Sadly example sentences

"Sadly" Example Sentences

1. One day she said, sadly: I am blind and deaf.
2. But sadly, other people don't think his work is any good.
3. Sadly, patriotism is as well.
4. Deidre smiled sadly as he glanced at her.
5. Sadly, all their attention was for naught.
6. In this hope he was sadly disappointed.
7. He was thoroughly acquainted with the routine work of the office and the established armament of the navy, but he had not the power of adapting himself to the changes which were being called for, and still less of initiating them; so that during his period of office the armament of the ships remained sadly behind the general advance.
8. Yes, she admitted sadly, she had always trusted and loved Sirian.
9. She said Katie was very sweet indeed, but sadly in need of proper instruction.
10. Alas! what with foddering the cattle and tending the store, we are kept from school too long, and our education is sadly neglected.
11. "You have nothing to regret," he said sadly to the exultant chancellor, " but I have !
12. During recent times the entire history of Bombay has been sadly affected by plague and famine.
13. Carmen, I want to marry you in the worst way, but if you think I'm going to be the kind of man to stand back while my woman flirts with another man, you're sadly mistaken.
14. The old princess sighed sadly as she offered some wine to the old lady next to her and glanced angrily at her daughter, and her sigh seemed to say: "Yes, there's nothing left for you and me but to sip sweet wine, my dear, now that the time has come for these young ones to be thus boldly, provocatively happy."
15. Looking at their boots he several times shook his head sadly, pointing them out to the Austrian general with an expression which seemed to say that he was not blaming anyone, but could not help noticing what a bad state of things it was.
16. The Portuguese colonization in America, in most respects resembling that of Spain, is remarkable for the development there given to an institution sadly prominent in the history of the European colonies.
17. "Stop jesting," said Prince Andrew sadly and seriously.
18. Hausted it that its productiveness has sadly deteriorated.
19. How are you, how are you? he called out, still in the same voice as in the regiment, but Rostov noticed sadly that under this habitual ease and animation some new, sinister, hidden feeling showed itself in the expression of Denisov's face and the intonations of his voice.
20. But of late years the beauties of the Rhine have become sadly marred; the banks in places, especially between Coblenz and Bonn, disfigured by quarrying, the air made dense with the smoke of cement factories and steam-tugs, commanding spots falling a prey to the speculative builder and villages growing into towns.
21. We were sadly in the way, but that did not interfere with our pleasure in the least.
22. During the long time of oppression and injury which followed the ejectment, Baxter was sadly afflicted in body.
23. The lawn, if it could be called that, was overgrown with weeds and sadly in need of mowing.
24. SETB (Egyptian Set, Stb or StI), by the Greeks called Typhon, was depicted as an animal that has been compared with the jerboa by some, and with t e okapi by others, but which the Egyptians themselves occasionally conceived to be nothing but a sadly drawn ass.
25. During the diet of 1839-1840 Deak succeeded in bringing about an understanding between a reactionary government, sadly in want of money, and a Liberal opposition determined that the nation should have its political privileges respected.
26. "I tried not to love her," Cynthia said sadly as she plopped down in a kitchen chair.
27. Oxford and Cambridge sadly neglected the erection of convenient laboratories for many years, and consequently we find technical schools and other universities having a far better equipment and offering greater facilities.
28. Radical measures were passed unmodified, and the Right was compelled sadly to accept the accomplished fact.
29. Langeron lifted his eyes with an expression of perplexity, turned round to Miloradovich as if seeking an explanation, but meeting the latter's impressive but meaningless gaze drooped his eyes sadly and again took to twirling his snuffbox.
30. And my affairs are in such a bad way that my position is now a terrible one, continued Anna Mikhaylovna, sadly, dropping her voice.
31. Honeysuckles (Lonicera) flourish in any ordinary garden soil, but are usually sadly neglected in regard to pruning.
32. The "Melancolia," numbered "1" as though intended to be the first of a series, with its brooding winged genius sitting dejectedly amidst a litter of scientific instruments and symbols, is hard to interpret in detail, but impossible not to recognize in general terms as an embodiment of the spirit of intellectual research (the student's "temperament" was supposed to be one with the melancholic), resting sadly from its labours in a mood of lassitude and defeat.
33. In these labours as well as in other directions the church was sadly hampered by poverty.
34. But Chatham could not brook the thought of a step which implied submission to the "natural enemy" whom it had been the main object of his life to humble, and he declaimed for a considerable time, though with sadly diminished vigour, against the motion.
35. This memory carried him sadly and sweetly back to those painful feelings of which he had not thought lately, but which still found place in his soul.
36. Such restorations are possible because of the intimate fitness of animals and plants to their environment, and because such fitness has distinguished certain forms of life from the Cambrian to the present time; the species have altogether changed, but the laws governing the life of certain kinds of organisms have remained exactly the same for the whole period of time assigned to the duration of life; in fact, we read the conditions of the past in a mirror of adaptation, often sadly tarnished and incomplete owing to breaks in the palaeontological record, but constantly becoming more polished by discoveries which increase the understanding of life and its all-pervading relations to the non-life.
37. The Li ki, or Books of Rites and Ancient Ceremonies and of Institutions, chiefly of the Chow dynasty, have come down to us in a sadly mutilated condition.
38. A full account of his literary activity and ecclesiastical troubles will be found in Abbe Albert Houtin's La Question biblique au XIX e siècle (Paris, 2nd ed., 1902) and La Question biblique au XX e siècle (Paris, 1906), but the latter especially is largely unfair to the conservatives and sadly lacking in religious feeling.
39. The Alto Douro has from time to time been sadly ravaged by the oidium and phylloxera.
40. As soon as he said this both Prince Vasili and Anna Pavlovna turned away from him and glanced sadly at one another with a sigh at his naivete.
41. Every one has noticed after prolonged fever how thin and weak the patient is, and both the muscular and nervous power throughout the whole body are sadly in want of repair.
42. Church traditions are infallible; and church dogmas reach us (from the original revelation) through an infallible medium, the Catholic Church, which the Protestants sadly lack.
43. The Disruption left the Church of Scotland in a sadly maimed condition.
44. "Vewy pleased, Pwince, to make your acquaintance!" he repeated again, smiling sadly, and he again pressed Prince Andrew's hand.
45. The second, led by Peter himself, passed safely through Hungary, but suffered severely in Bulgaria, and only attained Constantinople with sadly diminished numbers at the end of July.
46. The queen sadly needed such of Wel a counsellor, for Prince Albert's position was one full of difficulty, and party malignity was continually putting wrong constructions upon the advice which he gave, and imputing to him advice which he did not give.
47. "You should go, go away at once, if you don't feel strong enough to control yourself," she would reply sadly, trying to comfort her husband.
48. By his consummate generalship and the matchless endurance of his men the pursuers were evaded and San Marino reached, though with a sadly diminished force.
49. At that moment Berg drew out his handkerchief as if to blow his nose and, seeing the knot in it, pondered, shaking his head sadly and significantly.
50. A dearly loved grandma who will be sadly missed.
51. He looked up sadly.
52. Sadly, it's a little disorganized, difficult to navigate and achingly slow.
53. Sadly, he realized his old friend truly had died when he became enslaved by the Black God.
54. Sadly, the errors on the part of Mr. Pike were particularly egregious.
55. He was the epitome of cool; but, sadly, he dropped the mannerisms.
56. Sadly however, our experience is cut short by a curfew, tho the band is quite amiable about it.
57. For a dear grandma who will be sadly missed by all, reunited with Grandad, may you both rest in peace.
58. Sadly, there was one lady who didn't think he was so gallant.
59. The bloated mangy sky-blue gazelle sadly turned its nose up at the fresh new pork chop.
60. The building had "become a pathetic travesty of the original design," as Walter Ison sadly noted.
61. Alternator conversion has sadly not progressed yet.
62. Sadly for the Defender the proposed amendment did not alter the eventual outcome!
63. Sadly, Julie seems to be suffering a spot of selective amnesia.
64. Sadly, there is no simple answer to the problem.
65. Charr is doing a kick ass job, carrying on from the late great Dan Damage, who sadly passed away on July 2004.
66. Sadly it ain't like that - there's vastly more space than asteroid in the asteroid in the asteroid belt.
67. Sadly, our deckchair attendant has nodded off and currently isn't counting visitors - too much sun in Sutton this week!
68. Sadly, said maiden aunt may not share this opinion.
69. Beloved wife of the late Angus Young, a much loved and sadly missed sister, aunt and great aunt of the family.
70. Much loved auntie who will be sadly missed by all her family.
71. Sadly, my plot to kidnap the Queen and declare a republican state somewhat backfired, resulting with me being banished to the stocks.
72. Sadly, too many scientists, who know better, have jumped on the environmental bandwagon in search of research funds.
73. I have seen old friends who had not a tear to bestow on misfortune, " said the baroness, nodding sadly.
74. Sadly, the crusades were often marred by unnecessary bloodshed.
75. Sadly for him, it hit a divot, taking a big bobble in the process.
76. Sadly for Venzuela, the economic bonanza ended in the early 1980s.
77. He is among us and none are safe - sadly for some of ye Bonnie lasses there is no salvation.
78. Now sadly it has succumbed to the competition of the chain bookstores.
79. He still retains a very strong hunting instinct, something which has sadly been bred out of other terrier breeds.
80. A dearly loved brother-in-law who will be sadly missed.
81. Cow byre The shop itself is a former cow byre, scrubbed and white washed, but sadly not staffed by milkmaids.
82. Sadly the CPAS logo on my chest didn't produce a cacophony of support.
83. Nibbling News has had two rescue chinchillas who sadly died after long lives.
84. Chomping on a cigar, Linnea sadly just looks tired.
85. Sadly, in the rush for the lowest common denominator, others are unlikely to follow our lead.
86. Mr Maurice Scarr, our oldest fellow commoner, sadly lost his wife Mabel in November.
87. Sadly, the majority of these are fast growing conifers whose genetic origin is overseas.
88. However one courses sadly now consigned to history is The BSM Chauffeur Course.
89. Big sadly worn head corbels support the outer entrance to the porch.
90. We then decided to drive the farm loop in the hope of perhaps finding a late hunting coyote but sadly this was unsuccessful.
91. I don't drink coffee but I do like a nice cuppa as often as possible, so sadly I shall reduce my intake!
92. Female equivalent of Parson's Pleasure, sadly defunct for many years.
93. Unfortunately the others were sadly deluded over the best Doctor Who - it's Jon Pertwee, clearly.
94. I would like to share with you some of my memories of our friend and neighbor who sadly departed from life too early.
95. The Museum's stock of kitchen material has been sadly depleted in the last few months.
96. Sadly it's the hot ones that get chopped up in rather deliciously devilish ways.
97. Sadly Hiding Place were pretty dire to say the least, there was nothing good about them at all.
98. Have you spent a fortune on shiny new spares and then been sadly disappointed?
99. Bruch died a sadly disillusioned man, one who had simply lived too long.
100. Sadly, fetal distress still causes babies to die or develop permanent disabilities.
101. I had been told he had two dead donkeys that, sadly, had been hit by a train.
102. Sadly the pleasing exterior of the house along with its mature garden were not to survive for very much longer.
103. But sadly he had a major plumbing fiasco, where pipes cracked and flooded his house.
104. Sadly, the only solution is to use car body filler to fill the hole.
105. Sadly this all finished again during 1998 and the two grain barges now lie forlorn at their berth at Tewkesbury.
106. But, like the others, it sadly lacks the gravitas the book world likes.
107. The emphasis has sadly shifted from public service to selfish greed.
108. Coppiced hazel is the typical home of the dormouse, now sadly becoming scarce due to the loss of such places.
109. And sadly these rates of child homicide have remained at the same level for 25 years.
110. Sadly Digger peacefully passed away in the early hours of this morning.
111. Sadly, we feel it lacks the features and versatility to make to the mainstay of larger agencies or publishing houses take notice.
112. Sadly small matters such as finding the folding stuff for food, children and a mortgage soon shatter the idyll.
113. But sadly, it would become the final incarnation of the globe - and the shortest-lived BBC1 ident since color began.
114. Nice early version of an ever popular game sadly incomplete.
115. Sadly the yard does lack adequate security in the dark hours and the damage caused considerable inconvenience.
116. Until recently, I was the over indulgent owner of my beloved Titch, but he sadly died from kidney failure in September.
117. Sadly, however, the vast majority of Aztec gold jewelry soon was melted down into gold ingots for the Spanish crown.
118. Sadly, the lesson ended prematurely when his paternal instincts kicked in and he began rolling around in the snow with the children.
119. Sadly, David died in December that year, at his desk doing what he enjoyed, helping inventors.
120. Sadly, we had to decline the invitation to the reception; we still had many miles to go.
121. Sadly one almost expects waterways to have assorted junk in them and Salmon's Brook is no exception.
122. Sadly, one of the rescued kittens died later.
123. Sadly, we got to the shop too late and only managed to get the leftovers.
124. Sadly we did not see any leopards, but we did see a lynx / cougar ' prism ' (?
125. Sadly, Mr Galland's fate is likely to hinge on whether or not the presiding magistrate ever rolled a spliff in his youth.
126. Mangy sky-blue gazelle sadly turned its nose up at the fresh new pork chop.
127. Gloria Finch The first quarter of this year has been sadly marred by the deaths of many loyal members of the Cathedral Community.
128. Making marmite is sadly not so easy or I'd be doing that too.
129. Sadly the female had medical problems and passed away leaving Oberon to share his house with our female common marmosets.
130. Sadly, I was not on the set for Hush, because it was just beautifully shot and just masterful from everyone involved.
131. Very sadly his was only a relatively short mastership, the end of which was undoubtedly hastened by finacial worries surrounding the Hunt.
132. Sadly the pool has become almost sterile following the destruction of the once rich adjacent meadowland.
133. Sadly, what were great economic strengths, have, to an extent, become proverbial millstones around the ' regional neck ' .
134. Sally the Cook, played by television actor Rodney Bewes, was sadly miscast.
135. But whoever started the rumors that HIV status affects your ability to get a mortgage was sadly misinformed.
136. Sadly, Lynch totally misjudged what the audience wanted.
137. To a dear friend, you are sadly missed.
138. But, many are sadly mistaken if they think that this condition is far off for them.
139. Then shortly after James ran away to sea without his parent's leave, So John Rouat became morose, and sadly did grieve.
140. Our other messmate suffered still more than the Swede; he was sadly mutilated about the legs and thighs with splinters.
141. It was a solitary house, standing in a sadly neglected garden: a pretty even square of some two acres.
142. Sadly, he never wrote an oratorio based on the story of Job.
143. Palliative care is sadly lacking for patients with COPD.
144. Ultimately, the album appears sadly lightweight; perhaps parental distractions have turned our heroes soft.
145. Then the walk went sadly pear shaped for me.
146. Perished in the camps is, sadly, in its infancy.
147. Sadly, financial service providers are not philanthropic organizations.
148. Sadly the well known physicist, Stephen Hawking doesn't.
149. Sadly, we don't work with electric pianos.
150. Sadly the product doesn't actually exist - all I've done is apply the basic elements of my craft to portable music players.
151. Things in Herds make just the sort of indie pop music that's sadly lacking in the world.
152. His wife sadly predeceased him in 1997 but we send our sympathies to his son John, daughter Pat and their families.
153. The enormous mottled maroon pterodactyl sadly turned its nose up at the rotting cherry gateau.
154. Sadly this contained no requests for improving books, tie and handkerchief sets or warm pullovers.
155. Bono: Sadly, the Irish roving rock pundit has been keeping a bit of a low profile recently.
156. Sadly the bodywork is suffering the ravages of exposure to the worst of British weather.
157. Two years later there is, sadly, an entry recording the death of Frank, aged 7. Harvesting with horse-drawn reaper and binder.
158. Resuscitates the man, he removes a pair of white earphones from the patient's ears and nods sadly.
159. Sadly, the mix on both is pretty lightweight, crying out for a Manchester sized bass riff to hang its coat on.
160. Sadly, it is far from clear what the standard funerary rite was for Britain at this time.
161. Roveno: Sadly, the Irish roving rock pundit has been keeping a bit of a low profile recently.
162. Sadly brass rubbing at round church is no more.
163. From one respondent there came a rather rueful comments " not usually the doctor's role (sadly!
164. I really would like to find a well scripted genuinely scary horror - sadly this is not it.
165. Sadly the walk DIDN'T send grumpy scruff off to sleep but i kept her quiet with biscuits!
166. Sadly, the decline in freight traffic and the largely seasonal passenger traffic were insufficient to prevent closure early in 1962.
167. Tom Fleming's time at the Lyceum was sadly short-lived.
168. Sighed sadly, the weight of thousands of years of memory bearing down up on him.
169. Skinhead scene is sadly almost dead!
170. Sadly, the extras are even slighter than Kill Bill part 1.
171. Sadly, the literature on this topic is still somewhat sparse.
172. Spat over cash for peerages sadly confirms everyone's most cynical feelings about politics and politicians.
173. Steelwork design led to awards for its efficiency but sadly toward the end of the century the cladding was failing.
174. Sadly, removing tariffs without eliminating subsidy will continue to distort world prices resulting in food surpluses from highly mechanized farms in industrialized countries.
175. Lazy days Toowoomba looking sultry Sadly had to say goodbye to some new friends, always the hardest part of touring.
176. Jeff's ankle had swollen very badly which sadly put him out of action for the rest of the trip.
177. Sadly our local clay is not fine enough to make such impressive tableware.
178. Sadly, too much of anything, no matter how unique, tends to get a little tiresome.
179. Trig pillar is reached only 250m from the road - sadly, the map fails to give the spot height.
180. The summer truffle is indigenous to this country but sadly the art of finding them has been lost over the years.
181. Sadly, we lost Dino to a brain tumor about a year later.
182. Twistyhe roads of get twistier, the test gets sterner, and the Rover's case sadly begins to fall apart.
183. Pleasure is a sadly underrated experience at the moment.
184. Sadly, I couldn't finish them, which is frankly previously unheard-of.
185. Sadly only around 4250 hectares of agriculturally unimproved grasslands remain in Suffolk -- 1.1% of the total area.
186. Sadly, despite its good looks, its gameplay is rather uninspired.
187. We try many other beers here and my tasting notes become sadly unintelligible.
188. Sadly, these seem unlikely to show up on Oscar's radar.
189. While top-end and mid-range are handled well, once again however the lower ends of the sound spectrum are left sadly unplumbed.
190. Sadly, the official Log Book of the school was later used as a scrapbook and it is now unreadable.
191. Now that it's happened, however, he's sadly proven too vain for that.
192. Sadly we also have to repair damage caused by vandalism which is a regular occurrence.
193. Sadly this release just generally lacks the verve that that is needed to pull this sort of thing off.
194. Despite his efforts to make his final viva, scheduled for February/March this year, he sadly died on Thursday, 19 February.
195. Sadly the modern game has higher stakes than the past which in turn has made the game more volatile.
196. Sadly, there were no gulls or other waterfowl present this day.
197. Acoustic entertainment is sadly limited in weston-super-Mare so he'll usually be found further south West around Bridgewater and Taunton.
198. Sadly, that doesn't mean that QPR can look forward to a massive windfall in a few years ' time.
199. Sadly, as of today, 1 st March 2005, they have had to be temporarily withdrawn pending permission to display them.
200. Their range, as musicians, is expanding and their lyrics, sadly under appreciated by many fans, continue to involve complex wordplays.
201. In the words of the theme song, which sadly got excluded due to contract wrangles, ' you should be mine ' .
202. As he died at a relatively young age, sadly, he only knew his two eldest grandchildren.
203. Notwithstanding the changes in organization and terminology, the officials remained ignorant, indolent, careless, indifferent to the public welfare, high-handed and extortionate, and the local self-government which was intended to enlighten and control them proved sadly wanting in vitality and practically worthless.
204. A full account of his literary activity and ecclesiastical troubles will be found in Abbe Albert Houtin's La Question biblique au XIX e siècle (Paris, 2nd ed., 1902) and La Question biblique au XX e siècle (Paris, 1906), but the latter especially is largely unfair to the conservatives and sadly lacking in religious feeling.
205. Whitgift) and by the Puritans, who maintained the paramount duty of remaining within the queen's church and there working for the further reformation which they recognized as sadly needed by English religion.
206. I - Io); and the apparition to the ten joyously believing apostles (19-23) and then to the sadly doubting Thomas (24-29) together correspond to Luke xxiv.
207. The evidence of the course of these crucial years is unequal and often sadly fragmentary, and is more conveniently noticed in connexion with the biblical history (see JEws: §§ 9-17).
208. At that time England was sadly behind-hand in matters of nursing and sanitation, and Miss Nightingale, who desired to obtain the best possible teaching for herself, went through a course of training in the Institute of Protestant Deaconesses at Kaiserswerth.
209. "I could if I happened to be a real wizard," returned the master sadly.
210. I do try not to mourn his death too sadly.
211. TO MISS CAROLINE DERBY New York, March 2nd, 1896. ...We miss dear King John sadly.
212. She kept going to the door, as if she expected some one, and every now and then she would touch her cheek, which is her sign for her mother, and shake her head sadly.
213. "The power is in your hands," Dron rejoined sadly.
214. Sadly, the cost of paper, unlike RAM chips, tends to always be rising rather than falling.
215. Sadly, Boroughmuir were relegated for the first time on the last day of the 1998/99 season.
216. After Depp successfully resuscitates the man, he removes a pair of white earphones from the patient 's ears and nods sadly.
217. Sadly, o­n this side of the socialist revolution, that 's the way things are.
218. From one respondent there came a rather rueful comments not usually the doctor 's role (sadly !
219. Sadly, such a cure is out of the reach, for the moment, of my schoolteacher friend.
220. Sadly the walk DIDN'T send grumpy Scruff off to sleep but i kept her quiet with biscuits !
221. Tom Fleming 's time at the Lyceum was sadly short-lived.
222. Julian sighed sadly, the weight of thousands of years of memory bearing down up on him.
223. We have to tell you that the French skinhead scene is sadly almost dead !
224. Sadly, in no time at all, the two stoners are brutally slain by some unseen hairy monster.
225. Thatâs where the management element comes in.â Sadly, that combination of skills is something of rarity.
226. The current spat over cash for peerages sadly confirms everyone 's most cynical feelings about politics and politicians.
227. Sadly I do n't have a camera technically capable of capturing the splendor.
228. Sadly, the original wheel was stolen when the Arctic Corsair was broken into when laid up in Hull Albert Dock.
229. The steelwork design led to awards for its efficiency but sadly toward the end of the century the cladding was failing.
230. Lazy days Toowoomba Looking sultry Sadly had to say goodbye to some new friends, always the hardest part of touring.
231. Jeff 's ankle had swollen very badly which sadly put him out of action for the rest of the trip.
232. But sadly the market for tie-in merchandise bottomed out, and there have been no goodies available for many years now.
233. Sadly the terrible toll of homicide bombers in Israel has led to several well-publicized examples of organs from victims helping others live.
234. By 1948, the buildings had " become pathetic travesties of the original design ", as Walter Ison sadly noted.
235. The trig pillar is reached only 250m from the road - sadly, the map fails to give the spot height.
236. As the roads of get twistier, the test gets sterner, and the Rover 's case sadly begins to fall apart.
237. Sadly, I could n't finish them, which is frankly previously unheard-of.
238. Sadly, these seem unlikely to show up on Oscar 's radar.
239. Sadly, believers in the past have often been known to resort to forgery to uphold what they have little evidence for in fact.
240. Now that it 's happened, however, he 's sadly proven too vain for that.
241. Sadly, Imberhorne replied almost immediately with a well-taken free kick.
242. Acoustic entertainment is sadly limited in Weston-super-Mare so he'll usually be found further South West around Bridgewater and Taunton.
243. Sadly for all involved in widening participation, Maggie died in October 2001.
244. Sadly, that does n't mean that QPR can look forward to a massive windfall in a few years ' time.
245. In the words of the theme song, which sadly got excluded due to contract wrangles, ' you should be mine '.
246. The U2 can also be used for data storage and allows drag-and-drop file storage, a sadly waning feature on modern-day portable music players.
247. Sadly, the Soban keychains are not available to everyone quite yet as they've only been released in Korea.
248. Sadly, there are thousands if not millions of people who adore cats but simply can't be around them.
249. Sadly, problems involving inappropriate urination and spraying are one of the reasons cat owners give most often when they surrender their cats to shelters or have them euthanized.
250. Sadly, this howling represents only a small portion of a cat owner's annoyance.
251. Sadly enough, friendly fraud also continues to be a problem, accounting for 17 percent of theft victims.
252. Sadly, there are companies out there, even Christian ones, that are simply looking to scam the consumer.
253. Sadly, even the best laid plans sometimes go awry.
254. Americans tend to have a larger carbon footprint than the rest of the world, sadly, and also tend to be the least interested in doing much to reduce it.
255. Sadly, there is little research outside of South America on this healthful fruit because it can't be grown anywhere else.
256. Sadly, construction was halted before the castle was complete due to the untimely death of Mrs. Boldt.
257. Sadly, I can't exactly measure these things (can any of us?), but I was thrilled to discover that 3D Extreme really delivers on its claims.
258. Sadly, the town's glory days were short lived.
259. Sadly, most schoolboy crushes do not work out as hoped.
260. Many fans and their parents believed that club membership guaranteed the availability of tickets for them to purchase, but sadly this isn't the case.
261. Eating Disorders: Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are sadly very common causes of death among teenagers today.
262. Eating Disorders: Eating disorders are, sadly, quite common with young models.
263. Tobacco the lead ingredient in both cigarettes and chew is the cause of around 440,000 yearly deaths and those deaths are sadly preventable.
264. Sadly, many college students become victims of acute alcohol poisoning due to their inexperience with drinking.
265. Sadly, the depressed economy has taken its toll on Ashwell's original designer home decor.
266. Sadly, all of that didn't teach Hilton her lesson, as after her release she was accused of smoking marijuana at a FIFA World Cup game in July of 2010.
267. Sadly, in January 2008, Ledger was found dead in his home, the victim of an accidental overdose of prescription medications.
268. Sadly, their marriage ended in divorce after splitting in July 2006.
269. Amy Winehouse - Entered rehab to try and clean up, but sadly she passed away in 2011.
270. Sadly, Blachett's father died when she was 10, leaving her mother to raise Cate, older brother Bob and younger sister Genevieve on her own.
271. Sadly, not every star shines as bright on the dance floor as they do on the big screen.
272. Sadly, even those celebrities who routinely spend hundreds on a gourmet meal and receive top-notch service don't always leave behind a tip.
273. Sadly, Natasha Richardson died on March 18, 2009 from the injuries sustained in this skiing accident.
274. Sadly, Johnson leaves behind a daughter, Ava, whom she adopted from Kazakhstan in 2007.
275. Sadly, reports are beginning to surface that Dennis Hopper's cancer battle is nearing its end.
276. Zamora was HIV positive and sadly, died from AIDS related complications just hours after the season finale of Real World: San Francisco aired.
277. Sadly, Heath Ledger would not be around to receive his accolades.
278. Sadly, Wilder was allegedly abused and bullied in the Hollywood school, and soon returned to Wisconsin.
279. Some are still on the rise, others have peaked and found solace in fading into the background, and sadly, a few have passed on.
280. Sadly, the signature polo player decal, again, renders these shirts inappropriate for uniform standards.
281. Sadly, breeder dogs in these deplorable operations receive little to no veterinary care and are generally bred until they can produce no more.
282. Sadly, Sam is no longer with us, but the World's Ugliest Dog Contest thrives since his exposure.
283. Sadly, many of these puppies wind up in shelters and breed rescues when their owners find they can no longer afford to care for them.
284. Sadly, people tend to value what they pay for, but it's always easier to just walk away when there's no investment on their part.
285. Sadly, these activities evolved into the sadistic and inhumane practice of dog fighting.
286. Sadly, many are victims of circumstance that lead the to a need for a new home.
287. Sadly, Gibson passed away due to bone cancer, and Guinness determined his successor would be Giant George, a blue Great Dane.
288. Sadly, this popularity has resulted in over-breeding as well as an abundance of unwanted Rotties.
289. Sadly, the majority of people do use pesticides as part of their lawn care regimen.
290. Sadly, many conventional sunblocks and lotions contain harsh ingredients as well as known carcinogens.
291. Ryan's situation was extreme but sadly, not an isolated case.
292. Sadly, many of the accidents result in a fatal injury.
293. Sadly, you won't be able to pop out the plain lenses in order to have your prescription lenses installed.
294. Sadly, you won't be able to try on the lenses in a store before buying.
295. Sadly, Lasik corrects distance vision, and not everyone's a candidate.
296. Sadly, this particular style has been discontinued by the manufacturer so they are not as easy to come by as they once were.
297. Sadly, all this does is set your expectations higher, far out of the games actual reach.
298. Sadly, such enthusiasm will be short lived.
299. Sadly, though, it feels tacked on -- kind of like a half-hearted effort.
300. Sadly, though, there is no DDR for the PSP.
301. Sadly, 1977 was the first video game crash, even though Atari and Magnavox continued to operate.
302. The power-ups are drawn from previous games; sadly nothing new is introduced.
303. Sadly, I'm reviewing the Playstation 2 port of Max Payne 2, and it shows.
304. It's truely a magnificent sight to behold, but sadly, this is about as good as it gets, and where everything starts to teeter in the wrong direction.
305. They offer PSP UMD movies and games for rent, but sadly they don't include Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS titles in their inventory.
306. Tales of Symphonia is definitely one for the RPG fan, but sadly I doubt it will bring new fans to the cause.
307. Sadly, after all of this, the Tetris creator (Pazhitnov) did not get any royalties for the game until 1995.
308. For everything Ultimate Spiderman had going for it, you'd think the game would be this epic adventure worthy of the $50 you paid for it at your local GameStop, but sadly, it isn't.
309. Sadly, the biggest fault of the game is the fact that the developers gave you this huge environment to play around in, but hardly bother with letting the player choose how the game falls into place.
310. Sadly, while both offer decent fun, neither reaches its full potential.
311. Sadly, Zoo Tycoon is a mere shadow of its older siblings, and even the portability of it isn't enough to redeem the lack of depth.
312. Sadly, many novice collectors believe they are getting antique tin cookie cutters when in fact they are buying antique aluminum cookie cutters.
313. Sadly, many so-called hunters do just this.
314. Sadly, this type of privacy invasion occurs because an employee is disgruntled, they want to get revenge on you for something you did to them (like treat them badly on the phone) or to simply get your information.
315. Every so often there creeps into the news a story about a family who was supposedly homeschooling but sadly, the child being homeschooled was abused.
316. The pregnancy sadly ended with a miscarriage.
317. The United States falls sadly behind almost all other countries in terms of satisfactory leave during pregnancy.
318. Sadly, the only way to treat a tubal pregnancy is to terminate it.
319. At this point, sadly enough, it's a frighteningly real prospect-seismologists and geologists have been saying for some time that we are due for a big one.
320. Sadly, someone kiped the Black Bird from the John's in February, 2007.
321. Her interest stemmed from concern for her half-sister who had the disease and sadly passed from it, but Mackenzie Rosman continues to advocate for the foundation.
322. Sadly, too few of us have the type of physique it takes to really look good in so little, so this suit remains the domain of exotic swimsuit models and body builders.
323. Sadly, not every tankini offers a shelf bra.
324. It happens all too often, and sadly, sunscreen only stays put so long when you're in the water.
325. Sadly, many female executives who have done an otherwise exceptional job of projecting a professional appearance miss the mark when choosing their formal attire.
326. Sadly, prejudice is still alive, and there are some families who still choose to turn away from their children when they become involved in an interracial romance.
327. Everyone's favorite phrase: "I love you," is sadly one that we don't hear as much once the period of courtship is more or less over.
328. Sadly new love doesn't last and that is a good thing because our bodies are not equipped to maintain the effects of these feel good chemicals indefinitely.
329. Sadly, not all feelings of love will be returned.
330. Sadly, plagiarism does not need to be intentional to take place.
331. Sadly, the newspaper industry is experiencing a profound transformation in recent years that has resulted in the closure of many daily presses and the loss of work for many talented journalists.
332. Sadly, while the information is helpful, it may eliminate some choices for you.
333. The Fendi Spy bag is manufactured using high quality materials, and, sadly, these materials translate into one formidable price tag.
334. This brand is still highly recognizable for its monogram luggage and handbag collections that have, sadly, become highly admired items of the replica industry.
335. Sadly, at the age of 95, Mr. Aigner passed on in 2000, but his incredibly chic deigns, including products that contain his signature red color, are still here for consumers to appreciate.
336. Sadly, from other reviews, it's not clear that everyone got it.
337. Sadly for the star-crossed lovers, their dream of being together is dashed when Manuel catches Matilde and takes her back to their ranch.
338. The two escaped to the tropics to celebrate their closeness, but sadly for Greenlee, she discovered that Leo was funding their tryst with her ransom money.
339. Sadly, Mike Roy was shot and the couple exchanged vows on his deathbed.
340. Sadly for Roxy and Trevor, Roxy loses a baby.
341. Sadly, the broken heart tattoo is common among people suffering from unrequited love or the loss of a loved one.
342. Sadly, these misconceptions keep families from heading to Niagara Falls for family vacations.
343. These, sadly, are notoriously knocked-off as they also have quite a reputation among vintage military watch collectors.
344. Sadly, because of their approach, many of them were met with nearly instant failure.
345. Sadly, most anorexics are admitted to the hospital for heart or kidney problems before they are "caught" and influenced to change.
346. Sadly, however, only 5 percent of adult Americans find time for vigorous exercise on any given day, according to a 2010 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (39(4): e13-e20).
347. Sadly, it only comes in one color -- neutral (not stark white!) -- so you can still wear it underneath just about anything.
348. Sadly, they're not available in Queen sizes.
349. Sadly, the model recently made headlines for a rumored suicide attempt in a Paris park.
350. Sadly, the end of the 20th century saw the return of the boy band and the lip-synching pop diva.
351. Sadly, it seems Alex was unsure about his final decision, and his reported attempts to stay in touch with Rehn strained the relationship with Marshall to the breaking point.
352. Sadly these wings weren't strong enough to keep the couple flying high on their love, as they broke up soon after the finale aired.
353. Sadly, during the third season of the show, co-star David Strickland committed suicide and the following year the show was canceled.
354. Sadly, though, the ones who do the most hurting are usually the ones that stay on the show the longest.
355. Sadly, it looks like Heidi Montag is not quite through with the plastic surgery procedures.
356. Sadly, his travels to Mars were scheduled to begin in 1999; we are falling farther behind every year.
357. We want a hero we can connect with, and as one of the only super heroes that is not a mutant or otherwise genetically altered, Batman's human side is his major selling point and it has, sadly, been removed from this film.
358. Sadly, even though Wanda was able to manipulate probability to conceive children with Vision, those children turned out to be soul shards for a demon.
359. It would be akin to magic, and sadly there is simply no such thing - yet.
360. Sadly, these unwelcome pests come out in droves when the weather heats up.
361. Sadly, whether it is MySpace, Facebook or one of the many other available social networking websites, there can be concerns over safety.
362. Señor Medena gazed up at Alex sadly.
363. "When you thought I was dying, you weren't willing to take a chance," Deidre added sadly.
364. Señor Medena gazed up at Alex sadly.
365. Both were dressed in black, the Black God pale and stoic and Bianca smiling sadly while a stiff breeze whipped her curls around.
366. "Kiri," Darian said almost sadly and looked around as if lost.
367. Sadly, those efforts were not always reciprocated by sections of those communities.
368. Sadly, o­n this side of the socialist revolution, that's the way things are.
369. He had a twin sister called Phyllis, sadly deceased.
370. Sadly, most of them already have girlfriends or wives helping them with their tables.
371. I discovered them several years ago and have sadly watched their further decline as the roofs fall in and walls splay outwards.
372. If a victim of suffering lacks these abilities, then (sadly) her suffering cannot be defeated, but (happily) it also cannot be horrendous.
373. What about all these complicated family structures with various ' step ' grandparents, more or (sadly) less in touch with the grandchildren ?
374. The role of education, prescriptive grammars, and attitudes/evaluations (including variation used for characterization in literary texts after 1700) is sadly neglected.
375. Sadly, this twist in the analogy does not really get around the previous problem.
376. Sadly our image just hasn't been updated: we are still a cloth cap and muffler set up.
377. Sadly, much of the literature discussing the principle is mired in forbidding algebra, which has not helped in communicating its importance.
378. Sadly, this clause still allows offer_topic(tom, resolution) to be derived, so we have to add a further literal.
379. Sadly, there appears to be a limited number of investigators doing this important work.
380. Sadly, she only read a dozen or so pages.
381. Sadly, this comprehensive topographic database has been overlooked by the author.
382. My wardrobe has, sadly, never been kept to the same standards.
383. Sadly, there were too many to include here, and it was a difficult task to select the few that are published in the following pages.
384. Sadly this book does so only in a very limited way, albeit not without value in itself.
385. Sadly, however, although these conundrums provide underlying and recurrent themes, they are rarely made explicit.
386. Sadly some of them say more about the generosity of their authors than they contribute to an understanding of their subject.
387. Sadly, we do not know the precise threshold for the 3-colour case, as we cannot match our lower bounds with a corresponding upper bound.
388. Sadly, however, he died in 1975, just before the electronic dawn broke for typewriters.
389. His health had deteriorated and his eyesight, sadly, was failing, but he was able to retain many of his interests until his brief final illness.
390. Sadly, it falls far short of its objective.
391. Sadly, they didn't, although that could have been because although can clearly identify the question they cannot identify the answer.
392. Sadly, as with the previous contribution in the series, no index is provided.
393. Sadly, graph reduction is harder, and updates are quite complicated.
394. I am of course sadly aware that all this must create far more questions for the reader than it tries to answer.
395. Sadly, however, this book is unlikely to create the debate it clearly hopes to incite.
396. Sadly, foot care provision by these professionals is poorly co-ordinated.
397. Sadly only one sheet is illustrated as pl. 18 (interior court and bassin).
398. He sadly admitted that scientists were at least as bad as poets in the "envenomed hatred" with which they repaid their detractors.
399. Sadly, the formal precision of the account in chapters 11 and 12 is not always apparent, in contrast to the laudably clear descriptive sections.
400. Sadly, this devalues the comparative strength of an otherwise detailed and engaging book.
401. Sadly, they refuse because they cannot bear the thought of removing an organ from their recently deceased loved one.
402. The aboriginal survivor, he noted, ' ' sadly likened ' ' floral and faunal usurpation ' ' to the invasion of his country by the pale faces.
403. Sadly, this clinical pearl translates nicely to palliative care.
404. Sadly, that will now have to be a memorial volume.
405. The rest of us, sadly, can only lament the miserly application of such obvious expertise and resources.
406. Sadly, this often reflects merely a rather muddled piece of work.
407. Sadly, websites are ephemeral and many of the addresses are already obsolescent.
408. The cable car has sadly been put out of action by the eruptions of 2001 and 2002 since the writing of this book.
409. Sadly, this seems to be an increasing problem amongst instrumentalists, commonly causing pain and loss of coordination.
410. Sadly, most of the chapters do not add much to an already heavy debate on the utility of soil quality indices.
411. Sadly, it remains a fact that the nature of the pathologic mechanisms is still unsolved.
412. Sadly, the response of psychoanalysts has been more defensive than welcoming of these remarkable advances.
413. Stereotypes and their attendant stigmata are, sadly, resilient.
414. Sadly perhaps, none of these 16 appear to have come near completing this task of writing down their story.
415. Sadly, only those willing to undergo assessment qualify for government support.
416. What is required, therefore, are studies which correlate mesocortical/mesolimbic dopamine activity with fluctuations in mental state, which (sadly) can only be done in humans.
417. Sadly, the corner flats do not have balconies or terraces where these are perhaps most needed.
418. Sadly, this is all too common an occurrence in communities in low income countries.
419. One strength of this chapter is that it mentions sign language acquisition, an area sadly neglected in this otherwise comprehensive volume.
420. Sadly, his hard won achievements brought him only transitory fame.
421. Sadly, once in this market, the power relations of globalized marketing may constrain and undermine the very promise the authors hold out.
422. However, the immediate impact of the reform was sadly diluted by the manner in which the current members were appointed.
423. Sadly, the authors appear to have a point.
424. The agenda mentioned earlier combined with the rather prescriptive nature of the text sadly leave little room for more esoteric considerations.
425. Sadly, he does not supply evidence to support the idea that these separate kinds of researches were coordinated with one another over time.
426. Finally, and sadly, the book is marred by poor copy-editing, with numerous errors in grammar and spelling throughout the text, particularly in the index.
427. Sadly, the historical maps of the ®rst volume are substituted by inadequate outline street plans in this one.
428. Sadly, some of the more adverse elements of this criticism have proven difficult to shake off.
429. Sadly this volume lacks an editorial introduction that might have explained the background to its publication and how the resultant 14 papers were selected.
430. Sadly this also enabled the original caretaker's post to be dispensed with and his house to be sold.
431. Sadly, many children entering placement after age 8 years have a history of separations from their primary caretakers.
432. The volume has 17 contributions by a total of 47 authors with impressive credentials (though, sadly, there is no authorship by the second editor).
433. Later he watches the same peer weeping sadly after another child has grabbed her toy.
434. Sadly, the author feels that he is philosophically out of touch with modern developments in geology.
435. Our field has been down the logical positivist road, and we are sadly familiar with the intellectual and scientific stagnation associated with strong behaviorism.
436. Sadly, it appears that, to our legislators and policymakers, a pound of cure costs less than an ounce of prevention.
437. Sadly, this tells us very little about the origin of the most distinctive parts of language: contrastive phonology, syntax, and the lexicon.
438. Sadly, even green activism is not free from consumerism.
439. Sadly, a's loud voice and unreliable pitch have provoked unkind comments from his peers resulting in a further lowering of his musical self-esteem.
440. Sadly, this association often leads to low musical self-esteem in those children who regard themselves as having neither singing nor instrumental skills.
441. Such studies are however rare, and the prevailing perspective upon loneliness in later life remains sadly static.
442. An impressive bibliography and an index, sadly only of names, complement the volume.
443. Sadly, this gave me little hope that substantial changes are on the way.
444. Sadly, the compiler did not live to see this strikingly original work published.
445. Sadly, mistakes are inevitable because of the differences between the two languages.
446. Sadly, the majority of these patients still succumb from recurrent or refractory neuroblastoma.
447. Sadly, readers of this book may conclude that there is little contemporary research into old age that is relevant to social work.
448. Sadly for it, they had 'penetrated into remote villages'.
449. Sadly, the focus is on the active/passive contrast.
450. However, the reluctance of governments and multilateral agencies to do little other than hold conferences, without committing resources, sadly spells out the real future.
451. By the end of 2001 it was sadly apparent that he would be unable to produce a finalized version.
452. The plural of the title is sadly significant.
453. Sadly this is a view that is not always confined to the patient.
454. Many chapters simply have none at all and the rest tend to be sadly self-evident and idealistic : a sample will suffice.
455. The most obvious potential for a new volume has been left sadly underexploited.
456. Sadly, because of abolition, it was also the last.
457. Sadly, there are a number of printing errors.
458. The invitation to think again about where the central lines of history may have run is, however, sadly absent.
459. Sadly, however, many of them are unlikely to stay the course because of a series of interlocking presentational weaknesses.
460. There is a long bibliography but, sadly, no index.
461. What is sadly missing from this collection is the perspective of people with frontotemporal dementia themselves.
462. Sadly they are also the lowest paid, least listened to, and have the fewest training opportunities.
463. Sadly, these expectations were not always realised - many married feckless men and ended up bringing up children on their own.
464. Why we need to do these things is a question to which, sadly, they devote little attention.
465. The house that so sadly was partly destroyed by fire in 1968.
466. Warnings from long past are remembered, and over-confident technology is shown to have often run ahead of reasonable restraint; perhaps this is sadly inevitable.
467. Sadly, those individuals slough off the responsibility and are authoritarian in other, less wellmeaning ways.
468. Sadly this is a weakness throughout this formidable compilation in which the illustrated component is heavily weighted towards stratigraphic charts.
469. Sadly there is no index which would have been very useful in this large volume.
470. The latest British reality TV import, now streaming on HBO Max, sees potters square off against one another. Sadly, it lacks the charm and fun of its baking brethren.
471. “Sadly, what was then a hypothetical is now our reality, but my position has not changed.” “I did not support taking up a nomination eight months before the 2016 election to fill the vacancy ...
472. When he didn't answer the door to them, they had to force their way into the address - and sadly found him on his bathroom floor, with drug paraphernalia nearby, the room was told. Senior Coroner Ian ...
473. A beloved elephant at Chester Zoo has sadly died. Thi Hi Way has passed away following a battle with arthritis. The condition was linked to her early years spent in ...
474. How to use sadly in a sentence. Example sentences with the word sadly. sadly example sentences.
475. 159+16 sentence examples: 1. Sadly, the text is marred by careless errors. 2. Sadly, my feelings for him were not reciprocated. 3. Peter shook his head sadly. 4. England's defeat in the third test match was sadly predictable. 5. The garden's been sad
476. Examples of sadly in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: If a victim of suffering lacks these abilities, then (sadly) her suffering…
477. Examples of sadly in a sentence: 1. Banfi looked sadly at his wife. 2. This malady is sadly common. 3. He turned sadly to the maid.
478. Examples of sadly in a sentence. I pretended to react sadly to the news of my husband’s departure, but I was really overjoyed. 🔊 sadly the fire victims lost all of their belongings and are completely starting over. 🔊 He has been diagnosed with stage three pancreatic cancer, and sadly, there is nothing more the doctors can do. 🔊
479. How to use sadly in a sentence. The sadly list of example sentences with sadly. Log in. sadly / examples.
480. How to use sadly in a sentence. sadly pronunciation. I think it true, and sadly true, that a man with a vice which he is able to satisfy easily and habitually, even as another satisfies a virtue, may give up the wider actions of the world and the possibilities of his life for the pleasure which his one vice gives him, and neither miss nor
481. How to use “sadly” in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences “sadly”. 20 examples of simple sentences “sadly” . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something or that
482. 159+16 sentence examples: 1. His work has been sadly neglected. 2. They sadly surveyed the scene before them. 3. She will be sadly missed. 4. She shook her dark curls sadly. 5. I'm afraid you're going to be sadly disappointed. 6. Sadly, she miscarrie
483. Sentence Examples It tries so hard to be profound, but the slightness of its themes leaves the whole project sadly weightless and ultimately superficial. The music, a mixture of industrial rock, glam and goth, sadly isn't up to the props.
484. Sentence Examples for sadly. sadly we have no more money. How to use sadly in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of sadly.
485. A kid sentence using the word sadly? Top Answer. Wiki User. 2010-03-10 22:05:09 2010-03-10 22:05:09. The child sadly told his teacher that he stole her apple. (first thing that came in my head)
486. sadly definition: 1. in an unhappy way: 2. in a way that is not satisfactory: 3. in an unhappy way: . Learn more.
487. sadly definition: 1. with sadness; in a sad or sorrowful way 2. unfortunately; regrettably: sadly, we must decline your invitation; his efforts were sadly overlooked
488. sadly in a sentence - Use "sadly" in a sentence 1. Sadly, nobody has ever issued a newspaper columnist card set. 2. Predictably and sadly, they were greeted with curses and boos. click for more sentences of sadly
489. Sentence examples for sadly coming to an end from inspiring English sources. 1. exact 59. similar 4. related IDIOM To come to an end. To finish; to stop/. RELATED sadly comes to an end. sadly come to an end. already coming to an end. alas coming to an end
490. Sentence Examples He was a great neighbour and friend to many and he will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. A kindly gentleman, Con was a great neighbour and will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by his devoted family and close friends.
491. Another word for sadly. Find more ways to say sadly, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
492. This sentence is original and was not derived from translation. sadly Tom, "sadfully" is not a word. added by Hybrid, November 14, 2013 at 2:31 AM. Sadly, "sadfully" is not a word. edited by Hybrid, November 14, 2013 at 2:31 AM #3085515. linked by duran, March 9, 2014 at 2:51 PM
493. Sadly, his violence had preceded the disease by a lifetime. Sadly, injustice sometimes resulted from our failure to recognize this. It's difficult to see sadly in a sentence . Sadly, the men in this expression of his church do. Sometimes, sadly, technology and the passage of time prevail. Sadly, many city dwellers can't recognize skunk anymore.
494. High quality example sentences with “if sadly” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English
495. sadly quotes from YourDictionary: Humans are just barely intelligent tool users; Darwinian evolutionary selection stopped when language and tool use converged, leaving the average hairy meme carrier sadly deficient in smarts.
496. Definition of sadly adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.
497. sadly definition is - in a sad manner : in a way that shows sadness or unhappiness. How to use sadly in a sentence.
498. The sentence adverbs are used to convey the writer or speaker's opinion that it is clear/sad/curious that something happened or is the case. If you compare the way clearly, sadly , and curiously are used in the next three sentences, you can easily see the difference between the meaning of the sentence adverbs and the 'ordinary' adverbs:
499. Translations of the phrase NOW sadly from english to finnish and examples of the use of "NOW SADLY" in a sentence with their translations: Now sadly the problem is internal. German Italian Dutch French Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian
500. Examples and usage of sadly in prose and poetry To better understand the meaning of sadly , certain examples of its usage are presented.Examples from famous English prose on the use of the word sadly " Give me my friends' letters! then harry potter leaves dobby no choice, said the elf sadly"
501. When an introductory adverbial element seems to modify the entire sentence and not just the verb or some single element in the rest of the sentence, put a comma after it. Fortunately, no one in the bridal party was in that car. Sadly, the old church was completely destroyed. On the other hand, someone obviously was badly injured.
502. Translations of the phrase SO sadly from english to finnish and examples of the use of "SO SADLY" in a sentence with their translations: So sadly , i must be going. German Italian Dutch French Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian
503. French Translation of “sadly” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.
504. Sadly. Posted by Bruce Kahl on June 30, 2004. In Reply to: sadly posted by Natty on June 29, 2004: : : : : Although I've already asked the question, something still bothers me and I would like to raise it again with two more examples:
505. Some Examples _____ The Original Passage By and large Yosemite has been preserved as though it were a painting. is sadly missing from this experience of nature. Looking is a fine thing to do to pictures, but (creates a mosaic of copied language and sentence structure)
506. ‘And sadly, it's not terribly different from what is actually being done in some churches.’ ‘I had hoped this had gone away, but, sadly, things like this never do.’ ‘Vietnam War, sadly, is another example of conflict won militarily but lost politically.’
507. Good restaurants were sadly lacking. He was a popular man who will be sadly missed. I’m afraid you’re going to be sadly disappointed. If you think you’ll get any money from him, you’re sadly mistaken. Examples from the Corpus sadly • Sadly, Anne suffered from emotional problems most of her life.
508. Examples of 'sadly' in a sentence sadly. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
509. The examples are sadly too numerous today. Gli esempi sono oggi, purtroppo, più che numerosi. Flattering, but sadly, no. Mi lusinghi ma, purtroppo, no. However, sadly, I must ask you to proceed with your assignment. Tuttavia purtroppo devo chiedervi di procedere con il vostro compito.
510. Unfortunately definition: Unfortunately is defined as sadly or regrettably. (adverb) An example of unfortunately is being unhappy about missing a party due to being in court; he unfortunately missed the party.

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