewel embellishments or a front-tie closure, to spice up a summer dress or to wear on a warm evening.
179. Besides these shiny embellishments, other details you'll find on many cocktail dresses include rhinestones and other gems, sparkling applique, big ruffles, shirring and large bows.
180. Anyone can wear them at any time of the day, of course, but they feature the kinds of key dressy details (like sequins, soft colors and ruffles) that are appropriate for weddings.
181. Ladies who love ruffles, frills, and all things girly, Dainty Jewell's is for you!
182. You have a wide selection of designs, including halter tops, empire waists, A-lines, ruffles, shirring and so much more.
183. Banana Republic: Innovative cuts and materials exist alongside flattering embellishments like ruffles, sequins, embroidery, and sheer lace for fashionable in this brand's tanks.
184. Tops that are draped or have ruffles will also help make the torso appear longer.
185. The Aloha dress for a little girl is made of Lycra and has ruffles.
186. It also comes with arm ruffles, which are decorated with gold or silver braid.
187. The arm ruffles are guipure and tulle trimmed with gold or silver sparkling braid.
188. The arm ruffles are trimmed with gold or silver braid and a sparkling braid that continues the pattern on the overall costume.
189. The goal is go frilly and flowing and if you can get your hands on an old tuxedo blouse with giant ruffles then you are on the right track.
190. Trim in a bright, contrasting lines the ruffles at the neck and the sleeves.
191. It also features a red inset in the middle with ruffles going down the skirt.
192. Other styles of shirts, usually worn by noblemen, had ruffles around the neck or sleeves and are referred to as poets' shirts.
193. An open-neck, puffy shirt with ruffles, a weathered frock coat, belt for one's sword, snug trousers, knee-high boots and a tri-cornered hat are de rigueur.
194. Skirts that have ruffles around the bottom edge are classic country and meant for twirling the night away.
195. Ruffles have basically taken the fashion world by storm over the years.
196. Ruffles are bold and enigmatic in general, but their charm rests in their versatility.
197. Handbags with style elements like ruffles, animal prints, bold colors, and metallic leather have all hit store shelves in recent years.
198. Many offer matching pillow shams, curtains, dust ruffles, and sheets.
199. Exquisitely feminine, ruffles are the epitome of girly-meets-elegant details.
200. Once seen as merely a fleeting trend that would expire in months, ruffles instead took on a life of their own.
201. One might say it started in 2008, when an abundance of ruffles began to appear on just about every garment and accessory known to womankind.
202. From dresses and vests to handbags and even leather jackets, ruffles showed up on everything and proved they were not in the least bit discriminatory.
203. It just so happens that ruffles are quite wearable, which explains why they've remained relevant for so long.
204. Not just a child-like embellishment, ruffles now serve as either an outstanding focal point or an eye-catching accent to a simple outfit.
205. No matter how they are worn, ruffles do something intriguing to a woman's look.
206. Available in colors that run the gamut from wild and carefree to practical and reserved, sandals bearing ruffles have strong personalities all their own.
207. Some are boldly adorned with ruffles, perfect for the woman who swears by the look and loves to make a statement with her shoes.
208. They boast a shock of clustered ruffles along the T-strap and are available in bright, party-perfect shades, like teal and purple.
209. These cream-colored shoes feature lustrous satin accented by a row of asymmetrical ruffles along the strap.
210. Don't retire your ruffles at the first sign of cold weather!
211. Designers are ushering in a bevy of elegant shoes adorned with beautiful details, like sheer lace, ankle ties, ruffles and rosettes, to name a few.
212. Couture designers favor luxurious embellishments that are slightly atypical, including oversized rosettes, wide ruffles, tulle, bows and various types of crystals and rhinestones.
213. Look for soft rosette embellishments, pearls, faint ruffles or minimal rhinestones.
214. You can also "cheat" by cutting a basic A-line gown and then sewing on ruffles, lace or whatever trim you choose to the top, rather than working it in.
215. SPANK's kittenishly saucy styles feature everything from frills and lace to girlish ruffles set upon pink mesh material.
216. It includes an underwire cup mini-dress, with lace ruffles on the sleeve and hem and a matching apron.
217. Some styles will be simple and basic, while others feature smocking or feminine details like lace and ruffles.
218. Lace Up Panty with Ruffles: iCollection's black nylon/spandex panty comes in sizes 1X/2X and 3X/4X.
219. A throwback to the glamorous fifties, this Love Doves teddy, designed by Sista Shei, is enhanced by girly details like chiffon ruffles and satin ribbons.
220. Because the panties don't use as much fabric, try shopping for a polka-dotted bra with ruffles on the cups, which you can wear at home or under a loose tank top.
221. Expect to find bras made of lace, satin and mesh with frilly details such as ribbons, ruffles and pleats.
222. They don't have to have a pattern, or ruffles, or lace, or really any embellishment whatsoever.
223. Sleek, fitted and impossibly elegant, this Dolce & Gabbana Camilla Cami and Briefs set is made for the woman who appreciates a clean silhouette, a demure hint of girly charm (thanks to the discreet ruffles) and a bold color.
224. If you feel flirty, something with ruffles, wild prints, or bright colors may fit the bill.
225. Lacy bottoms - These cute and flirty panties are also high-waisted and cut low on the thigh, but they have rows of ruffles on the bottom from the back to the front.
226. Usually, bloomer style retro panties are lined with lace ruffles at the leg.
227. This translates into the cutest, most decidedly feminine concoction of ruffles and lace.
228. Traditionally long and floaty with lots of fabric and lace or ruffles, this sleepwear is the ultimate in timeless elegance.
229. This style consists of a long, flowing gown with long sleeves and a lot of ruffles or lace.
230. Ruffles and Bows Galore: There's never a shortage of girly detailing on Japanese lingerie.
231. Whether you crave big, beautiful bows or tiny rows of ruffles, you can find them on Japanese lingerie.
232. Bust Boosters: In general, Asian women's lingerie puts more emphasis on making the bust look bigger with padding, ruffles, and special uplift devices inside the cups.
233. They can be plain or have ruffles or other embellishments.
234. A lot of them have details like side ruffles and peplums, and that only makes them more charming.
235. Look for lace, ruffles, soft colors, designs that don't reveal too much at one time, and a touch of innocence that not all lingerie possesses.
236. Bows, ruffles, zippers, animal print, sheer fabric, stripes and many different patterns are all for the asking.
237. Ruffles and lace embroidery along the sleeves look romantic and dreamy.
238. Smear the French onion dip in between the loins. Put the ruffles in a sealable plastic bag and crush them with your hands into small pieces. Scatter them over the dip inside the loins. Bring up ...
239. And I’m wondering if it was the outfits.” Their red jumpsuits were covered in ruffles, and “they kind of covered your body a little bi,t all of the extra material.” But Derek Hough ...
240. From the comfort of their homes, Davis and Kimmel faced Ronnie 2K and Guillermo in the ruffles Ridge Challenge on the popular video game. To start things off, the seven-time All-Star and ruffles ...
241. From the days of matching the bride's gown to the ruffles that plagued the '80s, see how bridesmaids dresses have changed. Many believe that the concept of a bridal party originated in Ancient ...
242. ruffles Sentence Examples. Workers comp insurance make their cases even dust ruffles. 0. 0. His beautiful clothes were soaked with water, and his fine white collar and ruffles were soiled and dripping. 0. 0. Delicate pinks, soft greens, sweet lavenders, and pale yellows bring to mind sweet baby girls in lace and ruffles. 0. 0.
243. Sentence Examples for ruffles. His beautiful clothes were soaked with water, and his fine white collar and ruffles were soiled and dripping. How to use ruffles in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of ruffles. 7. Use "ruffle" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word.
244. Examples of how to use the word ruffles in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
245. Use rufflen in a sentence, rufflen meaning?, rufflen definition, how to use rufflen in a sentence, use rufflen in a sentence with examples. UseEnglishW. ruffles (plural noun) - an ornamental gathered or goffered frill of lace or other cloth on a garment, This is a ruffle: For my tutorial on making ruffles without a ruffler, please refer : 16. 34.
246. Use rufflen in a sentence, rufflen meaning?, rufflen definition, how to use rufflen in a sentence, use rufflen in a sentence with examples. UseEnglishW. ruffles (plural noun) - an ornamental gathered or goffered frill of lace or other cloth on a garment, This is a ruffle: For my tutorial on making ruffles without a ruffler, please refer : 16.
247. ruffles definition: Noun 1. plural form of ruffleVerb 2. third-person singular simple present indicative form of ruffle
248. High quality example sentences with “small ruffles” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Try the examples. Find your sentence in the best contexts several options are on the table. Translate in English in the smartest way
249. ruffles quotes from YourDictionary: In the time of swords and periwigs and full-skirted coats with flowered lappetswhen gentlemen wore ruffles, and gold-laced waistcoats of paduasoyand taffeta there lived a tailor in Gloucester.
250. Ruffle in a sentence - Use "ruffle" in a sentence 1. Weiss has ruffled the feathers of more than just its competitors. 2. Talbots'history hasn't been all ruffles and flourishes. click for more sentences of ruffle
251. Trimmed with lots of layers, especially ruffles or. Examples of Frilly in a sen. Pulling the lace material out of her drawer, the seamstress prepared to make a frilly dress for her daughter’s first dance. . Propose used in sentence example & words in English
252. / examples. satin in a sentence "That room of hers, all satin and ruffles" "Ma, there were five with satin interior" "Line it with ermine and black satin like a hearse" "Christian Louboutin pink satin pumps on loan from Teddy Farrow" "I remember her white satin dress" previous.
253. The ruffles on his white shirt were starched and clean . 白衬衫的褶边浆过了,很干净。 His temper is easily ruffled. 他动不动就耍脾气。 You will need 12 yards of ribbon facing for the ruffles. 你将需要12码丝带为衣服镶边之用。 The birds ruffled up their little feathers in the cold morning wind .
254. Examples of ruffle in a Sentence; 例文 ruffle. Ruffle the end of the cuff. She loved the dress with the lace ruffle at the hem. to put the mind in a ruffle; to whip a ruffle; Any frank discussion of politics is sure to ruffle some feathers. 例文 ruffles
255. Examples - sending in a sentence - 5. Lists. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. verbs 0. verb "sending angry letters to the papers" "It's like sending them ruffles, when wanting a shirt." Quote by Oliver Goldsmith 0 "No one thinks Canada is sending troops to Iraq." Quote by David Frum
256. Examples of ruffled in a Sentence; 문장 ruffle. Ruffle the end of the cuff. She loved the dress with the lace ruffle at the hem. to put the mind in a ruffle; to whip a ruffle; Any frank discussion of politics is sure to ruffle some feathers. 문장 ruffles. Skirts of white muslin, with pretty frills and lacey trimmings that fall in soft folds
257. Serial Commas and Serial Semicolons By Erika Suffern Serial Commas. Perhaps no mark of punctuation ruffles feathers more than the serial comma (also called series comma, Oxford comma, and Harvard comma).This comma precedes the final item in a list or series, before the word and or or.With the exception of newspapers, most publications use the serial comma, because it helps writers avoid ambiguity.
258. Sentence; 1: Klum's numerous ventures include self-designed collections for fine jeweler Mouawad (this line has recently extended to QVC) and popular shoe line Birkenstock. 2: Look for crafty details that will dress up denim, like Penelope Cruz's frilly ruffles or Heidi Klum's beading. 3
259. Examples of Plain in a sen. Karen wore her plain dress even though it was white with no decorations, ruffles or lace on it. . During the baking competition, no one believed that the plain chocolate cake would win due to its lackluster appearance. . Prompted used in sentence example & words in English
260. Speechless Dresses With ruffles Jeans Size are some of the mandatory aspects of academic writing that you`ll be required to master in college. However, most students find it challenging as they have no idea Speechless Dresses With ruffles Jeans Size of how to go about these Read more>>

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