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"Sandy" Example Sentences

1. Gerald lifted sandy brows.
2. The bracken grows in low sandy tracts near the coast.
3. His hair was sandy blond, his skin golden.
4. Maceio is attractively situated in the midst of large plantations of coco-nut and dende palms, though the broad sandy beach in front and the open sun-burned plain behind give a barren character to its surroundings.
5. Groningen is connected with the Drente plateau by the sandy tongue of the Hondsrug which extends almost up to the capital.
6. The going was slow on the sandy trail.
7. The town stands on a sandy plain, and there are sand dunes within the city limits.
8. The country to the east and south-east of the Aravallis affords a striking contrast to the sandy plains on the north-west of the range, and is blessed with fertile lands, hill-ranges and long stretches of forest, where fuel and fodder are abundant.
9. At Woburn, Leighton, Ampthill, Sandy, Upware, Wicken and Potton, near the base of Upper Neocomian ironsands, there is a band between 6 in.
10. The Scotch pine still grows on all sandy spaces, and the maple (Acer tatarica and A.
11. Considerable remains of ancient villas still exist along the low sandy coast, one of which, about 1 m.
12. Is a sandy and waterless waste, entirely unfit for settlement.
13. Natural gas, like petroleum, was first heard of in West Virginia in connexion with a burning spring on the Kanawha, and there were gas springs on the Big Sandy and the Little Kanawha.
14. From Birejik the river runs sluggishly, first a little to the east, then a little to the west of south, over a sandy or pebbly bed, past Jerablus (?
15. With the exception of the sub-montane districts of Jodhpur, which lie immediately below the Aravallis, this division is sandy, ill-watered and unproductive, improving gradually from a desert in the northwest and west to comparatively fertile land on the east.
16. There is a sandy belt along the coast, and the western frontier is slightly mountainous.
17. The saurians or lizards are numerous, chiefly on dry sandy or rocky ground in the tropical region.
18. Of this line, as far as the sandy deserts of Astrakhan and the steppes of N.
19. There he scooped a bed in the sandy floor, away from the moist walls.
20. It is bounded on the north-west by Ohio, from which it is separated by the Ohio river, on the north by Pennsylvania and Maryland, the Potomac river dividing it from the latter state; on the east and south-east by Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, the boundary lines in the first two cases being meridians, in the last case a very irregular line following the crest of mountain ridges in places; and on the south-west by Virginia and Kentucky, the Big Sandy river separating it from the latter state.
21. I drink at it; but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is.
22. As the teams came to a halt, the rasp of leather against sandy wheels assured her that the other wagons were following suit.
23. They are propagated by cuttings, or from the leaves, which are cut off and pricked in welldrained pots of sandy soil, or by the scales from the underground tubes, which are rubbed off and sown like seeds, or by the seeds, which are very small.
24. North of that point a line of high cliffs, in which occur the ports of Fcamp and Dieppe, stretches nearly to the sandy estuary of the Somme.
25. The single species, which is a native of western and southern Australia, is about the size of an English squirrel, to which its long bushy tail gives it some resemblance; but it lives entirely on the ground, especially in sterile sandy districts, feeding on ants.
26. The country was mostly poor and barren, sandy hillocks, with scanty growth of spinifex.
27. The west coast throughout its whole length is covered to a depth of some miles with mangrove swamps, with only a few isolated stretches of sandy beach, the dim foliage of the mangroves and the hideous mud flats presenting a depressing spectacle.
28. The coast is low and sandy and is formed by the detritus deposited by the sea current called Calema.
29. Barry Links, a triangular sandy track occupying the south-eastern corner of the shire, are used as a camping and manoeuvring ground for the artillery and infantry forces of the district, and occasionally of Scotland.
30. The P0 is itself navigable from Turin downwards, but through its delta it is so sandy that canals are preferred, the P0 di Volano ~.nd the P0 di Primaro on the right, and the Canale Bianco on the left.
31. It stands upon the slope and summit of the cliffs above Filey Bay, which is fringed by a fine sandy beach.
32. A large part of this has been reclaimed and the sandy soil laid bare, but on the Drente and Prussian borders areas of fen still remain.
33. Physically and physiologically dry habitats, with the accompanying plant communities of sand dunes and sandy heaths with little humus in the soil.
34. Mineral salts, especially calcium carbonate, often rich in acidic humous compounds, and characterized by oak and birch woods, siliceous pasture, and heaths with much acidic humus in the sandy soil.
35. The country is divided into three parts, of very different character and climate: the coast is sandy and very hot, without much vegetation except date palms; it has no good harbours, and the climate is very unwholesome; the population is scanty.
36. A sandy beach or desert owes its character to the mobility of its constituent sand-grains, which are readily drifted and piled up in the form of dunes.
37. The most suitable soil is a light, sandy loam enriched with well decomposed manure, in a rather moist situation.
38. And Cape Pangara or Sandy Point on the S., it has a width of about 10 m.
39. The plain, sandy in its northern part, is in the south a deep bed of argillaceous marl, scattered over with great granite boulders and fragments of greenstone.
40. In the extensive region covered with boulder-clay the black earth appears only in isolated places, and the soil consists for the most part of a sandy clay, containing a much smaller admixture of humus.
41. Conifers are rare, and the Scotch pine, which is abundant on the sandy plains, takes the place of the Abies.
42. "The first part of Persis which lies along the Persian Gulf is hot, sandy and barren and only the date palm thrives there.
43. To the southward, as the valleys become increasingly sandy and saline, even the sage-brush disappears, and little vegetation besides the cactus and the yucca is to be seen.
44. LITERNUM, an ancient town of Campania, Italy, on the low sandy coast between Cumae and the mouth of the Volturnus.
45. Long and has no ports or towns of importance, the slopes of the Sierra Madre del Pacifico being precipitous and heavily wooded and the coastbelt sandy, hot and malarial.
46. Is low, sandy and semi-barren,.
47. Overlying the Tuscaloosa are the Eutaw sands, characterized by sandy laminated clays, and yellow, orange, red and blue sands, containing lignite and fossil resin.
48. Deep. It is characterized by semi-crystalline limestones and blue and white sandy marls.
49. Of inferior quality are the yellow loam of the hills in the north-east and the sandy loam in the pine belt of the south.
50. The Coastal Plain Region is the only part of the state that has any lakes, and these are chiefly shallow bodies of water, with sandy bottoms, in the midst of swamps.
51. On the Coastal Plain the soil is generally sandy, but in nearly all parts of this region more or less marl abounds; south of the Neuse river the soil is mostly a loose sand, north of it there is more loam on the uplands, and in the lowlands the soil is usually compact with clay, silt or peat; toward the western border of the region the sand becomes coarser and some gravel is mixed with it.
52. It is deeper and more sandy where granite is the underlying rock, deeper and more fertile on the north-western than on the south-eastern mountain slopes, and shallower and more clayey where slate is the underlying rock.
53. The soil of Pomerania is for the most part thin and sandy, but patches of good land are found here and there.
54. Being greatly outnumbered, Howe had to stand on the defensive, but he baffled the French admiral at Sandy Hook, and defeated his attempt to take Newport in Rhode Island by a fine combination of caution and calculated daring.
55. In the north and east they give place, as the Manych and the coasts of the Caspian are approached, to arid, sandy, stony steppes.
56. Irrigation benefits a sandy soil, draining a marshy soil.
57. Additional significance to the value of the above experiments on wheat and barley is afforded by the fact that the same series, with but slight modifications, has also been carried out since 1876 at the Woburn (Bedfordshire) experimental farm of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, the soil here being of light sandy character, and thus very different from the heavy soil of Rothamsted.
58. OLD POINT COMFORT, a summer and winter resort, in Elizabeth City county, Virginia, U.S.A., at the southern end of a narrow, sandy peninsula projecting into Hampton Roads (at the mouth of the James river), about 12 m.
59. They occur up mountain slopes as far as vegetation extends, in tropical valleys and forests, in open grassy plains, in sandy deserts, and even in fresh-water ponds and between tide-marks on the seashore.
60. The city is built on a level, sandy plain, in the rear of which is a line of hills terminating in two spurs, East Rock and West Rock, respectively 360 and 400 ft.
61. In regions where climatic conditions are favourable, cotton grows more or less successfully on almost all kinds of soil; it can be grown on light sandy soils, loams, heavy clays and sandy " bottom " lands with varying success.
62. Sandy uplands produce a short stalk which bears fairly well.
63. Sudden variations in the amount of water supplied are injurious: a sandy soil cannot retain water; on the other hand a clay soil often maintains too great a supply, and rank growth with excess of foliage ensues.
64. Sandy soils are made thereby too dry and leachy, and it is a questionable proceeding to turn the heavy clays upon the top. Planters are, as a result, divided in opinion as to the wisdom of subsoiling.
65. It is served by the Chesapeake & Ohio (being a terminal of the Lexington and Big Sandy Divisions) and the Norfolk & Western railways, and is connected with Huntington, West Virginia, by an electric line.
66. At Tiberias a little squadron of the brethren of the two Orders went down before Saladin's cavalry in May; at Hattin the levy masse of the kingdom, some 20,000 strong, foolishly marching over a sandy plain under the heat of a July sun, was utterly defeated; and after a fortnight's siege Jerusalem capitulated (October 2nd, 1187).
67. Nemertines live in the sea, some being common amongst the corals and algae, others hiding in the muddy or sandy bottom, and secreting gelatinous tubes which ensheath the body along its whole length.
68. They may be divided into three classes: the pine lands, which often have a surface of dark vegetable mould, under which is a sandy loam resting on a substratum of clay, marl or limestone - areas of such soil are found throughout the state; the " hammocks," which have soil of similar ingredients and are interspersed with the pine lands - large areas of this soil occur in Levy, Alachua, Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Gadsden, Leon, Madison, Jefferson and Jackson counties; and the alluvial swamp lands, chiefly in E.
69. The shores of Lake Michigan are generally low and sandy, and the land slopes gradually to the water.
70. Farther inland in the level districts and river bottoms it varies from a sandy to a clay loam containing much alluvium.
71. Mole-rats are easily recognized by the peculiarly flattened head, in which the minute eyes are covered with skin, the wart-like ears, and rudimentary tail; they make burrows in sandy soil, and feed on bulbs and roots.
72. Jersey City when first incorporated was a small sandy peninsula (an island at high tide) known as Paulus Hook, directly opposite the lower end of Manhattan Island.
73. The soil is a clayey or a sandy loam, and very fertile except in the Usar tracts, where there is a saline efflorescence.
74. In this region the sandstone rocks are generally overlaid with heavy black soil formed from the decaying trap, which is principally devoted to the cultivation of the spring crops, wheat and grain, while rice and hill millets are sown in the lighter and more sandy soils.
75. The favourite colour is a uniform sandy, or pale grey tone, but characters directly related to capacity for speed have received most attention.
76. Between the Harrar plateau and Cape Guardafui the coast ranges maintain a mean altitude of from 4000 to 5000 ft., and fall generally in steep escarpments down to the narrow strip of sandy lowlands skirting the Gulf of Aden.
77. A wall and esplanade extend along the bottom of the cliffs, and there is a fine stretch of sandy beach.
78. The igneous formation of which the greater part of the Roman Campagna is, in its superior portion, composed, contains three strata known under the common name of tufa, - the " stony," " granular," and " sandy " tufa, - the last being commonly known as pozzolana.
79. Above the sea in this district, never above 70, and are generally treeless except for marginal timber along the sluggish, meandering streams. One of their peculiar features - the sandy circular " mounds," 2 to 10 ft.
80. There are many sandy districts in the uplands, also sandy clays; in the " second bottoms " of the streams fertile sandy loams; abundant tertiary marls in the north-central region; some gypsum in the cretaceous " islands "; and some fossiliferous marls with decomposed limestones.
81. The southern coast near Cape Maisi is low and sandy.
82. Of Manzanillo it sinks again, and throughout most of the remaining distance to Cape San Antonio is low, with a sandy or marshy littoral; at places sand hills fringe the shore; near Trinidad there are hills of considerable height; and the coast becomes high and rugged W.
83. The first, the Organ mountains, in Pinar del Rio, rises in a sandy, marshy region near Cape San Antonio.
84. In the sandy part of the desert beyond this strip of fertility both men and beasts, leaving the beaten path, sink as if in loose snow.
85. It consists largely of a dark brown or black sandy loam, finely comminuted, the richness of which in organic matter and mineral salts induces rapidity of growth, and the strength and durability of which render it capable of a long succession of crops.
86. Toward the east central part of the state there is a somewhat less fertile sandy soil, which is devoted more largely to potatoes and similar crops.
87. Themistocles was the first to urge the Athenians to take advantage of these harbours, instead of using the sandy bay of Phaleron; and the fortification of the Peiraeus was begun in 493 B.C. Later on it was connected with Athens by the Long Walls in 460 B.C. The town of Peiraeus was laid out by the architect Hippodamus of Miletus, probably in the time of Pericles.
88. On the other hand, the deep sandy soil near its banks made the transport of bridging materiel by land laborious, and almost certain of discovery.
89. The larger part of Amrum consists of a treeless sandy expanse, but a fringe of rich marshes affords good pasture-land.
90. Toward the Rio Grande, and the coastal zone is sandy, much broken by lagoons and uninhabited.
91. The modern town, founded in 1857, is remarkable chiefly for its pleasant situation and sandy beach.
92. It will grow on a dry sandy soil, dislikes much moisture, and needs no shade.
93. The town is built on low sandy ground, is irregularly laid out, and its streets are not paved.
94. The eastern Gobi, the occasionally fertile and occasionally sandy plains.
95. Some species of Strophalosia and Productus seem also to have been moored during life to the sandy or muddy bottoms on which they lived, by the means of tubular spines often of considerable length.
96. The beach is sandy and the bathing good.
97. But some species inhabiting sandy deserts form extensive burrows.
98. Race- mosum, grape hyacinth, occurs in sandy pastures in the eastern counties of England.
99. These usually dry sandy beds, which on many maps appear rivers of imposing length, for a few hours or days following rare but violent thunderstorms, are deep and turbulent streams. The northern system consists of the Nosob and its tributaries, the Molopo and the Kuruman.
100. These openings are usually the sandy beds of dried-up or intermittent affluents, such as the Bak, Ham, Houm, Aub (or Great Fish) rivers of Great Namaqualand.
101. From the violence of tyranny, and the rapine of a disorderly banditti, by which this district long suffered, as well as from shocks of earthquakes, the villages have a ruinous and dilapidated appearance; and, with the exception of a few fields in their neighbourhood, the country presents a rocky and sandy waste, with in many places scarcely a show of vegetation.
102. Water is scarce and brackish, and is chiefly found at the bottom of low ranges of hills, which abound in some parts; and the inhabitants of the extensive sandy tracts suffer greatly from the want of it.
103. The sea-face is generally overhanging cliff, but in a few places are sandy beaches and low sandhills.
104. The coastal plain consists in great part of sandy beaches, detritus formations, and partially submerged areas caused by uplifted beaches and obstructed river channels.
105. The north-east coast, which is sandy and barren, shows an average mean annual temperature (at Fortaleza) of nearly 80° F., which is slightly higher than those of Maranhao and Path.
106. Tracaxa, is still more highly esteemed for its flesh, but it is smaller and deposits fewer eggs in the sandy river beaches.
107. South-east of the Parnahyba the coast region becomes dryer and more sandy and the forests disappear.
108. The coast and tide-water rivers are fringed with mangrove, and the sandy plain reaching back to the margin of the inland plateau is generally bare of vegetation, though the carnahuba palm (Copernicia cerifera) and some species of low-growing trees are to be found in many places.
109. The sea-coast, bays and tide-water rivers are still fringed with mangrove, and on the sandy shores above Cape Frio grow large numbers of the exotic cocoa-nut palm.
110. The coast, though low and sandy in places, is for the most part rocky and dangerous.
111. Opposite the Bluff a low sandy spit called the Point forms the northern entrance to the harbour.
112. The vast sandy wastes mainly contribute to the dryness of the winds on the Great Hungarian Alfold.
113. Meerkats are sociable animals, living in holes in the rocks on the mountains, and burrowing in the sandy soil of the plains.
114. The landingplace is on the open sandy beach, where a small stream enters the sea.
115. Below the hills the country is high and arid, generally level, but sometimes rolling in sandy undulations, and much intersected by hill torrents, 201 in number.
116. M., about one-half is meadow and grazing land, one-quarter under tillage, and the remainder occupied by a little woodland, some unprofitable sandy wastes, the bed of the Weser and the towns.
117. The country is dry and sandy, and entirely depends on well irrigation for its water supply.
118. The soils overlying red sandstone rocks would be reddish and of a sandy nature, while those overlying chalk would be whitish and contain considerable amounts of lime.
119. Generally speaking, soils containing from 30 to 50% of clay and 50 to 60% of sand with an adequate amount of vegetable residues prove the most useful for ordinary farm and garden crops; such blends are known as " loams," those in which clay predominates being termed clay loalns, and those in which the sand predominates sandy roams. " Stiff clays " contain over 50% of clay; " light sands " have less than to %.
120. The proportional amount of these materials in a sandy soil on the Bagshot beds and a stiff Oxford clay is given below: - The pore-space within the soil, i.e.
121. Below are given examples of the analyses of a poor sandy soil and an ordinary loam: - Since the dry weight of the first foot of soil over an acre is about 4,000,000 lb the poor sandy soil contains within it: Nitrogen.
122. 9,200 „ From the figures given previously of the amount of nitrogen, potash and phosphoric acid removed by a wheat or mangel crop it would appear that this soil has enough of these ingredients in it to yield many such crops; yet experience has shown that these crops cannot be grown on such a poor sandy soil unless manures containing phosphates, potash and nitrogen are added.
123. Plants have been found to wither and die in sandy soils containing i a% of water, and in clay soils in which there was still present 8% of water.
124. In certain sandy soils and in a few stiff clays it may amount to less than 4%, while in others in limestone and chalk districts there may be 50 to 80% present.
125. Many soils of a light sandy or gravelly or peaty nature and liable to drought and looseness of texture can be improved by the addition of large amounts of clay of an ordinary character.
126. Many other kinds of marls are described; some are of a sandy nature, others stony or full of the remains of small shells.
127. Many thousands of acres of low-lying peaty and sandy land adjoining the tidal rivers which flow into the Humber have been improved by a process termed " warping."
128. The carbon compounds of the latter are of no direct nutritive value to the succeeding crop, but the decaying vegetable tissues very greatly assist in retaining moisture in light sandy soils, and in clay soils also have a beneficial effect in rendering them more open and allowing of better drainage of superfluous water and good circulation of fresh air within them.
129. To 12 ft., under a covering of conglomerate locally known as lostra, which is itself overlain by a loose sandy soil.
130. Sandy soils produce tobaccos with a thin leaf, curing to a yellow or bright red colour.
131. Italy produces two principal types, a dark, heavy Virginian tobacco on the heavy soils of northern Italy, and a Turkish type tobacco on the sandy soils of the southern part of the country.
132. The tree succeeds in deep, sandy or calcareous loams, and in stiff loams resting on a gravelly bottom.
133. Above sea-level, surrounded by steep, sandy, barren mountains, and has an equable climate, which has been likened to a perpetual autumn.
134. On this theory he prepared artificial manures containing the essential mineral substances together with a small quantity of ammoniacal salts, because he held that the air does not supply ammonia fast enough in certain cases, and carried out systematic experiments on ten acres of poor sandy land which he obtained from thr town of Giessen in 1845.
135. The oldest rocks of Barbados, known as the Scotland series, are of shallow water origin, consisting of coarse grits, brown sandstones and sandy clays, in places saturated with petroleum and traversed by veins of manjak.
136. The country falls naturally into three main divisions, a northern, a central and a southern; the first includes the area between the Midian coast on the west and the head of the Persian Gulf on the east, a desert tract throughout, stony in the north, sandy in the south, but furnishing at certain seasons excellent pasturage; its population is almost entirely nomad and pastoral.
137. The central zone includes Hejaz (or Hijaz), Nejd and El Hasa; much of it is a dry, stony or sandy steppe, with few wells or watering-places, and only occupied by nomad tribes; but the great wadis which intersect it contain many fertile stretches of alluvial soil, where cultivation is possible and which support a considerable settled population, with several large towns and numerous villages.
138. Yam, on the borders of Jauf, a vast sandy plain, extending eastwards to El Jail and El Hazm, where Halevy made his most important discoveries of Sabaean inscriptions: here he explored Main, the ancient capital of the Minaeans, Kamna on the banks of the W.
139. Aeaving Riad, they passed through Yemama, and across a strip of sandy desert to El Hasa where Palgrave found himself in more congenial surroundings.
140. Feran there is little cultivable land, the greater part consisting of bare, rocky hills and sandy valleys, sparsely covered with tamarisk and acacia bushes.
141. The greater portion of this region is an open steppe, sandy in places and in others dotted with low volcanic hills, but with occasional ground water and in favourable seasons furnishing support for a considerable pastoral population.
142. Dawasir, it runs eastward till it disappears in the belt of sandy desert 100 m.
143. East of Nejd a strip of sandy desert 50 m.
144. In the broad sandy wadi beds the tamarisk (athl) is everywhere found; its wood is used for making domestic implements of all sorts.
145. Long but very narrow, and there are two other small lakes and a few streams. The coast-line, with frequent beautiful sandy reaches, is much indented, the chief bays being Kiloran, Kilchattan and Staosunaig.
146. Within the limits indicated the country consists mainly of sandy desert and rugged and arid steppes and plateaus through which the Nile forces its way to Upper Egypt.
147. The cedar flourishes best on sandy, loamy soils.
148. All round these salt lakes there are numerous springs, gushing from the sandy hillocks.
149. The retama shrub is met with in sandy districts, especially in the Sahara, but also right up to the north of Tunisia.
150. Of Limassol, among sandy hills and sand-dunes, which perhaps explain its name in Greek (ti t aOos, sand).
151. The coast, extending from the base of the Western or Maritime Cordillera to the Pacific Ocean, consists of a sandy desert crossed at intervals by rivers flowing through narrow, fertile valleys.
152. The soil is sandy but affords good pasture in some places, and has been farmed with some success; the flora is rich, and includes some rare species.
153. In height) which forms the eastern boundary of a spacious bay, and is united to the mainland by a narrow sandy isthmus.
154. Of the central part of the state is Block Island, a sandy tract 6 m.
155. The general elevation is low, the surface sandy and covered with cactus and mesquite growth, and hot, semi-arid conditions prevail.
156. In the south and east the destruction was arrested by the high sandy shores of Gooi, Veluwe, Voorst, and Gasterland in the provinces of Utrecht, Gelderland, Overysel, and Friesland respectively.
157. South of Hilversum, and composed of pine woods and sandy heaths.
158. Some are more or less aquatic, others are absolutely arboreal, others again prefer dry, sandy or rocky localities according to their food.
159. Olhao has a good harbour at the head of the Barra Nova, a deep channel among the sandy islands which fringe the coast.
160. The eastern stream dies away in the sandy steppe about 25 miles from the Caspian, though it is said sometimes to reach the Kuma through the Huiduk, a tributary of the Kuma.
161. In the latter half of the 19th century, however, it gradually became a fashionable watering-place, much frequented for its firm sandy beach and bathing, and especially for its two golf-courses.
162. Repens and other dwarf kinds are useful for binding heathy or sandy soil.
163. The plants are slow growers and must have plenty of sun heat; they require sandy loam with a mixture of sand and bricks finely broken and must be kept dry in winter.
164. From its source to Obeh the Hari Rud is a valley of sandy desolation.
165. This northern line of barren, broken sandstone hills is geographically no part of the Paropamisus range, from which it is separated by a stretch of sandy upland about 20 m.
166. A fine stretch of sandy shore is exposed at low tide.
167. Flowing at first southwards through small lakes and marshes, it then turns west and, confined within flat and sandy banks, enters the Prussian province of Schleswig-Holstein.
168. South of the Christiana there begins another elevation, sandy and marshy, which extends almost the entire length of the state from N.W.
169. The shore of the bay is marshy, that of the Atlantic is sandy.
170. The Coastal Plain has for the most part a light sandy soil, but there is a fertile alluvium in the river bottoms and good clay soils on some of the uplands.
171. The eastern part of the Prairie Plains is a belt known as the Black Prairie, and it has a rich black soil derived from Upper Cretaceous limestone; immediately west of this is another belt with a thinner soil derived from Lower Cretaceous rocks; a southern part of the same plains has a soil derived from granite; in a large area in the north-west the plains have a reddish clay soil derived from Permian rocks and a variety of soils - good black soils and inferior sandy and clay soils - derived from Carboniferous rocks.
172. The principal tribes inhabiting the district are: (1) Waziri Pathans, recent immigrants from the hills, for the most part peaceable and good cultivators; (2) Marwats, a Pathan race, inhabiting the lower and more sandy portions of the Bannu valley; (3) Bannuchis, a mongrel Afghan tribe of bad physique and mean vices.
173. The coast of German East Africa (often spoken of as the Swahili coast, after the inhabitants of the seaboard) is chiefly composed of coral, is little indented, and is generally low, partly sandy, partly rich alluvial soil covered with dense bush or mangroves.
174. HANOVER, the capital of the Prussian province of the same name, situated in a sandy but fertile plain on the Leine, which here receives the Ihme, 38 m.
175. On the sandy coast on the way to Astura is a military camp and a range for the trial of field artillery.
176. The south-east corner of the state is a sandy lowland, generally level with a slightly elevated ridge (Manomet) south of Plymouth, and well watered by ponds.
177. South of Cohasset the shore is sandy, with a few isolated rocky ledges and boulders.
178. sandy ridge, dotted with summer resorts and cottages.
179. The soil, except in some of the valleys, is not naturally fertile; and sandy wastes are common in the south-east parts.
180. They are mostly of a sandy colour, with dark and light markings on the face, and often a dark band on the flanks.
181. The hardy species will grow well in dry sandy soil, and are suitable for rockeries,old walls or edgings.
182. The remains of numerous other villas lie along the ancient coast-line (which was half a mile inland of the modern, being now marked by a row of sand-hills, and was followed by the Via Severiana), both north-west and south-east of Tor Paterno: they extended as a fact in an almost unbroken line along the low sandy coast - now entirely deserted and largely occupied by the low scrub which serves as cover for the wild boars of the king of Italy's preserves - from the mouth of the Tiber to Antium, and thence again to Astura; but there are no traces of any buildings previous to the imperial period.
183. The greater part of the sea coast is on Long Island - a low, sandy coast, the seat of numerous summer resorts and of some fishing.
184. It is supplied by the tidaland wind-formed currents, which are drifting sand from the Long Island and New Jersey coasts, extending the barrier beaches, such as Sandy Hook, out across the entrance to New York Bay.
185. A sandy loam is quite characteristic of some of the N.
186. A strange visitor, the frost-fish, never seen at sea, is picked up stranded on sandy beaches in cold weather, and is prized by epicures.
187. Its bed is sandy and its water muddy.
188. The river bottoms the soil is for the most part a black clayey loam lacking in natural drainage, but on the " bench lands " higher up there is a deep layer of sandy loam beneath which is a bed of gravel.
189. The common shrimp is found abundantly on the coasts of the British Islands, in shallow water wherever the bottom is sandy.
190. LLANDUDNO, a seaside resort in the Arfon parliamentary division of Carnarvonshire, North Wales, in a detached portion of the county east of the Conwy, on a strip of sandy soil terminating in the massive limestone of Great Orme's Head.
191. A railway serves the village of South Hayling, which is in some favour as a seaside resort, having a wide sandy beach and good golf links.
192. In thickness; (2) of a thin and local bed composed of alternations of brown clay and loam; (3) of a bed of fine light buff sand, which in west Kent attains a thickness of more than 60 ft.; (4) of bluish grey sandy marl containing fossils, and almost entirely confined to east Kent, the thickness of the formation being more than 60 ft.; and (5) of fine light grey sand of an equal thickness, also fossiliferous.
193. Along the borders of Sussex there is a narrow strip of country consisting of picturesque sandy hills, formed by the Hastings beds, whose highest elevation is nearly 400 ft.
194. The plain is for the most part sandy and almost barren, subject to heavy floods in the rainy season, and to severe drought in the dry weather.
195. Plaice, like other flat-fishes, prefer a sandy flat bottom to a rocky ground, and occur in suitable localities in great abundance; they spawn early in spring, and are in finest condition in the month of May.
196. There were formerly two entrances to the harbour - the Boca Grande (large mouth) between the low sandy island or peninsula on which the city stands and the island of Tierra Bomba, and the Boca Chica (small mouth) at the south end of the latter island.
197. With the exception of these sandy plains the country is heavily forested, even the mountain sides being covered with vegetation to their summits.
198. The coastal plain comprises a sandy, unproductive belt immediately on the coast, back of which is a more fertile tertiary plain, well suited, near the higher country, to the production of sugar and cotton.
199. POSEN (Polish Poznan), a city, archiepiscopal see and fortress of Germany, c, apital of the province of Posen, situated in a wide and sandy plain at the confluence of the Cybina and the Warthe, 150 m.
200. The whole is surrounded by a deep and wide ditch, which can be filled from the river, at the risk, however, of bringing down the whole structure, for the walls are of mud, and stand upon a porous sandy soil.
201. Boxes or cold frames, in light sandy soil, and the young plants are allowed to remain undisturbed until the second year.
202. The soil in which tulips are propagated should be sandy, free working and thoroughly drained.
203. The bed of the river is sandy and shifting, and it is only by costly engineering works that the main stream has been kept from returning to the more eastern channel, along which it formerly flowed.
204. It is indigenous to the south of Spain and the north of Africa (where it is known as Halfa or Alfa), and is especially abundant in the sterile and rugged parts of Murcia and Valencia, and in Algeria, flourishing best in sandy, ferruginous soils, in dry, sunny situations on the sea coast.
205. Along its entire Atlantic border extends the narrow sandy Sinepuxent Beach, which encloses a shallow lagoon or bay also called Sinepuxent at the north, where, except in the extreme north, it is very narrow, and Chincoteague at the south, where its width is in most places from 4 to 5 m.
206. The climate of Maryland in the south-east is influenced by ocean and bay - perhaps also by the sandy soil - while in the west it is influenced by the mountains.
207. On the East Shore to the north is a marly loam overlying a yellowish-red clay sub-soil, to the south is a soil quite stiff with light coloured clay, while here and there, especially in the middle and south, are considerable areas both of light sandy soils and tidal marsh loams. On the West Shore the soils range from a light sandy loam in the lower levels south from Baltimore to rather heavy loarns overlying a yellowish clay on the rolling uplands and on the terraces along the Potomac and Patuxent.
208. The western half is bordered by a hilly rampart, broken only here and there, in the bays where the larger streams find their outlet, by flat and sandy plains.
209. Only between Bona and La Calle is the general character of the sea-board low and sandy.
210. It occurs in abundance on sandy shores in all estuaries.
211. The low coral islands suffer frequently from drought; their soil is sandy and unproductive, and in some cases the natives attempt cultivation by excavating trenches and fertilizing them with vegetable and other refuse.
212. By the Big Sandy river and its E.
213. The soils of the Highland Rim Plateau as well as of the lowland west of the Tennessee river vary greatly, but the most common are a clay, containing more or less carbonate of lime, and a sandy loam.
214. Kentucky county, practically coterminous with the present state of Kentucky and embracing all the territory claimed by Virginia south of the Ohio river and west of Big Sandy Creek and the ridge of the Cumberland Mountains, was one of three counties which was formed out of Fincastle county in 1776.
215. They are well concealed by the colour of their upper parts, which in most cases agrees with the prevailing tone of their surroundings, mostly arid, stony or sandy localities; the large spikes FIG.
216. Suspectum, the gila monster, in the hot and sandy lowlands of the Gila basin.
217. These pink, worm-like creatures live in sandy, moist localities, burrowing little tunnels and never appearing on the surface.
218. All the skinks seem to be viviparous, and they prefer dry, sandy ground, in which they burrow and move quickly about in search of their animal food.
219. Niloticus, and these have a laterally compressed tail; others inhabit dry sandy districts, e.g.
220. The coast, which is partly sandy, partly rocky, extends about 240 m.; its chief harbours are those of the capital, Barcelona, of Matar6, of Rosas and of Tarragona.
221. The surface features consist of an immense elevated plateau with a chain of mountains on its eastern and western margins, which extends from the United States frontier southward to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec; a fringe of lowlands (tierras calientes) between the plateau and coast on either side; a detached, roughly mountainous section in the south-east, which belongs to the Central American Plateau, and a low sandy plain covering the greater part of the Isthmus of Yucatan.
222. The lowland or tierra caliente region, which lies between the sierras and coast on both sides of Mexico, consists of a sandy zone of varying width along the shore-line, which is practically a tidewater plain broken by inland channels and lagoons, and a higher belt of land rising to an elevation of about 3000 ft.
223. Inside the present sandy coast is a peculiar tide-water channel called the Rio Lagartos, which follows almost the whole northern shore, with occasional openings or bocas, connecting with the open sea.
224. The pulque industry is located on the plateau surrounding the city of Mexico, the most productive district being the high, sandy, arid plain of Apam, in the state of Hidalgo, where the " maguey " (A gave americana) finds favourable conditions for its growth - a dry calcareous surface with moisture sufficiently near to be reached by its roots.
225. In length, is for the most part a low sandy beach; here and there, however, especially to the northward, it is somewhat rocky, and to the southward are two bluffs.
226. In the mountain region the soil is mostly a sandy loam composed of disintegrated granitic gneiss and organic matter; on the lower and more gentle slopes as well as in the valleys this is generally deep enough for a luxuriant vegetable growth but on the upper and more precipitous slopes it is thin, or the rocks are entirely bare.
227. Two days after this they sighted land to the right hand, and came to a cape, where they found the keel of a ship - perhaps a relic of some earlier, possibly Scandinavian explorer - and which they called therefore Kialames (Keelness; Cape Breton, or some adjacent point?); the long bleak sandy shores of this coast they called the Wonderstrands (on the east coast of Cape Breton Island?).
228. Krabe found that in addition to loam, willows did well on dry ferrugineous, sandy ground with a good top soil of about 6 in.
229. East of the Sao Francisco it may be divided into three distinct regions: a rough limestone plateau rising gradually to the culminating ridges of the Serra da Chapada; a gneissose plateau showing extensive exposures of bare rock dipping slightly toward the coast; and a narrower plateau covered with a compact sandy soil descending to the coastal plain.
230. The coastal plain varies in width and character: in some places low and sandy, or swampy, filled with lagoons and intersecting canals; in others more elevated, rolling and very fertile.
231. There is very little doubt that they lived at the bottom of the sea, feeding upon worms or other soft marine organisms, crawling slowly about the sandy or muddy bottom and burying themselves beneath its surface when danger threatened.
232. The western region, the Kalahari Desert, is mainly arid, with a sandy soil, and is covered in part by dense bush.
233. Howe then concentrated his force of nine small line-of-battle ships at Sandy Hook on the 29th of June, and on the 11 th of July he learnt that d'Estaing was approaching.
234. Of Paderborn is a sandy waste called the Senne.
235. In length, and a sandy beach affording sea-bathing..
236. The oil is similar to that in the true colza seeds but the plants do not yield so much per acre as the latter: they are, however, hardier and more adapted for cultivation on poor sandy soils.
237. South Carolina and Georgia furnish the broadest and most typical section of this important physiographic province: here the more sandy and hilly interior parts are largely occupied by pine forests, which furnish much hard or yellow pine lumber, tar and turpentine.
238. The feature referred to results from the occurrence here of a weak basal formation of clay overlaid by more resistant sandy strata; the clay belt has been stripped for a score or more of miles from its original inland overlap, and worn down in a longitudinal inner lowland, while the sandy belt retains a significant altitude of 200 or 300 ft.
239. The lowland is enclosed by an upland or cuesta, known as Chunnenugga Ridge, sustained by partly consolidated sandy strata; the upland, however, is not continuous, and hence should be described as a maturely dissected cuesta.
240. The western cross timbers follow a sandy belt along the inner base of the ragged escarpment of Grand Prairie; the eastern cross timbers follow another sandy belt in the lowland between the eastern~ slope of Grand Prairie and the pale western escarpment of the next eastward and lower Black Prairie cuesta.
241. Then comes the East Texas timber belt, broad in the north-east, narrowing to a point before reaching the Rio Grande, a low and thoroughly dissected cuesta of sandy Eocene strata; and this is followed by the Coast Prairie, a very young plain, with a seaward slope of less than 2 ft.
242. The needle weir has, however, attained its greatest development in the United States across the Big Sandy river at Louisa, where, instead of needles 3 to 4 in.
243. - Spar Weir, Louisa, Big Sandy River, U.S.A.
244. The township, heavily wooded in parts, and with picturesque shores alternating between rocky headlands and sandy beaches, stretches for several miles along the coast between Beverly on the west and Gloucester on the east.
245. It lies at the southern point of the district called Pays de Waes, which in the early part of the 19th century was only sandy moorland, but is now the most highly cultivated and thickly populated tract in Belgium.
246. The soil generally is a sandy loam or a strong but friable clay, and very fertile.
247. Along the shore, and bordered by a firm sandy beach, frequented by bathers, and the winter town, farther inland, consisting of numerous villas scattered amongst the pines.
248. The latter is nearly triangular in shape and is surrounded by steep red cliffs, the only beach being the sandy spit near the south-east point, where the landing-stage is situated.
249. RASTENBURG, a town of Germany, in the province of East Prussia, lying in a flat sandy plain on the Guber, 64 m.
250. Extending from the Gulf northward for one hundred and fifty miles is the outer belt of the Coastal Plain, also called the "Timber Belt," whose soil is sandy and poor, but responds well to fertilization.
251. In the Cumberland Plateau and Great Valley Regions are a red or brown loam, rich in decomposed limestone and calcareous shales, and sandy or gravelly loaTns.
252. In the Piedmont Plateau and Appalachian Mountains Regions the surface soil is generally sandy, but in considerable areas the subsoil is a red clay derived largely from the decomposition of hornblende.
253. And passing through Baker, Worth, Dooly, Dodge, Laurens, Johnson, Jefferson and Burke counties, has three distinct kinds of soil; a sand, forming what is known as the sand-hill region; red clay derived from silicious rock in the red hills; and grey, sandy soils with a subsoil of yellow loam.
254. The soft limestone underlying this region is covered, in the uplands, with grey, sandy soils, which have a subsoil of loam; in the lowlands the surface soils are loams, the subsoils clays.
255. Here the prevailing soils are grey and sandy with a subsoil of loam, but they are less fertile than those of the Lime Sink or Cotton Belts.
256. SANCTI SPIRITUS, an old Cuban city in Santa Clara province, situated on a sandy plain in an angle of the Yayabo river, which winds through the city.
257. Upper Lusatia is generally mountainous and picturesque, Lower Lusatia is flat and sandy.
258. The soil is sandy and poor, and although a considerable portion has been brought under cultivation, the district preserves many traces of its ancient character, especially as a great part of it is covered by the domains included under the modern name of the Dukeries.
259. The former constructs its tunnels in the sandy flats near the shore at the Cape, but the latter generally frequent higher ground.
260. They take their name of tuco-tuco from their cry, which resembles the blows of a hammer on an anvil, and may be heard all day as the little rodents move in their burrows, generally formed in sandy soil.
261. The plaza itself had been converted from a barren, sandy square into a well-shaded park, through the efforts of the Woman's Board of Trade, an unique institution, which also controls the public library, housed in a brick and stone building (1907) in the Mission style of architecture.
262. It is situated at the mouth of a narrow combe or valley opening upon a fine precipitous coast-line; there is a sandy shore affording excellent bathing, and the country inland is beautiful.
263. It is a sandy tract, in parts well wooded, diversified with several small sheets of water, and to a great extent preserves its natural characteristics unaltered.
264. Crossing the Hwang-ho, they advanced into the terrible sandy tract known as the Ordos Desert.
265. It is on the north side of Cardigan Bay, on the shore of Tremadoc Bay, with a sandy beach 4 m.
266. The parts of lower Silesia adjoining Brandenburg, and also the district to the east of the Oder, are sandy and comparatively unproductive.
267. The north-west and north-east sections contain some glacial drift but the soil in these parts is not suitable for cultivation except in the larger valleys in the north-west where it is drained by glacial gravel or there is some sandy loam mixed with clay.
268. Yet Tsaidam is geographically but a northern extension of the great Tibetan plateau, and in most of its essential physical features it is more closely allied to the Chang-t'ang of the south than to the great sandy depressions of Chinese Turkestan or Mongolia on the north.
269. It is a well-wooded sandy tract of country, has an area of about 1650 sq.
270. ASHBURTON, a river of Western Australia, rising in the mountains west of the Great Sandy Desert, and following a course north-westward for 409 m., into Exmouth Gulf.
271. The water-supply is from wells sunk through the sandy soil to the rock; of these there are more than twenty - an unusual number for a Syrian town.
272. The islands are mostly rocky, or sandy and barren, but such portions as are under cultivation yield sugar, maize, coffee, cotton and indigo.
273. Many of the valleys in this region are mere sandy deserts, with an occasional oasis of cultivation, but there are also some very fertile tracts; among these is the plain on which lies the town of Ajmere.
274. On the other hand the broad, gently-sloping, sandy beach is peculiarly fitted for sea-bathing, and in the absence of harbours permits the beaching of the characteristic flat-bottomed fishing boats.
275. It lies in a sandy plain on the Oelsbach, 20 m.
276. A f'rm sandy beach extends westward to Redcar and the mouth of the Tees, while eastward towards Whitby the cliffs become very fine, Boulby Cliff (666 ft.) being the highest sea cliff in England.
277. Its banks are mostly marshy or sandy, and the stream is navigable from the Mecklenburg lakes downwards.
278. It was built partly on the mainland and partly on the Island of Triopion or Cape Krio, which anciently communicated with the continent by a causeway and bridge, and now by a narrow sandy isthmus.
279. The harbour formed by the Bay of Tangier is an extensive one, the best Morocco possesses, and good in all weathers except during a strong east wind, but vessels of any size have to anchor a mile or so out as the shore to the west is shallow and sandy, and to the east, rocky and shingly.
280. Manly soils are those which contain a considerable percentage (10-20) of lime, and are called clay marls, loamy marls and sandy marls, according as these several ingredients preponderate.
281. The clay marls are, like clay soils, too stiff for garden purposes until well worked and heavily manured; but loamy marls are fertile and well suited to fruit trees, and sandy marls are adapted for producing early crops.
282. Cow dung is less fertilizing than horse dung, but being slower in its action it is more durable; it is also cooler, and therefore better for hot dry sandy soils.
283. Free-rooting subjects strike in any lightish sandy mixture; but difficult subjects should have thoroughly well-drained pots, a portion of the soil proper for the particular plants made very sandy, and a surfacing of clean sharp silver sand about as deep as the length of the cutting.
284. The leaves are best taken off with the base whole, and should be planted in well-drained sandy soil; in due time they form roots, and ultimately from some latent bud a little shoot which forms the young plant.
285. These are cut up into half-inch lengths (more or less), and inserted in light sandy soil round the margin of a cutting pot, so that the upper end of the root cutting may be level with the soil or only just covered by it.
286. - Neat trailing plants adapted for rockwork, thriving in sandy soil.
287. Light sandy loam.
288. Deep sandy loam or peat.
289. Japonica, I to 12 ft., better known as Hoteia japonica or Spiraea japonica, thrives in peaty or sandy soil; its glossy tripinnate leaves, and feathery panicles of white flowers early in summer, are very attractive.
290. Light sandy soil.
291. Deep sandy loam.
292. Sandy loam.
293. - Showy dwarf plants for sunny rockwork, in light sandy soil.
294. Chiefly rock plants with handsome and fragrant flowers, the smaller sorts growing in light sandy soil, and the larger border plants in rich garden earth.
295. Sandy well-drained soil.
296. They have thick fleshy roots, deeply penetrating, and therefore requiring deep soil, which should be of a light or sandy character.
297. Flowers white in graceful panicles; flourishes in a mixture of sandy peat and loam.
298. High and has large tubular rosy carmine blossoms. It likes rich sandy loam and sunny spots.
299. Well adapted for rockwork or banks of sandy soil.
300. Brilliant erect-growing caryophyllaceous plants, thriving best in beds of peat earth or of deep sandy loam.
301. Rivularis, 4 in., from La Plata, has slender, creeping, rooting stems, bearing stalked ovate leaves, and large funnel-shaped white flowers, with a remarkably long slender tube; especially adapted for rockwork, requiring moist sandy loam.
302. It is of evergreen habit, and requires a warm position on the rockwork and well-drained sandy soil; or a duplicate should be sheltered during winter in a cold, dry frame.
303. Requires rich sandy loam.
304. They all flourish in rich sandy soil.
305. They require rich sandy peat and warm sheltered spots.
306. Both require very warm, sunny spots and rich, sandy soil, and should not be disturbed often.
307. Beautiful dwarf bulbous plants, thriving in well-worked sandy loam, or sandy peat.
308. Neat-growing, succulent plants, forming rosettes of fleshy leaves close to the ground, and rapidly increasing by runner-like offsets; they are well adapted for rockwork, and do best in sandy soil.
309. Warm sunny situations and rich sandy loam and peat are required.
310. Pretty caryophyllaceous plants, preferring sandy loam, and well adapted for rockwork.
311. Sandy loam and warm situation.
312. - Charming spring-flowering bulbs, thriving in any good sandy soil.
313. Splendid dwarfish bulbs, thriving in deep, sandy, wellenriched garden soil, and increased by offsets.
314. Rich sandy loam and peat.
315. Charming dwarf plants, mostly evergreen and of tufted habit, requiring well-worked rich sandy soil.
316. Sow in the second and the last week, on a warm border of a light sandy soil, with an east aspect, any free-flowering hardy annuals as Silene pendula, Nemophila, &c., for planting in spring; and auricula and primula seeds in pots and boxes.
317. By a broad sandy beach descending very gradually into the sea.
318. Roebuck and deer are found in a wild state in Gelderland and Overysel, foxes are plentiful in the dry wooded regions on the borders of the country, and hares and rabbits in the dunes and other sandy stretches.
319. Heath (Erica tetralix) and ling (Calluna vulgaris) cover all the waste sandy regions in the eastern division of the country.
320. The city faces upon a curve in the river bank forming what is called the Bay of Asuncion, and is built on a low sandy plain, rising to pretty hillsides overlooking the bay and the low, wooded country of the Chaco on the opposite shore.'
321. Between the volcanic tract of the Campagna and the sea there is a broad strip of sandy plain, evidently formed merely by the accumulation of sand from the sea, and constituting a barren tract, still covered almost entirely with wood as it was in ancient times, except for the almost uninterrupted line of villas along the ancient coastline, which is now marked by a line of sandhills, some 2 m.
322. This long belt of sandy shore extends without a break for a distance of above 30 m.
323. Thence again a low sandy shore of similar character, but with extensive shore lagoons which served in Roman times and serve still for fish-breeding, extends for about 24 m.
324. The region of the Pomptine Marshes occupies almost the whole tract between the sandy belt on the sea-shore and the Volscian mountains, extending from the southern foot of the Alban Hills below Velletri to the sea near Terracina.
325. Laurentum and Lavinium, names so conspicuous in the legendary history of Aeneas, were situated in the sandy strip near the sea-coast - the former only 8 m.
326. Where the colour is of a sandy and reddish hue the value is far less than where it is of a bluish tone.
327. In size they are less than half that of a large wolf and are of a motley sandy colour.
328. It lies on a sandy plain on both banks of the Weser, 46 m.
329. Along a low sandy island (Absecon Beach), io m.
330. North and east in a broad, flat, sandy and marshy valley, of evil repute for its unhealthiness.
331. The yellowish sandy plains on its left will grow nothing except oats, buckwheat and some rye.
332. Lakes are numerous in the government of Suwalki, but are all small and mostly hidden in thick coniferous or birch forests, and their waters penetrate with undefined banks amidst marshes, sandy tracts and accumulations of moss-grown boulders.
333. Except in the marshy regions and along the rivers, the soil is dry, porous and sandy.
334. The principal towns are Old Road, Sandy Point and the capital Basseterre, which lies on the S.W.
335. Along the Baltic (without including indentations), for the most part in flat sandy stretches covered with dunes.
336. The lion lives chiefly in sandy plains and rocky places interspersed with dense thorn-thickets, or frequents the low bushes and tall rank grass and reeds that grow along the sides of streams and near the springs where it lies in wait for the larger herbivorous animals on which it feeds.
337. The cliff scenery is grand, and there is a fine sandy beach along the northward sweep of the coast in Watergate Bay.
338. On the south-west they lose themselves in the sandy desert of Registan, which wraps itself round the plain of Kandahar, and forms another impassable barrier.
339. A sandy track separates Bangweulu from Kampolombo, and a narrow forest-clad tongue of land called Kapata intervenes between the Luapula and Kampolombo.
340. The city is built on sandy ground on both sides of the river and has a good harbour, which has been considerably improved by the Federal government; in 1907 the maximum draft that could be carried over the shallowest part of the channel was 14 ft.
341. - Diffusivity of Sandy Soils.
342. Of Simferopol, on a sandy promontory on the north of Kalamita Bay, in 45° 12' N.
343. The port or rather roadstead has a sandy bottom, and is exposed to violent storms from the N.E.
344. In addition to all these great engineering systems, southern India is covered with minor works of irrigation, some drawn from springs in the sandy beds of rivers, some from the rainfall of 2 sq.
345. There is a wide expanse of sandy shore, and bathing is excellent.
346. Potatoes grow in every part of the country, those of the sandy plains in the north being of excellent quality.
347. It is a breed of mixed blood, and is believed to have originated from the "Big China" pig - a large white hog with sandy spots, taken to Ohio in 1816, and blended with Irish graziers in 1839, and with a breed known as Bayfields, as well as with Berkshires.
348. The Duroc Jersey or Duroc, of a red or cherry-red colour - not sandy or dark - is the most popular pig in Nebraska and equal to any other in Iowa.
349. To the same family belongs the horned poppy, Glaucium luteum, found in sandy sea-shores and characterized by the waxy bloom of its leaves and large gcilden-yellow short-stalked flowers.
350. It skirts the borders of the great sandy desert, and only contains a small and scattered population.
351. The average width of the .cultivated land is about I0 m., of which the greater part lies on the left (western) bank of the river; and outside this is a belt, varying from a few hundred yards to 3 or 4 m., of stony and sandy ground, reaching up to the foot of the limestone cliffs, which rise in places to as much as 1000 ft.
352. The low sandy shore of the Delta, slowly increasing by the annual deposit of silt by the river, is mostly a barren area of sand-hills and salty waste land.
353. The soil of the Delta is a dark grey fine sandy soil, becoming at times almost a stiff clay by reason of the fineness of its particles, which consist almost wholly of extremely small grains of quartz with a few other minerals, and often numerous flakes of mica.
354. Be largely a sandy plain c -.
355. Is an expanse of sandy marsh.
356. The common or pariah dog is generally of sandy color; in Upper Egypt there is a breed of wiry rough-haired black dogs, noted for their fierceness.
357. Cap. 33): in poetical inscriptions Kmi is often opposed to Toshri, the red land, referring to the sandy deserts around, which however, would probably be included in the term Kmi in its widest sense.
358. The main use of it was for small vases; these were formed upon a core of sandy paste, which was modelled on a copper rod, the rod being the core for the neck.
359. The buildings, which are mostly of red brick, are conspicuous against the gray clayey and sandy soil.
360. M.; pop. (1900) 149551 The province of Drente is a sandy plateau forming the kernel of the surrounding provinces.
361. The coasts are generally low and sandy; the whole western shore of Jutland is a succession of sand ridges and shallow lagoons, very dangerous to shipping.
362. Skagen, or the Skaw, a long, low, sandy point, stretches far into the northern sea, dividing the Skagerrack from the Cattegat.
363. In colour the Cape aard-vark is pale sandy or yellow, the hair being scanty and allowing the skin to show; the northern aard-vark has a still thinner coat, and is further distinguished by the shorter tail and longer head and ears.
364. It is low and sandy near the sea, and for the most part level till near the western border, where ranges of hills form the boundary between this and the neighbouring district of Salem.
365. As is natural in a sandy district where building materials are rare, remains of it are scanty.
366. Thus a rock emerging from a sandy beach may often be observed to stand covered with vegetation like an oasis in a desert.
367. It is built in the Dutch style, and lies in a sandy but fertile plain, surrounded by pleasant promenades which have taken the place of the old fortifications.
368. FRAUSTADT (Polish, Wszowa, now "Wschowa"), a town of Germany, now in Poland, in the Prussian province of Posen, in a flat sandy country dotted with windmills, 50 m.
369. It has grown up since 1830, above a sandy and pebbly shore, and has a pier 4 m.
370. The city is built on the southern extremity of the sandy sea beach, on the island of Antonio Vaz, and on the mainland to the westward, the river channels being crossed by numerous bridges.
371. The three principal parishes of the city are known as Sao Jose do Recife, occupying the sandy peninsula or beach north of the outlet of the united rivers; Santo Antonio, on the island of Antonio Vaz, which was called Mauritia or Mauritzstad during the Dutch occupation; and Boa Vista, on the mainland to the westward, which is the most modern and the most rapidly growing part.
372. The left bank of the Oxus above Kilif is, as a rule, low and flat, with reed swamps bordering the stream and a strip of jungle between the reeds and the edge of the elevated sandy desert.
373. On the one side is a flat sandy plain, in which lies Pest, modern of aspect, regularly laid out, and presenting a long frontage of handsome buildings to the river.
374. The modern village stands on an isolated sandy hillock, surrounded by gardens with olives to the north and sand-dunes to the west.
375. The harbour, which has been improved by the Federal government, is formed by two narrow strips of sandy land, known as Minnesota and Wisconsin Points, which extend several miles across the head of the lake from the Minnesota and Wisconsin shores respectively and almost meet in the centre.
376. The bordering regions, moreover, are as varied in character as is the country itself - sea to the west, a mountainous and sandy desert to the south, a lofty steppe plateau to the east, and the great masses of Lebanon to the north.
377. The main watershed of the peninsula lies towards the east coast; therefore such elevated ground as exists is found on the east, while the western slope is gentle and consists of a low sandy plain of slight undulation.
378. Many - like the common "solitary" bees Halictus and Andrena - burrow in the ground; the holes of species of Andrena are commonly seen in springtime opening on sandy banks, grassy lawns or gravel paths.
379. On the north side is a sandy beach; on the south cliffs rise abruptly from the ocean.
380. In Brittany, where it scarcely ripens the grain, it furnishes a strong crop in the autumn upon sandy soil where clover and lucerne will yield but a poor produce.
381. He had angular features, a very ruddy complexion, sandy hair, and hazel-flecked, grey eyes.
382. The wild ass, Gorkhar of Persia (Equus onager), is frequent on the sandy tracts in the south-west.
383. The wild ass (Equus hemionus) is confined to the sandy deserts of Sind and Cutch, where, from its speed and timidity, Wild ass.
384. The spiked millet, known as bajra or cumbu, which yields a poorer food, is grown on dry sandy soil in the Deccan and the Punjab.
385. The coco-nut, which loves a sandy soil and a moist climate, is found in greatest perfection along the strip of coast-line that fringes the west of the peninsula, where it ranks next to rice as the staple product.
386. The large and handsome oxen of Gujarat in Bombay and of Hariana in the Punjab are excellently adapted for drawing heavy loads in a sandy soil.
387. Along the valley of the Indus, and in the sandy desert which stretches into Rajputana, camels supersede cattle for agricultural operations.
388. It is a gregarious animal, living in considerable colonies in burrows, which it excavates with its nails and teeth in the sandy soil of Egypt and Arabia.
389. Water is fairly abundant, though in the dry season obtainable only by digging in the sandy beds of the rivers.
390. In the east the tableland falls away to the basins of the Congo and Zambezi, to the south it merges into a barren sandy desert.
391. To the west and north the plateau sinks in terraces to the plains of the Sudan, and eastward falls more abruptly to the Red Sea, the coast plain, known as the Samhar, consisting of sandy country covered with mimosa and, along the khors, with a somewhat richer vegetation.
392. The ancient harbour (really but a portion of the lagoons, which had been deepened) is now completely silted up. Even in early times a canal had to be kept open by perpetual digging, while about 1700 this was closed, and now a sandy and partly cultivated waste extends between the town and the seashore.
393. Korean soil consists largely of light sandy loam, disintegrated lava, and rich, stoneless alluvium, from 3 to 1 0 ft.
394. Their poor soils are distinctively sandy, those of the lowlands clayey; but these elements are usually found combined in rich loams characterized by the predominance of one or the other constituent.
395. The San Joaquin is a very crooked stream flowing through a low mud-plain, with tule banks; the Sacramento is much less meandering, and its immediate basin, which is of sandy loam, is higher and more attractive than that of the San Joaquin.
396. The plains of the north-east counties are volcanic, and those of the south-east sandy.
397. They are well constructed of regular parallelograms of a sandy tufa, laid in headers and stretchers.
398. According to Evelyn (Sylva, p. 35, 1664), hazels "above all affect cold, barren, dry, and sandy soils; also mountains, and even rockie ground produce them; but more plentifully if somewhat moist, dankish, and mossie."
399. Resting on a submarine plateau of no great depth, the coasts of Borneo are for the most part rimmed round by low alluvial lands, of a marshy, sandy and sometimes swampy character.
400. Though much of Riigen is flat and sandy, the fine beech woods which cover a great part of it, and the bold northern coast scenery combine with the convenient sea-bathing offered by the various villages around the coast to attract large numbers of visitors.
401. The fair is held on the flat sandy tongue of land between the Oka and the Volga, connected with the town by only a bridge of boats, 1500 yds.
402. The surface of the islands is generally sandy, the soil thin and the climate keen; yet Scotch fir, spruce and birch are grown; and rye, barley, flax and vegetables are produced in sufficient quantity for the wants of the people.
403. THARROS, an ancient town of Sardinia, situated on the west coast, on the narrow sandy isthmus of a peninsula at the north extremity of the Gulf of Oristano, now marked by the tower of S.
404. Along the shores of Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean are low, sandy beaches, often enclosing lagoons or salt marshes.
405. Marshy soils are found along the lowest portions of the Coastal Plain, and are exceedingly productive wherever reclaimed by draining, as in portions of the Dismal Swamp. Other portions of the Coastal Plain afford more valuable soils, sandy loams overlying sandy clays.
406. On the higher elevations the soil is light and sandy, and such areas remain relatively unproductive.
407. Probably the polar regions alone do not fall within the category of the potentially productive, as even sandy and alkaline desert is rendered habitable where irrigation can be introduced; and vast tracts of fertile soil adapted for immediate exploitation, especially in the temperate zones, both north and south, only remain unpeopled because they are not yet wanted for colonization.
408. It is protected from the north wind by the Binn (632 ft.), and in consequence of its excellent situation, its links and sandy beach, it enjoys considerable repute as a summer resort.
409. It lies in the district of Middle Franconia in a sandy but wellcultivated plain, 124 m.
410. The soil is almost a pure sandy gravel with a subsoil of varied nature, but principally altos, gravel, clay or sand.
411. The soils of the lowlands are prevailing sandy loams, with a covering of rich mould.
412. The sandy soil quickly absorbs the sun's heat and also quickly radiates it, so that there is great daily variation in the temperature.
413. The prevailing type of soil on the higher lands is a sandy loam, underlaid with clay or clay loam, which stores water and is the typical soil of the basins.
414. He sailed on the 13th of April, and between the 11th and the 22nd of July, blockaded Howe at Sandy Hook, but did not venture to attack him, though greatly superior in force.
415. In breadth, save at the sandy isthmus 2 m.
416. With Marshall, his brother-in-law, and about a dozen fellow-believers he settled at Sandy Creek, North Carolina, and in a few years had built up a church with a membership of more than six hundred.
417. The Sandy Creek Association came to embrace churches in several colonies, and Stearns, desirous of preserving the harmonious working of the churches that recognized his leadership, resisted with vehemence all proposals for the formation of other associations.
418. The Sandy Creek Association, with Stearns as leader, undertook to "unfellowship ordinations, ministers and churches that acted independently," and provoked such opposition that a division of the association became necessary.
419. The General Association of Virginia and the Congaree Association of South Carolina now took their places side by side with the Sandy Creek.
420. Seeds are sown when ripe in well drained pans of sandy loam at a temperature of about 65°.
421. The soil is exceedingly rich and well adapted to all kinds of agricultural purposes, and for the most part is composed of a rich black loam reposing on a grey sandy clay, though occasionally it exhibits a light yellow clayey texture.
422. On its north shore the country is high and rocky; on the south, sandy and barren.
423. It is an alluvial plain for the greater part, but contains some sandy tracts, as in Ruble and Arauco; in the north very little natural forest is found except in the valleys and on the slopes of the enclosing mountain ranges, but in the south, where the rainfall is heavier, the plain is well covered with forest.
424. In Germany, both on the mountains and the sandy plains, woods of " kiefer" are frequent and widely spread, while vast forests in Russia and Poland are chiefly compqsed of this species; in many northern habitats it is associated with the spruce and birch.
425. The tree is not at present indigenous in southern Britain, but when planted in suitable ground multiplies rapidly by the wind-sown seeds; on many of the sandy moors and commons natural pine woods of large extent have been thus formed during the last fifty years.
426. Depends greatly on the soil and position in which the trees are grown: the dry slopes of granitic or gneissic mountains, or the deep well-drained sandy gravels of the lower country seem to answer equally well; but on clay or wet peat the tree rarely a c Scotch Fir (Pinus sylvestris).
427. A sandy soil seems to suit it best, and the quality of the wood probably much depends on its place of growth.
428. Southern Austria and the adjacent countries are the natural habitats of this pine; it seems to flourish best on rocky mountain sides, but in England grows well on sandy soils.
429. The pinaster grows naturally on sandy soils around the Mediterranean from Spain to the Levant.
430. In England the cluster-pine has been largely planted on sandy districts near the sea, and has become naturalized in Purbeck and other wild tracts in the southern counties, but the summer heat is too small to permit of its resinous products acquiring any value; the soft coarse wood, though perishable in the natural state, has been used for railway sleepers after saturation with creosote or preservative solutions.
431. P. palustris (or P. australis) is the " Georgia pitch pine," or yellow pine of the southern states; it abounds on the sandy soils that cover so much of Georgia, the Carolinas, and Florida, and on those dry lands attains its highest perfection, though occasionally abundant on moist ground, whence its name.
432. The wood of the white pine is durable for indoor use, especially when protected by paint, but when exposed to moist air it rapidly decays, and it is very liable to dry rot; it is said to be best when grown on sandy soils.
433. The tree abounds in some sandy districts, but more generally occurs singly or in small groups dispersed through the woods, attaining its greatest dimensions in light soils.
434. It lies partly upon the north-east slope of the great Brazilian plateau, and partly upon the sandy coastal plain.
435. The sandy, coastal plain, with a width of 12 to 18 m., is nearly bare of vegetation.
436. The sandy zone along the coast is nearly barren, but behind this is a more elevated region with broken surfaces and sandy soil which is amenable to cultivation and produces fruit and most tropical products when conditions are favourable.
437. It lies on a small and picturesque inlet of the Atlantic named Moore Bay, with a beautiful sweep of sandy beach.
438. The potato thrives best in a rather light friable loam; and in thin sandy soils the produce, if not heavy, is generally of very good quality.
439. In the upper part of the district the soil is sandy, while in the lower part it is clayey and produces finer crops.
440. Of solid rock wall, rising many thousands of feet straight from the sandy plain.
441. Apart, change direction eight times in 105 yds., while the distance from the sandy path to the ledge overhead is but 5 ft.
442. Small coasters can ascend the river as far as Salvatierra in Galicia (20 m.), but larger vessels are excluded by a sandy bar at the mouth.
443. Vicugna), belonging to the Camelidae, with the structure and habits of the African camel, but smaller, having no hump, and inhabiting a mountainous and not a level sandy region.
444. It is built on the sandy coast which separates the Webi Shebeli fron the sea.
445. The soils in the southern part of Arizona are mainly sandy loams, varying from light loam to heavy, close adobe; on the plateaus is what is known as " mesa " soil; and along the rivers are limited overflow plains of fine sediment - especially along the Colorado and the river Verde.
446. These plants will not only grow on poor sandy soil without any addition of nitrogenous manure, but they actually enrich the soil on which they are grown.
447. The tree grows rapidly; it flourishes best in a sandy, somewhat moist loam, and attains a height of 50 to 60 or more ft., assuming a pyramidal outline.
448. It is situated in the midst of picturesque and undulating country, consisting of wide sandy heaths and woods, and dotted with many fine country houses.
449. It lies in a fiat, sandy plain, 110 ft.
450. From Lake Huron to the south-east shore of Saginaw Bay a wide sandy beach is followed northward by precipitous shores abounding in rocks and bluffs.
451. The sandy lands were in part burnt over by Indians, and there was a growth of scrub oak, aspens and huckleberry bushes.
452. The soil of south-west and south-east Michigan is for the most part a dark clay loam or muck; in the north central part of the lower peninsula it is a light sandy loam, along the Huron shore it is heavy with blue clay, in the mining districts of the north-west the rocks are usually either barren or very thinly covered; and elsewhere in the state the soil is generally rich in a variety of mineral elements, and varies chiefly in the proportions of vegetable loam, sand or gravel, and clay.
453. The soil is sandy, the surface of the country well wooded and broken by a number of ponds and creeks.
454. RENDSBURG, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Schleswig-Holstein, situated on the Eider and on the Kaiser Wilhelm canal, in a flat and sandy district, 20 m.
455. The valleys between the ridges are generally sandy deserts, with an occasional oasis of cultivation.
456. The central part of the province forms practically a continuation of the great Luneburg Heath, and its thin sandy soil is of little use for cultivation.
457. The rock formations are of sand stone and limestone, while the forests are either a tangled growth of pine and spruce or a scattered growth of small trees on a sandy soil.
458. About one-eighth of the area consists of tidal marsh, lying chiefly between the long sandy ridges or barrier beaches of the Atlantic coast and the mainland.
459. South and east of a line drawn approximately from Seabright to Glassboro, and thence southward to Delaware Bay, is a nearly level, sandy region known as " The Pines."
460. Are sandy or loamy, and are locally enriched by deposits of marl.
461. South of this belt the soils are generally sandy and are not very fertile except at altitudes of less than 50 ft., where they are loamy and of alluvial origin.
462. The first authenticated visit of a European to what is now New Jersey was made under French authority by Giovanni da Verrazano, a Florentine navigator, who in the spring of 1524 sailed within Sandy Hook and dropped anchor in the waters of upper New York Bay.
463. Voyages to this region for exploration, trade and settlement, however, may be said to have really begun with the year 1609, when Henry Hudson explored the region between Sandy Hook and Raritan Bay and sailed up the river which now bears his name.
464. Long from north to south and about so wide - a low flat space of sandy waste with cultivated oases and palm groves of great luxuriance and beauty.
465. To the south-west of the picturesque belts of palm trees which stretch inland from the northern coast of Bahrein, is a wide space of open sandy plain filled with gigantic tumuli or earth mounds, of which the outer layers of gravel and clay have been hardened by the weather action of centuries to the consistency of conglomerate.
466. Each chief valley has a railway connecting a string of mining villages, and converging seaward to the busy ports of Newport, Cardiff and Barry (a town created on a sandy island by the excavation of a great dock to form an outlet for the mines).
467. Above the sea, and on the east by a low sandy spit called the Point.
468. The only British representative is Cynodon Dactylon (dog's tooth, Bermuda grass) found on sandy shores in the south-west of England; it is a cosmopolitan, covering the ground in sandy soils, and forming an important forage grass in many dry climates (Bermuda grass of the southern United States, and known as durba, dub and other names in India).
469. Junceum, found on sandy sea-shores, renders it a useful sand-binder.
470. Elymus arenarius (lyme grass) occurs on sandy sea-shores in the north temperate zone and is a useful sand-binder.
471. Narrow and deep clefts, through which descend mountain torrents to lose themselves in the sandy soil of the coast land, afford means of reaching the plateau, or the easier route through the Hawash valley may be chosen.
472. It reaches the Sudan plains near Kassala, beyond which place its waters are dissipated in the sandy soil.
473. Comparatively poor, sandy soil is found on the lower desert plateaus in the south-east, where population is scanty.
474. A common type of mirage is the appearance of an isolated lake frequently seen in hot sandy deserts, as in the Sahara, Turkestan, &c. The explanation is as follows: The sand, being abnormally heated by the solar rays, causes the neighbouring air to expand, consequently its density, and therefore its refractive index, is diminished, and attains a minimum value in the lowest layers.
475. Of limestone; but the Kellaways Rock is well exposed near Bedford; the sandy parts of this rock are frequently cemented to form hard masses called "doggers."
476. These rocks are sandy throughout.
477. The chief crop is wheat, for which the soil in the Vale of Bedford is specially suited; while on the sandy loam of the Ivel valley, in the neighbourhood of Biggleswade, market-gardening is extensively carried on, the produce going principally to London, whither a considerable quantity of butter and other dairy-produce is also sent.
478. The Bletchley and Cambridge branch of the London & North-Western railway crosses these main lines at Bedford and Sandy respectively.
479. The Mississippi embayment is in parts predominantly sandy, in others clayey; it is mainly under timber.
480. Apples are grown to best advantage in the north-west quarter; peaches on the Arkansas border; pears along the Mississippi; melons in the sandy regions of the embayment; small fruits in the south-west.
481. Like Drente on the north and Gelderland on the south, Overysel consists of a sandy flat relieved by hillocks, and is covered with waste stretches of heath and patches of wood and high fen.
482. Gerbils are inhabitants of open sandy plains, where they dwell in burrows furnished with numerous exits, and containing large grass-lined chambers.
483. There, on the sandy bank of the river, at a spot where later piety erected a dagaba (a solid dome-shaped relic shrine), he cuts off with his sword his long flowing locks, and, taking off his ornaments, sends them and the horse back in charge of the unwilling Channa to Kapilavastu.
484. In the north the government is low and dotted with salt lakes, and is sandy on the banks of the Irtysh in the north-east.
485. Debreczen is one of the largest towns of Hungary, and is situated in the midst of a sandy but fertile plain.
486. Hence, as the survival of the fittest, there are many artificial waters, with low dams consisting exclusively of earth - and sometimes very sandy earth - satisfactorily performing their functions with no visible leakage.
487. The finer particles of clay in the line of the joint are washed away, while the sandy particles, which nearly all natural clays contain, remain behind and form a constantly deepening porous vein of sand crossing the base of the puddle.
488. Direction for about 300 m., and consists of long stretches of sandy beach broken occasionally by lateral spurs of the Coast Range, which project boldly into the sea and form high rocky headlands.
489. The greatest level, or approximately level, area in the Great Basin region of Oregon is the so-called Great Sandy Desert, a tract about 150 m.
490. On account of the small amount of precipitation, the fissured condition of the underlying lava sheets, and the porous soil, the Great Sandy Desert has practically no surface streams even in the wet season, and within its limits no potable waters have been found.
491. In 1908 two laws proposed by initiative petition were passed, stopping all fishing by night and fishing in the navigable channels of the lower river, limiting the length of seines to be used in the lower river and abolishing the use of gear by fishermen of the upper river - the mouth of the Sandy river, in Multnomah county, being the dividing line between the upper and lower Columbia.
492. Coro stands on a sandy plain between the Caribbean and the Gulf of Venezuela, and near the isthmus connecting the peninsula of Paraguana with the mainland.
493. This section is fringed northwards by the sandy beach of the Caspian, here almost destitute of natural harbours, and rises somewhat abruptly inland to the second section, comprising the northern slopes and spurs of the Elburz, which approach at some points within 1 or 2 m.
494. POROS, or Poro ("the Ford"), an island off the east coast of the Morea, separated at its western extremity by only a narrow channel from the mainland at Troezen, and consisting of a mass of limestone rock and of a mass of trachyte connected by a slight sandy isthmus.
495. In its extreme dryness and heat, combined with the aridity of a sandy soil, Upper Sind resembles the sultry deserts of Africa.
496. The low clayey or sandy shores are subject to erosion by waves.
497. Towards the beach it rises into sandy ridges, from 50 to 80 ft.
498. The most fertile part of the state is the Wabash valley; the least fertile the sandy region, of small extent, immediately south of Lake Michigan.
499. There are no well-defined crop belts, the production of the various crops being general throughout the state, except in the case of potatoes, most of which are raised in the sandy regions of the north.
500. The soil is light and sandy, but much of the land reclaimed in the boggy districts is very fertile.
501. Plants were sown in 1.25-litre plant bags filled with a soil mixture of two parts sandy soil, two parts compost and one part vermiculite.
502. The zone is 170 m thick, and ammonoids and other fossils occur as imprints in mudstones and as shell-rich layers in sandy turbidites.
503. The topography was gently rolling, with thick peat extending in the lower parts and white sandy soils dominating in the upper parts.
504. The elastic lamination can be designed as a rubber covering, spoon layer, sandy bag or as an air bag.
505. The black clay on the east side contrasts sharply with the brown, sandy soil found on the west side of the embankment.
506. The coarse-grained lower part is chiefly composed of cross-bedded sandstone and the finer-grained upper part includes rippled silty sandstone and bioturbated sandy siltstone.
507. Occasionally 1-1.5 m thick, rippled fine-grained sandy units are seen overlying this interbedded assemblage with a sharp contact.
508. Overall the short-eared tends to be a paler, sandier bird than the long-eared.
509. The absence of a direct correlation between trapped adults and tuber infestation in sandy soil may be due to lack of statistical power.
510. Modeling water retention curves of sandy soils using neural networks.
511. Cotton was sown in patches on sandy soil.
512. The tubs were half filled with a mixture of steamsterilized sandy loam (50%), peat (30%) and grit (20%).
513. Other authors have performed experiments in which stable sandy nonseparated bottom configurations were not observed, which led to questioning the actual existence of rolling-grain ripples.
514. As the sandy units preserve shallow-water bedforms, we assume that the basins were sediment-, not waterloaded.
515. Overall, soils were sandy in texture, tended to be moderately acid and organic carbon levels were low, varying from 6 to 15 mg kg71.
516. The latter was described as "massive sandstones and conglomerates with interbedded sandy shales which are of continental origin".
517. Surface detritus is derived by erosion of the bedrock, and ice deposits contain sandy-silty detritus incorporated from the wind and surface run-off.
518. Mechanical weeding was performed on the sandy soil.
519. Inoculation with phosphatesolubilizing microorganisms and a vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus improves dry matter yield and nutrient uptake by wheat grown in a sandy soil.
520. The soils are granitic and sandy, and the vegetation is typical of highveld miombo woodland.
521. The sandy character suggests that the local stream was still important for the downslope supply of sediments.
522. The soils are derived from highly weathered quartzite, very sandy and low i n p hosphorus a nd potassium content.
523. Trees in the heath forests occurred densely on sandy soil and had smaller basal areas compared with the peat-swamp and mixed dipterocarp forests.
524. There was however a tendency for savanna to change into wet rain forest on sandy loam soils.
525. The majority (>68%) of dry rain-forest plots were on sandy loam soils, with a small proportion (<15%) on sand or clay.
526. I n general, finer-textured soils such as clay-rich soils have better water-holding capacity than sandy soils.
527. Accordingly, it appears that riparian deforestation was responsible for increased fine sediment input, resulting in more sandy substrates in the secondary-forest reaches.
528. Tubs were filled with sandy secondary forest topsoil over 5 cm of coarse gravel.
529. The ideal soil for cassava is a light, sandy loam soil of medium fertility and with good drainage.
530. Young birds have the brown tips to the black head feathers, a sandier brown back, and pale fringes to the upperpart and wing covert feathers.
531. Scientists are, however, concerned that the intensification of cereal production on fragile sandy soils is threatening the sustainability of the agricultural environment.
532. Note that the empirical formulae (3.3) and (3.7) are for a horizontal sandy bed.
533. The bentonite facies is composed of five subfacies including tuffaceous mudstone, nodular bentonite, sandy bentonite, clayey bentonite and pure bentonite.
534. Inoculation with phosphate solubilizing microorganisms and a vesicular mycorrhizal fungus improves dry matter yield and nutrient uptake by wheat grown in sandy soil.
535. Excavations into these dams indicate that they were built on the sur face of the lagoon bottom with at least 1 m of sandy clay.
536. Three puparia found in a protected position close to the trunk on the upper side ; soil loose and sandy, vegetable debris abundant.
537. The terrain is hazardous in two ways - the incidence of rock obstacles and the sandy nature of the soil.
538. Physical characteristics of sandy soil amended with municipal solid waste compost.
539. Small amounts of silt and clay in sandy soils greatly increase their frost susceptibility.
540. A sandy aquifer was chosen for consistency with the benzene results presented above.
541. The environments in which sandy sediment could be used by photosynthesizers are on land and in shallow water, including lakes.
542. The soil is 1.0 to 1.5 m deep and is a medium-grained sandy loam.
543. Our material shows no signs of having been formed in soupy sediments and seems to have a central sandy tube preserved.
544. They inter pret the plant as one that was well adapted to temporary, presumably seasonal, humidity, living on a sandy substrate.
545. 10-30 cm thick sandy silt beds are separated by 1-4 cm thick clayey silt calcrete layers, signifying one fining-upward cycle.
546. Intercalated are thin units of mudstones and mixed silty to sandy layers.
547. The sandy channels are indicative of a fluvial influence; the association with redox features like iron nodules and concretions attest to periodical subaerial exposure.
548. The valley positions for both of the study sites comprise this sandy colluvial material.
549. The soil types at the study plot are humult and udult soils (sandy clay, light clay or heavy clay in texture).
550. Space is the sandy beach upon which past activities leave their footprints.
551. Although, surely, many foundation offerings made of organic materials have not survived in the sandy soils, the frequency of the tradition should not be overstated.
552. The sandy laminae, ranging from a few millimetres to 2 cm, are rich in organic detritus at their base.
553. Potassium distribution in a sandy soil exposed to leaching with saline water.
554. They are important components in forests in the lowlands and lower mountains, in heath forest on sandy soil and swamp forest.
555. The fossiliferous coarse-grained sandy layers exhibit well-preserved symmetrical ripples on their tops (section 5).
556. Generally the soil was sandy and soft, and often much humus, dead leaves and vegetable debris were present.
557. A significant positive correlation was found between adult catch and larval infestation on foliage in sandy fields but not in loess.
558. In 1995 and 1996, eight plots were used each year: four on sandy soil planted to cv.
559. Towards improved nitrogen management in silage production on sandy soils.
560. The study site was rolling and was dominated by humult and udult soils (sandy clay, light clay, or heavy clay).
561. Xerophytic types suited to exposed positions in sandy localities, common weeds of abandoned lands.
562. However, the red colour and sandy/pebbly appearance are due to dolomitization/brecciation, and we have found no material of detrital origin.
563. Moreover, decalcification within this shallow marine formation seriously hampers regional and interregional biostratigraphical correlation of the sandy members.
564. Overall, the short-eared owl tends to be a paler, sandier bird than the long-eared.
565. The soil in all the on-far m trial sites was sandy loam of >1 m depth with about 100 mm plant-available water m71 soil depth.
566. The bulk of the stratigraphy is made up of fine-grained sediments with thin sandy lensoid bodies representing minor rivers of interfluve areas.
567. Individual clasts are angular (5-7 cm in size) and poorly sorted, set in a fine- to medium-grained sandy matrix.
568. The conglomerate matrix is made up of sandy calcarenites or very coarse-grained white sandstones.
569. However, this depth was overcome easily in the sandy soil; about 2% occurred at 6-8 mm by mid winter and 10% at winter's end.
570. Local environment: in the beginning sediments are still sandy and contain little organic material.
571. During these drought periods, water stress would be more severe in sandy soils than in clay-rich soils.
572. Textures ranged from loamy sand over sandy loam on sandstone to silty clay over clay on shale.
573. The coarse- to medium-grained sandy deposits represent channel facies; the clays, silts and fine sands represent a wide variety of floodplain sediments.
574. Low soil fertility, especially on sandy soils, and limited nutrient supply on organic farms are linked with low crop yields and high weed pressure29-31.
575. Regression lines for sandy-soil specialists and clay-rich-soil specialists are shown by dotted and solid lines, respectively, which were determined by the reduced major axis method.
576. In addition, the funnel trap tended to lean and fall more frequently than the other designs, especially in sandy soils.
577. The soils in the 52-ha plot range in texture from clay loam to sandy loam.
578. The site is characterized by shallow sandy loam soils derived from granite.
579. The formation of rock strata from sandy sediments under the influence of high pressures exerted by later depositions is one such example.
580. The soils are predominately sandy loams and the main crops are winter cereals with some pastures for sheep.
581. Most of the plain is treeless prairie, but the sandier belts are forested.
582. The soil where the grape cultivars were grown is a sandy loam with 80 g organic material/kg soil.
583. The soil of the experimental site is an acid lateritic sandy loam, taxonomically a haplustalf.
584. The soil type was a fine sandy loam.
585. To the north of the pier, the beach is much longer, less curved and much sandier.
586. The breccias contain clasts generally less than 5 cm across, but locally up to 15 cm, separated by a sandy matrix.
587. The theory is based on a weakly nonlinear stability analysis of a flat sandy bottom subject to viscous oscillatory flow.
588. The theory is based on a linear stability analysis of a flat sandy bottom subject to a viscous oscillatory flow.
589. The vertisol soil is high in clay and strongly aggregated, whilst the regosol is sandier and less well-structured.
590. The impact as such is confirmed by the presence of shocked quartz throughout the sandy deposits of the graded resurge unit.
591. Furthermore, if the sandy-soils argument proves to be valid, it makes the conservatism of elites argument superfluous.
592. The soil type was a sandy-loam with a surface horizon underlain by a weakly-developed clayey, mottled and occasionally concretionary subsoil.
593. Lentils are grown on a wide variety of soils from sandy loam to deep peaty soils.
594. Below the clay there is sandy soil containing only from 4-5 to 8-8 per cent, silt and clay.
595. Physical soil analysis revealed a sandy loam texture with fractions of 78% sand, 10% silt and 12% clay.
596. The soil is sandy, well drained, and contains little organic matter (0.52%).
597. Over this unit lies a 25 cm thick sandy bentonite bed in which small pure bentonite nodules occur.
598. Moreover, cats usually defecate at night in sandy soils and bury the faeces.
599. The siltstone facies is composed of two subfacies: siltstone and sandy siltstone.
600. The lower member (max. c. 600 m) is composed mainly of thick clay shales interbedded with thin sandy limestone beds (packstones and wackestones).
601. The executive director of Visit sandy Springs discusses the impact of having fewer visitors and how her organization is working to help the city's tourism industry.
602. "Clearly, I would love sandy Springs to be the Talpiot of Georgia. We are not there – yet. However, we are making progress." ...
603. Captain Lee from 'Below Deck' reminded fans that Captain sandy from 'Below Deck Med' was trying to share a link to a helpful maritime school.
604. After Hurricane sandy plunged much of the New York region into darkness in 2012, local electric utilities spent more than $3.5 billion to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.
605. With a new cross country season comes a new coach for Sierra Grande. The school announced in an email to CHSAAN that it has hired Ben sandy as the new cross country coach for both the boys and ...
606. A milk and food giveaway event, organized by sandy Creek Central School and Pulaski Academy and Central School staff members, took place at the fairgrounds on Thursday, August 13 at noon.
607. Captain sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean says viewers didn’t see the amount of support and help she gave to chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran. Viewers have come down hard on Yawn for overly ...
608. Families of nine victims of the sandy Hook school shooting are challenging Remington’s proposal to quickly sell its assets in bankruptcy, asking how the company landed back in chapter 11 at a time ...
609. This home for sale in sandy Springs includes 9-foot ceilings, bar area, media room, mirrored gym with rubberized floor and a wine room.
610. The next plein air event at Harvest Gold Gallery in Center Lovell, Maine, will feature Maine-based oil painter sandy Crowell on Saturday, Aug. 15, at 10 a.m.
611. The Chesterville Board of Selectmen is scheduled to meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Town Office to discuss the redesign for the sandy River Road project. The project includes replacing two culverts ...
612. sandy sentence examples. sandy. Gerald lifted sandy brows. 44. 25. The bracken grows in low sandy tracts near the coast. 34. 16. His hair was sandy blond, his skin golden. 28. 20. Maceio is attractively situated in the midst of large plantations of coco-nut and dende palms, though the broad sandy beach in front and the open sun-burned plain
613. Examples of sandy in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Plants were sown in 1.25-litre plant bags filled with a soil mixture of two…
614. English words and Examples of Usage use "sandy" in a sentence The current economic boom is Qatar is being fuelled by a giant bubble of natural gas discovered under the sandy bottom of the Persian Gulf.
615. Sentence Examples for sandy. This room is so sandy. How to use sandy in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of sandy.
616. sandy definition is - consisting of or containing sand : full of sand. How to use sandy in a sentence.
617. Example sentences for: sandy How can you use “sandy” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: La Rambla takes its name from an Arabic word meaning a sandy, dry river bed. (You can just throw them in the washing machine, if the kids' sandy clothes haven't stripped the gears yet.) The reason behind all this development is a long sandy beach, which
618. sandy definition: adjective sand′i·er, sand′i·est 1. composed of, full of, or covered with sand 2. like sand in texture; gritty 3. of the color of sand, specif., brownish or grayish blond: sandy hair
619. sandy definition: A sandy area is covered with sand. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
620. Synonyms for sandy at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for sandy.
621. Translations of the phrase IT'S sandy from english to italian and examples of the use of "IT'S SANDY" in a sentence with their translations: It's sandy . I-I hope I'm not
622. Translations of the phrase sandy BULLOCK from english to italian and examples of the use of "sandy BULLOCK" in a sentence with their translations: seen the blind side with sandy bullock ?
623. sandy in a sentence - Use "sandy" in a sentence 1. Interim general manager sandy Johnson also is scheduled to be interviewed. 2. So Murdoch canned sandy Grushow, Fox's entertainment chief. click for more sentences of sandy
624. sandy definition, of the nature of or consisting of sand. See more.
625. sandy quotes from YourDictionary: I ran home [from Cloud's Rest to Yosemite Valley] in the moonlight, with long, firm strides; for the sun-love made me strong. Down through the junipers down through the firs; now in jet-shadows, now in white light; ove
626. Examples of Conflate in a sentence. Every time she gets a cold, sandy seems to conflate it with some other illness. 🔊 To conflate art and science, teachers must design activities that blend the two. 🔊 My grandmother tries to conflate my first name with my sister’s name and morphs it into one moniker. 🔊
627. Significant mentions of the word Sandy: . See sandy used in context: 60 rhymes, 6 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.: Help Advanced Feedback Android
628. Examples: If I were going to that concert tonight, I would be very excited. But I am not going to go to that concert tonight and that is why I am not excited. If sandy were giving a speech tomorrow, she would be very nervous. But sandy is not going to give a speech tomorrow and that is why she in not nervous.
629. ‘She had very long sandy brown hair that she wore in a French braid.’ ‘His sandy brown hair was tied back with a small black string.’ ‘His short, sandy brown hair was kind of messy and fell to just above his ears.’ ‘A guy with sandy brown hair was sitting on one of the seats, his foot tapping in an impatient rhythm.’
630. sandy bought a truckload of Formica tables when she won the lottery. Note that the combination of a phrase and an independent clause does not technically constitute a complex sentence. However, if you identify a fragment that is a phrase, you can always combine it with an independent clause to make a complete sentence.
631. sandy is joining school today. Hens have laid eggs at Todd 's farm. The postman Mr. Robert was carrying postcards. In above examples the words in purple colour are proper noun whereas words in green colour are common nouns. Collective Noun. Collective nouns are used to name a group of persons, places, animals or things.
632. Examples of Tropical in a sentence. Snowbirds are seasonal travelers who move to tropical locations during the winter. 🔊 She dreamed of tropical locations with palm trees, sandy beaches, and fruity drinks. 🔊 The lush tropical landscape of Hawaii makes it the perfect place to lay under a palm tree with a steamy romance novel and soak up
633. Sentence Examples. Gerald lifted sandy brows. The bracken grows in low sandy tracts near the coast. Maceio is attractively situated in the midst of large plantations of coco-nut and dende palms, though the broad sandy beach in front and the open sun-burned plain behind give a barren character to its surroundings.
634. sandy - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.
635. sandy Morris était mariée au shérif adjoint de Manitowoc. sandy Morris happened to be married to a Manitowoc County sheriff's deputy. Voilà notre destination, Big sandy. That's the spot right there, Big sandy. Je ne suis pas vierge, sandy. I'm not a virgin, sandy.
636. Case study coffee ne sandy - Keep in mind for use in . Anatomy & zoology the common helping verbs and dragging sentences can be done more carefully: sandy ne study case coffee The foreign office will give a topic sentence. The more general terminology instead (main idea sentence instead of forward, if you are writing you try. Which dead, which seems alive.
637. Translations in context of "sandy" in English-Italian from Reverso Context: sandy beach, sandy beaches, long sandy, white sandy
638. Sandy-haired in Chinese : 沙色发的…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.
639. Kisser in a sentence - 19 Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples "Anyone who's a great kisser I'm always interested in" Cher "I belted him one, right on the kisser" "He's a good kisser" "Winstone's never been one to keep his kisser buttoned, though" "Sandy's a better kisser than you are"
640. sandy beaches; seaside (especially British English) an area that is by the sea, especially one where people go for a day or a holiday: a trip to the seaside; It is always the seaside, except when it is used before a noun: a seaside resort. The seaside is British English; in American English seaside is only used before a noun.

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