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"Scriptoriums" Example Sentences

1. The great ancient gatherings of books, brought together by canny if not wise monarchs and re-created by learned slaves, monastic scriptoriums and the manuscripts they established or scattered, old ...
2. scriptoriums definition: Noun 1. plural form of scriptorium
3. About scriptoriums. In the centuries between Christ and the modern era, God raised up believers to preserve hand-written copies of His precious Word from the dangers of tyrannical governments, Ignorance, and neglect.
4. scriptoriums - find the meaning and all words formed with scriptoriums, anagrams with scriptoriums and much more.
5. scriptoriums are enjoyed by families and individuals of all ages. Enjoy these video compilations of past events! View Gallery
6. Sentence Examples. It obeys the law of conservation of mass since the amount of phosphorous and oxygen remains the same throughout the reaction. While monastic library scriptoriums flourished throughout the East and West, the rules governing them were generally the same.

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